Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1861 Page 3
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l.OCAl. ISE WS" i^r i i. i mr ."iik it pimiru on me iukii pr?* in nae truth of Baltimore, it* edition 1* to '***' M *? require It to be pot to preat at an ?nrir tour; Advertisement, therefore, ahould be ^ 'n before 12 o'clock in.; atherwlae theyaay aot appear until the next day. Notic*.?Dlrtrlct of Columbia AdYertlaementa k? be 1 naerted in the Baitmori Sirs are received it and forwarded from Thk Sta* Office. saimad* to Caul ?nraz a*# Casairt M. Clat ?L"?t night the German Republican Association of tblt city, accompanied br Wagner'a bratt hand and th? German glee club, gave a aercradrto Mr. Shnrz and Mr Clay. The procemion left tb? Republican VVijjwam about 10 o'clork. and on arriving at Gerhardt'a hotel, on C vtrrel, aeveral piece* were played and aung; put wnicn .Tir r-nura ap^rra at an upjirr window Having been addressed In German by Mr. Baumcras, In behalf of the association. Mr Shuri thanked them for tbe compliment paid htm, but he abould not make a speech A abort time aince he belonged to tbe church militant, but now he belonced to tbe church triumphant, and he did rot think it ao Important to make speeches now as he did then They had achieved a great victory. The Skxith was afraid of war and aggression, but the'r victory would result In peace, and not In war Tbe republican party would not bring war upon them unlcsa thee introduced It themselves He believed in republican principle* long before the formation of tbe Chicago platform, and he did not think be should relinquish them now. Although they had achieved a great victory, the battle was not yet over There wu a struggle yet to come There might he a time when one section of the country would be making war upon Ibr other, and the dire necessity might arise of bedding fraternal blood He noped It would r ot He believed that the country only wanted a little time, and it would soon show that the Air erica n people did not regard the dollar more than principle He believed that In a little while the country would recover from CLe ahock, aud rtign more glorious and happily. After one or two alra from the band, the aaao elation proceeded to call on Cassius M Clay, at \Vlltarda' Hotel .Mr Clay, in a few words, expressed bia gratlflra'lnn at such a demonstration on their part, but could not make a speech. His sympathies which he had had for many years with the nationality _ m .1 s a 1-1- *% ? ? ri m?*ir piinripin w?r wtu Known, 1 ne principles of the rspuhlican party were the principle of freedom It was no objection with him that a trnn was born on a foreign soil, but, on the contrary, he felt more lik? calling these brethren wfco had chosen fre dom to despotism Their loyalty to the principle* of liberty demanded thit they should be represented in the offices of the Tiafnn. He regarded Mr. ?churz, not as a foreigner, but as his fellow-clti jen. He hoped this Administration would make this true, and in its appointments at home or abroad only choose between those* who prefer liberty and those who prefer despotism He hoped and believed that tMs country would remain a united people, and tint their principles would last as long as the flag which they r?*ered. Af'er repeated calls, Mr Hanscomb appeared rn the balcony, but not to make a speech He reeer did such things, and It was imprudent to do ?c at that lite hour I be association then called far Mr Shurz, but he not toeing present. Mr Sherman, of Ohio, was r illed out He should not make a spec h either He had been forced to come out, and he would 1 only say that If they were all republicans they wtre just the kind he liked. He hoped they would stand by the Union and preserve it forever intact PoLicrjtBS ' Taks.i Is" and Dons Fom?Yesterday morning,a man was arrested In the eighth police district on a charge of violently kicking a woman. f?he being in a delicate situation, the i edect of the assault placing her life in peril in the "pinion of her physician, he was taken before the magistrate, and upon examination committed to jail for trial The two policemen In rbirge he was placed w?re cautioned not to let their prisoner escape. But the prisoner was a shrewd man. and evidently well posted as to the lilile eccentricities of the Mayor's "model" force; besides, be bad a quarter of a dollar in his pocket. Tbey wended their way along Capitol Hill until they came opposite one of those little thre* cent w'aisky mills" with which our good city abounds, and which notoriously exist on Capitol Hill and other places without a license, when the prisoner said that he was "dry;" he also men i t.?J ? ? ? ? ?_ ? ? ? - iiuiici iuc iat? ?udk uc U<1U Upon UJS pTIOn 3 twenty-flye cent piece, and proposed to s'and treat Pol'.ceuirn are but mortal, and besides, th?* temptation. It must be acknowledged. was a great one. They paused, considered, yielded, and In a twinkling the closing door of tbe little mill" bid them from the public view. The drinks were duly taken, and no reference was mad*- to tbe informality about tbe license Tbe prisoner now expressed a desire to perform an ablation In tbe little back room, to which his guardians assented, and h* disappeared through the door of communication After waiting a proper time, tbe two grey coats peeped in to see how their man was progressing, when lo! he had prog i eased out of sight and hearing They both I spra:ig to the front door and dashed along the pavement, the one up the street and the otber down, to'the unauailfled wonder of *11 th? da-oil. er? in that peaceful region, who had never before witnessed ?uch a phenomenon of police activity Giving the rh.iie upata bad job, they went off to console themselves as best thev might under the circumstances. After they had got well out of si^bt, the prisoner emerged from a small building at the rear of the premises of the "whisky mill" aforesaid, and passing out of the front door of the place, coolly walked oil' and made good kO escape. _ Alsxindkia 1t?*s.?The funeral of the late Thomas Burns, of Alexandria, whose sudden death we noticed some days since, took place on T <esday afternoon last The funeral procession wis large, and relljrlou* service* appropriate to the occasion took place at St. Mary's Church. Royal street Rev Dr Karly preached the funeral semon, and Rev P. P. Rroes officiated at the funeral services. Th? remains of Mr Geo. Slacum. an old resident of Aleiandr.a, and at one time U. 8 Con sul st Rio, were yesterday morning committed to thetmnb. The funeral services took place at St Paul's Church, Pitt street, Rev Mr. Norton officiating. From th? Alexandria paper* we glean the following Items: Tbe ducking sloop Delta, Capt Smith, arrived up yesterday evening from tbe lower Potomac Wtaea off Holland Point, on Tuesday night, on? of her crew, a German, walked overboard In his sleep and was lost Capt ftuart arrived up yesterday with a load of 4SO shad, caught by the Potomac fillers The Captain sold out instantly at 93U per hundred. From the report of the keeper of the powder honae. it appears that there are bat 83 kegs now la bit keeping, containing W.P25 pounds. This is the entire stock la trade of the city, with the eac*pdoa of some little kept in the storea for retailing. The British bark Ixmla* Is now taking in lartre quantities, of Sour, wheat, and corn, for Liver iw l. c*^rr?i uj uuf uirrm.inu are mieresiea in ber c*rgo. <i( * Baltimois A*vcal CoxriaRsn at HtaV.Itf?i, Va ?Yesterdsy. the B Utlmore Conference met in Staunton, Vl , together With meeting of the society to take some course with regard to tbe action of tbe laat General Conference relative to sUvcboldlnjf. Tbe members of tbe Conference re domiciled In tbe houses of tbe citizens of Staunton without regard to religlou* denomination Bishop Scott presides at the Conference, and Is represented ss having great sympathy with tb? border churches Among BaWmoreans who are there are Chartfs J Baker, Esq., president of lbs sscond branch of the city rouncil: Das'I Tboruas, Esq.. Best Buck, Esq , sad Judgs Bond From Washington are Wesley Woodward, Esq , Mr Barkaees, and others." DllTll IK GSOBeiTOW* ?Capt. Oiorgi F De Larocfce, aa old defender, and one of tbe moat well known and eateemedcltlieuaof Georgetown, died at hla realdeaoe la that city thla morning.. Be kH been employed by the Government for a number of yeara aa a draaghtarnan In tbe Navy Department Oak Hill Cemetery la Georgdm aad 01?wood Cemetery la oar city are enduring rcoaumenta of hla taate aad ability, aa both were deal good toy htm. Mr. John Wilaon, another aid aad highly re pec ted citizen of Georgetown, died yeeterday. Tularin ? Mlaa Gertrude Argyle, baring recovered from her Indiapoettlon, will appear thla eveaiag aa Paulloe.. la tbe fevorlte plav of tb? Lady of Lyena. It la a part admirably aultea to dUplav the peculiar capabilities of thla promising aapiraat for hlatrtonlc fame. Her readltlon of Tarthenta on Tueaday night demonstrated ber auperlortty la tfcat claas of character!. Her voice, which, aa yet. baa hardly volume enough for tbe deeply tragic part of Blaaca. la ample for Parthenla and Pauline She evidently excela la h> r conception and axprraaloa of the laar ted elevated oaaotloaa of tbe aoul. Tut WirtiHToi Lianr liitmV, campsales A. U, and C. have a regimental drill thla evening at their beadquartera. Combs' bulMlag J Cat Frederick Mean, of Cbioage, under whoa* iaatructtea Mm bettiUea baa made rapid progs?j will act aa lastructsr. Col. M la undoubtedly ?M ?f ikt bait drill oflcera la tbe country, a id ttaa Military hare, w arc aora, heartily appreciate hi* (tM?w aerncra In tUr bafaalf . - - - | SrLaaau Picmi ot tba Imtanttaa of Pr*?idattl Li .train iu irout of tbe Capttoi at WiAlwtaa pnhiiahrd la tba Xnr Vork llljatrat-d New* for tV? werk Harpera' Weekly and Prank Lea* !!*?' paper* aiao contain Uluatratloaa of tba (buo! ssS^ssvr-r Criminal Corn.-After oar report closed vet- ' t*rday, Joaepb Thomii, (colored.) trl*d for iteal- . lng n coat worth $15 from John Water*, was convicted and sentenced to eighteen month! imprisonment tn the penitentiary Patrick Culhan wai then tried for an aaaault and hattery upon Thomaa O Sullivan, and an aasault and battery on Michael O'^allivan The Jury found a verdict of acoulttat in both cas<s "fbos. Furguson, (colorea.) convicted of ateal. ing twe pair* of gaiter boots, rained at 98, was aent to the penitentiary for eighteen months George Evans, (colored,) convicted of stealing a coat valued at ffl, from Messrs Wall, Stephens A Co., was sent to the penitentiary for one \ear. The Jury in the Wigwam riot caae came Into court, stating that they could not agree upon a verdict, and asking to be discharged They also atated that one of their number (Mr. Harrison) wa? sick. Mr H. came forward and stated that he was well, whereupon the Court sent the jury back to their room. To-day, McMahon, charged with assault and battery on James B Naylor, submitted his case to the court, and after examination, was sent to jail for two months, and fined M The sealed verdict of the jury in the Wigwam rlotcise was delivered to the Court. Th? jury found Cleary, Johnson and Creager guilty of an affray, and the remainder of the parties not gnilty John Starr, alias John Figg, was then placed on trial on a charee of irmn hv u>tt1nir fir* tn th? house of John Walsh, by means whereof said bonse was destroyed. Mr. Walth testified that on the second Friday In last December bis house was set on fire, and Mr Wheat, who llvea on the opposite corner, saw the light from his window and sent bis negro over to wake up witness Witness got up and went ont, and found that the store was on fire in the bow window, and the fire had extended to the roof. When tbe fire was put out, a young m.-.n wbo assisted to put it out asked bis companion if he bad any cigars. Witness said that be bad plenty of cigars In bis bouse. Had eight or ten boxes of good cigars in the store, which had been removed when they began to put the lire out. Went to get some, and found that there were bnt two cigars left of the eight or ten boxes. Think the front door was broken open A show rase tilled with silks, bow, and other goods of ttat kind wu In the store, and Its contents were all taken away also. Witness had had no fire in me more lor several flavs. Never put n light in the bow window where the Are broke out. , Jo>epk Johnson testified that be know* Starr, and rememben the time when Walsh's store was set on Are Saw rtarr next morning. Saw him at his bouse. Was going to collet t a bill, and went Into Starr's hout*, and Starr told witness that be net Walsh's store on fire and got some cigars. Witness bad known Star six or seven months. He wis smoking some clears [In bis cross-examination, this witness said that be was arrested for robbing Samstag's store, and was made a witness of Witness didn't tell on Starr because be didn't want to Didn't say anything about what Starr had told witness until after witness was arrested 1 .VarrAtaj Haggerty t? stifled that Starr aljn told him. about a week after the Are. that he had flred Walab'B houae Witness told on Starr, after Starr said witness had robtx-d Sainstag. Witness was arreat.d for robbing Samstag, and then told on , Starr, also, told all about the robbery of Samstag. Sullivan sworn ?Testified that he knows Starr Has known him since the fall. Witness was In jail at the time the store was burned. Was in jail and heard the statement Starr made to Cant Goddard. and told Starr that It was a lie, ana requested him to say the truth Starr afterwards wrote witneaa a note, spying that if witness would gift his brother and wife to swear that be (Starr) was at George Sulllvan'sthe nljjht Walsh's store was burned and a coat stolen', he (Starr) would " let up" on witness Starr acknnwledged to witneaa that be had lied to Capt Goddard Our report closed here. The Paid Fiki Department Bill reported by Mr. Given, of the fire department committee, lately, was laid over, it will be remembered, for flltiiVM AetiAn Th? Kill * * ...^ ?,.?vu ur uiii wa? imciiacu to com nine all the features of the best departments of the kind, with such additions as ar<- necessary to make them appllcableto ourcitv. It is predicated upon the expectation of a transfer by the Government of its property in the present department to the city, which has been ask) d for. The committee studied to organize a department which 1 could not be subjected to political influence. 1 It first provides for tbe appointing of flvf commissioners, who. when first appointed, shall draw i for the term* of service, to be for one, two, ttare*, four, live y??rs respectively, and the annual ap- 1 pi' ntment thereafter of one commissioner to serve 1 for Ave years, to be appointed by tbe Mayor These have the power of appointing tbe stibor- ( dinate officers and memlters of th? department. The denartm??nt '? t/i pnmiii < ' -?< three steam lire engine companies, to consist of ( one foreman, one engineer, one fireman, one , host'.er and six extra men, and two book ana ladder companies, to consist of one truck each, one foreman, one hostler. and ten extra men and two , horses The atearn companies to have each one , engine, one hose reel, three horses and 1,000 feet of hose. < The salaries of th* officers and men are payable out of the general fund, as follow*?chief engineer, foreman, each #\!50; engineers, 9Mfe ( firemen, 9-325; hostlers. Jp'ij; extra men, 51'20 each The paid men, except extras and foremen, to give undivided attention to the duties The commissioners ar? empowered to designate the 1 locations of the companies The chief engineer is to be ap(>oiiited as other officers of the corporation, to continue for five years In office, but, the Mayor consenting, maybe suspended by a majority of the commissioners for cause. tm commisaioners, with the chief engineer, form a board of control, and are held reaponalble for the discipline of the whole department, and for the property, and have superintendence of the bouaes uaed by It The chief engineer U required to attend all Area, and baa control of the officer* and men, and all peraona present at a Are; and la required to report monthly, to the Mayor, the condition of the department He cannot expend any money over for the purpose of the depigment, without fl'at obtaining the conaent of the Counclla The chief engineer ia veated with police authority; and In hla absence from a tire, the chief of police la veated for the time with all hla powers to act The department la to be uniformed, and any person not i member ia prohibited from wearing any part of the uniform, under penalty of a fine. In toe event of the passage of the bill, the Mayor la authorized to sell all the hand ipparatua now In use, not required by the new department?the proceeds to go to the general fund. The bill also anticipates the establishmeut of a psllce and lire-alarm telegraph, and Indicates mattera to be controlled by law In connection with It. Considerable palna waa taken to ascertain the probable original cost of the department, and the af??r annual cost. The flrnt Is calculated at about 131,OtX); the last at 813 T(iU. Bifolar's Tools Co??cralsd nkar the Whitb Hoes*.?-Tuesdsy, the detectives of the Arm of Allen it Co became aware of the presence here of a akillful burglsr. They watched hlin closely, and found that his observations were entirely directed to the President's Mansion, the outer d'tors and wlndowa. and th*t he generally took a stand near to the door to take a survey cf u..iu i . ? * * " ii>- uuuuiuK iiDiicinK ?cai D6 displayed romp solicitude !n respect to something connected with the ground where he stord, after his retiring from It, the efllcers took an opportunity to examine It. and found concealed then- a stout 'jimmy," and several skeleton keymewly filed, and in order for special operations. The tools were taken In charge by Mr. Allen. Bad Practick ?Yesterday, Lieut McHenry aud policeman Donaldson airested Henj Ferguson. John I.auxman andRich'd Porter, who were charged with being of a party who are in the habit of atoning the house of a man named Laoney, near the suburbs of the Fifth Ward The house Is a oh story shanty, occupied by the complain ant and bis wife Justlre Donn" fined the party SI 91 e?ch. and required security for peace After the trial. Capt Goddard, Lieut McHenry, and others, bad much difficulty In persuading the complainants to return to their borne, they were so fearful that the remainder of the gang, which appears to be numeroua. would take revenge 'for tbe arrest of tbelr companions. Cbitkal (jcaedhotfxe Ca?*S.?James Welsh wa? arrested yesterday afternoon by policeman Klopper and watchman Donovan on a charge of? stealing a pocket-book from a colored man. Tbe case of istealing was dlsroiased, but the prisoner was fined SO 15 for profanity and restating officer* Wm Reed, drunk and disorderly. Cnas Wilson. Mary Beubsnsn and David Barry, do , were eacb ordered to pay s light fine and costs, and in default were aent to the workhouse for 90 days each. G. H Kane, col., out after hours; sentdown for to days ' Thi Commotio^ last Evsiixo ?Yesterday, about sis o'clock p. m.,a krest crowd of boys and ra?-n MBif from the direction of Swampoodl* along Louisiana avrnue, attracting much attention It waa at flrat rumored that a very serious offence had been committed, and that the police In arrssting the offender had to fttfbt hard to secure their prisoner. It turned out to be less of *4 a muss" thsn was supposed The prisoner was JameS Welsh, arrested for stealing, and tbe fuss was caosed by his efforts to escape from the officers. He was taken to tbe goasdhouse. Pii In another column the settee of Hall's assortment of spring and summer go<>d? HI* stock, of shsarls, silks, delaines, table linen, calicoes, Ac , are not to be excelled in town, and everything Is suit the hHw and little misses can be had at the la west prises Now thai tbe warm days are coming oa. ear lady Mends will doobt1-es be on the lookout for something neat, durable and cheap If yon want sad), don't fall to call at Hall's, 373 Seventh street, between I and K. . 4ST3r2uJKlii ts* ssas: were much dlatirbed by the dJ^Eri* ( onduct of g nuinker of peraooa >hm)M th*r*\ PtrtiM of tLli description atould be allowed 4 nlghta' lodging In the Kuardbouae, If they mual need# make nTght bldepot with proftajiy an4 Ml * Ait Matte*!.?Wm Swayne (now located tn this elty) finiibed y?terday a ftwat of Gen Wayne (Mad Anthony), for Cheater county, Pa , to be 1 placed In the court-honse of that count? The I work attracts attention from It* spirit and fidelity. I < * a _ ? >? ? - ? ' 1 ne bub biso in an uuaio, in ciay, moans or ;vvrard, Cameron, J.W. Forney, Humphrey Mar*hall and Vice President Hamlin. Some of those are to be put In marble. Ward, the sculptor, Is soon rxpectrd here from the West, where ne has been engaged upon some portrait busts. In whleh he expels Miss Lander lately visited this city, for tb? pnrpoae of making a bust of her brother, Col. F. W. Lander, late of the wagon road H.K'Brown Is still at Columbia. S. C., engaged upon the pediment of tbe Capitol there. 1 Bierdstatt's fine painting at Pbllp & Solomon's has been a source of much delight to the people of this city. He has upon his easel some line Indian subjects. WmhlnrrtAn Af iVtla Km - - ? p, -w uwmmmm vi*r ? uiw paiuttu orae portrait# of much excellence In the studio of Johnston, of Baltimore, ) a fine , portraitof Col.Whltely, of the Baltimore Clipper The genial countenance of Col. \V. la admirably presented. The photograph of tbe Inauguration of Lincoln, taken while the oath of office was being administered, is now on exhibition at Brady's, at which place the President Is soon to sit for bis picture. A copy of Barbee's Fisher Girl la being made 1 In this city, by an Italtan sculptor,which promises much excellence. A [ADVIXTtSBMIXT. To the Editor o f the Star : Sir : Through your journal I will, by your courtesy, refute an absurd and malicious fabrication. Day before yesterday the States and Union, _ m si.1. .ii? I-ii-L -J -?* ? ? ?* * oi kuiaciiy, piiuiiiuru iue lonowing slanderous item from one of It* unprincipled correspondent*: " Hlnton Rowan Helper, whose infamous book baa done more mlachief than any other publication, proposed to lecture at Dayton, Ohio, on Monday last He bad an audience of twentythree persona, and he left town forgetting to pay for the u*e of the ball, or bta printing bill. So aava the Dayton Dally Emporium. What haa become of bla endoraera ?" In reply to which 1 addressed the editor as fol- ? lows: tj " To the Editor of tk* States and Union: ii "Sir:?In your paper of tbia afternoon I have ' read what purports to be an extract from a Weat- . em newspaper, staling that I wu recently in Day ei ton, Ohio: tbat I win advertised to lecture there, n and that I left the place without paying my bills; every word of which is as absolutely and cruelly ? false, in every particular, as If it had been written In reference to yourself. So far from having ever visited any place whatever In Ohio, I have never, in the whole course of my life, been within two R hundred miles of the State line. Until I ram* 1 here, on Friday last, more than six months bad elapsed since I had pawed beyond the suburbs of ^ New York city I shall expect you to retract at _ once, by publishing this note, the unmitigated libel to which you have given currency "II. R. Hilpir." * Washington, 1) C , March 12. 1861 " I Yesterday 1 placed ttls note In the hands of the Editor of the States and Union, requesting hlin * to publish it. but he peremptorily refuied to do 1 so. Whether bis refusal In this case should not T be regarded as an evidence of the worthless char- hi after of his paper, 1 submit for the decision of an p| Intelligent, right-thinking public. II. R H. March 14, 1&G1. It* ^ This Washington City Post Opfics.?It is funderstood that Col W. W Seaton, whose ap- 3. pointmeut to this office was erroneously announced *' some days since, is an applicant for no office whatever, in the ijlft of the President There are. ? however, quite a number of persons (tome of ? whom we never before beard of personally, though I we believe we know almost every man livln* in j Washington and really Identified with our cltv) <; moving heaven and earth to secure the position At present, Mr Lewis Cleph^ne, the publisher \ of the R'publtcan set ms to have the Inside track, . of all bis competitors, owing to the fact, wc take jy It. that. personally, be Is well known to all classes ? in this community, in which he whs born, and I has lots of personal friends, among the auti-?>em ocrats especially. First Ward Polick.?For two weeks put the 81 First Ward has been without the advantage of a regularly commissioned justice of thr peace, the ^ commission of the late magistrate,S. Drury, Erq , J having expired The arrests of the officers, dny " and niyht. are returnable before the justices of the , other wards and districts Fortunately. no very serious rnmnlalnt* h.iw? ' -- - - r -? ? ? <v wv iui i/wu iiiuuc iuai re* _ quired prompt action. * Those who are fond of feathTcd pets ran find T one just to suit the fancy at O'Meara'a, 5(58 Peun- H tylvnnia avenue. He has the best selection of uny Iri the city, and none who intend purchasing should fail to look in upon bia canaries, paro- ? rjuets, parrots, mocking birds, 4c., 4c. | it Hostbttsr's Stomach Bittkr?.?T1i? k*neial &1 Bffect of this <1e:iglitiul tonic, in all ompla nt? moident to fen;a or, i.a* giv?m .t & widespread oele ?, britf anion* the * '*. I.ady invalid* have heen doctored and <1rug(*d ovcrmuoh. They have been <nutiiiiia-u in nn* in f I [ ' r ft Of nestrum mongers; but it may tie raid with confidence ~ that in this remarkah.e li.viftor.-n' thcjr have found I sxactly the stimulant ad<J??ed to their delicate or- * gamza'ion and peculiar fun??ional MisturlAnc"*. At tne dawn of womatihoosl, in the seas ?n of ma *' t-rnitv, in the oi iais of ife ar.d when enfeeb'ed by * age, the ceniler sex may rely up tn the renovating I power of this oicHent anil palatable preparat on lin every exigency. As a cure for Dyspepsia. and ' all complaints of the atoinaoh and bow*"]*, it has taken the 'e?<l of all other a t-rativei and tomes. ^ Sold by drugjists everywhere. mall eoot t b. Fbom ths Postmaster at Lisbon. Mi> u Lisbon Post Offic*, M?.,Nov. Irftli, 186". R Seth W. Fmel'. A- Co. s (ieritleinen: l-or the la?t three or four years 1 ? have been sufT ring from rolu and piles, auperin ( nuced by a sed*n?Arjr "ccup\ti >n. I have tried va '* noun thinrs with Hid.rf r^nt success. A trw monthi t< a^o yon1" agent caine round here.and asked me to t< try the "xygenated Hi'tors Af:er OMng ons b t- c> 1", I nad i' me symptoms of returning colic, hut U without pa.n. A Mrugt !e commence! between the Hitters and t le ci?ca?e, hut I kept taki >k the It t- J t rs regularly, and tho di'easi k pt ou' <?f tiM way. I have had no colic since, eitnor with or wriiuut pain. 1 snail, h"We?er, keepo-t to a third bottle. *J fiie piles have not returned eitncr. 1 feel rure the Oxygenated 15liters it. a > aluahle in ri.oine for cases , of Indigestion, and there is i,o doubl this i>. a fruitIii 1 aouroe of many psinfui diseases. I would reo | oininend all thos? whose hea th is impaired to try | the Hitters, for half our eomolsint* m*? li? tr*yu>ii to Dyip'psii in some <>f its m jiti'arious forms Thomas Lccy, Postmaster. ? Prepared by Seth W, Kowle ft Co., Boston, and m for ?tlii ir. Washington oil* G. Stott, *. B. \\ a:to Z. I>. Giiman, John !*chwar*e. Nairn ft 1'a.mer, John Wiley, J B Moore, and H. H. MoPherson; in (J i-rgetown by R. S. T. CissMl. and G. M ft J Southron,and by druggists everywhere. mall lw.r | Cobohs?The sudden changes of our climate are ouroes of Pulmotary, Hrontkial and An/tunic ~ Affections. Kxperienca having proved that gimpie ^ remedies often act sp?^dily and certainly when I ?U. ^ ? u?*-u iu mo i-?nj nuiiiTcii rno aisfa*e, recourse s*?iul<l at onoe bs had to ' Brown's Bronckiil ) Trochesor l.ozAnfcaa, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Tnrn&t f>? ever 00 slight, an by tins precaution a more scrioun at'.aok ma? Ixs effectually wardod off. Public Speakers aud- Singers will find them effectual for ovaries and trengtheninc the veioe. See advertisement. del-iy ^ HOMKOrATRTC R KMBDIIS All of Dr. Humphrcjs & Co.'a specific Ho- meoprvtbio Remedios put up expressly forfair.ilj 1 use, in boxes, at 25 and .V> cents each. Also. ' in oaaoa. containing 2n vials, from $i to r< each, with book of full directions. For sale by * Z. I). Giiman, 3SO Pa. avenne, wholesale and retail agent: Vv. A. FitxrreraRI. 333 north F street; al?o by F. B. Winter, corner <>( ave- ? nue and Sixth ntre?t. Also, Pond's Ertrnci <\f Witch 1 H"tel, for interna.! and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ir.a9-ly j, RkaDIK, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise- ' merit in our paper. Rem/ it; it will interest you. ] au 2?-eoly _____ To th* Afflicted !?Ue sure to read the adver- ] tisement of Mcl.ean's Strengthening Cordial and 1 Blood Purifier, in another column. tf PipilIES. Peraona deairing p?>nni?? will alwaya find thorn a for exohanre at the Star Office ownntor. tf DIED, ( In Georgetown, yeaterday afternoon, the 13th inaUnt, JOHN WILSON, in the 5lrth y*ar of his &{ r Hu funeral will take plaoe from Dumbarton at. '! M K. Church, to-monow (Fridaj) afternoon, at V 2K o'clock p m. J e rpHERK'S A BUTTER TIME COMINGS Viotiraaof Self Abuse and Secret Diaeaeoa ahould I apply at SHUMAN'S Southern Medical House, * under the Clarendon Hotel, oorner Sixth atreet and r< Pa. avenue, immediately oppoaite the National P Hotel, and try l>r. foutney'a Celebrated Loniton ? Medicine*. They are warranted to cure the moat ? viru'ent forma of Gonnorrhoea, Gleet, Mvphilia, Nocturnal Kmiaaiona, Htrioturea, and Weakness ' of the Bladder in from 3 to 6 daya. The Remrdica (' oan be sent by mail. Office houra from 9 a. m to 10 } p ni. f? ia-1 m " Q A/tA CHOICE BUTTER. ~ C LliS. GOSHEN BUTTER o< the vary k beat apalitr, I A ntfU ai oS? ? ar a a ? ? " - ? Ai?u, rfillilDl L*AHIA BUtirt Mb AT. CALVERT'S HONEY. 1 KINO k. BUROHELL. I fa 26 oomer Vermont a v. and FifWnth nt. v Dont be deceived, but COME to c the niht elaoe to set ?our CLOTHINO, HATStiiil CAPS, At SUKTH A, No. 460 I nth ?t ma "w 1

ffi _SHIRT8-SHiRT8~?aiRTS. fl 1 HE P!n*at Real; made Shut*, the l?e?t fitting Shirt*, and the most durable hiilrta can be i a*l at H a <fc UROTHEK'S Establishment, ooiner (.f t; ana SavenUi ?t?. Ptrangara in want of C.ean Slnrtawill find it to their advaaUtft to giva ?? a c call mar8-lw DUftK OLD EYE WHISKY.-O11 hand aa7?ra i brand* or Para Old Era WkUkj. Cop?*: Ontilled, made by tlie most reliabia dtetiuera in Psun Tlraaia,Marrland and Virginia, warrants pare, Aleo, Inported Hran.hee, Henneaey, Otard, Dupuy U Co., j?m Komhs. Ac. Ai0O. Paaoti \ud A??i? Braoiy. fur* Hollaed Sin, oW Jamaica ana Ft, i Croix Earn, and Wiaaa of ww* variety, al; of " ataadatd brajwli. A ohoioe lot qfUt?ar? and To- ? & W?SK?&iaSu. 1 :.rr > * .-fill ' .4 1 s. , ?aota*ai .*t ? # R BRICK HALL haa the pleaaure of announ waortment of NEW and PEsHRABLK 9PI the beat loririn. and will b? hold lowei than In tbia cltv. The ?tc< k embracea the iu hkt anality, and la In aacb variety and abundance K.I.. IV- - ' l*i *v~ ? v uamc uciuw a icw artiun \un\ were half the usual price: Silk Calabrlan, Brocade Bar Fine French Liwnt at 13 cento. worth 25, Fl?e Chillies 1*2 cento. w?rth 25, Poll De Chevres 10 cento, worth 25, l.avella Cloth 8 cento, worth 12, Fine all wool Plain Delatnea 31 cento, Grey Goods 12 cento, worth 25 B^st Kxtension Skirts at lialf price, Best Calicoes (fast colors) only 10 ceoto. Fine all wool Stella Shawls S3 00. These Shawls I sidles' Gauntlets only 12 cento, Ladles' Fine Hose 10 cento, Cawimeres. Linen D ills and Co Parasols from 50 cents to S5.00. Bonnets, Flats, and Jock rru %- * ... - ? i uwp won aeairt 10 ?uppir th?maelve? with g ollclted to call and examine the atock. mar 14-31 373 AMUSEMENTS. [ r A8Ul1UnT/\M M ? a rw n L/l/ ? W ?t I II *J I V 11 A n L A I C? IV I leasee ? .8. W. gl?*m o'inf Manager ?. ? J.T. Ratmond THIS EVENING. Last night but two of the sacoeuful debutante, MISSGERTRUDE ARGYLE, Who will appear a< Pavuri, In Baiwer'i beautiful play entitled THE LADY OF LYONS. To conclude With T ha favorite Faroe called the ALPINE MAID. 585,000,000.f te; i the >nnt<y, aad ?alarr. 37H nents. Contains the tm' matter as t if Great Blue Book ooatiug 33 S>K mittiriK the nv;P? which are not r.eoesviry. Catofiie of Curiosities at Patent Of&o* List of Patnts. Old Books l>oiuht and sold Catalogue forished. alfred hunter, Bookseller, feZi-lm* Willards' Hotel Square. pERS0NAL. lIADAME goddard. rl Tni Auteolociiiit. i'&n lMIAOnflultMi nil th? PAtt kn<l P.1 l'? KvcntB. in <iraha>n'a Alley; entrance ?>n C nt., Dtween 13:li and T4Ch ata. mar l?-2t* ^ WANTS, Jl/ ANTED?A ?nit of FURNISHED ROOMS. Addrraa Box No- 1**. Star Office. It* ANTED?By a resectable young womau, '* who underctandn ifres'-niakinc. a SITL'Al()3* as seamstress, lady's maid, or nurse; wou;d ivo iio objection to leaving the city. Be?t referice mven Pleace call for two day a, at 4"3, oor?r i f 13th ard D Bia. It* A7ANTKD-A good GARDENER. A s:nrl? man, or a married man without a family. prerred, or ars occusant for a small cotiace and 2J* or acre* of land, whioh i* now in fine order, and tuaUd c rner Twent)-first and ISonndary *tu. To ii industrious and careful i"Mi. a good ?ipportiin'' will h? ottered- Inquire of JOHN B. KlBMKY, >rcer of 2l?t and Boundary ?ts mar 14-3t I GERM AN, So years of ate. havisg no fimily, \ war<taa"'ituationaa rardeuor. Apply at No. 1.5 Bridge *t., between High acd Conarem Mia., orgptown nriar_13- 2' * \f ANTED? Ever? body to kn^w that Se?bold& " lirn.'a os'eb-ated fta'ti truce T"ma?oe* can l>e id at StalU No. 3G9 Center and 93 Northern lar k et mar 13-1t* ^ARM HAND WANTEC?.-A competent nod steady colored man, acijust'-med lo farm work, in hear of a *<>o-l sitnation by caliiLK at J AMES I. THO.Ml'SwN'^ Grocery Store, <?n the north <1e of Pa avenue, between and 4>4 ?t?. mar 13 2t? J|/ANTED-Bv an exprienced English woman, rw a SITUATION to attond upon a lady, or to ' ike charge of a chi >1. Is a rood plain neamstrew, nd ha? no objection to travel. Good reference iv?n if required. Addre?s E. IJ .Star Office. rnir \j ANTKI) IM M K 1)1 ATKI.Y?From |5 to rf ?IO,onn worth of fcECOND-HAND FFRNI UR K of&11 kind*, for which 1 will ruarantr U> pay le highest prices. and, ar u*ual, at t: -> ahortect noce. K. BUCHL.Y. Dealer in Furniture, Htovea, Ac., oo 9 40*? 7th wt.. bet. g and H eagt nine. vantkd-sucond hand furniture. r" Person* declining houeokeopinc, or havine aurplua of Furniture on hand.oan obtain tnec&sk id fa>r prions by applyinr at 369 Seventh r.t. no 17 BO.NTZ & GRIFFITH. lost and found. T'Ol'.ND?In the Indie*' rirea*inu-rnam at the Inauguration UaU, a Ka N. which the owner c^n ?ve lij caliirx at this (.(Boa and paymc for this Irerti'enient. mar M St OST?On Tueadar morning, a lady's MUFF, J from a carri*jo. h:-twfeii 4K at and the \Ve*t >nd. Th" finder will l?e suiialiij rewarded l>y !?-avi? it at No 209 H ?t. mar 13 St" /I- TORINK LOST.?Lout, a lady'a Furir ink) ' Vinlorine. on Tueiuay evening. 12th instant. !?tween N<> 305 Ma??aotiU'ettfl avenue and Rev. ir. Sunder'and'a Cnurch The finier will he ?uitblv rewarded by returning the Victurine t>? No. 05 Ma"? av. mar 13 2t* ^ ' K K WAN I)?Lost, a mink fur VICTOR! N K, * -? in the 9 o'clock p. m. otnnibu* from George> wn. or on 2 >-t ?t. Tne above reward wi;l b? jaid } an; vnt< del venng the article at the ?oiithea*? rn?r of (jay and Gre-.n ?t?., Georgetown ; or at office. mar 13 3t* STKATBDM STOLEN FROM THE Sl'B ?cri!>er. on Kiidajr 'a-t. a mnall mouse ?lored PIJIM'V ; l a'l white t>reant a: fck, and a'so three white f et. Any per >n returriii.c said d"? will be Kara'ily regarded by I. CAMPBKLu nitiidt Sixth afreet, beween ' a-d G. rrn 13 y.* OST?At the Levee lant nizht, a soft H *T, and -i aheary gr?y leaver sloth o&peri OVt-.RLOAT without a:e?-vee.) Tne finder will coi>f?r a favor y leaving them at this office, or by leaving word rhere they may be got. mar 9-tf ~ BOARDING. I juakim ?*?*.?A lew p:ea?*nt Kooim, with Board, can be bail at No. 2*? 4.', at. mar 9 lw* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS i PPLES, ONIONS, \ POTATOK9, 4c , 250 barrels Apples, in prime order, 25 do. \V hite Onions, 5<) hunheis P"tat"es, 10 barrel* Sweet Cioor. On board th? achooner Arctic, jaat arrire.1 at our rhan, and will be aoid low. E. PICKRELI. * TO . mar U-3t AVater atreot, Georgetown. i rififi APPLEsTsd POTATOES. ! jOUU BUSHEuH Prime P"tat<>e? and 30n barsfa No. I Applea, daily exp cted, and lor aaie on rriv&l, in lot# to suit purchaser* by J. G.WAT1R?, mar IS 3t 109 AVatw- at.. <iBort?to?n. if FISH?F1:*H?FISH! ' 1ACKKREL, 8AI.MON, AND LABRADOR HERUINO. ?1 barrels No. 1 Extra l.abra or Herring, 17 do. No, Somali Mackerel, f2 do. No. 3 Medium do. 15 hlf. do. do. do. do. 5 i.i(. do. No 1 Mackerel. 5 q r. do. dn. do. 10 kits do. do. 10 small kits do do. 10 kita do. Salmon, 10 small kits do. do. Now landing from schooner Mftrr Ann Magee, nd for sale by HARTl.EV k IJRO , mar 12 4t 99 and Iftl Wat- rst.. Georgetown. GEORGETOWN FISH W H A R F FO R I KKNT. Mayor's Orric*, Georr?town, D. C.. I Maroh 6th, 1861. \ Proposals. in writing, will b* reoeived at thia of re until the 16'h in*Uu>t for tne renting of the ieorsetown Fish Wharf for one year Irom the 1st louaa? in th* present month rxaxa cash. Per t>ns making In1a will please seal the same, and udorso theiu "Proposal# for the Fish Wharf." mar 6-tl6th HENRY ADDISON, Mayor. j i?OR RENT OR LEA-E ?A vory deiirib!? i Market <>r Dairy FA It M, in perlejt ord-r, for sot or le*?e Th-re ia on it a cmrf .rtah.e ana o?icious brick dwelling, with dry oailaa.andapump { good water a* the door; sul>?tamial ?tai> es and ut-liui dines. It is or the Highta ?!>ove G<*orge)wn, Adjoining U?* northern boundary thereof. 'h? buildings ar? in excellent order, and the land uty acr.?s, or le*? if ra^uirad.) ia in a fine a:id uhly cultivated oondiuon. The dwelling ai d garen would l?? rented separately to a re peotab:e nd prompt tenant. _ Application to be made 10 IAS n? i.tii I.I.KH, at i ih niand in Center Mtrei, Washington, or lua dwelling, ou tin tluh'f of ieorgetown. fe2R2w [> ~ Jl'ST ARRIVED, L ER Propeller S. Seymour, from Philadelphia, 5 barrel* and 100 half harrelaof Maxaejr, Colliua A 'a a Philadelphia DRAFT AL.E. For sale br f? a ARNV A HHINNr| .. ttOOBBI b PRIME CIDER L/AILY Kxpoot-d pr>r schooner Mary Ann MoGae r?m Roatrn This Cider is A No. 1, and is lor ?aie n iota to auit purohaaera. , _ ARNY * 8H!NN*S fe 22 Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. \ U10 hhdaf'^rmie^Porto Rioo SUGARS 2? hblt EEl^N6la^^BWmgL ?? bb!?. Crushed and Refined *UGAR?, ? hagr Rio ami Java COFFEE. 10 hhda.(low pnoad) MOLASSES For sale by JOHN J. BOOUK. eelo rjR BAT BARGAINS IN PlA.NOS.-Ona very U lu-e Piano aeven-ootave, for L"? ci1-ok*ri.Di.'wr on* Nifiay ' cine that be hat ju?t a full and romp'eta r RING and SI MMKR DRV GOODS, arlrrud from . i?vua m equai quality cu tucwacn be purchased : and fise?t fabrics, as well aa those ox medium that all maybe fully suiW-d ta style, quality and _ part baaed at Auction, and will be aotd a* about 'egeAnflala, Cbenlle Barer*, Table Linens 25 and JT cents. fi Fine lrlah Llnena only 25 centa, a Pi:lrt Bosems lu rents, K-ntucky Jeans 18 cents, worth 25. l.<re* Linen Towels 12 rents, wortb 45, H ff Holland for Window Shades 1*2 cents, 1, Gentlemen's I ndersblrts 25 cents, tl 12 r ent Cottons nt 10 cents M > cost a New York houae ?10 50, and are wortb *12 Children 'a Fine Hese 10 cents. U Gentlemen's half Bote 10 cents. tt ttonades In every style and price. n< l'ml>rellas from 50 cents to ?5 00. at :ey Hats In great variety. e< ood Goods at half the uaual price, are rcsnectfullv to R. It RICE HALL, J SEVENTH STREET. between I u4 K. T FOE SALE AND RENT. ? The cottage for rent on capitol Hill, situated on ttooobd. I?t??fn B and C tree a. It contains 10 room* and briok kitchen, gt supplied with gas and water. It has large groanda surrounding it. T > a good tenant terms reason*- 1_ ble. Apply at 397 F at. in* 14 31' tx 1?(IR RENT?A HOUSE containing 10 rooms, exclusive of kitohen, cioseu and servant's room, comfortably furnished, supplied with gas ant . P tomac water, and in a deligbt:ul loealiO. For co terms, to., apply on the premises. No. J?0 K si, t.clweeu lflh and IStli sts. rnal4 3t* L\ OR RENT-A wall FURNISHED HOUSE, 11,1 on ' welfth street, l>etween K and F, No. AO J, containing 10 ro?im>, wnh gas and water. Attached 1,1 to it is a brick *tahle and ca r>age honse supplied withwat-r. This house will he rented in wh-j|e or < m *ui?s of rooms. Apply on the premises. ... m% 14-St* r" co FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY tir ^rop_ jty.40'.'j acres of LaN I? in Fairfax ooss yh irom WMhin|t<>n, 1 mi'e north wrat of Centervil'e, and half a mile from a <l?pot w on the independent lite of the M?n&wu Gap and Pu Alexandria It&i'road, now in procrraa of ooratrac- ve tion. The farm ia of the red aoif. well known aa no unaurpaased by any in tho $tate for ita adaptation T1 to til the varieties of grain, cracF and frait; ia in a na high state of improvement; haa upon it a comfort- . able dwelling. good ont buildings and fine orchard; *" ion acre* in timber, and every field anpp'.ied with llc, water from unfai ing springa. Churches, poat office, grist and saw mills and blacksmith rhopa are of within a mile of the place, ar.d the aociety of the po reiehhorhood is equal "o any to he found elaewhere. vr Tliia estate has long beeu ocnaidered one of the ni<>at valuab'e in the county, and a great induce- ( meut wi I t e offered to any one wiahinc to pur- r*>1 chase. Exchanging for o her property I >< quire $5,?h0 in money ac Those who may desire to enter into neg< tiations an for tins property arc requested at once to viait Uie far" and examine for themaelvea, or addreaa m< the sul a iiber at Ontervil e. hairiax county, Va. H e can b? aeen at anytime between tlna and Fri "" da* evening at Janrs M&ddock'a Hotel, on S*eventh a' . between i'a. av*' ti-snd the oana!. maUJ w* (. MAS. W. K ATCblFFK. 1^1'RNITIIBI.' t'/kD u ? 1 wr . ? ? ?. ???? b i/itu i v ?v O'llifi lll'l r FOR RfcNT.-Thi? house is thorou?hly for- by niched, all oi which will be -,?po?eu of upon very 0p r?*a>>oi-alile ternn. AJ?o. the house whioh i? large, *., oent'al ?*nH n ooern.? i 1 l?e f'?r lentonthe firpt of April. Address "Furniture,'' throach thecitj Frst IT' Office. 11* T' " tit |?OK R F.NT?A four ?tor* brick DWELLING- i?, I Hot >K, *itu*t-"on Third ?t-e"t west. No 371, . limnefliMely oast of the ('itjr Hall, e 'ainf'K 11 , rooiriK, with saloon, parlor, cm. buthinr-rinim maler-oiomt. and Potomac water in tue yard?*H tti< in romp ?>i* order. Immediate p issesaion c*n lis *7 had. hy upplfiri next door, to G. W. PHILLIP:*, tie !> ' put% Ma rshal. m<' )J ?( c>, F^OP UK I.E. (or ejic.'iRPBtt for Ci'y Property.)? A liiithl* iu<pro\td FARM of 6 ?> aor^. lyme eri upon the Ohe*ape?ke sii'l Ohio Canal. 22 miles RiMive Washington City ; to b? disposed of all to- I grthcr, or divided to r-uit customers ; conta nii g ample building*, orchaid', Ac Pew * dcairmg . to purcl.aoe or-jtclianse will add re, * the under lo' Fit ued. (describing propf rty, statirg prior. Ao .) at rt Tenalljrtown, I). C., or applv to t un at hia reei- Oi Hence. %t th*? Huh Bridge, Washington Aqueduct. wi mar 13-2t? VV1I.I I AM K KB Wi NG m, A RAKE CHAN^K.-For ?a e or rent, that Hr' r>eautiful tonr e>ti ry KRiCK WARtHtll'SK. ?r? just finished,and roalr for us". on Pen-.avenue, TL b?tw?-fn loih ai'd I'th M'e'ts Ore of the b-st an f*'ar.ds on the av. nue. for either a Wholesale or Retail t:ado iSiii'able (or au* Mercantile trainers The liiii 'K g i? 26 teet front bv 97 in depto. App'j tot*. WOODWARD, No. 31* l*e>-n a-e- | cue, h-twren l'?th and 11th >u. ma 12 eo3t p0 LMIR RENT-A firTTelaM DWELLING" F' r HOUSE, on t?:.y et eet. Georgetown, inruish'-d wi wtth all the ni dem improvements, mo udmg to- th< tomac water. af? A so, r new three-story BRICK HOCPE, with tack-build n* attached, on L street r orth, b-twreo V 14th RiiJ 15?h atreeia wet-t, M> Con- n0 ricutct with Una romnenoe ia a alablo an1 carr.afe to hon e. Apply to PR AS. WHEATLEY, No. 3T Water at., titornetown. f). C. mar 1 j FOR RENT?A new three-sto-y Brick DWF.If re< i.INli HOUHI- , containing 11 roctns, No. 306 nij L street, near Fourteenth? p.ea?an'Iy situated. Inquire of <!. OaMMACK, Jr., sill* F street. po B.arll St , " CTORE FOR RENT.?A large fUore-room on pi; k5 Pa.avenue, adj ir.i t our auction rootna. f".r rent. Apovto WALL t UAKMARD, Aaotnr. and Commission Mmohants, corner Ninth stro.t , ard south aide Pa avcue. inar 11 ^ 14*OR RENT-Th* BRICK HOf?K on Tenth street, b't?eon E and K. It h\* ten rooms with K*a Apply to F. HAIDER, on Seventu at., U No. 5Z7ti. Kent S18 per month to pood tenant, r. The key ia at W. Peterson's, two <!<>ors above. ' >* ma 11 at* OCI FOR RENT-The north IIOLf*Eof the row f new four story houses on Fourth ?t , between 1> and E^a's., No. 3*?8, fronting the Ci'.f Hall O^umv I T^niFlUIl R1VPL llliTTI UIHTPlf. A^PI? tO |)ff WILLIAM H. PHIUL.1P, Attorney, -j-j. 4Q Louigiat.a avenue. mr. I) f t,Q E/OR RKN'T?Th? ROOMS r<-oently occupied tb< r b> the Mou J. 8. MiIimid. '1 hey arewo.ifurduM ?rd nipp.ied with all the neceetary cotitp ntences, incl uding )>&th-room< with Pni??tii?e water? 4 adjoinin* the liedrootn. I'erti n* having th^'r own cook can have the u?o of trie kitchen or e *? they cu| can l-e a o mmodal -d witj in -ai* in the ii'igi.ttor t)>< A OL'li * ? ~ * I1VUU? XX yyij v>? nu. Uibii^riR, <04 .MP.til I Rt et.. between D and K mar 8 2~jt ,p, fj^OH RENT?'The <1??>*.r?d convm^nt RESIDENCE. now occupied l>y Jv?n?tor Kennrdj, ou Sixth street, just north til the ("nil* is.n Church, will t.e l?r rei.t after the * !) iurinnei.1 <>f r. the L'nit-d State* Senate. Apply t-> THUMA? BLAG DEN, No. 499 Sevetta strict west. fe lft-2*?3w Tfc L^UK RENT, in the First Ward?three Miiwi f ',a r west of the War Department?a small <?KFICE, with back room, or the former may answer for a chop: and Parlors and ?^hRml>*rs, separate. or ' suit* of Rooms, furnished or ur furnished; dote sp< to the Aver.ue. Inquire at this office. i,r. de 3 3tawtf fj^OR RENT.?The large and comfortable DWELLING on theco-ner of Hijh ai.<l Pr a nect streets, with store, stable*, Ac., is for rent. i possession to be *ivon on the 1st of April. Ap;.|? , to WA1.TER GODLY, corner of Green and I rum- J*0 barton sts mar 12 2sr^o Rf OR K~ENT, SALE. OR EXC1I A NG E FOR ^ I OTHER PROPERTY?A HARM ofal/.o 280 acres land, situa'ed ai>out ij* mi es ?ou h^a-t , from the Station. KelUville, Pr noe George's county, Maryland. There is abont W> acres in wood? firi b%lar.c? cleared land and ni.der cultivation : ;a? a v!i small dwelling-house; bam an by 40 fret, and tfler cut- buildings, and apple and wch orchard J. K KKNDALL, . n ar 8tf No. i Foar and a-tia!f st._ ^ L^OK R Kv T OR SALE?The two & re story ah* F Irick DWELLING-HOUSES situated on and N, adjoining the oorner ot Fourth a d D st.eets, n. ea.r of the City Hall. Apply to JOSEPH FU- !?' GITT, No. 90 Louiaiana av. ma- S-tf Jj.* I/OR RENT-A threo story brick HOUSE,oonr tainnig H iooinsA in good ordor, wuii gas m- r. tuira cmup.eio, no u *ire?i, i#iwp?u ?lli and btu. ' Also, a two-?tory brick COTTAGE, with laree * yard attached, onrnf?r of F ?troet uorth an"1 14th ?t. ea?t. To punotuai and reliable lenaoti the termi \* will he iboderaUi. Apply at 446 Twelft* street, th< between G aid H. no IS tf br! F;OR RENT-Th* FIRST FLOOR or the baild- dV in* umriadiveir oppoeile the west wir.| of the n City hal., reo?nlly oocupi?d by Ch*?. S. WaJlaoh a* an oifice. Aiao the front room in the teccnd W tory and the third floor of the aan.e tmildinx. Foi l?ruii aoply to RICHARD WALLACH, No. tf 3 I nvi*'*.r\arenre. ?UK Tr ivOR KENT?The tine BRICR HOUSE No. ai>< Ir 100 We?t?tx Georgetown, at present ooeu 1 pied t>v the ?n>>?oriber. It tiaa 12 rooms. with cm ? at>d water throughout, a fine >ard. stable 4 c , acd \ neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A^M^- th< 1| MPORTANT NOTICE TO STRANGERS VlSllMNIi W AHHIMfJT.1V ? A Vine of the National Cajntol J j Will bi Piuutid To erer* purchaser of Book*, StaioiierT, Ac . Irom thswrli Known esabhshment <1 l"KKN< H & HIOHST IN Booksellers, Stationers, and Pe riO' ic?l I>e%'ers, No. 27? Pa. tT?uu?, Dear the Kirk wood House, WuiuiiKtoa, D. C. roar 1 , J^AMILY BLANKETS AND COMFORTS. We have still on hand a to<<d assortment of the Tk above good*. Also, Housekeeping Good* of every description, all of whioh we are celling at post for ^ TAYLOR k. HUTCHISON. P NOTICE. ^1,1 r* u"*v' a,u UIw |%VI?IV??u gsn. I?? ?!i lirnVVf T'T Cftnill| Oil ... J. . b'rEPHENSON, fc! At ' R AH.ROAD Dcrnr. Find Good Wacuna and Careful Drivrr*. JDK 1 IW mil BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of tk? " " very iatect tylea.tnd in all chm nwde^A of the beet material. Call at woe and rettiD 1l ohoice. At STEVENS'S, no-/} tf SSA. h^tw.9th nnrt 1IHH at*. pmuu indebted to we willplea** ea'l aad eettle m Ft of | ehall be outnjeled to five their neennf IHE LATES T MEWS. T & LhUKAP H 10. La tor fr?a New York, March 14-TU rtnaihlp Etot, rom Liverpool on tbe 2Ttb trrlred bore tkn inralag The Anglo Saxon and Vigo bad arrived o?t Nothing bad t?ea beard of tbe Auatralaalan. During a debate la tbe Houae of <'omtnooe ,orda K uaaeil and Palmseton stronglr deprecated le policy of America la proven ting the rlgbt of >arcb, and permitting a prostitution of Ik flag. Mr Rnxton, la tbe aame body, expreeeed hla ara tbat tbe Southern Confedera._y would revlvo % >e alavr trade, and hoped tbat Fagland would rer rocogatte tbe eoverel*ntv at tbe CoaMw!T without aa rxpreaa stipulation again at suca a >unus of rondurt Tbe ship tfea Park hi 11. from Liverpool bon*d Charleston, S C.. bad returned. Shortly after avlng Liverpool it la allagad tbat tbe crew lied Capt Fyke, and aarlouaty Injured tbe mat* be crew were arrested. M Tbouveaal bad oScUlly assured tbe Annan Minister that no delegate from aa? Sen there ate of America bad been received by tbe La ror and hi mar If ^ CouMEEC1AL ^ ^^ m hv u< ?ci pvvi v v%wu uiartn I Of IWO QtfV rilOTV ifet, and quotation* were barely malnta:ned lea for two day* 1j.I*JU bales, a peculator* and porters taking 4 000 imlee Breadstuff* were quiet and steady Provisions were dull Conaol* c lo*ed at 91 KslM \. There had ben mo ange In bank ra'es of discount The Etna bring* X2U0 ?*? in specie, and SUt.cmo to 1.WI.IW more had been booked on e Arabia * manifest. iverner lienstan Krfatei u Ketegalzs the State * enventian etc [jalvkstoh . March 11 ?Governor Houston baa fused to rern^nlie the State Convention He aider* that tta function* terminated in submlttlie Secession Ordinance to tbe people He lla tbe Convention tbat be and the t.eglaUtare, bich meet* on the Wh Instant, will attend te ibllc questions He favor* tbe holding of a Conntlon to change tbe State Constitution bat opst-s Texas joining the Southern Confederacy. ie Convention In reply have passed an Oralnee claiming full sovereign powers, promising consummate aa speedily a* possible tbe conncc>n of Texas with the Confederate States The Convention will at once require all officers tbe State to take an oath of allegiance to suprt the new Government and carry out tbe Coontton ordinances Itl* reported that Clark will pui in uovernor Houston's place. If the Utter r is?s to take the oath It Is aleo reported that vernor Houston la ralslnz troope on hie own count Fifteen hundred Texan troopa are at d near Brownsville Brazos. March 6?Arrangements have been ?d> (or the Federal troopa to leave aa toon aa pans of transportation ahall be provided The am?r Daniel Webster Is waiting ou'aide The ftsiihrra < eugreee Mortgomkbt, March 13 ?The Tariff act pi sard Congress baa been publtahed It goea Into eration on the 1st of May Compared with the irifi art of the United States, tnoat of the 30 per at duties have been reduced to 15 per cent le greater portion of the M and 19 per cent dus Lave been reduced to 15 per cent There ia a ge ten per cent schedule, and a very email t list rb? Alabama State Convention to-day ratified t Permanent Constitution. The vote was yeas . nave 5 General Jam son a leading ro-oper*inist. took a bold poeltion In favor of the ratllUou. J ere Clemens baa been appointed a Major-Genii in the Alabama army Sece??ieu Movrmeii in Petersburg, Vs. 1'KTKessi'Btf, Va . March 13 ?This cliy voted dayto instruct ber delegates in the State Couution to vote for the passige of a Secession dinance Fifty-one majority for instruction ls given. The polls are to be kept open tojrrow. when tbe friends of 8ece?e]cn expect to eatly increase their majority. The Secessionists ; parading the atree'.a with ornate and flaga. ierts Is a ^rfit tumult of people Meaara Pryor d btrinfeliow, and otbera aie making apeechea Kraui laliUraka. Foft Keauxsy, March 13 ?The Califerala ny l.xprtaa haa arrived here, bringing Ran anctaco dales to the 27th ult. Tbe news to thojt Interest Tbe California Legislature met > djy previous to tbe departure of the mall, er a repeat of a week A caucus of the friends Mr Denver for I'nited Statea {Senator mastered ly forty-four whilst it required llfty-elght voles eltct. *eattnnti*u? fer C b Senater. '?*k?:?ecno. March 13 ?Hon Wm H Welsh elved tbe democratic caucus nomination toght for U S Senator Tbe republican legislative caucus to-night tulnatcd Hon David Wilmot for C P Senator place of Senator Cameron. The election take* :ce to morrow Rhode Inland Politic*. ^ROvipKsce. March 12 ?The Democratic and nctitutiuual Union Conventions In tbe Eastern ?trict, t.>-div nominated William Sheffield, of wpret. f<?r Congress The Con?tltutlonal Union invention of the Western District, nominated or go II Brown, of Gloucester, whom thcDemrats had previously nominated. From Mexico. Viiw OsLtANt March 13 ?The steamer Tenisce from Vera Crui on the Bth has arrived. le British Minuter has recognized the Const!lull a 1 (jovprnment General Uraga has accepted > mission to the L'olted States Mintari ( titratita *t l,or:s, March 12 ? The caucus here ni oept<-d to day in dist ussta;; tlie imcadmrnti to majority report of the Committee on Federal rlatton, but adjourned without anything of clal .mporUntf transpiring aryland Methodist Protestant Conference Vbwabk, N J , March 13 ?The Maryland inference of the Methxilst Prot-stant Church is >-M'on h> re. All the delegates were preaent. >e opening s*-rmon was delivered by the Re*, niei Bates, of Maryland. Virginia ten vent len. Richx<?m?, March 13th ? Fx-President Tyler >ke cblv lo-day against the Peace Conference i positions Without concluding the subject Convention adjourned. Naval. *oBr?>LB. march 13 ?The I* S steamer Pocantas, from Vera Crut. arrived In Hampton mria last evening The Columbia is hourly exited. Tork Markets. S'bw Vobk, March M ?Flour steady. Wheat m and quiet Corn firm and unchanged Fronting quirt Whisky dull. Piaaaclah VKW Vomit. March 14 ?Storks dull and benvy, lcago and Rock Island Illinois Certial ir*? &'V? do. bonds 9s; Michigan Southern M, w York Central Pa Coal Co. 78; Rending Hudson River R R 44\; Va raTS*: Mo. Treasury li s lU3fc, coupon 6'a of 1661 % THK ADMIRFR^ OF THE 1RGARVM. HUGHF5. F! rist.'Seventh St., I?lsnd. ashmtton has fnnw?t * oomp#t?Bt man, who >rou. h!y understands the business in lU various k' ches. wr.o wi 1 ctvote his entire attention to ine out or makinc new Gardens and keep Garis i.i n-r pie oider the summer months, na 13 e W .H. Hl'GHES. RING P RI NTS. v&rds beau tful Ens ish Frmta, for Sprisc n^e. ? demon Jouvin's Undreeeed Kid G'^ blaek ii da k eolors. IH! oom*n Jouvin's best Kid Gloves. In fell eolorn. vwnL'mbrM.MMdf?;r?^. ^ *??? N?Mvtf? 7U> ?* "i^Ui < iivoiiu t'/??w M 0?rJ12weo__ .?L'rZl^ IO*t?-MADK BOOTS AND SHOKft, L F?r I ABiSs', Mim*? an* Cbildbsn's Wia. na R M ? M , N*. ?rh?4 ftk at? ' 'vthv visitor to Washington SmgCLD I'rirHiil PHILP'8 WASHINGTON DESCRIBED iii ii ik* ?/? fomrUtr Otid* b?k to iA< tilt** ml Oartt+1 (Nr rut.litktd. i* Valum* ?<?U m * '"orrpreh H later? of tha Oitj r<?m it? K,*r irt S??t nt Pieaant Tim*, with < ar? Imp rtut treit Ponn^M witA it M thf Ikat o( HofflBIM?i aSrr?ta IVa^Tipt.ooa n't tha V?rm? Pabha BalMiaaa . la Infarayug j^ra-^*a? te Mm* off?? >??ci mBmumi viajM Pah io Ofloa?; th- K?H Uol Or Utarooaraa; D?ao if** < tha Piuoa ol 1 i.t?r a> la ih#Vi nut/, Ac . Jt.? inmrit witb a Ma **? gUtmmti, ??i CM*. PKICrONE -Ot-i-A* Kr** by mvil uc r o ? 1 M-ur ,u" L, 7 ~>lm ??? >?* ^l.