Newspaper of Evening Star, March 23, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 23, 1861 Page 1
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r ? THE DAILY EVENING STAB ? FUBLiajTB n EVER T AFTERNOON, fSTNDAYS EXCEPTED,) IT THE STAR BVILDINM, ' f'/wr of Pmnrylmni*<?> an^ lltA rt., $ / - . : " . b tiling St a r. . .7 V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. MARCH 23. 1861. N?. 2.525 T W. D. WALLACH. P??ere aarrad in ptokiiN by earners M 14 > T*ar, cr ft oenta per month. To mail asbaoribers Ihe prioa $$jo m year, i* mdvaius; 92 for six taonlis*. fl for three montha; and for laaa than rw montha at the rata of 12 oaaU a week. Bin*la actios, orvs cist; in wrappera, two chits. lZ^Ao7XKTtsxicBKTaaaom!d beseat to the oAoe Mora 12 o'oiook m.; otherwise they may not appear antil the nextday. THE BLACK SPOT. [COXCLCDSD.J Captain O laughed incredulously at first, but it waa a hollow and forced laugh. It was plain that he did not believe his own disbelief, and he knew the rood old Medico too wall to uspec' him of jeatin< on auch a point. Ilia voice quivered a little u he aaked for an explanation Well, if you tcill have it," said Dr. Rogers, laying his hand on Geordie's arm. "there ia something wrong with your wife. Old Ching noticed it first, and told me of it, and I have seen it myself, and I have seen such a thing but twice before, and both times in China. Pray Heaven that thia may not end as it did in those two instances!" "Speak out, man, you torture me!" said Captain G , gapping for breath and very n?l? " it is a trifling matter, in appearance at least,' replied Dr. Rogers, gravely and kindly; "it is a small black spot on your wife'a face?on ber left cheek?that is all, and"? "And what is it? For the sake of all that's sacred, what is it?" asked G , quite fiercely. The doetor, noticing how quickly the group was increasing, drew his friend a few paces back, and whispered something in his ear The effect on Geordie was terrible The 'brave, strong man trembled visibly, and shook from head to foot, while his bronzed face became of an ashen paleness Then, followed by the doctor, who vainly tried to keep pace with him, he hurried up to the place where his -wife was wheeling in the mazes of the waits. 11a atrivta iw ?? - Li LH 'UV ?U aiuuug IUB UaUUUIfi, 1119 wild, haggard looks and brusque gestures caused some confusion and surprise. His wife eaw him aod started, and with a word to her Sartner stood still. How beautiful she looked ! ushed and excited with the dance, crowned with flowers, richly yet tastefully dressed; how, too, her fair, fresh English bloom contrasted with the pallor of most of the other pretty women present; how her softly bright blue eyes rested with wonder on G with apprehension for him. lest he should be ill. Certainly, if one of those two were in mortal danger, any observer would have selected the husband as the one who bore the marks of it. But G was careless of that. All his soul was in his gaze, as he beheld in the centre of hi9 wife's blooming eheek a small black spot, not much larger than the head of a large black pin, and quito circular. It did not disfigure her; only a keen eye could distinguish it, and, ..v, It? Ll ? -1 - ucu mu, ii iodcui>'ico ono ut [QOW " DCSUIJ patches" which the bcllea of the last century used to give an additional piquancy to their charms. Yes, there it was, the black spot the doctor had described- By a great effort Q smoothed his features, and tried to smile, as he begged pardon of the company. He had interrupted them very rudely, ho said?they had all left off dancing by this time?and he begged they wnuld go on. and not mind him. The musicians had ceased playing; he waved his hand impatiently; they went on. His wife approached him, her partner beside her, a ntvai commander, wno did not feel at all dupo?ed to forego the rest of bis dance with the queen of the ball. " Waa he ill?" she asked, in an anxious whisper. " No. no," he was not ill, but he wished she would come aw^j?come home with him directly, lie would give no reason. His manner was irritable, harsh, unusual. The young wife looked at him with surprise; tears gathered in her blue eyes; but she was not without spirit, and she dashed them proudly away. She eould not leave yet, she said; she was engaged for sev erml dunces If there was so reason to be fiven for leaving eo obruptly, she could not e so uncivil to her partners. And in a moment more the Commander whirled her off. <i stood and bit his lips. She danced once, twice, thrice more. G stood moodily -watching her, the doctor at his elbow. It was sad, agonising, to poor G to watch that glorious creature, and to know that she bore on her face the mark of?what ? Even the doctor shrunk from telling G all he feared. Her momentary burst of hurt womanly pride was over; the sight of her husband's anxious face disturbed her; her gaiety fled; the compliments of her partners were unheard, she begged to be excused; left the gentleman oo whose arm she leant, and came up to G with a sunny smile. I will be good now, and come borne." The doctor whispered to Q to introduce him. G hurriedly oomplied. His wife recognized the old gentleman who had stared so pertinaciously at her; his eyes observed her still. He whispered a word to the Captain. Geordie tried to be calm as he asked his wife if she was aware that there was a small black spot, a mere ppeck, on her left cheek, She blushed and laughed. Yes, she saw it in the glass when dreeing. She could not rub it away. She thought it would go of itself. It had annoyed her a little, because it looked so like one of those absurd patches, but she hoped nobody noticed it. ' Excuse me, madam," said Dr. Rogers; "it WllV bft of mnr<i nr\T\mt*rir%mr\/%m tKan aware ot. I am an old doctor, aod may be allowed to ask questions Does it give you any pain V* " None?none at all." The doctor looked graver still. There is a glass nearly opposite. Pleas* to look, and see if it has not increased in size." The lady, half frightened, eomplied. "Yes, it has indeed?it is four times as large as it was, almost as large as a pea?how tiresome'" "One more question,' said the doctor, Have you any idea what brought it ?" "None," answered Mrs. G . "George, leve, I think I would rather go." .. Tki>V ...i> >> tk. J?>1 D J/IWWCU lUv UVA/bUl HAS any reptile?any insect?" ' Yet, Dr. Rogers," answered the now fastpallnjr beauty; '-yes, bat no! that oonld not be it, and I was silly to think twice of so trilling a thing as the bite of a fly." "Any! What sort of a fly?" exclaimed the doctor. " One of the black flies that were in the verandah, a tiresome bussing thing; it stung me ery sharply just there, on the left cheek, where the spot is. I thought nothing of it when the pain went off. It was a 'ong sort of ?/, wuu uiwDg oovj idq glistening greenish wings. "The Bal-Tse! the Black Jupiter Fly! I knew it. Ching knew it," said a hoarse grumbling Toiee elose behind. It was the old comprador, half horror-struck, half rain of his sagacity! Hastily they drew her from the room,wrapped her shawl around her, and hurried her home. The musio struok cheerily up, the dance went on, supper succeeded (a sumptuous affair), and then followed more dances; but by degrees the mirth languished, and a sort o(uncomfortable feeling of apprehension and gloom pervaded the guests, j Strange whispers, muttered hints went round; the very Chinese servants had an ominous look. By degrees almost everybody became aware that tome mischance had befallen the fair young English woman whom they had jast welcomed among them. None knew the exact truth, but all had some inkling of it. Then, too, there was a fellow-feeling, perhaps half el&sh, among those exiles in a sickly clime; the iaaidioas pest that strikes one to-day may strika another to-morrow. Accordingly, the high spirits of all ebbed away, and the ball so gaily begun came to an untimely close. Two or three officers went to seek the doctor in his quarters, lata as it was, to learn the trath. The doctor was absent. liewasatCapt. G 's bungalow, his servant said. He had sent for his portable medicine chest; also, the phjMcian to tho force? and the marine surgeon Dad been called up. The next morning when B>o?t of the ofleor* were at breakfast in the barrack mess room. a subaltern entered hastily. 41 Have you hoard about poor Mrs G V" What' Dead!" It was oven so. Sho had been out down in the very pride of hor beauty, like some queenly tower It was awfully sudden. It throw a | ' r JX U- - f;loom, for a while, even oyer merry, sickly, estival-loving Hong Hons. It broke her husband'* life and hope at a blow. He never was seen to smile after her loss; he shrunk away from his old friends; be left the Rifles, exchanging into a regiment that was serving in Upper India, and died of fever in the Terai. Poor Georgia? I have taken some liberties with the names of those concerned, but there are not a few living who will be able to recognise, under this mask, a too true tale. Now, to elear up the seeming mystery of the Black Spot. There ia a fly which, for the mischief it doe*, is known?ad feared throughout the East, and which is usually called the Baal Fly, or Jupiter Fly. Its bite is generally moat fatal to cattle. It is identified with the Baal-Zebub of Scripture, the type under which the Arch Enemy was depicted. The fatal Tsetse-Fly of Central Africa, which Dr. Livingstone has so well desoribed. the Baal-Fly of Syria, and the Bal-Tse of China, are akin, ] in appearance and effects, while the names, even, are singularly identical. This fly is seldom very hurtful to the human race, except when it has lately been feeding on carrion, and thus communicates the morbid virus of decomposed animal matter to the veins of a living being. This occasionally happens even in Europe, and in the cage of the common house-fly and the "buiz," or greenish carrionfly. But this is rare, indeed, and only three or four casea of death ensuing from suoh bites are recorded within the last aix or seven years on the continent of Europe. In the East, with a sun peculiarly adapted to the hastening of disease, the deaths from this insidiously administered poison are more frequent, and the poison itself is more virulent and rapid. It was in this manner that poer Mrs. G met her death. The black spot, unnoted at first by all eyes save her own, and neglected by herself, was the mark of inoipient mortification, the center ef the gangrene that spread and spread, painlessly but inevitably, until what had been a scarce seen speck, proved sufficient to cut short that fair young life. The doctor took blame to himself for not having insisted in defiant** nf nrrl inorw ?nl.? An (1,. ????- l?J?'? ? ? ? v. ? > < ? j I uioo? UU IUO TUUU| 10.KJLJ O quitting the ball-room at once, but the hope that he might be mistaken, and a wish to spare G as much as possible, made him hesitato in speaking out. But it was the opinion of all the medical men on the island that when the comprador first called the doctor's attention to tne mark of death on the face of the doomed beauty, the mischief was beyond remedy. At length, all that skill and care could do, was done; but this was one of the saddest of tho many cases when Science stands by, impotent to save, beside the deathbed. Raifttng Thunder with the Wax Work The following is a letter Written by Artemus Ward, from his seclu?ion in tho bosom of his tauinjr, aua coaming a loucning remimscencc of a former '-bender." Hear in the buzzum of my family i am enjoyin iuyself at peas with awl mankind, and the wimmin folks likewize. I go down to the Tillage oocashunly and take a little old rye for the stummicks sake, but i avoid spirituous lickers as a gineral thing. No man evir seen me intoxicated but onct, and that air happened at Pittsburg. A parsel of onerv cuases in that inizzerable ?ity busted inter the hawl during the nite aud aboosed my wax worx shameful. I didn't obsarve the oatrajui transacshuns until the evening, when the people begun fur to kongregnte. Suddinly they kommenced fur to hollor and larf in a boysterus stile Ser. i good people what's up? Sezthey, them 's grate wax worx old man. I immejitly looked up ter where my wax worx was and my blud biles as i think of the site whioh met my gaze. I hope to bo dodrabbertid it them afoursaid rockcls hadn't gone and put a old kaved in bat outer I (ieorge Washington's hed and shoved a short black clay pipe inter his mouth. His nose thay had painted red and his trowsis legs thay had shuved inside bis butes. M. - ? f v . *"> vt a a ui ^u|K)ioon lioneynart was likewize maultreated; his sword was uangliDg tween his legs, his cocked hat was drawn klecn down over his ize and he plased in a stoopin posishun zactly as tho he was drunk as a biled owl. Gineral Taylor was standin on his hed and Wingfield Kkots coattaler was pind over his hed and his trowsis were completely toro orf hisseif. My wax worx representing the Lord'slast supper was likewise aboosed. Three of the Postles were under the table, and two of them had on old tar powlin hats and ragged pee jackets and were smokin pipes. Judas Iskarriott had on a cocked hat and was apparently drinking at a bottil of whisky sot before him. Thir ere spectercal was too much fur me. t -1 1 v ? ? x ciueeu me cqow nua men drowned my sorrcrs in the fiowin bole. Probly ile rite to you again before i take my departure on the summer campain. Very respectfully yours, Abtemcs Warp, T. K A Ticklish Situation? Thirty Hours teitk a Slcunk in a Mining Shv/t ? The Calaveras (Cal ) Chronicle relates the following: story : While G. Atsel was on a prospecting tour last week. In the neighborhood of Garland's ranch, on "Old Woman's Gulch," he observed a tunnel, and, approaching It, he beard a noise as of miners workl ng within, and proceeded to pay them a visit Whrn be bad ventured through the darkness one hundred and fifty feet, all at onre bis feet gave way,and be was precipitated to the bottom of a shaft thirtyfive feet deep, breaking two of bis ribs and otherwise Injuring him On recovering his senses, he found he had a eomnaninn; !??? o.iifnt.t. kunk bad met with a like misfortune, apparently some ten day* before. Hi* skunkship bad become desperate, through hunger, thirst and confinement, and attacked him with all the ferocity of a tiger, bit bim severely on the face and band*, be being too feeble to protect himself la tbi? condition he remained some thirty hours, when luckily, two miners passed that way, beard bis faint cries, and rescued bim from bis perilous situation, made doubly so from the fact that this tunnsl Is situated in a very lonely, obscure p.ace, no one scarcely ever passing, except Mr Garland. In the spring time, viewing his fence Mr. Atzel said he thought bis case a hopeless one, at first, bat after praying two hours be took courage and commenced hallooing and fighting the skunk, which he kept up to the moment of als rescue. uuw A r M1LADELFHIA A IQIO MADIA KORttjni ?The Philadelphia North American says: "Among the sterling portion of the colored people of Philadelphia the late James Pross?*r win long be remembered. Prower was to Philadelphia what Downing Is to New York, except that Prosser leaves about 923.000 as the result of his thrift and integrity, while Downing la worth at least five t'mes that amount For nearly half a century Mr. Prosser kept a restaurant In Mark?t street, ana was favorably Known to the greater portion of the business community He resched an advanced old age, and was burled ou Saturday last. By his own people he was highly esteemed, and not j by the poorest among them was his well-earned competence begrudged. He would at any time sooner have gone to the poorhouse than tell a lie or take a pennv that was not hia own." LC7~ In England, considerable excitement bu been created among naturalists and geographers by the startling discoveries recently made in Central Africa, by a gentleman now In London, Mr Chayllon, a gentleman of mixed French and American blood, who, availing himself of the facll. ties given by his position as son of a consular officer, near the Oaboon river, haa penetrated across the African continent on the line of the equator, and has there discovered, in a densely wooded region, a range of lofty mountains (one peak calculated by him at l'i.UUO feet) which contain, according to his conviction, the sources of the four <;reat rivers of the African continent, the Nile, the Niger, the Zambesi, and the Zaire or Congo u/ ntwipiti'i Auicncana, in Arizona, baving fallen In love with a beautiful Mexican girl, rn?? l*i d to fight for the prise, which they did. One of them wu mortally wounded, and the other hurt to It la suppoaed be will be crippled for life: and tbe next day the girl for whom they fought and bled ran off With another man, who wu a particular friend of the belligerents, and through whoa? mean* they had been Induced to fight. ITT" The Ma?aarhusetts shoemakers are mn?1no fur another "strike." It Is said that bootmakers hdve b#en ranking boot*for five dollars a case, which they received ten and twelve dollars for In 185#. jtSydTvut!) v . ; CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. I " D Bttwm\ 9tk *nd 101* Strutt, 1 We hare just finished a nnmber of first olasa , CARRIAGES, suoh as Light Panty.jgiaa Watons. Park Pkratrms. Pnrnilu ncgti, ami Biwn*s, whiok we will aoll at W BL3 a very email profit. Beinc praotioal mechanios in different br&nohea of the F-usmeaa, we flatter onraelvea that we kuo? I the atyiea and qaahty of work that will rire us. tie faction, oombiuci lichtnoaa, comfort ana durabili Re Murine promptly and careful iy attended to Uie ahorteat notice and moat reaaonable oharree. WALTER, KARMANN & DO PP. Coaohmakera, aaooeaaora to Win. T. Hook. ap *7-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Sibacriber harinc made additional* kl faetory, makinj it now one of Uie iarreat^ Mmmm in the District. ?h?r? his fanilitiM rnrlK^Bz mannlactr rinx'C A R KIA G E A LIS HT WAGONS or all kinda cauunot bo eurvaeaed, and troujilus long experkiqpe in Um bsaiBMa, hi h?p?a t* riTO general utiafaoiion. All kinda of Carriasaa and Uckt Wag?na kapt as AiiREPAIRS neatly dcaa, and all eid era rr?M ly attend* to. Soeend-kand Carriages taken in a&ekance far ivw a. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d la-tf Mrur mt 14th ttd E ita Home-made boots and shoes, For LADiia'. Miabxb' amd Children's \ViaR, At Excetdingly Low Prtces. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, IVI~ "t iU- U?1 a.O I i*w. JO m>8-?o Pa. ay., bet. 8'h and 9th sta. $*jf BIRDS!?BIRDS FOR SALE. &?*. ??5 Just received a splendid aaaortment *?-Rirda lrom Kuropn Herman Canaries Entliah Black Biria,Thrushes, Bull Finohea, Gold Finohea, Liuetg, Sky Latka. Yellow Ha(n?ra Parroqueta, Java Sparrows Starlens, the Red Mnoaw Parrot, and green and gr&r. 1 have Mocking Birds, Red Wine Black Bird*, Red B'rds, Doves, and Bob.-lmka;alar..Trained Birda. Prioe25o*cta to ,f 5fl. Cnr?a of all kinda lrom 10 oenta to $10, at JOHN O'MEARA'S Bird Store. Mo. 566 Fa avenue, at the Capitol gate. fe9 3m /mn i lie u.u rriau linni r A ? ? A AP'CE. formerly on Penr. avenue.Jl^jL O ?between 31 and ?>? eta., haa!at?l}|# V b*en removed t<> 3.'?I C at., between 4,H a:id 6tb ats., back of tho National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 910,000 to be loaned in a:nall auma on Gold and SilVer Watohe*. Jewelry, ard all other artioles of value. Business stnotly and confidentially done. I Don't forget to call at No. 331 C at., between 4X and 6th ats. fe ?7-3m I.HFR ZBERG. THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. the corner of Penn. A . . A aveuuu miu r.ipvonui street, nan t'enVCHV greatly improved recently ami now offer* greater inducements for the patronage of citizens aud strangers than any other publio house in the city, his prioes being less than those of any other hotel on Peiin. avenue, and his acoonimodationa for permanent ortrausieut boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu ins all that can be desired by the most fastidious. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted attention and oontiRued liberal expenditures to give satisfaction to all, and thus renews h;? invitation *o all to give the European Hotel a oali. de 4-tt __ IN8URANCE COMPANY or THE STATE OP VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 8300,000. Insure* Morohandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, to., against loss or damage by fire. HEATH & KNOWLES, Agents, Oflioe?Room 16 over Hank of Washington. la 10 WATCHREPAIRING AN D3ILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the best establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repairing every description of tine Watolies, aud (7)] partiauiar attention giv? to the same, by a4mB thorough competent workman.and a. work f.-iarsntied. Al*o, every doscrip ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental. my own supervision, which my customers will find fkr superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in gvuerai and represented a$ their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, se 6 33* Pa. avenue, near 9th ?t. FOR STAMPING ? A PAC*ET OF PAPER S f AND ENVELOPES NO ?0 MATCH, | at tue CHARGE METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. ^^PHILP & SOLOMONS, A**ntM for Laurent.*'* c*!?br?ited Linen Faptrt, "Metropc'itan Mills " te., fe. 0 W ly 332 Pa. & ., bet. 9tt> and 10th sta. Boots and shoks to suit the TIMES. VV? are row mannffiolunii? all kinds of BOOT8 anu HHOES, and ooratanl^T reoeivicc a?Jt-it supply of eastern in&Ue work of every de-IIBj Ecrtytion, made exprensly to order, and will w be sold at a muoh lowei prioethan hu been* Ilk heretofore charged in this city for niaoh inferior articles. Persona in want of Boots ai.d Shoes of eastern or olty made work, will always find a food aasortraen in itnra nH thA Iawam* Oi?.? - - - ? 11 - . ?g*ailAFrft' VURCT.'," wI t SI* Pennsylvania avenge. QLD RICH, ^ELLOW ^URE MONONOAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. James Burnside, of Allegany Count?, Peuna., in the old-fashioned honest war, from the choicest and most carefully selected Rye, and in no oase ever offered for sale until adapted to wholesome use by axe. It is at onoetlie moat palatable, as it is emphatically one of the pares} beverages in the reaoh of the publio. To the invalid, as well aa to those in health, it ooir.menua liseii lor iu unnraHea qualities aa a atimuiant of the safest, wrest, and moat beneficent description, and many of the moat diatinguiahod byaiciana are uaing it in their praotioe with the happiaat reaulta. CLER Y * STOQKDALE. Proprietors, 396 V\ alunt street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVER, Agent for the Proprietor, UUH Pa. a?., ae K-6m opposite Willarda' Hotel. JU3T RECEIVED AT FRENCH Jt RIOHSTEIN. 878 Pena.avenue, Washington.''The Pickwiofc Papera," being the hrat of the elegaut houaehould edition of the works of Charlea Diokens; illustrated by T. O. C. Darley and John Gilbert. Riveraide prrsa. Call and examine them. Alio, a new supply of Darley's Illustrated Cow Mr. thik nnAat mtiab nnKli?K*il JOHN F. ELLIS. SOLE AGENT FOR THE SALE AND RENT CHICKERING AXONS' PIANOS, 306 Pxxna. AvzNua, Between 9ik and in?A Streets, ma 2 North Side. Hone price ONLY! AVING on hand a very heavy atook of DRESS TRIMNHNGS. 1 will offer the same very cheap lor Cash, and One Price Onlv. R. C. STEVENS, 336 Pa. av.f no 22 tf UtwMn qth and 10th ata. French flowersof the very best euality. and an extensive vanet*. a* a. AtSTETEtfS'S tfSfc Fancy Store, fSifl no g t S3ft. betw. 9th ami lflth ?U. Dupont's gunpowder, For sale at manulacttfrers pno??, by JOHN J. BOG UK, OioHotTOWN. D. C., Sol* Agenty for tk* District of Columbia. A larte aupp.y, embracint every variety, aiwati on hand, ?nd delivered free to ail parte of the Diatnot. Orderi oan also be left at thaoffioeof A dame* Rxproaa Company. Waahincton. D. C. fe S-lavlv Best fancy goods, AT PRICES to suit the times, An On PmicaONtrr, At tTPU P A WPV OTnn L' * BO a-tl 33fi. hotw. ?Hh an.l Iftth ?t?. f INOOLN AS HE IS. Lj Tb. b.., HO'V At FR CH^'i No. 878 Pin^i. Avmiu*, Washington, D. C. T??d? topplied at low prioM. mar 7 I WILL Tlkft^ klnd^of Virrfn'i* m?i? fM book debta and rer BooU,S?ho??, *nd Trun>?. Ail E>n? ind?bt?d tn roe will pl<**? o*H and aettla ^ssi'vrssssy?1"* """ MISCELLANEOUS. ^AVY SUPPLIES?1861-'63. NAVY DxrAKTxsaT, ) Bureau of Provisions and ClotkingA Marcti IS, 1881. S r*opo?AL8, scaled and endorsed "Pro!or Nk,V S??PP ???." will be 'WiTed at this OTMi UPV 8.? olock ft. m. on Wednesday, the 17>J1 aay of April next, for furniatunr unri dniivar ing (on reoeivicf ton da*?' lfotioe, exoept for Biao?it, for whioh five daya' notion ahail be civen for every twenty thousand pound* required) at the United r*'ate? Nav* Yaria at Oiarleatown, Mm psohuaetta; Brooklyn, New York; and (?o?port, Virnnia, auoh quantities only of the following artiolea aa may be required or ordered from the contractor a by the Chief of thia Bureau, or by tho reaeeotive commanding offioera of the aaid Navy Yarda, during the fiacal year ending J una 30,1864, i*s Biacuit. Flonr, Rioe, Dried Applea, Piokle*. Su car. Tea, Coffee, Bean*, Molataea, Vinegar, and The B^acoit shall be made whoHy from aweet auperfine flour, of the manufacture or the year IMP or 1861, bui a*a:l in all oaaea be manufaoturod from A?-r * u??i mouc ui mo orup inimsumieiy preoeuing ins dates of tha requisition* lor the ramc; and shall be fully equal in quality, and conform in size and shapo, to the camples whioh are deposited in the s*iJ Navy Yards; ?h* 1 bo properly baked, thor nuxhW kiln dried, well packed, and delivered free of charge to the United States, in good, sound, weM-dried, bright flour barrels, with the heads well seoured, or-n air and water tight w it key or spirit harreis, at the option of the Bureau. No biscuit will be r'auirad a* tiosport in ti?ht barrels. The Flour shall be equal to the best Ktohmond and Baltimore bunds, and of the manufacture of

wh??? in ?k- - > OC.i < ?< - ' T uvwa fkivnu t u hiu j cai ICVTJ UI iOQI| UUk lllllil IU all "ases be mannAotured from pure, sound, fr??h grouua wheat of tie or>p immediately preceding the dates ol the requisition for the same; shall be p-rfectly sweet, snd in all respects of the best quality: and shall be delivered in go?>d shipping order, free ofall charge t> the United States, iu the be<st new, we 1 seasoned, sound, bright t arrrls, ur half barrels, as the case may be?the staves and readings to be of rel oik of the best qua ity; strong and well hooped, with lining hoop., around each equal in c,ualitv to sample barret at the sail N*vy \ ards, two half barrels to ^considered as a barrel, and not more than one sixth of the required quantity to b? in half barrels. The Kice shall be ol tho verv b?-st quality, and of the crop immediately preceding the dates ol the re | quisilior'sfor the sane. The Dried Apples ihall be of the best quality and (hail be prepare! by sun druini only.and o, the orop of the autumn immediately prec-ding the dates of the requisitions for ti.e same; and sha'l b? delivered in packages containing not m?re than thr<?e hundred pounni. The pickle* shall le put up in iron-bound cask*, the iron hoop* to be I inch wide and 1 16 inch thick, and each cask thai tontain one ration of oni?n*, on'iailon of peppers and eight gallon* of medium cucumbers. fifty to lh? ga Ion. and the vegetables in each shall weigh ifu seven pounds, and they only paid for; and ?ach cask shall then be filled w:th white wiue vinejsr o( at least 42 decree* of strength, and equal to French vinegar; the ca?k?. vegetable*, and vinegir s.,all conform and be equa! in all respects to tii? sample* deposited at the above named Navy Yards, and the contractor* hall warrant aid guartnty thatthey will keep good an<1 sound for at least tvo years. The Iron Hoops <>u >h? b&rreU containing Wr.isky. Molasses, Vinegar and Pickles to be well psiuiou *im rea leiia. The Sugar shall be according to the samples at the taid Navy Yard*, ai J he dry and fit lor packin?, niiit qual in quaa'y :o tre best Havana brown. The Tea shall he of good quality young hyson, pquvi to the fainp * at raid >a*y \ aras, and be drliverel n half and quarter chests only. The Coffee shall be tqual to the fiest Cuba, ao cording to sampie. The JieaiiH shall beef the very bestquality white beans, and shali be of th? crop immediately preceding the dates of the requisition for the same, 64 pounds to bs taken as ote bushel. The Alolas?e? shall bs fully equal to the very best 3u * 111y of Now Orletns Molasses, and shell be elivered in new. well seasoned red oak barrels, with white pine ht vis not less than IS inch thiok; th* staves not less tian 'i luch think; the barrels to bs three quarter* hoopsd, and, in addition, to nave four irou hoops, one on each bilge, i>* inch in width and one 1 Ittli inch thick, and one on each vu....?. its muu in wiuin iuu i idui inqn mici, ana hall l? thoroughlj coopered and placed in the beat shipping conditio* The Vinepar shaii be of the first quality. equal to the standard of the Uiiited State* Y ha rmaco preia, and shall contain no other than aoetic aci<1; and iltall be delivered in larrela miliar in sll respects to those required lor Molasses, with the exception th\t white oak staves Mid heads shall be substituted for red oak staves and white pine heads, and snail be thoroughly coopered and placed in the beat shipping order. Th* \vhi?Key ahall be made whnljjfrom grain, sound and merchantable, and befuli first proof ao oorumg to the United States cu*toru-house standard, and shall be double rectified. It ahail be delivered in good, new. aound. bright, three quarters --it - ? -ill- > ??> won OVBSVIIUU WIIUO uai Iftlicm. wivn whin oak heads to be maue of threeD!?'o? heading, aad well painted; tho staves not to be lc?? than < inch think, and the h*ad? no lest than ?4 inch;and each barrel shall be coopered in addition. with one threepenny jron hoop on each bilge l)?-inch in width, aud 1 16th inch thick, and one three-per.njr hoop on each chime, I,1, inch in width, and l-16th luoh thick, as par diagram. The whole to be put in good shipping older, f.eo cf all charge to the Lm'ed S ates. All the foregoing dosoribed aitic ea, cmbrsoing oarks, barrels, half Itarrel*, and b >zes, shall be Bunjeut t'i s u h inspection as thech'ef of the liur?au of l'rov sious and Clothing mi? dir-ct. the inspecting officer to bo appointed r?jr ti.e Navy mi'nt. All icsnectiocs to bs st th? b!?m iif i.e;ivery. liiscui? may. however, be inspected atthepl?ceof "a?ufacture, but w II in all cases lesubjeotto a inspect.on at ?h? piace of doliven before the bil e a*? Mgnel thsrsfor. The prices of all the f<-retomc artio es to be the same throughout the ?'ar, and bidders may cff^r for on* or more artioiea; and his olfer will be accepted for that jard for which hia proposal mar be lowest. All the casks, barrels, and half barrels, boxea, or packages, shall be marked with tteir C"nt-it( and the cootraotora>. All the barrerl and half barr> Is ot flour, brea J. and pitKles shall have, in addition to Uie above, the ye?r when mauuiactur"U or put up marked upon them. The tainp'es referred to in this advertisement are thos? selected for the ensuing fiscal jtar, and have no reference to suck as have bun previously ezktbitmJ Tho quantity of the*e articles which will be required o&iiDot be precisely stated. They will proD&bly be about? To bt offered for. Biscuit __ .1,8U) oou lbs per 1<X) lbs. Hour lf4t?bola. .perbbl. Rice - S50,<?0lb? per 100 lbs. Dmd App15uooulbs per lb. Pickles?? lso,oonlb?... par lb. Sugar 235,onolbs,...per 100lbs. Tea iS'flOiba. per lb. Coffee ? 85,000 lb*. ..per lb. Jieana 7,<00 hu?n per buah. Molasses.... 20,0jo gal*., per gal. Vi- egar22 ??gals. p#r gal. Whi'ky 60,Ofo gals . per gal. The quantities of any or a 1 may be increased or djmini?hed a* th?| se^Tice inay hereafter require. A i.u wn?. ?W?* Rill HIVIOI'MV uv IIIOII?) UVI |Ui B["C o be quantities, bat lor suoh q uantibes & the service may require to be delivered at those Navy Yards, respectively. Contractors not residing at the places where de liverie* are required must establish agenoies at such places, that no delay may arise in furnishing what may beriquired; and when a contractor fails promptly to ootnply with a requisition, the Chief of the Hure*u of provisions and Cloth ing sha I be authorised to direct purcf.ases to be made to supP'y the aefioienoy, under the penalty to be express ed in the contract; the reoord of a requisition, or a duplicate oopy thereof, at the Hurrauof Provisions and Clothing, or at either of the Navy Yards aforesaid, shall bis evidence that such requisition has been marie and received. Separate offers must be made for each article at each of the aforesaid Navr Vards: and in fti? I more than one article is contaiP?Hl in the off-r, the Chief ol the Bureau will have the right to aso?pt onr or more of the articles contained in suoh oflVr, and to reject the remainder; and Didders whose proposal* are acoepied (aiid none others) will be forthwith i.otifiod, and as early as praati ablea cr,tract will he transmitted to theiu for exeoutian. which contract must be retuined to the H'irrau within five days, exclusive of the hme required for Hi regular transmission of the mail. Two <>r more approved sureties in a sum equal to the es'imated amour, to: the respective contracts will b? required, and twenty per centum in addition will be withheld from the amount of all payments on account thereof as collateral security, in addition,to secura its pertormance, and rot in any event to be paid until it is in all respeota oompied with; eight) per centum of the amount of ail deliver lee made will be paid by the Navy A Kent within thirty da?s after bills, dul? authenticated, ?i*ll hwe been presented to him. Black forma ofpropoealsins? be on application to the Navy Agents at Portsmouth, N*w Hampshire; Boston, New York. HhiladeiDbia. Baltimore, Norfolk, and at this Bureau. . Arecjrd.or duplicatsr.f the letter inform! ok % ladder of the accpta-ioe of hi* propoaa , wi.l lie <i?emeu a notificati >u thereof, within the meaning 01 the act of 1846. and hia bid will h? ma<*? and aooepted in co&K-rirutjr ?ltn this understanding. Kverj offjr Knar be acooirpanied (aa directed in the act of Conrr. ea maklog appropriation* f?.r the service for l34>-'47,approv.'d 10th of AUjitl, Wilny a written guarantee, Mgned by oueorumre rMPOncible ycrgont, to tne rffeot mat ha or taey undertake tnat the bidder or bicders wil. if Ha or their b'd be accepted, enter into aa obligation witinn five dayt, with good and sufficient aurettea, .u018" *nppliee propped. The Bureau will net b? obligated to ooasidar any proposal unleaa i lumpwied by th? cu^rMin* rftquirai by Kw; iho f^mpetenoy of th6 cuAraiitrc to b? certified by Navy Ag?nt, District Attorney,or Collector of too Initogti. nt attention of bidders it called to the mmWii and dttcripttone of articles rtqmred, ? ?, ?'* the *nreception, a jutt but rigid companion vnll be made betirnn tk' art if let of'red mnd the innt pt'ytnd contract, receiving none that fall btlnvo them; and their attention u alto particularly directed to the %nXiZXi,V!-* " CLOTHING, Ac. N MERCHANT TAILOH1H&. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSI MKRS.AND VESTING*. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 394 P*nn?rl*;vma Avenue, hare jast received a large varittf of n??L * J GotH?. to wnich tit?y invite th? attention of their fnen>ia and euiuimeri. au SD-tf GENTLEMEN'S V* RE1DY-MADB CLOTHING. Oarjnwt aaaortment of GENTLEMEN'S RE\D> -MADE CLOTHING clftri to citiifni anil etranrera wiahine an immediate oat fit ?um> nor mdnoemeota, ?nibraoirc, at this time, all tyleaand ana.itiea of Drees ana Buainssa bar j . .Q in All varieties. Fine Shirti and Lniler-olothiuc of all kind?. Kid aitd other goim of beat *uaity. Scarf., Tiea, Cravata. Sto?lt?, Hosiery, Ao., Ac. All of whioh we are on?"nr at "nr natia! low prices. <i~S~ Clothing mad* to order in the moat superior "nww;, WALL, STEPH.KNS ft Co!. 0/0 ?*-" ia a Pa. am?a. ( W? TJ.E-PEOP.LE8, C l OTHING STO R E, nwn cmfifJfrZEP.1!!FPt *our CLOTHING, FLRNIbHING GOOliS, H ATW and OAPSt fe? 6w Wp , merchant tailoring. ? * B. invite onr customers, and oitisena generally t lo an inspection of our preaent new, at Mm elegant aaaortment of>U vuymo. UMUUL DOESKINS, IPk V fcSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. ff which we will make to order in tupenor*-mm tyle at very low pnoea. WALL, STEPHENS & CO., oo 26-tf 342 Pa. bt.. hetw. ?th and 10th sta. #Cure Couth, Cold, Hoarsentf, InJlutnxa. any Irritation or Sort *?' of the Throat, Relitre th4 liar km* Couth m Consumption. Bronchitis, Athma, # Catarrh, Clear and rtv strength to the roict of PUBLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. Few are aware of the important?" of oheokinc a Couch or "Common Cold'' in it* firat sta*e;triat ; whioh in the begininc wonld yield to a mild remed?, if neglected, Boon attack* the Lenta. "Brown't ; Bronchial Trochis," oontaitu nc demuloent in*redi enta, allay Pulmonary and Sionchial Irritation. RRnu/M'B V 1i,aJvlrou?l? ,n Throat, (for BROWN S 1 which the "Trochtt" area (pecifio) TBnrura havin* mad* me often a mere whi?TROCHES pcrer." N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S : 0 " 1 recommend their dm to Ppblic j spkakek8." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great aervioein eubduir.g Hoakvi BROWN'S ??fc" REV. DANIEL WISE. TROCHES ? "Aljnoit instant relief in the distressing !abor of breathing peculiar BROWN'S to Asthma." W 8 KEV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opinm or anythint i injurioui." DR. A. A HA V ES. BROWN'S C%emxSt,BoStin. TROCHES t.on for Coubhis tc/' BROWN'S DR< F' DlQELBMtm. TROCHFP " Ceacfici&I in BEONcmTi*." DR. J. F. W. LANE, BROWN'S1 _ ? I " I have proved them exoellect for TROCHES WHorriwa Cor?h." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S] Bositm. th nrne>i "Beneficial wben oom?ell?d tc ittutUM cpe&K, suffwin* from Cold." BROWN'S 4tV" ' P' ANBEs"S?'^. Trooh ks " ErrKciTAX in repotint Hoar*e D0M &cd Irritation of the Throat. ?o BIOWN'4 comroon with Spxaxkss and Sins TROCHFS Pro? *1. STACY JOHNSON, La Or?n?, Go, BROWN'S TMohor of Miuo. 8tium Female Colieg?. TROCHES " Great benefit when taken before and after preaching. a? the? prevent BROWN'S- Hoareeneaa. From their paatefleet, 1 think th?y will be of permanent adTROCHES raat&ge to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Atoena College, Tenn. TROCHES in-Sold by all Drr.rgi?U at T WENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX .?0 de 1 ly Dk. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PLRIFIKK. THE UKEATEST REMEDY ?* tkt WORLD, J, and the moat okliciocs and >P DELIGHTFUL j> Ef j CORDIAL /? MJpm* & /Jeter taken. V?j?u- ^ f*B\\j ?i t?M iui? iu cmf . Tn? ntir# HH z ramariial nnnrtfila of tach inf rtditct Before L,SS55Kf^er takiQ8* dta tilling, prodicia ' * daiieioaa, aihiuratinf apiru, *ad ?* Ml tafalllbla rtmt'y raaoTatiuf ka 4 taaiaad iti'.m, and raatarinf tha alct, aafanr.g, and dahllilaiad iatulld w haalth ind auanfth. McLEAlfS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afactaally ear* l.!?ar C"omjlaiot, Dyapapaia, J*aodica, (Jhranic ar Narvoat Dability, Diaauaa aflha Kidi.?r?, aad all diaaaaaa anting from a dtaordarad Lt?ar ar Itwatcb, Dyapapaia, Maartbam, Ir. w.-rd Pilaa, Acidity ar Bickaaaa at tha Stomach, Pallnaaa af D'.cod ;a tha Haa J, Dail Paul ar vimnuof in tha H??d, Palpitation af tha Nam, rallnata at Waifht la tha Btoiuaih, Boar Eracutiaoa, Cbokir-.g ar Bafocaung Paalinf ?baa larirr down, Drynoaa or YaMoWaaaa af tha Skin and Cjaa, Ifigst Bwaau, Inward Fa?ara, Palo lo tha Small af tha Back, Cfcaat, ar Sida, taddar riaahaa af Boat, Dapraaaion of Bpirita, Prif btfal Dra>na, Laafaar, Daaaaoda <cy ar any iiarvoaa diaaaaa, Baraa ai Bla;cbaa an tit Bkia, aad Paaar aad ipa (ar and rrrtv.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES kava kaaa aald daring iha laat an maotha, aad la aa leatanca haa itfallad la *i*ing antira aatiafactioa. Wha. thao. will aafar fratn Wiuiiih or Debility whaa McLZAXt rruiimiNiiia coiduu win c?r. TH i a lio|Uft eu aaaray as adiqvtu ida< af tha imrnadiUi and aJmMl miraealaaa ebanja pradacad by takinj thia Cardial to lha diaaaaad, dabuitaiad, and ahauarad ctnau lyalam, whathar brakan dawn by titaaa, viat by aatwa, f lay ail ad by aUkcau, tha ralaiad and anatruf arfxaU laiiao 1? rattarad ta iu fnaini health and 'ifti MARRIED PERSONS, at athira, aaeatiaaa af laabilit* fraro whaiavar aaaaa, will lad McbEANI IT&KHQTMKN1NC CORDIAL a tkatai|k ragaoantaraf tha (juam; and all wha u> hata la tarad UanaalTaa by irapraaar indaljaucaa will Bad la thia Cardial a tarUia aad ipaady rtmady. TO THE LADIES. MckliNl ITUKSTIIlima cordial li a aa?artiro aad apaady cara far Incipient Caoaarapuan, Wb'iin, Obairaatad at DiBemlt Manatraatian,! aeantinance af Urine at InraltBtary Diacbarfe tharaaf, Failing af lha Waob, iddlneee, Fainting, and all diaaaaea incident ta Faaalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT hill na lonftr. Tui it acearatof la Oiraetiaca. It vtU tlaiSitl, itnnfthu, end iariprtu tn ud caim lb? klaan ( kaallh l* n iiLt r?ti chttk afafa. Er?ry kattlt la vuruui ta tIt? atiafaeuac. FOR CHILDREN It Taai ?klMm ara aickiy, par r ar Ictad, HcLXAICI CORDIAL will maka tbaa haaJtbT, fat, and rabaau Da lay at a mamant; Uj it, and yaa will ka aanvtcaad. llji daUalaaa ta uka. 91 UTIOy. Iivifi af draf ftaU ar daalara vba but try ta pain apae fai Itoa klttar ar aaraaparilla traah, which tbay can t?? tbaap, ky aajung it ta jaat u gaod. Avaid sack man. Aak far McLEAJT* VrRKMUTHENIMQ COUtUL, and tak* nathlnf alaa. It ia Uia ably rau.ady that wtl) partly iLa ' ad tbaraafblT aod at tha una tiina attanfthao tilt ayatam. Ona taaapaai.fal takan ararr maruinf lufior ia a caruuc preventive In Cbelera, Chill* aad Peter, Telle v Pever, or en? prevalent iiMiu. Il le pot ap la large tottlee. Prict attfy fcl fir kettle, ar battle* far ft. J. H Mi LEAN, alt proprietor af this Cardial; alee, McLean' Veiceiuc OU Lin! me at. Principal Depat an the earner af Third and PUe etreeU, It'.Lamia, Me. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (T*K IUT LINIMENT IN TIE WORLfV) Tie cafe and certain care far Cancers, Pilea, TmBare, Bwelliufe and Brenchile ar Cettre, Para I rata, Nee felfia, Woakneeeef Ue Maedee, Chronic ar lali in ****! Rbeaiaeuem, nfoeee af the Jeinu,Contracted Marlu ar Ligament*, tar* eh a erToathache, Braieea, Brraiae, Preefe Cat*. Weande, Ulcere, Peeer Sore*. Caked Br.??u Sara Hippie*, Barn*, Scald*, Bere Threat, ar an* ...a miua at Cm, na diraranca hav aaaara or laur the duMM ? it?ud, MckKAHICKLESRATku LINIMENT U a eartain ramadv. Thaaaaoda af hamaa bau^a haaa baart aaaad a Ufa af dta trapitada tad miiary by Ua aaa a/thia iartlaahla ramady. MeLEArrS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliaaa pateiiImitatuniuaaaalr. aad it will elaaa, p?nfy acd kaal Ua faalaat una is aa u-radibU abort tiima FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS McLEAM'BClCI.EB&ATKD UMIMKMT ta Ua anl> aafa "f 7?? ' tha car. rf Windfalls, iltnu, uooatarni Laiapa, Ncdaa ar U nayar failad ta cart Bif Baad, f>aUaTil, Ptatata. (fld Banning Baraa, ar Bvaaay, it prapariy >ppUad ia 5oSJfc5irv&?i ?n^t* v*' <*?* ??<? f Mlk, Cku. Itrn. mi Warn*%Am it i. ..(.mu. Ani,it ^bKMSbnsk. -3ts?ata:i?a"?t ,UNP, .V I THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAI. Vku uwU-l Ptelli Mi Hm fur?i mi ?*uun? a grmtm rvntr ot tstarmbac fix umb ma to oud is my *fct m ??utam4 m frxi%7 bcmti, Tmi-OU, tiwrntJ|,fc < !! ba^i?ooyr,mr , ...? 01 m Flw oo?im ? n Tmomim |M Tvacty ftvaoofiM. , -It lavanabl? ontaina th? "WiiUhM Nmnt* ttar hM mad* Tkt Dmilt Iiwm Star ilmHH i ?o immU; throat host U? ooutfry. IZTSinu oopiM (la mffm) mi to |inn< ?t the ooneter. lnmdi*te.y altar Lb* imm? *f tto HHr. PriM-THREE CENTS. 1 \i rnipivrc ui/ivi.i r^o. DK JOtfrsTOn, ALTIMORK LOCK HOSPITAL, Hit d I MOVrrti tkt IMMI Corfm, Spttd y Mi KJftdual Ktmtdf M tk? World, FOR ALL DISEASED OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE BEL1CACY PRETEXT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR JSO CHARGEr IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WeakntM of th* Back. atncttrtt. Aftcuaaaaf tk? KU n*y? ?ni BUddcr, ii?olmirt DiKbu|??, InptUKt, (in r?l rwbiliij, Nra>Mt?Mt, t>7tp*p?j. bunat, CmMm o) ld<a?, Lorn Spirit*. Palpiutioa ot th< Hurt, Tiai4M/. Treinhlii ft. PiuintM ot 8 f.i or Giddiu***, XhtftM af Ok* Httd, Throat, Xom or Skin, IfKtMM a{ tkt Lmm. tua ach or B wfii-ihm Terrible Dtaordara ariom* fiam Mi tary Habit* of Youth?thaae Draadfol u4 De.rucu.* fnt ucoa mpoM.bK.u4 ?4Mr*T fca* Boij and Miad ror.TG mkh E.pecul./ who ba?e become the ncttim of Solitary Yiea, that dreadful and destructive habit which a.taaalie iwhm U? ac Be timely jr>?? thousand* of Yam g M?u ?f tl?? mom. Halted taleote and brtlhaat lutellect, wb? mifht athei ha?* entranced listening flrnatee with the w under* af eta jnenee or wakad to ecetacy the h??a? lyre, Mil With fall coutdeuce. w MARRIAGE. MaSRlBD PEfc?oni, or You| Mea *rrtinipUhi| Mar nare, be-,f .ware o( physical weakooae. orjaan /abK??. acforuiiues, Ac . spesdi!? cured H# m hi) n 1A f i> hima?lf lia A mm ika mm mm md rv. V ? -? oubIj coofije in bi? hooor u a gtotitmo u4 eaaftiZTor rtlj npoo bi? skill ? a phytic taa. OFFICE A#. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand aide rowig from Baltimore mm, * few doore fro* the comer fail not to obeerre name and uaabtr. Letter* moat te paid and contain a eiamp DK JOHNSTON, Member of the R^yal College of Sui/eon*. Loudon, fradt ate froo> one of the moat aannent Coileree ia the Fimed Btatea, and th* rre.ter pan of vhooe lita h.t 6ooe< apow fa the hoapitaia of London, Ban*, Philadelphia aad oWvl^k, hi* effected nai of th* so*t a*tooi*hrag care* that wore e?er kuoau; manj troubled with ritfue to th* hood tad ear* when aaleep, ffreat nervouoneae. >eir.r alarmed ot odden eooude. baahfuln*** with freqoent MeJnrir, attoodod utnetiaata mith derangement of u*d, war* Clued iaa*?diatelj. ia Aii rjnin i/tiK KUTICM. Young Men and ..there arho have in)orsd ihtimi'M by a Certain practice indulged in wh*o alone?a habit freonemly learned tram a?il coiupintoaa, or at eehaol. the iIku af wlucn are nightly (elt e?*u whan ulnp, nod if not cared, render* marriage impanaibla, and deatroya baU mind nod bode, *hoaid apply immediately. These are some of the sad and melancholy et ecu prod need ' * e*r'/ h*'lt* rovth, Tit : W*akn?sa af the Bach and Limbs, I'an.a in the Head, Dimnaae of Sight, Loo* of Mnooaiar Power, Pa'piuuoa of the Heart, Dyapapoy, Nars*? IrrhnhUity, Derangement *( the Difesux nscuoss, Oaaarnl Debinty, 8rmptoma of Cor^umption, Ac. MlSTitLT'The fearful effects on ths mind are aiaah to he dreaded?Loae of Memory, Caafaaion of ldaaa. Depraantoei of 8piriu, EmI Kerr bod irja. AttriM at Social), felf-Die trnat, Lore of Bolitude, Timidity, tic , ere torn* of U? e?iW produced Ximon Dmilitt ?Thooeaode ean oow )%df what M the ciwt of (btir declining health, loainf their wtgot, becw in ? ?e\k, pale, oerroue ?od eniuuct, Ih'w| mfaltr appearance about the e;n, con|t or ijunpwrn OF IMPRUDENCE. When the miefuided and iir prudent votary of pleutn lo4a be baa imbibed to* eeede of lb* palatal dieeaee, ? tuoofiea happeue that an ill-timed ecnee of aha in a or dread of dioo?*orr antra mm lrr>a applying to tbooe who, from educauae u< rfiprcinhilitT, c?b Klout befrieud kn Ht Mli mm the el ipormt uu1 deeif tiinf preiecdtra, tbd, inctptM* of ciinnr, filch til* pecui.itry aubounee. beep bin tnlltf mouth ifitr month, or u Igag aa the uullut ( < cu b? ottamed, and in deapur luu bun with ruined he.lth to air k o*er liitrilliiif riiaappotnuaeiii; or by th( Dai of that ( ?!> poioo*.?Mercury?huun tht couaotauoMl eyraptoaia of tfcta Urriblt dutui, lackm Aflectiooe of the Heart. Throat, llood, Mkin, Ac., prwreHiur ?tth frightful rapidity, till (aaik pat* a period to Lie dreadful aufleriuje by aiudi f bin m that aadiacoeared country tioan whoa* bourua ao traveler rotan*. DR. JOHNSON S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MT0TXNCY By thi* ~rtat and important remedy vitkntHrf tbi Nrut arc speedily cared and full ?igur re*lor?d Tbou??nda ef #> moat uervoua and debilitated, *k? bad ioat all bope, ba?? bate immediately relie?ed All impedimenta to Marruft, Hi^ical at Mental DmmIlAejiiooe, Um of Procr*au*e Power. Nirvaat IrnuMuy. Tremblinr and Wt>ka?H or EihmuM at iba moat faarnu kind epeedily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. The IV'.a* v Tholunci carad at thie loatitatioa arttbui the iaat aeeer.teen rear*, and the uaioeruaa important Serai cat operation* performed by Dr John*ioa. m iiuaaaed by Ota reporter* of tbe papefh and many otbar paraoM, notice* at arbich have appeared afug and a{tui before tba public, k* aidea In* etaiirtmf aa a gentleman of cbaractar and raapaonbility, la a euScient faarantae to tba afflicted. war lilt TOY PAR TRG HIPV iNn niPPvaiMo J LET ALL WHdIKf; JMttHS" AT FLY THE REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH, end, do you aafier.' Are top the Tiatlm Bfttf oee camerou aiimenU whioh anee troa laMrity of the bjood.' What are t&r, do yo? %mkt Rather a?k, what art they not? ft* b ooj wtta eouroe of life and hoa th. and it u the ftret aleaeoi of oar being to reepoud to anj oaaee wticb affeote In* eystem, a? the p^ee uia..;biy attoeu. The erer NraraJjia, the lrriia:iL< Krrt ye^LUi M'eaorefkla, theai?n!i:ct RheMiaturt . SerTO?? Debility, D/epepeuL, Lire: Comy.aiEt With Ita toreor and dnjeeuon, and the camber.eee lile tiia? fieeh U heir to,derive their hKiw n? ori*ic frorr the Lttoud. Deal h.ntky then ar.a gect y wiu the biooT. Lsi t?,e rit%:i*.Lt reeoaroee of natare for itaaiA. uu r ujic: ua hi ikiiuiu?ou ki ypir gWIQWIlM m that tm;y Yalaab:c n.M.oxrr.PLt known M INDIAN rBeETJLBLE DECOCTION. With regard to this tlnoit infallible M sails popular sentiment L&m spokrr. ,r. o^.iiec tenu fc::3 tUe CTiilenoee of this great ritcacj arc sustained hy constant avon.s of eiiratire e?p. u at/ til* .^ppiest rest its from its nee are after al. otasr remxlies and the bost mecioal skin ha to failed. L#ot us say, in cto ur t r., t6%i oertiLoatr* oures are not sought from the itiiterate and mmtfioiv. but i&ey are volunteered from the most rasjectable sources and justify the highest tenas la wnion it is yossiblc to commend so valuable a sseoiito to public approval. We may Md also t^at tneou:atiTv propyl Mr* of theme^:ctaoare equalled only by its rfstoratlre efl^oU. the system reocrorlnj fromdiscare with renewed ooortitutionai rigor. For sale by all respectable Drugciata is. this city, and by tee proprietor, MHB. M. COX, None tannine nnteea her name it blow* on Ik* bottle s-nd her seal or the oork 117* Price SI per bottle. 111 bottlea for |i Vloltf?u4 At mi. R. f*. T. CIS8EL, Dnuciat 0?or(Movc. D C.. H holm e Agent tor the Dlitriot, and will anpply the trad* at ay pnoaa. aa 18-tr rpHE ALL, SUFFICIENT THREE. TKIESKMAR. 1.3 an7 ?-Prot*eted by Royal Letter* Patent of Encland, aLd eccrec by th* Seals of the F.oole de 1'barmaoie ae Pane, and the Imperial Collete of Mediaioe. Vierna. No. 1 la in valuable for exhaoation and natorrhaa, and al< phyaioal disabilities. No. 2 ooiupietely eradicate* all traoea of tboe* diseases that have been hitherto treated bv the un ecus and prrr ici' Ui otr of ooHivt and onbebs. No. S hut entirely rnp planted the injurious of mercury, therebr lnsancc to the iiferar speedy re'ief, dinpni?\nK all unpariaes, and rooting ? the veoom of diseaee. TR1F>EMAR. Not. 1, Sand 3. are prepared la the form of a lozenge, devoid of taete and an,el'# and can he earned in the waistcoat picket, hold in tm oaoee, a"d divided into separate doses. at ad mimatered ' y Velpeau, Lai'emand, Fon, f( oo-d. 4c Price #3 taeh, or four oaees for ?. which saves AS; and m $27 oases, whersb* tuere is a saving of 99. To be had, wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW, of 194 Bieecker street. New York. Immediate!? on receivirg a remittanoe, Dr. Barrow win iui waiu (uo ? i mmi ii?i w? muj m miv w vi >u? securely packed, ?aS addressee aeoorthng to the instructions of the writer. The Book, of a'l others, that should he reed hy men with dams-fed and Irokec down ?o: lUtnuona is "Human Frailty, or Phrsiolor 10a, l< (snai Win It is beautifully illustrated, and treats ??n.uieij of all tne irmp <-.m? Uiat ir.vanah j ueveios ihem e'vee. sooner or later, resulting from the l>iiWii and vitiating habits of ewrl? jcuth, ltcapacitatuf the Tiotim from sharing the T uition of the Matrimonial state, and. if uot checked mi tine. decelerating all tr.e functions of manhood, and bripciac him, step by step, to s angering and uti;iTt? ? de*i.\. SSoldby l)r. MAK ROW7j?4 Bleeeker street, four door* beiow Maccural, New York. Pnoe B oeuts Seat free every where. gold aleo Dy it. C. Ford, Jr., Drug Store, Waahingt<n. P. C. de 8 *n D~1. J. BOVKK POD'S IMFMM.LA.L WJNM B ITT* KM, Are now bale* used from Maine to the Oreat Ml universalverdict of til who aae iqcis eiinpt u mmuwi or it i c/?iry?, ie iom tber are acainaMtf ia the world. Dr. I>o4a MM then) noc?'i y is kn ^rwbMtor M year* befora tmuhmm ef mm Ue Mle nin? to aaaafcetara kdr?HlU.t; far Mle to Ue mMLo, Vor Om emre ox i r,a t as- Cssjamal.oL, ki Li?? wit. Filie. Marraaa Dimmm, h emele c*m * aicta, aa4 all euei raetmn a toaia, thoj araW TOII! doi^iMatliiafittiarMMr. AaM?fr*? their media.of 1 ar??a,-liea Ue? are * faro. wtoWeome acc .mfi art^eo-m aT toe MMH exkllerm^ci affeeU of Fiiiij or Wtae withoat their inJa^o*a reeeJta. Let all frieada of nomaoity and at; wlTCMtw of topireraupe aMia DI in ?n l*t. tatrr II ? Tm>I?1?I Hltt"* for tki wwwel rtunu hue vnk vhic, the eoutry > ?ood?c. axd m fwo'ua.,7 nd I* hawhwt Diseeeesed WMklBctoa. DTc. iMH^pzrisp'L*, p.io4fT ySrfcl^U wSTiSd ire nrruM u ?i*t