Newspaper of Evening Star, March 15, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 15, 1861 Page 1
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(Ekntng ?, . . V2S. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. MARCH 15. 1861 NH. 2.518. ^ THE DAILY EVENING STAR IS TUB LIS HBO B VB-R T AFTERNOON, 'W.IVOAVS EXCEPTED,) AT THE *TAH lil'ILDINGI, C*r*9f q{ V*i%n.*ylr+nvvtnu4 and 1U4 ti.y T *1 *M? TT ALL.ItH> P%F*r? aerv*<l m |?okacM br a*rr1?r* ?t t4 k *??r, or S7 oenta p*r month. To mail ?u beer 1 bora the pnoe ia ?jjr> a 7oar, im advant*; $2 for its vtoctha; 9- for three moathe; and for leaa ihaa tfree mootiif at the rate of 13 eenta a week. Single tOM08. ONI fHT: in ?r??isri. Turn rnnrm. (^A-vMTUEKE^Tiuiottld be ?f?nt to the otto* before 12 o'oiock m.; otherwise they may not appear Ootil f ha next dar. S?atli Carolina Coaveatlea. The Paris correspondent of the N. Y. Times writes: Charivari (the Paris "Punoh") has something to mj about the row in the United States. The rollowin* is his history of the proceedings in a caucus ef S->uth Carolina Secessionists: ! Th#Ch?irman?Jobson has the floor. Jobson?Nothing is easier; I shall take occasion during the applause of the house to eat a bite of bread; your murmurs will give me time to ?lean toe bone or my leg of turkey, and your indescribable emotions to empty a glass of wine. Chairman (smiling)?You'll sprinkle your speech. Jobson?Yes. and I beg the audience not to be sparing of tbeir manifestations. [Light hilarity, which the orator puts to jrood use ] Chairman?Not so fast; you'll suffocate yourself. Jobson (speaking with his mouth full)?Gentlemen, 1 wish to submit to you a project I baTe long studied; but I must say in advance? what nerve* this turkey mast hare had' Chairman?The last remark will appear to | the audience as irrelevant to the subjoct. Jobson?No doubr; it was not to them I was speaking: it was an aside. To resume: In the \ first place, gentlemen, we ought to take steps for tha organization of a powerful army. I 1 need not tell you that the Union has never betn famous for the number of its soldiers. A Voice?What's the difference if the quality is there? [General approbation, followed a silence. | Chairman?Well,has the orator gone to sleep? 1 Jobson?A thousand pardons, but I had found ' a more tender side. I hairman?To our soldiers7 1 Jobson?No, to my turkey. We were saying IQai we uugai iu awiiu ? pncnui onujr, mm, thanks to my project.we can form it with the greatest facility. I propose to enrol the nig- > fers, and to treat them exactly as the East ndia Company did the Sepoys. [Shiverings and murmurs ] i Chairman?You desire, then, that our slaves should do to us what the Indians did to the i English during the last revolt. Jobsan?Certainly not; it is not that that I ] wish. i Chairman?That their example may serve us for a lesson, th?n? Jobson?I yield; and acknowledge not hav- , ing sufficiently reflected on what I said; my , project, certainly, is not mature. Chairman ? Your turkey absorbs you too much. Jobaon?It is finished. Mr. Chairman. ' Chairman?Ah! so much the better. Jobson?Now that I have shown the way to ' have a powerful army [groans in the audience, Jobson profits by the noise to take a pull at his bottle. Hilarity]?we must maneuver it i usefully. We must, under the penalty of cow- < ardice. seize the city of Washington, [bravos,] i and occupy the Capitol. We shall tnen have I at our disposition the Federal treasure, the archives, and everything we need. [He drinks J Chairman?I would beg leave to remark to ( the orator that he was not interrupted, and yet he took a drink. Jobson?I confess that I countcd on a little * * . * 1 applause in mat piace. Chairman?Continue. Jobson?To drink ? Chairman?Eh ! No, to speak. Jobsm?I obey. Fellow-citizens, now that I have unrolled my vast plan, I have only now to propose myself ad a candidate for the Presidency. Voices?Thank you ! How you get along. The turkey has made you ambitious ' Judson?Was it not I that suggested the means of creating a powerful army? 1 nknicman 11a i a ttninit J ? V. V. II VU?>< ujan liU 10 VVr uv 1 u UO niLU Li I ^ powerful army. [Numerous voices?Yes, yes. J Jobson, (with tears in his voice)?Ingratitude I already! I ought to have expected as much. Be it so ; it is not to me you will owe your numerous cohorts. 1 Chairman?Not possible ! Jobson?At any rate, I may aspire to the ] command of the army? Voices?Have you ever been in battle? i t _ i \? i -M r? - * juosuu?joTsr . ana 11 ? on toil account that I dare to solicit your confidence. [Generil astonishment. Speak; explain yourself] It ( is clear that I shall not carry into the command of the powerful army I have created? ' Voices?Again! Jobson?None of the prejudices of which the great captains have given us such unfortunate examples. It I commit anvfaulta thev will not hare been taught me by Vaubin. nor { Jomini, nor Napoleon. No, gentlemen, I saj j it .with pride, my mistakes will be above all and before all American mistake*! [Long applause! Gentleman throw their hats across the hall, a few revolvers are discharged in token of approbation ; there results a short respite, which enables the orator to resume his conversation with the bottle.] Chairman?I join in the acclamation of the audience in order to do justice to this magnificent effort of oratory; and I desire to complete the triumph of the citizen secessionist by awarding him an embrace. [He seizes Jobson * i :J ii- -# ,i- - - ? UJ mm xvuuu lun miuuir li LUC BOOJ IUJ , embrace* him; the rapidity of the movement ( intercepts toe passage of the liquid in the throat of the orator and gives him a vivlent fit of coughing ] Several \ oices?He'? suffocating; he's turniniy Kin** 1a# Kim Chairman (with kir.dness)?No matter; the meeting is adjourned Aw Owxzr's Right to the Svil, Fhoxtivq o* Streets?Judge Mellon decided on Wednesday that parties owning ground fronting on i f?Lo and alleys are entitled to the soil to the middle thereof, and that a city or borough ban n* other than a right of way therein, and such other acts upon them as may be necessary to keep them in repair; that a city or borough cannot excavate the stone, gravel, sand, or other material therein, for the purpose of making merchandise of it, nor authorise any one to do so; and that the owner of a lot or alley can sustain an action of trespass against any one entering into the streat or alley in front of him. between the line of the lot and 1 the middle of the street, for the purpoee of 1 taking oat material, or for disposing thereof to ! others Under this decision the jury in the , ease ot Charles Slipper and David Graham vs. iamuel Hood, rendered a verdict of $100. The j authorities of Manchester gave defendant the i firirilege to remove sand from the street frontng plaintiff's property, in that borongh. and a suit for trespass being brought, it resulted as abova stated.?Pittsburg Dispatch. This is an interesting decision for property I owners in cities. It follows that if the ci'y 1 has only the right of way, it cannot have the ( right under the surface any farther than is necessary to the general good, and that it therefore cannot prevent the extension of vaalta or underground apartment* for business purposes beneath the side walks or in the mid- < die of the street, if thee* underground apartments do not interfere with the water or gas arrangement* already constructed ft>r lighting, watering, or draining the city. Cotton Recsipts Failim Orr?The receipt* of cotton at New Orleans contiaue to ftll off. ao4 a farther and i inportaat decrease te looked for in tbo next few week*. In consequence of tbto belief, there are tMr?*tlmate*of a crop above fonr million bales Indulged In, while (he majority are now estimating below thatftgnre A auto ber of boats en(f?g?d In the carrying trade are preparing to haul off. CTAti chance dor Igbt In Cleveland, list week, shloroform had to be administered to the "upper do*" to make him release his held at his ? - L*r MrtnAfiAfll VirmMftlUlv nftur iaknllnn - ?? j ??-vi i?iHiinK th? auhtie fluid the animal relaxed bia grasp. a..d fell ine?r?alble, la which condition he remained for eome time. L sfobtI'niti Child?i declare, mother," % lid a pretty littto girl, "tla too bad. You always fmnd me to bed ?bw I am mo* aieepy, Md mat* f9$ g?t up wtn l ua ii??pr " A Spicy Breach ?f Prtmlu Cmte in Eng. laad In the Court of Queen's Bench in London, on the 16th ult., a breach of promise case wag tried. The defendant pleaded that he did not firomise, and that he had been discharged rora such promise if it had been given. Mr. Collier, in opening the oase, said : This case, as they had heard, was an action for hreaoh of promise of marriage. Mrs. Rapson was a widow, and had been married at the early age of 16, in the year 1841, and she was, therefore, now about 36 years of age. Her 1 _1_ ? ll j as i : _ t n r r * ?? _ . usunuu ana aiea id iooo, ana since mat nine had kept the Temperance Hotel, in Falmoath, and she had supported herself and family in a respectable manner. The defendant was a draper, oarrying ou business in a manner peculiar to the County of Cornwall, by going round from place to place with his wares in what were oalled "rounds." He had established a oonneotion, and had obtained a very good business. In 1855 the defendant had formed the acquaintance of Mrs. Rapson. He came to her every fortnight, coming on the Friday, and going awaj on the Saturday; but in a short period he extended his time for remaining there until the Monday, going with Mrs. KapInn t/t ?nol nn tKt? Rnn?Uvr>iranini* on/1 tKow "- * r? v"w viwu'iig. huu lMU/ were treated by tbe neighbors as engaged persons, and the defendant demeaning himself as the master of the house. Things went on in thin way till the year I860, lie camo there frequently, and many letters passed between them. lie should only trouble them by readhg a few of these letters. lie would give them ijme by way of e&inple, and would begin with ?ne in 1857. "Dear Emily : My kind compliments to you, and hopping (the defendant had ? peculiar way of spelling hoping) this will find you well as it leaves me. I hope to be here on Friday, fielieve me still your affectionate admirer, George Starke " ' The 13th March, 1S58. Dearest Emily : You will no doubt think me unkind in not answering your note, hopping it will find you well, as it leaves mo. I am. dearest, yours till death. George." irtk. ?i? i .L:. ? Aft ?.uv uvivuuuui, n ucu uo wruie mm loner, Lad not meant marriage, he must have meant wmething very wrong. Then came another letter: " Dear Emily : You will, I hope excuse me ? i?a. v ?mi * .?? ivi-i uvi nniiug auuucr, UUt X Will ICII ynu WQV j when I see jou, bopping, dearest, thi? will find you and family well. I am yours, George." When a man began to aign only his christian name it was a strong symptom. ' Dear Emily: I am not in time for this mornings po<it, bopping this will find you woll. i'oura always, George." " Dear Emily : This I hope will find you well, and you will be still thinking of one who ;an only be with you once a fortnight I hope we shall huve a happy meeting, a meeting of two loving heart*. Yours always, . George." " Dear Emily : I hope this will meet you and family quite well, still loving you, and iver loDging for Friday night, when I can be with you. lours always, George." " Dear Emily : I long to be with you, as I ?m very dull. I hope this wiil find you well, as I am very poorly. When I thiuk of yen it makes my heart leap for joy I shall enjoy uijr ?jui11y a ewcei countenance, and ba.?k in the hopes of the future. lours always, Gkorge." That wag rather more loring than the others Then came another in I860 : " Dearest Kmi 1 y : You will no doubt think me unkind in not coming down to-night, but 1 am very busy. My beat love to you darling Grood mgbt my dear one. Believe me, yours anly, Gkoroe." Up to July, 1(560, the attention of the defondant did not at all abate, and at that time he wrote from Glasgow to Mrs. IUpson : " Dear Emily : You will not think me unkind for not writing to you sooner, but I could not get it dune until now. I got to my journey's end safe and sound. Hopping this will you well and the rest of the family, you must noi expeci anouier letter till you see me. Yours truly, George." This " yours truly" was a little indication of the mind shifting. On his return in August, 1800, the defendant ernne to the house and desired to see the plaintiff; and ho then threw himself on the Door and went through the form of tearing his hair, and cried out? 4 What shall I do? Oh ! forgive me. I had ? wife and rhreechildren in Scotland. Do with me what you please." This, of course, affected the plaintiff very deeply. He came same there onoe again, and went through the same scene. Inquiries had been mado whether the defendant's statement of having a wife and shildren was true, but it did not matter whether it was or not; the defendant had acted \ most disgraceful and unmanly part. If he bad a wife aud family, then nothing could be more base than his deserting them and enleavoring to seduce this very respectable woman. If it was not true, then wh*t could the jury think of the defendant's coBduot who k,,i kJ.i k:?._ir -- ??._ ?- ' ?- - - - uhvi uuivi uiuiocu uui as LUC llliuro OUSDftDQ OI i woman for four years, and then had gone :hrough this scene, representing himself as a jreater rogue than he was, for the purpose of letting rid of the engagement? The lady got 1100 damages. how Docola* hzld Me. Lincoln's Hat ?a Cincinnati paper glvea the following Incident >f th?! lnua^uratton of Mr. Lincoln : "< >ne of tUe rc-preacntativt-s of tbls state In Confrere reports an Interesting and rather funny lnclient of tbe Inauguration, which. not having seen in prlut.we record. On approacbinK the platform where he was to take Lia oath and be fnducted into the cilice of Chief Executive, Mr. Lincoln removed bit bat and held It in hla band aa be took the aeat aaaipned him The article teemed ;o be a bu. den He changed It awkwardly from jne to another, and finally deapalring of finding for it anv other easy petition, depoalted It upon Lhe platform betide him Senatore andJudgea ;row<*ed in, and to make room for them he removed nearer the front of the atage, carrying hia tile with him. Agaii) It waa dandled uneaaily, md aa Senator Baker approached to Introduce aim to the audience be made a motion aa If to replace the tile on the ataga under the ae&t, when Uouglaa, wh? had been looking on quietly, and ipparentlv with apprehenatona of a cataatropbe lo the hat aald, 'Permit me air,'and gallantly took the vexatloua article and held it during the entire reading of the Inaugural! Dug inuat have reflected pretty aertoualy during that half hour, that lnatead ?f delivering an Inaugural addreaa from the portico, be waa holding the bat of the man who waa linlna It " Thk Bourdaet Link Bxtwkxk Maiilanu and viboiinia.?The President of the Senate laid before tbe Senate ou Saturday a communication from the Executive, Inclosing a report from Col. Argus W . McDonald, who was sent to Dandon Inst year to search la the British State Paper Offices for tucb records as would determine the boundary line above mentioned. Tbe Colonel's reports fills thirty-three pay et of manuscript; but these contain merely a narrative of bis own proceedings and a catalogue with brief explanatory remarks of tbe numerous maps and manuscripts whieb he has secured Tbe Colonel went to London by order of (tOV 1 J?trh*<r tha 1 ^oitlfiiiiM h??fnn r\* os>m1 0 rM'iiutlen authorit!ng blua, if he deemtd It expedient, to (end a Commissioner Tm Ska Gieixo tr its Clams?The clams In the vicinity of Eastern Branch, nesr Cotton. *?rt violently perturbed bv the itorm of last 8atnday, wblrb tore the biralves from their ocean botres, while their tribulations were Increased by the ground swell pf Sunday, which threw up an immense quantity or the teach The people near by hastened to th* sea shore, and secured large quantities. The clams were enormous In point of site, and a specimen of these "shells of ocean." fully a foot in length, may be seen at ?AT V P?.r " ,r ___________________ |E7"Sl*ty atudenta rebelled in tbe CoUejfe of St. Char|?-?, ParWh St Landry, L* , the other day. At# given il^anl. Immediately ou the cunelueioa of grace, they axoee, etch o?e amnhed hta plate >04 tfiia,' aed thee they overthrew the table Thiry immediately left for their bancs Mo* of them trc yeunf n?u #rown. % MISCELLANEOUS. /<K The old established PAWN OF- /0\ JL AC|CK, former y on Peor. ?vfnu?.j[ 1 I# M->etween 3d ar.d ?H ?U., has late!)? 0 boen removed t-> 331 C at., between 4X aud 6ih sts., back of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! #10,000 to oe ioan-vl in an:&ll sums on Uold and SI1?er ** atohes. Jewelry, and nil other artjoiet of value. Bnaine-a btriotl? and oonfidentiallT done. Don't forget to call at No. 351 C at , between 4% and 6th *U. fe27-3m 1. HF.RZBKRO. CWOOD AND COAL. ONSTANTLY On hand a large asairtment of the very bist quality of RE D and WHITE ASH COAL of all ?ize?. which we will deliver to any part of the city at the ahorte?t notioe and at moderate prioen. 2,240 pounds to the ton in all 'a?et. Al?o. HICKORY OAK and PINE WOOD in oord length or aawed and *pi?' to any ne required. SHERIFF & DAWSON, South aide Pa. av., ket 3d and 4){ tt? , fe 2?-?w and west tide 4H at. and the Canal. JOHN F. ELLIS. SbLE AGENT * OR THE SALK AND RENT or CHICKERINO A SONS' PIANOS, 306 Pzxxi. Av*?rr?, BttiPtm 91A and 1?/A Streets, ma 2 North Side THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EM RICH. at tho oornor of Penn.A - ? A avenue and Eleventh atroet, has dumj iiui/i'??tni luvuuw j ailU HU W t/llf groater inuuoeinents for the patronage of citiz?na and atrangers than any other pablio house in the oit?, his prices being less than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and hia accommodations for permanent or tranaient boarders unexceptionable. Tho bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel ha/o already become re:y poj>n lar. being all that can be desired by the most fastidious. Tlie proprietor sledges unremitted attention aid continued liberal expenditures to givo satisfaction to all,and tliiis renews his invitation ??* all to give the h iironenn Hotel * call rtp 4 U JUST RECEIVED AT FRENCH 4. RI^HSTEIN. 27* Penn.avenue, Washington.''The Pickwick Papers," being the hrst of tiie elegait houselioiiid edition of ttM works of Charles Dio*T r? n I-V-.I.. ..A - L />.! wuwj in m~vi uj ft v? V/? j/ll ot Oil*) j uJill uii* bert. Riverside prf as. Call a*.d examine th*m. Also, a n w supply of Parley's Illustrated Cow per, the finest edition published. ^ fo 1 THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE OF VIBGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 3300,000. Insures Merchandise, Umldings, Household Furniture, A.c . against loss or damage by fire. HEATH 4. KNOWLES. Agents, Oifioe-Room 16 over Hank of Washington. ja lo WATCH REPAIRING AN USILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the t>est establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repairin* every description of fine Watohes, and #nl particular attention cive to the samo, by aflatf thorough compotflnt workman.and a v/oi k guarantied. Al?o,evt?ry des'irip ion of standard SILVER WAR K. piain and ornamental, manufactured under iT4> dvo super vmon, wnicli r.i)r ouKlomers will forxl far superior in qualit) ac.l finish to nortl.crc ware sold by dealers in neneral anil repre?f>nte?i a* their own sianufocturA. H. O. HOOD, ae 6 t3?* Pa. avenue. n^arSth st. F' D. L. MORRISON A CO.. LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And *rhol*>sa!^ dealers in MILL FUEV, CORN MEAL, ft., *?., Corner of Uth aiid ii street*, Washington oltf. fly Cash paid for ail kinds of Grain, an 2S-6ni T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, * , | ITAlflAI, At the prosont season o the year | CHOLERA MORBUS. ! DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, Ao., Ao., freTEli to an a.arKiinc !?Jte:it: And \a\r.rt.n, It must he of the FIRST CONShQUENCE lo eT#rj family t<- know of A REMEDY at odoo Safe, Sptedy, <in l Efficacious, DR. MONTARDE, _ vw Paris, hi? MIRACULOUS PAIN MILLER &h Vk*> moat SKRTAIN AND EFFECTUAL Y FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINT? In order to sVisfr THE PUBLIC thrt no imposition ia intended iu thee&le cfthia tire&t Medicine. THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED ir. all casts when the medioine l&il* to *ive entire a&tiifaotio Aak, then at tnj Drue Store for DR. MoNTAKDF/8 MIRACULOUS PAIN KII LER. t&ke -a direct*!, aud if not perleetly satiafied Retd m to our Akcr.t, i). U. CLARK. K" ' I . 4X Street ai .d Pennsylvania^ venae, 1 who will refu.-d your money. \ Price?tid and dO Cents per Bottle. For sale at all Drug 8toro? everywhere. J AS. MoDONiNELL, Gccaral A rent, jyll-eotr Haiti mora. mam topham's S^rvi QSSfl PREMIUM TRUNK QQ.VU MANUFACTORY, 499 Skvk>th Smn, Washisston, D. C. Silver Medal awarded hy Maryland Institute of Baltimore November 7,1?60 Also, Modal b* M* ropo'it*n Mechanics' Institute, Washington, D C? 1867. I am oonstantly making, and always have 00 hand, of tha b??t material, ever? desmiDtinn of Fine Sole Leather, 1 Iron Frame. Lad:?>' I>rr-f Wood Jinx, and I'ackinc Trunks, FeUisier, Carpet,and Canvas i ravelin* Bags. School Satchels,Ac., At Low Prices. Members of OoriRressani tiavelnra will please examine my stook before pu-oh%?ir.j elsewhere Trunks that are made in o h?r citi?s. Superior Leather aud bress Trunks made to or*er. Trucks oovered and repaired at short rntin*. G<>od? delivered free of oharge t > anyfpart of the eity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. jia-lfw JAMES S.TQPHAM. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PUR? U BURNSIDE'S / MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. James Burnside, of Allegany County, Penna., m the old-iaahtoned hoaeat war, from the ohoioeat and moat oarefnily elected Rye, and in no oase ever offered for e& e until adapted to wholesome u?e by ace It la at onoe the most palatable, aa it i* emphaUoally one of the pureed beverages in the reaoh of the public. To the well as to those in health, it oommends itself for its unrivalled ^ua>iti?a as a Ujpul&nt of the safest, surest, aad Diost beuefioent Inscription, and many of the roost mating utahed phyeioiana are using it in thoir pracuoe with tiie aappiMt resmu. CL?KY * 8T0CKDALK. Proprietors, 3U9 Wa.nnt atre?t. Philadelphia. WML. C. CONOV bR, Agent for the Proprietors. 'i?4 Pa. as., ? rn opposite Willards' Hotri. ROUGHS, COLD^HOAIUSENESS, Ac. COUfOUNDBYRVYpOF Ovid ARABIC. This peasant and popular Conch Reined; has been so long known and extensively n?*d, that mo?t persona have beoome familiar with its extraordinary effloaoy. Itoanbehad at all the prinoipal drag stores at 2$ a-U 50 o?x>ta a bottle. se a? <4?sa?eo4tn* 275e A L L K N 275 J A CKSON, PLASTERERS. PlRSliu Avuil, Retwo^s loth jjid mil Streeta. le IS u ONE PRICE ONLY! iHk.ulOM . Bftg tf hM***n <Hh and inth ?t?.'B:!! HTi?Mi?0H f. I?w? CARRIAGE FACTORIES. Washington carriage factory. " D Sir**t, tittwfrn 3tk and lOtA Strut;, We hare just finished a number of first olaia CARRIAGES, such u Light fafv. ian Wagons, Park Pktatons. Pamilv Car VSOfgK ruutu, and Bnrmts, which we will mUat a Terr email profit. npinr practical mechanics in different branches of the business, we flatter ourselves that we knon the styles and cnarity of work that will give satiq faction, oombimng lightness, ooc:lort anil durabiit "fees* ring promptly and oarefuily attended to the ?uort<??t nutioe *nd most reasonaBle oharree. WALTER, KARMANN it BOjPP, Coaohmakers, suooossors to Win. T. Hook. ay ry-diy T CARRIAGES. HE Bvbaeriber unci made addition* U kl taetory .makin* it now one of the larce?t(N4MhiL

In the Distnot, where his facilities forUflEKls maimtaotnnnc CARRIAGE A LIGHT*^^*2 WAGONS oi all kind# cannot be car passed, aad t om his lone expenenoe m ih? bssinees, he Hopes Uiire general natieftdtion. Au xinds of Carnages and klgkt Waceas kept e> hand. il REPAIRS neatly deae.aadaU erders prompt Cania^J^n.ln.eaohan(eier in anvncn s. iUJ Vt,, 4 IV? ?*nr mt Utk u^Kik. JpIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 1200,000. Qflc* corn r C street and Louisiana sr., or ?r Bank of Washington. INSURE HOUSES AND"OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. IhaxcToa*. Goo. Shoemaker, Samuel R^dfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson. Kiohanl Jones, John D Barciay. Jacob liideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Farkor, R.shard Barry, n. B. Freaolt. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Abkl G. Davis. Secretary. o<j in eotim P REAMER, ERl'SE The fol owing statement and then judge of it* ficte for yourseif ABRAM COt.E, of Brooklyn, N. V., a w?ll known citizen there, had suffered from Dyspcpti* for some jea's. witho-it permanent relief, until be tried AVfcR'S fll.L?*, which taken acoord>ng to ir.e directions for tins coinp'aint, restored him to h^aith in a few wrens After a*t inter , a! of seme mon li fc h? ha* had no return < f his comp aj.t. GEO. VV. CROSS, of Harmony, Texa*, had an eruption on his n?ck. shoulders, 1-ack and lee, which cover-d a'>ont one third of his body, itkep' the parts affected oovered with a scab, and heme oito:. a r?w ?ore.?a* of couree v?-r? ?rc>nt l??-onie and distrexnu?. It so mujh impaired his health a? to unlit him tor buHineha mid k*pt linn in '?>nt>!Ai>t suffering. All medical aid f*i!e i him "ntil ho to..k AYKK S C??MPOL\\l? EXTRACT ^AKSA FAR ILLA, which cured hi?n. Hi* ak<n still sh^ws sum? scars from the ulceration, but it is otherwi e as clear as an infant*. JOHN II. SHOOK, Esq . a*i eminent lawyer of Richmond, Va.took* o-ld which stt'.!*d ohms lungs. A severe pain s -t iu on ihe left tide, with a bad cough, whic.i w*s si?on followed hy tht? ni :<v*takai le s>mKtom? of c iniunipticn. \\ li"u r?<;ured vt-ry low iie commence*! taking AYER'S CHER R\ FEC 1??RA E. which souu it pio.i the cough and completely cu^ed him. rrrpa.tU I y DR. J. C. AVER 4 C'\. Lowell, Mass ira 13 eolin_ THE OBXY PREPARATION IfOBTHT OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRON AGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES, md GENTLEMEN in a I part* of ih? world testify to ifre effioacv of PROF.O.J WOOD'S IIAIR RESTORATIVE, and jrontiemeu of tho Preaa aro vitaminou-i in it* praiae. A few testimonials oclr oaa be here riven *oni-oui*r tor more, and it wi*! be irnpoBaibie for you to doubt. r? Wat.l Niw Yosi, D??c. S". I8f?. (imtltmtn: Yoor not* of the 15th inatant has boen received, tayinc that rou had heard that I had I if* a benefited l<y the use of Wood's Hair Ke torative, an requestis* my certificate of the fact if 1 had no objection to *i v?? it. I award it to you cbMrfully, beoausa I think it due. My a?:e it. about SO yeara ; the ooior of niy hair auburn, ai*l inclined to curl. 8"rn? five or bix -fears mac* it becan to tarn *ray, and the roa'p on tneorown of my head to tose ita aeuai'ii ity and lanriruif to form upon it. fcach of th??ediea?;r!M>ahihtiea inoraaneri with tune. -n.'l * m-.ntk. since a fourth wim added to them, by hair fafiin* otf the tup of my head and threatening to make ins balu. in this unpleasant predicament 1 wm induced to try Wood's Hear Restorative, mainiy to arrest the !aliin* iff of my l.air. fur 1 uad reaily n?i expectation that *r??y nair ouuld e.-er be restored to iu oriicinaJ Oolor except frorndve*. I was, however, rreatiy surprised to find, after the ubo or two fcot ties oniy, that not only was t..e fa )in< off arres'ed. but the c'">lor was 'ehtored to the gray hair* and ousibility to the isoa'.p amioindruff n?ani*d to form on my head, vei* much to the gratification of in? wife, at whose solicitation I was inductd to try it For this, anionic tne ma> y obligation 1 owe to her sex, 1 strongly reoommend all nushanda who \-a ue the artinirati- n of their wi vos to proiit tr mr ezarnple, and use it if ( era* or K<*tt<nt f>a >1. Very rehcictfully, Hen A. I.avkndbs. To <). J. Wood jc Co.. 4M Broadway. IM. \ . My family are absest from the oitr. and I am no loi:*or ii No. 11 Carr->l P!aoo. ' , SiaMJTO*, At*., July 20, !3V>. To Pbo?. O J.Wood: Dear Sir?Your "Hair Rf-atorative" hfta done my hair ? > muoli eood since I oommincetl th? u<<? of it, that I ?iah to m?ke known to t..s puUlio of ita f tl ecta onthe hair, whicn are (treat, a raau or woman ma? fwneariy dep ivfd of hair an-' by aro*ortto your "Hair Keatorauve" the hair wi'l return more l??au!iiui tnan ever; at least tit la ia icv expaneaoe, Believe it a<!: Yours truly, Wm. H. Kkxsdt. P. S.?You can publiah the &lKn-e if you like Uy publishing in <tnr Southern papers yon will eet nnre patronage South. I aee aeveral of voorcertifioatea in the Mobile Meroury, a atrong S*? u'heru paper. W. H. Kes?dt. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIYK. i'kof. O .1. W< 'it Sir: Having adthe misiurmno w iuoo ino nosi porufln OI my nvr, ITOID rhe ffwu of the yohovr fover, in N?? Orieana in 1B51, i vat iniuoed to make & trial of your preparation and found it to ana-xer as the very tring R?f?l?d. Mr hair ia now tiiiok and gioaay^ aud no word* oan cxpreaa my obligation* to yon in giving to the afflicted auoh a treasure Fihlkt Joknsos. The Reatorative in pat up in bottlea of three eizoa. viz : large, medium and a.-na'l; the small hold hall a pint, and retaila for one do/.ar per bottle; the medium bold" ?t lea?t ai per eeut more in proportion than the small, retaila for two dollara ptirr>ott!e; tlie large holds a ^uart.40 per oent. more in propor tion, and retaila for $3 0. J. WOOD A CO , Proprietors, 444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market *tre?t, Bt. Louia Sold in this o ty by C. STOTT, 378 Pa. aveuue. ' at 37 eoty.alw _ EMTENCJI FLOWERSOF THE VERY BEST P ADklttv ami n a* fo?.an?a M. ucM ?J 1 WHO ?U VA?V1IBI TV ?"?! IOVJ i VI . I At stevens's 1 Fanov 8lor?, no 33 t 3 36.1?tw. 9th nm' 1AI h ft*. ijpqmt's gunpowder, 1 For nale at macnl&ctvVers prioe?, by john j. bog uk, gsorsitow!*, d. c? Sol* Agency for tk* District of Columbia, a larie ?u: j.y, embracing every variety, on UauJ, *n<l delivered free to all parta of the Di?t lot. Orden car. alao be left at the office of Adain?' Exprem Company. Wa?h?ntt?>n. D. C. fe S-lawlv Best fancy goods, at prices to suit the times, a?p on* p*ic? omr, At stevens's fancy store, no a?-tf s3h. k=tw. ?th and 1*th ?t?. Lincoln as he is. Stml Engb avkd Portrait. The be?t Portrait ?et publmhedol' HON. ABRAHAM JLI SCO L X, (teitk whisker*.) Ai KK KMCH tt Rl: IfSTKI N'?, No. 278 PisitA Ayknck. Washington, i). C. T'ade eupat low price mar 7 IMPORTANT NOTICE TO BTRANGER8 VIsMTfNO WASU1NGTON. A vif* of the Nii'i'xial *:ap t*>I will l>a sr -sented to all purchases of 1) oki, Stallone'y Ao, from tu? w?l, known establishment of KRENCH k RlCnSTEIN, S78 Pa a > 25 n?ar R rkwixvl H">i?e SILK POBKB. MOU8I IN ROBK8, LAWN HUB tt*. BERABE ROBf.8. Weiri sei'tngat half thair original prioe A' other roods of evenr <1eicr piion we are still selling atroFt Oar (to. kla iarge and wail a-sort-J in eve.r de pertinent. ft SI TAYLOR A BITTCH'SON f Taims noTice i 1 WILL Take all kinds ot Virginia noon for my hook del'tf *rid for Boots, Shoes, and Trunks. Afl pers< as indexed to re* wi>! pleas* oail and settle up. ur I shall lx? p*nnpolled to give their aooounts tUu the haod* of a collector, 8. P. HOOVER. Iroa Hail, noil Pa ay . h^rnwn and HWh rts Ana aniswasM uiim si ?-?u -? ?? HAT* Cfc i ?t ifmummfmi, ?w emnfliiu, po.t ????? I CLOTHING, &c. f\2 MEHCHAPT TJllLORIVV. ilEW FALL STYLE? of CLOTHS, CASS1 ? MERS.AND VE8T1N08. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 344 Penneylva- , ma Avenue, have ju?t received a larce variety of new Fall Good*, to wnieh they invite the attrition of their friend* and customer*. an an-tf f-'ENTLEMEN'S RE ^DY-MADF. CLOTHING. Our freaent assortment of GENTLEMEN'S REaDY-MADE CLOTHING < lfer? to oitiseoa ' and etraocera wiahing an immediate out fit auperior induoementa, embraaiue, at thia tune, ail aty>? and auaiitiea of Dr*?a and Buaineaa Garment* and Overooata in all van*tiea. Fine Shirta * and Under clothing of ail kinds. Rid and other ' Glovea of heat qua lty. Scarfs, Tiea, Cravata, ' Stocks, Hoaiery. Ao.. Ac. Ail of whioh we arc , offering at our uaua iow prioea. C!othing m vie to order id the moat aupenor , manner. WALL. STEPHENS a CO.. no 16-tf 322 Pa. avenue. j C20TO THE PEOPLES'C . OTHINGST"R E, , * No. 460 s< at., to get your CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOOlS. hats und caps*. f*2 6w , W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite i?or customers, and citnens general- i iy, to an inapeo'ion of our areaer.t new, at *. tractive, and elegant aaaort?n*nt i.f^H CLOTHS. CASSIMtRES. DOESKINS, WK r Vt* STINGS, OVKKCOAVINGS. Ac. jtj# <j which we will make to order in anpenor <? atyle at very low prioea. WALL, 8TEPHKNS ft CO.. r oc 25-tf 322 Pa. av.. hetw. 9th and loth ata. Cure Couth. Cold. Hoartmin. Im- 1 y^\\Vf rjV any irrualion or So*?- u ??< of ik' Throat. Ktltere tkt fchJHRnt ntckint Comtk m I'mumrir11!'7H'IrILl?!I f?<m. ftrtmch'lts. A*hmo, a yil|kyanH 4" Catarrh. CUrnr and nr? ? ^rtf^n ftrcnttk to tkt voter of PUBLIC SPEAKERS h awd SINGERS. ? Few are aware of the importance of cheoKinc a . Courh or "Common Coi<i ' in it* first slace; that ? whioh in the begiuing wouVJ y i?M to a nulfl reme a dr. if negieotod. soon Attacks the Lurg?. ' ii'mm'i Bronchial Troches " contain;-ng demulcent ingrofli ?ntn, allay Pulmonary and Uionoh al Irritation. < I "Tha< trouble in mr Throat, (for < BROWN'S wmch the "Troclu*" are a specitio) * having made me ofler. a mere whis- [ TROCHES perer. N.P.W1L1.1S. b rrowvs "I recommend their nse to Public i BMW V? W . i*FEAHEB ' I TROCHESi REV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Grwit service id subduing Hoa.k?i BROWN9 KE??." REV. DANIEL WISE. 11 TDMruL^ "Almost mutant relief in the dis- * 111UV/HE.L tr<>rsint tabor of breathing peculiar c uuhwn'h to Asthma.' REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. P TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything t) 1 injunvus." DK A A HA * ES. , BROWN'S: Ckrmitt, Boston. . I A f>iiiin!* unH ? " '" " TKOUJIK* tion]or Cor?H?,i?" ^R. i. F. BIGELOW, BROWrPSj Bout*, h Tgrirui ? " limefioiai ia Brcwhitis." TROCHbe DR. J. F. W. LANE, * BROWN'S! ? . Bottom. h * I have p'OTfd tfiom excellent for et TROCHES TVaor?'N? Cor<5n." ? ' REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Boston, f " Cenehnia! when compelled to f TROCHE" tjealr, ?uiiermc Cotr." PEV.S. J. P. ANDERSON, * BROWN'.- St. I.imxt. ? " EnrcTTiL in removing Hoarse r " rjr?s ri:<l Irr.'atmn of the Throat. ?o UROtVK'f ooir'.ou with brKAKKSs acd Si5?Tnnr.|. c "*Frt,f. M.BTACV JOHNSON, * TKOClltS? Lm(i"t*ntf.Oa. ' ICOWM" Teacher oTMjieio.SintL era rciiiaio TItO'"TIKfc "Grut b*n?f.t wher taken hW?r? r Rr.-i ?wft<?r pra%<?hicit. a? thr? prevent kt DROWN'8; Ho<tr??n"*?. From th?*ir pas;?fleot, 11 trunu tb- f will bo ol permanent a*lTROCIIEi* narsie to m?. . REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. ? BROWNE Prudent ol Atoeoc CoLegc-, Tenit. rt TROCHE? Jyj~T?jrfA BOX N ~ '' do 1 If A t, Db. J. H. McLEAN'S J STXENQTHEffltfO CORDIAL AND BLOOD PIRIFJKK. THE (1REATEST REMEDY tu tkt WORLD, J, DXLICIOVS in F*s f< ? DELIGHTFUL j, fcf m toKDJAL r ^HU *1 EVER TAKEyr^gr -ffxfb. ,h '* '* tric,ly ? P wft ?& ,r L,..| 'to auuSc crij v?#iu- "GAfSr " *'? C?iupcll:d, pr?- t' * r?sp? - (i iSnB aattr* ir.t? 1u cin- ^i'4 r. Bmirim LM, IIt _ 4 {J s ritr-'in? r?u..?ii?i if Ii>JUl * *' ofafcefc nurtdiai,; Belort taking.;?;::;f;wT tatin5- s littillir.f, pradacia : * dalitioaa, aiMJirauo# apirn, u4 IM ml inrellibla ranaa^yfar rirmtinf ka diaaaaad iriuit, '? tod raalarlnf lb* ai:k, aadarinj, ai.4 4?kui?a?d larai* ! laaltfi and alraoflk. ^ McLEAPTS STRBNOTHElfING CORDIAL ,, Will afaciaally eaf? L:?er Ce=.{Uiot, DyiDapaa, Jaanilea, Obranie ar Narroaa futility, Dtnun afiba Eidneya, , Lad diiisiii inui ( fr?41 * U .oidtrid Litar ar SiemacL, a Dyapapaia, Haankarn, Inward Pilaa, Atldnr ar ttickuaaa af Lka Svautacfc, Pkllnaaa af la tha Kaad, Da.; Pam at Iviiaaunf io tha Kaad, Palfiiauca af tiia Run, if Waithi In tha tamae'n, Soar Eractxuaoa, Cbak.r.f ar afact.t5.if Pealing -w>-*a "-y-iiS 'awa, Drynaaa ar TallaW. DC ,IH af ihi Bkir. and titi, N.fV 8?etu, la ward Faiara, Palo in th* Braall af tba Back, Cfcaa., ar tide. Sadden riaabaa af Baal, Dapreaeic.i of 6pime, Prifbifai Drawee, & Lanraaf, Deapai teiey ar any ier?eca dieaaae, tarn ar tT Plt-.cI'M M the akin, anl Ta?ar and Afae (ar CkiUa and I mat.) ~ " OYER A MILLION BOTTLES H Ufl baaa Mid ti* lilt ?1X aj*cih?, atd in e* la- ' HUM bu tt fail?4 is ri?mf M'jri iiui'icura. Wbt. t*?c, vtU ft; fran WiUmtt or Dibtluy tin MckEAl? '? irmcamUIlK CORDIAL will car* y*a t S Ma Itnfmaf* cu u> nda^vaia idaa af U>? tmiaadl- In it* aad almaai nmeaiaa* ehang* prodictd by taking U-u Cardial la U* dia?a**d, d*bilr.*i*d, ud ibauarad cu'tti gj lyivam, vktibn brakao daw. by *ic***. ??** by diHh, it L^ptlri4 by ilikniu, (? ralaxtd and t,uiiai| tifui- di tatlac U >a*laiad W It* ?ri?m* k*a!ik and vifat t? MARRIED FERSOSS, ? *ta?n, aao?eia?i af inability fram vbatarar aaaaa, will m Ud McbCAiea rracnoTaiCRiii* cordiau * iAa- r? raagfc Mftntralar af tka iy*:*ni: and all vba mar b?*? Id t-1 M lhaaatWaa by li&prafar iods)f*ac*a will i?t .? Uli Jit. .. a rtftin and ?pt t * y .-? tta TO THE LADIES. ** ichf ARi iTREHeraKniHa cordial u ? ?- |? itra ud tpitdy cart far Iccipiant Cauaamptm, Wkltit, V' OEatraatad *r DiScalt MaattraaUan.l ncoLUctnc t af Cnoa * ?r Invalactaiy Diacharva Uaraaf, F*'.:iug af Ua Watufe, M IddtoaM, r?.inutf. and all ditaatat laeidaot ta Famalaa. "J THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT fr Mtr ba laof *r. Taka u aecardinf ta diraetiana. It trill w ttlrnaiaia, traagiMo, and loTifarata yaa and uMl tka M klaam af kaaltli ta roaanl ytu chin nua. I>nr fcau.t ? Bt itmnDd M giw aauafoctia*. FOK CHILDREN m If T?af ehtldfto art tlsKlr, p?nr ar tfliattd, McLIANI II CORDIAL will makt itam kaalur, f*t, and rabatt Dila; It aat a maramtj Ur tt, aad fN viil Wa aaariaaad. It la da- a, llaiau ta tak*. M CAUTION, , vara af dnnltlt ar daalar* arba mmy try ta pa!a tptt tt yaa aaaaa tuui artuttptnlk traafc, wbiih th?j aaa fcay m intiT , ii nuDiii muiupoc Ami niM nil A?k at far McLfcAITBVlUMndMM COEDIaL, end uki D*U>ibf tit*. It M t!i* anly remedy iWt wtil part/7 tin >J Bleed thereafter tod at the mm tin* etrenfihea tk? eyetem. Una uu,-??nfat taken e?ery marainf feefinf u a certain preventive fa 1 Gtiltn, Chili* and ( '?, Yellow Feter, ar ar* pretalest dieecaa. It ii (it If It lun bodii Price i_ nly Q1 y?r battle, a* battlae far fS. J McLEAN, _ alt proprietor af tkie Cardial; alee, Mclae*n*o Toicuiic OU w biaimtat Frin'.lpal Pa pet aa th* earner af TWd and J Flue itreete, fc- Lean, Ma. 1 KoLean's Yolcaaio Oil Lininent, u (TBS KIT bWlMUrr Of TNJC WOBLP.) The mi 17 eafe and certain care far Caaeere, Pi'.ee, T*- || ere, Bwellinfe end BraacMla ar Cat ire, Parelvete, N?a- v ralfta, Weekueee af Ue Maeclee, Chronic ar Inflammatory ?, Eheuneueia, Btifneee af Um J e*a to. Contracted Maeclee ?t kifaisente, Eat*?he ar Toothache, Braieee, Bpraine, Freeh Oata,, Clean, rarer Be re a, Caked breeev. Bore ri Klaa, Bam*, lct.ll>, Sara Throat, ar any i?lma?na? ar J' . ua d:f trtoca kav aa??ra a* Hm Hit ditaiat aat l! taad, Mo LEAN* CELEBkATfcD LINIMENT ta ? a et rtaia rmtdr. Tlitaaaada af haaaa hatnfa ka?t feaaa (aval a Ufa af dta * rapttada end rait try kr Ua aaa af tku in*a.aabla ran tdy w MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT a! W'.lraliaTt fata almaat laataait aaaaaly, aad M vU claaa, *0 pmrtfy aad had tlta faa'.tat acraa la a* incradihla ahart utaa. v FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. 2 McLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT ta Ua omlj aafa B acd rtUafcla uaa4i for iki cara af Ipafia, KuiUaa. Wtadfalla, CfHou, vonataral Lampa, Nodaa ar valUaca. It mtw bilad ? (in BJf Haad, PaHa*11, Ptata'a, uid l?ala? Snraa, ar ? ??, if praaariy appltad Tar Iffuw, Bnuai, luuttM, Crackad Haata, CfcaJaa, Saddle a* Caitai Oalla, Cau, Baraa, at Wanda, it ta as uttalliMa raraady. Apply it aa dl/aciad and a cart la caruta ta t?ary taattata . _ _ f THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. VIII UMlXLt Ktat't M4 Nam Jovraai-*** iui? ? ir?*t?7 v?n*ty of mwwtiu r#?d'n? tea Ma t* ocaa te ur *Ui?r? ia r?bltafc?4 F>i<*?r tawrunc. BU(,? oofj, * * utiB ? #1 Fim 4 75 T*neofin _ , ... * Trutr fcrti oo?i? ? It in*M?h:r <x>ot?>na tfa* "WuMtfiot N??" lh?t hu mKl# Tkt Dm tit KrnMI Stmt eircc*** o i?ni!? Uroaf boot tfc* toutr?. CT&ICfle coyi*? (ic vrti^ri ou M rro?ir?4 at tie ronctar, y after LUt iiigi mi U>? ??pw. I'r??*-THIKK CKNTR. MEDICINES. K DK JOH5ISTO*, utLTI MURK LOCK HOSPITAL. Hat ditrortrti tkt moil CorMm. Sptrdf mmH ttmif Effectmml H$mtdp a* tkt World, for all diseases op imprudence. LET NO FALSE BELICACY PREVENT apply immediately. i CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE. IN MOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. (Wi>k>rM ?i the Back. Btrictoraa, Afacnane af the Kid eye 'id Bladder, lumnttfi Uuctarfti, lafMHcv.Oo ir.l Da f, N? ua..eaa, Pyapepei, Ltuiw, Co'wn >f lieu, L?? Spiriu, of U>? Heart. Ti*i?ti|, rrfrob iu|i, tliinim rt 9>f t or Oiddtueaa. Uimim o( ilia !e?d, TIhom, NoM nrSkiii, 4lrcii?ui<t lie lau?. tin* c> or B-.wala?<beae Terrible Otaordera iri?u.( nw lav iff K'Uu af Draadfui and Dcatrvru** Pracic>a tabicb rri.ilar M true a impoaait la, and drum; bath Jodr and Mind YOUNG MEN hepeaialiy ahohaae becoma the TlCtime af Solitary Tire. h.t dreadful ai.d deetrocu?e habit ahich auuaally a?aapa a .n u<(ii??1j |t??a tbvuaan4a af Vaai | Mia (C tba pan isaltad ultataiad bnlluai laullKI. *Im mtght atbarviaa i*?? eutrauead lw:eui?f Senate* with the thunder* ad el?inaoca or waked to acatacy tbe liainf tyre, may call auk ill cotiftdeaca. MARRIAGE. A1afR|E1> PlR!OfH,or Youuf Mri cwtemfilftfinf M?r iAf e, Inag ??<rt of phr?tr*l wtakneet, otf ai?ic debility* let<?rts?tue?, 4c., cuied He ? ho r?!acee himeel* under the Care of Dr J 1M7 rtllfi* u!y coufiale 10 hi? kouot ? t f euileoMiu *u4 eiy upon Lie kin ?? a pkyuckAm. OFFICK So 7 SOUTH FHKDKMCK ST (ft K?n4 tide f >tDf from Caioeter* ,r?ei,t f?v doori frma be corner. Nil um to obiirve ntiue ?ed BBKber Letter* auet t>? p*id tu<l cot. tain 1 tump I)R JOHNSTON, >1 em bar of the IUi;tl Catl'^l of Surfeone, Load*", rradr te from oa>? ad tk? moat airmen: Calltpt ? iba tamd lutaa, and the rrcaicr part af ahoae liic h.* bean apem <a l.e boafu .la of London, P.ria, Phil* Jolpbi? and aiaaahere. <a illrcicd mim of tbe n?u*t a*toau*h nf care* that aai? a?r known; nany troubled % ith ringing ia the bead and axe when aalrep, ffea: >.e-aruaneaa. bam* alarmed at oddan aonnila. |. .*hfol?e*? witn fiequeni Maahmg, attended tinauuiea ?ith ueirugaaieui of Bu.d, ten cured iaa( i.tely TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men aud othera wbo have injured themaal'ee by a ertaan practice mdit fed in whaa alone?a habit frequently from e% 11 rcupiniou. or a: a >>eol. me e?aeta cf arc rtfhuy fait eaeu ahta aaleep, ard if mi tared, ei.deia a>arrta(e impoaaible, and deetroya botb iair?d and |?J?. ab?uld apply lu-mediateiv T heae are aome of die aad and melancholy effect* widacd % e\rlr h^Li'.a *oimK % * : W ak??aa tka - -* tinha, Pali,a in the Acad, Piirtifaa of Sifht, Liae C Mutcmir oatr. PilpuUtn of the He<rt, Pyepefae, Str*ow Irrna ilit?. Perar.griaeiii of the DifOili't FUUCUMN, Geoer.l >*bt itjr. Srmptome of Coe>e?mpt.on, de ML> I ILL! ?The teariul ttnu on the mmd a I a t? e Iresdul?l.-aa of Mfni>r?, Coaifuatou of Ideae, Pejiitaiirw f Spirit*, Evil Kort><linf?, Ailrt ^n of Sock't. Ralf-Pia uai. Lo?e of Solitude, Timidity, etc , art ootp* ei Ui lib rod need Klirct'l PEBILITT?'Thotaaaoda eon ura judft tkit ? if cnwe ol their ilrcliaiiif htilik, Imiui then ii|?r, b?<an if arik, air??M and tuicm ', hatu f t ?m|a|ar PI>c*iuico -tout the tyt, Cuafh or e,mpto?>e A | DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. * hen the n lapuidrd and imprudent ?ot*ry 04 pleaeare iuia e lija imbibed mo aeede of U. 10 pautlul diaeaee, 11 too often ippetia tbat an ill timed teui of ah*u>e or drrad 01 diecoterr etere liiru froa> app;; mg 10 ihoM vtio, (ron edacitm ar1 rap?tt hi,tjA.? aloue befriend him He lelle mlo ? a u da. f ifn -r 'ut an<* drai[i ui( prettodere. who iac>p>bie r cun; r,tlch m* pecut.iir? lalmitrft. keep ma irifiaf uuui After n oiah, or -a long a* the taialleat fee eaa be ot imed. aiid in leaae him with rutned health to o.c'< >er Mira tin; di?app..mtrcrnl; or bf the uae of that deadiv MM- Mfttuij?hja'.en the couOiitDiioaal aj rnptom of th:a rrib'.e diaeaae.auchaa Affectioue nf the Heart.Throat. Head, kin. 4e , pr^rranuf w ith Irfghifat rapidity, till death pu-a a ril?>d to lua drradfu. atifferu.ja by aeadn f hum tn thai enlocveered country Iron wImn bourne no traveler ratorne >R joaysovs REMEDY FOK ORG A SIC WkiAKNESS A\D IM POTENCY I?y due et.d imp irUM reinedj the oefan* re ?p< echlj cured at.d fall eifor revered T r.?uani4e?4 the mi nervosa ?f?d d b.iu ited, ho ic?d ioet >il bope. Ha ? rru i:r.u*cdtaielv rcue>fd All nrpe jirrcbta to Marrtife, Ptijratc^l or Mcblti Ditqul c?tiou, Lou ??f Pmcnttivf P->??r. Ner?*?ia lmuUiitv, rcfetdur ?uC V* r?fci,ru or ?Kh*vauo? o< u?? ?>?( iaarfui c.d tpcMily cured. hyUfJRSEMEST OF THE PRESS. THE .V.4>T TNOl'uNDt c?rcd at Um m?utbi*?i e loai wvtuuet vc?ri, >nd the uomcrout impornti 8>rci il cp*runoti? peri tuted br I>r JohMioo, ut icMed be the poet era of tS? papers * ad m?n? ojier uerMM, of Inch h?%? uid ?fiiu before 'h? public, v d?t >u? Mm iff *i a Keuilamau of character and reapct ai lue, ic a tulf.cieiki |iarante? ic the aAicted. Mr lite fOY FOB THE^ICK AND SUFFJEIUNa. ' LET ALL WltO A KB AEFLKTED UK AD! AT PLY THE REMEDY REJOICE iJV HEALTH. Fnenrt. do you autter? Are you the victim of My rthose ncntrrona armenta vtuob ariae trom ipirlt* of the blood/ VV tat are ther, do you f Mhfir wiiat are the* not t The biood la Uit >nrce vl iilo tad health, and it la the firat e.emert f oar : ts to iM|>ond tc any oaeae whieh a-Secta le aTeu-ui, aa the in&mbiv atteata Th? ???r fro.' i N eu'tiiia, thelrr;eat;n* Ery a.peis^tne :l>Ce Hcrofuia, the atocjain Rneiii.atiein. Kw >ti? i! -'Umy, 1>?cpeyu*. Liver Complaint with ita rfor r.tu dejection, and the caroberleee ills tUM mo it heir to, derive tbeir iiMaova origin from the ood. l>eai kuxhr thoa c-Ltly wit* the blooi! ?+ tne vitaiiainc reaonroea of nature for ita aid. id ra9*r re to to row oovti. a&oe ana le that truir Tai&? medioaneet fcaovm aa 1 XL I AX 7xU KTABL%I)%COCTIOI<. Wits retard to thia a.!moat infallible apeciSe >auiar cc.ntin.ent haa apoken in deoided tarma id tie er.uM;o-* of thia great rfto&cj are ?v? ,'Dci b; ooi:?t?nt krova i of eurative tfx;U and -> i!*r f ioat reenita from ita aae are after all otiter qc<1k<? ar.<l the oat medical at., have lt~.K Lri aa esy, m oonelaaien. thM oerttftoatee irre *r? not aoafht from the illiterate and aceer st!, t ut toej are vo.uateered Iroei the mm! re >>jtal>:e aborcee and juetify the hi {beat terma la bio* it in eoeaibie to commend ao valeehe a M Piiil to r :i.1 lc uamnl W* *??? m.Mj >1? ? -* e oa rati re propertiesoftbe medioioe are i*y by ?t* reetoratiTe effects. the fa lam kmtwg from disease w?th ranmd oonetitiitiona. vigor. F'.ir sa'e 17 ail rc?peotab.e Druggists li Uia t?. ty the proprietor, MRS. at. COX, Nona genuine anieea her Mnau Mown oa Um >ttte K.CC her seal on Ute cork inr I'noe ! per l-ottla. six bottlec for ft. VftoUsmU Jftni. R H. T, CIBH LI. Drtjiin sorgetowr. D C.. Wholesale Agent fur the pts tct, and wni supply Um trMi at ay pnoea. w lt-tr pHE ALL SUFFlCllKNT THREE. TRIEfKMAR.l.S and S-Proteeted by Ro?*l etterd Fat^t of Eogland, and secured by ib* ?a!s ofth? Eoole da Pharri?ao<ede Pant, and the nporial Co 'ess of Medjatoe. Vienna No 1 is mvaiaabie for exi.aasiio& and natorrhea, id al physioa! disabilities. No. S completely rra-lioatee all traoee of thoea seaaea that have been Hitherto treated by the tat *>ca and pernioi a* u?e of ooeaiva and eubetx. No. 3 baa entirely supplanted the injurious uee of ercary. thereby insuring to the sufferer speeOr rial. dispersing ail impurities, and rooting oa 10 re com of diaaaaa. TRlE*K WAR, Noa. 1.3 and 1-are prepared in ie fom of a l??aenge, devoid of tasts arcane/, id oar. be oarried in the waistcoat pooket. N?ld i tin oaaee. a?d divided into separate dose*, as ad mistered by Velpean, L*liemand, Rmil. R icrd. o Pries $S ?aon, or foar oaaee for #9. whieb ivr? ax and in *? oases, wkerebr tnere i? a ee v it -f #9. To ha had. wholeeaie and retail, of Dr. ARROW, of!94 H pecker street. New York. nmediatalT on reoemng a remittance. Dr. Barrow illforwa-d theTraeeetaartoaay partof thewor 4, Ktarely packed, and addraaaec aaoorttai to Um iaruoU' us of the wnter. The Book, of ail otnera, that shoakd be read W? tea with damaged and broken down eeetttaUon* "Hainan Fruit?, or Phraioiotioal Reeearckee '* : is *>eautifaily ilfaatraM. aad treats "?>??tel j of 11 ttta symp on* that >u variably neva.os theia> rea. aooner or later. reeaiUnc from the rtatlUea ad Titrating habits er earl, Toath. incapacitating ie Tiotim from sharing the fminon of the aatnlOfaial state, and. ir not checked id Use. desaaarling all t e functions of manhood, and briaftoc D?r? O^lOv MmOOOQ|4J i nfW Y Oft, ? TIO? ?nts Beat free ?wj where. Bold aiso by 8.C. Ford. Jr., Drag Store. Waah igton.D.C. w>-<si )ft. 1. 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