Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STARWASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY Awtk 21^, 1*61. Spirit sf the n?r?l?| Pre.s The Imf'lltgttrtT argues that Mr. Lincoln has no more power than had President Jackson oeforo the passage of the " Force Act," and that he has no power or authority to collect the revenue In the seceded i4tales otherwise than by law and urges that Congress should not supply this defect by additional legislation as Is anticipated. The Htpvblteam argues that the seceding States have forfeited all claim to the public domain of the L"oiled States. _ Litis To-moi&cw Night ?We are requested to announce that there will b? a public reception at the Executive mansion to-morrow even tag, be. tween the hours of 6 and 10 o'eiock. Th? Most Daxsskous ?nk kiss of the main?anan?a .l.^atf Isa VlaivUU A I. ?cti?uv.e vi ?ia*ciT in ? n^iuia, ait uci wwh ui?* nnlon pre* and orator*. If they succeed In either coaxing or bullying the people of the State Into giving op their liberties enjoyed under the Constitution of the United states, and in lieu thereof beading their necks to the yoke of the oligarchy's despotism, they aurely bring the Canada line down to Pennsylvania's southern border, so far as future security for Virginia slave property is coneerned. They Induce Virginia to relinquish the existing constitutional guarantee for the return of fugitive slaves; releasing Pennsylvania voluntarily and wholly from Its obligation upon her. They make almost every man in Pennsylvania the bitter and active enemy of slavery, becauae by the secession of Virginia nominally for slavery's beneht, ttev will have increased ten fold the business difficulties and financial troubles which Pennsylwant a h aa a 1 ruar^ \r ImMirpA/t thrnnvK . ? 4 nn ,But. M ? ... V?v. j ? *.-? VU^II ?uv WVCBWiUil of the Oolf States Thus, they not only reader It certain tbat every runaway who manages to reach Pennsylvania will be lost to bis owner, past the possibility of reclamation, but they raise up in Pennsylvania a hundred active workers in the business of negro stealing, where there is one now. The consequence cannot fail to be the successful escape of fifty Virginia runaways where one successfully capes now. Who fails to realize this self-evident fact * From the moment Virginia secedes, this trouble will Increase at such a rapid rate, aa that in a ingle year those in Virginia who have slaves exposed to be thus lost, will either move further Houth with them, abandoning their Virginia estates. or (if the latter be worth more to them than their negroes) th?y will hurry the latter into the market; selling them South very generally for whit thev rnav be abl#. to opt fr>r ih?m , , ?"?" "? damaging effect?to prices?of the glut thus brought about While the tt ceded States will reap the advantage of getting Virginia's negroes Ither by emigration, or by purchase at very low prices, Virginia will surely be paralized beyond expression for the time being, by the immense losa of productive labor she will so suddenly sustain. Her soil, climate and other advantages are, however, too great to admit the idea that northern and foreign labor will not rush in bv thousands to supply the vacuum. In less than three years from the day that Virginia's disunion press and orators may carry the State under the oligarchy's despotism, the new comers will have so strengthened the opposition to that government, as that they will vote Virginia back into the Union by a majority of t#o, three, or four to one; and will, doubtless, (the State then being well nigh entirely clear of slaves,) aboliah the Institution from tbe State, by a change of tbe Constitution. This reasoning is so plain as that any man of reflection will realize tbat so far as tbe effect of secession upon tbe future of slavery in Virginia la concerned, It is destined to be just as we describe It above. The Lion Lxtti*.?South Carolina newspa pen dispute tbe authenticity of tbe letter from Jndga Robert Lyon originally publiabed in the Waco (Texas) Gax*ttt, descriptive of the beauties and advantages of disunion u experienced by tbe people of South Carolina, and subsequently copied Into the Star. The Soath Carolina disunion papers deny the existence of any such person as Robert Lvon in or about m..a # ? ? ? W ! *% J UIIU give fist contradiction to the letter s statements generally. Nevertheless. we see nothing in what they say on the subject to induce a serious doubt of the authenticity of the letter, or that it was written by a Mr. if not a judge Robert Lyon; for everybody ia dubbed, in Texas, either judge, captain, colonel, general, governor, or something of the sort. The fact that in its comments upon the letter's statements the Abbeville paper undertakes to represent business of all sorts as being more flourishing in South Carolina than ever before, moneymore plenty in everybody's hands, the bends of the State hard to be bad at par, everybody satisfled with the new order of things, Slc? ice., all of which every one knows is utterly untrue, induces us to place little confidence, indeed, in the truth of ita denial in the premises. Co5t:kmid ?The Senate yesterday confirmed fr.1 1_-?? ? " * w ?uv? i>'( livwiiuuvm. <iz : tcu i* Adams, Minister to England ; Geo. P. Marsh, Minister to Sardinia; Jsmse Wstson Webb, Minister Resident at Constantinople; H. S Sandford, of Conn , Minister Resident at Belgium ; Won. S. Thayer, o f N. Y., Consul General to Egypt; Patrick J. Divine, Consul to Cork ; Green Clay, (nephew of Cassius M Clav,) Secretary of Legation to Spain; "Francis Green, Postmaster at Nilee, Mich ; Henry Thorce, Postmaster at Fremont, Ohio. The Senate also unanimously confirmed tbe nomination of John D Defreee as Superintendent of Public Printing CaxL Schcsj?Though net nominated yesterday for the mission to Portugal, as some of the papers tbla morning assert. It la very generally bettered that the President has tendered It to Carl Schtiri, after previously tendering htm the Brazilian and Chilian missions. We are therefore prepared to hear of his nomination to Lisbon to-day, or to-morrow, it may be fj~f From the publishers, Messrs Tick nor A Fields, we have the "Atlantic Monthly" for April Among its best articles < a striking one headed "Life In the Iron Mills " Contributions by Mrs. ?towe, Dr Holmes, and by the author of '-Recreations of a Country Parson" are announced as among the coming attractions of the "Atlantic." Nominations ?The only important nominations ruade yesterdiyin addition te those mentioned In the Star of yesterday, were those of Gen. J. W Nye of N. Y., to oe Governor of the new Territory of Nevada, and the Hon. Freeman H Mora? of Me., (ex M. C ) to be Conaul at Liverpool ? ?To-day the President nominated Mr Ctas L. WiUon, of 111 , to be 9?cretarv of legation at London; nnd Mr. \V m Pennington, jr., (Ei-Speakw Pennlngtoa'a son,) of N. J., to b? Secretary of Legation at Part*. He also sect la a number of pott otBve, consular, and ether ^ similar nominations A New PosTMASTia roa Whiilixa -Arrble W Campbell (editor of the \Y heeling luttlli gtnttr) has been appointed PoitmaiWr at Wheeling, Va, vico Hugh H. Feeney, removed. His nomination will doubtleas go to the Senate to-day. FutM in Til PlMIOR OtriCK.? Wtll tkty Mrrr Cmm *?Geo W. Potter, of Oblo, who wu recently Indicted for frauds on the Pension Uflce, has been convicted snd sentenced to one year's Imprisonment 1 n the penitentiary. D*ciiji??.?The Ce??r??r and Snqutrtr says thst Gen James Watson Webb declines the mission to Constantinople lE^The salt of Francis W. Pickens, Governor of Sooth Carolina, sgalust the North Atlantic Steamship Coon pan r, on trial In one of the New York Courts, for the recovery of the value of baggage alleged to have been lost through the negllSeaee of the company's servants, resulted yester?u ? * ? ? - ....n.. .v UK ocieno?nu tub CMC WW ainply a queatton of a fact. H7" Seceaalon la at a dlacount both ta Arkan ma and M laaoart 1b Um former *ta?e a wcfton ordinance *ti rejected In the fopveat'oo by a ote of'm u> X In the Miaourt Convention rtooluMnna looking to are?wloii we*') tabled by a decided yote, and th? ti rat and ec'-nd reaoluUonaof Ue majority report of tbe ComiPtttM oa Federal IrUtlow pewed by a oeerly nn*nlmoua rote Mi . % ^ ?l5Aii ?Yesterday, when onr report closed? I Mr B?r*rd wu addrcwtng the Srnate; upon | the conclusion of which the Senate went Into executive session a few momenta and adjourned. Thukodat. March 41. Sbhatm.?Mr. Hale called up hl?resolution, Introduced March 19th, appointing Wm. illckey Secretary of the Senate. Mr. Bayard moved to lay the resolution on the table; which n.?tlon was lost After s brief personal explanation by Mr. Clingman relative to a paragraph la the Senate report of the Baltimore Sun of ypsterday referring to the action of the North Carolina Legislature at the time they took their oath to support the Constitution? The Senate proceeded to the consideration of the resolution offered by Mr. Hale: and, after some discussion, It wm postponed till to-morrow. The resolution authorizing the Secretary of the Senate to pay the Chief Clerk and pages the regular per diem compensation, wjs taken up and dmntd. The Senate then took up the Douglas resolution, and Mr. Bayard proceeded to address the Senate when our report closed. Arraits m Charleston ?From tbe Charles ton papers of the 19th instant: We learn from a gentleman who left the Susan C Owens vessel on yesterday afternoon, that some 1400 bars of rail road iron have been diacharged from her. The steam-pump has been kept constantly at work, and no difficulty is experienced In keeping her free of water. Tbe Captain hopes to get the ship afloat in a few days should tbe weather continue favorable. Would it not be advisable in these times, to appoint some competent person or persons for the purpose of boarding all vessel* coming Into our nsrhrtr In *n 1/ t)m?r -v. , n> n?<A.iiaill II >UCJ OIC HtCIiUiy UI1C*, OUU to send up a signal to that effect Vigilant. Captain Duncan N. Ingraham, we learn, will leave Charleston tbi? morning on bis way to Penaacola, whither he had been ordered by the authorities in Montgeroery. Latest rao* J a p a* ?Private letters have been recetvrd in this city from Mr. Harris, our .Minister at Vedo. dated on the lOtb of December. The health of Mr. Harris has been entirely restored, and he wa? in the active performance of his official duties. He represents the feelings of tbe government and people of Japan to be in the highest detrree favorable to this rountry. Mr. Harris differs essentia'ly from tbe opinions of resent letterwriters from Japan, in regard to the prospective importance of the American trade. There Is reason to believe we may expect large importations of teas and silks from there diirirur th? r?. -...n ?? r*" wet year. Tbe Ambassadors who visited tbe United State* bad all resumed their official employments, and were loud and s"ncer* In their acknowledgements for the honor und kindness shown them while in the United States ? N. Y. Pott. Fkom Pk.nsacola?The Warrington (Navy Yard) correspondent of the Pensacola Observer informed that journal on tbe 14th, that "Two men, who were found reconnoiterint; tbe works on tbe beach last evening, w?re placed under arrest by the sentinel, and taken before the officer of the day. Tb??y <?ave a very dubious account of themselvm?said they were from Fort Morgan, but could tell nothing of the fort or any one there. They were brought to Barrancas Barracks, where they are at present confined." The same correspondent says: "There was no truth in the rumor that nil communication was stopped with the ships. The boats visit out there as usual, trafficking with those on board. Colonel Commanding Forney visited the United States vessels yesterday He was conveyed to and from there by the United States steamer Wyandotte." Blowing Up Fo*t Scmtkr ?We see It sug- ' gested In Northern naners that. If rnmiwllnt ?? evacuate, the military authorities of the Black Republican Government should at least make a ruin of Fort Humter. We respectfully suggest that, situated as Major Andersoii la, It would be both difficult and dangerous in him to execute such a mancruvre How he could arrange to effect such a hostile purpose and rscape with bis command, Is easier to spaak of than to plan and perform. Our Northern friends may be very sure that before he Is provided with the means of transportation from tne post with his command, the condition of the fort will be properly looked after. We would not suspect a brave officer of foul play; but if his Northern advisers were in his place, to practice the treachery they suggest and advocate, they would bitterly rue the deed?CkarUtion Mercury. Heavy F*o*t is Nokthi** Alabama ? The Ptnck Crop Destroyed?The Evaasvllle (Ind ) Journal say*: We are Informed by a gentleman who has lust returned from Northern Alabama and Mississippi that, on Fridav nlaht ? ?? ?.-? ?m ?- ^V-UM vw 1U UI? action of country wn entirely cut off. The tree* were in full bloom. During the day there was considerable rain, and in the evening the weather suddenly became very cold, and In the night there was a hard freeze. About Florence, Tuscumbia, Kastport. and Chickasaw, it was supposed tbe peacnes were entirely destroyed How far south the freeze extended our informant did not ascertain. Fbom Grave to Gat.?The custom of attending funerals for tbe purpose of getting a gratuitous carriage ride, and for enjoying one's self in ? promiscuous manner generally," baa become so annoying and scandalous In Cincinnati that several beneficial societies of that city have adopted resolution! not to attend funeral! nnlesi the number of "mourners" are reitricted to the immediate family and friends ?f the decedent Appended to a funeral invitation which appeared In the Cincinnati paper! of Saturday was the following notice: "The friends of th? alio take notice that the Society will not attend if there be more than six carriage# and hearie at the funeral " Thx FuriT Cmor in ViaaisiA.?We are indebted to a leading commercial Arm in this city for the subjoined extracts of a letter from one of their Southern friends In Virginia, In which fears are entertained about the safety of the conung fruit crop:?'-March 15?All day the snow descended in vast sheets, accompanied by furious, winds and intense cold. The destruction of fruit and vegetation will be seriously Mt, as fruit trees were blooining all around us. and only oil Wednesday the air was soft and Btlmy as a May day " Philadelphia Amtrican. P*A terrible Are occurred on Friday last in a buildlug In Brooklyn, N. Y . used as a hoop-skirt faCtflFV A vnnnnr ?U1 in "ll ; * j. mm. jvwuk in uci triKuv jumpca xrom a fifth story window and dished her brain* out At she fell ?he struck the successive window ill*, marking them, with blood Another girl stood by and unable to descend on account of tbe Came* Sbe finally fell senseless to tbe floor and was rescued alive by a daring fireman after great peril. It is tnoujjht a revengeful lover set fire to (he structure with tbe intent to bum up the two girls. Tik Lavakt.?Tbe following item appear* In the Honolulu Polynesian of January 19ib We extract from a private letter, dated San Francisco, January 2d, the following. "Tbe United states steamer L'vant ran ashore after she left Honolulu, and It will be requisite for her to come up here to go on the drydock." The injury received on the occasion ber?i referred to may have caused th? !? ? fc,~ [J7" A detachment of L'nlted Stated marine* arrived at the Brooklyn baracks. yesterday, from Washington, and, having "warmed themsj-lve*." left for Boston In the afternoon. They are mechanics, picked oat from the joiners at headquarters, to assist Major Reynoldsln building the new barracks at Charlestown. Considerable excitement was occasioned as they marched through the citr. a rumor having got out that they were "bound for Su inter."?iV. Y Timet. Ma. Bates on thi Collection or the Revence.?The t?t l.ouls Democrat of Monday give* currency to a rumor that the Attorney General, Mr. Bdtee. has given the opinion to President Lincoln that the revenue cannot be collected, except under the law of which renders it necessary for collector* to reside within their respective dlatrlcta, and therefore It will be ImooMlble mj wcuie me laws with propriety, even'were It otherwise feasible, la vessels Philadelphia Mt-sjcipal Election* ? The leglslsture of Pennsylvania has passed, and the Governor signed, a bill providing that the election In Philadelphia for mayor and other officers shall hereafter be held In October, Instead of May. The pesent Incumbents will, therefore, remain in office for nearly six months longer than the term for which they were chosen. The object Is to have the State and city elections on the same day. 8*ow Wiliijjistos.?On Monday last the streets of Wilmington, North Carolina, were, for the first time In several years, covered with snow to the depth of several Inches Tbe Herald says the unusual visitation will nr??? e???i "" " oral, birds, tender leave* and succulent vegetable*, to all of which It bida a longum rait?a feeling good bye for the season. {J7*From a paragraph In the Fort Smith (Ark ) Herald, of the Mb Inat., we learn tb*t a disunion flag waa discovered by the citizens of that place erected over night on the ruins of the old Cltf Hotrl, attracting great attention. A soldier from the Fort itnowalt and carried it Into the garrison; and on being ordered by his superior officer to return it, he refused, and waa thrown Into a | iron#. Union ConvMTio* m FnsBmcK ?A mass Convention of thoae oppoaed to mcwIob will ba held at the Court Houae to Frederick city, Md , Tueaday, tbo 90th of March, to form a Union orvanlzatlon In that State, and to taka atopa for holding a Union mate Convention at an early i day tb?mfi?r. > - DEPARTWEBIT JIKVF*. Removed, Appointed, Ac ?Mr. John A. bra- i ham. of Iowa, has been appointed Chief Clerk of the Bureau of the Register of the Treasury, to All a vacancy caused by realgnation. Mr Francis Marcoe baa bwn removed rrom his fourth class (tl.aU) per annum) clerkship in the State Department Mr R. 8. Chilton haa been promoted to a fourth c!aaa (*1.800 per annum) clerkship in the same Department; and Mr J. 9 Smith, of IjL Y , baa been appointed to the third claaa (SI,6oo per annum) clerkship made vacant by Mr. Chilton's promotion. Appointed and Removed.?Messrs gam. C Hotchklss, of Mich., and Chas E Simons, of Mich .have bet-n appointed to lat class (81.200 per annum) clerkships in the Pension Bureau. Vice E R. Chase and'A. L. Gage, (both also from Mich.,) removed. Dr. Sidney (not Lindaey, u misprinted in the Star a day or two since,) of Miaa , baa been appointed to a 1st clsaa (91.300 per annum) temporary clerkship In the Pott Office Department. ? Aw A*j?y Offic** Resigked ?First Lieut. E. J. Harvle, (of Va.) 9th infantry, baa rcalgned. PerNial. Dr. Dlmltry, Mlnlatcr to Nicarauga, aaka a recall. The Boaton Poat sava that there are more alnnera now seeking "Abram'a boaom" than have before been on the anxloua aeata for aome yeara! The South Carolina napera u?e the slightly undemocratic. title of " His Excellency," when speaking of their redoubtable Governor By the aame rule Jefferson Da via will be "Hla Majesty." Hon. A. Caldwell, Va ; Judge Nelaon. N. Y ; Hon W Penninjjton, N.J, Hon. S. A Purviance, Pa ; Hon. W L Dayton. N J.; l,leut. H. Donaldson, and Lieut. O. \V. Harrison, U. 9. N., we at Wlllards'. J. Wilkes Booth, a brother of Edwin, la now playing in Albany, N. Y. where he la hiehlv thought of Hla voice. manner and form remind one quite forcibly of Edwin, and in those parta In which the latter excels he is aMd to be quite successful He la quite youne. and will not venture to play In New York until confident of success. Wm. L. Yancey haa received from the fair hands of hla numerous ladv friends in Montgomery. a splendid gold mounted cane and a boquet of rare flowera, in token of their appreciation of the untiring zeal and self snrrillclng labor which have distinguished bia patriotlam in behalf of southern Independence and domestic peace and quiet. .... Wendell Phillips made another of his "crisis" speeches at New Haven on Thursday evening The Register says:?"The audience was made iid cbieflv of wmihllr?M ?n/i sentiments as?'The anti-slavery party baa stood face to face with the Constitution for thirty years, and the merciless conspiracy of 17f"7 is done with'?'You will never see the Gulf States cime back until they come back a black empire, under the control of the black race'?was heartily applauded" Mr. Crittenden gives the following reasons for postponing his visit to Boston in a letter to the Mayor : ' I have received letters urging me to return to Kentucky bv the '.i(>th of this month, the day on whi< b the Legislature of that State is to m^et in extraordinary session, for the purpose of considering the preseat unhappy state of the country. It seems to me U be my duty to obey this call, and I have decided to do so. I must lieg of you. therefore, to excuse nie to the City Council, and to allow me *till further to postpone my visit to Boston " According to the Times, Mr. Crosby. Mblister to Guatemala, is from Cnyugacounty, N Y., tho.igh several years in California?w.istwo years in the Stat?? Senate from SafMmontn Ho k?? lived a year In Guatemala: was there at the time ofthed'athof Minister Beverly 1. Clark. He speaks the Spanish language. The Mission pays S7,50fl a year, and Honduras being attached to it, he gets 50 per cent of the above amount for the latter State The duties are light?consisting In swinging all day In a hammock, and running around at night to ttrtuliat, and flirting with the Senerltas The Virginia Convention. Correspondence of The Star. Richmond, March 20?p. m. The Western men are still pressing their resolutions in the Convention for equality of taxation, with a vigor which shows they are In earnest. They ask It as a matter of right, and all disclaim any Intention of bargaining with the Kast for the measure, oy supporting an ordinance of secession in return themselves. Goode. of Mecklenburg, to-day moved to lay the resolutions on the table; and as the attendance at the time was thin, this might have been carried but for a motion to adjourn, which prevailed. Borne of the western men didn't seem to relish what they termed the application of the "gag " i'rof. Ilolcombe's aprech, to day, in favor of secession, was truly a splendid effort H'.s language was thrilling and eloquent beyond description, and produced a visible sensation; but it is probable that all the Union men have made up their minds a< to wbat they will do, and speeches can hardly affect thtm Tbey already manifest a disposition to stop debate. W. Heavy Dkfalcation isa Boston Drt Goods Establishment?A young man who has occupied a responsible position as bead clerk in one of the departments of the large dry-goods establishment of Messrs. Hovcy ic Co..^cn Summer St.,was detected last we?-k In the act of appropriating to his own use, funds which belonged to the Arm. He has been living in such an extravagant style, for some time past, on a salary of a year, that the suspicions of his employers were aroused, and one day last week be was watched. A gentleman purchased some goods of bim which came to fust ?5. Instead of n>ndino <k. - - -A ,MO 1 money to the cashier, with a check naming the article sold, as is usual, he put it in bis pocket and made no return He was teken into the private office, and upon being charged with the crime he acknowledged tint be had been in the habit of embezzling funds for several years, lie stated that the day t>ef?re he h*d taken He bad SIA8 in bit provision at tbe time, which was taken by his employers He was married two or three years ago, since which time he has been living far beyond his salary. He paid ?1? a week for board until recently, when be hired a bouse and furnished it in elegant style. His employers went to his bouse with h m after the disclosure, and bis wife was rendered almost insane upon bearing the charges against him She begged them not to arrest him and expose bis shame. The young man himself appeared to be aomewbat lndlficrent In regard to bta aituatlcn. Ill* employera were overcome by the entreatlea of b)a wife, and decided to attach what property he bad, and allow him to j.o "unwhlpped of juatlce " The whole amount of money embezzled cannot fall abort of from ST,000 to $ 10,000 ?Boston Ciyurur. 1mp?>*ta?t feom Ceitial America ?Progress of ike Revolution.?The New York Tlmea baa advlcea from Cartbagena, New Grenada, to the 5th ln?t. Geo. Moaquera, the revolutionary liberal leader, bad reached La Me*a, near Bogota, with bii conquering army. Medellen, the capital of the rich State of Antloquia. and nearly all the other important town* in | It, had pronounced for Moiauera. and hl? tnr.?m occupied Medellen. He also occupied the port of Nure, the key to the Ktate. The city of Ocana wu captured on the '23d of February. Gen. Brlceno and Col Pir.eres were taken prisoner* by Moaquera'a forcea, and there were also taken on [ th?' lleld of battle 500 stand of arina and 100,000 cartrldgn The situation *t President Oaplna la verv precarloua. U? sttll threat ens Panama with an Invasion, unless it declarea for the revolution. Sixty or seventy of tbe principal families Lad left Panama for Chorreva and other placet for safety, although tbe best informed persons do not believe I Nleto will Invade the Isthmus Tbe Panama detection to tbe Congress at Bogota had all been made prisoners by the revolutionists, and have been taken to Vie jo Lorico. Fro* thi Louisiana Fo*ts?The New OrIrani Commercial Bulletin of the 16th Inst, contains the following intelligence from the forta near the month of the Mississippi, which were taken possession of by the State troops several weeks ago: We had the pleasure yesterday of meeting Maj. J K Duncan, who baa been for some weeks In command at Forta Jackson arid St. Philip The major was on a flying visit to the city, and returned to hla post last evening. He repreeenta those forta as being now in good condition, well inounb*d and well manned, and ready to stop the progress of all hostile vessels that may attempt to come up the river. The treea on the point below Fort Jackson have been cut down, by which the range of fire in that direction Is extended, and other improvementa made which have much enhanced the efficiency of the forta. Kred'k H Brand and James B Anderson have been appointed by Gov. Moore,and confirmed bv the Senate, captains of artiliwrv. Captain Brand waa formerly an officer in the U 8. Navy. In di an Octeaoss in Tax a#?Several Persons Killed ?The Indiana are *g*ln commencing their outrages In Texas. A letter dated San Antonio, March 5. aaya: " Our town la full of Indian news. Our express came in yesterday evening. Twenty-four persons had been killed. Mr. Clem came in this afternoon. A family had been murdered in the Ataaoosa, beyond tne Medlua." A letter from Fredericksburg notes seversl In awui wii uiilm rrom l hot place. The aetuera had attacked them, and during the ftght Mr Caldwell waa wounded badljr bv a 'hot in the face, and Mr. Caldwell, Jr., wn alao wounded. Parties of Indiana were roving other frontier aactlona of the State?In one place killing a man named Eastwood; in another place *# other* named Adama and Roblnaon Wachi*?to*. March 20 ?Much curiosity is I manifested respecting the action of the Admlnl*tratlon relative to affair* in tbe South, and varioua rumor* prevail in this connection But information derived from authentic aources warrant the aaaertlon that whatever movements may ?>" in progress involve nothing whatever of a hostile dF?lgn On the contrary, tbev are In the direction of peace. It la generally agreed, however, that the military statu* of the Golf forU now held by the Federal Government will be preserved. The Commissioners of the Confederate Stoles will wait leisurely for the action of the Government. Great efforts are being made by distinguished gentlemen to effect a peaceful solution of tbe southern complications The Government at Montgomery have no apprehensions of a collision at Fort Pickcns It i* said tbe accounts published are gross exaggeration* of the true condttlnn nf nffairt In th?? nn?rt?? TK*

? __ ... .... vjv.". vv I . M UV VVIIlUllCBIt'llera have information that the beat feeling eziata between the Federal authorities and the officers in command of the Confederate troops, and no danger of a collision ia entertained As I intimated, aeveral daya since, Fort Sumter Is to be evacuated by Major Anderaon through arrangements to be made by himself with the New York steamer, which aaila from Charleaton on Saturday next for NswYork. The steamer has been chartered by him for the return trip, and he WU tn-dav to rr>mm*nr? to n*rV 11 n (h? baggage of his officer* and men, preparatory to the evacuation. He will leave tbe fort in good condition, in charge of an Orderly and two mec, who are instructed to surrender whenever demanded by the South Carolina authorities or those of the Confederated Slates. This mode of evacuation is just surb as would be likely to be adopted In time of peace, for the withdrawal of troops, and avoids all parley on the part of tht Government with the Secessionists An aid of Gen Scott l?ft last evening for Charleston, with further Instructions for Maj. Anderson as to his destination. The Southern Commissioners are anxiously waiting despatches from Charleston, to know If the Administration have in good faith arranged for the evacuation. They received despatches from Montgomery to-day, but not of special importance Lord Lyons sent a special bearer of despatches yesterday ?o the British Government, giving a full s'atement of the true state of affairs in this country, enclosing also copies of the new tariff acts of the United States and the Confederated States. The telegraph has noticed the fact that the Post'mnster at Maaison, Fla , had been using postage stamps other than those authorized by the Post Office Department. This statement reaching the aid official, be immediately cddressed the Depertinent in explanation, saving tbat in tbe absence of regular stamps and small change be bad Issued a number of one and tbree cent ch'rks, which, as used, were charged against himself in favor cf the Department. He expressed treat indignation at the suspicion of an attempted fraud on his part. Tbe present able and efficient Third Assistant Postmaster General replied to this letter to-day, reading the postmaster at Madison a prettysevere lecture on the introduc'ion of unauthorized checks, and calling bis attention to the law, which requires all postage to be prepaid with stamp t. A Street Scans?.4* Impudent fellow K'^ktIy Served ?Considerable excitement reigned for a short time Sunday night near the Lombardst. infirmary, corner 01 Green and Lombard s'reets, by an occurrence first thought to be a serious disaster. but afterwards turned to a ludicrous mishap that convulsed with laughter tbe rrowd of spectators. It appeared that a young lady, w&oie name our modest reporter shrunk from soliciting, being of an Independent nature, a little disposed to eccentricity, and withal, having a supreme contempt for the whole race of professional beaux, not disposed to hazard a promenade after nightfall without a protector, conceived and execu? % it - ? ? 1 iea lue novel iaea 01 training a very large dog, of superior sagacity ?nd intelligence, to perform the important duties of an escort when bis services were required. So well had the noble beast (t ?. dog) Improved under her skillful training, that the most intimate friend could not appoach her without her sonifying to the watchful guardian that It was all right. Thus provided, she has been In the habit of visiting friends and acquaintances at all seasons, notwithstanding repeated remonstrances from them, without molestation. Sunday night she was not so fortunate Passing along the neighborhood Indicated In the commencement of this paragraph, the rude hand of a slightually tlpsey youth was placed upon her shoulder, accompanied by the remark: "Say, Jenney, what ver do ." The balance of the remark was lost in the passing wind, and the astonished youth, from a perpendicular quickly assumed a horizontal attitude, a huge mastiff tugging away ? a certain portion of his troWfers, in dangerous proximity to his tender person Sobered in a moment, and fully realizing bis dangerous position, be began to cry lustily for help, and his piteous calls soon collected quite a number of people. Kfforts were made to release him, but the lnaig n>m Druie sept rasi ms hoia, shaking after the manner of a terrier and mouie, until a shrill whistle broke upon til* ear, rounded by the lady who bad retired a few paces, and he wa? quickly at her side. The fellow was picked up more dead than alive, and was receiving the congratulations of the crowd upon his narrow escape, when a bystander, who had witnessed the whole aff.iir. and who happened to be acquainted with tiie young lady and her peculiarities, effectually chan^M their sympathies into ridicule, and the fellow was glad to sueak off to escape a sccond trouncing.? Baltimore Cliyj'tr. The Western Peach Cjior.?From the accounts that reach ns In our exchanges we ar?* Inclined to believe that the peach tr?-es in the West have been seriously Injured The Rufftlo Republic nays: On Cayuga Island, in the Niagara river, from where we of Buffalo receive the fruit and largest quantity of peaches, the crop will be nothing. Mr. Burdett. one of the largest growers, says his orchard will not yield a quarW-r of a crop; and Mr. Clark, who has examined several hundred buds says he finds scarcely any that are I not destroyed. Such is probably the ens-* in most of the orcn-trda above tee mountain ridge. We are not Informed as to the prospect between the mountain ridee and Like Ontaria. but the editor of tbe Rural New Yorker says he has continued observations in regard to the condition of the peach buds, and finds them Injured in Western New York more than at first disposed to believe There rnav be a few saved near the lake shore, or in close proximity to iom<> cf our inland lakes, and in a few favored localities, the crop is gone CjT a dispatch from Mr. Memminger, Secretary of the Treasury of tbe Confederate States published in the Charleston papers, officially confirms the fact that tbe new tariff wn not passed by the Montgomery Congress before adjournment. The tarifl at present in force in the Confederacy, therefore, is the United StaU-s tariff of ls6T, with j a somewhat enlarged free list Mr Memminger! ftates that a bill will nast makintr a few red nr. tlons upon this tantt. foreign good*, free of duty, are commencing to arrive at St Louis, front New Orleans. 9 ale or Nkgroes.? D R. Dyer sold at public sale, for the owner, at T. B in tbia county, last week, three negro<>?, as follows: A man axtrd 40 years, for t;irl 14 years, for #720. boy 10years, for 86ft). Tbe?e prices are cotisldrrrd high fur this class of negroes ?Marlborough Gazttt*. THE LIGHT GUARD CONCERT. "1^9 Company C. Washington Light lufaLtry, nii*et at your Armory at 7 o'clock precisely, in ?verooat, cap a:.d par.ia. By order It K. C. LEWI*. O. a. fK5?"l SAY, STRANGER. WHERE ARK li.S you going ' You item to l?in? great hurry." "So I ain. I am going to SMlTH'S^No. 460 Seventh street, to buy a auit of Clothes. The people say he has a very nioe assortment, and they say h? fells them so cheap." Not*.? The last ve saw of the stranger, he was running up Seventh street singing outr,SM!TH, No. 460." fe 2-6w FOR SALE-A COUPE and pair of BLACK HOKSLS. The Coupe is nearly new, gy The Horses are Black Hawk and Morgan, jLLn full brothers, very stylish and perfect! ma'.ohed 1 Also, a Top Wagon?two seated? Brews or's make?used one season. Apply to ABKLL'S ftables. <? street, near the War Department; or to 2?. Presidents Square, next Riggs & Co.'a Office. ma 21 iw* Ke.ut,iv?u a"*l? mir balk fur CASH, SUPERIOR GOLDEN SIRUP. Golden Sirup. SO cent* per gallon. New Orieaus Molahsea, Cheap Molaaiea, Good oenta per pound, I'riine Yellow Sugar, New ic.t of Tea, And cheap Chewing Tobacso, At L. A DELLWIG'S. ma SI 3t* Seventh street. Navy Yard. PARTICULAR NOTICE TO CONSUMPTIVES. DR. SOIKNI K, ( Philadelphia, Thk Consumption Doctoe, Will bt attain in WASHINGTON,and remain two ^ days. TUESDAY* WEDNESDAY, 26th anditth in St. On his last visit his R omi at the Avenue Hoiit were so crowded Uiat he oould not attend to a>l as carefully aa he wou d de? re. He had a i umber of calls to attend to patient* outside of his Kooins, hat was con pelled to refuse them all. He will he here two days, as above? Taet>tlav to visit patients shout th? oity; Wednesday at his Rooms, at the Avenue Hone. He gives adnoe aad sounds th* lungs Iree of charge at hit Kooins, and charges whe it is nswtsary to be examined with the Respirometer?the chaige then being #3. The cltT is cow fail of (tranters. and it &air htm oougha and oold?, and ate U-ter mined to Laow if it 14 aeated on their liuca fcefore ta?y go home. We understand that Dr. Hohenofc examined 74 peraona on Wednesday la?t With the Reepironetar.Wii'lec ft vine advice to a treat number of other pereons. 4.X;,uVrfeyufc sfi*sa "J * Marylaad Amal C*alfr?ae? ! U? M. f ( kirrh at Nrwtrk, N. J. Z)ay ?After the usual religions exercises tbla morning the Conference waa called to order by the President The thanks of the Conference were tendered to John P Jackson. Ksq , of the N.-w Jersey Railroad, and George A. Dmdinuo, Km general ticket agent of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad, for courtesies shown. Tbe report of tbe Committee on Book Concerns and Colleges was then called up. Tbe Conference expressed satisfaction with the editorial ability with which the Methodist Protestant bad been conducted. Satisfaction was also expressed in retard to the mechanical department of tbe paper. Tbe members of tbe Conference were requested to use their utmost endeavors to increase the subscription list A resolution that as tbe Conference bad obligated itself to par the interests on two perpetual scholarships in Lynchburg College, they should proceed to meet that obligation, waa thea adopted. The Committes on Statistics then presented their report, from which It appear* thst there are 9,935 members of the Methodist Protestant Church under the Maryland Conference; colored members 735. of whom flOO are in Charleston; Intlnerant Ministers and Preachers; uustationsd do . fur There sre 100 churches and 31 parsonages belonging to the Conference Tbe value of cburcn property ia $350,000. There are 102 Sabbath Schools, with 1.380 teachers, 7,389 scholars, and VI,554 volumes in the libraries. A collection of S60 was taken up In hebalf of two acholarships In the College, attached to the s-% m * i! j ' t-onierenee. Aaiournea. Eut Baltlnaere Ceafereace at (hanbrn* barg, Pa Sixth Day ?After tbe derotonal exerclaee, the nation of character waa resumed, and J. O. McKeehan, E Klnaey, and D H. F&rrlah ptaa?d Jamea Gamble and Robert Boers wvre aaaigned a superannuated relation, and James 8. Tbomaa a location Tbe Conference then by ballot decided to hold ita next meeting at North Baltimore. James Clark w<ta transferred from Baltimore to r>*? U.l?< pAfifafM./.* L?nsi uqiuuivit: v/uiiiri^uvx The committee on tbe state of tie church then made a report, embracing a series of resolutions requesting the General Conference to repeal the new chapter on slavery, and to empower each Annual Conference to make such regulations upon the subject as they may deem proper. Upon these resolutions the yeas were 165, nays 9 Complimentary resolutions were posed to Rev. Robt 9. Mar lav, and their publication requested In the New York Christian Advocate and _\ew York Methodist, and Baltimore Christian A-dvocate. Mr. Maclay feelingly and eloquently responded to the resolutiona. Rev. William W. Hicks, John D Brown, and Martin L Drum offered themselves for either 1.h? China or India mission. AfW some further business of minor importance. the Conference adjourned. i hi " uiuii?ice luuowine rcporc 01 im weather for the morning Is made from the Ad ierIcan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the !*ml2hsonian In?tltutlrn. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. March *21, 1861. New York, N. Y .... nowlng hard Washington, D. C clear, wind N VV Richmond, Va. clear, cold Petersburg. Va clear, pleaaant. Raleigh, N. C clear, 5s9. Wiirnlngton, N. C clear, cool. Charleston, 9. C clear, 4fi?. wind X Augusta. Ga. .....clear, pleaaant Savannun, Ga clear, 50?. wind N Macon. Ga. clear. Columbus, Ga.............clear, cool. Griffen. Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala. clear, cool. Jackson, Ala. clear. Mobile, Ala clear, 4IP. New Orleans, La clear, S0?, wind E FROM TBI WBST. Prcderlck, Md clear, cool. Hagerstown, Md ..clear, cool. Cumberland, Md clear, pieMant. Pittsburg, Pa ...clear, 26?. Grxfton, Va cloudy, cold. Wheeling, Va ...cloudy, 24*. f*t Lmils. Mo clear, 2<5*. Cedar Rapids, Iowa clear, 30?. Ottawa. IB. clear. 20?. Klgln, *11 cloudy, wind NW Rock laland, 111 clear. SO3. Cleveland, O mowing. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m.. (corrected for temperature,) 29.917; at noon, 29 802 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 31*; at noon, 34*. Maximum during 24 hours, ending ? a. m. today, 43X*; minimum 29'. Omi Cask which Ciaccvimcu bavi Altered?The Berryville (Va.) Conservator remarks that: None are now croaking louder against the anticipated taxation than those who were loudest In their calls for an extra season of the legislature and a State Convention?the "immediate" Secessionists Moth those bodies were created pretty much fur their benefit, at a cast of some f3.uu0 per dav. and tbey sbou'.d row t?~itly bear tbe burden! But the secret is, tbey hive been unable to control the Convention and fiave things all in their own way- They are now calling lcudly to the Legislature and Convention to adjourn, fearing ttiat the i copie s taxes wiil be more than tbey will be able to bear. C^The Charleston correspondent of the New Vcrk Times siys tbat ?!nce tbe evacuation of Fort Sumter has been determined upcn. the famous floating battery will be stationed off Stone I?1 ind, fifteen miles from the city. i HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKI LY STAR, TO BE MACLED TO YOUR FRIEXDOR RELATIVE? IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEBKLY IN THE WORLD! us *> A?ni^wru? is* UNEQUALLED! ,1TS GENERAL NEWS 18 UNSURPASSED HV THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUN UKfcU TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIM Ed ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Wreei . to be out on Fr%. day Morning?price Three Cents?will be a remarkably interesting one. Every Person at a distance who i*ould keep Posted with reference to what is really going on here in these interesting times ?hon/d receive it i _ r 7 rgiuarty. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI?SI. S1-S1-S1-S1-S1?S1-S1-S1?Sl-Sl. 476 Pa. Av, EVANS. 4T6 Pa. At YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OP JEWELRY IN OH* RTnsk rnB nve nni i > _ __ V** U WJUUHI%I SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Set* for tl Elegant LAVA 8eU for #1 Elegant GARNET Sets for ?1 Elegant JET ? Seta lor #1 Elegant CORAL and GOLD .SeUfor 91 Elegant MEDALLION B*U for 01 Elegant RIM MOSAIC SeU for fi Elegant rLAIN 60LD Beta for ?1 Ladiea' GUARD CHAINS for #1 Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAINS, for ?I IjHiaa'Nurv runiua *?? ?? .?? WF #1 Gent's VEST CHAINS, (10 diffcroat patterns)... for 91 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARS, oonitstint of TABLE. TEA and DESERT SPOONS. PORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CREAM LADLE8, TEA SETS OP KNIVES and FORKS. BUTTER KNIVES. CUPS, ton *o. Also; A Large Assortment ol JEWELRY, vkiok we oan sell at so oemts ptr mrticlt. iOQXg-gat J CLOS'NO OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. ?1.00 BOOKS Selling for M eeats ?1.25 BOOKS Selling for ? 40 to 18 oemta 2.00 BOOKS Selling for... 91 to 9US NOW IS YOUR TIME to err nnnvst reurvt dv LOWKR THAN EVER BKPORK. CALL K1ILT AT 476 P*. AT. STAN*'*. 476 P? A* I flint poi* Mmioibm. BumIim tn r?-^V oeiTM vMkly. All roraiar M*4ieiMa on Mia. 0 Tooth UraihM it ail prioet; Cod Oil slJla?h? W imlow OImin, Ac. I MUtv1 AUCTION SALES. Br ORKEN * WILLIAMS. A??*H)t?wi T1YTF.NRIVK HilT (IF HOOF.Hm.n i VH H* KiTrHBR PranTTCBi "t^owciut t? re ?on? IrtTint the oitr.MJi BATI K DA Y, the 231 iMt, we ?hail Mil, in front of our Wore. No. itf, ?**t enth atv at Ift e'eleek a. m.. u exeelleat aesortinert of F?rni*?re, *>* : J*al)0(r?rj Whataot*. Sv.i'm. F print-eeat Chair*. Do. Marble-top and other TaNet ud Bu rwu, Cane n??t and orh*r Chairs and Waahstand*. Cottage, Jenny l.ind.and ??her B?l?tea<i?, Bru??~fs ud o'her Cerp*t?. Onototh. MUUn{, Broom*, ftlau, Cottoa. and fcneok M?'tree?es. China. Glass and Crockery w*re. With man* otherartieies loo numerous to ecemer ate Terms oaah. ?ran d HKKKN A WILI.IAMK. An-u Br GREKN A WILLIAM*. Aaetioneers I I AN i>t*OM t HOISLHOLD AND KITCH III* Fr?*ur*i a5D Pioo Foiti at Ar tioi.?On TttfUAV, tne .?ch in,taut, at i?i f'c ock a ni. yre !.? ;! se'l at the re ice'o* of J. t Talbot. Km . No. >103 tsxtli itrsW, between M and N streets north, an exoe.ient lot ?f Faraitar*. ia: One fine Rosewood Piano Forte, 7 ootaraa, made by Btetcva? * Bona, Mabocan* Plush-oorared Parlor Bet and Bpnnc Chair. _ Mahogany Marb> top Dre?a<nf aadotbe' Baraaa*. Do do Side ana other Table?. French Mtntel Cock. Wa cat It feet Extenei^n. Leaf and tJnArtered Table*. Jennr Liod, Cottage and other Be<Ja'?ad*. Wi.-?t not. Fin* Dama-k, Brooatelle and Laae Cartaina. Or ramrau, Three bandaome Pier an t Maotel G>aa*e*. Gilt. two of whioh ar* Ova! Frame, Chira Qlaaaand Orookery Ware, among ?bw" i* a fine ?old-band a-d Figarod 1 ia and Ceffe* 8?t. Plated Caator*. A o , k o. Fine Feather Bed* and B*ddinr, W air-C otto n-toja and ^back Mattreare*. Fine Tapwtry, Brnaaele, Btair and oha>nl>er Cai Hal? wii other Oileloth*. Stair Roda, Fme Refrigerator, Jlntb r a Tray, Cookint and other Stores, A good lot of Kitchen Furi.ita:e. With many other article* too nornemoa to men tion. Terma: Ail nam* under (at* caah ; orer that amount a oredit o! 9" and 00 oaya. for Bote* aabe faotonly endorsed, bea u.c ihikmi. GRhK.N A WILI.IAM8, Aarta. P. 8.?Tbe H<>uae, wtuoS ta a hard em* three atrory briek, with a three a'ory bach beildiag, with a large yard, and handaomely improved, i* aiao for aai#, on a ereditof aix year* and at a low pnoe. If notaoldit will he for ie<it. Inquire on the prem aea or of the aub*criber* ma tl d t. RE F.N A WILLIAMS Br BARNARD A BUCKKV, Auotionoera. * 1 - *\ yx ?<TORK FIXTl'vLE**ANpVo OD WILfc AT ^ ArcTioH.?On FRIDAY, jiid instant. at t o'clock, we wil tell in front of the premises. the Store Fixture* and Good Wi'l of the atore former It occupied b? Mr*. Simpson, on Brid*e street, sal' jeoi to a (ruucd rent. mtlt-d BARNARD A BITCKEV. Ancts. Br J. C. McGl IRE A CO- Auctioneer.. EXECUTOR'S SALE.?Willl?e sold at auction, br order of the Orihui' Conrt for Waanincton oointj, D. C., on the premier ol the late Charles !> Coltman. deoeaeed. *?a M street, near Fourteenth, on FRIDAY, the 10 o'cloek? One Hucty and Harneee, Ono Carriage and Harness, " Four Horses, three Carta. fwo Cutting Boxes, one Wagon, hree tons Hav, one Saddle, Set Doable H&rnnsa. lot of old llarneaa. And sundry small artio'f a. Alto, at the Hnck \ ard of the late Charlee I.. Coltman, on Vermont aretue, !between F and Q atre-t*? * W feet of o'd Lumber. 15 (**? fret old Timtier ar.d Boards, ? Whee harrows. 7 Sand SifUra, One lot of Kav Hncka, 17 Briok Moulds, 1 Stone Roller. 2 Press Mtll',1 Cast-iron Hnck Press. Spades. Shovels. Coal. Old I mr And aundr* an afi article*. Terina of i?i* All muci of tV and onder tub , all iiinii over S> notea at ft) data, ?%t;aiaotori y endorsed. JAMES ADAM?*. ROBERT COLTMAN. Exeontera of C. L Col'man, dec d ma 19-dAda J. C. MoGl'iRK A CO.. Aaeta. Br THUS. DOW LINO. Auctioneer, GfvrMvira, D. C. HANDSOME FURNITURE. PIANO Fobtb. Ac., at Acctiom.??'n MONDAY next, the 2Mb inatar.t. at 1? o'clock, I anal! ae.l. without reaerve, at the realdenca No. 1 lO.oorcer of 1 hird ar.d Lacgan ata , the Forniture of a gentleman declr .ag iioaackeepinc, ran?iattng of? Handa< tne Ko?ewood Piano F<tU>, ' S octavea, bet of Ur.on Chaira. Cai.e aeat ar.d Wood Chair*. Waln> ? Whatnot, Gut Mirrora, Fine Printa, Chineee Teapoye, Window bhadea. Parlor, Chamber and Step Capeta, Oilolotha, Marble top Bureaaa, Mahogany and Waliiut Hedaleada, Mattreeeea, Crockery and Giaaa Ware, Knirea and Forka. Cactora, Vaeea, As. Cookinc, Parlor and other Stovee, Kitchen Farwture, Ao.Ao Termaoaah. THOS. DOWLING, ABCC The Honee la for rent. ma yd By J. C. M'GUIRK A CO., Auolioneera. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PIANO FORTE* *3 tioraBHOLD * CBMTCB* 15B ErrBCTa at Prp Lie Acctio* -OiTl EbDA Y MORONS, Mat en 8Pth. at 10 o'clock, at th? reaidence of Samuel Arofi bo o, Eaq . No. 3*9 (j atret t.t-etween lath ard U'a atreeta. we akail Ml! the Furnitareand Effect*, oomprinag? Superior Roue wood aeven oc ave i .aoo Forte, b* Sohoraacker A Co , Phi adelph a Thia matru ir.ent took tne p.iz > at ths Manklin Inetit'it* Fair, Puit of Damaak oovered Parlor Furniture, Gilt frame Mirror, Marble top Table. Wtatnot, Kucy Chairs, Window Shadee, Mahogany Secn-tarr and Bookca*e, Sofa, D ? Center ai.d Card Taoiea, Lounge, Carpeta Oilcloth, Matting. Wawnt Extension Tat.le, Sideboard, Cane aeatCbaira. Refrigerator, China. Glaaa and Crocker* War?, P.aed Caetora, Wasters, Tab.* Cut'ery. Mahogany French BeJateid, O'eeaicg Btiraesa. Cottage Chani'tcr set. Cottage H??!*teads, Feather Beda, Bo.tiera aad Pl.Iowa, Hair Mattr^tB0(l a l ? kin; G'.aaaea, To lot Seta, BlaulreU, Coi??fo la. Sheeting. Cooking Stove, I .strut* S'ove. Together with a general astoiUrent of Kitchen K ruuiut*'. P. s Hi-u?? for raat; inquire on the premises or of the Auctioneer. 'I erms omIi. ma 2<* d J. C. McGl'IRK 4 CO , Anew Marshal # sale.?in nrtu* of two wrn? of fieri facia*. i mosJ from the Clerk's oftce of the Circuit Court oi the District of Columbia, for t<>? count* of VVat-ii.cgton. and to me direetod. I vi.: erpose to public Mile tor auk, it front of the court ii >um floor of ?eid o< unt* on*?ATt RDAY. tii* ??h da? of Maroh mi'int. >461. at 12 o'olork m . th? following described property, to wit,vii : Lots No.Swi(>ou?'eXo 137, and Lot No. S, lu t^uare IH7, in tne city of W ashing Ion, D. C., to with all and singular the mprovement* thereon, miml and leneo upon a? the property of Andrew Rothwel',*nd will be so id to aaUafy ju.1i nials N"?. 126 and 184. to Jannarj term( i?l. in ft vor ol 8ti lman, Henncks A Farber. a: d damie 8. Stevens. W. 8ELDEN. U. K. Marshal for ma 7 dti Dutrict of Olmtiia Ml AR^HAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a wrjt of fien facias issned from the Clerk's OAne of the Cironit Court of the District of Columbia for the County ol VVe?-n r.gVon, a?<i to me directed . I will expose to public ? for rash, in front of the f^nnrt Habi* H iuir - * ? - - - ? **" m *^ *" - -.--I VI awi uuHUiri on rKLUAYj the J2, day of M%'ch next, Ifcl. rommeooinc it 12 o'clock n. th*f<~> :owi--c<l^?cr.' ? : property, to wit. is: Lot No. IS. it Squa ? No 41. LotNo.2,in ?qu?re 42. L Mo 5, r. Ssua e .No. 43, l ot No 12, int-qu%'*No ! : No. 1'. in t*auare No.?, and I ??t No IS in Si|U%r? No. TS, iu IB U>0 eity of WMi;tL(t<>D. 0. . t< K?U>?r ? <Ui *1 and singn ar the improTwnraU t.iereon. M>s*d and l?n?d U(h n aa U.e property of Brook Maokall, end wi I be ao d to -ati >.f? indicia.* No. 43. to Janaary term. Ml, io favor of Hoo?, Brother A. Co. Jr27 dt- W SELDEN.U.g Marehal. OHNLY TEN CENTS FOR ONE DOZEN line Steel P?na and Holder, aueh aa are aeua j > ' aolU (or ?5 oenta, at FRENCH * RICHBTEIVS Nitioaa! Boutniw, aTB Pa. a* aaa 14-lw WM. R. RILEY * BROTHER are no* open in|c. ?t No *6 OetraJ Btorea,a larja atock ol all kinda of SPRING DRV GOODS, to wbich they call the attention of their fnenda aad the pu lie generally. Dot.*t forget. WM. R. RILEY * RJtO.. A No. Sa (Antral Stoiea. j Between 7th and tth a.reeta. ma 15 M Oppotite Center Market. TL. A. BKALL * CO. AKE Pleaaure in informing their enstomera. and ?tr?n??r?, that they bare retnnred to No. 961 1 v._NI >??M, omvmi1 I ua K.jHIt ttm I. Hall'*. W? hava ia?t reo?ir?d a nrw nmIt of CLOTHING. FCiNIBHING flOOB#. TRUNKS HAT* ud CAPS, which wa offar to Mil at ?ki low pneaa. Call and aa hafora bar ibc elMWMn. aa wa know tkat wa eu aail y? rooda at leaa than ant othar atora is tha oitr. L A. BEALL * CO , Clothiera. mar 14 1m No. 3(1 Mmtk I aMlI A, BAR * RRO. . RE Ajrain in the Said wife aa immanaelv larf* a took oT BKADY MADE CLOTHING ar OENTt*'FLRN18HIN6 GOOD* Waaowrffoi groat indaoawnta to paraoaa who b?T for caah. Ramambar tba piaoa?ooriwr E aad Saras Cfc at*. mar 8 \m QVFICERS^ PETTY Of FlC&^p. >Np Baa . v. uvwv U1 HJ U. e. Illf* H the oi^tir* of Mr aiavcr ?u bare their ?ltiM for f> NO TIC JL i ER8QN8 Wuhiag F?r*it?r? ud H?n ArtiGood V?foM ?S^52nV?l Mow*. ^ BUiSiyf.ttMfHiS K? wir wmm r " ""* * J Al l BONftkTB, MATS, Mtf FLATS of * " U rmy latMt fe|m,Miji ?H mm pi|iAT BARGAINS IN P1ANOA.-OM mo