Newspaper of Evening Star, March 14, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 14, 1861 Page 4
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gM. J. . Till! FVFMM; STAR.' Ill ms T 1 ? * * ? ? j OPERATION THE PATr*TOrr.C* | Tb* following is a list of patent* issued from , the U.* Patent Oflcf for the week ending Marrh It, lHll?each benrln/ that date: Ju H Bell, of Chelsea. Maas ?For improved tove-pipe connection. lane A. Benedict and G W. Cumminga, of Conneaot, Ohio.? For Improved ditching ma- ! chin*. Lyman D Burch, of 9herfeurn?, N V ?For Improvement in plows Joseph Cord nan, of Brooklyn, N. Y ?For Improvement In lining journal box pa Jonathan Creager, of Cincinnati, Ohio ?For Improvement in machines for turning irregular forma J. A Cutting, of Boston, Man ?For Improvement In equariums Reuben Daniels and G P. Cobb, of Woodstock, Vt ?For Improvement in bee hives. F P Dlmpfel, of Philadelphia, Pa?For lmWovmiimI in frictioo irpari for murhln?rv Levi Dodge, of WittrlorJ, N. Y,?For improvement In forming and punching article* of Irregular form A S Ea?tfcam, of Wharton, Texas.?For improvement In cotton cleaners. W. B Goodrich, of Ashley, Ohio?For improvement In apparatus for evaporating augar solutions Walter Hart, of Philadelphia, Fa ?For improved egq beater. L?-vl W. Havden, of Wilkesbarr*, Pa?For Improved nr.<tcbine for crlmpine boota C. W P. Heaton, of Salem, 111.?For improvement In cultivators Charles H. Helms, of Poughke?p?ie, N. Y.? For Improved machine for trimming heels of boots and shoes Isaiah U. Inskeep, of Wot Mlddleburg, Ohio. For Improvement In field fences George W. Jennings, of Bos'on, >la*s?For imnrnv#m?nt In urinnAw!n>* j? ? - - iii-ivuiur* Jacob H Land is. of Eden, Pa ?For improved ment chopper Herman J. Lombaert, of Philadelphia. Pa.? For Improvement in draught bara for railroad cm. M B Lord and 9 J. Lord, of Ellsworth, Me. For Improvement In brakes for sleigbs John London and Ham Iversen, of New York, N. Y ?For Improvement in ventilators for windowa Georjje A Mitchell, of Turner, Me?For improved tipa for boot* and shoes P. C. Perkins, of Waterford, N. Y?For im j'rovea puncning ana shearing machine. Byron Rice, of Schuyler, N. Y.?For improvement in grain separators. . Marcus M Rounds, of New Haven, Ct.?For Improvement In furnace grates. Isaic Rulotoon and Dan'l DeGarmo.of Rochester. N. Y ?For improvement in plows Alfred T. Serrell, of New V'ork, N. Y.?For Improved feeding rollers for rotary planes Jonathan P. Simmons, of Fulton, N. Y ?For Improvement in packing for barometers James 8 Smith, of Brooklyn, N. Y ?For improvement in cartridge boxes. David Spragne, of Elizabethport, N. J ?For Improved punching machine. J. B. Turner, of Jacksonville, 111.?For improvement in cultivator* George A. Walker, of AnnvlUe, Pa ?For imr\rni)Am?nt *?!?? I i iii IWIIMI ftti pium. Wm Strieby. of Wagonton, Pa.?For improvement in cultivators P. P. Warriner, of Holland Patent, N. Y.?For Improved table. Cyrenus Wheeler, jr., of Poplar Kldge, N Y. For Improvement In reaping and mowing machines. Ethan 8 Willson. of Saratoga Springs, N. Y. For improvement in safety ships. Stephen W Brown, of Syracuse, N Y, assignor to himself and Joel McCoraber, of Watertown, N. Y ?For improvement In the method of locking tvpe galleys Kira Sprague Holmes, of Wilson. N. Y., assignor to O E. Holmes and Wm Perrigo, of acme place?For Improvement In machine for pressing fruit in barrels, Ac. Jacob Jenkins, of Lvnn, Mass .assignor to J. r AH m ?-nr llf * '-? * ? ? ?|^pwu, .1 u >i urn, ana ,*u w. sneperd, of r?alem, Maw . and U W Keene, of said Lynn?For Improved machine for applying heels to boots and shoes. George Juen-jst. of New York, N Y., assignor to J M<-Cro?saa and \V J McArthur, of sime place ?For improvement in sewing machines Edwin R Peas?\ of Pongbkeepsie, N Y., assignor to R!ch*rd P. Peas?. of Brooklyn, NY ? For improvement In mowing machines. George B Phillips, of Newark, N J , assignor to J 8 Littell, of same place?For Improved wagon wrench. Arcalous Wyckoff and Lafayette Stevens, of Kimlra V - * ' ??'?* ? , ... . mguini iu ,i? hpub uvciod. aforesaid ? For improvement in hollow augers. R111101. Daniel W. Shares, of Hamden. Ct.?For Improvement In harrows. Adthtioxal Improvements Douglas Bly, of Rochester, N V ? For Improvement in attaching thills to vehicles Samuel B H Vance, of New York. N Y.?For Improved electrical apparatus for lighting gas. Kxtissio*. E B Bieelow. of Boston, Mass?For improvement in brusael looms. ARRIVALS AT TUB HOTELS. W1LLARD3 HOTEL ?R P Durkee. NY; C H Coil s, R D Cochran, J B Hell, J R Hetning. E Paulson. Fa; J Morrlasv, C F Lesap. J D Then ber. .Mass; J >1 Hathaway, J H lu^rabam. Ct; }? H Noyrs. J M Heed. A Danyiaas, NY; T Stewart F W Norris. A D Jayiie, O, C M Clary. Ky; J W GandaD, D C Anthony, lod; E M Smith. G Opdvke. W A Hall, J A Hriggt. NY; W D Kelly. J W Throcbmorton. Fa; E A Stremburg, N V; J ECorwin. Ky; J Van Vuorhls, NY; C M Nye. Me: J A Ford, Va; l>r Jayne. E M Paxson, Fa;H A Greene, NJ; W B Mann, Fa; II Cantield. j? M W est. Vt; 8 9 Taylor, Col L B Siulih. Dr E Wallace, J Knabb. J 'V Jayne, K II Ramsy, II F Young, L Myers, C O'ntel. W Selurs. Pa; O A Mors*, N Foi, B Farrar, NY; G W Gage. 111! M Hampton, J VV Hampton. A H Miller, D 1. McCorm.cb, :* McKeLly, W Doch, Fa; ? ? B *cotj. O; W Hougbtoa, J Goutchins, Wis; J 8 Nitbered and lady, Cal; C A ?*tartweatber, D C Jackson, B Sbock. Pa; A Keller, Md; T F Bodenborrozh, J P La Clerd, A M Fox. J Kesler. Pa; D Fost-r Rl; R Williams, Va; J Lrj^ralle and fam, Paris; Dr Harris. R G Armetage, Md; W T Pelton. N V: ? riarrover, lad, W 5* Dyer. 'V S .Murdaugh Mo, Gjv Hlcka, Md; A Hart, NY; R F Carter. J Douglas, Ireland, J S&enmn, NV; J G Brown, NJ; W Colt. Ct; J B Coit, Nebs; vv B Norria, J Potter. W V Llppineott. P?; H C Prrsson and ly, NY, D !*mlbe,T Me^ear, R Parker. B C iirowni H A Brown, J McManes, Pa; D Htrris, O; M 1. -m Gagmaa NY: D SiJHtU, Me; J Lawson, <is; J l'? fol-y, Md; W Piaggtnt. W Mitchell, NV; Col S Dor*?y. Ce!; V*JKj|tCanley. K T Coatea. Pa: J P Anderson, NY; R ArNA rHMkMlMtli -G C Gardiner, J Allen N t; M BdflWIHBCfcMoaji.rr o, J J Peate. W lab B l'? dd, KyrTITBlike, J D Baldwin, Mas*; J J Richardson, O; J 9 Pretty man. Del, J N ewtoo, J C Dlfkfry, Pa; Hon G W9SMT. C P Morton lad; H LMcktnaon, la; D M Rverton, NJ; O Tyler. T B Stlllman, M Johnaon, NY; J Alexander, Twin, S :*tevena, 0; W F Turner, la; Col Allen. USA; H O Brown, NY; C Dlckery. Mich; \V O Biveinw, Md; D H Coukltn, Pa; R Leckena, ?; ? Organ, lud; J J Brlce, O, W Herllng, Md; A Culoertaon 111: Dr McCabr. S Burr, Del; C H Green, Va; H tauderaon, Mo; 0 Lovta, CI; R A Barnard, NY; W A Newell and aon, A 0 Mc1-ean and it, n'j; ? Parnah, ?; W J Brown.Md; Hon C H Tan Wyck, NY; J H Adasi, N Petera, Del. KIRK WOOD HOUSE -C \V Crocker, R Howard. >lo; C H Ganhart, 111; G R Sm:tb. VVT; L Jrfferaon, Ky; B Flcklin, L C Cowpen, P Luke, H W Uuuter, K A Rosa. Hon W H Hooper, J Hill, E Ruggle*. Vt; A W TruM?ll, W Webster. Maa, H F.rber, U9N; J B Hiaklll, 6 W Roaa. it Mann, L Jonea. Tenn; H H Mannnbllle, L A rilfair NC, H H Dougherty. Ky: J W Ahl, Pa; O V Appleton. Vt; M R Dalton, Mlw; C H Daniels, H hJlH, NY: D E r>n?? MA. >a o - w _ ..m) ?'?u. i fjiill) li8i o Luff, Del BROWN'S HOTEL ?C Kedder, R Pumphry. C Cagett. Md; C T Rodgers, J 9 Hurricb, H K Taylor, G Ooldin, NY: J H Nortbcott. Kan; c W Busker, Hon D W Voorheea, lad; J W Child, Kt; R Jooea.Pa: Dr R BorlSng. Vt; C Ferguton' I'BCS; J R McDultl. J T Woodeon. W Taylor and bob, Va, W A Hlcka. Mlna; 0 P E?to, O; J 3 Gateb, Pa; W Merrtcb, Tenn; Dr C Latimer and ly, 9a; R Turner, Capt J W Hhowacre, Md; A R For man, A Pinney, RR. WASHINGTON HOUSE ?J Brown. 0 Lisp, er, Md, * Hanica. Ind, G Sblpman, 111; W H Kecbvall. G Green, Mo; I Jonea, J 'irown, ?; G Bruce, O Bedell, NY; D Cole, Maa; W Warren, O. ????????bp?? Large invoices op new mumc just received Ironi Rasaoi A Tulmui. !?,* ? * o? <" ? , m oru., viBOinn&u, HAll * 8*m. New York! Now ofta (ur impaction. ^ JOHN P. KLLJS, le? ?0? Pn. at.. bmt *t? m>4 10th ?te. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Hat* ju?t raotiTtd tlM kriMt assortment ud d?w offer tb* moet extenaive VArietiflm^ 3i5?Sfel?SS! t? Hue nf. whioT w? at* eUjA|! At ?fnf low ?ncM. WALL, STEPHENS * CO , n?? tf JM P*. ivnit. f?HE AMERICAN ALMANAC FOR 1861, 1 p?p?r: prioe 01; tiA f Mil IJO b* m^ii * en v?. ?r, a .ew o/ei ty Oliver Wendell II<>tK>?a 2 vola , 12183 , 0 oth; prioa #1.75 by mail. jS K f* 21 178 P?DB. ftrMill, I ?? >? A SFBCIIX BARGAIN IN TWO PIANOS. f* ? S#? Pfc *., het. <Hh and i oth iU. * ** k! - I ^vDllC />. CURE NAmiAiicUoarla/>hA lit*! TUUOIl^OUUWIig Headaclie. % By the dm of theae Pllla the penodio attaoks or y?rroni or Sick H*adae\e mar bo prevented; and If taken at the oommenoemeat of an attack immediate relief from pain and eiokneaa will be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Nausea and Htadacht to which females are ao subjsot. They act gently upon the bowela,?removing Costiveness. For Literary Men, Students, Delicate FemaW, and all persons of sedentary kabits, they are valuable aa a l axative, imp.-ovinK the appetite, giving tone and rigor to the digeative organa, and re atoring the natural elasticity and strength of the whole ayatcjn. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long inveetigation and carefully oondnoted experiments, ha?ing been in use inany years, diving whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether origi nating in the nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They arn entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safety without making any change of diet, and the ab senct nf any disagreeable taste renders it easy to a>iminister them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! me f enmne nave bve aignaturea of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. 9o;d by Dmggtata and all other Dealera in Medioinea. A Bex will be aent by mail prepaid on receipt o the PRICE, 23 CENTS. Ail ordera almald he arid resaed to IIENR V C. SPA!.PINO. 4W Cxdar Sthiet. Nkw Vork. THE FOLLOWING ENPORSKMENTS OF Sl'AliDllVft'* CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SI FTER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE I? WITHIN THEIR REACH. As the** Testimonials irrre unsolicited f.y \ Mr. Spai.PINO, they afford unquestiongihlf +irnn f n f th* ' r -V y r^v VJ truly scientific discovery. MAS05VILLS, Conn., Feb. 5,1B61. Ml SrALDim??Sir: 1 have tried your Opliiiio Pills, ?ii<i I like. them so well that I want you to end me two dollar* worth more. Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom I ;are a few out of the first box I jot from yon. Send th? Pi'.s by mail, aad oblise Your ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. Havxrrord, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. M?. Ppalpi! <*?Sin I wisfy *ou to send ire one more box of your Cephaho Pills, I have received a Kreal dtal ef benefit from them Yours redpeot ully, MARY ANN BTOIKHOUSE. Sprtcx Creek, HrNTi^Toji Co., Pa ,i January 18.1861. { H. C. Spalim:**?Sir: Yoii will please send me two boxes of your Cephalic Pi is. Send them immediately. K-speotfuMy yoars. J NO. B. RIMONS. P S? / hare used one box of your Pil.i, ond fi>id lturn excellent. Rsm.k Vkrxon, Ohio, Jan. 15,1R61. j Henry C ?paldi!?o, Eeq.: Pleas# find iuoiosed twonty five oents, for which send me another Irix nf ?onr OpUalio Pills. They an trn'y the best Pills I hare ever tried. Direct A. QTOVER.P. M., B?'r!e Vernon, \V jaMot oo., O. Bkvkri Man., Deo. 11,136?. H. C. PrALDiSo. fcaq : 1 wtah fur aome ciroula'a or !ar*p ahow ^illa. t?i brmr your Cephnlio Kills more purtioul&rly Wfore in? cu-tun^rii. If you h?ve Rj.*thtn? of the kiu<i. please a?nd to me. Oneof my nuHotner*. who ia suigeat to severe VicW Hca'ach* (usually ianting twpdj?.) ipas cured of ?h a'.titk in one hour by your Piift, whiuh 1 aeot her d ?- ii- - - %\<?|>uvk utij J UUI B| T* Da 1LA Ll9l RKTSOLD-fBCRG, FR AMKLIN Co., OhlO.f January 3, *851. \ HniT C. Hp4LDi!?o, No. M Cedar itreet. New York? Dear Sii: lsioiu??d find twenty-five cert*. (26,) for wtiioh ?end ho* of ' OpMIlo Pilla." j-end f" %dlr?as of Her. Wrr. C. Ftiler, Keynoldsbu-*.F;ank in o<>uotv, Ohio Your Pill* work like a cAarm? eur? Htniarh* almou insMHtcr. Truly your*, \VM. C. FILLKR. YnutAitTi, JHioh., Jan. 14 IBM. Mr. Bpaldtxo ? Sir: Notion* ainoe 1 sent to >ou for a bo* r't Cfpna io Pu'a forlhe cure of the Nervuu? Headache an't Coati veneaa, and received tlie tamo, and y had 10 good an eff*ct that 1 wat iadmctd to MmafoT more. Please s*ad l>y return mail. Direct to * n ?* ?? ? A? IV. v> HCfifjER. Ypailauta, Mich. From lilt Examiner, Norfolk, Va j C?ph*!:o i*iiU aio ,'inplmh tha object !>>r whioh they w< re ma^e, v.t: Cure ot heatlaohe iu all ita forma. Fr:m ike Examiner, Norfolk, Vn. They have been teat.d iu more tnan a thouaan-J . awith entire anc??ea. Frrym tke Democrat, St, Cloud, flimn. IT you are. or haw# been troubled with the head *ohe. aend for a'b?xt<C*j?ha'ie Pilla,) ao that yea ii.ay have them i .1 oaae ot an.attaok. F^run ike Adrrrtuer, Providmet, R. 1. The Cephalto P>11? vre t*id ti> he a remarkably | effective re;ne<Jy for the ftecflache. a:id <>oe <>f the very beat for that very fre^nunt complaint whicn Lm ever been dieccvared F*om Ik* Wuttm R. R. tt?a?tl?. Cktaio, III. We heartily i>n<1orae Mr. Spalding, and his unrivalled Copiiftlio PUla. F*om the Kanawha ValUy Stir, Kanntrkr, P*. \\ e Km intra that persona at. Hen nr with the headache who try them, wi 1 stick to them. Fr-m the South*t* Pith Fin/ier. Neve Orleans, La, Til them! job tha? are Rtflictod and w?? are pure that yo?r testimony can ho aided to the already numer.'Ba ut tnat haa received l>eu?fita that no otuer inedioine oao pr -dnoe. From the St. Louii Democrat. The immenM* demand for the article (Ceph?lio Piila) u rapidly increasing. From tk* Gaxfllt, Davenport, /mm. Mr. Svaidinc would not oonnaot hla uame with an A/tioie he did not know to poaaeaa real merit. From the Advertiser, ProviH ntt, R. /. The taaumorv iu th?*ir favor ta atronc. from the moat reepeotah e ^uarU-ra From th* Daily Newt, Newport, R. 1. Cepha'io Pilla are taking the piaoe of all kiuda. [ t . | | \r/~ A aiugie bottle of SPALDINtt'S PREPARED OLUK will aava ten tamea ita ooat annnal ly. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE' SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH IE7*-,A Stitch in Tim Savsa r Aa aooidenta will happen, even in well ' it i? T?ry deairable to htT< ioim ohrap ar.<i;oonvonient way for repairing Furniture. Toy Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE rimU all iyoh eiaargeneiee, Md ao koueekold oa afford to b? without it. It la always ready, and a to the (ticking point M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N B.?A Break aooonpaaiee eaok Bottle. Pno 1ft mqU. Addrm . HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 48 Cedar (treat, New York. CAUTION. Aa dm tain anpriiiOtpied peraona are attempting to oatbe anaaiMAti*' - Cr?*-ALD1M?? PREPARED OLUE^T] wiSftfff1-*WTWr; *"** " fti*j?3F MEDICINES. a x BUTISURC IsOCA HOSriTAi, KJmm 1W. MAH ? ^.1. MM M~r^m r^#r?? ?mm ? V?r?????, u?>>u?| WW pn, ?/ < <Mi tmliu Weld, FOR ALL DISEASE? OF IUP&UDENC& A?T NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMED ATELY. 1 #*RJ5 WARRANTED, OR NO CHAMOJ, /.v wtoar ojvs ro riro days. Wmi>?m if u? lia.iuiniHi ifiMMtfitaUuyi ui Bidder, litiliuify Dtntirpi, laNtiur MM Mllllr, RintuniH, DyiMM?,Luptf,mv toiifli,C? (Inw it ld???, Piipiuuao (Ttii Itirt,*<miduy, Trtakhafm, Dibom* ?f Sijhi ? ilddlutu, Diiiui cftfe* lul.nmlt * ? > akin, Af?wo?a? aftfe* kup,*i?ri?gKii ikMi farriWifl I>ii?tiiari inaint nam l?!ita>* kit* mi Taaib?ihaaa DraMifsl and Daatraativa Pnauaaa vbiab r*B<ar Miirinf i lapatnala. tad iiiiimj v#n uj Mlad TOBBBMBB EipasUiiT ?ka kifi ktaaroa iba vicUaaa af Bailiary TIM, Uti draaafal and dai.rac'.ira bakit vbicb aouaailr iwaapt u an intimtly gri?? t'isaaanda ! Y?*uf M?d ?f;b? xhi ai altad U.itnu ar-d kn'.Uut imailaat, wn? nr.fht tharvtaa ban aauaaaad iiataoisf f snaiaa wtU Ualblndara af Caqaaaas at vakadia imiii; i<! IMif Ijra, air ull vllb fall aaafr 4mm* MAJLEIACB. IUUIU PlftfOm, ai TtufMta Mliaplitiaf M? rU.r?,??'Df ivtrt tf ahja<?a! Tiiltiui, eiful] daMlto, dararmitiaa, As., af at'iflr earid. B? ?h* placaa bitcaaif and*f tba aara af Br. 1. miy rallfl ni); traim ia hia null it a (tiuiau ul aaaldaatlj raty pan kia (kill -i a phyti^ta. orricc ??. t ?ovtb ruouicintin, laft kax.d aida faing fraza B&ttlnara iltiu, a f?tr daara fiw tt< n it. rill oat l? itami ud lUtti. fa*um> Ml M paid ud MkUia a lUBf, BL JU^WSTOH, Kwtiri af ika R#?*l C?ll?|* afiarfaan, biin, rniuW fraia aua ?f tk? n>?it am'.nant CaUaf aa la lk* nltad IM1M, tad tka graaitr par*, af *h?a Ufa kaa kaaa ap*at ia tat kaa tula af Laodan, Pant, Pbilad*labia and aiaavkara, kaa fattad aama af tka matt atttnuhiof tana that vara I'll kr.a*n; many traaklad Willi rlnftr.f ia tka kaad and tar* whan aalaap; rrait otrraaaoaaa, kaiof alannad at aatfdM aaanda, kukfiinaia with Xraqaant klaabtaf, attaodad atal tlatl vlU daraoctmant af mind, vara carad iaaadlatalT< TilEPitrii'lLAI anrma TNi'l Mm and athara vhabava lojarad ibaicatlvaa by artain praeuea indalfad io whan alana?a bakit fraqaaatly laarnad frara a?tl ca>> paniar>a, af at acbaal, tka afacia at which ara nightly faltavan wbaa atlaap, and tf nai aaiad, tandara nirriifa lmpaaa<kla, aad daittajra b?ia aatad ul bad*, aha? d apply immadlataly. That a ara aaiua eftha aad and malaacbaly affaeu yra<laaa? by aerlr habila af ?aatb vii I Waaknaaa af iba Back aad ttraba, raina in tl>a M'aad, Pmnaaa af Sifbt, Laaa af Maacaiaj Pawar, PaiptuUan af tha tiaarl.Dirtpapay, If arvaaa lrrttikM \y, Darmf raaulaftha Di(aau*a F?i.ct:ana, Ctaaial ?>abiltty ayrapicma af Cei.aamptian, Ac. MfcNTAkLY.?T.ia faarfal afaataan lb* ml?A kit naak U ba draadad?Lata pf Mainary.Canfaatan af Ida**, Daaraaalaa af lpir:ta, E*:I Far'.-adinga, A'araiaaaflaciat*, al'-Ptauaal, bata af Salitada, Timdny. ait.,aja aaaa af tba a?ila p?adaaad. MWvnaa rtvpu i?v ML.. J. ?? ?? - ? ?* r.?? ? '.??! ) I (ItViMQl ]IU|I VU| I* tha caata afihair dclininf baaltk, laatr.f tbatr tarniof wthk, palt, ntrrand imKie'.ld, h??iof * iiiifalaj akaattha ayaa, cir(b arayrnptamaaf iMiufltn D1IKABIC* Or IMPRVDKNCC. Wat* the fciagaidad nod irjpraoai.l Tatar? af plaaiara llil lit kaa iirHkad tha aaaaa af thia painfal diaasaa, It taa aflt a happai.a that an l.-t::na<l ?? ,ia af abaist ar dread af Ji?ca?arj dliara hiio fr?:a applying ia thaaa *ha, frarn adacavao and MapsrtrbUuj, cm aar.a kafnaud him. H? falU lot* tkf haoda af ifiierant and rtaaigmng frnandara, wba, iucapakU af car.iif, lick hn pacanury aafcitaota, kaap him trliig QUI aftai manth, a: *i laof at tba truillaai fit eac ka ?k talnart, and in daapa.r laa?a him with rainad h??i;b la a;rk e?ar bit calling diaapp aii:tn>ant; ar ky tha aaa a,' tMk dttdlj paiaari, Marcaiy. baaian tba canatita'.ianal arm "una ?f tkU I ? ipiihl a Hii?> ?m atacK ? A ?# '* n ---* *^Lw ........ n ? ? w 11 win ?* ri? mflUW r 7%l, kin,Ac., fwr.h frifhtM rapidity, t:il daMh pita Sariad ta hia (traadfa! laftrinfa by itodiiif hire la tfcat ?iHtTtnrt taiatrj fran w&aaa b??nn oa ut'ilir raiarvi BE. JOant'JH'SKEMEUr TURUR0AM1U WSAKVMt AMD IMrOYKMCT. It lk>< f?iat la 1 Intaarun rt.-1.1a7 waaknan (f iki imih I in apaidilj tared mJ fa'.l aifai inland. Ts?i?>sd? af tkt at Dtr??.n and daklliftud, wka kad leal ail kapt, katt | kiaa ticnadUtal.T raila?ao. All limine la Pfcyilta! ar Mtatol DlaaaaltI aati*o>. Lata af ?r?t'aal'ra P?a)r, *:r?#?? lrri:?a!UtJ Tra^a!: jf vxi ftiinn jr Em-.aanaa af Ua waal ftvrfl klad aptiadli? aaiad. kkdhilbcmcjit or tkk !tm TEE MAH V Tail raraii utaia n,?...?Uaa v);kta ! Ua laiioTtr.taao jt ,11 .'.it 0>a r.atraraaa imfartaal tarfl| Mi aparauana aarfar??4 aj ill. J?; naan, v.tnaaaad ka tkt 1 t?< paa.ra tt,S <mu> a'.kir ?ar. ana, natiati ( laiitk tiHim.u.) I- ?? - "? ? , ...... ... F?im lidti fc!?luunii.f *1 t -.i.ruuntu itlliaatWlSllT, ' * "Mtiiaal r'truMi Hlli i-S'jieu. |ia tl-ly JOY 1<?R TUtSirS ANL> ^LI KKKING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED HEAD! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE jy HEALTH. Friend, do j ?u Fcffor.' Are 700 the Tiotnn of f&y of those nnmei out kilmouu wluoh ante Irom tmeurtty of the blocd? 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With retard to tins p'most jslallble cproifte popnl&r sqnunifst ( ?-. sp'.ke:: in deoi'l?>d terms Riin tbc e?i?!?ritc? of this jrof-t effic&oy aro sustained by concent avowa-s of ciiratire eff-K>t* at.d ?ii? happiest resnlts from its n?? ar* after all othei rnriMiflii xnrf ?,t A. ' > 1 ?v?ii ? ? ?? ? ' WW |1|VM?WWI O* I It UUTV IMtOUl Lot ua say, in ociioinaion, th*t cnrtifi >atea oarra are Dot aouiht frurn the ii!itorato and anpertioiai. but tLay are voluntwrel from the moat re spoctabl* aouroea -\nd justify the highoit ierma in which it ia possible to commend so v?.laa,Mo a apeoino to puUuo approval. We may add aino that the ou rati to propertuaof the n>edioine aroe^aailed only by its roa^ralivs effect?. the ayetom recover ins froradiaftae" witli renewed constitutional vigor. For saie by all respectable Druggist* in this 3tt?,ancl by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None jenuuie ur.lo^a her name ia blown ob the bottle and her seal on the oorlt K" Price ?1 p?r bottio. six bottlo* for SS. oletttft Artn.1. R. i*. T. ClSSEL, Druijjat fifWrf . II f, . WhnlflMU A mmr,*rkw TO triot'and wifl any piy tho trade li ray prices. >o 18-tr DR. J. bOVISE DCD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Aro now belne sa^xi from Miine to the Grout Skit Like, eni th^ ?*"<??* ?w* ?* 7j ? . . utvi VI OJI w Liu UIV Uiem eltuer 43 ?or as a tmirari, it that Ut?y are diMarH*ed m &s world. J>r. liodii vtrd '3 tu pr?.oUeo for tt years l?for# wo ?orchaea< ?'-ii thc *olo ritht to maaufaottre Jfl yrewmt ;*?? f?r e?I? to ih? folate. For th? Vrt'*'*ci Oa^i-ajn^iion, InilJceetion, Dy?BK-fc f ^ar*e;j Feim!? Com ? %iut?, ar>d ft1' i-W" '^sTiar a ionic, th?y are t>erom <lr*^v*???t U fi'Baris Arrfofrnm laeir tf.Mici-du #rcpart:w tH??y lire a tore, whol* oing *t.d dehrhtril lijvrrn.;, jrcduoinc nil th* jlraMun exfc ier** -r eTocU t?r Brandy or Wine without their lsJ^noaa rcialU- t.! friendi ol numMjity an j r.'i ?uroc*t^s of t?r?iperv)?o Htli | 3* in noi-si'lqtn; tMnoYalsaVs vo?otftbl? Sitter* lor tt< twjjwol and cMarnlc! /.itwwi *il!i wincii ths wwntry la Good**?. find thereby eff^cia&.lT sLi-J in !jc?..ain{ ihss&ac &aa Diuakennt tr?m the l*n?i. CHARLES WIPOIFIELD ft CO., _ Pro?rivtnr. Tf* WiP? -1? - ? i?ri< I J. 60?l W s liZE. Aeeut, .Vctiiltiton, D. 0. DR. J. IJOVEE LK)l>fV IMPJiHIAL HIN HITTERS, For of the Kilaoyc, Hiaddor and Urrnar* OrrAne, ?n<t especially f'?r K?:pui? Obs^TO^ttons, i cevnr rait to cur', s^d tro w?.'rtiiteJ t? five Mtia I <a;tl00. CHARLE8 WJDDlFiELD & CO.. Pro?rictor?, 78 William ?t.. Nc* York. J. giCHWARZB, | tn 7 ly.r Agent. WaahtE?ton? i>. C. F|?E|A!I ^ SIPSOSU

OLD W OLD \ ;1FAM1LY RYEJFAMIIY RYEj T^m^mrimsEw The above PURF. W H1SKY, coym Di?t;ll*d nou M altxd Okmr, be;ns enperior and uniform in qua'ity. ana hljlily improved>17 age, ia preferred by consumera to *11 oUjcr Whiskiea, and partioulariy r*co,nruendei by the beat phyaiciana and ohemist* kb aeeaccsinr all the re?uir*ni^nta of a TV*? Tonte I?e?/?ra??r emd At*nt. Th? Sohujlkiif Water ol Philadelphia, uaed la the aiaUl'ivtlon of tliis Whiaky, ia proved t<y analyn; to be the acftcat and purest vrater in the United Btatsa ; ar.d to this may, in a jr?at decree, be attributed the exo?Ufcnoe of this_Wlii?ky. For sale by FRKEMAN & SIMPSON. Phenix Distillery, On tlte Schuylkill river. Pniladelpuia . Offices?96 Wall atreet, New York ; 109 South Front ptrw*t. Pt-.i ad"'ph!*. mar gi-lv A NOTIKI FRKSH ?1TI?PI-V ?r uuui? iTL BOOKS. J ust reo?ivwl by KRKNCH k RICIISTFIN, 278 Pl5!?. AVENUE, W**Hl!?GTO!t, I ife in the Old VVorul by Kredrika Bremer ; t ols , l"2mo .cloth; jnw ?2 50 One of Them, bj Charles l^erer, paper an cents. Mmuie f om the Sea, by Charles Diokena, paper; 50 oents The American Qnestion, 12*?o , oloth ; pnoe 60 oent?; by mail free on receipt of price, lle&yj (lis 0"nnt at onr store for cash. Iff 1* CnVK HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived this day, embracing all <aali-am ties and sixes of Sols Loath*, Ladtes'HHM Dress and Pnokinc Trur:*?. Onr trnnk^*""* ales room exhibits at this time the creates! variety of traveliac requisites, at moderate prices, to be .l * um i cud repaired or t*Jcea la axehMf* for N*om. WAJLX STEPHEN* * CO, fcrlMf llffp*. . *. MOT/. l.kMIMi LOU?.Mtt?T.?i|V, mm Ar u9 WUi>rMUM in So kiASovlh of Mrrora ta4 Ar* tat.'SCwi ets? jr-aS1-'1" pssn fej frw - * g PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT, pUBLIC N OTj C E. Dif a*t**wt o? tu lurnioi.t irunmriMi imc. as, law. ) Pnblio notice is hereby given that bond* end ooapona annexed, of the description hereinafter aet forth, have lately been feloalonely nbetraeted from the onatody of the Interior Department, the nine being the property 0f tb? United Statee nnd held in truet for certain Indian tribe*. Notioe baa aleo been iiven to the proper oftoera of the reapeotire Btntee to atop the payment thereof; nnd all peraona are warned acainat parohaaing or reeeteinx any of aaid bonda and eoapona, m the elaim of the United Btatea thereto will be proeeonted to the itmoat extent. Each bond being for the anm of one thonaand dollara, vix: Six per oenL Miaaonn Coupon Bonda, leaned in June nnd Augnat, 1S5?. State of Miaaionri.St. Locia nnd Iron Mountain R R. State Bonda. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1623 1*7* ia*r "*v 199ft 1822 1997 1821 1998 1820 2008 1819 2007 1818 iwy* 1309 1994 1817 1995 181ft 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 200ft 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 203ft 2000 2032 2009 182ft 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1S81 1832 i ooa io/?n iOOZ IOOB 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 20*0 2045 2029 2048 2018 2046 2017 2047 2016 2044 2015 9fU J ?V I 1 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 Not*.?Bonda No. 8000, and below of UhimtIm, iaaued J one, 1857, and booda No. axn.and above that, dated Auguat, 1857, aajabte at the Phoenix Bank. New York city, in 1B87. State of Miaaonriau pgroent. eoupon bonda, viz: Hannibal and St, Joaeph Railroad State Bonda? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1020 1852 1%27 1851 1028 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1844 1862 1Qi& 1QIA JOIV low 1844 1861 1832 1866 1835 1868 1633 1865 1834 1854 1836 18M 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 1826 1*40 1640 1837 1636 lft2ft 1612 1329 1613 1830 1614 1831 1615 M41 1616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1645 1620 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1 ? ? A lOOJ 1H2 1633 1843 1622 1660 1867 1816 1636 1817 1930 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1023 1821 1624 <Ul V i. VV WOllfl Not*.?These bond* are dated Janoary, law, arable st Bank of Comneroe, New York, is November, lwft?Interest payable in January aad July of eaoh year. State of Missouri si* per cent. Conaon North Nlr vouri ft. H. State bonds. Bond No^2952 Bond No. 1 039 2940 103)3 29.39 1641 2941 10U 2942 1643 2946 1044 2045 1045 2944 1046 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1640 2950 1650 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 1654 2936 1655 ?61 1652 2953 1656 1657 2921 1705 2468 1706 1511 1707 Utl 4i I 2514 2451 2515 24.'4 2516 2456 ?U 1456 #M 1457 ?U 1456 ?13 1459 ?14 1460 ?16 1461 ?1? 1461 ?1T 2463 ?18 3464 2919 2466 1920 2466 2954 2467 2956 1651 86 bond* Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 ri7 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 2711 1733 2712 2722 2710 2720 EH ?2 1760 jtm *? sns 2H 1715 25 in* ?12 1784 1771 3728 1775 17M JTT? TO 278# 271J fftS 17tT Mkoaii )M1* MiMovri SU-Hr-MBt. PMfti KtUrtwi Stott Cwpoi Bond*. Bond Ho. ISM Bond No. MM 62ft* ixn 4245 5248 6244 6266 6241 6264 6242 8266 6241 6263 6246 6252 6238 6261 MO MM 6237 1249 6236 1247 6234 3248 6233 ftMft 6232 6196 6231 MOO 6200 4999 *199 4997 6198 4890 6197 4998 6310 4880 6236 4888 AO** 6308 6267 6309 6262 61 bonds toroct >?y?6io is Juu'j u4 J ?ir or mm im*. Bonda of North Carotin*?Coipoa an ft Ml North Carolus mx ft oonta. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 ? SOI 32 300 ? JV7 136 T 234 349 103 348 106 347 104 346 30 343 19 341 lg 341 IT 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 336 10 335 10i 328 101 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 6 333 28 334 22 227 1A 326 J! 317 98 318 97 316 96 296 95 239 94 238 62 237 60 236 ? 303 72 bond* *2Ed? JMMfT. \p?. fkjwMTjmiwt, o?o? 01 nepupue.nev or*. lntereet parable la January tod Jalr. North Carolina 6 per eenta. Coupon Bonda. Bond N*. fvtt Bond No. 736 831 736 831 768 830 769 829 760 834 761 835 761 836 TM 837 764 838 TM 871 791 871 791 873 793 874 794 876 796 876 796 877 797 87" 798 879 799 880 800 doi BV1 840 80S 84T 803 848 804 849 806 840 800 841 806 801 SOT 84J 81J 844 811 8M 813 PM 814 847 814 848 RIO MO 81T Ml 818 Ml Sit 863 890 864 811 88# 811 866 823 86T 814 868 626 St 816 0 817 883 g? 881 839 884 846 886 8*3 781 844 731 846 733 _ 754 1S4 bonds ma ii m . norm uvdubi six y? Mat. Oowpor hoada. Bond N?/599 Boni Na. 498 600 494 605 4f( 604 4M 606 497 666 611 607 498 608 fit 619 til 11 481 61J 43) 61S 486 AM iAi 614 486 J 486 6? 4BT A* 488 16 489 * 496 52 538 628 k*u 541 540 si Hi 615 S4| ?44 U| 4? 531 47 US 48 us 444 ||4 64* ?tft 6M ?m Sr M BIS 616 U? 81 ? 618 414 ? 617 466 tt4 467 ^ 466 u{ 2 H6 60S wv 439 Ci 4M |?| 443 MS ? . m 4? 47S ?m in 4SC 414 OT 476 437 47f 439 477 431 4Tt 43* 479 433 4M 431 413 6ol 413 *44 ? Ml lit toftda MS tl Wmi M*. 1*1 S - 3 1? SJ - M ut ? w I Bond No IT Bond It* 1M W 1U M IM 1M in "* i !? * lM 5 it? 1? 1M IT* 1*7 180 im 1? 109 190 ft? ir 1*4 44botd. lift Two for t/m , k. d*i?d April, ltr. Bond So. I Bond No 10 booul for 91 ?C *f?h.dftt?d Qotobtr, l?m T.1 P?y*MeM ,rikofRaMMM,OQt9tMH. MT>, tib: Bond No. 118? Bond No 11M 1184 lift 1184 11M 11M 119* 1187 1199 1188 1197 1189 ? 11M IS bocdi 1191 TvnikMM* BUI ?>r Mt. Coiyoi Botdi. of tl-mr Moh, of loop oi ?** ? f?r?b f IM II Sfw* prl city, of ti>? to. .ovine iiBin^trt, dtM J?t.i "fc.7 No. a? 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Ark Tio-w ,^iLillP?YE to ??' nt vttt m pittu?? ILT Slor* Oa Mk itrMt * Urm Amm pLUMBBM AND 6A8 FITTERS . wnJi ? JS2K3Pft? S2? elfiaw from. WroacYt Iron. *o3 fiilTwifrf' W V TK| P^|^BV|Jgrr^Md PAVE WASH Hinsi aaporw.r tdnrU(M, vttk praotio*. k'ow.MjB, *? are ^rrp?r?d to iBtrodnof W?? la to dwell in* a with ail the litest iir perron eoU, froraptif. mad at rnooa that cannot rail to aattaiy. fm. , o M-4tM?r 1 bot. Mb and loth ito.. math ud*. IV OA* FIXTDRKS. mf fc&saiuM M4i Fm;?h, aoporior IB atria a. haretofote n ttu? market. We limtiaitiatai meifc Lt to e*ll acd SXMTId? car atnok of Ohih< W|W PlKtarc*. fwHlnf oonMant tn*t * I?n U* Mat aoiocted (took in Wa.tuia*ton All Work in tfco ftloroTir.e intraatod Uaa/Mia WtU do promptly akttrr.o*^ to, M VBkS A HQftfUN. ? . JTW J) gtTMjl. J BHYDE^, AND OAS FITTER. Hm raaoTMto t&e ooratr o/TverU m! p ate. 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