Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY March 8i, 1M1. \?J~ The new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than er of Metropolitan newt and gossip, and choice literary reading, la i.ow on our counter ready for delivery to tbe public. Embraced In Its entertaining contends are tbe following articles: Lisbetb Browii'a Tbanktgl vin? Dinner?a thrilling sketch; The Summer House?a night of terror, Paria Punch on tbe South Carolina Convention? exceedingly ricb; A Dance for Life: Breach rf Promise Case, Story of a Railroad Engineer; L'tVr from Utah Territory; Tbe Naval Fleet at Brooklyn; Richmond Correspondence; British Vessels In tbe Port of Charleston; Supper of tbe Prtsident's Mounted G?ard: Doings at onr Nan- Vord; Secession of a Ward In Georgetown; St. Patrick's Day in Washing* ton; Arkansas snd tbe Union, Ac., Ac.; latest Telegraphic Diepatcbes; Full reports of the Senate proceedings. Supreme ana Criminal Courts. Baltimore, Fast Baltimore and Maryland Conference#, Laymen's Convention, Ac ; Operations of the U S. Patent Office; Correct Lists of tbe new Appointments; Agricultural. Horticultural and Gardening Correspondence and iMlacellany; Keel pea ror tbe r- w j ft ?W-1 J . r crm, n Qifsuup auu nuu*vuu>u, Editorials upon the Crisis; Local News and choice Aliseeliany, together with bits of Prose, PoeUy, Pon and General Information. This I* just the paper above all others for permqi sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or $1.00 per annum, postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit ef the Ntrniif Preas. The Inttlhgt+ctT argues that If there was no treasou committed against the Constitution by the seceding State, none will be committed by those who may seek to destroy the new Southern Confederacy. The Rtjivbhran ssys of the policy of the Administration: The first step towards putting down the treason which afflicts the present time, is to remove its alders, abettors, ana sympathizes, from all positions of power. This la the first step. The second step will be indicated in due time." The Baltimoes Sex, to day, moderates the wrath of its treachery, and ventures upon the sea of much calmer discussion than usual with It of 1 > It a ^Anai(4a>* (Via n iiMt i nn a# ttf lue * ?. m? xravmkjm v.uu?iwci ? uv vj uvattvu u? vui troubles" in something of the spirit which characterized it* column when It enjoyed the confidence of tbose in thia region who have something to lose by the existence of the state of anarchy It haa of late sought so vehemently to bring upon its neighbors and patrons. It argues that "Our troubles'1 arise from "the assertion by the Republican party of a rule with regard to the Territories inconsistent with the decision of the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case '' \Yere this true, in vie w of the fact that the South have now positively nothing whatever practical ?nd substantial in issue in the Territories, and of the further fact that the South will not have a negro to spare for a hundred years, to be taken Into any existing U.S. Territories,we should look for a very speedy settlement of "our troubles " In he judgment of all friends of the Union, as well as according to the proclamations of the leaders of disunion in the recusant states, however, our troubles have a verv different orisrtn. Indeed. O ' Tk?9 attribute them to the persistent labors of I disunion politicians for thirty years past to accomplish jjstwhit bis been accomplished?for the sake of destroying the Union. They have at length been able to accomplish their end only by momentarily crazing the" people of the seceded S:aWs to an extent which afforded the conspirators an opportunity of robbing them of their distinctive American liberties, which they continue to with, hold from them under various flimsy pretexts, by the threats of the presses under their control, and br the arms of the mobs that stand everywhere ready to execute summary vengeance on all who dare clamor for a restoration of their rights as individuals enjoyed under the Government of the Vnlted States. Thus have " our troubles" ori ? iuaicu | a uu OUiJf IUUI The Baltimore Ska need give itself no pretended uneasiness whatever relative to the policy tcwarda the recusant States which the Administration will pursue?so far as the question of war and peace is concerned It will take much to make Its constant readers believe that It is not as earnestly anxious as the Cbarleeton HUrcury itself, that the Administration's policy in that eounectioii shall be directly the reverse of what all now realize It to be?the policy of letting them alone, severely. War in the Southern (seceded) States" will come, however, very soon, though not as tfie Sun would have it come?between the General Gov' ernmant and the authority of the oligarchy; but between the latter, and the masses whose liberties tbey have struck down, and on whom they are now seeking to fasten in* shackles of clan inferiority, they have been forging far them for thirty vears past. Tha illegitimate excitement of secession is fas1 dying away in *he South, and in place of it there is arising legitimate excitement over the tenfold taxation to be endured in payment for the wblatie of the revolutionary attempt to reduce the masses la all the seceded States industrially, socially, and Intellectually, to the condition in which the masses :n South Carolina have been kept for half a century for her oligarchy's benefit. Also, over the destruction of the liberty of speech, the liberty of the press, and the destruction of every industrial pursuit In thoseState', except the one?plantlag with large forces of negToea?for whose nominal benefit the conspirators plottedand plundered This legitimate excitement is rapidly coming to lti proper d*M0% The Administration here evidently realize that their policy is but to keep hands off'-our troubles;'' relying open the sober second thought of the deoeived. maltreated, robbed, and so suddenly enslaved masses in the seeeded States, to vindicate shortly the blood of American freemen that eenraes in their velna. inr Prom the pubiishera. T. B. Peterson A Co , rmiaaeipma, through J. Sbilllngton we Lave 41 The Crowd Path; a Story of Modern Life," by Wllhle Collins Like "The Woman in White," "The Dead Secret," and ether productions of thle writer,44 The Crossed rath" Is remarkable for the power of its plot, a particular In which Dickens, Thackeray, and most modern storywriters are so unsatisfactory. Not T*c*.?It Is hardly neceeeary to say, in this community, that there is not a particle of truth la the following ? special dispatch" from this city to the New York T?m?j. " petitions with some ten thousand signatures hare been presented against the continuance of Capt Meigs as Superintendent of Public Works 1a this District " Odd TiroeBAFHiCAL Eaaoa ?The Washington correspondent of the New York Times makes the following " am?*d* A typographical error In yr?terdav's Time made it.eej11 Mr. Weller,of Cal.,au old political sot. It should be ' rat.1 " No* mallows?The President Is understood to haw sent to the Seuate to-day, a nauiber of terrl tor 1*1, land office, and other appointment*, none of this, however, of national Importance Til Coimvlak Arro:!tTHBJiT* ? It ia under* flood that the makl ng of change* In 1'8 couauiar poeltiona has been aoapended for the time being. PnhmI, Hoc John Walee, Del , la at Klrkwooda'. Hon J J. Famsworth, 111., *nd Judge L. D Bailey, Kan . are at the National .Hon. A H. Reader, Pa ; Hon J. W. Miller. N. J., and Hod. C. B Sedgewlck, N. Y.,ire at Wlllarda'. Hon W R. W. Cobb, formerly a member of Congrrta from Alabama, 1a In Wuhtngton He ha* numerouafrlendahere who will be pleaaed to greet htm once more. fry There waa a sufficient fall of aoow at NorfnlY V? - on TtiMfiiv tn ? that place tbe raie luxury of good alel jjbinjf for tweaty-four boon The enjoyment vu entered Into witb great spirit and zeet by all claaaea of aoclety, who ronirnenrlag ataunrW, prolonged tbe ip?rt In many hiatucea until 2 o'clock tbe *ur<tiding lacralag. ICT'Tbe Urgeet water tax paid by any one person In Boetoo, tbe preaent year, baa been told by Mr. David H Blanev, of Eaat Boeton NliUxIa abowl 1,400. m COIVAR VUTfllV AT i Si*it*.?Yesterday, when our report closed, Mr. Uayard wna addressing the Senate upon the Douglas resolution. Upon concluding, tbe Senate went Into Executive session, and at 4 o'clock adjourned. Fjudsy, March 22. Sbmatk.?On motion of Mr. Hale, the Senate took up the resolution Introduced so its time since, appointing William Hlckey Secretary of the Senate Mr. Bright moved tbe postponement of the resolution till the first Monday In December; on which motion the yeas were li, nays 20 Tbe question then recurred on tbe adoption of tbe resolution; and tbe main question being put, It was adopted Mr. Hale introduced a resolution, tbat tbe Senate go Into tlie election for Sergeant-at-Arms, Doorkeeper and \it'sUnt Doorkeeper, to-morrow at 1 o'clock. Mr. Powell called up a resolution authorising tbe payment of additional compensation to certain clerks in tbe employ of tbe Senate. Mr. Trumbull opposed Its consideration. Tbe republican party had come Into power with a determination to retrench the expenses of Govern ment; bat If they proceeded In that way they would very soon Increase them After a brfcf discussion by Measrs. Clingrcan and Powell, tbe resolution was taken up and put upon Ita passage, resulting?yeas 12, uaya 33 Tbe Senate then took up tbe Douglaa resolution and Mr. Bayard proceeded to addreaa that body, during which, our report cloaed. Latest from Richmond ? How the Wind Blowa in that Quarter. CoTT*spondt*tt of The Star. Richmond, Va., March SI. p. tn. Mr. Holcombe'a ap?ech was concluded to-day. and produced a sensation that wns not confined to outsiders, for many of the members participated in the applause.. Mr. Ilaldwin of Augusta, one of the most brilliant oratora in the Convention, commenced bis reply. His Union sentiments are not at ait shaken by recent events, and aa he represents tbe richest and most powerful county in the Common wealth, bis speech will carry aome weight with it Mr Carllle, In offering his I't-ace Convention lllhctitnt? marla a ln<4(nattnn Kb* ill I ?... ?w.?>V I < apwv U | JUUl^/Uklll^ luav UC Will go against a Border State Convention; but the Union men generally believe the measure will be carried. They ?eem to pgree that the Conven! tion will adjourn to meet again next fall h Appeals are now being made to the Western men to withdraw their resolutions for an ad valorem tax upon negroes, and let them come up at the adjourned session. The Secession Caucus last night far with clo>ed door*! I can only learn that no defintte action was arrived at. It is stated (I do not vouch for it) that Gov Wise told them that If they were going for immtdiatt secession, he would Lave nothing to do with It. Recession is growing among the people. Of this you may bt aitwed. W. Notk ?We place little faith in our respected correspondent's belief that " secession Is growing among the people" of Virginia. It is doubtless true, that as they grow more desperate under the hourly-Increasing signs of their ultimate positive defeat, the dlsunlonlsU in and about Richmond and all other Virginia towns and villages, are l>e Lutuiu^ uiuie Tituieni; increasing t&r nolle they have made for month* past, as difficult as that achievement may seem to those who remember how great a cry they made in shearing the very little popular wool they got In the recent Virginiaconvention election. On the fourth Monday in May an opportunity will occur to teat whether disunion has or has not ln^.eased Its strength since then, In Virginia, In the State's congressional elections. By that time every man there will duly comprehend the disabilities under which all rest who live under tbe < ligarchy's despotism. Also, that the present Administration's policy with reference to the recusant States is emluently a pacific one; and further, that it has not aK?res3?d. Is not appreu ?. ? CT* lng, and does not propose to aggress the constitutional or other rights of the South in any particular whatever. With these Important fact* dulycomprehended by all, the public may rely on It, secession In Virginia, so far as Its effectiveness Is conctrned, will be proved In the selection of her members to the next Congress, to be little more than a compound of noise and wind. Apfotmtmknts ? Dr. Callowsy has been reappointed Surgeon at the Marine Hospital at Paducah. Mr. Sande-son, of Pa , has be?n appointed chief clerk of the War Department. The Senate yesteraay confirmed the following nominations:?Thos. G Hatter, of N. H . Chaplain in the Navy: Wm H. Carter, of Ohio, Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps; Cornelius K. Buck, Marshal for Minnesota; Jno Lockwood, Postmaster at Milwaukee; Ellas W. Leavenworth, of N. Y., Commissioner under the Convention with New Granada, for the settlement of th? claim* of American citizen* against that Republic; Charles IV. Davit, of Md, Secretary to saia Commission; Calvin Husln, of N. Y , to be Comm'.saioner under the convention for the settlement of clalma of American citizens; BenJ O F?rrer, Assistant Treasurer of St. I.ouls; Charles Hare, Collector at Key West; David M. Chapin, Collector of Customs at Oswegatchle, N. Y ; Samuel Long, Consul at Lahainc; Charles L. Wilson, of 111 , aa Secrrtary of Legation at Paris; John T. Kdgar, of Tenn., Consul at St. Thomas; John Manns. U. 3 Attorney for Indiana; Fraukliu Spaulding, Collector of Customs at Niagara. Usfion Principles DeclarkdTkeasoxabli.? Judge Frazier, of Kusk county, Texas, seems to have got abe*d of mcst of the secession judurs, as we jud^e by a rtcent charge of bis to the grand Jury of that county; wherein, according to a Texas ourual. he drilled treh*on a* a crime to be looked ufter, in the ? vent of the State withdrawing from the Union. After the State has fully and uncon aitionallv severed the connection between the State and the Federal Government, then all who adhere to the Union and ao manifest the fict, are guilty of the crime of treason?subject and liable to indictment by the grand Jury u?. Jer the Constitution aa it now exists. After secession, any word, deed or act against the Independence of the State would be treason Sessatiox is an Episcopal Chcrch ?The Wilmington Republican aava no little talk has been created ou account of the Rev. John 1.. Gray, pastor of the Eplacopal Church, at Seafnrd, Delaware, emitting prayer for the President of tbe United Statea, aa laid down In the Episcopal prayer-book. After prayer be made some explanation why hedldso, saying, "that his sympathies were with the South, be being a Southern man." He aava that be shall continue so to do until otherwise directed by the Bishop of the Vestry Some of bis congregation are very displeased at his coarse, and think that he is assuming more than hla functions will allow. r.>.. a ? ? -- ? liAni. I wi, v Klill E ur TH I rS AM K Of W A 0 HmeTon.?A writer in the Historical Magazine for the rurrent gives an early?perhaps the earliest?authentic notice of the land in England from w&ich the name of Washington is derived In the flrnt volume of the 14 Chronlcon Mon??terli de Abingdon." published in illustration of medieval British History, under the direction of the Master of the Rolls by the British Government, xt page 337, we And a grant of land from King Edyar, the Anglo-S^xon King, to ' Athelunold Wasbingatune The document bears date A. D. 963, about nine centuries ago. TheFashioss?The milliners and dressmakers bave announced this as their " opening day," but tbe furious storm will probably Interfere so materially with tbe visits of their customers, that tbe display of fashions must be postponed. The times, it is said, have materially Interfered with tbe trade of those who cater to the whims and tastes of fashionable women in matters of dress if the we- tber conspires with the times, tbe milliners and dressmakers will be poorly off It ? t - wouin oe wen lor tbein, however, If the storm iu politics pasted away as quickly aa that In the netulal atmosphere.?.V. V. Erprtts of ytnttrday. The Rcd Man 01 tub Walk.?The black man having taken Texas out of the Union, the red man threatens to drive her back Into It again, for protection. The San Antonio papers, (March 6th), to hand are filled with accounts of Indian depredations in that vicinity, occasioning much alarm among the white*. The withdrawal of Uncle Sam'a troops have made the red skins bold, ?and the chances are now tbat Instead of invading .Mexico, the chivalry of the Lone Star will have to stay at home to look after "the Greeks at tkelr doors." lH7*Over one hundred recruita for the regular arm / of the Confederated States left here in the Norfolk boat yesterday em routt for Charleston, 8. C 5'ome few of the party are young men of re?pectable connections, who hsve been bitten by a desire for military glory, but the majority of the detachment is made up of the worst class of our DOnnlatiAd If ? ?A " * w j wumnim v CSQ pQl ID CHI lO any aerYlceable purpose it will achieve what society baa failed to accomplish here.?Baitimort Amman Libel srit ?Dr. r Shelton McKenzle. of the Press, waa brought before Alderman Bel tier on Wednesday, on a charge of libel. The complainant waa Mrs. Gladstane, the leading lady performing at the Walnat Street Theatre. The libel In question consisted of a paragraph In The Preaa of Monday, which stated that Mrs. Gladstone had bees discharged from the Arch Strset T heath re. Pr McKenzle waa held to anawsrln S60U ? PMla. Inquirer. ICT A new quarterly magazine Is to b? published at Edlnbnrgh, called "The Museum " It will b? devotod to education, literalure, aa* DEPARTMENT HEWS. rlmoval, appointments and Phojiotions . in the Sixth and Third Atdito*'* Offices? E. M. Merc hint, of Va . (Stc ,)?Sl.frJO per an- t num?in the Sixth Auditor'* Office, has been re- J moved, and 3. M Edwards (U.) has been pro- . moled to fill the vacnncv thus made R. Widdlcomb (U.) nas been promoted to the 01.400 per annum vara? y cau*?d by Mr. ward's promotion; and Nathaniel Page, (U.,) of 111., baa been appointed to the 91,200 per annum clerkship made vacant by Mr. Widdieomb't promotion. harnesi L<utf, (t ,) or vei , cas oeen appointefl to a vacant 91.400 per annum clerkship, and Cyrus Wldus, (U ,) of Vs , to a 91.200 per annum clerkship, botU In the same Bureau. John T Omenta, (U ,) of Mo ; John 8 Piatt, fU.,) of Ky . and Chas. Morgan, (U.,) of \Vls , nave been appointed to All vacant clerkships in the Third Auditor's office; the tlrst and third at 01,200 per annum, and the second (Piatt) at 91,400 per annum. Clerical Appoi.itmrjctb and Rfxovals in tbi Gb*bbal Land Orricx ?The following gentlemen have be?n appointed to llr*t class (91,2U> per annum) clerkships in the General ljind Office. Vli: A M. Swan of Iilinola, G. L. Minor of Pa , W.Y. Selleck of Wis , J. E. Knnis of Pa., and A. P. Barnes of III The following gentlemen have been removed from clerkships 1q the same bureau. Viz: J W. Twyman of Ky., (91,200 per annum,) and H. C. Loving of Va., (91,400 per annum ) Pbomotbd ?W. W. Cowling, of Ohio, has been promoted to a second-class (91.400 per an* num) clerkship In the Interior Department proper. Rbsisxbd ?Capt. L. McLaws, (of Ga ,) of 7(h Infantry, U. 8. A ., has resigned Cabbiacb Road up Mount Washington ? A* soon as the snow disappears on the easterly side of Mount Wathington, work will be resumed on the carriage road up from the Glen It is the intention of the managers of the enterprise to have the road completed by the 4th of July, so that carriages may be put on for the accommodation of visitors the present season. A recent exploration on snow shoes revealed that th? snow was abo'.it six feet deep on a level on the the point on Mount Washington oyer which the road is to be extended this Spring. The snow In the highways through the mountain districts Is now about three feet deep, Sleds and sleighs have been used in portions of Northern New Hampshire for nineteen weeks. Relioious Interest is New Jersey ?The religious interest In this city and various parts of the State continues, and a large number of conversions are reported Meetings are he'd nightly. In Mount Holly fifty persons have joined the Methodist Kplscopal Church, and forty the Baptist Church. In Trenton, sixty-five joined the First Baptist Church on Sunday last. In Newton. Brldgeton, Camden and other places there have been many conversions.?Newark Advertiser, INA. The Brandon (Miss.) Republican says: "How humiliating to every Misslssipplan to know that, after cursing and denouncing the peo< Sle of th<- North, as our citizens have been In the ablt of denouncing them, we are compelled to iuiu siuuiiu a?iu ' a ii.fin ior oreaa, ana iney in turn are trying to kill u? with kindness, by treatinc our agent with the greatest respect, and not onlv giving him nrre than he asked for, but paying for the sacks to put it in " Death or a Daughter op Charle* Carroll, of Carrollton ?The Baltimore correspondent of the New York Tim.s writes:?"Last week Mrs Harper, daughter of Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, died here t*he was present as a child when Washington resigned his commission at Annapolis. Her picture nfliv be seen cs one cf the two luibarn-liafred girls in Col. Trumbull's painting in the Rotunda of the National Capitol " [E^The Unitad States Government bas expended on the Indians of this country about .fvJOO,000.OJU during the last thirty years. The business of the Ind an Bureau is greater. than many of the governments of Europe. This Bureau how d.sbursesfrom five and a half millions of dollars up . Wulf till " ? ' J wm \ o?u u uaii miiiiuna auuuaiiy xor me Dcnent of the various Indian tribes. CC7~The Charleston correspondent of the N. Y. Tribune, generally considered bogus, determined to communicate something exclusive, gives an account of the shooting of an Irishman in Fort Sumter by Major Anderson, because he had been caught plotting treason with his brother in Charleston, lie had been smuggling in fl>es to spike the guns with, and was shot. fj~r* Mr. Guinness, who is now preaching again in Philadelphia, attracts nearly as large crowds as when he preached there at first, although this time hts coming was entirely unheralded, and although no means ar^ used to make the time and place of his preaching known, bevocd those of ordinary yuipn services. {E^The Captain of the ship "Adelaide Bell" bas sued the proprietors and Editors of the New Orleans Crescent, for 850,00?i damages, on account of certain reports In regaid to wh*t wei alleged to be a Black Republican fiat; which was un furled from the mail head of that veuel. Y5?1.0. O. F~?T>RAND LODGE.?The cffi 11. < cere and members of tlie> Grand Lodr* are requested to meet at the Hall, 1HIS (Frida?) EVENING.at7o'clock, to liiakoarra; remeunto attend the funeral of 1' G. John H. 1'horn, of Washington Lodgo, No. 6. _lt J. T. liANGS, G. 9. Yf?I. O. O. F.-MOUNT NUBO ENCAMP Lk_5 MKNT, No G ?Theofficers and member* o( .Mount Nebo Knoa.npment. Mo 6 ar.? equeiit-d to meet at the Hall, THIS* (Friday > EVENING, at7^j o'clock, to make ar,ani*mer.ts to attend the funeral of P. H. F. John H. Thorn. It JOHN F II Wr.NNF.R. Sen bo. -f-g=-A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE CO!L *t liimlna 'lypoeraphicl Society will beheld TnI9(Fud?y) EVENING,at7.'* o'ciook, to make arrangements for a?t< ndmg the tunera! of its late member, John H. Thorn. By or?er It H S ItliWKV Y^f"ALL, PhRSONS HAVING HILLS again?t 1 V st th? Inaugu ration Ball inuut leave t-em atC.Gau ici'h, enclosed 10 the Treasuror, before Tuesday next, tne i'tith mutant, i:j oider to insure payment. ma ?2 3t YfP" UNI VERSA L1SM ? Thr Xev> Birth-Can ' *..5 not S'.t the Kinrdom of f?od ?Th aormi.i"? Fissk will preach at the o (1 Trinitr Church, <.n fU?>iDAY EVENING, in explanation, of John 3:3?"Except a man he born again he c&nnotaee the Kingdom of Uod;" showing the vast difference between modorn revivasol religion ana ancient conversion". teats fre* to all. ma 22 2t* T5F*"I SAY.STRANGER.YVHEKE ARK Ls you goir.g f You * em to be in a great hurry!" "So I am. I am going to jM.TH'S, No 400 seventh street,to i>uy a suit of Clothes. Tho people say ho has a very nice a-<aortrr.?nt, and they say he sella them ao cheap." jYo:?.? rt e last we aaw of the atranger. he was running up Seventh street singing outr"SMITH, No.460" fe2-flw ^I.MON la the ro'.n who ae!la CHEAP CLOTH?5 IN*?. ma 22 St Mantillas and cloaks, HEW sPRlliQ STYLES. In Black Silk, Cloth and Barege. A lio. new Stra** Bonn t?. Ha's, Zouavea, Jock eye. BonnPt Ribbons, Flowers. Ruches. Embn i'leri'a, Laos Go"d?, *?., Ac Ja?t received at in?2*3t?o MAX WKI.L'X 328 Ha av SPRING FASHIONS AA . 1 /.v urr r rvrw v uWfiJ STH AW HON NETS'. H\T8, CAP?.?l2S5l Ao.: FRENCH FLOWERS aid KUCHhS; KIHANDS.fall varieties and prioea :) SHAKERS at 25 cen'a eaoti; HOSiEKY. GLOYKS, and FANCY GOODS. At ma 22 St* (I r tel.) W. P. SHEDD'S, 502 lltk st E HON TON FOR APKIL, .J Atlantic Monthly for A pril, App!?ton'? New Amerioan Encyclopedia,'s Deba'ei on tha Federal Constitution, 5 voiu?n?a, Regulations for Cnited States Consulates, 1 olnme. FRENCH A RICHdTHN, ma 71 278 Fa. av b^t. llth aid 12th sts. F"French steam scourers, Baltimore. Vf. p. 8UEDD.302 ELIYKHIHST., Tht Only Agtnt. Ladies' Dresses of every description can be cleaned, leanrg the luster oi silk equal to new. Snawls, Covers, Cm tan s, and Carpeia. Also, (ientiemen's Clothing can he oleaned without leaving any substance by which they will soon b?come unfit to wear. N. B.?No dress taken apart; thereby wing the expcnia of jruaklng over. (Intel.) ma 22 l?n yUNlMBR ELLAS ? AND PARASOLS. J nut reoeireJ from the manniao u^era a Urge took of SUN UMBRELLAS una PARA-^ SOLS, which *t will sell at v.ry low prioes. MP ! 100 dozsn JO"VIN'S KID GLOVES, all | number*. We have a larxe stock of DRY GOODS of ail kinds, and wi.l sell them at the very loweet prioes. WM. R. RILf.Y A. BRO, No. 36 Central Storos, 14etwe?n 7th and 8th streets, ma 22 tw Opposite Center Market. I^XCHANGK, J EXCHANGE, EXCHANGE! AVENUE EXCHANGE, No. #6# P*^"?stlv?5ia Avehcx If yon want a Fine Breakfast, go ta the Exchange, #66 Pa. avenue. If yon want 6 Fine Dinner, go to tiie Exchange, 26^ Pft* If you want anythinc in the Eating and Drinking line, go to the Exchange, 966 Pa. avenu* BILLY CgKiv BILLY COKE Is at tlie head of the Culinary Department of the Exohange. #6n Pa. avenue, and would ba hacpy to serve his friends as n"days before." If tob SUt ? P?n...l.-I ? * " ?uvni. fO VO Vil* I 2?. &??? ?? * <* 1 3jsSw:f'p'v'=wr I 1 t I = tens T(i?fnrk*4 fr?a Wuiia|Ui. Washisotok, March 2! ?The failure to evacuate Fort Sunter resterdav, a* anticipated, is attributed In Admibistrhtlon circlet to technical reasons merely. The Senate will n??t probably adjourn before the middle of next week Secretary Chase received a telegraph dispatch to day from 81 Louts, confirming: the report that fcooda were arr.vtBg there free of duty. 1 he mercantile r6mn>!lnltv ?hn k>w Wn i?nnl?.l l? pay the duty on their stocks, are complaining bitterly. Tbe ^ooda are supposed to bare arrived In foreign vessels at New Orleans, and to Lave been sent by the Custom House to the Importers in St Louis, without requiring of th??m the payment of duties. Tbe Government will of course adopt measures for payment of duties at St. Louis on all such ^oods in future. It is a nice questiou, however, as the Gnvrmment would receive nothing if tbe duties had uren paid at New Orleans. It is said that Mr. Seward is preparing a reply to the application of the Southern I ommissioners for recognitlrn which will distinctly foreshadow the peace [o.icy of tbe AdmlDistration, and be in the form of an tddress to the people of tbe

seceded Sti'rs, inviting on their part tbe adopt on of similar peaceful and conciliatory measures. He will also define tbe peculiar position of the President, in a condition of nffiirs not Contemplated bv the f!nn?Htut1nn ??>/l i.ulr? powerful appeal to the people, North and South, to drop all anlmositl* a end reaort to the only Constitutional means, a National Convention, for the settlement of their grievances. Win Muhdkks in St. Louis ?The city of St. Louis is acquiring a moat unenviable reputation for the frequency of lta wife-murders?attempted or actually perpetrated. But a few days ago a man was arrested there upon the well-grounded charge of bribing a physician to poison nis wife, the mother of a young Infant; and the St. Louis papers of Monday contain tbe account of a yet inore shocking instance of man's barbarity to helpless woman. A brute named Patrick Welsh, becoming Incensed with hts wife, who waa on tbe eve of bearing him a child, attacked her savagely with a heavy iron poker, beating her until her lower extremities were fearfully bruised and dis located Notsaiistled with this. he actually tfcruit the poker down her tbront, tearing and lacerating the tongue and flesh dreadfully, and then fled, leaving his victim unconscious. She w^s taken to the Hospital, where she expired In gre >t auony a few days afterwards. The unborn Infant died tbe day before its mother. Welsh has not yet been arrested. The Latk Remarkable Ssow Stoem h thi South.?The Norfolk Herald says: " The snow did not begin to lay until late in the afternoon of Monday?but, nevertheless, reached n depth of more than a foot on tbe level. Had tbe ground been prepared to receive it from tbe commencement, it won d doubtless have heen as deep as the great snow of January, 1857. The mall train of tbe Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad, due here at half-past ten yesterday morning, was delayed only a couple of hours by the heavy snow drifts along the whole line, and reached the depot at about half-past twelve? having been forced through by the aid of two of the powerful engines employed on the road JI7"There seems to bo a rn!*und*rstanding regarding the disposal of the SI5,lKiu,0< 0 loan of theC. t* A. A few days ago It wai authoritatively stated New Orleans capitalists had taken the whole at*5 per. cent, premium; but In the New Orleans Crescent of the 16th. we find a communication urging the people to come forward and take the scrip There are few. the writer ciya, who cannot buy one bond, and as it is "a loan upon Southern faith," prompt action should be taken. Possibly the w<iter of this appeal, although apparently well posted, had not heard that the entire amount had been taken at such a handsome premium. UjT An Investigating Committee of the New York Legislature bave reported Jay Gibbons, a member from the Albany district.guilty of official misconduct, deserving expulsion In the judgment of the Committee, the evidence tstablishes that a proposition was made that Mr. Gibbons thnttlH rpr?' uo ?? ? a. K w . ? V " u vviiaiuriatiuii VI lllUULCHICIit I for bis officfzl v>t* and influence in favor of tbe parage of a bill by tbe Assrmbly, one hundred dollars, fifty dollars immediately, and fifty dcllara wben the bill phased tbe House; and that be entertained tbe proposition, and negotiated in reference to it during two or three da\s Naval?a letter bag for tbe United States squadron iu tbe East Indies will be made up at the Nav*l Lyceum, Brooklyn, to go out In a vessel ta sail the 1st of April Tbe vessel* of this squadron are'be Hartford, John Adams, Vandalla and Saginaw. fJT" The Georgia State Convention has pawed a resolution providing for tbe annual payment to pensioners resident In tbe State of a sura equal to that paid to theai b7 the United States Government prior to the secession of tbe State. [C^It is reported, from Charleston, that the Conf 'Jtratotulhnrl tlM have Mken m?Miir<-? to collect the duties on goods entering from the Northern States by laud, collectors being stationed on all tbe railroad lima. 1 SIMON-SIMON?SIMON ' F You waul to buy CHEAP CLOTHING and t URNISIIING GOODS. *o to SIMON, at the United State* Clothing Store, Pennsylvania aver.iie. tna 22- >t FPOR SALK-A COUPE u-t pa.r of KuACK HOKSLS. The Coupe m nearly n*w. f7\ The HorBfR&re Biack Hawk Mid Mo-nan, full brothers, vcrv stylish a*>?l perfectly ina'otied Also, a T"p "Vaeon? two seated-Brewii'er'n make?used one season. Ai'p ^ toAB^LL'S Stables, G street, near the War Department; or t<j 2*. President a Square, ueit Ri<gj & Co.'a Office, ma 21 lw* Received and for salf. for cash, ^ U f F. RI I > R GULDEN MR UP. Golden Sirup, 50cents por taiioij, New <?r eaurt Mo.asses, CiieaTi MolasffiR. Go *1 Su^ar. 6 cents per pound, I'mii?? Yellow ?ugar, r*ow ot of Tea, And cheap Chewing To^'vso, At L. A 11 ELI. WIG'S, mail 3t* Seventh ?tr?rt. N^vy Yard. 'I'HE SrilSCRIHKRS~UAV NG KEOHVEl) Ueir hr*t supply of n?*r >tj-les of SI'RING (iOOD!. tlu'y resp'-ctfuliy invite a tall from theu patrons and tho publto geu Ka They keep al?o oo:.?.atitly h?rd ]jtw a so ><J supply of N AVAL au<l MILITaKY FIJKNlSHfMti GOODS, such a? Epau.ets, Swords, Gold Laces etc. H. F LOI'DON & CO.. Citizen and Military Tailors, ma 20 3?eo No. 362, ui.der Brown's Hotel. STEAM KNG1NK F7m~SAI,E.-Tlie undersigned has for sale a *econd-i^n<1 St ain Engine --f *ev?-n horse power, in perfect order, with an upright boiler. Alsi>,a, with all the tppurtentnces, for bo'ins or drilling arterian wells. The Viovnmai be purohased lor o^nniderabiy ess man tu^T oo?i, hr lunnadiatr apcaaation tn \VM. nTlCKJiEY, Washington, D. C. mal8-eotf _____ FOE Sewing Machines. REFINED FUR POISE OIL, F>>* LUBRICATING Clocks, Watches, Sewing Machines, Spintiles, and fine Machinery. For Sewing Maohinee It ia invaluable. Being !"'* from gluten. 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Screen Well ana Stair W#U. For detailed information, plana, 4o., enquire at this offioe. Hid. will be reoeiv*d up to the 25th inatant, at 12 m., and will be opened in presenoe of biddera at that hoar. The bids should be indorsed " Proposals for Completion of Structures in and about the Distributing Reservoir, Washington Aquedust." M. C. MEIGS. Captain of Engineers. mar 16 Chief Engineer. SEVENTH STREET. ALWAYS~AHE1D. I have just received a nioe a took of SPRING CLOTHING, FURNISHING GQODS, TRUNKS, HATS and CAPS, to whieh I invite the attention ol all in want ofauoh articles. My motto a a quids I'XptDN IS DMUr than A Sjov shilling." Those in want ?f Clothing we invito to come and look at onr goods and prioes; sad if yon wint a moe Shirt aid a pretty Tie, No 460 Sev nth stra.'t is the plans to est them. I have a very large stook of SPRING HATtj.whioh I am selling at 25 per oent. below their aetnal value. For thoss who want to travel. 1 havs Just rtoeived a krt? lot of TRUNKS. VALINES, and CARPET AGS, varying in prioes from #1 into It you want a good Trunk, Clothing, Famishing Goods, Hats, or Caps, there is do place where yon oaa BW W*l? N^b 4W otfiBti bill b IM Ft Maryland Anul C?iltr?c* af U? M.F. < h?rch at Newark, Fl. J. Sixth Day ?In the afternooa a resolution ww oflVrrd. disavowing the set br which a certificate as ordained elder bad br*Ti granted by the 9u|>er lntendent of the Wm Baltimore Conference to Joba F Tltrotnb. The resolution was d srussed at considerable length, and. after being amended In such a manner u to avoid the appearance of censure, was adopted The report on atatlstica was adopted. The rejwt of the Treasurer of the Superannuated Fund was presented and adopted, and a board of managers appointed, with Instructions to have all Investmenta Inscribed to the Society, and all funds directed to be sent in by the end of the second quarter of Conference year The clergy generally were instructed to exert themselves to Lave the donations as large ns possible, In order to meet au unexpected extra demand. Th* interests of the American Tract and Bib'e Societies were commended to the attention of the Conference. A resolution of thanks to the clt! tens of Newark, for their generous hospitality during the sitting of the Conference, was passed In the evening, the business of tto Conference wm brought to a close, and tbe appointments of preacher* announced aa followsLawrence W. Batea, President. Stations ?Alexandria, J. Thomaa Ward; West Baltimore. David Wilson; East Baltimore. D A. Shermer; North Baltimore. Jesse Shresvs; V\ aahlngton at., Baltimore, H. P Jordan: Charleston, S C., Silas B. Southerlaud; Cumberland Mission, Geo W. Burnt; Georgetown, Washington Roby; First Church, Philadelphia, J. Tbomcs Murray; Salem, Philadelphia, Tbeo 0 Valiant; Ninth Street, Washington, P Light Wilson; Esst Washington Mlssiou, Wm. T Dumm, Harper's Ferry, T.C.Cochel; Newark (X. J.) Mission, John J. Murray; Frederick Mlaaion, J. E Maloy. Circuits?Baltimore West. C. II. Littleton, J. W. Weills; Anne Arundel, Dan'l W Bates; Bedford, Thos_Lee; Baltimore, J. F Whiteside; Ce ctl, J . K. T. Ewell. E. King; Caroline, John Elderdice; Cambridge, J H Ellegood; CarlUle. J. M. Elderdice; Concord. C. Everaole; Beiatr. l)r. F. Swentirll; l)orch?i!rr, W. O Holm**; Frederick, Jaa K Nicbola, Dr A. S*. Everaole; Howard, W. T. Wright, M. E Hvaore; Harmonv, P. 11 Burgeaa; Jeff raon, F. J. Drinkhouae; Kent, John R. Nichoia. W McKendree Poiaell; Newtown, Dan'l Bowera, J. W Gray, Dr. F Watera; New Market, Joaeph A McFndden; Potomac, 9 A Hobletxell: Pipe Creek. D E Keeae; Prince William, A. 1) Dick; IJtieen Anoe'a, John Roberta; Suaaex, T C. Ewell. T. A. Moore, aup ; Snow Hill, W. M. Strayer; Talbot, R. S. S'orrla, J. W. Everest, one tube aupplied; Trouga Creek, Jeremiah Clav; Union, H.J Day, J. Thompaon; Worcester, Henry Nice; Wllliamaport, unaupplied; Susquehanna, J. L Milla; Warwick, Dr D F. Ewell, U 9. Batteraby; Clearfield, unaupplied; Berkeley. R.Whinna; Liberty, H.C Cuaning; Federalsburg. J. M Dennia; L'nlon, Pa ; O. D Hamilton; Fredericksburg, Va , W. W Reeae. Loaned to Virginia Conference?W. 9. Hammond Superannuated?Ell Henkle, R T. Boyd, J. Varden, T L McLean, N. 9 Greenaway, John Morgan, Alfred Baker, Thoa M. Wllaon,T. M. Bry^n. Left Without AnnnlntmMili ( th?if f>?rn B?. quest ?Geo. Simpson, T. J. Slaughter. Augustus llammond JKn*t Bkltiatre (' aftrtaci at Chambers* barf. Pa StvHtk Day ?After the. religious exercises. the stewards pres-nted their reports, and the committee on ike state of the church presented a majority and minority report, the latter of which was finally adopted. The committees on colonization, seminaries. Dickinson College, and necessitous casea, made their reports, which were also adopted Joseph France was appointed an agent for tract and Sunday school Interests The committee* on the Bible cause, Sunday schools, and temperance, made their reports which were also adopted. A mo'icn to request all the Conferences to unite in a cali for as'is'.on of the General Conference In 186\2, was carried by a vote of ayes 1?5, nays 26 A committee was ordered to inquire Into the propriety of changine the mode of-'examination " On motion, the roll was called to ascertain the number of registers needed by the members of Conference The Conference then took a recess until 7 o'cl'k p. m.; when, upon reassembling? The list of candidates for examination were (jurcu,' uu me j >v manifieri < f ibe Preacher*' Aid Society of Baltimore elected After a ?erie* of resolution of tbanks to tbs citizen* of the town for tLeir hospitality, the various raiiway companies, Bishop Simpson, and the committee of arrangements? \V. \V. Hick* took a Baal farewell of the Conference prior to h i embarkation for India; and the Conference adjourned. E'dktk Day ?After u?ual services, George W. Vanfossen sod W. W. Evans were admitted on trial. Tne appointments were then announced; and the Conference adjourned *itu du. Daitimsre Aar.ual ivnfersscs at StailUa Sixth Day.?Rev. Jas McDonauzh waa elected to deacon's order*, and tfcs report of the stewards received The Cot ferenee then took up the regular ord?r (New Chapter) and after a protracted debate adjourned. Seventh Day ? The New Chapter waa again taken up and debated Baltimore city wu (elected as the (eat of the next Conference. After the transaction of business of minor importance, the Conference adjourned. HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED TOR THE WEEKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE ? IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEBKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUN DKED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this IVee/r, to be out on Friday Morning?pries Three Cents?%cill be a remarkably interesting on*. Every Person at a distance trho would teep Posted with re ference to ichat is really going on here in these interest ins* times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. SIMON, T The United Stafa C'othinj St re, aeU? the entire took of CLOTH1N8 nt one-third of the original ooat. mi he wiahea to tall out wag 3t PARTICULAR NOTICE TO CONSUMPTIVES. DR. SCHKNCkT*! Philadelphia, Thx Coniumption Doctor, Will b* again in WASHINGTON, and rnMMliN dayt. TUESDAY fc WEDNESDAY, ?th anditth ibiL On hie laat viait hie Rooma at the Aram* Hoaee were ao crowded that he oould sot attend to ail ae carefjlijr a* he won'd deare. He had a r.omber of call* to attend to patient* outside of Ma Ro<<ma, hut vaa oou a?llad to retaae them all. He will be here two aaya, aa above? J'neadav. to viait eatienta aboct the city; Wedneeay. at hi* Room a, at the ATanaa Home. Herivaa advioe and aoooda the lunga free of charge at hie Kooma, and chargee whe it ta neeeeeary to be examined with the Reapironetar?the cnai?e th??i D01DR 93. The city it now full of strangers, and ir.any have pouch* and oolda, and are d termined to know ;f it it seated on their lunja before they go home. We understand thai Dr. 8ohen?k examined 74 persona on Wednesday last with the Reep>rometar, Mcidee giving adviee to a great number of other persona, 8. C. WAIT K, 0 rner of Seventh street and La. avenue, is Dr. 8CHENCK'S Agent. Peraona wtahinc Dr. 8. to visit them will pleaae leave their aodr. aa at 8 B. Waite'a. ma a:-it ICHWIRIN'I Annihilating .jBKgM h Powder la the only known beet artie e to exterminate I* Ben Rsi', ' Ants, Moths, Fi-*e. r*" ainnii 1~ _ 1??. r..^.. Wo. ma > Vine Bags, fco. " " It ceatataj ae poi>e% SCHWKRIN'8 PILLS are sure deatH to Rau and Mioe. M Sehwerin has received eeitifeoatea torn the President of tiirard Col eje Directors of Houm of Refuge, 1\ Hospital, ard other Prci r ent Institutions of Phi Mrlphia ; U. 8. Jail, v\ ashinctoc, D C.; and Charity Hospital, Orleaw, ,L? .... Wu> original oeruaoaiea ?*?,&{,* ? ? *h? bole?& and Retail D??< t 134 North Sooond atreat, Ph !adelphi?, and Cr u ? la this olty by D. M. CL.AKK. cnrnor r*. araoua and OS ata., and by ^tewrtt^r*s?i'kipyi imitationb. 1?T" Remainbor to aak for Sohwaria'a Aauihi gr^Me'seeuiw mnlwe etgaed M. Bcaweaie. n^Y TEN CKNTH FOR ONK IKJZiiM IWGhBSMBImHP AUCTION SALES. Bf J. C. MoOUlRR k OOF'xtensivr bai.k of furniture and j Uotiiiioi d Krr?cT?.?Ob ^ KDnE!^()A\ MOKM.NO. March ?7ih at ll> o'clock, at iIm arr* B^aHinc I1?hm ?o?threatoorncr of i * arer.u*Mi4 ThirU>?:;th afreet, i (hall aell all the Parcitare aad Kf?l?, (KMn^ruimHonewood oui Pi?no Forte, Cover and *'oo.. Walnut ao<l Mahogany Hair Syriti seat Sotoa. RnrVpra Rrd pRfinr PhRirt. Wn'nut WhMMti. Marb*-to>T?blM, Walnut K?ncy Tablaa, Cam Chairs. Window Cnrutin*. Phades. C"rtlM. Velvet. Biutnela and Itirr*- uX%rp*u, oilotou. frtaif Carp?U, MtLtTni, Marbe-tcp Cottac* t^t?. Lookicr G a???. and Sinrl* B* onload*. Waal standi, .Matfaaa'a, Bn'stors and Pillowa. H ark eta <V>rrforta. ShMici, Dining Tables. ?'hairs. t* id p board, fhW.a. G'a?? and Crookarj. Kvllt'o'. Air tight and or?i*r Notw. loffth'' witii a i;n?r?l assortment ?>f Honna^oM Farnitu ra acd It.tchan h tfrcUnot Lraantaryti wwia. Tormt: 93' and audar r%nh;om that ??m aoradit of s\ so aud ?? days. for ?au?fteetonir aadovacd BO'.oi, [.oaring ictarrst G . W PHILLIPS, Ba. tfl ma a d J. C MoGt'i R K A Aaata. Hr GREEN * WILLIAMS. Ai ofconaera. 1JXTKNSIVK SALE OF HOUSEHOLD AN D j Kitchi* FvaxiTraa .?.? !??',gng !? p?-s?i>? lafttinv f ha ?it* t 4 in U A Tl' U H A V Sa *A 1 ia?? ?- w - ' M ?'?" vi ? j a ? < iv? v f? ?? ?w? ??? ? wet hall Mli, in f'ont of our Store, No 496 Seventh at.. ?t 10 o'el ck a. in , an ?xeellant assortm?*i.t of rBmi'art, VII : Mahoga&r hataota. Sofas, Sprin?-?e?t Chair*. Du. Mart'le top and otii*r Tabiaa and fkn reaoa, Can* ??at and oth*r Chair* and Waahataada, Cottiga, Jenny 1.1ad. and other Uedateada, . Bru*??i* and o'her Carpet?, Oi>oloth. Matting, Brooms, hair, Ccttoa, and Shuck Mattrea?e?. Chira. Glaaa ai d Crnekary Ware, With ma> * other articiea too namaroa* to anaaarate Tcrmaoaah. cl A u L- I- V . It* I f f a WaX A ?' ?< '* '*n r.r.t* c* ?? i i n uri*. Br GRKKN & WILLIAMS. Anotior-.eers Handsome household and kitchss Fr*sitrF* Aim Pitio Fo^ti at Ait TioM.?On Tt'hMMY, the 16th instant, at t*o ?>'c ock a m . we khtil *e'l at the re ue-ioe of J. E. Talbot. E>?| . No. 203 Muh street, t>etwe*n M and N streets north, an exoerent lot of Furniture, ?i*: Oi e fine Rosewood Piano F.*rte, 7 octaves, made t y Sten-war {"one, Mahorany Piusk-covered Parlor Set and Sprinc Chair, Mahocany Marble top Dre?eincandother Bureaus. Do do hide and other Tables. French Mantel C ?'ck, Wa cut IS feet Extension, Leaf and Qcartered Tat .es. Jenny Lind, Cottage and other Bedsteads, Whatnot, Fine Dama-k, Brocatelle and Lace Cortains, Ornaments. Three handsome and Mantel Glasses, Gilt, two of which are Ova! Fr*"'?. Chira Glacard Crocker* Wve, airnni which ... ft t- \ ^ i j _ j n. j . - _ Jj r> . a nrc v?i;a [Nina ft a riKBToa lift ana vohw S-t, PmUwl CMtom. Ac . Ac. Fine Feather BM? and B-ddin*. Hair.Oott? n-top ar.i **?-<bc* M?ttr*??e?. Fine Tapestry, Brmsels, Stair ard chamber Car* pets, K tics. Hall afd other Oilcloth". tfta?r Rods. Fi*e Refricra'or, f?utl?r Tray, Cook in? and nth *r Sto m. A good lot of Klichen Furniture. With many other articles too numerous to mention. Terms: All sums under #50 cash; ow that amount a credit o? 5 and 6*1 oars, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bea tug interest. GKi EM A WIUI.1AM4.AUCU. P. 9.?The H< o?e. *hio?is a hand owe threest ott biiok, with at^ree t'nry b%ck building, with a arg# yatd, and handsomely improved, is also for sale, on .1 credit of atx years and at a low prioe. If not sold it will be for rent. I-quire on the premises or <>f the subscribers ma 21 d HRF.K.N A WH.LIAMft. By THUS. DOWL1NO. Auctioneer. (itorcrtoten, D. C. UANDSOM h FURM T L' R E. PIANO A A Fortk. Ac., at AcrTios.?<n MONUAt next, t?# J5tii instant, at ifl o'clock, 1 eaali ee!l, without reterve, at the reaidecc* No. 110. oornar of I bird ?r d Ltr.gan at* , ihe Furniture of & |*ntie man Ceclinmc .uusekeepini, oon?iattnf of? Hand?orre Roaewood Piano Forte, 6K mUvm, Set of Urion Chairs. Cane mtud Wood Chairs. Walnut Wh?tnot, Gilt Mirrors, Fine Prints, Chineae Teapoya, Window Shadea, Parlor, Chamber and Step GarI pots, Oilcloths, Marble-top Bureana, Mahogany and Walnut Kedateada, Mattreaaea, Crock?ry ard Olaaa Ware, Kr.iv.-a acd Forka. Castors, Vases, 4 o. Cookine, Parlor and oth?r Stoves, Kitchen Farmtare, Ao , Ac T'rmi aaah. 7HOS. DOWL1NG, Auct. ip^The House ia for rent. ma 2" d By J. C. M'GUIKE A CO.. Auouonaera. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PIANO FORTE* ?3 Hot*?khold t-rimrvu tun ErrscTs at Pr? Lie ArcTiu* ?UnTt ESDAY MtiRNiNG, March 10 o'clock, ? t the residence ol gamut! Aroii bo c, Et* , No. 'i*9 U *tre? t,t<etwees 13th a'd ;?th atreei*. we shall aell the Furniture and Effects. compriMnt? Superior Rosewood seven oc'are Piano Forte, by Bchrmscker A Co . Phi adeian a 1 hia inn'-u mert took tue p ne at the Franklin Institute h air, Suit of Dsmaak covered Parlor F a ml tars. Gilt frame Mirro', Marble top Table, Wratnot, Fancy Cha re. Window Shades, Mahogany Secretary and Book^a*?. Hnfc. D? Center and Card, Loenge. C* tots Oi c;olb, M\tt:j.g Wamut Kjct?f inr. Table. S dehoard, cmic b?-vt C.l airs Ref igerator, China. G.a?saiut Crockery Ware, r a cd Castors. Waiters, Tal .e Cuterr. Man Frolic. f{ed?t<?rd, U'es^.g unreaus. Collate Chambtr *et. Cottaef HedHna:*, Featuer beds, Bo.rters asd i'l .owi, Hair Mat testes. l a k:nt G a*re?, Toilet Sets. Biennis, Conifots. ^he'ting, Cook icc Stove. Latro!>e 8'ow, Togoti er with a gtccrai ns^ortrrent of KI to hen K t q tin.i;e . P. S Hoac* for reat; icquue on the premises I Or of the Aantio&eer. Terms rash. ma20 d J. C MeOt'lBC k. CO.lwts. u* J. C. McGUlRti ft CO Aaetionefri. TUL^TRK'S0ALKOPBACKMEV CtmmiAai and pair of Ghky caiku&v Hoiiu ? Ou TUESuAV MORNING. Me cti 26th, at '0 o'c'.'k, in front of tbe Amotion Room* f Ja? t . MoGaire & Co., rirto* ot a i'eed ?.f tr:st, r'ated Auiurt St'h lfcjn.and duly recorded ir. 1 luor J. A 8 , Mo. I?6. f? . et seeI shall sell oce good Haokaey l'o%ch ar.d pair of Grey HoriM. Terms: Ote-Ujird ci\*h; th? residue in monthly instalments at 1 2, 3. ?. * a&d 6 mo- tns, with lutwest, necurcd to tfce R^tirfaeti n of th* Trustee. HUGH MUHKAY. Trau-ee. ma15eo*ds J C. McGlJIRfc A CO . Auotu. By J. C- McGUIRK At CO. AuntionMTa. T'RL'STEE'S 8AI.E OF 8MALL FRAME I Dmtkli.iko Horn asd Lot -On SATURDAY A^TLKNOON, March jnth. at 5o'olock, on'he premise* h? virtue r( a deed of trust, d' ted Oot uer l"tn, 189. and duly recorded in Liuer J. A. S. No 167 to 1 ? 55 et se| - o e ot tS* land ree n's f ?r Wakhir.ctnnooantT, Disir otof<^o'n?nbi*. I shall se'l L.ot No. l.m Reu fere's subdivision of 84tare >0.338. fronting % feet on aortb O street, at tne corner ol Tenth ?t 1 _ _ ..... - ? ? v, luuaiRK l?C* iO feet to an alley, together with the improvements, consisting ofatw> sU>rx frama Dwelling Home. o?rt\iiinc 4 rrvo?ni Terras: %HAot the pnrahese monay in o*ah; the residus in w .n Jus ir.?taluients of 935. with in t'ra t. A.l conveyancing ?t t e eo?t of the purchtw. B. W. RKKD.Truitw. fe?2awds J. C. Mclil'lRK & CU? Aaou. \| AK!<HAI.'# SALE.?In virta* of two writs 1*1 office fa".a?. is?n?d fro.n the Clerk's offioe of the Circuit Cnwt of the Distriot of Cclambia. for thacount) of ai-hicntoii. and tun* directed.I wii! evpose to puMio tale for oasn, m front of tha nourt h-iisi floor i f-aid onnt'. ?,n*iATl RDAY, thr 3?t h day of March instant, 1H6I. at 12 o'clock m , the following deectibed property, to wit.?n : Lota No. 2 and 8. in Sauare No- 1027. and Lot No. t, in Square IWT, in the city of \V ashing ion, D- C., with all and the mprorementa thereon, eeued and levieo upon a* the property of Andrew Rothweli,and will beaoid to satisfy Judi oials N ? 12* and 1SJ, to Janaary terra, 1M1. lafa or oi Stiiuian, Henncka k. Farbar, ardSanme 8. Stevens. . _ W. SKLDEN.U. H. Marshal for ma 7 rfts Distriot of Columbia. W^m M. R. RILEY k. BROTHKR ars bow om inf. ?tNo *6 Central Stores, a targe stock of all kiuds of SPRING DRY GtK)DB. to which the* call the stt?ntiAi> nf L lie generally. Don't forgot WM. R H I LEY ft BRO., No. * i>otr*l Bit?, Between 7th and 8th urMU, ma 13 <t Opposite C eater Mifkit TL. A. BEALL * CO. AKK PitMirt in informing their oastoaasrt. ud strangers. that they h?vs ramnvrd to No. Ml Seventh street, between I ud KJut above R. B Hall's. W? ktvi ia<t reeeivec * new ssppj o< CLOTHING, PC K N 1 8H I Nfi 8 O O D 0 , ThL'NKS HATS and CAPS, whioh we offer to ell at verv low pnoea Call and tee before b?y ill elsewhere. as we kaow that we ou aall yos good* at leu than an? other store la Ike eat*. L A. BEALL ft CO., ClouAir*. mar li-li No. 361 Seventh st. bet. 1 aod K A BAR ft BMO. RE Again in the field wife an immensely large took 3 READY MADE CLOTH 1N6 aoc GENTS'FURNISHING GOODS We sow offer great ii.duoem-nte to persons who buy for cash. Remember the plaoe?oorner E and Seventh st*. mar8 Im f^PPlCERB, PETTY OFFICERS. AND 8? 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