Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1861 Page 1
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I g=gg= ===g=======~ I (Anting Star, V2S. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. MARCH 16. 1861. N?. 2.519 TliK DAILY EVENING STAK U rvtfumHap BVERTAFTERNOON, {SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT TUF STAR. BUILDINGS* Cimtr of r*l+cm.iMavtnu* and lllA ** > IT W. D. WALLACH. Pt>M I I " * ? " u jMllfW By NIINII M T<nr, or 9T oenta p?r month. To aubeortbora to prioo ia k year, *? adrmmc*; $i for aiK months; for moctha; and for low th*a tbre* .noQtna it the .ate of 12 oenta a week. Simla on* cijii in wrappers, two cbstt. lL/~ Adymti?**bwt* aaould be aent to tho ofioe batore 12 o'oiook m.; otherwise they may not MT^ar mntil tb^aoxt day. A Da cf for Life, j Espinosa, the little ballet dancer with the big nose, who was attached to the Ravel company aome jeari ago. and made quite a bit in ' Esmeralda ' at Xiblo's and whe had in reality an unusual degree of dramatio and saltatory talent, is said to have experienced a singular adventure, since he was last seen here. On one of those tours taken bj theatrical people in search of the golden fleece, in which they sometimes make the marvellous preambula iivus auu uiiuci j^u iuc uiuoi aa'iucuui by flood and field. Espinosa found himself in the Rocky Mountains; not intending to set up a ballet where Fremont raised the American flag, but with a view to eventually reaching California and discovering a placer. However, he was destined to perform before a very different audience from those which had applauded bis pirouettes in the parquette at Niblo's Garden. He was captured by a tribe of Indians, and doomed to torture. While his masters were gambolling around him in their uncouth mtyle, it cuddenly occurred to the young Spaniard that his own remarkable friskings might amuse them; or else he was shocked at the bad ?tyle in which they performed, and bccame anxious to instruct them in the movements with which he was familiar. At any rate he induced them to loosen his bonds, and began to dance His pranks were so outlandish and extravagant, his gestures so novel and unprecedented, his twistings and turnings, his jumping* ffnd vaultings so entirely surprised the unaccustomed audience mat mey stared in stapid amazement. It must have been a strange scene. The naked dusky Indians grouped around this little Spaniard, ready so soon <* he tired or as they tired of him, to put an end to his life as well as to his dancing, and he '*pered away madly for their amusement. This was indeed "the dance of death." But be intended it should bo "the dance of life." He so fascinated the savages that they became anient on nothing else; and finally when they gathered around him a complete circle he intraduced a dance, that many New Yorkers must have laughed at and wondered at when they saw it on the stage; he began running rignr ana ictt, backwards ana lorwaras, bitting hero one, and there another, dispersing his audience, toaching one with his arm, another with his foot, completely absorbing npfl delighting them; and while their surprise and pleasure were at the height, suddenly leaped into a vacant saddle on one of the fleet*>ef horses of the band. The Indians thought this too one of the pranks of his performance, and did not discover their error till Espinosa bad shot so far out of their reach, that no effort sufficed to recapture him. He arrived safely at the company from which he had originally strayed, more facigued than after any of his dances in the opera. His audience shouted and screamed but not with admiration, at the last; and he could boast of having created a more genuine sensation even than Ellsler or Cerito, or any of /?.* de esses de la danse ?Ar. Y. Express. Reception of Gen Twiggs in Jlew Or If ant. The New Orleans papers publish very full account* of the reception of Gen. Twiggs there oc the 4th inat. The Delta says: No such reception has been accorded ia New Orleans to any public man since the welcome of Gen. Taylor, on his return from the glorious achievements of his Mexican campaign As a nili7AAnf tVir?ncrh tfnt nn sitK IiMIa nr?narotinn I"*? " '" "o*" t% r * *" ???? |/? it was hardly ever equaled in this city. The military were out in large force. More than twenty full, and bome of them very large uniformed companies, were in the line. The Orleans Guards alone turned out 240 men, the Washington Artillery, Louisiana Guards and Orleans Cadets 100 each. The ranks of the Crescent Rifles of the several companies of Zouaves, the Montgomery, Guards, and the other companies of the two brigades of Geneerals Palfrey and Tracy, also mustered strong. The whole formed a column of as gallant, vrell-diseiplined and splendid troops as ever turned out to receive a veteran hero and General But the military, after all, formed but a small feature in the grand reception. It wag the demonstration of the vast crowd of citizens that assembled to welcome the patriotic soldier, and crowded broad Canal street for several squares, and the sidewalks of all the street* through which the procession moved their loud and prolonged hurrahs, the waving of handkerchiefs by the ladies from every window and balcony, and the brightened and flushing expression of twenty thousand faces? which proclaimed in euch eloquent terms the earnest patriotism of our people and their devotion to tho honor of the flag of the Confederate States To the address of welcome Gen. Twiggs refnonded in Jt firm Anrl ir H?npnH?nt rni/*o withal marked by emotion. lie thanked his native South, his adopted home, New Orleans, for the honor done him. and though loth to speak of him<elf, be could say here he never would be charged either as "traitor" or "coward " He trusted never to hear this charged against him here?elsewhere it may rise and it may fall, but so long as his native land knew him well, and spoke of him as he deserved, he would be satisfied ile reviewed briefly his late action in Texas He had no desire to shed Southern blood, or to cause civil war, and if the Government at Washington intended resistance, wby had it remained passive ? The forta of Texas were to-day where they were yesterday. Why have they not been retaken7 He hoped by God s blessing be would be enabled to possess strength enough to participate in retaining these forts to the South, and to participate in the defence of her rights 'mid the momentous struggles of the country. GaLLA-TTRT ASD Co I raok Of COL. Sl'xxkr. lhs Love Affair vritk the Queen of &paiH. The Mac-a-Cheek Press relates this instanceof the oourage and gallantry of Col. Sumner, late *Amna?IAn r\f m? t !??*! ? wuiir??ivu v? ui 4 . 1JIUVUIU UU UIO JUU1UCJ VV Washington : In the summer of 1855 he was sent to Europe en special mission connected with the War Department, and made at the same time hearer of dispatches to our Legation at Madrid, by Got. Marcy, the then Secretary of State. Col. Sumner'* dispatches referred to the Black Warrier affair, and Col. Sumner proceeded at once to deliver them to Mr. Soule, our Minister. The Colonel was presented, of oourse, to the Queen of Spain, and said some handsome things a hu H i %f - J w J, WUlt'U iU I OUUiO I rOMJJ Wit and oiljr tongue made very sparkling in the translation from English into Spanish. The Qaeen was struck. We would not be considered extravagant bv those knowing the parties and remembering the Colonel's tall, handsome Eerson and soldierly address, and thesuaceptiility of her| Majesty, to say that the Queen was smitten That same afternoon the Colonel received a polite note from her Majesty, inviting him to a little supper, in the gardens of the Palace, to which only her intimate friends and associates were admitted. (4 AW t *L1. _ ?} A ? V! _L 19 ah . ima 19 coupumeui?i oign uoner, uud Mr Soale. ' Well, air." reaponded the Colonel, "at what boar preeieely ?hail I go?" 44 Bat yoa will not go," Mid Soale. " Why not?" "Those Spaniard! are very muoh ezoited about tbia Cuban buaineaa; bate aa Amerioani, and if yoa go near the Palaoe after night, yoa will be watched, followed, and aaaaaainatcd I dare not do aoeh a thing-" 44 Mr. Soale," responded Col. Samner, with emphaait, -when a pretty woman invite* me to upper, I go, ?ae>ination or no aaaaaaination " The Colonel waa u good aa hia word. At the proper time be tuoked bis sword under hia arm, and drova away, fle appeared the next moroiBfW breakfast io btiuiotl bealtb tad piriu. Such men ara Mldoa assasdnated iHTTk* editor of a paper ia Indiana wanu to *aow if W?tero wbUky was crtj wen lcgi?ik' wot 0 A Supernatural Frem?nitl?n?St?ry ( a Railroad Kaglneer. I was running a sight express train, and had a train of ten cars, and all were well loaded. I was behind time, and was very anxious to make a certain point; thus I was using every exertion, and putting the engine to the utmost speed to whioh she was oapable. I was on a section of the road usually considered the best running ground on the line, and was endeavoring to make the most of it, when a conviction struck me that I must stop. A something seemed to tell me that to go ahead was danf;erous, and that I must stop if I would save ife. I looked back at my train, and it was all right. I strained my eyes and peered into the darkness, but could see no signal of danger, nor anything betokening danger, and there I could see five miles in the day time. 1 listened to the workings of my engine, tried the water, looked at the guage, and all was right. I tried to laugh myself out of what I then considered a ohildish fear; but, lik* Bann ha'i /?v?nat if wr.nm ??? .. - ?. R" ?< "V ?'?ing, But grew stronger in ita hold upon me. I thought of the ridicule I would have heaped upon me if I did stop; but it was all of no avail. The conviction?for by this time it had ripened into a conviotion?that I must stop grew still stronger, and I shut off and blew the L:.ii _ r i i * - * T nuisiie ior oroaners accoramgiy. i. came to a dead halt, got off. and went ahead a little way without saying anything to anybody what the matter was I had a lamp in my hand, and had gone about sixty feet, when I saw what convinced me that premonitions are sometimes possible. I dropped the lantern from my nerveless grasp, and sat down on t-he traok, utterly unable to stand; for there was a switch, the thought of which had never entered* my mind, as it had never been used since I had been on the road, and was known to be spiked; but was open to lead me off the track. This switch led into a stone quarry, whence st<tne for bridge purposes bad been quarried, and the switch was left in case stone should be wanted at any time, but it was always locked, and the switch rail spiked. Yet here it was wide open, and had I not obeyed my premonition?warn - -*py v-i* aw nuui J VU "HI, X OUUU1U U- * D I U LI into it, and, at the end of the tra?k. only about ten rods long my heavy engine and train, moving at the rate of thirty miles per hour, would have oamo in collision with a solid wall of rock, eighteen feet high. The consequences, had I done so, can neither be imagined nor doscribed; but they could, by no possibility, have been otherwise than fatally horrid. This is my experience in getting warnings from a source that I know not, and cannot divine. It is a mystery to me?a mystery for which I am very thankful, however, although I dare not attempt to explain it, nor whence it came. Mors Plucking of the Goose?The famous Japanese swindle has been outdone; publicans have been found who surpass the Lelands, and Albany eclipses New York. Mr. Lincoln and his suite are more prodigious feeders and arinuers man tne JNo-Ramis. They remained for less than one day at the Delavan House in Albany, and a bill was rendered to the amount of $1,120. As there were eighteen persons in the party, two of whom. Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln, did not dine in the hotel, the expenso for each ferson, three quarters of a day, was just $70 ! noluded in this bill was a charge of $357 for wine, or above $22 or nine bottles a head. We are not surprised, after such drinking, at a considerable charge for Congress water. Neither is it wonderful that the breakages for stoves, chain, and so forth, were set down at $150. Fellows with nine bottles ?f liquor under their belts must have been in a state to 1 l_ aL ! \ . * " orenn cverj iuing aooui mem. even tncir nectts. Shakespeare males Iago nay that " your Englishmen is the most potent in poting; your Dane, your German, your swagbellied Hollander are nothing to your English. He drinks you with facility your Dane dead drunk ; he sweats not to overthrow your Almain, and he gives your Hollander a vomit ere the next bottle can be filled. Oh, sweet England." But England is two-penny mug to your genuine American, according to the hotel bills When the Prince of Wales was at Albany, with a retinue of thirty persons, his bill at Congress Hall for two days was $250, including $60 given to servants How moderate in companion with the travaling party of the President elect! Mr. Lincoln being a rigid temperance man. the keepors of the Delavan have probably taken their revenge upon him in this manner. ?N. Y. Post. Hon. E. Jot Morris.?The Eco d'Italia, of Ney York, of March 1st, the only Italinn paper published in America, quotes at large from ik. i? t?_ u .X_ i? fciiw oj/vvvu ut li'Mt- JJ UUJ ?.UUIIIOf 111 lllO lilffL Congress on tho report of the Committee of Thirty-three, whioh it highly commends. It says: ' These eloqaent and impressive words will be the more acceptable to our readers and compatriots, when it is known that Mr. Morris is the same gentleman who represented with such dignity and general satisfaction the Republic of the United States at the Court of the Two Sicilies during the Presidency of Mr. Fillmore. An author of various works full of taste and exquisite erudition, frank, diplomatic, affable and courteous in manner, firm and decisive in purpose, and, above all, a most ardent champion and friend of the great cause of Italian Lnity. Mr. Morris left behind him, not only in Naples, but throughout the whole Italian Peninsula, the most grateful recollcctioca of himself. If, in the approaching reorgnniiation of the American missions abroad, President Lincoln should select Mr. Morris as Minister Plenipotentiary to the Court of Victor Emanuel, the whole Italian people would receive such nomination with the most lively gratitude. It would do much to re-establish tne good name of Amerioa. which has suffered much of lat? from some of its diplomatic ran resentatires abroad." Elopbmext.?Horace Sanburn, of Mendon, Vt., a young man whose marriage about a year aince with a daughter of Leverett Wilkins. of the same town, was celebrated with considerable pomp, and who was supposed to live very happily with his wife, about two weeks since eloped with the wife of Wm. Jakins, of Rutland, with the intention, it is supposed, of flying to California. The runaway pair took the cars from Rutland at 2 a. m. on the 23d ult., their baggage being checked through to New York. Mr Jakins followed in pursuit of the fiilty pair through thia city to tne metropolis. he laat information which be was able to obtain of hia wife and paramour was in this oity, where they breakfasted at a hotel near the depot, and only remained until a connection could be made with the cara for New York. In the metropolis the runaway couple eluded all the vigilance of the polioe, and no doubt succeeded in making their escape to California by the steamer which tailed last week. Mrs. Jakins was a really beautiful woman, and had been married but about four years. She is a daughter of Amos Pike, of Rutland, and comes from a respectable family. The elopement occasions the moat intense excitement and grief among the friends of both families ; while to the rejected wife and deserted husband the stroke is an exceedingly poignant one.? Troy Times, March 11. In one of the public schools of Charlestown the bovt are trained to whittling in concert; the girls unite In a ''bumming" accompaniment, and the result la a very novel and agreeable harmony. If visitors would unite In the performance they muat not look at the mouths of the youngsters It would then be folly to attempt the necessary " pucker." Ji_7~ The London Court Journal gives a rumor that the Duke of Newcastle baa had a quarrel with bis colleagues In the Cabinet, upon the question of confederating the British North American colonies under one government. CETIn Oneida county, N. T , a Jery awarded Mlm Baldwin S3.000 damages against her faith, less swain, John Stevens, who promised to marry ber, and then went off tnd married aomsbody MISCELLANEOUS. /OS The old eatabluhed PAWN OF- AK a A^'CE. formeny on Penr. ?venu?.JtwJL O ?between 3d ?"d *t?., h&slaMj? Q ratnnmA/1 */\ Q f1 ?* ? J l/uvu I vmv?vu u?l V 1/CfcWTOU *7? BUU Qlfl ata., back of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 910,000 to be loaned in small auma on Gold and Silver Watohee. Jewelry, and all other artioJea of value. Buainena atriotly and confidentially done. Don't forget to oall at No. 351 C at., between and 6th ata. fe87-3m 1. HERZBERQ. CWOOD AND COAL. ONSTANTLY On hand a large assortment of tho very beat quality of RED and WHITE ASH COAL of all aisea. which we will deliver to any part of the city at the ahorteat notioe and at moderate prioes. 2,240 pounds to the ton in all <-a?ea. Alao. HICKORY. OAK and PINE WOOD in ouru icugui or HVN^^|^!p ^ sNt^re^uirea. South tide Pa. a v., Wet. 3d and 4>< rts., fa 37-2w and wnt side <H ?t. and the Caaal. ) JOHN F. EI.LI8. SOLB AGENT _ FOR THE SALE AND RENT CHICKERING ARSONS' PIANOS, 1 306 Pk.nna. AvKirua, , Bttween 9th and 1<H& Streets, ma 2 North Side. T*HE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. 1. EMKICH. at the oorner of Penn. A . A avenue and Eleventh street, has HoenVtMy greatly improved reoentlv and now offers greater inducements for the patronage of citizens and strangers than any other publio house iu the oitf, his pnoes being less than those of any other hotel on Ponn. avenue, and his accommodations 1 for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangement* of the European Hotel have already beoome very popu 1 lar. being all that can l>e desired by the most fastidious. The proprietor pledges unremitted attention and continued liberal expenditures to give satisfaction to all, and thus renews his invitation all to tive the Kuropean Hotel a call. de 4-ti JUST RECEIVED AT FRENCH tc RiPHSTEIN. 278 Penn.avenue, Washington."'The Piokwio* Papers," being the first of the elegant househould edition of the works of Charles DioKens; illustrated by T. O. C. Darley and John Gilbert. Riverside pr<ss. Call and examine them. Also, a new SuddIt of F)arle*'s Illustrated flnw per, the finest edition published. fe f THE INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE STATE I oy , VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 5300,000. I Insures Merchandise, Buildings, Household I Furniture, Ac., against loss or damage by fire. HEATH A KNOWLES, Agents, 1 Offioo? Room 16 over Bank of Washington. ; ja 10 J WATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARE 1 MANUFACTORY. , I have one of the best establishments, and fur- 1 nished with a complete set of tools for repair- Jhy j ing every description of fine Watches, and 4W1 i particular attenti(>n give to the name, by &mMK ' thorough competent workman.and a. work guaran- ] tied. Also,every descrip ion of standard SILVER ? WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my customers will find ] far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in general and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, so 6 338 Pa. avenue, near 9th st. FD. L. MORRISON A CO.. I OUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in < MILL. FEED, CORN MEAL, fe., fe.. Comer of 12th and B streets, Washington city, ] rur Cash paid for all kinds of Grain, au lV6m ? T PROCLAMATION O THE 3 CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN. he. , U\trgii At the present seaeon o the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY. Ac., Ao? prevail to an alarming extent: And uktrta*, It must be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE In UTiri ftlinil* tn Irnnw ?.f ' ' A*REMEDY I i at once J or Pakis, offers hia MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as tho most CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS J In order to satisfy 1 THE PUBLIC . , that do imposition is intended in the sale of thU : Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BE hEFUNDED * is all tasu when the medicine lails to give entire e&tiaf&otio Ask, then St &nr Drue Store for DK. MO\TAKDF/9 miinituiim piim irn i p? .... Wfc/ a ?.?** lUI'IlUIH take &a <11runted, and ll not perfectly satisfied ? Return to our Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., ? 4K Street and I'ennsjlvania Avenue, " who will refund your money, < Price?'ift and 50 Cent* per Bottle. 1 For a&le at all Drug Stores everywhere. jas. McDonnell, Ooneral Agent, t Jvll-eotr Baltimore. I fflU"! TOPHAM'S SEEDS BMP PREMIUM TRUNK QUO r MANUFACTORY, * 499 slvestu btr1et, wa8hixotoh, D. c. Silver Medal awardedI hy Maryland Institute of ? Baltimore. November 7, l!<flO J Also, Medal by Me ropolit"n Meohai.ios'Institute, 1 Washington, D. C? 1857. I am oonstantly making, and always have on hn.nd. v of the best material, every description ot Fine Sole Leather, ? Iron Frame. J Ladiei' Drees, | Wood Box, and 1 Pack in* Trunks, Pelllsier, Carpet, and ' Canvas 'I raveling Bags, ' Sohool Satchels, 4.O., At Low Prices. Members of Congress an.1 travelers will please 1 examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere I Trunks that are made in other cities. Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to or^er. , , , Trunks oovered and repaired at short notice. Goods delivered free of charge to anylpart of the 1 eity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. 1 jag-lyeo JAMES S.TOPHAM. QLD RICH. glELLOW AND PURE MONONOAHELA RYE WHISKEY, t Conscientiously distilled by Mr. James Burnside. 1 St Allegany County, Penna., in the old-fashioned , ooeet way, from tneohoioest and most oarefnii* I eleoted Rre. and in no oase ever offered for sale 1 until adapted to wholesome use by ace It is at onoe the moat palatable, aa it ia emphatically one of the pureat beverage* in the reach of the pnblio. To the Invalid.aa well aa to thoae in healtti,it oommends itself for its unrivalled qualities aa a < stimulant of the safost. surest, and most benefioent j description, and many of the most distinguished physicians are using it in their practioe with the 1 hspp;ft?t roeulta. CLERY * BTOCKDALK, Proprietors, 396 Walnut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVER, Agent for the Proprietors. 423 Pa. av., se IMw opposite Willartls' llotfti. j ROUGHS. COLD^.UOAR8ENE8S, Ac. J COMPOUND SYRUP OPQUM ARABIC. This pleasant and popular Cough Remedy has been so long known and extensively ustd, that moat persons have beoome familiar with its extra- ordinary rffioacy. It oan be had atallthe prinoi- { pal drug stores at 25 and 90 oents a bottle. < ?e a ?,?m?*o4m* 275 ALkEN 275 S jackson, ? FLASTBRBRS, psnma. avkitvx, ] B*twwn loth and 11th tr?to. > 1? i Honk prick only! f oi ?# w r * ?' nwwwn *ftn ami loth af. , ! SHW?*??fia.e|j CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASUINQTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Sir**t. Bttwttn 9tk a*A loii Strati. We hire just finish*! a number of ftrat-ol&M CARRIAGES, ruoh u Litkt Fnn.rv~ amn. Wagimt, Park P heat on s. Family Car ruutt, and But tut, which we will Mil at" ~ *-' a varv small profit. Being praotioal meohacios in different branches of the business. we flatter ourselves that we know Se styles and *uahty of work that will give satis otion, combining lightness, oomfort ana darabill ty Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the shortest notice and most reasonable oharges. WALTER, KARMANN A BOFV. Cwvchmakers, successors to Wm.T. Hook. >P n-dlT T CARRIAGES. Jl BE Subscriber haring made additions te hi taatory, making it now one of the largest In the Distnot, where hia facilities forg^XM manufacturing CARRIAGE A LIGHT J "1* WAGONS or aH kinds cannot be surpassed, and from his long in the business, hs hopes

le give general satisfaction. Ai1 kinds ef Carriages and bigkt Wagens kept si Ail KKPlIUiiMilt'*" 7 ktt?nd?4 to. " S*mktf-kui4 OutU[?i Ukcn in *x*h*aref*r *rw ?M?. ANDREW J. JOYCE, l? tf miw af 14th ui K ct*. piREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 7TT...t200,000. Office ton r C street and Louisiana ??.. Knmh of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY 1-IRE. Director*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Croploy, William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D- Baro'.ay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Parker, Riahard Barry, B. B. F re noli. No charge for Pofioiee. JAMES ADAMS, President Ab*L G. Davis. Secretary. oc lO-eoSm P READER, ERUSE The following state ment and then judge of its facts for yourself ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn. N. Y.. a well known citizen there, had suffered from I>yspep?ia For some years, witho it permanent relief, until lie tried AYrjR'S PILLS,which taken acoordiiig to the direotiors for this comp amt, restored him to h?a!th in a few weeks. After an interval of seme mon'h 8 he has had no return rf his comp air.t. GKO. W. CROSS, of Harmony,Texas, had an eruption on his neck, shoulders, hack and leg, whic.'i covered about one thud of his body. It k*p? the parts affected oovered with a scab, and tieing olten a raw sore, was of oonrse vt-rjr troublesome \nd distressing. It so much impaired his health as to unfit him lor business find kept him in oorstant 11 (Tpri n? A !1 .J/l f?.U i t.? *;l *? * ?>< atu I'mo i uirii niiiii ne lo"i aykr's Compol'm> extract harsa I'ARILLA, whichoured him. His skin still shows iom? Hoars from the ulceration, hut it la other wrue is clear as an infant*. JOHN H. SHOOK, Esq . an eminent lawyer of Richmond, Vs., took a coid which settled on his ungs. A severe pain set in on the left side, with a md cough, whioft w?s soon followed by the uninisLakarle s> mptoms of consumption. \\ h*n reduced low he oommenoed taku.g AVER'S CHER K.Y PEC'fi >R Ah, which soon stopped the cough Ui?l oompleteiy cured him. Prep&ud ty DR. J. C. ATKR ? CO., Lowell, Mass. ma 13 eolm THE ONLY PREPARATION WOBTDT OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE 4 rATIlONAGE ntn, JULMES, VLERQYMEX. LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in ail parts of the world testify to the effioaoy of PROF. O.J WOOD S IIAIR RESTORATIVE, ind gentlemen of the Press are unanimou* in its praise. A frw testimonials onljr can be horn given im oi'oular (or wore, and it will be impossible for rou to doubt. 47 Wall Strkkt, Nbtv Yoek, D?O. 20,185*. Gemlem'n : Your note of the 15th instant has >cen received, saying that yon had h^ard that 1 ladbecn benefited by the useof Wood's Hair Reitorauve, an' requesting my certificate of thsfact f I had no objection to give it. 1 award it to you chee>fully, because I thir.k it lue. My age is about 50 years; the oolor of my lair autmm, and inolined to ourl. S*>me five or tix roars since it began t> turn Rray, and th<> scalp m theorown of my head to lose its nensibiuty and iandruff to form upon it. Each of these dieagreeibilities inontaeed with time, and about 4 months unoe a fourth was added to them, by hair falling >ff the top of iry head and threatening to make me k In this unpleasant predicament I was indacod to :rv Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the ailing off of my hair, for I had really no eipectaion that gray hair oould ever be restored to ita >riginai ooior except irom <l> e?. I wn?, however, {reatly surprised to find, after the ure of two bot ;lesonly, that not only was tne failing ofl'arrested. Hit the <)"lor was 'estored totliegray hair* and lensibility to the soa'p. and dandruff ora.ied to form >n my head, very inuoh t > the Kratifioation or my rife, at whore solicitation 1 was induoed to try it For this, among 'he in.Mjobligations 1 owe to ler sex, I strongly recommend all husbands who ,-a.ue the a<1 hiirati >n of their wives to profit b* mr xainple, and use it if growing grar or gettinr f>a d. Very respeotfully, Bex. A. Lavender. To O. J. Wood A Co.. 444 Uroadway. N. V. My family are absent from the city, and I am no onger at No. 11 Carrol pjaoe. HiaiMTfltt, Ala., July 20,1859. To Prof. O J. Wood: D"ir Sit? Vour "Hair Restorative" has done my hair so muoh good since oommenoed the use of it, that I wish to make mown to the pnhJio of its efl ects onthe hair, whion ire great. A man or woman rpa* benearly deprived >f hair, and by a resort to your'"Hair Restorative" he hair will return more beautiful than ever; at f^ta i. ? n?i: - .? -ii > van* UiiD M m 111/ vapoilQUUOi |>Olin?n II U11 Yours truly, Wm. H. Kk^siit. P. 8.?You can publish the above if you liko. By >ublishing in our Southern papers y<>n will get n >re patronage South. I nee several of your oerificates in the Mobile Mercury, a strong southern laper. W. H. Kk.nkdt. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Psor. O J. Wood: Dear Sir: Having had the niifortune to lose the beet portion of my hair, from he etTents of the yellow fever, in New Orleans in *<?1,1 was inJuoed to make a trial of your preparalon. and found it to answer as the very tuing istded. My hair is now thick and glossy, and no rords can express my obligations to you in giving o the afflicted such a treasure Finlbt Jodnson. The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sizes. . I -J; _ J .--ii. *.1 " ? ? ? ? ' * i? . iarKt?. iiiouiuiu aim ainau; inc email noia liail . pint, and re tail* for on? dollar per bottle; the mefum holds at least 20 per eent. more in proportion lian the small, retails for two dollars per bottle; nf large hoids a Quart, 40 per oent. more in propnr ion. and retails for 83. O. J. WOOL) A CO., Proprietors, 444 Broad ray, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis Sold in this o ty by C. STOTT, 374 Pa. avenue. au27 eoly aiw FRENCH FLOWERSOF THE VERY BEST " quality, and an exUMisivevar^etj^ ^ Fanoy Store, 1SS no 32 t 33fi. >*tw. 9th and 10th sU. PIUPONT'S 6UNPOWUER, \J For sale at manufacturers prioes, by JOHN J. BOH U E, GKoaexTowif, D. C? SoU Agnuy for the Dittrut of Columbia. A large supp.y, embracing every variety, always n hand, and delivered free to all parts of the Disrint. Orders oan also be left at theoffioeof Adams' Express Company. Washington. D. O. f*3-1avlv REST FANCY GOODS, L> AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, Aip OW* PricxONLY, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE, no 22-tf SHfi. h?tw. <Hh and 10th sta. r INCOLN AS HK 18. L* , SrtiL Knoravkd Pobtkait. TT?? beat Portrait jret published of 'fOA. ABH * H AM LINCOLN, (with wKiikert.) At HaNCH * RICifoTElN'S. No. 278 Pekxa.. Avk.icb, Washington, 1). C. Tfade anppheri ?t low prioea mar 7 [IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STRANGERS L VISITING WASHINGTON. A nJ the National Capitol viil l>e pr?a*nt?l o all pnrohaasra of Booka, Stationery Ao . from he well known f>?tahlirhm?nt of FRENCH & R1CHSTEIN, 978 Pa. a*.. ''25 near K'rkwr.od Honte J1LK ROBE8, MOU8I.IN ROHKH I.AW>1 ^ U f lUI'U II LVD 1 r D D A iT.To 1 1 w **vyUC- Ot 0ril\ AUD RUp We're selling at half their original price A' >ther good* of every de*or ption we are still sailing ,t oo?t Our large and well assorted in ivery department. fe 21 TAYLOR ft HUTCHISON. [ W1LL Take of v'irjniia money for my I took debts and for Boot*, Shoes, and Trunks, Art ersuns indebted to me will pleas* oafl and settle ip,or I shall be compelled to give their aooouuts nto the hands of a collector. 8. P. HOOVER, lro* Hall. wo >1 Pa. ?T..>*tTiw>p wh and Jftth rts rkUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of the Lf very latest style*, and in all eases made^gfc f the best material, gall at onoe and utCHp ihoio*. At STEVENS'!, ne a-tf Sftlt. betw. 9th and loth eta. nns ni rvniiua < ?j ? ? CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILORING. KW FALL STYLES of CLOfHS, CASS1MERS.ANI) VESTINGS. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 39a P?nntrlT?m, l E. ?i i?- ? ??J - - " hiw ?ft?wuu"i imvr jubi rrcblvwi ft .ftrtp \ &t161t ox new Fall Goods, to wmoh they invite the aitehtion of their frieoda and ouatomera. au Sf'-tl /GENTLEMEN'?* \J RE\DY-MADE CLOTHING. Our yreeeat aaaortnient of GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING offera to oituena and atrangera wiahing an immediate outfit aupe nor lnduoemeuta, enibracw.g, at thia time, ail atrlea acd aualitine of Preaa an 1 Butuneea Garmenta and Overooata in all varietiee. Fine Shirta and Under-clothing of all kinda. Kid and other Glovea of beat quaity. tfcarfa, Ti?a, Cravnta, Stocks, Hoaiery. Ao.. Ac. All of wkich we are offering at our uaual low prioea. ID" Clothing mado to order in the mortaupenor manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. I po 16-tf jtiil Pa. #2" TO THE PEOPLES'CLOTHING STORE, I VJ No. 4fVO SeTenth at., to get ?onr CLOTHI ING, FURNISHING GOOi?S, HATS aud 1 CAPH. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our custoinera. and oitisena generally. to an inapeoMon of onr prevent new, at __ tractive, and elegant aaeortencnt of^AB CLOTHS. CASSI MERES. DOESKINS, WK VbSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ao. W which we will make to order in imnnr-* ?iyie at rery low prioes. WALL, STEPHENS fc CO., oo 25 tf 322 Pa. ?v? betw. 9th and loth at*. Cure Cout h, Cold, Hoar stmts*. In^XYj/7K Jlutnxa. any Irritation or SortA^YNBnA w v' of (4c Throat, Rtltevt tht JwJBMyW H'irkint Couth mi Confurnpl! l7n< mILlI tie*, firmtiiitf, Arhmn, UitJhUlBM 4* Catarrh, Clear ana nri VwHHfT ,urent:h to tht votet of >fc>i/Jr\3r PUBLIC SPEAKER? am SINGERS. Few are aware of the importar.oe of oheotinc a Couch or "Common Cold'* in it* first staire; that which in the bejrimne would field to a mild remedy. if ne*le/"t?'l - 1 " " r f?v& mo L*uUCB. DTOim Bronchial Trothts" oontairu-CK demulcent ineredi ants, allay Pulmonary and Biocohia: Irritation. < "That trouble in my Throat, (for 1 BROWN'S which the "Troche" area apeoifaoi navinr made me often a mere whis- ! TROCHES perer." N. P. WILLIS. 1 RROWVM Ml reoommend their nae to Preuc ' HRUWS L Spxaksks] TROCHES RKV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great service in snbduing Ho?i?i . BROWN'S ???." REV. DANIEL WISE. TB,irnva "Almost instant relief in the die 1 * tressine labor of broathmg peouiiar ; BROWN'S 10 Ar|f*v'. C. EGGLESTON. ' TROCHES "Contain do Opium or anything ( injurious." DR.. A. A HA>ES, UDAlVVtOl oivv??ii ci twtnt.u, cotton* TROCHES 03"b'" BROWN'S liR. 6. F. BISELOW^ trophkh " Beneficial in Bronchitis." TKUtHbt* DR. j, F. W. LANE, BROWN'S Bottom, i * I have proved them exoellent for TROCHES Wnorriiw Cotoh." REV. H. V/. WARREN. BROWN'S Bottom. trmphf? "Beneficial when compelled to TROCHES apeak, ftrfferlne from Cole." REV. 8VJ. P.ANDERSON, BROWN'S St. Louts. TRfinifh " Er?*cTUAi in rcmovinr Hoarae [ neas and Irritation ofthe Throat, ao 1 BROWN'S oom ?B with Speakers and SinaTROCHES '"'Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON, La Orange, Oa. " BROWV* Teaoher of Mneio. Southern ' Female College. TROCIiES "Great benefit when taxen before 7 and after preaching. aa they prevent l BROWN'S Hoaraeneae. From th?ir pMtcffMt, 1 I think thoy will be of permanent adTROCHES vantage to me. RKV.E. ROWLEY. A. M. " BROWN'S Preaident ol Athens Coiiege, Tenn. J TROCHES 11^ Sold by all Drnggiata at T WEN- ' . TY FIVE CENTS A BOX.Jsl b de 1 1 y b DB. J. H. MoLEAN-'S J 6TRENGTHE HTN0 CORDIAL AKU BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY in tk* WORLD, tEVER TAKEN. ^ ?ioreiajaii^ ?.^-;^Vf41ier lading. ? diatllliof, pradatia ? daueioas, aihiUraunf apiru, and Ua BMt lufallibia rama ly far r?i<?T?ii.(f tba jiituth itmc, ? and raatsnnf tha tick, aaffariuf, and dabilitatad laralld w haaltfc and alranflk. k| McLFAWS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL J Will afactaally eara Liaar Corrplamv, D?apapa;?, Jaan- |t diet, Cbramc ar Nir???i Dability, Diaaaaaa'af iba Ki dnaya, 0 and all <liaa>>aaa artainf fron. a diaordarad Livar ar Stomach, j. Dyapapa a, Baanbarn, Inward Filaa, Acidity ar af tka Stomach, rallnaaa af lUlrod la tha Kaad, Dall Pain at Q wimminf in tha Haai, Pa!pi:*?.i?o af tha Haart, Fallnaaa a> Waifht in tba Btaroach, Soar Eracuttooa, Cbakcf > afacaunf Pasting whaa l*yjn* dasrn.Prynaas ar failair. b naaa af tha Skin and E*aa, niffciSwaau, loarard Fs?ara. Pain in tha mall af tha Back, Chaat, ar Sida, Saddan Ptaahaa af Baat, Daprsaaion of Spirtu, FrifhiSal Draama, 6 baofaar, Dataai.dancy at any narrcaa diaaiaa, Saras a> tl Vlatebat an tea Mkic, and Fa*ar asd Af aa (ar CtiHa and rim.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES r ka?a baan aald dmnnf u nat an oiaotba, aud ia at ta- 1 atanca baa it failad in ri?.aj antira aauafac'.ian. W ha. than, will aafar fram Waakuaaa er Pabiiity wean MehEAB'fl L RIEHmiN!Nfl COB1UAL will car a yaa t 8 ianjaafa can Moray ar. adaqaa:a idaa of tba Iraaadi- ll at* and aimaat mincalaaa cbanga pmdacad by taking thia Cardial la tha diaaaaad, dabiliutad, and abtuarad aarrau A ayatarn, vbathar brakaa dawn by asccaa. waak by oatara, ( Impalrad by ataknaaa, tfia ralaiad and anatrang at gaai- d atlaa la raawrad la iw prlauna haaitb and aigai a, MARRIED PERSONS, r athsra, aaoaciaaa af inability from whatarar taaaa, will n luu mcto&JLJVV iTMiiuiii.ninv uuouiAb I (M- ?' rtlfk rafinarata? af lb* ayattm; uid all wU rr.a? btTt in tl larad vh?m??lT?t kT tmpraaar indalgancaa vlll Cad ta tbia Cardial a nain and apaadj ramadj. tl TO THE LABISS. ? MckBABI BTRBBBTBEKlNt} CORDIAL U a MT*r- " Irrx aad apaady ear* fat lacipiant CtrjupM, Wh'ui, ? Obatraetad ar Diflealt Maaatraatiaa.1 ncanti&anea af Criaa * ar Inralaaurr Dtaebarya tbaraaf, railing af iha Wmk, M lddlnaaa, Fainting, and all diaaaaaa incidant ta Pamaiaa. 'J THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT tmf ar na laofar. Tiki It aatardinf ta diraetiaea. It will _ atiraalata, atraaftbao, aad lanfarata jam aad Ska** tba m blaam af baaltb u maant yaar cbaak afau. Ktii; baula u varraatad la (Ira aatufaeuae. ' FOR CHILDREN n It raar ablldran ua aickly, pan/ ar nfllatad, MckEABt u CORDlAk will make than baaitby. fat, aad nkui Dal*7 || a at a aantnt| Ui it, aad jraa will ka aaanaaad. It ta da- a. Ilaiaaa ta taka. M OA UTION, Z. Bavara af drtfffiata ar daalara wha mat try ta palm apao tl yam hoi krnar at taraapanlla traab, which ihaj eaa lay rr *ha?f, br Mainfil la laat aa vaod. Avoid ancb man. Aak a far McCKAlfoYrRlCNUTHEHIMG CORDIAL, aad tab* h natblnr alaa. It la tba aoly ramad? that will panfy tba a Blaad tbaraafhlv and at tba hoi tin* auanftban tba afatam. 4, On* taaapoacfnl takan a?ary marainf faaOnf la a carxain praTantira far Chaiara, Cbilli and Parar, Yallow Parar, ar an? praraltnt diaaaaa. It m pai aj> In larra boulaa Pnea 4. a??y VI par battlt, ar (baulaa far ?L J7 B McLEAN. _ Bala praprlaiar af tbia Cardial; alaa. Mekaaa*a Volcanic Oil v kinimant. Principal Da pat aa tba tanai af Third aad I Pin* atraau, Bt. kaaii, Ma. ' McLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, l (TBI BUT kIBlMEWT HI TBI WORLD ) [ Tba only aafa aad eartaia eara far Caaeara, Ptlaa, Ta- >1 art, Bwalltnfa aad Braaabila ar Caitra, Para I rau. Baa- v (alfta, Waabnaaa af tba Maaclaa, Cfcraauc ar lniimmaiarr Z RbaamaUaa. Btiffaaaa af tba Jaiata, Caatraatad Maaclaa ar kinmanu, Earaaha aaToaibaeM, Bpraiaa, fraah m Cat*. Wnndt, I'lem, P?**f bri#Ctk(4 B/uii, l*ri [ llnilii, Barna, Seald*, ?*r? Throat, ar **7 intaauaauoa a* J; &1D, m difaracea K?W MTirt ar lenjr ih? imui 1UJ f. Ear* aiiatad, McLEANI CELEBRATED LINIMENT ? ? Mrttla ramady. nmuit af hamaa katnf* hart fcaao aarad a Ufa af dia f npitada aad niitr; by lha aaa af tfcu laralaakla ramady. * MeL BAITS VOLCANIC OIL LIN IMS ST Will ralia*a pais alia at inataotuaaaaly, and it will claaa, ft partly and haal lha faalaat mil la aa tacradlbla abort uaa. m FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. '' MeLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT la lha oaly aala n aad ratiabla ramady for tka ear* of Sparta, Rtafbaaa. Wladfalla, tpUau, Sanataral Lampv Nod*a ar vallian. U aarar fall ad w car* big Naad, Pallanl, Plata la, (f.d Bandar Bare*, ar w**uy, If property acplud. Tm praina, BraUat, Bcraiebaa, Cracked H**U, U&aiea, Baddla ar Callar Oilla, Cay, Boraa, at Vaanlt, It U aa u,fallible rao. ady. Awl* it aa ikuul ud a am W Mik u ... Cm^ivuXtU ft"' n?,'fc!??li? ^evfUBcc^ - -~?t?,w,r ?????????? THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Tku HMIJKI Fftmi y Neva JhtmI-m ifclniBf ft (TMtit nri#t? of IrtwwtiH iw?IW wa ou m otBfl is ur ? ? Friday monun?. Tum-dui wi?fUt<i,tei<?Mii. Btti * oopy, per nmm..,. ? . 91 M Five eopie* __ _ ____ _____ ___ ? 75 To? oopiea ? Tveaty firaoopm ___ SI * It laveesbly ?ontaina tfc* "WttmoctM Pim" UmT haa made 7\* Dmilt Mrmmt Stmr WwiMH o c aoeraJ.y throne bout the oouBry. H7"oopiaa (In wrappers ma ba prooaraf at thaaounUr. lmmadiata y after U?a imu of Ua papar. Prto?-TH?lEE CENTS. MfcLUClNES. BDK joh^STO*, ALTINVRE LOCK HOSPITAL, Ha* ditccrrrtd tk? n?il Spitdf ?i%d Mi) * i.[!ntuat Kemrttf i? (<i World, FOR ALL D[g?A8K9 OF IMPRLDRNC1 LET SO FALSE DELICACY PRETEST APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR SO CHARUK, IS FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WiUikh of the Bwk, tncturra, A (Tactiona af aha km ntj I lid BltdJer, mvoitjnturjr DiKlMifti, Im^KtKt.Ow. rn Pcbiluy, Nti.?uu?r???, Draffpar. L ((?, CMteM of licit. Law 8pinta, Pclpiuuou U tb* Hon. TtmtAiy, Tifnbliuft, DrniDtH of D gtlcr CidiiuiH. Diihm of tho Head, Throat, V*? 01 Skin, Afftctiona of lha Laura, Mtaaacn ur Buatli?ih?? Ttrnlilt Uitordtn ariaiiif rroia Soli l?ry Hilnt ot Youth?ibiw DriUfal and U?>if?u'a Pr?? uc?a winch rtLder Mirrura impoaaiMc, aod daatroy both Bod* aad Mind. YOUNG MRS EopOCMl.J *h? hati brcoint th? nctima af Solitary Ttaa, thai drc idful ai>d deatruf u?a bab'l which awaall) awatpa U> ?n iiitimrly pi?? thcwidaof Your j Mai. of ih* anuot tAdtifd (Alrtita nnl briilMnl wk? hi>? cutrancad kiatcuiMg Manatra ?ith th? thuodcra of ala. ,uanc? or ?aked to acat'Cy the li'iug lyre, may caU with lull couidcuc*. MARRIAGE. MaRKiEd Yoong Mca cantauplating Mar' nap*, bcibf a?ara of phyaicai, orrautc ilabtlur- ?, tc., ?()?f diljr cured He w bo piac** him*elf under the ear* of Dr J *y r*l?fi mil; confide m hi* fcoarof * |*i.ucMin and coUwil/ rely opou Iim skill a* * phy*ici*a. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand ?ide jrotng from Baltimoreeti**:,aft* door* fro* the cornet t ail not lo observe name and aumbor Louaia biuat b* paiJ and contain a (lamp D K JOHNSTON, Member of the Royal Colleg* of Barf aona, London, ?r?d?t'c lrom e of the moat eminent Collffe* (a the "sited State*, and the gr* <ter p*rt ol whoa* lite h** boon apont is the hocpu.laol London. Pari*, Philadelphia and ei*e alter*, I)** effected aocie oi the ino*t atlonlahmf cure* that war* t<tr ku?wn; many trouble, with rinfm* in the head and car* ?uen asleep; frtat ixnouiri*, beuir alarmod it hodden sound*, baahfnln*** with frequent Mbahu.f, att*od*d lometime* ?itb dcraiifeumi of mind, ?*r* cured imm* Lately TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yownj M*n and irther* who h*?? m)ur*d tkemwli** b| t certain practice u.dulled in when alone?* h*bit frequently earned from *nl com.pinion* or at *chool, in* ef??u ? ahicn are nightly telt erera when aaleep, and if oo? cur*d, render* marriage impo.ait.le, and destroy* both mind nod t>odr, ahould apply immediately The** are some of the **d ?na melancholy effect* produc*d by earlr habit* ot ?outh. ??t Weikne** o# the Back and uin. * .-tins II. :r. r nr*a, im&n'M ?I Blf Dl, LOU ?I Wmiitr Power P?!piun ?n of th? H**rt, Dyaptptj, N?rt?n lrrtta Mlitjr, ???r uijremeot of the Digest!** Kur.cuo??v Ouerii Dr^ uy. 8jir i fom? of Cci?orrpunci, 4c M Eft TALLY ?Tli* fe*rtul teef ?t? tfce mind art sack to !>e dreaded?Lota of Memory, Coofuaiou of Idea*. Pejf mom t( Spirits, Evil Forfboding?. Aversion of Bocietf, Sell Dm raet. Lore of Bolitade, Timidity, etc , ire Mm* ol tht e > lie produced N' eh to' s DEItrLlTT?ThovMnda etn now >udr? ?fc?l ? he eauae of their declining health, !'< >( th??r >if?, brenu n( ??k,pale,oerTnw ?ud tiaieuut, having ntfikr >)'ptaiuce about tht eyet, t??(h ot ayniftotna of eootump iou ji/iuc Aoto i/r j,ur ii i/ff, ,?i C . When tilt niiifiMid and imprudent votary of pl*aa?r* tr dm e hu* imbibed tne i?di of thi* paulll dl*e**?, it to* iAn mppcn* that an ill tuned *eu*e of ah?m? or dr**d of di*co?ery letere l im from apply ir.g ;o tboer a ho, from edocatioa and tapect < hiiity, Can a'lorie befriend biro He fall* into th* uiida < f ifnoraat ait^ designing pretender*, who, mcapabl* if curu.e, filch hi* ixciiiiiir; eu'-etance, keep turn triliif pouth af-?r month, or aa long ae the emellaet ree can be eb med, and in deapair leave him with ruined health le *igh >v*r Ui r ?Illng disappointment; or by the nee of that deadly >moon?Mercury?Ih-.aten he constitutional ermptome of tht* eruble diaezae.'eucb ?* Affeetiou*o? the Heart, Throat, Hood, it in, &c , progreeaing *ith frightful rapidity, till death ptn* a leriod to hia dreadful auferiip by eeodiug him to that uuIwcovered Country from wlioae bourn* ae traveler retorna OR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTKNCY By thia {i?at and important remedy weaknaoaof th* orrvna re apeedily cured and full vigor raatorcd Thouaaade of (ha iioet nervosa and debilmtcd, who had loot all i*opa, haVa een uro.edi.,irly relieved All impr J,inri ;? to Marriage, P>i'eic?I or Mental Dtecual^ ulon?, Lcoa i f Procre >u?r Po*<r. Nervoue Irrila, ,IHt. 'rembliuc ?ad We-ki.CM at Elhauanoti of the nuat fearful ind speedily cared ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS The Maty TMOvaaitD* cured at thi* luatltauoa within he U*t *e veil teen rear*, aud th* itntrwa 1 m porta* f Car r>-m al operation* performed by Dr Johnatoo, % lUieaaad by u>* eporter* of the paper* and maay oth*r ceraone, articaa n1 rhich have .ippeaied again and again before th* pvblia, heI !-a hie et*n?u.g ae a gtntlrmau of character aad r** if, > ii eumcient guarantee to the aCicted Mr 1H? |OY FOR THEHCK AND SL'FFERJN?. f LET ALL WHO AkE AFFLICTED JLFP-LY THEDRMMMDT REJOICE 1JVHEALTH. Frirad, do you suffer' Are yon the vlottm of toy if thc?e numeroua ailment* which vim tron 1aurlty o'i tho blood.' VV :?lwi thmw. do ?<? "* > tather uk. what are they not t Tbe blooJ la the ouroe of life and health, and it la the ft rat element f our being to reaponfl to tu eaaaa whiofc afecta %u4rAp%x's utHlatJorofuia, tue&goruaing Rhemiryatiam. Serosa Debility, Vjt pepaukLirer Complaint tnUlt? oreor and dejeouon, ana the lubirlMa ilia that eah ia heir to, derive their Luieopa ouric fron, Uit> lotxl. De%i k:LcMy thee anf f enty with the blood. '?* the MUlcing reeonroee of aatare for Ita aid. nd acier aa to com mend to roar ountdoLoe aad u that traly valuable medicament known aa INDIAN T&U k TABL R DWCOCTIOlf. With retard to thia almoat infallible nttiit oa.ilar sentiment ha? spoken la decided ttrma na the ovideneea of thia jreat rffio-vcy are aaatoiirt by oouatant ??o*? a of enrative efffeeta and :? h&rpioct reaulta from ita aae are after all other I :m?>ci??e aca tne Deat tnedioa! akin tare [tiled. L?et ua ray, in cotio usioc. tn*t oertif>o?w or-'* are cot Bought from rhe illiterate and itier cial, but they are volunteered from the rcoaff*peciable eouroea and justify the hif heat terma in 'hioh it ia poaaible to oommend eo valuable a pocinc to pnttiio apj roral. We may add alao that ie o viral ire propertiea of the m<sliciae are e* uaiied nty by ita r^atoratire efleeta, the ayatem reooverif from dieeaae with renewed oonatitutional rigor. For e*le by all 'M:WA: .e Druciiate it Una itr. and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None iecuu ne_ uii.eea Ler name is Nova oa the ywr ftua uor icmi ou uo ours ITT" Hrto? fl per bottle, m bottiea for f ft. ITUmJi 2mm. R. *. r. CIS&KLu Dr**ri?t eorfeU)WTi. D. C., WholMtit Agent for the Dla-tot, and will enppiy Ui tru< it my pnoea. aa l?-tr pUE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE9EMAR, 1.3 and S? Protected by R?nl ,etter? Patent of England, and eecojed by the eala of the Eoole de Pharmacia d? Paris, and the m penal College of Medisme. Vtaena. No. 1 la mvaiaabie for exhaustion and natorrhea. od a! phyaioal diaabilitiee. No. 2 omnpietely eradioatee all traeea of tko?t iaeaaea that have been hitherto treated by the aaa9oua and pernioi< na nae of ooaaiva and oabebe. No. S haa entirely auppianted the lnjarioaa nae of i leroorr, thereby InsajiDg to the safferer speedy slief, dispersing all impurities, aod rooting oa ae venom of ditatte. TKIK>KMAR, No*. 1,2 and S. are prepared la ie form of a losinge, devoid of taste aod amej . nd oar. be oarried 10 the waistcoat poekec bold i tin oaeee. and divided into separate doeee, as ad mustered by Velpeaa. LaTemand, Robx, Rioord, o. Price |3 each, or foar oases for 99, whiek ires 91; and in AST oases, wherebv there is a savc of $9. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. IARROW, of 194 Bieecker street. New Yorkmmediatelj no reoelnng a remittance, pr. Barrow rill forward the Trkeeemar to any part of the world, ?ourrly packed, and addressee aeoording to the i?Lr notions of the The Book, of all ot^era, that shoakd be read by IOU w I Li i Ulliunu ug nnwin WVlfHMmM i "Human Fnultv, or Phyiolo?i?TliiMnw," t ia beantifally illa?trau?d, and treeta mtantely of II tfie symp oma that invariably develop tk?ns'vea. aooner or i?l*r. ream tint from Um frail tiee od habfb of earli ropik, lDoapaoi tattng te victim from ah an of tha fraition of the matn lonial atat*, and. if not oheoked u> time, daciaerlinc all tha fuoctiona of manhood, and bnhrwf im, ateaby at? a. to a liocarinc and untimeli death, old by Dr. HARROW, 194 Bleeeker aV?Ufomr oore below Maodoucal, N?w York. Pnoa JS ?nta. Sent free every w her*. Sold alao by 8. C. Ford, Jr? Drag Store, Waabtrton. D. C. da >4b )R. J. BOVEE DOD'B IM.TMK.IAL WJNM BITTMKB, An now taint aa?d from Maine to the 6reat 8a.t ake, tat Ut mat mi wl r?rtUot of *11 vho im tmn iutar M a h<mw or hi tiwiw m thM tey are lOMrfMM la the vorid. Dr. Ikxi? um lern a?oo?Mfk: i ui hi* pnwttfe tw jmm btfor* e FEronse* ?f himlkesilenihtlo halu^Lotrr? ad vrMnt l>?a fer *! Is U? ^bTioT Forth* in of lMtplmt C*Dran?t>on, IndicMtioii, J>t?" nu, Pil.Mi W?rr?M Ihmiim, rmilt Com ai^iayKaKSs? laws liutBt Jtkflwmnai vfecu of JBraiij or W1M ithoot th?r InjiHomi rwvlt*. LMmU tnmAa t4 UMBl^aai ?Il rtrmlM *f l|FrereAP#-#*le 'ctolLBS WjDfiUTISLI) <i.OO,. rroyriMora, tw wuuh k*nrw \ or*. ?V 171 A ' * i