Newspaper of Evening Star, March 23, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 23, 1861 Page 3
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"local news. (?7?Thi St a.* publithea the Liat of Letter* mussing In tbr Washington City Poet Office wider the provisions of the Uw directing them to be frioted in the newspaper having the largeat circulation within the delivery of the office. Its total aaiiv circulation is more than double that of any other Daily printed In the Dlatrlct of Columbia. Th* Liyik at the White House last night, though not such a dense jam aa that of two weeka ago, was yet very largely attended?the ladies, especially, turning out In full force on the occasion. Mr. Lincoln was aa cordial aa usual, and ?eemed In fine spirits. At an early hour in the evening Mra Lincoln, tastefully and richly arrayed in bine and white with a beautiful wreath upon her bead, paaaed through the East Room, upon Secretary Seward's arm. attracting no little attention Vpon resuming her station near the President the reception again began In earnest, and for two hours the tbrong jammed through the doors aa If thev were abont to nwwh?lm Mr Lincoln ?a catastrophe which certainly would have ensued, but for the courteous and indefatigable efforts of Deputy Marshal Phillip# Commissioner Blake.with his usual suavity, presented the comers to Mrs Lincoln As the crowd was flowing through, a gentleman remarked to the Present that be wns a Tennewean, from Mem rhis; which called forth some conversation, and Mr Lincoln concluded with, "Well. Tennessee"# *11 right." J f*. Nlcolay, the President's private secretary, stood by hi# side; and, also, Master Todd, his nephew,who seemed to enjoy the scene with infinite relish. Among the gne#ta of the evenlne we noticed Secretaries Seward, Cameron, and Welles; Senator# Foot. Wilann. Hatrli Hn?? n??IHIl" "'4 Sherman: and of the House of Representative*, Hona. Mr-Kean, Kellogg, Dunn, Marston, and ?tbers The Diplomatic Corps and Army were well represented. Of the Navy we observed Commodores Paulding, String bam, and McTennrv, Captains Meigs, Miller, Nicholson, and Manadier, Paymaster Etting, and I.leutenanta Morris, Nelson. Phelps, and others. Of oar citizens were Thomas IT. Walters, Esq , Prof. Henrv, R 8. Chilton, Rev. Dr. Samson, Dr. Collins, Ac., Ac. A large portion of the assemblage lingered In the East Room long after the President had withdrawn, while the Reception Koom continued to be besieged by Mrs. Lincoln's personal friends until a late hour. As usual upon such occasions, at the close of the Levee there might have been seen in the vestibule a few luckless wights minus their "headgear," whose forlorn countenances and anxious glances about the room excited the coaimlmeration as well as risibilities of the more fortunate. Just as the throng were vacating the mansion a messenger arrived in great baste with teleeraDhic dispatches for Secretary Seward, who Immediately opened them, while a crowd at once flocked around him, to learn if possible "what was up." But as the Secretary's countenance retained its imperturbable calmness. It was concluded that no very startling events had transpired, and the messages were tossed into the hands of a friend with the exclamation, "Nobody's dead " The heroic lit le Mrs. Gaines was present, and was one of the lions of the evening Alkxanpbia Affairs ?From this morning's Gai<stte we glean the following: We understand that Col. Stuart has received a letter from the Adjutant General of the State, Informini? him that th*? lawful nrcunUati/vn a/ - battalion presuppose* the actual existence of four Infantry or Rifle Companies, and that artillery being a separate and distinct arm of the service, cannot be considered in the formation of a battalion of Infantry?consequently tte ba'talion lately informally organized in this city is dissolved. Among tbe letters received at the Post Office In this city last nigbt, were several which bad been partially burned by the late lire on tbe Pennsylvania Railroad Large supplies of ammunition for tbe Southern Confederacy passed through this cltv ou Wednesday, and Thursday last, per Adams Express Com. pany. Owing to high winds from tbe North that have prevailed for the last two or three dnys, the tide yesterday wss remarkably low; so low that tbe steamer George Page was unable to make her regular trips until after 1 o'clock p m The Northern mail which she should have brought down at 7 o'clock, came down over the road. The Southern mall steamer Philadelphia wasdelayed, it ! supposed, at Aquia Creek, and did not arrive here uutil several hours after her time. A white man, genteely dressed, passing down Fairfax street, yesterday afternoon, about five o'clock, deliberately stole from the bench in front cf Mrs Jane Green's store, a piece of calico, which he put under his coat and walked off with, unconcernedly. The theft was seen by two little boys,who ran after the man, whom they overtook, and upon demanding the calico, wer? given it without hesitation The mau was not pursued. Police Matters?Befort Juttic* McKttnz ? Henry Nichols, Robert Burn, Sylvester Lee,Geo. liambrill, Dan Moriatv, and Owen Sullivan, all Cbarged with being drunk and disorderly In the streets, in violation of the police regulations of Capitol Hill, were examined by the justice, and adjudged to have behaved disreputably The sum of S3 > was assessed against each of them, and duly escheated to the corporation. Fred Rohdel&r, John McNamara, Frank. Vinsttn, all char^td with throwing stones in the pub lie s'reetj, Wf-re each fln^d #1 58. Dan Murphy, charged with an assault and battery on Catharine Scmlan, with intent to kill; committed to jiil for court. [This was the case noted in tbe Star few days ago, where the two policemen lost their prisoner while taking a drink; and. by the by. Mr. Murphy has not been re-taken yet j Owen Sullivan, deserter from the U. 9 frigate Pawnee, was arrested by policeman Donaldson, at a bouse of Uad repute, where be had concealed himself, and delivered on board ship. Snrah Hill and Kitty Nichols, accused of Intoxication in tbe publi" streets, were fined 9*2.58each. John Abbott, soldier In tbe company of U. S. inw|j? now quartered on capiioi Mill, was arretted for being drunk and disorderly, and threatening to do personal violence; also charged with profanity and obscenity, was fined S10 and costs. Rats upon a Markiid Woman by a Makinb. Yesterday afternoon there was an examination tx-fore J ustice Cull, of a case where a marine, named Charles Selvers, was charged by Mrs EUzibeth Howard withjrrossly assaulting her and violating her person. The woman testified that she is In a delicate situation, and within two months of her confinement; that Sel vers came into her room and made Infamous proposals to her. which she repelled. He insisted, and seized hold of her, wht-n she cried out 4imurder;" whereupon he seized her by the throat and choked her, and threw her violently on the floor, her head striking the furniture, which Inflicted a severecut upon it. He then committed the act charged. Mrs. How .ru ciiueoce wu corroooraiea ov ma! or Alaggie Conklin^, who testified that when she ran Into the room Mrs Howard wu lying on the floor, and tbt- prisoner, partially undressed, was in the position stated by Mrs Howard. A fellow marine, who arrived in time to sec what was going on, al?o testified in corroboration o* the above facts. The justice committed Selvers to jail for court Mr* Howard has a husband who ta employed In Philadelphia. The Good Sam aiitan s*ocr Horsx has been In operation nearly two months, during which time It has relieved, dally, 330 persons, or an aggregate of li.000?having distributed 20,0U0 gallons soup A hvi d w?t A ?a 1 j ou >w Vt > <??, uniunwuuu ?1U KCUnahand clothing to in&nv Buffering um. By economical management the expenses hare been only boot 200. We regret to learn that the committee having charge of this truly-benevolent enterprlz* are about tocloee their labora for the want of funda Thla should not be. Six dollar* per day is ail that is necessary to carry on the good work; therefore, let thoee who have hearts to feci for the Buffering contribute what they ran. though it be email. A vlelt to the soup bouse, any day, will remove all doubt at to ite nsefulneee. Contribution* may be left with Mr Noerr, corner Eleventh and E eta ; Mr Fuseell, corner Twelfth and F its ; or Rev. Mr. Butler, paator English Lutheran church, corner Eleventh and H sta. w.? .? t - - -- ? ? * * ? * ? ?w ? * Aiw?i nil l IA M ? Mr. Ob?d Baldwin, who reside* In Virginia, about tlx mile* from this city, came over with his family to the President's Levee, last evening, In a light wagon, drawn by two fine bay horses. He left his team on tbe avenue, near the White House, wblle ha paid his respects to Uncle Abe. and on his return to the outer air, horses and wagon bad mysteriously disappeared The police officers were put on the alert, and Baldwin bad to pass the night at a friend's house In this city Police officers Serrln and Edward, of the First Ward, found, this morning, an open carpet bag, riled of its contents, lying on a road near the northern boundary of the city, which la the only clue yet discovered. The thieves are certainly getting bolder, and are no longer aatlsfled with i?Aata an<4 aKitvli Mr (UMwIfi thioki th?v mlokt have been satisfied with one horse Tbi Stauwtoji Cos ram sue*.? Considerable anxiety appears to be felt among the Methodist Episcopal societies here for the result of the action of the Baltimore Conference at Staunton, Va which 1s still In s salon. We hrar It rumored that the committee of fifteen appointed to devise a plan of adjustment bad failed to agree, and kad reported back the laymen's recommendation for the action of Conference The laity In Washington regard this the most Important era In the history of the Baltimore Conference. None of the pastors of the District churches hare returned, and they are expected to remain and see ibcftaale of the matter Palsr Aum ? Last evening, a bout 7,% o'clock, false alarm of Are cauaed a turn out or the firemen. and a run of the central coonpanlea to tfae Writ Cud. s*?a, tn another column, tha notice of a panegyric upon St. Patrick, at 81 DmlnlcildmielJ A FlE?T lATX-JOSS-BftOWS-PlKt iRsruscT10H-PLOT"S*T**ATJOJI-8TOmT CKVKLLT t>g*T? A Sxctsstox Papkk Tibsiblt Sold.?The Alexandria (Va.) Stntitul, as our readers are aware, ia a rampant secession paper, and very much dls Civku ?aai iuc prupic 01 Virginia nave declined look at the matter through its spectacles. That something must be did right speedily to bring them to their milk was apparent, and yesterday the Stntintl folks evidently thought they had got hold of the identical thing to do the business.? nothing less than the discovery of a regular JohnBrown-lnsurrectlon-plot?pikes and all-in Fairfa* county. The Stntinel fairly blazed with the aiscovery, which was at once to revolutionize the public sentiment of Virginia, announcing It In a double-leader. with capitalized heading* and all the extras. Its astounding story ran thus: " Distontry of Secreted Arms?Tiro Hundred Tcmakawks t* the Woods.?We have In our possession several samples of a murderous Instrument, some of a large number, of which the following account Is given by the merchant In Washington city who has them for sale. He says they were brought to hiui by a man of the name of Bailey, who lives somewhere in Fairfax county, with instructions to sell them He savs Ballev informed bim that he found them secreted under a pile of leaves in the wood* or In mme out-bulldlng. There were about two hundred of them In all,? nearly a hundred and fifty were depoalted for aale as above stated. The weapon itaelf Is In form like a tomahawk, except that the part opposite the blade Is beaten into a strong spike or spear, slightly curved Inward. and terminating in a sharp point; the blado Is five lnchea long, and three inches wide at the edge The spike or spear part is four Inches long. A stout handle of ash wood, two feet long, la very strongly inserted and secured by jaws six and a half Inches long. The handle has a rim around the end to prevent its being drawn through the hands of the holder. The metal is considerably rusted by the exposure A ? * J mxiicmi iucn ore irnijui wrspuni lor n nanato-hsna encounter. Tbelr numbers and their secretion, and the weapon Itself, indicate an extentenslve acale of murderous purpose, and point to the agents expected to be employed. Whether there are other military depositories, we know not But circumstances have been mentioned to us which will justify distrust Mysterious and suspicious looking boxes have Deen r?*ceived here from the North, and taken into the Interior. Inquiry is already on the track of some of these. But the discovery of such deadly weapons under such circumstances and In such numbers as above stated, is of Itself sufficient to awake the utmost vigilance of our people. Who are these, that while good men sleep, are collect lng In our forest*, and by hundreds, the Instruments of wholesale murder? A soldier who served at Harper's Ferry and became familiar with th?* weapons captured at John Brown's mountain depot, says that the appearance and the finish of these battle-axes, and of the handles to them, are precisely similar to those of Brown's pikes. Like them, also, these do not contain the name of the atrocious manufacturer. W e have deemed it due to the public to make known these facts, as revealing the necessity for a greater vigilance than we have as yet displayed, aiid for an adequate military preparation When we obtain fuller information, we will recur to the subject." Now it Is cruel to nip the Sentinel's promising sensation achievement in the bud, but truth is Uii?u?r ouu iuuu pre urti, ana really the "fact* in the case" are too rich not to gain a bearing. It seems that some years ago the Government contracted with William Jenks, (since deceased) of Alexandria county, Vs., inventor of the-Jenk's car bine," for these instruments, which are nothing more or less than common navy boarding pikes " They were however rejected by Government, and thrown upon Jenks' hands, on account of defectiveness of material They hung on hand for a long time, and finally about a year ago, Mrs. Jenks. widow < f the contractor, hoping to realize something from the lot, sent part of them to this city by Harvie Bailey, son of Lewis Hailey, Esq., who negotiated a sale for them at t?n cents apiece, with Mr J. P. Barthfllow, the well known dealer in agricultural Implements, on Seventh street. Mr. B made occasional sales of them at 25 cents apiece, and sometime since bought another lot of one oundred of the pikes of Mr. Bailey, on which occasion Bailey said be bad a large lot left, which he would sell at the tame price, (10 cents ) A few of these pikes found their way to Alexandria. and by some means It was whispered about there that tbey were of the veritable John Brown order. Tbe demand for them riz lnstanter, and one enterprising fancy dealer In Alexandria secured all be could obtain, and sold tbein at remunerative prices, as weapons furnished the negroes for Insurrectionary purposes, and found accreted in large numbers at Bayley's Cross Roads, in Alexandria county. Quite a number w?>re purchased to be sent to the memb<ri of the Virginia Convention, a la Rufiin and the John Brown pikes, and tbe effect was expected to be decisive. The Alexandrians at last accounts were figuring out which was tbe greatest sale?that of tbe pikes or of tbe Sentinel Criminal Cocrt.?Yesterday, tbe jury in the ease of Columbus Ogle, tried for malicious mischief, returned a verdict of not guilty John Booth was tried and convicted of stealine wood from Charles Myers. He was sent to jail for six months and lined SI John Coliins and John Williams were tried on a charge of stealing a roit and a number of socks from VV. B Cheichester. Thev were convicted and sent to jail nine mouths and lined Si each. The trial of ttie soldier, James Foley, fur murdering Corporal Murphy, was set for next Tuesday. The grand jurors were discharged for the term. To-day.? On motion of Mr. Carlisle, II I,. Stevens. Esq . of Wisconsin, was admitted as a counselor of this court. Kicnara uoieman wai placed on trial for an alleged assault and battery upon AI. O. Heaven. Submitted hi* case. and wai sentenced to pay a flue of $20 and coata John Carter was triad for stealing a lot of jewelry from Henry Dubois, valued at ?100. The case waa pending when our report closed. Thkatkr?"Here's your goot health; your family'# goot health; and may you all live long and proaper." To-night, "Rip Vun Winkle," with Dutch songs and chorusea, Dutch waltzes, Butch schnapps, and souie other Dutch spirits, (including those of Hendrick Hudson and hia weird colleaguea of the Cntskill,) and numerous remarkable acenes and incidents, graphically set forth by Jos Jefferson and company. But this i? not all. The bill f?>r to-night includes eareine piay 01 " .Tiewmnn '"^oggs," adapted from Dickon#' great novel of "Nicholas Nickleby." The Newman iSogus of Mr. Jeffers>n is one of Lis most remarkable personations, and the play is one of the most effective upon the stag*. The apectacular drama of "The Pea of Ice" Is soon to oe brought out at this Theater in superb style. Glenn never lets the Interests of his establishment suffer through lack of attractive novelties. Music at tiik Sqcimis.?Yesterday afternoon, Anton Cavalho, a professional performer on the hand-organ, was arrested for obstructing the sidewalks in the Fourth Ward, and also for striking a boy who-was in the crowd he had collected to . nuiwn ?a. ifliril utlOTC J UI11C6 liOtin, who fined him ?3 91; but not having that amount in ready cash, he proposed to leave hia box of whistles ai collateral security. This was accepted by the officer Anton was very fearful that bis Instrument might be Injured by the boys. The officers declared tbev would aee that it was kept in order Last nignt, every fifteen minutes, some one had the crank in hand, grinding out " Pop Soee the WeMel," 44 Annie Laurie,'' 41 Fisher's lornplpe." or 14 Dixie Land," In order to test the good condition of the instrument. If Anton does not redeem very speedily, the youngsters abeut there will learn the whole gri?t of nis tunes by heart. ' Cintks Market ?This morning, there wu an average representation of country dealars, and a full attendance of the licensed olty dealers The supplies were not as ample In some respects a* they have been, and there Is a alight Inclination upward of prices Poultry was scarce, with an average demand Country pork?small supply; iiuit mica ai prr h*i id*. TUe tub benches were soon dt ve?t*-d of their loads of bunch fish, had. herring, perch, &c , the supply being unequal to the aemaud. The hay market presented lla usual appearance; an ample supply: moderate demand; sales at 50 to bO cents per 100 lbs. Karly vegetables begin to make their appearance. Gosb Back ?"Ranggy Jones," who escaped from the penitentiary with Squlrley Barret the day before, wss picked up on the street last night and taken to the guardhouse by two officers. This morning he was restored to his old quarters at the penitentiary "Ranggy" can't get away from tnis locality, somehow. When, on the former occasion, he attempted to elude his keepers, some local sttractlon caused his stay here until he was recaptured Barret made gocd his escape, and the report is that be has gone South to Join me conicaerave army. A Dupcted Poist.??ast night, Adam Vultee was arr?te?l upon a charge of threatening the life of Matilda Myers. Vultee clatma her as his wife, but she swears to the contrary. The case was laid befora Justice Donn, who old not pretend to pass upon the legality of the claim, but atmply decided that whether she la not the wife of the defendant he haa no right to take her life; and to axure her against any attempt to enforce hla threats, be was ordered to give bail for peacs, bat failing to do so, he was s?nt to jail. Ckntbal GVAkDHOPSi.?Before Justiet Clark Wm J. Tinkler, charged with throwing atones at tbe tremen as they passed along the street. Fined *5 'H Jam*s Fanlgan (marine) was following a serenading party and using profane langtii?e Fined 90 15. and in default committed lor oo day*, r.awara na?an,aruna ana aiaorderly; committed 80 daya In default. Wrangy Jon*a, neaped convict from the penitentiary, brought In. and recommitted to prison. U4 ?r CovantTke redden ohangee of far olimate in onroea of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Aukmatie Afettions. Experienoe haviag proved that simple remedies often act speedily and oertamly when taken in the early states of the di*ea??, reoouree should at onoe be had to * Brown's Bronchial Troches," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat b? ever co slight, as by this precaution a more serious attaolr may b<5 effeomally warded off. Public SrtoJttrt and Stnters will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voice, gee advertisement. tie 1-lv A^othf* Wtt^ks*. Important to Prostrated and Uebilitat-rt Invalids. TnouuauUs of invalid ladies,in various raits o! the United States, will oor firm tlie testimoui of Mrs. E Latham, or Pacifio street, Brooklyn, New York, who has reoenlly been entirely cured of a distressing Liver Complaint, of some years standing, by a short course of Ho ft titer's Stomach Bitter*. Capt. Latham, the husband of th" lady, joins with his wife in expressing unlimited confidence in the preparation, and bath are at all times ready to state the foot connected with>lrs. L.'s oase. which was a very obstinate and (Complicated oase of Liver Complaint, (m it was termed by her physician,)at gravated by dysp?ps:a and a general derangement of the internal organs. Theoure has been thorough aiiu uuiiip IIWI IB mrro HOT I1DU OI ll'imun oomplaint, nor any affection of the bowel*, which will not yield just as readily to this poUnt restorative. Sold by all druggist*. ma 18-eoSt HOMiePATHIC Rimibih All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'* specifio Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 50 oents each. Also, in oases, containing 20 vials, from 9* to $S each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Gilman. 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: \V. A. Fitzgeralti. 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, oorner of Massachusetts avenue and S.xth street. Also, Pond's Extract ctf Wittk Hazel, for internal and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma 9- iy Rkadkr. have you seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Rear it; it will interest you. au 30-eoly To thk Aftlict*d !?Be sure to read the advertisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another oolumn. tf MARRIED. On tlialth instant, at Trinity Church, Cleveland, Ohio, t>* the Rev. T. A. Starkey, W. H. Wl 1)1)1COMHE, of Cleveland, and LOTTIE E., daughter of W. K. Adams, of the same place. * DIED, On the mornint of ths 23d instant, JAMES LAURIE HUTCHINSON, in the 26th year of hi. a--e. Hi* fnneral will take place on Monday, the 25th instant, at 2 o'olock p. in., from the residence of hia brother, oornerof Eigth and H sts. 'J ha friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. * THE PANIC* NEW GOODS! SPRING GOODS! SUMMER GOODS! DRY GOODS! \V. W. 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Elaborate Descriptions of the Various Public Buildings: Reliable Information ix respect to all the Departments of the Government; Mode of Tr%n?aotinK Business with the Public Offices ; the Etiquette of Official intercourse: Description of the P:aces of Interest in the Vicinity, Jcc , ic. Illustrated with a Map a:id Numerous Engravings. EUnnmly Bound i* (Vimso* Cloth. PRICE ONE DOLLAR. Free by mail on receipt of the publish"*! prioe. PHILP fc SOLOMONS' ?iskiui>?iiuKi mnnKuirs, mar 7 eolm 332 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th ata. PEACH TREES.?30,0<0 PEACH TREES for aa'e thla spring at the GRKEiNWOOUa NURSERIES; 9w th>uaand BS D. O. MUNSON, -Jma 18 Step* Falla Church. Fairfax co., Va. NI> ?The underaigned baga to inform the D. puhlio that tie naa on hand a !arre atock of MONUMENTS. TOMBS. HEA OS I ONES, Ac., at Baltimore and Philadelphia priosa. Alao.a new style of Drawings can be aeeaat the yard, and a new style of Marble Mantela. Table Top*, Ao., kept on hand. 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Being a praotioai send grower,all are guarantied as to accuracy?warranted Prioea aa low aa reliable aeeda can be sold at. ma 18-6teo* WNEW SPRING GOODS E Have Juat opened our firat invoice of Spring Goods, to whioh we invite the espeoial attention of our friends and ouatomera E OWEN ft SON, Military, Naval and Citizens' Merchant Tailors, ma l*-eo3w a 1 a Pa. avenue. ^ A L E OF LA N^il THE ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION. The subscriber will offer at private aale a FARM containing ISO aorea, at Annapphs Junotion.^a, The eoil is unaurpaaaed, and the improvementalKgl oonatatol a new modern at > le Cottage, oon'ai::-*" log 0 rooma, good pump at the door, aod a thriving ^oang orohard. The situation of this iarm renders it very desirable to any person dome buiine** in Baltimore or employed in office at Washington. Seaaon tickets can by procured so m to enable trie holders to ride to either city for six cents per trie with a telegraph and poet office and a first class station within two minntes' walk of the dwelling, > in a healthy and improving neighborhood. The I quantity of land wi'i be increased or diminished at the option of the purohaser. Also, A FARM containing 200 acres, with all the improvements oomplete, adjoining the above. The above property will be disposed of at a barg?*a, as the owner is abont to visit Europe Terns: Onesnarter pash; balsnoe in l, 8 and 3 years. For farther pat Uoniars apply to 1 19 Si. Faal ^J&t&orV - 0 LIST OF LKTTtM REMAINING IN THE POST OPPICE. Washington Citt, March 23, iki. I()rdar*d to be inserted lb the Etuium St&i, it beinc tk* hvipiim bavin* the larcMt oircmi&tiop of any daily payer published in Washington.] IDTpersons applying for letters ra the following list, will please say they are idtxitiiu. LADIES' LIST. Aleiandtr, Punnn Greta, Mt?? Htlto Mattingl*, Mr? A 1 A very, Miet Id* Oooeh, Mn D C Marrik" Mia* Marr Aililun, Sumo D (jnmii.Min Luiic Mor&a, Virriai? And*r*ou. Elii* G randan, MriA D MeKniftt, Mre Abu Attndg*. Mn Jan* Graham, Miaa L B McVay, A],** Leu ? ^ - ii?in riowi**, mm N*i*on, Mr* Ado Bjrir*. M*rj?rt J Hill, Mr* B R 0'8a:ii?*n, Mut BjriiM. Loum r H?rtl*j, Mi** E Olnrj, Catharine Bny*d,Mr* M*ry C H*rl*y, Mi** Jnli? 0\N*?l, R?b*er* Brown,MmMartha F*ll*n. Mm H C Powtll, Bath* A Brojd?n, C*th*r'* Holland, Mih A C P*rr?, Mm la* Bttcncr, Mr* 8 S B Hiinruer. Bniiia, Mr* Aon Binnty, Mr* A mo* H*rri*,Mr* DrCha* 8h?*t?, Mr* M Cook, Mi** M*ry Hnttm.Mr* Molli* Stoat, Mr* W 0 CleraCBUi 8ophi* Jon**, Mr* E A Smith, Mr* Jo* 8 Coll?*u, c*rolin* Jon**, Mm Bell* 8t**r*rt, Molli* Cro*by. Mr* T A Jon**, Ellen A 8cn??o*r, Mr* E A Calhoun, Mr* Jno Joat*,Mm Mary A 8p*nc*r, Mr* J*n*

Col*A*tchcr,MmM Jnhimou, Mr* 8 Spoford, Mr* 8 P Cooptr, Mi** H Kcll*r,Mi** Htnni* Sorr *nt, Mr* L L Potktti, Mr* Btuy K*ll*r, H**t*r A Thorn**, L*onor* ?"?n?ay, uatnar I aylor, Mrs Rote Enter, Mi** 8 W Leonard, Mlaa C V Tborapaon, Coru*ha Ldmond*, Mr* 8 A Leconnt, Mki M Taylor, Mrt L M Fr(w,tlinbeth Moor*, Mih M C Thayer Mm E Fieher, Joae phin* M?r*hall,Mi?*KaU Wiae, Mr* M Fltmiur. Mi** E Matotwa, Tereaa Wamalar, Mra M Grot**. Laura M Medbury, Fanny? 3Wilaon, Mra Col Graot.Miee Hannah Moreland.Mie* Kate Yaa.r, Matilda Orav, Mi6C?LLANE0CS?Miaa Janata R. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Addiaon, Wm A Grime*, W C McNealr J H A?erall, Ll W Yf 2 Gilpin, W McCook, V>?7 Arttfidfe. Wm Gordon, W 8 MeKelei, 8 ^ i*0"' ! o , Gaaaeu, W E McNamora, D 8 Andrew*, r F-3 Gautt.T P McPher*oo, E D Adama, Tho* W Gallandct, F H McCowin, J P Allan, Thoa Galloway, Saul McClelland, Jae?3 Aaccua. a a. Gle&aou. R MrCami. a Andre w?, 8 Q Gray# Neety-5 McSparron, J ? Alkies, RH Grow.M McKmrfit, R *.77' . d Gnnii?ll,MH McClutk*, Wro A lcUn, Jti R Ooroej, Ri* M Mclntirt, W A Altxxnder, J t (ioodndje, Lera McNuh. W D Aiidirwt.Gco L GambreU, L McKmoiv, W N Atmoir.Chu L-l Giddtura. J R?7 McClunay, W J Anderaon, Alex?3 Garland, M Mtlndot. W D Blanchard, W W Goodaow, Ira Noblea. Wm Brown, Wm Garrett, J L Noblea, Col W H ? Boyd, Wm Gleaate, Joa Neriaoo, W H Bennett, W C Gerry, J O A?3 Nolan, Richd Bishop, Dr W S Guthrew.Jaa Nirer, R J Beniuu, W B Grmahouti,J Neal,JT Blanchard, Wm L Grohonn, Jaa Norton. J O Beckeit, Wm Garetjell, J.ia Nelaou.Jae Blaktny, Dr Thoa J (ireiritr, Jno Newly, J W P Black, Hon Saml Glover, J O Newman, H Broad be nt, Stephen Gilbert, Jno Neur, G H Batea, Richd Gregory, J 8 New ton, Gen Banka, R G Griaaey, Jno Northrop, G A Bliaa, P Greene, Jaa Nortan, t 3 Banka, N P Goodman, H H Naal, C M ? ^ ? u uim,uto TI I) Bound/, M L Greeame, Geo H Nye, C M Bailey, Mr Galligan, E Newlaud, A T Brady, LB Geodnch, E 8 O'Brioc, W Bramrd, Laureate Graey, E O'Neal, Juo A. ? . Graree, E P Orraand, H 8t A Bobbe, J 9?3 Gappy, GC Orare.A Beall,JAlex Gainbert, C H Picking, W F Brown, J R Graty, Carer Pattou, Willia Blake, J H D Geaaaeppe, 8 Pbillipe, W P?3 Barrett. Joe H?3 Gardner, A?3 Potter, l' Biaaell.J W Green, Arch Poinroy. Theo?3 Blaiichttold, Jaa Hay, Jno M Power, Thoe Barchna, Juo H Hill, Jaa H Pierce, Thoa A Baker, Jaa H Hay, Joo Purcphry. T .A Builer, Jno M Hooe.JaeR Peaee, Saiol?3 Brown, Jo* Hall, Jaa Phelpe,8auil Burnetf, Ju* Hunt, Jaa Pickett, T J Butler, Jno M Hill, Wm M? 3 Piatt, S unl B Barrett, J H Heuke, M Pennington, R (i Bennett, Juo Hepburne, W P?3 Page, Peter Barber, J C Henry, M R PiUman, L Br**hear*, J C Huffman, W B Peaaly, L F Berganett, H Horden, M Purr, L C Bona, H Harrow, W Pearu, J J Bond, H G Hall, M A Puruphrey, J M-10 Brewattr, HP Haacall, V Pierce, J oaguy, no Moogtiey,? v P.ttaraon, Jno Boyer, H Hardeman, TF-2 Phennay, Ja?-2 Brady, E J Hotchkiat, 3 C?3 Palmer, Jqo B*rbe>, H Hoyet, 8 Patterson, J B'gger, H Hollin, 8 Parrie, Jno BljJjttt, H N Holderman, R J Pu.eaton, Dr J H 9 Br.idway.Geo D?2 Hart, R T Pedun.Jaa Benedict, G G Harper,OF Pollock, Jaa Barnard,G M Hopkina, N J Patterson, Jno Beebe.GeoM Herrn>\n,M " Piunkett, JH Ball,Gl Hunt, L Phillipa, Gto L Backus, * J Hubbard, L F? 2 Pierce, Gao W?2 Bacou, Francis? 2 Hitchock, L B Paiuraou, Geo W Booth, Edwm Holms, L Piane, D D Blake, ??2 Hay, Jno M Perkins, C A Barron, E W Hiukell, J B Pauliaon, CMR Berry, E F, J W Prei.tia, Cap B Burnaide,DA?2 Hoffman, J Pennington, A S Bailey, D R Huward, Jno C?2 Runnel?, W D Bradley, C S-J Heleman, J C?4 Rice, T J Barton, C G Higbee, Jno Reuick,SG Baatre.CJ Hojan, J Rowel!, R J Bye, BT Horseman, J E Richards, N Benaon, A Q Howe, J B Rankin, A A Bodme, A Hickman, J R Rohey, M B-tlcorobe, A D Halderman, J S?2 Korrecht, M Bins, A M Hoiliday, J P Roane, J P Bubcock, A Harria, H Rovke.Ja. O A H II.. I 1"" r> J I . u.uiojm, n v nu jum.ucu rvouge r?, j u Browne, A G?2 Hollmer, G H Rutherford, J P fiigier, Hon Jno Hanur, ti Rran, Jerry Cowan, Loui? C Haixard, O W?J Rore, I?r H Cbitttadou. L t Hodges, Geo Roberta, H Chamberlain, L W Hugely, G F Kajiooad, II J Clarke, JnoH?2 Hluupnreve, F C Richmond, H M Crath, J M?2 Harria, E Rejuolde, G Carvia, J W Hanno, ? B?!l Rice, Geo M Caaiiy, J&a E Howell, E C Richardson. G E Charles, Juo P Hayuea, D Robeiteun, F J Curreia. Joe C Hendly, Chae Rita, E Coward, Jno* Hjllidiy.CR Rose, ? Cneaver, Joa C Hall, C B1 Rodgere, E Cal?ert, Jo* L Hem, B H Rie, D U Centre, Jo# Hsncock, O M Robinson, Chaa?2 Clark,HH Hanaou, A .Rodjers, CI Cloeaon, H W Johoeou, W S Reed, B N Churchill, H Johnaoo, W B M Cook,, HA Jackson. W Riordoei.RB Cuehi:if,T H Jeriuain.TD Randall, Alex CUrke.Gen Inerjm.T R P wu Croflutt, W A Johnson, P SeWer, W Curtis, W H?J Johnson, O K Season, W U Cook, W A Jsbtll, N O Surr, W E Craven, W C Jones, Mason Sh.tda, M Cnllom, W Jadd, J W Suder, P Cochran, RC Jones, J R? 2 Seeders, TT?3 Carryl, W II Jones, Jno Hliellabirrir, 8 Curran. W C luialls, J W Stuinp, W H?i Cheeke, W F Johusou, Jno P Simpaou, 8 N?i Clarke, W I Johnson,Juo 8 Beaton, 8 P Clark, W M Jackaoii, J?s 8?3 Scott, 8 B Cronon. Tho. T Jenifer. J A Spauidmf, R P?4 Clear, Thoe Johnson, J R 8-iundere, W 8 Clarke, Thoi Jarvie, W t Seity, R Clark, 8 Morton Johusou, G R Steward, R Cooley, 8 L Jackson, t W Stevens, R 8 Coot, 8 W Judson,C K Setmcui, M M Colrrovt, S Jolinaou, CP Beball A McCamlr Cochran, R D Jolinaou, C P Smith, L P N Csriiotiau, R B Jackaon, A Smith, J V?i Crowineline, R Junes, A H Smith. Jno 8 Cameron, R A Kid* ell, G Smith, J li?8 Clarke, P M Kellej, W D Stone, Dr J W Chance, P Kiuj, W Smith, Ja?, PM Keller. T A Sueed, JoaT Cronan. P Kerl.S?2 Smith, J S Corben,M Kenned;, M Stebbma, JR Curran, M C Kiur, Jas Steall.Jav Caaaeii.WH Knabb, Jacob Shorter, Jaa Cowinr, Uco Keene.JR Sherman, J B ClajIuue,G U Kepler, Juo Ktawart, I 8 Curiam)*, F W Keiley, J Stewart, J E Collen, r H?a Heater, J Starkweather, J H Cowan, K.I gar Kuuwliou.GH Sheahau, Juo Curriden, E W?3 Kelbourue, H Sheldrou, H A CoUtock, ? Klauk. G H Btivem, US Coates, D Kiugmau, k" Sheldon, Henry?3 Chnie.D K Kimball, f" Sherwood, H Cullom, CJ Kuhn.Cu.n Schouler, Gen Carvai, G Ku0..?, C T Steel, G R Clark,C Korliuon, A Smith, Geo Coger,C Kerth.NS Schryver, Geo W Cook, B C?2 Kane, A L> Smith, Price Campbell, A W Kirk,S Sultiv&Q, Geo Clapp, A M Kendall, A it Schilling. t' Clark, A W L>eibv W J Summty, K Chapman, A L;oul, n H Shluk, P J?2 Coburn, Abner Lee. W Spilduif, P Colley, A Lippencott, W V Himpiou, I' A B Caldwell, A Litium, Wm Shehey, P Dicken, H L&uper, 8am! Satter*, E R (i?t Dewey,H Lane,S?mlN Sullivan, E L Delafieid. P Ladeu, U Stanton, C F Hick, P A Lawrence, W D Kaley, Edward Dundy, E S Lewis, Milo Suuibere, C J Dwijin, E C Lyon, L A Scott, D W? 3 Dyaon, I) S Lane, L C 8mitb, D D'uffey, D Leech, i $ beibold, C Dyera, C M Lane, J L SpoiTord.C Dixon, CP Lintou, Juo L Sheldon, H Dow, B P Laxear, Jeaaie?3 Sinitli, C W Denung, Andrew Lewie, J S P Storra, J C Dunlop, Audrew Linderinatiii, H Shillmrton, C DcHiu.Dr W Lane, G W?2 Shenill, C H Diion.VYm Laurence, G W 8chriber,C DeBeck, W L Lester, Geo S Smith, C P?3 Davie, ThoiR Ltyeore,Gen Speigel, B S Draper, S Lee, P Spooner, B1 Dorahenemer, P Lockwood, E Smith, A J Dayle. Peter Little, E T Spcfford, A R Drutur.d V.?1 l.n.rnln H T? r*.n. Da&n. M W? t fcll, C ii Turner, Wm Decker,N Ltwaou.C Thouai, W ??2 Doll, Jno H Liudou,C B Thompson, W P?ft Dewey, J S Leruondey, A T Tbelkerd, Wm Dudley, J G Liwrence.AS Talcotl, W Dunsconn, Juo M LtJienberr, A A T louiasson, W P Duncan, Jno Muller, W U *1iMMNH, Wm Duainrton, J T MmiIj, W A Thorn, W Daiendort, Dr J Murrey, W E Turner, T J Del*field, J Moebler, W F Thouipaoii, 8 Jesses Mitchell, W II Trowbridge, R E Dennis, jr, J Marshall, W B Turner, kg Dove,H T Murdock, W K Thorp, R Egleaion, Thos Miller, TC Tyler, Oscar Early, Robl Murray, Thos Thomas, R J Edwards, Mr M(row,Tim Thomas, L Edwards, JasM Marshall,!'A?2 Thurber, J D Ekiu, Jas A Mackey.TJ Tyuer, Jas Eaton, H Mix, T H ^ Thomas, ) H Edwards,U W Mathews, RC Towrisend Israel u i oiurr iy, K.001 Taylor, I L Edrar, GeoP Myers, K D Thomm, J H KcEirdt, K W Moore, R M Tooipkiui, Jadri E?an?, D C Mortou, O P?9 Turner, J A Eichler, D r More*, O A?* Taylor, J.e W Edwarde, Dr C R Moyer, Lewi* Tyler, Hugh Eaiuiertou, Ch*? 3 Miner, L L Tiller, Horry Erpleeton, B?3 My ere, L TUorp, H P E?too, A K Mortimer, TH Thora**, Ueo Edaoa, A Myere, Jno Topping, Oto H Peudriek, X M?thew?, Joe Tate, E P Pry, W H Moeely. J W-4 Turner, E W fowler, W Muuer.JJ Tildon, D R Kratter, W E Miller, Jno Turner, A B Pletcher, W A Meudenball, J E Toe, Alexander Pulloek, Thoe L Marten, Jaa Taylor, A Pineran, T li Mahir, jno Tonne, A C?1 Parnham, 8 W?3 Monroe, J H Thompson, A Parnaworth, S D?8 Myera, J C I phan>, W K Fnrrm M D a ? ?*. _ . n -?? i-i-jnuii, sb Liutr,jior t amell, N A Meriuer,J H?i Urtf*?GtQ Field,, M D Morriaon, J T Viuit.W R Fall. J W Monro, H H?S Van Secklen, Thoe J ooter, Jae N Morion, Cot Ttltnuoi, i A Fremont, J C Mud, F W, Geo Fletcher, Jo* Myer, F J Vaurhn, F Farley, Joo Morton, E Vorheew, D W H*B*jr*u, Jdo Mono, D W Webb, W G-t Fufa.HtnrT Mmnell, D?? Whiu, WJH Fearron, H Mennort, D Wallace, W H L Feb#-tr, Geo L?6 May, D Wail, Win t aimer, Geo W Marehall, D D T?? Wiewall, W T o?, Geo N March, 0 W.ehborae, W D S Farinin jtoo, Geo N Mears, C?I Whue, WJH ? ranklmud, F Martin, C G? Wau*h, W T Freeman, F 8 Miller,C L Walker, W J Flake, ? W?i Moore. A C Waoah, Wn Ferry, SP Mitchell, A 8 Williaac.TE ?nu,ka,C?? Murray, AG White, RL-i Filham, B W Miller, A P Willcu, H W ? Jeter, B S Myere, A O Warreuer, R O PiAtirai.i A m. r\ :a i m > I, ^ i n "; . . w?uiiu, ' ?* W n?c,?r, n A KixTd, A J?J McNal, A Wilaoa, N ruck, AM Mcluuwb, A Wb?rioo A C f rtcmu, A H Mctfvna, W j C Wnfkt, Wrm?ji, Lt Willi***, M Wttrwt, C B Wiitn,L WiIUm,) W WilutiC Willtos, Jo*?t Woodward, J M Wn4,C H Wilkiat, J D WiiUtt, 1 K W ood??rU.,C C Wbiwftri. ) W WMdmrtk, J P W*lbn4*t. C Wilton, Ju Wilton. Htll WhtttktTl. A L Wilton J J Whitt. Haiit?t Wiuntr, A Wtrobttki, J Watiutftoa, HtaryWtlktr, A?t Wtlltct, Jno Wmehrtttr, Htarr Wtit. A L Wtdtwtrih, J S?t Wbiu, H Whttltr, A J Willitmt, 1 H Wiotlow, H Ttntty^W L _ . ^ ww? nifrcnrr, U U Tftlff, Wll?l L Williams, J P Woodruff, F W Yoonf, Jos Wil ums, A Worcester, D i Xsoct, Andriw Wi'lums. s K Woods.D Zeii.DE Williams. G H 8 MISCELLANEOUS ?T B W.; Post master Mt. Vsrooo; El o< the Csuts of Goo. P Todies; P M Good Hope. (I7LiTTna HViT ill ui cun ? PmsrAie. Mar 23 WM. JONES. P. M. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS rY*P?8EORGETOWN TAXES. l*61.-Eirht l j percent discount u allowed on the above tax if paid prior to 1st of April next. Settlement for taxee of I860 remaining unpaid at that date wilt be enforoed acoodun to nw. ma 19 2w CHAS. P. WELCH. Collector. 1? NOTICE. * t,"atohee Carefully Repaired, by a practical workman, tin the most reaaoaable term* Persons from tbe oountry can have thoir Watches and Jewelr* Kyai-ed at the ihortMt uoUce, at the Old Stand, 59 Bridge ?L,Georgetown. ? MARV WATSON. A . . BOOT8 AND SHOES. inH knitZ* ?nd v?f'~ assortment of BOOTS and SHOES of excellent quality jut re - ? ceived at 144 Bridge street, near the oir.SMl nibus aland, and for s%le 25 10 per cent fll uu?npr-r man me nsua. price*. * _ maa-lm A. NEWBERGF.W. F?n\*-1?. IVT T11 ?l '*r';e and comfortable D^\ KLI.IMG oo th( eornw of High ?ud Proa peot ttrNti, with atore, Ao., la for rent. toWAl'TKR r^ir?v0n th? !,tr2f A.?ri). Apply r? V* ALTER GODh^ , ooroeroferwD ud Dunh&rtoaiita mar l2 2weo [),? .. a?OBBI>b. PRIME CIDER in lota toauit purohaaera. . __ ? . _ ARNY A SHINN'S i ie ~*i Union Bottling Depot. Georgetown. P* JUST ARRIVED, .. | ER Propeller S. Seymour, from Philadelphia, 75 barrels and IK) half barrels of Maseey, Collins A Co.' Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For sale by fe 22 ARNY A SH1NN. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS I l.V bbls. Old Rye WHISKY, 350 t>Hs. HERRING and ALE WIVES. 50 hhls. Crushed und Refined SUGARS, so hags Rio and Jara COFFEE, 10 hhdn.(low pnoed) MOLASSES. Forsaleby JOHN J. BOGTe. se 10 r? n i r n . run AAJJ K&JNT. FOR RENT?On May 1st, the large and commodiou? HOUSE on Louisiana avenue, opposite the City Hall Square, now oeonpied by Mr. Webb a? a dwel.inp and law office, and adjoining the house of Mr. Richard Wallach ma33-tf FRANCK TAVI.OR. Handsomely furnished rooms.Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with gas and water, and oonvenient to the pater,t and Post Offiie Departments, (or rent. Apply at 490H Massachusetts avenue, north side, between 4th and 5th ?ta. ma23 |7?OR RENT-A medium-sized BRICiThOUSE. r with hrick stable attached, on Capitol Hill, oorner of First and C sts. north, abovetne railroad depot. Also, a Frame House on Maryland avenue, between 6th and 7th sts.t 1? land. For particulars inquire of G. \V. BRA^ , 516 Sevetth *t., opposite Intelligencer office. ma 23 eo3t* Furnished rooms for rent, at No. 500 Tenth street, between C st. and theCana . Terms moderate, and every accommodation render?^ ma 22-1 w For RENT or SALE?a small FARM of 10 acres on the ol<l B adensburg r^ad absut four mllfta frnm W??hin#tnn nH >*....? > ? ? iL from the tirat way elation on Baltimore ai.d Washington Railroad. It ba< on it a cottage, food cellar, stable, cow house and other out-buildings; a large cistern with filters an'l pump; peach orchard, Ao ; is beautifully shaded with trees. For particn ]*. >, nnm? l<. lllUV M?P.DlVV o ? ?r r - J ~ iuwu ? D Firroi north. ma 22 31* l^OH RKNT-A HOUSE with ten room*, exi elusive <>f kitchen, servant'* room and close's; supplied with fas and Potomac water; oomfortib y (lrnished and in a delightful locality For terms, Ac., apply at the premises, 350 K *t , between 12th and I3tn t>U- ma 21-lw* fjM>R KFNT?ARLINGTON MILL, on Four Mile Run, at the intersection of Co'umbia and t?e Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampvnire Nailrovl. three miles from Washington and six milos from Alexandria. Possession given 1st of April. Apply to R. E. LEE, Washington City Post Office. ma 21-lw* r "*> KtWI? A UOTTAGE HOLSt, containing 9 room*, with stabling, flto , together with nearly three-quarters of an acre of ground attached. To a tooa tenant the rent will be very moderate, or will be sold on very reasonab e terms. Situated on M street, between 6th and """"" S'.ii'efL^OR RKNT?The three story brick DWELL T ING-HOL8E, with basement, on E street, between 2d and 3d sts. Has ail the modern improvements. water, gas, bath-room. ft*. Apply to WM. EGAN, next door, or to HENRY KGAN.343 Pa. avenue, south side, between 6th and 7th sts. ma 16-tf T^HK COTTAGE FOR RENT ON CAPITOL Hill, situated on S?oond. between B and C stree s. It contain* 10 rooms and brick kitchen, supplied with gas and water. It has large grounds surrounding it. To a good tenant terms reasonable. Apply at 297 F st. ma 14 lit* FljrOK KENT"-A four story brick DWELLING" H llOL'fK, situate on Third street west. No 371, immediately east of the City Hall, obtaining 11 rooms, witri saloon, parlor, gas, bathing-room, water-closet, and Potomac water in the yard?all in compieto order. Immediate possession cm be had, by applying next door, to G. W. PHILLIPS, Deputy Marshal. mar 13 tf STOKE FOR RENT.?A large Store-room on Pa. avecue, adjoiciig our auotion rooms, for rent. Appiv to WALLA UARNAR I), Auotion and Coinni!??*ion Meichanta, oorner Ninth street and south aide Pa. avenue. mar II FOR RENT?The ROOMS recently occupied by the Hon. J. 8. Millaon. They are well furnished and oupp'ied with all the necestary conve nienee*, including bath-room (With Potom*c water) adjoining the bedroom. Persona having their own oook cau have the ute of the kitchen, or e:se they oan t>e aoo- minodated witi ra*ai? in th* neigliborhood. Apply to GEO. W1LLNER, 464 Ninth at., between D and E. mar 8 3w t?OK KENT, PA I.E. OR EXCHANGE FOR ' OTHER PROPERTY?A FARM of about 230 acrea land, aituaied about miiea aomhraat from the Station. Heltaville, Prince George1* oounty, Maryland. There ia about 8>< acrea in wood? l>alanoe cleared laud and ucder cultivation ; haa a small dwelling-houae; Itarn by 40 feet, and other cut-buildings, and apple and reach orchard. J. E KENDALL, mar 8-tf No. 5 Four and a-half at. FOR RENT OR SALE?The two five atory brick DWELLING-HOUSES aituated on and adjoining the corner ot Fourth a'd D atieeta, eaat of the City Hall. Apply to JOSEPH FU6 ITT, No. 90 Louisiana av. mar5-tf FOR RENT?A throe story brick HOUSE,containing 8 rooms. in good order, with km fixtures complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of F street north an<1 14th st. east. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between G aid H. no 13-tf OR RKNT-The fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West st., Georgetown, at present occu pied by the subscriber. It has 12 rooms, with gas and water throughout, a fine yard, stable Ac , and isin a rood neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. MAGRUDER. oo3S-tf KIDDLE HAS THE LARGEST, NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF J Z2 W B li R T EVER OFFERED IN THIS OR ANY OTHER CITY. AT THE LOW TERMS OF ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. El*Kant CARBUNCLE Sets for f I Eiejrant LAVA S?ts for SI Kiarant GARNET .....Set* for $1 E tsant JET - S*t? for $\ Kieja-.t i'()RaI< and MOLD for Si Klegaot MEDALLION Sets for SI Elegant KLIN MOSAIC Sets for II Elegant PLAIN GOLD Sets for ?1 Ladies' GUARD CHAINS forfi I .Kites' CHAT K LAIN E CHAINS. Jor *1 Ladies' NKi'K CHAINS ., tor Gems' VEST CHAINS,< ludifferent styles,)..... for fl Also, a Large Assortment of JEWELRY, winch we oan sell at 50 cents per article. Just Reeeivad, SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL ETRUSCAN IILACK LAVA ?ets ENAMELED CROSS Sets ETRUSCAN CARBUNCLE Sets PEARL AND GOI.D ...12 ETRUSCAN ONYX Sets v u / al. .i j_ 0 ?i giwui wi>iiiug mnj vi iiic ?uot? oooai shou-d call at onoe as they soon will be cob*. We haTo on hand, and are receiving every aay Large Invoioes of THE FINEST PLATED WARE, 1 consisting of Breakfast and. Tea Sett; Card and Cant Baskets; Cream and Syrup Pitchers; Table, Densert, Tea, Sugar and Cream Spoons; Butter. Fruit, Tea, Pie, and Fish Knives; Forks; Napkin Rings; Casters; Salt Stands; Plain, Chased and Gilt Lined Goblets and Cups. ILL ton SALS AT LOWEST WHOLES ALB FEICES. GOODS WARRANTED AS REPRESENTED. HIWPVBVf RIDDLE'S ORE DOLLAR STORE, imw7 THE LATEST NEWS. TELEQBAPHIO. ranker > HI ? - Fobt Kiabxkt. March 89 ?The San Francisco papers of the 9th Instant (tat# that the Legislature had balloted five tiro** for a U. ? Nutor, without making a cbolce Tha last ballot Mood as follows: For Denver, li, for Mr Doogal, >ug*n?. 1?, Phelps, tl, Wall*, j?;OwsMt,7, Hoee. 2 Peacock I, Bowie] ' ' All speculation as to the flnal action oi tha Lecislsture oa the Senatorial question is at (halt. Tbe Kepubl trans are expacted to cast tbatr strength for anv acceptable Union maa, whenevar such a candidate Is brought forward, aad tha preapaet ?I*cWn? ?on?abodyi bat probably aa CBlldIdafa ka IaH^S f?? /> < * Brief accounts of President Lincoln * speeches In the North, and Jefferson Davis' In the Houth, with a full account of the latter * Inaugural addrew at Montgomery bad reached San Franciaco. The effect la more than ever discouraging to our people, who nearly despair of preferring u>? t'nIon entire A fire recently occured In Qnlncy, Plumas county, destroying the American Hotel and otfcsr building* Tne loss amounted to ?3ii,U00 Intelligence from the Caao and Menlda. and the new ailver mining districts on tb? Colorado, extending Into New Meilco. are wry encouraging The emigration to each of the districts will bejarge this spring Tbe Crittenden revolution* which had paved the California Senate, where lost In tbe Houer, where "Union" resolutions were adopted. A fIntra la Ktiu< A tchison, March 21.?The annual conference of tbe M K Churcb for tbts State commeneed lie session thla morning, with Blahop Morris presld5oseoh Hanromhoiw tK? hoJ n wattomiea, with a number of the leading men In the tribe, came In yesterday with seventeen teams for lunnliM frnm tK? M14_# >ri . , ury wwf supplied with corn, floor, bwni. idmI, clothing and with wheatfor aeed They claim the flOO.OW due tbem from the government, and for which they have recently instituted a auit. Tbe tribe numbers 2.700, and the bead men net I mates that over a thousand are In want of aaalstance Over thirty thousand bushels of seed wheat have been received and distributed from tbts point, together with large amounts of garden and other seeds Nearly three hundred trams loaded with suppllea of different descriptions left to-day. Kentnchy Convention ?Reception of Mr. Crittenden Frankfort. Kt , March41.?TheState Rights P r - t. -# *UI- /lA- A > - vuiifcouuii ui iuia r^iaie ou aaopM rraolutlon* denouncing any attempt on the part of the Goveminent to collect revenue aa coercion, and affirming that In caae of any auch attrmpta the border State* abould make rommon cauae with the Southern Confederacy. They alao recommend a Border State Convention. Seceaalon apeechra were made by the Hon Humphrey Maraball and the Hon. Jame* H. Clay, which la the ahape aeceaaion la now taking. Hon John J. Crittenden'a reception here yesterday waa very enthuaiaatic. A large crowd assembled at the depot, and the diatinguiahed Senator waa eacorted to hia houae amid the booming of cannon and the ringing of belia. He waa welcomed In a brief a perch by Judge Meaon Brown. Mr. Crittenden vervfnel?n?rl? winnn<tj?( frreuiM Meetiai ti Ntrtk Ctrtllu Golds boko, N. C., March :S ?A very large and enthusiastic meeting of Southern Rights citizens of North Carolina was held at the court-house here to-day. The Southern flag waa touted Hon Welaon M Edwards, of Warren county, presided, assisted by six Ties presidents. This evening speeches are being made bv the Hon M. J. Moki, S. C. Edmons, of Norfolk, Va., Gen. Young, of Me?klenberg. and others. There la a general uprising of the people, and the meeting is wrld with enthusiasm All the districts of the State, It It reported, will be represented br night An adjournment took place at 5 o'clock until 7 o'clock to-night No compromise is wauted. and all are for immediate secession. There are about one thousand delegate* present. Great >n?w &tsrm. Bo*to*, March 82.?The snow storm of yesterday has been very heavy to the eastward We have had no trains from Portland to-day Many trees have been prostrated by the weight of snow upon them The telegraph wlrea are down also, and there is no possibility of bearing from Portland or Halifax to night whether the expected steamers now due at those points have arrived. Arrival (rem Charleston. Bostox. March *JI.?The steamer Massachusetts, from Charleston, arrived to-day with a fall cargo. including 1.741 Dales cotton. Her passengers"report that city ca wearing a military aspect, and Palmetto flags waving In all directions The floating battery excites ridicule, and the Charieatonlans call It a 'slaughter pen '' The Virginia Csaveatisa. Richmond March 22.?Mr. Baldwin continued bis apeech of yesterday, and spoke three hours He considered the Peace Conference propositions ns an acceptable basis of adjustment, but thought that the majority report of the committee better la some respects Tbe proceedings of tbe Conveatiou were unimportant. Heavy Defalcation in t anada. Berlin, Canada, March *2?William Davidson. the absconded postmaster. la a defaulter la uc >u.u ui ^tu.ouu, WHUO CUII1 Willing OUtr swindling operation* amounting to some ?20,000 more. It ia believed that be baa sailed for Liverpool The Welland Canal will be opened on the Pth of April. Supplies la be Cat Off treat the GalfSqaUraa. Niw Oki.ean* . Mnrch 23.?Toe Commissioners to Europe from the Confederate Slates are to leav* for Europe on the 31st At PeiiMcola. Gen Bragg baa Issued a proclamation prohibiting veaaela from furnishing auppliea to the United States vess?ls-of war off Penaacola, ynder the penalty of confiscation. CarraacT at St. Laala. Sr. Louis, March 21 ?Exchange on New York ia quoted at .1*3 j| per cent premium lo exchange for Miaaouri fund*, and Illinois and Wisconsin currency are l,S?2 per cent, below Miaourl money. V1. S Steamer Pawhataa aft Peaiaetlt New Orleans. March 21 ?The U. S. steam aloop-of-war Powhatan arrived off Penaacola on the 16th, from Vera Cruz, making the fifth war vessel now stationed there Bilt.wiri flarksu Uilt moii. March 23 ?Flour active; Howard street ?0i.'> 12; OhioS5 12; City Mills S5, with no aalea. Wheat quiet; red SI 25al 2s, white SI 4<)? 1 80. Corn steady; yellow SSaSftc, mlxed59a82c ; white (i3afrtc Provisions steady; meat pork SI?. Coffee quiet at 12fcal2Xc. WLlaky steady at27c Nsw Tsrk Harksta New Veil. March 23?Flour firmer and unchanged. W heat ia2c. belter Corn firmer and unchanged. Provisions auiet. Whisky auiet at 117*c. PUBIiXO BATBS. HENRY SCHAEFER. BARBER AND HAIR DRESSER, E Srim, rba* Sbvbnyh. Omnlr tke Pent Q&t* Deimrtment, hu fittod up, in connection with hi* MtebliikMiil, convenient aoeotnmodation* for atfordioi to hi* cu*ti>inera Mid th? putvio th? luxury of COLD or WARM BATHS, at an? time during hu*ineea hour*. Hisoharf** will be moderate?twent*-five oent* tor n tiniie bath, or five bath* for a dollar when ticket* lor that number aie purchased and aid for in advatsee. , ? Mr. sohaeier i**ei tfri* opportunity to lniorm nia onitomrri that ti?i? deeirahieaddition t<* hi* ??tab Inhmeat wrli ia no manner interfere with hi* reg nItr profeantonal buaii.ecs- Oi tlieoootw,li? ko>?? to add to hia preaent faoiiitiea for mauring nrompt attention to hi* numerous patrons to the line of SHAVING and H *1K DRKSSINO. And to the Ladira wno patronise him in tke lino of Cutting or Trimming tb'ir'ownor th?*r ohildreae hair, h? h#gi to ia? that he ha* provided for tm better a^oommodatmoa, in having fitted up a mail room ar.d appronriated it exolu?Telr to taeir ua . fe2B lm ___ KNCK'S PULMONIC BVRUP. Or. HCHENCK, of PhHadelphla, ftnda it impoe ?h a irk viiit W(ukinrt^h nvftrr wr+k. *nd hAA made arrantementa to froaiuralr be in the city Um third WeUneaday of ory month. He hut anitof room at the Amu Bom*. where patienta ou obtain idrio* ire*. Be only ohargea vhen it ia pfiweaary to make a thorn ag a examination of the Lang a with the Reepirowator. 8. B. Waite ia agent for Sehaaok'a PalmoDir Synip, pnoe J1 par bottle, for the oure of Concha, Coid? and Conauraption; Soheoek'a Sea weed Tonic, pnoe SI par butt a,lor v i^hetiok** Mandrake P.Tle, pnaa ? oanu bar box. for Liwr Bilioua Coraplaiata and Conatipation of tba Bowata. Dr. Bohenck woald be graSefa. to thoee who is? corner Bart nth at aad La. a*. tolHa I7RKNCH PAPER HANGINGS, kc. a Coaaaa Nim an D Brum. DK? .ORaTIONs, ft?., the n;lM of whiok w* r 1?? *?<i *ttr*oti*"<! th? ptio*? uiuu?. ; low. B^vstrTN?? JroKEaS ?? 55 ffljKM Vf WW; sWXuK f*pt"r?, m4 which w* offer ml pnouto (nit tb* timM. Wt h?T? soaMtNl w wtrafi mr r?M)y r:?a