Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1861 Page 1
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4 """"mmmm ??i ~mmm???. .mmmimmm _?_ ? [ ' ;' ' r * ' ' *.' . ' - ' doming ?ter. V2i. XVII. WASHINGTON.-D. C.. FRIDAY. MARCH 22. 1861 N?. 2.524 S M? m> I "" " w ? I THE DAILY EVENING STIR n rCBLfajTBD BVBRT AFTERNOON, 'SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) M THE UTAH BTILDIFieft, C*rnn wf ovenus and lliA it., T W. D. WALL4CH. ^ . P?r*n ?rr?d ia ptoktftt by oarrleri M |i i Tear, or 17 otou pw mouth. To Mil asbMrlban tka i- ? ? - " ? ' ' r""* ?o^w jwr, M WVMMt 9* IT U month*; f l for three month*, tad for 1ms than lsree montha at therateof tfoentaa week. Single o5*b c?irr; in wraypera, two csiiti. lL/~ Ad7**ti? ?x*st? too aid be sent to the oflloe before IJ o'eiook at.; otherwise they may not intir aatil the not day. I THE BLACK SPOT. A STORY PROM CUXA. There wu much mirth in Hong Kong. That little rock of an ialand?a perfect terreatrial paradox, ao rich ia it, and, at the same time, *o unproductive, had lately received a substantial addition to ita stock of European inhabitant*. A battalion of her Majesty's infantry, two batteries of artillery, a detachment of tapper*, and a body of marinea, bad been Jabded, while eleven new aail, what with trans-porta and wh&t with steam frigates, were at Jinrhor in th? Rntria Thn ? ??? ney-general, too, and several new clerks, secretaries, and aides-de-camp to the governor, for the climate is a trying one, a vapor bath in one wind, a kiln in another, and there is a great consumption of young gentlemen holding official situations at Uong Kong The governor gave four dinners and a ball, for British hospitality does noc grow mildewed in the far east, and the Ri9e3 gave a ball, and so did the 117th Foot, and so did the admiral, and the chief justice followed suit. Then the civilians had their turn. Ey civilians, in this case, I do not mean civilians in the Angle-Indian sense of the word, but merely the merchant-princes of llong Kong; men who have appointed themselves to irresponsible offices, in a murderous climate, at salaries absolutely fabulous. Trade is more profitable there, in that small lden key-hole that unlocks the boundless Chinese Empire, than perhaps in any other oranny of earth, but the Nemesis that waits on profit is not absent. No one's liver is in its normal condition, and the old "residenters" might be I i * 1 l? ? ? ? K'TftPu nua iaeir own goia, 60 yeuow is tne prevalent complexion. But they are hospitable tolks, thoee mighty merchants, and the Dall at the club-rooms in Viotoria Town promised to eclipse those which the governor and ?hief justice, and the 117th, in their white-washed mess-room, and the admiral on board his gaily lighted flag-ship, had given during the last fortnight. The ball was a splendid affair. The bands of three regiments had been culled for the choicest musicians; Cantonese gardeners had furnished, despite hostilities between our Queen and the Brother of the Sun and Moon, a perfect bower of roses and tulips for the occasion Every green thing on the island must have been cut down to furnish the verdant covering of the portico, and about a ship-load of the \V enham Lake Company's ice bad been bespoken for the refreshment and refrigeration of the guests. As for the supper, Europe, India. and China had united their efforts and /IaIJ -?1 -SI Ttvuv >UVII wcci VIUIVI auu ClITCr WCD* derous porcelain, glass of England and Bohemia, crystal lamps, delicate viands, costly wines, obsequious waiters?all tfiat dollars and trouble could produce?and dollars and trouble can effect a good deal?were forthcoming, and all that was wanted to promote the happiness of the company was one breath of the cool healthy breeze from home. But this the Hong Kong merchants csuld not five them, nor Fortnum and Mason supply, he ball went off very well. There were crowded rooms?crowded for colonial rooms, at least?and that is a great source of enjoyment, for people cannot take their pleasure thoroughly unless they are devoid of elbowroom. There was not many ladies, to iudge of matters by European standards. This Hong Kong ball was a very different affair from tbuee country assemblies, where the daughters -I I..!/" f ... I bisiuuiyu auu uui F?/ wuioers ait round ma walls?a st-a of neglected book-muslin?and where young finch, the ensign, or Diek Wapfhot. the Quire's son, looks round with the air of a suiian, and tantaliies the expectant muse* before he makes one of them proud and happy by an invitation to dance. No, in India or in China ladies are at a premium, and leirn their own real value. Where there is but one pair of fair shoulders and one pair of bright eyes to every dozen of red coats or blue onw. the disparity of the 6exes tells entirely in the ladies favor. Such was the case at Hong Koug. but there were handsome women present, and, however few, they attracted none the less admiration. Among them, beyond comparisoa?the belle of the ball-room?wa3 the beautiful Mrs. G a fair young wife, almost a bride, who had just coma out from England with her husband, Capt G , the junior captain of the Rifles. Capt. G , "Geordie," as we used to call him, had just got his promotion before sailing, anJ had been married le;s than a year. He waa a fine manly fellow?the best cricketer and oarsman in the Rides, and a favorite with old aod young, high and low. He deserved the Victoria Cross in the Crimea, everybody said. I don't know how he missed getting it; and the man swore by him, and would have followed him through fire and water, it waa a great proof of poor Geordie's popularity that I don't think anybody grudged him his good luck in getting such a pearlcss wife as Mrs. G . the beautiful new-oomcr, waa considered All the easiirns and mid dies, and half the lieutenant*, naval aud mili tary, to say nothing of the parboiled young gentlemen in mercantile houses, were fairly ravine about the angtiic stranger. The foolish boys devoured her with their eyea, and wroto sonnets to her eyebrows, for aught I know: and she never moved along the little parade at band-time without an overwhelming escort; but no one ever said that Geordie was not worthy of the gowd luck he had found, and the great prize tie had drawn in the lottery matrimonial?he, the "best fellow" in the service. I do not remember a more attacbcd couple; and yet so free were they from the regular Edwin and Angelina pathos, the ror^nx popiJo demonstration*, that a superficial ooserver would have set Mrs. G down for a flirt, and Geordie for a careless fellow. Yet everybody knew how they loved each other?everybody, down to that stupid garrison Adonis, young Crammingtwn, of the Horse Artillery, whn am siaa* ownnd tn m? iK?t nine eopies of heart-breaking verses on pink paper, nine "perfumed billets," as tbe young nooby onlled them, and mver dared, somehow, to deliver to their destined recipient any one of these inestimable productions. However, on thii night at least, Mrs. Q was in the highest spirits, and waltsed and flirted well to allappearanoe, and was tbe very center of all attraction?the target of all eyes Geordie, who knew her too well to be easily made jealous.was in very good spirits, too; so were most people. It was a very gay night, all the gayer because active hostilities were expected between John Chinaman and his namesake and best customer, Mr. John Bnll. Nothing gives so b;rh a test to life as spiee of danger, especially in that enervating tropical climate; and many who were destined to perish inotoriously by sun and anlarin, were lane hing and chatting gaily, with hearts beating high over the xpeeted campaign. At the buffet?where refreshments were in great demand?Capt. G thai nf * murrT ffrnnn n? drinking in libations of ohampagne to the future education of the flowery land?an education onlj to be prefaced and grounded bj the exertions of those manly figures in red and blue, with the V. R on their buttons, whota her Majesty has sent as schoolmaster* to teach the eelestial gentry respeot for the law of nations. Mrs. Q went through dance after dance, as the band played on with admirable taste and spirit, and still partners buzscd about her, and her little irory memorandum-book was as filled with writing as a bank ledger It was wonderful how Mtirely the dancing went on, and on such a night! Even for uong Kong it was pronounced hot. The day had been broiling, and lb? night wu aaitrj to a degree Hardly to ba realized by mere imagination. It waa aot the heat alone, though that ?u bad enough, for every rook wu radiating the terrific amount of calorie It had racked in thnmgh the long baking hoars of the fanlight. .N >t the heat aloae. but tha peculiar heavy atmosphere, the suff??ting t:eam, the moist apor to peculiar to Chiaa, in which the strong perfune rf tha great tropical flower* ia to sickly and rick u to load taa doll air. Not breath of wind swept over the island, or if it did, Victoria Mountain kept off every puff of the faint sea breese from Vietoria Town The oity sweltered in the heat. In the ball-room, the weight and warmth of the atmosphere?an atmosphere almost as suffocatingly oppressive as a steaming-blanket wrapped around each miserable individual?began to tell. The com pany gasped, and ate ice, and drank frothing champagne, and fragrant lemonades, and sherbets, ana cup, and sangaree, and Bass, all iced to the limits of refrigeration, and then gasped an/1 A A raa>I W-? A ? J uu uuuvvu aKaiu. 1UI9. \J ' ) HI1C& prettiest of all the women present, was still the life of the room. There were plenty of waiters, of course, in the tea-room, the supperroom, and the oorridors, bustling about with trays of ices, cooling drinks, wine, and all the crinkum-crankums of a rout. Some of these were European servants: some were Chinese. The latter were under the especial surveillance of Ching-Lung, the old comprador, or steward of the club, as honest a manager as China could produoe, and as shrewd also. He was a native of Chnsan. and had followed our people's fortunes when we abandoned that large island alter making peace with the Dragon Emperor. No man knew so much of Chinese and British peculiarities as Ching-Lung. He could manage both nations to his and their entire satisfaction. The olub highly valued their excellent comprador, the natives obeyed and liked him, and his sayings were reputed considerable None but a clever man could have done these things, and pleased such opposite interests, and Ching-Lung was a clever man fn ? - - - j:-?: ??v*w vvivovtm u u w cw a uiunouarj. If you wanted real " pigeon" information, the old comprador could tell you more about China than you could learn from all the Blue Books ever printed at the national expense. In person, Cning-Lung was stout and jovial, a burly old Chinaman in flowered slippers, a silk robe, and a tremendous pigtail of carefully tied hair, with the polished, claw-like finger-nails that denote a native gentleman. There he was, presiding over the ices, and scolding the Chihese waiters. When Mrs. U. entered the tea-room on one occasion, early in the evening, the old comprador started as he looked keenly at the Deautiful 44 Fankwi" lady. She passed by him, repressing goodnaturedly at smile at his outlandish dress and figure. He started after her with scemiDg rudeness, or curiosity, and then gave a gruut, and wheeled off to his avocations. Several offleers noticed this, but Ching was a character, ?a 1?il- ? uu UU4JUO wuai ne meant, or it be meant anything. It was an hour or more before Mrs. G left the ball-room again. This time she entered the supper-room leaning on her partner's arm. While the latter procured her9ome refreshment, the old Chioaman hovered near, looked sharply at the fair 44 barbarian." and then drew back with a muttered remark in his native tongue. Mrs. G naver noticed him. Two minutes after Ching-Lung was seen in close confabulation with tho doctor of the Rifles, a sensible, experienced surgeon, who had been three years in Hong-Kong, who had served on the medical staff in the old war, and who waa regarded as the chief professional authority on the Island?aye, though there were staff-surgeons in plenty, and a titled physician to the forces. Dr. Rogers waa a man who knew China well. He seemed much disturbed a*> Ching took him by the lappet of h'a coat, and whispered some communication The two men's eves nortd anrn*? 4V 0 ? ??-?? .Mw win, iu iun doorway of which they stood a little apart, and filed on Mrs. G . The eyes ot several loungers followed theirs by a common implase. What did they see7 Surely, no terrible eight, but a young, happy, high-bred Englishwoman, radiant with beauty, health, and gaiety, orowned with flowers, and sweeping through ball-room like its aueen. What wm therein all this to make old Chins purse up his expressive Chinese mouth, and Dr. Rogers lift bis eyebrows and bite his lips, with a brow that knit wi'h a spasm of involuntary anxiety. Smoothing his ruffled brow, the doctor stepped from his place, napsed Mrs Q , and looked full and steadily on her faco. She looked surprised, and a little annoyed, but preeeutly turned away smiling. She thought the doctor, no doubt, an odd, ruda old gentleman. Very much compressed were the doctor's lips, and very often did the frown of oare return to the doctor's brow, as he threaded his way through the crowd, most of whom had some slight or merry remark to bestow on so popular a _ 1 ? - * coaraoier, until fce reached the place where Captain G was talking to the Colonel's wife and two other ladies seated on an ottoinan Tho doctor drew Geordie aside; they were old friends; and begged as a particular favor that he would take his wife Dome, away from the ball, but without alarming her. "Alarming her !" said Weordie, quite in the dark as to the other's meaning; "Why, what a Blue Beard you would make me turn out, doctor. She s engaged twelve deep, I'll be bound, and it want* an hour of supper-time, and I c?n't get b?r away. Besides, she's not tired. Why should she go, you know ?" To this Dr. Rogers merely answered that he begged, as a favor, that Captain G would take Mrs G home. It must be done, and would be for the best. And being hard pressed for his roaion, the doctor said Mrs. G was about to be ill. It was his duty to ask her husband to take her i*m from f ? ?- - ?j >??w vuv vi vnuou rooui. |to de continued. ] Thb Fbozkn Mail Cakbibr.?During one of the severest idow storms of the present winter, (nya the Boston Journal,) Francis McNab, a ?t;sge driver, left Goodrich, in Canada West, for Kincardine, with the mail, in a sleigh drawn by two horses. When leaving he told the postmaster that he was afraid he would not be able to reach the next post ofllce. His presentiment was verified ; he did not live to reach Lurgan, a post office distant about ten miles from Kincardine. He struggled bravely against the wintry elements, however, as subsequent search revealed. After proceeding a few miles, he appears to have unhitched the horses from the sleigh. He then evldently mounted one horse, wrapped himself in the bufffelo robe, and. with the mail bag In front, proceeded, leading tne other horse. In this manner be must have traveled some distance, when, probably, becoming benumbed, he abandoned one horse ana still tolled on Some distance further on the mail bag seems to have fallen ; next, a little further on, toe buffalo robe dropped from his cold, palsied form : and still a little further, and the dead body of tbe haplees mail carrier came down among the terrible drifts of snow {?7* On the 21st ult , the spire of Chichester Cathedral, England, together with its tower and supporting arcbes, which were undergoing some repairs fell, and now lies a heap of ruins. The architect was engaged in the restoration of the southwest and northwest piers, which were In a very defective state; some of the old stonework gave way during tbe operation, but tbe supports being strengthened, It was supposed to be safe. An ominous cracking and falling of plaster on the morning of the ac^dent, hcwever( gave ample whining iu iuc wur*iuen, una u nnany crimblcd to pieces, tbe area of the ruins belay bat little larger than the ?pa<-e occupied by tbe tower and Its mpporta. Tbe spire was one of tbe moat elaborate and beautiful In England Tbe Cathedral, though not large, la a well proportioned and bnudaome edifice, mostly of tbe thirteenth aod fourteenth centuries. The spire was three hundred feet in bight. ITT" A few nights ago Naples was the scene of a dreadful murder, of wblcli the exact cause remains undiscovered. One of the most beautiful and wealthiest girls in Naples, at tbe moment ef returning from tbe San Carlo Theater, was shot at tbe door of ber own bouse by a pistol ball, which passed right through her heart. Tbe dress and face of tbe unhappy mother were splssbed with ber daughter's blood, and abe found that be waa holding la ber arms a corpse. Tbe girl gave one piercing cry, and expired. IP" At tbe time of sailing of tbe last steamer no information bad been received for some time from the Livingstone Exploring Expedition Favorable account* bad been accidentally forvarM of the well-being of the expedition, Dr. ? _?_ ? * - * ** * biTinguonr bf'.ng expect* ty ftout and well. Tb?v a/e probably at tee end of their retain Journt y to T?tt (.on Lluyautl, expecting to meet the members of the Uol*ei?i*y eipeditioa, who art oew in the river. MISCELLANEOUS. m NURSERIES m By AT LINNAKN HILL. ^ The proprietor invites the attention of the pnblie to hin extensive assortment of TREES anil SHRUBBERY. T&e a took of Ornamental Shade Tree* in partionlar is one of the larirest, both in quantity and variety, that is offTtd f?r sale in the United States, and oonsists of well crown and thrifty trees. The stock of Ornamental EVERGREENS presents an assortment of Trees of the finest quality, the speoimens being remarkable for the vigor of thetr growth and symmetry of form. Many or these trees have been shifted as often as five times in order to multiply their roots and insuro sucoess in t'ansplanting. Of several thousand thus shifted during the last season not one failed to grow. The list of Evergreens includes lilOO White Pine, 7 to 10 feet high; Norwav Fir, Balsam Fir, Hemlock and other varieties of fine sise and appaaranoe. A'so, FRUIT TREES and ORNAMENTAL SHRUBBERY to rrest variety. Tl?e circular catalogue of Small Fruits, auoh %s Currant*, Gooseberries, Bl&okberries, Raspberriea, and Strawberries, will be furnished on applioation through the Fust Oflioe or otherwise JOSHUA PEIRCE, Nurseryman, Urne\n Hill, ma7-eo2w (Int.) near Washington. D. C. Home-made boots and shoes, For Ladixs'. Marks' a*d Children's Wear, JU Kxcudingly Low Prices. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Spaoe, ma 8-eo Pa. av , bet. 8th and 4th sta. tpjt BIRDS!-BIRDS FOR SALE. 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Hook. aj> JT dly j T CAR Hi ABES. ! HE Babccrlber having made addition* to kl taoiory, making it do w one of the largect lathe District, where hiaf*ouitiea fora^DH? sanrtaatunniCARRIAGE It LIGi

WAC'.'NSof ail kjoda cannot oe avrpaeaed, and froaihia long experience id the baainest, Le hopee to give general satisfaction. All kJsda of Carriage* ani tight Wagon* kept es kaad. Ail REPAIRSneatly de&a.aadalierdara ?:*apt ly attended W. &*Mu ku< OaiTlagea taken Is exakanie for a?W I1M. AKDREW J. JOYCE, | 4 l?-tf > ?rmer at l?tk aad K Ma FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9^00,000. Office com r C street and Louisiana at'., over Bank of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DlKXCTORfl. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Crop ley, William Witeon, 1 f - ? ? ivicnaru jones, John D. Ha.rc.isT, Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Parker, Riahard Barry, B. B. French. 1 No charge for Policiee. JAMES ADAMS, President ? Abxl G. Davis, Secretary, oc 10-eo6m J P READER, ERUSE The fol owing statement and thee j udge of its facts for yourself , ABRA.M COLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a well J known citizri; there, had suffered from I?yep?>p?ia , for some jears, wittiont permanent relief, until he tried AYEK'S PILLS, which taken according to , the directions for this oorni>!aint, resUired him to J heaith in a few weeks. After an interval of some . mon'h s if lias had no return of his comp aict. GEO. \V. CROSS. of Harmony, Texan, had an , eruption on his n<-ck, shoulders, back and leg, 1 wluoh oovered al>out?ne third of his body. It kept , the parts affected oovered with a scab, end being oltea a raw rore.waa of oourse vrrr troublesome , and distressing. It so much impaired his health as 1 to unht him tor business and kept him in constant . Buffering. All m^ica! aid ftileJ him until he tonk AVER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT XAttSA- , PARI LLA, which ourea him. His skin still shows J some soars from the ulceration, but it is otherwise . as clear as an inftots. JOHN II. SHOOK, Esq . an eminent lawyer of , Richmond, Va..tooka cold which settled on his 1 iungs. A severe pain set in on the tell tide, with a . bad cough, whiou was soon followed bv the unmis- ' takaMe symptoms of consumption. \\ hen r?-duDed , vfTj low he commenoed taking AVER'S CHER 1 R\ PECTORAL, which soon stopped theoough ? and completely cured nim, ' Preparedly DR. J. C. AYER A CO., Lowell, i ium?. ra?n wlm 1 PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL J AMD BLOOD RENOVATEE 1 In preoisely what it* name indicate*, for, while 1 plea*ant to the taste, it is revivifying. exhilarating, invigorating and strenithenjng to the vital power*, < and at the i-ame time revivifies, reinstates, and re . uewe the ttr?xxl in a l lu original purity, and t6o? > btonoQ Tetnri* and reudrrs th'tyttim ?*rulAernhlt . to attacks q) d\ttast. It is the only preparation * ever offered to the world, so ehemloal'y and skillfully combined astobetne n ost powerful tom?, ' and at the same time eo perfectly adapted to. as to aot in perfect acoordanoe with the laws of nature, and hence will ?ootke tkt retniuit ttomaeM. and tone up the digestive organs, and thui allay all nervous ai:d other irritation. 11 is perfectly exhilara ting and at the same time it is oompo#i( entirely of vegetables, yet so combined as to produce the most thorough tonio effect, without producing any in- _ inrious oonscquenoes. fcnoh a remedy has locc * r)",eu felt to be a desideratum in the medical world, for it need* no medical sic 11 to see that debility fallows ail attacks of disease, and prooeedi aud indeed lays the system open to the insidious attacks o! many of the most fatal, suoh, for example, ac the following: Consumption, indigestion, Oyspepsia, 1 oss of Appetite. Faintness, Nervous Irritability, Nenra gia, Palpitation of the heart, Melancholy, Nignt sweat*. Langor, Giddiness, KeHention of, as | well as I'ainfu' obstructed, too profuse, or too | so?nt Men-truation. ei.d Falling of the Womb, j These all depend upon general debilitr. This pure, i 1.- ..I ' " iiuiiiu vimni hum D'UUU AOHUVS- nr 16 AS ^ sure to ours as the sun is to r w and aft. There la no mi talcw about it . But this is not all If Wie system is weakened wo are upon to bilious attacks, tneliver becomes torpid, or worse diseased, the kidneys refuse to perform their functions, and woaretfoubled with Boaldir;g aud ir.oontinerce of urine, or involuntary diso.'iarge of tee same, pain \ in the back, side and between the shouxiera. ex I liabio to n)ight colds, ooURha, Mid if un olieoked, aoon emaciation followa,and tho patient I goes down to a prematura crave, but aDace will ' not allow ua to enumerate the manv ilia to which wa are liable in a wcaitene<i condition ot tne sTstem. But we will say in thia Cordial and Blood Keuovator you have a perfeot sa'e pi eai>ant and effectual remedy for loaa of Appetite. Bliiouaneaa. Flatulence, weak and sick Stomach. i.angour. Liver Complaint, Ohilla and Fever.or anv Bilious attack Coitiveneaa. Acidity of the Stomach, Nervouaneas, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression of Spirit*, Sorea. Fimplea on the Face, or&ny diaease arising from impure blood, auch aa Scrofula, ?ryaipelas. Bronchitis, Cough, difficulty of Breathing and all that olasa <>( diseases oal ed female weakness, and enumerated above. We will also aajr the traveler exposed to epidemioa, change of olimat* and water, will find it a pleasant, safe and aure remedy, and no one ahould ever travel with out. Reader, try it,for we assure you you will find in it a friend indeed, as well aa a friend in need. All peraona of aedentary habits will find it a perfartt nrAVAntivA of wall ?"?? ^ ..-V, ?. V ? _ ? v., ?U ft Vil un c? v u i v? IVI HH?rc ail merits which they are particularly exposed Henoe tt mimiters, students, attorneys. literart gentlemen, ? and ladies who are not aooustnmed to muoh out door exeroi?e, will find it to their advantage to keep a botte constantly on hand; and above aU * mother*, or those beoominc suoh, will *o through *that moat dangerous period not only witii all their ?: accustomed Ktrength, but *afe and free from the thousand ailments so prevalent amongthe feinale * portion of the world, in short, is indeed a mother s oordiftl. Try it old and young;no lo- (tor run the ridk of deJaj: it will relieve and prove it?elf emcliat- t ically a Restorative Cordial and Blood Htnovaim. r O. J. WOOU, proprietor, 44 1 UroaUxav, New U York, and 114 Market Street. St. Louis. Mo., aud * old by all food Druggists. Prioe One Dollar per Bottle. ' PROP. WOOD S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL i AND 4 BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold in this city by C. 8TOTT, 375 Pa. avesua. f au g>-aoly. aiw k French flo wersof the very best 1 quality, and an extensive variety. nA . At STEVENS'S IliK* , Fancy Store, TBI? no 22 t 33fi. t^atw. frth an<l HWh >ti. J DIIFONT'S GUNPOWDER, For sale at manufacturers prioe*. by john j. b06ue, Gk?r<?ktown, d. 0? j Salt Astncy far the District of Columbia, J A large supp.v, embracing every variety, alwara or. hand, ?no delivered free to all parts of the Die Hot. Orders oan also be left at the office of Adams' Kxpres* Company, Washington. D. C. feS-lawly j Best fancy goods, ! AT PR1CE8 I to suit the times, And onk Prics okly, At stevens's fancy stork. no 22-tf 33H. Utw. 9th a?<i IMIi ?ts. r ivnni M a a ** n ia Im Ai? n r? ID. -J !*T*KL EKOKAVKD PoBTI AIT. The be?t Portrait vet pub!t?iWof i HO.V. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, [with wkiikeri,) ? At FRENCH 4; RICHSTElN'f, I No. Avkxvb, Washington, D. C. < T'ade supplied at low prioea. mar7 > IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STRANGERS \ VISITING WASHINGTON. ' A *iew of the Wi'iatl Capitol wiil be presented , to all pnrohaasn of Book*, Stationer; Ao., from the wel- known e?taMi*hmentof FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN, ?T? Pa a*.. ' I* 85 dm r Kirk wood Home | s"-* v&'a. isras ??#? lawn , We ere eeihnj at half their original pnes Al ' other rood* of every derorpioo wear? till aetlinc at cost Our ?to k la large and wall assorted in aver* aepartment. fell TAYLOR A HUTCHISON TAKE NOTICE! WI LI. Take all W' ds ol V .< jriuia didom for my book <lek>t? and for Boots, Sho-e, and Trunks. Afi p-f ' ? indebted to me will please oatl aad settU ci?. no? CLOTHING, &c. IN*W CA881WALL. STEPHENS k, CO., 399 Penaay Irama Ayenue, have just reoeived a iarae rarietT of new Fall waioh they invito the attention of their friend a and ouatomera. an JO-ti (jENTLEMliRKADV-MADE CLOTHING. Our pre toot aasortment of GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING off#ri to oituens toil strangers wishing an immediate oat-fit supenor laduoeroents, Mbraoiug, at tbia time, al! atylee and eualitiea of Dreea and Business Garments and Overooata in all varieties. Pine Shirta and Under-cloth in* ol all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of beat qua it?. Soarfa, Ties. Cravats, Stooko, Hosiery. Ao.. Ao. A<1 of whioh we are offering at our uauai low prices. ir^" Clothing made to order in the moet superior manner. WALL, STLPHENS A Co.. no 16-tf avenue. ( JOTOTHL PEOPLES'CLOTHING STOKK, * No. 460 Seventh at., to sot tout CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOOlS, HATS and CAPS. fe: 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers,and omens generally, to an inspection of cor present new, at a? tr&otive, and elegant assortment _ CLOTHS. GASSIMKHES. DOESKINS, ^ VKSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS. Ao. wv which we will make to order la euperior^" " style at very low prices. WALL, STEPHENS k COoc 26-tf 3a? Pa. av.. h??tw. 9th and litth ata. Cvre Coutk. CalA. H?artauti. ?Au*nza, any Irritation or Sort*V* or tht Throat, Hrlim tk$ Unctnnt Couth ra Conrum? txon, Bronchitis, A*hma, 4" Catarrh, Clear ami rir< strength to the rotct of PUBLIC 8PEAKKR9 a!*d SINGERS. r,Feware ?jare of the importance of checking a Lourh or "Common Cold'' in iu first state; that whioh in the begininc would field to a mila remey,?" negleoted. soon attacks the Lungs. " Broum't Bronchial Trorhft, ' oontain^-ag detnuToen'. ingreUi snts, allay Pti.monary and Bronchial Irriution. rrhwm'q "That trouble my Throat, (for BROWN 8 which the "Troth**" area specifio) _ "avincmade me often a mere whiaTROCHES perer." N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'? reoommend thair uae to Public iruiiw." rROCHES REV. E. H. CHA1IN. "Great eervioein subduing Hoaks* BROWN'S !?*ee." REV. DANIEL WISE. rRoPHKH "Almost instant relief in the die i treesir.< labor of breathing peculiar brown's to Asthma." UKWWHI^ REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES " CoatMn oo Opium or anything injonoai." DR. A. A HAVES, BROWN'S Ckemttt, Boston, ro ncu l-u "A simple and r eauant oomlunarRUi/BbS tion for Cof^hs. stc." BROWN'S Wl* F* rEOCHES - ITw'lAXP., BROWN'S! Boum, " 1 have proved them e*oellent for TROCHES Wgorrino Cott?h." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S B?>tom. ranruv?* "Beneficial when oompelled to TROCHES sp?-ak, Buffering f-om Cold. anowM. REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON, IROWN'e st. Lo*u. rRopuL-a " Effectual <b removinx Hoarse I K cm. Jits Qeu BAfTlrritatton of the Throat, ao JROWN'S common with Spkakkhs and SiiwFROCHES "* PTof' M,8TACYL??<?i2[SrVI^?. JKOWN'S PP APD VQ ' n?oa( Kannfi f wkan takan Kafr\?a j and after preacKin*. aa ther prevent IROWN'S Hoar?ene?a. Prom their p*et effeot, I thiik the* wilt b? of pennaaont adrROCIIK8 i vantM* to ma. REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. )ROWN'S! TreeidBnt of Athens College, Teno. rROCUE^ jr7*Sold tj a'.l prut*: its at TWKNI YY FIVE CENTS A BOX.^31 1 <t?> l ly __ [ Dr. J. H MeLEAN 8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. 'HE GREATEST REMEDY ?? tk* WORLD, aod the mo?t Dkliciocs and ? ! i IK* DELIGHTFUL j J&\ j CORDIAL E I/BYER TAKEy fkMfi:K^ ' If t:nct?T a eei- Vt ? wM Kfl^v 1 \f and Viftti- 'fUP pyj/w tie Cooipoaud, pre- WF vVTjbv/ tared ty the diatiila- ?j^ Jian ( ttt'j. . arte, H s . taraapauHa rnla, Wild Gharry ilj^P AwSjf 8 .rk, and Dairta.:aa lEjM IfM\K er.t?n icla IU CMS- yT J \Jf Toe enure ten** C /g retuedial principle ? ^*J*w of itch ingredient la itfore taking. utlllin*. pradaciar * deiicioae, exhilarating epirtt, and tka laet infallible nni'j'" rene?aui.j tk? dieeaee'* tjitia, Dd reetarinf the ale*, catering, and debilitated iavaiM ta ealtfc and at/en gth. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL rtU efettaally cur* Lxrtr Complaint, Dyeaepeia, Jaauiee.Chraaic er Hereeaa Debility, Duium afthe Kidneve, od all diaaaaai arietof fram a dieerdered Liver er ;omach, Ijipifiit, eartbaro, Inward Piiee, Acidity er lickneae af a Stamacb, Fallsaaa af Blcod ta the Head, Dali Pain *r vtraouag in the Bead, Palpitation af the Heart, Fallneee r Weifht in tha Itamacb, Boar EraciAUone, Choking at feeedng feeling when layingu*wD, Dryneee ar TelleW. aaa a: m >iui uu mini aTiiu, mvira r a*ara, tin in U>? Small af tha hack, Cheat, ar Bid*. taddao laahaa af Baal. Otpraaaian af Iptnu, rriffctfU, ( npai, Daaaaudancy ar any uannt diaaaaa. Iwaa at I latchaa ao tha fekln, ui farar and ipa (at CkiUi u4 ml OYER A MILLION BOTTLES i a?a Vaao aald dannr tha laat aix maatfca, and la aa inLasca haa tlfcllad in riT'.nf aoura aatiafacuae. Wba, th?a, '111 nftr ban *Vi?lnan or Dabiluy whan McLXXM't I (tXaritNIMS CORDIAL will cara raa 1 Ma lanfufa cm aanaay an adaqaata tdaa af tha inmtdjU end alroaat mlrsealaaa '.tiar.fa pradacad by taking tfcia iardlal la lha J. . J, dabtlltatad, and abaturad t.trraaa t ftiaia, wkattar brakau (town by aicaaa. waak by uatara, r Lr*fa'rad by aiskr.tat, tha ralaiad ana anainuf aifulillas U rcitartd la ita jptltitna taaiih aid ?ifat MARRIED PERSONS, r tthara, aaociaai af inability frara wliataaar taaaa. will i nd HrbKAHl fYRKAUTBENlNtf CORDIAL a tha- I a*fk i?faoanuar af tha ayaiaia; and ail wt.a .:.ay Lata iu I itad tbtBatltti by U?.pra?ar indalfancaa will lad U tbia Cardial a ?arUin and ayaaay ramaJj. ( TO THE LA I'IKS. MckBAH* ?TRR?eTMKBlllU CORIUAkla aa??rIfti aod i|>aadf car* far luttpiaut Caoaarapiiao, Wliitaa, laairacuJ ar DiBetlt dmlumu'i af Crina r li 'tlmiuT [hicharra UnfMl, F'lliqf af u>? Wank, HdCinaaa, Fainting, ana *U iiiiuti lueidant ta THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT lafar d? laof ar. Ti'.i il accardiny la diracueoa. It will llmwlata, nnnflttc, ai.J inngarata faa u< cam** tba taaia af haalib la iaaiu.1 7?" ifcaak agaju. Srtrj Mult u rtimul U gl't aauafaetiaa. ?)? CHILDREN llmi afclldrao ara aickly, (mar ar itkicud, McUCANt X>RI>iAk will !> ak? llkaiti haaliL*, (at, and rataai Oalay at a iftamaLi; try H, aud jra* will ka <aa*uaad It U dalatau tataka. CA VTlONt la wa n af drag fUU ar daaiara ?(n map try U pa I a imo 'm im< biuar ar atraapariUa iraati, whick tbay cu bar haao, kr tajinf U u laat aa Mod. A raid aacb uaa. Aak ar McLKANI VTRk'ltOT.1 cICINCi CORDIAL, aod uki wjklnf alaa. It ia tba aoly ramadj taat will rmrtfj tba llaad tboraafhl* and at tba aama obi atranfjiaa ik? jma. Ona laaapaaeru takan a?ary atarninf faaOnf u a cartain waaaottTa fat Chalara, Cbilla and Fa?ar, Talia* Farar, ar ma praaalatit diaaaaa. It ia pat ?P la la?t botflaa. Friea inly ft par katlla, ar kkatllat far 1 H MrLEAN, lala prapnatar af Ibia Cardial; alaa, Mckaaa*a Talcamc Oil btniiaaot. Pnoeipal Dapat aa tka caruar af Third aud FU? luaau, k Laau, Ma. MeLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BUT UOMJOT IN THIS WORLP ) Taa nit aaia ata ciru.t ctrt m Uuun. Pilta, Tm. aara, villinp and BraaacJu)* ar CdlM, Panhai, N*atlgia, WtakuM* ?f lb* Maacltt, Clirat.ic ft (niarumatary UnImaluin, u(&?m ?f U.a Jm-.'j, Oriracitd Mutln a* ktfamaaU, Earaah# ar TooU?ach?, Cr-.nM, Iprtlia, Pntk :?ta, Waaodt, Clean, P?*?r Bar**, Cakrd Braaai, Bar* fipplai, Barn*, Bcaldt, Bar* TUroat, ar any ial. awjn ar Min, n* diftrtac* haw Mi?r? or kaar t! duaaa* Hf lava .n.ttd, KcLif AMI CEL^BRAi 1CD UUTLM&WT & t eanain rtmtdy. Ta*etac'.t af bamaa b*m ft hart bate. aa*a4 a ltf* af 41* irtpita<li and miitrj by the aaa af tLi* ir.TtJaabla r*a*dy. MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT IT 111 r*lt**a pain ?l?eat laataataae?tly, aad tt vlll alaaa, pmnfy aad htal tb* faalaat aaraa it aa tacradibta abaft UI FOR HORUFM AND OTHER ANIMALS. McUCANV CELEBRATED LIHIMEHT U tha aoW eafe ?1 raltabl* r*m*dy far tha can *f Sparta, bukaii, ViadftiU, Bpliota, BanalaraJ Laan Nadat ar Bwelliaga. t ?***r ft Had ta ear* Bif Bead, Httani, Flat*la, Old l?tli| Boraa, ar Bvacay, If pragari* applied. Tm Ipraiaa, Bralaat, Beratebea, Craabad Saab, Cbafaa, Radd' m Otlar OalU, Cau, Bwrat, ar W?da. H I* aa tafcUlbl* ramady- Apply U a* d.. acted a&d a car* M cartalii u> arary atase*. Tfceo true am rir wt# u t maay wartfr.leaa Laawaju ?ar*d ta pa?. Obtain * ??rf if af M. MCLCAV* ClCL* IftATED UJIIMhJfT h ^UMM 4. H Mi LEAH, Bait Prapnaea* Caratr Ttord ud Plat Ma., ft. Uw, Ma t OBLTB BTOTT, BTt Pa. a*., aalt la; Bift.t.T-CUMl't H||-*wiy THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAJL u ?u?jm fi. j aw n?*i MUun? ft irtttN variety of HHrlin iwl? tten tu be oiod m u; Mktr?u pmblmfi m PrvlE? aoriuaiTum-Ok'i mmtmMi, ? *<?? *! Single co?t. per uiu. 91 ? tiveoopiee 4 TS Ten oopiM.. __ . ( op Twenty ire ooptee_ g> $& It InTinnMy eoDtaiM the HWului|tM N?v?" UtAt '.u made T\$ Dmti > Imm Stmt oiromMM o ceamily tUrc (hoot the ooaatry. (E^9in(!eoor'M'in wrtf^tra1 ou be ?roe*r?4 tt the ooaotor, Imnedmle r after the um ef Uw PMer. Pnee-THREE CENTR. MEDICINES. Bun JOHSSTO.I, ALTIMORE LOCK HOSPITAL, Hai difcovtrtd tkt mitt C*rrem. Spttdf mmd wly Ejftttuai Rtmtdf m tht World, FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRKTMNT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO OATS. WrtkcfM of lb* B?k. hnciam Am>*H?. -I >v>. n?)i ?u1 BUdder, ittoluurjr OiKkitfit, Uipmiwi, 6w ral Debility, Ken*cuaneea, Dyapeper, Uuw, C?faama of IJ?u, Lew Spiriia, Paipuatum J the Heart. TtaMto. Tre rr.tintp, PimittH ml S.gbi or Oiddinaaa, DiMm af IM Hf.i4, Throat, Nau or 8kn , ACrciiuua ?t the Lima*. Bwe ch Or B ? ?ia?th?ae Ternt ,t Di?.rJ*ra irn.n| fi?a Minrj Habiud Y<wih?ibm Draad.ul tn4 DtumtU'i Pnc tier* atuch nultt Miintft nr<MiUi,ut (<?ni M Body tti! Mind YOU NO MEN EapeCMl.j who !n?f become the ricttma of Ivlmr; Vkl, ttiat drr?dij| and iiimj. uvi habit vtiicb annually atuft to an unfnflf fra?a of Vmi ( Men ? tlM boot. eialted ItifaU ai.d tKiiiwiit intellect, who inifbt other*M? have entranced liatemng Seoatea with tbe tl^uudere af alauuenie cr naked to ecetacy the living iyra, nay call *iifc full cxnideacr. MARRIAGE M?RIIIb Ynon( Mw caauapliuaf Marriare, being a*ari ol phyei?al waahneaa, organ ie debility. defeimitie*. tc , apeertily rurad Re who nlacee biitieelT under the ear< of Dr J may laitgv oaaly confute in hi* aa a gentleonm *mA tanldeaUf rely upon lue (kill aa a phyaiciao. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand aide fo*ag from Baltimore aueet. a few doora (rva (he corner Kail not to obeera e name aad number Leu era mutt be paid and contain a a la nip DR JOHNSTON, Mtn.Lerol the Royal Collage af larrwaa, Lnudoa, graduate fiuii) one ?f the moot eminent Collegae in the Uhtl Kutea, and the rreater pan of whoee Ufa ha* be*?i a pent rn the hoapit tie of London, Bar la. Philadelphia and eleewhere, h i* efTrcted eome ?t the moat eetoniehing rare* that were ever known; many troubled with ringing- in th* bond and car* when adecp; great nertnoaneee, Vamr alarmed nc andden xniad*, baehfalneee with freqaeat making, aiioaM nmetiinea with derangement of nud, wara cared mmdtately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Yung Men and other* who have injured theiaaelaee by a . certain pracuce indulged in whan alaua?a habit fregaaa*ly learned irom evil caiunaniona. or at aahciol. the ? ?? mi whicn are nightly felt e?rn wliin aaleep, aad if M?w?4, renders marriage unpnoeihie, and dcetrove both au>4 u4 bodr, should apply inmediattlr Tneae ire some of the aad ana melancholy (facte produced by early habits o! youth, ?i?: Weakness ot the Back and Lunbe, Pains in the Heed, Pimntss (X Sight, Lom ol Mw?oMf Power Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepey, Kervcae Irma biluy, Derangeineut of the Di|itu>< Kuocuoue, Oemnl Debi uy, Symptoms of Consumption, 4c Mts TALLY.?The leartul effects ?v. the >mnd are murk to he dreaded?Lota of Memory, Coofoainu of Idaaa, Dt proow m of Spirits, Evil Korebodwge. Aversion of b?ciety, Sstf Die truat. Love cf Solitude, Tunldity, otc , are tone of the e?ils produced. NkP v ot s PEBILITT ?Thoustnds can now ludge akat m the cauar of their declining hoaltli, losing their vigor, becoa ing %eak, pale, oervnue and emanated, hating a singular appearance about the eyer, cough or symptoms of counnptiou. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE When the n laeuided and imprudent totsryof p eaaura ftrda he haa imbibed tne aeeda of this psmtnl diaeaae, tt toe often happrna that an ill timed seuec ol shams or dread of dtst o? sry detere turn from applying to thooe ? ho, from education and respectability, Can alone betrieud him He fadie into tfco hands of ignor mi antf designing pretendare, who, iaeap>b\? of Curing, filch hie pocaniiry aubotaace. keep htm lrifling inooth after month, or ae long as the aaaalleet fee can be <* tuned, and in despair leave him with ruined health to iirt over bie galling disappointment; or by the see of that 4h4.j poioon -Mercury?haaten the ceuoutuioaal eympto?* of itaa terrible diaeaae, ench as Afectionaof the Heart.Throat, Head, Skin, ?c pro#r?Minf with frightful rapidity, uii dtJtfc ptm a P?r?o^ to hut Ireadful sufisrirgs by eending bimtoUtatnadiscovered Country from whose bourne no traveler reforms DK JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANICWEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY atj uih tna itrprriim rrmmnj viiRbtii 01 wr nTr,B? are apeedily cur?d and full ?if or rr?torec TI>o?b?s4* m n.oat nervoae and debilitnad. ?ho had loa all b?p*.he been imuiedtauljr r?l???ed All impedinieuia to Marr??|?, Pbjraioal or Menial Dtooaal lieaticna, L"aa i>( PtwruU'i ri>??, Ner?o?e IrrwMM. Tt?mMiuf and HV'eakaeae or tihiKUot ?f tk? mm Nnill kind epeeaily cued KXDOKSEMEST OF THE PhESS Thi Kanr Th*1'u)>di eared at tbte in wit at tan wrtfcn thf iaat ee?tnteen year*, and the namroM iBfntaat c-aI cperatioue perK roatd be Dr Johoetoa, a itaaaaed by tke repcr-ere of the pjpe*n and maey other teTWM, MIKM of a bith have Afpttrr d afaia ud afaui before tlx po Mia, beudet bie standing a (icilentt of tk?UHr aua m?Mit*ility, t? a rnfttteot faaraixee to the aflteted mar ll-f? mzm?ATP-LT THE RMMKDT rejoice HEALTH. y r.en<:. co you eufler.' Are jou the vioUm of uy of th >*,( r urnerouf n ?tti which ari?e Irom Up unty of the Noodf vVhUtw tiiey, do to* luf Rather eat- ?U: are tboy not i The blood mum onrcecf i lie arid hot:*;., ?jid :? m the fira* element ?t oar to respoci to>0; oaaee wfc qt ?-tTecU Ui? Bye*?iq, m the piiite inlalitl'iy e.rvc*u. The erer ?re*r.i mj Npuifc.fcia, tne trruetim krya. poiar, the inHle scroti*. Li..- ecomsinc R beumatiam. AerroHR Oei'iluy, Dyaprat.*., Liver Corcp.eint with 1M Loreor anl dejection, and the r usher jc^e ilia LM4 Join !? heir u-, dan to their hideoaa orifin from the >Jood. l?wU kiwhy the* bad gottly with the'Wood. U?e ii,eTtUli*i!5f i?aourcee of LAtnre for iU aid. ?nd aqtfer u? to onumrnd to yoor oonfideuce Ml iae Ui?t truly raleable uiedioai,.er.t knows m ihdiax r?d '&&?8% COOTlOIf. With regard to thia a.moat infallible aaeoifio poeular eoi.Uuout Lab apoken in decided term* luc the evidences of tfcia treat r*oecy are ana tamed by oo&atast a vow a. a of curative ?ffkota and it* happiest results from its nee are after all other -emediea and the beet me4ioal alii, have failed. JLot ua eay.m oonclunon, ti \t oertlfioptee ? ! WM u nv? CUU(U? iiVHJ U1V ioiWIftte UQ llffTioial, but they arc volunteered from U>?> noil r?ipectable sources and justify the Lug heei torn in riauii it it possible to commend eo nlubl* a iMoitio to publio approval. We may add also that J?e curative properties of the medio ine are equalled )L.Iy by lte reetoratlve efleoto. the ay stew reocrvare* from dieeaae with renewed constitution*. vigor. For sale by alt respectable Dru*r it* n lata litv. and by the proprietor, MRB. M. OOX, None genuine unless her nam* is blow on the x?ttie and her seal on the oork ft?"'Price 91 per bottle, fix bottle# for |i w\oU*aU Aftni. H. H. T. C1MKL, Drag fiet Georgetown, D C.. Wholesale Af eat lor the I>letriot, and viu supply the trade at my pneee. at 18-tr yHE ALL SUFF1CIEM THREE. TRIE9EMAR.1.* end P-ProUcted by Royal Letter* Patect of Er giand, and eeoaretf by (ha Seals of thr t'coie de 1'i.armaoie de Pane, and toe Imperial College of Mediate*. Vieina No. l is invariable tor exhaustion and natcrrhea, km] al physical disabilitiea. No. 9 oomplotely eradicates a>l traoee of toess lieeases that have been hitherto treated by the aaaie< ns end Derniei ua e*e of rnDAiva nukalx No. S na.? entirely suppiaufiiflhe injenoea uae of Bieroury. thereby insuring to the sufferer apeedt re'ief. diapersinn ail iir.periUea, and root lag on the vert.m of diaeaee. TRIKSKvia r. n<>?. i.Sand 3. are prepared in Lite form of a iozer.?e, devoid of taate aMiael . mid can i* carried id the waistcoat pocket. r*o?d in tin case*, and divided into separate doees, aa ad ministered by Ve.pean, LeSlemand, Rons. Rioord, Stc Price #3 ea"h. or lour oasee for #9, which tavea .*1; and in 9^7 oa^ea, whereby toe re ia a aavin? ni %?. To t.e had. wholeeale and retai .of Dr. bar row. of IU4 fcioeeker atreet. New Tort. Immediate) imreoetviiii a remittance, pr. Ilanuw will forward the 1 rworar to any pa/t of the wor^d, aeoureij packed, acd addreeeec aeoording to the i?atruotnna of the writer. The Buofc.oi a 1 othera, that ahoald bo read ky men with da.caRnd and broken down oouetitauonn ia"Ucmnn PraTltr.or I'hj?iou?? ica. Ke?arabaaT* It is beautifiil'y illiiatrattu, and ueata irinnMy of all Ui.< ?reip om? that invariably develop t^? ?e>vea. eooner or later. resulting from the frailtlee utd vit nunc habile of earti roeta, incapaottatinj the victim fr>?n ahari< a the Irumpn of tae natrtinooia' ?tat?, and. if uotchrckeo ir, tirae. Mcaeerhiinc at' t' e funotioaa of manhood, and hnnrat him. atee bv atep to a linrennr and iubnalrMtt. by Dt KAkROW, 194 B eeeker atrej*. toar doors LaIov Maodoacal. New York, rnee 28 Mn<> Kilnl frM >nn >k>r> Sold klM fry B. C. Ford. J r? Drug ?tor#, W?rtU-tton. D. C. d? nt. i. BOVEE DOD*8 U IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, 55 t)-WB eito*r m * wi<mni f m a ther *re icn twN u> u? vend. Dr. Dn?? wme4 tb?m raco?uftiJv la kit prtetir* for ? t*m >wri we ?f ki?* U* m><? rickt to ptetSwtar* ud mw!>i t cn for &! to Uw ?ml<3?r P?w ' of lu F.?l C*M?KKir-D, IiUixMttfa. 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