Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVFINING STAR. ^ ? ? WASHINGTON OFT 7: MOJIDAT March 53, 1*<H. Spirit ( the Warning Prr<* The Inul.'fiHifT Las * pleasant dental, from The p?D of Mr. 9eaton, of the statenienta of " the vertby (rttlenen wbo transmit sensation telegr .msand ?-n?a?!on paragraphs from Washington V the New York press," to the eifcct that Government officials write ed.toria'.a for that paper, The Rtv*KUcan argues taat tte reaction in > irjinia in favor of secession ) the work of politicians who style themselves Union men, but wboee a!m !s secession, and that there la no popular sentiment In Virginia demanding more guarantees for slavery except such as these Union politicians hsve themselves willfully created. H:o? ro* Civu.\Y ax ?The New York Tnbftnt (which did more than any other journal, It will be remembered,to make disunion successful, by lta original arguments in favor of the right of secession, when Its publication of such arguments came lu the nick of time to tarn the ecale In favor of diaunlon in thousands of southern minds.) is vehemently urging the reinforcement of Fort Pickens; avowing, at the same time, lta knowledge of the fact that It will produce the atate of things?civil war?which the Oligarchy seek to bring about, as embracing absolute insurance that th?-5r usurpation of the government of the South will be permanently successful. toiea smoir.ieiy mta, me conductors or mat journal, in taking such a poniilon at this time, mast be merely seeking to defeat any possible bope that the present Administration M ill be a successful one. That tbey already hate it with their peculiar bitterness of hatred isevidentin the sneers and carping with which they daily assail Its prominent appointments, uo leu than in the intense hrstllltv with waieh they dally Impugn all that Secretary Reward says and does on which they can possibly venture an iuvidlous criticism; as well as all known as bis friends, far or near, great or small. In fact, the Tribune has already become the most vehement decrier, of all the press, of the Administration's policy and measures. Weknew well thit*o<n?r or later it would take that position toward* tke new government; or that the latter would sooner or later find itself with no supporters but those of the Tribune school, which really doe* not embrace a fourth of those who oted for Lincoln in November last. But we anticipated that it would be lunger in assuming its present position. The truth Is, all here know well that the Administration Las declined to become the mere band tool of the Tribunet cotery of mad philosophers In Its administration of public affairs; the terms on which it coull alone hive secured that journal's cupport. Hence its current effort to bring Its policy (the Administration s) into disrepute. Were it disposed to accommodate the Tribun' and the Oligarchy by initiating civil war, in thirty days after distributing its patronage it would be literally wiihout a party outside of the 771??'$ own cra^y immediate circle. Its peace policy?the policy of conSdence in the strength cf the principles of th* government of uur fathers ?is rapidly securing for it the confidence of hundreds of thousands of its conservative northern opponents in the late election; and also obtaining fcr It & Datlent b^riDa *nH a * ? * r ? J x?< J ? J I UUI i'u the friends of tho Union throughout the South, which it may legitiir.ately and patriotically tetW there. Thus, it is to-day infinitely stronger in all quarters c>f the country than oa the 4th of March last, the carping of the Tr\bun* and tbo persistent misrepresentations of tbe disunion press to the contrary, notwithstanding. It is already well known here that President Lincoln will do nothing whatever that may possibly accord to tbe Oligarchy their desired civil war, that may not he absolutely necessary on his part by way of the protection of some essentially material interest of the General Government in the aitnation in which disunion has placed the latter. It la evident that it does not propose to inaae war upon any alleged polut of honor con* I Jared up by the Ollgarc&y aud the Tribune iu I order to secure the Initiation of active hostilities I It realize* tiiat it holds tin speedy downfall uf disunion ascendancy at the South in the hollow *f its iaiid, if able to continue to avoid war but for a few brief months. It will do nothing whatever that may be construed to mean an act cf interference between the Oligarchy aud the people whose government the latter have usurped, while It remains so plain as at preseut that the latter ?... ^ <iuu.Mi? iat;r own rigbu u Aaierlean Citizen*, and can best and aooneat vindicate them U left tc their own reaources In ao doing. Arroi5TMK.?Ta ??om th? Socih, 4c ?Some of the newspaper* are clamoring over the fact that la making lit* foreign appolutmeuta, the Prealdent has (elected no t'niou men from the South Though, ao far the namea of few auch appear spoa the list, this la a'iniatake; for imon^ the beat consulate.* filled by the preaeat Administration are Vngpoo, China, (&J.OUO per annum.) conferred ou Willie P. Manj;um, Jr., of N. C., (a on of ex-Se:i?tor Mangum,) and the St. Thotnaa Consulate. (#4.UJ0 per annum,) conferred on Jno. T Edgar, E*q., of Tenn., a brother-in-law of the Hon. J. J Crittenden. We may not Inappropriately add that it haa incidentally come to our knowledge that the only reaaon why more or lesa t?-a ? ' '? * " mivi men oi me ooraer slaveboldlng State* have not been sent abroad by President Lincoln in a diplomatic capacity, arises from the -fact that, so far, they have not applied personally or through friei>4s for such positions under the Government. When they may apply, it is v*ry likely that quite a number of them will receive public employment. President Lincoln's position in this connection :s an exceedingly delicate one. evidently. The disunion press and orators stand ready to impugn the motives cf any southern gentleman who, favoring the Union, may seek to serve the Government of the United States in times like the present, and would doubtless as readily Impugn the motives of any southern man acceotini? office uniej_'fct, at tht Lands of the present Government Hence, we take it, the President's hesitancy to itti. agents In the administration of public at the $oath. It ft- ke* us aa being quite time that the Inionists of the M?uth should cease to be squeamish In this matter The Disunion preaa will, of course, misrepresent them in any event. Their cause will suffer far more from their failure to give palpable proof of their determination to stand by the L'nioa in auy event and at all hazards, than from falae cha-ges urged against them by the DisunlonisU, ba?*d cn their practical recognition of the constitutionality and fairneaa of Lincoln a election, Involved in an attitude on their part towards his administration which they would not have hesitated to hold toward* -J ' ? au ministration, bad the duty of defending the Union io line* like the preseot be?n devolved on Breckinridge, instead of the preaent Executive. T?* OLiSABCHt't Loax.?We apprehend there is no truth whatever in the current story that the Oligarchy'! propoMd lo-u of S!5,OUU,UOO has been eagerly takeu at par by southern capitalist!. We know that the New Orleans disunion paper* continue almost dally to besecch the ca^talists of the South to subscribe for It; yet so far we, bate seen, no ooe named as having actually and positively subscribed for a dollar of it. We know, farther, that in Wall street, on Saturday last, It was generally understood that very little, If any, ef It bad been taken It la doubtlese true that the rich planters of tbe South are well able to take the whole of it, if disposed so to Invest their surplus capital. That they do not do so, however, Is evidence that tbey have no confidents r**r la tbe permanency of the current state of iffilra around them Ixroiuir Arroixmiiii.-lt is uudentood Uit on Saturday, beaidea concluding upon a Urge number of appolataaeata In Minnesota and elsewhere In tbe interior, tbe President finally coneluded upon tbe following Vis : Hon Henry W later Daela. of Md , Minister to Russia, Sit. Bbufeldt, conaul at Havana, Mr Blgelow Lawrence, of Boa ton (a too of tbe Hon Abbot l.iw,) conftul at Florence; and Mr Fry, <of tbe New York Tribmnt,) sn-retary of tU legation to Sardinia coiie&euiuiAi. ??"i?.-WheB our report close** on Saturday, be Senate had under consideration tb- resolution < Introduced by Mr. Hale for tee election of Ser- i xeant-at-Arma, Doorkeeper and Assistant DoorkMiwt After a protracted debate, without disposing of the resolution, the Senate went Into executive fession and adjourned. Monday, March S5 8xnatb ?'The President of the Senate announced that tbe resolution introduced bv Mr. Hale for the election of Sergeaut-at-Arms, Doorkeeper and Assistant Doorkeeper waa first in order. Mr Hale moved that tbe resolution be permitted to lie upon tbe table that tae Senator from Wisconsin (Mr. Howe) might conclude bis speech begun on Saturday; agreed to. Mr Powell Introduced a resolution requesting th#? PrMiH?>n( in'iniraU tr? (hp *fi dispatches from Maj. Anderson to the War Department during his command at Fort Sumter. Adopted. T Le State then took up the Douglas resolution, and Mr H owe pr<? eedea to addreaa that body He considered this Government as being still composed of thlrty.four States, and that twentysi x were still necessary to tbe adoption of amendments to the Constitution, notwithstanding the attempted wit Jrawal of seven of tboae States He was not in fayor of war for subjugating tbe South, but he did not want to compromise with traitors. He only wanted to treat with tbe Union men of the border States. He wanted kind relatione to be maintained with tbe people of those States, but the desire for this object should not lead teem to do too much. ? Mr. Howe was speaking when etir report closed. Till Sknatk Officks.?The determination of th# Democrats cf the Senate to break up n quorum for the balance of the current called session, now Will known In ms* t Vt a RpnnWIimni nr^ca lh#?'p policy of turning out the Sergeant-at-Arrn* of the body at this time, will be very likely to cause IU abandonment to-day. The Democrats have power thus abruptly to terminate the called session, whlrh, If done, will greatly embarrass the Administration. Hence we conclude that the Republican Senators will forego their purpose of electing Mr. Brown, of 111., to be their Sergeantat-Arms In place of Mr. McN'alr, of Ky .the present Incumbent, until next December. Mistakes Corrected.?We find that the Cabinet have been In full meeting but three time* since the fourth of March, and that the only occaalon on which appointments to office have b*-en the aubject matter of formal consideration In their meetings, waa on Saturday laat; the President having made nine-tenths of his appointments so far without considering it necessary to consult the Cabinet formally with reference to hla selections. Then* are fact* on wbich the public may rely; sensation dispatches from Washington to the contrary notwithstanding. Th* >*w U S. Govirsmest Loan.?We learn from New York to-day, that the U.S. loan to be disposed of on Monday next will be all otit-K-d for from Wall street on much more favorable termsvery near or at par?than those obtained by Secretary Dix not long since. Those who subscribed for th*t made enormous profits on the investment in a very few days, It will be remembered Kbq?We apprehend that there is a mistake in the common understanding that this gentleman designs going abroad In the capacity of commissioner to secure European recognition of the usurpation of the Oligarchy. He is said to have declared to parties In this city that k. la . >- ....J ?-l ' * HV im KIA/UI b\J UiiUCI W4C HO SUCH UlISSlOIl. Jons P Sasdersos, Ksq., of Philadelphia, today assumed the discbarge of the duties of the position to which he was called by Secretary Cameron a few days since?the Chief Clerkship of the War Department. Acting Chief Clerk Potts has returned to his late deck?that of the Department's disbursing clerk. The Milk ij? the Cocoa Not ? fix-Adjutant General Cooper, late of the U. S. A., whose resignation we announced not long since, Is understood to have become the Adjutant General of the putative army of the Oligarchy. To bb Rbtaikbd ? It Is understood that Mr. f.lnnltt nnm ?<? > ?-- fa* "? _.rr.~, mv wwvi mi v- . uegikian in Vlenm, will be retained in that position by the present Administration. The new Ccmmtasione* ov the General Land OrriCE?Judge Edmonds, of Mlcbluan, reached Washington yesterday, and enters upon hi* duties to-morrow. ArrLiCATioss for cadeUhipa at West Point are coming in upon President Lincoln frorft Louisiana and other seceded States Personal. Hon J W. Wallace, and Hon. J. H. Wll*on, Pa , are at the National. Gov. A W. Randall, N. V* , and Hon M. L Latham, Cal., are at Browns' Mrs Bloomer, Inventor i>f women'i ' pettlli'O i*" ?nd ihnft ? ( u?o wcwujt une oi IDC editor* of the City Item, at Waupon, Wis. Hon C. A Trlrrble, Ohio; Hon. J A. Gurlev. Ohio; Capt W. F Buxton. R ?val Navy; Capt C'arkf and lad v, Canada; VnJ. R ? Garnett, J?>hn MuMlns, and Coi. Van New, U. 8. A , are at Wllla ds\ Major George Deas. lately attached to Gen. Wool'* staff. and who resigned hit |K>sitiou In the I" S Aruiv, baa been appointed Adjutant General, with the rank of Colonel, tn the army of the "Confederated States of America." Wm H eaey. Esq , of New York, wLo haa been appointed Consul at Aii-la-Cbapelle, has been In tbe consular service twenty-seven years during which time be has been successively stationed at Lisbon, at Antwerp, and at Havre. Tbe re-appointment Is regarded as a compliment ta Hon. Jcbn A Dlx. The Troy Times says that Gen. Wool Is contlned to his residence In that city by sickness It is prot>ab!y a renewal of bis Washington attack His anxiety In respect to pubilc affairs, and tbe constant excitement through which he has lately parsed, has rendered the attacks of disease more severe than they otherwise would be. While tbe steami-r Massachusetts wai running out of the Charleston harbor, and when opposite Fort Sumter. Maj Anderson came forward and saluted the steamer by waiving his handkerchief A gentleman of Boston, who came passenger in tbe Massachusetts, says that Maj Anderson Is a very popular man in Charleston, and naiDiRK was ceard derogatory to hi> character at a military officer or gentleman. Hell vary much esteemed by all clasaca. The fenllletonlBte of our excellent Brussels cot?*mporary,l'L*niverael, in bis notlceof tbedeath of the too celebrati-d I.ola Montez, has the following :? * Tbe celebrated peelteresff died, it Is sild, in a moat religious spirit, deploring the scandals and extravagancies of her life. She was taken care of during the laat daya of her llTe fcy Mrs. Buchanan, tei/e of Ike Prttident of th* I'niltd glim, who Lad known her formerly, and took pity on her abandoned condition." This la newa, at thla aide of the water at leaat. i ? ? ~ .iu*.1 v?r i n i \-/lJ>FKD ATI ATK* ? It seems I by an advertisement of the Secretary of the Treasury of the Southern Confederacy that no portion of the loan of 815,000,0*0, authorised by the Montgomery Congress, haa yet been taken. That officer gives notice that one-third of the amount will be offered to the public on the l?th of the ensuing month, to be Issued In sums ranging from *50 to *1,000. The Secretary say a that, In order to enable all portion* of the people throughout the Confederate States "to exhibit their c om- , men Interest in raising fundi for the common defence, booka of aubacriptlon will lie opened at the cities and principal interior towns," and, "to enable all persons conveniently to subsrribe,^urrent bank notes of the place wlu be received "at tb?lr market value In coin." He also states that the debt 1* secured by a "duty of one-eighth of a cent per pound, or about Oi cents per bale, on all cot- i ton exported." - I d7"The Montgomery correspondent of the i CLarleston Courier writes: " A great reaction 1 baa taken place among the vivacious citizens of the Southern capital the adjournM.ent of Congress They go hither and thither, as if < seeking some lost idol whose imige they had < fondly cherished, and from whom they hud been i crueily separated. A vroit ? ?* * 1 * ^ .M TTUrlC so lately l?ad been exhibited tbe scena* of inerrl- i meat and animation. The city may be likened unto a portrait frame, from which tbe beautiful ; picture bad been removed. To one accustomed j to tbe noiae and bum of commercial emporium*, , and the ever varying image* of a sea-coast city, , tbe present Montgomery might be taken for the ; Necropolis of tbe South, when compared with the Montgomery of laat week Were It not for the State Convention and tbe office hunter*, mel anrholla would become epidemical." Citizkssbip is Gkoboia ?Th? City Attorney j of Savannah haafurniabed tbe Council* of that city with hla opto loo of tbe Georgia ordinance on tbe subject of eitlxensblp Tbe ordinance, ss 1 rcnatroed \>y him. roak** all person* who resided In fceorgla at tbe date of ita secession citizens of that State, irrespective of their former residences j or blith-p'aeea. Tbo ordinance nivea, however, to persons not barm In tbo State, three months within which to declare themeelvss apt subject to 1 tbe authority of tfeo State. ? DEPAKTMEST SEWS A*my Offichi Th? rwlgnatlont AulsUnt Surgeon VV. A Carawell, of 5. C , ?nd Jas II Berrter, of Ga.,an4 of brecet 2& Lleat Harold Borland, 5th Infantry, of Ark., a ron of Ex-Senator Solon, of that ilk. ha*? bee* received at the War Department Removed akd Appoixtei*?Mr B Sailer, of . > j ., a 91,roti per innum cierir in tbe Putt Office Department, baa been removed; and Mr. Cbaa. Lvm?n, of Vt, baa been appointed tot fl.flW per annum clerkship In that Department. - CuiEr Esgikker BenJ F Isberwood has been nominated bv tbe President to be Engineer-lnChlef of the United States Navy, rtt? A'cbbold A Clerical Resiosatsos ?Mr. R 8. Lawrence, of Va , a S1.3UU per annum clerk in tbe Census Bureau, ia tald to have resigned to-day. Nomina ted.?T be Prealdent baa nominated Henry R.Wcodbridge, of Vt.,toa Paymastcrsbip in the Navy. Arrest or a Baltimore "Socthkr* Votesteer"' J5 Norfolk ?The Norfolk Day Book of Friday baa the subjoined paragraph : rapt E (iuy, Chief of Police for4hia city, received a dispatch from Marshal George P Kane, of Baltimore, laat night, in which he was instructed to arreat a young man named John Wesley Digua, k minor, who had joined a company of men and started down to Portsmouth on tbe Adelaide with the intention of colng hence to Charle4ton by rail. Armed with tf Is order from tbe Marshal of Baltimore, Capt. Ouy proceeded to Portsmouth early this morning, arid awaited tbe arrival of the boat from Baltimore. When the boat reached tbe wharf, be discovered that there were full ilfty men on board, and aa they bad but a few step* to walk from the boat to the cars, he I J A1 I -A - * " * .... (v?a? nirmu mry womu get on new necould discover the right man However, as goon a? the boat rearheu the wliarf, be jumped aboard and sought the officer; he then informed him the object of hi? visit and the i,ame of the young man wanted The officer was polite and informed the Captain thnt he would point out the young man and wa* very willing to psrt with him, particularly h? bo did not seem willing to go, "for,"' aid he. ''we do not want men down there who do not go freely and of their own account " When the men marched out on the wharf Capt. fiuy arretted the young man and escorted him to the jail in this city, where be is at the present time. Young Diggs appeared hriuch gratilied at the arrest, as it w.-is evident that he li?d become sick of bis bargain, and would rather return home than visit Charleston In the capacity of a common soldier. We understand that the men In this draft, with a few exceptions, were pretty hard caaea, and evinced their bloodthirsty and ungovernable nature! by engaging in a tight among themselves, while on the passage down. Tbe Day Book says further, that as tbe cars containing the "Volunteers" moved otf from Portsmouth, the party struck up "#lxie" with a will, but when pissing the corner of Dinwiddle and High streets they spied tbe fl*g of tbe country of their adoption, tli* song was changed to three times three hearty cheers, which made the welkin ring. Young D.ggs (mentioned in the foregoing article from the Norfolk Day Book) arrived safely home yesterday morning in the Norfolk steamer, and expresses bis jov at having escaped from that company of ' soutnern volunteer!." He states that several other youtLs of Kast Baltimore about the same age (iti years) as himself were induced by the representations of persons actum as subagents to embark in the enterprise. One of tbe youths, named i'.dward J Harrison, is a son of Mr B H Harrison, carpenter, residing at No. UP East Baltimore street. His father has gone to Wilmington, N C , to reclaim his *o;i. Another younir man. named Hopkins, a son of ex-policeix ui ? * ? -' - - - H...I1 <>i lum secxion 01 the csty, wag also Induced toen^ii^e in tbe afl'air. They are heartily tired of it already, having attempted to conceal themselves behind casks on board the steamer until the company had gone on the railroad cars. They were, however, discovered by tbe captain, with three or four of the men, ar.d compelled to go on with the others ?Balto. American. Pknsacola Affair*.?The "greed of gain" exhibited by tbe people of Pensacoia in furnishing the United St.itea squadron with certain supplies, has brought down upon them the following strong reproof from headquarters. OKMKRAL ObDlRs ? 50. 4 H adquarters Troops Confederate States. ) Sear I'tnsacola, Florida, March 18, 1661. J The Commander General learns with surprise and regret that some of our citizens are engaged in the business of furnishing supplies of fuel, ?... puimuiii uj iue vrMtll of the United States now occupying a threatening appearance off tbia harbor That no misunderstanding may exist on thl* subject, It la announced to all concerned that thla traffic Is strictly forbidden, and all such supplies, which may be captured in transit to said vessels or to Fort Pickens, will be confiscated. The more ' ttec'ualiv to enforce this prohibition, no boat or vessel will be allowed to visit Fort Pickens or any of the United States naval vessels without special sanction. Col. John H Porney, Acting Inspector General, will organize an efficient Harbor Police for the enforcement of this order. By command of B-ig. Gen. Bhaxtojs Bkais. Robert C.Wood, jr., Assist Adj't Gen'l. ReiH/oreinif tht Southern Army?I be Columbus Times of Thursday learns from a gentleman direct from Montgomery, that President Davis will Issue an order for .*),00<) volunteers for Pensacola. Of this number Geo'gla will furnish, perhaps. 2.(WO The Times adds: We consider the Information reliable, and believe that the order will be lss.ied to tfae Gov ii? ?* "* * * * ' _ ? ui iuc v-uuirucr??; avjups immediately Prtrsident Davis docs not rtgard the withdrawal of the troops from Sumter i (as It Is a matter of lift* and death with the Goveruriie>? trcope.) <i? auv indication of peace. Tbe Savannah News cf the !Kd int-t , contains a special dispatch from Montgomery announcing that Major Coppina, of the New Orleans Zouave Regiment, with 5W men, whs ordered to I'ensacola on the 21st Evaccation Capitllatios.?VVehaveendured long enough the dilatory and delusive rumors from tbe feeble fanatics who preside at Washington. We hive asked peace and have offered all honorable and possible terms of peace, and lu expectation of such peace we have (uttered the occupation of a meniclny fortress, which was originally seli' d by a hlgh-handtd act of war, Al ? * 111 iim? 01 peace aiid against the pledged faith of the late Administration it is time this game of procrastination and Vtis'.Illation, and double-deiling jugglery, were stopped, Fort Sumter nuist and avi 11 be very soon devoted to its original and proper and lawful object* :tud purposes, in and tor the defence of the harl>or of Charleston. The mode of effecting that necessary change h?s been, so far, left to the discretion of others; it is now time that we should quicken and stimulate that dlscrttion If the rulers that afflict the country subject to the sway of Lincoln cannot appreciate the nec essity and meet the responsibility of ev:icuati on. we can and should give them, or their representatives usurping places in Fort Suuiter, the alternative opportunity of capitulating. If soft words and grass w:ll not efl'ect our purpose,* we cau easily try stones. But by some means or other, and very speediJv. Fort Sumter must be ours.?Cnarltston Courier. A Fox a field ?Surgeon Johu L Fox. U.S.N., a citizen of Massachusetts, arrived on Thursday with order* front Washington to visit and reDort on the condition of Fort Sumter. On presenting his credentials to the proper officers commanding intercourse with Fort Sumter, permission to visit was granted, on condition of being accompanied by at. officer, Copt. H J . ilartstein was requested to discharge this duty, and the two visitors were accordingly furnished with transport. Whether this mission of Dr Fox implies distrust of the reports of Alaj A ndersou and his medical man, or is connected with some paltry subterfuge and pretext for delay, we shall not at present inquire. There is no heed, however, for a lone investigation as to the condition of Fort Sumter, as It has been dtcided on sufficient evidence that it cannot be longer a healthy and suitable residence for those who are now occupying \t.?Ckarlt*ton Courirr. Ccttixg orr Major A.idkksok's Supplik* or Tallow Ca*dlk* ?A correspondent, wrltlug to tbe Richmond Dispatch, says : Ufa. Beauregard has stopped Maior Anderson from receiving oil and tallow randies, but ax many sperm cand'ts as be pleased Do you know tbe reason' Because oil and tallow will make bis cannon work easy and sperm will not, and oil :<nd tallow will do tbe labor of four men. mart, ain't be1 Call for Troops.?Tbe Savannah Kepnbllcan of Wednesday says it is stated on tbe street that Governor Brown received on Saturday, from President Davis, a requisition for two thousand troops, it is surmised mat tbey are Intended for tbat city sud Fensacola. IC^Tbe Coluabut correspondent of tbe Cleveland Herald writes tbat the election of Jobn ? -- " * - Bwiuiwi u cx-naior rrocn Otla la regarded in that city a* a certain indication of tbe defeat 01 Wade at tbe next eleciion Tbe correspondent holds Northern Ohio responsible for the result. JIT" Tbe Kentucky Senate has agreed to adjourn on the 27th inst. No attempt has yet been made to call a "Sovereign Convention," and even tbe secessionists have abandoned tbe Idea Tbe Legislature have Invited Mr. Crittenden to address them 07* The Georgia Convention has adopted ? new State constitution and submitted it to tbe vote of the people for acceptance. Tbe same Convention a few days since refused to submit tbe permanent constitution of the Confederacy to the people! IQ- The olticla^l census of tbe United States has just been completed, and It shows s total of ,"U. Of these 3,051,601 are slaves. p . Itrmi T?lejrnphed lr*a Wa?hli|t?a. Waihisotos. March 21 ?1t"he number of office teeter* now in Washingtoa Kcnn to b? on tbe Increase Tbe Departmenlscontinnetobethronired with them, much to tbe Interruption of public business. Removals will be numerous Id tbe civil branches cf the Government, and take place as ooon aa tbe cam can be prepared for official action This assurance is r-peatedlv given to impatient expectants Applications by letter from fcur to'five hundred dclly continue to be received. Tbe Southern Commissioners v'sitcd the State Department on Saturday and had a prolonged interview with Secretary Seward The result of tbe interview baa not transpired, but tbe Commissioners profess to be much pleased with tbe Infurmtftm ttwrMMi?ai. J?nH ar? In Ki.Tl. ?r\4?tt? ? - J ? V ? U>^U ?? II Mr. Forsyth If ft this afternoon for N^wVork, and expect* to be absent several days TLe t'omnilis!o:i?>rs have not yet taken a private house, as reported, but may possibly do so should their expectations of the policy to be pursued by the President be realised It la now known that Fort Sumter was not evacuated yrsterday, as wj,s generally antVc'pated. 1 have just received a dispatch from Charleston, which says that '-up to strtn o'clock this trtnimg the troops were mo: r'movtd from Fort Sumttr " This Is all thedlspatch contains, but the Southern Commissioners profess to have Information that the evacuation has been postponed until W ednesday next. Aa soon a* Major Anderson leaves, the gr?at body of the Confederacy troops garrisoning the fort* In Charleston harbor, w.ll be removed to Pensacola, which will be the next point for excitement. There are about three litiudred Baltimc.r?ans now in garrison, and another squad arrlvrd at Charleston on Saturday. Most of the regular troops now in service are from the Northern and middle State*, and being unarcllmated will, as tb?? warm weather approaches, doubtless soon till the hospitals Col. Hen McCullotigb. the great Te*as Indian fighter, and the leader of the armed forces that seized the Government property !n Texas, is said tube In Alexandria to-day It is rumored this evening that he will )>e arrested by order of tbe

President if he should come to Washington This, however, is not probable, as even bearing arms against the Government. ltseeins,ia not now a punishable offence. The property and money of the Government was. however, seixed by McCullough before the Texas Secession Ordinance was passed, through the complicity and treason of Gen. Twlg^i Army asp Navy News ?The rumor that the I'nitcd States farces would rot be withdrawn from Texas, did not emanate from proper authority; and, as steamers are now actually on the wav to New York with soldiers from that State, it is only reasonable to assume that it has no foundatl/ui Tk. I 1 _ - i- " l-? J - ....... , ur iui|>rr-aa.uu Iu we11-1nlorilJfa Army circles Is. that tbe troops will be brought home for the present A few weeks before Maj. Ar.derson was hemmed in at Fort Sumter, be was ordered, witb Captain Humphreys, to examine into tbe organization of the West I'oint Military Academy. Tbe t: S stcresbip Kelease lias been hauled alongside tte wbnrt at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, to be litted with s'ores and provisions She will be rendv to sail in three weeks. The destination of the Release will probably be the Home station or Eait Indbs The Floridlans are about putting some guns on board the old l". S. steamer Fulton. As United States engineers estimated the cost of putting this old tinie-wcrn craft in seaworthy condition at ?50 (XM>. and as no machine slop In Florida could reptir her machinery, she will have little business f*>r an armament. An experienced ordnance authority, an Englishman, writing from London, anys that In naval gunnery?the I niied States and France are far ahead of Great Britain. The Wbitworth and Armstrong cauuou are, be siys. admirable under certain circumstances, and in "a ceremonious battle;" but the rough and ready peculiarity of American and French ordnance, and the ease with whicli they can be kept in order, in spite of the unfavorable influence of a sea ttyht, rend? r them superior to the new and costly armament of British men-of-war. ' On the ocean, when the tug of batt es comes," writes our correspondent,'-arms requiring delicate h uidling and the most accurate adjustment, would run tie chance of being as use.ess as were the pompoons of the Guards In the Criii.est.M It Is now well understood In the navy that Lieut. Barbot. who was tried by court-martial at the Brooklyn ravy yard for striking a sailor, will not be removed from the service His sentence may be a severe reprimand. Commander Walke, we hear, was found not guilty of tbe serious specifications; but the court cold not overlook his disobedience of orders His motivn wfr? V*-. lleved to be good The President will probably ratify the decision la tUete cases next week. The Armstrong case Is still on. Thi Wbath**.?The following report of the weather for the morning Is rr.vie iroat the Amer lean Consolidated Tole?,raph Line to th<- rfir.'.tbsoclsn Institution. Tine i'me of obser.Titian Is about 7 o'clock. M ASCII 25, 1(561. New York. N. Y pleasant. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Washington. D.C clear, wind SW Richmond, Va clear, pleasant Petersburg, Va clear, pleasant. Norfolk, Va ....clear, wind S Raleigh, N. C c'.c-r, 48?. Wilmington. N.C clear, pleasant. Charleston. S. C clear, 54?, wind 3 Augusts, 6a clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ge c'.e^r. 51 , wind S Mncon, Ga clear. Griffen.Ga cleir. i VI..? * * 1- ?- * mun'^uiiirry, A?a . .t*:car, COO I. Jackson, AU clear Mobile, Ala clear, ?$". riCM THl WEST. Cleveland, O overcast, S?5? liaroraeter at the Smithsonian at 7 a m . irot rec*< d f >t,) at neon. .1 ',3iS. Tb"rmo:neter at 7 a no., 34 ; st nocri, Maximum during 4<< houra, ending v c. ir.. todnv, 57?; minimum ry?THE YOUN0 MEN'S CHRISTIAN At! l.y ouation will ho. J an a tjnin.e'l in etin^ at their R"i>:ita THIS (.Monlay; CVE.Ml.N'ii, at hi!fpa?t 7 o clock. It GEO. H. TW1S8. Rep. rf5?MASOMC NOTICE ?There will beareg1X3 v ar communication of D?wson L<> lee, No. '6. at Mn 0"ic Hall, corner Ninth and D *treets, THI* EVENING. A 1 V niter Mt c;i in standing fraternally invit?d to attend J _U E H MAR W TT. Sec. ?J^p?GENERAL ORDERS?No. 17. HlALOCARTfcR- I) C MtLtTIA, I | WifHiSomi March ;3 lWI-( The attention < f rrernb"r? of Vo uii'ser C mpa4 1 tea is ca I no t 'h? f il owng extract fr- in the act r olVongress I Marrh 3,1803, sec. 2 : * * "and no person bavine ' mitstoJ iu a y v!urite?r oo*? pany shall be pn-mit>ed t ? with !'& * h ins 1' Irom the ramr, under penalt) m i?n d !:iar*, tin e*s in ca*e of removal from his ieci'?nary district, to bn recovered as other fines intp *c>d hv ill's act, upon the evidence of the commanding officer the company Irom which lie shall so withdraw, which comwanding officer sha l return a>l such cases to tiio first batta.ion court of inquiry that shah tit thereafter " By order of Major General \VnonT*AX. It A. THOS. !!RAOLEV, Major A 1). C. ATTENTION. Z'>I:\VES.COMPANY -? E, W. I.. I. B.J?You are hereby order d to attend a fpocal nccling *T lii?* corn at >onr arnory.on MONDAV EVENING, Ma'ch o:h, at 'it b*? oclc H>' puitc'ua* ta tour attend .nice. J. TYLER POWELL, Lt.Cn n. M. E. IRVINK, Assistant r*ee. ira 23 2t* [y-y?ATTENT|C?N, PITNAM UU'LES!LkJJ You are hereby rf<iu<>>?ted to mretat your | armory on MONDAY EVV*NlNGt Maroh 7 o'clook. t-unotual atteuuance it reqvireri, aa bu?ine; * of importance will be before the meeting. By order of th? Company. ma 33-2t* nffi ?ALL PERSONS HAVING BILLS again?t JJ? the Inauguration Bali must leave t*em at O. Gau'ier's, endowed to the Treasurer, before Tuesday next, the 2t>tli imstant, in order to insure payment. ma U 3t A". C. .MCLAUG HLIN, TTORNEY and COUNSELLOR AT LAW, VVitflivr. Tilt 117" Otfioe next doir to tae banking house of 811 ter. Lea ft Co.- Seventh st in 25 3t* PIANOS THAT WILL ANSWER F<?R NEW BEGINNERS-One at 2"_ mm . ?rd one at 8S0; or for rent at 75 oents audfES^U 91 per month* JOHN F. ELLIS. Ml tl I OhiikTinc ic Son*' Pitno D*#ot . ina 25 306 Pa av., bet 9th and IQth ?U. OFFICE WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. WttUlMTOX, March 22, 1861. Proposai* will be rec-iveil up to the 15th proxi mo for the lii>niahinc aid delivery at or near the Mta oi tho Oictriot Herer voir, of 4,u00 cubio yard* B nken Stone, mere or less. The stone not to exceed iu *ito oubes of three inches. To be hard and durable Proposals-lioulJ 1-e scaled and endorsed "Proposa for Broken St< re." M ?!. MEIGS, C*pt. of Ertg'rs. ma 25 t\p 5 'hi. Eog'rof Wa<h'n A?iu?duct OFFICE OF THE ADAMS EXPRESS CO., VV A?m.NGTON, D. C.( March ^0 Idol. 8hhi mm SPKCIAI. NOTICE Goods for the Confederated State* mu?t pay da ti^s from this date. Invoices sworn tu by the consignor must aooom paur a I goods anJ pavkac^s innit6 2wfo P. 8 *.ioLAUGHHN, Axawt. flET THE BEST AND CHEAPEST. 10 ^IT** Vcrk *?? Cotton, I Hamilton C?mbr???, Kniti?h LonieUXju. ?*?? i*oir?iW?. Q??U, I * J?oooo ana inrosa biWDUfl .MUlilnt. Brillnuu. Bird ?je Dl?p?ra, ito. PROPOSALS FOR AJAMN. TiuttiT Dspaktkvxt, M%r<?b a 1*1. 8k*lkc P?r?p >ui? will t>e r?opirod ?t fhit D* r*rtm?i.t ur.ul 12o'clock u-^sn ' i/'Wjfo VI?,. da? ofAprt! next, fo? KIOHT Vnt / WS PO l?pj* ??f tiik moc? of thi:l^?rro ^TATFS,U? re irtaeJ on'tertj? flot of CoajroP# of_the 8ih of Feb-**ry ln*t. _ . i ills tuck will bet; ?utere*t at the rate or ux per oei.t per annnn:, ps? ah e Berri ancn?Ky on the first I dayiof J&njarv imd July it. e?c:i year.aiid *?tu reimt>m table in twenty year* f.ora the i?r?t <? of January a*t. The proposals should be endorsed on tba envelopes. "P>opot?le lor Loan of and be ad dressed to the-'reoretary f the Treaturf, Wuliinjr'ori, It l/-" The* mi! t>a opened and deoided a the t me aU>ve stated. N<? off<?r omi b? aooepterl for anj faction of one thoa?and dollar*; n-?r wi 1 auy otfar he considered nnle?aoneywr o-ntum of iUsm?>urt is d-pouted with a depo?;fary of the I nited States, scfgect to 1'ieo der?,f the Secretary of the Treasury. The oe'tifioate of sucli deposit must aooomtany each proposal. Ail off-re lor stock under th.s n- tiee murt he unr nd t'oiai. and contain no r-ferenoa to any other offer. The offer# must state the turn offered for raoh hundred dollars of the stooc. Blurt* for ti?:? atock, ?toi? offer- ahfttlbeaooeprrd, mpft deposit the Amount offered and Accepted with tt e I'reaaurer cf the I nite<1 St*to#, or with the AsaistaM Treaaorer at Boaio.i.New York, Philadelphia and St Louia. or with the Depositary at Cincinnati. on or i-afore tiie fifteenth day of April iext. *iiould any 'bcooeafai oidder deei>? t<- <>p-ait at any other point, Lia request to tutt effect will be duly o >n?idert<d. Upon the receipt at thta Department of crrifioat?a <>f dep-aite with tk* Dep?aitanea at>j?e men tio ed certificates of luacn bed atook Will to iaaned to tue kucce^afu biJdera or their aaaigna in ajrr.a of one tliom-A'd. eve trv crai.d ar<1 ten thou??and dollar*, at tneir option ln?oril>ad atock a > i**aed wil oarry intere t from the date of the deposits of ttie inOii * as al'Ov* 'ta'.ed, an.1 will bet. an ferrab'.e on the books of the I r?a'U'j, ajreeahly to the re?nlatior* of the liepartment. S ioulc Any successful idder deaire certificates ot ato k w tn eoupona of th* teini annual u tereat thereon attached to each certificate, ih?-y will b^ i?a?i?d in sum* ofrne thousand dollar eaoh, with attached ooa?>ons f >r intercut :r >m tln'at-'ay of July mst; and cuch oojbod etock, inatead of being trar.sfeirabie ou tlie hooka ?>f the rratsnrs .may be assigned a?d transferred by the mere d ^livery of aiich certificates, I>e interest on anoh c< epoii atock. from th? date < f the or ponte r| rne money tt.erefor until tue firat d?v < f Ju > , w ill tie pud <-c haflday toth? Reeep'ed bidder or hi? stfcixey. by the depositary with whom tho principal was deposited. Th? prelimirary deporito of on* per cr.tum required f'om ail I'idccra under thia notice will be included in ttie final aepos:te of priacipal b? auocessfui biddera, aud wi 1 be directed to be uumedi at?iy returned to unauooeaitul t'ld'ers. rt. P. CHAPK, 2S ?!t3Ap!f Secretary of the Trea?iiry. Wood and Coal. A No. 1 article ol WOOD on hand, prepared to suit the wants of each euitomer. Wood ?old cord lenrth alio, or in any war or any quai.tities de aired. ID- Coal kryt m Coal Hcwfi, .oreened before de live ring. BjT JW* h*. to the ton. JET" Persona: attention to every order. T. J. A W. M. UA I..T. Office Pa. av., between 11th and 18th iti. Wood >1 til and Wharf f^ot of Seventeenth afreet, below War Depart went. ma JS-tf NEW MILITARY BOOKSJort received by FRENCH A RICHSfKIN, Pa. irtct. Treat aeon the Administration and Or<ar.iza tionofthe liritiah Arm . by Edward Barrmcton For.blangue. 1 vol., 8vo. Engliah edition; pnceby inaii I instruction for Fi*!d Artillery, 1 vol., 12mo ; price by mail 92Jt). Summar* of trie A't of War by Baron de Jomini, 1 vol , i2rr.o ; p^ice hy mail #1V. A Treatise on Fie d f o. tihcatio.i, hy D. If. Mahan. 1 vol.,16mo ; t.v n-ail 81 An ?vementa'? Treatise o-? Advanced Guard, Out Prist* ft.Dfl nfltunhniftnt Hnrm/*? nf T nnn hv i>- H M&bu, I v?>! . 16ntu.; by mail To oe.-.ts. Mania) for thf? Patfiotio vu iiDtw* on Active Service in Keeiiar and lrrejuiar War hy Hueh Forbes vol.., I2m<?; fries ly m&ii ?2 Evo'ufior.a of Field baUerse* of Artillery by .Wator Robert Anderson, I vol., IBmo; price by mail 91 25. Our u-ual diacmiutof 10 to 50 per cent, ' nail bockg. FK N'CH A RICH5>TfclN, " a 25 (Irt.A Hep ) '21* Pa avenue JVTFW MUSIC FOR PIANO,VIOLIN. FLUTE. a o., Ao. Alto, Instruction Hook* for every instrument. JOHN F El.LIS. ma 2a 306 Pa. av.. b"t 9th and Kth iU. PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT AT REAnurab> iato?. Several very Sne onea but lit tie used. Alao. Me.otieons, Vioitcs Guita'a. Ao., Ac. JOH> F. LI.MS. ;na 23 306 Pa. avenue. J\tANTILLA8 AND CLOAKS, MEW bPKlXO STYLES. In Black Silk, Cloth ?nd Barege. A ,eo. new Stra^ Bcnn ta. Hata. Zouavea, Jock8? K ih^TB. Plovprt U n/?k?a f rrv. b'rri !*ri>?, Lto? Gvr<!>.,^a.lio ju?t r*o?ired at im 2? 3t?o MAXWKLI/* Sg?Pa ax W1MON !a the man rno tells CHEAP CLOTH* i? IN??. ma 22 3t SPRINfl FABHION8 nA. tSy IV MILLtVERY. ^f?T?AW BONN K l>. H \TJ?, CAP*.V&?? Ac.: KRKMN FLOWERS aid kIOmm*: iil M AN D3,(all vane-tie* au<l price# ;) SH AKKR* a' i"> oen's es'-'i; HOS.E-1Y. GLOVES, aid FANCY 0<M'DS. At mattSt* firtoi.) W. P. SREDD'S, AOS 11th at. \ E HON TON FOK AI'hIL, I < At:%f.ii5 Monthly for Apri;. App!?loo'? Now Ainerioan Kncycloraed:*, L'n Ooba'64 on ih-? Federal Constitution. S ?, Rfgw iationa for lT"it?d Stat?* Cocmilt'es. 1 volume. FRENCH A RICHST-IN, iria 2^ vtw av . bj?. nth and 12th *t*. a simon. T The I'alt'J Ststes C otuing St-?re. n*h? the e'-tjre stock cf CLOT*IIN?i at one-third of the ouqina' oo?t, a* he withes to seli out n.?i22 3t f?RENCH SlIiAM s.;oi'UCRS. BALT1* MORK. W. P. SB HDD. 50a Klkvchi n St.* The Only Agent. 1 aHi<V Dre*re? of every d??eriptiou can 1? c'car"tl, k tiie lus>ter of mik equal to new. Cover*. ?Ju.tair.?, and Orpe ?. A.?o, Jea omen'* Clothing c\n t>? clean*<1 without le*?i> ir any MuiiataLca t?y wUioh they will kooa t?econ:e ui fit to war. ,N. H.-NotaKen apart; thereby Bavin* the expeu*e of in*king over. (Inte!.) run sa-lm < v n T.u 11 RE Llas ~ and parasols. Ji'it received fro-n the manufac u eri a large jtett M.CVN L'M H.1ELLAS ?m PARA--a. SOI.?, which wi'l ?*ll ai v. ry low prices. flfll KO dfieu JO"V IN'S KID Gl.OVKS, allT nuDibTx. Wa h^e a large stook of i>RV * U??ODS ol ail kinds, and wiii se.l tiiem at tne very lowes* prices. WM. R. RII.RY k. BRO . No. 36 Central ?torr?. Between 7th and 8th atro^tf, ma 2* Opposite Center Market. 1 SIMON-SIMON?HIMOM * K You want to huy CHLAPCLOTHING and IRNISHINU liOOUS, go t<? SIMON, at tne Umt?d S:at?s Clothu.g Store, Pennsylvania ayer. n a "" ** nm Ii*OR SALK-A COUPK and pair of BLACK HOKShS. The Coupe is nearly n-w. r\ Ti e Horste&re Rack Hawk and Mu'W?, jLL\) full brother#, very stvlmli and pofectiy ^/1 nia ohed Also, a Top Wa*on?two s**t?-fl- Brews'er's make?utfd one mmod. App y to ABKLL'S { tables, O street, uetr the War Depirtment; or to 2*?, President ? Square, next RufsiCo.'s Office, in a 2) I w' ^PRING GOODS, O SPRING GOODS. Just rfcived? 2 KM beautiful Spring Calioos. at 10and U>*c. Rich Poii de Chevres. Poplin* and De'ainea, H&ndsom* Grey Laval la and Mohair Clot ha, So pieces fine Frenoh and 1; rk! ish Cfcintse. With many other new and seasonable foods, which we invite our friecds and puroha?>-rs to examine, as we offer the beat foods at the lowest prion. J. W. COLLEY * CO.. ma 16 2w 543 7th at., bet. l) and Pa. av. 81?SI?Sl_81??1? Sl-Sl-*1 SI? !?Sl-Sl?SI? !?Sl-Sl? !?SI. 476 Pa. Av. EVAN8. 4T? Pi. Av YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORK FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Sets for SI Elegant LAVA?? ...... , ........Sets for SI Elegant GARNET *?tefor SI Elegant JET 8?ts for SI Elegant CORAL and GOLD Seta for SI Elegant MEDALLION BeU for SI Elegant RIM MOSAIC Srtsforfl Elegant PLAIN GOLD Seta for SI Ladies' GUARD CHAINS for SI Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAINS for SI Ladies' NECK CHAINS for *1 Gent's VEST CHAINS, (10 different patterns) .for 91 LARGE LOT OP PLATED WARE. fiAneiatln* TABLE, TEA and DESERT SPOONS, FORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKKTS, CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUPS, Ao.. 4.0. Alio; A Large Assortment of JEWELRY, which we oar. tell at V> oenU ptr ariu'.e hooks . CLOS'NG OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. #1.00 BOOKS Selling for...- JO oanta US BOOKS Balling for 40 to 7? o?nU too BOOKS Bailing for... ?1 to ?1J| NOW IB YOUft TIME to asr . BOOK8 and JEWELRY LOW Kit THAN EVEE BfcFORK. CALL EARLY AT ?T? P* Af. KVAftrt. 47* Ft. A* i Mr ll-Iw,r % AUCTION SALES. Bv GREEN A WILLIAMS, Large sale of groceries ant I '?ro?i at Arct!?".-(Hi TUESDAY. IK? 2Sth n ?i?l t. we ?h? 1 * !' in front of omr ? <'?. c * B*t of Seventh and D ?t *?U, at U oVnefc * n . 40 tAcfllent actortv eut cf Groe^rtM and Li^iori. S b?rre ? ?f iniM OrViQi ?Dd * PorV> Rioo ?utlr. ? bsrrf! rmhfd c 11 far, | <1? ? Mo * do RfSu?d f*us?'f 2 do Hr?rd?; > .? h r? Spirit*. S Old f*ooteh W'l uki, ?Hcask* Cr>c4.*? Br?n.i?. i ohe?t* r?r'tn? Og'pnw,!?r T?*. Hf>*w of Brown r*o*p. With rr?;ii other ftrtio!** in Lha S'wrt Iim A.m. on* C?rry?Ji. u. *r)? i (?, aaiUb e lor ? ^ ker or baft#' morehut. It f=rVKN * WlLUAMMwn, Py J. C. VoGl'IRK k CO.. * Mptfoiwiwi rATAI.OO I F. r* \ I.K OF l.OOO OF THk rntwrti A*t. inrt r>TH*nt>r rnrr tc??' Blwmhk fio?s?.-On rill KXOAV AFTkrM?'?k 2ni?.ftt? ft>? Aiiotlo* Roimu^wi ??a I melt. h? Oftt*.o?a?, ? .?t ] .? ? (,f n'TH. ?no nwi nr?> ui ???i r'Fr?? Bl'>omin* RoiM. ompriting? Mo"!hl? Mo#- !ar*? rrandard, Jw*? Yallow ar4 Climb nr Ro*rn. Alao. Marnolia*. *" h??do<Jni?*-ai>. Pwm D?'ohir*r.'? P)?f. CtiireH Tr^e P?a?r> W iit?n??, f I) nh!? P? li*?. *pir??i. carnations. n. Geranium. V?rt??na?. Hahot-???*. lion! C?m?liM,Jtro.ncva. Ornir* ncd I eiri^n Troo?. And a r.'*at iranr otHer ch< to? P'a^a, Alao. Dwarf P?ar?, Cherry Traaa. Month!? Imi barr?. to. The oollr0tion comprirMii ?!>a h*at kinda knr?> ia Kar?>** or An?*rl'-?. Tarm? out A. JAR DIN. F or ?t and > u'?rr?man. Ant *?*. r 'ft k inX VI lVaak mclAM VW ?H I * ' ! " " " ?' IIIUftiWH, irar>d J C MeGL'IRK ft CO.. Aaeu Bj *RKF.N A WILLIAMS. AaotioB*ara. .Vo. rerntrlth and D rtrutt HOi:!?EHOI.n AMI KITCHF* Ff'RNI- | Tr*? at ArPTin*.-On F rl l>? V. the v?h ia*tant. w>*h\l' e?J!.at Mo'ainek a. m . at >'o. 413 I at'ett between 10th and 1l?h et?. north. the mi denceof a ?ent'e-n*n d?c!ininc housekeeping, an exealien* *^*-?rtrn?rt cf near)* new Fimtture. r:a H?id?omo Walnut Par.'or Set, corerad with liaic'o'h. 1 Wa'cut Wha'not. P-e^M/it and ot>^ Rnreans, ' Do. Kxtension Dinircand other TaMaa,W*<4robea. Gilt Frame Mirrors, Wia^PW Sl.arfea. Wuh I'Udi, China, G 'an* a* d Croc Very War*. 9 <*a? C>?ek. Kefriperstor, Bsslstr ads, Redding, MHiimm. Dir ir.R and ether < hairs. Mrua?ei?, ?t?ir and o'h?r Csrpata, Hall ard o?her <?i c'oth*. Cookm*. Ra<'ia?or, and other Ktovee. With a too 1 a?>ort<n?n( of Kitehen R^gtw*w. ?toj many nuier a-uoie*. wnien we orem um ?ry to enumerate Term* cach, in current fund*. n*3'<l i;w KKN A Wlll.lAMS. Avef By 1. C. Mc6l IRE A CO t AtennnMra. Excellent furniture and rouse hoid Ep**cts at Averioji.-On FRIOAN MOKMN-, March ?Uh. oomm'i.c'.o* ?ti? o'elh. we ?ha ! ?e'l in < %r?'me T?rrace, No. .151 I ?tr et. be?wten 13?H and U h. at?he ' tdenoe ni a r*nt!e man mtnartinc r?inov? f-om th* citr.ali fci* Household Fu'?ntur? and Effect*. emb'aoint? A r.early r,ew Walnut Hair cloth Parlor Suit. oon i?ting of 2 T<"t? ? T't? Sofa*, 2 A nr. and G Re oeptioi (Miatrs. Roeew^od Marb * top Center and Mahogany Tablee, Gt!t-frame Mirro*. IHicatk Cartaint. Gilt Of nioe, W?lnnt Secretary ar.d K>Ur*r?, Hair cloth gof?. Cfuse ?e*t R eecption Chair*. Solid Walnnt ChimK'r Salt, eoneiftinc of Bretie*Hed^ea*, Mar We top liar iu and V* a?b*tej?e Feather BeJji, Holcter? and Pi!Iowa. Uor?.r> p.-.o and ausfc *iaurf.^?ee. E aBk-?? C mlort*. jt?. Mahogany Fretch ar.d Walunt Jmbj L?n4 Bel itMdt. Pe;nted Co?t**e Set. Cfcerrr W ^thetard* eid Painted Bumiif. I*^fi Hat tree, H*II Oilel ?b, \Va'?nt Exteorion fable. Croekerr and Gli?* Warn, . Thr?e r'f? Inc**:n, Veretiar. 5*tair and H?nr ^' & rp* , Parlcr. Cnamber and Conking Store# and Kitehc RmiIMIn, A mail lot of country cnr'd Hamt and M'ddhcg Termt ctek. ma 25 d J. C. McBHK E k. Co.. A B* GPKKN A Wit.MAMA. Aa?tiut*r? HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD AND KITCH ] 11 *> FcasircaK asd Pi?5o Fokti at Ar Tio*.?On TUESDAY, the Mlu icatant, at t*e o'e o?k a in . we sha.i ?e'i at lb* re i aoc" of J. L TalKnt .ml ?1.V?U k* i m , ?^ , nw ?? ' IAI Ok'' ' t ' w wu 1 | and N streets north, sn cxoeilent lot of Fa-nuore. n?: One fine Rosewood f'i\uo Ft*rte, 7 octaves, raao" hyJ*te:rwayA !*one. Manojany Piush-covered rar'.or Bet U4 Hpr'ot 'hair. Mi' oitu) tup H??r?. 1) > do &<i? and other Tab!**. French Mantel C ock, Wa lut 18 feet fcxt-D?i-'>n. Leaf and Quartered Tatiies. ? Jenny Lied, Cottece and other Bedsteads. WW r.'>t, Fin? ma'k, fcroo* telle an1 Laoe Cartatns, Or unwti, Tarre haudsom* P n and Maate; Glances, G-1. two of wHali a'? Oval F r* *? . Ctui a 'ilii* v.d """rockeri Wtr?, imoni wbic'r is a tine Gold l?au<l a d Firmed leaaJd Cc4T'? 8*t, H ate-1 Castor*. Ac .Ac. Fine F*a<her Bets and B-d<jir> *, H?,ir. < cU<>?-tor ana torue? Mattreve*. Fine l t.1n-rlrj, i>rus??.s, Stau ar?l c Car pet*. K Lge. Hail a:>o other Oilelo'b*. ?ta?r Rod*. Fi"e Refric?ra?tjr, Biri rsTray. Cuokin* and < th-r >t es, A *rod lot of Kitehei: Jurii'a-e. Wit!i?n\ny other articles too numerous to mer tioa Terms: All urns muter ?20 cuh; over that MI.i'Ui:! a erec , t I.' ?> a 60 u&t* f.r n >lu rati* iactonlf ejidwd, be* icg :nter?it. iiKr en ft WII.I 1AM*. A?cU. P.3.?Tiie Houae, wh o > la ft hand nmt tare* st-or* beck, ViUi a t ree a'ory o\ck tiiiiiinr, w.tM a ar|? jftnl, ar.d baDrt'oiuely imp*) v?d, i* aW> !>' Bftie, on ft 0'etit ol aix >?*nr? and ft? a !uv pr.oe If not sold it will bo I'a iont. inquire on tiio prwr ae< or of th? t uL?ct: rk ins. 21 d 4.RKF.X ft WH.MAMf. U* J. C. Mciil 1R K ft CO Aoctigi>**ra. TRIISTK^SALBOPHACKNErCututl I ami r>:b OP Gkk*. Card ; \c? homu.-hr TI KSUAY MORNING. Mftrch jwn.ftt io?.-o. k. in front <?f the Aoc'mn Ronma f J ft* C. MsGilr* ft Co., h? rirlce of ft deed of tr.ei, <*fttf?d A?{i(t #>'h l*bf>. ft'd du'y recorded in li'nr J. A.S.No. . 196. fo iok 318. et sea , I rhftM soil ono good Hackney Covih fti d Pftir <-f firry florae*. Term#: One t. inl cftoh; th? r??tdne in monthly inatftlmouta at 12, 3 4. f> a? a 6 mortne, vith inter *81. eeourul to i,.e **t:-f*-ti n f tho Truaiee. HUttH MURRAY. Trna ee. mft 15 ?o*d? J C. McGtllRtC ft CO . AnoU By fiHKF.M * WILLI AM*. A uotuneora. No .116. erm*r 7 tk nnd D freets 1j*XTENSIVK SALK. OF ?N fcX?'LLLK\'T J AM? or Hovssholii ?\d K<tc*E!? hliiurt, I'ia^oForte S*tool *su Covin Ac. Oil TML'KSOAV, t't* i*th malAnt.w* ahtii til at lit* mi^iio* bf a*??uleiran d^c mine tooua* k'e, leg. on Ninth ft est. >0. 433. oca door ?i>ath of K mr?*',?oirin?ncin? at I" o'c .->ck a m . a.arf" and rsce'l?-n as?orti?i.t of Furr.'.tur*, ?ia : fcio' i ent No???i?td cjm Piano Fort . S'oc! ?rd Crr,? oita?e*. lr.ade f?y Rc?enkrsnta. Fine Ve5vat-o???*red Parlor N't, Matiogar.T and Walnut Hair-e'oth ?et?, -me n*tnr. KkoHs/ and K*c?j?tioii Chair*, Fid* Marble lcf< \Ya nut, CeuUjr, Aid* aed other Tab!?. Fiu? Mi k( top |tre??Mic Rur?Vi?, Sideboard, Flue ^ a'.rnt n<o*ca?* and Secretar*. 14-feet t* t?r?!on TaM-, GiranJo esand .Mints! O-namente, Pa rting and Ki<rr*vinc*. A a<*o ?tt? f Chica.Glaa" andCwckarr War*.A e. i - tviuii, ai.e ra.niou lounge cutmi M s*et?. Fanner Beds Hair and Shuek Mattresses, Cot-age and other Be^?t*a:l?, BeJuirig, w sen i;ii?et< and An'ilnbi, Winl*?w 9hvles an l Fixtures, Can* and Wood s*?.t <-Lairs, Velvet, Brus'*tsand ct>-er Carpets, Uiloloth and Msttirg. Hearth Rug*, Hta<r Rods, Oilcraah and Cooks, Cooking. Rati a'-or aud oUer Stoves, With an excellent lot of kitehen K equtsites and n.anr ??tli?r articles which we deem noaeeee sat) to enumerate. Terms o&rh in arkab'e funds. ma23 d GREEN k. WiLLIAM?. A sets R? i.C. MoGl'i R K * CO.. Auotiotieers Extensive sale of furniture and Hocskhoid Kfucts.?On WEDNESDAY ?OKNING. March -7.h at it o'clock, at the large ardia* House soo'h-astoori^rof Pa avenue arid , street, I shall s?ll all the Paraitars and Effects, Ooffprtsit g? Rosewood-oaee Pi no Forte. Cover and Stool. Walnut and Mahogany Hair Spring seat Sofas. Ko?krri ud Parlor Cnaira, Wa'nnt WhitpoU, jftrnte-top Tabjes, Wair at Fancy Tablea, Cane seat Cheua. WI nd JW Cb Ituw, Shades, C?r??- , Velvet. Brsa?ela end Itgrain Carpet., tiiioloth. ftai'Catp'U, Matting, Marh e-tof Cotta?? S^Ma. Loolnc* Ga?ae*. Doubl* and Sincie Bfda'.eeda, Waat.etanda. Mattre??-a. Bo'.?tera and Pulowa, Blankets Conrforta, ?he?uac. mine Tablea, ?'hMra, Sideboard, C& ra. Gta*? and Oroekery. Ra^ta'c. Air tight ana omer Stovea. Tor?tlie- with a aear>rtrr ert of H caret ?'< Furniture Kitchen t fffoU not n?ofw4r< u> ??if. Ternii: fs ruder ca<h;over that in aeredit of &>, and S*? <iAya, for c*u>faotorily endorr 4 noi?r, bearm* interest G W PHM.Lir*, BMIII n.attd J. C MoGU'WE 4 CO.. AicU. \| AK^HAl.'# SALE.- In virta? of two writ a 4*1 of Ser: tac:a?. ittgM fromtke Clark's vftot of tU? Circuit Court pf t lie Distnoi cf Col?>r tf.ecoact) of Wa?hinru>c. and to ma directed. 1 wi.. wrote to pat>lia tale for cat t, in front of the aonrt h >as* mr tf *md o< snt?. ?" *ATv|tDAY? tli* So h flat of Alaoh ui?:ant, its:, at UoV wk m . he fo lu?.ut desorihed nrop-rt}. to wit, ?i* : Lo'? No. 2and(. in ^aaare No 1W, and Lot No.l.11 e^aare lew. in urn city of atfcing oa, D. C.. w> SKaar with a!l and ?ii.(at?r tho ia>i>ra?an la .ereon, neiaed and laviM apon a* the property <n Audrew R<-,thweii,and vili b? so.d to sto*n iadi oivs >L?. I2btjd 133. to Jauaari term. 1KI. fa fa voroi Pti'loun, Henrteks * Farber. aud flMoae L.^ w.? w ? VI wm Wl V^BIUUWi j /MlKAl UftKUAINs IN l'IAN??-Oi?WO VI nim h? i k Som' mat* tor # v; wsKAsra^jrt&s; i ?kH1W Mamr aawBstfi "Wira jutm, bmoi 4 co.'t nu?t. *?u