Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1861 Page 4
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THE FVEIVING STAR. The Mais Cha<ice.-Mmj readers will re member tha anrcdotes <>r toe unK-nuueie individual. who while afflicted with a terrible boil upon one of his joint*, undertook to descend to his cellfcr with a favcrite family pitcher, to draw some eider. He slipped upon the stairs and fell to the bottom, breaking his carbuncle, and ottering at the tame time a ecream of agony. His aueotiocate wife rushed to the cellar and czolhimed at the ton of her oice, ' Oh, Richard' hare yen broken the pitcher'" "No." answered the indignant and growling sufferer, with an imprecation which it is not necessary to insert here, "but I will," and suiting the action to the word ha flung the prised pitcher against the cellar wall, smashing it to pieces. A parallel to the thrifty Tankea wife, who waa so much more careful of ber crockery than of her husband, was found In a salesman in a wholesale grocery establishment in this eity the other day. A merchant from the oountry waa in the act of trading for a few cheats of tea, and while they were debating upon the price, the purchaser suddenly * .1 L ? niuppaarea laruugu ?u upvu omcunajf guw the oellar. Without apparently observing the sadden- exit of hia customer, the clerk coolly tarned to another, and asked, '-what can I ell Ton to-day, sir?'' But the descended merchant soon reappeared, with a slight limp la his gait, and considerable flustration in his countenance, when the matter-of-fact clerk, tarning to him again, and without noticing the accident at all, says to him, "I think you bad better take that tea." The trader looked upon his impurturbable countenance with astonishment, but observing nothing but " speculation in hia eyes," concluded that nothing like sommiseration or sympathy could proceed from a man whose only rule of action was contained in the motto, ' Business is business."?Boston Transcript. Prkojcast Interrogatories?The following interrogatories have been addressed by the Frankfort Commonwealth to Messrs.R. M 'Ke<*, Blanton Duncan (ex-Grand Secretary). W. P. Johnston, R. T. Durrett, C. Q. Armstrong and W. C. Brooks, the signers of the late circular calling for a disunion meeting at Frankfort on the 29th: * Great half dozen: Please state at what time Jou assumed the charge of the " interest nnrl onor" of Kentucky? By whom was the trust conferred' I>id ?*u give a bond for its faithful performance? Personally how much more interest have you in Kentucky and her future destiny than every other sixth man within her borders? Hot* did you ascertain that tbo re spective representatives of the counties did not know the sentiment of the people of their counties7 And having ascertained this, why could not '-Dear Sir" "instruct" hi? repreeentative "either privately or publicly" before aid representative left home ? If you should fail In your scheme of Jeremy Diddling Kentucky out of the Union, what will'you take for your united interest in the " accursed" concern ? Do your anxious mothers know that Jrou are out? Have you read Mr. Lincoln's uaugural 7 Are you well? Don't you wish jou were a Cotton State Confederacy 7 What ia me price 01 putry in J. L>. s kingdom' What is your opinion of prompt and decisive action ? Also of rats ? "What particular large river, or considerable stationary body of water, did yon erer ignite ? liave you beard from North Carolina7 What is your opinion of TVigfall'g moral pulchritude ? C7"An extraordinary elopement wai carried oat at Cincinnati on \\ eduesdav A (tern father having forbidden his handsome daughter to entertain her lover's addresses, she left the house In the morning, and was married Soon afterwards a gentleman took passage to Memphis for himself and negro servant, and arrived jnit as the w? about sailing?the negro at once aet to work to darn a roarse woolen stocking, on which she was engaged, when the unsuspecting iaiDPr p?M<a ner. ATler the steamer got under weigh, from tbe ladies' state room a beautiful wife emerged, beaming with joyous bope, and elegantly dressed Burnt cork and darning needles are great institutions AH RIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL?J Morris,?; Misses Hadden, J J Long, Va; A A Fraiser, Mass; C F Dewey, NY; J H Piatt, C; Hon A C Moore, NJ: lion J Pollocb, Fs; Hon J W Houston, Del; N L.lmaktr. Pa, N i*perry, Conn; J Varbill, NY; 8 J Rea, Fa; J O Ainsworth, Oregon: H Field, NY; I) J Casey, Pa; H r<eymour, B T Tracy, E WalUce, J B Cronln. Lt Williams, L'SA; A McGrath, Pa; \V A Bates. NY; J Irvin, T Ge*<jer, Pa; H W Jofirsou and lady. Mrs M Ward, Mias J Hart. NY; J P Hazard, Miss M P Hazard, Rl; E W Davis. D P J?hr,son, G S McOook, Pa; J E Cassel, NC; J H Place, Mass; C Dav s, NY; A M ?impt>n, A W flmpson, H 9 Fulhtrson, La; A J Foard, L'SA; W Cameron, R Massit. J Chamberlain. J W Aidcn, Pa; W 9mitb, W S Duke, NY; A Gait and lady, G Albert and lady, Va; S* Wilson, Miss Gongenbeim, C Hubner, M S Buckly, Dr L) Elbert, Fa, R A Eddy. Ala; R J Tborn and lady. Miss Hasbrook, H C Phillips. F Delalield.N Y; W H Buell. Conn; J L Partridge, C Da*!s, W L Burt, .Mass; Mrand Mrs Wood, Mr Wells and Bon, Miss Wood, NY; R R Root. O: M U?wey, H Bawley, NC; J L Stratton. J Nixon, NY; C Cook, J A Casanova, C Norevord. NY; J T Graham, R T Turner, Md; J H Van Allen, MY; H N Eldner, Mass NATIONAL HOTEL.?G Gassard. Md; W D Gallagher, Ky; G Rockwell, 111; J Davi?, H E Chase, Va; A L DeCamp, H J Garr, NY; H Ellis M&aa. A Haight, Wis; t Much, NH; W Young. Pa; W T Delaney, Tenn; H Shafer, C Davies, J J Lockver, NY; F.T Wilkins. \V B Ford, B R Nicker son, Cal; B F Millard, G W Porter, M B Brown, lil; G M Rusaum, Md; A Abrams. Ga; J J Hei.ry, O; A H Carpenter, NY; A H Dorr, Va; J M Bragg. ?; O Leeds, Mich; Capt Steele, US A; R Va:: D-wath, Cal; J P Shallcross, C S Taylor. Va; J N Palmer, J T Friexe, J M Smith, J S Carr. M Boawell, Dr Blackburn, J Folning, Md; i D Reed, J B Stewart, J Wal*fleld,NY; JSbeprmtA IV u n i? " .. * iwnuci?iicr, is ? nuebead, H T Bradt. NY; J J Prentiss, A Colby, N H; G Wllioo, HI WASHINGTON HOUSE?8 H Alien, F V Stuart, p M Ciark. E Forte, J A Brlcknell, J S Baker, K Fiaher, 0 Millett B O Weeks, Me, B J Baldwin, s B J B Jama. C H Yallalee, J A Rsynetds. G W St >tt, B Hombeck, S S Bmge, A B Carr er J W Graves, C J Gould, N V; E W Gardner. RI; TS McGower, W Roland. J Smith J L Wllaon, Pa; L Harwood.NJ; H W Metcal/, Md; E Dana. Vt. BROWNS' HOTEL?C Kidder, A T Lavall'tt", Md, H Seaman, J Grieraon', H Seymour, J McLaughlin. NY; J Guthrie, Ky; W A Stewart, D Price. E French, O Clarke, A M Boyd, Tenn: 6 L Wilder, J G Dunwardt, Pa; S Goodrell, C C Dawson. la, W Wright, J T Chlckerter, Ala; Dr J A Straith, lit H McGuire, Va; G D Bryan, SC; J M Horton, Tenn; J K McDanlel, Va; J Gwynn, Z Berry, Tex KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?L S Yorke and aon, T Dor man, 1'a; B Heath, Ma?s; C W Copeland, J Blen, NY; J Duncan, Del; S K Hoplen, HI; A S Duforsat, NO; M S Young, C A Perry, Mo; T J Galbfe'h, Minn; H Gailaher, J Gamben,J White, W (i Maupln, Va. OCEANS TEA MERS' SAILING DAYS Fftoa TII U arras STATBS. SImkuti. L?ar*. For. Ami. Niacara.? HosUui. __ I.iverpool_. .Meh 20 Bohemian. ..Portland..Liverpool_.Mch 23 Etna Naw York Liverpool.. ..Moh ? I _ a. _ ar? t i * -? *unn oeu Yo.-k .. .(ila??ow Moll A Boston ..Liverpool.. .Met 27 A *n<> iXrir York.. .Havre Mch SO Vi<o New York...Liverpool...Mohan Bavana.?_....New V or*...-South pton.. Ap S Oarada. ?i5o?toc Liverpool A pi 3 Africa New York ...Liverpool ....Apl 10 Nfw York .New York...Bremen Apt 13 Kuropa New York...Liverpool,.. .Apl 17 Ba t?a New York... Havre .Apl 20 hrat .New York...Liverpool....Apl 24 rnnco Aibe. U... .New York...Oaiwar Apl 27 Vuou Err.op? T??tonia ........Soath'pton...New York_.Moh 4 4ra?o??doatli'eton .. New York.. .Moh 6 ifo..._.. Liverpool New Yark...M*>l? 6 t*xoa. Liverpool Portland Jdeh 7 .Liverpool Boston...... Mch ft Liverpool. ..New York...Mch 16 i ia. &<>utk,ptoa...New York,. .Mch 1m Cincdoai .Glasgow N*w Yore .. .>ch .8 ork t*ouih'pCf>a...Kew York... Mch 21) >. Liverpool. ...Boston Mob i3 ???> ..,r?ew York ...Apl 3 B*nr.? 3oQUi'pton ..Now York....Apl 4 t* '<? .!< ? South'ptoo ..New York... .Ap 17 ..**ouU'pton .New York ...Ap! 11 8 AHA CHOICE BUTTE*. ,UUU LU8. GOSHE.* BUTTER of tte very bnt quaiuy. Al*o, I'ENNbYLVANIA BUCKWHEAT. CALVERT 6 HONEY. KING A. BURCHEI.L, f?>l earner V?rm-?nt aad Fifteenth at. DON'T BE DECEIVED, BUT C?>ME TO the mbt rut to tet your CLOTHING, HAT* CAPS, At SMITH9, No. 4tfO 8e*?tt> ?t r*3 h-w muK ONLY GOOD PORTRAIT OF PRE9JL I DEN T LINCOLN ?w p ib nhei. juat oat *ad mlt hi mail fra<job rea* pt of A oer.u Tbe trade and el a be of tweuty (applied at low *?r?by KRKHCH A RICH8TKIN. f A RGB INVOICR8 OF NEW MUMC W *" JOHN K. BU.I8, fm *99 Pa. a?.- bat *fc and Iftth nr. WJ E CAN'T BE WHAT IN KL LING CLOTHTT | NG ch?ap, at No. 4?0 Seventh St., pppoaita Poat Office. # J-?w | TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. RALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. I> WASH1NOTOS BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after 8UNJDAY, November 25th, 186?,th? trains will ron u fofltnrBj LEAVE WAStiimtiun: \ First tr*in at s.2l> a in. Second Train at 7.40 a m. Third train at 3.10 p. id., Express. F"UTt*L?ArR &A1TIM0RE First train at 4.15 a. nr.., Express. Seoond train at tJSS a. m. Third atS.10 . m. Fourth at 4.2> p. m., Rx press. The first, seoond and third trains from Washington oorfceot through* o Pai.adelpLia and New York. The seoond and third oonneot at Washington Junction with trains for th? West, South. and , Northwest; also, at Annapolis Jsnction, for Annapolis. For Norfolk take the ">40 a. m. traiu. h or the aooommodation of the war travel between Washington and Laui el, a passenger oar ' will be attaohea to the tonnsge train whlon leaves at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. in. train goes to Philadal* phia only. no afr-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. * If ?\Ti*TfnTnmT?TT di U JJiiM A IS IK X . rkRS.? OCKWOODA DARRELL ARK PRE- h I# pared to insert TbETHon VL'LCA ITE BASK, a new and improved mode ^ When mad? on this plan they a>e oom 1" fortable to wear and rauoh oheaper than any other. Alao Te*th maetted on Gold Place, and all Dental * Operationa of any kind that may be desired. Uf- n fice Knom ?lo. 6. ia the Waahington Btilding.oorner Pa av. and Seventh at. ja 10 am* at M TJSETH. n LOOMI9, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at lua offioe in thia cityAtJSaa? ii Many peraona oan wear theae teeth whoxtu-LD h cannot wear othera, and no peraon oan wear othera ?l who cannot wear theae. Peraona calling at my office can be aooommodated P with any atyle and pnoe of Teeth they may deaire; n bit to those wno are particular and wiah the pureat, B< cleanest, atrongept, and most perfect denture that art can prodnee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. a Rooms in thia oitv?No. 338 Pa. avenuS, between . 9th and 10th ata. Alao, 907 Arch street, Philadel phia. oe 15-tf * ????????????a EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. 8 nOSE Parents who wiah their daughtera to reoeive a thorough and systematic education, where their phyaical training will reoeive daily and special 0 attention, under the lyoat approved system of Catiathenios and Gymnasbqp, are respect?* ty invited to t> visit the Union Female Academy, corner Four- w teenth at and New York av. _ MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*, au 30-tf Principals. F KM ALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of tan Institution will ooinmenoe on Tuesday, September 18th, in the 1 nouse recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Em.. No. 180 Kmc street. The oourse of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Education, aiid Music, Frenoh, Latin and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a part of her own family . will be unaor her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as tar aa possible, to surround them with tue comforts and kindly influences of Home. RrjtrtnctRsv. Geo. H. Norton, Re*. Dr. Elias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H. powle, Keq., Ed*ar Snowden, Esq., Edmund F. Witmsr Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis McKenzie , Esq., Robert H. Hun ton, Esq. W. D. Wallach Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas Entwisie, Jr., Esq.,Col. John W.Minor. I.oudoua aessrs. Blackiook k. Marshall, Messrs. Cor rotliers. Tkkms. Board, with Tuition in aJl the English Branches, #20" for the annual session?payable semi-annually. in a<i vanoe. > Music and Languages at Professors' prions. s |t_/~ No extra charges. au 28-tf GAS FITTING, be. Awm. t. dove * co. RE Nov prepared to oxeoute any orders wife , whion tiiey may bo favored in the . PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING business. I T Store on Mh street, a *>>w doors north of F*. I* nue, where nnj be fonnd a oomnlete asfortmeni of CHAN DELIKRS and otter OAS, STE AM aui WATER FIXTURES. j*27-ly W GAS FIXTURES. 1 F. Have in store, and are dai y receiving, OAS n FIXTURES of entirely New Pattern* and Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invitecitiiens general 1 It to o&ll and exim:ne our stock of Gas and Warter Fixtures, feeling confident that we have the best eeleoted stock in Washington. Ail Work in the ahove line intrusted to our oar# t will be promptly attended ?<>. c MYERS k, McGHAN. 1 mar 5-tf 3T? D street. ? v 1SNYDFK * ' rLOMBER AND HAS FITTER, Has removed to the ooraer of Twelfth and F nts. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon . the moEt favorable terms, and (uaranties entire , satislaction. t He has on hard a lot of COOKING and other STOVKf, which he will sell less than oost, as he < wishes to get rid of them. no 1? Office of inspector and sealer 1 of gas meters. WiinruaTnw fn'w 1? NOTICE IS tIEREBY~uiVM:f,~T&*C*frt>'^ lb!y to the provisions of the ordinance of the Corporation approved May 12,18&<, the undersigned is now preps rod. "whenever required in writing, and , on pre paj ment of tiie ft*? of fifty cent?, to inspect, L examine, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of v registration of tany gas meter in une in this oitr." Kvery meter, iffound mocrreot, wLl be condemned, , and arother, sealed aud marked as trne, will be setini?? place. If proved to be accurate in ita measurement of gas, it will be sealed accordingly, and again put in position for use. Oftoe No. 510 Seventh street, fne*r Odd Fel- , AVil Ual! ? r\ f???. ? - - - - ' .?? Mam t ? r ym u j I U III O O. 1L1.? (M 9 B. m. * CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM. * Jy H-tf Inspector and Sealer of Gas Meters. /Ov NOTICE. /Q\ /"A REMOVAL. A X y U 1 have removed my w V PAWN OFFICE : to 351 C street, !>etween 4H *nd 6th streets, immediately in the rear of the National Hotel, where the business will be continued as heretofore at the old stand. (nol5-6m] 1H\AC HKKZBF.RG. t f 10.000 f ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS, Of all Stylit and Qualities, AT A GREAT SACRIFICE OJI COST. Store for Rent and Fixtvru far Salt. All the Stook in S. "FTHOOVER'S STORE, jannjlren Hall.embra^inc every variety ?A* toi jWlof l^adiee'. Gents', Children's iiaWl ^MUServants' SHOES Also, TRAV-fWl n Ei.ING TRUNKS are now beinf sold,/or* ei.'hjit craat sacrifices on usual retail seliinrfprioee, 1- t-i ? iuuwu iiiuuh voiui^ ungiaai colli mo Mrouiion of the publio is nolioited, aa great mdnoementa will ? be tnAuA to purohaaera. Th'> above ompnaea a large stock of the finest ? auahty French and Amer'oan Gaitera.Shoea,Boots, etc., Ac., for ladie* aud gentlemen Th-< Store id for ran* and the Fixtures for aale. Apply on t^e prennaee, Iron Hall. ri N. II.?The a'-ove stock, either in whole or in part, will be sold at private tale. To any one deairou* of entering the Boot, Shoe and Trunk Buaines* tn:s afford* a better opportunity than may . arain be presented. Persona indebted will OHnfer a favor by promptly x calling acd settling their acoounta. ja 7-tf |?OOTS AND TO BUI* TMJ? Jj We are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS ? and SHOES, and ooratacuy receiving a?da? auppiy of e&atern made work of everrde-BHH 'cr>pti?^, made expreaaiy to order, and will W BBl be sold at a much lower prioc than has been * f heretofore charged in this oity for mnoh inferior 4 WViO*? Personv in want of Boots and Shoe# of etatArn or city :n&do work, will alwaysfindacood assortmen * in store ar/l at the lowest prioes wits as a call. GRIFFIN k. BRO., ap*-r 314 Pennsylvania avenue. CMYK HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS ? r arrived this day, embracing all ?uali-^n^ ties and iiics of Hole Leather, Ladiee'KMH Dress azxl Packing Trunks. Our trunk^"1*** sales room exhibits at this time the creates! variety or traveling re^nisites. at moderate prices, to be . found Uus side of New York, Also, every descripsavi#*1##:vauck5' # irrOid Trunks repaired or taken In ezehaaca for new ones. _ WALL, STEPHENS * CO., Trunk Sales Room, marll-tf 383 Pa. avanua. PJRK OLD RYK WHI8KY.-On hand severa brand* ofPur# Old Ry# Wbiiky. Copper Distilled, made by the most reliable distillers in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted para. Also, imported Hmcdiee, Heiineiwy, Otard. Dupuy It Co.. Jsies Robins. Ae. Also, Peaoh and Apple Brandy, pare Holland Gin, old Jamaica and St Croix Rum. and Wi??- ? " _ , _____ ..vw v?wi i TBIiiny) ftil Of standard brand*. A nholc? lot of Clears and Tobacco. YOUNQ * KEPHA R f?A?*nU. a?14-lr -? ?? P* ? .. h*tw.9th at.d loth ?la. ^ W TRAVELING TRUNKS. ? E Have ju?t received tha largest assortment w and cow offer the most extensive varietyams Oi SOLE LKA I'HRH. LADIES' and PACKING TRUCKS, HAT ?n VAIISES, CAKPKT BAGS, SATCHELS, Ao., al la this city, wbioh we are selling at yrf low tc prices. WALL. STEPHENS * CO , n<i? rf 33d Pit ITOIIM. TIHHI AMERICAN ALMANAC FOR 1M1, SB panr; pri? #1; half oalf f 1-M by mail. ElMVenW, a ii?v ooral by Oliver Wendell t*1\ *378 Penn. fcrwnae. J/AMILY BLANKETS AND COMFORTS. ? Wihaveattlln h^od a sood a?orti??* nn??,ooa?. Aito, Honwkoepinf Goodiof ?Var? I 1/1 description, All oFwhicta we */ (Tine *t oo*t for I TAYLO* * HUTCHISON. |m -a _ 40$CU? % Maha;A I I eUaa # ! ^ rkn nci VUU^M^VIQUI^ * Headache. By the nse of theae Pills the perirt dio attacka of ftrvou* or Sick H?adtukt may bo pirovented; and ' taken at the oommenoement ol an attaok immolate relict from pain and sickness wilt bo obtained. They eoldom fail in removmc the Nausea and Itadatk* to whioh female* are ao aab^eot. They act jently upon the bowel*,?removing CoiMMII. For Literary Mm, Students, Delioattf Females, ad all persona of ledentary kabits, th*y are ral able U a Laxattv*, improvise tne uw*?, giving m* and vigor to the digestive organs;- and re toring the natural elasticity And strength of the rhole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the remit of '/n$ lvestigation and carefully oonducted ex peri mono, a?ing been in use many years, daring whioh time liey have prevented and relieved a vast amount of ain and suffering from Headaohe, whether origi ating in the nrrroHi system or from a deranged tate of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their oomposition, nd may be taken at ail times with perfeot safety rithout making any ohange of diet, and the ab met of any disagreeable tasU renders it easy to dminister them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Ipalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medlines. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid on reoeipt o tie PRICE, CENTS. All orders should be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDING, 48 Cedar Stkizt, Nkw Yomi. 'HE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPii.nmoH CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A STEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. I* these Testimonials irrre unsolicited by Mr. Spalding, they afford, unquestionable proof of the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Masomvills, Conn., Feb. 5,1??t. Mr. 8paldi*?<??Sir : I have tried Tour Oepna'.io 'ills, and I like them so well that I wantjou t? and me two dollars worth moro. Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom I age a few out of the first box I rot from yofl. Send the Pills by mail, and oblise Your ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. IIavkrvord, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. Ma. Spalding?Sir: I wi*h yon to send ine one note box ofyour C?pha!io Pills, / 4at>? rtreived ? real deal tf benefit from tktm. yours reepeotiully. MARY ANN 8TOIKHOU9E. gpbuck Crkkk, Huxtinston Co., Pa,( January 18.1861. \ 11. C. SrAXDin?? Sir: You will please send me wo boxes of your Cephalio Pills. Heud th??m tinned i&tely. Respootfully yours, JNO. B. SIMONS. P 8 ? I Kare need one box of your PUit, and Mid hem excellent. Belli Virsos, Ohio, Jan. IS, 1861. Hsnkt C Fpaldino, Era.: Please find inclosed 7enty-fiv? cents, for whicn send me another box your Opnalio Fills. They are truly the but HUt J hare ever tried. Dlreot A. STOVER, P. M., Belle Vernon, Wyandot oo., 0. Beverly, Mass., Deo. 11,186". H. C. SrALDino. Esq.: 1 wish for some oiroolare ?r larije show Nlis. t-> brine your Cephalic Pills nore particularly before rar oufton.ers. If you iB-ve an*thin* of the kind, please s?nd to me. One of my customer*, who is suhjeot to severe *iok Headache. (usually lasting twodays,) teax vrerf of an attack in one hour by yovr Pilit, whioh sent ner Respectfully yours. VV. B. WIMIFR. RrTNOLDSBt'Krt, F*AHKU!t Co., Ohio.f January 9,1B81. \ He^ht C. Spat.disg. No. 48 Cedar itr?ot. New fork? Dear Sin Inclosed find tw*nty-five osnts. 25,) for whioh sond box of * Cephalic Pills." end tn address of Kev. Wm. C. Fllfer, Reynolds iumt. Franklin count*, Ohio Your fill* work like a charm?curt Htadackt :lmort tnstanter. Truly yours, WM. C. FILLER. Yfsilanti, Mich., Jan. 14,1881. M*. *paldti*&? Sir: Not loni sinoe I sent to you or a box <-f Cepha 10 Hit's for the care ef tho Nerrous Headache and Costiveness, and reoeived the ame. and tkey had so good an tffect that I vat injured to una for mom. Please send by return mail. Di r?it to A. R. WHKBLF.R. Ypsiianti, Mioh. From the Examiner, Nor/oik, Va. Ophalic Pill* accomplish the object for whioh hey were invis, vi*? Care of headaohe in all its arms. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. They have been tested In more than a thousand a*e*, with entire snoeets. From the Democrat, St. Cloud, Mitm. If yon are, or have been troubled with the head oho, send for a box, (Cephalio Pill*,) to that yon nay nave them in case ot an.attack. From the Adrertittr, Providence, R. /. The Cephalic Pills are said to be a remarkably ffootive remedy for the headaohe. and one of the ery best for that very frequent complaint which aa ever been discovered rrom western K. R. Gazette, Chicago, TIL We heartily enforce Mr. Spalding, and his no ivailed Cephalio Pills. From the Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Vn, We are sine that persons snfTtrinc with the head ohe, who try them, will stick to them. \sm the Southern Path Finder. New Orleatu, La, Try them ! you that are affltotKi and we are sore tiat your testimony oan be arided to the already

umerons list that has reoeived benefits that bo tiier medioine oan prodaoe. From the St. Louit Democrat. The immense demand for the artfole (Oph%lio 'ills) is rapidly inoreasing. From the Gaxette, Darenport, Iowa, Mr BuMi? -n-l-l ? w vuiu uui avuumi on name who n article ha aid not know to |oumi real merit From thi Advtrtitrr, Providtnte, R. /. The teatimorv la their favor u stronf, from tit* toat reapectab qoartera. From tKt Daily JViwi, Nneport, R. /. Cephalio Pills are taki&x the p!aoe of all kinds. T A Binf le bottle of SPALDlNU'Si PREPAR ED OLUB will aave ten timee its ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE'. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB! BAVE THE PIECES! jr rnNfiMV AiiarATVti IDT"A STITCH IK TIM* SAVM WI?L"-T!1 As aoonienU will happen, even in veil reflated ipuliea, it ia very desirable to have tome oheap t.d^oonventent way for r<patriae Furniture, Toye rockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE Bit* all auoh e mernenoiee, and no hoaaahold oa rd to be withomt it. It la alwaya raady. and ?the stiokini point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Brash accompanies eaoh fiottla. Frio i oeuts. Address HENRY C. SPALDING, * ?? "? " ? - ?? v??i iuimi ntv York* CAUTION. Aa o*?Uin acprinoipUd persona arc attpupttac to >n? to tuniw before parobnainf, and aee that ET SALDINO'S PREPARED on the oauide wrapper; all other* are rwiodlinf mnterfeiu. fc l?-dAwtr I ? # PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIQ N O T_i C E. DwAATMfirr ot th* Waskmrtim, Die.? 1?. \ x u i/i ic dvuoo ! nerery given that bonds u4 j oonpons ur.on>d, of the desorittion hereinafter set forth, hare lately been fekmioasly abstracted from the oastody of the Interior Department, the same being the property of the United States and held in trast for certain Indian tribes Notioe has also been given to the proper offioers of U?s respeo- { tive States to sto^ the payment thereof; and all persons ar? waited against parohasing or reoeiving any oj satd bonds and eoapons, as the <va*ai M the Uni ied States thereto will be prosettUted to the utmost wxtent. Eaoh bond being for the ram of one thoaa And dollars, vn i Six per oent. Missouri Coapon Bonds, issued w June and Angast, 1857. StrAeof Missioari, St. Loais and Iron Mountain R R. State Bonds. Bond No. 1037 Bond No. 1833 1878 isr irwta A9WV 10ZJ 1W7 1821 1998 1820 2008 1819 2007 1818 1993 1809 1W4 1817 1?W 1818 1891 1815 19V0 1814 1892 1813 1W1 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1W2 1808 ( 2006 2031 2006 2004 2034 2001 2036 1W0 203ft 2000 2032 2000 1824 1877 1828 1878 1830 187# 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1808 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1888 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1880 . 1875 1800 2030 Z0? 3029 2048 2018 204(1 2017 2047 201A 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds 1824 . Not*.?Bonds No.SQCO, and below of thii aerlM. issued June. 1857, tod bonds No. *<f above asfeaff1, tfw* Stat* of Mi?aou/i biji per oent. coupon bond*, izt Hannibal and St, Joseph Railroad State Bond#? Bond No. 1863 Bond No. 1636 1852 1627 1861 1628 I860 1629 1849 1859 1848 1866 1847 1863 1846 1862 1846 1860 1844 1861 1832 1866 1836 1868 1833 1856 1834 1854 1836 1822 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 1826 1649 1826 1840 1827 1836 1828 1812 1829 1813 1830 1814 1831 1816 1841 1818 1842 1817 1843 1818 1844 1819 1845 1020 1848 1821 1847 1811 184S 1884 1837 1834 1838 1831 1840 1832 1842 1835 1&43 1822 1860 1867 1818 1838 1817 1830 181S 1839 1819 1841 1820 1823 1821 1824 1626 90 bond! Noti.?Theee bonda axe dated January, 18*7, arable at Bank o? Commeroe. New YorkTln November. 1886?Interest parable in Jaaury and July of eaoh jaar. Btata of Mixaonri six *gr gent. Coupon North Mlrrouri R. R. Slate bond*. Bond No.?2953 Bond No. 1039 2940 1438 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 3946 1644 3946 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1440 2960 1650 3937 3923 2938 3923 1663 2924 1664 3936 1066 ?51 1662 2961 1666 1?5T 2921 1706 3468 1708 2612 1707 2611 2462 2614 2461 2616 2464 2616 2466 2911 2460 291* 2467 2913 3468 2911 3469 3914 - 3460 ?19 M?1 in* Sea 391T J4?S 1918 2919 U6& 3930 3466 2954 3467 3956 1M1 80 boadi Not*.?The bonds aunborad ISMoad Mov, 1? n?d id JidutTi 1MT; No 2910, *M?bor* thkt, |aan?d,^An^ut, last, payable M Paoenix Bask, Miwoari its fT OOTt, Coupon Boadi. Tin North Mi mo eli R. R. Bt?U bood*. Bond No. 2773 Bood No. 2763 2784 2187 2786 3730 3781 2717 3783 3734 3779 3731 3783 3719 2711 37*3 3713 3733 riO J720 3735 371* 3777 3737 3778 3734 3765 37S1 3708 3788 3789 3739 3770 3718 3771 3715 3786 3714 3778 3784 3773 3738 J774 tm J *ri4 m jreo . tni 1TB jna?Ei5ssa?? M gy Minoiri Biz-rw ml PmiAa R?ilro*4 But* Ckm pen BOMB. Boad No. MM Bowl Wo. MM 6159 6161 5145 6366 6344 6160 6341 -l*u 5242 5255 5241 525* 5340 5255 5239 5151 5238 5250 5237 5249 5235 6247 5234 5348 5223 51*5 5232 5196 5231 . 5000 MOO 4999 | M9? 4997 v? ss 5310 4889 6338 4888 5307 4870 5308 5257 5309 6382 51 boodf 5308 Bonds of North Carotin*?Compon us por *0*1 North Carola* it* ft oontn. Bond No. 35 Bond No. 303 33 301 33 300 23 29T 9 233 T 234 349 203 348 1M 347 104 340 20 3a 19 342 18 341 ir 340 16 339 13 338 8 337 11 338 10 336 102 338 101 319 108 MO 99 Si 104 331 A 333 38 21 ? J3T 1? 3* n 317 98 318 97 31? 9fl 19* 96 139 W 138 61 ?7 ?9 13* 303 71 bond* J(*"TM """ oonai are <um Judwt. ims. North Carolina 6 percent*. Coupon Bonila. J Bond Ne. 833 Bond No. 736 832 73ft 831 768 830 750 8? 740 8*4 761 836 762 836 7fl3 837 764 838 799 871 791 872 791 873 7#3 874 7#4 876 7#> 876 796 877 797 878 798 879 799 880 gi)0 881 Ml 848 802 847 80S 848 8*4 849 ADA 849 808 841 898 862 897 84* 8U Stf 854 81* 848 814 867 816 IS 816 868 817 881 818 SM tlf 808 H20 864 831 ( 885 til 888 83* 80T 814 888 S ?830 81T 883 818 881 880 s ss T31 844 rsi tut 733 734 104 boodi | I North Ctroliat tlx p*r out, Ooupor Bond Ko/WO Bond Ho. 493 . MO 404 W3 405 604 496 J 604 497 3 606 6J1 . 607 498 J 608 010 ] 610 611 1 6U 481 611 491 13 483 600 484 614 483 611 486 J 13 *67 634 688 618 489 616 490 1 617 638 618 639 ? 641 640 3 SI 5 615 MS 44 m 46 Ml 648 g ^ 645 M4 646 5*5 656 M 6*1 Mf MS 618 61* 5? 617 Al8 M Hi w? ?ir Si 4,4 423 12 mi : M J 547 4N MS MO Mo 12 *" C U? 4T1 J ? in " 2 4T3 5 f* ?T? s m s i IS 474 410 A9V 415 478 ~ 4* 479 fc 423 480 I 421 512 Ml 513 544 fj 491 lit W*dj | '^agaangftarea.'A.01; ; **Bmi * . 61 BwiX^Ul 1 M 1U R M Ut "I u m / P Cd M . itt M 1M 1 Bond He VT Bond Ho 161 9* ltS 99 1M 1AA * ? "? 10ft 1? 178 113 191 114 !9} 19* 1* 194 117 195 128 m 179 197 1?0 198 119 199 130 100 137 144 44 boftdt 148 Two boat* for fl.onp nc b. dttod A*nl. U9I. Bond 1%> 9 Bond No 18 rSft 3t? Bond No. 1183 Bond Ko. 1J91 1184 1193 1185 1194 1186 1196 1187 1190 1188 UfT 1189 1190 1ft bead* 1191 T*an*M**ai far ?ent. Co?pon Bond*, of !.?* e?cli, of 1u?b <jf l&'t !?U in Nr?>w? city, of tlMlo..owing iiabm. and du*d JugBold No. 117 Bond No. 41 & m 4i9 294 476 297 477 409 491 41? 498 414 723 aft i? ,o.ovin? cinb^muotd Jtoatrr.iiu* Bond No 828 Bond No. 1278 829 1368 830 iiul ni 11 # fallnim I--.. B?d 1 No. 1744 Bond No. Ifttt 111.0 J891 % 11*3 1891 1581 30A4 *05 J1J1 4.01 of tlM folloviac Dumber* Issued Joouory, lMf.. food No. 3149 Bond No. 4107 3464 4208 3446 4309 3464 4110 3447 4J11 3449 4111 3474 4J13 3471 4114 *471 4431 3758 45ST 3894 4S?? 394J 4bS0 3V42 465* 3943 4500 3944 tb*9 394* 4670 394? 457! 3 985 4740 4199 4751 4300 4881 tad of the following niimhtriinoH Jmatry.rr*Bond No Bond No. 6419 M96 5421 Vt2* M2* 5359 5427 5360 5430 5361 5434 53?3 54.^ 5303 5437 5366 6439 VW* 6367 5441 5368 5441 5369 5453 5*79 5444 5571 5445 5371 5463 M7S 5518 5*74 5619 5376 55* 5*76 6521 6?T7 6523 5578 6703 6*T9 N7P4 53?9 6706 6*8J 6706 5386 5707 *$6 5708 5387 5709 318 6719 5389 5711 6390 5713 *391 571* 5393 5799 6^93 M39 5416 584* 5417 6643 M18 )niri or rum Secbbtait of tbi Intiejob. Dooombcr 36.1?*. lVdtf J. THOMPSON. 8#eraury. fREEMAH pimOlTS The *bore PL'RKWH 18KY, Corn* Distill*? lOH MaLTSD Guam. beu* inferior and arforw ?uality. ud hlch!y 'UMTWMW MS. 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