Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1861 Page 3
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local" news. Ij?" Though Thi la printed on the flu teat ?*r? preaa la i*e aopth of Beltlmore, lta edition t* *> lHTf? m *? reqn^re It to be pat to preaa at an rsrly hoar; Advertisements, therefore, should be ni In before M o'^ock m .; etharwlae they may ot uppev until tb? next day. Notic*,?D!rtr'? t of Colombia Advertleementa *o be 'naerted In An B&ltimokb Srw are received ? una rorvr?r?i?J from Thi Utaa Offlce. C*!misal Cot^t ?Trxal of ffobU Gray/on for Jnm t* bumi*| Skrtft:?'* Stablt?A? our report Hosed yesterd.-* the testimony for the United i^tatea cioeed in lhl? cue, and Mr. Phillip* called for the defences Mrt R. A. &<tt*rs, who te?tifled that on the nignt in qoectv&n, a few minute* before ? o'clock, she had business which took her to Noble Grayson's house \s >h<- waa going up the alley to hla house, she m*t Noble coming down It with a bucket In ki^'band It waa then Jnat 20 minutes before 8 o'cl^k.? Witness was on the door atep, talking to th* mother of tlie defendant, when the alarm of llr* was made. Noble did not appear at ail excited Warfare? Wise (colored) said she lived In the s*m? hour* with the defendant at the time of the firr; is a rotation of hla. The only persona who lived In tt>? house at the time waa witness, defendant "nrt wife, and mother. Noble came in 31) m1nnV*s before the alarm of fire Hia wife naked hV>Q to get a bucket of water, which he did. Witness remembers that a lady called there that Tiitftt Charlotte Sims told witness and defendant's vrffe that she thought it waa defendant she aw r:n across the street, but was not certain about t b'JWKX CrTiliunn /hrnthpr of - ? , \ ? - ? -1 / lied ?.at on Ike night in question Noble came to ivinble where be was, and told witneaa that Mr Moore wnnted him. Witneaa did not reply to the remark, and a few minutes after Noble rai^e back and repeated the message. Witness reified that Mr Mcsre always wanted him, and ?t:4 not give him time to put the horse away. V itness remai ned there a few moments longer, .id then went over in the direction of the store. Moble was waiting for him outside; bad a bottle in bis band, and told witness that Moore did not want him?he had only said that to get witness <>ut, because he wanted hi* bottle filled with ?vb!?ky. Witness went to the store and filled the bottle with whisky and gave It to Noble. Witness remained in the store a few minutes to warm v? i * a it - ? ? - " - - liiuisru, una loen weni oui lo I era ibe Horse While in tbe stable witness nw smoke overhead, and gave the alarm. Witness then seized hi* mister's horse and that of Dr. Glbbona, took them cut of the stable, end then went to work saving what be could. Didn't see Juba that night Has seen htm go np stairs with a light, and has seen matcbesof stairs, and heard Shreeve* caution him against taking a light up stairs. Witness thinks Noble said something about going home before leaving him. Don't know what came of him Rfter he got the whisky. Didn't see Charlotte 9?ms that night The gate on the aide of the carriage bouse was fastened; witness endeavored to push it open to get the carriages ont, but couldn't do so It was eight feet high, and had a bar across Some rebutting evidence, not material, was here given by the I ulted States, and the evidence clrsed Mr Phillips then addressed tbe jury at length, reviewing the evidence,and making a strong appeal in behalf of his client. On motion by .Mr. Norris, Mr. T. II. Johnson was admitted to the bar. To-day?Mr Norris, for the prosecution in the rase of Noble Grayson, on trial for tiring Shreeve's stable, whereby it wa? destroyed, replied to the argument of Mr. Phillips, made yesterday. ? rf? *?_ H rw ? - ciuaiuii imti.?nir nenry tie boiz, or Philadelphia, traveling to the South, took passage on the ? Baltimore for Aqaia Creek on Saturday last He had In hi* carpet bag a lame quantity of jewelry, which, upon opening h'.s carget bag, be fonnd was gone, some one having opened it on the way and stolen a pearl necklace and cross, a pearl cross, two pairs of pearl armlets. three opal studs, two gold seals, and four sets of common ear-rings. He returned yesterday to tbe city, and accompanied by Capt. Reynolds of the steamer, obtained the services of Policeman Bright John R. Cader was arrested and taken before Justice Donn Two witness' s swore that ?'ader gave each of them pieces of jewelry like that described, but when they heard of the robbery they returned It to him. Cader admitted this, bat said it was jewelry he bought Satuiday night at the market for 75 cents,and subsequently old to a white boy for SI '?>. A search was then ordered for the hous? of Jane Bender, in Temperance alley, where one of the armlets were fonnd 1r? a washstand Cader and the woman both denied any knowledge of ii Both were committed to jail Afterwards Policeman Bright arrested Ben Ferguson and Stsnly l.awson, and found on Ferguson the necklace and cross, tbe pearl cross, nd a pair of armlets He said Cader presented ?hem to one of his children. Both these were committal to jail Other parties wre railed on, mid the opal studs were returned by a colored man named Grant Mr De Boiz was fortunate in recovering so much of his jewelry; and the policeman deserves credit for hia perseverance. Tb*> value of the jewelry was over one hundred dollar*. Tut Cask* agaixst Ex-Skc?ktart Floid ? ! > the caseof John B. Floyd, ex-Secretary of War, for conspiracy la attempting to defrand the Government. the District Attorney stated that he was of opinion tbat the conspiracy existed with Goddard Bailey alone, and that there was not the least evidence going to involve Got. Floyd in it; and bat as Gov. Floyd had been summoned and required to test'fy before a Congressional committee in relation to the matter, he could not, according to the ruling of the Court, be prosecuted He 'herefcre moved to enter a nolle prosequi in the eass Mr Carlisle, counsel for Floyd, Mid his client bad come here to answer the charges against him; but hearing of the decision of the Court with reference to Russell, he (Mr. Carlisle) bad, without consulting Mr Floyd or any one. thought proper to bring the matter before the Court. He hoped the motion of Mr Ould would be allowed. Yesterday the Judge, after examining the indictment and looking into the ease technically, dismissed it. Militabt.?The following are the commissioned officers of the Sixth Regiment Militia District Columbia: Colonel?Lemuel J MlddlMon. Lieut. Colonel?Joaepb Peck. Capteina?James L Henry, Nicbolaa Callan, Kdward C. Dyer, HI ram Rlcbey, B F Guv, Ja*. tfktrving, Th. ma* J Fiaber, Daniel McFarlaud, B F Craig, Geo XV. Harkneaa First Lieutenant*?Andrew J Joyce, Chrlat'n Schneider, James Shields. John J McCuliuin, R. H. Wlllett, Win A Bradley, Wm Peterson, Geo. G. Hunt, Richard W. Downer, C. E. Middleton. JVcond lieutenant*?Ricbard Washington, O. L Jones, J T K Plant. Manuel C. Causten, Andrew Neetr. Geo. H Plant, jr , Samuel V. Noyes, Jcbn S Marr, Peter Gallant, Edwin Jones. burgeon?Robert King Stone. M D Auiatant surgeon?Jonn C Riley, M. D. Thi Natiosaj. Rule* met at tbeir armory in full uulform, W men in the ranks, laat nlgbt. After a drill of tbe company, they proceeded to an election for Captain, in place of Capt Scbaetter, realigned Lieut J R. Smead. of tbe'id Artil. IfryTl' A , Mraa nominated and unanimously elected. A committee wai appointed to wait upon Capt. Sinead and notify blm of his election. Taey returned In a few minute* with the Captain, who was introduced by Lieut. Webb, and received by the company w:th armi presented Captain Sinead In a abort speech said be would accept the command of the company if there was no objection at the Department to his doing so. Capt Sriiead Is a fine young otBcer, a graduate of the Military Academy at est Point, and at present attached to the Coast Survey Office in this elty. Cextbe Mabut?Supplies average to-day In the sheds Prices unaltered. The fish n arket was well supplied with shad, herring, rock aid perch. The loog set nee will not be put Into service at tbe fishing shores before the 25th, and may then be delayed by the weather, but in a few dsjn the siipply for wholesale will begin to be received The stock la tbe hay market was small this morning, but equal to the demand. Tbe prlcea range from 50 to 80cents per 100 lbs There was a small quantity of poultry, but tbe demand was not very t>ri?k An excellent lot of country p<>rk waa offered at the sc&le-bouse, and sold for $8 It5 per 100 lbs. Battaliox Drill?Last night, Companies A, B and C, Washington Light Infantry Battalion, bad a dress drill at their armory under the direction of Col. F. Mesra, of tbe New York Seventh Regiment. They performed a number of movements la excellent atvle and with great military precision, evincing that tbe teaching of Col M has not been lost upon them. During the evening tbe armory was v III ted by Zonave Company E, same corps, sod a formal and cordta' welcome was tendered them by Col Davis, of the Battalion. Lieut. Powell, of the Zouaves, replied befittingly. n'otwitbstasdiae tub d1stbbbbd cobditlos or T?S COCSTBT, our enterprising friends, Perry A. DiAiKs* at ?Kj> rnrn+r of Ninth P*nn venae, hare their annual grand opening and display of spring and summer dry good*, from tbe UpLea of American looms up to the finest fabrics and designs of Europe P.4 B seem not only determined to supply a Urge trade, but to keep op their reputation for the qmmlitf of their fabrics, ad the tou* employed ia their selection* f 'Old 8c**c?i?ia.M?The statue of tbe Goddees of Liberty for the Dome of tbe Capitol, Is to be cast st Clark Mllls'a foundry between this cite and fledeasbar* I 3' j'*- * 2^4 a Natt-Y**d ?Little la now going on at our Navy-Yard aalde from tbe wore upon tbe new teamer Peoaacola Tbe graveled walks are being amootbed down by ponderoua Iron roller*, tbe graaa la peeping up bright and freab, and everything wears an air of quiet and pleaaantneaa Tb* copper rolling mill la in operation from day to day. and thelmmenaeforges,machine thops. &c., are hurrying towarda tbe completion of tbe machinery'for tbe ateamer A few wood and coal boats are discharging their cargoesat the wharves, while out a few roda from tbe abore tbe aloopofwar Pawnee awinga at anchor, her black hull frowning upon tbe city, with her broadsides ranged so as to awrepthe approaches to tbe vard. . A -i_ -1- * *' * * - ** n tiugie marine iiaueaaiy pace* lis limited beat across her decks, and now and then a bead appears above the bulwark*, but sslde from th<se be presents the appearance of deaert1on,/nd rldea allenth ud gloomily upon the ebb and flow of tbe tide. Tbe Penaacola preaenta a lively acene. and echot" from atem to atern with the blowa of buay workmen Her immense acrew baa been fitted to ita place, her engines are rapidly approaching completion, and her boilera are nearly permanently aecured In their reapectlve aeata. Her machinery ia of the moat superior workman hip, and for symetry of proportions and comfileteneaa of finish baa but few equala. F.veryhlne about her machinery haa been constructed at tnla yard under the Intelligent supervision of the master machinist. Col. Bright. On the wharf liea the amoke atacka of tbe Penaacola in aectlona, (e*eh large enough for a man to ride through on horseback.) together with one of the new gunboats conatructed for the steamer. As tbe work la uow progressing she will soon be completed, when we shall have another trim and effective vessel added to our Navy. [COM MT SIC AT ED. ir.. . ?- ? * * - n Jn? *? -- - -- ?? ii-L. iuu. air. r>uitor, permit me, turough me Evening Star, most respectfully to request the city authorities to suppress a nuisance which exists Immediately under their own noses, and the continuance of which I believe, In spite of the popular idea as to the longevity of scavengers, to be Inconsistent with their own good health. 1 have smellrd It before?vaguely and pervadingly, ao a buiiipviiciii pan oi idc i ny Mail aunospner?? but to day It charged upon me at the corner of D and Fifth streets. as a distinctive and rampant smell, seceding from the atmospheric union and refusing to be mlxtd. As my business led me to the City Hail, I was compelled to follow my nose, and growing desperate with disgust, permitted my nose to lead me to the very magazine of the enemy, which 1 found Inclosed with a high board feuce, immediately in rear of the northwest corner of the Hall. "If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out and cast It from thee " So we read What if thy nose offend thee? Shall a man and a citizen ' cut off his nos? to spite bis face?" No! Let him rather pray, as I do, to the "authorities" for the removal of the cause of offense and disgust to these Innocent and useful ministers of his sense*. It is n?t a nose of parchment, nor a pudding's end, nor a brazen uose, nor a flr-tree nose, nor a false nose, nor a dead nose; but a true nose, a live nese. a nos- of flesh and blood and nerves and cartilage, sensitive as a mimosa and as soft as a flute. Tkb Tkumpktk*. Louisiana avenue, March 19. Theater.?Coleman's play of" The Poor Gen tieman" so abounds in stilted sentiment, particularly in the first act, that the spectator is momentarily inclined to d?n sentiment" with as much heartiness as did the unhappy Sir Peter Teazle. It has. however, so many telling points that despite Its turgidly-phrased didactics it generally goes off with favor, especially when, as on last night, It Las Jefferson for an " Ollopod" and that admirable performer of old women's parts. Mrs Mann, as "the honorable Miss LucretlaVlcTabb." Mr Bland was of course excellent as " Sir Robert." The pleasing face and figure of Mr Barton Hill, and hi* animated manner, make him a favorite; but why won't he talk naturally upon the sta^eT Ditto Miss Mann, who, charming as she is, has yet a le*f to learu frotn her whose stage-taik it so delightfully natural?undeclamatory. ' Mazeppa," succceding the "Poor Gentleman," did the business for those who bad not nulte laughed themselves out of breath through Jetierson's Ollapodina and Mrs. Mann's McTabIsms. To-night, " Mazeppa" and "Newman Noggs." Jrt!Vr?on in both. A bill to make the mouth water! E'capk of Prisoners from thk Pimtixtiactt ?This morning, between 3 and 5 o'clock, two notorious convicts, well known in this community, made their esrape from the Penitentiary. They are " W rangy" Jones?who had nearly served out a terin for assault and battery with Intent to kill an unfortunate woman, his sweetheart?and " Sauirley" Barret, In for life for the murder of Mr Reeve Lewis They were turned out at S n'flnrk tn 1 1 ? - ?, w ??nv ?uc pueuu 111 rau, anri embraced an opportunity to wrench a hook from theebfmnev place, to which they attached a sort of rope which they hastily made by tearing the bread cloths into strips, and, going to the wall which overlooks the marsh, threw their hook upon the parapet, where it caught, and they were thus enabled to pull themselves over and make good their escape. Ths WtTiiur, or the Avenue?The appropriation made bv the City Councils last Monday night, for watering and cleansing Pennsylvania avenue during the approaching summer, seems to meet with disfavor from thoae not residing near to th? avenue, and they are this morning trying to ?ff'-ct its suspension, we hear. The members of the Hoards seemed to be pretty unanimously agreed that such an appopriation was necessary. Qcakdhoi'sk?Justice Clark ?Yesterday evening, Delia Mahoney was arrested and taken to the guardhouse on a charir? of * ftwk hoop skirt from Catherine Christlnan. i>be wai examined and released William Chase, charged with assault and battery on Washington Lee, was brought in and required to give security to keep the peace six months. There were no cases for trUl this morning. Death op Robkst H. Wheslef ?Many of j our readers will i egret to learn of the death of this estimable young man, who died this morning, of cousnmption, at his father's re?tdence in this city. Mr. Wheeler was a talented and promising young man, and was highly esteemed by a large circle of relatives and friends for his kindness of heart and flue moral traits of character. Don'r forget the concert and presentation of ; colors to the Washington Llrrht Guard at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy-Yard, to-night. A full house and a grand time may be expected. Coccus ?The sudden oh&ures of our oiim&te are lourAM nf Pni?i/?s/i?. ^ ? . ?*v?w> 7, t w*?v/>?<-* auu -i* hr%7fi 'iiic Affections. Experience having proved that r;mple remediea often act xpeedily and certainly when taken in the tarly itui>i of the disease,recourse siould at onoe bo had to '* Brown's Bronchial TVer4?s." or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat bs ever ao alight, aa by this precaation a more uerio.i* attack may bo effectually warded off. Public Strikers tnd Sinfrrs wi!i find th*m effectual for cioartu* and strenjtijeDinir the roiee. See advertisement. de 1-ly Anoiheb Wjth*8?. Important to Prostrat'd and Debtlitattd Inra'i'ls^ Thousands of invalid ladies, in var uui pa'ia ol tha States, ci fi'in i !i? t'atunon? of Mi a. E I Atham. oi Pacific air??t, lirookl)i:, \e?r York, who lits. rec-n l> been entirely cureti of a distressing I iv?r C?-nij>f?int, of some yearn > finding, by a ai:Ort course i f Hosteller's t+iemack Btt'ers. Capt. 1 .atnain. tli? hut-band of the .ady, joins with his w fe in exprersiug unlimited oocfidence in the preparation, and b >th are at all times ready to state the faet connected with Mrs. L'a caae, which was a very ohatiuate and complicated caae of Liver Complalut, (aait was termed by her phvaioiau.iag gravated by dyspepsia and a general derangement of the internal organs. Thecure has been thorough a-.d coir.p'e'c; cor la there any kind of stoma-'h p. mnilLinr mtr inv *fTs*^tir??? r\f IKa KawaU ? r w..^ wuw?vm V* !</ m'wvia| nuivil wilt not yield just as readily to this potent restorative. Svld by all druggists. ma 18 eoSt Hoxbopathic Rkmbdus All of Dr. Humphrey* A. Co.'s specific Homeopathio ltemeriiea put up expressly for faintly use, in boxes, at IS and So cents eaoh. Also, id oa?M, containing viaU, from 94 to 95 each, with l>ook of full directions. For sale by 7.. 0. Gilinan, .130 Fa. evert**. wholesale and retail agent: VV. A. SO3 north F street; also byF. B. Winter, oorner o( Massachusetts avenue and Sixth streot. Also, Pond's Extract of Witch, for internal and external inflammations of all kiada. Sold as aliove. ma91y Reams, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Res/ it; it will interest you. au 25-eolj Tft THV A?fT irT*n'?Ua !.*>? tn ra?<l tieement of McLean'* StrenufiienniK Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf j Pkhsiks. Parsons detiring penniea will alw&yi bed them for exchange at the Star OrF.ce oountor. tf DIED, In thia city, on the evening of the 2oth instant, Mra EM ELI M K, wife of Robert B. Clockey, in the 58th ?rar of her ate. Frienda of tu* family are retpeotfuHv invited to attend her funeral f om the Feuodry M. E Church, to-morrow i Friday,) at2H o'oioek. * (Baltimore Sirn copy.) On tn? in'h iriatant. of malignant acarlet fever, BAKAH El.1ZA. daughter or John M. and Mary J. ?iu>a,ia the 18th year of her age. * (Philadelphia papers oopy.) Raspberry. strawbp.rry, asparagus and hedging plants. 15,ww raspderry plant-*, twenty v?m?tiea. mc udibK "Belie de Pontenac" (vhich i? hard* *d<j pfxlncuve. Marine a fcne full orop dur- ; lug the autumn, with but little attention,) "CaitaHudson ARtVtr^" and other*. ' rriumpn cm ti&nu,? Victoria, "Uounte?? <Je Henco^^'Hovey'i 9eed:tcfr," ' Alts* Maud." and oilie/ 3TH AWtPfcRKl tM ol the noit approved varieties. 8>\noo roots of GIANT AF^AR AGU8. ?>,000 OSAGE 0*ANC , PLANTS, for hedg. inc. i?JT Order* strictiy a><*D<l?d to, aod p&okinc done with proper care. JOSHUA I'lERCK. W ureerr man. Linnaen Hill, m*r7-*efw i]nt.2weo> N*r WMhiBftoa, D. C. LADIES. 1 have Jost received a large and t MILLINERY GOODS of the beat quality, latest tU New. white and colored STRAW and NEj WHITE FLATS. Children's new strl? HATSo and beaatifal RIBBONS i;au ana eee ror youraeirea at No 13 Pennaylra Ho. 19. Mrs. R. G. I mar lS-lw CT7" Remember It la No AMUSEMENTS. j WASHINGTON THEATER! Leaaee .S. W. Glknn Ac?inj Manager J. T. Katmoxc THIS EVENING, Fourth night of the Celebrattd American C (median, MR. JO?. JEFFERSON, Who will appear In hia Great Character of NEWMAN NOGGS. And in the Comio Burlesque of MAZEPPA; Introducing Operatic Imitations, Comic Dancea, and Daring Acta of Horaemanahip. nno AAA -BLUE BOOK -InformvnOjUuU^/UUi ?t;on as to all the Offices in the snuntry, Mid salary. centa. Coataina the aaine matter aa the Great Blue Book ooating 93 50. Omitting the names which are not necessary. Cat- j 1 alogue of Curidfcities at Patent Office. Liat ol Pat enta. Old Books iKMsght ?n<1 sold Catalogue furnished. ALFRED Hl'NTKR, Bookseller, fe22-lm* Willards* Hotel Square. BALLS, PARTIES, 4c. j T1 BALL 1 O Be nven by the YOUNG MEN'S BENEVOLENT SOCIE l"y,at Vikdt's hall.oor- -ra 1 ner of Tenth and E i-treeU, on Fiti DAY gl EVENING, March 22d. I TiotteU 9t adrritting a gentleman and la-UMfc ' diea. Door* open at 8 o'clock. mall-2t* i i I WANTS.. . | i 1 WANTED?Bv a rosp^ctabls young woman, a i SITUATION as chambermaid er te t*fco i care of ch'ldren. Apply at St. Vincent's Asylum. i ma 21-3t? WANTED-Thre* DRESSMAKERS, at No. 359 Eighteenth ?t, between II and I itn. < None but firat-ciasa l.*iuls need iinnl*. Alan n I Young Lady to learn the t?U8ine*s. " ' It* t Confectioner wanted -wanted, a J first-rate Confectioner?on? who understands thoroughly the cake and pastry branoheg of the trade. Apply to 347 C street, between 4>. and6th J sts. ma 21 31* | i BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.-I will,on receipt of j 91 (gold) tell any lady the method of preparing ( a ftnious oosin^tio used extenmvoly by the ladies < of the French Court. Address MADAME fitfA- J RELLE. Washington City. ma 20 3t* , WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From SrS to 910,000 worth of SECOND-HAND Fl. KNl J TURE of all kinds, for which I will guaranty to pay j thehiihost prices,and, as the shortest no- f tioe. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., j oc9 40* 7th st.. bet. G and H east side. ( AN TED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. ' Persons declining housekeeping, or having a surp'us of Furniture on hand, fan oi tain tlie cash and fair prices by applying at 309 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ & GRIFFITH. ' ; LOST AND FOUND. j? ffOI'ND?A PORTEMONNAIE, which the Owner hav? hv nrnuin? nrn??rt w n** I ing for the advertisement. ? 'o. *A. GRAY' ' i It* At C.age'.t fc Ma?'s, No. 324 I'a. av. ] LOST?At the Levee last night, a soft H AT, and ' a heavy grey heaver cloth caped OVERCOAT i (without sleeves.) The finder will confer a favor by leaving them at this otfiaf, or by leaving word" where they may bo got. mar 9-tf i . For baltim<?rk and the potomac ! RIVKR LANDINGS < Th? steamer ST. NICHOLAS, Captain Jacob ' Kirwan, will leave Ri ey's Whatf, 11 i . , Wellington, every SATURDAY -ft MORNING, at ?i o'olock. Leavo1^^??""*** rommeroe St-eet Wharf, Ualtimore, evjry WEDN FSDAY AFTERNOON,at 4 o'o'iock, calling at her usual landings on the river for passengers and freight. Since last season th? steamer has been put in 1 thorough order th'ou^hout every part of lirr. , For freight or passaee hpd1? t.. Till ?M ah w " RILEY.Aeer.t. Riley's Wharf, foot of 11th st. ma 13-TuATh2m lj French paperhangings,ao. < cok.nkr nisth asl) 1) strkkts. ! ! We have rpered to-day our spring importation 1 of french j'aPERHANGINGS, holders, DkooRaTIONs, &.c., the styles cf wlnoh are ' rich and attractive, and the ptioes annsually low. ' We have a very fine aiooriiiieut of H R e ' , board print?, medallions. 4o. a,bo. 1 a i&rge and eoleot stock cf English ai d American 1 papkr hangings, window shades, < cords,tassels. giltcornice and cur- < tain bands, all of which are of the best roanu- ' fart lire, and which we offar at prices to suit the tunes. We have competent workmen ever ready i f >i the prompt execution of work entrusted to us. FRANKLIN A RO< HROCK, ma 19-3taw3w (Int.) ."?<>.'* cor L 9 thami D sta. NI> ?The undersigned bags to inform the 13. puhlioGiat he :ias on band a 'arge stock of monuments. tombs. headslones, < Ao., at Ha'timore and Philadelphia prions. Also, a now sty leol Draw.ncaoan ho feen at >he jard, and a new s.yleof Marble .Mantels. Table Tops. Ac., M kept "n hanl. Brown Stone and Granite work promptly attended to. wm. KRAIiLKY, iih 18-efi3m Pa. av., bet 18th and 19th sts. J GARDEN AND FLOWER SEEDS OHN SAl'L. 39?> Seventh st.. comer H, Wash- \ ington, D. C., has the pleasure of offering an extensive stork of GARDEN. FLOVV KR, ei.ri FIELD SEEDS, comprising all the ataple a'ticl-s of do r'flatio growth. w>th every novelty of value j from England and the Continent, viz : l ine Ear!* i Vork, Ox heart, Y\ moingMadt, and Flat Dut-.ii Cai-trtge: Extra F.ariy Peas; Extra Early Beau; large Purple Egg-p ant; lance Smooth T<,nm.!o?? Carrots, Parsnips, Lettuce. Onions, Cauliflowers, Ac. Flower heeds of every description. suitable for any latitude, Heing ft practical see I frruwor.all are guarantied a* t > accuracy?warranted Prices as low a* reaabie scuds can be sold at. : < ma 16-Gtco* , OFFICE OF WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT, Washington, March 15th, 1361. Sealed Ptnpjfah are hereby invited for the Comp'etion of tl^e following Structures in ana about J the Distributing Keservoir, vi* : 1 Completion of Influent Gate House, Do. Auxi iary bate House, Do. Screen Well and Stair Well. For detailed information, p!au>, Ac., enquire at ! tb>s office. Bidj will be received up to the 25 h instant, at 12 < m., and will be opened iu premjuoe ol bidders at 1 that hour. The bids should be it'dorsed " Proposals for ! Completion of >trueturen 11. andabout the Distrib utiug Reservoir. Washington Aijue iuot.'' M. C. ML.1GS. Captain ( Engineers, mar 16 Chiel Engineer. 460 skventhstreet. ^ I always ahead. I have just received a nice stock of SPRING CLOTHING. KUKNISHINii ?OOwS, , TRUNKS, HATS and CAHS. to whc>h 1 i?ivito the attention of a>'i in wait of sicli artic'e*. My motto 1 , is "A quick sxptme is b?tt?r tha:i a slow sMi- j ling." Those :n want < f Clothing wo invite to 1 come and look at our go< d? and prices ; ?nd i> y u wnntanioe Shirtft id a pro i> Tie, N>? 460 S-'v | euth street is th" place to k?*i them 1 have a \ery i large stock of Sl'KlNG HATS,whioh I ain selling at25 per cent. below their actual value. I-or those who want to travel, 1 iiave jufct rvoeivfd a large lot of TRUNKS. VALISES, and CARPET |. BAGS, varying in prices from 5<> to %8. If you want* good Trunk, Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, or Caps, there ii no p'ac* where yoi c*n buy them & low as at the People'! Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh St., opposite Po?t OiTice. J H. SMITH. C othier, mar 141m No 4 60 Seveath st., bet. E and P. r? KA II?H EA n_R V A II_R P?n_Hktn' IV? - ~ SPRING STYLES BONNETS, RIBBONS AND FLOWERS' Citizens and strangers are most r*?pectfully ao- 1 nA.lieite<1 to call immediately and examine ^ MBCthe Novelties of the Season, all of?K^j) MHwhioh I shall make great efforts to korp^f well asaorted. Having made arranc omenta to buy : for the caah, will be able to odor great attraction! in price. R. C. STEVENS, 336 Pa av., bet 9th aud loth ?t*. | | N. B ? Alwaya on hand the celebrated Grover 4; I Raker Family Noiseless SEW iNO MACHINE, i the prio-a of which saving lately been redunedk5cer ' cent, and a^Mnr reven years, it is useless t.> demy I purohasingt expecting price* to be reduced, not , ev?u the dissolution of tlaa glorious Union could i etfeot iu Prices from 34't to $150. n.a 16 7t 336, between 9th and loth atg. Ywood and coal. OU Will aurely g?t your money's worth ly ealiing at the PIONKKR M II.LS, <:r*tnici>t car net of 'Stvtntk rtreet and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, Agent.) They sell cheaper and five better measure than *ny others in the city?out, split, and delivered free of charge. If you don't l>ehev? it, give the Pioneer Mills atnal, and be satisfied. Ja W-ly.r , f REAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS-One very VI nioA Ha 1 A Son*' make for 9I5?>; i-n? very uioe Ruwwood Cuickerint ' imvlitJfesSca ' for #100; on? Ro?ewood Nrwman A Kro.'i'll *? ? make for 975. at the Mu?io Store of W. G. M K1 ZEROTT, ao.e agent of Steinway A t-ona' and Raven, Baoou A Co 'a Pianos. mall 'i PRESENTS FOR THE FOLKS AT HUME. 5 few pieoea of new and pretty M usic or M u?io Hooka, Ae . at the Piano Store of JOHN K. EL LIS, SOt? Penu. avenue, between 9tii a.vJ u.ih

iitreete. m* 6 Anew lot of sprino hats just received and for aal* at very low prioee, at No. 4fiO Seventh utreet fe 2 6w np H JE _G Kb' AT EST BARGAINS IN CLufiT IN?, ruK^isHimii uuwim, HATS *cd' CAI*Sat No. 460 S?veuUi at., opposite >>u?t < ?f,\.0\ sum T?r * <?. .. *? ? >< ?T 0 4 >eaut1ful aaaortment of SPRING FANCY and rle?. and the cheapest in the market. kPOLITAN BONNETS, L*dlea' BROWN and f ail klcds. Fine French FLOWERS and new nta avenae, between 9th and (Mh streeta. rrciusoiv. no. is. i. 12 Prnn. 1 venue, between ?*h and 9th atreeta. FOR SALE AND RENT. FHiR RENT?A HOUSE with trn room*, eiclmiveof kitchen, aervant'e room and oloaeta; aupp.'ied with tasand Potomao water; oomfortab y furmahed and in a delightful locality, l-orterma, Ac., apply at the premiaei, 3.'>0 K ft , between 12th and )3fh gta. ni&21-lw'<| FOR RENT-ARLINGTON MILL, on Four Mile Run. at the intersection of Colombia Turnpike and the Alexandria, Loudonn and Hainpahtre Railrotd. three milea from Washington nnd aix mii?a from Alexandria. Poaa?aaion siren ' st of April. Apply to R. E. LEE, Waahington City Poat Office. ma 21-1 w* L^UR K KNT? A large and oompletely furnished r HOUSE. Inquire at 139 F street, near Twrn tieth. nia8iV3t*_ 1 1?OR 8ALE OR RENT-A COTTAGE HOUSE, containing 9 rooms, with stabling, Ao .together with nearly three-quarter* of an acre of ground attaohed. To a good tenant the rent will be very moderate, or wiU be sold on very reasonable terms. Situated on M street, between 6th and rth sts, east. For particulars inquire of HAR- i BOUK A SEMMF.S. Grocers. ma 19 6t 1?OR RF.NT-The three story brick DWF.LL- J lNft-HOUflE, with basement, on E street, between 2d and 3<l ?ts. Has all the modern improvements. water, gas, bath-room, Ac Apply to \VM. KG AN, next door, or to HENRY KCAN. 3i3 Pa. avenue, south side, between 6th and ?th sts. ma 16-tf I THE COTTAGE FOR RENT ON CAPITOL j Hill, situated on Second. between B and C | itree's. it contains 10 rooms and bnok kitchen, lupplied with gas and water. It has large grounds mrrounding it. To a good tenant terms rea?ona)le. Apply at 397 F st. ma 14-llt* FOR RENT-A four-story brick DWELLINGHOUSE, situate on Third stree* west, No 371, uuuruiBieiy east 01 me r;t\ Hall, c i.t?inii^ 11 ooms, with saloon, parlor, gas, bathing-room. *rater-c!oset, and Potomac water in the yard?all n oompiet# order. Immediate possession c*n be iftd, by applying next djor, to G. VV. PHILLIPS, I Deputy Marshal. mar 13 tf ^JTORE FOR RENT.?A large Store-room on ?5 Pa. avenue, adjoining our auction rooms, for eat. Apply to WALL & UARNARf). Auction i ind Commission Merohants, corner Ninth street i trd sontn side Pa. avenue. inar 11 C'OR RENT?Tho ROOMS recently occupied r by the Hon. J. S. Million. They are we,I Air- < uisl:?d and supplied with all the necessary conve itences, inol'iding i>atli-room( with Potomac water) idjoining the bedroom. Persons having their own >ook can have the ure of the kitchen, or else they :an be accommodated witn meals in the neigbtxiru>od. Apply to GEO. W1LLNER, 464 Ninth it., between P and K. mar 8 2w ? I^OR RENT, SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR T OTHER PROPKRTV-A FARM of about . B<> acres land, situated about 2S iniles southeast rotn the Station. Beltsville, Prinoe George's conn- t y, Maryland. There is about 8n acres in wood? iilance cleared land and under cultivation ; ha* a imall dwelling-houee: barn 3" by 40 feet, and other >ut-building8, and apple and peach orchard. < J. E. KENDALL, ' mar 3-tf No. 5 Four and a-half tt. LpOR RENT OR SALE?The two live story ! T brick DWELLING-HOUSES aituatod on and Mijnining tlie corner ol Fourth a?d D streets, . n<t of the City Hall. Apply to JOSEPH FUi I FT, No. 00 Louisiana ?v. mar 5-tf ' 17*OR KENT?A three story brick HOUSE,containing 8 rooma, in good order, with gas fixurea complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Mao, a two-story hrick COTTAGE, with larre rard attached, oorner of F atrcet north and 14th at. ;ast. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms arill be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth atreet, )etweon G a ad 11. no 13-tf ITOR RENT-The fiue BRICK HOUSE No. r 100 West st., Georgetown, at present ocou >ied by the aubaenber. It has 12 rouina, with gas ind water throughout, a fine yard, stable Ac., and a in a rood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MA- i iRUDER^ oc 25-tf DG. W. DREW'S YEING, SCOURING AND CLEANING ESTABLISHMENT. 299 PEN.XS YL VA XIA A VEX UE, (Souih Sid?,) Betwen Ninth and Tenth Streets. G. W. DREW would respectfu ly solicit a ca'l "rom the inhabitants of Wa-hingtou and aurroii Ming neighborhood to mspeot goods cleaned or dyed >y him. lie lias the moat complete arrane "inenta vi voli jiiis va mis imciucB?, anu 10 yrari' expo ionceaK a practical man, and pnararitias to Dye (ooda any coior,Clean or Scour oquai tu any house id the North or Sooth. ma 16 Iw ^FECIAL BARGAINS IN ? KANCV DRESS SILKS. We have concluded to bo 1 off our entire (lock of Fancy Colored l>r*ss Sl|Ws and keep no more in stock. Therefore wo ?h?Tl offer urea* indoo<-in?i.i? to purahasers I u this c'asa of goods, as we wish to slouo them out at once. J. W. COLLEY & ro? malS-lw 523 7th at., bet. 1) st and Pa. av. SPRING GOODS, J5 SPRING GOODS. Just received? < I WO yards beautiful Spring Calicos. at in and I2Hc. Rich Poll de Chevrea. Poplin* and De'atnea, IIand*oni? Grey Lavalla and Mohair Cloths, 50 pieces fine French and h'uglish Chintze. With many other new ami seasonable goods, winch wo inv ite our friends and purchasers to examine, as we offer the beat goods at the loweat prioes. J. W. COLLEY i CO.. ma 16 2w 523 7th at., tat. D and Pa. av. I ATTENTION. LADIES' HAVE Just received a new enpply of PARASOLS and SUN 1' M BR K. 1.1. AH. fUirta. Jouvn's Kid Gloves, ?^?mt>nc and .Muslin ? o'iars, , ?{"nnet Kibbon* and Hitches, Frouoh Oors.ts. Linen Cambric Handkfp-'nefe ; all s"l!inc at m? | ui?a! low p:me?. Also. no* opening a new as-ort- \ inont of Spring Calioocs and ljr??8 Goods, in cieat iftriety. HKNRY EUAN. 323 (south side > Pa. arenue, Betweenfilh and 7th sire-tn. ma 16-6t New lion Building. WNEW SPRING GOODSK Have just opened our fi-?t invoice of Sprint Good*, to vluoh we invite the e.pocial attention rif our fnenda and customers e owen a son. Military, Naral and Citizens' Mertkant Tailors, ma 14-eo3w tf I a Pa. avenue. ^ A L E OF LAND TftE ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION. The subscriber will cffipr at private sale a FARM joo'anung '50 acres, at Annapolis Junotion.w^. the soil is uusurpa?sed, and the improvement**!';;? sonsistol a now modern st le Cottage, oontaii?i^* log 3 rooms, rood pump at the door, and a thriving >oung orchard. 1 he situation of this iartn renders it very desirable to any person doing bnmne a iu Baltimore or enspi'ijod in utfioe at Washington. Season tickets can be procured so as to raable ti.e holders to ride to eitlitr city for six cents per trip, wit it a telegraph ai.d port office an I a first c'aas station within two minutes' walk ol the dwelling, iu a resl'hr aud improving neighborhood. Tub iiuaatitv of and wi . beii.oreasfd or diminished at the op'ioii of the purchaser. Also, A FARM containing Nacres, with a:l the improvements comp e e adjoining the above. The above property wi I be disposed of at a bar*a n, a? the owner is about to visit Kurope. Terms: One quarter c%?h; balance in 1, 2 an'l 3 y. ars. For further jft ticu ars apply lo M. HANNON, ma 12 eo2w* 32 St. Paul street, Ha'timore. kJRlNG PRINTS. 3 ono yards beautiful English Prints, far Sprisg Trade. 411 dozen Jcuvin's Undressed Kid Gloves,in blaok and dark colon. loo doz?n Jouvin's lie?t Kid Gloves, in a!l colors. Sun Umbrellas and Parasols. We are daiiy receiving new goods, and soiling them vflrv chftin f<?r nlsK r WM.iL RILEY & BRO., No. 36, Central Stores, Betwef-n 7th and Bth ?t?., mar II 2weo Opposite Center Market. |MPORTANT TO HOUSEhEErERg. E. R. DURKEE * CO.'S S3SU330T 0PIOB0. 6 uaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AN D PERFECTLY PURE, but ground from fresh Spioes, selected ana cleaned br us expressly fur the purpose without reference t<> ooet. They are beautifully paoked in tmfo:l, [lined with caper,) to prevent injury by keeping. mid are !ul! weight, wlule the ordinary r -oiidg Apices aie almost invariably short. We warrant Iheiu, in point of strength and richness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, ?e a einrle triai will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by tH. K. DUKKEE * CO., f* 13-if.Di 1*1 Pearl st.. Ntw York, IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STRANGERS VISITING WASHINGTON. A View of the National Capitol Will bs hassesteo To ev?ry purchaser ol Books, Sia'ionerv, Jto. from the veh known establishment of KKKNCII 8t KICHST^IN. Hoossellers, Stationers, and Pe rioiiioal Dealers, No. 279 Pa. avnue. Dear the W i rlt viu J U. ? f p...^MWVV saun?vf owuiiiRtvu, i/. V/. mar i SPECIAL BARGAINS-Several fine Pianos, ?? that have be?n rented out durinr the pa?t Win ter to numbers o' Congress, now offered at bargains, at Ckickenu* & Sou's Piano AgencT. JOHN Ki KLLiSt 306 Pa av., between 9th and loth sts. Pianos at.d Melodeons for rent upon easy terms. inar 12 '|>HKKE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! VictiiM of Self Abase and Secret Disease should apply at SHUMAN'b Southern Medical House, under the Clarendon Hnui. imrrnir SiTth itraat <1 ^venuo, unmediateiy opposite trie National ft?**tri Dr. Houtltay a Celebrate London Mmioioej. Tlitjr are warranted to on re lb* iuu*t viru.eut ffrun of Ounnor.hcea, Glact, ^ypKilia, r^i u? Btriolures, and toeakaaaa !inil i*iV\der in {">?!J10 ? Tha Remedies oaa b? sent by raai., 0?oe houri from 9 a. m. toio ?> ? f? lf-im nffnpnPTAww uuviiuu iuniii Correspondent* of Tko Star (iKonecTowH, March 31.1861 The Car ring ton Guards. Capt Goddard. para ded for target practice yesterday afternoon They numbered about forty rifles, and paaaed through our prlarlnil streets, attracting much attention ?v their soldierly bearing and the correctneaa of their marching, w hich ahows that they are stead 11 jr Improving. They proceeded to An&loatan I aland, where (he tar^?t was set and flred at from a distance of one hundred yards. The shoottng was rry good, the targst being well riddled with b<Ulet holes The first prize, a flne allver goblet, waa woo by private Wm Burrows, the second prize, a allver cup. by private Thos Edmund ston; tbe third prize, a gold locket, by private James Vanderwerken, and the leather medal by private Alonzo King. The corps on its retarn waa preceded by a large crowd of men and boys armed with cornstalks, sticks, and other defensive and offensive weapons, but their movements showed a lack of military trainlnr Tbese ama teura greatly outnumbered the Guards at starting, but freouent desertions after they reached town soon thinned their ranks The gas at Forrest Hall armory has been ahut off In consequence of laat month's hill remaining unpaid. Tula atate of affalra seems to be the result of some inlaunderatanding aa to who ahall bear the expense of lighting the armory, the Government or the volunteer companies. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS T5?GEORGETOWN TAXES, I361.-Etcht _k3 percent discount is allowed on tbe above tAI if Dftld orinr tn lit nf A nn 1 n**t for taxeaoMMO temtinmi unpaid afti,at date wili be enforced acoo'ding to lav. m& 19 2w CHAS. D. WELCII. Collector. FOR RENT.?The large and oomfortable DWELLING oo the corner of High and Proa peat streets, witii store, atablea, Ac.. > for rent. Possession to be iiven on the 1st of April. Apply to WALTER GO OEY, corner of yreen aud Duinl>artop ata m?r 12 ?weo DilOO BBI.S. PRIME CIDER AILY Expected per schooner .Mary Ann McGee from Boston. Thia Cider ta A No. 1, and la for sale in iota toauit purchasers. ARNY A SH INN'S fe 22 Ucion Bottiing i>ep<>t, tiqorg^town. PJUST ARRIVED. ER PropellerS. Seymour, from Philadelphia, 15 barrels and loo half barrela of Masaey, Collins A Co.'a Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For sale by fe22 AKIMV A SHINSt MONEY. MONEY.?AH persons who have the caah can bay a superior article of unadulterated C1DKR, guarantied to Tie the pure juioe of the ippleg, by appl) icg to fe 8 ARNY A 9H1NN. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhda, prime Porto Rioo SUGARS ISO bbla. Oid Rye WHISKY, asobhle. HERRING and ALEWIVES, ?0 bbla. Crnahed and Refined SUGARS, y* )<aga Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hh?la.(low-priced) MOLASSES. For aale br JOHN J. BOG UE. M 10 New style parasols AND SUN UMPRELLAS. Just opened in all the l>est and qualities at :he lowest prices for cash. j. w. collev & co., ma 16 5t 3*21 7th st.. bet, f) n. and Pa. av. mreat medical house in the city i* of washington. DR. SHUM AN, at his Southern Medical Hnnit, jornerof Sixth st an>i Pa. avenue, under the Clar sndon Hotel, is the on!; ?ne in the known world irho can permanent!? cnro all diseases of a private mture in from 3 to 6 da?s. A permanent cure or no aharif. ma lft-lm* Wood and Coal. ' GALTS' CUT 8TE19 FIREWOOD HILLS aiw) coal DEPOT, Foot of Skvbstksth Stbxkt, Btlov War Department. in? wnnn i vn i ..i . ?i. * w.?< U / ?? VW * A/ V\'<1 li v?j on BIUUV* T? WU prepared to suit the wants of cach customer, or delivered oord length. ID" Coal kept ? Coal Hornet, delivered froe from slate, dirt,ami other impurities. Personal attention given to all orders. fe 15-tf T. J. ft W. M. GAI.T. HENRY icHAEFER, BARBER AND HAIR DRESSER, E Strkt, mar Skvrsth, Opposttt the Post Office Department, has Cited up, in connection with his establishment, oonqenient accommodations for affording to his ouetv>sners and th? the luxur; of COLD or WARM BATHS, at any time during business hours. His charges will be moderate?twent?-tive ucuia iui a IUKIO iwvu, ul live uaiua lur ftUUiiftr when tiokets for tb&t Dumber ate purchased and paid for in advanoe. Mr. Soh&ef?r t&kea this opportunity tn i nform his customers that this desirable addition to his establiahment wril in no manner interfere with his regular professional business On tiieoontrary,h? hopes to add to his present faoilities for insuring prompt attention to his numerous patrons in the line of SHAVING end HMR DRESSING. And to the Ladifs wno patronize him in th? line of Cutting or Trimming tbeir*ow nor their chi!d'e?'? hair, he begs to tar that he has provided f<>r them better aocommod&tions, in having fitted u?a small room and appronnated it exclusively to their us . fe?& lm JgCHENCK'S PULMONIC BVRl'P^ Or. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, fandc it impos Mb e to visit Washington every week, and i iu male arrangements to positively be in the cit? the third Wednesday of every month. He hat> a suit of rooms at tr.e Avenue House, whore patientx oan obtain advioe free. He on!? charges when it is r.eoeesary tr make a thorough examination of the Lungs with the Pespirotnetor 8. H. Wai'e is agent for sfenenck e Puimor.ic Syrup, prm? .f 1 per bot'le, for the cure of Cough*. Colds and Consumption ; Schenck'a Sea Weed Tome, pnoa ?! per b->tt:e, for Or?f epsia. Scheie's Mandrake f'. s, prio* 25oenta ber bo*, for Live* Uilious Complaints and Constipation of tiio Howe's. Dr. rfc henck would be gratefu to those who i.ave been cured by his remedies if tbej would i?ave their ossificates of cure with $. B. W'AITE, corner t*evrnth st. and I<a. av. de l*>-3m RIDDLE HAS THE LARGEST, NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF J 33 W X2XjH.1T EVER OFFERED IN THIS Oil ANY OTHER CITY. AT THE LOW TERMS OF ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Seta for 9) Ejenact LAVA ?Sets for Si Elegant GARNET ?.. Set# for $1 E>f gent J ET Sets (or SI EteganM'OKAL and ?lOLD_? ... ~e*s for 5l Rlegnat MEOALLION Set* -or #1 E'egai.i H l'IN MOSAIC . Sett for fl E'egant PLAIN GOLD ....S?U for |l I adies'GUARD CHAINS for ?l Ladies'CHA I ELAINE CHAINa J<r ?1 Ladie?' NE''K CHAINS for 81 Gems' VEST ChAlNS.duuiIf-rett styles ) for #1 Ala", a Larce AfFotinert of JEWELRY, which we can tell at w cents ptr anu/?. Just Reoeived, SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL ETRUSCAN BLACK LAVA Sou ENAMELED CKUSS Set* ETRUSCAN CAR BIJNCLE Sets PEARL. AND GOLD Sets ETRUSCAN ONYX ..SeU N. B.?Persons wishing any ?>f the ahove Uoods eht u:0 call at onoe as they soon will be g> ne. We have on hand, and are receiving every oay l?arge Invoices of THE FINEST PLATED WARE, ooniistmg of TJ Z/ < t rn o . . n j ? n Ajrru*ju*i ana ira Off#, K^ara ana uo4Tf Baskets; Cream and Syrup PttrJiers; Table, Dessert, Tea. Sugar and Cream Spoons; Butter, Fruit, Tea, Pi?. and Fish Kmves; For is; Naplia Rings ; Casters ; Salt Stands ; Plain, Chased and Gilt Lined Goblets and Cups. ALL FOB tlLX AT LOWkftT WH?LI?AI.I PKlCVf. (iOOi>S \V ARK ANTKD A? RKPR E8KN f KD. REMEMBER: RIDDLE'S Oil DOLLAR STORE, m?_r 7 3<W l'>. Av 30*2 EVKKY VISITOR TO WASHINGTON J*H0BLI> l'CBCHA*1 PIIILP'S WASHINGTON DESCRIBED. Tkis is Ike only Complete Guide hook to the Xatiamni Capita* ever pubhskeA. The V?!nm? oont*m? a I'omprehenEive Hirtnry of the City from its Kar'ieit S*ett'etneut t<> the Present Tune, with every Imp rtant Kvent connected with it aa th? Seat of Jovernmeut A ' ?? Elaborate Descriptions ?>f the Various Public Buildings; Reliable Information i? re?peot to all the Departments of the Gove-nment; Mod"! of Tr?n?*otinc Business with the Publio Ofteei; the btiquette of Official liiteraoerae: DencnpUon of tUe Placet of Interest in the Vicinity, ftc , Ac. ILLVSTIATBD WITH A MAP AMD NVMKIOCI E? CtATlMS. Elttaatli Hound m Crttnto* Cilk. Uu tot-* ? kKr ts ?,?-*? ? ? itlVyb Uil E< lIVlibA li. F""" M*tro?olitai. Bookstore. m?r 7 ?olm 338 Pn.*r.. W-Wi and 10th *?. P^SWE'.fK-SC NURSERIES; ^K-Uo^ 2 m? t? 3Uo* K*il? C>ure>j Put-fa co.. Va THE LATEST NEWS. TBiiiSmt A PH 10. Tk* OkU r ft l?Mtor<klr-Nr Iknau Kmimm (Special dtapatch to the t?tar 1 CoLm?r?. O . Wednesday ilfkl. March M ? Edi t* / Ik* star: Hon John !*beeman ba? last been nominated bv tbc republican party caoroa for the sast in the L*. p Senate made v*ant by Got CLaae'a recent real g nation He will doufctlrtw be elected tc-irn'ow Later fraaa Arkaasas Mobile, Narh 30 ?Advlcee here from L'ttl* Rock aay that great excitement followed the announcement that the Slate Convention had voted down the Ordinance of Secession A compromise waa subsequently made that the people eboold vote for secesalon or co operation, and delegates were to be aent to the F order State Con Trntlon who were to report to an adjourned meeting of tbe nnventloa on the third Mondar of August, to which date the Conventica ad journed Another dispatch via the Western line, dated Memphis. sa\a tbe A.kantaa Convention, ad* ?-?? - ?* ^ ? *" juuiuru um tmM.TK, ? ti'if ior iurorminf mi ordinance for secession or cooperation to a vol* of the people Conciliatory manifestation* w*t exhibited on both aides Soathera A flairs. Niw Orleans, March '?0 ???en Tw.^gs has declined ibe appointment of Brigadier General of the Cor federated States Army, on account of feehle health There are no war vessels at Key West. The city is qule* and the people are calmly swatting events The strsmer from New York with the snntment of Forts Taylor snd Jefferson are over d'je Advlc?s from Texas My that two companies of I'. B troops had arrived at drum frnm Su a*. lotilo, and wrrr awaiting transportation Washington of tbe I S Arm v. remai ned tn act as CJuartermnMer and Commissary until the Fed rai troops Lave all left lb* State It ta stated tbat Lieut. Williams baa resigned The Virginia tsiveatlsa. Richmond. March *J0.?In the Convention today, Mr Halcombe, of Albemarle, made an eloquent speech to favor of withdrawing from the Inlon. The resolutions relative to taxation were takei up, and Mr. Haymond made a speech rending a motion to table the reaolutiona, the Convention adjourned. Mr Carlisle will effer an amendment to the report of the Committee on Federal Relations, <m bodying the Franklin aubatltute entire. Later frsm Havana New Obi.iam?. March 19 ?Theateamer Habana has arrived from Havana with dates to the 15th Tbe ateamer Karnak arrived out on the lMh The news from tbe United States regarding tbe alterations in tbe tariff baa cauaed some excitement Business was more active Sugars?Noa 12 to U,6^a7 reals. The receipts of the crop were dally Increasing. Tbe stork In port was lit,100 boxes and:t,luu bbds. Molasses was inactive; clayed SaSfc: Muscovado 3 reals Tbe money market was slightly more stringent. Exchange on LonliUK.t - 1-11!- a? ^ uuu ivraiuj,; u, 11? mi rw i or k iaj per cent. Fsreiga tweeds Received Free ef Dily St. Locts, March 20.?Foreign (rood* free of duty sre beginning to arrive via New Orleans. [An explanation of the above may probably be found la tbe fact that duties are not required by the authorities there on goods passing tbrough New Orleans and destined for States not belonging to the Confederate States The only obligation required i* that goods will la good faith paaa to their destination, and not be slopped In the Confederate States.?Rtporttr ] Later froaa Texas. Galvektox, March 19?Governor Houston and hU Secretary of State have refused to appear before tbe Convention to take the oath of the Provisional Government. Lieutenant (perhaps Lieutenant Governor) Clarke was lo assume the Gubernatorial duties. The Indians were gathering on tbe frontiers. A military force was preparing to move towards the Rio Grande ?a?peasiea of the .>li*soari Bank* Legalised J kffkrson City, March 19 ?Governor Jackson to-day signed the "Bank bill" legalising the suspension of specie payments In November lsst Tbe bill contains a clause providing for the July lnt-rest on the State debt, each bank being required to furnish a pre ratn proportion of the amount Railroad Accident. Nkwavk, M*rch IP.?Chaa Rogers, a zed forty vesr*. stepped Into the t o'clock train from Lllr abeth this mornlug. when near Bound Brook, and Was killed An Inquest ww held and the jury attached no blame to tbe rail rood company Rogers wns walking to Havre de Grace He has no mends From ( harlnui CBiunm. March 20.?There la nothing of inter* st transpiring here The Georgia State Convention will probably adjourn In a day or two. Many speculation* are indulged as to the courae of aflairs. and it is thought that the Montgomery Congress will aoon reaaaemble. Fire?Laii af Li fa?Satcide. Boston. March 19 ?An old wooden building In Roxbury, known as "Canal Block," occupied by atveral Irish families, was destroyed bv fire early this morning John Smith, bis wife and daughter, and John Kelley per'tbod la the flames. John W Leighton. ex policeo0:er. committed suicide by taking laudanum Release af the Raw Yark Veasels. Savansah, March 19 ?In consideration of the surr nder of the araia by the New York police the New York vessels held here and advertised to be sold on tlie Z3th instant, "for tba purpose of Indemnifying citizens of Georgia for the lo?ra which they have sustained,' have been released Mariat Uluutfr. Nobfolk March 90 ?The bark Ida. from Mesalud bound to Baltimore, with fruit w?nt ashore at Cape Henry on Monday A portion of her cargo will be saved in a d condition The vessel will prt bably be lost. Partial Destruction of Newport, Fit. New Obleans, March 19?Tho town of Newport, Florida, was partially destroyed by fir* oa the 15tb Inst The loss Is estimated at *100,000, whi.e tbe insuranc w as only ?23 <K) Tho fire la attri bated to incendiarism. Cx-Gavernsr Helms, of Kentucky, ea the L alta. I?ocisviLLi March 19?Ex-tiov Helms, la a letter in the Courier, advocates the union at all the Slave States U, prevent civil war. n.> Uakl, rwiiualk. M ?? ? New Vo*k. March 19?b?o W?bb baa declined the acceptance of the appoiiitueut a* Minister to Turkey. Veuel with 1 rarUiant literctpUd ArectT*, March 31.?Thealoop Isabella. Cap4 Jouea laden witn pjovirtoua for the In!ted ?*tatea fleet off Panaacola, waa ir trd lost night. Hallrrad ( yletlik Ucitrrui, March 10.?The last rail of th? Louisville. Ciarkiville and Memphis Railroad will be laid to-morrow. Aleinadrta Markets Alkxamer;*. March 21 ?Flour?Family tea ?7 (JU; fitra SS.TSaCC; aujwr *5 12?5 la W'bwt, white #1 24a?I 4a; red M Mufl 25 Cora?white GOa&V ; yellow 5??6Uc.; raised AfeaWe Rr? 65 a W OataV*a:Mic. Corn Meet 6*?a73c. per traebel. Seeds?1 imothy S3at3 5U; Clover f? 2Sa*6 <W ; Flawed *1 !<fc*I 45. Provisions? Butter, roll. IOa*tc ; liacoo iialjc ; Pork ?7 Mflt *?. Lard 1 Hal4c Lgga MalG:. \V Ulsky 24a90c. New Yarfe Market* N*w \ *?aa, March *1 ?Floor steady. Ww?t ttrtu. Corn firm Provision* qui*. Whteky quiet at 17 '4al7Xe Ftaaartai Niw Yoat, March 21 ?Stocks dull. Chicago and Rock Island ??*; Illinois Orbs! shares fll, do bonda 100#; New York Central 7*, Reading 43\; Va. 6 s 7b; Mo CiH Have w? a CanxibaL Among r? '-The ship Benj Tucker, which arrived it tbia port on Haturdav front tbe Indian Ocean, bad en board a na live of those aeaa, a (.aacar or Malay. who at tlnn during the voyage acted like a wild ana a On one occasion he tried to kul the crew by throwing a lance at tbm, after which be fled late tbe "fore ptk" of tbe vibbiI, where be bade defiance for a time He waa finally captured by being booked by the arm with a boat honk, and placed ta a caak, receiving hie feod threngh tbe bung hole. He la at preaent at the neotral police ataren for aafe keeping. and appears quite decile. Re aaya tbe ere* impoaed upon him -JVin Etdford Standard Roam RoBaat.a Dtacnimrsh - Several 4m?r lean gentlemen have recently been victimised by tbe Roman street-rob Lei*. but Mr. Hint, of , Nova Scotia, a tnaa of powarfu. frame, who waa nicked the othar avaalat bv amatM. who wrapped thrlr e wki hou4 htm and thrwtnwd htm with their d*ggm in an entrv, lost eta patience for the MM. kao>k-ddown ft rat om* and then the ott?i rohk*(. tumbling mm tUem. hlmaelf and putting thctfi to fticht. Don at tbe ?? ???? tfcuIf vm