Newspaper of Evening Star, March 23, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 23, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. JOH* BULL'S PHILANTHROPY John Ball o%llrd out to Jou&thaa, ? Aerow lb* rolling A dread!?! sin i? oa yoar ?kirta? A d'^acful r? '1 h*! "A dreadful (to >" ??i? J?m?l?a; "O ' what can it lw "An awfnl enm ," John Hn 1 replied, 'Wteoh yon yoereelf m"st eee,Yrj !au*h at lw"of and at ruht, Ani break ?aoh Just decree; Y*a keeaa h?at of WW a.eyee. And wiH not aet them free." "Nut, brother John." said Jonathan. ' w hat would th-j issue be. Were wo to to.low tour advice. At oroe, a-d net them froa ? Who thea woall raise the oane and riae, Vo? lore as well as we * Who then would raine the cotton crop We vend across the sea >" Still, Jonathan." John Bull replied, To holy Lifcerty Ym should rtjoiet to yield your game; Though poor the negro, he ] stall your brother, and, of oovrie. Your equal be should be. No longer crash him 'neath the yoke, Rnt rise, and ??t him free; (Still, if yon will raise ootton, then, Jnst seud it on to me ) "But if yon sti.l, for untlest gains, Will cling to slavery. Then sha 11 look in boiy soorn Upon you, o'er the se*; Tbeo mar your e?t'* shriek and fk'l, Y^ur ensign battered be,? (Ptill. it you votli rsua c<>i*on, then. Just send it on to me.j" "O, Johnny Ball!" *aid Jonathan, Ml. J nhn n? Rnll " uiH b* Your lot* !ur a 1 Uie uturo race, Y"Ur prou-J philanthropy, I* a): exp-esaed within th js? word a, J uat send 11 on to me.' " A Ma* asd Wcxaj Bittk* ?t a Cat is Church ?On Sunday week a rcbid cat found ita way into Trinity Church, King at eaat. dining divine service, and after roaming about for aome time, it entered Mr. Uooderham'a pew, and, before it could be expelled, bit .\ltss Gooderham on the band. Tbe animal w.ia subsequently caught by tbe sexton. Mr. Mulligan, and While he was carrying it out it bit bim on tbe band and rrn'cht-d bim. Mr M. regarded the wounds as ] .-.I ?*1 .? .1 .1 . ? I *? *Hiiic, nuu |mhu iiu aktc^miuii 10 varm. j\ lew day a ?T'> rward h!a band and arm begau toiw^li tr< I n fearful manner, and Dr Small was called in Everytiln* was done which medical (kill could sn^gest. bnt unhappily wis of no avail Mr. Mulligan lingered in great a^onv till an early hour yea'eiday morning, when dea:h put ?n end to his auder uga. Mlaa Gooderham is also very 111 from the effecta of the bite which ?he received, and it haa been denied proper to amputate one of her fingers. Dr Ross and other medical gehtlemen ar? In constant attendance on her, and it ia to be hoped she will soon be bevond danger?Toronto Olobt. Iff A rindiHf/ip ntHi'? /? 11^ >. < d*iice of a gentleman to solicit his vote : Candidate?.Madame, ia your husband about' Ladv?Yea, air; he has gone to haul away a dead aog, but be will be bick directly. Candidate?frheep-killiDg dog, I reckon, madam? Fierce-spoken urchin?No, air?he just barked himself to death at candidate*?so pa said. fSI7" A 'p'entlce boy In the Copiah (M!aa ) News has invented a new way of taking quinine. He was unable to awallow the nauseating drug au r.aturcl, but unle?s be took it. couid not get relief from tbe fever which racked hie frame **o he ' did" tbe dose up in tissue paper and bolted it a ia pill. Perhaps this is worth knowing. IA_/ a leiiow oui ? e?i being asked whether the liquor be wu drinking was a good article, replied. " Wal, I don't know; I guess so. There la only one queer thing about it: whenever I wipe my nuoutb, I burn a bole in my shirt!" U7- A wretched result of intermarTiaze between blocd relations exists at Schenectady, N. Y. An estimable couple?cousins?have eleven children, all of whom were born blind. A Question that iiii Never been Amiwhid ?"Where's the police'"?Punch. AKRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL.?3 1) Pool, NC; J3 Mar*b, Pa, 3 Holistander, O; W R Demoss, lit; 111; L Smith. W Krlttroff, NY; W P Hacker. L Myea, J M Morris, Pa; M C Bay lea, NY; A Goldsmith, B Brummer. E E Smith, A Plausantou, D D Jones, Pa: White J R ?*?> r?.. Wbltlaty, Mr and Mrs Hlckea, '.^ass; J H Anderson. NC; R Cbartle, S B Jonea, NY; ? II j ? U B?rtlow. Man; V W Smith. A J Westervrlt. 0 Clark. O K Jarkman, A L Hough. R C Ilall.E T Rtriard, 0 N Richie, Pa; W Jay, Maw; J Center, NY; H P Cadwallader, D Newport. |W O Wathobay, USN; J Kruklaus, Pa; Hon J Sherman, R R Sloane, W C Marehead. J Stokea and family, O; A Mnrry, USN; R B Myers, L'SA; B Reynolds and lady, Misa Reynolds Miss GardJiar, NY; R T \Vard,G B Auston, Pa; J M Liter. *!r Whitridze, Mm; Capt Field, L'SA; F ? Praen, NY; H \V Grlmold. Tenn; A J Cal??rword, Pa; E R Nile sad lady, NY; \V Foster. R1; C D Cleveland, Pa; Judt;e J A Sponer, J Wlnslow, NJ; N B Thomas, Pa; S Cartner, NY; J Brown and lady, FPrlel, \J;G W Wylie and lady, NY; Capt Goggas, ?; P S White. F B Warner, J K Yaughan, Pa; S Taobell, Gov Morgan, NY. NATIONAL HOTEL.?Capt Robinson, Md; T S Lambert. NY; F W Lambert, NY; F Palmar, Iowa; T J Belt, W H England, Bel; H Wlld NY; J S Jaquesa, J S Hopkins. A S Duncan Md, L M Morrlston, F Orne. J E Flairdpn. N V: 1, ShutmaO. Iowa; ? Crosby, NJ; C Bailey, Ala; L PtlrgiD, l*a; W A Byron, J Vandasseil. Ky; L> Weil Jos Blair, J M Holme*, A Weathrrsby, N C; UB Williams, Va; J J Meyers. Oa; W l>ea? Md; T C Cbar.dier, NJ; W Champion, Ohio; A Cbeerl, H Sbirley, R E Halsey, R Mulligan, J F Rove. A MeKinney, NY; J Burleson, 11 Barns, Mich; R Daniel, Pa. BROWN'ri HOTEL ?S Cordon, J Evans and ly, B Moody. J W Bearh, J H Baneret, Col Arnold, U W Fellow* and ly, NY; A R Munn, S Lewis; H Davis, H Bonder and lv, R Johnston, J R Tucker and son. Va; G VV Howard. E West, J W F*Tgu?n, E F Stuart, J Brickerton, Md; 1) Biddle and f;im- Mi?s M?r~? n.~ _ J ? . ? W ICW J ill * ?? Li I' IUU1C ) Del; J Thompson, Mre Brook*, J Titus, S Lane. Pa; J Ttom n and ly, La; W Herring, Ga; A J Jackson, J A Kayl, T?nn; J Gallingnan, J Cannon, la; D ? Hart, SC; A Duvall,Ky; R V Ml ehaux and daugfcter, J M Hulims, NC; W Young and fam, Miss; f C Chandler, NJ. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?M Harper, Pa; C Howard and fam, NH; AS Goodwin, W Micombe, Mw; J L Ho^ga, P S Devlan, NJ; G While, Cal; J O Van Boguu, On; M Harris, USA. WASHINGTON HOUSE?J Brown, H Klcka, Md; L Colt, NY; R Burr, Tenn! J Orviaanu*>, Maaa; J Blane, J Goodnoe, N HartweU, Me. OC LAIi 8 TEAMERS SAILING DA YS k SLOU TMM U*IT*B STATU. St+tmrrt. L?avt. For. Day I. John Bell...?...New York ...Gi&arow \i.-n v ,to9/ .? Liverpool ...Mo 27 ? Xor*-~ H?vr?. Ai Ch ?< b 'vir a ?*T \ ?'" L'1Tf*rP??l Mch an ^-w\ ork \tw V?rk " Jr lv*rP?<>1... A pi 1' V ?L, >?wV?rt...H A p, 13 Kto* n!3 vorl- Wvarpooi -AP 17 5?r: ? - Jew Vurk.. Havre Ap! 2f> Prfnli" A' v*W Vork '->verp.H>! Ap 24 rriBM AI6?fC..vN?w Wrk...Ga,i?ay Apl 2J _ P*o* Ecropb I ?* bottJi'pion...N6w York Moh 4 vf^???Souttt pton_.New Yor*. Mch b - *>?- ...New York."*!* 6 feSBtrfis; ?a-8S! S nS* v<!?k a,"t "!!,w 5#w Yor* -- ?'? ta ^^^r.rp^nteS'JrflglS 8rM#n Soutfpton.r.Kew York." A. n York.. ..A pi 18 aT?' "F' * ??' ? , HaaroM/, Otarii. Dupuj LGy Jb.M K ; xr?s, vVo. Alio. Pi*%Uii &i J a Au is&'Misrjb }/fA^i^iss,rs&'f> ' '*^'r "? '*'? ' tfa an (< l.itj, ib. Wr u TRAVELING TRUNKS. VAlISKS CARPET BAGS. ?aTi:h?i a v? m mil oil), v* ?' Mil'DC at vert 1?* price*. WALL. STEPHENS Jt CO , im?W rf P? ?wn???. 3,000 l P^OWHKNU]BLT f K R of tfa? T?ry bMt fluUltT, Alio. PEN N JVLVANJA BUCK WHEAT. CALVERT 8 HONEY. KINO 4 BURCHELL. U ? oornw V?rmottt ?t. and Fift?nth tt. | ON'T HE DECKlVrD, BUT CUME TO I tk? runt to |?t jour CLOTHING, I HATS ft-id CAPS, At SMITH 8, No. 460 ??? nth rt H> ? frw ! * or- ! . ?.??r, in v Ult'hS OF NEW MUMC JLj juat iMMrtd from Kmwi 4 To 1 man, Boetoa. PM?n k Br* , Cinoir nati, Hall k. Son, New Yori. Nov open lor icapeoUon. JOHN F. ELLIS, i*M 906 Pa. >t? bet *h and 19th eta. VKRYBODYJN WANT OF CI.OTHiNG, FURNISHING GOODS. FIATS aad CAPS, toeId eon* to SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh it. f. |?^ 1? A MILT ILAMtmi AMI* ? *gBS3&!Eg " TAT4<0* * HUTCHISON. & | TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and alter SUNDAY, Norambar 38th, lWO.Utf train* wilt r?n u raflowa > LEAVE WASHINGTON: First tr*in at ?.2t> a. in. H*oond Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. in., Kxpress. FoUnblTArk'iAtTIMOES, First train at 4.15 a. in., Express. Shooed train at 836 a. ra. ?hird at S.10*. m. ourth at 4.20 p. m., Ex Dress. The first, second and third trains from Wash^igton oorfheot throught o Philadelphia and New The seoond and third onnneot at Washington innotion with trains for the West, 8oath, and [ortbwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the T40 a. m. train. bnr of tha w?? fraval Ka. tw*en Washington and Laurel, a passenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leaves at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Phiiadelfhia only. no 86-a T. H. PAR8QN8, Agent DENTISTRY. r^R9. OCK WOODu% DARRBMi ARE PRE1/pared to insert TfcETHon VULCAN-^"-*^ 1TK BASK, a new and improved Wh?n made on this plan they are com ^?''73 fortable to wear and muoh oheaper than any other., re?th insetted on bold rlate, ana an jjental < ?p?rations of any kind that mar *>e d?sired. Office Koom No. 3. in the Washington Uuildin*.corner Fa av. and Seventh it. ja 'h 3m* \? TEETH. 1*1. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, lit _ i tend* personally at his off,of In this city gjwsyfli* Many persona oan wear tr.ese teeth wfto^* f' cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who one not wear these. Peraona callin* *t mj offloecan be accommodated with any atyle and prioe of Teeth th?y may desire; bat to tnoae woo are particular and with the purest, oieaneat, atron*e?t, and moit perfect denture that art oan produae. the MINERAL. PIRATE will be more fully warranted. Roomi in thia city?No. 33? Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth ata. Aiao, 907 Aroh aireet, Philadet phia. oo 15-tf ^EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. unuL1 ? . i :-L 4L.:_ J * * *. hvod raiviiH ?uu wi>n mnr uaii(nt?ri 10 rfoeive a thorough and systematic eduoation, where their physical training will reoeive daily and special attention, under the rgost approved system of Calistheinos and Gymnastica.are reapeotfuliy invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth stand New York av. MR. A MR8. Z. RICHAKPS, an 30-tf PrincipaU. I7EMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mr?. S. J. MoCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of tnia Institution will oommfiioe on Tueeday. September 18th, in the house recently occupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq.. No. 190 King street The course of study pursued will comprise all the brandies requisite to a thorough English Education, and Musio, Freuoh, Latin and Drawing, U desired. In addition to day ssholar*. Mrs. MoCormink is prepared to receive a limitod nutnkor of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, Will be under her immediate oar? and supervision. She will endeavor, an lar as possible, to sur round them with tho comforts and kindly influences of Home. Rtfurmces.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev, Dr. Elias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H. Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Esq., Edmund F. Witmer Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis McKenzie Esq., Robert H. Huntnn, , W. D. Wallach Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas Entwisle, Jr., Ess.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun Messrs. Blacklocx & Marshall, Messrs. Cor Brothers. Tkrms. Board, with Tuition in a.'l the English Branches, 03)0 for the annual session?payable semi-annually, in advance. Musio and Languages at Professors' prices. JLr No extra charges. au 28-tf fl A R V ITTTV O irn " VKU.U AAA A Ail V* J UbV/. WM. T. l)OVK & CO, RE Now prepared to ezoonte any orders wttfc whioli the/ mar he favored in the PLUMBING, OAS OR STEAM FITT1N# BUSINESS. HT Store on 9th street, a lew doora north of Pa. aveuae, where mar bo fonnd a ooinniete as/ortmeii i of CHAN)>ELI KHS and other GAS, STEAM aM WATER FIXTURES. jaH-ly WGAS FIXTURES. E Hav? in etore, and are dai.y receinns, OAS yiXTUHSSotentirely New Patterns and Designs ami Finish. ?up?*ior in stylo to anything heretofore offered in this market. We inrfteoitisrns general Ij to call and examine onr stock of Gm anil \V?t?r Fixture*, fee ing confident that we have the beat elected stock in W&alungtoii. All Work ia the above tine mtruated to our oar* Will be promptly attended to, MYERS X MoSHAN, mar g-tf 37ft D street. _ I SNYDER. PL UMBER AND OAS FITTER, Haa removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F ati, fieia prepared to introduce Water and Gaa upon the moat favorable terms, and guarantiee entire aatinf&ctionHeh&a on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which h* will aeil leaa than he w:ahea to get rid ol them. no 17 / \FF1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER yj OF GAS METERS. WAeFi^sTO!*. Jn!y IS, 1890. NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVEN, That.agreeiy Jo the proviaione of the ordinance of the Cor pornn n >*:>provea rcay u, I3W. the undersigned it now prepared, whenever required in writing, and on pro payment of the fee of fifty cents, to itapect, examine, teat, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration oilany <as meter in use in this city.'' ! very meter, if found inoorreot, will beoontiemned, and another, aealed and marked aa true, will be setini'* p ace. If proved to be accurate in ita will he sealed aocordiLgly. no again^ut in poeitioR for use. ??og ?<> *10 Seventh street, (near Odd F#lows Hali.) Open from 8 a. m.. to 5 p. in. . >. ?CBAKL.I2B W. CUNNINGHAM, IT ?-tf lnarector and Scaler of Baa Meters. /Ov NOTICE. /0\ /V1 removal. AX V H I have removed mr M V PAWN OFFICE to 351 C ftreet, between anrl 6th atfMta. immediately in the rear of the National Hotel, where the l>a?inena will l>e continued as heretofore at the oM?ran<1 |n<? 18*AC HKRZHKKft. W 910.000 ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES ASD TRUNKS, Otf all Styles and Q%tal*ti',s% AT A SKEAT SACRIFICE ON COST. Store Jot Rent and Fixtures for Sale. A" thy Stock in 8. P. HOOVER'8 STORE, WHTU".1" Ha.lenrjbra'ing every "? ??- ? yo t TOmP.f . Children1! and B8j ^ '" Servan's* SHOES Al?o. TR K V-fHH * ELIno TR l\KK .re low &Vng Lld./or' WL ei'kM great u?rifiooi on twual retail seflingfprioee, indeed maeh below ordinal eo?t. The attention of the publio is solicited, a* r??t induoemenU will be made to purchasers. 1 The above opraprises a large stock of the fineet uahty f rench and American tfaiters.Shoes,Boots c-, Ac., for ladi?? and gentlemen. Th" Store la for rent and the Fixtures for sale. Apply on t| e prerrmes, Iron Hall. N. B.?The al>ove atnok, either in whole or in part, will be sold at private sale. To any ore desirous of entering the Boot, yhoe and Trunk Business this affords a better opportunity than may Jars jaas * -;;?,gT To THE """"-A** " WA8HINSTi{ JI^OrSEtoWN, *?. Wktrnu, CHOLERA MORBUS,Pr*"ent *e,,,on ? "> DIARRHEA, DYSENTERY. CHOLIC, I)Y8PEPaiA, ?rer?il to ?j alarming ex tec t fB1LITY'*?" koAnd 1wKcrca', ji man pe 01 in? FIRST CONSEQUENCE to eYery family tu Know r>f A REMEDY at oaoe Soft, Speed v, and Eflcacit*S% DR. MONTARDE, or Pa&ie, offers hla MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER aa the moat SERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL Y FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to aatiafy THE PUBLIC that no impoation i? Intended in th? aale of UUft Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED tn dH CdSit when the medicine fells to give entire satisltatio Ask, then at any Drac Store for DR. M')*TARDK'S MIRACULOUS PAJN KILLER, take m directed, and if not perfectly satisfied R??'B u>o?riAsg.t<:LAR r 4H Streot And Pennsylvania A venae, who will refund your money. Prioo-'J4 and AO Cents per Bottle. For aale at all Drug Stores everrwhet*. jab. McDonnell, Gftuaral Arent, Jy11-*otr Baltimore. 275 allbn 275 JACKSON, FLASTKRERB, Pinna. Avkjcpi, ]ntb and 11t*i |a It PORTRAIT OP P*iMi bj ^ ?'nb* 01 tw*ut? ,u??^ at low KftKNCH k RICBBTEIN. ' / ??? mrnmmmmm jgfi+k CURE NervousHeadache Hpadaohp. By the bm of theae Pills the penodio attacks 01 Nervous or Sick Headache mar be prevented; and if taken at the oommenoement ot an attaok immediate reliei from pain and aiokneaa will be obtained. Ther seldom tail in removing the Nausea aad Head ache to which females are so sabjeot They act gently upon the bowels,?removing CostiveUSSS. For Littrarv Mm, Stvdmtt, Delicate Females, and all persons of sedentary habits, they are valuable as a Laxative, improving the appttit*, giving tone ana vigor to the digestive organs, and ra storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of lone investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments, having been in use many years, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether ongl nating in the nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomatk. They are entire !y vegetable m their composition. and may bo taken at all times with perfeot safety without making any ohange of diet, and the ab stnc I of any ditarrtenble taste rmdtrt it Ml) in administer thtm to children. BKWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medicines. A Uox will be aent by mall prepaid on reoeipto the PRICK, 20 CENTS, All orders should be addressed to HENRV C. SPALDING, AM P.VTtia ??T Vrnr Va?? THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. As these Testimonials were unsolicited by Mr. SrALDiNn. thev afford unquestionable proof of the rjficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Masoxvillk, Conn., Feb. 5, 1861. Ml. SpaLWo?Sir : I have triod your Cephalio Pills, an t / lilt* them so wll that I want yon to end me two dollars worth more. Part of these are for the r.eichbors, to whom I gave a few out of the first box I pot from yoU. Send the Pills by mail, and obiiee Your ob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. Havkrford, Pa., Feb. 6,1061. Mb. Spaldino? Sir: 1 wish Ton to send me on* more box of your C?phalio Pill?, I hart rectived a ithm acm bj Lfmrni jrorn memVouru reapeotiullf, MARY ANN STOIKHOUSE. SpRUCl CrEKK, HUNTINflTOM Co., P? A January IS. 1861. j H. C. Spaj.di!*o?Sir: You will pleas* vend me two boxee of jcur Cephaiio Pills. Head liiem ImnwdiUtli. Reapootftilly yours, JNO. B. SIMONS. P S ?J have used one box of your Pills, and And thtm excellent. Belli Vxbno*, OMo, Jan. 18,1861. Hbrkt C Spa-Ldiho. Kaq : Pleaee find inoloaed twenty Sv? cents, for whion aend rne arothar bo* of jour Opnalic Pilla. They art truly the 6e*t fills I have evtr tried. Direct A. STOVER, P. M., Bo'lfl Vernon, Wyandot oo.( O. Bivkrlt, Maaa., Deo. 11, i960. 1 II. C. SfaLIiIXs. fcaq.: 1 wiah for aon>e circulars or larite ahow hilla. to hrinr your Cepbalio Pills more Dartiaul*rl? n*fnr? tnw ?"ir " lure aLrthinc of the kind. plea*e a?nd to me. One of iny oo?tom?r?. who laauhjeat to severe Pick llw&che. (dru&IIt !a*tin* twud??.) trat fired of an attack in one hour by your Pills, whioh rent her Kenpeofnlly yours, W. B. WILKES. Kitsolhsduho, Fkaxkltm Co., Ohio.i January 9.1C81. \ IIk?iht C. Sj?aldi:*?. No. 48 Cedar ?tre?t. New York?lJear Sir: Inclosed find twenty-five oeita. (25,) lor viioh aend box 4- Oohauo Pills." bond to *d<ir?*M of It ev. Wm. C. Filler, Keynoldabn-*, orointr, Ohio Yunr pill* tcork like a ckarm?curt Htadaekt almost instanter. Truly y..ur?, WM. C. FILLER. Ymilanti, Mich., Jan. 14, lbffl. Ma. fni.imiG?^ir: Notions sinoe I sent to you for a box nf Cepfta 10 Hi I! far the oure of the Nervoui Headache and Costiveness, and reoei?ed the and they had so good an effect that I was t?dw-'d to tend for more. Please ssncf by return mail. Direct to A. K. \VHKKLF.(t. Ypsiianti, Mioh. From the Examiner. Norfolk, Va. Oph&lio Pills aooompiish the objeot for whioh they wore made, viz: Cure ol headache in all its forms. Prom the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. They have been tested in more than a thousand caaa^ with entire sucuess. From the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. ir you firo, or have h?en Troubled with the head ache, send for a box,(Cephalic Pills,) so that you may have them in case of an.attaok. From tke Advertiser, Providence, R. I. Th'Cephalic Pill* are said to be a remarkably effootire remedy for the headache, and one of the very be?t for that very frequent oomplaint which has ever been diaoovered. From tke Western R. R. Oamette. Ckicago, III. We heartily endorae Mr. Spalding, and hla onrivalled Ceph&lie Pllla. From tke Kanawha Valley Star, Kenatcka, 7a. We are aure that peraona Buffer In* with the head ache, who try them, wi.l stiok to tnem. Frrm tke Soutkern Patk Finder, ,Vet? Orleans, La. Try them ! you that are aflliot^d. and we are sure that your testimony can be a-ldnd to the already num?r>us '1st that haa reoeived benefits that no otuer medicine cau produoe. From tke St. Louis Democrat. The immense demand for the artlol* (Cephalio Pilla) la rapidly increasing. rrom the iiax-tte, Davenport, I ova. Mr. Bpa'dinc would not oonneet hie name with an artiole he did not know to poaaeis real merit. From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The teatrtnorv in their fevor n strong, from the moil respeotab'e quartersFrom

the Daily News, Newport, R. I, Cephalio Pilie are takini the plaoe of all kinds. From the Commercial Bulletin, Boston, Matt. Said to be very efficacious for the headaohe. From the Commercial, Cincinnati, Ohio. Suffering humanity oan now be relieved. [IT A tingle bottle of en ? r rv*a ? or ALVl.tU 3. TMKf AKEU GLUE will save ten times ita oost annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH lET"'A Stitch ik Time Savi* NiwE."-m At accidents will happen, even in well regalatad families, it ii very desirable to have soma oheap ar.^oonvenient way for repairing Furniture, Toys Crockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meets all snoh emergencies, and no household oa afford to be without it. It > - - ?J- ?Ji ?uu to the atiokinc point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N B.?A Brush accompaniaa ?aoh Bottia. Pri? IS Mull. Add/Ma HENRY C. SPALDINO, No. 48 Cedar itrNt, Nrw York. CAUTION. Aaoertain unprinoipled peraonj ire attempting to aona to aianuM before ptrcbfiainc, and see that the fall nam*, OT'Sl'ALDlNe'S PREPARED GLUE^S lum th? 1 ooiiiiifeiS, ?" ' vma Ji 0 i PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIC N O T_1 C E. Pablio notie* ia hereby lirea that boade aad ooipom annexed, of the description hereinafter a*t forth, have lately been feionlonaly abstracted from the nitody of the Interior Department, the aame being the property of the United State* and held tn tnut for oertain Indian tribe*. Notioe baa also been (iven to the proper ofioers of the reepeotive State# to atop the payment thereof; and all peraona are warned against parohaaing or reoeiring any of aaid bonda and ooapona, aa the olaim of the United States thereto will be proeeoated to the utmost extent. Eaoh bond being for the anm of one thousand dollars. via: Six r*r oont. Missouri Coupon Bonds, issued ta Jane and August, 1897. State of Miuiouri, St. Louis and Iron Mountain R R. State Bonds. Bond No. 3037 Bond No. 1823 1878 1827 1998 1822 1997 1821 1998 1820 2008 1819 ioio VW# AOAO .1993 1809 1994 1817 1995 1816 1891 1814 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 2006 2031 2006 2033 2004 2034 2001 2045 1999 2036 2000 2032 1877 1828 1878 . 1839 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 18A8 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 1?74 1889 1876 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2046 2017 2047 2P16 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonds l(Uf Notx.?Bonds No. *000, and below of thiseerlee, issued Juno, 1837. end bonds No. *?1. and above that, dated Aug net. 1887, payable nt the Phoenix Bank, New York oity, in 1807. State of Missouri six per oent 00 upon bond*, vis: Hannibal and it, Joseph Railroad State BondsBond Mo. 1863 Bond Mo. 1026 1852 ier 1851 1028 1850 1029 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 1862 1845 1860 1844 1861 1040 lOfh J OOi IPSO 1836 1868 lS3S 1856 1834 1864 1836 18SS 1837 18S> 1S38 1814 1839 1811 1649 1836 1640 1827 1636 1828 16ft 1829 1613 1830 1614 1R31 1616 1641 1616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1644 1619 1<U6 1020 1040 1021 1047 1011 1048 1804 1057 1034 1038 1031 1840 1031 1841 1031 1843 1021 1050 1867 1810 1030 1817 1030 1818 1039 1819 1841 1820 1?4* ioai 1UAO lOil 1814 1625 M bonda NofThew* bond* arc dated January, im, arable at Bank of Commerce, New York, In November, 18??interest payable in January and July of eaoh year. State of Miaaouri atx per oent. Coupon North MLrronri ft. R. State bond*. Bond No^2952 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 2V41 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 2946 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1640 2950 1650 2937 2922 JOSS ?JS 1853 3924 16W 2056 1665 2061 1662 296S 1666 1067 1921 1706 2468 17C0 2612 1707 1613 2462 2614 2462 1616 2464 ?I0 Z4M 3911 1466 2916 246T 2911 1458 2913 1459 1914 1400 SBlt 1461 1914 1461 1917 2463 1918 1464 2919 1466 520 1466 64 1467 1966 1661 80 bonda Not*.?The bonda anmbered KM tad bolow, leaned In January, 185T; No ?H>, and abova that, leaned In Au?u?t, 1M7, p?jable at Pace nix Bank, New York city. Miuoari 'ix^eroen^ C^wgon Bondju ti* North Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 2763 Z/O* 2787 2786 2730 2781 1717 278J 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 2711 2733 2712 2722 2710 2720 2725 2716 2777 2727 * 2775 2724 2785 2731 2768 2766 JTV9 im mo JT18 rn mi mi mi 1778 im 1771 17S8 1775 1718 1774 1711 . 1780 1711 1711 Wanri Ma yw ?mL PmI* tlr?i MM* co?^oa Boms. Bond No. MM Bond So. MM ISM M61 MM MM M44 ?SM ?U3 5IM 5JU MM ?<W BZ94 5340 63ft] 6339 63frl 6338 5250 6337 6249 6336 6347 6334 * 6348 6333 6196 6333 6196 6331 6000 6300 4999 6199 4997 6198 4890 HAT iQM 6310 4888 ItM 4888 MOT 4876 6808 5357 5309 6*3 81 bonda Ml t*rMl pajkbl# la Juui y aod J oil oi e*oh yaw. Bond* of North C*rolin? Coixw 111 mmr unt North 0trolia* nx p?r ocata. Bond No. 36 Bond No. 303 33 301 31 300 ? ?T 9 334 r 334 341 103 341 166 347 104 346 30 IV W 18 341 IT 340 16 339 12 238 8 337 11 338 10 335 10S 328 101 320 100 330 90 331 103 332 8 333 28 334 22 227 18 328 21 317 98 318 97 316 96 396 96 139 94 238 62 237 60 236 303 72 boodi Note.?Theee bonds are daUni Juuin, 1836, payable Juiv;. lttt, at Bank o? Keyubile, New York. Interact payable ui January and J sly. NoKh Carolina 6 par oents. Coupon Bonds. Bond No. 833 Bond No. 7S6 832 736 twi 758 830 76? 8? 7 AO 834 l?l 836 742 W 7?3 HI 838 790 8H 791 871 791 871 793 874 794 f writ vqc I 876 798 877 797 87ft 798 879 799 880 800 881 Ml 84? 801 85 849 806 860 806 841 808 861 807 861 811 864 811 866 813 868 814 867 816 858 816 55* 817 881 818 882 819 881 830 8?4 811 8?5 .. 823 888 823 887 824 888 83S W9 828 870 827 883 838 882 830 840 885 84S 731 844 7M 846 733 734 104 boidf North Carolina six jor oont. Connor bond* Bond No. 599 Bond So. 493 600 494 OS 496 04 496 in* ^ Wl 606 611 ?T 498 608 510 * 610 ftll 11 481 eis 482 613 4*3 WO 484 614 486 623 486 633 467 634 488 635 4?9 636 490 627 fr? 038 63? Ml 640 $41 Ml 641 &4J 616 Ml 644 IN 646 631 647 in 648 3s 646 6t4 646 616 666 666 661 U7 661 616 616 bid 617 616 iU 616 317 ?? 433 468 446 470 fru 2J Mr 648 440 Mo 441 MI 2? 471 Mi *n 12 471 488 474 15 4Ti 4J7 4TB 4* 477 i? 478 S iS 431 450 431 M, 881 WJ 644 __ 491 III boadi Forty ! out* of >> CMtuiMMi toifr Vt?j_ *1 Bead Ho. 151 g 1M M lit s S Bomd Ho ft Bond Ho ICS ft its I tt lt4 ltt Itt m it* l? 191 ? 188 V Kt m a 194 J2 1,5 19 198 17? 197 180 198 129 199 ISO 208 1S7 ? 144 46 botdt 140 Two bonds for fl,ono a*r h, doted Apru. 1W. Bond No. 9 Bond No. 1* Fifto*n boooa for #!. ' oooh.dotod Ootobw, warr tic Porobl* at Bu.k of Roy&uiio, OotwW, i mt. tis c i Bond No. 118S Bond No. 1193 I 1184 1191 f 1186 1194 r 1186 1199 118T 1199 1188 1197 1188 11M IS bond, 1191 TwMMif m ?3r ?ML Co?pc? Bo Ml*, of fl.nnr ?*oik.cJ b?a >l U-1 ptjtbe Tm in Srw~ or* oity, of tMlo. .o?ib( BUBbtn, and dated Jut ?rj, l*?i Bo?d No S17 Bond No 411 278 41f 294 47C t 297 477 AM 101 411 498 414 733 ad oft i % iknrlac cunbtri lanod Juoiry.jtv* Bond No 828 Bond No. 1378 829 ISM 830 Aa4of Orfoliowtaf nunbora imvo'I Jmnary,1MB Boa 1 No. 1744 Bond No. 28M , 211* 3861 21 S3 2*92 1581 3066 260& Sill Aal of th* fbliowinj nimbera iaau*d January, U* food No. 3149 Bond No. 4107 S464 4108 S46* 4109 3466 4110 8467 4211 1469 4211 1470 4112 M7I 4114 1471 4411 1758 45*7 % 5894 4519 Mil 4MWI *942 Ibi* 3943 4666 3944 4660 3945 - 4670 3946 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4300 4881 And of the following number iaeued Jinatry, US* Bond No. 5050 Bond No. 5419 6195 6421 5326 5426 5359 6427 * 6300 6430 5361 6434 6362 6436 6363 6437 6364 643R 6365 M39 6366 M40 6W7 6441 5368 6441 6369 MSI ?S79 6444 ! W71 6446 6371 6461 6ST1 6618 6374 Ulfi MVS 55ft) 6376 6511 un Mn WTO 6701 6379 5704 6*80 5705 M81 6706 6385 6T07 MM 6709 6387 5709 6388 6710 6389 6711 6390 6713 *391 6711 ?j?l 5799 KTUt com vtfro W5'^f M16 5H40 MIT *843 6418 Omci or ru Sicirut or t?? litmiot, Deoember X. IMA. 13-dtf J. THOMPSON, J**or?t?ry. The above PURE WHlhKY, Cor pes Di?t:lu*T) rao* Maxtxs 6um, being eupenor ud uniform u? ?aahty. and tilthlr improved U ace. u pref*r-?d br oomumeri to &. nilnw*. -r TiL.rr?omnieL0M, b* bMt ?hym??a? tad heraU^a m MMMflsine all th? re?atr?Tn?ate of t Ten* /whimw mnd AtmU. the di*tjh*Ucr of tti:? Whisky, ia jrorcdVy &o*ir SiS" ?"> tofcit ind ^rtil vun in the United ANOTHER FEE^,(J0^fl'LY OF GOOi> Jiut jooeirod by ?.*Kl{ CH * *ICH8TEIN, ? lib. i ? WidlMTOK. ?ii .JL V ? World by Bremer ; 1 vola , ItaK> , cloth; ?ric? f s so unt 01 i own. dt untriai L^ror. VmO. Nf<M(iloaUMB?k, by Chariee Dlokene. paper; RnbU The American Que# ton, l*"??o , eioth : pnoe M Mil*: by mi. freeoareeeiptofprtea. Iiintli toiri tt our itottfor oub. Nit CMVK HUNDRED TRAVtLI.N6 TRVNE* r arrived thle day, embracing a ! auali M^^m nee and aiaaa of Sole Leather. Ladiee'Hnfl Dreea and Packing Tranka. Oar traak^^^-* alee room exhibit* at this time the rreateet widf of tnnlioi ree maitee. at moderate pnom. to be JP^M Tranka repaired or tat? la mtam . nJ8?? W^W^ de*ir?bMM?ortia*til frw 'NMTBMI' . m Od*on B u thing, oorner ?fak *tr?*1b4 P?nB WIMl GCHOOL AND COLLK?K OUTFITf, T0utk*' mnd Bc^CMimg ft 3*W mmd |<n& AMKRIOAN ALMANAC FOE 1MI, 1 mg: prtM ?1; half c\lf $iv by naiT. E>?? Vatar, a m?? itnl 7y Oit+t WiriHl i.i?.luuA. aa.n?n.