Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1861 Page 1
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J m $twc, V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. MARCH 26. 1861. % N?. 2.527. . W- | THE DAILY EVENING STAR ta PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THK STAR BUILDINGS, CV-:*r of Pmnryl**ni?iHnu4 mnd lit A it., IT W. D. WALL1CH. PM*fi erred in ptckMN by sarriare tl < i T?r, or r cents per month. To mail eebeortbers the prioe ia #33) a rear, m? *de?***; 92 for aix irontha, ?1 for three months: and for 1mm than three months at the rate of 13 oenta a tnI, Binf * opiev o.t? out; in wrappers, two cuts. li7ADvnTissi?BNTtaAonld beaent to ottoe before U o'c.ock re.; otherwise they may not ayy^ajantil the next day. "THE AMERICAN LEGION." A late number of Charivari, (the Paris Punch.) contains the following bit of American affaire under the head of " The American Legions " " Happy America ? Fragment of Eden inclosed by two oceans! It is not thj children who wh? keep up innumerable armies to maintain their rights." Read and see: lieneral Scott, more suspicion* than ever, continues his preparations of defence, and notwithstanding the opposition of the President, has sent to Fort Monroe in Virginia. 70 men.*' What do you say to that, on! Virginians, my friends ? Talk of secession in presence of 1 such armed masses as these ! Such a display of armed men ought to give us a magnified idea of the value (numerical) * ! v? oacu .American soiaier. It is evident that when Oen. Scott reinforces a garrison, he does it in repeating to himself the phrase, parodied from one of the four rule* " I give one that is worth a thousand." Tbe following is the Tariff: For an important city undermined by secession idea?, 15 men and 1 sergeant. To render impregnable a fortress of the first class, 32 men and 1 officer. And so on for the rest. It would not be believed how much this sobriety pleasea and astonishes us. Bui do you know, Europeans, that this intrinsic value of the American soldier ought to cause reflection in our Governments? Suppose that some fine morninsr th? n?w? CI ~~ should arrive that a Slavery General had erabarked upon a yacht, in company with a platoon of Carolinians. with the object of estabtishiug the slave trado, of maintaining the Russian serfs in bondage or of retaking Gaeta. Wh*t w ju'd you do, I ask' m fcuppose. further, that Englanawag menaced by an apochrypal Stuart, brought back by a M'alker. second of the name, commanding seventeen free-booters: poor Great Britain, she who suffers so much at the thought of an invasion?what would be her fright* the hag her volunteers, we know, but would they suffice to defend the immaculate soil of the mother country7 * lift' vrm tnrnal FncrltiK J ? ?. ? - ^ ? - >? ? ?> uugiuu uauv/H, CUI I CliUCr. would proudly cry Walker II. in-throwing the grapnels of his yawl on London Bridge. 'No, we are going to fight you!"'responds the generous eons of noble Albion. 1 Humbug, folly!" j ' Don't care We'll show you how we can d(fen i the rights of our aristocracy, the income of our Bishope, and the statue of Wellington.-' " You imbeciles* If I make a sign you are pquashed into nothing " Well, we'll at least be squashed with hon. | or '' " Come on then!" * Gentlemen pirates, fire first'" A* II..? ? * * ' - ' - j?un jruu (fiutvse my puj: exclaims W aiker II Look and tremble' To your feet, my brave army! Every man on the bridge!*' The seventeen men, hid under tho seats of the yawl, suddenly rise to their full height before the affrighted English nation. At their view the bravest of the riflemen exclaims, "Ah, there's too many!" Resistance thus rendered impossible, humbled England bows her head, and, struck out from the list of nations, is no longer but a geographical expression. Happy if now and thru an American topographer consents to place her on his map with the indications : ?uia!l island, poorly inhabited, belonging to t? .uth Carolina, discovered and conquered by Walker II. and christened by him with the name of Walkerie." ! The heart is moved, the eyes grow lachrymose at the thought. God of nationalities, protect the soil of France forever from tho innumerable hordes of transatlantic Attilas! We should die with shame if our million of soldiers and armed citizensshould be conquered and subjugated by a quarter of a hundred delirious Americans! A Kfinnlf (cuntiitrnr. ii C1 11 i- " * ' * jmti cuj; jr in some ooservation" in the last number of the Knickerbocker Magasine, discusses fine art?, and thus describes a female connoisseur: " Haven't I heard Mrs. Henry Bane Stricklime (who writes poetry) say that considering [what improper subjects artist; generally painted, and the want of olothes in statuary, she was in all truthfulness Compelled to admit that the World would have been so far, far. far better off by far without Art than with it. She % trusted, however, that a Moral Era was now a dawning in painting, and that a complete reft formation would sweep away tuch Abomina1 tions as now scandalized her. bhe did not speak ignorantly. She had been to seepage's 'Venus and Wertmuller'a -Danae,' Palmer's , ' Captive,' and Dubufe's 'Adam and Eve,' and had been Simply Disgusted. That was the word, i She had no other feeling. It was Disgust. This was said tome by Mrs. Hen Bane S.,in mock- 1 picture auction-show,in the presence of 200 Eminent Masters?the collection of a Gentleman Going to New Jersey. When I left Mrs. Hen was in -wraptures' with a lemon-candy looking view of* The Prodigal Son,' which was rather below the level of the worst panel in the Fourth Avenue Cars In vulgar diction, she was On it If that picture had been an egg, Mrs Hen s warmth would have hatched it. If it bad been a man she'd have married it If it bad been a three-cent pie, she d have been right in the middle of it 'n less n no time. If i? had been anything Reviving, in a quart bottle, I wouldn't for the ?ake of her family have trusted her alone with it, unless the cork-screw crop had (ailed that year. But as it was only a Moral Picture she oould only criticise it, which t>he did to the amount of seventeen t> :?? * - ikkuu) iu iue rutii; ruauiDg 01 tot DUl week. Therein she spread herself like the banyan turkey who went it blind on 150 egg? Therein she scattered and sparkled with bewildering yet fiery ease the chorus-skating spotted splendors of the lithe and radiant agonies of language. Tnerein did she display a Morality so over-ripe that it burst open ia a rather tishy detail of the hideous courses pur- i aued by the Prodigsl among the other gals, \ before he came down from wining it to swin- J ing it on husks Therein did she ferociously P deny that the husks in question were carob- ' pods, or any other1 podf. any more than they were pod-augurs, because Husks and nothing i else was the generally established reading linked with every soothing memory of infan- < cy Therein, finally, did she mngnificate and elevifv La the ram of all insmiii th? < ' .ft".I and Hiring young man who painted tbe Prod ! in question, and in whose studio, by the way, Mrs. Hen make* a good many morning calif, utterly dirfregardful of the vast quantity of ) stairs which she herself is compelled to rise l on before she strikes tbe turpentine. It was a great crittercwm end one worthy of the eritter who wrote it. "I was very glad to hear afterward that Mrs H?n had secured that picture at a very Great Bargain. The bidding was spirited, but she got it tor Five Dollars with the Frame; and it now adorns her bean-door, as she oalls tbe scantoin-scantorum in which she receives few highly favored friends. " Tat TaaatruaiAL umio.i ? But so far aa the present territories are concerned, tbe matter Is settled. Somr of it is free and some is slave Tbe law of nature will regulate It Soil and climate must decide tbe question But we are told we mav vet other trrrlUirv. and that we hrtuld lome our rights la that. This reminds a* of the young girl who was sitting before a bluing fire crying Being naked what was tbe matter she exclaimed, hysterically: "I was just tbinkln' upposin' I was? to get married? have a baby ? ad it was to?crawl into that?fire?and get ?burned up?how dreadful?it would?be Booboo.'"?Rahigk Most Munitions or War?Another lot of shct and shell have Wen scat from Richmond, In tbr shape of 60 lo-lach mortars, weighing 4,450 pounds, 70 9-Inch mortars, weighing 3,040 pounds, 3? 9-lncb sfert, 3*180 pouds. Er*op*\s Aptaiis ?The famine in the northwcct provinces of India assumes a more serious character. The failure of aprlng cropt appear to be certain. The Inhabitant* of Cuteh and Travancor are starving It la feared that the famine will exceed anything of the kind within memory Singular fraud* have been detected in the electric telegraph office The Bombay Times *av* the paper currency bill la to be remodeled or abandoned altogether. The tariff on piece good* and yarns 1* to be reduced. The Official Journal of Naples notifies the blockade of the citadel of Mesalna. Hostilities have commenced. All foreign vessels have left Mesalna, with the exception of those of America and England In the Senate of Spain on the fith of March, the government announced that they had resolved unnn atntinntiur miltcfi ?1 ?#? ? "* ? _( ?uv ' uu?? ui mii^a. 1 he cruiser* would be authori7ed to vl*lt Spnnlsh and Knglish vessel*, In order to prevent the slave trade. The Ministry seized the opportunity to again repel the accusations of Lord Paimerston in regnrd to to the slave trade, which accusations tbey signalized as unjust. Prince Gortscbakott" ha* appointed a delegation of twenty-four citizens of Warsaw, eight of whom are alternately to sit at the Town Hall.for the purpose of arranging for the maintenance of public, order. This appointment had produced a satisfactory impression, and it is hoped that order will not be again disturbed The revolutionary party Is small, the people being convinced that any rising not supported hy foreign intervention would hive no rtsult Thegarrison of Warsaw la being increased by other troops. The Deutsche Zeitung say* the address of the Poles to the Ci?r bears '20,U00 signature* It is said It will l>e presented by Prince Gortschakoff in person. It is believed that the policy of the government in regard to the reorganization of the nationality will undergo a complete change Prince Gortachakofl is fully convinced that the voice of circums'a rices necessitates such a change. The Zeitung publishes a leading article stating that France and Russia have either come to, or are on the print of coming tc, an agreement In reference to the Oriental question, an** that such an agreement admits the supposition of an understanding rela'ive to the Polish question. The article concluded* that the yie ding of Russia to Poland must not therefore, be considered as a symptom of weakness. KF.EFfNG THE I'lUFLI IS IfiXOl A.NCE.? The Nashville Bauner publishes the following letter from a subscriber in Alabama, and adds, that if even the most confirmed precipitator cannot M-e therein symptoms of ' reconstruction,and a desire on the part of the unsuspecting people who were gulled into the-'secession train," to get back into the glorious Union from \^hich they have been ingloriously drsgted, and once more under the protecting aegis of the " star-gemmed banner of Liberty/'then they don't want to st e it, and are blind in thelrnwn Inhfaullan ?? ......UUIIVII M' lUC I lie ? I kUUiC doom which awaits the usurper* when the storm of public Indignation shall arise, which will sweep them from pewer The letter is from an honest, shrewd and practical Alabamlan to a wellknown business house of that city: "Walstt Grove, Ala., March 11, 1:61 tf Me.'srs. $ Co.. Nashville : "^irs 1 have reasons to believe thnt the U S. mail will soon be stopped from Alabama?p^rhsps la already stopped I am owln>i you, and atn ready to pay you. but am not willing to mail money at my rtflc. If you say mall it, at your risk, 1 will do so. 1 have reason to believe that the mail ?? searched fcy postmasters for letters and documents (oncerning secession I am truly sorry the times are as bad as theyare--but I had no band In bringing about disunion, for I am omxjsed to secession. 1 would write to you to send mc a Nashville paper?one that is opposed to disunion. oui I do not believe It would get here to me. Every effort is modi here to keep the people in ignorance, but if yo* will send me such a paper. 1 will pay for it whether I get it or not. 'I am yours, truly, . "P. S.?If I should see a safe hand going to Nashville, I shall send yen the moni'y I owe you." Hhall \Vr Mark a Fcss Over the Evacuation??A correspondent suggests that the day F"rt Sumter is to be evacuated be made a day of public rejoicing in Charleston? a general holiday, with thanksgiving and an illumination For our part, we doubt the proprirty and g >od taste of any au h grand demonstration The retirement of seventy men from the possession of a fortress in our hirbor, which they have held thr?-e months, and leave only bicause of the difficulty of getting reinforcements and the supplies, through the erection of batteries which we, their enemies, have been permitted to construct under their ffuns. is not. w* think, an occasion that will justify, before the world, the flourish of a general public jubilation We may all be glad and thankful that none of our blood has been spilt in our hay, while thecoercive intentions of our foes have been foiled hereby our preparations Providence has helped us more in accordance with true dignity, the merits of the atl'alr and the habits of Carolinians, not to exhibit the appearance of being overjoyed. A delicate illumination, with a positive prohibition of firecrackers, we should not object to liut the revolution is not ended, and we should not begin to hoi loo too much or too soon? Charltstnn Mtrcvry. JET" A correspondent writes from Omaha, Nebraska, on the 3d Inst.: '-A prisoner was this morning taken from the jail by an Omaha Vigilance Committee and hung. Crowds are flocking to s?-e him where he is still swinging, dtrec'ly in front of bis recently vacated cell He had robbed a woman In the country of $!,10o, during her husband's absence, bad also attempted her usasitnatlon, but was prevented by bis own accomplice. He ar-knowied Jed being the leader of an rtrcr? *1 i foH Ka n/i ^ f 4"" ' ? vauu VI Ii^cwuine, CAlfUUIU^ ironi here to the shores of the Pacific." The Peach Crop of Marylasd ?The Easton (jazette of Saturday has the following : Much anxiety Ins been felt for some days past about the peach crop in this section. Owing to the tint part of the month being so very ml Id.the peach tree bi;ds were almost ready to burst?in fact we have heard that in the upper part of the county, some trees were In full bioom when the preseut cold spell commenced But those that have net bloomc-d out, the buds have become shriveled and considerably dried, and no doubt the crop will be almost a total failure. 1C7" "My dear Amelia." said Mr Perkins to the young lady whose smiles he was seeking. "1 have long wished for this sweet opportunity, but I hardly dare tru*t myself now to speak the deep emotions of my palpitating heart; but 1 declare to you. my dear Amelia, that I love you most tenderly; your smiles would shed?I say your smile* would shed?would shed?" "Never mind the wood shed," said Amelia, ' go on with that pretty talk." As Awful Conflagration Defeated.?The Pittsburg Dispatch learns from a reliable source, yet can scarcely believe it possible, that a congregation in Youiiystowii, Pa, were lately edi tied by a discourse against the sinking of oil wells, on the L'round that (?od intended ihw Ail rf?nmiia for wnie great conflagration, or other purpose, which wm being interfered with by the wellborerm. ID" The poultry raiser* in England are full of competition A single column of a London weekly contilns some curioas advertisement! One pt rlon advertise* for an incubater, another ?tiers a Toulouse gander and two ueese for twenty-en? dollars, another has for aale ten couple of caU ilacks, another red game bens, and ethers every variety of eggs for hatching \rr A man went into a rum hole lately in PittsBeld, Mass . for a glass of cheap whiskey and was given sulphuric acid in mistake. The proprietor, who thought he had kllltd his man, sure, waited In trepidation a summons before a Coroner's jury, wuto uis customer a* lasi appeared ror another glass of the same kind "It was the beat be ever drank; tt kept ktmdrunk foi tkrt* day*." }Hr* Newspaper correspondents represent that white laborer's wage* in Charleston are now down to fifty cents per day, and that the rank and tile of South Carolina's regular army are already clamoring for tbeir pay; the State's military chest not containing more than enough just now to pay her commissioned officers [fT*The Albemarle (Elizabeth City) Southern of me 20th !n?t , says that Hon Kenneth Rayner baa come oat In favor of the secession of North Carolina (?/" The Texas Convention baa consummated the deposition of Gov Houston. Gov.H. bas published au appeal to the people, denouncing the action of the Convention. U7" Mr. Nathaniel A Richardson, for the past six years Treasurer and Collector of the town of Wine heater, Mais , has pftoved to be a defaulter to the amount ot from ?8,OUO to 98,000. The Boston Commercial Bulletin's list of business rhvK" Jj'vea 21 failures In New York, Oiu Philadelphia, 2 In Boston, and "21 In other placet?a total of 49 for last week. lETTha volunteer rifle corj* of Englmd now I niunbtn lW,u? men 1 * CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, " D Strtet, Ih'UHtn 9tk and luf* Strut j. We have Just finished a number of first-c!as? CARRIAGES, suon as Light Wagons, Path PKtnton*. Vnmily Car iSJltT. end littnitus, whioh we will soil &tW " ? ! a vert small profit. Heine practical meohanios in different branches of the business, we flatter ourselves that wo know the styles and 4 uahty of work that will civo tatia faction, oombimnt hj htness, oomfort and durabili ly, HAMiHnf irnmnHt an,1 A?pafnll* ?MAr..U-l wrwiMHB jra ft J vw ViUli J OVWII'IOU kV the ihortes: notice and ran? reasonable char?rg. WAL+KR, KARMANN A BOrt', Coaohmaker?, euooeaaora to Wm. T. Hook, _?gl7-<Jly TV CARRIAGES. HE Salaeribsr navinc made additional# ki iaotory, :r..\lfiDc it ih? w on* of the lartoat^ BFZZ*ja. lathe flietriot, wiieie lue l&oiiitiea fmySBCTIW manufactanni CAM Kl AGE A Llt? WA6(?NSofa.l kir.da cannot be aoi?aaaed,ar>< from hit lpr.r exjonrree in taa bailees, boyst to rire t*neral satisfaction. A" kind* of Carriage* u< Lijkt Wacocs t oi hand. Ail &El*AlK.8n9aiLj4aM,ai4ail?r4?TS ?ro?ft i7 attend** to. Seoof4-haa4 Carrlatot taken in exskanre (or arv HH. ANDREW J. JOYCE, 4 la-tf Mriir of Utt and K it a. DENTISTRY. DKS. I OCKWOOD .V DARRELL ARE PREpared to insert TEETHon VULCAi\-^?^ ITb BASK, a new and unproved^a? When made on this plan they arpcom fortable to wear and much cheaper than nny other. Also. To?th insoited on Gold Plate, and all Dental < ?perations of any kind that may bo desired Office Koom No A, in the Washington Bniidine.corner Pa av. and Seventh ?t. ja 10 3m* M~TEETH. LOOMIS. M. D.. the inventor and patentee oftue MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at ^-j?c^ ten ts personally a* his office in thisoitT.HM&Es? Many persons can wear these teeth who*** TrP cannot wear others, and no person can wear others wlwi 4.1 wny vanu"i WCttl IIirBTJi Persons calling at my office can l>e aooommodated with an? style arid pries of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are pvtitu'.ar and wish the purest, clcane*t, itmncest, and most perfect denture that art oan produee, the MINERAL PLATE wi!l be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. .'138 Pa.avenue, between 9th and 10th gts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philivle! phia. oc 15 tf A BAR \ RRO. RE A cam in th? held v?ith an immense! v lar^e ptnctc oi READY MA1)E t'LOTHlNb and UENTa'FURNISHING GOODS Wo now offer grf at iiidiioem'>nt8 to persons who buy for ca*h. Remember the place?corner E and Seventh sts. mnr? I m Home-made boots and shoes, For Lamb*', Mis?kh' and Children's Wear, M Kxctedintly Low Prut*. At J. ROSENTHAL'S. No. 16 Market Space, ma 8-eo Pa. av., bet. 8th and 9th ?te. J!r-M> bIRDS! ?DIRDS FOR SALE. yjy J ufit received a splendid assortment of jL?) *>*-i;irii8 Irom Europe?ierm\n t'ananes,^*English Black Bir'is.Th'ueiies, Bull Finches, Hold Pinches, Liuete, Sky Larks. Yellow Wamars. Parroquets, lava SpanoW", Starlens, the Red Mocaw Parrot, and ..reeii and gray. I have Mocking Bin's, llfii Wing Black birds. Red B>rds. Doves, and Bobolinks;a!s?,Trained Birds. PriaA&rpntg to Mj), Cae?B of ail kinds Iroin 10 oants to ? 10, at JOHN O'MEARA'S Bird Store, No. 566 Pa aveiini!, at the <*%pst?l <rate. fe 9 3m iOv The old established PAWN OK- /Q\ JL JL^ICK. formerly ou Penr. avenue, jlwJL W f#:>etweeu 3d a?d ?H &*?., has late \ V W b >en roo-.oved to 3A1 C bt., between 4>i and 6th ata., !>aok of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! # 10,000 i<> ? ? loaned in s 11.all sums on Gold and SiTror Watohea. Jewelry, ai:d ail other artiolea of value. BuMnei"! otrict'ir and confidentially done. Don't, forget to call at No. 351 C st.,l>8twe?n 4& and )itn Rta. fesr-sm I- HERZBKRG. HMIIK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. 1 EMKliiil. at the corner of 1'enn.A ? ? A avenue &r.d Eleventh ptroet., has l>?en yivTSft y tieat'y improved recently and now offer? gref.ter inducements for the patronage or citiz<*:ia and strangers tna.i any other public house in the ottv, his pnaes being 'ess than those of any other hotel on Pern, avenue, aiid his accommodating for p?rfriar.:?: t or transient boarders unexceptionable. Tho i'f.r ar.l restaurant arrangements of the European Hotei have already become very popu lar. bt'ingaii tnat can b9 desired by the most fastidious. Thi proprietor pledges unremitted attention and continued liborai expeoftituieato givo satisfaction to alt, and thus renews his invitation *?* til to rive the > uroptran Hotel aca'l. <ie 4 ti THK INSURANCE COMPANY OP THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 8300,000. Insures Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, Jfco., against loss or damage by fire. HEATH & KNOWLE8, Agents, OlLae? Room 18 over Hank of Washington, ja. lo WATCH REPAIRING ANOSIL.VER WARE MANUFACTORY. 1 have one of the best establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools lor repair- JtS in* every description of Lne Watches, tmd ?7^1 particular attention give to the fame, by # 3T thorough competent workman,and a work guarantied. Alto, ovory descrip ion of standard J*I LV FR WARE, plain and ornamental, manufacture*] under my own supervision, whicti my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern warn sold by dealer* in general and represented a> their own Mianutacture. H.O.HOOD, so 6 _ 33* Pa. avenne. near 9th at. JUST RECEIVED AT FRENCH A RICH ST kin. i!7S Penii.avenue, Washington, "Th'J Pickwick Papers," hem* the farst of the eleti;aot houseuould edition ?f the worVs of Charles Diukens; illu?tiat<>d by T. O. C. Dar'ey and John ?Jilbcrt. Riverside pru-s. Call and examine them. Also, a new supply of f)ariey's Iiluotrated Cow per, the tineiit edition published. fe 1 John f. e SOLE AGENT FOR THE SALE AND REN 1' OF CHICKKRINCr It SONS' PIANOS, 306 PENNA. Avknus. Bttieten 9ik nnd 1 "th Streets, ma 2 North Side. one price ONLY! avtn6 on hand a very heavy stock of DRESS TRIMMINGjkJ will offer the same very cheav for Cash, and On# J Price Only. I * K. C. STEVENS, 3H? Pa. av., no22 tf hetwe?n <Hli and 1l>th nts. French flowersof the very best uality, and an eiicneive vanot>. r.?A . At STB?K\S'? ir.XvtJ Finer Store, DO 22 t n3H.liOtw.9tJi net loth its. Important notice to strangers visiting washington. A View of the National Capitol Will be Frkskntkd To every purchaser ot Book*, Sta'ionerr, &o. from thoweh known establishment of FKkNt'H 4. RICHSTkIN. Booksellers, Stationers, and l'eSiodioal Dealers, No. 27S Fa. avenue, rear the Eirkwood House, Washington. 1). C. mar 1 At moork's wkht end drug stork, 113 Pa avenue, the public can rel? upon^^ getting Puie Medicines. Supplier r.r> ro ^f ooi v?d weekly. All popular Medicines i n rale. K Tooth Brushes at all prices; Coal Oil and Uiupt, Window Glasses, Arc. ID" Ord rs for Cupping. Leeching and T*?th Extracting attended U> promptly. *na 13 ^w_ f \FFIUER8, FETTY OFFICERS, AND Seal yj ineu who were on beard ot any U. S. ships at thA wintiirA of an* nan hm*a iliAir f - ? r ? ?- ?j - ? - ?- ? ? w *??! viaiius H'l Houcty and Head Money promptly attended to hy applyihg to or addressing C. P. WALLACh, Washington. D. C. ia is-tt |*E8T FANCY GOODS, I* AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, AND Owk PKICIORLTi At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK. Do 22 tf S.'lfi. h?tw. nth *'i(1 ltitli at*. I ! NCO LN AS HEIS. Hnn F.ngraved Po*Ta*iT. The l>e*t Portrait yet published of HOS. ABRAHAM LI\COLN, (with rokifktr*,) At FKHNOH &. RICHSTEiN'S, JS o.*i7b PBNN*.. Avihuk, Washington, D. C. Trade supplied at low prioes. mar 7 TAKE NOTICE* WILL Take ail kinds of Virginia money for my ti,H)k debts mud fur Boots. Htinm 1'nmL . ? r< persona indebted to me will pirns* call nn-f nettle up, or 1 ahall foe compelled to five their account* into the hands of a noliector. 3. P. HOOVER, Iron Hail, no 21 P?. *w 9th and H>?h *t? OUR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS ??f the ver* late?t atjlen.and in all oases vft jMh. U ??>?!. e^WlfS^'Sr soS-tf J W 336, bWw. 9th and 10th *u, MISCELLANfcXHJS. pMREMfc.N'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital .77... C300,000. (JJUt corn r C strttt and Louisiana av? ovt* Bcxk of WasktHfton. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. _ Director*. I Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Red fern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D. Barclay. i Jaoub Gideon, Andrew Kothwell, I Thos. Parker, Kiohard Barry, i II. B. French. I No charge for policies. < JAMES ADAMS, President. Abkl G. Davis, Secretary, oo 10-eo6m I m TOPHAM'S CJT? MBCJZ PREMIUM T K U y K Qllli 1 MANUFACTORY. 1 49S> Seventh Street, Washington, D. C. < Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Institute of Baltimore, November 7, lHbo. Also, Medal l?r Ale'ropolitan Mechanics'Institute, 1 Washington, D. C., 1857. I am constantly makia*. and always have on har.d, of the best materia!, every dosortption of 1 Fine Sole Leather, i Iron Frame. Ladt^?' Dr"?", Wood Box, and ; i'ackine Trunks, reijisier, Carpet, and Canvas Traveling Bags. School Satchels, Ac., At Lots Prires. J MemberB of Congress and travelers will please i examine mi stock before purchasing elsewhere ' Trunks that are mvle in other cities. Superior Leather anil Dress Trunks made to order. Trunks covered and repaired at short notice. Goods deUverod free of charge to anylpart of the city. Georretown, aTid Alexandria. ja 23-lyeo JAMES S.TOPHAM. P HEADER, ERUSE The following statement and then judge of its facts for yourself ABRAM COLE, oi Brooklyn, N. V., a well known citizen there, had suffered froin Dy?ptp?ia l-ir soiiih veitra, witl.o it permanent re.ief, uutti he tned AVER'S HILLS, which taki-n according to the directions for trus comprint, restored h.:-i to health in a few weeks. After an interval of gcino tnonih a he has had no retur.: ol his comp airt. GEO. \V. CROSS, of Harifiony, Texas, had an eruption on his n*cfc. shoulder*. hack and leg, which ooveredal-out one thud of ids body. It kept the parts atiected covered with a 60%b, and bom* oite. a raw sore.wai of conise v. rv troublesome and distreseing. It so much impaired his health as to unfit him tor bufine?s and k pt him in constant suilcung. All medical aid fsi'e l him ?nul he to k AYEK'rt COMPOUND EXTRACT ^AttSA11 a i) i i i a l. il * i ? * rnniuuA, wmcn curea ai>n. BlIUMIBIllMVI some tears from the ulceration, hut it id othcrwue n as clear a* an infvnta. JOHN H. SHOOK, Esq an eminent lawrer of . Richmond, Vn,.,tooka old which settled on his 1 lungs. A severe pain set in on the left tide, with a n bad cough, which wag Boon foiloweu by the unmistakable symptoms of consumption. W h?ii r<-di:ced r v?-ry low he commenced taking AVER'S CHERItV PECT??RAL. which soou stepped thecouch -i and completely cured him. I'rrpartd I J I>R. J- C. A YKR &. CO., Lowell, , Mats. mal3eolm "the only preparationWORTHY or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE 1 FOH STATESMEN, JUDGES, il CLE KG VMjC.X, LA DIES. und UENTLEMEN in a.l parts of the world testify to the efficacy of * PROF. O.J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, E and rentlemBn of the Press are unanimous in its praise. A few ts.'timonials oulv oan lie here *iv*n t aee ri'cuiar tor more, and it will be impossible for you to Uoulit. B 47 Wall Stetct, Nitw Yobs. Deo. 2<\1858. _ j Voor n'ltrt of ]5th ir?*ir.l I ah ' been r*ooiv?d. ?ajius that you had li?ard that 1 n had been benefited L>y the useof Wood's Han He- 13 storative, au < re^ue^ting my certificate of tuefact ~ if I had no objection to give it. * I award it to you chee-fully. because I think it due. >ly age ;e about 50 years ; the ooior of my _ hair auburn, and inclined to curl. Some live or bix years since it bopan to turn gray, and the scalp on theorown of my head to lose its tsenaibility a- i landrutf to form upon it. Hitch of these disagree abilities lacrjafed wifii time, aed about 4 idostha since a fourth was added to tnem. by hair failing T off the top of my head and threatening to make me l bald. In this unpleasant predicament I *,n irduoo-l to trT Wood's Hair Rf?n*orati ve, mainly to arrest the falling off of my hair, for 1 had really no expectation that gray r.airoould over bo restored to its oriKiua) color except from dyes. 1 wus. however, greatly surprised t'> find, after the use of two hot ties oniy, that not only was the failing offarreetod, I but the clor was estored to the gtay hairs auu j aeusibiiity to the soalp. a::ii(1.mdruffof iiopd t form A on my iiea<l, very much to th? gratification of iny fl wife, at whosa solicitation I \ras induced to try it. P For this, among the mary obligations 1 owe to 1 her sex, I strongly rymtixd all nushands who 1 value the admiration of their wives to profit by my example, and use it if growing giar or settinr f a d. Very respectfully, IJkn. A. Lave^dkk. To Q. J. Wood A. Co.. *44 llroad cay, N. V. My family are abnett from the city, aud 1 am no . longer at No. 11 C&rroi i'iace. Suxitos. Alk. JiIt 9L1K1. n To Prof. O J. Wooi>: Dtiir Sir? Your "Hair ? R?storativo" ua.a iloue in; hair so much good sii:oe ? t oonimenced the ue^of it, that I wish to i?i?ke known t.i? the public ot'its * fl eels onthe hair, whion ' p.regrtat. A man or woman ma* beuearly deprived m ofh&ir.&iiO by a resort to your "Ilair Restorative" the hair will return moro tolrtUM than ever; at least tfiic is ir.y experience. lieliev? it a'l! Yours truly, Wm. H. Kknkbt. " P. S.?You can publish the above if you lik? Hy ?' publishing in our Southern paper* you will got " more pafronase South. I sm several of your oer- ~ tifioates in the Mobile Mercury, a strong Southern 1" paper. W. H. Kenkdy. J WOOD'S HAIR RKSTORATIYE. < ProK. O J. Wood: Dear Sir: Having had the c? misfortune to lose the best portion of my hair, from r' the effects of the yellow fever, in IVew Orleans in f: lcrl I nra m i nHnnr..l * . V ma L-a -% ><?! >' ? ? ^ mgi, * W ?o 1i ?v? uut'4 mano a nisi U1 ji'UT p I cpjfcrU" tion. *ntl found it to answer a* the very tt-ini; *: needed. Mf hair ik now thick and glossy, and no " words can excress ray obligations to yon in giving to tho alflicitM such a treasure Fiklkt Johxsuh. ?ti The Restorative i? put up in bottles of tiiree sizes. J. viz: large. in?xliuin aud sina'!: the small hold half a pint, and retails for ou? dollar per bottle; the n;e- . diiim holds at least p'-r oer.t. more in proportion tiian the small, retails f*>r two dollars per buttle; thr> large holdf a ?uart, 4" per cent, more in propnr ,j tion, and r>'t?i s for 83. O. J. WOOD A. CO., Proprietors, 444 lirrtad way, New York, and 114 .Marketstreet, St. Louis Mo ? Sold in this o tj by C. STOIT, 375 Pa. avenue. *' an 27 eoly,?iw JJJ BOOTS AND SHOES 10 SUIT THE ? TIMES. We are n^tr manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and SHOEti, and constantly recmvias a ' supf-iy of <\\stern mado work of evar* ca-K^gm ? orcptiop, maue espreseiy to order.and will* y ' M sold at a mnoh ^wc-r pricctisan he* t>esa* SHfc* heretofore r barge-l in this ci*y for muoh inferior artioleg. s, Persons in wa:.t of Uoots ai.d Shoes of eastern or *. oity made work, will always iind a good aesortiren M la store and at the lowest prices, aire us a call. w GRIFFIN k. IJRO., a? I r *14 Pennsylvania avenue. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE ? BURNSIDE'8 ? MONONGAHELA RYK WHISKEY, Ccnsoientionsly distilled by Mr. James IJurnside. of Ailogany County. lu the old-fajitnonMi J' hi'ucat war, from t!:e ohoicc-st and most oarafunj f ae!eote<l kje, and in no ease ever offered for aa e J* untii adapted to vii'l?some u*e by ajn I? is at . oncothe moat ?*l&tal>ta,aa it in emphatically one of the puree}. heveras< .? in the reach of tiw public. ,, To the invalid,&a well as to in oomrpende itsjlr for :t* uunvalled qualities a* a (T ambulant of tiie eal^t, tnraet, and mo(t !>e::efioer.t * description, and many of the moat ?ll<iiinKijie&?d physi?j?ua are uaicgUiu t!:eir piict.ce with the nippiest re?o;ts. CLERY & STOCK DAL K, Proprietor*, r.2S Walnut atre .t. Philadelphia, W51. C. OONOVKR, Aeeni for the Proprietor*, -2Z Pa. a*., ae 24-fm opposite WiHaHs' Hotel. m Dctpont's ounpowde;;. For sale at manufactirreri prioea, hp JOHN J. BOG UK, G*oiu,*TOW*, D. C? *! Scle Aft?ry for Ihe District af Coittmbta. H A larse aupp.T. emb/aoinj every variety, a!way? ? on hand, ?nd delivered free to all parts of the Die- bi tnct. Orders oau tl^o beleft at theoAoaof Adama' a Kxpresa Cnmpanv. Waahinston. 1). C. feS-lawly ?i Sii.iv muiSM.l KUHfcS, LAW.M KOBKS, WLRAGE KOBtS. ? We*re nellBu at half their orifinal ?rioe A> . otlior ('iod? of every >le?nr,ption we are Kill aeilinf at one t Oar t-tn.ku .arue ud well assorted in very depr rtir.ent. fe31 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON *j 0OUUH3. COLDtf^ HOAR 8UN KSB, Ac. U COMPOUND SYRUp'o^GCM ARABIC. This pleasant and popular Oou$h Remedy haa *i been ?o ion* known and extennvejy ue#d, t: ?t " m??-t perecie have hoeome familiar with it? extra- ta ordinary rtfioaoy. It oan be h?4 at all the prn.cipv amc at 23 aud 50 oent* a bottle. . we ifli < 2m*?x>4in* WW uc> nQA s I roft isS?? '*at *60 to'Aw** I M -m-m r??? CLOTHING, &c. ISJ MERCHAST TAILQRINH. I^EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASS1 J MEKS.ANU YESTlSlttB. WALL. STF.PHKNSt C0..3UH PanntflTa- j ma Avenue, have jmt received a arte v*- rt? of new Fall wnioh they invite Lie auektion of th?ir friend* and customers. au Si>-tf /I l/VTI punatm X 1-4 rj I?1 Ciil ? _ REXDV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present M?ort;uept of GENTLEMEN'S KKADv-MADE CLOTHING <ffers to oitiz?ns j np.d straneers wis;.in* an immediate ? ut f.t supc nor inducements, embracing at this time, ail styles and ?uai:ti"? <-f Dress and Business Garments and Overcoats in a I varieties Fire Shirt* ' and Under clothin* of ail kind*. Kid and other fiioves of heat it*. Scarfs, Ties, Crav*U, 1 Stocks, Hosiery, ko.. 4c. Ail of which we are } ottering at our usual tow pnoes. 117- Clothing loacto to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STKI'H.KNS 4 CO., no Iti-tf Si'i l'a. avenue. g OOTOTHEPEOPLKS'CLOUUINGSTORE, t a* No. 4tt0 Seventh St., to a?t vour CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOOlS, HATS an4 CAP:1. fe2 6w_ , W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers.and cltix*ns ceneral- i, j, to an inspection of our present new, ?' tmntivA ->?/! " * * ~ ?- iiaui uvorifnrrt "1 SLOTHS. CASSI.MKRKS, DOKSKINJ*, \\ r, VhSTlNGS, OV F.RCOATlNttS, Ac. ff d * inch wo will make to order in superior" ityle at very low prices. m WAL1., 9TKPHF.N9* CO.. r, oo 25-tf 322 Pa, n?? betw. 9th acl loth ata. - if #Cure ('ruth, Cold, Hoarsenis*, InJtttensa. any Irritation or Sore- 01 *?* of the Throat, Relieve t he Rnrkme Couth t* Conrump- M lion. Bronchitis, Aihma, ?t 4r Catarrh, Clear and mo* 8 strength to the voice of PUBLIC SPEAKERS * and SINGERS. *? Few are aware of the importance of ohecicin< a 3o>ighor "Comni^n Cold" ic i?r. first stage; tnat ?r irhieh in the lie^in'n? wooid rieid to a mild reme dj It, if neglected.soonatt&ckRthe Lungs. "Brotm't Bronchial 7V<wA<j," contain.! nc cemulcent ingreili >nta, allay Pulmonary and B.oucluai Irritation. c? ? "That trouble id my Throat, (for le JROW?J'S which the "Tiorht*" are a specific) * havint made me vn-:n a m?>ro wlua- '* fROCHES perer* N.P.WILLIS. fc' IROWIV"*! "i reoomraend their use to Public *m TROCHES REV. E. H.CHAPIN. ' ! 'Gr^tse^ILce'K'Mi^B"1* Hoabs? ^ )AU?i\r hk*?." KLV. DANltL WISt. rnorHKd "Almost instant relief in the dis v< tressmg ahor oI breathing peculiar mn\vitf*K to Asthma." iKCJWIM , KEV A c EGGLESTON. ["ROCHES " Coutain no Opmin or anjtmr.i injurious." DR. A. A HAVES. ? , JROWN'3 Chemi't, Boston. >F ^ " A simpleand pleasant eombinft- uTROCHE? tion for Cocohs, ?c." 10mwv-? DR. 6. F. BIGELOW. iROWN'8 Boston. >? .Hnl<HVa - Beneficial in Rroncwitis." TROCHES DR. J. F. \V. LANK, ? IROWN'SI . .. ,f0irr* hJ " 1 have proved them excellent for of rnnrnFS \Vrro?n*a ('.nrco" ? REV. II. W. WARREN, u, IROWN S Boston, "? FROCHES ? ?j IROWN'S REV. t>7j. P.ANDEJISOjV ^ ,.r 'ROCHES " ErrTCTWAf. in rpmoTine Ho\rse fl " nes* ar<! Irritation of the Throat. eo " IROWN'8 common with Br*aitsi3 aud 8in? " ?i* c Ui- 1 rKOCHES Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON. Ln (tranre, Gn. IROWN'S Teaoherof Me sic, Southern bt iC Female Co[>te. 1 "ROCHES " Gr?t benefit when taken before j-' land after prea"kiu?[. as ther prevent j,lt iROVVN'S Hoarnenwae. From their pivet effect, i think thoy will be of permanent auROCHES Tantajte to ma. ftliV. K. ROWLKV, A. M. IROWN'S President ol Athene Ooilepe, Tenn. ROCHES f^TSoM by all I):ukrii!U at TWKNde j " F1V^ CENTS A BOX ^11 ^ Dn. J. fl. McLEAN'S J STEEffGTHENIffG CORDIAL A.^ll tiLI'lfll ri HIMtH. HE GREATEST REMEDY m th* WORLD, r.g Dock, Blood Root, 1 AD Black Rc?t, Skrupt- IR of ?*tii H" dorctekinf.r;^'J mtihr-d I r?j tillinf, cr?dECi?? * d*lieica?, tibilaraunf ?plm, and tka ' Ml infallible r*ic*dy Ut r*r.*?alu:j h* di*****d *y*t*n?, ?? id TtaWriog til* *!?? >"">(, tod d?kllltai*d i??ai!d I* 00 takh and f it. MeLEAN'S STR ENUTHESINU CORDIAL JTill *f*ctaally car* L. ?*r Complaint, Dr*a*p* a, Jaaa- jT, c*, (Jhrauie ar N?r?oa? liability, Dittaao *ftb* l:di.?n, id *11 dilitMl trim f ft* * 4i**!dar*d kivtr or loir.a.-h, "" T?s?a*ii, ortkarr, Inward HiIm, Acidity ar Bickn*** af luj * Bitmach, ralluati *f Bicofi t* ib* Raad, D?!I Pun ar J ruaminf la th? nd, P'-lpitai.on of lb* IWart, FaUn*** 011 Wdfht in tha ?*b. Soar Eracuutot, Chokii.f at f if?:iurg F**liiif wli*a down, Dryn*?? or Y*li*W- bo lit *f lb* (kin an ' Et**> N ( Im i, Inward P * ?? > I tin in to* mall af ;'ia Back, Chaat, or Bida, Bwddan [ hit ' Man, Dtprtatian of Ppinu, I rifhifal Draamt, 0? uifaar, Daiaandanty a any mtTNi diaa&aa, Brraa at latent# at. lea Bkin, atid i'ttar and Af?a (ar CWlli Uid . ! !.) ? OYER A MILLION BOTTLES rf i?a ktan aaM daiinf tr>? Uai 111 rretithi, and is na In- | tact hat it fo.iad in (iTuif ttiurt futfactiac. Wha. tf-an, i til (afar (ran 1*aiiMu or UaUlr.y whae MckKAKt I J rKEMCTHLMine COB. DIAL will car* rta 1 !* lanjaiga c*!i tanaty so ada^uata id?* af lha tinraadl- V_ a and al-iatt t-jiraca'aat cha>iga pradaetd ky t\kiif >att lnJ rdial In 'ha (iiuaatd, dakilitaud, and ibatitrtd i.ti??*t 1 lam, irht>ar krakan dawn by axcaat, waak ky taia.-a, iiapaJtad ky alakuatt, 'Jit rtl.ntd *m4 anatranf aifaal Uaa li raaiaiad la iu jiiaiioa h tilth and vifM a" MARRIED FERSOtfSl than, ?aoici??t ?' in&W^tr frein wb&uaar cava*, will rr.t id McbXAM'a fTKEHflTllrNIN* CORn'.Ab a ma gk Mfautrs'.ar af tha ayataia; and all wha may haaa in Ihi lad Uauaalaaafcy Inpratar >n?al(ancaa wiil itid In ikii . ardial a aatltin ar.4 tpatuy rtcady. ' TO THE LADIES. i n McUIAHV BYKKHSTBENiMtJ COKPIAkU a MTar- m an and ayaady ctra far lncipiant Caoaarapuac, Wbitaa, mi atiraelad ar U.Slcalt Maiittraatian.l neefclinanca of Crina ft < ' ir.?aiatlia.rT matr-.rja tnaraoi, r a.unf at Uia Wamk, g-v idtfiriM, r*:u!ir g, ana all dtaaaaaa tnctrlant ta Famalaa. jn] there is no mistake about it Bi far na 1m (<'. Taxa it according la diractitr a. It will In iu.aiaia, atran(U>an, a;.d jaa nr.d cam tha wj :*?tn a( haal'.h i? iaaaut < >! chaak af ain. k'li; kaitla ia ? uiulli la fl ' aaliafactian. Stl FOR CHILDREN If raar childran ara a'ckly, p?- r ar aBiCiad, McLXANt "T,< OEDiAL will rraka ;bam haalUiy.ftl, and raiaaat. Dalap it a raar-iar t; Uj it, aad yaa will ka motatd. It ia da- ?. **! oa urioy. ? Bawara af draffiata ar daalara wha my try la palm apan ia ama kluar ar airaapanlla traah, that can bar ia?p, b? aaviar it la aa rood. A-c;<. aack man. Aak in( r M> LKArtl aTKEHGTHENlNU COE1HAL, and uka thing ana. It ia ; ia only raiuady ti>at will IBr fy tha till loot thoraaffcl* and at tha aama tiraa atrr. f.ban tha aye.ara. 9c Ooa taaa;aaufal takao arary raarainf f&at?uf ia a eartaiu do rarantira far C">aiara, Cbilla a&d t'arar, Y a:Vw F??ar, ar oe if praar.lact diaasaa Uia pat sp It Urja bottlaa. Fnca t liy 91 par baula, ar t baf-laa f?r ftd. i H MrLKAfJ, in) ila proprietor of thia Cardial; aJaa. MtLaau'a V" , . ? L iiiraar.I. Principal Papal as lha af Third a- I | Fina atraata, Bt'. Laaia, Baa. Mj McLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, iJ (TKE BEBT LINIMENT INTNE WOELP ) J{j| Tka aal; aaia aad eartain cara far Cancara, Pilaa, Tm. Uj, ara, BwalUufaand Branchila ar Cotira, Faalu.a, Naa- ? ilfia, Waakcaaaaf tha Mnaclaa, Chronic ar InCamaatar? :.aair.itiaw, Stifuaaa af tha Jctnta,Caotrac'ad Mcaelaa ar ?_ Ifaruauw. iUr?aha ar Tocthacha, Br-- laaa, krrtiaa, Kraah _Z ata, Wan da, Ulcara, Farar Boraa, CAad fcraaat, Sara ' ipjilaa, Earua, tcaida, Sara Throat, ar >?i <afaruaaUoo ar l** Lin, na a.iara.ica haw aa*ara ar Una tha daaaaaa aar TP ira axiaiad, CUkEARt CELEEEATED LINIMENT (a ?( eart&in ranoady. Theaaai.^a af tiarean kainra h.??a kin aa?ad a Ilia af du M ,.pj<aa.4. ..J V. -k* ? - -1 1 " ^ r?p??u? MiVt uua?l/ / tu? ?? ? wn B1??IWOT? rtlBiaj. " MtLEAfTS TOLCANIC OIL LIN WEST rill nli?*t pain elmttt toatanUraiaaly, *nd it wxU tliu, foi trify u4 h*tl th? fa?U?t ?rii la u> iocra*>U? abort umi. wi FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. & MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT > U>? M17 uh 131 >4 Nlubli hm4i for U>( ear* ti *! "?, bubaot, rin<r?ll?, 8pilots, OiiMWal Lamp*. *o4a? ? t*?Uu,n. unit foiltd w evi Bif Haad, Pallanl, FUtala, Cn<! VUlrf ~ ? ?>?. tf UllMlj ?!>?* <?_ r- I _ prima, Bri aaa, Itrt:*.^)!, Craakad Haala, CUii, ftaddla * t Collar GUIs, Cl-.a, Boraa. ?i WaMd), u la ?a Infollibla irva i r An ly it *a iiixa:t*d ud * ear* l* c 101 to THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Yfcia Fwliy u4 Nm Joimi ? tuning a (rwMt vamty of latoravtiv Um MO t* oul IB Uf ?lh?r?la r?MlM Pnday nu>nun?? TB***?Ckak, m *???> Ping e ojy, p#r ueid. 01 ? Fi^anpi? 4 TS T?c oopiea - ___ 9 M Zwecty hreevpiee? *> ? It lnT*n?bly oontaina th? " Washington N**?" Utr tu iQAda TU Dmilt Ermmt Srar olreai?? o rmenLir throighoat th? ooontry. IZTS;cg oopiet < IB VTtpp* ) eu t? proc?r?? I th* AAliniAr *L- -* Al ....... t .. I J MMI M1V iHRV 01 UV Mf*. Pno^THRKfcCENm MEDICINES. Bur johssto*. ALTINOKE LOCK HOSPITAL. }{ai litrnt frtd iht mest C*ttm*n, Sr"d0 and only Rtmtdf in tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET XO FALSE DELICACY PRKVKXT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. I CURE WARRAXTED. OH XO CHARGE, IX FROM OXE TO TWO DAYS. Weakneeaof tbe Back. Stricture*. Affection. at the Kid{>? i.J Bliildti, latulBattar* Piubarp., liupotcoci, Unml OtUlii;, N?u>mmm, Uyepepar, Urnur, I Mdi, Low Hpiriu, PilputiiM f the Ife.rt, Tioiidatj, 'rintilnp, Dmutn of Sift! <>r tiiddiuraa, l)iw?r w u. !?4, Tkioat, Ni?l or Sku., ASecuooa of tbe Li-r?. *' oan ch 'W B wela?ikru Temlilt Uiwidrn inuif Itm oliirjH.tiuoI Yuuiti ?three Dread; ul ud Drmuciix TncC?l wl.ich rfuJct M\rii?(( imjwatiblt,ud dcitnf both I. Jr ami Miud YOLXG MEX iapacnlj ?ko Lift Ikcum tbe victim* of Bulit.ry Vice, tat dreadful and dfttnacii't ha bat what-a awropa > ? nnuiorl; ji?? ihotaa.uda M V?r( Mm ( the Mat lalttJ talent* and brilliant intellect. who mi ght otharvna are entranced lieteniuf Senate* with tb* thunder* of uence or waked to et.iacy the ii'uif l>re, aaaae call witli ail confidence. MARRIAGE. Malt RICH PMmiis, or Young Ilea cmttmplauof Maii?ff, l> itif aware 01 phjraieal ?eakoeaa, organic debility. ? elormitiea. Sc., epeediljr cured. He ?k<i placra l.iir.aelt uudcr the care of Dr J luajr reugi 'J Cotitidc 111 hit bwiaor at a geutietu*n and cooidftiliy f\v upou h;t tkill at a phytic tan. OFFICE Xo 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. ft baud eiJe c?m(f from Baltimore aciert, few doore fr?>* ic corner. Kail not to obeer.e name and eaait^r. littrn mil t paid and contain a Man-(< DR JOHXSTOX. I ....I .- S .L. P 1 * ? * vi vuc '??i vuiirrt ot nurg-eona, LM?w. fralat (torn i?i> ol the nKwt fimMni in the T ur.ed i*te?, and the greater part ol ? >ia*e lite hat been apen in ic hoafit*l* ol London. Part*, i hilaOtlphia and ataaarliti*. eflected aeme of the not: aetoataVng cur?? that were rcr ki>o?n; many troubled wtih nupnf in the hand and ira uucu great MCOianM, being alarmed at idden eer.iida baat.fulneae rJ> freqner.t hlaahirg, attend* 1 Hcetimi with d?rei,g*ro?rt of au<4, mere cared lavilAtely. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Youog Man and inhere who ha?e in)urod thtimltN l<; a main practice indulged in wheo aioue?a habit frenocatly arneJ from e*U cciupamona, or at school, the efltcts at hicti are nifLtl; (tit ceu when aaleep.aodtf not cared, i.dert marriage impnstiMe, and deauoya both uiutd ua h'.y, ahoald apply in mediately. Theae are aoae of the aad imd melancholy e# eel* produced r eartr habtte of routh, ?it Wrtkaeii ol the Back aad la,Paint in the (lead, Diiuaeta of Sight, Lost of Muscular ;wer. P Ipiiatwu of tlie Heart, Pvtpepay. Nervous Irrit* Itty, t>e r angetneut of the Digeaiies i'uocuoiii, Uar.eral Cbiity, Sjnapteaa of Gonaump-ion, Ac ?The fearful nactt on the mind are troch tu 1 dreaded?l.ota nf Memory, Coi.'naio- of Ideaa. Dlfmtioa Spmta, Evil foreboding*, Avartioa of fcociair, Self-Ditt'tt.Loeeof Solitude, Tic iditv, etc , are ioma of tha a?iia odaced nkhvoi * debility?Thousand! can now judge what ;a a cause of their declining haalth, losinr their ?tgor, bac.xat ?eak, pile, oer?oos and emaciated, having s a?(c!ir ipaaraace about the ey?r, cough or aruiptuoas of coosuirpdiseases of im pr cdent'e When the roitguided and imprudent vHary of pleasure (Sr. la h. a imbibed u.e aeeda of tine paiutat d eeass, it tooofu.i ppena that an ill-timed seutr of akont or dread of diacewy tera lain from apply nig to -hoae w ho, from education and epeetabthtj, c.n a'lone befrieud hire He lai>a tks nda of .jr. n mi aa<* dtaigning pretenders, who. inctpat .a cunr.r. filch hit pecuimry aabatanct, keep htm tnBmg Mith alter otolith, or na long at the aoialleet fee caa be vblued, and lu least hun w-ith ruined health to aigti er bis railing diatppoiDtineiit; or by the use of that dradty atoti?Mercury?iiaaun 'he cousutuuaaal symj-toma ?4 taaa rrifcle diaeate, tuch .<* Afemot.i of tie Heart, Throat, Head, in, Ac , pr"gresamg with frightful rapidity, till death pun a nod ?o hit dresdfiu tuSeriugt by tending him to that uuicovered Country fioui wl. ae bourn* no traveler returns r. joHysorrs remedy jook orqamg weakness asd impotency By thi# and i;t.PnrT?ti* remedy weakneMof the orr*n? b speedily cui ed and fpll % i^ur reitorea Ti. u?an(U o? ftia > 1 nervous and det ilit ?:?d. * he Uad loat all booe. hav* to mniie<*i itele r?lie?ed. Ill imp di?.e!.u t,. Mirriift, Pf etietl ? Mental Du,u?lLm ?f ProcreaU?* Kw'cr, N"er?oo? Irritability, embliue *ed W .knew or Eihaueuou v< the >*[ fearful id ! eedtiy cured. ESUOKfiEMEST OF THE PRESS !"he y. > * Thoi ?**r>e cured at th > t- friN ?'? > > ! list vcara, mmd iK# t.Bfn?roa? 8?rr I operatiui performed bj Dt loliunai, bf ? ?onere >1 tin paper* m, j many other persona, woucee . f nch hi?? aj'j ia 1 >(uo and -tfnu belore (he poMic. bees ltia etaoning aa x fi.itf mau of character and reeponeiitf, i* a laffcithi guarantee to the aficted mar IS-1* OY FOR THE SICK AND tH^PEflN?. LET ALL WHO Akh AFFLICTED read: APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. Pricsd. c<o you tuaer.' Are job tbe victim of My triose nunieroae ailrcenia wtuoh arise from lmrltj of Uio blood: Wlu(ir< Um, au fob aakf Uiior tak, what Br- tr.ey cc;? The blood is the arce of life ud health, and it le tbe ftrat teoi*? i our to reapi>n<i to any ouie vhioh atfecta - bteteru,?? the pu'.re injktubir mubbu. The ever bybj C Mesrw j?a, tae lrntafim fcrybipela*. the btle Scrofula, tbe Bfocisinc Rheumatism, Nerua fjf tnnty, J)Taf*peiB, Lirer Complaint with its r^o' an<l dejection, and tbe numberless ula tAal ua 1a i.oir ic. cenve uwir iirteoua on* ic from the >ixl. l>e? ki.-?r.y the* ai.d genty with the blood, ra the vitalisiuc reeonroee of natare for ita *UI. "! anffsr na to ooi?ix.e^d to roar coLficeioe im sth&t tm.j valuable medioament known aa JNDIAlf VEGETABLE DECOCTION. kVitn record to thie almost infallible caeoifie ?ular ae:.tiir.ent r.aa awoken in decided tonne d the eviUer.oea of thia treat effioacy are named bjr ovustaiit avowa a of ouraUre effect* and ? hx?i>:oat reecita from ita cae are after all outer rcediea and the beat medical ekili have failed. jcX u? pugf?isioB. that rert f.oaiaa roe are cot acutbrirofn the il.iterate and anaer lal, bat tiiey are volunteered from the moot rote table aonroee and justify the hifheet torma in uoii :t u poseibie to oemmend eo Taluabe a >c;t!a to jnt;!io &?rovaU. We may add alao that > curative profertieaol the medieme aree^aalled ly by ita restorative eSeota, the ajatsm reoover5 from diae??.e with renewed oonatitationa! vijor. .1 mic L T B.. ir>rwiavil 1>IU[(IHI IB UUI T, and by toe proprietor, MR8. M. COX, ?ione ieaoine unim her name is blown on the ttie and her Mai on the oork[T^ Pries 91 per bottle, nx bottles for it. w\cl'te.U Aitnt. R. 8. T. C1SSEL, Druggist lurgetown, D C.. Wholesale Agent for tbe Dtsot. end wili supply Uie trade at my pnoea. lH-tr ^HE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. t'R IESEMA R. 1,2 end" 3-Protectad by Royal inert Patent ot England, and seevred by the all of th<> Kcole de Pharmacie de Paris, and the ipenal College of Medi3ine. Vienna. So. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea. d a. physical dieabilities. Vo. 2 completely eradicates all traoee of those iea?pg that l.ave been hitherto treated by tbe *au>us and pernicious use of ooeaiva and csbebe. So. 3 has < tit i rely supplanted the injunoas use of ireury. thereby insuring to the sufferer speedy lef, dispersing all inipariUes, and rooting oa ?venoiu of d-.saaee. rKlE^EMAR, .Nos. t,2and 3.are prepared in ? form of a loseuge, devoid of taete and smei . d can be oarned in the waietooat pocket. Sold tin oases, and divided into separate doses, as ad nistered by Velpeeu, lAllemand, Rovx. Riourd, i Price #3 each, or four esses for |9. which ves $3; and in #*7cafes,whereby there is a sav t of ?<?. To be had. wholesale and retail, of Dr. IRROW.of 154 P'oocker ?treet. New York, (mediately on receiving a remittance. Dr. Barrow ili forward the l'r*?*en<ar to any part of tbe word, surely packed, and addressee according to tbe w notions of the writer. The Boo4,ol a I o'nere, that shoakd be reafi by sn with damaged and l.roien down constitutions "Humai. Frailty, Physiological Reesarobss." is beautifully illustrated, and treattb minutely of uia STmp ?>ni? IUBI IHT?r ?B|T UtTVlOD NN|?M, iiX'.i#r or later, retailing from the frail tie* d viti&tiLK uat it? o? earl*/oath, lcoapaoltatinc snctira from sharing th? fruition of the matri inial Hate, and. if bat cbeokod is time, cacaeering ai' t'.e iaLct una of manhood. %ir bnrrwj m, ??pb) ?u?. loahncerincaad anUoMirdeath. Id by Dr. hakRow7l?4 Bleeoker .treet.Xu' ort helov Maodoagal, New York. Prtoo ? r.ts. Srut free every -where. Soid a eo by ?. C. Ford, Jr., Drat Store, WMbEton. D. C. ' de ? 6m |B~ J. BOVEE DOD1 ' 1MFEEJAL WJKE BITTERS, Ire now belnx ued from Main* to tfce Sreat Bail aciraraai rcrdiot of all wbo oe no nun wtmmmtmu m mm r" l? ui?? wr ar* ?cwrn?M is tk* vort*! Dr. l>od* w*od tm noommttJj ? Us rnetiMlor U rmnjtmf i hnIwM ml fcl* tk? * !* rirbt to r.u*iMPir* 4 yrfMBl 1km fir ml* to tkr pvblie. Fort** r* of iMlt'.cat C?ratiLyt)oru iMbc^t?on, J>- ? ?ai&, PilM. N*nr*ti DiMMM. Female Core UQU, Mtf all a* mi rwainng a terns. for ?-{ bo d<5 doiht taiMl tn*v??bl* r*n>o*T. A ??& * ?,Sra'E?ftns^?K are. ultr ui til adTot?t?* of ith wbxah Uw ooauttry U ^f*o4?i, Aid in i*nt?k:a? Diaouae M<i J>nuA WUPPIFIFLD * . iftrMM nre,i>M *r? w?.rr?rt<*<J to fl*? ?*t>? fe-w?.ariil ) i U* Ktnx. WukiLt\cJlt.'

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