Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1861 Page 2
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? ?? THE EVEIVIING STARWASHINGTON CITY: ATIRDAV." >l*rch 16. 1*61. ' P ? Spirit *f tk? W?r?lu Frees. The InttUig?nt*r thinks the border slave State* would be of more advantage In their present position to the Southern Confederacy aa a wall of defence against Northern aggreaaloa, than if they were to become members of It, with all their frontier exposed to fanatical hatred and pillage. The R'publiean tars: ?' It is not the Crittenden platform, or the Peace Conference platform, which Vlrginiana, inclined to secession, really care about. They would require no new platform if tbev had tne company in the Union of tha Gulf States, and without that company no platform will reconcile them to the Union. Ar.d it is not by giving them new guar, anteee, but by showing them that Virginia can xitt without cotton 9t?tes. that they may be Induced to give up the heresy of secession." Owjfixo Up.?The Richmond Kianiiiir. whose editor posies**! the virtue of lngenuousneas In a degree that put* to shame the dlstogenuousnesa of nine-tenths of the rest of the Virginia disunion pre**, does not hesitate to follow South Carolina's example In declaring tbat neither infraction* of the fugitive alave law, denial of Southern right* in U S. Territories, nor the election of Lincoln, Mm the cavte of the current oligarchic usurpation at the South; proclaiming that it grew out of the dissimilarity in a thousand ways of the two races of whites inhabiting the North and South, respectively. Of course, the Examintr can see nothing admirable In the northern race, nor anything in the southern rare that is not admirable. Nor can It see anything wrong In the utter destruction of auch a government as that of the United States, the conceded author of more blessings than any other government ever secured for a pt-opie, only In order that tbc leiiuguaace which such thinkers at the South as itself enter tains towards ILe North, may be gratified. We are glad Indeed I bat the Virginia D'.sunlonlsts are being gradually compelled to show thetr hand to the noonle of thi>tr State thus onenlv. Aa signally beaten not long since at tbe polls as they were, when profeaaing to advocate dlaunion only as the means of making the Union immanent, now that they are coming to avow that their aim ia to get Virginia out of the Union forever, and that they so aim because they individually hate the North rather than on account of northern aggreasion, they will surely be defeated In th? State's Congressional elections soon to come off, aa a party were never before beaten there. More tha 1 half those who voted for Disunion members of the Virginia Convention did so because honestly believing that the only possible way of getting the Gulf States back Into the Union waa by putting Virginia at the head of the southern movement. Had South Carolina and the Montgomery council of the oligarchy emphatically declared previous to the Virginia Convention election, a* they have since declared, that under no circumstances would they listen to "rernnitrnrtinn'' nrnrvrilttnnfl nnrt Knri th#? Virainfx Disunion press and orators placed themselves in the Examiner's present position Instead of electioneering upon "reconstruction/' not a single secession per st member would have b?en r?turned. Compelled to show their band, as the disunion1st a have been since that election, so that every Virginia voter must now realize that to vote for a secessionist is to vote for permanent disunion for the sake of destroying the Government of the United States, to establish over Virginia In Its stead the made-in-secret Constitution of the oligarchy, deprivation of the liberty of free speech ana me woeriy 01 lae press, augmentation len loia of taxation, exclusion of white labor from the South, 4c., 4c., it is already a fixed fact that not a single disunionlst will be returned to Congress from Virginia in May next. Govibsmext Prutisg Bureac.?The law establishing a Government Printing Bureau went Into effect od the 4th of this month. It is an experiment depending for auccesa upon tbe capability and faithfulness of the Superintendent. Mr. John D Defreea. of Indiana, haa been select?d by the President to diacbarge the important duties of Superintendent. Mr. D. is a printer, having been, succewively, an apprentice, Journeyman, proprietor, Ac., 4c. For nearly two years past Mr. Defrees has been personally well known to the printing craft of the Federal Metropolis through h'.u connection with the Hcuse printing of the last Congress. and in that time he baa fairly won their universal respect and confidence, and warm esteem. He was, by-the-by, the writer of the wt-ll remembered conservative Republican letter published in the Stir shortly after the Presidential election, in which the conservatism of the present administration was first J -? ? ?- * * - J % iviwxiiviku, luu wim great lorce ana ciearn?M A Niw Commissioner of Patihts.?Yesterday afteenoon It was settled in Cabinet council to appoint Mr. Halloway, of Ind., late a member of the Houm of Representatives, to the position of Commissioner of Patents. Mr. Halloway is a man of clear head, excellent judgment, much energy of character, and unapproachable Integrity. He la a mechanic rather than a lawyer, by profession, though through connection with general busine* and public trusts at home and here, be is sufficiently familiar with the nrinclDies nf law/?? hown la the manner in which be discharged the duties of his late position in Congress) to ensble him to make a very successful administration of ths Important trust about to be confided to him. ArroiaTMBNTS, CosumMATioss, 4c ?The B?natc yesterday confirmed the nomination of Geo. W. Alexander to be a Lieutenant in the Navy, and James 8. Harrison promoted to ) e a Surgeon. The Domination of Elisha O. Cro hv, to be U 8. Minister to Guatemala, wa* received by the Senate. Guiul Scmsxe.?The confirmation of Col Sumner, U.S.A., to be Brigadier General, vice Twiggs, expelled from the aervice, took place on the day before yeaterday, and was unanimous on tbe part of the Senate. The Rkpvbmcan Mbxatokial Caucus tbls morning adjourned on account of a thin attendance over until Monday next, without nominating ofllcert of the body, as waa expected?that being the subject matter before tbelr meeting. Nominated ?Mr Halloway, of Indiana, and Mr. Defrees were to-day duly nominated, the first, Commissioner of Patents, and the second, for Superintendent of the Public Printing. fpr* From Sltllllngton and from French A Ricbstein we have tbe April number of Harper's Magazine, Interesting In matter, and even more profusely Illustrated tha i usual. Tas fiWAt*.?It Is to-day expected that tbe President will not keep tbe Senate together longer lUDMIIWffl PtmMl. Lient Dawson PLcenix, U. 8. Sla not book these supposed to have been loat on the Levant. aa alleged iu many newspapers He Is now and has beo.i for two yeara past tbe flag lieutenant of the Lancaster. U*bs Telegraphed tram WssklBfUDi VN A?HissTO!t. Mar IS.?Tbs Commlaaloners of tbe "Confederated Stales" expect no answer to their communication for several days, as It Is understood tbe matter of their embassy Is now engsging tbe sttentlon of the Cabinet Ureat weight Is attached, In political circles, to the declaration of Mr Frasenden to-day In tbe Senate that the Administration contemplated a pollcv of peace, and would exercise no authority not strictly In accordance with laws, and not until amnU ?' ?*?? *? ..... .... Man uau ?*? wi?n ior an exam' nation of the question in all Its bearings. Dispatches received here from Richmond represent the excitement tbere to be moat Intense, and tbat the strife hourly Increases between the Union men and the Secessionists John Cochrane 's arrival tbere was freely commented on,*nd bts speech produced a most marked effect The Union sentiment Is on the increase Mr. Tyler's speech was regarded as a failure Governor w li? will follow hfin la support of his plan of adjustment It Is understood that the Judges of th? ?un?m. Court protest against the appointment of Mr. Laramoo, of Illinois, as Marshal la this district. Tha marshal is the highest officer of that Court, ss well as of this city, sad aa appointment ahould be acceptable to that august body, ss wsll aa to our people The community are quit* iodigawt concerning this matter J CONGRESSIONAL. Sb*ati?When our report cloa?d yesterday, Mr. Douglas wai addressing the Senate on bis resolution relative to the public property in the acceding State*. He did not believe that Congreaa would confer upon the President power to collect the revenues, b lng back forts, Ac The political frienda of the Preaident did not confer tte power on htm to do ao at tbe last session of Congreaa when they had a majority in botu Houses Mr. Fessenden wished to know when, for m Ingle day, duri ng the last session of Congress. the republican* bad a majority. They were la the minority everv day. Mr. Douglas said they had power to para the measure of collecting the revenue between both lde? of the Chamber They passed a law to (top the mails in the seceded State* without any difficulty, and If they had chosen they coula have passed a law to collect the revenue The amendment proposed by the Senator from New Hampshire (Mr. Clark) shows where the tender point is. The holding of Forts Sumter and Pickens, and the recapturing the others cannot be justified unless we Intend to bring back tbe seceded States themselves. Whoever holds Charleston is entitled to Fort Sumter, and whoever holds Florida and Psnsacola is entitled to Fort Pickens. Whoever holds the land Is entitled to the forts in lenaea rnr local aeiense; inose otner torw. fs toose at Key Waat and the Tortugas, arid Fort Jefi'erson, of a national character, should be kept by the United States. But Sumter, and Moultrie, and Castle Plnckney, and Pulaski, &c., are local and for local defense. Mr. Doolittle would like to ask how It Is with the forts at the mouth of the Mississippi ? Mr. Douglas said they did not for in an exception. If we were to allow Louisiana to bold both sides of the river, what use were those forts, tinless we occupy the State, and remove all conflictingr authority? Mr. Clark inquired If he might ask a question. Mr Douglas said he would not be catechized on his side,when the Republican side would answer no questions They could meet In caucus and ai:rre noi 10 uy worn, soa ioen come in and ask question*. Mr. Fetsenden knew nothing about any such caucus Mr Douglas bad beard of such a caucus, and hflltwd tbrrr wna one Mr Fesaenden said there was not a word ol truth in It, from beginning to end Mr. Douglas had heard so from one of theli own number. He wanted to know if the Administration meant peace or war The Republican party. In the acts for the organization of the new Territories, had repudiated their old doctrine ol intervention by Congress He hoped they would continue In the same wise direction. Mr Wilson said the Senator from Illinois wai full of anxieties. Ten days ago this Administration came into power, finding treason In Congress. treason In the" army, treason in the navy, and treason in the country The President of the I'nited States delivered a kind, venial and patriotic Inaugural address to the people. Hardly had address been flashed over the country, before the Senator from Illinois (Mr. Douglas) stepped forward, unasked, to Interpret that address The Senator is not content that the President should stand on his own Interpretation; he is not willing that the President ana Cabinet, who had taken possession of a Government in ruins, should themselves Interpret their own measures and purposes, but he rushes Into the rhamber and he asks to in teroret for them. He struts here before the Senate and talks of what he shall do, and what he shall not permit to be done Mr. Douglas said he would forgive the petnlanr# and r#r?nn?llt<o? " iuc oniaiur. ll wai evidently the nim of the Republican ?ide to avoid argument and resort to personalities. [In the course of these remarks Mr. Douglas, by a slip of the tongue, spoke of the Senator from Maine, meaning the Senator from Massachusetts, (Mr. Wilson,) and continued a few sentencs further, declaring his determination to maintain himself against all opponents, no matter "whence thev came " This gave rise to a misunderstanding lietween Mr Douglas and Mr. Feaaenden, which produced a personal altercation of much asperity, compelling the Chair to call to order.] Mr. Fessenden said the President meant peace, and the Senator from Illinois had no foundation for his attack The object of the .Senator in oft*r fcls resolution was not to obtain Information, but to make a speech. The inaugural bad been declared on the other aide to mean war, for the purpose of drawing them into a discussion, * ut they had no intention to be taunted into a discussion which they did not desire. [Some further remarks of a personal character passed between the two Senators, wnich continued several ^pinutes ] Mr. Douglas said that the Senator (Mr. Fessenden) hud controverted his veracity. Mr. Fessenden?Not at all; I done nothing of the kind Mr Douglas said be had never made a personal assault In the Senate. Mr Hale recognized bis personal share of the censure conveyed by the senator from Illinois against the Republican side for keeping silence. He therefore wished to say a few words; his speech would be brief It could be found written down in the*2d Book of Samuel, 15th chapter, 4th verse, which he would read. [Laughter In the galleries J Mr. Douglas said there was an effort on the other side to make personal points on him But he expected to give them some trouble before they got through. But such was the disorder In the galleries tie would now lit do?rn. On motion of Mr. Wilson, the Senate proceeded to the consideration of executive business; and after remaining therein until near six o'clock, the doors were reopened and the Senate adjourned Saturday, March 10. Sk*atk ?On inotton by Mr. Wilson, the resolution Introduced by Mr. Douglas was postponed till Monday next. Mr. moved to take up his resolution relative to the 1'nited States troops now in this city. Mr. Fts*rnden moved to go into executive session, on which motion Mr. Mason demanded the yeas and nays, resulting yeas 27, nays 10 So the Senate went into executive session, and our report closed. Baltimore Annual Conference nt Staunton Second day ?Conference met at 9 a m and after the usual opening exercises, a number of memorials were present* d of various characters The presiding elders were constituted a commliteeoo missions The publishing committee of the Baltimore Advocate presented their report. A financial report was also presented and read, and referred. The regular order?being memorials on th* subject of General Conference legislation?was taken up, and a motion to restrict speakers to thirty minutes, agreed to. The Conference then dlssussed at length the objectionable features of the new chapter, and at 1 o'clock p. m. adjourned. Liymrn'i Convention ( the M. E Church at st.1 uiitoii. Vm. Second Dny ?The Conventiou met at 9% a m but as the business committee was not ready to report a recess was taken till 3 p. in. At 3 o'clock the committee on business presented Its report through its chairman, Col. Ridgely, of Baltimore. The report embodies the preamble and resolutions (with some unimportant amendments) recently adopted by tbe Laymen* Convention held in Baltimore The report condemns the Buffalo action?requests the Baltimore Conference to exercise all ttiP Dowpn of th* P-1? 1 r ... - .UVUI?I IjplVU'pfll Church?desir?*s It to sunder Its present connection, and advise other border Conference* of its action A minority report wai also presented, read and sinned by members It strongly condemned the new chapter, but recommended delay In separatlon from tbe Methodist Kpiscopal Church until after an extra General Conference can be called, asking the revocation of the *?u>,andthe Insertion of the old chapter. Also, patting such restrictive rule* as shall Keep the Discipline from future alteration on this subject?If these fail. then separation and old Discipline, tc This report Is signed by J.N.Davis, W II. Edes and \V. Smith. After some debate the Convention adjourned. East Baltimore Conferencs at Chambershn.-.. ? ?? ? ? * " Second Day ? Conference met at a, m , and after religious services the committee on the state of the church was appointed. The list of deacons waa then taken up and eleven confirmed. A number of yeung men were then elected to Elder's order*, and the case of supernumerary preachers (piled Af er tome artion on the casesof superannuated preachers, the Conference adjourned Maryland Annual Cafferenee ( the M. P Church at 'Meuratrk, S. J. Second day ?After the conclusion of the religious services, the examination of official character was resumed and completed After the presentation of the report of missionary operations, the President announced the several committees. The reportoftbe Book Concern waa read, show1D0 it tA In ? J * *' ?? ? <?v < uyui i*uui|( cuuuiunn 'l'be ministers' Ames being called to ascertain who will engage In active service during the ensuing year, Rev Oliver Cox was, at his own requeat. unatatloned Rev W S. Hammond was loaned to the Virginia Conference for one year. The Conference then selected Chestertown, Md , for their next place of meeting, and reelected L \V. Bates president. The Conference then adjourned till Monday. nrs^THE REV. WM. . HARRIS, of tk? UsJS Protectant Kfiaoopal Church, will perform 31.ins aervioe aad pretoh at ths Trinity Churoh Miaaion, on 4H street. n^ar Virginia avenae, on bUNDAV At-TEHNOUN next at 4 o'clock. It* nrW" PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD. ILs ATTENTION !?The non oorasausioned ofioars and privates of tka Preudent's Mounted 7Si o'olook. Bi order of ' J i H' i r < . ... ,| DKPART!*ir?(T NEWS. Postal Rout* Agknts Appointed kvd Rcmovkd ?The Postmaster General hu made tue following appointments and removals of postal railroad route agents Viz: From Syracuse to Rochester to Niagara Fall*. (S800 per annum,} Warren Clark vice Gbas. H McM asters. and Joseph W. Smith vice James Bf VfaTU) rvA* annnm \ On Harlem Railroad?New York to Chatham X Road*?JoMph P. Hogeboora ?ic? J \V. Vanvalkenburg, (1800 per annum.) Jefferaonville Railroad?Indianapolis to Jeffereonville, Ind.?N. Feild, jr., vica B. P. Fuller, (8600 per annum ) Chicago and Rock Ialand Railroad, Illtnoia? Chicago to Rock l?land?JameaV H. Judd vice W. B. Dickson. (f900 per annum ) Ncrthern Division of Cleveland and Toledo Railroad, Ohio?Cleveland to Sandusky?Fred'k H Brown vice 8 O Simmons. (8500 per annum ) Louisville to Cincinnati?Benj. L. Robinson Ice Geo. H Kyle, (*700 per annum ) Pittsburg, Fort \\ ayne and Chicago Railroad? Pittsburg to Crestline?Wilson 3. McMlllen vice Martin Miller, (#800 per annum.) Pittsburg, Steubenvtlle and Cincinnati Rail* road?Stenbenvllle to Newark?Mattblas Collier vice James Stewart, (#800 per annum.) Indlanapolla to Madison, Ind , Marcus D. Lott vice Isaac Smith. f*S(Ni n?r annum } Philadelphia and Poltavllle. (Reading Railroad) Pa , Edw'd McDonald and Win H [,esflg vies H J. Hendler and P. S. Iligglnt, ($300 per annum.) Qulncy and Toledo Railroad, 111?Qulncy to Meredotla?Frederick Krelaman vice Tbomai B. Carlln, ($600 per annum.) A pvnlvrwn Wm r of D? -J ' ... . ?... tmmrm Ut U " ? J V< I ? <1 Oil U M. IJOU deus H. Stanton, of Iowa, have been appointed to first-class (SI ,200 per annum) clerkships in the Pension Bureau, to fill vacancies. Warren T. Lockhart, of Ind ; and Elijah C Mayhew, of Ind., have been appointed to second-class (f 1,400 per annum) clerkships in the same bureau. Jno M. Hay, of III , has been appointed to a third-clan (31,600 per annum) clerkship in game Bureau?all to fill vacancies. CLBKICAL APPOINTMENT *!ID REMOVAL 15 TH* Treasury d*ra*tm*nt?Mr. Geo. Wood, of , thla city, h- a been appointed to a SI.600 per annum (third-class) clerkship in tlie Treasury Department; vice, Barker, (aecessionist,) removed. Mr. Wm Clavton, of Ga , (sere.-aionist, aon of Mr. Pbiilip C. Clayton, late Aesistar.t r-ecretary of the Tr?aaury.) has been removed from a SI.200 per annum , (firs'-claaa) clerkship In the Bureau of the First Auditor. clerical appointments ik the general i Land Office ?a. T. Britton, of R. I ; Jery L Mills, <>f Ohio; W. M . Thompson, of Md ; Jasper i M. Dresstr, of Ind.; and Alexander Leib, of Ind., have been appointed to llrst-eiasa (SI,900 per ' annum^ rUrkihlnt in i)?? i ?->'* ? ?u .uv wiivi Ui UU1IU v/uiuc. Rmiosfd asp Appointed.?Mr. Wm. M. Bur1 well, of Va., has resigned the clerkiblp of the Senate'* Foreign Aff.itrs Committee, and Mr. Hen Perley I'oore, of Man., has been elected to that position. ? A Nfw Post Office Special Agent ?James N. Tyner bas been appointed special agent of the Post Oittre department for the State of Indiana, vice Win. Garvcr, removed, (SI,600 per annum.) Removed?Messrs. John H. McRae, of V* , and T. L. O Hatcher, of Va . have been removed from flrst-ctass (51,200 per annum) clerkships in 1 the Census Bureau. (Y1F?THK RKV. DR. SAMSON Will pr?ach at 1L ? tlia First Baptist Church, riiirteenth st., TO MORROW, at II a. hi. and 7 p. in. Attho c'oso of the inorniKc service, the Ordinance of Baptism will l?e a'1n-.inistere<|. It Vt=?TIIK YOUNG MKN'S CHRISTIAN AS soeiation wi<l hold an Annual Meeti-e for the election of officer*, at ih> ir r< oms or* MO.\ DAY EVENING, March I8th,af hvf-past 7 o'ol'k. ma l*>-2t GEO. H. TWISS, Rec. Sec. rr~f=M. O. O. F.-WASHINGTON LODGE, 11 ? No. 6.?The mi mberw of V\ asiiineton Lodge are requested to meet r.t the Hsl on MONDAY EVENING next.tfio 13th instant, at half-past *ix o'oiock. to pay a fraternal visit to Harmony l.od^e, ^o. 9. 1 p mnwliu V* A *UVI? , ma 16 2t* Per. Pec. (Y-=5=?UMVKRSALISM.- Tk< Htmrr'ttion of U^3 Damnation ? Thkophili** Fi*kk win preach At the old T'inty Church,on SUNDAY EVKNING, from John 5: 9,2*?"Marvel not at t^is, for the hour is ooming in which all tf at are in the craves shall h?ar hn voioe, and shall coma forth; and they that have done good unto the resurr'Otion of life; and they that have done evil unto the re?urreotion of damnation." Seats free to all. ma 16 It* ry^?A CARD OF TiIA\KS.?We return our UJf sincere thanks to the firemen of our city? Barticnlarly to the Frank'in Fue Company?for leir kindness in saving our property from destruction this morning. We also return onr thanks to Mr. Hkmct riKTTiKB, for the manner in which he disoharced his duty, aud also far assistance in saving our property. SARAH OODOARD. JACOB VOMDKf.KHR, JAME* W. SPALD1N(?. Washington. Marnh 16 isfil N. B.?Lost, a smaM Sum of Money, for the re tnrn of wht*h a suitable reward wi'1 be paid. It* (Vy?TEMPERANCK MEKTING.?The arT (13 nu&l nruetine of the C&tholio Beneficial TotaTAbstinenoe Association'1'the District of Columbia will be held at their Hall, corner Tenth and F sts., on 8L'N DA V,tno 17th instant,after vespers. Every member of the Association is requeued to attend this meeting, as bu^me-s of the utmost importance will be aoted upon. Come one. come all. ma 13 2t J.\.MKj J KANK, See. rK?"?ST PATKICK'S Lgk.Y-The celebrattoa j.!? of Ireland's National Festival by the PHCENIX SOCIETY will take piaoe at G.iutier's, on MoNl'AY EVENING, 18th instant. Pertons wishing to participate in the a*!ei>ra.tinn ? ? ?? chare ticte\a at Gautier'*; Mr. Lackey's, Seventh t.. between K anil K ?ts.; Mr. Linney'e, fa. averue, between IDrti andinth *? , and Mr. Brosman'e, Fourth ??., between G and H st?. Tiokets $2 an H-Th,?*M3i? JAMES RYAN.fleo. (Ty-CHARITV SERMON.?The R*v F. K. IIiiyli will preach a Charity Sermon in Sr Aloysiu* Church on SU 1) ^ V, th? 17th in*t*nt, at the 11 o'clock .Mas*, in aid of ths numerous object* of t harity, to whio.i the ^ouug Catnolij Fueuds' S ciety it devoted. ma H-3t JAME*J KANF. Co' See. -re3"1 PANEGYRIC (IF ST. PATRICK.?The lL3 Kev. h. a \f ~ u_ a f * "* _ _ ... ?..nwwin?i 17. a.) jinii'T ??| 1*1. A'oysius. will preach the MMtir c <>l llduii'l I'&'ron Sap t, at ft. P&t<ick'? Church.on ^TNPAY, the 17th instant, at tho 11 o'clock Mas*. The collections of the <lay will be devottd to the mifF-rine poor of the n:ty, to be dispensed by the Society o! Si. Vinoett de Paul, ma 14 3; J. J. KANK, Sec. EW STYLE PAR AwOL8 ANDSI.'.N UMrRF.I.LAS. Just r>per?d in all the heat and qualities at the lowest pricea for cash. J. W. COLLF.V & ro.. ma 16 5t 88 * 7th at., bet. D tt. and Pa. av._ SPECIAL BARGAINS IN FANCV DRESS SILKS. We have concluded to ee I ofT "ur entire stock of r??> ?* " * , aUBj . <n?ini ureas ks ana ke> u no more in took. Therefore we ?ha!l offer great inducements to purahasers in tin* c ass of good*, as we wish to oloae them out at occe. J. W. COLLKY A , m\16 1w A23 7th Bt., bet. D at. and Pa. av. SPRING GOODS, SPRING GOODS. Just received? 2 ono Tar<l? beautiful Spring Calioe*. at 10 and 12Sc. Rich Poit do Chevren. Poplins and De'aines, Handsome Grey La valla and Mohair Cloths, 50 pieces fine French and Kngtish Chintze. With many nth'r now and seasonal).e Roods, which we Invite our friend* and purchasers to examine, aa we otfer the beat rood* at the lowest prioes. J. W. COLLEY &. CO. ma 16 2w .Vi3 7th at., bet. 1) and Pa. av. 1 ATTENTION, LADIES! HAVE Juat received a new supply of PAR/?SOL.B and SUN UMBRELLA**. Hoop Skirts, Jouvn'a Kid Gloves, Cambrio and Muslin ? oiiara, Bonnet Hibbon* ard Ruches, French Cors-ts. Linen Cambrio Handkerchiefs; all s?Ling at mt us<<al low prioea. Also, now opening a new assortment of Spring Calicoes and Dr?K* Goods, in great variety. HKNRV EUAN. 323 (south side) Pa avenue, Between 6th and 7th streets. ma 16-6t New Iton Building DG. W. DREWS YEING, SCOURING AND CLEANING ESTABLISHMENT. 290 pbwvsvi PJMH 1 ?> > /J .? 4 /A a ' C i J 1/ I <SOCIII SlDIC,) Iittirten Ninth and Tenth Streeti. G. W. DRKW xroulJ roapectfa;ly eo'iioitaoaU from the inhabitanta of Wa-hinjrtou and KurT.u* dins neighborhood to inap?ct rood* cleanrd or dyed by him. Hehaathe rr.nst complete arranr?rnenta for carrying on hit busiaeaa, and 15 yeara* exp<s rienoe aa a. practical man, and guaranties to Dje gooda any color, Clean or Soour equal to aiiv houat tn the Sta'ev North n* S"uth. ma 16 lw JGAKDEN AND FLOWER SEEDS. OHN SAUL 396 Seventh at., corner H, Waahinicton, D. C., has th? pleasure of offtring an extrniive atork of GAR l>EN, FLOWER, and FIELD SEEDS, oomprisin* all the ^ rm ? ' fetvit ? oi ao.cento crowth. w'th every novelt* of value lr<>in England and the Continent, vi?: Pine F.arly Vork, Oxheart. Winmngstadt, and Fiat Dutch Cabbage; Extra Eariy P?a*; Extra Early Beet*; la-ge Purple Egg-p ant; lares Smooth Tomatoea; Carrot*, Parampa, Lettuce, On'.ona. CauI.flow?ra, fto. Flower 8ee<ia of every dnaoripticn. agitable for any latitude. Ileing a practical aeel (rover, all are guarantied at to aooutaor?warranted Ptioea aa low a? reliable aeeda can be aoid at. ma 16 6t*o* ____ OFFICE OF WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT, W A.SH1XOION, Maroh 15th, 1861. Staled Propotal* are hereuy lnvittd for th? Completion of the following Strnotnrea in and about liie Diatributing Keaervoir, via: Completion of Influent Gata Honae. UU. ADX1 l*rj u?t? HOUM, l?o. Sown Well and Stklr Well. For deiailad information, plana, to., acquire at tins office. Bid* will bo reaeired up to th* 2S:h inatant, at IS m., and will be opened in pretence of bidden at ' The?bid? ehould be indorsed " Propose for Completion of Strooturee in and about the Dirtrib f 2! RE AT MKDICAI* IN THE CITY i vJ uk Washington'. i im. ptu .>1 \>,at hii southern Medical ii-'UM, corner of Sixth *t and Pa. avena-, under the Clsr e-tlon How, is Hi? only e-e in tlie known world who can permanei t!? cure all diaeaaei cf a p ivat* nature in from ]>u6 day*. A permanent cure or no O'.a-gx. ma 1 -91* J?EAD?READ-READ?READ-READ! S?RIS(7~STYLES BONNETS, RIBBONS AND FLOWERS' Citizen* a d *f ranker* are mo?t r*?pectfyUy ?o])AJieitv1 to call i'i inediatelf and ejfuni'.e^^V MSNgthe Novelties f the Sw?on. all otCKp) MOflmwhio!' I ?ha!l make great ?ff itito ke' p w-1 as?oited. Havin* made arr&ntrmen'* to bay

for the citii, w 11 be able to offer irreat attractions in price. R. C. 9TEVE\>. 336 Pa av., bet. 9th and 10th at*. N. B ?Alwaji on hand the celebrated Glover & Raker Fami'y Noigelns SEWING MACHINE, th* ptio aofwhich i avinc late y be>n reduced ?5per oont. and Bet for *ev?u years, it it uieleai U de.av purehaiinf, rxpectirg prices to be reduced, rot e^n the dissolution of this rI tioub Union oonld efffot it. Prioes from )}4? to S15? ma 15 7t 336, t>et ween 9th and 10'h sts. J^AVY SUPPLIES?1?*61-*62. Navy Dkpartmest, ) Bureau tf 1'rovinots ami Clothing, > Maroh 15,1*1. \ Pitahat* racrosALs.BMledsn 1 endorsed "Proposa slor Navy ftupp les," wi.l lie --eeived at this Vtureau unii: 9 o'oiock a. m on W-dn*sdaT, the 17th day ol April n xt, for furms in* and deliver ilk (on receiving ten da?s' notice, except for Biscuit, for which flvo days' notion f ti\ 1 i>e nven for every twi.ty thousand pouud* required) at the Lmted S ates Navy Yar ? at C^arlcs-own, Ma* rachuseits; Hrookiyn, New \ orh ; and Gosport, Virginia, fcuch quantities only of the following artioirs as may bnrequired or ordered from the ooa iraoiora uy me uniet ot tj Bureau, or by the re peotive commanding nRiovi of the satvl N*vt \ arda, during the fiaual year ondiug Jaue 30,186*, vir: Biacuit, Flonr, Rioe, Dri*d Apples, Pickle*, 9u cur. T?a. Cotfee, Bean*, Molaaaea, Vinegar, and Whiakey. The Biaouit shail be made wholly from aweet cuperfino tluur, of the in&uufaoture of the year 1890 or ISel, but a * all in all caaea b? 'nar.ufactured from fi >ur made of the crop immediately preceding the date* of the requiaitiona lor tne ?ain ; aud ahail be fully equal in quality, and conform in nu and xhape, to the Rsmplea which are deposited in the said Navy Vard*; aha 1 b< properly bakrd, thor ouchly kiln dried, well packed, an i delivered free of charge to the Utilted states, in good, atund, well-dried, blight floor l>arr< ia, with the hea*:a woll secured, or in air and watpr tuht w iekey or spirit darrein, tit the option of the Bureau- No biscuit will l>e r 'quirec a'Gosport in li|ht barrels. The Flour shall be equal to the b?st Rtohmoud and Baltimore brands, ai d of the manufacture <>f wheat crown in the year 1861 or lfltil; but shall in ail< ases bo ir.anofaotured from puro aound. 1 r?>li *rou. u wheat of the ornp immediately precedinn the da'es ol tne requisili m for the sain?; "hall be p-rfeolly sweft, and in all reepecte of th* beBt quality; end shall be delivered in Rood sh.ppii.c order, free ufail chance f> the United Mates, lu the oe?i new, wo 1 er-aa >n--d, sound, bnjflit barrel", ur half barrols.a* the case may he?the stave* ar.d readings t" b?< ot r? ?l o\? of the b*atqua it?; i tron* ai.d will hooped, with ltting hoop- around each head,and equal in quality to sample barrel at the sai 1 N?vy \ ards; two ha f l<arre!s to be oona;< ered *.* a barrel, and not moretnan one suth of the re. I quired quantity to l>4 in hall barrel*. Tn? Kioahhi 1 boot the very b-s ality,andof the crop immod'ateiy preceding the <s ol the re quia:tio afor the same. YIia Urird Apples shall he of the jest quality, and thai! he prepared hy sun drying only, and of the crop of the autumn linm-diately preo'dmc the dat'^B of the i fqiii?itio:.s t>.r the same; ami sha 1 ba delivered in packages containing not inoro than three hundred pound*. I'll a Ficklca ohall be put up in iron-bound caaka, tae iron ho>pi to be I laoh wide and 1 16 inch initk, and each cahK cha! contain one nation of oni->ns, on ?a 'oil nt peppers, and right gallons of medium cucumber* fifty to the ga ioi; and the vegetable in each ahall wcith fifty seven rounds, and they oaly :> ' pan: for; and each cask sna i ihen be filled miii wimtj wmnvin?;?r ci ni easi-si decrees ot strength, and equal to Frencn vine<ar; the ca?k*. Vrfcct&bit b, and vinegar s:.all conform and l?e equal in all respects to tn* >ampiee deposited at the al'ovo-named Navy Yards, and the contractors halt warrant atd suaraaty mat they wiilkeep good an<l sound for at least two years. I'he Iron Hoops ou 'he barrel* containing Whisky.*es, Vinegar, and 1'ickles to do well painted nith red ,ead. The r?u**r utull l>e according to the samples at the iaid Navy Yards, ai d lie dry and fit lor panltlnz, \l?1 > qua; in quaiUy to f-e i est Havana brown. ThaTeashau be ol good quality young hyson, equtltothe sa i pes at ?aid sa^y aras, and be delivered n half ?. d quarter chests only. The Coffee shall be equal to the best Cuba, ao cording to samp ?. Ttie Ucans M.all be of the very best quality white bean*, and shah be of th? crop iinn>ediately preceding the dates ot the requisiuoa lor the same, 64 puntls to ba taken as one bushel. Th*? Molasses shall befully equal to the very be6t 3unity of New Oileavs .Molasses, and shall be elivereo in new. well seasoced red f ?k i arrets, with white pine heads n<U less than 1>? inch thick; th* staves not less than H laoh truck; the barro s tn Ha thrAA ? ii*rtara hru.niJ *nH ?*? - . - ? ^.W. WV.O UW|F (It 1? J'l H.UI j IV have lour iron hoop*, one on each bilge, ?S 'aoii in width and un? 1 16th inch thiuk.anu una on etch oliirnu. 1H inch in width and 1 16th inch thick, and hall ho in-n ounhlj co*-paredand p aced in the best shipping condition '1 he Vinegar shall be of the fcrst quality, eqaal to the Btan'-ard <fthe United states Ph&rmaco frc*:a, an t shall contain no other than acet'c acid; and shall ho delivered in darrein similar in all respects to those required ;or .Volassos, with the exception thai white oat utaves and heads shall he substituted for red oak staves ^n-l white pine head', a>id sua I bo thoroughly coopered and plaoed m the best shipping order. The%vhi?kaj shall be made wholly from grain, sound and merchantable, and be ful> firkt proof ac ooruing to the United States oa?toin house standard, ai.dshal' be double rectified. It shall b? d?li v-*ri d in good, new. sound, bright, three quarters hooped, well seasoned wh.te oak barr?:s. w.tfc wmn uitk neau*.the head* to te maaeol th'eepteo^ he&di'.g- and well fainted; the staves not to he :e?? than inch thick, an! toe h?-aJ? no lest than V inch tn ck;a;i l t acli barrel shall bjcoopered lu addition. wkIi one three-penny iron hoop on each bilge IX inch in wid'.h, and 1 16:fa moi. 'hick, and one three-penny hoop on each chime,')* in width- ana l-16th inch thick. a? ptr diagram. The whole to be put in good shipping oraer.fee of all charge to the Lnt'ed t* at-s. All the foregoing described arf.o e*. embracing cat-kr, barrel*, half barrels, and b >xes, shall t>e su' jeot to bulIi inspection as thech efol me bureau ot I'rov sio'is and Oiotbinr m?? dir ct, the inspecting officer to lie appoii teu by the .N%vy IVpar m'lit. Ail inspections to te at th* p aoe ?>f delivery. Hisouit may, inspected atthepl-ceof anfaotare, but w It in all cab-a > e so I j ct to a fi al 11 m >eot on at ?h? p ace of deliv?-r? DJti re the l>il s a e ri<n? 1 th'rafor. The priors of ntl the forgoing artio es to be the same thrt uchcut ttie y ar, and bidders may?ff-r lor one or morearuo'os; and his offer will be accepted to.- that jard for which hia proporai may be In urtaftt All the eaaka, barre'e, and half barreia, box^a. or packayr*, ?hall bo marked with their onntetta ami ihe coiitractoi'a taiiu. Ail the bsrrela and half barr' U lit flour, tirea . and pic* e? ehali have, in addition to me af'ove. th > ?o. r whm maaul&o tar^n or put up marked upon them. The ramp e? refe-r- d to in thin adveitiaem"n? ar? th >s* s*l?*ct*<1 f r the tn*uin? fiaoat y-K~. nn>1 hare no iefe*tnce to such as have betn previously exhibited. The quantity of theie article* vhich w II bs required cannot ba precise, y stated. They will proDably bu about? To be effertdfor. Bicoint .1 UK) (ifKi iba .. per 1<*> Iba. Klour ?? 1.4**' boia ,p<-r bbl. Rine J5o,'*0lt?a perlnolba. I)rifdAppOB J5M 0#? Iba .. p>-rlb. Fickl *?...? fvi.nrwilba.. per lb. Sugar 235,000lbs... .per 1<0 Iba. Tea < *,'fin:ha. per lb. Coffe? i5<W?ib?....p?-rlb Jifaua............ 7,'00l>u*ri .cer buah. Molaa?ea 2"(Mi?aia. per gal. V?> 22 ?1?n ?%.!?. nAr fil Whisky fiO.irOpain per jai The quantities of any or & 1 may be moreaaed or diminish**! an the neiv ce may hereafter require. The contacts will therefore r>e made, uot for spe o hit quantities, hut !or such q uai as the iter vice u.ay rrq>iire to be delivered at those Navy Yardn. respeotively Contractors not residing at the pace* where de liveries are required mmt establish agencies at t-uch placer, that no dei&y may anse in tiirmehinK what may to r> quired; *rd when a contractor fail* pnmp'ly to comply with a requisition, the Chief of the Uurexu of provision* ?r.d Cloth id* sha I be authorised to direct puroi ates to be made to supP'y the aefioieuoy, under the penalty ?o t eexpieti ' d in the contract; the record of a r< qu'si'ion, or a duplicate copy thereof, at the Funauof Provisions and Ciothing. or at either of the Navy Yards ?f >rr?aid, shall beevid.-nce that suoh requisition has been ma<4e and received. Uaa* - ?vlT ... ^ - J - r * *' ' urpai tkko uii nc mum uo JOT fftOH &TII016 CLt eacn f the afoiesaid Navy Vards; and in case more than one artiole is oontaired in *ke < tf-r, me Ciuef ol Hi llnreau will have the right to aco?pt one or more ot the articlcontained in vuo.l offer, and to rrject the r<-mai?der; and bidders whoie proposals are acoepudfano none others) wilt be forthwith lotified, and as early as praotuablea oontraot wil' h? transmitted to them for exeoutien, whioh romraat roast t-e returned to tfae Bureau within five days, exoiusive of the time required for th > regular transmission of the man. Two ?r more approved sureties in a sum equal to the es I mated amount01 the respective oontracts will be required, ami twenty per oentum in addition will be wit held from the amount of all payments ot a^oount thereof Ad -oliateral security, in addition, to secure its perloi manoe, and not in any event to he paid umn it is in all reapeota oomp'ied with; eiihry per ceatutn of the" ainou it of all deliveries made will l>e oairl hv the Nt.t > > wrinn thirty da?a after bills, duly authenticated, aaa'l have been presented to him. Black form* ori>r'>po*als n.ay be obtained on application to th* Navy Agent* at Portamouih, New Hampihire; Bt>*'on, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, N?ifolk, and at this Bureau. A reo jrd. or duplioata < f tti? letter informing a bidder of th* aojeptanoe of bia propoaa , will be d?ein-d a notification thereof, within the meaning of the act ol 18*6 and hi* bid will be made and aocepted in w>iu? rnnitr * ith tht? understanding. bvery ?ffer mini be aoooirpanted (a* dirroted in the act of Congrf ** making appropriation* lor the Naval eervioe for H46-'47.approv d loth ol Aa^oat, 184ti) by a written guarai. t e, Mined by one or more re?p<>n?ibl? permm*, to tno tfToot that he ?r they unJortake that the uiddrr or oiodera wil , if hia or their bid be acoepted, enter into an obligation within five dftva. With in/ul anH to fumuh th? ?u?plie* propoaed. The Uvmii will not be obligated to oonaider any proposal unleea a coinpaoitd by the guarantse require* by law; th? eompetenny of the guarantee u> be eertifted by the Navy Agent. District Attorney,or Collector of the Custom*. The attention qf bidders is called to tk* samphs and descriptions of articles required, u, m the ?*svrtion far reception, a ju*t but rigid comparison will be made between the articles offered and tk* samples add contract, receiving none that fall belovt thtm; and their attention i* also particularly directed to tk* joint resolution of March W, 1AM, and to tk* att cj tkt UM4 August, VH6. m* 1#-UW4W R BRICK HALL hu tb* pl?*ure of acsortment of NEW and DEJHRABLESPI me socncts, and will be sotD town 1MB { In tbta citv. The itock fmbrtMi lb? iicmit i quality, and la In such variety and abundance price We name below a few article? tbat were half the usual price Silk Calabrtan, Brocade Bar Fine French Lawns at 12 cents. worth 25, Fine Cbailie* 12 ceata. worth '25, Poll De Cbevres 10 cents, worth 25, I?a*ella Cloth 8 cents, worth 12, Fine all wool Plain Detainee 31 cents, Grey Goods 12 cents, worth 25 Best Fx tension Skirts at half price, Best Callcoee (fast colors) only 10 cents. Fin* nil tVAAl 0?A1U nA a ?MV ?? ?* ? wi ouawt* CO W- A UCVO OD1WM Indies' Gauntlets only 12 cents, Ladles' Fine Hose it) cents, Caasiraeres, Linen D ills end C? f'anoscls from 50 cents to $5.00, Bonnets, Flats, and Jock Those who desire to supply themselves with g solicited to call and examine the stock. mar l*-3t 371 AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THKATER! J.e?s?e S, W. GLawn Ao'inc Manager J. T. Raywowd THIS EVENING. Poaitireiy. lwt appe&rano* of MI^SGKRTKL'DE ARGYLE, 1 First n'sht of ths enrajemer.t ol the Ttleat*d Corned an, MR. C. BARTON HILL. Who will appear a? HXMRT BK LlKOIXOLLBf. In tbe great Frenoh Drama entitled LOUISE DE LINGEROLLES. To oonc'ude with The favorite Comedietta entitled DYING FOR LOVK. fT7~The distinguished comedian Mr. JOSEPH JFFFF Ri*ON, will apptnron Monday. It la the country. hd salary. 37 Hi o?dU. Contains the ??'n? matter an the Great Biue B<>ok ooetinj Omitting the n?rres whioh are not r.eeeatary. Catalogue or Cnrirfsitios at Patent Offioe List of Patent*. Old Books Ijoucht and suld Catalogue f?rnmhed. ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, fe 22-lm* Wizards' Hotel Square. WANTS. iL'A.i i bi>-rwo nA^usiwmw or ooiorwmor ? the dininic-rt>om, awl a WO HAN fo' th? kitolim Arp at the Exchange Hotel, on C between 4-S and Sth. It* WANTK" IMMEDIATELY?A o?nt??'nt ' COACHMAN?one who is accustomed to the care of h<>rs?s. None l>ut a xlave need appir. B<-et of inference r quir-d. Apply to CLARK MILLS, on the BiadeLtDurg road. 3 mile* from the eity. ma 16-St* WANTED TO tXf H ANGK-For a anal I cultivated pl%c j n- ar Washington, tw . two-t-tory Frame HOl'AKS in the northern partofthe city, near Seventh ?t. Addrtss Box 679 tJity Post Offio*. ma is 3t* WANTED-A good GARDENER. A single man, or & married man without a family. prof rre<t, or an occupant fir a sinali eotiageanrf 25* or 3 aero* of land, winch i? now in fin* order. ?"d situated e;rner r?enty-6rst and Boundary sta. To aii industrious and carefii n an. a good opportunity will b-offered Inquire of JOHN B. KIBBKV, corner of 21st and Boundary sts mar 1 ?3t WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From f5 to gin nor. wortii of SECOND-HAND FCRNI TURF, of all If tud 5. for win 0I1 1 will guaranty to pay tliehighest prices, and, as usual. at tlie shortest notice. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture. Staves, Ao., oe 9 40** 7th at., het. G and H east aide. WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. " Persons declining housekeeping, or having a iurji!ui or r urn;;ure on nand.can obtain the cash and fair prices l>y applying at 369 Seventh ?t_ n?> 17 BONT2 k. GR1FF1TII. LOST AND FOUND. NOTICE? Lo?t or mislaid, Certificate of Corporation of Washington six per cent, s*ock No. 1.1 40, for one hundred dollars, dated Ap'il 3, 1343 issued to the s i b*oriber. Application will t>e made for toe renewal thoreof. ina 6 w3w RICHARD WALLACH. ^ ^ REWAH D.?Lo?t, last week, on Louisiana 'J avenue, Pennsylvania avenue, or some other street,a dark Hudson MUFF. 'I'be above reward will be paid to the find?r on leatinr it at SHUftTF.R'S liry Goods Store, Market space. ma '6-3: Run away from the j?ub?cribkk, on Monday, the llth instant,a NEGKO ilA.N LEVI. He is a little more than 6 feet high; about SF> ?fars old; va ksslisltly la ne, and weighs 175 pounds; also had a heavy beard. I forewarn ail persons from hiring harboring said slave, as the law will be enforced. A rHWArJ r?f Jtlfl Will Ka r * 1H if It* K? saen in jail so that I get him again'. ma 16 8t? CLARK MILLS FOI'ND? In the ladiea' fireaaing-roomat the Inauguration Ha l, a K A N. whioh the owner can have hy calling f t tiin ffio and paying for thia advertisement. mar 14 St IOST? At the l.evee last right, a aoft IiAT, and -t a heavy grey heaver olotn caped OVERCOAT (without aieevea.) The finder will oonfer a favor hy leaving their, at this of&ae, or by leaving word where they may be got. mar 9 tf ONI.Y TEN CENTS FOK ONE DOZEN fine Steel Peneajd Holder, ?uoh aa are uaua'ly ao!d for2S oanta. at FRENCH A. RICH STEIN'ft Nationa! Rook?tore, 27S Pa a* ma 14 Iw HORATIO KING, No 310 H Strut, Will attend to buainena before the i>(i*r uppmi.' and ota*r EXEC*'TIVK DKPARTMENTS. Rtf*T'nc? ? Hon- Ed. M. ^tastoh, Conwlting Counttl. ma l&-3c* \V ?. H. RILEY* BROTHER are now open ?* inc. ?tNn -6 Central Stores. a large ?t<ck of al! fcu.d* of SPRING ORYO(if)US,to wfeich they call tli* attention of their friends and the public generally, l)i n't forget WM. R.RILEY A. BRO , No. 3? ?>ntral Ptoree, Between 7th and Ith a:reeU, ma 15 Opposite Cent r Market. C'*ii KEW^R D ?Any one that oan make t>etO ?/vr ter * il ? ?! Khixnir AinMntinMlkni S WihiDI.KY. Nonet? I wi?n every one to know that I have RK.MOVED fr-m my old atand.corner F.leventh ft and Ha. avenue, three <io<>rs weat. Man- of my old patrons have inquired Tor me at the <>)d stand ; the answer thsy cot "1 have jnat stepped out" Now, I it poeitivly under sto u that i tii iu no way connected with the firm a' the comer. IiMini'a' le \.?n inverted Portraiu from 25 o?-nts LooU lor the FKs. ma 15 3t* WNEW SPKINti GO<'DS I'. Have just opened our first invoice of Spring Go?.d . t.i wlnon * f i-ivitethd especi&l attent.on of our friend# and cu?r-?m?'ii K OWKN * SON, Military, JV'aval and rihtiu' Mtrckamt Tmxlort, imH-eoiw a I a Pa. avenue. ... L A. BKAI.l. * CO. * aK *\ l"ie.i-ure in informing their euatmnera, and sl^anc-M, that they have to No 361 S<"v?i>th et'Oft, l?t*Mo | and K.jui-t atove R. H Hail's. We have ju t rco*i\ed a new auap:y of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GoO!>S, TKUNKS HAT> and CA Fj?. winch we i ffer to fell at very low pric??. <"all end ?ee u? hefore buying elsewhere, at we know that we can sell jrou goods at less than ant other store in the oitv. L A. KEALL A CO., CLottdwa. mar U lin No. 361 Seventh at. hot. 1 and K. ^0Q SEVENTH STREET. 460 AT TV A VC A ITP a n AM >? A 1 U AA1 Ci AAJ* 1 have iust received ft nioe stock of SPRING Cl.OTHINO. h IKNIbHINM GOMuS, TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS to whieh I invite the attention of all in want of such artiolee. Mjr motto is "A quick sixpenoe is batter than a slow shilling." Those in want < f Clothing we invite to come and look at onr goods and pnoas ; ?nd if yc? want a nioe Shirt a-'d a pretty Tie, No 460 Sev enth stre't is the place toret them. I have a vary large stook of SPRING HAT?, whioh 1 am selling at 25 per oent. below their aotaal valne For those who want to travel, 1 have jast r?oeived a !arg? lot of TRUNKS, VALIsES-and CAR PKT BAGS, varying in prices from ftl to #S If roi want a good Trunk, Clothing, Famishing Goods, Hats, or Caps, there is no plaoe where jom oaa bar them as low as at the People's Clothing Store, 4?v, ?wu OCTVUIU lb, OffOIIM Coil OHO*. A. SMITH. Clothe, mar 14 1m No 460 8*t?bUi il, Mt. K tod r. ImZ BIRDS !-BIRDB FOR SALE. ?*# Just received ? splendid aaeo'tment !?& Bird* Ironi Europe ticrmts Cftnariea,^*Engtiah Black Birta,Thrushes, Bull Fincbaa,?ol4 Finohaa, Liceia, 8ky Larka. Yellow Ham*rp- Parroqueta, Java Sparrow*. Htanens, the Red Moaaw Parrot, and green ar.d gray. J have Mocking Birda, Red Wmg Blaok toi'da, Red Birda, Doves, and Bobulinka;aTao. Trained Birda. Price SSoecta to Cac^a of all kinds lrom 10 oenta to 910, at JOHN O^MEARA'S1 Bird store. No. 466.1* ir. ou'io, an. mo vpnoi ft 9 IM HENRY SCHAEFER, BARBER AND HAIR DRESSER, E Stkxbt, RU> Bitirti, Ofpoxxtt tk* Pott QJUt Dtpmnmmu, h*s fit lad up, id ooanootion with his esub.ishmsnt, oonaenisnt io?ninmod?tinn? (or tlurdiu to his ou>r wien &oU th? pubio ths luxury of COLD or WARM BATHS, at any Urns dirlsg basic?ss hours. Hisehftrgee will u# mvder?io-twiieti-ive ooaUfor a sintle bath, or baths for when tickets lor that number aro pcrohfid lad Mid for in adnocs. Mr. 9?hasisr takM this opportunity to Ltfora his customers that this dssirablsaddiuon a? his ss*h Kment wril in no van aerie terror* with his rogal> iinai inBsl haiin*M n? v- i.? to add to fata pr*??ot faoilitiea for loaano'i vomit ffigURfjwssrssggm? &v- 8 ?=5SbK3?-?% I fc. _ _ )lu that he baa jaat rw*l??4 i full and couplet? UNO and SI MMER DRV r,OOl*? eeic tM f < [ooda of e^ual quality caa elaewber* be purcbaar.) ind niHT fabric*, aa well aa tboae of medium that all nay be /ullr suited In atvle. quality and pure baaed at AMQoi, and wiu be void at *b a age Anglafa, Cbenlle Bifrc, Table Linens XS and 7T. ceetg, Fine Irlab Ltnena only 23 cento. Pfairt Boaoma 10 rents, Kentucky Jeans 19 cento, worth H. I arge Upen Towela 19 rento, worth 25, Huff hM for Window ?h*dea t>eent?. Gentlemen'* Underablrta 25 cento. It cent Cotton* at 10 cento coat a New York bouae flu SO, and are worti. 9ci Children'a Pine Hoa- lti cento. Gentlemen'a half Hnae 10 cento ttonades la eeerv atria and price I'ifibrellaa from SO rento to #6 W ;ey H*u Id great variety, ood Goods it half the usual price, are r-epertfullv R. BRICE HALL, EVCTfTH STREET, betweea I mm* E. AUCTION SALES. I By GREEN k. WILLIAMS. Aset.oneers SAI.E BV ORDER OF THK ORPHAN*' COCBT OP THK r*a?OSAL ErPBCTS Ot !U km BminiriKtiiDoK. Dbcea?kd.-Ob MON ?A Y, the iftth insUat we aba.! ? 31, at Po'olool m m.i?i nit wrnvi ui a wwbm * ? ?" i 1 Fir?t Ward, ali the Stock. Material, Too'#, Ac in the Wheel right and Blackamith Ship *f the de eeaa'd. tii: The W ood Work of new Carta and Wacoaa oom pl'U, Lot of Seasoned Spoke*. Huha, Feliree ar.<! Tim Lota of Bar and Sorap Iron and Steel, Lota of Wheelrifht and Blaoksmitha' Tools, Bellow* and Aovla. With a larte lot of othar article#. which we deeru . aanroeeaary t~> enumerate. A ?o, aaeioe1 ent Family Work Horaeand Bar CT. The H irtt and Bufgy will b? aoid at Lt o'oloek, Terma: All soma under ?V oa?h; over ij/n or edit of 9f> and sa> day*. for notaa tatuiaotoril? en doreed, bearing interact. B? order ulfe Administratrix ma 14 St 6RKKN A WiLLIAMS. Auot#. MARSHAL'S 9ALE.-ln virtue of two writ# if I of Sen faoiaa. laaued from the Clerk nftoe of the Cirouit Court o( the ptatnot of Columbia, for tne oountv of VV aafcinrton. and *ome direoled.l will eupoae to puhlio eale for eaah, In Iron! of the ooun n?tw coor <?I ?ai<1 e< unt* I't1"*',1 r' the an* h day of Maroh tn?t*nt. l? Uo'oloefc m. th? following deeonbed property. to t. s No. 2 tod f. in !<9U?'f No. l<*7, and Lot No.1i,1b fqnare 1W7, id the city <>f VN avhiniTon, D- C.. r6eti.arwith all and mgular the now?'* hereon, emerf and ia?i?<i upor. a? the Aua-^w Roth war, and will b?eoi<! to aatWy )?v oiae N-a. I* and 1?. to Janaar* term. I?|, <? or ol Pullman, Hennoka * Farber, ai.d ?amoe 8. Biotoei. . . , W. 8ELDEN. U. P. Marshal for ma? du lh?triot of Columbia. IIIARPHAL'H 84LK.-I0 Tirtaa of a *nt of 1*1 lien laclaa isaued from the Clart'iOftaa w the Cirouit Court of the Dietnot of Columbia for theCountf of Wvhiucton, and to me diraetad.l will ex?.?e to public eate. for caeh, in front of the Conrt Hoaae door of aaid oouaty, on FRIDAY, the ?2d da; of Ma'ch next, l?*l, commenoint at 1* o'oiook m the following deaoribed property, to wit. tie: hot No. 15, in S*ua e No 4<. i>otNo.l,ia Square 43- |>ot No 5, in S^ua'e No. C,, J;ot No I*. in r^u?'0 >o ro. i 01 .>o. in, in paii^re alio I ot No IS id Square No. 76, a! ir the oty of Washington, D. C., together with ali and incu:ar the improvement* thereon, seised and levied u?ob a* the prop?rt? of Brook Maokall. and wi i be eo.d KratifiT j??liciaf? No. <s. to januai) term. 1KI, la vor of Hooe, Mrotn*r A Co. | n dt< W SELDENP.* Marebai. Only One Dollar. 4T6 Pa. At At EVANS'S 4T? Pa. At. TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR fl. TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR !. JEWELRT?JEWELRY JEWELRY-JEWELRY ONLY OSE DOLLAR FOR ASY ARTICLE OP JEWELRY IS OUR STORE. CARBUNCLE ONYX STUDS SETS. and BUTTONS. GARNET JET STUDS ? BETS, and BUTTONS. CORAL CARB. STUDS BETS. tad BUTTONS. JET PL'N GOLD STUDS SETS. and BUTTONS, LAVA MOSAIC STUDS SETS. and BUTTONS. PLAIN GOLD GOLD STONE STUOH SETS. and BUTTONS. ALL FOR ONK DOLLAR EACH' SPLFNDID POCKET KNIVE? Frr One Do. ar Worth Thro* LADIES'CHAINS. ckA TKLaTN'k * " R'r, NECK .".I"..v.. For foliar GENTS' CHAINS Twelve Style* For One Dollar each PLATED WARE. Coneietinc of BUTTER KN1VF.P. SPOONS,-TABLE, TEA. DESSERT. CUPS.?GILT LINED, FORKS?PITCHERS-CRRAM LADLE*. CAKE BA-KETS?SUGAR SIFTF.RH, NI T CRACKERS nnd PICKS. TEA KNIVES wd FORKS. Ac.. Ac., Ac. 476....4T6 ...476 ...476....4T6....4T6 booksIbooks. CLOSING OUT A LAR6E LOT O^BOOKS. At Great Red netxon in Prices, On ACCOCST or Til* COHTISCED Hits TlMCH. Now ia tha Tlmt to H?!imiak mtumr I ihr?-. Ur Get a >*w One, c i a r. Remember 47V EVANS'S 47* Pa- Ar, EVANS'* PA. AT. mar l? Ixtrwc 81 and <H jwga R I D D L E HAS THE LARGEST, NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF 7 XX W BURY EVER OFFERED IN THIS OR ANY OTHER CITY. AT THE LOW TERMS OF ONE DOLLAR FOR TOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. R!?(*nt CARBUNCLE S?U for ft 1 Elefant LAVA - for il li'la^a.* n A m Kl C -W* ? X - ?'imi.i t> i r*p' ior 91 F. frunt JKT 9?to lor ?1 l>?*r.tC()KAL ?od HOLD^ " (or fl >>f*ant MEDALLION Hrti mr fl K ocant It UIN MOSAIC Soto for *1 Eiogtnt PLAIN GOI D....~ ....Sou lor (1 I adioo'GUARD CHUN'S ?J^r fl I flioa' CHA 'ELAINE CHAIN'S.4<?r ?l Indies' NE' K CHAINS lor fl Genu' VEST CBAlNS.Uo ciffareut rt|hi.(.... for 91 ?! "? a Lire* Aatortmont of JEWELRY, whieta we can Mil *t SO o*nU fltcU. Just Rooetvod, SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL FTRUSCAN BLACK LAVA Sou ENAMELED CHoSS Sola ETRI SCAN CARBUNCLE Sou Ph*RL AND GOI-D Bote ETRUSCAN ONYX Sou N. B -Per?Bi viibini u; of tyo Above Good* hou.o caw At onoe m tnej eooc will bo goao. Wo kan ob h&ad.Bod mo receiving ?m> dA?. l-arga inrokooa of , .no rMTBU WAM. onnmittag of BrtaJkfatt and Tea Set*; Card and Caxe Batiett ; Craam and Syrup Pitekar*. Table, Dessert, Tea, Sufar and Craam. Spoons, Buttar, Fruit, T*a, Pta, and Fish. Kntvei, Fork*; XapJnn Rt n*i; Cotters; Salt Stande ; Plain, Ctuued and GtU Lined Goblett and Cup*. all rom sals at lownt wioluili mew. GOODS WAKRAWTKD AC REPRESENTEDREMEMBER: RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, mul SOS PA. AT >0* g A L E OF LANU TRE ANNAPOL& JUNCTION. Tb? asbaoriber will ofor At pnvAU *Ala a FARM , eon'Aim tig 130 Mm, At Anufv.n JuMUm.ji The Oil la u naurpA*aod, And ih? . n.provmrn !?K!I onaiat of a new medrrn at ) Cd'U(?, oon<u: mg 9 roomi, food hmi At th? door, a>^ a UmviM ! ?o?ni o ohird. 1 ha altuAtion of tk.a lArn rood*'! i it ?ory iMirAhli to aa? yinoi <iim bwiw ia B?itimor? or employed in ATwiik)i|io*. ft^Aaon ucknta oAa to prowired ao a* to ?AAbia tr KiHT&?ttf OMbty of .Md wi'i be iimwmJ or ii the of i ion of the Mn>lMk?r. twiwttM fct wS-WBcsaas^swS ?? taflUta| %