Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1861 Page 2
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1 , THE EVENING STAR. m _ K WASHIN OTON OITY: Tt'*SDAY >l?rch 3?, IM1. ? = Spirit oi the Warning Preaa ? Tb? Intelligence, in replying to certain anl? ZMdvera'.oaa in the New York Commercial Advtr. tirtr upon tta p-aat courae with regard toaeceaaton, aava : We propose to deal with facta aa they are, on the bait* of peaceful negotiation, without aiiy , retort to coercive meaaurea, which are admitted on all hands to be no remedy for the wronga Buffered by the loyal Statea The Ktpvblir in urges the necessity of reforming the patronage of the U. r* Senate. Ma. B C. Crook ?The Lynchburg Republican says that Mr Bernard C. Crook, lately appointed mall agent on the Alexandria and Lyncnnurg road, made bis first trip up the road on . fU'urday; that in passing Charlottesville he was waited on by a committee, who informed him tbat ha bad better throw up his commission, charging him with beinga black republican, Ac.; that Mr. Crook conaentea to realgn on hia return to Alexandria; that on reaching Lynchburg on Saturday evening he remained In the mail car all night, not venturing to come out. This la the substance of the information furnished to and published in the Lynchburg Republican. We can only say that Mr. Crook Is a respectable citixen of this place, a worthy mechanic, and an old whig, and never accuaed of being, or suspected of being, a black republican, and la a true Virginian, and every way loyal to his own State.? Alex. Gazfttt. yeti.?The question which the citixens of Charlottesville and Lynchburg will have to determine to their own satisfaction, we apprehend to be aimpiy -whether they will permit Mr. Crook to discharge his lawful duty, or will resign their current I'nlted States mall facilities. The law nni nta Alit hnw tho malla ?V. -* 11 Ka *-* tKam MV? ?UV ? >!? auuti BV? ?v\? ?v ucui If Irresponsible parties be permitted to determine that the mails shall not be so served to them, the 0 Postmaster General has probably no discretion whatever to have them served through agents elected and appointed by any one but himself The issue whether the Post Oihce Department may or may not continue to control U. S. postal affairs in Virginia, will doubtless be promptly met In this case. The only alternative which those who interfere with Agent Crook leaves, under the law, to the Postmaster General, Is, to order all mail matter hereafter directed to Charlottesville and Lynchburg, Va , to be carried, Instead, to the dead letter office In this city, as in the case not v?ry long since of the mails for the Pensacola <Fla.) poet office, interfered with by outside parties. That is, if Mr. Crook is not to be permitted to discharge his lawful duties in connection with those mails. Confirmed.?The following confirmations by the Senate took place vesterdav. Vii iv Gilpin, Governor of the Territory of Colorado; Joshua R U:ddings, Consul to the British American Provinces; Mark H. Dancell, of Me , Consul at Vera Cruz; John Britton.of New York, Consul at Southampton; W. O. Williams, of the District of Columbia, Second Lieutenant in the Army; McLane Tilton. of Md , Second Lieutenant In the Marine Corps. Hlrem Barney was yesterday nominated for the Coilectorehip of the Port of New York; also Richard C. Parsons, of Ohio, Consul at Rio Janeiro, Robert W. SLufeldt, of New York, Consul at Havana, T. Bigelow Lawrence, of Boston. Mass , Consul at Florence. Thb Tkeaty at Fokt Wis*?The treaty not long since made with the Arrapahoes and Cheyennes, at Fort Wise, (Bent's old Fort,) was not the work of Capt A G. Boone, now a^ent there, as we erroneously stated some days since. On the contrary, it was for the most part consummated by Dr Culver, of the Indian Bureau in tLis city, who for six or seven months previous acted as their agent, having been left in charge of thst agency by Commissioner Greenwood, who, it will be remembered, was there last fall, and initiated friendly relaticns with those tribe*. Dr. Culver also laid the foundation for a similar treaty with the Camanchea and Klowss, that will be consummated not long hence, It la to be hoped, for the peace of the frontier. Ma?o* B** MrCrLLoraH,of Texas, who lately engineered to a successful termination, the stupendous scheme of Twiggs, spent Saturday night last In this city, and is understood to have been In and about the neighboring town of Alexandria ever since. His friends here say that the reason ?vby he does not make his appearance in Washington lu the day time, is because, having seized U S property before the usurping Convention of Texas passed their ordinance of secession, he anticipates being arrested by order of the Government, if he should be found within General Scott s reach. T?e N*w Yo*x City Afpoirimisis.?We feel sure that the President has definitely determined upon Hiram Barney for Collector, Sitn nn nxn.' f." ?? ? ?" ? - ?? .?i .< ?>! uuitri, ana 9UUHZ tor C. S. Marshal, (southern district,) of New York The contest fot the surveyorship of the port of New York is understood to have narrowed down between Abraham Wakeman and Dan?l D. Mar ball. The appointment of Mr. M. la being pressed by Senator King with much earnestness. Carl Shckz tells his friqpds, we hear, that be declines accepting either a South American mission or the mission to Portugal, designing to return to Wisconsin. Nevertheless, we certainly expect to see Mr. Shurz imum ?? i?t?? '? ,1? ? _ - ? h>?V! 1U IUC Cli* Joyment of some good Federal office, not crediting him with a nature different from that of mod similar politicians. VuamuArrouiTXiNTi.?Dr.Thos H.Fisher, of Fauquier county, it doubtless to be the new U. 6. Marshal of the Eastern District of Virginia; and A. Judson Crane, Esq , of Richmond, to be th* n*ur i -? *" ? nnviutf VI iur Rice I . S. judicial district. Richard Hildrith, of New York, the wellknown historian, has been selected by the President for the consulate at Tripoli. His health Las been very bad of late, and he desires to try upon It the effect of that climate. The Mab?halshif of thk Northern District of New Yob* ?It appear* to be under stood around ua that a brother of Secretary Chase will win this position. Tri Rigistershif of *tbe Treasury.?We understand that this appointment it to fall to the lot of Mr. Chittenden, of Vt., late a member of the Peace Conference. Twr Mission to Bolivia.?The President has determined to appoint the Hon. D. K Carter, of Ohio, Minister Resident to Bolivia, and Mr C. has cignilled hit acceptance of the position. A New Cadet from Kocisiaha.?The Pretident hat conferred a West Point Cadet'i appointment upon Henrv Veager.of La . to All a _ , J la tbe Military Academy, from that State. ( ? T?* Govaasoasmr o? Nkbkaska ] blunders, Esq , of Iowa, (a relative of Senator Harlan,) Is to be tUe new Governor of Nebraska. | Tbe fact Is settled. i ] A Niw Pi.vsios AaasT ? John B. Reynolds baa been appointed U. S. Pension Agent at Rut- i land, Vt, vice John B Page, declined 1 - Cy The Montgomery correspondent of tbe . Charleston Mercury writes . A mushroom contl- [ dence in tbe prevalence of peace measures, is tbe result of tbe dilatory proceedings of the Wash- < ington Administration on our community The ' Government authorities, however, place no rell- ? ance on these reports, and are steadily and ener- r getlcally engaged in placing everything on a war I <vv....g rm itiouaana men areto be thrown Into 1 the Pensacola Navv Yard at the earliest possible 1 mommt, wh?re everything will be under the Immediate supervision of Gen. Bragg. Death or a Comiiuxin?The Hon. JGeo. [ W Scran ten. a republican member of the late and i r?-e!rcted to the next Congress. from Pennsylva- ? nla. died at Bcranton. iu that State, on the Mth c Instant He was the founder of the town of ; Bcranton, and was largely engaged In the Iron * and coal business. ETbe Opinion* National* of Par la baa pub- ( -Mr Hrward'e ?pe*<ti, and pronounce* It arMtnt effort of oratory that baa been made before any deliberative body of modern time* ? II/*The Charleston Courier threaten* to make J ' i . Kor<'<r State* the battle flelda and foraging t army of Davit, because they have cd out agalaat m ?lun I ;4 1J jf r , ? CONGRESSIONAL. J 8i!?ati.?When our report closed yesterday Mr Howt was addressing the Senate on tbe Doug las resolution. I Upon concluding, on motion of Mr. Hsle, the a Senate went into executive session, and after some time IDfnt therein ndionmnl i ?? J ? [ Tvksdat, March *26. SistTi -Wm. Hlckev, the newly-appointed ' Secretary of the Senate, was sworn In, ana entered upon bit duties. The Senate then took up the resolution Instruct- ' ing the Secretory of the Senate to purchase, for the use of Senators, a number of copies of the An- 1 nals of Congress. After some discussion, on motion by Mr Blng- ^ ham. the consideration of the rssolutlon was postponed till to-morrow. ' Ths Senite then took up the Douglas re?olu- , tion, and Mr Breckinridge proceedrd to address that body, lie had some doubts at first with re- ! gard to voting for the resolution, but being desirous of learning the policy of the Administration, he had concluded to sustain it. , He coold not see where or In what partlculnr the republican party bad abandoned the principles of the Chicago platform. The extreme Southern States had not discovered it, the border States had failed to secure any compromise, and 1 even the party itself could not tell wherein they had sacrificed the least of tbelr principles. Mr. Breckinridge then reviewed the action of the reDublltian ruirtv nnon the orcrantzatlnn of th#> Territories of Dacotah and Nevada, and wai speaking at the close of our report. DKPAKTME7IT NEWS. Clerical Removals, Appointments, Ac.? Maurice B Rrown, of III , rat ?1.400 per annum,) James M. I.atta, of Ind ., W. \V. Curtis, of 111 . and IV II Relnhard.of Ind ,(the three last named at 81.200 per annum.) have been appointed to clerkships In the General Lsnd Office G. C. Thatcher, of Ind., (1,200 per annum,) has been removed from the same bureau. Dr. Park, of Lancaster, Pa , has been appointed to a 81.400 per annum clerkship In the ro?i vjince uepariment, vice T. B Baldwin, of | wmc place, removed. Also. C. W Morgan, of Leeiburg, Va , to a similar clerkship (51.4(H? per annum) in the same Department, vice J. F Devine, (of the aame State and town,) resigned. Virginia Convention. Correspondence of The Star. Richmond, March 25?p. m. The battle begins to rage quite fiercely. The Committee of the Whole was this morning on Ihe point of tak'ng the vote on the motion to strike out the report of the majority of the Committee on Federal Relations, and Insert the Peace Conference propositions offered by Carllle; but it was fairly talked down by Wise, who is determined, he says, that if he is not allowed to be heard, fully, he will give the Convention no peace. He is not for Immediate secession, though an antagonist of most of the Union men in the Convention. narvie. or Amelia, said in debate, that If the Convention remained here long enough, the peof?le would decide the issue for secession. There s more force in this remark than ) generally supposed beyond the limits of th<> State Nevertheless, so far as 1 ran ascertain, the secessionists do not expect to nass an ordinance for unconditional or lni'Tieaiate withdrawal. The substitute will be rejected, undoubtedly, either this evening or to-morrow, unless the talking policy prevents a vote. W. Richmond, Va . March Jo, 1^61. Editor of tkf Star Disunionism has been setting down at the heel here for some days past, It being found impoisibie to keep up such a head of steam (froth) on the machine as It carried a week or two ago It is conceded that It will be impossible for the Disunionists to defeat the majority s proposition, which remits the question of secessloa to the proposed border State Convention That will act on it next June, probably calling a National Convention In October, which will doubtless adopt something which the friends of the Union In everv Stat? wilt .ki. ?? y __ mam wv HVK ?V tUI I JT triumphantly. M.S. He*ry S. Sasford, Minister to Belgium ? Editor of tht Star. 1 perceive some objection! are made in the northern press to this appointment; but a brief statement of the facts will serve to put the matter on a proper footing I was led to take an interest in this gentleman In 1S49, from the fact that he is a son of one of the companions of my early childhood. 1 found him to be a youth of high intelligence and of superior education and attainments, and consequently 1 did not hesitate to recommend him to tLe late John M. Clayton, 1 then Secretary of State, for the post of Secretary of Legation at I'aris?the Hon Mr Rlv^s, of Va., 1 beill!? the Miniate- ' ' * " ? ?. .? nam cp|winira accordingly, and tbat appointment proved a success He 1 for a t me officiated a* Charge d?Alt'aires afU>r the ' retirement of Mr Rivet; and it ia sufficient to say 1 that by good sense, courteous and retlned manners aud never-failiujj tact and rila-rrtlon, b? arqu!r?d all the position with tbe French authorities and 1 in French society which he could desire He ' acted for some time as Secretary after the arrival of ?Mr. Maaon. the successor of Mr. Rives, but finally resigned and returned home, on account of the refusal of that gentleman to conform to tbe Instructions of the late Secretary Marcy, to the effect that our diplomats abroad should appear on occasions of state in citizen's dress?an order which ' he (Mr 9 ) had carried into effect before the arrival of Mr M More recently, Mr. S. has visited ' and traveled extensively in Central America, and 1 In some of th? Nnrlh.rn ?" ?? * ' - ui cuuiu America, ' la execution of some private missions of delicacy 1 and importance. 1 Mr. S spunks fluently the French, German, and Spanish languages, to say nothing tf bit mother ' tongue, (a prolleiency in which seems not indis- ' pei.sable in tbe opinion of some aspirants for diplomatic bonorsin these latter days.) and 1 know of no man more competent than be is to serve tbe 1 Government abroad on a ? ? V...>v?4 c?uri"CUty IHC the present, or to counteract the e Hurts of our J quondom fellow-citizens (now confederate in?ur- 1 rectionists) to obtain some sort of recognition by 1 the Powers of Europe. It is understood that he will sron take his departure, and his presence at an early day on the other side may be of no In- ' considerable importance. 1 It is said however by some that he is not a Re- * publican; but 1 have to say on the contrary that I am quite sure the fart is otherwise, though I admit tLat on mere political or party grounds he is 1 not entitled to the appointment 1 presume he took no part In the late canvass?he ?r*? * 1 mm i IIUO" take not* out of the country, and certainly he Las ^ no scars to exhibit, sustained in the late political ' conflict, and which In the view of many are in- 1 dispensable to recognition by the Executive. Dy 1 tbe way. while on this subject of scars, 1 must add 1 have some to exhibit myself, Incurred on 1 by-gone battle fields; but perhaps modern patriotism and disinterestedness will insist that all claim * based thereon is barred by lapse of time I am 1 inclined to think this is not unreasonable, and being a modest gentleman. I will let the whole subject pass sub-silentto But to return, 1 have to r say the appointment can be vindicated on grounds n aside from party politics, and 1 am quite sure that c the President and his associates in the Govern- e ment had these in view, and these only. 1 have understood that some sensibility ba* p been manifested in certain quarters of good old i Connecticut lest the appointment should be f charged into the account (whether kept by double entry or not, is more than I can say,) against our c quota of patronage. To this I myself would ob- p ject. As the object is national, let the charge be to tho whole nation, excepting that nol>le band of n patriots in the border slave States who are strug- r gling against that hydra-be?ded monster, Stces- {< sion, for whom little has been done hitherto. G ... vuuviuuuii, i win say 1 bilve but slender responsibilities for this appointment It is true I t could not well refuse to bear testimony to the t character and qualifications of Mr. 8 , but on tbe other hand 1 urged him not to entertain any such .-.ipi ration or purpose, but to return to Connec- A ticut. and after cultivating and practising for awhile that species of diplomacy which appertains to a certain tender relation, to settle down , in the enjoyment of a considerable fortune, when he would soon find himself appreciated to his , heart's content Trvman Smith. Washington City, March *i5, 1881. e (?7* Mozart Hall. New York city, the headquarters of the anti-Tammany democracy, and Mi irpm nf m?nu * ???? ? 1,4 ?* ?-m HCIVC puuucai struggles, was I ? burned down on Sunday rooming. CI7"The cold weather of the last two seasons, ?! it is now ascertained, baa bet n felt all over the, d world Hot tlrw were needed In Australia In. ? November last. | . IC^On the 3d of March forty millions of Rus- ^ ilins serfs were liberated. The day before, they vere all slaves. ] ? ? fy* WASHINGTON THEATER. J! J Ji NOTICE. The toung ladies engaged for the grand spectaole " >f the Naiad Queen.will d ease meet oa the stage * or rehearsal THURSDAY, March 2Bth,at two ( >'c!ook p. in. It* ATTENTION. NATIONAL GUARD R I 9 R> r'f A I m? u?? -? - itn"cv ai jruur irmorjr on 1 iVEDNKbDA V EVENING, the ?7th,at7>% o'olk, n full uniform tor drill. Br order. J. A. TAIT, Col. Com. _ E. 8 ALLEN, Adj't. ma 26-2T | fg"MA80NlC NOTICE ?A regularcom muni ' ^,3 wtiun uf .National Lixl/e, No. 13. will be Hall, corner Ninth and D streets, \ THIS EVENING at 8 o'oloek, for the transaction E >f important busir.ess. Th? offloers and members C >f said Lodge are earnestly requested to attend ai mnctua ly. Maater Ma?oi s in good standing of 4 ither Lodges are oordially invited. It W. M JOYNKR, 8eo. CARTH AND DRAW. > i ? r Rboi?tbb'* Offic*, MaroaSu. 1861 Notioe ii hereby given that J .loeneee iianed to g >wneriof Wagon*. Cart# tad Draje, will expire m ?a the first Monday in April, tad that said Lioenaea n iaat be renewed in oompliaxoe with law, at thia ... gfjjjjig... .. ma M dtApril? Regiater. p Inltimere Annul Conference ? the M E thorch, nt Stannten, Vn. Xtrtth Day ? After religious services. Rev. B lough was appointed to tbe Conference tract " igency. Tbe committee on Sundayacbools made a report, n wblch they deem it not adrlsable at present to jublish a Sunday school paper. The report of the committee on sermons was eceived and adopted. The report of the committee on temperance, ecemmendlng that each preacher deliver dls ? iamnArsnoo an/1 An UUIBT U|H'U IMC Sliujrv* VI KlUfXimiVl uil? VUIVIVV hi: rule of the discipline on the same, was prelented Th? report of the committee on the Baltimore \dvocate was presented and adopted, and T H. VV. Monroe elected to the clerkship of the Advo;ate office. A vote of thanks waa tendered to Col J. S. Berry, for paying the printer's bill for the Conference; and Rev. Mr. McLean appointed agent for the distribution of missionary money for domestic missions. The ord?r of the day (New Chapter) was then Kken up. and after an exciting debate by Messrs. Martin. Kozell, Sewall. Clemm, and others, the Conference adjourned. Tfntk Day ? After the usual exercises, the new chapter was taken up and a protest against the action of the General Conference presented by Rev. G. W. Israel. The Conference now proceeded to consider and A _ 11 A X L. At n - toie upon me paper [irhcnwu ?jr iub r\ev. .> . Wilson. The paper wai slightly amended. On motion, the first resolution wa? voted upon. The resolution declares the immediate separation of the Baltimore Conference from the jurisdiction of the Northern General Conference. The result of the vote Is as follows : For immediate separation, 8*2. Declined to vote,41. Number declined for the present, 3. Tbe report as a whole, after some amendments, was adopted as fellows : lVA<r<nj, A memorial has been sent to this Conference from a Convention of Laymen, held in tbe city of Baltimore, December 5th, I860, representing large majority of tbe laity of our Church, and like pap-rs from other sources asking this Conference to take such action as will give quiet to our people, and remove all obstructions to the preaching of the Gospel among them by the preachers of this Conference. And whereas a similar memorial from the Convention of l.avmen representing the membership of the Methodist Rnisconal Chnrrh itr\A*r * rail of tbe Presiding Elders, and an equal number of Laymen, convened In Staunton. March, 13, 1861, for the purpose of devising some harmonious plan of action, to be pursued by the Ministry and Laity of this Conference in relation to the offensive rhange of the Discipline of said Methodist Episcopal Church on the subject of -slavery, has reached the following conclusions and presented the same for our most favorable consideration, Tiz: [Here follows the preamble and resolutions adopted by the Lay Convention ] And whereas, Thla Conference is cognizant of the facts set forth in these memorials, that sixteen years of contention and strife within our borders, brought about by the continual agitation of the slavery auestion, has retarded the preaching of the Gospel, Lindred our cooperation in tbe great missionary and other enterprises of the Church, and materially checked the "growtii of Methodism in a ureat Dart of our tf-rritnrv And whereas, we, the preacher# of the Baltimore Annual Conference, feeling that we are called to preach the Gospel alone, and not that of ?frr/?and contention, but of peace. And whereas She late General Conference at Butt.ilo, bv it* new chapter on slavery, has added additional burdens which we cannot bear, placed obstructions in our way in the forms of doctrine* and duties which w?- all know will alienate the hearts of the people from us, and render us obnoxious to civil penalty and censure, and have wantonly aspersed tbe itemory of our pious dead by representing them as having lived and died in sin Therefore? I 1. Be it resolved by the Baltimore Annual Conferine, in Con/en nee nesembted. That we hereby declare that the General Conference of the Meth- ' ortist Kpiscopal Church, held at Buftalo in May, J lvtiO, by its unconstitutional action has sundered J tbe ecclesiastical relation which Las hitherto bound us together as one Church, so far as any act ] of theirs could do so; that we will not longer sub- ] rnit to the jurisdiction of taid Genon! Conference, . but hereby declare ourselves separate and inde- ( tv# ; - ii -' ? * ' ? pwmim vi >, skin ghiuhik 10 oe, noiwimsianainc, mi Integral part of tbe M E Church 54 Hrxolvd, That, nevertheless, If, in arcordanre with tbe spirit of tbe foregoing preamble, three-fourthsof the Annual Conferences, to be held prior to tbe next session of the Annual Conference, seeing tbe great wrong and Injury done to th? Baltimore and other Border Conferences, shall disavow tke act of their delegates and tbe action of the late General Conference on the subject of ilavery, and shall unite in a demand that the most thorough and satisfactory redress shall be given, And shall Instruct their delegates so to vote in any Convention that may be called for the purpose of a more perfect union? First, by abrogating the new chapter; Second, by transferring the snhjert of slavery to the exclusive Jurisdiction of the Annual Confer uu< co, wucic 11 Third That a fair proportion of the periodicals { of the Church be placed under the charge and j direction of said Conferences Then, and not j until then, will we reunite with them in the or- ^ ganization of another General Conference. 3 Resilvtd, That this Conference has taken , the action expressed in the ebove re?olutlons,after ' much long-sulTering and reproach, to give freedom to our preachers, in the discharge of their < duties in our territory, and cannot refrain from expressing the hope that the day may speedily come when agitation and strife shall have ceased among us. ana the great Methodist family, East. West, North and South, be again united in the common ett'orta which engaged the hearts and lives of our fathers?that of spreading Scriptural Holiness ail over the land. 4 That a Committee of seven, consisting of 9. ? Register. J . S. Martin. S. S Roszel, F. R Yeltch, IV. G. Eg^lestou, V Wilson, and T. H. VV. Munroe, be appointed to prepare a Pastoral Letter for our people, setting forth the grounds and alms if the action. Ifuring the action of the Conference on the 1 Wilson paper the Bishop dwlined to act, but re- < ained tiie chair, and the Conference authorized i he Rev. Mr. Martin, the Secretary, to put the vote e ipon the report. ( Upon the conclusion of this action the Bishop, , who declined to put the report to vote, read the following paper to the Conference : 4i Tim iffUl* 4 * * --- -- . w.aouuu juii naa on wtiat K called he Wilson proposition, is, In my judgment, in dotation of tne order and discipline of the Meth- c idiat Episcopal Church, and therefore is null and 1 foid, regarded as Conference action; 1 therefore t lo not recognize the said action as infracting the j ntegrity of this body, and so 1 proceed to finish he business of the present session " The supernumefcry list was called, and a super- B inuated relation granted all the preachers on the r ist. l'be Conference adjourned till 7# p. m. S Ktgkt S-ssion?A v?te of thanks were, by a 1 Istii); vote, tendered to Bishop Scott, for the able nd affectionate manner with which he presided >yer the deliberations of the Conference, in the mbarrasslng circumstances surrounding It. The committee on the Metropolitan Church * resented their report. In which thev rnnfld* F nterest* of aald church to the band* of the Con- tl erence, to dispose of It at its discretion. o On motion, the preachers were appointed a " ommittee to determine whether a free seated or tl ewed house should be built, at their discretion. On motion, it was voted that the Secretary furtish the Bishops with a copy of th?e majority's t irotest; and they give the Conference their ?p(n- 11 on of its doctrines, and also lay it before the next p ieneral Conference. e Thanks w?re voted cordially to the citizens of be town and vicinity for the hospitality given he preachers during their sojourn in the piece 11 The usual thanks to railroads, Sec , were voted, a Conference adjourned till four o'clock a. m. on londay. Eleventh Day ?Conference m"t at4 o'cl'k, a. m. Several matters of minor moment occunled th? * irst part of the session ^ A protest was presented by Rev. T. Sewall, nd after a few remarks was admitted upon the ournal. A motion calling and extra session of the Genial Conference was defeated by a large majority. Rev. W. G Coe withdrew from the Conference, tl After reading the various committees, the Bish- n p proceeded to read out the appointments. He congratulated the Conference upon the good ;mper and christian courtesy which marked the * ebates upon the exciting questions which had A ome before them, and earnestly prayed that the lead of the Church would give them grace and . irosperity during the present year. 11 |?(|R SALE-A valuable WOMAN; a good . oi'ok, washer, an?i ironer. and perfectly honest, he is 35 years of age. Any one wishing to buy her , rill please address a note to T. A. BROOKE, 1 (eorgetown, D. C., stating where they can he teen. 1 lie is sold for no fault. OYSTERS! OYSTERS!! 1 J OYSTER S!!! S Just received a largo end fre?h ?up-{^jv /_ J ly of Tangier* and Norfolk OYS-^\Lj# 1 T. M. HARVEY'S Fish and Oyster Depot, ma26 31 *2S1 C street. Slainfield academy. *1 ' N?ak Caeluh, Pa.. Thirtieth session. (twenty week*,) oommenoes laT6th. Number of lada limited to twenty five,

ntire expense #70, each naif parable in advance, lroulara at thia olRoe. To fill a few vaoanoiea o?H t Kirk wood Honse April 18th and 19th, from 3 till p.m..or address R R BURNB< pi4infiel<, T ma28 eolm Cumberland count*. L/l FLANNERY'S MARBLE WORKX " K *1 COBNM Thikd AND H St?. MONUMENTS, TOMB BLABS, HEAD TONES, MANTELS. And all kind, of Ornaisntal Work in Marble exeouted in an artistic tanner. with elefanoe and despatch. 3/1- Oltvtt C*m*tery.?Persons who have rem-ived teir relatives, and who desire toembe.ish their iw grounds oan do so at praotioal working man's rices. MSIaolin* jyABlNGTON THEATER'. "ECOND WEEK or TBS CELEBRATED AMERICAN COMEDIAN, Mr. JMeph Jefltaroon, Who will Am*.* as BAR ABAS, in thi i ORAND SPECTACULAR DRAMA Entitled the SEA OF ICE, i i o* A MOTHER'S PRAYER, THIS AND EVERY EVENING Until Fhitbii Notice. I THE CAST Comprises this Gkatiftixg Array o? HISTRIONIC ABILITYCharacters m First Tableau. Rioul De L&soourB, Captain of the ship 'Urania," Mr. D. Ryan Carlos, the Gold Seeker Mr. L. P.Roys Barabas, & Saiior.,?. Mr. Jos, J ?ffer*o!? lean Medoo, Carpenter of the ship "Urania." Mr. W. Ba rtholomew l>t>rro P?r- nrti A tliA A rnnnrar Mr t It D.U&. i 4 vi v a ?iiv ui'/i vi ? tu s l< Dtkri E'asquin l?ai!orson) fflr Walton fose aboard the> . Mr. Sherwood Carlos r,4Urania"N ..Mr. Pemberton Louise De Lasoours, wife of thoCapiain. Miss Alice Ptooide Mann Hane, the infant daughter, aged five year* ? .Miss Julia Not*.? Between the second and third tableaux,a apse of 15 years id presumed to have ooourred. Characters in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Tableaux Vlarquis Del Monte, a Mexican Noblerman . ? Mr. Roys Koraoe De Brionne, a French Gentleman ?... .Mr. Boyd Seorges De Laval, an Officer in Del Monte's employ ^Mr. Carroll Sakabas, aurvivoi of tl?o oitutroph? nfth* Pnlur Mr ln? I...... *eoretary to the tpimah Embaaay -Mr. Thornton kl. Giraudm - -.? -..Mr. Brown "ranooi* ? .Mr. Allatoa Countess De Theringe, Mother to Louise De Laccoura .......Mr?. Mann tf'lie Dianne Da Lasoours, lister to Marie De Laaooura _..Mre. Emery Jgarita, the Wild Flower of Mexico Misa Alioe Plaotde Macn Courtiera, Soidiera, Gueata, Ac. EPITOME OF SCENIC ILLUSTRATIONS, INCIDENTS,Ac FIRST TABLEAU. MAIN DKCK OF THE SHIP " CRANIA." rhe thirst for Gold. The first dusoovery of the jolden Mines of Mexioo. The Mutiny and the Uruggle. Dreadful Doom! Captain De Lu lours, together with his Wife and Child, set wdrift upon the ooeau in an open boat! A COWIRD'S SHOT. SECOND TABLEAU. ID-A SEA OF ICE in the Polar Regions, euirol'd by Mountains of Snow and Huge loeberts! The entire soene enveloped in the haze p?ouliar to his region. Captain De Lasooura, his family,and itrabas, having drifted thither, are discovered in . PERILOUS STRAIT, with bat an Ict Shell ctwbe.1 Til IM9ELVES AND ETEKNITT "! DespO ate alternative of Raoul to save his ohild from reeling ! fD~ BURSTING OF A TERRIFIC ITORM'HE ENTIRE SF.A OF ICE BECOMES BROKEN UP! 'he huge icebergs disappear, ami tbe scene, a molent since possessing apparently the so'idity of ranite, it now occupied by the FIKRCE AND OAMING WATERS, ininglmg its roar with le terrible crashing of massive ice bills and fields f shattered ioe, as they are driven together in conflict rude." Above the frightful din is heard is appealing, touching accents of A MOTHER'S PRAYER Ire she is engulfed in the boiling waters,commendlg her infant's fate to the protection of the Orha*> Father. As if to mark "Heaven's hearkning" to the appeal, an exquiaitely beautiful > iTti/m a ? A AUHA DUKfrALIS lumes with its gorgeous corruseations the soene, nd the Orphan beholds afar the RAPIDLY APPROACHING BARQUE !!! Jxcitiug and Touohmg Tableau! "Oh, Thou rho hast all the strength of a father and the t?norne?s of a mother, save us from the abyss that tireatens, and the wioked men who kill TABLEAU THIRD. A LAPSE OF FIFTEEN YEARS. Carlos, le adventurer, now Del Monte, a Mexioan noble-' n*n, encounters OGARITA, Tbi Wild Flows* or Mexico! Leoocnition br Dianne De Lasoonrsof her Bister larie l>e Laaooura. THE RESCULD ORPHAN n Orarita. Startling Renoounter. 'TIS FATE! TABLEAU FOURTH. THE HOTEL DE THERINGE IN PARIS. nAtuation of Del Monte with Oganta. THE INIL'MAN PLOT. Projected separation of Oca ita and her aiister. Apropos arrival of Barabas 'HE RECOGNITION. udden Ruclvt r>f Otanta to Wtd the MwrtUrer 9/ htr Parent*! TABLEAU FIFTH. PALACE OF DELMONTE IN PARIS. Revision. THE POWER OF WOMAN'S WILL! GRAND FETE! Assembling of the Guests. The DENUNCIATION AND CONVICTION OF THE MURDKRER! hrillin; Dei ouement! The Hoar of Retribution! THE 6U1CIDE! and the EALIZATION of ? MOTHER'S PRAYER! la Riiuuu. It TM* NAIAD QUEEN. t _ pROPOSAL? FOR A_LOAN. Tebasubt Dkpaktxkxt, !Urek8.1NL Sbalkd Pbopoaal* will he reoeired at tbi? D? pirtmeut until 18 o'r Ook ni>on of Tumm*t. tli? Sd lay of Apr I t.e*t,for KIOHT Mil.I.ION DOI. MRS OF THIS HTOCK OF THK UNITED ?TATI' S, to t 0 uaned under the aet of Coa?ree? of_the lih of Fehm*.r* i??t Tun stock will bear i utereet at the rate of six per ett. ig?r "innum, paya!. e eem annua'.'you thefirst days ef January and Ju'y in each tear. and will be reimbursable in twenty year* f;om the first day of January last. The proposals should be endorsed ou the envelopes. Piopos*ls lor Loan of lttl," aud b? ad dressed to t he-'tecretarT . f the Treasure, Washington, 1> C." Thet will be opened and decided at the tme at.ove stated. No offer can be accepted for anj fraction of one thousand dollars; nor wrl an? offer be considered unless one per onntnm ol iu amount is deposited with a depositary of the United states, subject to the order of the Secretary of the Treasury. The certificate of such deposit must acoompany each proposal. Ail offers for stock under this notice must he unconditional, and contain no reference to any other offer. The offers must sUkte the sum offered for each hundred dollars of the stock. Bidders for this stock, whose offer* shall be accepted, must deposit the amount offered and accepted with the Treasurer of the United States, or with the Assistant Treasurer at Boston,New York, Philadelphia and St. Louis, or with the Depositary at Cincinnati, on or before the fifteenth day of Apni next. Miould any successful bidder desire to deposit at any other point, his request to that effect will be duly considered. Upon the receipt at this Department of certificates of deor.sit* with the Depositaries above men tioried. certificates of inscribed stock will be issued to the successful bidders or their assigns in sums of one thousand, five thousand and ten thousand dollars, at their option. Inscribed stock u nio?i will carry intereit from the date of the depoaite of the money as altovx utatod. and vill be traotferrab'o on the book* of the Trraturjr, agreeably to the regulations of the Department. Should any successful bidder desire certificates of stoak with coupons of the seir.i annual Interest thereon attached to eaoh certificate, they will be issued in sums of one thounacd iloll*r? eaoh, with attached con^ns f>r interest lr>m theist<tay of July next; and tuch ooupon stock, instead of being transferrabie on the books of the TreasurT.may be assigned and tianef erred by the mere delivery of suoh certificates. The interest on snch ooupon tOck, from the date of the oeposite i f the money therefor until ti?6 first d*y of Ju y. w ill be paid on thatJ day to the aceepted bidder or his rtt?rney. by the depocitary with whom the prinoipal was deposited. The preliminary deposite of one per oentum required from all bidders under this notioe will l>e inoluded in tho final oeposite ot pri Mpal b? successful bidders, and wi:l be directed to be immediately returned to unsuccefcful bidders. rt. T. CHASE. _jnar 23-dt3Apif Secretary of the Treasury. A~h. c. Mclaughlin. TTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, WAMIMVM. _ IU~ Office next door to the banking house of Suter. Lea & Co.. Seventl^st n a 25 3t* PIANOS THAT WILL ANSWER FOR NEW BEGINNERS.?One at ?2'_ And nnA t ne "" ... ... , ... .. i >-11' m a;. 91 per month.: JOHN F. ELLIS- mTTl ChiokTin* A Sons' Piano D??ot. ma 25 306 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th sts. OFFICE WASHINGTON AQUEDl'CT NVsrhikoto!!. March H, 1861. Proposals -ill he received up to the 15th proximo for the In. n.stunt and delivery, at or near the site of the District Ro*ervoir, of 4,000 cubio yards Bioken Stone, more or less. The atone not to exceed in sixe cubes of thre? inches. To be hard and durab'e. Proposals should be sealed and endorssd "Proposa a for Bri ken Stone." M !. MEIGS, Opt. of l}nit'r?. ma25 tAp'5 Chi. Er.gj'r of Wash'n Aqueduct. {jJET THE BEST AND CHEAPEST. *Ve open to d?.T three inore cases of the ceiebrated "AKKWK1GHT" SHIRTING COTTONS. Th-se goods are ao much superior to &ll other makes now in this market that we have treat difficulty in obtaining a sufficient quantity to supply the daily mortasing demand. \\ e also open to daj ? Hamilton Sh?*eUn??, New York Mills Cotton, knrllbh t an <rn 1 a? ! lllr. ? i UvWv^.>.>,c>ii>iut V?m"l IUB, ' 'a!? e Damask*. Napkins. I nwelhngs, Quilts, Plain. Pia.d and Strip?U Cambrics, Nainsooks Jaconet and Thread Cambrio Muslim, BriilianU. Dirrt eye Diapers, io, All of which we offer at the verv lowest market prices for ca.h. CLAGETT A. MAY, ma 25 3t H?- av . bet. 9th and 10th sts. Wood and Coal. A No. 1 article of WOOD or. hand, p-eparei to suit the wa;.ti of eacn customer. Wood sold oord length a so, or in any way or any quantities desued. JUT" Coal kept m Coal Houses, screened before de livering. CH7" 2.240 lbs. to the ton. fry Personal attention to every order. T. J. ft W. M. GALT. Office 2S2 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th sts. Wood Mil! and Wharf f>ot of Seventeenth street, Jbelow War Department. ma28-tf_ NEW MILITARY HOOKS Just received by FRENCH ft KiCUSTElN, 278 Pa.avtnH*. Treatise <>n the Administration and Omamza tionofthe British Arm*, by Edward Harrington Fonblnague, 1 vol., 8vo. Enelish edition; price by mail ?4 Instruotion for Field Artillery, 1 rol., 12mo ; price by inai; SJ.&i. SumraarT of th"? A-1 of War. by Baron de Joniini, 1 vol., 12a:o ; prioe by rr\M. $1 51. A Treatise on t ie d Fottihcation, by D. H. Mahen, 1 vol.. lfiino.; by n ail ?1 An riieinen'a-Y Treatise o?> Advanced Guard. *> ?* ??ui r??? ana uetachment Service Troops, by D- H. Mnhan. I vo! . l'nno.. by inai) 75oents. .Manua ior tlie Patriotic Volunteers on Aotive Service in Rofular a:.i lrre?u:ar War bjr Hugh Forb*?, 2 vols , 12:n<? : price I y mail 52 Evolutions of F>?ld Liatteri"# of Artillery by .Major Robert Anderson, 1 vol., 18mo ; price by ir.a>l 91 25. ??ur u ual discount of 10 to 50 per cent. ona?I bound Su k>. FRt NCH A K ICH^TKIN, " a 23 (Ir.t.A: Rep.) -7" Ha avenue. jVEW MUSIC FOR FIANO.VIOLIN. FLUTE. IN Ac., A-;. Al*o, instruction Hooks for every instrument. JOHN F- ELLIS, ma 23 306 Ta. *v . bet 9th and 10th sts. PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT AT REAconabje rater. Several very line ones but lit tie used. Also, Melodeoue. Violics Guitars, Ac.. I | (iiltai is J rfvn'* r. CiIjL)?1! mi 23 306 Pi. avenu*. \1 ANTILLAS ANO CLOAKS, 1*1 yEW SPRItfO STYLES, tn Black Silk, Cloth and Barege. A Straw Bonn-ta. Hub, Zouavea, Jookeya. Bonn?t Ribbons, Flowera. Ruches, Kmbr?'ideri*s, Luc# Go<<1?. An., Ac Just reoeived at ma 213t?o MA XWKIX'?. 32** Fa av SPRING FASHIONS nft. fSi IN MIL L I\E R Y &{Vk 3^8TRAW BONN K I S, H ATS. CAPS.8M* Ac.: FRfcNOH FLOWERS at.d HUCHtS: RlBANDS,(all varieties ami prioea ;) SHAKER# at 25 cents ea^li; HOSIERY, GLOVES, and FANCY GOODS. At ma;H3t* (Ir tel.) W. T. SH HDD'S. 302 llth at. LE BON TON FOR APRIL, Atlantic Monthly for April, Appleton'a New American Eneyelopapdia, E.liott'a Dela'es on the Federal Constitution, 5 volume#, Regulations for United State* Consulates, 1 volume. FRENCH A RICHSTUN, ma 22 97*? Fa. av.. bet, llth and 12th sts. 17RENCH STEAM SCOURERS, BALTIMORE. W. P. SHEDD.SOii FlivmthSt., Tkf tin.'., <" ' I.adi^s' DTesse* of every description can he cleaned, leavirg the lustre of silk equal to new. Shaw!*, Cover*. Cuitaine, and Carpet#. Also, Uentlemen's Clothing oan l*? eleanol without leaving any eubbt&cce by which they wili soon become unfit to wear. N. II.?No dress taken r.part; thereby saving the expense of making over. (Intel.) ma 22-1 in UUN UMBRELLAS ? AND PARASOLS. Just received from the manufao.urers a large stock of:SUN UMBRELLAS ana PARA-^L SOLS, which we will sell at very low prices, flll 100 doxen JO'TVIN'S KID GLOVES, ail ^ numbers. We h%ve a large stock of DRY * GOODS of ail kind* ??<i ?11 ' " *' *m.m ?iu *011 mom bi lUC very lowest pnoes. WM. R. RILtVi DRO, No. 36 Central Stores, Between 7th end 8th streets, ma 22 2w Opposite Center Market. FOR SALE?A COUPE sod pair of BLACK HORSES. The Coupe is nearly new, fev, The Horses are Black Hawk and Morgan, full brothers, very stylish and perfectly matohed. Also, a Top Wagon?two seated?Brew* s'er's make?used one season. Apply to ABKLL*S Stables, G street, near the War Department; or to 8S. President's t^uare, next Riggs k Co.'s OlKoe. ma 21 lw* HENRY ICHAEFER. BARBER AND IIAIR-DRESSER, E Steset, mai Skvknth, Opposite Ike Post OJfice Drpartrntnt, has fitted up, in connection with his establishment, oon^enient accommodations for afford 101 to his outtomers and th? public the luxury of COLD or WARM BATHS, at any time during business hours. Hisoharges will be moderate?twenty five cents for a single bath, or five baths for . ><ru ??>&? ior m?-. number ate purchased and paid for id advance. Mr. Sohaefer takes thia opportunity to inform hit ouatoroera that this desirable addition to his establishment wril in no manner interfere with hia regular professional butineu- On theoontrarj.he hopes to add to hia present facilities for insuring prompt attention to hia numerous p&trona in the line of SHAVING and HMK DKK8SING. And to the Ladira who patronise him in th<* line ofCutting or Trimming tbeir'ow nor their child!** a hair, he bags to aay that lie has provided for th "m better aooommodaUor.s, in having fitted ue a rmall room and appronriated it exclusively to theirua . fe28 lm |mruKTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. PURREE k, CO.*B 6oerante?d not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but croand from TrAih Spicea, selected ana oleaue* br n? expraeely for the purpoee without reference to oo*L Tk?r are beeutuuly paefced in tinfoil, ra??pA':ra Bpioee V? alnoet invariably wort. W? warr&irt ",rfg%')5n7L''c,8V|f?!So'W"T?" M % lnelo trial will abuaaaUly prove. Manuactnred only VKEKK* QO^ 111 PmfUIHv Yn< I r AUCTION SALES. By GRKKN * WILLIAM*. Aaotionaare HOUSEHOLD.* ITCH KN Fl IXITi'lKm ? Sr*rr*iT *r Aicti<>?-0? Monday, Ui? \ l?t day of April nut, at l? o'oiuck ln,*t aha el. at th? rfudenee of a lady declininr *in?t*k??p Int, on Thirteenth ?t. b**we#n ?? and H ?t?. n?rtb. k (No 493.ta general lot of Hou?eh< id f?r?n?? ?*: Damaakc^vered *ofaa, Mahogacy Chaira and Ottomans. Wa nut CaMaet Etegere ar.4 Gilt frank* Looking 6 laaaea. Walnut Crimaoc covered Gothic Aria Chaira. large and email. Walnut Side, D.ning acd other Tablet, and Cane eat Chairr. Maho/ta"* Cer.ter Tablet and Spnnr-eeat Rock art Painted Wardrnbee, Bureau* and waahttao4?. Cottage Bedttoatia aud Wauut Writing D?k I It h tOp. Landacape Oil Paintinga (oval frame*) and K* granagi, Broi 10 Statuette oi Charlie of England, Plaater Bucta of Hiram Toveraaad Martin Tap P*r, Feather Beda, Bo'ntera. PiUowa and U ankeu, Ve vet lrgrain and other Carpet*. Hall, Step and other Oilclotha. Matting, Radiator, Air tight. Cooking and o*h*r *torea. Handaotpe Worked Fire-acreen. Fine oo lection of Booka, Hiatorioal and other Work*. Hnak Mattreaaea, Lonngea and Ruth aeat Chain, China, Glaaa and Crockery Ware. A lot of Kitchen Ret matte*, Ard many other articles too nuiaerona to men Urn. Term* oaah. GREEN * WILLIAM*, Ancta P. S?The Houae la lor rent; inquire on the premiaea. aa?d Br GREEN ft WILLIAM*. Aactioieera. Auction of ppienpid furniture.The ubeenbera will offer at pub ie aa.a on WEDNESDAY, the Sd day of April next at It o'clock a.m. the entire Houaehold and Kitoten Furniture of Mr. John Calrert, in hia former reai dence. No. 261 | atreet. ?Firat Ward,) between ' 17th and 18th at* of thiaci'v. <ate> occupied h> Captain John Withera, Asfiatant Adjutant Gen- ? era.1 ??.?. A. The furniture, in rr.aewt od and walnnt waa made to order in Philadelphia, the ca^peta and mirrors imported from and nonaietam iart at? Parlor Sett, in Rosewood, Ve vet aud Satin Dam ask, Draperies, (with Lace Cu-tairn,> Satin de Lam*. I.\ree Fren< h Mirror, p ate61 b? *2 inches, Secretarv, Mookcaae and ?-tetere in Rosewood. Axminatnr Carpets and Roes. imported and wade to o:der. Chamber Set* in Rosewood and Wainut, Superior Feather Beds, Sprint fti/d Hair Mattresses in <>eat qna'ity, A mperior assortment of Cat Glass. China and Crocker* Ware, aud other artiolts too earner ona to mention. Terms cash in ourrent funds GKKKN A \\ 1LL1AM*. Aucts. ry The attention ef the ladieaand jentlemen of A -xsndria. i.eorgetown and Washington. and tfcr public in tenerai, 10 respectfu it invited to the above sale. We deem art comment re ativeto the superior quaii:* and sty oof the furniture an per fluous; suffice it to sa*. we believe it to eqoal if not to aarpasa any furniture offered for sale tn Washington. may d O. A YV. Br J. C. McGL'IRK A CO.. Auctioneers. IJXTF.NSAYK SAl.KOF H RM I l Kf, AND J HurciMit) F-FrECT*.?On WKD^FSDAY MORNING, Mir oh ?7th. at 10 o'clock, at ths large lioardinc Holiee southeast corner of Fa avecueand Thirteenth street, 1 shall sell all the Furniture ao-i Ktfects. eomprisirg? Rosewood-oace Pi?no Forte, Cover and Stool. Walnut and Mahogany Hair Spring reat bo las. Rockers and Parlor Chairc, _ nrsinai v? natmts, MSrhK top Tables. W%lrot Fancy Tables. Cue seat Chairs, Window Curtains. Shades. C"rmce. Velvet. Brussela and Ingrain Carpet*. Mlelotli. ttair Carpets, Matting, Mnrbe-top Cottage Set?;. l<o<iku.g G aaeer Double and Suigl* Bedsenda. Waehet&nda, Mattresses, Bolsters an>t Piliowe. Blankets. Comforts, Slit eting. Pining Tallies, ('hairs, Sideboard. Ch'na. G as* and Crookery. Radia?o*. Air-tight and other Stoves. Togethe* with a general aseortn t*nt of Housebo'd I Furniture and Kitchen Effects net Lfocssar) to 011.1 me rate. T^rma : f 3" and under rash;over that sum aored t of 3', S<? and !*' days, for eati?factorily endorsed notes, bearing inter?st G. W. PHI I.LI PS, Bailiff _ma 23 d J. C MoGI'lR K A CO.. AuoU. Bv j. C. MoGI'l RK A CO.. Auctioneers (^ATAM?GUK 8AI.E OF l.Ouo OF THE . J HI \V??T A*D BK-T K .!?P? or II*?I>V rilrETr AL f BLOOM N} Ro#i?.?On IHl KSDAV Af Th.K NouN, March 28th. at 4 o'clock, at ?he Auction Rooms. we shall seli. b? catalocue, a!> >ut I .nan of the newest and heat kinds of haidy perpetna1 Blooming Roaea, coinpnairc? Monthly Mom. large Macdard, large Veil ?w and Climbing Roses, Also, Macnoliaa, ?' hododend-an, Seoaya Gicact^a, Dutchman's Pipe, Chinese Tree Peoney, VV laterras, Cematite, D< uble Dahlias, J*pire*sL t arnations, I jrmininri, ueraninm, vwbecu, H?liotrof?. |)oaM? Cameltaa. Jmoaiou. Or*m? Mid Lemon Trwi, A ?d a great many oth?-r choic* P i^i, Also. Dwarf t'eara, Cherry Tree?, Monthly Hasp berry. Ac. The oolleotinn compares the b?st kind* known ia Enrobe or America. Tfrnticuii A. J ARD1N. Fior st and >??r?erT?naii, eorner U?h and VI ?ts , \Va?l .ne?<>n, magSd J C MoGfl P E A CO.. Auott. By J. C. MoGI'IRE A CO., Auctioneers. Excellent furniture and hoi j*k Hoit> Effects at Ai-cno*.?On FRIOAY MORN J.N*, March 29th. commft;c : ? atio oV *, we shall se'l in Caroline Terrace. No. 341 I str between 13th and 14'h. at the residence o* a iwitie man intending tn run .v? from the oitT.a.l k.s Household Fu'tiitur" snd Ejects, mb'-aoing ? A nearly new Wa'nut Hair cloth Parlor Suit, ens oistirs of 2 Tete-a 'fete Sofa*. 2 Arm acd 6 Reoeption ?'hairs, Rorew>od Marb'e top Center and Mahogany Bof* Tabes. Gilt-frame Mirror, Daroatk Curtains, Gilt Cornoo. Welnut Secretary atd KUcere. Hair cloth Soft, l'?ne seat Reception Chaira, Solid Walnut C.'iamb r Suit, eot/natinc of Fr*#'! Hed*t?a-I. Marblo top Bur'auand M uktUul Feather Bd?. B" rt*:r m,<1 Pi. <>**, Cot'.on and Hutka:/! Husk MaUreaaea, Brvcket>, C^mforta. fto. MaFrecchatid Wa.r.ut Jenny Lind B*d steads. Pain'wl Co'U*e Set, Cherry Waahst&nda aid ? Painted Burnat. I 'on Hat t'ee, Hn.i Oilcloth, Walnut tlxtenaion i'at>le, Crockery and 61aaa Ware, Three ply. Ingrain, Venetian, Stair and Hemp . C*rpe'a, \ Parlor. Chamber and Cook in* Storea and Kitohen Kequiciten, 1 A *mall lot ofoonntry onr'd Hams and Middiinj. Terma oath. ma 25 d J.C. MrOfIRK A Co.. A acta. By 6KKKM * WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. ?v * *? - /? comer ith mn4 D t'rtus INTENSIVE 8ALK OF AN EXCELLENT t-J a^ooitmkt or Hocskrold axd K:tcb?k Krwitr*!, PiakoFopt*. Stool a*i> Covi?, Ac. Ou TbUKSDAY, the 28th in*tant, we aha *eil fttthe reaideuoeof a gentleman declining houa* keeping, on Ninth *t eet, No. 493, one door eoiith of F *tree?. oommrncim at 1" o'olook ft. m . ft iftr* e ftnd exeallen ' ftaaortiuent of Furnitare, vis: Exclient KuiPfood cut Piano Fort*. S? ool ftr.d Cover, 7 octave*. made ?.y Roaeukrftntx. Fine Velvet-covered Parlor Set. Manofan* ftnd Walnut Hair-cloth Seta. f ine 1 ftetor. Rooking and Rwcrption Clutir*, Fin* Marble-top Walnut, Center, Side acd other Tftblea, _ Fine Mft'kle top Dressing Bureau*,Sideboard. Fine v* a,nut Bookoftae and becretftrv, 14-Ieet Ex teraion Tftb'e. Girando e* and Mantel Ornaments, Pftintingaftnd Knxravinc*. A large *<>C of China. G las* an4 Crookery Wir?,Ae. Piatel Cattor*. fine Painted Cottage Chamber iitt', _ I Fe?thfr Bed*. Hair and Shuck Mattre**e*. Cotuge and other Bedsteads, Bedding, Wash C!?set* and \Vardr?>he*. Window Shade* an 1 Fixtures, Cane aad Woodseat Chairs, Velvet, Brussels and other CarpeU. tiiloi >th aud Matting. Hearth Rugs, Stair Rod*. Oilcrashaod Clock*, Cooking. Rad ator and other Stores, With an esoellent lot of Kitchen K 'quisites and roan.' rther articles whioh we deem auaoee aarj to enumerate. Terra* cash in Saakab'te furd? ma? d GREEN A WILLIAMS. A? t* fifJ.C M?Gl'IRK* CO Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S HALE OF SMALL FRAME Dwu.l.l v_ Hni:? I 7k_ - ? T I?AY A>TKRN00n7 M'iroh^Rth.'fS So'oloc*. on the prtmiw' b? virta* rf a deed of traet. riiLM October lotti. 11%. and duly recorded m Liber J. A. S.- No. 187. k>n<*a 46 M ee? . oi e ol til* land rec nrde for Washington oouaty, DiaU otof Oolaabtt. kshall sell Lot No. 1. in R?*i fern's anbdinnoc ? ?uare No. 338, frontiog 90 faetxtn north O street. i, at the corner ol Tenth at, weet. running back *? * feet to an alley, together with the imeroTsmsnU. oonrirtinc of a two story frame Dwelling float*, oontainiag 4 rooma Term*: fSSS of ike pnrahoe* money ia eesh. the residue in monthly Instalments of #?. with in tare t. Ail oonreyanoing *t the oost of the parchaser. B W. MEKD, Traatee. fe2Slawds J. C. McGUIRE A CW-. Aaote. ^ ARPHAL'S SALK.^-ln rirtae of two wntt ?.< m VI liwri ISOIM. IMS (HI irom tha Clark'a oIm M the Ciroait Court ol tha IMatnot of C?Iinti?.h4 tUe ooanty of Watii.Lctoa. nxl torn* dimtM. I ill eiyou to public nil for oa*h, ia iroat of th? ooort h door of ?aid oo?nt?. ? MA IT ft DAY , th?Sf?'h day of Maroh inarant, IK1. at Uo'o *-k m . th# following <J*?crihed prop*rtj, to wit, ?>? : Loi? N<>. 2 andt. in Hanara No. 1(VT, aod Lot Na. J,ia ?<iiar*lM7, ia tha city of Waaklnrtoo, D. C., to S' ar with all aod ntunlar Uw yroTim iiu aon, iriitO and iaviM apoca?tbc propert? of r?w Ro?hwall,and will be ?oid to Mtiarr hid : oi-.'t. N^a. Iff and 133. to Jasaary term, tttt. 'r n v>r < ? ^tillman, Uenriok# * Far bar. aad tenia* S. P'cve&a. W. 8LLDL.N, I' H. Marshal for ma? du I? rtrifit ni rv?lu?hi? GPKING GOODS, ",o.,v^- gPR?N? OOODfk atkl'SSi? Ik^?5,rn' * **}?* CWhjob. KMurf OSe Kioh Poii <te ch*vr*?. I's^utM W>*< dm, Haadioni* br?y m.i Moitfcir Ciotkm. ^ ?2^'r* ow-r Mf ui/euogibM food a. 7~}'i? V 1 n*,U ?ur ?nd pu rohMcrt to a* Hmna, aa w? o4ar tho boat rood* a?thalc???s - J W COLLKY * insnti d. 1 fijBggg; I