Newspaper of Evening Star, March 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 18, 1861 Page 3
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y????? LOCAL NEWS. (?7Tbru^h Th* St a* la printed on the fastest Htm Tff?M la IS- >ontta of Baltimore, Its edition !? ? *3 to r^q'Hre It to be put to prew at an *?rty boot; Advertisement*, therefore, bo old be -iii ii? Der<TP 12 o'clock m.; atberwise they may ac?* appear antll the next day. No-riraDistrict of Columbia Advertisement* o be inserted in the R?ltmoii t*cn are received ?t and forwarded from The Star Office. Rnuaiora.?The churche* yesterday, notwithstanding the threatening appearance of the weather. were well attended. The regular paatora of the Metbodlst Kplscopal and Methodist Protestant Churches being absent at their reapectlve Conference* now in their annual aewion, their imlpita were filled by minister* of sister churches and by the local clergy. Wavgk Chnpel ?Re* Father Taylor,of Boston, preached from Luke 13 23 Men were prone to avoid the truth when the question was Drought home to their conscience*, " Will you accept salvation'"' bv equivocation and akeptlclsm They would endeavor to pick flaws in the Word of God, and by lngenloua question* aeek to divert the application from tbemaelve*. Although God bad said man should be saved, yet he had provided no way whereby bis salvation could be secured without the co-operation of man himself He was a free moral agent, with life and death set before him. If he complied with the terms of salvation, be recored the former; if be neglrcted thrm, he mint inevitably meet the latter. The way of salvation waa plain and simple. Let blm forsake bis evil way*, and turn unto the Lord with sincere repentance, and he would be taken into the fold of God No man need have any doubt us to hia position before fJod He cannot aerveGod and the Devil If he is striving to walk In the way of the Lord, be will feel In hia own heart the change that haa been wrought in his de Ires and inclinations, and will not be in doubt with regard to his acceptance before God. If roan in an unrighteous condition felt himself guilty and liable ?o punishment,wby should not he who had compiled with the command of his Heavenly Faiher have a corresponding feeling of safety and repose' He who did his work well, never feared to meet his master. Grac Ckurrk ?The Rector, Rev. Mr. Holmead, delivered an excellent discourse appropriate to th?? time*, from 2d Thessalonians, 3:16. The text, * Now the Lord of peace himself give yoM peace always by all means.*' Indicated the paramount importance attached by the Apostle to the attainment of peace. The preacher proceeded in the same connection to treat upon the desirableness of peace in the state and In the church, ' always bv all means," and upon almost any terms The absence of true Christianity was tne cause why peace was not with us at aH times; and any settlement of existing difficulties not founded upon christian love and kindness would be of no value or permanence. Weslty Chapel.?The service was conducted by Rev. Mr. Hill, who preached in the morning from the text of Job, 9 30 to 31 The preacher dwelt with considerable force upon the itnpuriof human nature, and the insufficiency of man's efforts for his own purification. Chris"s power alone is efficacious In the cleansing of our nature. St Aloy> v.t?Father Boyle, of St. Patrick's, preached a *rity sermon in aid of the efforts of the Young C. tholic's Friend Society?an able and eloquent di?t nirse. from the words. "Blessed Is be that bath understanding concerning the poor and the needy.: M. K. C*?rra South.?Rev. Jos. A. Proctor, pastor, conducted the service, and preached from the text of Matthew. 6 12?a discourse In continuation of a series upon tbe Lord's Prayer. At night, he preached from Psalms, 8 3,4. M P C/iirek, ( X'nih street ) ? Rev Mr. Davidno*, of N C.. conducted the service of the inornln$ He preechedan able discourse from Romans, .1 i: Subject?"Justification by Faith " A fk Raw MS MOI In tbe morning, from Jd Corinthians, 5 14. At uight. tbe pulpit was occupied by tbe Rev. Mr. Jones, of Maryland?text, Matthew 13 33 St. Paul's Lutheran Clturrk ?The pastor. Rev J . G Butler, preached in the morning from Matthew. M 28. Thirt'fHih Street Baptist CSurck ?Rev Mr. Kennard, of the E street Cburch. supplied the pulpit last night, preaching from II Kings, J 2. St Patrick's Dat.?Yesterday, the anniversary of the birth of St Patrick, Ireland's patron 5-*int, passed off quietly and pleasintly In our city. At an early hour our streets were thronged wi'h worshippers, repairing to the various Catholic churches to engage in the religious exercises of the day, while an unusually large number of visitors were attracted by the Interesting ceremonies The churches were, of course, densely peeked, and numbers were obliged to go away without an opportunity of witnessing tbe exerrlses. St Patrick's church was crowded to its utmost v>^ |*J, mail) uruij; 10 BWna aooux the door* and passives Father Maguire preached from Ecclesiaat?* 41 1, IS It la natural for man to reverent e the name of thoae who have in the p*at be*-n hf nefactor* of our race, but at the sarr>? time man ? ?? too prone to pay homage to those who had *e<-ured the?* benefits by mean* of war and bloodshed St Patrick had wrought out for Ireland niort han any other man or claaa of men fila privatioi.t, Lib aelf-denial. and hla virtues were equalled by bo man, and from his life rould >>? learned leoaona -leekness, of patience, and holine*s H!a<-a; >r?. and bondage when young, was only one ofth yat?rio?a wavaof providence, which, though In affliction, yet it worked out. for hi m and for i reland a great and eternal weight of glory He bad left to Ireland a bright and glorious taith, and while many of her nona nnd aaughtera were poor in the thing* of the world, yet they could leave thelrchildrena legacy which would make them rich for time and eternity. If they left them houaea and landa and gold a'.oae, then they were poor indeed; but if they were trained up in the holy Catholic faith, they would have an Inheritance more valuable than all the world No man could excuse himself from training hiachi'dren in tbe faith of the Catholic church, and if he filled to do so, he would be called to answer before God and St Patrick. 9bcb?sio;c or a Wabd ik Gioioitowi.?Th* following printed band-bill wai extensively circulated in Georgetown on Saturday evening. It baa reference, we presume. to the election by the city councils on Friday evening laat of a policeman to (he Third precinct who at present resides In the Fourth "yotice?To all whom il may comer*: Whereas. the Third Ward In the city of Georgetown baa been denied by the powers that be their rtgkt to a representative in the police force of the town, We have this day made the following determination:?That we do declare ouraelves an independent wnrd, and will not pay any revenue to the aforesaid city authorities, and will resist all encroachments by policemen from other wards at tHs? risk Allf 1S \rmm Sn/4 r? ? H> * ?"?i ? miw avrs ?uti m "And furthermore: Town Hall bfing located In our ward, we have resolved to take possession of and bold It aa tbe property of the government wblch we Intend hereafter to organise Signed Lmxib's Land asd hthiii.'' TatATit?Just look at the bill for to-night! Jefferson aa "Bob Acres," Jefferson aa "Mazeppa.M with all the old favorites?Raymond, Rov, Bland. C. B. Hill, Ryan, Bartholomew. Boyd, Miss Alice Mann, Miss Shaw, Mrs. Mann, Mra Bland, &c., A.c Two such plays on the same night aa ''The Rivala" and "Maxeppa'Tbe attractions are plled-up, stupendous! Tbe question is not who will go, but who can stay away, gee announcement elsewhere. Mlas Gertrude Argyle concluded her engagement at our tbeater on Saturday. She has made a decidedly fivorable impression. Her natural and truthful manner, and the general accuracy of rendering the parts in which she appeared, have proved her ability to maintain the position she Disobdbbly Oatibbik* ?Tbe officers of the Northern Liberties police district on Saturday night made a descent on the house of one Joe Fletcher, (a colored man,) who live* on Fifth street between G and H, and "grabbed" a crowd of fellow* who were playing cards Tbe parties arrested were Samuel Denmson, Lloyd Johnson, Bernard West, Wm. Woodward, Basil Harrison, Henson Mlkel, and Anthony Seiby. Wm Bowie aad Joe Fletcher were also arrested for stealing two bogs, one of which was alive and the other Jost butchered as tbe officers entered. These two were committed by Justice Clark for a further hearing, and the others were some of them fined, and others sent to the workhouse Ajcotueb Fibb?About one o'clock yesterday morning a brick stable owned snd used by Capt. Caroerv, in aevrawnia lum, nwr v, wa? discovered to b? burntag. and in a brief pace waa destroyed, together wltu two carriage* and a valuable horse The Union, Franklin, and Western Hoee Companies were on the spot, bat were unable to renaer effectual service on account of tbe difficulty in procuring water. Tbe Are I* supposed to have been tbe work of an inceodiarj. Looamo Ur ?Business which during the winter, and especially some time prior to tbe Inauguration, bad been so dull aa almost to cause our dealers to despair of its revival, baa lately picked up a little, but not yet eufflelently to flu tbe depleted pocket* of those who depend npon tbe suasions of Coagress for business enough to carry UjrBi .uruu^o uuu auuiuirr hjoriw. uur meebaniea and laboring men of count foel the pressure heaviest, and will hail the prsepret oi lively time* again with peculiar aatlafactioo. Tm lambs will notice la another celuaan the card of Mra. R 0. Ktcbiaen. No 19 Pennayleanla avruue, between Klwbth and Ninth atreeta. Tbe nescrtinent of apring fancy goods la of the richest style, and are offered at the low eat rales Call and look at her aprlng atyle of bonneta before making purckaaae. CftittiSAL Cocar.? Saturday, Michael Wall wji tried on a charge of aaaaultlog and b?atlng bis wife, Ellen Wall. He was convicted, and sentenced to be Imprisoned la the county jail two montha and pay a fine of Si. Charlea Parker, previously convicted of aasault and batterr on Cornelia Coffee, was sentenced to mikntKa I rr> r?? 4 b/vb ? * ? -J ? 44 ? ? ? * U>vv utvuwo iwiliuciil sua a UIIC ui 91. To day.?James Fogarty, convicted on Saturday last of an assault and Battery on John Ha^an, was called up and sentenced to pay a line of ?30 and costs. Bernard Donnelly (special policeman) was then placed on trial en a charge of assiult and battery on Robert Cross. Kobtrt Cross testified that, on tbe day of the 1th of March, he went Into Norwood's restaurant and Donnelly came in and ran up against him two or three times, and in response to witnesses question, 4 what he meant by it' said, witness could construe It as he pleased, lie then asked witness if he remembered a threat he made against him. Donnelly, In 1847 f Witness said he did, and repeated It 'Donnelly clapped himself against the breast, and calling witness a "son of said, now was tbe time to take satisfaction. Witness laughed aiiu wa? auoui 10 iuru iwsv, worn uonnniyMiira witness by tbe collar and pulled witness to the i door and out, and (Donnelly waa acting aa a special policeman that day) called on aome other police who came up and took witness. Wltnesa placed his foot against the step to keep them from draping him about, when they put nippers on witness's wrists and Donnelly struck witness four or Ave times over the head with a wooden " billy." Witness win taken before a magistrate and was discharged on tbe voluntary testimony of witnesses who were present and saw the rflalr. Donnelly didn't say he waa an officer, nor talk about arresting witness until he got to the door, and was in tbe bands of the police. Several other witnesses testified to the same state of facta. Rpmokzd Insurrection.?The Grand Jurors of Montgomery county, with moat commendable prudence and 7.?al, thoroughly investigated tbe report in regard to a negro insurrection near this place on Tuesday night of Inst week, and we are pleased to learn from a reput which they made to tbe Court, that there was no foundation for the rumor. A fire was discovered In a secluded place, and the ecpearance of the ground showed that there had been an atsemblage of persons around It; what their object or purpose Is not certainly i known, perhaps it was a social gathering, anil i 1'iiimp a. nr^ru iruiIC, wllq a jug of WDUKy. VV hatever their purpose or object was, we are 1 pleased to itate that now everything Is quiet, and peace and ijood order prevail!.?Rotkvtllt (Md.) Stntintl. Alexandria. Affair#?We clip from the Gazette of this morning the following : *The Washington Home Guard, Fairfax county, met on Saturday last at Catta' tavern, West End, ?-l.- - " nnu ?rre iuiiv organized. i ney will me?t on 9Uurday night at Calls' for drill. This company Is composed of able and efficient men, and will add latter to the already brilliant achievements of the volunteer military of the State A train heavily loaded with cotton, from Memphis, left the Orange and Alexandria depot, In Lynchburg, on Saturday morning, on its way to New York Both the Southslde and Alexandria roads are doing a heavy freight business in this article now, which materially increases their receipts cf money. ( Cbstral Geard-housz.?Before Justire Clark. J Anthony Selby alias Anthony Bowie, accused of bog stealing; examined and dismissed William Bowie, do ; do. Hannah Greer, drunk and disorderlv; workhouse 60 days. Charles Long, do ; 1 workhouse GO days. Samuel Dennison, Lloyd ( Johnson.Wm VVoodwird. Basil Hanson. Hanson j Alackal, Anthony Selbv, and Bernhard West, all colored, accused of card-playing; fined $5 94 exjh, and West, in default of security and costs, sent to the workhouse for 60 days. Wm Katon, carrying a concealed weapon; security for a further hearing. Lewis Travis, carrying a concealed weapon; 1 fined *-?!5 and costs. PRISR^TATIOX OF THR NlCARAGtA:* MlNISTlR ' Senor Lewis Molina, who has for several years represented the Republics of Nicaragua and Cost* , Rica at this capital, having been promoted by the Republic of Nicaragua to the rank of F.nvoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, was. on Saturday, formally received by the President. ( On being presented by the Socretarv of State. the , Minister In a brief speech, expressed his pleasure at being continued among the American people, to which ih? President replied In a few remarks of welcome. , Appointed ?Mr G. Alfred Hall, of this city, ] and for several years past the cashier of the Washington (ias Light Company, has been appointed special mall agent for Maryland and Virginia. , Mr. Hall is universally known and esteemed in ( this community, and his appointment to the above | post cannot fail to b? well received on all hands. He is eminently qualified for his new duties. Hotel Thief ?A colored man named Wallace went Into Brown's Hotel about I o'clock on Sun- i uajr morning, ana alole a pair or boots valued at I *1J, and 66 cents in anoney. He was taken to the tpiardhouse and thence to jail, and is now in a ' fair way to join his brother in the Penitentiary He was not an employee of the hotel, but slipped in from the street, unobserved. Tub military spirit is still upon the increase In \ our county, some young gentlemen have organized , a company cf Infantry at Jacksonville. "Conley's i Rifles." and elect-d the following officers Cap- 1 tain. E l>. Conley; 1st Lieut., Thomas Water*, id Lieut , A Fawcett, and E. G. Duley, O. 3. i Rockvillt (Md ) Sentinel. i Those is want of spring goods, new carpeting, ' oil clotha, rugs, matting, &c.. should not fall to rail at Swann's new (tore. No. 373Seventh street. Everything in tbia line of the beat quality can be hud at Swann's at low prices Don't forget the new store. No. 373, Seventh street Whitikuiht, 431 Pennsylv?r.ln & venue, makes life-size phonographs, colored tu oil and pasted: ' as well aj every variety of Album curds This j allery continues to be the fashionable resort. ^ He has for sale nil the prominent men of the nation. 'it* ahoshfr < Impcrtant tn Prostrated and Detnlitnttd Invalid*. I Thousands of invalid Indies,In var out pais of the United States. WiI' eo fi'm the t-stimony of Mrs. . K Latham,of Pacific street, Brooklyn, rMew York, who has reoeirl* b?*eii entirely cure?: of a distressing Liver ComDl'int, of some years *t*ndiug, by a snort course of Hosteller's Stomach Bit'ers. C?i-t. Latham, th-? husband of thela<iy, joins with his w In in exprersn.g unlimited Jt nee in the preparation. an I bjth are at all times rra it to atate t ie f?ct connected with M r?. I, 'a ca?s. which was a vert obstinate and complicated case of I.iver Complaint,<ss it was termej by her physician,) at gravated b) dyrp*ps;a sud a general derangement of the internal organs. Theoure has been thorough ai.d coup ete; cor is tli?ro an? kind r.f stomach c, nor any allectionof the bowels, which will not yield just as raadily to this putent restorative. Sold by all druggista. ma 18 ecSi From the Postmaster at Lisbon. Mp Lisp, in Post Office, AId.,Nov.Uth, I860. j Setk IV. Fuxclt 4* Co. Wentlomen: t or the last three or four years I | have been sulT. ring from colic and pilrs, superin- i dnood by a sedsctary oocup\ti~n I nave tried va- i riouathinct wi;h inditf-rentsuocess. A few m< nttia , SilO yOnr scent came round here, and naked me In try the Oxygenated Outers Af or lifting one b^t ! *, 1 hvl ? me symptoms of returning culio, l>ut u>it/kotti A struggle commeuoed between tho Hitter* ami the Cnea*e, but 1 kept takn.r Hie Btt-ri regularly, ami the dineutk pt out or the war. 1 have had no oolio si nee, either with or without pain. I shall, however, keep on to a third bottle. The piles have not returned either. I feel sure the Oxygenated Bitters is a valuable medicine for oases of Ind'teftion, and there is no doubt this is a fruitlul source of many painful diseases. I would reo ommend all those whose hea th is impaired to ?rjr the Bitters, lor half our oomplaints may be faced to Dvwptio in soma of its multifarious forms. Thomas Lcct, Postmaster. ( Prepared br 8eth W. Fowie ft Co., Boston, and for sale in Washington oity G. Stott, S. B. Waite Z. D. Giiman. John Schwarze. Nairn ft Pa.mer, John Wiley, J B. Moore, and H- H. McPfterson; in Georgetown by R. 9. T. ClssMl. and G. M . ft J. i Southron, and by drucgists everywhere, ma 18 lwj Coisir-Tbe sudden ohanges of our olimateare onroe* 01 r\umomary, tironthial ana Asthmatic Aftctions. Experience havisg proved that simple remedies often aot speedily and oertainly whan tak-n in the early state* or the disease, reooaraa should at onoe be had to " Brown's Bronchial Trocktt," or Losengee, let tha Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be erer so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may he effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Sinters will find them effectual for oleanag and strengthening the voioe. See advertisement. del-ly DIED, Oa the 18th instant. MARY TERESA, aged ?ii month", oniv daughter of Dennis and Mary Ann Callahan, of this city. The funeral will take place from the residence, 161 t?ixth St., between N and O, on to morrow, at U a. m. * Oa trie 15th instant, Mrs. LOUISA BALLARD, aft-r a few as; s l.ln ss, in the 56th rear of her age. Th* Dti.xg Mothii. Lints w.itttn on tk' d'atk of Mrs. Barbara E. Atun, by a devoted friend, M. M. Raise re* in your arret, deir children ! Let me see this lovely sight. Er* my eyes are closed forever. Never to behold the light. 3. 'Tie the glouoas sunset hour? M? the monarch of tha day, la theotouda of gold and crimson, Slowiy, slowly pass away! S. I'll ba going, too, dear children ! Ere the shade* of night appear, I'll befkr away in Wren. While yoa are aaoarning for me hara. 4 Dry those tearful eyea, dear children ! Do not wish me baok again? Know toward* me yon have don* yoar dutyTry bright heavrn to obtain ! 9. Ilai k ! 1 hear the angela eonung ! My short stay on earth la done ; Kiaa me, daar ohi.dren, for I am goiag? I mi going to my haavaaly home: LADIES, 1 bare just received ? large and MILLINERY GOODS of the best quality, latest New, white and colored STRAW, and N WHITE FLATS, Children^ new style HATS and beautiful RIBBONS. Call and see for yourselves at No 12 Pennsyl Ifo. 1*1. Mrs. R. 6. mar lR-lw JJ7? Remember it it [ O. T. 5WAW1 4c CO would respectfully ihat tbey have newly fitted up Store 373, Seven celving a full and complete itock of New DRY GOODS, NEW BONNETS, Nt NEW CARPETING, NEW NEW MATT I. which they have just purchased from the Manuf to enumerate prices, but would say that, in cons< the Northern markets, we have purchased a large are therefore enabled to offer extra inducements tc A visit from all those who desire to supply tb this city Is respectfully solicited. All Goods shown cheerfully and fairly repreM mar 18-3t 373 AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! Lessee .9. W. Olinx Aoting Manager? ? J. T. Raymond THIS E~VENING, The Celehrated American Comedian, MR. JOS. JEFFERSON, * Will appear as Bob Acres, In the Comedy of THE RIVALS; And in the Comio Burlesque Character of MAZEPPA. AAll nan -BLUE BOOK -Informatron as to all the Offices in the country, and salary. 37H oenta. Contains the same matter as the Great Klue Book costing > 3 V. Omitting the nam^s which are not r.ecessary. Catalogue of Curiosities at Patent Office List of Patents. Old Books liounht K.nd sold Catalogue furnished. ALFRED HUNTER, Houksellcr. fe 22-1 m* Willards'Hotel Square. WANTS. V17ANTED? A GIRL, 12 to 14 yeirs of ace, to nurse and assist at housework. White preferred. ApplyatN '. 4M Eat. m\ IB 3t* WANTED?A steady WOMAN, to cook, wash and iron, to go a short distar-o* in the country. Good recommendation* required. Aprly at 396 Seventh st., corner H. ma 18 2t* WANTED?Thrre DRESSMAKERS, at No. " 359 Eighteenth st , between H and I eta. None hut firrt cla** hand* need apply. Also, a Young Lady to learn th-bnsiners. It* WANTED? Hjr a re*p?ctable young woman, a SITUATION a* rurse, chambermaid, or oook. washer and ironer, for a small family. Good referenae can be given. Address Box 9, Star Offioe. It* WANTED IM MEDIATELY?A competent DRUG CLERK, capable of taking charge of a driu store. Best of references required as t'> capability, character, Ac. Apply to B.C.MAJOR, corner 7th and E sts. It" WANTED-A STOP F.-ROY.not under 16 years of age Only those need apply who have been before enraged in a stoie, and can come well recommended. Csll between 6 and 7 o'clock in the evening only, at PHI LP A SOLOMONS' Metropolitan Bookstore, 3 3'J Pa. av. ma 18 3t A GOOD SITUATION, for a rerpecta.ble wo + m. mill. wm> can uso ni-r n"w-?io wan, ana IB acsus'omea to the care of children, can b? obtained *t No. Hi* Congress St, Georgetown. None need ipply oxcept such as can bring the best testimonials as to capacity an1 character. ma 13 2t* WANTF.n IMMEDIATELY?A oompefnt COACHMAN?one who it accustomed to the sare of horsffc. None but a slave need appiy. Best f>f reference r-qnir?d. Apply to CLAK K MILLS, jn the Bladensburg road. 3 miles from the city. ma 16-3t* WAN TED TO EXCHANGE?For a small cultivated plaoa n< ar Washington, two two-story Frame HOUSES in the northern part of the sitjr, near Seventh *t. Address Box 679 City Post Offioe. ma 15 3f WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From ?5 to inf**i worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI rURF. of all kind*, foi which 1 win guir&nty to pay the highest prices, and. as usual, at the shortest noLioe. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furnture, Staves, Ac., ffe 9 40*9 7th st... bet. G and H east side. WANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons defining housekeeping or having I surplus of Furniture on hand.oan obtain the cash m/i Cm ?- V.- ...I.;., -A OCO C A* pi tw? i*j ayi'i v mi. av #oi? (?c voukll RU no 17 HONTZ fc GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. ^TR AYED? From No. 167 F street, between ? IHtn ard *l!)th, on Sunday, the 17th, white SETTER SLUT, with *e ,,w-^~^i' "pot*, and about 2 years old ; had on wh- n " he left a new leather collar \t\j per*on returning her will b? liberaMy rewarded. ma 1?-1 w* Oj C RKWAH D.?Lovt, !a?t week, on Louisiana W*J avenue. Pennsylvania avenue, or lome oth?r street,a dark Hudson MUFF. The abo'-e reward will b? paid to the hnd-r on leaving it r.t SHUS TER'S Dry Goods Store, Market Space. ina Run away from the subscriber, on Monday, tli>'lltli inblant,a NEGRO 11 AN LEVI. He is a little mum th?n 6 feet Ingh; about 5i> rears old; wa ks slic t,t! v lain*?. find weighs ns pounds, also hnd a' he.wv heard. I forewarn a;: p?rsous f'otn lining or hartor:i:g ?aid nlare ax the law vil be enforced. A reward of Jylo will be paid if he be feeiire?i?n iail ? > that I get him again. ma 16 3t* CLARK MILLS| OST?At the Levee last r.ight, a soft H AT, and ? - u iivt* */ ? x?j iwn v ui ooprn w v rjltLU A 1 without ule^vos.) The finder will confer a favor l>y leaving them at this uffia*, or by leaving word where they may he got. mar 9 tf PERSONAL^ IVf ADAME MORR1CE, tiii Grkat A*TR?lo1*1 oi*t and Docrex**, ihom Eubopb.?Thm liiihly gifted ?ml intelligent lady can ha consulted an the I'aet, Pro?ont and Future E>enta. caM at fro. 78 Fa. aveaue, between 21st and fid its , Fir?t W ard^ ma 1R-31* DG. W. DRKW'S YElNG.gCOURINU AND CLEANING ESTABLISHMENT. PENNSYLVANIA aVENVE, Sll'B.) Between A'lnth and Tenth Streets. G. W. DREW would respectfu ly eolicitaca'l from the inhabitant* of Washington and surroui diiic neighborhood to inspect goods cleaned or dyed by him. He has the n.ost complete arrangements Tor carrying on hia busiuegg, and 1.5 years' expo as a practical man, and guaranties to Dye coodii any oolor, Clean or Scour equal to anv house in the St&'e*, North or South. ma 16 Iw _ m uiuj viae uuuar. 176 Pa. Av At EVANS'S 476 Pa.AV. TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR #1. TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR Si. JEWELRY?JEWELRY JEWELRY-JEWELRY ONLY ONE DOLLAR FOR ANY ARTICLE OP JEWELRY IN OUR STORE. CARBUNCLE ONYX STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS. BARNET JET STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, CORAL CARB. STUDS SBTS. and BUTTONS, JET PL'N GOLD STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, LAVA MOSAIC STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS. PLAIN BOLD GOLD STONE STUDS BETS. and BUTTONS, ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR EACH! SPLENDID POCKET KNIVES Fcr One Dollar .?... .Worth Thiea LADIES' CHAINS: oiinn ii ? v v ? ?? . M .. i vi i?iio i/i'iior CHATELAINE For One IM.vr NECK ?. For One Dollar GENTS* CHAINS Twelve Styles ..For One Dollar each PLATED WARE, Constating of BUTTER KNIVES, 8POONS,-TABLE, TEA, DESSERT, CUPS-GILT LINED, FORKS-PITCHERS-CREAM LADLE?, CAKE BAHKETS-SUGAR SIFTERS, NUT CRACKERS and PICKS, TEA KNIVES and FORKS, fco.. Ao , Ao. 4T6. ...476....4T6....4T6, ...476....476 boohsIbooks. CLOSING OUT A LARGE LOT OF BOOKS, At Great Reduction in Price*, On account or thi cowthtoid Haed Timvs. Nov it til* Tim* to Replenish joar Library, Or Get a New One, c a r. Rrmtmbtr R>mrmh$r 4T? EVANSH 47# Pa- At, KVANS'B Pa a*. mar 14 between 3d and 4>? ttreeta. |V(T>NKY. MONEY ? All peraona who ha.\e tue 1TI cash can bay a superior article ol una u tentted C1DEK, KHarantied to b? the pare juice of tut M|{'rk,wWt0 A&NY 4 SHINN. ayo y o-oo 7-1 L beautiful assortment of SPRING FANCY and style*, and the cheapest in the market. EVPOI.ITAN BONNET!*, Ladle* BROWN and

of all kinds. Fine French FI.OW'ER? and new vaoia avenue, between ?th anil 9th streets. ETcnison. no. it So 12 Pcna. avenue, between ?'h and "Hh street* 1W TO T*r Inform the cttlzena of Washington and environ* tb afreet, between I aud K streets, and are now re IV PARASOLS, NEW UMBRELLAS, OILCLOTHS, HEW RUGS, [VGr, &rc4'? ? i acturera and Impor'era We deem It unnecewary ' quence of the unprecedented scarcity of money In portion of our Stock at an immense aacrlflce, and p iuuk wuu may isvor us wna their patronage emaelvea with the Cheat-ist Goods ever oflercd in inted. G. T. 8WANM & CO., 8EVBKTH STREET, between I and K. ' FOB SALE AND KENT. The cottage for rent on capitol : Mill, situated on Second, between R and C stree *. It oontains 1" room* and bnok kitchen, supplied with gas and water. It has larre gronnds | surrounding it. To a Rood tenant term* reaeonab!e. Apply at 397 K st. ina 14 ?t* FOR RENT?A small bnok HOl'SJi, near the Capitol, situate on East Capitol nr.. No i'4, j Inquire at No. ~?0. ma 16 3t? FOR R KNT?1The Upper Part of the large new ( Hu tiding on the corner ot Twentieth street and * Pa. avenue, containing 12 good rooms, supplied with water. 8??. bath-room, cooking range, Ac. For term*.apply to GEO. J. JOHNSON it CO. ma 16-31* j |^OR RENT?The three story brick DWELL- ? jl INU-HOUSK, with basement. on K street, t between 2d &n<i 3d ?ts. Has all the modern improve- J ments. water, gas, bath room.** Apply to WM. EGAN, next door, or to HF.NRV FuAN, :lsi3 ' Fa. avenue, south side, t>etween 6th and 7th sts. * ma 16 tf _ 1 i A GENTLEMAN A BOUT TO DECLINE /a. housekeeping h)is sundry articles of Parlor and Chamber Furniture, which he will dispose of at very low prioes if 'arty app ication be made The House?a brown Brick Buildu.g, Htitale on Thirteenth st., between L and M. a few doors i north of M. Green's Grocer? Store, every way commodious, with gas, watsr, for rent. Possession given 1st April. ma 16 3t FOR SALE OR R KNT?One of the three threestory BRICK HOUSES, with a good celar. No .>9*<,onN street, between 6 hand 7th streets west; or exchange for a small Farm,of from 2S to 5" aorrs. near this oity, with or without impmr* ments, or for Illinois Land, well located. an<l within one hundred miles of Chicago. Inquire at No. 315 P street west, between 4th and 3th ste. a ma 16 3t* EM)R RENT-A well FURNISHED HOUSE. X P >> -irvL ?- ? -? ?? ? -- ? k. ug i wpinn ?iro"i, noiwwn fj and K, No. .>(>3, containing in rooms, with gas and water. Attached to it :h a brick stable and carriage house rupolied with wat-r. This house will be rented in whole or i in mils of rooms. Apply on the premises. mt. 14-4t* For sale or exchange for city prop -rty. 46!!- aces of I, \N I) in Fairfax county, \ a .25 miles irom Washington, 1 mile northwest of Centervillo, and half a mile from a depot on the independent lice of Hie Manassas Gap and Alexandria Kailroad, now in progress of oorstruo, tion. The farm is of the red soil, well known as uu?nrpassed by any in tho !*tate for ita Captation t to all the varieties of grain, grass and fruit; is in a ' high state of improvement has upon it a comfort- G able dwelling. good out building* and fine orohar*; ion aores in timber, and every field supplied with water from springs. Church- a, post office, grist and Haw mills and blacksmith rhops are within a mileof the plaoe.and the society of the ir neighborhood is equal 'oany to be found elsewhere. This estate has long been considered one of the t most valuable in the county, and a great induce- * ment wi 1 l e otfered to any one wishing to pur- sj chase. Exchanging for other property 1 shall re- G quire in money. * Those who may desire to enter into negotiations f'?r thia property are requested at once to visit ' the farn and examine for themselves, or address ino nuriBci lher at CentervilJe. f-Rirfax conntr, Va. 1 He can be aeon at anytime between this ami Frida* evening at Jaur s Maddo.-k's Hotel, on i*ev- ii enth at., between Fa. avenu? and the mall lw* < HAS. W. RATCi.lFFK. * F^OR RF^NT?'The throe-atory FrameDWhLL- ? INU-HOUSE corner ol 'I'enth ard H street* I and but two squares from the Pat?nt Offio*. It contains 8 room*, a hood eel ar, and kitoh<n, with 1 *a? throughout, vv ill not be rented for a boardmc house. Ii.q>iireof A. B. McFARLAN. corner of Pa. averue aud 12tli tt. mar 13 3weo* FOR HENT-A four ?tory brick DWbLLING b llOt ^F., aituateon Third *t>eet we?t. No 371, b immediately ea*t of tL8 City Hall, containing II t< rooina, with aaloon, parlor, tax, bathing-room, (I water-cloiiet, aud Potomac wu.t*r iu tne yard?nil a ! in complete order. Immediate possession <*\n be ^ had, by applying next door, to G. \V. PHILLIP:*, tl Deputy Marshal. mar 13 tf WT(?KK I'OR RENT.?A large Store-room on * ?5 Pa., aitj- inir k our auction rooms, for rent. Apply to \\ ALL 4. I'ARN AR I), Auction and Comirrpxion .Merchant*, corner Ninth 6tre>'t ? ar.d south side Pa. avenue. marll | IT'OR RENT?The ROOMS recently occupied " by this Hon. J. 8. Allison. They areweilfurnish?d and KuppUed with all the necessary mence*. iiich'dim; bath room ( with Potom*o water) 7 adjoining the brdroom. Person* having I heir own rr 1 cook can have the in-e of the kitchen, or e!s* they ^ na>i he aoo inino(l,-vt-d witi nr&ig :n the neighbor tl hood. Apply to GEO. WiLLNEK, 464 Ninth k St.. between Hand E mar g I L'OR RENT. SALF:, OR EXCHANGE FOR | T OTHER PKOPERTY-A FARM of ah >u' 280 acres lan<l, aitua't-d about mi es southeast from the rStition. Ke't?vi!:>\ I'rti.oe G?*ori{e's en?n ty, Maryland. There it abiut W* a--rea in woodbalance el?arod land and under uulti'. Mion ; 1 a stmail dwelling-house; barn . #) by 4" feet, and ft Iter out-buildings, and arple and oeach orchard. J. E KENDALL, 1 rearS-tf No, A Four an<l a-call st. J IF OR RE^T OR SA'.E? The two five story brica DWELLlNG-HOLSF.S situated on and 1 I adjoining the oorner ol Fourth a-d D s^e^ts, east of the City Hall. Aprly to JOSEPH FU- 1 liPFT, No. 90 Louisiana av. mar .j tf ffOK RENT-A fir?t claeH DWKLLINQHOUSE, on fifty street, Georgetown, lurcit-h'd with all the modern improvements, itio.uding 1*0tomacwator. , Also, a new three-story HKJCK HOUSE, with * baok-butld ng attached, on L stro;<t north, b *1 wen 14th and loth streets west. V\ a.*hiiiRton. Co:>n-oted with this r?siuencc is a stable ud.I carriage house. Apply to FRAS. WUKATLEV, No. 37 Water et., Georgetown. D. C. ruar7 e?2w IT'OK RENT, in the Tirst Ward?three squires I r weat of the War Department?a small OFi F1CE, with t?aok room, or the former may answer for a shop: and Parlors and t'hambera, separate. or mta of Kooma, furnished or unfurnished ; close to the Avenue, Inquire at thia office. 1 _de 3 Stawtf EH'R RENT?The deairaMe and convenient 17 RESIDENCE, now oocupied by teenitor Kennedy, on Sixth itreet, just north of the L'mta ian i Church, will t>e for re:,t after the adjournment of t the Unit d States Senate. Apply to THOMAS " R LAG DEN, No. 499 Sevecth street west. fe IS-2aw3w * I,"*OR RENT-The north HOUSE of the row of " now four story hou?*s on Fourth ?t, between ^ D and E sts.. No. 3SS, fronting the City Hall * i?quaro. Possession given imm-diately. Apply to ll \\ ILI.1A.M H. PHILLIP, Attorney No. f 4*1 Louisiana avenue. ma II eotf FOR RENT?A three story brick HOUSE, containing 8 rooms, in food order, with em fixtures complete, ou H street, between 4th and Mil. Also, & two-story brick COTTAUK, with lar?e yard attache!, corner or F street north an I 14th st. east. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply t?t 44b Tweiilk ttre?-t, I between G aad H. no 13-tf ^ ffOR RENT?Tne-liae BK1CK HOUSE~No. [ 100 Westst., Georgetown, at present oood j pied by the subftcrikter. It has 12 rooms, with gat ' and water throughout, a tine yard, stable ho, and t is in acood neighborhood. Apply to J AS*. A. MA- " GRUDEK. _ oo?tf j^CIlENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP. a Dr. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it inipos j ib'.e to visit Washington every week, and has ? made arrangement* to positively be in the city the j; ; third Wednesday of every month. f He has a suit of rooms at the Avenue House, where D&tieut* nun ubtivin advioo free He nnlt i oharjoe when it m neee?#ary to make & thorough t examination of the I.uuk* with the K<*Rpirometor. i 8. B. Waile i? agent for Sohenck's Pulmonic . Syrup, pno? fl per bottle, for the cure of Coufh?, Colda and Consumption: Schenok'a Sea \Ve?*d Tonic, prioe %\ per l><>tt e.for Dyspepsia; Skshenok'a i Mandrake P.Tia, prio-j 85 oenta ber box. for Liver Diiioui ComplaiuU nad Coaatipation of the How eis. Dr. Sohenok would be grateful to those who have been oured by hia rcin?dir? if thrr would ? leave their oertificatea ot oure wfth S. 1$. VV AITE, i oorner P?v? nth at. and La j?v. lie l-? Sin I Wool and Coal. \ GILTS' CITY 8TEAI FIREWOOD BILLS AN? ? COAL DEPOT, r dot ur cKvinniKTtt dtkut, Bt oio War Department. H7" WOOD AND COAL of Ell tinde. Wood , prepared to iait the wants of eaoh customer, or delivered oord length. I HT" Coal ktpt in Coal Howes, delivered free from ' late, dirt, and other impnt 1 ties. ; Personal attention (i ven to alt orden. felMf T. J. * W. M. OAl.T. ? CJRKAT UARGAiNd IN PIANOA.-OM very . ui ? iev?:i-ocUve, for I ' i ua* Cbiokerinc for f 100; on? Nnmu IbiMM < I GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS KKSOI-VKI). ?? tk, v r-.i.-'. 115 P*1'' S ci'tf *f b art**o?p*. T hat la the aeSth of \\ * G. Petti* this Society hu lost a va'liable and respected mintwr; kind parents. a faithlu! sou; a fond wife, a devoted huabaad; children, a lovirc fath* . and the church a correct tod xerr.plary christian, and that we sreatiy syiupa th xe with tiie relatives of the deoeased in their l>erea???raeDt, with a hope that bis sadden demise mar them and saaotifted to oar spiritual to? .1. Ti>*t we reoognize in th>e dispensation the hand of an all-wise Providence, who "doeth ail thinrs well," and who hath in this reminded ns 1 Be ye aiso ready," and we trust when car summons to depart shall come we shall he as well pre pared as onr oecwd brother was in the strength aLd o* m faith of religion. Ke*olr"i, That a ci?p? of these reao'utions be transmitted to the family of the decea?'d, entered upon the reoord of our proceedings, and published. ma 10 It n UTOH ? as ts??- r> t* jvcii aimii? r.u, ER Propeller 8. Sejmour. f'om Philadelphia. rS tiarrela and !? ? half barren of Mawy. Collma A Jo ' Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For sale b? fe22 ARttV A SH1VN DUOO HHI.fe PR1MK CIDER AILY Expected per achooner.Marr Ann MoGea from Boaton. Thia Cider la A No. 1, and la lor tala in Iota toauit purohaaera. ARNV A SHINN*S fe 22 Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. fUST RECEIVED? 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS ISO bhla. Oi.t Rje WHISKY, SSAbbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES, to bhla. ('rushed and Refined J*UGARs, 9n baga Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.f low-prioed) MOLASSES. For aaJe by JOHN J. BOGUE. ae 10 n w n n m 1% V t/ El IAS THE LARGEST, NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF J" ? W E L n Y SVER OFFERED IN THIS OR ANY OTHER CITY. AT THE LOW TERMS OF ?NE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPLENDID TSSORTMRXT. elegant CARBUNCLE Sett for fl ileicant LAVA - . SeU for At %i??tant GARNET" .. S?t? for # I (.tenant J ET S#U lor at ".tenant CORAL and GOLD tuforil APKaut MEDALLION SeUforJt iiacant KUIN MOSAIC Sow for fl filer ant PLAIN GOLD Soti for $1 I adie?' GUARD CHAINS _....for$t I amies' CHA I ELAINE CHAINS .for At I adie?' NKf'K CHAINS tor ?1 Genu' VEST CHAINS.dudilfrreut styles,) for $1 Uso, a Large Assortment of J EWELR Y, whioh ve CM) aeli at 50 cants per mrtitle. Just Reoeived, SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL i ETRUSCAN BLACK LAVA Sets ENAMELED CROSS Sets , ETRUSCAN CARBUNCLE Sets PK*RI, AND GOI D Sets ETRUSCAN ONYX...- ...Sets W. B ?Persons wishing any of the above Goods . houtd call at once as they soon will be gone. Ve bare on hand, and are receiving every day, 1 Large invoices of I THE FINEST PLATED WARE, consisting of irealfast and Tea Sets; Card and Cause liislets; Cream and Syrup Pitcher.*; Table., Dessert, Tea, Sugar and Cream. Spoons; Butter, Fruit; Tea, Pie, and Fish Knives; For is; Napi tn Kings; Casters; Sa/t Stands; Plain, Chased and Gilt / .*.,--7 /T , f 7.J 1 sv \jr?jrnriM a tin 4ll for kale at lowfcst WlIoLK*>alk prick*. J OOUS WARRANTED AS REPRESENTED. J REMEMBER: 1 RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, tar 7 30'i Pa. Av 30U VBAR AlouiT" R I'. Acsin in the field with an immenael* large took of READY MADE CLOTH I >0 and ENTS'FURNISHING GOODS. We now offer reat in<loonm<Tt? to peraonii who hn? for cash. k? tl.. -1 - ' ? ?- * nviiirnifoi mo }f i?go? ouriifj ftHQ OPveniQ lilt ) mar 3_1 m < OFFICERS. PETTY OFFICERS, AND Sea ' -f m<?n who were on board ot any IT. 8. ships at tie captor*- of any slaver can have llieir claim* for 1 'oiinty and Head Money promptly attended to by I pplyilig to or addressing C. F. WALLACE, ( vaniiineton^p C. j* Ift-tf ] MFORTANT TtTHOUSEkEEFERS. E. R. DUREEE A CO.-S S?1Xj?OT 8FIOB0. 6i,ar?ntoed not only AB90LUTELY.AND PERFECTLY PURE, at ground from frmh bpioes, selsoted and cleaned ] y us expressly for the purpose without reference . > ooet. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil* ined with paper. 1 to prevent injnrv by keepinc, n<l are fell weight, while the ordinarv rro?iDO pioes are almoct invariably short. We warrant t iem, in poii.t of strength and richness of flavor, < BEYOND ALL COMPARISON. i a sinc.e i-,ai wii! abundantly prove. M&nutAotured only E. R. Dim K EE * OO., 1*1 P?Ari ?t.. Nfw Vn<k, < Ml'ORTANT . NOTICE TO STRANGERS 1 VIM 11746 WASHINGTON. A Vietr of the National Capitol Will be Presented 'o rvery purchaser ol Book*, ^ta'ionM?. Ae , , om t!i* wcli known establishment of KKf .M'H HICHbT^'lN Hi?ok?elle:?, Stationers, and Pe otio*1 l>"a'cr?, No. 279 Pa. avenue, le&r the irkwood H"ut>e. Washington, 1). C. mar 1 3 NOTICK. ? . ERS?S.\S Wishing Furn:tui? and Heavy Articles kcinnv! (i can. at all times, ! * oa' inc pu < J. A STEPHENSON, , At Kailroak f>bpot. - , Fnul (tooi Wag mis and Cairful Piivrrs. mar 1 1m ' /VERY VISITOR TO WASHINGTON .J !^hoc lu 1*1" bcll as e PHILP'S WASHINGTON DESCRIBED 'ki* it tkt oithi CompUte Guide bnelc to tk< Matiou- 1 al Capital ever published. i 'he Volume couta-nn a Comprehensive History of the City troni it* liar he* t Settlement tu the Present Time, with e?ery Imp rtant Event connected with it as tin } Seat of Korernment. Abo, SlnbnrMe IWanpt'or.s of the Various Pnbiio Buiidiu*s ; Reliable Information i . respect to all the Departments of the Government ; I Mode of Transacting BoMnns with the Public Offices ; lh? hti.ueM** of Official Intercourse; Description ol the P,a<v? of Inter, st ia thrt V irinitv * ? LLCSTKATRD WITH A M*P A\D N V MKROCS tN nkAVIIGt. El'tnntly Iiovmi ?* Crimson Cieth. I'lllOr. ONE liOLUK. Frei by raaii oil r *o iot of th? publish d pri??. * PIIILP A SOLOMONS' ( Metropolitan Bookstore, ?tr7 eolm 33'2 Pa., ay.. bet. 9th and loth ata. 4 NKW LOT OF SPRING HATS JUST reo:MYad ar-,d for Mle at vary low prftee, fit No. SO S#Wtk (' ft J fiW I (UST RK.OEIVKD A LOT OF CLOTH 1NG~ [ I KURNISHING ?00?S, HATS and OAP* at iMITH'H. 4WO ?*ov?>n?n ?t f?2-*w ' JPKCIAL BARG A INS ?Several fir.e Pi anna, ^ that hava been renteu oat duritir the pa?t win ' sr to m-niber* <?r t'ousrem, now offered *t barait;?. at Chickeriag A Son's Pian > Agency. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa av., between 9th and Iftth ata. Piano* and Melodeona for rant upon eaa> terina. mat 12 * Annihilating ' m. Powder JHOKEA tJ(9 I ! lilt* UDlJ kDOVr fcQ<l bent artic to u'ltim.Lkt* - Ro?oh??. Bed Ku(i, Anti, Motti*. Fiies, 'Vm??PI?? n?rH.. Worms Vine Buji.fto. It contain* no p??M. SCH WKRIN'S PILLS are sure death to KaU i .nd Mtoe. M s'chwerin baa received oerttfioatea roin the President of tiirard Col eg*. Directors of louse of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and ither Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia; I'. >. Jail, v% ashiugton, D C.; and Charity Hospital, (Jew Orleans, La The original oeitifieates can tie sren at the Nhole*ale and Retail Depot 124 North Second treet, Philadelphia, ard C?r sale in this oity by D. i CLAK K, corner Pa. avenue and 4'* ita., and by J1 Druggists an<l Grocers. BKWARK OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS U7- Remember to ask for Schwerin's Anuihi at nit Powder |Ijr None genuine unless signed M. Sckwxei rt. ma l.S-t'iineo ^HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING: Viotimsof Self Abase and Secret Diseases should ipply At SHUMAN'S Southern Medical II<>ti*e, md'er the Clarendon llotel, corner Sixth street and pa. avenue, immediately opposite the National Hotel, and try Dr. Soutfiey's Celebrated I.ondon lledioines. They are warranted to care the moet nruient forma of Gonnorrhcea, Gleet, S)phi:is, Socturnal Kmissions, Strictures, and Weakness >f the Bladder in from S to6 days. The Remedies san be sent by inaiL. Of&oe hours from ? a. m to 10 >. m. f? IS-lw "po THE-ADMIRERS^ OF THEIR GAR WM. HUUHE9, Florut, Heventh at., Iilacd, Washington. Iim engaged a oompetent man, who horooghly understand* the baemeaa n iu variou* tranches. who will uerote hi* entire attention to aying oat or making new Garden* and keep Gariene In ample order during the anmrner month*. ?nal3 ao8t* W M. Hl'GHKft. YWOOD AND COAU OU Will purely <u-: jvar money'* worth by sailing at tae PIONKKR MILLS, *<mtktetn tor **r ttf Stttntk ttretl and C-auai, 16EO. Agent) They eetl cheaper aad fire batter m*\a?re Lhaa any others in the oily?oat, split, aad del v^^sftsiySir^iaisr " "* THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. YtrfftaU fHTNttN. Richm^ip. March 16 ? t'nioa resolution* wrapped in tbe American Has from < ttlten* of Norfolk county. were presented to the Convention and tabled i^Terml tntt ?real?n rt-*ut.oe? *fw offered and also tabled Mr GoggUi offered an amendment to tbe report of the Committee on Federal Relatione propoal ng the withdrawal of Virginia from tbe Unloa, and. UL. I - - ? - " WIUIVUI unrrmiBing Ifif ruture HNClltIM Of tbe State, recofnmriKl'B^ ? conference of tbe Border Slave States at Islington. Kentucky. 1b Ms? next, to propose a plan for reconstructing tbe Government, to be formed by tbe aatd state* and "tbe Confederate State* of America," not, however, to be binding until ratified by tbe Convention. Whlsb aball adjourn over to await tbe result Mr. ( oggln's proposition further declares that the I nion can be restored only by amendments to the Constitution, emanating from tbe .Noa-Slave bold Ing States. In order to afford security to Southern rights. He urges a par lie policy throughout. It was ordered to be printed Mr Randolph, of Richmond, made a apeech against tbe peace propositions and favoring ercea at on. Without concluding the Convention ad journed ^^ uv ?? tvmti in* IU uri ui|^in to minii'ii * oisposition to throw obstar!es In tbe way of accession ny demanding an njmllty of taxation; much slave property tn k. astern Virginia being now exempt bv law The question of a division of tb State will doubtless be agitated Tbe Maryland Commissioners took aesta on tbo floor to-day. From Texas?EracaatUa of Fort Brows Xnv OiLitsi, Marrh 17.?Galveston dates of the l.'?tb have besn received Tb- steamer Ruak. from Braxoa, with 3<KJ Stat# troops. returned to Galveston on the 15th . Tbe Federal troops evacuated Fort Brown on tbe I'Ab. and embarked on tbe Daniel Webster for Kev VV eat and Tortugaa Seve al hundred State troops had enlisted for alx months to serve under Col. Ford on the Rio Grande Tbe Convention was discussing measures for military defense. Maj Marlin, of the U. 8 Army, has rcsl^nod, ar.d tendertd his servlcM to the State. Camp Colorado, on tbe northern frontier, had been taken by tbe State troops. Capt Say re of the Confederate army, had arrived at Oalveston to muster In a regiment of rangers for the frontier, by order of Presldeut Davis Tbere has been nothing about Gen Houston's inovementa 1 be SsatbernCoagress Montgomikt, March Itt.?Tbe Congress thla afternoon confirmed the following District Judges A G Magrath. for South Carolina; H R Jackson for Georgia; Win. J Jonas, for Alabama. Wm 1.inter Harris, for Mlsalaalppl; Thomas J. *emrm-s, for Louisiana, John Hemphill, for Texts; J ease J. Flnley, for Florida And also tbe following : .Vcti ueen h aa Judge In Admiralty at Key West; David Hubbard, of Alatam?. Cnmm;?ilnn?r nf lnHl.ii - Ser B Witherell. of Alabama, Register of the Treasury, and Boiling Baker, of Georgia, Auditor of tbe Treasury. The Congress then took a recess until evening, when they again assembled, ind adjourned to tbe second Monday In Map The Alabnmn t oaventten Mostgomeet, March ifi?The State Conven[Ion to-day adopted a resolution to adjourn on Wednesday next An ordiuance was passed altering tbe free bank ln<* act, substituting stocks of the Confederate States for those of the I'nlted states, allowing Ihe issue of two for one of capital No foreign citizens or corporations are allowed to bold iUh k*. Two members of Congreas were elected to supply resignations II C Jones, of Lauderdale, ind Ni k Davis, of .Madison, were elected Froa the Ssathern tsafederacy MoKTboMiar, March 1? ?The Tarlfl Bill as eported last week was not piss- d by the Conjrtss, as a law. but comes up for action wkrn Congress again reassembles, (on the second Mon lay in May). The Commissioners appointed to visit Europe ire Messrs Yancey, A Dudley Mann and R A Rost. of Louisiana They leave to-dsy foe New Orleans, aud will take the English steamer at tlavane cn tbe ??tb f?r Southampton Misrel laaeoas. Boston. March II ?The Methodist Church on harvard street, Cambridgeport, was destroyed by Ire atmidnlght Loss 15.K*'. InsuranceS5.MX* Nearly one foot of snow fell between ten o'clock ast nl^ht and this morning, which Is great y lrtfied by strong northeast pile It ceased snowing here at about noon Tbe*e tiu h<*ii in serious obstruction of the railroad* ih^ various train* due this forenoon being behind >nly from one to three hours. Safety tf the llrtaer Carle Nam New York, March 16 ?An extract from a letter latcd aboard Cie steamer I'ncle 8am (whose non irrlvM at San Francisco was causing mnrhanxlety ;b?-re). Acapulco harbor on Feburary lwth, reports i routh passage up, and that the steamer had lost >ne of her wheels and would not t?> able to reerh >au Francisco until th* Uh or r>lh of March She * as due then on the "1th of February. New Jersey Legislature. Tkkktcm, March 1 o ?The Legislature at three >'clock this afternoon adjourned ?i*? 4it Tbe Distric t bill was paasrd. Tbe bill con ;erning railroad connections was lost in the Peni'e. Ail the railroad bills favored by tbe Camdrn in<t Amboy Railroad Company were passed, ihowing that tbe State adheres to its faith with ;his Company. State Rights Rleetlag Brakes l>, kx. Locuvillr. Marrh 1??A large State Right* met* ting was held at tbe court-Lous* here laat night it was attended with considerable confu lion, and was Anally brokru up la a row The management of the Southern Pacific Railway asks the stockholders to take one dollar * worth of tbe new stock on each share. Baltimore Markets bsxytMoai. March l>- ?Floor market la dull; Howard street and Ohio held at go 12, City Mills K? \Vh?-*t buoyant; red * I 25a I 2;, white ?l ? il TW?latter for cboge. Com active; ml*?*d 53a )6r Provisions dull. Coflee llriu at l*2^al3c. \K' kl.L.. J..l? i -? 1 UJHJ MUH ? If )| L. N?w T?f> Warkata New Vobk, Marcb 18?Flour arm and un^banged Wheat steady Corn Arm?all generilly unchanged in price Proviaions quut VVbiiky ateady at IVc. Flaaactal. Miw Von. March 16 ?SUvk? dull and lower. Chicago and Rock Island iS; Currb Coal CoT^; Illinois Ortial hareaH do bond* Wj, Li (. r ind Mil *J0; Michigan Southern 37; New York Central 7-?,; Reading 43k; Hudaon River R R 14 \; Va. 6 7?S; Mo ?' ?6 . ?B A D? R E A D-R E A D-R E AO-R E AD ! SPKfSG~STYLES BOM SETS, KlhBOXS AND FLOWERS' Citizen* ard traiiftera are moit r??pectfully aoA A Jioit*d to oal! it mediate!t and xtmiat^V Kfn^the Nove.tiea f ttia tteaeon. All of^K* BHSvliieh | ahall make great effort* to wcti aborted Havin* made arranremen'a to bay I >r the cuh , w h be able to <tfer treat attractions in price. R. C. STEVEN?, 336 Pa av., hot. 9th and loth aU. N. H -Always on hand the oelobrttod Grover A Baker Kami } NouelM* SEWING MACH1NK. the prio ? of inch I avinc lata y boon roduoedttpor oant. and aet lor .even jreara, it ta aaoloaa to dalav parclia*nif, <xpecti<.( prioea to bo reduced, not pv?n the dissolution of th.s (I rioos Union ooaid aflVct it. Prieoa from #*? to ?1S0. ma 10 i\ mivmd s?tn mi loth ata HENRY SCHAEFKR, BAR BUR AND HAIRDRESSER. E Struct. HEAR 9IVERIB, ('protUt the Pott <.&; Drparrmuml, ii*a fitted up, in oonueotion with hia eatabiiahmei t, convreuier.t ioo')iiiin ?J?i <>u? for sflortiac to hia gu-fciisfri u?t Ui" pol> 10 the luiury of COLD or WARM H*THS. ?i an; un" (luring t>NiiuMa h"ur? H * ctnrf*r wil. << moderate?twenty five cots lor a aincie bath, or ?ve t.aiha for a dollar when tiuketa lor that inmbtr at* purchaser. aod paid for in adrai.oe. Mr. Sohaaler IUm Uia opportunity to inform hia oaitiimcn that this -leeirable addition t? hl?e*lA>>liahineot will la no manner iMrrfr? with hia rasular p'ofeaaivnai baameaa. On theooitntri .h* h"pea t<> Md to hia prNMi faeilittea for inuring prom ft attention to hia aamerou* p%troaa ia tha iiue ( Ml WING aad H MR DIKMIM6. Ami to the Ladira who patronise hia ia th? one of Cutting or Trimming tb*ir*-a n or thair children's hair, he beta to an? that h? h%? provided lor them bi'ttor ao?omm~dati >na, in having fitted u > a sm*,i room and appronriatad it MaliiMTely to thmr ua . fa a lm R' '#im.m7?K2WTA"15,W? RASPBERRY fLANT , twjmtjr*-I'll**. including da V ontaaac/* (vkMh ' *,... ^fcr OrJ?r* ?ti i?lJy iOSW*