Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1861 Page 1
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J - ? Va. XVll. WASHINGTON. ? C.. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 20. 1861. N?. 2.522 THE DAILY EVENING STAR ra rUKUSHED EYFRT AFTERNOON, 'dmJAYS EvQEPTEQ,) Kt THK ?TAi^ BUILDINGS, of r$nn.*Tf'va>ur *e?/m# and lift ft T H. I>. WALLACB. ^ t . Pape'e aerred in paofcacea by carrtera at 94 a ?etr, or T> oenta p*r mocth. To mail BBb?8rib?rs Ire prise ia 9x50 a year, w* mdv*?t*; 82 for aix moDti.s, for three TioDttiaj and for leea than three montha a* the rate of 12 oents a week. Single cptea, osi c?>t; in wrappers, two cimts. \\J~ .VDvstTiviMJMKsnoukl be sent to the ofioe he/ore 12 o'oiook in.; otherwise they may not appear nti'. the next day. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION AFFAIRS. /i j _ * mi ? \zu-rreryvnavnce oj am Olar. Gkokgktow*. March 19,1901. At the meeting of the Board of Common Counrll on Friday evening last, the following papers were read and referr-d: A message from the Mayor calling attention to the broken condition of the pavement on Bridge street, and recommending its repair by a competent person to be appointed by, and under the control of the Surveyor. A message from the Mayor enclosing letters of P T. Berry and De'Selden, in relation to their property on Jefferson street. A petition of Leonidas Knowles, asking exemption from payment of the gas tax levied on his property on Washington street, because there are no ^as mains laid there. And accounts of Won. Chamberlain and John Conner. Resolutions In fnvor of Andrew Carrol, James McGarrttv, and Kogue A Donnelly were passed, (bv both boards.) the committee on the market-house, through their chairman. (Mr. Marbury,) reported an ?>rdinanri' far th?? hotter fo.rnlatlnn bouse ai.d the repair thereof. It provides for the assessment on the 1st of January next, and annually thereafter, of all the stands, those on which the as essed rent ia not paidbefore the 1st of April to he sold at auction, and no person or firm to bold more tban two stands It also provides for the sale at auction on the 3t>th lnst of all the stands except the butchers' stands, on which a rent of S*3i> per annum will be paid. It further providea for reshingling end enclosing the market house. Mr Marbury advocated the passage of the ordinance at some length, and explained that some of the butchers hud expended large sums of money tor tae improvement of their stands, and tome of them claimed a fee simple right to those occupied by them. Mr. Bangs raid this was a nice question "A year or two ago some of us lost our election by Interfering with the market-house." He was in favor of the butchers at that time, but it had not done him much good, tbey left him out. and he was a!?o in favor of the parties at the head of the market, but they had turiud him out. There was one little error In the fourth section of the bill. It said the stalls at the head of the market-house should bs numbered A and B. It struck him that A and B were not numbers " Designated" would be better. This was an important bill, and required consideration and reflection, and nn^rht nnt tn Yk*? KrAnffK ?? rrL e .... ? r> *u> vu^u ?vin^ui. 1 ucr c were new members here, and they might with to ascertain if the bill would auit all parties. He warned these who h?d never been members here before tha* if they were not careful they would n?-ver see the inside of this chamber again If thev taxed the butchers, they were certain not to co'iie here again He was an old staler, and did not care ? h?-tber thev were partial to bim or not. H?- hoped the bill would not b? pressed through. Mr. Tennty wanted to go into an election for police offlcers. Mr. Marburv would like to have the bill considered to-nigtt. There was but little time now until the 30th, (tfce day of sale ) It would place neither his old friends nor hii young friends in any danger to vote *n It Those whotrv o dI?im everybody please nobody. Mr Tenuey moved to lay the bill on the table temporarily to co into an election of police officers It could be considered afterwards; motion carried Mr Tenney offered two messages to go to the Buard of Aldermen?one proposing to appoint T. Donaldson as on*- >enger to the two boards, the other proposi"- go into joint convention to receive tiie rep .i >f the joint special committee on c <?e of the dismissed police; and both were adopted. Mr Tenney tuen advocated the market-house bill, saying he beartUy approved of most of It. He voted irrespective of popularity, and didn't look to g?t votes or lose tbera. The butchers had lfR Air. Marbury and himself out, but when a vacancy occurred ?oon after, the people wsre stronger than tbe butchers Merchants' licenses bad been incecsed heavily tbe past year, and their rents might also be Increased One feature of the bill be disapproved. s*oraecfthe butchers might or might not have a f?e simple right to their stands, but why discriminate between those who Lad not and the butter and other dealers' Ue moved an amendment, that only those stands be sold at auction which have been sold heretofore. Mr. Marbor v opposed the amendment strongly, as being in discriminating in favor of dealers inside tbe market who have their stands at a low rent, and dealers outside exposed to tbe weather who pay high rents. Mr. Bangs sppost-d tbe competition system, enabling those who bad most money to secure the finest localities. He wanted tbe bill to lay over, to give members time to read and examine it. An aUirmative response having been received from the Board of Aldermen to the messages sent them. Mr. Bangs suspended, and tbe boards met In joint convention, when the proceedings took place reported below. After the joint convention dissolved, debate on tbe market house bill was resumed. Mr Tenney advocated his amendment, which was lost, and the bill passed ?.s reported by the committee The resolution appointing two additional trustees of tbe poor and work-aouse at a salary of 825 per annum, was passed. Tbe Boards of Aldermen and Common Council havinir met In /n? D11? ?? ?? -?-? ? j- nncy wicsiding) to receive the report of tbe special J*>lnt committee (Coie of the Aldermen, sad Bangs and Teanev of tbe Council,) ou tbe esse of the dismissed policemen (Shackleford and Veltch), Mr. Coxe made a verbid report from tbe committee, and read tbe evidence, which is to the < fleet that on tbe evening of the 'id of Msrch, at o'clock, a colored boy came to tbe captain of police and stated tbst threats bad been made upon b!s mother's bouse?naming the parties About t# o'clock th* chief and hii m#?n mpt at ?"sr^ u tbey stir'-d out, by a negro woman, out of breath, asking for tbe captain of police, acd stating that Chat Ellis, Hendley ana Hicks were in her house, bad wade improper advances to her, and knocked a man down behind tee stove, for whom she washed Tbe cspWin rf police testifird he ordered (be officers If they saw tbe parties complained against, anywhere near tbe hou>-e, to arr?-st th?-m, s:>d that be bad been informed by tbe ex-< apUin of police that be would have trouble with these parties, Ellis, Hendley and Hicks; and that it has been customary to srrest without a warrant, late at night The parties were arrested by Shsckleford within less than fifty yards oi the, although tbey were doing nothing wrong at tbe time After arresting them, be gave one In charge of Officer Drill, one in charge of Veitch, and took one to the watch-house himself. Justice White dismissed the arrested parties, as nothing was proved against them?tbe evidence of colored people b?-ing inadmissible Mr ^Coxe said that, strictly speaking, where a " v" ?i iuc pncc wmm comm 1110a, ua our oScmi could not arrest without a warrant, but If breach of tbe peace waa in progress, or the danger Imminent, they mljrht arreat without a warrant, or might arreat psrtlee notoriously disorderly. Theex-cblet had warned the preaent chief that these were disorderly partlrs, and they were arrested near the hou?e. The arreat waa not technically legal, but It did net 11c with aubordlnatea to make the distinction The? are compelled by the police law to obey the ordera of their chief and of the Mayer, ana have no right to queatlnn such ordera, but are bound to obey. Mr Coxe gav? hit own opialona only, and in concilia!on offered a resolution to tbe effect that the polieauen bad obeyed the ordera of their chief, and there waa not sufficient ground for their diamlaaal. Mr Tenney opposed tbe resolution. We had no right to questiou the act of the Mayor, and moved to lay tbe resolution on the ubleMr. Coxeald not Intend tbe resolution to reflect on tbe Mayor, but onlyasan expression of opinion as to the complaint After further debate by Mr. Coxe In favor of, a ad Messrs Bangs, Marbury, and Tenney in DDOaltluS to the resolution. I Mr Banvs observing tLat, according to Mr. Coxe'i showing, there wu tod ground for tbe dismissal of too Chief of Police also,) the resolution wu laid on the table. Mr. Teuney presented the petition of David Wandea. wUirh waa read. Betting forth that early in the alght of the day on which tbe municipal election waa held tbe petitioner waa arretted and taken to the Watch-house without having commlttwl inv nft'-nw. u waa nrnvrd to th? dlltfv. tioa of Justice King, who dlamiased the caae <a?nai him; that while otteera $backleford and Ntllearv bad b'.m ia charge on tbelr way te tbe waich-fcou??, bU gold watcb wii taken from hla pocket or fell from it, a ad wbea be felt It torn from bim, be auppoeed it fail eo tbe pavement aad aaked tbe oflfcere to allow bin to atop and get it, which waa refuted bim, aad be prayed the i rvrporatlon to pav bim Ha valae. Tbla petition waa, on motion of Mr. Teaney. laid aa tbe table, aad tbe convention proceed*.1 to elect a police odccr for tbe town at large aad oae for the,third free 1 net, when Maa*a Reblnaoe aad liiawa were elected, udni la ear letter of Setuaday, tad the jolat convention waa diawtVed. Frsm Utah Correspondence of The Star. Gkkat Salt Laki Citt, ) Utah Territory, February 31, 1861 ) Timet here continue very bard, and are getting tighter every day. Buaineta of all kindt It at a complete stand ttill, and money it at scarce at morality among tbla people The official! of tbe Government of what ui*d to be tbe United State * are in a quandary, and variout sarmitet are afloat in reference to their purpotea. No funds bave been furnished to defray tbe legitimate and ordl nary expenditure! of tbe civil or military depart* menU, and tbe officer* are understood to oe acting under much apprehension as to tbe issue of the present condition of affairs dt headquarters. During the three weeks past Superintendent Davles, of the Indian department, has been engaged in the Investigation and settlement of the nccounts of Brig ham Young, who was Superintendent of Indian Affairs under President Fillmore The amount involved Is some fifty to one hundred thousand dollars, and Col Davles It said to be driving ahead with a steady nerve, sparing no pains to sift tbe matter to tbe bottom. Mr. Young's accounts have been suspended, it is said, because of their Informality, but a suspicion exists that great frauds have been practised, and Siu>erintendent Davles is searching the matter with intense inqulsitiveness. Up to this writing I am told that no discoveries tainting the transaction with even the shadow of fraud have been made. Every Individual of high and low degree, who might be suspetted of knowing anything on tbe subject has been called as a witness. When tbe investigation will close is uncertain, and the outside Interest among the Salntt about its results is miense i>o one else cares mucb about It. All admit, however, that whilst Superintendent Davles is searching tbe case with great vigilance and energy, he is acting with equal frankness and impartiality. 1 may have yet more to say on this subject hereafter. The faints are jubilant over the troubles and disorder now prevailing in the States, and the leaders are beginning to expand with the prospect of getting as -arge, and hopping as high, as they used to do before "Uncle Sam's" army cime to visit them Their preachers told them from the pulpit on Sunday last that they must "fix their guns for fighting," and a cannon has on the strength of it been hauled up to Brigham's; drummers and lifers are practising, and all the old rusty fire-arms In lowii and country are being rubbed up. Profound silence reign* as to their future designs, bnt their acts indicate an Intention to set up for themselves and proclaim Brigham King if they dare venture so far. The Donulation here is msinlv rnmnmwl of in ordinary claw of foreigners, who neither understand nor appreciate a republican form of Government, an.i tbev are ready to swear undying allegiance to Brlgham as King or Emperor. The great mxjoritv are Danes, but there are a great many English, some Canadians and Irish, and manv from all countries There is but little personal attachment among them, and their religion is a reign of terror. If a person becomts obnox- ] lous to Brigham. he who kills him is regarded as having saved tbe soul of tke murdered man by having prevented bis committing more sin, as he might have done had be lived ; and the doctrine i has been boldly proclaimed, very recently, that < children would be taught and made the foremost in stoning their own parents to death, If parents f'resumed to sin against the church and its authorties. Absoluteism Is the ruling idea here, In church a OA?A?. A ?? ? ana duw. a more luorougo ana enective ponce regulation exists under the galse of church regulations than can be found out of tbe urd?-r of the Ancient Jesuits. Characters are examined, edicts are sent forth, and decrees, even unto death of i man or woman, are execut~d as certilnly as In the bloodiest days of Robespierre or Henry VIII ? Members of the church carry pistols and bowieknives belted aronnd them, and even amall boys do the same thing. They talk about murder with as much I nd I (Terence as men do about killing rab- < bits. Their religion constats (not <f love and brotherly kindness, of forbearance and forgiving enemies) but of obedience to rulera, paying tithes of one-tenth of all they possess, marrying as many women as they please and doing tiod service by committing aaultery and crime. The legitimate result of tbe system of the Mormons is to reduce the standard of morals and to retrograde into ssv a?e bari'arlty. and this, too, whilst its deluded victims labor under the belief that, In neglecting the morality Inculcated by Cbrlit. to follow the hallucination! of such fanatic* as Joseph f*mitb and Brigham Young, they are attaining unto a < higher degree of communication with Uud than ever Moses and the prophets enjoyed. Many of the more intelligent and sincere, who caine here for religion's sake, have discovered the delusion and are anxious to maketbelr escape from the tyranny and oppression of Brigham and his executioners. They dare not whisper discontent, much less at tempt an escape. Their sorrows are suppressed, and many a breaking heart is concealed beneath a feigned smile It was even worse before the armv came here; but the probability of the soldiers being called away to the war threatened in me suw rurmsnes the opportunity to reestablish th'i former rule of oppression and terror into which thay are gradually gliding The army otficers, at Camp Plovd, near this city, have repudiated the former title of that Post and dubbed it Fort Crittenden, in honor of Senator Crittenden, of Kentucky. Whether this act of Insubordination will be tolerated by the War Department is a question of some Importance. Prayers Altered to Seit Political Changes. The following circular has been issued by the Bishop of the DWcese of South Carolina : Charleston, Feb. IP, 1681. To the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church \ in the Diocese of South Carolina : Beloved Brethren : South Carolina having now become one of the "Confederate States of America. " a Provisional Government havtnu be*n ph. tablished, and the President inaugurated, permit me to request that hereafter, in the prayer for "all in civil authority" now used, you substitute for the words "Governor of South Carolina" the words "President of the Confederate states of America;'1 and that in the "prayer for Congrt-ss," Instead of the words "United States" the words "Confederate States" be used, and the words "Senate and" omitted. I remain very truly, your Brother In Christ, Thomas F. Davis, Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina. A "Fall Back "?One of the ridiculous mishaps which will sometimes befall soldiers, befell a whole file of the snugly attired military of New Orleans ou the day of the Twiggs reception. , They were drawn up along the street in front of a building in course of construction, and close in their rear was a long mortar bed, two feet deep, with that plastic composition, ready for the workmen. The space between the flies for the passage of the carriage* being rather narrow, the officer ordered his men to take a step back. They did so ana about twenty reet of "soger*" insUntaueoualy disappeared from tight backwards, the front file, in cloae order, preventing the rear rank from recovering themselves when their heels stumbled against the mortar bed They were submerged, and every soldier of them had his pretty uniform spoiled. They took cabs and absquatulated lnstanter. (J7The Inhabitants of Vlterbo, which was claimed as part of St. Peter's patrimony, had petitioned the Italian Parliament for their union with the kingdom of Italy. This petition was expected to inaugurate the debate on the Roman question. It wan thought that the Parliament would pass an order of the day entrusting to Count Cavor the task of attempting to obtain by diplomatic meana the withdrawal of the French force from Rome. CT A Committee has just been formed at Gotba, under the Presidency of the reigning Duke, to collect the funds necessary for tbe expedition that Is to go In search of Dr Edward Vogel. or at any rate to rescue the results of bis investigations. The expedition, it is expected.will take three or four years, it is supposed that a sum of ?U,0UU francs will be sufficient to defray all the expenses. ff~7* As a proof of tbe glorious climate of Call* fornia, a gentleman writes from San Francisco, Feb. 11: "The hills around the shores of the bay imve pui un iuck ivon 01 green. i ce Cliy gardens are now In the pride of all their beauty. It will serve to contrast your seasons with ours, to state that grass is high encngb In many gardens to require to be mowed." J-y Mr. J A Stewart, at Atlanta, Ga , having Men a letter to a Nashville paper, condemning secession, the Atlanta Intelligencer calls lor his expulsion from the town. The Memphis Avalanche, a secession paper, is afraid that Memphis will, like St. Louis, become "aboUtlonlaed.'' IT"7-The last Anstmlia mall from England comecd 1,100 boxes, two fad each by one wide, 61 p, and required nineteen omnibuses and on* cab to carry them to the railway termlaus. (?T The late dreadful storms In England were announced three days is advance by the London M etoortdogist MISCELLANEOUS. /0\ The eltl ectabliahed PAWN OP- /<K Jl,wJLPJCE. formem on Penr. ftvrau?.jLwjL V ?5?tween 3d a?d ?X eta.. hasla?*lj? Q been romoved to 351 C at., between 4 >4 and 6tn at*., back of tie National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! flO.OOO to be loaned in email luma on Gold and Surer YVatdhea. Jewelry, and all other artiolea or valne. BuaineM atriotly and confidentially done. Don't forget to call at No. 351 C at., between 4>i and 6th ata. fe27-3m 1. HERZBERQ. JOHN F. ELLIS. SOLE AGENT FOR THE SALE AND RENT OF CHICKERING A SONS' PIANOS. 306 PKNNA. Avinui, Betwirn 9ih and lnt\ Streets, ma S North Side. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. EMK1CH. at the corner of Penn. A ? ? A avenue and Eleventh street, h&a been VrMiy greatly improved rfsjentlr and now offerriJ^HiU greater inducements for the patronage ot citizens and strangers than any other publio house in the oitj, his prices being lees than those of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and his accommodations fbr permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already beooinn very popu lsr. being all that can be desired by the most fastidious. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted attention and oontikued liberal expenditures to give satisfaction to all, and thus renews his invitation <* all to give the European Hotel a call. do 4 ti JUST RECEIVED AT FRENCH A RICHSTEIN. 878 Penn.avenue, Washington, "'The Pickwiot Papers," being the first of the eleaant househould edition of the works of Charles Diokens; illustrated by T. O. C. Darley and John Gilbert. Riverside pr?*s. Call and examine them. Also, a now supply of Darley'a Illustrated Cow per, the finest edition published. fe 1 THE INSURANCE COMPANY of THE STATE . of VIRGINIA. liAon UAi'iiAL vauo.oon. Insures Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, Ac.. aeainst loss or damago by fira. HKATH A KNOWLE8, Agent*, Offioe?Room 16 over Banbof Washington. ja 1" WATCH REPAIRING AN l)?ILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the best establishments, and furnished with a complete ??t ol tools for repair- JKl mg every drsoriphon of fine Watches, and fRl ?>artioular attention five to the samf. hv a^km horourh oompetent workman.and a. work c-;iarantied. Also, ev?ry descrip ion of standard SI LVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware sold hy dea'era iu general aud represented as their riwn mt.niifAAhir? II U i\t* i"\ ^ WW mm v? *tl V. ?4V/V/JL/? Be 6 333 p*. avenue, wear 9th at. FD. L. MORRISON A CO., LOUR AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL. ft.. *?,, Comer of 12th and B streets, Washington citj. IC7* Cash paid for all kinds of Grain, au 1Mb T PROCLAMATION I O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN.*?. 'At the present fieucn o the roar CHOLERA MORBUS, D1ARFHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. pr?T*il to an alarming extent: And vekortat. It must bo of the FIRST CONSEQUENCE to eTerr hm.iy to know <>f A REMEDY at once Spre4y^ aiut^Epratims, L/n r.i'v/ * i Ai\x/ti| 1 or Fakis, [)ff?T8 hia \ MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the most CKIITAIN AND EFFECTUAL remedy FOR the ABOVE complaints j Id order to satisfy , THE PUBLIC that no imposition i? intended m thoaale of UUa Srent M??dicine, ' WILL HE REFUNDED ?? nil ccts wh?n the medicine fails to tive entire eatiafactn Ask, then St any Drm 9tor? for DR. MUNTARDK'S MIKACULOl'8 PAIN kiklkr. take ?w dirouted, and if not jwrieotly aatisfi^d Return to our Agent, D. b. 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the itjlee an a ?uahty of work that will five satis faction, oombimof lightness, comfort and durabili kesalring promptly and oarefully attended to the shortest notice and most reasonable cUargee. WALTER. KARMANN 4 froPP, Coachmakers, snooesaora to Wm. T. Hook. IP rJ-dly HP BK BabecnbeV^aTine yude additional* hi taotory, making it now one of the largest it the Diatriot, where his facilities forWK3NSS manufacturing CAK KIA ti E 4t LlSHX?^? WAPONS of aU kinds cannot be surpassed, au< m - - ? - Wis nit lODf ex*en?ni>? in tW to kopea to g:ye general catination. JOi kinda of Carnaco* dm Kit it Wacom koyt 01 kand. Ail XEFAlRSnoatly<oao,ai4allor4era prempt I7 t?, feooa4-k&a<l Carriagoa takonjin wtokanre forarv oiot. ANDREW J. JOYCE, i 10- tf Mraor of 14th u4 K ota. 14*1 HEM EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY : or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capitol 7TT... 1300,000. Ufiet com r C strut and Louisiana or., ovei Bank of Wa?kin*ton. INSURE HOUSES ANlToTHFR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dtsbctob*. Goo. Shoemaker, Samnel Redfern, Samuel Croplcy, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D- Barclay, Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Parker, Riohard Barry, B. B. French. No oharge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Ab?l G. Davis. Secretary, 0010-eo6m P READER, ERUSE The following statement and then judge of its facte for yourself ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a well known oitizen there, had suffered from Dysp^pua for some years, witho it permanent relief, until lie tried AVER'S PII.LS, which taken acoordng to the directum s for this como aint, restored him to h'-alth in a few wcp\s. After an interval of seme mon'h * he has had no return of his oomp aint. GEO. W. CROI^, of Harmony, Texas, had an eruption on his n*ok. shoulders, t.aok and leg, which covered about one third ?,fhi? body. It kept the parts affected oovered with a scab, end being olter. a raw fore.^a* of course ven troublesome and distressing. It to much unpaired his health as to unfit him lor business and k>*pt him in oocbtart suffering. All medica1 aid f*ile I him until he to-ik AVer's compound extract ^arsaPAR1LLA, which cured him. His skin still shows som* soars from the ulceration, but it is otherwi -.e , as oiear as an infants. JOHN H. SHOOK, Esq, an emiaer.t lawyer of Richmond, Va .tooka old which settled on his lungs. A severe pain set in on the left tide, with a . bad cough, whioii w*s soon followad by the uninistakaMe symptoms of consumption. W h*nreduced very low he commenced taking AYER'S CHER- ' llS PEC 1<?RAL, which boou (topped the cough , and completely oured lii'n. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYLR & C'?., Lowell, Maes. ma 13 eo'.m PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL ; ATO BLOOD RENOVATES I* prec:?*]j what its name indicates, for, while riloa??.nt t<> tuetast?, it is revivifying, exhil^ratins, nvitoraiit,_ and etreni thening to the vi'.v poc-crs, ' ind at the *ame time levivifioa, leinet-.tes, ami rn , news the Blood iu a 1 its original puMtr, and thus at once reiloref and reud'rs the system invulnerable . to attacks o) distant. It is tli* only preparation ' ever offered to the world, so chemically and skill- , fuliy combined astobetae nost powerful tonic, J and at the same time ho perfectly adapted to, a* to act in perfect aocordaioe with the law* of nature, and hence will sooth* the wakest stomarh, and tone up the digestive organs, and thus allay ail nervous and other irritation. It is perfect.v exhilara ting and at the same time it is composed entirely of vegetables, yet so combined ar to produce the most thorough tonic effect, without producing any in- . iurious oonsesuenoos. Snch a remedy has lor:c 2 been felt to bo a d*sideratui?i in the medical world, for it needs no modioal fck.ll to see that debility f 'liows ail att&oks of disease, ar. f proceeds and in deed lays the system open to the insidious attacks ot many of the most fatal, auoh, for siimrif, as the following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspasia, I ossof Appetite, Faintness, Nervous Irritability, N-ura.gia, 1'alpitati m of the heart, Molancho.T, Night ssweata. Laugor. Gid lines*, Retention of. as well a* Painful obstructed, too profuse, or too i nt Menstruation, and Falling of the Womb. I These all depend upon general debility. Thiipure, i healthy tonic Cordi&i and B'ood Renovator is as 1 sure to cure as tne nir ia to cm and act. There ib do mist&k* about it . t!ut this is not all If the 6vRtttiu is weakened wo are open to biliou* at!&ck?, the liver becomes torpid, or worse difieased. Ue kidneys refuse to perform their functions, ami we are troubled with scalding and mooiitinerce of urine, or involuntary due; ar*e oi t<.o same, pain ' in thback, side an-! between the Khoukiers. ex needinkly liable to slight ooll3, ooogns. and if un 3 onecked, soon emaoiat'on follows, and the patient I goes down to a premature cravo. JSut icaoe wiil 1 not allow us to ennmer&io tne m%m ilia to which w? 4 are liable in a weakened condition ot tno system, o Bat we will say in this Cordial and Blood Kenova- s tor yon have a perf-*ot i>afe piasant and effoctua h remedy for loss of Appetite. Umuuenees. Flatuienoe, weak and siok Stomach. Lantour. I aver Complaiit. Chiilaand Fever.or any Hihou? attack J Coitiveueuii. Acidity of the St?maoh, Nervousness, r Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression , of Spirits. Sores. I'imples on the Fane, or any dis- ^ ease arising from impure blood, such as Horofula, a Krysipelas, iJronohiOs, Couch,dilfioulty of Breath- , ing, and all that olass of dis*ases oai ed female weakness, and enumerated above. We will also B say the traveler exposed to epidemics, ohange of i climate and water, will find it a pleasant, safe and | sure remedy, and no one should ever travel with I out. Reader, try it, for we assure yon yov will 1 bud in itatnond indeed,as well aa atriand in need. I All persona of aedeutary habits will find it a perfect preveutive oi, as weil aa a cure for those ail- k merits vhicli they are particularly exposed. Heno? a mirustei'a, s'udants, attorneys, literarv gentlemen, 1 and ladiea who are not aoonat"ined tovnueh oat door exeroik*, wiU find it to th<?ir sdrantagoto keep a bottle constantly on hand; and above all motnera, or those beooming such, will go through * that moat dangeroua period not onW with all their * aocuatomed atrength, but i-afe and free from the thousand ailment* so prevalent among the female 1 portion of tha world. In short, is indeed a mother a oordial. Try it old and young; no lo> ger run the a risk of delay; it will relieve and prove it-elfemphat- t ically a Restoratirr Cordial and Blood Renovator. ? O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Uroadora;, New 1' York, and 114 Market Street. St. Louis. Mo., and I ?<>'.d by all good Druggists. Prtoe One Dollar per Bottle. PROP. WOOD'S ? RESTORATIVE CORDIAL \ AlfD < BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold in this oity by C. 8TOTT, 375 Pa. avenue. ! au an-eoly, aiw , t?RENCH FLO WER8 OK THIS VERY BEST 1 M. >uu gtuMwunve r^rioi;'. MM . At STEVENS'S IlK ( Fancy Store, Vw ' n.< 22 t *3*. hatw. <>th and 10th ?t*. ; DUPON-rtToUNPOWDER, _ For aa!e at mA".ufaetifrera Inoea, by JOHN J. BOGLE, Georgetown, I>. C? j Sol* Aftntv for ike District qf Coiuinbi*. ? A targe turp.T, embracing every vanity, alwart on hand, ?nJ delivered free to all parta of the Disfiot. Orders can also be left at iheotfioeof Adam** Kxprwi OoainiT. Wuhlnitoi. D. O, fn3-lawlr , REST FANCY GOODS, ! D AT PRICES l TO SUIT THE TIMES, Ann Oh* PiiciOmly, At STEVENS?S FANCY STORE, no 22- tf SHfl. tvtw. <??h and loth ata. I INCOLN AS HE IS. 1 i STEEL Ekoiated POU TEAIT. The be?t Portrait yet published of i HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, {with i At FRENCH & RICHSTEIN'S, No. 27S Pens*.. Avexce, Waihingtjn, D. C. \ T*ade aupplieri at low prioea. inar7 IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STRANUER8 VISITING WASHINGTON. A view of the National ?'apttol will betruented to all parohas^ra of Booka, Stationary to , from the well known e?tai>Ii"hment of k D L-vru D i J ?U4>TP( w n - ui* vi4 ww niviict * o m. ? ??., f* 25 roar K;rkwood Route CMLK ROBES, MQUSUN ROBES, LAWN O ROBE^, BERAGE ROBES. We?re Mlhng at half their original pnoa At other gooda of erery deror ption we are still eejiini at eoet Oar ttock it J area and vail aaaorted la TAYLOR A HUTCHISON IW U.L Take'wi {'^ffaia money for mr book debt* and for 8hoand Trunks. All peraooa indebted to me will pirate ovl aad settle CLOTHING, &c. W MERCHANT TAILORING, EW FALL STYLES or CLOTH&, CASSI MERS. ANI) VKSTIN?? WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3*2 Pennsvlvania Avenue, have just received a large varietv of new Fali Good*. V> wnioh they invite the atteation of their friends and customers. an ?-tf GENTLEMEN'S V* REVDV-MADK CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitixeas and strangers wishing aa immediate out fit superior inducements, embracing, at this tims. ail styles and snalities of Dress and Business Garments and Overcoata in a>l varieties. Fine Shirts and L'ndrtr-ciothing ot ail kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best Quaity. Soarfs, Ties, Cravata. Sto^kd, Hosiery, A a.. 4.0. All of which we are offering at nr usua low pnoes. ID-Clothing m%d?to order in the most raperior manner. WALL, STEPHENS & COT. no 16-tf Pa. avna a. ( M)TO THE PEOPLES'CLOTHING STORK, I No. 460 Seventh St., to jet vour CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOOb*. HATS ar.d CAPS; fa 2 6w W^m . MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our oustomers, and oititens generally, to an inspeo'ion of our sreeent mw "* traotivo, and elegant -ass< rUnTit' CLOTHS. CA8SIMKRES, DOESKINS, WK VUST1NG8, OVERCOATINGS, ftc. WW whioh we will make to order in superior"- * stylo at rery low pnoet. WALL, STEPHENS & CO., oc 25-ti 3tl'i Pit. av? betw, 9th and 10th its. Curt Cough, Cold, Honrttnus. InJHWilJDk. Auema any Irritation or Sort|j^ nv ' of the Throat, Kelttre tU fcjflBlMA Fin (km t Couth >? Con sumpItHlrlNiIbll (ton, Bronek'tis, Ashma, yillKUa)M 4* Catarrh, Clear and girt SBr^C# strength to the roict of PUBLIC SPEAKERS aits SINGERS. Few are aware of th* importance of cheoking a Cough or "Comiuun Cold" in ita first stage; that which in the brining would yield to a mild remedy, if neglected, so^r. attacks the I, lints. Brain's Bronchial Trodutoontairy?g dcmuToentmgredi enta, allay Pulmonary and Bronoh:ai Irritation. L ?TK?( >>ABkU ? ? "" '? _ _ _ r , - ivui ic m iuj inrosv, u?T BROWN S which the "Troci**" are ft apecifio) . hftvinc mads mo often ft mere w(u?TROCHES perer." N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S recommend their use to Public SrKXKKKS." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great sernoe in subduing Ho arcs BROWN'S !?KSi." REV. DANIEL WISE. TnnrHP? "Almost instant relief in the diatreMin* labor of breaming peouuar ornwvs 1 to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES '* Contain no Opium o* anything j injurious." DR. A. A- HA * ES, BROWN'S CTumitt, Bofton. \ TROCHES' BROWN'S X>R. <S. F. BISELOV^ | vanpuvii " Beneficial in Bronchitis." ' IKUtMts DR. J. P. W. LANE, < BROWN'S ?, L ^ I M have proved them excellent for , TROCHES WHornwe Co??n." , REV. H. W. WARREN. \ BROWN'S Bottom. , ? "Beneficial when compelled to i TROCHES apntvk, fufTerinc from Colti." 6.EV. S. J. P.ANDERSON, ' BROWN'S St. Lomit. J rnnr.nIN " Effectual in removing Hoarae XHtt nese and Irritation of the Throat, eo j BROWN'S oorcmon with SrxAKxaa and Siji?trnrH PJ ""'Frofc M. BTACY JOHNSON. iKuLnts SrmHge, Oa. , BKOW.N'S ssaK?. ' TROCHES "Oreat benefit when taken before t ?n<J eilor preaching, as they orevent J BROWN'S H?**r*en*e?. From their paat effect, 1 i t think they will be of permanent adTROCHES -???& ? ROW,KV. A. , flROWN'SI Prea:dent of Athene ColleEe. Tenn. ? rRocHEij : d* 1 ly * Dp. J. H. McLKAN'8 STREFGTHEKIHO CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GRF.ATEST REMEDY ?? tkt WORLD, " /JTS and the rooet ( Delicious and ?*1 "Bp DELIGHTFUL Jt Ef Ap j CORDIAL L AM ' J/EVER TAKEy.^iimfi .Bk. t l? atrlctto a aeik',1^1 yjr ?r,u?c and Tipu- * ly".' lA fcla I otupoBoi, pr?etrad by tha duulia- tj - NOU <1 BR ? Li 8>"fgCa and U'ki. T?il?? c? iS IVk, Blc-ad Root, |k j lyy lUrk, and Dactialiaa id can- flB | ii^JkdF ofaaeh .ojra^.an'(j Wore taking SV,Afltr Mia* r iatiUlnf, pradacia '. * dailcioaa, axbilnatinf apirit, and tka aaai lufailibla rama'y far ranaraanf ha 4uaa?ad ajiua, 0 nH ?? ?ann* ?K* al k. Ilffiriar. ltd iAkiiitatAi tnwa 114 ia tl ealth and fjrtttgih. MeLEAITS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ! If ill tfteiaally car* t'? C?ui[ Utui, Dm<n!i, Jiaoliet, Cbreaic er Wer?eae Dtblllty, Dlatuet erthe Kidaeye, ? ad all dieeaaee aritlnf frmrn a dimrdtrt J Liver *r Ittaiek, :. >ytptpt;a, Btanbaru, lowaxd Pii??, Aeidiir tr aiekneee tt hi Biatnath, r?lln??? tf Blrod la the Hod, Ball Pud ( Ivimminf inlheHtftl, Mpi:c? tf the lean, Fallot** 0 > Weifht la the Btarcaoh, fcaar Kracuiuaoa, Chakiif at tmfacaunj r??linf vb*n laying <?avc, Drjotee ar YtlltW. b eee af the Skin and Efii, nifht Ivttu, Inward Fevait, 'alo ia lk? Smali af the Back, Cheat, at Bid*. Baddec 'laabti af Haat, Deprtatiao of Spirit*, Frif bifaf Dreamt, 6 anratr, D????r.JtaCT ?t uj i irnu dutaae, Bare* at t ll^.kaa *La tklt. anfl Vltat aHi< A Pklll. -.-A over a million bottles t km t?ld daring U>? lut aim maoth*, and la aa lataac* ha* U faiiad la Cl*iof *ntir* aausfactian. WW, Utt, rlU *ar*r fram W.An... ar Dability when McLXAH^ { [TRE1I#TBKWIH? CORDIAL will ear* yaa t fc Ma laaraaf can aan?*y as adaqaau tdaa ?f tk* lmnadl- I .? and alnaal iuiraeal??* cbasf* | redacad by taklaf thl* Cardial la tb* diiaaaad, debilitated, and aha'.tarad DirtMl ntiii, wkelbtr br?k?n ifcwa by n:*u. waak by natare, r Impaired by iI'.Hhi, V-e r*l?**d ana anitraag atfaalatlaa U r**W>*d ta i'.a prlaun* health ud rife* married persons, * atkir*. Wjion* ! inabiiity fraia vbai*T*i taui, will Ad KckCAIII ?TRCl<aTaCNU*? CORDIAL a Ua ark r*f*d*rata> c? the *y>t*m; aad all wha irar bar* la u*d lb*m**l**a by Uapraaar lnds'.faucaa will lad la thl* Cardial a amain aad *p**dy remedy. to the ladies. McLRAH't ITRntTII!liN'J CORDIAL I* a ea?erilfn aad epeedy ear* fat Incipient Caoaaiaptian, Wluiti, )b*mot*d ar DlRcalt M*n?ir?au*c,l acaallaence af Una* it lnveimntary Dlacbarf* tb*r*af, Kal.llaf a* lb* Weak, klddlneee, ralulaff, and all iluui* incident W Female*. there is no mistake about it h(*r oa lanftr. Tak* U aaeardinf la direetiaoe. It will itimalate, etr*aftfi*e, aad lanfarat* ye* aad caaae ik* ilaam af k*altk ta maaat tmj akaak afaia. k**ry baul* I* """* 'FOR CHILDRBN . Ifyamr children u? siekly. pmrr or aBicted, MckEAW* CORDIAL will make thsm healthy, fat, u4 retail Deity I IM a mener.t; ur It, ud yea will he (wtUu! ll is 1c . tAVTION, J livirt of drmffUU or dsalsrs who may try to pain span j rn earns Unit ar saraaparula trash, which they caa (it , ihsap, by taucf it n ,'aet u reed A veld aaofc isaa. Aek , !ar McCKAltl rrREHUTHIKINti CORDIAL, aad uki ! icthiDf alaa. It is the aoly remedy that will parity the ! Bleed Uieraaghly eod at the une tine etreufthan tie ayetaea. * One teaspeoafal taken every reaming luOuf ia a cartala ; preventive far Chalera, Chilis aad Fever, T eltaw fever, ar ' tay prevalent disease It is pat as ia large healea. Price Miy 91 per hattie, ar baulae far # 17 ?. McLXAH, > Itle proprietor of tine Cardial; alao, McLean'e Volcanic Oil 1 Liniment. Principal Depot aa the saner s1 Third aad Plaa atrsets, k' koaia, Ma. J Mc Lea n't Yolcanic Oil Liniment, ] (TRK BUT LW1MEHT IK TBI WORLD.) The only aafs ail aartain ear* for Can care, Piles, T?- \ Mora, Swellings ui Broechile ar Goitre, Paralrate, Has. , ralfia, Weaknees of the Masclas, Chronic ar Inltaaawy Rhe ama tieia, tii trass of the Joints, Caatrastad Maeclea a* meats, Eaxaehe or Toothache, Bralaoe, praiae, Preah I J Cats. W sands, Clears, Pevei Boroe, C.kad Ereaat, Sara J Hippies, Barns, Bcalds, Bars Threat, ar ar.y lalainaantlaa at pain, na difference haw eevere ar leaf the dteeeae nay Cave elisted, BIckERR* CELEBRATED LUflMEMT is a certain remedy. < Tboaeaade of knu beings have haaa .sied a life af Ala I arepiiade aad mlssry hy the aaa ef this iavaimabls ranady. MtLEAfTS VOLCANIC OIL LIHIMMHT Will rtlMT* fuim atwaat taataaiaaaaaaly, ?4 K will"cliaa, parity ml kMl Ua (Nlwt aaraa li u tacnMMi aban llw. 1 FOR HORBKM AMD OTHER ANIMALS. j McUKANI CELEBRATED LMIMEHT U tka ail. aafc 1 u< raliakW naiii far ika tin af Bpavfat, *'V Wta4{ alia, Bcliata, Saaatarai Lanyfe Mat ?r > JUmi II na?ar blla4 la eara Btf ItUj >?Uaiii, Ftaaaia, (Ti? ??aiay Baraa, ar Bvaanr, if Mult applM. far Bpraiaa, Braiaaa, Berateltaa, Cra*ha4 liafa, Chafaa, Ba44i* M CaUaf 6*Ua, Cau, Bar a*, af ffmfc, Ktaaa la la lit Ma ramady. Affl; It u 4tra?U4 tat * mm la lamia la a*ary TV an trtta ia Ukfar wt* tba au; aaaifcJ mi Utiaint aCaradtaaaa Obuia a .apply af M. MCLEXSICKUl { BB-ATED U?1MEHT h wlft aara m Cara I THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. minirf a fT?kt*r ?ui?<r of icterwtmt r?*diac tie o&a b? cud ii an* U>*r? ia pmi.iMktA m Frii*y laort.r^. Tuxi-Oui, N??art*?fr. < StE|.eoopT.p?rtaL?m fl * Fiw ooytM . ? ? TS T*B OOpiM % ? Tvcaty iTiwfm * m it liTMiabir oocteiaa tt* - WMbi&xtoi Win" U?r kM nude IV M? Immm Smt fcimt?t o c?oer%l)r tferoocko?t tt? oobMtt. u/ SI^K uvpiM I IB VTSfffn I Ml M pnHM it Um ooantar, ImMdiMt j after tit* inm of Mm 9*9*. Pno??THREE CKNTSMEDIC INESBUK JOHNSTON, ALTIMORK LOCK HOSPITAL. Ha* dilcrrrraJ iht molt C*ri?m, SpitS* and tmM/ Ejftttunl Rtmtdf i* l*? Weld, FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAR9E, IN MUM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WitkT 'iid) lt< Bock. Btnctnraa, AInumi if (Aa Dd o ty uU BUddar, biacbarfaa, IfMt. O? tri! Dibilitf, NintuwiitM, [>7?p?p*?, Lufdw, CnlaM* of Idut, U? l^nit, PilpaiM m lira Hurl,, Dimi.*** ?( ?>(bt *r Oi4Jimh. Diaaaoa ?f lit* Htad, Throat, N? Mlkin.ilmMMrf the Lnut, lu? ut ?r <k?M TimbU D?<r<?r? kruui|nw> 1.7 H.miuI Y?uh-tk?M DnUial in! UiUKi'M Pru tie** whict rtudrr Marruft mpv?a?Ua, u4 datiroj bock Bed* (nd Mu d YOU NO MEN E?p?:itlir ?tu bin b?c?iM ihi nciini?( Solitary *lci, tb*t drc.'dfal and daatr?cu?a babtt wbiah uraall; awaapa to >ii Mtinrly ftix tt.cuaanda of Yeurf .Vau at tba Mat ataltad lalanta and brilliant iuttllact, wbo wtfbt oUarwaaa ha*a antrancad iiatemnf Saoaiaa with tba thnodara of ala quanc* or ?>k?t U icatac; ibc Itviuf Ijrt, anaj Mil walk full CObldiDCa. MA URIAHS. >1*KH lit- P? R?u?t?, or Ycunj Mf a co?ta?[j?lla| Marriage, ban { ?arara 1/ j ' ? aj ?'<ak: oaa, erg>a.ic dtbiiitr. a?Tortniu??, *c, petdiir curt J H? vlMpitcri hunsair ludrr ih# car* of Dr J ? ; rrltft* w??lj cou&J* u. hi? houar m a gt*u%m*u reIjr upou Lu skill at a phjitctaa. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FR EDEHICK ST. left haad aide CMof tr?o> Biliiaur(KtHt,tle* d*uf* from the corner fail g? to ebttrre ttmi i*4 imbMi L-auere mint be paid ud cauttia a auaf DK JOHNSTON, Mrirber of the Royal Coilaje of Sarreona, Loodoa, rr*d? ate from one af the moat eminent College* tat the T oned Siatia, and the greater part of wi-ooe lite ha* bean epant ?a> tha hoapttila of London. Pane, Philadelphia and eleewhere, h?e affected eome of the moet aetanieh>nf carra that war* erer known; many troubled with ringing la the head aad eara when aaleep: freit ner?ooaaeee, aeiaf alaraiad at audden aounde. baahfulneee with Iraqnent Meeting attended oneuuea with dei<a(eai<at af mind, wara cared taat luttlr TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yotmg Men aad other* who haea u.'ored thamaaleaa hp a certain practice indulged to whan alone?a habit freqaewly learned from a?il cxiupiaiooa, or at achaot, the efeata M wHicn art nightly lelt e?en when aaleep, aad if an a*/r?, rendera ir image impoaeibla, and dertroye bath mead aad body, ahould apply immediate!* Three are eome of the aad aad melancholy 'fetti rrMiitH by early hat ite of vooth, ?it: W eakneea af she Back aad Limbe, Paine in the Head, Piimtai of Sight, Laae of Maaauier Power, Palpiution of tlit Heart, Dyepapey, Xer*aaa Irrna hility, Deranfeinent of the I>igeeti?e function*, Oaaaral Debi ity, Rymptm of Coneutnptinn, *e. WliTiLLt ?T^e feattol effecte on the mind art aack te be dreaded?Loa* of Memory, Canfaaiou of tdeaa. Derreeeeaa ot Spirne. T. .1 f orebodinjre. Aeeraioe of Society, flelf D?* iruet. Love ci Solitude, Timidity, at*., are eotna oir tha a*i?* produced Mltnt i Dean i**?ti. -J- *--* 1? the c?u?e of their declining health, loamg thtir npr, beeav u.IT weak, pale,rer?oo* end rntcunf, baring a *ingt!?a? ppeannc* about the eyee, enugb ?r e> roptaca* of aoaaunrpHon. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE When the imaguidcd and imprt'deni rota ry of pleaavre #?da he h .e untitled to* aeede af thie painful dtaeaee. it too ?ftoo lapper e (hat en ill-timed eenae ot ehame or dread of dweorory leter* him from applying to tho*e who, from ad neat toe aa<*, can alone befriend him He (alto into the of ign >nnt ant? deeigtuug pretender*, who, laaaptMa >1 coring, filch me peeaimry mhtttart, keep h?ia triitng tenth af r mouth, or aa iofTg ae the aaaWcat fee aaa he ?b amed.and in deepair leave him *n?h ruined h-aith to etf* Iter Lie gillmg dieappointmant; or by the no* of that de?4 y |>oi*oo ?Mercury?haeten the e?iie;ituUO?*l eymwoaa* of th e erribie diaeaae. auc h -a Affeetinaeef the Heart, Throat. Mead, Skin. 4c , prngr***mg with frightful rapidity, till death fre * jeriod to hn dreadful euSermga by eroding bita tf> that Mliecorered country from * boae bourn* no tr?**l*r returae DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAENESS AND IMPOTENCY By thie jreat and important reatedr v*akne**of the oeftat irk apeedily eared ana full vigor reet?r*d Tbcateandeof ? * ooat uertcue and debilitated, *ho had lo*t all liop*, ha ? a ?een iat>uediat*ly r*lier*d , All iaip*dim?nt* to Marriage, Physical or Mesial Dtaatu'ftrauooa. L"M of Pro?reati?e Pe*?r. Ner?*be lentabM'-y. rrembluig aad W eakaeea or Eabaueuoa of the ooat feajAl titid epeedilr cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRFS8 Till a5 r TMOC(**P? ckril at tht* inatttQian vitkia he la*t aeeenteeu year*, ead tba eaaerou important Berg a! operation* permr-ned by Dr Joho*toa, * I'neeaed by eporier* of the paper* and m^ay other penoeta, aottew* of rhicb ha?e appeared egair and again be*** the pabire, be idea hie nailing aa a gt i tlciuar of character ar.S reteeeti nitty, t* ? ecAsient guarantee to the afflictod Bar IVI? l"y ISf lAK'SS iMIWMPAFPtYTHi KE MEDY , REJOICE JJV HEALTH. *rSend. do yirn tutct.' Aro you tie rictus of any those Cameroon a. rreuU whioh anae tron rity of the blood/ Wiutirt tier, 6o tob iuf lather a?is, vii*t are tbey notf Th? blood Uu>e oaroe of and health, and it n Um brat al?Mat >i unr t><" uc *0 TftfODC to U! OHM Wluqk tlHll [|0 the pu.te lanlliblf MMU. Tk< rur reval:icr Neuralgia, tUe irntALci F.ryeif?a%tha bt]?hcrol?ia,theagun ?int H t"orr,fcO?u, Warone i>-btlity, l?r?Livor Cornjl*.rt witt 'U >r?or fcnd de;ectu>a. and tip nnnitanMc lila that leeh it Loir tc, derive their hideona erigic froit the locd. I>eal tn.Jiy them a:.c tettly wfia tm t?ooc .' ? tbe vitalising rrsouroee cf nature for lta kid. ,nd enter ci to eorunend to yoar ect(d<>co?M4 tee Ut&l tmi n n?b!e iu edioaunent kaon ae INDIA If I)SEC0CT10*. 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D C., Wholesale Aieotror ui Thenet. an<i will rawly the trade at my ynwi aa lt-tr pHK ALL SUFFICIENT TOREK. TRIEtfEMAR, 1,1 aad ??Protected by Royal setter* Pmtett of England. and ifctfod by the iea.a of the Eoole de PUrnaoi* de P?u, aad the mperial Collece of Modi sine. Vienna. No. 1 ta <nTaru?ble for eihaumon and natorrhea, ad all phymca] diaabilitiee. No. 2 cornp;?i?ly erm-diofcte? all traeea of thoee iaeMea that have been hitherto treated by the ui AAU1 ILr.d B^rr. lftli HI ua? nf M?lvt mw*A aaWaKe No. 3 hat ecurair t uppiantaTthe injqriout aee of nerocry, thereby Insuring to the aunrrer ipMdr i ef. diapermag all loiiribN, and rooting oa he noom of dieoaee. TKIEHKMAR, Not. 1,1 and S. ar? prmrtd 1b he form of a lot ear*, devoid of tact* mN ma!'. ?d oan be oarned id the waietooat pookM. ho 14 n tin own. a*<d divided into nenraU dom.u ad ni mate red t>v Veipeau, Lsllomand, Hoax, Rioord, to Prioa aS raoh. or foar oattt for 99, which lavet #8; and in $17 eaaea, whereby there it a M* ng of #< . To be had. wholeeale and retail, of Dr. BARROW,of 194 Bleeoker atreet, Now York. mcieciatnlT or reoeinng * remittance, pr. Harrow rill forward the Traeeeiriar to any part of the word, iecurely pack*!, and addreaeoc aooording fc>the laitrnoti ne of the writer. The Book, of a'I other*, that ahoahi be read by oen with d&inafed and htukoa down aoaetitauoee "Huniaa Frailt*, or Phraiologioal Kee tar thee, it it MMttrallj ill at: rated, and treat* wiaiw of Ul the ayaip oatt that inranah'* dmlwtMp e'vee. aoocer or later. rean'Ung froaa the fratlpee icd vitiating hahittof e*r!? toata, lanapaeitanag he notim fro?*? thanng the fraltioc erf the aociai atate, and. if not o booked in iting a'l the function* of nanhooa. and bromi lim, etep hy atep.toa lingering and aoumeiy d^th. *"!d by Dr "At. HOW,] ?4 h Klror U loon b-low MaouonraJ, New York, rrw* B swti. frM t?tt wktra. 8ol?l a no t>y U. C. Ford, Jr., Drag Mora, Wub pylon. D.C. MX* l\L i, BOVKE DODTJ LP IM.TMK.LLL WIJfM BITTMMM, 'JiRKpJSaBVafwjs &?n ?u?er a* a or m a W??rwt.u thai h*T ar* an*arf?**4 la tha vend. XJrTlJoda ukhI Jmbb iio-w^eW fa kia mat m lor ? j?tn bafera v* wuaMMft at ?ua Um aoia rtefct to pdhMM swrcsiia Eaj^x-t.?. r >aaria, ft'w. 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