Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1861 Page 2
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W ' i?p??mmm???i?? THE EVENING STAR. w a tin i v htaii riTV. '? iiciu^vri vii v? -m. TUESDAY March IS, 1961. Spirit mt the MtralRf Press Tbe Imttlligrmt'T ibowt from Southern Journals the dlssatisf-ictton manifested by the Southern people with their new government. The KtpubUcan ?ay? of the dliunlon effort of Roger A. fryor and hla associates We have no belief that thta thing will have an end, until these democratic demagogue*, who have been blustering and threatening for twenty years, are put down by cold steel and cold lead. The mischief has come to such a head, that it must end in a collision of arms In tbe bosom of the South Itself. The people of that region have too much energy ana too much courage, to be made slaves of by Roger A. Pryor and Roger A. Prvor's associates The war Is inevitable, and will come before the year It out " How to do It.?The Louisiana Convention bar* voted flown the proposition to refer the made-in-aecret constitution to the people by a majority of three to one! The disunion majority of that convention waa elected, it will be remembered, by a minority of the vote caat?amounting to perhaps less than onethird of the whole vote of the State caat in the Presidential election in November. When elected, the Idea that It waa designed to clothe that Convention with authority to elect Louisiana's members to an improvised confederate congress, which should make in aecret a constitution, that should In turn be forced upon the people of the State as the law for their permanent government, without permitting tbein to vote upon the question of its acceptance, of courae waa net broached Nevertheless, all that has already come to pass. The newspspers in the Interest of the oligarchy uuioijr proclaim (are me .>ew urmni unta, me Mobile Trtbunt, and tbe Montgomery Adv?rti**r,) that under existing circumstances tbe man who questions tbe propriety of what bas been done in tbe formation of tbe "permanent Constitution," must, necessarily, and will surely be treated as a traitor; as tbe necessities of tbe situation of tbe new Government (oligarchy) do not admit of tbe toleration of two opinions in tbe >( Confederate States'' as to Its right to do as it bas done without consulting tbe people, or as to tbe propriety ef anything It bas done. From tbe dawn of civilization to tbis bour there never arose a despotism justly odious to tbe lovers of civil liberty that failed, ere getting firmly seated in pv>*ci, ?u ju?ujj iw usurpation 01 ;nc people liberties upon precisely the same pleas which the newspapers of the oligarchy are now putting forth in behalf of the State necessity for the entire suppression of the liberty of the press, of free speech, of the popular right to sit In judgment at the polls, and of the right of individual property at the South; all of which hare already been expunged from the list cf what so recently were the rights of American citizenship there, as elsewhere. It is to accomplish these same " glorious results" of disunion, in Virginia, that the presses and leaders of her disunion minority are now insolently abusing, blackguarding, maligning, and otherwise insulting every true advocate of the preservation of the liberties won for us by our revolutionary fathers, In the State. It is to accomplish just such results in Virginia that her disunion members of Congress are threatening to take up arms to compel the majority of Virginia to submit to the yoke of the ollgarchists, If the former longer decline to accept the disunion policy of the minority of the State. We fancy we see them " trvini? on" that It la fortunate, indeed, that the dlsunionlsta in the Gulf States, at well as their Virginia leaden, Lave to toon been compelled to develope tiieir purposes and policy?the former at one blow striking down all popular liberty and every Industrial interest where they have power; and the latter, realising that the people of Virginia will never voluntarily surrender their liberty of free speech, snd of the press, their freedom from enormous taxation, the right to vote upon the acts of M?eii ruler*, Ac , *? . Ac . kc.. as they are being urged to surrender them, now proposing to rob them of these and all the rest of the manifold blessings of the government of our fathers, at the point of the bayonet, as a last resort. Moke Old Rats ix the Niw Cheese.?From time to time we receive accounts of appointments made by the oligarchy. In almost every instance they are of men well known in connection with American public affairs?chronic disunlonistsand political agitators. They are in fact the men who la the late political revolution were virtually turned neck and heels out of United States public employment; or given practical notice to quit not long bence, in the self-evident conclusion from the tendency of election results, that their turn to be laid aside by the people was close at hand it Is difficult for one knowing the history of the connection of those men with American public affairs, the character of their labors as public men, and the history of the means by which they managed to disrupt the Vnlon, on seeing them again I in possession of reins of power not to realize that they made the secession movement solely to confirm themselves in pablic positions. Their government was made whollv by parties not authorised by the people of any one State to make any government whatever. Their permanent constitution, made by themselves, confirms the whole government entirely in their own hands; taking from the people the right of sitting in judgment upon any act of theirs of great or small importance. Indeed, it is the cutest Yankee Invention conceivable?a sort of self-operating, aclf-controiiing, self-p otecting, and self-maintaialng con-traptlon, designed for ever to prevent within the seceded States any such disagreeable bwuuugcncy oj puouc asaira aa a real popul >r election, by which .the government may poaaibly get oat of their own individual illuatrioua handa into thoM of any other men or party. That, and that only, ia the philosophy of their recently m&de-inaecret " permanent conaUtutloo;" aa all will realize not long hence. It la neither more nor leaa than aalneurance that no auch calamity aa the recent Preaidentlal election ahall ever route the old rata out of tbe new cheese, aa that routed them oat of the old one. The African Slave Trade.?The buttermilk ia fast coming out of the Montgomery atirabout. Late cewa from that quarter explains the reason of Jefferson Divis's veto of their bill to prevent the African si-ve trade. Their " Permanent Constitution" c< ntalns a poaitive prohibition of it, inserted for effect la tbe border States. But it set mi that the law to carry out that provlaion, according to Davia'a veto, waa designed palpably and positively to prevent It from being operative In good lino i bus, 11 provided that In cms of captures | of alsrers and the landing of their cargoes in the Mcedcd States, the negroes should be (old ! Had the law passed, all that the most enterprising advocate of the African slave trade need have done, would hare been to run In hiacargo, surrender It, pay his fine of a thousand dollars or so, and with his armed mob prevent any one from bidding against hiin at the eubaequent sale' The | trick was a cute one, indetd. Davis, however, ntoid It, because, as he alleged in his meeaage, the border States could Dot fall to aee through it; ad lta enactment might thus hurt the cause of mm viigarcuv, udi yn oj any mean* permanently lied In the uoendency In any of the needed States, even. Clamor of the advocates of the African slave trade compelled the publication of Devil'* aecret message vetoing the bill?to punlah thoee engaged In the trade. The bill waa improvised for their benefit only, of course. Ma Pickwick at Mosraonaat ?The Loulsl. ana Convention have donated to the Montgomery Congress the tS3*,000 not long since stolen from the United States by sundry then Louisiana federal ofleers, and turned It over to tbe former body. The debate eccarrlng In the Montgomery Congress on the presentation of tbe Louisiana ordlsauce giving up the money to thecentral oligarch* la one of tto? rlchort apeclmena of Plckwieklaolsm we ever read?eapecUlly the portloa of It apoken by Mr. Wlthm, of Bouth Corollas, la compliment of Loulalaua'a dlalatareat?dne? la ao generoualy declining to appropriate to her own oaco the atolea treasure Such eolf-ascriftce aud patriotic geaeroalty, according to Mr Wttben, waa hardly over before beard of, though the money ?mj a tote a. They're a remarkable lMtttattoa?Ike oligarchy, tip**11 ; * CONGRESSIONAL. Skats ?When our report cloeed yesterday, Mr. Breckinridge was addreatng the Senate upon tbe reeolutlon introduced by Mr Douglas He declared tbat tbe border State* would not remain In tbe Union and submit to lcaa than a full recognition and protection of slavery by the Federal Government. Kentucky only lingered In the Union becauae abe waa attached to tbe Constitution If th? I'nlnn waa to he tared at all. It must be by the majority of the people at the North. It could aot be uvea by general terms of union and peace. The flrat act to be done wu the removal by the President of the Federal troopa la the seceded States. Mr. Hale replied in a speech of considerable length, In which he reviewed the riae of the slavery agitation and the progress of the spirit of disunion The great cry now ratsed was made by men who bad enjoyed the i?? for many yeais, and now bad to take the e*is. If every time a minority waa defeated it was to dictate to the majority aueh terms as they bad heard in the Senate, and to aay they would go out of the Union If these demands were not granted, this Government was a miserable aham. Mr. Hale concluded with an apostrophe to New Hsmpshire; and after aome further debate of minor Importance, the Senate went Into executive session. and after some time speut therein adjourned Tcbsdat, March 19. Sen atx ?Mr. Hale offered a resolution appointing William Hlckey to tbe position of Secretary of the Senate. Also, a resolution, repealing the resolution adopted on tbe 8th of December last, whereby said VVm Hlckey wns appointed Chief Clerk; both of which were laid ovrr till to-mormw Mr. Cllngman proceeded to address the Senate upon the Douglas resolution. He argued that the policy of the Administration waa warlike, and held that It was foolish to talk of p?ace when troops were beta); concentrated upon the borders and the Navy all called Into service. He had been assured that troops are now being thrown Into the forts !n North Carolina and Virginia, and he believed If such was the case, that the President meant to mak* war upon the South. He charged the republican Senators with being aware of the intention of the President, and that they knew more about the movements of the Army and Navy than they professed. Mr. Grimes snd Mr. Clark arserted that they knew nothing about the movements of troops except what had been made public on the floor of the Senate. Mr. Cllngman thought it strange that Senators so Intimate with the administration knew nothing of its designs He thought everything was tending towards collision and war, and concluded with an allusion to the tariff* bill. Mr. Hale maid h#? hail no Pnnnaotlnn verbally or la writing with the Administration upon any subject. He was a representative of New Hampshire and not of the Administration. He was as Ignorant of the intentions of the Administration as the Senatci from North Carolina, and bad not even seen him since his Inauguration. Mr. Chandler proceeded to address the Senate when our report closed. ? m m ? Civil Wti to bx Eksatkd is Virginia.? We published yesterday an extract from the Washington correspondence of the Charleston Mercury, proclaiming that the dlsunlonlsts, if the majority of the people of Virginia continue to refuse to secede, propose to carry the State out of the Union by force of arms ; to make the majority of the State submit to the will of the minority by the application of fire and sword. A Virginia member of Congress made a speech to a disunion meeting in Richmond a few nights since. In which he. tno ntKnaiaaHnallM I f ? ? J -?vM?Mualw?lV<UlJ[ IUIC* sh?dowed that to b? the ultimate policy of lila party in the Old Dominion. We quote hla remark* on the aubject from the Richmond Esamintr's report of hia apeech, as follow*: Alluding to Weatern Virginia, he said he had implicit faith that she would atand by the rights of the State; but If It waa the demonstrated and Inevitable purpose of Western Virginia to force Eastern Virginia under Black Republican rule, then he for one would raise the atandard of revolution [Enthusiastic cheers ] Mr. Pryor then appealed to Virginians not to abandon their native land, but to h^bt it out to the last [Immense applause.] Let them show that Virginia of 1S61 was the Virginia of 1776. [Great cheers ]" If >uch language mean* anything, it simply meana that if the majority of the people of the State vote to continue true to their allegiance to the United States, the dlsunionlsts propose to force their will upon the State by a reaort to arms against the majority. The people of Virginia will duly comprehend from tbla brief extract what diaunlon would, if It could, aoon be at, in their mtdat, and will realize from It how cloaely the aplrlt of diaunlon at home la allied to Its aplrlt aa manifested where it baa already been able to uaurp tbe government of the people. Novinitid ?After the Star went to preaa yesterday, the Senate went into Executive session, and it waa found that the sealed Executive mesaagea received In the courae of the morning embraced the following important nominations Viz: Charles Francis Adama, of Mass , aa Minister to England; Geo P. Marsh, of Vt . Minister to Sardinia; James W. Webb, of N. Y., Minister to Turkey ; and Win. L. Dayton, of N. J., Minister 10 trance. Tbe last-named nomination was confirmed, the rule requiring it to be referred having been suspended, as Mr. Dayton was formerly a member of the Senate, and his character therefore sufficiently known without a formal investigation This is the usual courtesy in such cases Ere they adjourned for the day, the Senate also conflrmrd Benjamin M. Trumbull as Receiver of Public Money at Omaha, N. T., and ex-Congressman Wm. A Howard Postmaster at Detroit, Mich W. S.Thayer, of New York,was also nominated for Consul General at Egypt, and Patrick J. Denote as Consul to Cork. The selection of Gen. Webb for Constantinople, and Mr. Thayer for Egypt, embraces compliments to the profession for which the press should make due acknowledgments. Gen. Webb is fannorn tn all ?til * >- ' -? ? 1 , ? .? -w ?uw witt uuuuuCM Ull DIB point on at well a* any man can fill It. We are glad Indeed that fata ambition to serve hit country abroad hai at length been thus gratified. Mr. Thayer, though lea* known, la a gentleman , of high personal character, exceedingly well read, and fine abilltiea. For year* past he ha* resided among ua during the sessions of Congress, and haa fairly earned the confidence and esteem of every gentleman In Washington connected with the presa?hla own profeaalon?whoae good opinion ia worth having. He possesses discretion, energy and knowledge of the world, which will make him valuable indeed to American Interests abroad. Pera?Ml. Hon. D W11 mot, Ps., Hon. J. AI. Kunkel Md ., A. II Waahington. U S N ,C*pt. Magrudtr U S A., are at Wlllards'. Among the pas?engers who arrived at New York by the steamahlp Arabia waa Mr W. II. Russell, the special correspondent of the London Tlmti, who baa come to tola country for thepurpoae of giving a fair and impartial account ol the nature and extent of our political troubles; and from the world-wide celebrity Mr Rusaell haa gained by hla graphic dtacription of the Crimean war and the Indian revolt, hla lettera will doubtleas be looked tor with much Interest on both aide* of the Atlantic. RiaronaiBiLi-ri or Liquok Dsalkbs ? One clauae of a bill in relation to the aale of intoxlcatlug liquor*, which passed the Maasachusetts House of Representatives Friday, provides that the husband, wife, parent. child, guardian or employer of any peraon woo may hereafW have the habit of drtnki ng spirituous or Intoxicating liquors to excess may, In an action of tort against any person or persons who shall sell or deliver unlawfully to the person having such habit, recover as damages anv sum not ?1 ? * ? s ana uui ifM than #21. Ord&*xd to Lxave ?John Van RIp.;r, balling from Massachusetts, but for three years past a resident of Petersburg, left that city very hurriedly Saturday morning, to avoid the attentions of a Vigilance Committee, who, learning that Van Rlper bad publicly declared that "he was born an abolitioniat?raised an abolitionist?and Intended to die on*," Intimated a determination to escort bint out of town. A PosTKiRTBits bt Popolas Vsti.?An election was held In St. CUirsvllle. Ohio, a few days ago, in compliance with what has been announced to be the wish of Mr. Lincoln to determine who should rectiv? the appointment of postmsstsr. There were tbree candidates,two very respectable and popalar leitttDtt. am4 ?4 Runny The l?ttrr wait elected by about twenty, lee majority. Shbbmab M. Boots RbliaixdThe Mllwankte Sent) nelsavs Sherman M Booth appeared upon the streets of that city on Sunday, and was present at one of the churches. It soon became known to hla frieada that ho was released by ordor of the President, who sinned hi* pardon March td. Mr. Booth looks ramaikahly well, considering his long nnwlMiMst ICTThe Columbus (Oa.) Enquirer remarks that the shipment of corn Sooth by the Mississippi river sppears to be ss larsa as by the railroad routes, immense stores of it have accumulated at New Orlouw. I . . ' >7 . M DEPARTMENT NEWS. clbxical app0!xtm?.1t? in tub GB!?bbal i Land Or net ? Nicholas Dubois, of Pa W K Mendel hall, of D. C., W. L Avery, of iii W. Reynold*, Jr., of Iowa, A. M. Swan, of 111.. F. M. Heaton.of Ind , Wm. A. Cook, Pa.,and Miles L. Yetter, of Ind.. have been appointed to fir*t claaa (*1.200 per annum) clerkablpa in the General Land Office, to fill existing vacancies. Pbnsion Aosnts Appointed.?J aa. L. Thompson nt Indianapolis, Ind ; Mark Tilton at Madison, Ind.: John H. Bunn at Springfield, 111 ; Edward F. Gallagher at LoulaYille, Ky ; August Thietne at Cleveland, Ohio; Lafayette Markle at Pittsburgh, Pa ; E C. Keddington at St. Johnsbury, Vt; John B Page at Rutland, Vt. Appointed ?Bernard C. Crook haa been appoluted Post Office Route Agent upon the Oranga and Alexandria Railroad, vice W'm H. Mann, removed?(9300 per annum ) Dr. Lindsay, of Miss . haa been appoluted to a temporary clerkship in the Post Office Department. Rkmovxo and Appointed?MrThot Jefferson Robinson, of Ky., has been removed from his third claas (91,000 per annum) clerkship in the Indian bureau, and Mr. Jesse Conard, of Ind., haa been appointed to a second clau (91,400 per annum) clerkship in the aame bureau. IUm Telegraphed fraro Wn?hln?tsa. Washington, March 19.?Official dispatches from the East India Squadron say that one of the veasels haa been dispatched to Ningpofor the purpose of finding out, if possible, tee pirates who rArnntlv rjintn torn A m?pl<??n uMMla The last remittances from any of the (tended States on account of customs were received from Galveaton toward the cloae of February?about $900 Drafts on balancea previous to accession, and on receipts other than from customs, are, it ia said, honored In those Statea, with the exception of Louisiana. Samuel Archlbold, Lngineer-ln-Chief of the Navy, has resigned. The usual embarrassments on a change of Administration are apprehended In several of the I moat important bureaua cf tbe Gcvernment aervice, resulting from removals and resignations. In the pre-emption division of the General Land Office, nearly the entire force has been changed, and the difficult duties of the office are with difficulty performed by thofe who have not been regularly trained and tutored in them. The pre-emption lawa are numerous ai<d intricate, and involve Immense Interests, requiring close investigation ai:d a familiarity with the subject The struggle for the Baltimoreappointments is quite energetic. There 1a a rumor here to-day that Robert Turner, Eaq , Is to receive the appointment of Collector, be being tbe choice of Henry Winter Davis, whom he defended in the Legislature of Maryland against the resolutions of censure adop'ed by that b<dv 1 cannot, how<-v er, ascertain that the rumor la well founded, though it haa created co nsiderable cons'ernatlon among the straigbtout Baltimore Republicans, who have ! partitioned out all the offices among themaelves. Tbey say that Col. Irvin McDowell, Assistant Adjutant General of the Army, held a long i onference this morning with the Secretary of the Navy In relation, It Is said, to furnishing transportation for the troops about being withdrawn from Fort Sumter. It Is said that the new Secretary of the Navy has set his veto upon official proscription, and will make but frw removals in his Department of the Government, except for cause. He has filled several vacancies which existed. Arms ro* Georgia ?The "Tredegar" Works of Richmond are driving a busy Had thriving traffic with the seceded Stales,which derive their supplies of heavy cannon, ordnance, ice., almost exclusively from that source. In addition to the scores of "Columbiads" which have been sent from that celebrated foundry to South Carolina and Alabama, we notice the passive through Atlanta on Thursday night last of six six-inch Columbalds eu route to Savannah. The Atlanta Confederacy says they complete th? first instalment of seventy five similar suns of different calibre, ordered by the States of Georgia and Ala| bama. Political Indication* is Virginia ?We noticed a few days ago, savs the Norfolk Herald of Saturday, that a Palmetto flag bad been hoisted at Ferry Point,and that the citizens of that goodly little place were quite jubilant over it; ?o much so as to lead one to think that the Point, like Hardy county, had determined to secede and attach herself to some European power. But yesterday, like the "tide in the affairs of men." a reaction must have taken place, as we leirn that the Stars and Stripes waived majestically from a staff erected by some Union loving citizens of that quiet and amiable little spot. United Status Vkmels at the Navt Yard. The sioop-of-war Jamestown, which was taken off tbe dry dock last week, will be fitted for sea in a short time. The steamer Water Witch was put upon the dock on Thursday, and will be launched again to-morrow. Orders have been received from Washington to fit out Water Witch for service immediately The Water Witch carries four guua, and la a substantial fastsailing vessel. In this connection migbt be mentioned that considerable activity exists at the arsenal, on G ray's Ferry road, in the manufacture of clothing end stores for tbe Quartermaster's department of the army.?Phil a Press. Another Southern Remonstrance?The Raleigh (N. C ) Standard bas la s hit at tbe leaders of the secession movement! 'There I* no Democracy in the action of the Southern oligarchs The ptoplc icert rushed out of the Union without the privilege of being heard at the poll*; and in Georgia the Idea of the people having the right In the last resort to shape their own destinies was sneered at by Cobb and Toombs. Such things cannot endure. A revulsion will take place sooner or later, which will vindicate the majesty and power of the people and sweep the oligarchs from the face of the earth " Shad Fisheries in North Carolina?We are Informed by gentlemen from that section that the shad fisheries of North Carolina are unusually productive One seln brought in at one haul, one day last week, one thousand and Ave hundred shad The herring fisheries seem to have fallen off entirely, and shad seem to have taken the plare of that onre numerous clissof fish in the principal waters of the old North St tte.?Norfolk Day Book Th* ''Palmkttu" at a Discount i!f California ?On the 10th ultimo, a schooner was hauling out from a wharf In San Francisco, and hoisted the Palmetto flag. A crowd Instantly assembled on the wharf, and, by a well directed fire of potatoes, compelled the would-be Secessionists not mil v to K*nl ^ai??? "w" ?* - ? - ip? tea 10 n* present, as buainA?e cf importanoe to the liattsiion will he tr?p?actod in* 18 2t C. H. L'TERMEHLE. See. ffg-A FAIR AND FESTIVAL OF DELIi_k_3 caoiea, and Refreshments nec*r?arr for ihe oooaaion. will t>e f'paned on TUESDAY EVEMNG, the 19th, at 7 o'clock, br the Peoond <*olared Kapiiat < hnrch, in their Home or Worship, on Third, between H and I *t? , tne proceed* to i* appropriated to the payment of the debt resting on their nonse and lot. Admit'anoe 10 centa Permit aeoar'd to oontinue open until 12. ma 18-2t* ^-SPECIAL ORDERS-No. T6. Wii Dkpaitmknt, ) AwiTtXT Gxxaaii. Orrici, > WaahiLCUti, March 13,186!.\ A Board of Medioai ofnoera wiil asaen.Dle in New York oitjr on the lit day "f May next, or aa oon thereafter ae practiovble, for the examination of A>ai?tant fenrr?ona lor nreinotiAii ??<i ^ ___ r %/a cindiclates for appointmer t a* r a? be invited to present theni?elv<?a balore the Board. Detail 1 ?r the Board Surgeon Climknt A Finley, Burgeon Charles McDouuall, Burgeon William J. Sloan. Br order of the 8?-ora'ary of War: L. THOMAS, Adjutant tianeral. Applieaions muit he addresaed to the Secretary of vvar; mutt state the reaiaeroe oft he apphoant, and the date and plaoe of hi* bir'b. They mu-t alio be saooinpanied (lelerenoea will reoeive n'> alten t>on) by reap?otable teatimor.iala of his posaeacing the moral ard phyaioai qu*!ifieationa requisite for filling oreditaMy the reaponaibla atation. and for performug ably the arduous and activa fnties of an officer of the medical aiaff. Applicants must be between t vent y-one and tveuty-ive years of age. Tnere are now three vacancies in the medical staff. inar 11 St rV"S=?"l BAY, BTRANGKR, WHERE ARK LL3 jon going ' You seem to ba in a great harijT* "So I aim I am going to BMlTH'S^No 460 Seventh atreet, to buy a suit of Clothea. The people av he has a very nioe assortment, and they ?ay be aeila them so ghee p.'* Xott.?Tha last we saw ... m.umi. u? vm ran in ok up MVMth treat I ainftSjuowt BMlTH, No. 4<Kj" f?*-6w 396 Pa. A*- bHvin *h?id lok ?t?.! ^ >A* h ' ?..* *.# . Eoit Btlliatre (tiftrnci at (kuab?ri> burg, ni Fourth Day.?A eommanicatlon wurecei**4 from Rut Baltimore Station on the subject of the 'New Chapter on Slaverv," and referred to the rommittM An tK? ?K? The report of Preacher*' Aid Society waa read, sud after considerable debate on the subject was ordered to be printed In tbe Register Reyort of the Baltimore Female College waa re?d and referred. Rev Ora Schsff, Schenck sod Bausman were Introduced to tbe conference. The report of tbe New York Book concern waa presented bv tbe agent and read, shewing the concern to be In a flourishing condition, after .V. a V ? a a _ ? ? uitu mo iKciu luurenra me comerence on iqdjecta connected with the report J. A. Monroe was called and examined, after whinb, on motion, be was admitted into full connection and elected to deacon's orders The case of R. C. Haslup was railed, and after considerable discussion was continued on trial. The case of A 8 Smith was called, and on recommendation of the committee, he wes continned on trial. Dr. T. Daugherty was transferred to the W. Virginia Conference. J. S. Thomas was examined and elected to elder 'a orders Recommendations for local deacons wore called, and Jobn Munsons, 8*ml Sparklln, Robt S Mercer, Alfred Newton, Isaac Austin, Ab. Sham, Robt. McWllllams.James Scott,(colored,) and Jas Chambers, (colored,) were elected. Local elders were called, and P Hamlll and J. W Park were elected to eider's orders After several addresses, and tbe appointment of preachers for the various city churches on Sunday, the Conference adjourned. Maryland Annual Conference of the M. P. ? w ? ?- ^ * UBII U m itwailt .1. J. Fourth Day.?After the open Inn exercises and the adoption of a few unimportant resolutions, J Earle Mnloy was elected to Deacons orders. Rev K. V. Reese, D D . was appointed to deliver a lecture on Rhetoric and Elocution at the next s ssion of Conference. George Vickers. Esq . was appointed to prepare legal forms of bequests, &c .for the use of the church in the various parts of the Maryland District. Rev. Messrs. Henkle, Varden, McLean, Wilson, Boyd, Morgan, Bryan, Baker, Greeoaway, were superanuated. A resolution was adopted requiring the superannuated claimants to furnish the Confwnre Steward the names and a^es of such of their children as are entitled to aid from the funds the society. Rev. L W. Bates, David Wilson, and George Vickera. Esq , were appointed to corrtapond with the Northern and Western M'thodiat Epiacopal Conference, with a vltw of aacertalning their relation to the General Conference of the Church, ao 'hat we may determine the ratio of repreaentation of that body Rt-va II. P. Jordan, Joaeph A. McFadenmndE. Masters, K*q., were appointed a committee to report a plan for securing a partonagefor the Prealdent;

and Reva W. Roby and James Elderdlce, and Ne<il, Esq , a committee to apportion President's salary. Rev W.S Greenaway, In an affectionate address, bade farewell to the Conference, and the Conference adjourned. Baltimore Annul Conference nt Staunton FourDay?After the usual devotional exercises, the following preachers were elected to deacon's orders: Lorenzo E. Johnson, G. C. Kramer, S. F. Butt, L. Leni. M. Mav. C C. Calvert. G. \V. Canter^ J H Swope,\V .'Hedges, T. Briefly, J. A H Moore, Johnsey Leaf, J. F. Howard, J. K. Carpenter, John Woolf. and Warner Cook (colored ) A letter was then read from Father Henry Smith, the oldest preacher In the Conference, and at 11 o'clock the regular order of the day was taken up. After a protracted debate upon the New Cbtf>ter, ty Mesirs Gilbert, Lumsden and Tebbs, the Conference adjourned Laymen1* Convention of the M. E. Church at Stauntoa, Va. Third Day ?Convention met at o'clock p. mand after the opening exercises a motion that debute terminates at 11 o'clock was laid on the tab'.e. After a lengthy discussion the Convention adjourned till Sunaay morning at 9 o'clock, when, after the reference of reports, amendments, ice . to the various committees, a recess was taken until 3 pm. Upon reassembling at 3 o'clock an animated debate sprung up; after which, the main question was put upon adopting the memorial requesting the Conference to separate immediately from the northern church, resulting?yea* 91, nays 3-2. So the memorial was adopted A committee was then appointed to present the lucuiuiim io me v^omerence. ana aiier me passage of various resolution* of thanks, the Convention tdjourned sine die. Thi Law or Evidence ?Hon Randall Runt, an <mlncnt lawyer of Louisiana, baa Introduced Into tho L^elslature ofthatt*tate an Act removing the Common law disability as witnesses of par.les firtviouslv convicted of crime, or interested in the ssue before any court. Hu?band and wives of the parties are also rendered competent and compellable witnesses to testify en behalf of any party to the suit or other proceedings Neither husbands nor wives can however be required to give evidence for or apainat each other In mu pfocwdinj, or anv suit Instituted in consequence of adultery. Neither husband nor wife are rendered competent or compellable by the Act to disclose any communication nude by one to the other during the marriage. The Last or thi Socthsrn Cadets.?Cadets Moreno and Sernmes, the for an r from Florida and the latter from Alabtina. have both resig ted their appointments, and will leave West Point immediately for Montgomery The latter young gentleman is a son of Commander Raphael Semen's, who resigned from the Navy about a month ago There are now no cadets at Wat Point from the seceded States. ?H^Tbev are agitating the question of thee?tah iisunitMii 01 a rarnu-ra uaiik In Mew York One of the kind has been in successful operation for some years. AT MOORE'S WK>T KNIt DRUG STORE. 113 Pa avinn*, the puh'io can rrl? up 'r^^ f?iMnK I'a e Medtoines Suppliei ar< re m Oeived weekly. All popular M'flicimi. n*a'<* MB 100th l?ru?hes ata'l prices, Ceal Oil a. d la.t-pa. Window Giaarea, * o tU~ Ord ra for Copping, Leeobing and Teeth Extracting attended to promptly. na 18 2w (VI |> ?'The unders.gned b?*a to jnfo>m t e 1" I*. puMiothat he i.aa on hand a a ge stock ?f MOMl MkNTs, TOMMS HEADSiO\E>, 4i)., a*. I'a timor? ari<l Philadelphia pries A'ao a ii*w style of Drawings oan l>eroen at the lard, and a new a y * of Ma-ln-< Mantela. Table Topi ice., kept on hanl. Brown Stone and uran't* work promp'ly *ttendad to. Witt. BRAI'LKY. rna 18 ?< 3m iJa av.,b"t 18'h a- d 19 h tta. IPOR BALTIMORE AND THE POTOMAC river i,askings The ataamer ST. MCHOI AS, Cap'aia Jacob Kiewax, will ieave Hi oy'n Wharf, ^ Warrington, evry SATURDAY MMU iv,: c ?k- . ? 4,4V ??.- OV u o UP'Oft. I ? oirime'ce St-e^t Wharf. Baltimore, ev?ry WEDNKSUAY AFTERNOON at 4 o'clock, c alling at her usual landings on the river for passengers and freight. Sin: e last Reason the steamer ha* i>*en put in thnrouch order throughout every part of h-r. F?r f eight or passage apply t-? THlNAS W. RILEY, Ager.t. Riley * Wharf, foot of 11th at. ina 19-Tu&Th2iii fFRENCH PAPERIIANGINGS.&c. ~ Coknkr Ninth asd 1) Stbeits. We have rne^ed to-day ?.ur spring importation of FRENCH PaPERHaNGINUS, borders, decorations, Ao., the ?iylea cf which are noh and attractive, ard the piirea unusually low. We have a very fine assortment of HRG BOARD PR I NTS, M EDM.L?ONtf, Ac. A'ao, a large and select stock of Kng'ish and ? merican PAPKRHANOINGS. WINDOW SHADES, CORDS, TASSELS. GILT CORNICE and CURTAIN BANDS, all of whi .h are of the best manufacture, and which we offer at arioca to euit the tunes. We have oompetent workmen ever ready for the prompt execution of work entrusted to na. FRANKLIN A RO I'HKOCK, ma 19-3t*w3w (Int.) 305 qjt. 9th and D ata. JXJEW STYLE PARASOLS j.i AND SUN CMPREl.LAB. Just rpared in all the heat aty.ea and qualiUea at the lowest prices for cach. J. W. COLLEV Jt CO.. ma 16 5t 52* 7th it., het. D at. and Pa. av. tf^KEAT MEDICAL HOUSE IN the CITY \jr of Washington. DR. SHUM AN, at hia Sou thorn Medical Hons*, oorner < f Sixth at and Pa. avenue, under the Clarendon Hotel, ia the only eoe in the known world who oan permanent!r oure all dliiam of a private nature in from 3 to 6 d&ya. A permanent oure or no oharic*. ma lw-lm* QPECIAL BARGAINS 1H KANCV DRESS SILKS. W a have concluded to ae I off* our entire a took of I Fancj colored Liresa Siika and keep no more in took. Therefore we 'hall offer great iud'!o*menta to purahaaera m thiaeaaa of goods, aa we with to oloae thorn out at onor. J. W. COLLEY k f.O., m% 16 lw ?23 7th at., bet. D it. and Pa. a>. ttPKING GOODS, O STRING GOODS. J nit reoeived? S ooo yard* beautiful Spring Caliooa. at lOaad lCie. Rioh Poil da Chevrea. Popltoa and Deainee, Haadaoine Grey Lavalla ard Mohair Clotha, 60 aieoaa fine Frenoh and fc. nullah Uhintae. With many oth*r new and aeaaonabte aooda, whieh we iavita oar friends and pnrohaeera to examine, aa wa offer the beat cooda a* the lowest prioca. J. W. COLLEY * CO.. iM 16 2w 3231th at., bet. D and Pa. ar. I ATTENTION. LADIES' ?^AVE jMt..r.eoeired_a j?w aapplr of PAR fouuo ana sum u.mHKr.LLAs, H?o? Bkiru, ouv n'i KKietoTM, <;amt>no and Mn.liii < o lara, 1 Bonnet Mibboa* and Ruches, French Const*. Linen Oamfnic Handkerchief*; all selling at hit Bssa) low prioef. Alto, now op<>umt a new as tortmant of Spring Caliooee and Dr?sa Good*, in graat sastso tfcdds^p t0A . '1 ~TT . \ Arrets* ix CiiiLiiTOH ?From the CkirlMtoo papers of the 16th last, we clip the fallow* rumor wu current yesterday that Mr. Forsyth bad sent dnnat-tua ts> (K? finirt?rn/%r tvxlll valv ft wiring biro that the garrtaon would be withdrawn from Fort Sumter Tbia Is ine?rm.t In bis drspatch, Mr. Forsyth merely gives It as hi* Impression that Lincoln would pursue the count Indicated Ptt c<mrr*. the following indicated despatch, from a reliable source in Washington, was received yesterday: "Great efforts are being made to reconsider the withdrawal of troops from Fort Sumter I think they will fSil. A final consultation is to be held tomorrow." 80 the matter is still in doubt A salute of seven guns in honor of the States composing the Southern Confederacy, was fired yesterday from the floating battery Thie structure la now finish* d, and was visited by crowds of our citizens yesterday. Lady Davis Is the first war vessel put afloat by South Carolina atnce the Wsr of Independence, 1776. This vessel was bought by Gov Pickens at Richmond, and altered for service, armed with twenty-four poundera, and regularly equipped She started last night on the harbor defence, with bsr compliment cf enlisted men; Lt T. D Hueer, commanding, with First Lieut Dozier and Lieut. GrlmbMl. She is ready for her work of defence, and Gov Pickens baa directed her to be named Lady Davis In compliment to the lady of the first President of our Confederate States The People's Bank of this city has offered for 9200.000 of the first loan of the Confederate States, and the Bank of Chester for tlltl (MM Thk Evacuation or Foet ?mr?* ?Th? laWt Intelligence from Washington teem* to lravs this matter In a state of uncertainty Nothing positive baa reached ua, and present appearances indicate farther drlav of anr declalve action on tbe part of the Administration at Waablngton The dlapatcbea to the Northern and Southern presa, and their rommrnU on tbia subject, have confirmed ua in the opinion that they originated from the fountain bead. One thing la certain, however, they bare only led to Increased activity on tbe part of Oen. Beauregard and Gov Pickens, in adopting measures of vigilance. Tbe Coast Guard oas been doubled and the forces at the varloua fortifications along the coast almost trebled. We repeat again, that with tbe extenalve preparations already completed, any attempt to Mnforce Fort Sumter will prove a hopeless and disastrous undertaking. Private dtspatrl** yesterday were of the most conflicting nature. Tbe following dispatch was received by one o? the authorities from a prominent gentleman of New York, who received It from Washington on the 13th: "Tbe ateairer Crusader. Mohawk. Harriet Lene, Hlbb and the brig Perry, with the atore ahlp Stir of tbe West, will leave p?rt to-night for Charleston. S. C. They received orders this morning to b- ready at one o'clock." It was also rumored that another dispatch had been received in high quarters, from on* of tbe Coftirr.i^nn^rt ftf ... ?uv v>vuicu< lavru ID *U*" ettVct that a messenger bad been despatched to Charleston with the ord?*r? for evacuation Later in tLe evening, contradictory Information w?s received stating that the Cabinet had been in ae? ton, and that tbe final consideration of the question was postponed until to-morrow?CkarltHo* Couritr. Theater-theater-theater : An Knthtriaata Greetin* Krt usiattic breetirg E'tMisiastio Meeting Enthusiasts Greeting And a Tremendous >?athe:inr. Tremendous Gathering, Tremen1i/us Gathering, Tremendou* Gathering, Notwithstanding The Severe ^?orm The Severe Storm I _* W.-L* L>aai 11 To Witr.ois The Inimitable And Laughter Provoking Performance* Of A.xesica'h Own Comedian, MK. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. MR. JOSEPH J EFFEKSON. MR. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. MR. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. TO-NIGHT MR. JEFFERSON MR. JEFFEKBON Will appear PAUL PRY A" And MAZEPPA. Introducing a cumber of Song* and DanoM. It JGAKOEN AND FLOWER SEEDS. OHM SAUL. 39H Seventh St.. corner H, Wuhlneton, D. has the pleasure of offering an extensive a'ock of GARltEN, FLOWER, and Fl F.LD SKEDS. jcmpruinr all the stapl* a>ticl^s i>f d . . estio *rowtli. w th every novelty of value from England and the Continent, vis: Fine Early York, Oxhoart. Wincingstadt, and Flat Dnton Cabbage; Extra F.ariy Peas; Extra Ea'!j Beet*; lage Purp e Egg-p ant; large Smooth Tomato**; Carrot*. Parsnip*, L.ettuoe. Onions Can! flowers. *c. Flow?>r Soeits of every d-'scripuon. suitable f r anv n.tituil?. linmc * nrwrmii ?? < ? r - wmw>M OVT. J jjiUWCT.Iill are gua-anti?d a > t j ac ju aci-wi-ranted Puces as low a? reUw.e seeds can be sold at. ina 16 OFFICE OF WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT, Washisoto*, March 16th, 1861. Staled Proposal: are her*i,y invited fur the'"uof tiie following Structures m and about tne Distributing H^rervoir, via: Cutnp etion of Infiuept Gate House, l>o. Auxi i\'T Gate House, 1>?. So'e^n \V^ii and Stair Well. For de'atled information, plans, Ac., ei.quire at this office. BH. wil. be reoeived up to th* 25 h instiwit, at IS m.. and will be opened in pre?enoe ot bidders at that tour. Tne l>ids should be indorsed " Proposals for Comp etion of Strnotures in and about the Distributing Reservoir, Washington Aqueioot." M. C. MKlGa. Captain Engineers, mar 16 Chief Engineer. WNEW yPKING GOuDS II Have just opened our fi'st iovuioe of Spring Good' towhioh we l.vitetha espeotal attention of our friend* and customers F. OWKN A SON. Military. Saval ami Citizrns' Merchant Tmtlort, ml 1 A -A/ O 1 O Da A ? . - vww 1 * I ? avouuc. SfcVENTH_STHfcfcT. 460 ALWAYS AHEAD. 1 have iuRt rroeived a nio?i stock of SPRING fil.OTHINU. KUKNISHlNtt UOOuS, TRL'MCS, HATS and CAfS to whmh 1 invite tha ntton'i < ( ah in wat t of au^li artio es. 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The suhsciber will < fferatp ivate *aJe a FARM coniaming SO a ores, at Ar;n?poln Junction, -i he soil is u:i?urpa-setl,aud the improvement*^!!? oonsis* ol a new mod rn st le Coi t\?e, oo:i ai -*? 1 r'vsvmaa - " * ? ? i"vihii ruvu ? mo hoc?&:Q I inrivin* >oang o chard. 1 ha situation of this larm reooers it very de?:ral?.e to any person doing bunce s is Baltimore or employed in ortios at Washington. Seas >n tickets oan be procured so as to enable tne holders to ride to either city for six oents par trip, with a telegraph acd post ottoe and a first c ase station within two minutes' walk of the dwellirg, in a healthy and improving neighborhood. The quantity of iand wi i be increased or diminished at the option of the purohaser. Also, A FARM oontaining sooacre*, with all the Improvement* oompiete. adjon. icg the strove. The above property wi:| be disposed of at a barga<n, as the owner is about to visit Europe Terms: One euarter cash; balanoe in 1, 2 and I years For further particulars ^'J,JJnNON ma H-eogw* 38 St.faul street, Bxtimora NURSERIES ^ AT LINN A_E N HILL, The proprietor invites the attention of the J?Mia to his extensive assortment of TREES aad tHRUBBERY. The stook of Ornamental Shade Trees in particular is one of the largest, both in quantity ami variety, that is offered for sals in the United States, and consists of wall grown and thrifty trees. The stook of Ornamental EVERGREENS presents an assortment of Trees of tha inset quality, the tpeoimens being remarkable for the visor of their growth and symmetry of form. Maay oftheee trees have h^n 44 ? ? ? ? ** unavi IB ord*r to maliiplr their roota and ineare iiomii id t anaplai.ting. Of eewal thouaaad tk? ahited daring the iaat e'aa- n not one faned to fivw. The het or Evergreena icolndae Uwi Whit* Pine, 7 to 10 feet high; Norway Fir, Bilaara Fir, Hmiock and other varirtwe of fine size and MMriou, A'eo, FRl'lT TREES and ORNAMKN+AL SHRUBBERY in creat variety. The eiioular o* aTofae of Small Fraita, aaoH aa Curraota, Gooaeber iee. B.aokt>erri*e. fttarNmna, and 8trawbarriea,will be lu'mated on applioatioa through tae Post Offioe or other via* JOSHUA PEIRCE, Nnraoryman, Lar.nean Hill. ma7-eo?w (?nt) near Waahington. I). C. IJOME-MADK BOO?S AND SHOES, Iadisb', Miaasa* asd CriDjw'a Wui, At Jtxeearftefiv Ltw frictt. At ma 8-eo Pa- av , bei. tU aad nuTaia. great indaoaa?ata to paraoaa wh? ha? far eaah. Remember the ylaoe?aoraar Sand BaraaCh eta. mar 8 la OFFICERS, PETTY Of MCE* B, AND Baavi men whe ware oa bowl of aaf U. B. ihiyi at the oaatare of ami eiavee oaa mm taatr alataa for ?asS-*e "f?a~ajTw*awB ?WMkH^rb.^r~- * " AUCTION SAXES. R? J f. u.cimi v * rn ? AS?^tiffAVK??KK& *t? n'elook, ve aha!! Mil, *t Karey'a b?i uof. of U?? old TtMMr. about ISO new Bhi^n, m?^o (or and u?ed at Rarej'e exhibition only. m>M m lot* to ?ait. T?rmi out. ma ? d J. C. McQITlRR * Co.. Am***. Br J. C. MoGlIRK k. CO.. Aiotionoora EXECUTOR'S 8ALK..?Will b* aoM auation. b* ordr ?f the Urihui' Coct for WMl.'nitoD oomtt' . D. C., on the of the lata Oharle* L. Collmftu. de??a?ad <> M atraat near Fourteenth, oa FRIDAl.tue 2diMl?a.u 10 o'olock? Uc? HuttT and Harneaa, ?'ne Carriage an4 Hi'nfii, Four Hortw, three Carta. 7WO CuttlOC B'Xea, not WlfOII, hrea 'one Ha*, on* Aadd'e, fat Doob.a Harn?w, lot of old Harneaa, ftBd aiiD'Iry tma ! artie'ea. o, at the brick \ ard of tha lata Cbarlee L Colt man. on Vermont arm*, between P ana u etre-U*.HX> feet of o'd Lumber. 15 Km foot old Timber Boarda, 23 VV hoc barrowa.7 Sand Sift* ra, Ono ot of Rav Prioka, 17 Brtek Mould*, l stnoe Roller. t Preea M .?, 1 Caat-iron Brick Praia, Bpadea, Miorel?. Coal. Old lion. And aandry an aU artie ea. l?rm 01 : All KM 01 n MM MM MW , all sums over ?2U note* at CO da?s. satisfMton.y sndorsed. JAMES ADAMS. ROBKRT OOLTMAN, ElMltari of C. L C*ltm?g, Me 4. ma 19-dAds J. C. MeGl'iRE A CO.. A??U Br BARNARD A BUCK BY, AmUbiwh. Otortf ?evn. D. C. EXCELLENT FURNITURE AT AUCTION. on wkdnf.sday morning, mk last.. ?tll?o oct. we will sail at the residenes or Jnn Lipaoom'*, Em..on hi*h *treet, east *ids, naai Seoond (tree!, Ui? entire lioosehcld Furmtare tod Electa, as? Mahogany Table*. Sofa*. Rockers and Chair*. Good Car* t*. K iu* and Oiks otn, Bide and Work Table*. 1 ookiRf oiacs*s, Hurt a :*. B*rfate*d*. Wardnb**, E*oe||?nt Frattier Heriaand Ma iresaea, Dinine Room anc Kitchen Forfeiture, Si#r#?, Ae Ti^m? at aa'e _m? 18 ? BARNARD A BITHKV, A sots. B? 4. C. m06i ir E A CO , Asctmnesrs. Rosewood case piano FORTE AND riw? household Fuaw rcaa at Acctioa ? On TMUKCUA^ MORMMIi. Maeh?.t. <f a menomic at lOo'c'ock, we sha'l sell at the 'eeid?noe of Cart. R. 8emm??, No. 349 Nineteenth s*re?t, near I.ail hia Hosaeboid Furp.ture sad ElTettts. | embracinc? Superior Rosewood Caie 7 octwe Piaao Fcrte. bj indeman A Sens. Walnat Parior Suit, conaiMing of law 8" fa, 4 Gothio Reception ?rd 4 Parior Chairs, fiuiahed in Silk I'atna k, with Linen Orrera Rosewood Marb e u p <>i>ter and Sola TablM, Walnut Etigersa ani Whauiot, 4 aet* Si k Damask and Laee Cu^', Gilt V\ indow >hade* at;d Cornice. Mair o < tii Tete-a l>te Scfaard Parlor Chairs, Fine Kosswoovi WardroM and Marble toy Bo rc&u* Walnut fvizabetheaa and Mahoran* Freneh Bad teads. Hair. Hu k and Cotton and fhnck Mattra*eea, C't:ai? ? i imbe- >?'?, Grai :t* Ti ?t S-ta, Velvet Parlor Brocada Chamber, and Venetian Stair ? arpf-t*. Hail Oilcloth an 1 Chintz Window Walnut KXUr.non i initc Tal4?, Oak Frenoh Dinr.g Chaire. Oak Hat re?, ?] Cloth Fair Chair, ?arh an C?n?-ra?? E*ee??ion Chair?. eather Pill ?wi &a1 Bolster#, B anken acd Bed Confoita, t*il?er'il lc? Pitcheia, Chira, Crockery and Glaa? Ware, Par! >r Chamber and Cooking Stove and I tenai.a. Ki'ohen ReqaieiUa. Termt f 3 ai u uader caul; ov#r that auni a credit of 31 and 6" (!*??, f<>r uotoi ea*i> factor ily eodoretd, bearing mter??t J. 0 M-GI IRK A CO . AueU Tha House t? for rent: tr.?uire at the Auction Room' or of tt'.M, JLSON, on Twentieth. n?ci H atree*. ma IK d Br BARNARD k. KI CKK V. AacUoneara, Otortitovm, D. C. SllMin r IA IX'KK^ AMI 'iO()D WILfc AT ArcTioj*.?On FRIDAY, HA in?t\nt. At 1J o'clock, we wil cell in front of the preouaM. ik? Store r ixtorca ?nl Good Wi 1 of the eto'e former ly ocoupied b" Mf. >imp*on,ou bri ?e atraet, id' j?ot to a ground rei.t. maU-d BARNARD A Bt CKKY. fcy J. C. MoGUIRE A CO. Auotione*ra. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF SMALL FRAME Dwiiiim Hor?i ahd Lot -On SATL'R 1>A\ AI-TEKNOON. Mt oh anth, at So'oiooi on 'he premise* hf < f a <1eeu I trnt: o*> : Oct ber l"tn, 1SS8, and duly reccrtol in i r>er . A. S.. No. 1C7. to ut U et ae< . 01 e of th? 'and 'eo orda for WaahinKton oounty, Dietr ot "f on.' i I ahail ee'l Lot No. 1. in Reufero> ?u1k1iv ; < ' Square No. 3K, fnmUrj OT feet on nortli O atre*; at tlie corner o| Tenti at. weet. hack 8 feet to an allt-y. t<>ieth?r with the mprwramw.ta, oonriRt. ug < { a tw > atory irarae Dwelling Houae. oontaimnc 4 rooir.a Terma: of the pu'atrcae moow in o*ah; the rafidne in ntunrhi? tn?ta.menta of #35. with la ter*:t. A 1 coLvej ai.c.Lt ' t t-.e o >?t of the aar. chaw. B W, REED. Tmetee ie25 iawda J. C McGL'IRE A CO.. Aarn, M^HAR^HAL'li SALE.?!n nrtj? of two wtna of fieri fao.aa. nfue J frcr. the Clerk ' oflioe of the Circuit Court of the Diatnot of Columbia, for the county of Wa*bicfton. and to me directed! will eapoae to puhiio ?a.e for oash, in lront of the ooart h^ua* door if * &!<) count' RDAi, the s*h day of March i&atant, 106). at '2o'elo-k m , the fo'l.^w'nf deecribed property, to wit. : l/.!i No. i and *. in ?4u*'e No. J<VT, nod Lot No. a, in Squar* IM.7, in the city of \\ a; Kugton, D. C., to with al; and tir.jcnlar t-.e mj>roTrm??r.t? thereon, wised and le*ie-; epos < tho property of Andrew RofiiWe, ,* d *i'! I.? eoid to eat ?fy judi ciala N ? 126 and 133, to J\r,u?r? trrin,, fa vor o: Sti Iman, Hcnricka ft Farbor, aud t<amo" 3. Stevona. XV. 8ELDEN. U J*. Maruhal for mi 7 dU L)i. -int of Columbia, MARSHAL'S SALE.-la irtue of a writ of fieri facial i?sn<-d from tn? Ci?rk'i Ofioe of the Circuit Court < r the District of Co!unil 1a ft r the County of Washington, and to me direotod. I will exp ?e to public *a,e. lor oaeh, la front of toe i Court House d.?>r of Mid ooucty, cn FRIDAY, the 724 day of Ma-ch next, IflF.l. oommeucinc at l: o'clock m thefo .i.wirc deecn'ted property, to wn. tin Lot No. 15. in S^ua e No l?ot No. S, in Square 42. Lot No S, inSu.vr No 4S, Lot No li. in r^nare No ft. i .ot No. 11. in feuare No. 63. an4, l ot No IS in Square No.76, al m the o.ty of Waahimcton. I), C., u?*Mher wiih al! and ain?u ar th" improvements Hereon. e?>i**<1 and levied upor as th? p?oi??rty of Brotjk Mackall. and will be eoid to ?ati*f* Judicial! No. 43. to January t?rm, MSI, iu furor of Hooe, brcin^r A Co. frTT dU W ai.LDEN.U.R Marahal. ONLY TEN CENT* FOR ONE DOZEN foe Steel Pent and Holder, such a* are u?ua.j enld for S5 oenta. at FRENCH A RICH*TK.IVB National Bookstore. '27^ Pa n ;aa U-lw HIB| ORATIO KINO. No. MO H Sttui) Will attend to buaines* before the POi?T OFFICE arid other EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS. - Rirtrrnct ? Hon. Ed. M STasTOK, ? otianltir* ComnM-l. ma IM'* WHM. R. RILEY A BROTHER are aow open inc. *t No ." 6 Contra: Storee. a larce stock of a!, ki d?of spring PRY GOOD*, to which they oail th* attMitior of their fri nda and the publu* ??naral)e rv*. ?*? t ?"* ..V .WHWIWU/ i/nn v IUIKVI WM R ULKT * BRO., N?. 3* Ontrai Storee, Between 7th and tth rwU, ma 15 6*. Oppoaite Cenfr Market. TL A. BKAl.L * CO. AKK Pleasure m informing tWeir euatom?r?, and that th?r have em. v-d to No >61 SeT^th at et, betwre i 1 and K juet R. H Hall'* W?hiv*iii t received a new auapr of CLOTHING, FURNISHING ttUlldf , TKl'NK# HAT!? aoJ OA Pr?. whien we offer to aell at verr low pneea. ?"al aod tee aa before bo? ing elaewhera. ac we kr, >w that wo oan *aa coodaat leaa than ant o her atore it the e tr. LA. BKALL A CO , CJothiera, mar 14 lm No. 3bl Sevectu it bet I awl K. IrJt BIRD8!-BIRDB POR BALE. W# t?J J eat reoeived a aeleodid aaao'tment ot%?> Birda |r<>i?. fc urope ??ermea Caoariaa,'*^Knfliak tt ack BiMa.Thnaakea. Ball Ktoeeee. Go d Pinchea. I.ineta, Pk* Lar ka. Yellow Rani'ra Par roqaeta, Java Sparrow , (Marietta, the Red Moeaw Parrot. ao4 irtaa atwl ?? Bird., fed VTii?? Blaak Grjig, and Bob nnk?;? ". f>Mncd Bir?U. rriMlS?*cti to tin, Ca?*? of a. I kn.dt from l<* own* to fi?, at JOHN (VMEARA'a Bird store, Mo. ?M Pa a* , an??. at U? Capito. rata M ? *> NOTICE. Kind Good aJd^reVul Drivan. ar 1 ! > A NEW LOT OP 8PEING MATS JUST 'or u T*rT low yrW at So. J WMWn&iSeA WSttHCS HMtTlli#. ^<v. 4*# ?UwM'i ??. ^PKCIAL BARGAIN* -*av*ral Ih piar-., O that haw b?*n rental oat dariat Ua wt vti tv to m*Bb?ri of CongraM, cow (.(mm ?t bar* w*,5iv f?rn.. Pianos i d Mmo4?ou for rtat lyoitii^Urnii at H rp HERE'S X BETTER TIME COH1N01 Htl'r SHAMAN'S Southern MdMl iKwik udtr the Clarendon Hot*!, ooroer ttnu rifMt mh1 P*. imti, inMdi?U<j of^otiU the N?Uob* Hotel, and try Dr. bovtbey'e Coiebrattd boodvn Mrdtciooe. Tktr?n?krrMU4lP0ir* the bo*' viruent forme of Goooorrbaa. fiUcLhvktiii, eu be(Mt by mmtL Oftotho?rs fro* ? m Ul? p. m. l? iwm I^RKAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.-OM wrj VJ uoe H? 1 4 ftuce' make for |i?; * rSr' j iuc uuuoxioui coiori, but to hoist the Star* and Stripes la their place. The new fortifications at Fort Point are now occupied by United States troop#. FIRST WARD RIFIK COMPANY, AT'KJJ TENTION.?'The membera *r* equated to rr.">et at Bradlev'a Hill on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 2Wth March, at half past 7 o'clock. It* C.'MMIfr? E. CARP.-'ffci undrraigued returns grateLr? ful th&rka to hit kind friends ?ud the fire m?n for tlieir eff^rta in the preaervation of hit prop. e:ty from entire deatruotion by the fire that ooo-'tr?d on Ni-ith atrect west, between l, and M ats. north, latt night. It* E. M. C1IAP1N. nf-J* ATTENTION, ZOUAVES ?Y^u are reL 1? quested to att<>n 1 the meeting to be held Tt> MORK??W (Tuesday.! at 7>? o'o ook p. m. Mfmb?r? wi:l be sunctuil. as business of importanoe will te brought before th? oorns. hy order. J Tv LKR POWELL, Lt Com. OWEN THORN. Sep. ma 18-2t* -f*y?NOTlCE.-Ther? will lie ft meeting of tho eonimtsMonei end non-oornmi* ioned officers of Coinpinie* A. B, C, i> and E of the Washington i-irj.t Infantry Battalion on TL'ESDaY EV KNINO, the 19th mutant, nt 8 o'oiock. at Infantry Hail (Cooiub's Building ) Eaoli < ffwer