Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1861 Page 1
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0 9 (Sftmttig ?>tax V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. MARCH 21. 1861. N?. 2.528 THE DAILY EVENING STAR n rent lis hx n e ver t afternooii, ',??* ^DAYS EXCEPTED,) i* THE STAR B(71L2)I7(Gft? Comtr rmv*ij(v*ni&*vinv.4 and Mtk ??., It 1 W. D. WA1JLACH. P?*era a*rvad is HoktfM by oarrton It 14 I ?r*r, or Xt oonta per mouth. To nail rabMrlbm tee pr.M is 93JU a year, wi mdmmmtt; %i for tlx mcrtha; 51 for thro* inontlte; and for l?n ttoan tireemontliaatUiarataofiaoeotaa week. Biai* ?npe?, 0!t* c?*t; in wrapper a, two cist*. |LT beaent to tua ofioe More 13 o'o.ock m.; otherwiae Lucy may notappear ntl tbo next day. HIPS IX \HMOR England Taking Up the French Gauntlet? La Glaric knd the Warrlar. The readiest way to rouse the energy of an KngliMiin'^ }s to tell him that a Frenchman has ?<*,uieveJ tome wonderful triomph. Hi* ?*f'^onal pride fires at the idea that any body, 'jrfpecially a Frenchman, has accomplished tome unheard-of aot, and he neyer rests until k? has tried hia hand in the same direction, maa produoed a specimen bigger and more extraordinary in every way than the other. To ?ry "Prance'" in the ear of England, produces an effect like that of the toss of a gauntlet in defiance of a chevalier of the old regime. John Bull eonsiders his honor touched, and at once sets at work in a rage ot competition. The latest instance of this fiery national Tivalry is the quarrel over the question of the iron-clad ships. "When France launched La Oloire," says an enthusiastic writer in the last Cnrnhill Magazine, "she callengcd England? challenged her. not to fight, but to fit herself for fighting on new terms The Warrior is England's reply." Readers curioas in mch matters, who may not hare had the leisure to follow the elaborate discussions of the merits of these rival ships that have appeared in the English and French pre*s, will find the atory of the oontest pleas antly told by the Corn hill writer, fie shows that the British public fell into a state of violent agitation when it was announced that France had begun to build a floating battery, olad in shot-proof armor, filled with deathdealing projectiles, contrived upon such a plan that she could neither be sunk nor burned, riddled by cannon balls nor blown up by an enemy. Astute British statesman asked the reassn of this extraordinary movement; stout EuglUh squires quaked in their boots in their spacious rural homes; the seaboard shivered with fright. All England was thrown into consternation. It would never do for her to bo beaten on the sea by any contrivance of Napoleon. The idea of allowing herself to be outwitted by France was preposterous; and something must be done. This is not the language of our writer. He puts the case in a more gingerly way, pruning down the harsher features of the emergency, and demonstrating the maritime necessity for activa competition. We have given the substance of his introduction in a way which expresses his rea! meaning "The British public." ho adds, " are probably anxious to learn 1 whether we have replied worthily or not." The problem to be solved is this : ""What kind of vessel will best enable British seamen to contend successfully against La Gloria and similar ships7' In other words, although 1 France had built La Glorie, she was not to be 1 allowed to have all the glory to herself. La Gloire is a timber-built ship, cased from 1 end to end with iron plates four and a half in- ' chea thick; she is 252 feet 6 inches long, 55 feet bra^d, and 27 feet 6 inches deep below the water line; her ports are 8 feet 6 inches apart, 1 An/1 fpftm ^ tft A 1- ? ? u VIM ?v v tvvii WW IUO iVdlCI ( UCI Oil* gines are of 9U0 horse power, her speed 11 knots an hoar, and her armament 34 guns, carrying 54-pound shot and two shell guns. The Warrior is 420 feet long, 58 feet broad, 2* feet draft, and (5,050 tons harden. She has cost ?350.00'l. Hence she is longer, broader, lighter and more expensive than La Qloire. So far, so good. It is olaimed, moreover, that she can outsail, outfight and outlast her French rival. Her ports are higher than those of La Gloire, and ft is confidently asserted that she can blow the latter out of the water with the greatest faoilitj. Or, to quote the Cornhill: " Her plan corresponds with the well-known spirit of our naval commanders, who have always had a passion far laying alongside' of a foe * * * Even in a crippled state the Warrior would probably steam as fast as La Qloir?. and would certainly carry a lof?ier * }.??f arv ? - J * - - '* ???mcu iuai vaumeu vessel pu->se68<i!s 81 her be^t." ' Th4e Warrior carries but 48 guns, but tbej are. so disposed that no fire can ever dismount , 'xein. whilo the remarkable spaciousness of .her fighting deck gives facilities for handling ! the guns with ease and rapidity, so that the Admiralty claim for her a great superiority of power over her rival. Unliko the latter, she i? not protected throughout by armor. Only 1 the centra! part of the vessel is protected by sbot-proof plates; the remainder is fitted up with bulkheads encased in iron. Hence she is lighter than La Gloire. Other peculiarities of her construction are thus described : " But even with ber fine ends uncased, an immense weight of iron has to be supported. And this weight has not, as tome suppose, been ! determined in the caaa of the Warrior by the number of gans which are to be carried. The whole art of war ship construction Lad to be reversed io this respect: the dimensions and structure of the hull 'being the first thing fixed and tho number and position of the guns being ^absequentiy settled For, let it be un% d<r stood. there is much more than the guns *nd gunners to be protected. In the Warrior the engines and boilers, magazines, shellrooms, spirit-rooms?all the stores, in fact, that it would be dangerous to expose either to fire or water?are placed within the shelter of the armor plates. The engines and boilers alone occupy a length of 15tf feet. Here, then, we see at once that a considerable length of shot-proof dido becomes requisite. That a great length of it is also necessary will be seen from the facts, first: that 'he ports must be considerably elevated; next, that the plating must be continued down a few feet below the water line, in order to prevent shots entering just beneath the sea's surface, or lower down when the ship is in a seaway, er heeling under a wind, and fiusily, that the armor must be carried up well above the heads of the gunners, in order to protect them properly. The side consists of an ordinary (but unusually strong) iron skip's hull, outside of which are nlaced. in opposite directions, two layers of teek timber, one of ten inches thick and the other of eight inches, and upon the outside ef this mass of timber 4 J inch iron plates are secured." The oavils of skeptics are met as follows: Very mistaken views are held as to the probable aotien of the shot and shell upon her uncased extremities, by persons who have studied the warrior's construction but imperfeotly. In the first place, it should be understood that no apprehension of the ship there sustaining serious injury from the fire of shells need be entertained The sides are all of iron; the beams are of iron; and thin iron decks are laid over tM beams The only combustible materials exposed are the plank coverings of the iron deck, and such little matter* of ahip furniture M maj be deemed indispensable The officers' cabina will be in the after part of the ship, it ia true, and the mena' meaaea in the fore part; but with the ship herself of iron, and with well-deriaed applianoes for extinguiahing such local ignition aa may happen, it will be a:aroely poaaible for fire to maxeprogreas in her. But even if it should, the main iwdy of the ahip will be perfectly proof to it; for within the plated bulkheads, and two feet from them, are nlaiMvi innar iron balk heads, and the snaces fctwVen" arc used aj water compartments, no I that vertical ?he?U of water, two foot thick, intervene between the body of the ihip and ber extremities, through theae it would be impoaaible for any fire to make itc way. Iu the next place, there ia no good ground for believing that shot will do much injury to the ship's extremities; except the rudder and after sternpoet, perhaps; these arc the weak points in the Warrior, as in ail otber screw ships of war, notwithstanding that they bare in her ease been made enormously strong and heavy, for ike expreM purpose of reaistiog solid ?hot. To rappoee that any number of shot which a ship is likely to receive in nation would knock tther the haw or stern of snoh a shin as the 4 Warrior to pieces, and leave tbe cased portion only afloat, would be to manifest grant ignorance of the strength with whieh she is bnilt throughout " Tha Carnhill article winds up with a word of counsel to the British Government, to tha fact that Tt th? Freoch ara sot to look ?p f *' Englishmen in their harbor* or sweep mercantile fleets from the open sew, there maat be more (hips like the Warrior"?ships which shall be at least hor equal in speed, and, if possible, superior to her in the pofrer of dealing destruction. In the view of the Cornhill, however, it is olearly impossible to produce a f;reater work of naval architecture than thia ast speoimen of British ingenuity. Terrible Scene* la China?Twe Hundred Bandit* Beheaded. [ From the Canton Pre**.] Foocnow, Not. 23, 1860. The entire community here, native and foreign, has been thrown into a state of great excitement during the last few day*, the oaose and progress ef which I shall try to give you as briefly as I ean. You are aware that for some years past a feud ha* existed between Cantonese and Chinchrwtte sailor* and lorchamen. This broke out afresh during June of this current year, and in a more formidable form than it had previously assumed. By a wily polioy the warlike lorchas, numbering some twenty-three, were enticod to leave this river. As soon a* this was managed, the local authorities determined hereafter to oonflne all Canton lorohas and West Coaat boats to the anchorage at Quantow, about ten or twelve miles below the Pagoda station. To oarry oat this resolution, a large body of Dative militia and marines were collected, ohieflv from Quemoy and Amoy, several war junks and armed pullaway boat* were fitted up, and the entire foree was put under the tommand of Commodore Wo?, a brave and fierce fellow, dreaded by his own class as a man of war, and hated by Cantonese as a savage villain. Commodore Woo had been on the watch, fully anticipating the move that this outside lee would make to bolt past bis station and ascend the river in a collated body. They attempted this on last Monday, the 19th, but found their match in the Commodore. There sailed past his guard post three, some say ten, Canton lorchas and tymoons; others hanging on outside in case this detachment succeeded. They were attacked by the mandarin force: three were burnt, two ran up to take refuge at the Pagoda anchorage, and the rest made out to sea as fast as they could. The remainder of that day was occupied in pursuing and cap turing the fugitive pirates who had escaped on shore. Next morning, the 20th, the Mandarin armed boats were in pursuit of the two boats that bad escaped up the river. They came up with them about noon, lying in shore at the Pagoda. There they were attacked, their crews dashed into the stream to swim ashore, and while floating on the water some forty or fifty were speared and shot; a fine sight to be seen for foreign seamen and residents. Early in the morning of the 21st, it was evident, from the ricked throngs on the great bridge and the hubbub around, that something strange and novel and exciting had occurrea About V o'clock, some of the Mandarin war boata had oome up with two prizes and two hundred captured pirates. The latter they commenced to land, each man under guard of it least four marines, bearing drawn sword*, spears, matchlocks, or sporting gay flags. The captive* were in a terrible plight, stripped and naked, hands tied with awful tightness behind their backs, and foet scarcely able to walk, r. hllo they were driven along with the most barbarous savageness. Eight or ten bad been beheaded on tbeir way up the river, and two ?r three just aa they were shored on shore, for showing fight and their reluctance to move on Ihe heads of these unfortunates were slung on poles, and swung before the eyes of the remainder as a token of what awaited them very shortly. When all had been landed, they were marched across the bridge to the northern end, and on the way, as if to gratify the publio gaze, the headsof four weredeliberately chopped off, and their corpses flung into the river below. But we were surprised in seeing, when it wu supposed that all had orouod the bridge, a large band of captives returning post-haste. Ihey were stowed away agaiu on board these war junks, bound and tied with double fury, several bands tied together. No mercy was shown to any. A boy of ten was pushed in with a nake*l sword over his head. An aged wretch failed to creep back to his boat, and was flung on board to expire hs bent he could. Aiuiogt all had their wriels so tightly tied that the flesh was eu'-en into, and the spectable brought vividly to mind the tortures inflicted on our oountrymen in the North, over whoso cruel fato there id no ono that docs not mourn. Tnese armed boats, with a cargo of 170 Chinese pirates, shored tff to go back to Quantow, to have them decapitated thnre; the remaining thirty having been carried on to the North Gate execution grounds. Upon this announcement the thick erowds moved away, an4 the thronged streets and bridges were cleared But that Mandarin move was found, after all, to be a dodge. At 9 o'clock tb% crowds had been thickening, and it began to be apprehended that the large Canton population here might rise and attempt the rescue of their countrymen, who were treated, before their very eyes, so mercilessly and brutally. The maneuver succeeded in thinning the streets, and at a signal tho boats were moved back to their position as in tha morning, tho unfortunate victims were at once landed, and, with the same guard, they were L _ 1 _1 _? A. 1 _ * ?* aasicueu aioDg a sireei 01 two mues in lengtn at double quick time, to the parade ground out*ide the S >uth gate. Here tome of the principal official* were seated at 3 o'clock, at a tribunal, which, without trial or mercy, was to hurry more than 160 of their fellows into eternity. The work was ahort; one after the other the whole lot were beheaded, and in half an hour the judge*, troops, and staring mob were dispersed. Among the oaptives there were two youths of 10 ana 12; for one of them seven merohantj advanced their guarantee, and he was |saved. The other died unheeded ?nd unoaring under the executioner's knife. The executioners, of whom there were several, vied to see who oould do the largest amount of work; one succeeded in eutting off 63 heads, for whieh he would receive what he would oonsider a handsome douceur, as 500 cash is given for each caput. Commodore Woo, the hero of the day, went to the tribunal with * blue button, but returned to his fleet with a red one, honored and applauded by all his oo-mandarins. It is worthy of note that those brigands that made the deaperate effort to break the blockade against the Canton lorchas did ao juat after the John Adama, U. S. man-of-war, left the port. . Fiehdish ?We learn from the Salem (Ind ) Times that an Inhuman wretch in an adjoining County to Washington deliberately plotted the following, by which to put his wife to death. It sterna that to accomplish bla hellish work, It was necessary to emplov his own son, a amall boy, to naaist him He set nlsfence on tire, and Instructed h sllttle son to prepetrate the deed. After be had ft the fence on fire, he sent the little boy to the bouse after ht> (the boy's) mother, to come and put the Are oat, while he (the father) secreted himself In the woods near oy.. telling the boy before this, that while his mo'her was engaged In extinguishing the lire to approach her from behind aud set her clothe* on tire, which he did, and bef?re she was aware, her clothes were In a blase, burning them entirely off, and of course burning her to death The Time* does not slate that the human wretch has been arrested. EtritT or ''Dixik" wit? a Naw Accomfaximbmt.?One of the Augusta (Ua.) editors, a man of peculiar physical capacities, and of lndomlta ble energy and perseverance, baa learned himself to whistle and alag "Dixie" at ona and tb? tame time, *ltb the tame mouth Ha was practising this neat accomplishment one day. woe n It ao acted upon the feelings of a dog which was In adjoining apartment that the wretched animal ran bowling from a room and threw Itaelf from a eeoud story window 80 we learn from a report of the occurrence pnbl'tbed by an envlons cotemporary of the artistic editor. 117" Several Tarklah sailing frtgateahave been Mat to Englaad to m altered to icnvi. MISCELLANEOUS. 3f| AT LI NUrf AEf HILL. ^ The proprietor invitee the Attention of the publio c to hit extensive assortment of TKEKS and 1 SHRUBBKR Y. ? 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BE Sabecriber bavin* maoe addltiena te hi ^USSSSiOS rDaiaotnringCARRIAGE 4c A60NS of all kinda cannot be aarpaaaed, an< gn hi* lone expervenoe In the buuteaa, he hope* iiiw c?neral ?ti(faction. All kinds ?f Carriages as4 fclckt War* a a kept tod Ail'REPAIRS BaatlT4*?*-aa'*11 mrdmrm attended to. ' '' Sr^k"' PIRE.MEN'9 INSURANCE COMPANY OF WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital fiioo,oot>. foi com r C strut and Louisiana av., ortr Bank oj Washington. i'BURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AHA I MAT I noa DV T-?I r? u nvaitiOA UV/OO L9 I r 1 n TJ? Ductobb. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redferu, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D. Barclay, Jaooh Gideon, Andrew Roth veil. Thus. Parker, Riohard Barry, B. B. French. No oh&rge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, Preaident. \bkl G. Davis, Secretary. ool0-eo6m ) READER, ERUSE The following statement and then judge of its fact* lor yourt-eif ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a well lown oitizcn there, had suffered from Dyspepsia r some years, withont permanent relief, until he iMAYKK'S HI.LS, which taken according to e direotiors for this oompiaint. restored him to 'alth in a few weeks. After an interval of seme r>nih a he has had no return of his comp aint. liEO. \V. CROSS, of Harmony, Texas, had an uption on his nrok, shoulders, hack and leg. hioh oovered at>oat one third of his body. It kept e parts affected covered with a scab? end being ten a raw sore, was of oourse verv troublesome d distressing, it so much impaired hu health as unfit him lor business and kept him in ?otatant ferine. All ni^dioal aid faile l him until he took VERS COMPOUND EXTRACT cams*. VRILLA, which cured liim. His skin still shows scars from the ulceration, but it is otherwue clear as an infants. (OHN H. SHOOK, Esq , an eminent lawyer of chmoud, Va..tooica old which settled on his tigs. A severe pain set in on the left side, with a d cough, whioii was soon followed by the unmisIcatle s) mptoins of consumption. W h?nr?dtioe<l ry low heoommenced taking AYER'8 CHERi PECTORAL., which soon stopped the cough d completely cured him. !*repartd by DR. J. C. ATER & CO., Lowell, us. ma 19 eolm PROF. WOODS RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AITD BLOOD RENOVATE* s preoisely what its name indicate*, for, w}iile >osant to the taste, it is revivifying, exhilarating, /igorating and atrenitheniD* to the vitai powers, d at the *ame time revivifies, reinstates, and re ws the Itlood in a 1 its original pu.'ity, and thus once re?tore* nnd. revrlrrs t\f system in'-uln'tiblt nttnrle * rtf * ? A x' fotwoci 11. in" *nuj propftrfninn sr offarea to the world. ?o chemically and nkilllly combined aatobetue rooet powrrful touio. d At the *am? time so perfect y adapts t^, a* to t in perfrctyicoordauo? with the laws of i.ature. (1 hence will tootlti the tvealf,st iiitmad*. and ie up f hr digestive organs. and thus allay af! ner ub and other irritation. It is perfect t exiiiiara ig and at the same time it ib composed entirely of getables, yet so combined at. to produoe the moat trough tonic effect, without pr??duping any m loua oonae^uences. bnoh a remedy baa long en felt to be a deaideiatuia in the medicai w<>flJ, - it needs no medical ekll to see that dehility lows all attack* of diaeaae, and proceed* and in ed lay* the ay*tem o?ea to the insidious attack* ??any of the moat fatal.iuch, for example, aa the lowing: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyapepaia, >** of Appetite, faintneea, Nervous Irritability. ?ura gia, Palpitation oftne heart, Melanohoiy. fht ftwea'.s, l^angcr, Oiddineea. Reteution of. as 1 as I'ainful obstiaotod. too profnae, <>t t<?o ?nt Menstruation, and Falling of the Womb. ie*eall depend upon general debility. Thupure, althy iodio Cordial and ll'ood Renovator in a* re tooure a* the lun m to roe and aet. There it nustak* about it . Out this i? not all If the item m weakened we are open to billon* at:ka, the livi-r becomes torpid, or rorie diseased. b kidney* refuse to perf. rm functions, and * are troubled with scalding and '.nooutiiidcoe of ne. or involuntary diaoaargo of the eaiae, pain the baak, aide and l>ctwe?*i; the ahouidera. ex lia.hlft tr? aiirht nnM AumrJiu rv.i if *.** ? ry j -fr v^ ?| vvuhU"! "waava l| UU eokod, soon emaciation follows,and the patient es d'iwn to a premature k rave. Hut noace will t allow ui to enumerate the man* ilia to whioh we e liable in a weakened condition < ! Uit sTetem'. it we wii! tar in this Cordial and B o<?l K?m>var Ton have a ptrfeot safe plaee.Lt and effectua mewj for loes of App-ttt*. biliousness. Flatu ice, V'-ak and eick Stomach. Lancour. l.iver impl&int, Chills and Fever.or an? Union* attack itivenons. A idity oftheStomach, Nervousneaa, Buraitia, Palpitation of the Heart, i>eprecs<on Spirits, Sor??. Pimp!?a on the Face, or an; diaae arising f .11 impure blood, mich aa Scrofula, rysipelaa. lironotutia, Couch,difficulty of ftreathI, and all that olaaa ol diseases oal ed female takneas.and enumerated above. We will also ythe traveler exposed to eptdemioa, ohacge of mate and water, will find it a pleasant. aafeaud re re?redy, and no ono should ever travel with t. Reader, try it. for we assure you you will id in it a friend indeed,as well aa a triendin need. Ml persona of sedentary habita will find it a per3t preventive of, aa well aa a cure for those ail?nta which they are particularly expoaod. Henoe iniatera, students, attorneys, literary gentlemen, d ladies who are not aoouatoined to muoh outor exercise, will find it to their advantage to ep a bottle oon?tantiy ou har.d; and above all 'there. or those beoominf auoh, will go through at most dangerous penod not only with all their customed strength, but safe and free from the ousand ailments so prevalent among the female rtion of the world. In ahort, ia indeed a mother a rdial. Try it old and young; no lot ?er run the <k of delay; it will relieve and prove itself hatilly a Restorative Cordial and Blood Renovator. J. J. WOOD, propn-tor, 444 broad# a?, New ork, and 11 4 Market Street. St. Louis. Mo., and Id by all good Druggists. Prioe One Dollar per >1110. PROP. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL and BLOOD RENOVATOR. gold in thia oity by C. STOTT, 37? Pa. avenue. m ?-eoly.aiw french flowersof the vehv best quality, and an extensive v*rietr, ( nA. At ^ I E V KN HflR* Fancy ?t?re, Hn no 22 t *Sfi. (.atw. 9th and liwh ?t?. aiJPONT*S 6UNPOWDEK, w For saie at mannfaotA-era pnoea, by JOHN J. B06UE, OKomsrrows, D. 0., Sole Agency for tkt District of Columbia. A larre ?urp.t, e?nhracin? every variety, aiwara i tiauil, ?ni Uelivoreil free to aii part* of tiie DieiOt. Orders can albo l>e left at the office of A Jama* Epreaa CiuiikHi.v Wftahiitatun. U. C. feS-lawly EST FA NOV UOODS, > A 1' PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, And One Price Only, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE, no 22-tf S3fi. h?tir. <?th ami ldth eta. lNCOLN^AS HEls! ~ j Steel Esoravrd Portrait. The be?t Portrait ?et pubhahedof 'ON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, (with wkitktrt,) At FRENCH ft RirHSTEIN'S, No. 278 Penna Avxurx, TVaihfngton, D. C. T'ade aupplied at low prioea mar7 mportant notice to strangers visiting washington. A view of the Na'i^nal Capitol will he pr?aented all pnrohaaara of Booka, Stationery &o.. from ie wm'known eataMiahment of FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, #T8 Pa. av.. I * 25 near Kirk wood Hooae 'ILK ROBF.8, MOU8MN ROBBB, LAWN > ROBE& BERA6E ROBES. Wo ire eelhni at half their original ?noe A' .her rood? of every dmor.piion veare still setlinf ; eost Oar (tot k is i&rge and wall aaaorted in till *f%rUm^U ta^ lor a hl'tcmeon WILL Tako^U^ds^vij'guua moor* for r,? >ok debts tad for Bot.ts, and Trunk*. AO arsons n i?b?ed to me trill pl??v#e oal And itttlt ?, or ( shall h?j>ompAlIed to fiva their aoeoanU bo a r*. r..^*rv?ea tu tod ioui ?t?. I CLOTHING, Ac. INtw cKm WALL. STEPHENS A CO* 384 Pennsylvania Aveuue, hare jn?t reoeired a large v&rietv of new Fall Good*. to w?i?h they invite the attention of their friend* and caatomer*. an JD-tf f^ENTLEMEN'S Vf RE\DV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present Msortment of GENTLEMEN'S dpatvv .ii 4nc r?i /*?rn?af? ......i. . - yuuininu onri Io cmzei.f and strangers wisfiin* an immediate out ?t superior inducements, emhraoing, at thia time, all trie* and au ah ties of Drees an<l BuitneM Garments and Overeoata lo all varieties. Fine Shirts 1 and Under-olothinc o( all kinds. Ktd and other ' Gloves of beet quaity. Scarfs, Tiee, Cravats, ; Stoekf, Hosiery, Ao., Ao. All of which we are . offering at n?r usual low prioea. IE7" Clothinc in to order in the nnt superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS * CO- , no 16-tf i<8 Pa. avenue. , /2.0 TO THE PEOPLES'CLOTHING STOR K, , VI No. 460 Seventh at., to <tt your CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOdS, HATS and ' CAPS. _(*2 6w ; W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite oar oustomers, and oitiaena general- ; ly, to an inspeoWon of our preeor.t uew, at _ a? tractive, and elegant assortment of^flB CLOTHS. CASSlSfcRES, DOESKINS, WK VpSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS. Ao. Wlf ' wnicuwe will maJre to order in ?iip?i?or^?fc style at very low prioee. ? WALL, STEPHENS ft COoo 2f> t[ 344 Pa. %r? t>etw. 9th and U'th ?t?. 1 #Ctre Couth, Cold, Hoarwutf, In- t fi. lull * a. any Irritation or Sort- i *V! of tkt Throat, Rrltort th? Riitkint Couth m Consume- ] l,on, Bronckitxs, Atkma, , t Catarrh, ?l*ar and girt f strength to tk* roxrt of t PUBLIC SPEAK ERB ^ and SINGERS. * Few are aware of the importance of checHnr * ' Couch or "Common Cold" in ita Sit atace; that % which in the beginm* would field to a mild r?*me- d <1t, if neglettted,eoonattaokethe I,urn. "Brtnan't otwwmu TTocitet." oontairj-c* demuToentingredi ente, allay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. e | " That trouble in my Throat, (for I BROWN S vhioh the "TVoeA**" area ?peo:fio) ? _ _ _ having made me oftrn aroerewhie- r TROCHES perer* N.P.WILLIS*. b BROWN'S " I reoommend their ate to Public b TROCHES ***""'REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great eervioe in subduing Ho&ksb- J; BROWN'S S?M." REV. DANIEL WISE. E Tpnrni,.u " Almost instant relief in the die t> trerainj labor of breathing peculiar r RRfiw\*c to Asthma." ti & RKV A c EGGLESTON. p TROCHES " Coatain no Opium or anything . injurious." DR. A. A HA* KS, BROWN'S, Cktmut, Botton, JJ troches JAr/KSatftsr0' BROWN'S j OR-4. F. BIGEL^ ^ troches; 5 BROWN'S fiostom J"' I have proved them exoellent for ^ TROCHE8|W,or?ir. ,rrr ? ? . nnr>nr?i*? ' utvvj wnDi not ton. TDnrnrc "Beneficial ?Ke? whim!!?1 to r< f KUCHE? ?fDak, mfferlne from Coi.b." ?* BROWN-! AK?.8^.P.*NO??8gNJ# TROCHB3 I BROWN'S common with SriAKtv* and ?: <? TROCHES STACY JOHNSON. M i'? Gf. n> BROWN'S TW^h<FemdeColw D b< TROCHES "Great benefit whan taken before JjJ and Mter prnkohinc. M they prevent brown's Hoareenee*. From their paat effect, " 1 thiak they will be of permanent adTROCHES v*ct\?e to me. Rev. e. rowley. a. m. a> brfvwn'8 Treeident of Athen* CollefeTTeiiD. ? TROCHES ITT"Sold brail Brnfgiat* at TWEN- " I Tt FIVE CENTS A BOX.^J) " de 1 ly * u*. j. h McLean s i STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A'N'D BLOOD Pl'HiriEH. THE GREATEST R^MED^T ?* tkt WORLD, s| of net, UfltLtut H t? ??kine. S 4uUUlnf, rrvdacia ' * dtiiciou, JtiUrtlinf aptrft, ud tka Mt infallible rama Ij -t ka ruauM itiui, CC tod raatannf (h? al farir.f, ?r.d dakLllUlad l?Villd M 5c httltfc aod atracf tk< ap MW V A W?! KTK F.NGTHITNlNri mn n Tt I * Will attciaallj e?ra l?i*?r CMspUiut, Prtoaptia, J?mtJlca, Chranic ar N?r'??' Dability,Diaa&aaa af Lh? Kidniya, or and all diaaat** aria*a( frcrj a aiaordarad Ui ?ar ar Btaoacb, r Djipipia, >wnkirn, Inward PU?i, Acidity n Bicknaaa W taa Biwcach, Fallnaaa af Blcod ta tha Htii, Dall Pub at A1 Iwunminf in (ha Baad, Palpuaurn af tha II a art. Fallnaaa at WairSt in tha lamarh, Soar Krveutiana, Lbakiu# at j Faalinf whan tayii # c'awa, Orynaaa ar YaUaW- lK oaaa af lha ikin and Craa, N(|fct Ivitu, Inward Fa?ara, Pun In tfc* Broall af tha tick, Cfcaat, at Blda, Baddan Plaahaa af Baal, Dapraaaiac af Bpirita, Frifbtftd Drauna, Q kangwot, Dtiaandauay at any i-ar??na diM-aa, Bcraa at If latefcaa an Ua Bkln, and Farar and Agaa (at ChiUa and riTifj ? OYER A MILLION BOTTLES H hara bttn aaid daring tha laat all oaotha, and in aa to- J tan** ha* it failad in ftting antira atuafacUan. Wkt, than, will aaffar frara Wailaaaa ar Dability whan MclBAIl L ITRCMiriilima COADIAL will cara fN 1 s Ha lanfBa fa ean aanray an adaqaau Ida* af tha Imaadl- Ir at* and ^lmaat miraemlaaa chir.ja pradaead by taking thia Cardial la tha diaaarad, dabilitatad, and ahaltarad citfaia ^ ayatam, whatbar brakan (town by ateaaa, waak by nanra, at lapairad by aUknaaa, tha ralaaad and anatrang atgajaV- A , alias la raiiartd ta ita ptUtina htalth and rigaa MAURIhD PERSONS, at athaia, *anaei*aa af inability fram whaxarar tana a. will ID ad MckKAKI TMWtiTBSIfCOBJJIAh a tha- M raigk r*(*n*r*t*t af th* (yattcn; and all wta mat ha** In ti Jatad U?a**lra* by lmyra??r indalyanca* will lad in ilia Cardial a (attain and a?**dy ramady. t> to the labie8. ?' Mi umi ?ram?Tiitiimu coiuiuk u ? al#u ut apaedr care far Incipient Uuuputt, Wtl'.ii, >' OMIMUl er Dlflcalt Meneira*ue?j.l ocebtineLCe ef UrUit ? M InTeluurr Diecbarfe tbereef, KalUnf ( the Wemb, ' tddliieee, r?IuUii(, end *11 dieeaeee incident l* Femalee. 11 there is no mistake about it hfn ua lacf er. Till It aceardm j te direcuaj.a. U will i| etlruaiale, etrauflben, ai d unpttu ym and out ibe blaau ef bealui (a maai?t ? ?/ cheek afaut. Km; battle la *1 VUIUU4 la flee eauafaeuaai. ' vok children ? if ?e*? cblldreu ua aicklr, p?or ar aCiaUd, McLKANt OU&OLAb will maka tbaio beulib*. fat, axid rabeut. Delar ii cat a icainaoi; ui H, and faa will ba tea*tuaad. h la deUaiea* tataka. " e a vtiox. * aware ef drtffiau ar daalara vba mat uy la palm apaa. ?i ytm aaana bluer ar eaxeapartlla iraab, wbtcb tbajr eaa imy ? heap, kf aatii.rit u hiat aa rao*. A?e>d each n>eu. Aek ? Uf rr ) V Wr.TUliniin rnfertitt . a . a.. * ... ? ?an??nMMna WM/tJIb, U? IO.II ualhinr ?! . It u th? aolr ratnady that *111 larify lha ^ Blaad thcraaftUr and ai Ua ma* dm* atracftfcan lLa ijmiia. Oat iiupwinl ukan mi; uaMciiif fuOaf n a eintu ' yravanuta In CteUti, Ckiito u.4 ?' ? ?, T alio* Pavar, or 01 of protlMlilMut. U ia pat ?p lu U(<? koulM. fntt aiiy |l iarkattla,ar?l?ai"a. far ft fll M.LUV lJ Bala nrapriatar af Uila Cardial; alaa. Mctiku'i Toicauic OU klilaML Print I pal Uapal aa |k? tan* at W Third I Plua airaau, Bt'. Laato, Ma. * MoLean't Yoloanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEBT LUfflMENT III TIE WORLD.) Tka aoly aafa *nd tartaln eara far Cajicara, Pilaa, Tm- || Ml, iwalllnfa ai>4 Bran&bila ar Caitra, Paralraia, Nam- m nlria, af Itl Mucin, Oracle ar Inluaaaufy . Rhaamatian:, tuSuaaa af (ha Jaaau, Ce:>iraciad Maaeiaa ar 0 Wifaraaou, E?ra*ba ar Taalhacha, Brauaa, rr.iua, Fraak _ C?u. Waanda, Clcara, Pa*ar Bcraa, Cikad BraaM, lava Nipplaa, Banu, Bealda, Bar* Thraat, at any Iniainmatiaa ar J aaia, aa diffaraaca haw aavara a* Mar tka diaaaaa may I. kTra aitatad, MckEAJTB cnillUm L1 HIM EXT to ? a eartaia ramady. Tbaaaaada af huu kalr.ji ta?a Vaaa aand a lifa af dto rapitada and mto?ry ky tha aaa af Uta loTalaakla ramady. * MtLEAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT a Will raliaaa pain >1?| inauntuaaaaly, and It. Till tiaaa, ft partfy ud haal tha faalaat aoraa la aa ineradlbla abort tlaa. a FOR HO&&ES AND OTHER ANIMALS. Z MelJLAM'B CELEBRATED LINIMENT to tka aaly aafa * and raltokla ramady for tka cara of Bpavia, Raaftwaa, Wladfalto, Bpliata, vaaataral Lamp^ a. ar Bwalltoap! U aarar toll ad ? cara Biff Haadl HUaatt, Ptocato, CTM euSHcSSi *mUy Apflju u 4ir?Ci?4 tU l MM to liWila to hkj I n? (ftt? s* tokftr "*' t*? ?"; ??rtaM LlniMaU C farad MM. UkSto * Hffil ?f D*. Mct.KAira CBLK, BEATKO UMlMfclfT. h -ill cmm. n Om JT?1*Cl^n i' T11E WEEKLY DOLLAR ST AIL nil U?4>Dt PMiir Nm uusi i nnnj ?f leweetwn MHw (Mb e?c be o*ad ia w nt;uta< c* Friday mornm*. fiuci* Ml, par urn ? #1 Fit* ooym 4 t! Tee oofiea. ___ ___ ? ar Tventr fiveoop!M_ ___ ? ar It icv&n*bi? oootuaa tea MWi(Mi|tN Nwt" th*t tea m4? ru M? Smt eiraalaM o (ismllr throughout th? tourirr. ir^8tn?i? opiMilx vnfym) eu bt prwarH I thaooutsr, imra?diat? y tftartM umtf tkm P*P?- frtte THREE CKNTt MEDICINES. BDH JOH.ISTON, ALTIM OR K LOCK HOSPITAL, Hat ikt men CtrMM, SmW|i mmt M.'y Eficlwai Retnrdf M lit Wc 14, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY fKETKNT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NOCHAMOK. IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. VittuMi ut 0k? Sock. Mcnm, Af??imm * ifca b* ??/ ?uJ itraluittrt DiMbargrt, kn(w?wt.Uw iril Dttiiiilj. NtnrMiMMt, Dr?P<Hr. Luna>. CaMi J idfu, Low bpietta, Palpilauoa of the rfeart, flaifcu, rrenibiiufe, DimocM af S gli or Giddweea. Dwul af tie find. Throat, Noee or Un , Aflrcttoua **t thr Laut, Imb it* ?r Bvwele?tbeee Terrible Dieordera triaw|/v?a Mi 'M"J llrtu of Yowih?thaaa Draa^al and Uaetrwtu'e fnttieea ?hi h reader Marriage iaMMitl(,ud Oeeuaf talk Hody a?d Hi. J YOCSO MEN Eepeciil.y who hare I icmh tb? nctima of ftclitary Vim, bat dreadful and daatracur* habit which aut.aaiiy IWHfa o an wtimelj (r?<? IMUmdiof Ytnarf Meaaef the oavot 'tailed talebte and brilliant Inter.eCl. who fmfht eUrerwtao tax entranced liiuuiif Senatee nit (ha Lb sedan of il*. (utnea or waked t? ?catacy the li?in( 1/re, a*f call *wt all cotiSdtact. MARRIAGE. MuiiID Vowf Mil c?t?mftaw| Mar -iaft, being aware of pbyaicai weakneea, Hfuu debility, leformitiee, Ac , tpeedile cured. Ha who ciacee LunMlf under the care of Dr J ai> ru^> >aely cenLJe in hie hoaor ae a gentleman aad caaMeauf (1/ C|mm* hie skill ae a pkfuciu. OFFICE Ae 7 SOUTH FREDERICK 8T eft bud tide fonif fron Balninore eueat. a few der^alrga be Curlier. K?il nut to obeerve name aad auial er. Letter* nuet be paid and ranuia a etamp DR. JOHMSTOlf, >ref t e Royal Colleg* of HurrMaa, Loadee, rradele Iron one of the mat eminent C^iltgr* ia the Caned tatee, aad the greater part of whoee life ha* been apeat an he hoej-ttale of London, Rarie, Philadelphia aad e lea where, hi elected aime af the mat aetnaiahing ctiree that vara ear known; many troubled with tuifue m the head aad are wheu asleep; frtat iiemcmaneee, rein* alarmed at udden eou?de.xh ahfulneae with frequent Maahing. attewdad omenmee with derangement af mind, were cured iaa< lately TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men aad inhere who ha re intwred the meal ?ee hp a ertaia practice indulged in when alone?a habit freqaoatlf earned from eeil eciupaniona, or at echool, the efe?i a/ ihica are nightly felt e ?en wbaa aaleep, and if not cwred, endera marriage impoaaiide, and destroy* both maud aai ode, ahould apply in isediataly. Tbeee are some of the ead ana melancholy efecte pewdweed y earlr halite of rooth. ni: Weakneea of the Back aad .tanhe, Paine in tbe Head, Dimness of lifht, Lose af Miactler 'owrr Palpitation of tii* Heart, Dyapepey, N>r?o?e Irriu ilny. Derangement af the Digeeu*e Ftuietiooe. Oeaeral 1-l.ity, 8y uptime of Coaieaoiption, Ac Ml*l ALLY?The fcartul (Sects on the rntad ere awveh to e dreaded?Lose of Memory, Cat.fuaiou of Ideaa, Deprreeecs I Dpinu, t,?u r orrDoaingi. Aeeraioa of fctinr.St.f Dm u?T,Lo?eot Solitnde,Timidity, etc .art aotne at the e?ila reduced NMTOl l DIIILITT -Tbeotiadi un not ;?^f? ?kn n >e c ?u?e of their declining health, louof tlirir vifor, txcia f weak, pale, Mrtmi and emaciated, be?i?g a aieifciar ppearance about the eyee, eo?fh or aymptone of ooaump DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Wheu the mtegmded and iiryroden* rotary of p.eaeuM tad* i haa imbibed me eeede of th pau,!?l diaeaae, r toe oOea appei.a that an ill-timed aeuae of ahame or dread of dtaee are tier* lum from applying '.o tboa' #*!(, Irofn education u4 apecti bility, cau alone befriend him He ralle into tf? uida of ignorant an<* deaif niug pretender*, who, lacapabla curmr, SIcS hi* pecuniary mbeuiica, keep bia tnl4f oath after month, or a* long aa the email**! fee *>a be e% joed, and in deap?ir laa*? iair with mined health ta eifh er tie rolling disappointment, or by the uae af thai daa?ly jiaon ? Mercury ? ?i >aten the conatnuuoaal *y?r?toa>* of ta ? tiuK ~latnm Aortwu.*"" in* nun, t nrw, nlia. kir., Ac , progi eeen g with Irifhtfai rapidity, till dea'b pn a mod to hie dreadful auferinge by eeudiug h'giti ilat (> covered country from ?tH? bourne so irtTtlit return* >fi JOHXSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGAXW WEAKSF.SS AXD IMPOTENCY By thie greet u?<1 lamruiit remedy **k?ne?f 'be ctwi e epeedily rured sua full nf* renertd. TVwedi m <*e Mt ner?one and debtliiiied, wito bad ia*t til Itift.lw'l ten immediately relieved Ail inip*diu> to Marriage, Phyaiea! at Mhu! Dteqed catioiu, Loaa of PreriMUre Power. Nerreet IrfHaMtW. re in hi iu* and We.kutee or Bihabauon of she ?oei feorro nd epeedily cored. 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Lot ua eay, in oooc'ueion. th?t certtboMea irea are not aought fruiu the illiterate and nMr>tai, but tbey are ToluiAeere'i hvm the m >at r^ieotablo aoatoea ana Jn?Ufr tbe mtheet trai im iiicfe it ia poaatoM to comt>teiM ao ralnabhe a Moine to pubUe approval. We may add alao tba* c uuT ?uto prufrruov ox mo mOQ 1C1DO ftff 6^ O&.iOQ >ly by ite re#u?ratlve oflecU, th? system rnooTeri from dieeaee with renewed oonsutnttonal rigor. For ?ie b? ail respectable r>ri?iist? ie tkil ty, and by the proprietor, MR&. M COX, None leumne nciees her name is Mown on the >ttle and her seal on the cork K- Pnc,' fl per bottle, sui bottce for *. oi?r**4 A>rmt. R. R.T. ClftBKL. Drngiiet eorgetown, I) C., Wholesale Agent lor tae Die lot, and will enpp.y the trade at my prvoea. an pHE A Llr SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR.1,2 and ^-Protected by Royal etter* Patent of ISng and, and iccur?d by the sals of the Kooie de Pharmaoie de Pent, and the rpertal College of Medisme. Vionna No 1 i? invaluable for ezhanetion and aatcrrhea, id all phvsioal disabilities. No, 2 complete'.; eradicates al! traces of thoee wuN that have been hitherto treated by the aao*>us and pernioi< as nee of ocpaiva and eubebs. INo. S has entirely supj..anted the injurious hot of lercnrT. thereby neurits to the sufferer speedy ?!ief. dispersing all impart ties, and rootine on te venom of disease. TKi KiKMAl, Noe. 1, J and 3. are preared Jn te form of n iosen*e, devoid of teste sms|. nd on.ii be oarried in the waistooat pooket. t*old i tin onses. and divided into separate dose*. as ad iiui?wr?>u Y)1 > e.p^au, L>aiieinaiMi, Kotl. Kioord. 0 Price #3 ?aoh, or foar oun for 99. which ivfi and in #37 ca*ei, whcrebr mere u a ?fic of fo. To be bad.wbolaeale aixl retau. of Dt. (ARROW,of 194 Bleeoker rtreec New Yort. mmeuiateir on raotiricc a reibittanoe, Dr. Barrow rill forward the Trieteinar to an? part of the wor d, scurely packed, aud wddreeaec aeoordiag Uj the infraction* of the writer. 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BOVKK 1K)D*B J 1M.FMM.IAL WINK BTTTFM8, Ar* mi Mac aaa* from Hum t? tfcc Sr?w Mt **?. ui U< oiTVfml *ar<ttat of all *lw pan Mm MtMr m I mtdUmt or u i Mntm*. m tW* ?ay are la the vcritL Dr. Doda aaatf moi Bafloaasfhi'y ia kta practice frr a ran ' parahread *f fcim Um aoia n* hi la naavfhatvr* ad prfar-ut tk?-? for nia to u* avbhc. For tha reuf luaipiaat Oar cur ttaoo. InditMtwi, J>r? Hit, t'iiw, Rimu Pieaasae. rtatM O* laiDU, aadailaasar raaviror atoate,VM7 arab* o&d d?aU a naat hnaJaab'.a raw any. Aatdc r?a tiatr ?rcM-1iM th?? *--? ? rt-? ?. tegsiF sas; ixs-ss' &&& I iitlfKiif BlTttHb* J ?. p?? wV Vk. ' If rerflul lo ?rt?iMiri >6 i w ^Hrt