Newspaper of Evening Star, March 15, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 15, 1861 Page 2
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1 HE EVEiMING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY March 1? 1W1. The n*w Pollar Weekly Star, faller than errr of Metropolitan nrwi and gossip, and choice literary rending. It now on our counter ready for delivery to the public Kmbr*red In its enter* tainlng rontenta are the following articles: Mnrla DeGuadaloupe?a Mexican tale; Great Speecb of Gen Filey?good for the blue*; The litw Cabiuet?personal sketches of iu members; Hunting Duel* io Summer?delicious; A Yankee in a London Police Court; Serenades io Hon John J. Crittenden. General Seoti, Senatfrs Douglas and Johnson. Carl Srburi and Canins ,%T Clar; Concert and Flag Presentation at the Smithsonian; Visit of the Munii-ipal Authorities to Senator Crittenden; hat the Southern Papera say of Evacuating Fort Sumter; France and the Cotton Confederacy; Interesting Trials in the Criminal Court; A Complete List of United States Senators of this Congress; Decision of the Bonaparte-Patterson Case in France; An Unlucky Appeal; Ar'emus Ward on Washington, 4c ; run irptrm um?i, ui Lon^rcmonm r rucrru* lnes, Supreme Court, Southern State Convenlltu, Criminal and Orphans' Court, Ac ; latest Telegraphic Dispatches from all quartera; Editorials on tbe toplra of the day; Operations of the U. S Patent Office; Agricultural Correspondence and articles on Horticulture. Garden,?(?, Ac ; Recipes for tbe Houaebold, Workshop nnd Farm, together with several columns of Local News, Miscellaneous Items, Fun, Poetry, Ae. This Is just the paper above all others for persons sojourning in tbe National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or SI.00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamp* when so arranged. a>un th> P>.? vjvbi ?? ?h v mm m mm ^ m m %; mm The Inulligitutr In alluding to the past political inconsistency of the prominent leaders of the Secession movement,aaks,what assurance can they give that six years from this date, when their dlsiiu!on counsel shall have been brought to nought, th?y will not pronounce it, in Senatorial phrase, 4,a humbug*" The Republican regards thf resolution offered by^lr Douglas in the Senate relative to the public property in the seceding States, as Ill-timed and liable to serious objection from the fact that the South would then be made acquainted wiU? the strength of the forces in Southern Forts and guide the revolutioniata In their preparations for any attack. Fifty Thocsand Mi.i (iji Kcckram )?The New York Hiraid's very last found mare's nest, is that Jefferson Davis is actually preparing to march on Washington city with an army of fifty thousand men Of course this terrible army is made up in pa.t of the ten thousaud men In buckram, the Richmond iitnvirtr not long since raised (on paper) to seize and hold Washington to prevent Lincoln's inauguration, 4c. According to the ?raid, the Oligarchy is to initiate this alleged Invasion, because, forsooth, the Government of the United States may decline to become a party to tta own destruction?the alternative to sec me exemption from it (the Invasion) being an immediate practical acknowledgement by the United States Government of the entire legality of the usurpation, not yet acknowledged by the people of either State of the American Union over which it holds temporary authority. Practically, the present Administration's policy with reference to the usurpers is that of Mr. Buchanan's mecsage at the opening of the late session of Congress. That is to sa>: it does not essay coercion, and yet Insists that it has no authority to fai! to execute such of the laws of the United States throughout ti>e South as it has power to execute. The threat ruru iuTwoa i?, accuralng w> me titraid, to be essayed because President Lincoln holds to this position; and, according to the same journal, the Oligarchies expect to take Washington by the help of the people of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Maryland, in each cf which States It la well known the Unionists outnumber the accessionlits at least two to one! W hat could more forcibly prove the desperation to which the news of the intended evacua. tion of Sumter has driven the oligarchial (whose schemes hinge on provoking the desired collision with arms,) than the fact that on learning it, they shriek through the Herald for an imaginary army of 50,Out) men to march forthwith ou Washington city! Now, the Oligarchy possess no army whatever vrant tk? m**? In sn<4 a?Aiinil ??J *. |r? ? ?. "?v?? *h biwuiiu vuaiicawu auu lliC forts elsewhere they have stolen, numbering in ail not more than four thousand men. Nor can they get ten thousand volunteers in all the States to initiate ttvil tear. However many they might raise to repel Invasion, they cannot raise ten thousand men in all the South to Invade sister States. Nor have they a dollar at command to be expended upon any such expedition. The overflowing treasury they boast of is a myth. All tbe means they hsve, to pay their current enormous expenses, have been raised by forced loans, the issue of worthless scrip, and other similar means They art terribly short of provisions all over tbe seceded States, obtaining their supplies from the still loyal States of the West. In short, tbey are in no better condition to put an invading army of fifty thousand men in the field, than the mau in the moon is; and the tact that they resort to such a threat only goes to prove that the Government's policy of letting tbem alone severely, has ?o soon driven them to utter desperation. In thirty days Mam Houston, In Texas, will afford them employment for all the men in arms they now have at commaud, and in tbi ty days thereafter George Houston and the Unionists in North Alabama, backed by tbe Unionists of Ksst Tennessee, (who will fly to tbe assistance of their brethren at tbs first tap of the d'um,) will furnish work enough fur all the rest they can get together by that time. Has To Plkass ?It appears that no conceivable policy on the part of tbe Government of the Uuited States with reference to tba usurpation of tee government of the extreme Southern Statrs ean possibly please tbe Baltimore ?m. Up to a day or two since it was almost daily calliog upon (K? -r . v? u?j? a...? . .MV fWfre vi iuc uviu^r w prepare 10 U)at6 war oj the Government, upon tbe ground that the latter was certainly bent on "coercioo." It being bo longer possible to dilutee tbe fart that tbe Government designs withdrawing .Major Anderson's command from Fort Sumter, and tbus removing tbe only possible chance for speedy armtd collision unless tbe usurping oligarchy deliberately seek to make tbe opportunity, to-day the Sum argues at length to show that a peace policv on tbe pert of tbe authorities bete will surely accomplish its darling object?tbe inauguration of eivtl war for the sake of Inducing Maryland and Virginia to rush under the yoke of the pre-Afr!cii*iltTMr&da and i?l?? * ** ? . ? ? ? - wwwi-?t-?UC*OVUID usurpation Tbs feet la, tha firmness already displayed by tbe Government In resisting both Northern and Seuthera efforts to Involve- thai country In civil war, has '* played bob" with the hopes cf those lor whom the Sm speaks? thedisunlonlsts. Tbey seek war, aad war only, !a order to Involve tbe border States in secession. While professing to deprecata eonUaued occupation of Hucnter by tbe Government, and while using the fact of Its occupation ss s lever with which to stir up Vlrghils and Maryland to revolution, It has been hoping that the Government wonld do precisely what It contended It (tbe Government) should not do Now that the authorities here have evidently adopted the policy It professed to spprove, it reverses its batteries snd pours hot shot In tbs other ai recti on?into tbe policy of peter m being sure of eventually destroying tbe prosperity of tbe remaining United States* Tbe trutb Is, tbe Sum Is, simply, sn unmitigated traitor to ita country, conducted by a foreigner wltb no Inter eat whatever in its pence and prosperity. It seeks with insane fury te destroy both; ni to that end argues as ferociously against a pence policy on the part of tbe Government, as agalnat a war policy?thus exhibiting to the world 1 ! tral- -?* ?* ? * "" ? I ... I I |HW.1KIU?, W MINly tlM( h? matt ttaevtubly be blind Indeed. who tell* to appreciate them * Mb Comw.a ?To day, It eeemato be geomlly expected that the Hon Ttiomaa Corwln, of Ohio, will conclude |* accept the Mexican mlaalon, though not dlapoeed to do ao at pmut. A Biau or iHPotuiT !>iaraTcna to Mexico, la expected to bo Mat from Ut St^to DepartD>eat to-day or te-te?i>w, VIb?te. ,, ? ' >L COPIGRESSlO.niAL. *i?Ti -Wbfi our report closed yesterday? Mr Frssendea was xddrcssing the Senate upon 1 his resolution expelling the secedln* Pena'ors. i fie wished to strike out from the resolution the i name 01 r>fnau>r cr.eatnut, u be baa noi oeen prraent during tbe *ea*lon. Mr Hav?rd offered the following fcabatltute: That Albert G. Brown and Jefferson Davia of i Mia* , Stephen R Mallory of Fla , Clement C. i Clay, jr . of Alabama, Robert Toomba of Ga., and Judab P. Beniamtn of La . bavlnc announced that by tbeaecaaaioncf their respective 8 ta tea they , were no longer mraitfri of the Senate and withdrawn therefrom, the Secretary ia directed to omit their namea in calling the roll of the Senate " Which waa loat by a vote of yraa 14. naya 26. After aome farther dlscuaalnn the Senate weat into executive aession; after which? Tbe Senate again took np the reaolution of Mr. Feaaenden, and proceeded to the cona>d?ration of Mr. Douglaa'a amendment, by lnaerting "The Senator* who bad ceaaed to be members,1' Ac. Thla amendment waa also rejected?yeaa 10, nars 24. Tba reaolution of Mr. Feaaenden waa then .agreed to; and the Senate adjourned. Friday. March 15. SiifATX.?Mr. Kennedy offered a reaolution instructing the Secretary of the Senate to purchase of the publishers thirty copies of the Annals of the Debates of Congrcia. Objected to and laid orer. i Mr Wilson moved to print the correspondence In the hands of the Committee on Military Affairs relative to the transportation ol troops over the overland route. Agreed to. Mr. Mason Introduced a resolution requesting the President to Inform the Senate what number of troops are In this city; to what respective arm ; of the service they belong; for what purpcse tbey were brought here; how long they are to remain; and, if they are to continue here, for what pur j i> as a- i ? a * i J - - puac, nnu u mrj arc m oe incrraica, ana, 11 so, i for what purpose ? iAld over under the rule*. On motion of Mr. Douglas, the Senate took up i the resolution offered by him a few davs since Mr. Douglas proceeded to address the Senate upon his resolution He believed that Mr Lincoln did not meditate wsr, and if he did there was no provision made for such a movement. He had no right to collect revenue by means of vessels off Charleston harbor, but could only do so ut th** Custom House. If the President should attempt to collect revenue on shipboard, be would t>e liable to impeachment Those porta were now closed by the Southern Confederacy; and It would be impossible to collect revenue there. The Government could not pet a collector In one of those porta without first conquering those cltiea, and co'.se?uently there was no danger to be apprehended roin any attempt to collect the revenue. The President had no right and daro not blockade any southern port. Mr Douglas waa speaking when our report closed. Txxas.?Sam Houston is undoubtedly preparing to resist the oligarchic usurpation in Texas by force of arms. The secession m*j >rlty of the convention adopting the State's ordinance of accession was elected by not a third of the vote of the State. Its submission to the people was not a submission In fact, but a deliberate fraud, Involving apparent Hubmiulnn. hut not m r?*l ???<> ? -- j ? ? - - ? v?> vu> j ua iiuic v% as HUI given for half the counties In the State to know that It had been even nominally submitted. The total vote for Its acceptance was not one-third of the popular vote of the State. Houston is organizing a volunteer army qulatly, but rspidly. to resist its enforcement. The lawful Legislature of the State meets very shortly, and if liis Intended veto of the ordinance Is sustained, as it undoubtedly will be, by a constitutions! number of its member*, he will at once call his volunteers Into the field. As a military leader hi Is more than a match for all the disunion Generals and Colonels in Tmm. Th#? cmharrattnipnt in hi? *r \* tv?*? that tbedlsunlonlsts have possession of all tu?? Government arms and munitions in the State, and be will have to contend against their so superior armament with no other weapons and munitions than his brother farmers individually posses* He baa well nigh two-thirda of the people of the State siding with him for the Union, and will eventually establish its authority throughout the State A month ago, tbe Star proclaimed that the counter revolution would begin In Tex^s-aadso soon it is about to inaugurated there. Thi Skxatk Ykstirdat?The only action of the Senate yesterday not stited In the Star of that day, of general public interest, was the confirmation of Casalus M. Clay of Ry., to be U. S. Minister to Spain, (which position he has accepted.) and the reception of the nomination of Jacob Ilaldeman of Pa , to be Minister Reaident at Stockholm. Among the aenaatlon dispatches to the Npw Vork Herald J*a aeries announcing that the Southern Confederacy Is mustering a huge army which shall descend upon Washington at once, If the Federal Government attempta to blockade Southern Porta. From French k Rlchateln we have a copy of the official journal of the late Peace Convention in this city,-prepared by the aecretary, C. J. Wright. The New Territories ?It is understood that tbe President and Cabinet are to-dey engaged in the conaideration of the nereawry appointmenta for tbe organization of the new Territoriea. Book Notices. From tbe publiahera. Harper k Broa., through Taylor k Maurv, we have volumea '2 and 3 of tbe Harpera' Euripides, forming a part of their popular 4-Greek and Latin Texts " Of convenient size, flexible binding, excellent print and paper, batklnir ?- 1 - *? " * >'ft ? ?. uonauic iu vui> iidc can wen dc Imagined From ind through the Mine we hare " The Witaand Beaux of Society," bv Grace and Philip \V harton. with illustration* by H K Browne and James Godwin. A brilliant chronicle of the ?ayln<{? and doings of the wita and beaux from the time of George Vlliien down to that of Sidney Smith. The "Children' Bible Picture Book," snother of the attractive warks for the little folks so frequently Issued by the Harpers. Through Messrs. Blanchard tt Mohun we have received the following recent 1 ?* > ? ftnm >.? ? ? ? - ._? > wiM ?UV BV/" tive pres? cf Rudd k Carlton, New Ycrk : " Fast Day Sermons; or tbe Pulpit on tbe State of tbe Country,*' composed of tbe most marked discourse* called forth by tbe present state of tbe country. Altogether, a unique and striking collection. i " The Great Preparation," by the Rev John Cumming, following tbe publication by the same bouse of the 41 Oreat Tribulation" by the same auth>r. " Prayers for Rulers," adlsconr?e by Rev. IVm Adams, of New York city, end a "Bible View of ' Slavery," tbe much taiked-of fast-day discourse by Rabbi Raphall. " Pamplnea and other Poems," by Thomas n .it ? * * * uaney AiaricQ, wno is recognized, we believe, u the leader of the young generation of American poets. , " Flirtation," a new comedy by Frank B. Goodrich, ton of the late Peter Parley Goodrich. From the standard publishers, A S. Barnea k. Burr. New York, through Blanchard 4c Mohun of thla city, we have the following: " Introduotory course of Natural Philosophy, for the use of Schools and Academic*." Edited from Ganot's popular "Physics" by Prof. W. G. 1 Peck, of Columbia College, New York. Undoubtedly the b*et Introductory work of the kind that has yet appeared. 44 Astronomy and Astronomical Qeography;" by Emma Wlllard. A merltorloua work, correcting aoiue radical error* In prtvloua elementary worka upon aatronomy From Franck Xajlor we have that valuable compendium, tbe "Annual of Scientific Dlacore ery; or Year B<>ok of Facta In Science and Art for lttl;" by David A. Welle, A. Al. Ferae sal. Hoa. H A Peudergraat, of N. Y., la at the i National. Hod* D D 8 Brown, D R Barton, of N Y ; Col J. Monroe Capt. H S. Burton, U I J* A , Lt V. .Morgan, U S N.; E. B. Morgan of N Y . are at WlUarde'. I .... n? ? it'-* - ? urn, s. ?? iiwn neDD, 01 IQ< UODFItr >0(1 Enquirer, left tbia city on the day before yeaterdav an Invalid During bia ?tay among ua be b?a been the gueat of l.feut Woodbnll, and for ] a wf*k peat baa been confined to bia room by a aevere attack of indlapoeition We bope to bear U day t>t two of bia aefe arrival borne A Catholic Ofisiom if Twiooa ?Tbe Catb 1 ollc Telegraph glvea tbe following opinion of i Oen Twljig*David Emanuel Twlgga, lata ' General in tbe Army of tbe United Statea, baa received a grand reception In NevOfkui He wna ? ? 1 * " ITT "?? ? ? ? >?? tt?? p-or.*M..?d no ?,?,rbVUMr to, I '7^ I DEPARTMENT 1FWI, Rkmovkd *5t> arroittid ?Mr John H Wheeler of N. C., (an 81 .&00 per annum clerk in thr document room of the Interior Department) ha* been removed. and Mr. Jas. Wild bat been appointed to bit stead, at tbe tau.e salary. Kemovep.?Col. Phillips of Va., (alleged secessionist) bas been voted out of the position of clerk to the Senate's Finance Committee. Texas ?If tbe Alaino Express be an index of lb- Texas interior, secession is not going on " unanimously." Tbe editor fearlessly attacks tbe secession's?, and says direct taxation forthwith will be necessary, ail n?*w railroads will be itopped. etc Tbe Express. March 2. says : " The Powers that be ?Under what kind of a government do we, tbe people of Texse. live? Can any one of the ' governed' answer ? Have we a jrove rnment at all? Is it not nil anarchy and ) W _ I. tut. 1' 1. o. ' . luivruxr . ??c mow hub Mr tool turif 3?m D*S received his wnlking papers from lorn* commissioners acting for an unknown ' committee' appointed by a convention; we know that armies are being raised by this * great unknown;1 we know all tbl? but we understand it not We know that tbe people have just voted upon a question involving a change or Government, but the result Is not yet known, nor can It be known by the time the convention meets, It being th# id of this month; which convention will proceed to put us out of the Union. Would not the peculiar ri rrnmibinrM r?f th? < t .MV VU.V ?wv , ' IB this not tbe seign of tbe dictators " South Casoli *a.?A Loud Call for Monty ? Tbe Charleston News, saya : "Our readers will perceive an advertisement In otir columns of the Bank of the State of South Carolina for a loan amounting to $675,000, bearing an interest of 7 fier cent, per annum. Tbe bonds will be Issued n sums of S5?, 8I<>0 and S500, and arrangements have been m.ide with tbe clerks of Courts In the several Districts that citizens In all parts of tbe State may participate In Its benefits We nerd scarcely appeal to the patriotic sentiment cfthe citizens generally of South Carolina, to come fortirarst mt*A U-.l- *' - " -4 ..u.u nMu pmvo iunr iiaiiio on mf UK OI IflOBf who. by lending ?o the State, would discharge that high moral obligation, comprised In the term Patriotism This loan Is Intended to provide fund? for military defence, to enable South Carolina to maintain tbe position she ban assumed a? a Sovereign Slate of the New Confederacy Ti l* Is an appeal that no loyal citizen who has the ability to subscribe, can or should resist." The Commksicxkr* to bs sext to Europe ? The Montgomery (Ala ) correspondent of the Charleston Evening News writes : A recess will be taken iieit week by Congress, how long will depend entirely on circiimstinces. They are a tine looking bodv of men, and comprise a l'rge portion and talent of Alabama. Col. Mitchell, of this city, surcteds Mr. Vancev as a delegate, the latter beln? unable to retain his seat, from the fact that he leaves in a week or ten daya with tbe other Commissioners to obtain a recognition of our nationality from the Powers of Europe. The commtmiou to Europe will be as able as it was possible to appoint The ability of both Mr Yancey and Col Dudley Mann is too unquestioned to require comment. Senator Slidell has been Invited to accept a place In the commission. hu? In* not yet accepted. "Ant Caesar ant nnllus'' is the motto, and hence pride may Induce htm to decline accepting a mission where he would not be at it* head A I.oiiisianlan. It la thought, will be the man, if Mr. Slidell decline* Locisiasa.? R'rer Trade and Navigation ? The N O Bulletin of the Oth Inst., says: '-There has liet-n considerable anxiety fi-it In tli's community since the adoption of the Revenue Laws by the Son?h?>ri? Congress, concerning the effect of thes? laws upon all Important bvslnes of rivrr transportation It was th<* universal opinion that In their prt sent share, they would cause delnvs in the discharging ?f cargoes that would He highly Injurious to onr trade. We are triad to learn 1 A I S *' - * >>y mr unnergiven flispatrh, received ysterriay from Col Seymour, that the reven'in 'aws Lave bfen to adjusted as to obviate these diffi <-u|tles: Mostgomkry, iMarch 8 ?Collector Hatch, and Deputy Walden, have sureeeded in adjusting the revenue laws, by re^ulatlotjs of the Treasury De- ' partment, so as to avoid anv prejudice to the . steamboat Interests There will be thel'-ast pos- ! lble delay to river trade and navigation." Ho*. Johk Cochhaxk's Rkckptioh at Rich-' Va ?lion. John Cochrane arrived at ( Richmond o-i Wednesday evening, and was ser- j enaded at niuht ?t the FTcV,nn..? - .? ? ? "T a ire- , mendous crowd, beaded by Smith's Band. Mr. J Cochrane appeared and responded to the calls In ' an eloquent L'nlou speech. He said that Virginia now held the deatinlea of the nation in her hanfo, and whatever policy she adopted New Yori would uphold her In it. Virginia had only to present her ultimatum to New Vork at a tin* I one, and New Vork would sustain Virginia, and ?bo would have her rights guaranteed to her. He was loudly applauded while speaking. A Methodist Church Disconnected from , thk Conference ?At a meeting of the members of the Ashbury Methodist Kpiscopal Church, Annainesaez Circuit. Somerset county, Md., resolutions were adopted declaring themselves disconnected with the Philadelphia General Conference They will remain separated until after the meeting of the Baltimore and Philadelphia conferences, at which time they will reassemble and take their position aa circumstances n-.ay require, either with the one or the other. Munitions or War?1,800 kegs of powder, weighing 55."00 pounds, l'2'i 10-lnch shells, 10,6SU I pounds, 13-2 S)-inch ditto. miinH* m?.?- 1 tar-shells. .5.310 pounds, and Gi) Columbalds, weighing 3.0<>0 pounds, arrived by the Richmond freight yesterday, and were conveyed to the Southern depot As to what disposition will be made of the missiles, is yet to be learned. Fort Sumter has been evacuated, but Fort I'ickens "ain't."?Petersburg Intelligencer, 14*A inst. 117" H O. tiulkley. of Kalamazoo, Mich . has discovered that by slightly steaming Chinese ugar cane before it is pressed, all the j u'ce can be easily extracted with a common set of pressure rollers. As the pressure of this cane constituted the chief difficulty with farmers la ob'vining sirup from it, ibis dis ovrry it of great importance to them A huge cannon ball is now beine made at the Arms company's establishment, In Chicopee, which will weigh 440 pounds when completed. It i< conical, shaped like those of the James gun, and packed with lead in the same manner It is nnlv ? IVittvrn t??KUk - ? ?-114- "0 1,1 ?? j f< ?wix nuii/U a ^uaiHiiy UI 1)3118 ZLT6 to be cast What will He do with Thim??A Cbarlrston correspondent of the Richmond Dispatch s*v? ' Dr Maddux, of your city, is here, and bis with btin the skeletons of two of the martirs that that wicked man .Wise, of your State, bad bung at Harper's Ferry. 10"The ship John Lcwrv was abandoned in a sinking condition, on the 231 of February, and the captain and twelve others lest The six survivors were picked up eight days afterwards In a dying condition, having rowed, with but two oars, more than 400 miles JO" The Choctaw News state* on authority of a citizen, that there is in that county "a male of the cow kind'' nearly &i y?ars old We know not which is most remarkable, tbe lon?7?vitv nf ?h animal or theeuphonlsm of its desiKtiatio'n. RrcKKATio*.?We Lave a subscriber who nva ha takes tbe Post for the exercise be erJoys in d g it.?Boston Post. \Y7" Jos Pierson, residing in Bucks county, Pa., is said to have realized 8500,000 in six mouths from coal oil in that State. ryws?DUST, DUST, DUST.?A'OrfCff-AH perJ_3 sods doiig Lutiues< on P*iins?lvania avenue realised to meet in the room over Halt 4 Bro '? Jeweirjr Store THIS EVKNtNO, IStn inrtant,a 7H ??'o ad< pt some plan for saraping aod wat-ring the Avenue. it rY"5*?TEMPER ANCE MEETING?Tha anLL3 r.nal m< atim of ths Catholio Berefirial To. taiAbstin^iioe Association <f the District of <oluirihia will be held at thrir Hal , comer Tenth and F sts., or. SL'NIM Y, the 17th instant,after vespers. E^erj m'miier of the Association i? requeued to attaud thl? mefltinr. * hn?i. .? ? , -m "I ?' wuhub; I III ? portano? will t>e aoted upon. Come one. come nil. ma 13 ?t JAME3 J. KANE, Sep. HTtT*CHARITY hERMON.?The Kev. F. E. J.J? Hotlx will preach a Charity Sermon in 8t Ao j niui Church on SUNDAY, the 17th instant, at tne 11 o'cloek Mau, in aid of ths numerous objects of ?. harity, to whioa the * our.g Cntuolij Friends' 9 oiety it devoted. _ma 14jJt JAME< J KANE. Cor. Per. rv-*=?TEACHERS' A880Cl*TION-Th? ILjf Teochert will ho d a >peai*1 meeting 8\T(Jn DAY, March 16th, at the Smithsonian In'titutioo, ?t 10 a m Dr. \V a. Mclkct, of Georgia, will deliver a lecture on Orthoepy. friends of learning arc invited to attend, mar u y J. 8. DiHAWT, Sep. !Y*??PANEGYRIC OF ST. PATRICK.?Tne IL ? Rev. t?. A. Maqcirk.S. J., pa*t"r of St. A'OVSIUS. Will Dr?*?l> ? r. ? w- .?? n?uws T i o ui i icianng Patron at 8t. Patriek'a Church, on SUNDAY, the 17th instant, at th? 11 o'oiook Mass. Tt.e collection* o( tha day will be devoted to tha suffering poor of the mty, to ba dispensed bj the Society of 9:. Vlnoent de Paul. ma 14 8t J. J. KANE, See. SAY, STRANGER, WHERE ARR 15 you going f You seem to be in a great burn?" "so 1 am. I am going to SMITH'3,No. 460 Seventh street, to buy a suit of Clothes. The people say he has a very niee assortment, and they say he sells them so cheap. Not*.?The last we saw of the stranger, he wae running up Seventh street singing oat"SMITH. No.460 " fiiMw IF" UE" JoB/W80j^,r'Itog? Raltiatrr Annitl ( Mfirf at Staaataa. ThlaConfwncempttn tbe Methodist Episcopal ru....u (? OA A ?? ?-? * ?* vuuilu in r^uiiiiivon, on wranwaay moroint;, 11 nine e"clock. Bishop I,evt Scott presiding officer. Rev J. 8. Martin was reflected Secretary, and Rev J.F, Armstrong first assistant secretary Memorials from the larmei * convention of Baltimore, Alexandria Station, and Light street convention, wre presented and made the special order for Thursday at 10 a m The rules rf the last session were then adopted for the government of the present session.

Rev. S. V. I.each was elected correspondent of tbe Baltimore Christian Advocate. The standing committees were then appointed. A lengthy memorial from the convention of laymen Leld In Baltimore December 7, 1HK). was read, of which the following resolutions are an embodiment: 1 hefolvd. That the Baltimore Annual Conference should at Its next session declare that by Its recent unconstitutional and violent action tbe Buffalo General Conference has sundered the ecclesiastical connection which has hitherto held us together as one church, and that tbe Baltimore Conference does not and cannot longer remain under it* jurisdiction or submit to its authority, or those representing that au'hority. 2. Risolrtd, That the Baltimore Annual Conference should also assert and claim that the said General Conference bas, by Its Slid action, separated the several annual confe'ences represented therein, and concurring in said action, from the Ualtinicre and other non-concurring conferences, and that the Baltimore and other non-concurring conferences constitute the Methodist Church proper, and may exercise all the rights, duties and powers appertaining properly to their position as such. 3. Rtselved, That the position we shall occupy after such action as bas been indicated has been tiken?whether it shall be that of independence or union with some other branch of the Methodist family, upon such terms as might be mutually satisfactory?is a question which this Convention is willing to leave to the sound discretion of the said Annual Conference, in the light of all the facts and circumstances surrounding it 4 R;solved, That a committee be appointed by this Convention to present the proceedings of the same to the next session of the Baltimore Annual Conference, through such members of Conference as they may elect, and that they be instructed so to do at the e-irliest practicable moment n # ' ?? - - * uc lyuiurrence men aajouraea uu im nexi morning. Lifmen'i Convention of the M. 1. Church ut Sleunton, V> The Convention met at 9 a m on Wednesday. Jos. S Carson, Esq , of Winchester, Va , was elected President pro I'm , and J. Astiury Morgan, Esq . of Baltimore, temporary secretary; after which, the Convention appointed! committee on credentials, to report at 3 p. m Aft'rncon Session ?A committee of two from each district was appointed to nominate permanent otft ers. Said committee reported as follows. which report was sanctioned by the Convention President?Jos S. Carson, of Winchester, Va Vice Presidents?Col J . McPLerstn,of Va .and Cbas J Baker, of Baltimore. Secretaries?J A. Morgan and David Watt After a brief discussion upon the new chapter cf the discipline, the committee on business was appointed Mr. Daniel, of Baltimore, oftVred a resolution requesting the Conference to appoint aci>mmlttm to consult with a similar committee appointed by this body in order to secure harmony, which, ziier some debate, wat laid on the table The Convention then adjourned till the next dav at 9^ o'clock a m. .Mary.and Annual Conference of the M P. < hurch at >ewark, > J This conference ! held in the First Methodist Protestant Church, Newark, N J., Rev. Lawrence \V |{;.tes, pre*iding officer. The conference met on Wednesday morning at nine o'clock, Itev. D. Hates preaching the annual sermon Rev J. T. Ward, of Alexandria. Va , was elected secretary, and John!*. Repp and Ormand Hammond, Esq*., secretaries The President read a message relative to the affairs of the conference, and the remainder nf the day was spent in examining the official character of ministers. Gil*. Scott to his Corresi>o*dtntt Regs to say that, of their innumerable letters, he dors not find it practicable (b?ing quite infirm) to read one in live, nor to answer one in thirty Applications for autographs and cfflres are most burdensome. The former increase with hit inability to use the pen, and of the latter be t*a, within his own gift, but two small place*, (long well filled.) and herecommends no one whatever other tban cn old soldier, nor for any office whatever, out of the army.? Intellietnttr ID-A correspondent of the .Macon (Ga ) Telegraph, writing from Baltimore, states that Mr. Lincoln would have been egged beyond the shadows of a doubt had he pissed through that arroffilnir In th# r>rnar?mnn? Th? wrlmr ?n?ake of his own knowledge, for he wai In the crowd at the depot, heard the threat* of tboae composing It. taw ttie eggs. and, what is more to the purpose, had nesal proof of their bid quality a* they were prematurely cruahed In the swaying of the crowd. Dividknbs Declared ?At a meeting of the Directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, on Monday, a dividend of 4hree per cent, wis declared on thestock of the MainStem, for the half year, ending on the 31st instant, payable on and after the 15th of April next, ?nd a dividend of four-and-a-half per cent, on the Washington Branch for the same period, and payable at the same time. 07*Two of the large Dahlgreeu guru have been placed In full batterv low down on thetbip channel Eighteen hundred ke^s of powder were yesterday shipped per order of Governor Pickens, from Richmond, Va., for this city ? Charleston Courier HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR. TO BE maii.koto voi r FRIEND OR RELATIVE? IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN TIIK WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUAL* LED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST i?ACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Week, to be out on Friday Moruing?price Three Cents?will be a remarkably interesting one. Every Per.*071 at a distance who would keep Posted with reference to what is really going on here m these interesting times should receive it regularly. CALL AT once AT THE STAR OFFICE AND subscribe FOR IT. ONLY TEN CENTS FOR ONE DOZEN fine Sti?e 1 t'?n8 ard "nlder,such a* are ti>ua It o'd for25 cente. at FRENCH A RICH*TE1N'S National Bookntore. 87% Pa a* ma 14 lw Horatio king. No. 910 H Stuili Will attend to l>utinea* before the POST OFFICE and otti?r EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS. Rtfer*ici-Hun. Ed. M. Stantoh, Cenenltlog Coun?p|. ma 15-3t* Wm, K. R1LEV A BROTHER are now open ing, *t No *6 Central Stores, a large ?tock of all ki..d? of SPRING DRV floiJD*. to which they oall the attention of their fritnda and th? pnblio generally. D< n't forget VVM. R.RILEY k. BRO-, No. 36 Central Stores, Between 7th and 8th aireeta, ma 15 6t Opposite Cent?r Market. fr rn REW ARD ?Any one that oan make t>etV?>U t-r sod sell oheap?r Ambrotypes than K- O. WOODlEY. Notic*?I wuh every one to know that I have REMOVED fr ?m my old atanj.oorner Eleventh *t and Pa. avenue, three doors west. Manr o! n:r old patrons have inquired for me at the old stand ; t'i? answer they got "I have just stfppAlout" Now, I Ti>h it positively under #tn< d tbat 1 a n in no war eoaneoted with the firm a'the corner. Inimitable Nrn inverted Portraits from IS cents Look Jor theFlag. ma I5 3t* kCHWrRINI' k, Annihilating A Powder tin B Is the only known and fTrBKaWI^^B best artio to exta: m.rate Roaohaa. Bed Jag". Ants, Moths, Fiiea, Plaas. Ga'den jV ormf Vine Bugs,? . * jt containt no poison. SCHWERIN'S PILLS araaartdaatn to. Rats and Mtoe. M srehwerin has reoeiv. d certificates from the President of Virvd Cul'aga. Dlrtotora of House of Refuge, Panneylvaoia HoapiUl, and other Prominent Institutions of Phuadelafei* ; U. 8. Jail. v\ mhin.tnn n C ?/l Ua? *-' New Cfrie.V.7 Lk ' The original oertifioatee can be area at tin Wholesale and Retail Deeut 184 North Seoond treet, Philadelphia, and Ujz aale wtkii ettybTp. ai ^rn? i t "and? arena* and tH?u.t and by one'ianuina anieea aimed At. Scnw>?ih. I _ _ Bait Otltlam C(iI?r?M? at Cliakcribarf, P* i . The Eait Baltimore Confrrenea met la the M. | E. Church at Cbimbmburt, PeonaTl"*?l*. ' Wedaeaday at 9 o'clock a m , Blahop Slmpaoa , prealdlng 1 The tramfer of N. W Colbarn waa reeelrad ( J H C Doah. waa elected Secretary, who ap- ? pointed, aa aariitaata, Dr Sargent, K D Cham- * bera. and H S Mendenhall. The tranifer of R. 1 Smltbaon, of the Central Illlnoli Couference, waa Preaented. Cflmmlttw an PnHllr U'Atthln m 1 then appointed. consisting of Revs tVUlluB Har- j den, F. Dvtoa. Wm. Earnsbaw. and GeorgeSteT- ; en*on. The hours of meeting and adjournment wer? j fixed at S)f a m .and 12 m standing Commit- , teet were tben ordered on the following subjects: ? | Dickinson Coll?ge, Temperance, Trtct Causa. ' Colonization. Bible. Ac. On motion of tbe Re* , Dr. Ree?e. a Committee of seven on the State of tbe Cburcb wu appointed by the Chair ' Tbe Lav Steward! of the Conference were then announced as follows J \V. Rando ph, J M Leader. D. Coovrr^C H Asbcomb, J. Smith, C. G Rvman and J. H Young. A Commits nn i A Committee on Publishing tbe Minutes of tbe . Conference was ordered, and the following apKinted: J H C. Doab, U. W. Cooper and D. W. ' onroe < The first quest on of General Minutes wu taken ' up, and J W Smith, C L K. Sumwalt. L. B. Watson, J C Clark, M P Croathwalt, W.M. Frvainger. JUS Clarke, H M Ash, C. H. Kitcbln, R R Pott. J C Cook, J B Cnddjr. J I). A fsenoerg and \V. C Ileaaer, werecontinued < on trial j The seventh question was taken up. and William Wicks, John Thomas. J B Cook, J. Ewing. F Dvson. Wm Monroe, U.Wolfe, F.H. , Mills and T. T.'iieyblll, were continued as sup?ranuates Dr H. M. Johnson, Presideatof Dickenson College, was lntr >du'-ed and addressed the Confer- 1 ence in behalf of that noble Institution. The Conference then adjourned. Ths weatuba.?Tbe following report of tbe weather for th<? morning la made from tbe Amer tci^iapa liiac w kur omilD* son lan Institution. The lime of observation s ' bout 7 o'clock 1 March IS, 1901. Burlington, Vt olewr < New > orfc. N. \ .....cloudy, cold Philadelphia. Pa cloudy, cool i Washington. D. C cloudy, wind N ' Richmond, Va cloudy, cool. Petersburg, Va snowing, 253. Wilmington, N.C cloudy, cool. Auzusta. Ga. ...cloudy, cool Savannah, Ga cloudy, 45?, wind NW Macon. Ga. clear. Columbus, Ga.............clear, oool Grlffen. Ga .....clear, eoo<. Monigomery, Ala. clear, pleasant Jackson, Ala clear. I Mobile, Ala clear, cold. New Orleans, La clear. W5 , wind E from the wist. Frederick, Md overcast. moderate. Hagerstown. Md cloudy, pleasant Cumberland, Md cloudy, pleasant. Pittsburg. Pa clear, 26J. Grafton. Va clear, pleasant. Parkeraburg. Va clear. Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Barometer at the ttmltbsonlan at 7 a (corrected for temperature,) 29.992: at noon, 29.915 Thermometer at 7 a a . 31X *; at noon, 37J. Maximum aurng vm noun, ending V a. m. today, 36 ; minimum 37*. AJIUSKIUSBITb. WASHI N" G T O N THEATER! Lessee .8 W. GLKKH Ao'icg Manner J. T. Raymond THIS EVENING. Benefit and Last Appearanoe hot one of the saeoesaful debutante, MI38GERTRUDE ARGYLE. Who wi'i! appear a? Bsatkick, In 8h%ksp?are'sooin?4r ot MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. To eonolude with The favorite Farce of THE LOAN OF A LOVER ITT The <ii?tineuished nomedian. Mr. JOSEPH Jt7FFJvRSO.,,C. wilj appear on Monday. Jt_ ftOlk l\l\(\ ?BLUE BOOK -lnfnrmaiM'n as to all the rftoes in the unt'j, *nd salary. J7S cents. Contain* the aanrie matter as tin Great Blue Book costing 99 80. Omitting ;he n*m*s which are not r.?crs*ary Catalogue of Corirfsities at Patent Oftoo List ol Patents. Old Books bought and s? ld Cata'ngue furnished. ALFRED HUNTER, Bix keeller. r>?.ln>* ? *1 IlltlUB llVbTi Cf|U?TD. PERSON AL \1adamk goddaro, 1"* Thi Astrolooibt. i tn l*onniu!t?) on th? P?< Present, and Fntu-n Kv-nt*, in (trahan's Alley; entrance on C at., b-twoen I3?h a?.d '4th ?t?. roar 14-St' BOARDING. HOARDING.?A few ?leae?nt Room*, with I* Board, can he had at No. 8* 4>4 ?(.. mar 9 lw* TI.. A. BKAI.L * CO. AKK Plev-nre in informing their customer*, and Strang rs.that they have remov d to No. 361 SrVflth ?tr?-t, betweeu I and K.ju?t alcove K. H Hall'i-.__We have ju t received a new aii?D;v of yLUTHINO. FURNISHING aoffSl, TRUNKS HATS MdC^P^, whion w rffer to rr-ll at very low prices. ''all and CM us before burin; elsewhere. as we know that we oan sell yon rood* at less thMi an* other store in tbe citr. L A. BEALL A CO.. Clothiers, mar 14-lm No. 3bl Seventh st.. bet. 1 and K. 4G0 SEVENTH STREET. 460 alwayTahead. I have iu*t received a niee stock of SPRING CLOTHING, y U R N I XH I N ? GOO L> S , TRUNKS, HATS and CA I'S to which I invite the Mten'io of all in war t of such article*. My motto is "A quick si price islettrrthao a slow skillinn.** Those m %-ant ? f Clothing we invite to com- and k>< k a- onr jof ds and prioes ; ?n4 if rom srutt a ni?e Shirt a <d a pre ty Ti e, "Mo 460 ?:th?tie 11? the piar<> to cat them I hava a very lar*e stook of SPRING HATS, whioh I am wiling at 25 per cent. below their actual va'u? For th->?e wli wr.nt to travel. I hare just r?eeirfd a iarg- otof TMfNKS, VA LI*<J CARPET HAG9,vi jirj in pricei from Jl b-to $8. If you w<ni a fool I'runk, Clothing, Furnishing Ooodt, Hat*. or Cap*, there is n<> p'aoe where yoo oan buy tn^m a* ow m at tbe Pe< p!e'? Clothing Store, No. 460 peveolh ?t., opaonte H.??t Offioe. / H. C othier. mar H lm No 460 Seventh at., bet. E and V. Only One Dollar. 476 Pa. A 7 ...AT EVANS'S 476 Pa.At TAKE VOUR CHOICE FOR 91. TAKK YOUR CHOICE FOR tl. jewelry?jewelry jewelry-jewelry ONLY ONE DOLLAR FOR ANY ARTICLE OP JEWELRY IN OUR STORE. carbuncle onyx studs sets, and buttons. garnet jet studs SETS, and BUTTONS, CORAL CARB. STUDS SETS. and BUTTONS. JET PL'N GOLD 8TUDS SETS. and BUTTONS, LAVA MOSAIC STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, PLAIN GOLD GOLD STONE STUDS SETS. and BUTTONS. ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR BACH! SPLKNDID POCKET KNIVES For One Dollar Worth Thiaa. ladies' chains: Suabd For Ou D liar HATELA1NK For On* p ?U*r NECK ..... For On* Dollar gentFchains Twelve Stylet? For One Dollar eaah PLATED WARE, DllTTDB ^ vi wv t t on anif &C| 8POON9,-TABLE, TEA., DESSERT, CUPS.-GILT LINED, FORKS?PITCH KR9-CR E AM LADLE*. CAKE BA-KETS-SUGAR SIFTERS, NUT CRACKERS and PICK*. TEA KNIVES and FORKS. Ao.. Ao, Ao. 476... .476.. ..476....478....476....478 BOOEMBOOKI. CLOSING OUT A LARGE LOT OF BOOKS. At Great Reduction in Price*, Ox ACCOUNT or TSB COHTIHEID HilD TlMtt. Nov is lhoTlm? to Kepleni** roar Library, or Got t Now Ono, c i a r RfrruwUw JUmtmhm lYAf!?!* ?* i r*. at. ISVANS'S Fa. At. mar 14 bttwi Bd and atreta. g-j* BIRD8!?BTRD8 FOE SALE. mjf fiC? ioat received i4 iplendid aaaortment of M/O **- Birds lr?i?t Kuro??uerman CliilMi,**' Kagliih 8 %rk Btni?,Thr?tfc?, H*HF1?h?. ftol< Pinehee, Lineta, 8k? L*rke. Yeuiwllam^ra r?rrcqutta, J?n 8)Vto*-, SiarlMi, the m Nni* Parrot, and f^eo and ?ray. J ton Mocking Biraa.RM wing Biaok tw d?, Rafl Birda, Dot** and Bobjiioka; aia^, Trained Bird*. Pn*elte?ita to f so. Cairi 0r all kind* Iron 10 aoata U? tW.M JOHN O'MKARA'8 Bird Store. N?. ?? Pa a* eawe, at the C?yttoi gmMm. fit > AUCTION SALES. Br J. C. Moll IRfc * CO . A??u?iw?t?. 5 AAA YARDS W1ITK COTTON AWD C*m??tr at Acrnon.?Ob TOMORROW iSaturda.) lttfc U10 0*? ork. in front of tAu t.' B Kocigt, ?t ih* 1 Ml III Uto nr1 MW yard* Wh t? Cottor , 1 yard 2 i notioi Wirtf, I * y*rri? Piak Clinb io. Term* owh. Jt J. C. MoGUlRE 4 CO., Aoeta. By GREFN A WILf.lA MS, Auctioneers. iV?. 526 r?riMr m mmd f) Krwti EXCFI.LF.NT SALE OF HOUSEHOLD a?T. i Kitch e* Feiiini*. Ac . kc , at Auction.? [In f*A I ( RDa > . the t6tn instant, t< >0 n'e ?ek a. m? we aha 1 sell. i" f oit of oer Aectio* Rrr>m>. a ot of fine Furniture. bel?*<icinc to a cent leman d? riiB'nc h"Mekeepn c Wp ntirr ir. pait? WaI ut Sofa*. CaMor. &de, and other Chairs. Do. Marl>l* t-'p Dren'i'f and other Boreaas. MAtr r a* > MarNe-top CMtrr, Oftee, and ride VValcnt Jenny, Sootfccrn, and other Bed steeds, _ _ Do. Marb!e top, PticM, and other Wash Do Kxtension Tah'eede-ft >and I^afTahle , Do. Whatnot Wntina l>esk. and bideboard, BiX Mahogany. an 1 ?Ya! net frame Lbokiaa llMiea, VVAlnut and l'aint*d Wardrobe*. Oak Dinirg Chairs, with an-1 without arm*. Riue Figured Cottage Set. nearly new, Feather IMi P: I lows end Bolsters. B at kets, Comfoits and otner tfeddinc. l.nuQcea. Tin Salea and Winow MhAn, ne*. Fine l.ot of Braaaala mkI oUtr Otrt?ti, Dilo'oth. t?t?ir Rod* and 1>< or Mala, Shina. H .as* a. d Crook err ** are, \n<1 rtiar.j ?<th#r articles too Bvmeroia to aramet at* Term* cash in current fa-da. Persona wiahmg Farmture wi I do vail to att*a4 :te aa>. GREEN A WILLIAMS, A acta Will ' e added to the above aa e? r5 Pirgl* H<i*k Mft'treraea acd Pillows, 4 fine Children'* Carriagea, new _lt ft. A W? Aaota Ry J. C. MeGI'I RK A CO Aaetioneara TR l-TKF.'S 8A LE OF HACK V E V CitiitSI and r*ia or Gkit C*mua* Honaaa.?On nTF.S.iAV MORNING. March turh, at >0 o'ol'k. m front of the Aao'i?n Rooma I Jaa <\ McGaire k Co., hy virtue of a dead of tr;at, <'ated Anuit *>*h 1 AGO, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. ! , No. 196. To iiw S?*. et aea., I aba!) eel I one roo4 Hankne* L/'?wh a- d pair of Grey Horaea. Terma: Ooe-tl.ird ca?h; the reaidae in monthly natalmer.ta at 1 2, 3. 4.S ai.d n.ovtta, with Intar tai. secured to the ?*ti?fa<,?i n of the 'I ruatae. HUGH MURRAY. True***. ma 15 mM, J O. McOIIRK A CO . Aacta. B? J. C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Aactiooeera. TMN WA1K. TIM \V * R V *T * I' PTIMW i On * * i URIiaV MOK.MNS. March l?th. la front #f th* Anof nn Room*, we ?ha . it 1 a targe lot of new T<n sneh as? il?? Pie Platen, Oyster Seoiiopa. ma I and large 'I'm r ars. Water Bucket*. nippers, B^all and iarge Wuo H ?li, Tin Cops, Ac., 4s. Te mioMh. tal" po?i i?e. mM4 * J T. Mrfit'l*/ A Co., A acta Hv J. C. Moiil'IRK A CO., AuotmiMri NEW ANU SECOND-HAND CARRIAGE* at Acctioh.?On **ATLKDAY MORNING, Marih Ibtu,M 13o'elock, in front of the A notion Rot<m?, we shall sfJ ? 1 ir*t-aJ?.?? new No top Buggy, 1 n*w Turr-seat Knokawav, 1 new Two atai Oam Carriage, 1 go. d Igntfi?*??en|er German (own Wa?on, newly done up, 1 Two-seat fu nnier Carriage, l>nt little nerd, 1 very good Hcggy, suitable for a phj sician. Term* oash. ma '? d J.C. McfiflRE A Co.. Aacta. By GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. SAI.K BY ORDER OF THE ORPHAN*' Cora* of the pitromal ErracTs or tb* bati BtsenrT K amdum. Deceased.?On MON>A \ , th? i8th metant we shall eel I, at l^o'elook a rr., at the corner of Twenty first nn<1 I streets, Firat Ward, a'> the Stock. Material, TYn'a, Ac., in th* \Y heel right and Blioksmitk Shop ?f the dece*cd. tie : m- V _ ?*? _ j iit _ a_ _ * ^ _ _ a ??t _ i nr v? o<xi ?> 01 k oi new tiru ana ? agons aom pi te. Lot of Seaeored Spokea, Hubs, Fellnea and Tlsa ber. Lot# of Bar and Scrap Iron and Pteel, Lot* of Wbee right and Bl*ok?nuths' Tools, Sallow ard A nvi . With a large lot of other articles, which we deem . unnecessary t > enumerate. A so, an exoe' ei.t Family Work Hor?eand Bug|T. The Hor*e and Buggy will be told at 12 o'clock. Term*: All nmi under ?if> oaah ; orer |r I oredit of GO an'* 9" day*, for notaa latufootorily endorsed. bearing interest B? order oft' e Af miamtrator oa U St oRLKN A WILLIAMS. Aaete. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtu? of two wnti of fier facia*, issued from the Clerk'* oftoe of the Circuit Court of the IMstriat of Columbia, for theoounty of Wa*hiogton. and tome directed.! will erpoae to public sale for oaah, in front of the oourt hous? door i.f *aid oouutr. ? n SATL R L?A Y , th*9> n day of March instant, 12o'clork m , thefo lowing described property, to wit, ?i? : Lota No. Sand 8. in Square No. ]<V7. *ud Lot No. t, la Square 1??7, in the oity of \\ asfclngton, D. C., to geti.erwith all and singular the mprevemeote thereon, seised and levies upon a* the property of Andrew Rothweli.and will b'ao d to satisfy Midi oia's N ??. 126 and in. to January term, 1MI. fa fb vor or Sti I man, Henrieka St Farber, aid aanaa 8. Stevet-s. W. SELOEN, U S. Marshal for n? 7 dta Dutrict of Columbia. \| ARSHAL'8 SALE.-In virtue of a writ of 1*1 fieri factaa issued frcin the Clerk'a Oftoe of the Circuit Court of the Oiatriot of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me direcie-t. I will egeoae to public sale, for oaah. in front of toe Court Htuse d.v>r of said oou&ty, on FRIDAY, the 721 day of Ma ch n?xt, ttr.l. commencing at It o'elocs rr. . following deaenhed property, to wit, vis: Lot No. J5, in Squ? e No 4'. Lot No. 2, in Square 42. Lot No S> in SouS'* No. 43, Lot No 12, in Square No K. I.ot No. W. rn ?snare No. <2, aad I oj No. IS in Square No.*, a" in the eity of Washington, fi. C., together with all and singular the improvements thereon, seised and levied upon aa the property of Brook Mackall, and will be eold to pfttistv jndioitt No. 43. tn Jannary tfrm, 1W1, IB favor of Roue, Urotfirr ft Co. fen dtn W BELDEN.U.BMamhal. Ar J. C McGUIRE k. CO. AiotioDMn. TK L'STEE'S SALE OP SMALL K* * MB Dwilum Horse and Lot?On fcATt'R1>AY akTKKNOON. M at oh *>th, at 4 o'clock, on he premise* b? wirtoe?.f a deed of trust,d^ted Oct' ber lot'i, 18*?. acd duly recorder) in Liber J. A. t). No. 1(7 io i 66 et se? . 01 e of the land ree < rds f ?r Washington oounty, I>iatr otofCo ?ubi*. I 'hail ae'l Lot No. 1. in Reufern'a subdivision or Square No. SSS, fronting an feet on nortfe O street, at trie corner ol Tenth at. we*t. rinuii back SO feet to an alley, tojeiher with the imeroTeioerU, oonaikting of a two atorr frame Dwelunc House, oontaiain* 4 ")imi Terma : f 253 of the purahese money in oaah; the raaiduc in m nth.* instalments of 9SS. with la t?re t, A.l converaccinc ?t toe eo*t of thepurcha*?*r. B. \V. REED,Trustee. f?2VJawda J. C. McGUIRE k. CO., An eta. RIDDLE nAS THE LARGEST. NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF EVER OFFER ED IN THIS OR ANY OTHER. CITY. AT THE LOW TERMS OF ONE DOLLAR FOR TOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SFLKXDID ASSORTMENT. Elofact CAKBUNGLE.......- NU for ?1 E egant I.AVA P?U lor i I Kiorunt GARNET - ... -^.P?Ufor I RtcactJF.T Srt? for II E!?f?nt<*OttAL and kOL1)-~ - for H ?*?gaat MEDALLION S*U tor II {???nT H IJIN MOSAIC Sow for 1 ecaot PLAIN GO< D Set*for I adiw' GUARD CHAINS -for ft I adiM'CHA ("ELAINE CHAINS ior il 1-adiM' NECK CHAINS .for Rl Genu' VKST tylo?,)..... for R1 AliMLtrieAMO'tneBt of J E WELRY, vluafc v* ou Mil at SO oonW mt irfuii. Just R?c?iv*d. PM ALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL ETRf^4^li^ACjK LAVA fflrBOANCARB<'Mfc"LE.r*.*rr!TKu E^RtfeAl<P N. B -Pwioci wuhlBf My of Um tbon 6cf4a bou.c call at out u they aooa will bo roao. W? have ob kftad, aid ?ro rwring imy tef, l?r|? tnvotoMof THE FINEST PLaTEO WAIS, AiiUtiM of BreaJtfast and Toa Seu. Card and Case* Bruktt*; Cream and Syrup Pitokors; Table, Dessert, Tea. Sugar and Cream Spoons; Butler, FruU, Tea, ?m, and Fish Khivu ; For it; NapJtxn Rings ; Castors; Salt Stands; Plain, Chased and Gilt Lined Goblets and Cups. iu roi uu at Lowrar ?ii-ii wif GOODS WAHAWTBD AS REPRESENTED. hemeubka: RIDDLE'S ORE DOLLAR STORE, mi 7 ion PA.. aw > * l^REAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS -Om nrf " I um Ha 1 ft Sobi' (Mi for t ry him Ro?rroo<l Chiek?ria?a' MUeBBBB for #M0; on Ro *voo4 N ?iw % ttro.'?Wf' * ' 1 iRfk* for S?. tk*M?>jet>u>r?n7 W.G. METZKKuTT. ?ot? H?t >f S?UiM k. Hmt m4 8>t>b,Bmo? 4 C? '? Him. 111 V,w, .. ^Of>D AND COAL. Mr v 8?mtk tirwi Ml Oammi, (SKO PA#E, scra5is!a?iffa?iSrv JJO?K-M?Bk H. UTS AND HOK