Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1861 Page 1
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u i I 0 * * w *: * '*'' * [. .MltalttfY If. -v &filing Pai V V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. MARCH 19. 1861. N?. 2.521. ?jr stXt < - VT'T-Y"-'' ' . fr the daily evening stab N rCBLISBST) BVBRT AFTERNOON, (ST* DAYS EXCEPTED,) If THE STAR BCILDIN8B. Crrmtr of Pmnrfivmnim avanua and lllA if , T W. D. WALLACH. aerred tn by oarrtero U I* rear, ?*r Tf ooota fer month. To mail auboortbora !>>? ?noe ia fa.9 a year*** mdvmnct; 92 for six wo^tha; 91 for throe months; and for low thar throe moat ha at tho rato of U oont* a week. Bias > 0?n?a, oifi c?rr: ia vraaaora. two cnrra. IlT"Adviitismiht"aooald b*Mnt totb? oAo? Mor* U o'oiook m.; etbenriM they ?ur not mntil the r>?xtd?T. DIPT HER I A. It* Origin tk Care. Tb? word Diptheria?or Diptheritia? ety?.-i. :..n. ? _. ?it! .* -? * aiuiugiomj U1HUB uuiaiag more iqid in? inflammation of a membrane?and ffai invented by Bretonneau to express that general olass of disease. The progress of medioal science, like all others, is towards accuracy of definition. , _ _Z ? 1) X-?- ? is ? . % . * i^ipiucua nu accordingly wunin tae last few years been set apart as the sign of a aperiic membrane disease. This disease, though in some respects resembling croup, and in oertain others quinsy, is distinguishable from both by certain well-marked characteristics. Like croup, it is accompanied by the formation of a false membrane in the windpipe, which, if left to itself, accumulates till the air-p&sjage is closed and death ensues But the false membrane of croap is an exudation of natural lymph from the vessels of the mucous membrane stimulated to excels by high febrile condition of tbe tissue. ? biie, on tbe otber band. L)tptberia is scarcely erer febrile in its pathologv, and its pseudo-membrane ia tbe result 01 a sloughing off rather than an erudition of the 1 mucous coating. Croup belongs to the inflammatory type of diseases?Diptheria, save in exceptional cases, does not. In oroup, the breath of the patient is usually untainted. In Diptheria the breath is characteriied by a }>eculiar, and sometimes almost an intolerable cetor. The lymphatic discharges of croup are sometimes acrid. The discharges from tbe nose and mouth of a Diptheric patient ichorous and excoriating to the highest degree. croup u not particularly prostrating to the general strength of the person attacked by it. Diptberia is invariably accompanied by extreme debility, and a loss of muscular as well as nervous tone, which often continues for months after the immediate dangerous symptoms have been overcome. Finally? Dipthena is contagious?Croup is not. It will be seen by these details that Diptheria and Quinsy have more intimate points _r a a , *vi ? ? vi resomoiance man ulpinena ana t roup in certain cases this resemblance is greatly increased by a complication of the pseudo-membraneous symptoms of Diptheria with malignant inflammation of the tonsil*. Still the r*eudo-meinbraneous symptoms are of ocurse always sufficient to distinguish it from Quinsy. It is not probable that diptheria is a new disease. Too scientific accuracy of medioinal terms has made such rapid progress during the last half century that the practice frequently find the data of diseases, as reported thirty years ago, unavailable through vagueness for the purposes of an indicative experience. Nevertheless, from all that ean be ascertained i on the subjeot, the identity of diptheria with j the putrid sore tlyoat, which made such fearful ravages in Albany and other placcs a quarter of a century ago, seems very probable. That malady was characterized by marked typhoid symptoms, and this indication has its counterpart in the extreme prostration of diptheria. If we recollect rightly, not a single caseef the old putrid sore throat which received then universal depleting treatment of ralomel and blood-letting, ever recovered from the disease. At the present dav, nobody ia j hi? semes would think of letting Blood or giv- ? ing exhaustive medicine for diptheria. i The treatment of the disease proposes two 1 An/)a 1 at Ta AonVa < * *! ? maw * V V ? vow ?uu OIUIUU su mo uavu* I ral vital force* of the patient. 2d. To rid the j air-pa*?ages of the false membrane. For the attainment of the first end?nutritious, digesti We food, b?ing the most natural, is, of course. ' also the best means Strong beef tea combines 1 all the most desirable elements for suoh a purpose. It should be given frwm the earliest stages of the disease, and when, as sometimes happens, the faucns becomes closed by the disease, or the parts beeome too painful to admit of swallowing, it is still to be given in the form of ana] injections. Biacdy, in judicious hands, i? another stimulus of the highest value in diptheria. Iron in various forms has been administered with great suooeas. Perhaps its most efficient form, as determined by late experience, is the sesquioxide. Its effect seems to be two-fold?sustaining the general strength of the patient and assisting the tendency of the mucous membrane to throw off and eieet 1 the dipthcritic clough For the attainment of the second, innumerable methods have been proposed, and some of them have been very 1 successful. Occasionally the use of the sesquioxide above mentioned has been successful, in co-operation with the forces of nature, to produce the rejection of the membrane as fast as it accumulated, and before it was indurated efficiently to exclude all air from the lungs. Sometimos it has been found possible to detach and pull out the membrane by means of hooked or foroep-sbaped instrument, though the operation bis been known to result in dangerous hemorrhage. HOW TO GET RIO Or THE FALSE MEM BE AN E. But by far the most successful treatment isays the N. Y Commercial Advertiser,) for relieving the diptheritie patient of the false membrane is that recently discovered by Dr. L A Savre. of New York. Hia method i? nn? of those admirable attainments of the highest elaaa of inventive genius which, from their extreme simplicity and obviousness. awaken in every mind the remark?" Why, I might have thought of that myself!" Yet nobody ever does think of it till the inventive genius happens to show him the way. The method of Dr. bayre was the result of the following observation: He notiee-1 that if the discharge of diptheria waaexpectorated upon any dry and warm substance??uch aa the aide of a stove, for in?iaoee? it immediately became a tough peliiele, like a sbred of gold-beater's sku>. But if the expectoration fell into a vessel containing warm water, it remained liquid and limpid, like other thin lymph or mucoua. It now oocurred to Dr. Sayre, that if from the first stages of the formation of the falae membrane a hot and humid atmosphere could be keDt in oontaet with it. it ?nlH ?? oluble aa In thi* 1mt mentioned out. and be i anily ejocted through the noee and month like mbbmw oaacai Several meana of procuring thii oontact iugge?t themaelvee The wellknown plan of imnalation from the apont of a toa-kettle. and the ordinary vapor bath, are among theee. Bat the former la evidently impracticable with thoan young children who art the meat frequent aafferera from diptheria. They oannot be made to keep their month* is poaitioa over the narrow ateam curfaee of * kettle " The vapor-bath ia relaxing to th? g?n ci? ?/ , m ukw|b( or in a out which, like diptheria, require# every tonic and stimulant that eu be pi vie available. Moreover, It woald be manifestly impossible to eon t?M the patient In a vapor-bath through a Sod u long aa the membrane U aocumuag Dr. Sayre Anally adopted this method: in# pat the patient in a tightly-shut room, k* had a flat-iron heated to aa near a white heat aa poarible. Ha impended it over a pail in the sick room, end kept the attendant* 1 pourinz water en it till it eeaaed to evaporate every drop that oama in eontaot with it. At toon aa the iron was cooled down to such a degree that any surplus of water remained unevapoiited, he replaeed it with one fteably beatad. U? thus kept the room as full of staam as wu consistent with oomfortable breathing, and at a temperature of 8# dag. Fahrenheit. This praaaaa waa oontinued for Mreral boors. <iuring which not only the freahly-aloagbed membrane waa constantly being expelled, ia liquid form, through the bom and month, bat membrane previously indurated ia the traohea bocame soluble and wm ejeeted in like manner. Meanwhile he kept op the strength of the patient by the above- refer rod-to means of beef aad brandy. The reeadt of this treatment ( waa mm rati re expulsion of the aioagh, and trawtaally the complete care of a oaM which had preTioasly Wn abaadaaed M too deeper- i ate foreran the dernier oparatloa of tree bootoxaf. I'udoubtadlT the meca* of eraporatloa for this pnrpoM will hereafter bo simpifled bj , the discovery of tha method. He hM plans at prcMat in-ler eonAderatiaa by whiah tha pro* i eaas may go on independently of the laborious j i and aometimes unreliable oo-operation of attendant*. Still, it ia now a fixed fact that we have made the great and oonoluaive atep toward the certain oure of Diptheria; aleo, that we owe that fixed faot to Dr. Sayre. The utmoat care of the patient for weeka after the immediately-daageroua aymptoma have disap {teared, la necessary to prevent a subsidence nto the diptheritio state. Even when there is no return of tha slough ing tendency, the general prostration of the system is usually so extreme that the most nourishing tonics and stimulant treatment is ealled for to ward off a naturally-supervening attack of typhoid or low fever, rapid decline, or obronio debility. There is perhaps no form of disease known to the children's practitioner in which skillful hygienic and home treatment is more imperatively demanded to follow up and perpetuate the result of medical effort. If possible, the greatest care must also be taken during the period of foetid discharges to separate the remaining children of a family from the diseased one, for, as we have above observed, this state of the disease is quite infectious. Didx't Know How to do it.?A justice of the peace, in a rural precinct, was lately called upon, at an advised hour in the evening, to perform the marriage ceremony for a young and interesting oouple. It was difficult to tell whether the lovers or the justioe were most embarrassed: It was the first attempt They stood up before him, and he oommenced the work by an address, partly religious and official, and finally broke down. Fie then made them join hands, and declared them married, but at the same time told them that they had better send for another justice, as he was afraid that it wouldn't hold?that perhaps it had not been done legally. Here was a " pretty kettle of fish." It was late, and the young people were in a quandary Finally the young man said he was satisfied that it would hold until next morning, when, if there was anything lacking, it could be supplied by another justice. To this the lady demurred, and refused vi isavB iur aom? unin sne wu sausnea iDti eke was legally married. The young man remonstrated?the justice 4> guessed they would find it all right," but she was firm, and the husband had to start off several miles for another justice. The justice came and finished the job, and the married couple departed " happy as clams at high-water.?St. Paul Pioneer. Paying kor the Whistle.?At last the newspapers in the new Confederate States wince a little ander the new postal law. The Columbus (Oa.) Inquirer says : "We have yet hope that the postal law will be amended in this respect; or, if this cannot be, that it will be same time before it goes into operation The new Administration of the old Federal Qovsrnment proposes still to carry the mails through the seceded States as heretofore, if permitted, and as a continuance of its service will release us from a tax which must be oppressive and unjust to a large portion of our subscribers, we truat that the proclamation of jur President, announcing the now order of postal regulations, will be delayed until the Sovernment at Washington fails to perform its stipulation in this respect, or until a state of lostility between the two governments reiaire? our own to disconnect itself entirely from the economy of the other. Toccbt CoitRSSPOifDKKCE.?Capt. Aldham, if her Majesty's navy, and Capt. Lerov, of the h'renoh navy off Vera Crns, have baa 'mite 'pioy correspondence in reUtion to Miramon, who, when he ran away, made his escape in a" French uniform, and took refuge on a French ressel Capt Aldbam protested against the protection of Miramon by the French as a quasi violation of the French-Engliph alliance, he denounced Miramon as not a purely political refugee, but as a criminal for his pillage of the British legation and murder of innocent persons at Xacuhaya. The Frenchman replied rather tartly, to the effect that he understood what was due to the honor of his Imperial Majesty's flag, and that it was a personal offenoe for Capt. Aldham to put him ia mind of his duty. Capt. Aldham explained again, and the Frenchman rejoined, but this time more respectfully, but still he declined to leave Miramon to be shot by the liberals. A DOG OPPOSED TO SBLr-DissKijTio^.?A remarkable instance of canine sagacity was lately developed in Buffalo, N. Y. Certain doctors arranged for a general dog-dissection, accompanied by a coarse of lectures at a medical college, in the neighborhood of whioh lived a man who owned two dogs. The more sagacious of the two is supposed to have got wind of the affair, as be immediately put his tail between his legs and disappeard, the other remained, and fell a victim to the dissectingknife; and, wonderful to relate, as the last lecture closed, and the departing audience wended their way home, the truant Towser was seen eyeing them around an adjacent corner with an air of complacency which spoke volumes for his knowledege of the buttered side of existence. Having circumvented his manifest destiny, he went Dome and domesticated himself without more ado. ITT On Wednesday afternoon, Baron Von Sacken, secretary of RunIci Legation; Le Bnrou Ungen Sternberg, Chambellan de 8 M l'EmPTt-ur de Rusaie. and Captain Gustaf Obmann Klusk, ingenier offl at attached to tbe stall of tbe Emperor, now In tbfs country, and on a visit to Baltimore, took tbeftr departure, tbe Sun says, from tbe Camden Station in the 4 p m. Western express, on a tour of inspection of that gigantic hi^h-*ay to the West?the Baltimore and Oblo Railroad Tbe tourists are accompanied by W. P Smith, the courteous master of transportation of tbe road, who acta as a guide and interpreter of tbe stupendous feature* of art and nature that adorn the road The party went on quick through time to flration on Friday, but will return leisurely, stoppl ng at Par kersb u rg, H ar per's Perry, and other Mints of Interest, arriving in Baltimore again to-day or to-morrow. Tbe party cannot fall to be impressed with the marvelous triumphs of engineering skill which abound along their rent*. Is THi "Floating Battiet" a Failvbs ?We nuhlllhM on fUturAmv VAnlnor ?.?UIHK U1D|J?*V,U llVlil the Charleston Courier office, denying the truth of the report that the floating battery waa a failure. Ptr contra, we find the following "In the Charleston enrresponden e of the Providence Journal: "The floating battery baa at laat proved a failure From the weight being all on one aide. It waa found uec taeary to build a staging extending beyond the other aide, on which were plied bags of aand In order to bring it to an even keel, which had the effect to break It In two, and thus render it useless, as It Is Improbable that It csn be strengthened sufficiently to be of any utility hereafter. And It will remain after t&ey have expended 990.000 upon It, a monument of Charleston ngenulty." trr Paraon Brownlow of the Church Militant and Knoxvllie Whig, fully endoraes Lincoln's tnnujnual. He says: ' We Indorse the entire sddress, as one of the - ?* . # VI I vm |M|R[i vi >oc una we cave ever Men, and we commend It for 1U temperance and conservatism. It li peace-loving and conservative In lta recommeuaaUona, and eminently firm In lta nationality of sentiment It la, out ana out, a Union Address, worthy of tbe approbation of everv Union and conservative man South, as well aa North. Had it been delivered by Jsckson, Polk, or Breckln> rl|{e, even tbe Cottoo States would have declared It to be the hlght of polttlcsl perfection. We shall have no war unless It be forced upon tbe country by the reckless conduct of the South." IP* The mw Government in tbe South does not seem to socoeed perfectly In Its postal service. I ke Brunswick (Geo.) Advocate says: If no Ml*r ?1 - ?? carrying the mill bcTweea Savannah and Florida we trust the Use will he discontinued altogether. At It bow stand*. It Is a perfect on laance. If we cannot get the mat Is before they are throe or four days old, we do not want them _taU." No kxtb* 9?aion m Notn CaauUB* ?The Fsyetterllie (N. O.) Otwrw. on Thursday, states that tjovernor RUls has decided nor to call the Legislator* of that State together unless something more urgent than bow exist should occur to redder aa extra session necessary. MISCELLANEOUS. /QV The old #at?biiab?d PAWN OP- yO\ l former y on Penr. avenue. JlwJL O ?aetween 3d ft?d ?X ?te., ha*iaifl)V Q been removed to 331 C St., between 4H and 6ih ata., baok of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 10,000 to t>e loaned in email iami on Gold and Silver Watohea Jewelry, and all other artiolea of vftln* RnainMa atrintlv &nH nnnfiilAnh^ll* Hnna DonTfbrcet to o*ll at No. 331 C at., between 4)? and 6th ate. len-3m 1. HERZBERQ. IOHN F. ELLIS. FOR TlfE 8AL?K ANE RENT CHICKERING A'SONS* PIANOS, 306 PxifHA. A VK.TT I, Hftvftn 9ik and H'tA Streets, ma 2 North ?ltie ^HE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. JL hMRICfl. at the corner of Penn. A . ? A avenue and Eleventh street, has beenVcMWP greatly improved recently and now offers JJyflU greater inducement* for the patronage ot oltiiena and strangers than any other public house in the oiU, his pnoes being leaa than thoae of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and hia aooomm Jdationa for permanent or transient l>oardera unexoeption- i able. The bar and restaurant arrangement* of the Enrope&n Hotel have already become very popu lar.brinr all that o&a be desired hv the mn?f fiLfl. I tidioua. tne proprietor pledgee unremitted attention and oontiaued liberal expenditure* to give satisfaction to all, and thua renewa his invitation all to give the European Hotel a call. de4tl JUST RECKIVKD AY FRF.NCH A RICH STEIN. 97S Penn.avenue, Washington. 'The i Pickwick Papers," being the hrat of the elegant houaehould edition of the worka of Charlea Diokena; illustrated by T. 0. C. Darter and John Oil- i bert. Riverside presa. Call and examine them. Also, a new aupply of Darley'a Illustrated Cow per, the fineat edition published. fe I THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL *300,000. Inanrea Merchandise, Buiidinga, Household Furniture, 4o , against loss or damage br fire, HEATH A KNOWLES, AgenU, Oflloe?Room 16 over Bank of Washing ton. I J* 10 WATCH REPAIRING AN D SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY ; 1 nave nna ??i mo BMC MUHIIIMUI, and lur- , niahed with a ouinplete s?t of tool* for repair- . inc every denoription of fine Watchea, and Particular attention give to the same, bv a4mB < loroujh oompetent workmanjind a workguaran- , tied. Alto, ev?ry desert p ion of atandard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own aupervioion, which my ouctomera will find , far auperior in quality and finiah to northern ware , old by dealera in general and represented a* their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, i ae6 336 Pa. avenue, near9th at. j FD. L. MORRISON & CO.. LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION ' MERCHANTS, ! And wholeiiale dealera in ' MILL FEED, CORN MEAL. ft.. #e., ? Corner of 12th and B street*, Washington oity, HT" Caah paid lor aii kmda of Grain, an 2S-6m T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, ft*. Whtf+9 V t the present a^aaon o the year CHOLERA MORBUS. , DIARRHEA. 1 OHOLIC, DYSKNTKKY, DYSPEPSIA, DEBILITY, *0.,*0., prevail to an alarming extent: And ifktrtas, , , It muat be of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know of | A REMEDY at ono0 Soft, Speedy, and EJhnritnt, \ DR. MONTARDE; I ov Parks \ ? W" SlIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the moat CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL 1 REMEDY FOR T11E ABOVE COMPLAINTS \ In order to aatufy I THE PUBLIC 1 that do imposition is intended in theeale of thla Great Mediotne, THE MONEY WILL RE REFUNDED ih all copat i whan the medioine fa;la to give entire aatiafaotlo , Aak, then art any Dm* Store for I DR. mi INT am MM miraci luus Fain killer. take aa directed, aud if not perfectly Atisfi4d Return to our Agent. D. 0. CLARK. ESQ.. 4K Street and Pennsylvania A venae, wuo will reftiud your money. Prioo?90 and 40 Cento per Bottle. For sale at all Drug Stores everywhere, J AS. MoDONNELL, General Agent, Jvll-eotr Baltimore. raTOPHAM'8 SITS PREMIUM TRUNK WD MANUFACTORY, 499 SlVESTR &TRKKT, WASHINGTON, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Inatitnt* nf I Baltimore. November 7,1P60 Alio, Medal by M? ropolltan Mechanics'Institute. Washington, D. C., laST. 1 am oonstantly makin;, and always have on hand. of the beet material, every deeoription of Pine Hole Leather, Iron Prame. Ladi*f' Drew, Wood Box,and Packing Trunks, Pelliaier, Carpft.and Canvaa Traveling Bags, r n SohoolSatchels, Ac., M Lwe Pnre*. Members of Corjcreag and travelers will pleaae examine my etock before purchasing elaewhere Trunks that are made in other oitiea. Superior Leather and Drees Trunks made to order. Trunks oovered and repaired at short notioe. woods delivered free of oharce to anyfpart or the eity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. Ja?-!>*o J \MRH W.TOPHAM. 1 QLD RICH, ??LI#W AND JURE 1 MONONQAHELA RYE WIiIgKEY, Consoientiously distilled by Mr. JamN Bnraside. of Allecany County, Penna., in the oid-iaahioned honest war, from thechoioest and moat oarefolly selected Rye. and in no cue er?r offered for saie until adapted to wholesome ut by ace. It is at onoe the meet palatable, as it is emph&tioally one of the purest bereracee tn the reaoh or tne publio. 1 To tne invalid, as well as to those in I oommends itseu for its unrivalled ^oaIiUos as a stimniant of the safest, sty *st, and most benefioent doeonption, and many of the most <Hstingnished physicians are using it in their practice with the - ULKK Y * BTUUKUAliE, Proprietors, > 38? WaJnut treat. Philadelphia. WM. 0. CONOVKIC. Agent for the Proprietor*. 9U6 Pa. a,v., ? M-flm oppoafte Wijla-rda* Hotel. c ^OL'UH8.COLDH^UOAR8ENESB, Ac. \ COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC. Thia pleaaant and popular Confh Remedy haa I beta ao long known and extenaive ? n??d, that 1 moat persona have beoome familiar with ita extra* ordinary rAotoy. It can be had atallthe principal drug atorea at 25 aud 50 oenta a bottle. ae 2Betrn?eo4m* 275 iLkKN 275 1 JACKSON, r J Praiu. Arani, Between l<*b end 11th atreeta. Je It E5 ONE PRICE ONLY! ; 7*1 ^ ! faMr BttWbBtXZ^JSrtS : ??w ?jif mow w l? lMn J AUK BONNETS, HATS, u4 FLATS of the . I 11 CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Strut, Pttmtn 9tk and 10tk StrutU 8? hmve iui?t finished a number of first olasa RLAGE9, such as LigKt ftntv. Wa??iu, farir Piiatonf, Pamtlv fsr-gHHK riwMi and Burn**, wnion ws will sell atW a vSrr small profit. (Mat praoticai mechantos in different branches of ths DMinois, we flatter ourselves that ws know the styles and <uaMtr of work that wiil rive satis notion, oombimnc Itchiness, comfort uid dnrmhill ^keNidnc promptly and carefully attended to the .hort?UoHo? M3mo.t r^njbi. WAiil 1jIvi IVAiv!uA.1 ji ft IJUri ? Goactmakara, anooeaaora to Win. T. Hook. M W-dly T HE 8m beori ber ^W^a additionate kl tae*orj, inakin* it do* one of tie Inrgwat^, JtmmM. In the Diatriot, where his facuitlea forHHHQ manaisotanncCARRIAGE * LI6HT-?=?=

WAWNs or aU kind a oaniut M aryataed, u( trom ku lone experieivoe in ua buiaon, ka kopea te ?? i*ner>l i*tlOption. Aij lunda fOnmncM u4 Uxkt Wacena kept as Ail REPAIRSneat: 7<aia,tUallerdarirrnyt FIKE.MK.V8 INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. capital 777... saoo, 000. Qjlc* torn r C strut and Louisiana av? ov*r Bank Of Washington. INSURE HOUSES AND"oTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Diakctoks. Geo. Shoemaker, 8amuel Red fern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D. Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Roth well, Thos. Parker, Riohard Barry, B. B. French. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Abil G. Davio. Secretary. oo 10-eo6m P READER, c> r? ?tor? 1*1? ? - ?- nnucEi i no loi.owmg statement and tlien judge of its facts for yourself ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. V., a well known citiz?n there, had suffered from Dyspepsia [or som? years, witho-it permanent leiief, ur.ttl he tried AVER's I'lLI.s, whioh taken according to tbe directions for this comp'aint, restored htm to health in a few weets. After an interval of acme inon'h s he has had no return of his comp aitit. liEo. W. CROSS, of Harmony, Texas, had an eruption on his nt-ok. shoulders, back and leg, whion ooverf d altout one third of his body. It kept the parts affected covered with a scab, and being ?tteu a raw ?ore,wa? of course ver? troublesome xnd distressing. It to much impaired his health as to unfit him lor business and kept him in ??n?tact luffering. All medioal aid fmleJ him nntil hn took ayer^ compound extract sarsa PAHII.l t ui-.u: ?:?- ? ? *t MtVII VWI ou I1IMI. n IB BKII1 QUii enUwB lumn soars from the ulceration, but it is otherwise is clear as an mfonta. JOHN H. SHOOK, Eeq . an eminent la?-?er of Richmond, Va., took a o?<id which settled on hia uDgs, A severe pain set in on the left aide, with a >ad cough, whio'i was soon followed by the unmistakable symptoms of consumption. \Y h*o reduced irerv low ho commenced taking AYKR'S CHKRPEC TORAL, which soon stopped theooujcn md completely oured him. Prepared by 1)R. J. C. A7KR 4. CO., Lowell, Vlass. malSeolm PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AND BLOOD RENOVATES Is precisely what its name indicates, for, while pleasant to tfie taut*, it is revivifying, exhilarating nvicoratins and strenttheoinc to the vitai powers, ind at the fame timo revivifies, reinstates, and re tow* tn? H ixxl fu a 1 its orisloal pnnty. and thus it onOO <*md th* ryffm o attacks of It is th" only preparation ?ver offered to the world, so ohemically and skilluliy o<>nil>:ned as to be tne irost powerful tonic, knd at the same time so perfectly adapted to, as to ict In perfect acoordauoo with the laws of nature, luu nonoe win rnotH? tkr. tetaletut stom<unK and ?ne up the d: costive urctm, ana thus alia? ati n*rrouaand other irritation. It is perleotlv exhilara jng and at the aarae time it is composed entirely of regetablea, yet so oon.bined as to produce the moat borough tonic effect, without prodnaing any inurioua oonse^uenoes. Mi oh a remedy has lone >eeu felt to be a desideratum in the medioal w-rld, or it needs no medioal ok.II to see that debility Allows all attaokaoi disease, and pmooodeand in lead laya the ayatem open to the insidious attacks >t "?any of the moat fatal,such, for example, as the following: Consumption, Indigestion, l)yaper?;af I oss of Appetite, Faintuess, Nervous Irritability, Meura gia, I'alcitation of the heart, Meanoaoly, Sight sweats, l-angor, Giddiness, Retention ot. aa irell aa Painful ob3tructod. too profuae, or too to?nt Menstruation. awl Falling of the Womb. I'hose All depend upon toiieral debihtr. This pure, lealthy tonio Cordial and U ood Renovator is as >ure tooare as the bun is to rise and stt. There is 10 mutak* ?f>out it . But this ia cot all If the T'tein is weakened wo are open to bilious at :aok?, the liver becomes torpid, or worse diseased. ;he kidneys refuse t'? perform their Amotions, and ire are troubled with soaldinx and incontinence of irine, or involuntary discharge of the same, pain n tho baok. aide and lietween the shoulders. ex seedinily liable to slight oolda, oougbs, and if un >neoked, soon emaciation follows,and the patient [oes down to a premature srava. But aoaoe will lot allow ua to enumerate the manv ills to whioh we 1 ire liable in a weakened condition of tiie system. 1 Bat we will nay in this Cordial and Biood kenova- j :or yon have a perfect safe plasaot and ffootua 1 emedy for loss of Appetite, buiousnees. Fiatuenoe, w->a? an>t sick Stomach. Lanioar. Liver Complaint, CITillsand Fever, or an? Bilious attack , Dottiveness. Aoidity oftheSt mach. Nervousness, ( Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression i jf Spirits, Sores, l'imples on the Faoe, or any dis- i ?ae arising from impure blood, such aa t?or?ftil?, i Kryeipelas. UronohlUa, Cough, difficulty of Breathng, and all that olaaa of diaeaaea oal ed female reakneaa. and enumerated above. We will alao laj the traveler exposed to epidemioa, ohan<e of slimate aDd water, will find it a pleasant, a&fe and lure remedy, and n<> one should ever travel with jUt. Re*d*r, try it, for wa aaaure you yon will Ind in It a friend ind?ed,&a well aa a friend in need. All percona of sedentary habita will find it a persot preventive of, as wo:l aa a cure for those ailnenta which they are particularly expoaed Henoe mniatera, atudenta, attorney*, llterarv gentlemen, ind ladieawhoare not acouat<>m*d to muoh out Loor exercise, will find it to their adr&rtageto ceep a bottle constantly on hand; and above all nothera. or thoae beooining suoh, will go through .hat most dangeroua period not only with all tiieir uscustomed strength, but safe and free from the houaand ailments ao prevalent among the female ..r ,i.. . 1.4 ? i?. - - - - i - - j .i rui iiun ui iuo wuiiui ia siiuibt ii mucvu tb ramuer xirdial. Try it old ar;d youne;no lo'ger run the ] ink of deiajr; 11 will rrli^ve and prove it?elf em pliat- 1 oally a Ktitorativt Cordial and Blood Renovator. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, New fork, and 114 Market Street. St. Louia, Mo.. and ?id t>y all jood Druggiata. Frio* One Dollar par 3ottle. PROP. WOOD'S J RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AN.' ? ( BLOOD RENOVATOR. , Sold in thia oity by C. 8TOTT, 3T4 Pa, avenue, i au g?-eoly. aiw ] FRENCH PL0WK180P TJ1K VERY BEST quality, anil an extenaive variety. ( nA. At sriiiVK.NH'ii IUHl i Fanoy Store, W , ona_i S36. l-etw. <Hh aa.1 ip*b irta. r\HPf?iwT'? niivpnwnto u For wvle at manufacturer* prioea, by I JOHN J. BOGIIE, r.MRaiTows.D, C,, SoU Agency for the Ditirux of Coiumbim. A lArte aitpp.y, embraoinc every variety, alvara i ?d band, ?n<l <le.i vere-1 free to a:) parta of tiie D:a- ] -ict. Ordera ean alao he left at theoffioeof Adama' fxirm Wuhinttug. D. C. fe 3 uvit | Best fancy goods, AT PRICKS 1 TO SUIT THE TIMES, anp qi* p*ic*ojlly, At J5TEVENS*S FANCY STORE. no 23-tf 51X6. K*tw. tth nt?i 10th ata. r incol^as he is. ~ Li Stikl Eksravbr Pohtzait. The beat Portrait yet publiahedof 1 HON. ABU A JfAM UN COL N. ( ieiU iekiskert,) | At FRbNCII fc RICHSTEIN'tf, No. 278 Pfmn* avenue, Washington, D. C. Tr*de aupplied at low piioee. mar7 j jmpoe^t|noot,c%^oskeancie?3 | A view of the Na'io^i Capitol will be erMMnt*d o all purohan^ia of Booka, Stationery &?., from he well known e?t&hli?hment of FRENCH A RICIISTEIN, #TS Pa.av? !*'-? near Kirk wood Bouse S,ut 1886. WW IStB: "w" We are wiling at half their original erios Al ttberfoodu of even dercr prion we are still selling kt coet Oar sto.kU large and well aaeorted is W**" nU TAYLOR * HUTCHISON ! I V kuV .N?f X'^fnia tw. for mi 1 >ook debts Mi far Bi* is, Sho ??, and Trunki. aJ ( tstssBnas^ ^ ' I CLOTHING, &c. INKW ofLCu{f&. C A8SI MERS, AN1) VESTTNGS. WALL. STEPHENS * CO? Pernor!** ma Avecue, have jmt reoeived a .arre vanetv of new Fall Goods, to waieh they invite ttie UtMtiuB of their frieuda and ouatomer*. ao #?-u /H'VTI L'Urwiu v* hkadv made clothing. mmgTim&'jrctfsss and itrugera wuhin* an immediate n?t fit bum nor inducement*, embracing at thia Um?. all style* and aoalities or Dresi anu Buaineaa fcarZlSPViSSf ,.T0*1" '? %!l *?" ? Fine Shirte ' and Under-olothing of all kinda. Kid and other ? H Uit Tie*. CravaU. ' Jjf^ f i &o. All of wluoh W6 irr - i?* price*. , Clothing made to order In th* moet unptncr . manner. WALL. 8T?PH?>'? A CO.. DO lfe-tf ?aa Pa. tWM?. J ClOTOTHKPKOPLEB'CLOTHINeSTfiRIC, , f No. 460 Seventh at., to get TO?r CLOTH- 1 1NG, FURNISHING GOOlS. HA fs aad CAPS. feI6w_ J W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite oar oa.-itomers, and citizen* general- J ly, to an inapeo'ion of oar preeent new, at *. tractive, and e.ecant amn ,-Un*r.t of^?B CLOTHS. CASSIMfcRKS.DOESKlNS. ffh V fcSTlNGS, OV F.R COATINGS, Ac. If which we will make to order la ajarior"-" trie at very low prioes. WALL. STEPHENS A COoc 25 tf 3S3 Pa. av.. hetw. 4th and mth at*. Cure Couth, Cold, HMrtouii, In/llVifTK fiutnza any Irritation or Sorf Av^ilkfliA *?i of the Throat, fUltrr* tht fcjHHMK Harlnnt Couth w Conrmmrlil'Ill' Hlllill txon, BronchUis, Athma, yiilkyMU t Catarrh, Clear and liM ftrmjtlh to the rout of PUBLIC SPEAKERS Xjy AMD SINGERS. Pew are aware of the importance of checking a Coach or "Common Cold" in ite finrt a'ace; that which in the begining wonid iield to a mild remedy, if neglected. Boon 1 _ M-ammmmtrn iJrVHH f BrtmtkuU Trotk'.tcontain n* demulcent incredi entc, allay Pulmonary and B.onchiai Irritation. e I "That trouble in my Throat, (for I BROWNS vhioh the "7YoeA?*" are a pec.fcc) i having made me often a m^re whi? r TROCHES perer* N.P.WILLIS. t RRflWN'li " 1 recommend their use to Ptblic t BKUWPI s EriilIU ,. t TROCHES1 REV. E. H. CHAPIN. ' "Groat erviceinacbdaincHoA.asB * BROWN'S mm." REV. DANIEL WISE. I tr npii i*"k " Almott instact relief in the die h TK tresainit lab.T of breathing peculiar o nbiiw\ms? to Asthma." t BROWIV & REV. A. C. EGGLE8TON. r TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anyttnnt , I injurious." DR. A. A HAvES, BROWN'S Ckrmut, Boiton. I " A simple and pleasant oombina- ti TROCHES t^n fur Coc?h?, ?c." BROWN'S! UR. 6. F. BISELOW^ TROCHES I " ?j?? ?*rrL'ANE, BROWN'S J am ; TROCHES WHorriw Cor?H." ? REV. H. W. WARREN, " BROWN'S Bottom. ?. _ " Eenefimal when compelled to r TROCHES ?f?Rk, nufforinr from Cold." * BROWN'S AEV.S.Vr.ASDfiRS^ ? xuf?rHP<* " ErTErt**.t In reaoTinc Hotm- '1 TKUtHKa ne#1J an<1 lrr,taUon tSo Throat. #o 2 ?ROWN,Q! Willi toriaiud 8ziv#> TnorHFP ""'Prof. M.8TACY JOHNSON, . TROCHtr Lm Urmnft. (J*. ? BROWN'S Tea0hF^.2'eDcSi&^thmi * TROCHE'* "Grant benefit whw taken before If and after pre%chjn*. aa ther prevent . RROWN'R Iluir(?n?M. From their Dietetieot. I I I think th?y will b? of permanent adIROCHBe ~"^Vv ?k: umuy. A. M. a BROWN'S Pr??ideat of Ath?n? Collece, Teon. Cl TROCHWi I <to 1 ly bl D.-.. J. n. McLEAN-S J STEEKGTHENINQ CORDIAL AND BLOOD PI RII IEK THE GREATEST REMEDY m tU WORLD, a ever taken. ilm?.jHL 21 \i* (irietW * ?c>- Si JEtAI auttic ud vifiu- fi ragf;"" tt kit Coreposnd, pr#- V ?r*d by th? duull*- | Ben of new, . irU, Tpvn rv im Li'lrry tn? AyV Buk, tnil OiadiliM W\ff *r* >u C*B* HI 1b ? aetiaa BE) > pt 4|jgr*. g rtmadiai pnuciplt ^ I) Before SEW1?" "king. liatlllinf, pradaela* at lie.out, a*hiWratinf ipirlt, ud tha aat InfaUlbla MM IT far ranaaadaf fc, duHMd irniB, ai tnd raatartof tht al-t. iafiru|, and dtbUitaiad la valid w kaalth tod airaofth. ^ McLEAlTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL w Will aftctaally ear* Irftar Camplaiot, Drapapaia. Jan- ?J Uaa, Chraolc ar Marvoaa Dabilit;, Ouaaaaa af Ut Kidcara tad all duaaaai ami of fram a dlaardarad LI Tar ar tamach. 01 Dyapapaia, latrttan, Inward Ptlta, Acidity a* hcknui ?r iB Lha Itauiach, ralloaaa a.' Suod la tha Kaad, Dall Pain at lalmmlnt In tha Baal. Paipit*ii?n af tha Rtut, Pillnaaa 01 w Waif fit in tha Sumach, Soar Eracutwaa, Chakinf at aamacaung raaiinf wu?n isrin* avc, uryaaaa ar r allaW af tb? kin tod Ktm, If if i .-. tvaau, Inward Firm, Pain in Ua Small af iha Baek, Chut, or Bid a, Saddtt riaahaa W Beat, Oipnwiu of tpinj, Friftufa) Uriuu, g Lanfmof, Daapondaner ar u; i arrana duitu, bru 01 <1 fcioicliaa M Ui? Skin, a?d i"a?ar aad Aru (or OkiUi tad P?Tt>^ _ OVER A MILLION BOTTLES H lav* kaao taid *?*inf tb? laat MI naotha, and la oa to- J itanca kaa Ufailad to ?i?>nf nuxa aaticfacuoc. Wu. tkat, rill ?f<r fram Waal nan or DaMLt* vhau MckliM I, mumKHllK CORDIAL will eara ftt Y H a lurura can worn an aJaoaa'a Ida* of iha lrcmodl- |, ila ><! . Ktaaralali *kar k_ - * a?? auu riuw?i ' IIBV?V*? > g f-a?ruw^?u V J lUUtg wi<l ^ rdial 1b til* diaautd, iWkiliunc, ud ahauar?d n*r**aa .. ifium, vhiLhar krekaa i?wn tr *xe*aa, wink ky r.atmat, M lapalrad ky alakuaaa, t?a ralaiad ul luiimu nrn; A{ nllH ti ruwrtd la it* priatfn* haaltb ul rlpt MARRIED PERSONS, tr a:h?n, ?*u?ci?ai af inability fraw vlttirir ciih, ?rlU m lad McLBAJft VTKKIiariCIflNA CORDIAL > vha- T, ni(k npimwW lk? ayatam; u4 all vh* may ktrt la liid UmnUii ky lopraair iadaif*nc*a vili tad la Ul* !j?rdl*l a Ctrtaia and apaady ranady. ^ TO THE LABIES. n Mckimi rr&EHCraiRIN^ CORDIAL a a * ???- II If n bad apaady ear* far lnelpiant Can*anptian, WVrtaa, HI Okatnaud ar Diaemlt Maaatraauaa.l neouUaaoe* af Cnaa ft M laaalutarr thaehaj# tkaraaf, Kalluif af |h* Wank, M lludloaaa, Paiuuoc, ana all dla?a**a mcidant ta Pamalaa. It THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT tfar aa l?uf?r Til* it accarduf ta diracuaea. It vtll ' itimalata, atxanfthao, a&d iaTifarau ?aa ai.d UM ;b< * ktaam af kaalth u meant y??r ahaak afala. Itiry bauJ* U M vamaUd la |tti (tiufMlm. ?l FOR CHILDREN Ifjmu ehlldran ar? aieklj, pan* ar kSictad, McLKAHt IXIUUk will nikt ik?a kwittf, fat, aad rakaii. PaU* if at a iDaaaau W K, aad yaa will h aaarlaaad. It to da- !l Uataa* la uka. ? CAUTION 2 vara af dri(|iiu ar daalara wha ma; try ta pain iu rZ faa aaaaa Maar ar aaraapanlla iraah, whUh thay can bar ahMD. k* UYiflf it U iax U (Ml Am) aa?k ? ? 1.1 HI f.r i&cnfcArt*VTREWTHLning COUUL. .111 ? nUu| *to*. U to th* Mir r*m?4j Uu will f?r?/y tka ft BUad UMraagUr *ad al th* *ara* tima atr*&xV<*a lk* ay*l*B. V On* t***pa*eral ukm i?trj marking fcaSof to e*rtaia * praTtaliv* f*r CU*Ur*, Chilto and Fa?ar, Y itlov Fixr, ar ?* 3r inwlwi ttoiMi. h to pat TO li Ittn tot'ln Prtea y *1 p*r k*al*.ar<fc?t'Jaa fcr $*. J H HrLEAW. il I* pr*pnat?r mt thto Cardial; a'.**, Mekiu1! Vdcmic Oil ? Udawl. PnoclMi D?tot n ih c*n?r *< Third aad I ru? MMk, K. Mt, Hi 1 XcLe&n'i Tolcanic Oil Liniment, l (TU MR umUXT n TU WORLO.) Tti ?el* wit ud rtain ear* (w Caaeara, Pila*, Ta. u n, walUa** aad Branchil* m Cattr*, Paralrau, Nam- _ ralfia, Waiknan ? U* Haaciaa, Chronic ar kiaaimatar* ?, III?ailaiii, tHCaa? af tka Jtoata, Contracted Maacla* at ? UpaMU, lanlM wftoltoelM, lra?a*a, kniaa, Praak ^ Cat*. Waaoli, Ctoar*, P.?r Sara*. Cakad Sara g Nipplaa, Barn*, Scald*, Car* Threat, at aay l*liw?liaa a* ? pain, aa difaraoca hav aar?ra ar tona J>* di>?u? mi f' Ear* *?tot*d, MckKAWa CKCIUnO LIKIMEKT ia i r*ca*dv. M nanaadntWuitotoptow ton ?>a?d t IH> af M* gj mptwd* aad ntoary kj th* aa* *f thte taralaabl* mmtiy. ? MtLEAPTS TOLCANIC OIL LINIMMNT a WlU rattoTa fata atomUtouimwij, aad n wUl claan. ft r?j ? .wwuMwmiwamuw ? FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. C MsbBAVB CSLXB&ATKO LIWIMEWT to tk* ml* Mi* U u>4 Nlkkh nhIi tot Ik* nn af Bfana, hutoM, Wto*g*H?, BpttM*,Vuitanl L?pfc Mm m HtlMuri. u mw tou*4 ! mt? B>? ? *. Kiunt, rtowtoTirU pSf^SS, JUST C&m! s?dd" I Q?iks to m toJtlllU* S j?:"o'gg.,rj; jki satsAflBC ? CyfcfcJBiJKOTT, ? " ~ MM-DtWly I "ii i m THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Vkii auunl PUu.r Mi Nwi JhihI ?? iteo oil m mi it ur ?>? n rvbuafeatf m Fndir noraiB|> Pun# oofj, fm ucim fi * Fit* ooptw ____ ____ __ ^____ 4 V> To? ooriw . ___ ____ ___ N> ll unu6;f toilUM tfc* "WMkiacftoa If Iter hu Mi* TV M| Xmmm Star MfWHW BO inmlly vhrovf boit tu oonmn M to* oototor, lmm?di?u 7 iA? Um im?? { lb* P?Mr. Pnw-THREE CENTSMEDICINES. BDR J0H9IIT05I, ALTIMORI LIU K HOSPITAL, Hmt distirmd Ik* himi ffruit, Bp?dy M'y EJffiitt Ktm*d* ta tkt Wmrbd, FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENC*. /.FT AO FA19E DELICACY FRETMST APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRA\TFD. OR SO CHAkOK, IN FROM OXE TO TWO DAY*. WitUtw o( lk? tick, BtrKiMfi, AffcctMM ft dtt R>4 ?*yt ilid BUddrr, laroluaurr Dw.L?rf , laftuvr, #? ml D?l>iltif, Wwwiumi, Off fw, Uipur, C?faM >? iJr.t, l-ow .S(Htin, plipiuuw vf tk? Hrarv, tt?i<ii?, rr'?rMmf?, RijSt or IhMtM t( ur 1?*d, Ihraai, N<?? ?r Bk?.. At cttun* ?4 ikr Lwn. IMaa> ch or E- ??U -ih?M T?rnMr Ihtordrr* ariMaf fi?B n K.k.!.^ \.?-k I? r? ?<-, - ? ? tee* *l<kl r'uJtt Mattmrt laNMMUt, Ml 4??U?I balk uJ Mi d YOUNG MK!f Capacity *hokit? become ibeetetinttaf *ol,ta?y TV#. hoi InUfcl ui dritmui< habit vtuJl tmuili y itHft o u untimely frm thouaecda of Tourg .Men a# the MK tailed [iltnta knd tirillu*' intellect, ? h? l*?? entranced listening Sraaie* with the thunder* M ai? |u?nt? tr ?tkej lo n-n*rj the lieiag lyre, may call Willi ull c"ufl?ac*. MARRIAGE. MaR*l*L Vmioj Mr* contemplating Mu iase, being atirt of phealcaJ ? HkMH, orfanc 4*U..l;. ItfutiMUM, 4( , apeedile ci rs4 lie abo >!? himwll under It.# ear* <J Dr J n; relifi >B?ly car*lj?K IB kit turner * a gentleman aad coutdea&j ely upon laic skill at a pftyeitian. OFFICE So. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. eft hand aid* cmf from Bsliuwn street. a few dten froen h* corner Kail uct to obeeree aaia* aad number Letter* nuet ta paid and cnutaia a stamp DR JOHNSTON, Men.beraf th* R"yalOollere of Bnii^nai, Lndon, rradr it* from otic of the now eminent College* in tbe 1'nned kales. and the greater part of whoa* III* baa t>**n speat Ms hehaepiulsef London. Paris, Philadelphia and eioewaere, laa effected aotnc of the moat taMiahiaf care* thai ??rr ver knosu; many troubled with rmptif ui the head eod tr* when aaleep. |rr*at neraouanee*. heme alarmed at udden eoutiUa, baahfulnee* ?ith frequent blasting, alteo4e4 omeuiuet aitli derangement of Bind, were cut*4 imme (mil* TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men and i-ther* *rlio hae* mjared the mart* e* be a erttin practice indulf*d it. aht* aloi.e? a babtt fr.jaee.tlr earned Iron oil cruipannma, ar at acbaol, th* e fie eta of thica ar* t.igbtly felt e?en when aaieep, ard li aat cured, cudere marnage impossible, aad destroy* both aia4 a?4 rodr, aboeld apply immediatcle. Tiiee* art aomt of the aad aad mtlsaeboly effect* produced iy carle habit, af renh, eu s Weakueee of the Back a?4 .iiiite.hiiii in the Head, Dimneaa a< Bight. L?. of Majcwtae 'ower. Palpitauna of th* Heart, Dyepepsy, Karroo* Irttt* ility, DtrufCBtm of the Pifuux i'ucttmw, Gntr*. >ebt nj, B;inptooi. of Cmtgaip'ion, 4c. MlKTiLLr ? The feartul ilifu w the wind ere Mdi ta e dreaded?Lm? of Mtnw;, Coafunoa m 14h?, Derreaeeon f Kfiriii, E>il K?(Minp. A>imna of Society, Self lite rnet. Lc*e of Solitude, Ttandity, etc , art nee < the evwa cod need. M* rot ? DEBILITT ?Thaoeao'le can now Jodfe abat ; he cauee of their declining health, loainr their <rt(or, ber am i( weak, pole, aertoaa aad emaciated, baeuif a nafvlv ppeatauce tben the rye?, cough or i/apiwa of MM?)' DISEASES OF IMPRUDESCB. When the nitsf uided and irupradeat votary of pleaaore tm4m e hae imbibed tne aeeda of thia palatal dtaeaae. it too oAor. jppena that aa til-timed aeuae of ihaae or dread of luto'MT etere him frua apply inf la tboec a?io, fro? edacatwa aad tsptc'ibilny, c<-n alone befriend hur Ht lalka nV anda of ignonat anf deeigninf prefadera. aha, taoapabo r curu,?, filth hi* pecnuitry aabatance, keep baa vofmj onth after mouth, or aa loag aa the aw all eat fee cm be ob uued, and la deapur leaee him erith rawed health ve at*h > Vifcu rilliuf diaappotutaant; or by the aae of that deadly W*4i ? Mercuy ?V.aten the eau?itKi?tl ijapt?iri of ?b<e rrnble dtaeaee, aachae Affectioneof the Heart.Tbraai.Head. >km, tc ,profrraiii( out frightful rapdi'y, tilldeath fwi a ertad U> hi* dreadful nlirmft by ?ea4in( hi? c !* ' tr utccrtd country frrxs m hoae bovat ?c traveler rtumn )R. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORfiANfr WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTMNCY By tin* steal Mid lanictiiil rtMd> ?(ui r? ?1 ftdiljr cored and full ?igot reeioe??) TV?'taa?4a ?T '* * I?t MriMU md dibilioilil, vko twd Iwat til Ufe, W<? kii iinudulelf reli"id _ All iint>?dit??"?- ? M-~-? ,r?..a?cal u? fclaa'al iMim#, Lo?* nf Pt?ruii>i P?*?r, Kti?nM ImiahMU, rcnUitr aud W'lkum or Eibaaauoa wt t* iruat lad ?p?>l;l? cn**d ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS TKI K?T TIIOI;i4SU> cured M |ku inauiwtoM wtbl e Uat H'Mcti rcari, md IM uiuntrcu' IntfoiUu: Serf ?! ?ip?r*tKx,? } CI m.-dfry TV *y tf-? (roritr* ->f ihr fiprn.i.d raany itbee Dt r?o"\?, ?<* < t jt bich ba?i appeared ?( *>t> and a/?m bafera ll>< pblit, be de? hi* (MiKtinf aa a ^entlemiu character ard reafH.t; lh:y. it auScieu' (aarantee 10 the aflictad mar 15-1 * ioy m tsmfffl&frm?ATN.Y THE REMEDY . REt/OICE fit HEALTH. rricno, ao jou aafierf Are yoa the Victim at My f those nameroaa ailmeata whloh anea troin iparity of the blood/ W hat are tier, do roe la t fttiier mJl, vti&t are they not/ The b.ood lathe nroe ofltteuKl he* th, wad it u the first ?epeti r oar bang to reepord to in mmm v&iot afeota k* ayrtera.M the palee la&Jit> j ktMU The erer reraiun: Nouraltia, the irritatta* Erynynythe ibtia Sorofuta, the acocisin? Khecmatim. S?- a t Oeoi.ity, Prepay aia, Liver Ocmp.aJtt v;th,ita reor and dojecuoc. aac the iiamberleas liU thai aeh it heir to. danve their hMeoaa onrlc fro* the otxL l>e& kiikHj thea uc fwivwntbi btooc a? the vit&lui&c reaoujpea of oktue foritaaML >1 aaffer n* tr eeiurnenc to roar confirtecoe im e that traly eaiaaUe mediofkmeot kaowa ae INDJJJt tKetTb i rocTioit. 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Price 93 eaah. or foer asses forjfo. vhioh ires tv and in $91 oaeee, whereby taers la a sevic of *. To be had, vholesals aad retail, ?f fir. ARROW,of 194 Bleecker itrwt, N?* \on. nmediateiv on reoeinr.j a remittance. Dr. Barrow ill forward the Tnesenmr to any part of the world, tea rely paoked, aad addressee aeoxniin* to tk> i>a xuction* of th* writer. The Book, <?f ail ntbera. thai aboard be ree4 Wy tea wiU> <1ama;ed au?l l>r?trn c.-w: aocatitwUoae i"Hainan FVatlt/, cr PhjrtaoU.g.oei Reaearobae " I u beautifully iliaatratrd, and trtmf* ?-v?uti?ty of II tae iTaf.oni that is^wuUt dav*.o? llmm ?lree. aooaer or later. rwu:Ur| mia the rnuibea nd vitiating habitaof earn yoeth. iDnaaae'rating te vtctim from abarir.g the fraiuoe of the tnhtrilonia1 atate. and. if not obeeked la time, dec eaertiag all tHe function* of manhood. and hrfhgMic a )on below Maodoaral, New York. Pnee K pta. Heat free ever? where. Wd 8. C. ForJ, Jr. l>m? ?u>r*. W>eb1*. J. 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