Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1861 Page 4
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I ' -> -I? THE EVENING STAR.] m THE OLD MAM'S DREAM BT The o d man alt* in hia oaken chair By tne io?Ie aid* to day. " 1*1* ma wrinkled brow and frame ao wewk. -A r.4 hi* palaud !:mbs and hia shrunken cheek. And hit looks eo thin and trey. And he rasea lone at the rnddy bhie Ae it curia an<t riickera and f Iowa, And he eeema toaee in ita chana efu. Ii*ht. The forma that the years, in their rapid flight, Have borne to the death repoae. There oometh the form of a maiden fair. With laaKhing. miaohieTOua e>ea? He hath never heheid aueh ar other pair. And the love-li*h*. of that he ae*th there See ma boi rowed from the ckies. Aad the wreathed a amile with her ruby lips, ? nuU'l M uo r uviiiri iiu-'uv? And ah? cometn again aa she did of yore. And bendeth low o'er his forehead hoar, )As abe did io the years Ions gone. And the twineth her arma with a loving embrace Aroand his neck, and ahe pr;aaeth a kiaa "With her glowing I'ps on his aged brow. Anil the ahriveled o'd man is young again new. Living over tioh seatons of Miaa. .. And then there eoraeth a tiny form And ahareth hia kind oareca, And he yearneth over the tiny one. A* a father vearneth over hia first born son, And prayeth kind heaven to blear. And it changeth again, and a prattling boy la neatled npon hia knee, And other wee forms ar? around him now. And pride aita enthroned on the old man's brow, Aa hs liata to their childiah glee. The beautiful miiden with laughing eyes la th? wife oi hia early } ears. And that tiny one waa the eldest child. And prattlm* group that his heart beguiled Are the babes of hia pray era and tears. Bat the fire burns low, and adimnecs stem's O'er the old man's vision now. And there cometh the shape of the bier and pall. And hia fontliy loved wife, and hia children all Are shrouaed beneath it now. Th? flaTe dies out, and a stifled groan Bursts forth from the old man's heart, The via on hath fled?He's awake again? A one'y o.d man, with anguish and p&in. Awaiting hia oail to depart. ? ?i MraicAL asi? Theatrical? The following company ot the Pittsburg, Pa , theater: Meadames E. S. Stetson, (leading lady,) F.ttle Henderson, H. F .Nichols; Miaaes Julia Irvln, F B. Price, N. Whiting, Mary Preston, Hardy and Dunn; Messrs D. L Mancbett, (leading man.) E. T. Stetaon, Lionel Bernard, D E. Ralton.J S Mafflt. Osmond Foater, C Daly.F F Maakay, H. Wilson, M. Ward, (scenc artist,) Carson. Johnson ai d Marshall. W. F. Brough is on thesicklist. The Florence* are in Boston. George Christy's Minstrels are making an up-river trip They appear at Jackaon. Miss , Vicksburg, Memphis and St. Louis P. M Harper and C T Smith have opened Wood's theater. Cincinnati. Spaulding and P A(7Arc' 1 * ao< cnn at tko U ..... .?*? > ?? ?UC UVSM. I1 * UCOICI W 08 fli* tended with considerable 1cm Mr. Murdoch will succeed Sallle St Clair at the St Louis theater Maggie Mitchell is at Mobile, Ala. She will shortly visit England. Collins wasatth?"St Chnrles theater, N. O., last wwk. Mr and Mrs 1. F. Rand are in Boston. Blondln Is in Philadelphia this week. John Stfton wus playing in Baltimore last week There are all sort? of rumors relative to the future movements and engagements of Adelina Patti. We are tired of copying them and then finding tbem incorrect At present she is either at New Orleans, Havana, or Europe, with Strakoach, Maretzek, or Smith. Where or which we are unable to My. M iss Hi nckley. on Tuesday evening of laat week, gave a concert in her native city, Albany. She was moat warmly and enthusiastically received. She was assisted by Sigs Suslnl, Lotti, ice Mrs. H. Erkbardt, formerly of the Boston Museum, will shortly leave for Europe, with the intention of making her debut iu opera In tiermany. A new American sensation drama, in which Mr A. B. Bisrce. the Yankee comedian, from Kentackv, made his first appearance, has been produced at the Maylebone theater. A London paper says that Mrs Chas. Matthews' "smart and good tempered acting" created "quite * furore" at the Royal Standard theater. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?F McCloskey, Hon J Cochrane, J R Andrews, XV; J Oilmore and son, O; Mr Benet. Wlssf H M Smith, Ind; S W Burbtnk. Ky; J Bratty, C N Taylor, MrGardly, Pa; W W Lourv. Pa; T Egleston, NY; S O Renick, R N Burr, U: S J Wychoff. A J Westeralt, NY; Hon E H Irish. A 9 Bell, J F Mackenzie, Pa; J Leavett. NY; H Kennon, Pa; R S Gould, J Burden, NY; R Early, Ind;M O Roberta, H PWbifinz. C Shaffer. NY; Gen J Garland. USA; \V G Otis, O; J E Brady, T E Cauran, T Baumgarner, Pa, Col Ruggles, LSA; E S Ruggles, Va; R G Chase. 8 L Beach, Man; S H Morris and lady, G M Norton, Va; Hon O Kellogg, W A Wb?eler, NY; D M Brooks and lady, Miss K Donnell, G F Mason, B Cameron, Pa; J VV Jennings, 111; C P Johson, Mo; N Garnett and ladv. Miss Garrett va, Mr anrt >Ir? Wilton, Canada;'<i Butfertleld, A Kdgar. NY; J C Manalleld. A VV Brazae. Ind; G \V Reag, J J Giden, Md; C M Refd. G Reed, > Pa; C Benber, Mas;; \V H Veaey, NV; C Foat. Mp; K T Taylor, Maw; Hon A K Boteler, Va; K l ' Horner. Maw; C Huaon, NY; W I. Murdoch, Md; AV R Wiater. J A Moore and fani; H Catten. Pa; W J T Aniea and daughter, Ind; J T Wataon, Pa; A C Hall, }ld; R \V Beatty and lady, NY; A W Faizer, Pa; Mr Aahly, G Aahly, NY; D Newport, Tenn v 1TIOV * f II' V"""' ? ~ i ,vtinu nti I r.L?.? M MlOWd'Il, W 9pencer. A Parkins, C H Snow, Va;. A Watts. DC; L Jcfi'erton. Ky; H H Weill. F G Duval, W Franklin, S 3 Taylor, R Hitchcock, A 9 Dungan, J 3 Caipman, Md, O Taylor, GG Billowa D Welch, Capt Howard, A R Bennett, M Kom, W Shepherd, M H Cooper, M 3 Keith and ly, D C Smitn, W Talton, J H Ameby, R H Pringle, 9 Coatea and ly. D C Gale. R A Watklnaon, NY: VV Helmer, H 3 Newton, J Naglej, 3 Allen. J T Coliyer, Pi; C Woolwortb, Hon T L Tulloch, F B Whoilen, Hon A H Cragin, T J Prug. 3 Greenlelf, J A Chamberlain, B Martin, G G Fogg, J C Abbot'. NH;CB :*a*ag?, C R Metcalf, H Smith. u ? r-? - .?i r rencu. .Mass; G Corrabie, O; R Bool. 8 L* Suit, J T Jam-?. Ill; P E Vinton, Wl?; W Balllson, la. WASHINGTON HOUSE ?H C Hick*, Md; G W Andrew?, J J Bruce, Pa: A W Truaael, Mw; D H Col?, W F Warren, W Cushlnj?, M Johnson, NY; G LtiW, W F.vans, Md; Hon W Howard. Mich; l< Blanche, 8 \V Shirk, Hon Jas Campbell, J L Clghtmlre, J .Mvers, J L Wilson, Thos \Vren,C A Bound, Pa; E P Graves. Chs J Gould, NY; Richard Butler. Mich; E A Rollins, W Hammatt. J i .... , ? lii ICIUJUIC, >> bODg, J Hall, L> Ohaae. is Young, Me. BROWN ? HOTEL ?J L Mansfleld, Ind; J E Hollvday. Md; J A P<?zzinl, Va; C W Tyler, DC; J i> Grvn ?G Mllllgnn, NJ; TJ Reid, D H Dunuan. U B Pullian, Judge Baker, Tenn; C P Bacon, Kv; J Bow?. Md; ? M Mullin, Va; C Emmons, NY; W Talburtt, Md; J Stern, Pa; D Wills, O. KIRK WOOD HOUSE?W W Oliver, J II Ptewart. 9 K Bowman, Md; B F Kinabon, T Wllliama, Ulat; B F Ficklm. J B Cainpbel*? Va; J E Powell, J T Marshall, Pa; C Ell ward, CGraty, Mo; J M Hunt and fam. NY; J W Ruaaell, Kv; J E Ennia, Ind, D Connelly, Cal; G H O'Neal, 1 I Allen, W H Allen, Fla. OLE AH Si TEA MER.S' SAILING DA YS Faoa toi Uhitbb Statsi. Sttinurt- Ltart, e" . vi. uayt. ma-;ara Hoeton.. Liverpool.. .Men V> 4 Molten;: an. Portland Liverpool...Mch 23 Ktt.a .. ? New York Liverpool ..Mch 23 John Sei! ....New York ...Glaegow Men 26 Arabia. . Boeton ..Liverpool ..Mon 27 A -a*w New Vork...Havre Moh ?> V??. .New York...Liverpool...MchS'* Ba-ar.a. .... New ^ork South'pton . Ap' 3 Cartas _boaion. ..?.Liverpool A pi 3 Alriaa _?...N?w York...Liverpool ....Ap! l?t N w York. 11 i .Nt?w York... Bremen Api IS Knropa New York... Liverpool.. ..Apl 17 Baltic .New York...Havre .Apl20 f?rsi? .New York...Liverpool Apl 24 Fr njo Aibirt-.. .New York ..Guwajr.?. Apl 27 r'rto* Elrop* Arabia Liverpool Boston Moh 2 Teut Jiu? ........SoutiTpU'n...Nt>w York?Men 4 Arvio South'ptoa? New York...Mch 6 Vi?o Liverpool....New York ..Moh 6 Au?io?&xon. ....Liverpool Port?i,a Moh 7 C?u&>& .. Liverpool... .Boston Moh 9 Afno*?_^.__l.iverpooi New York^.Mch 16 Rorauift. 8?iitlrpton...New York...Mch 1* CmM Kingdom .Gl?*??w New York ?Voh 18 New York _Soittl,'pton.. .New York.?Mch80 Europ?..__ Liverpool Boston Mch 23 r? ton .Sogtrrpt<i*.?New York ...Apt 3 B%vnra ?SouttTpu>n.. .Now York....Apl i Broinm J*outh'pV>n... New York... .Ap 17 fl*mntoni*_ South'pton ...New York....Apt 18 DON'T BE DECElVi-D, BUT COME TO the right ptaoe to ?et your CLOTHING, HATS a-d CAPS, At SMrTHt), No. 460 8e? cth ?t t?9?w "" FAMILY BLANKETS A^IJ COMFORTS. We have till od band a food assortment of the abuve goods. A.m, HousekeepingGoods of every deeonption, all of whiuh we are selling at ooet for jfen TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. THK ONLY (|DOI> PORTRAIT OP PRE8IDF.NT LIJ^OLN ever e?b:i?he-i. Joet oat ?nd sent by nail free on reompt of 29 o??nte, The trado aad olabe of twenty supplied at lov >rmT?by FRENCH ? RICH8TEIN. I ARGE INVOICES OP NEW MUfcIC ^ijaet received from Roaa?< * Riwri X Uro., Cinetfcnati, Ball k aon.Tiiw York', o* opan for 1??p?0Uod. JOHN P. KLf.fH, u ? *0? Pa.??.. bot tth and 10th iu. CAPS at No. 4?)8^r?aUi ?t.. o^nu Po^Ofk i .1! lruv y it i/uuivivAi. ALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHAN0E OF HOUR8. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, I960,the trains will rnn aa follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Firat train at 6.20 a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m? Expresa. Fourth train at 6 p. ro. LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4.15 a. m., Express, Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third Fourth at 430 p. m., Expreaa. The firat, aeoond and third traina from Washington oontieot through o Philadelphia and New The eeoond and third oonnect at w ashington Junction with trains for th? West, South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis Jnnotion, for An napotis. For Norfolk take the ' 40 a. m. traio. For the accommodation of the war travel be tween Washington and Laurel, a passenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leaves at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia onlv. no 36 (1 T. H. PARSONS. Agent. DENTISTRY. DRS. I OCR WOOD* V. DARRELL ARE PREtared to insert TfcETIlon VL'LC AN-y^gs^ l I tv HA!?rc, a n?w ar.a improved moae.jiii. uyj When m?d# on this plan they a'f com * ' " fortabie to wear and much cheaper than any other. Also. Te*th insetted on Gold Plate, and all Dental Operations of any kind that may be desired Office Koom No. 5. in the Washington Building.oorner Pa av. and Seventh st. ja 10 3m* M TEETH. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patenteo ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his offioe in this city.mASsa* Many persons can wear those teeth who^*'' oar.not wear others, and no person can wear others Who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my office can be accommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can prodnse, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No, 338 Pa.avenna. Katwaao 9th and lutj sts. Also, 907 AroE street, Philadel phia. oc 15 tf EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to reoeive a thorough and systematic education, where their physical training will receive daily and special attention, under the igost approved system of Calisthenics and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth ?t and New York nv. MR. ? MRS. X. RICHARD*. an 30-tf Principals Female boarding and day school ALEXAyURIA, VA. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of tnis Institution will cpmm^nce on Tuesday, September 18th, iu the house recently ocoupied by Sylvester Scott, Es^., N<>. 190 King street. i no course 01 piuuy pursued win comprise ail the branches requisite to & thorough Er.elish Education, and Music, French, Latin and Drawing, 1] desired. in addition to day scholars. Mrs. McCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pnpris aa boarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will he an<u* lier immediate caro and supervision. She will endeavor, as lar as possible, to snr round them with tho comforts and kindly influence* of Home. Rt fcrfntts.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Elias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Spring, William H. Fowle, Es*., Edgar Snowiren, E*q.. Edmund F- Witmor Kc^., Jlenry Marbury, Esq.. Lewis McKenzie EM., Kohort H. Hunton, Esq. W. D. Wallach Editor Evenine Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq., J as Entwisle, Jr.,,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun Messrs. Biackioc* Jk. Marshall, Messrs. Cor Brothers. TKBMS. . . Board, with Tuition in aJl the English Branches, #200for the annual session?payable semi-annually, to advanoe. Musio and Langnaees at Professors' prices. IET No extra charges. au 23-tf GAST FITTING, &c. AWM. T. DOVE &. CO. RE Now prepare! to etocuta any orders wlU wnioh tb-r mr.7 b<^ favored in the PLUMBING, OAS OR STEAM FITTIN# IB I TO I Mt-'Uil E7" Store on ?th strict, a few doors north of Pi* avenue, where mar be found a compjete assortment of CHANDELIERS and oiher GAS, STEAM an< WATER FIXTURES. lagT-ly pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON A CO. Would call the attention of water takers to their full assortment of Fixtures necessary to its introduction A" f??i lows:?KITC H E N R A N G ES. B A T H TIBS. WATER CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, l.ead aifa Galvanised WATER PIPES, HYDRANTS and PAVE WASHERS. RUBHER HOSE, Ao. Having superior advantages, with practical knowledge, we are prepared to introduce Water into dwe.lincs with all the latest improvements, promptly, and at prices that cannot fail to satisfy. ii69 Penn.avenue, no 24-dtMar 1 bet. 9th and loth sts , south side. WGAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai y receiving, OAS F/XTl/AJTSof entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior m style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invitecitizens general It to call and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beet elected stoek in Washington. All Work in the at>ove Tine intrusted to our oar* will be promptly attended to. MYERS tc MoGHAN. mar 5-tf 37ft 1) street. I SNYDER, PLUMBER AND HAS FITTER, ..Has removed to the ooroer of Twelfth and F uts. Me u prepared to introduce Water and (iaa upon tii9 moat favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction. Hehaa on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which ha will aell iesa tiian Ouat, aa he wiahea to jet rid cf them. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALEK. OF 6AS METERS. WA8EIN8TON, Jv\j 18, I860. NOTICE IS flEREBY GIVEN. That, agreeably to the proviaiona of the oidir.anc* of the Corporation approved May 12, lSt-t. t:.o ur.doraimed ia now prepared, "whei.ever required in writi'ij, and on pre-payment of the f?e of fifty corta, to iuapcct. examine, teat, jrovo, and ascertain tl>e accuracy of I refl?tr*t<r.n nf?r.. ? : * " _ ? .. VI vu J 9, na IllUkCi I U U l?0 1 Li l!iIB CIlJ Every meter, if lou'id inoorreot.wiil bo condemned, and &iiother, sealed and marked as true, will be et in i>* plase. If proved to be accurate in ita measurement of gas, it will be sealed accordingly, and again put in position fcr use. Office No. S10 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel,o*i' Hall ) Open from 8 a. in., to b p. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM. Jy 18-tf Inspector and Sealer ol Has Meters, /0\ NOTICE. /Ov 1v \ removal. Xw A 0 0 1 have removed my V U PAWN OFFICE to 351 Q street, between 4>? and 6th streets, immediate y in the rear of tho National Hotel, where the business will be continued as heretofore at the oid stand. 1S\A<. HKKZBF.RG. ORTII OF BOOTS, SHOES AXD TRUNKS, O/ all Styles and Qualities, AT A GEEAT SACBIFICE ON COST. Slcrt for Kent and Fixtures for Sale, All the Stock in S. "pTHOOVER'S STORE, NTCblrun llall,embracing every variety ElVrnfl f ladies'. Gents', Children's andB39 J *?*l?*?SerTan's's?HOES Also, TK A V-fHl ELINO TB UNKS are now being sold./w* VVk ca<kjit great saorificox on usual retail sellmglprioes. indeed much belon original oo?t. Tho attention of the publio is solicited, a* great inducements will be made to purchasers. The above comprises a la^ge stock of the finest iuauty Frencn can G&iters.Shoes,Boots, c., ho., (or ladies and gentlemen. Th?S<ore is for rent and the Fixtures for sale. Apply on tj'e pron.iscs, Iron Hall. N. B.?The a^ove stock, either in whole or in part, will be sold at private tale. To ?m nr?ii? iron* 01 entering the B?ot, Shoe and Trunk Buaine*a this rtfurds & better opportunity than may again be preasr.ted. ..... P*ri?one :ndebted will coyfer a favor by promptly call in ( aud settlinc their acoounta. ja 7 tf BOOXd AND bhOKS TO SUIT THE TIMES. We are now manufaotuiing all kinds of boots and SHOKS, and ooratantlv reoeivmg Sg|G| acppiy of eastern maUd work of every de M l aeration, made expressly to order, and willw be aold at a mcoh lower prioethan haa been* w^k heretofore charged in tiua o;ty for mooh inferior artioira. Persona in want nf Hoota and Shoes of eaatorn or city n vie work, will Always find a rood aaaor'.men In atoreand at tne loveat price*. (five ua a call. bRIKFIN A BRO., ap i-r 514 Pennsylvania avenue. IVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS arrived this day, embracing a.l ?uali-?im bea and aisea of tVe L eat bar, Ladies'Hfrjn Dresa and Packing Trunka. Our trunk^"*"* aiea room exhibits at thia time the greatest variety of traveling requisites, at moderate prioaa. to be fouad thia aide oTNew York. Also, erery desenpnon of INDIES' OAT BOXE9, VALICES, CARPET BASS, SATCHELS, Ac. fTT" Old Trunk* repaired or taken in exohangt for new ones* WALL, STEPHENS * CO* Trunk Sale* Room, auw tl-tf 383 Pa. avenua. W traveling trunks. E Have juat reoei ved the largeat assortment and now offer the moat extensive variety omw VAI isfes, CARPK-ir BAGS, HA^CHKL8. Ao., in thia city, wticri we are MlljiEat nti low jricee. WALL. STEPHENS A CO , no# tf Pn. mnut. THE AMERICAN ALMANAC FOR 1861, paper: pnoe fl; half cm? ? l-? by mail. tv? e V#ter, a new novel by Oliver Wendell Bolmee.a foU . 12iao., o oth; pnM 91.75 by mall. Jk " f?n f T9 Fvba. irwst) CUKE NervousHeadache Headache. By theuaeof theae Pilla the periodic attacks of yerrouf or Sick Htadacht may be prevented; and if taken at the commencement ol an atUok immediate reliei from pain and sicknesa will be obtained. They aeldom fail in removing the Nautta and Hend at he to which females are eo subject. They act gently upon the bowels,?removing CoittNMtl. For Literary Mm, Students, Delicate Females, and all persons of sedentary habits, they are valuable aa a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and vigor to the digestive organ*, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and carefully conducted experiments, having been in use many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether ongi nating in the nervous system or from a deranged state of the sumach. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safety without making any change of diet, and the ab stnet of any disagreeable taste renders it easy to administer tkem to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! Th? nnin. 1 u. n a uw ?wuuiuv uof O UTW BI|UOIU1CO VI l^OUl J Vi Spalding on each Doz. Sold by Drucc Mta and ail other Dealer* in Medieines. A Mox will be lent by mail prepaid on reoeipto the PRICE, S# CENTS. All orders shoald be addreaaed to HKNRY C. SPALDING, 48 Cbear Strbkt, New York. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER pd ntf r nuiu HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE 13 WITHIN THEIR REACH. As these Testimonials mere unsolicited by Mr. Spalding, they afford unquestionable proof of the. efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Masonvillk, Conn., Feb. 5,1861. Ml. Spaldiwo?Sir : I have tried tout Cephalic Pills, and I like tktm so well that 1 want you to end me two dollars worth more. Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom I ga?ve a f?w out of the first box I got from yotl. Bend the Pills by mail, and oblico Your ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. HAVK&roRD, Pa., Fob. 6,1861. Mr. Spalding?Sir: I wish ton to send ?re one more box or your C*ph*Jic Pills, I have received a treat deal ef benefit from themYoura rospectiully. MARY ANN STOIKHOU8E. SrRucs Crkrk. Huntington Co., Pa ,/ January 18.1861. S H. C. Spalding?Sir: You will pica*? send m? two boxes of your Cephalic Piiie. Send them immediately. Respectfully yours, JNO. B. SIMONS. P S ?I have used one box of your Pitts, and find tKim izcellent. Bu lk Vernon, OHo, Jan. IS, 1381. Hknrt C. Spaldino, Kt<^.: Please find inclosed twenty-five oeuU, for whicn send ine another boa of your Cephalic Pills. Tk'v are truly the test Pills I k*v? ever tried. Direct A. STOVF.R, P. M.. BeMe Vernon, Wyandot oo., O. Bkvkrlt, Maes., Deo. 11, I860. H. C. Spalding. Eeq.: 1 wish for some circulars or large show hills, to brinr your Cephalic Piili more particularly before nir customers. If yon h*ve anything of the kind, p'.ease 8?nd to me. Oneof my customers, who is subject to severe Sick Headache, (usually lasting two <;???.) was cured of an attack in one hour by your Pills, whioh I I sent her. Reepectfu!ly yours, W. B. WILKES. ivbtnoj-dsburo, ? ranklis Co., Ohio,# January 9,1881. \ Hkmrt C. Spai.dino, No. 48 Odar ttreat. New York?I>ear Sir: Inclosed find twenty-five oenta. (25,) lor which send bo* of * Ophalia Pills." Send tn address of Kev. Wm. C. Filler, Reynoldabn-)t. Franklin oount?, Ohio Vc-wr Pills work lik* a charm?turs Headach* almost instanter. Truly yours, WM. C. FILLER. YpsII-auti, Mioh., Jan. 14,1861. Mr. PpALDtito?sir: Not Ionic since I bent to tou , for a box of Cepha ic Pills for ihe cure of th? Ner| vous Headache and Costivenegg, aud received the ! same, and ikty had so good an effect that I was induced to send for more. Please seud by return mail. D're?t to A. R. WHKELFR. Ypsilanti, Mich. From the Eramintr, Norfolk, Va. Cephalio Pills asoomplnh the object for whioh thoy were made, v:x: Curs oi heaflaohe in all its forms. k From the Examiner, Norfolk, V*. They have been tested in more than a thcnsanil ! casen, with entire success. | From the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. If you are, or have been troubled with the head ache, send for a box,(Cepha!io I'llis,) so that you ; may have them in case ui aruattack. ??? From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The Cephalic Pills are said to boa remarkably i effeotive remedy for the headache, and one of the very be*t for that very fro^uent complaint wlncn has ever been discovered. i From the Western R, R. Gazette, Chicago, III. I We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding, and his on rivalled Cephalio Pills. From the Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, P<*. We are sure that persons suffering with the head ache, who try them, wi>l stick to them. From the Southern Path Finder New Orleans, La, Try them ! you that are afll.of d and we are sore that your testimony can b? aJdnd to the already numerous list that has reoeived benefits that no otoer medioine can produce. From the St. Louis Democrat. The immense demand for the artlole (Ceph*lio I Pills) is rapidly increasing. From the Oaxette, Davenport, loimm. Mr. ?paldin; would not oonnect his name with an artiole he did not knoie to possess real merit From tht Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The Ustimorv in their favor is strong, from the

most Pfl?a??rtblK A !! *? ? . . . m . m ? mm w ^ (*? ! ?WI From th* Daily Hews, Ntwport. R. I. Cephaho Pills are taking the plaoe of all kinds. | I1T A linele bottle of 8PALDINU'Sj PREPARED GLUE will aave ten ttmei lU ooat annually. spalding's prepared glue! spalding's prepared glue! spalding's Prepared glue: 8AVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH H^"A Stitch ih Tixi Save* NmK."-/H _ Aa aoctdenta will haoDAn. in w?n ?? . , ? - ? ? -i' i?|U?iN rajmliea, it }s very desirable to have tome cheap aad!o? 'nreDient way for repairing Furniture,Toys Crockery, 4.0. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meets all snoh emerf enoiea, and no honaehold oa afford to be without it. It la always ready, and a to the atlokini point. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Brush aooompanies each Bottle. Frio 8S oenta. Addreaa HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4S Cedar street, New York, CAUTION. As oertain unpricoipled persona are attempting to palm off "n the unsuspecting pnblio, imitations of a? PRKPiRvnmtip .t-l-.j , ?? ov u uuui i wuuiu caution in Mr* onato examine before parokfiaini, &nd see that E7*SPALDING'S PEEPARfiO GLUE^fl Jgrnggggmwmmm^ # ri ?n^???^ ? PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. I I n 1! H I. I fl m n t r u 1 ? ? ? ? w AW V ? 4 v Di DlPAKTMIirr OF THI Il*T**!0*.t D*c. 26, 1180. S Publio notioe la hereby given that bonds and oonpons annexed, of the description hereinafter set forth, have lately been feloniously abstracted from the onetody of the Interior Department, the same being the property of the United States and held in trnst for oertain Indian tribes. Notioe baa alao been given to the proper oCoera of the respective Btatee to stop the payment thereof; and all persons are warned against pnrohasing or reoetving any of said bonds and oonpons, as the oiaim of the United States thereto will be prosecuted to the utmost extent Eaoh bond being for the sum of one thonaand dollara, vis s Six per oenb Missouri Coupon Bonds, issued in June and August, 1857. jStateof Missio?ri,8t. Louis and Iron Mountain R R. State Bonds. | Bond ?*. J037 Bond No. 1823 187? 1827 1990 1822 1997 1821 1998 1820 2008 1819 2007 1818 1993 1809 1994 1817 1995 1818 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 iWX 1808 2006 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1999 2036 2000 2032 2009 1826 1877 1828 1878 182V 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2Q?9 2048 2018 2046 2017 2047 2016 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 . 2012 2042 20-10 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 . Not?.?Bonds No. 2000, and below of this series, issued June. 1857, and bonds No. **'1, and above that, dated August, 1857, payable at the Phoenix Bank, New York oity, in 1887. ' State of Missouri six percent, oonpon bonds. viz: Hannibal aud at, Joaeph Railroad State Bonda? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1626 1851 1627 1851 1828 ! 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 1862 1845 I860 1844 . 1861 1832 1856 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1854 1836 182] 1837 182S > 1838 1824 1839 1826 1649 1826 I 1640 1827 1635 1828 1612 1829 1618 1830 1614 1831 1 1616 1641 1616 1642 1617 16-13 1618 1644 1619 1645 ; 1A20 1646 1621 1647 1611 1648 I 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 1622 1660 1857 1816 1636 181T 1630 1818 1639 IRlfl 1841 1820 1023 1821 1024 1826 90 bonds Noti.?Thea# bonds are dated January, 1Mi, i parable at Rank of Commeroe, New York, In November. 1886?intoroat payable in January and July of eaoh year. i State of Missouri aiz per oent. Coupon North Mterouri R. It. Slate bond a. Bond No^2952 Bond No. 1039 2940 1638 2939 1041 OQ4 1 1?i? SUTtk lUiA 294J 1643 2948 1844 2945 1846 2944 1848 2943 1647 2947 1848 2948 1849 2949 1840 2950 1850 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 1654 2936 1666 2961 1652 2953 1666 1657 2921 17C6 2468 17C6 2512 17C7 2513 2462 2614 2463 2616 2464 1616 1466 1911 1466 1910 1457 1911 1468 MIS 1453 1914 1460 1916 1461 1916 1461 1917 3468 1918 1464 1919 1465 2910 1466 1954 1467 1956 1051 80 bood? Nor*.?The bonds numbered 3616 and below, issued in January, 1897; No J910, and shore that, issued in August, 1897, payable at rhasnix Bank, New York eity. Missouri six per oent. Coupon Bonds. Tin North Missouri R. R. Statebonds. Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 271? 2711 2733 2712 2722 3710 1710 1715 1718 1777 1717 1776 1714 1706 1731 1708 1780 1780 1719 1770 1718 1771 1714 1 1786 1714 1778 . 1704 . 1773 S7S < 1775 17* < 1774 1713 * 1780 ins 1731 1767 Mfroadf Mlaaovt Six-Mr-ami Ptoifto Railroad MM* Coipoa Bobo?. Bond Ho. 6246 Bond Ho. 6264 6M1 6246 6168 ?244 . 6266 6U3 5364 6241 5166 6241 6253 tJS 4238 6251 6238 5260 6137 6249 6236 6247 6134 6248 &133 6195 6232 6198 6231 5000 6200 4999 6199 4997 6198 4890 6197 4998 6310 4889 6236 4888 6307 4876 6308 6257 5309 5262 61 bonds 6306 torast payable in January apfi July of ?*oh yfear. Bonds of North Carolina?Coapon ux par Mat. North Carolina mx par oanta. Bond No is RmuI V? */?? ? - ?""" A^VMVt V. WW S3 301 31 300 13 397 9 335 T 334 349 903 348 1M 347 104 340 30 343 19 343 18 341 17 340 IS 339 13 338 8 337 11 336 10 335 103 318 101 329 100 330 99 331 103 333 6 333 38 334 33 227 16 32? 31 317 98 318 97 316 96 296 95 239 94 238 62 237 60 236 303 72 bond* Not*.?Theee bonds are dated Juurj, last, payable Jwiumj, IMS, at Bank of Repubife, New York. Internet payable In Janmary aad inly. North Carolina 6 per oente. Coupon Bonds. Bond Ne. 833 Bond No. 735 832 736 831 758 830 759 829 760 834 761 835 712 836 763 8*7 764 8*8 TVO 871 791 871 792 873 793 874 794 875 795 876 796 877 797 878 798 879 799 880 800 ?a a?i 840 802 847 803 848 804 849 805 850 800* Mi 808 852 897 853 811 IK l!l 856 814 857 815 858 816 860 817 861 818 862 819 863 820 864 811 865 811 866 813 867 814 868 firs 860 SM 87# 827 883 828 882 8ft 884 844 886 841 731 844 7&2 846 733 734 IMboMi Th6M Itonda nre dated Jair, 1ST. parabi? Jiln 1887, at Bank of Kopnblto. Nifw V orr, Interest H7i abto in Jannary and Joly. North Carolina six rw ent Coapor bonda. Bond No.'599 Bond No. 493 600 404 603 496 604 496 605 497 606 621 07 498 608 610 610 6U 11 481 IS 48S 13 483 09 484 14 486 2S 486 SS 467 S4 488 26 489 26 499 627 538 28 539 41 540 % & 15 64* 44 639 ?4? 631 647 MS 48 US 645 ?34 649 636 50 436 6W ur MS *18 616 629 617 ?16 618 614 19 ?17 465 *14 4*7 432 "5 *4* 470 44? 602 647 430 448 440 660 442 662 430 471 4*3 473 436 474 ?7 476 437 476 439 477 43ft 478 435 479 43S 460 431 ftlS <01 ftlS ft44 401 ' 119 bonds 1 493 sf&smzss*- i PortT IN hamlm mt *1 ? ?* ' ? ? kontf ofu ut to"ineorpilrsie tKTWeSere WorU J Bo?4 No. SI M Vt. Ill ! S 1U 1 M 1U S 1 ! f Bond No 97 Bond Ho Its 98 1U W 164 100 1A5 US 178 1? 191 184 1?S 136 its 188 194 117 m 1S8 1M 178 lt7 180 108 139 Itt ISO 300 137 ? 144 44 bottdi 140 Two bond. for ll^nnck. ?i*t*d Ajnl, um. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 10 Fifteen bonds for 81 *(r OftOh. dnted Octobr, Itfr.Tit Parabiont Bank ofKernUto, Ootobei, D 1 V. 110* Ttyvmjl WA HO* JIVUU A 1 Ow A/VUV **w. AIVC 1184 1191 1185 UN 1186 1195 1187 1196 1188 1197 1189 1190 15 brad* 1191 Tenneaaotaix pir oont. Otpo* BoikU. of each, of loan oi ll'J p*r?'>'? 1?< in Now^orfc city, of the to. ofini nainbera, mm! dated Jut ar y, MM: Bo?d No. 217 Bond No. 415 178 419 194 476 I 197 477 * 409 491 413 496 414 711 And oQ\? io <owin( Hakmim?d January.!*^* Bond No 828 Bond No. 1278 829 1358 830 And of t> (following numbers ihwI Janaary.lM* Bon 1 No. 1744 Bond No 2*55 211.0 2*91 1133 2891 1581 3006 1605 3121 Anl of the following unbtnlnnd January. 1M*. i?ond No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 4308 3465 420V 3466 42)0 3467 4211 3469 42J2 3470 421.1 3471 4214 3472 4431 1758 4327 3894 4529 3941 46 M) 3942 4556 * 3943 4566 3944 4569 3945 4570 3946 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 And of the folio win* numl>era tuned J tnntry, 185*: Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 3195 5421 5326 5426 5359 5427 5360 5430 I 5434 ' 6362 &436 4363 4437 4364 4438 43?4 4439 4366 4440 4367 4441 4368 4443 4369 4443 4379 4444 4371 4444 4373 4443 4373 4418 4374 4419 4374 bblO M. M . m A. ??<0 03ZI *377 6511 *378 670J 879 6704 380 67M *381 67M *386 6TCT *386 6708 *587 6709 *3*8 6719 *389 6711 *390 6711 *391 671* *391 6799 *39* 6839 *416 6840 *417 6841 *418 vrrici or thb stctmiT or tbb IXTinot, Deoember K, I860. alS-dtf J. THOMPSON. Bwtary. ^ fREEMAN t\ SIMPSOK^ ft^ext r/^/^ex v old w old \ {1 family rye! famiiy ryiJ The above Pl'RE WHUKV.Corrn rmoa Mutii being superior and turform ib ?aality, and highly impr.'rec by Me, is prefe'-?d by eonnmert to ail other Whiskiea, and paruos larly recommended by the beet phyatoiaaa **4 mtmiium khmuiiii i.i the retirements of a JVim Tome /aeixerater mmd Krmrdi+1 AtmU. The Schuylkill Water ol Pn.adelphja. used ia the dief. -M.ot of this Whisky, ia proved by analysis to be the so fleet and parest water ia the United Butcs : and to ttas may, ia a great decree, be attributed the exce rnoe of this W Liakr. For saleby FEhtMAN Jt 91KP90N. Pheuu Diatiiierr, Or. the Sohaylkili river, Phi.adeiphla Ofloee?96 Wall street. New Tors ; I0? SocU Front street. Philadelphia. **** ?-i? ^NOTHE* FRI^H^LPPLY OF GOOD J oat reoeived by WRENCH * BICH8TKIN, 9T? Pern. avaitrb, Wifiimroii, l.ife in the Old l-rednka Bremer ; S ota , 12mo , cloth; jprice ?J sn Sne of Them, by Charles Lever. paper ? ?en's, eeaage from the Sea, by Charles Uirkens, paper; SO eenta The Amertoan Question, l*no , oioth; prioe M cents; by mail free on reoeipt of prioe. Hear* tf is oount at oar store for oash. fa If for stamping a packet of paper > f and envelopes NO to match. CHARGE) metropolitan ^ bookstore. fh1lf a solomons. HMIi ??? bt.K> ?a4 \mk 1^ 1861 ?'Ai-IK': 1861 Cnmmm (Ai y?ar intA Dimry. A T?la?bU Pocket Companion for r*fiit?rti| 2?nU pMt, ?rM?nt, tod fBUrt; ocDt*ibin? rtM poatac*. ilMMt, blmk mt for ra?nc ri*d* ' trrrj d&r ?? tk? ym.t, Mik aooomot for f?*h sr.r Cw.:x?Jr5 ttm tml little mivmuii. Tim bom otuliu, (ItfUl' es<i/ie?r?bieftMortinMit mr >HMd.or*m:r" ^^Kisfgiwss^a&r''* Od?m Buulllf. rnarmmr ?>iU - - . ?m 9wumMM <?? F?. SCHOOL AND OOLLMI OUTFIT*. xow&k*' ?nrf ?n?' Cltktimg fir Bek?l mmd Drut Wmr. SffiKWSK for th? toaui imwi, ar? innt?4 ft ?mir ou citR turn IB ft f?y BOfXMU wit* ?T*n hiinyHh of Em47-?m*wmiU. or HhftMtd iiM CO, I.?.?. uMit. ?. i. urn. i, k imi. I^AMAK. HOVV * rnru? j A t?l*tCUL bA?-uAI> 1> . PtA.NUf I flMSm 1 ? - *w^