Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1861 Page 3
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I ^ T'ocal"news, . ^-Though Tm 5t*i to printed on the fastest % Mriin press in use south of Baltimore, Its edition ! to large aa to require It to be pat to prraa at an esrlr * >?? Advertisements, therefore, should be a?-ttf In before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may t/?< tppew until the next day. Notic*.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be Inserted In theBALTiMons Sum are received and forwarded from Th* 9ta* Office. Citt Councils, March 25, 1S61 ?Board of Al ?> " ???.?a < vuinninicauon wai receivea irom me Mayor, announcing bis approval of tbe following acts: An act making an appropriation for cleaning and watering Pa avenue; an act for relief of Jas. A.Wise; an act for relief of Wo.H. Dice; and an act for relief of Jobn R N'ourse. COMMITTEE REPORTS. Blil authorizing tbe Mayor to anticipate tbe revenue of the Corporation to pay tbe expense of cleaning and watering Pa avenue; paaaed. Bill for relief of tbe assessors; passed Bill making an appropriation for casual repairs In tbe F ifthWard; Mm. Bill for relief of Patrick Given; passed Bill for relief of Jobn W. Carr; passed. Bill for relief cf Geo MrNaughten; passed. Mr. McNerhany offered the following resolution, which was passed : Resolved, That all the papers now on the flies of this board, relating to the official conduct of tbe Water Purveyor, be referred to a special committee of three members, to be appointed by tbe presiding officer; and that said committee be Instructed to inquire into tbe various allegations contained in said papers, so far aa they are presumed to affect the efficiency of the water department, and to report all the facts in tbe case to this f board ss early as practicable. The Cbalr appointed as the committee, In pursuance of tbe above resolution, Messrs. Moore, Semmes, and Price. Bill for tbe relief of Rodgers & Son, of BaltlImore, for work done for tbe Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company; passed. Resolution In favor of Jos. L Lowry; passed. I Joint resolution regulati njf the laying of water mains; recommitted. Adjourned Ccm mo* Count-il.?Tbe petition of Geo. Schnell wim referred to the claims committee. Mr Borrows offered a resolution Instructing the special committee 011 reducing the expen*ts~of the corporation to report a bill to reduce all the salaries of officers of the corporation exceeding ix hundred dollars twenty-five per cent; laid on the table till Monday next. Mr. Jones, from the wars and means committee, reported the Aldermen's bill for the protection of owners of property sold for taxes, by way of a substitute for a bill for a like purpose passed by this board; pa;sed Also, a bill amendatory of an act authorizing the issue of certificates of indebtedness, approved January 2, 1?6I. Mr Morgan moved to amend by authorizing the issue of due bills or certificates of indebtedn>-ss, uf the denomination of ten dollars, to the amount of SlOU.WJo, redeemable wittln the current year, receivable in payment of taxes. &c The substitute was lost?yeas 6, nays 1*2. The bill wss then passed?yeas 12, nays 6. Mr Mohun, from the drainage committee, reported a bill making appropriation for certain expenses incurred in the distribution of Potomac water in the city of Washington; passed?yeas 13, nays 5. The Water Registrar'! report was laid on the table. Mr Mnlloy. from the claims committee, asked to be and was discharged from the consideration ?>f the Aldermen's bill for the relief of Charles Klotz. Mr. Clark moved to pass the bill The Chair (Mr Chapln) decided that the rao| tion was not in order, there being no bill before the board Mr Clark said the bill U now in poesession of the board, and appealed from the decision of the Chair. Mr. Morgan moved to lay the appeal on the table Mr. Jones moved to adjourn, and the motion passed The Baltimore Confkrksck of the M E. Church adjourned time dit yesterday, at Staunton. The following are the appointments for the Washington an<1 Potomac districts : Washington District?L F. Morgan. P. E ? Washington City?Foundry. W B Edwards; Wesley Chapel, J A McCanley; East Washington, John L^.nahan; McKcndree Chapel, W. M. D Ryan; Metropolitan, 8. 8 Roszell; Waugh Chapel, J. U fcfflnger; Ryland. J. N. Coomb?; Union. H C West wood, Gorsueh Chapel, J. W. Cornelius; F.'etcber and Providence, 8. M Dixon; Ashbury and Mount Zion, J. H Ryland; Ebenezer, (to be supplied;) Patapsco. M. Gohe?n; Patapsco Circuit. J W. Hoover, G. C. M. R. Kramer; Rockvllle. T. A. Morgan, YV. Prettyinan; Howard. 8. V. Leech; Patuxent, J. N. D*vis. J. H Swope; Elk Ridge, W. E Magruder; 9 Cassldy, W K. Boyle; Woodvilie, A S Hank; Henry N. Sipes, chaplain to the U 8. Penitentiary. Potomac District?B N Brown, P.E?Alexandria. E P Phelps, J H M Lemon; Georgetown, N.J B Morgan, W. O. Li'tnsden; W. Georgetown and Tenn^llytown, R R Mnrphy; Fairfax, R M Lipscomb, J. H Beckwitb; East Fairfax, C. F. Linthknm; Charles, C Parkison, G. H. Zimmerman; Fredericksburg, Samuel Rod tiers; Stafford, J. R.Greenwel!; Montgomery. J. L.Gil bert S. H Curnmin^t; St. Mary'i, John W. ^tart, H. McNemsr; Leeaburg, Samuel Cornellua; Loudoun, F. H. Richey, J Landatreet, W.V. Tudor; Warren ton. Thad B McFall*; Rehoboth, Bennet 11. Smith. Cn*i5AL Court ?Yeaterdav, Frank Roche was placed on trial on a charge of aaaault and battery on Won. H. Wigles. Thla charge grew out of a vialt by the defendant to the lager beer house of Joseph Oerbardt. on tbe 4th of March inat , to collect a bill, (ierhardt denied that be owed the [money, and ordered tbe defendant to leave his bouae, and caught hold of him and pushed him Into the street, where a number of membera of tbe German Riiles, taking std?a with Oerbardt, pitched into Wigles and beat him pretty severely. V He finally ran. the crowd being too numeroua for I him, and meeting an officer claimed hia protec tloa. He waa pursued by Roche and others, and turning round be dealt Roche a blow u be net tbe officer The jury brought In a verdict of lmple assault. J H Holabur waa tried on a charge of participation in tbe above assault and acquitted. Joa. Gerhardt was also placed on trial on tbe same accusation. After several witnesses bad been examined, it waa ascertained that tbe Indictment waa faulty In that tbe defendant's name bad been spelled wrong. Thf case was accordingly postponed. The court then adjourned till Tuesday, April 24 next, on account of sickness In tbe family of Hon. Judge Crawford. Y M C A?At a meeting of this association, beld last night, tbe president submitted bis annual report, showing that3,941 visitors bad reals tered their names at the rooma of the association during tbe past Tear; that there are 2,622 volumes in the library; 11 religious and 7 secular newspapers, and 6 monthly and 4 quarterly periodicals constantly kept en file; that the bible class under tbe charge of Rev G W. Samson has been well attended daring the winter; that preaching was regularly held at the asylum during tbe summer months; that the aaociation's minion schools are in a prosperous condition; and concludes by recommending that the association redouble Its effort In the good work it has inaugurated In this Arrangement* were made for the anniversary, and the follow'.ng gentlemen were elected sneerIntendenU of divisions: Messrs. 9. T Morsel!, J. Van 5*antvoord, R. Richards, R 8. Jordan, 8am 1. Kerr. C H Norton, E. B. Tucker, O. C. Wight, Dr. J M. Orymes, and Win. Ballantyne. Messrs H H MePherson and J. B. Munro were elected Vice Presidents, to fill vacancies caused by tbe resignation of Messrs. J H. Moore and R B Ferguson L?axd Co3dxv*ation ?At the inataace of tbe fitted Stales Government, for tbe uae of tbe W ashlogtcn aqueduct, a jury of condemnation waa e*ni panaeled on tbe l?ta lnat to aaaeaa and award tbe damage* (natal nad by Win. Reading, Esq.,. in tbe occupation and uae br tbe Government for two yeara of a piecc of land near the mouth of Cabl n John, to be uaed as a road, and for tbe erec' t:on upon it of aucb bulldlnga aa will be needed ik. tk. ? isr T t WMi *Uv y 1 '?l I- UMVU VI **VI?. UC jury awarded 91,900 damage On Saturday, a jury for a almtlar purpose waa impanneled upon tbe land* of J G White, Esq. Tniscaaeexcited a warm contest, and waa not concluded uitll Mooday, when the Jury render*i a verdict for fMO.?Rockvtil* (Mi ) SeMtitul. ISDIAN MKITIKS III Old Teisitt CHOBCB.? Last night an interesting meeting wsa held in tbe old Trinity church, at which tbe condition and wanta of the Indiana were plainly act forth, and their wrongs narrated As this meeting was only preliminary one to a course of lectures, the ipwMM wm rather brief, the time being chiefly occupied In singing and recitation* from Longfellow's " Hiawatha," by ** Larooqua,'.' the wife of Ked Feather," of the Penobscot Indians Larocq<ia's musical power* are of a high order, and her recitation of '-* The Death of Minnehaha" was most affecting. Sixth Rieixtsi.-'The oficera of this regiment are drilling with great regularity, and rapidly putting themselves in condition to take charge of their several commands. They have engaged the services of Sergeant Burklef, of the U. 8. M C., wbo spares no pains to put them on a "war footing." They drill again to-night, at the old place Compact C, W. L I , Capt. Htevens, and the Zouave corps, Lieut. Powell, were out on drill imi >l?kt TKev maneuvered in front of the City SlgSeS-sSFI v-*o. VMIT OV THE Mount Vl**ON GuA.&IMY?terday, the Mount Vernon Guards, of Alexandria, visited our city, and attracted no little attention as they paraded through our atreeta. The company numbers fifty men. rank and file, with the following officers 8. H. Deranghan. Captain; in si. Doiiui, w. illl? and Chirles Javins, 1st, 'id and 3d Lieutenants; Kdw'd Fields, Quartermaster, and J Rudd. Knsign. The company bad yesterday morning been presented with a handsome stand of colon by the ladiea of Alexandria, and were out celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their organization. After marching tome time they proceeded to call upon M. Snyder, Eaq , (their first captain,) who,appearing upon the piazza, said : Mount Vernon Guards: 1 am proud to hail you as natives of the Old Dominion?to tee you enrolled under the star spangled banner of our glorious nation. It is upwards of twenty years since the organization of your corps, the nearest company of citizen soldiery to that hallowed spot where rest the remains of the Father of our Country. You could have adopted a no more appropriate name for your corps, and 1 hope that you will guard with jealous watchfulness that hallowed tomb. I am proud of your appearance this day, and I remember with pleasure the happy time when I was your captain, and you wrre visited by the Executive of the nation. I President Tyler,) the Secretary of War, the Secretary of the Navy, Gen. Scott, and other* I only regret that I was not sooner notified of your Intended visit; and nothing would have afforded me more plessure than to have presented you to the Executive to-day bad I been apprised of your coming, but as I did not receive the dispatch until 1 o clock it was impossible for me to notify the Executive of your arrival. With the leave of you, Captain, I will now take chargeof the company. The company then entered the houK, where refreshments had been prepared, and all joined heartily in doing justice t# the good things before them. During Captain Snyder's remarks, one of the company, overcome by fatigue, swooned and fell to the ground, but was soon restored to consciousness by his comrades. After spending some tima in the enjoyment of Capt. Snyder's .hospitalities, the corps marched down the avenue, and went through, In a creditable style, their various military evolutions before a large crowd collected on the sidewalks and balconies The company then proceeded down to Seventh street, where they took leave of the crowd and left for Alexandria. how thk students employ thkmsslves at Georgetown College ?We find tbe following in the Memphis Avalanche of the '21st in?t. Georgetown College, March 4, Iffii. Dtar Avalanche:?Knowing that your feelings coincide with those of our little band of Secessionists, 1 earnestly solicit your kindness to puhlish, what I here take the liberty of relating to you?a minor specimen of our patriotism in vindicating our rights ns regards tlrs backicootls 1'resident we have. We, the students, after witnessing tbe otatorical gestures of Abe Lincoln in the Inaugural Address, in which he evidently menaces the Southerners with coercion, became so disgusted with him and hit threats, that we returned to tbe College, and resolved to burn th? old rustic In etflay. About a dozen of us arranged his simulaerun dextrously that, in truth, it really battered him \\ e then marched in a mournful procession to a pott, (used principally to consume efiigies.) and there w? hoisted him to tbe height of about twenty feet, where hit frail garment* floated to the biecze as the American flag, was wont to do. which he and hit band of Republicant have to lgnomiuioutly defiled and trampled und?r foot. We applied the match, and lmmeA at-1,7 fl-? - ' >-.1 ' uuiuca mac iu a ?rcai ungiii, owm^w the turpentine with which it was saturated, and amid yells, equaled only by Indians et a war dance, we proposed three groans for the veteran rail-splitter which mad* the very earth tremble. After which three deafening cheers were given for Jefl Davis and the Southern Confederacy. The towering frame of Old Abe was soon consumed by the ravaging flames. We then departed, only regretting that it was not the original. A Student. Theater?The great spectacle drama, "The Sea of Ice," went ofl' llnely last night, and the applause of the spectators was elicited almost momentarily by the beauty of the scenery, the excellent mechanical ettects, and the thrilling points of the well enncted drama. JeflVrson played the part of "Earabas" with qui?-t effectiveness, and though a very diQ'erent performance from the wild burlesque of " Mazeppa," for instance, it yet abounded in touches of masterly humor, which served immensely to relieve the tension upon the faculties produced by the thrilling excitement of the drama. me paru utea by the members of the stock company were performed with average ability; and the brilliant music prepared by Withers and performed by the excellent orchestra was not the least noticeable feature of the evening. To-night the play Is to be repeated, and the reader will find some special announcements relating thereto in another column. Capt. M?okrdkr'? ravalry commend was out this morning In the Monument grounds, whtre they went through a number of movements in tine style, to Hie gratification of a goodly number of spectators whom the company attracted thither. This company is composed of fine, hardy looking, well drilled men, and is regarded as one of the most efficient in the service Their company charge is a thing to be witnessed in order to be dulv appreciated. Ser In another column the great inducements ottered by F. M . Ma*; ruder, Esq , at his oid stand, corner of I and Seventh sts., to those who are in want of boots, shoes, Jcc. Magruder is famous for his choice selections, elegant styles and low prices; but his present oiler will take the town by wtorm. Those who have lately called on Magruder have been sent on their way rejoicing; and we say, to ladla, niiss-s. men and boys, together with the rest of mankind, take a look at his superb stock. Central Gcakdmouse ?Justice Thompfon.? \Vm Johnson, drunk, disorderly and charged with throwing stones through windows; sent to the workhouse for 60 days in default of security and coats. W illiam Kaaton, (colored) disorderly and fighting; workhouse G'J days. John Smith, (colored) disorderly conduct In the streets; lined #3 94. Fib* Ala**.?Yesteterdav afternoon, the flrenien were called out by the ringing of the alarm bells in the eastern part of the city. The alarm wai canted by the burning of a foul cLimney only in the Seventh Ward, though the imoke from a distance appeared as if the entire building wu burning internally. Thk Kaster Monday Bail of Companies A and II, Washington Light Infantry, at their new Armory, (late t'eumbi' Hall,) promises to be the best thing of the sort that has ever taken place in this city. The Battalion are making great preparations for the occasion, and will throw open both of their line rooms to the public. Ckntkr Market?The market opened this morning with a more cheerful appearance than at the beginning of last week, though the supply did not exceed the average. The fish market continue* increasing its supplies of fresh fish Herring are becoming more plentiful as well as shad; but the prices are not much lowered as yet. Thk Steamer Mount Verso-*?This steamer, that was aground in old Enbaven, Little Kgg Harbor, was gotton otf safely, and has arrived at New York In good order. Her cargo has been hipped on board schooners for this place. \vniTturs*t lien* 1 *? ~ " ? ?ua\,a iuc irau i II ail new improvements See hie Album Carda. with fancy background, that he la now making by the hundred 2t* Giokok P. Goff, of thiacitv, haa been made foreman of the Government binaery?a capital appointment. Codshs.?The audden change* of our climate are aonroes of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience having proved that aimple remedies often act speedily and certainly when taken in the early states of the disease, reoourse should at onoe he had to " Brown's Bronchial Troche*," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so alight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be etfecrually warded off. Public Speakers and Singers will find them eifeotua! for clearing and strengthening the oioe. See advertisoment. de 1-1 j Homeopathic Remedies All of Dr. Humphreya & Co.'* specific Ho- , mexpattxo Remedies put up expressly for family uae, in boxes, at 25 and an cents eaoh. A lac, in - eases, containing 20 vials, from 94 to Mi each, with book of full directiona. For aale by Z. D. Gilman. 350 Fa. avenue, wholeaale and retail agent: W . A. Fitzgerafil, 333 north F atreet; alao by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street. Aiao, Pond's Extract of Witth Saxtl, for internal aud external inflammations of lkinda. Sold as above. ma9-iy Reader. have you seen Prof. Wood's advertiseinent in oar paper. Rea/ it; it will interest you. su jn-eoly PE5H1B3. _ .... rereous deamnc pennies will always Una th*m for txcban&c at the Star Otfioe counter. tf To thi Afflicted !? He eure to read the advertisement of MoLean's Strflinrtiientng Cordial and Blood Puafier. in another ooiumn. tf NARRIBtf. On the 21 ?t instant, by the Rev. Mr. Meador, Mis? MARY J KABBITT to Mr. JAMEd B. JONES, all of this city. * * ** e m i ' " i " OIKO, f >> . On the 25th instant. Mr. JAMES TH)MIN!C SHEA, \jx Ui?77th jeax of his of tho Cojntr Kitkeiuiy, Ireland Mar in penoe tin funeral will take place on tomorrow ( Wedt innrikiTiv . hufr a&it 8 n'atftAft: I'mm bit G??4i, to which we mvitath? oapeotti attention ot<""WTN-Ison. 1iS2i&'"'Si9?ai?JI!m>m' * '" Fu f; I * Ptrirnl. .... wm % XI I. A*- - ** - -*? * n uijlt vreci rj, wn.i .,mi ice iilllOBU. Wm. Corwln goea to Mexico with bla< father, as Secretary of Legation. Hons J. Moorehead, Pa.; W . Pennington, N.J; E. Thayer, Maaa ; Wm Wall. N. V ; C. Foote, U.8.N . are at Wlllarda'. John T Shaaf, of the Diatrlct of Columbia, baa been appointed Captain In the Subslatt'nce i Department of the Southern Army. The Wllmlngtoft Herald aaya It la report-d that Gov. Ellla, of North Carolina?whose fllneaa for aeveral daya paat haa created much uneaaioeaa among hla friend*?la rapidly linking under consumption. A number of the Union ladiea of Richmond have presented to Mr. Carlile a beautiful watch, chain and seal, with the following Inscription upon It: "From the Union ladle* of Richmond, to the Hon John 9. Carlile. in appreciation of his patriotic devotion to the Union." The Nashville Patriot of the21st, publishes a lone memorial written by Mrs. L Virginia French, and signed by Mrs. Henry Clay, Mrs. tMgourney, Mrs Terhune, ("Marion Harland,") Mrs. Rote Vertner Johnson, and other distinguished ladies, which wu written to be presented to the Tennessee Convention. It is a strong and eloquent appeal for the Union, but as the Convention wu not held, It was of course never presented. Items Telegraphed from Washington. Washington, March 25.?Minister Corwin intends leaving for Mexico by the steamer Tennessee, on the 1st of April, from New Orleans The only news we have to-day from Fort Sumter is a dispatch from Charleston, which says.? " The stars and stripes are still visible from tkt ramparts of Sumter?no evacuation yrf." The rumors ana statements are so contradictory that nothing can be depended upon with regard to ths time the evacuation i* to Lit* nlare Th?w < ?.> evident desire on the part of the Administration to be in no hurry about it; in other words, to keep up the heavy war expenditure of the Confederacy, estimated at 825.000 per day, for watching Major Anderson, who would never trouble them if they should not trouble him. I understand that letters have been received here from an officer of Fort Sumter, dated on Thursday evening, which makes no mention of any intended evacuation. The subject is not even alluded to, though this may not be intentional, as it might be Improper to disclose the character of Instructions from Washington. One of these letters was addressed to the wife of the officer, and no allusion made to an anticipated early meeting, or any change in his location. However, It is said, but I cannot vouch for the truth of the rumor, that instructions in relation to an early evacuation were sent to Major Anderson by a special messenger on Saturday, who was expected to reach Charleston this evening. Several leading republicans In the confidence of the Administration have to-day expressed themselves in favor of the partial recognition of the Confederated States?so that they may test the experiment of separate Government to the full bent of their inclinations True the President u? iiu (w?n iu iccu^hkc lucir separate independence, but they propose and intimate that the President favors the project that no obstacle be thrown In their way except the appointment of certain agents to prevent the smuggling of foreign goods into the States bv railroads and river boats, and such negotiations with the Commissioners as may result in a truce to await the action of the next Congress, and a mutual agreement to prevent smuggling. THE PAXIC. NEW GOODS' SPRING GOODS! SUMMER GOODS 1 DRY GOODS' W. W. No.351 Seventh st? between I and l\, lias just returned from the North with ? very !arge and superior stock of DRY GOODS, which will t o so'd at panic price?, vix: ?0 piooes Frenoh and Fngiish Poplins, and other textures of Grey Goods, in price from 8 cents per yard up to 81. pieces Fancy S'iks from 31cents to S1.S0. 5 pieces Black Silk, very heavv, fit $1, H.O piecas Fine and Fast Color Jaconet Lawns, at 12H oents, worth 1M?, 60 pieoes Fancy Ducals, at 12S oent?.auch as wero sold last season at 25 cents. 500 pieces F.nnlish, French, ar.d American Prints, from fil.4 i d to 25 cents, 50 pieces Challi l>e, 12>?, 18Tk and 25, BLACK GOODS ?Bomhazin^s, Merinos, Alpacas, M. [)fl Laines.Challies. Lawns, li?re*?, anrl Crape Marot, vei j cheap, WHITE GOODS?Linens. Cambrics, Cottons. Single Muslins, and all other kinds of White Goods, A large stock of Domestic Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Fancy Goods. And all other kinds of *ood? which are kept in a i)rv Goods Store. All of wl'iah will h? anM ?t Panic Prices. I respectfully solicit a call. OXE PRICE-PLEASE REMEMBER! No. 331 Skvehth Strkkt, Between I and K. ira 23-f.t W. W. BURDKTTE. FOR BALTIMORE AND THE POTOMAC RIVER LANDINGS Thesteamor ST. NIC HOI. AS, Captain Jacob Kikwa:*. will loave Riley's Wharf, jr??w Washington, evory S A T U K I) A Y MORNINO. at ft o'clock. Leave "* "?** Commerce Street Wharf, Haltimore, ev*rv WKDNKSDAV A FT 4 o'clock, calling at her usual landings on the river for passengers and freight. Since last season the steamer has heen put in thorough order throughout every part of her. For freight or passage apply to THOMAS W. RII.EY. Azent. R 1 !?v'k IVIwrf fn.-?fr nf iui. ? _ _ ? ? J ?*? * * "II o?. ma 19-TujbTh2m SEVENTH STREET." ^ gQ ALWAYS~AHEAD. 1 hava just received a nioe stock of SPRING CLOTHING, FURNISHING G O O L> S , TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS, to which I invite the attention of all in war.t of suoli articles. .My motto is "A Quick sixpence is better than a slow shilling." Those in want (f Clothine we invite to come and look at our goods and prices ; and if jou want a nic? Shirt a'id a pre'ty Tie, No. itiO Sev nr.tli stiett is the placo to est them. I have a very large stock of SPRING HATS, which I am selling at 25 per cent, below their actual value. For those who want to travel. I have just received a large lot of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CARPET HAGS, varying in prices from 81 5" to $8. If you want a good Trunk, Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, or Caps, there is no plac^ where you can buy them as low as at the People's Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh ?t.. nnnnait* Pmt ... y H Clotkisr. mar 14-lm No 460 Seventh at., I Kit. K ami F. TL. A. BEALL & CO. AKF. Pleasure in informing their ouatomera, mid strangers, that they have removed to No. 301 Seventh atreet, between 1 and K, just above R. B Hall's. Wehaveju?t reoeived a new supply of CLOTHING, FURNISHING G O O I) S , TRUNKS HATS and CA I'S, which we ?>fler to aell at very low price*. Call and see us before buying elsewhere, as we kuow that we can sell yon good*at leaa than any other store in trie citr. L A. BEA LI. t CO , Clothiers, mar 14-lm No. 301 Seventh at., bet. 1 and K. R I D I> E. E HAS THE LARGEST. NEWEST AND MOST p tullKtM a ii r ti annrvni/ ap * noiiiuiiauiiD ci Wyiv ur J -MLm W H Xj JtrC. TT EVER OFFERED IN THIS OR ANY OTHER CITY, AT THE LOW TERMS OF ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE SeU for $1 Elegant LAVA Sets for J il Kiegant GARNET _?.t<efB for i tl Elegant JET Sets lor i li Elegant CORAL and GOLD *e's for i tl Elegant MEDALLION Seta for i tl Elegant RUIN MOSAIC Set? for ftl Eiegaut PLAIN GOLD- Seta fojr i tl Ladies' GUARD CHAINS ? for fl Ladies'CHAIELAlNE CHAINS .for II Ladies' NEf'K CHAINS for ft 1 Gents' VESTCHAINS.Ilodifferent styles,)..... - for f 1 Also, a Large Assortment of JEWELRY, whioh we can sell at SO oents per *r title. Just Reoeived, SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL ETRUSCAN BLACK LAVA. Pets ENAMELED CROSS Sets ETRUSCAN CARBUNCLE Sets PKaRL AND gold S<-ts ETRUSCAN ONYX --.Sots N. B.?Persons wishing any of the above Goods should call at onoe as they soon will La gone. We have on hand, and are receiving every aay I .JLr f a Invnifta* nf THE FINEST "PLATED WARE, conaiating of Brsakfast and Tea Sets; Card and Coxa Baslcts; Cream and Syrup Pitchers; ,Tab/?, Dessert, Tea, Sugar and Cream. Spoons, Butter, Fruit, Tea, Pie, and

Fish Knives; For Is; Napiin Rings; Casters; Salt Stands; Plain, Chased and Gift Lined Goblets and Cups. ALL ?OR SALS AT LOWK8T WHOLESALE PRICKS. GOODS WARRANTED AB REPRESENTED. REMEMBER RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, nul S09__Pa.At.~_ >08 I v. U yi. I ? * ? - I \ - . ?? 1 r LATEST IVfcWS!?HI 4 IMMENSE INTERK3 4 A /*?/* ^ ? -"? ? iu,w/u rAiits uif B JU3T RECEIVED FROM THE MANUF * PHILADELPHIA 1 At 50 per cent. Lesi tl OWING TO THE CRISIS IN OUR COUN Spring Goods at very reduced price*, and will g lowx* than any other establishment in WaahingU To give an idea of what cas and will bi articles: Women' Morocco Welt Heel Boota at S " ii Mek " ii i* a ii phila. " " ? ii ? punap " " English Lastln? Heel Gaiter* <( Yi ?t " t. u " ? " Slippers, 44 Morocco " 44 " Enamel " 44 Misses' Gaiter* and Morocco Boots from Children's 41 44 44 44 ! Men's, Boys', and Youths' BOOTS and SHOE In fact, I can suit every customer that will call 1 have a large lot of Black and Light Colored ( worth $1 50. mar 26-T&F,2w OLD STAND, 1 AMnSRMKNTM i WASHINGTON THEATER! Lessee .8. W. Gnw* Aotinc Manager J. T. Raymond THIS E~VENING, Triumphant Suooess of MR. JOS. JEFFERSON, In the grand spectacular drama entitled the SEA OF ICE, Produoed with entirely New Soenery, Mechanioal Kffeots, and Characteristic Mueio. In rehearsal THE NAIAD QUF.EN. OOP /kAA AlWk _lll III' Hlinu ation a* to all the offices I in the country, and salary? 25 cents. Contain* tti* earn" matter as the Great Blue Hook costing 33 50. Omitting the n%mea wliioh are not necessary. Catalogue or Curiosities at Patent Office. List of Patents. Old Hooks bought and sold Catalogue furnished. ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, fe22-2m* WiHards' Hotel Square. PERSONAL. T MADAM REID, A HE Most wonderful Phrenologist in the world, has just arrived from the North. She is able to give true satisfaction to all that plrase to call on ner, at her residence, on K street, between 3d and 4th sts. La lies 25 oents, (ientiemen 5") cents Office hours from 9 a in. to 10 p.m. ma 25-1 w* WANTS. WANTED-A *ood COOK, at No. 864 F st., i w between 13th and 14th sts. G?rman preferred. ma 26-lt* WANTED?By a respectable young woman, a SITUATION as nurse, chambermaid, or to ,.AI . *-K 1 mA- r* 1 ?C * - t. j.v wiwi < iouf. w?'im Kieriuue cam uo givon. Addrets Box 8, Star Office. It* WANTED? By a young woman, with exo*Hent refereno's, a SITUATION to sew, either in a private family or with n. dressmaker. Please *ddresi? Box No. 4, Star Office. ma3t WANTED.?A reopectab'o young lady rieeires a SITUATION a* teacher of ttinali children in a private famiij; does not object to travel: good reference can l?e given if required; terms moderate. Address Miss A. B., Po6t Office, Washington, D. C. ma 23-4'.' WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From S5 to flO.OOii worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TUREofall kinds, for which 1 will euaranty to pay the highest prices, and, ad unuai. at the shortest notice. _ , _R. BUCHLY. ueaier in t- nruiture, stoves, ?rc.. oc9 40!? 7th st.. bet. G and II east side. WANTED?SKCON1) HAND FURNITURE. Persons declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand,can obtain Ihec&sh and fair prices by applying at 3G9 Seventh st. no 1? HONTZ k GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. DOG LO.'T.?In the neighborhood of Georgetown Urirtg*. on .Monday evening, .March 25th, a Spotted Coach Slut, ar>imt? one year o d. Any one returning tlie Slot to the Union Refectory, corner of Third str?<?t and I'a. avenue, will be suitah'y rewarded. ir>a26 3t* C< | KI" WARD?Kar. away, on the ISth instant, V I NKOitO IIOV. i:?in? i vr llllAni AlhArt J|A J"ma'lwood. He is 11 years ol ate, da* k com WM. plexion, fine soft hair, bow-legg?-d, and rocks while walk ng. He i? supposed to be Ju in the First Ward. 1 wiil give the above re- J w^rd if returned to me, on 1'ie roe street, b;tween K and I. and 3d and 4th st*. m?26 3t* Kl.IZAANN 8TKWART, (cold.) QC REWARD.? LOST.?Escaped from the V" owner,on Tuesday morning last, a 5 jet black N KW FOUND I. AND D<.>G.-sJ^S3: nna on si me tune a ifatror col'ar. The 11 above reward will be paid lor 8*nl Doe, if delivered at the Win- * of HAMILTON A. LEACH, l'a. avenue, between 4>? and 6th ata. It BOARDING. JV1R9. SMITH'S HOARDING HOUSE, on C i X etreet, between SJ and 4'i, No?. 393 and 391, has aeverai soo<l Rooms unoccupiod, on accommodating terms. ma 26 5t* si?*1? si-Si?81?si?81?Sl-Sl ? si. S1-S1-S1-S1-S1-S1-SI-S1-S1-S1. 476 pa.av. evans. 476 pa.av your choick of any article of .iet\a/ci dv IN OUR STORK FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE.? ?_Seta for $1 Elegant LAVA. Sets for 91 Elegant GARNET ?... 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EVANS'S. 476 Pa At ni&r 21-lw,r "I?VERY VISITOR TO WASHINGTON -Ej Should Purciiass PHILP'S WASHINGTON DESCRIBED This is the only Complete Guide-book to the Rational Capital ever published. The Velnme contains * Comprehensive History of the City from its Earliest Settlement to the i Present Time, with every Imp rt&nt Event connected with it u ths i Seat of Government. A'so. Elaf?or*te Descriptions of the Various Publio Buildings :Ro!ialle Information iy rctpoc* to ail the Departments of the Government; Mode of Transacting Business with the Public Offioea ; tha Ktiquette of Offioial Intercourse: Description ot the P acee of Interest in the Vieinitv, Ac , Ac. Illustrated with a Map and Numirocs KhGRAVIXai. Eltgantly Bound t? Crimson Cloth. PRICE ONE DOLLAR. Free by mail on receipt or the published i>riee. PH!LP & 8OLOMONS' Metropolitan Bookstore, mar 7 eolm 333 Pa. & ., bet. 9th and nth sts. j . ND ?The undersigned bees to inform tbe 13 pub ic that he uaa on hand a larf e stock I of MONUMENTS. TOMBS. HEADSTONES, *o., at Baltimore and Philadelphia prices. Also. a a?v style of Drawings o*n be seen at thaiard.aada new atyle or Marlkla Mantels. Table Tops, Ao., kept on hand. Brown btone and Uranite work promptly attended to. WM. BRADLEY, ma M-eoSm Pa. av., bet 18th and 19th sta. PER8ON8 Wi?hin? l-^urnfiur#and H?tj Arti ?,r/%s~4 SS??5ta-DriT?. * - * T J > ' CHIT IMPORT AWT I T TO THE POCKET! OOTS AND SHOES ! ACTURERS IN BOSTON, NEW YORK. *ND BALTIMORE, ?wn ?uiu ueiurc. TRY. I HAVE PURCHASED MY 8TOCK OF uarantee to furnlah my cuatomera and the public ?n. doxk, I will name the price* of a few leading 1 '25. auch ia 1 have aold at SI 75, 1 ?>, " " " I 50, 1 SO, ? ?' ? *.(10, 1 S5, " " ? 1 75, 1.00, ? " ? 1 50, I 35, '? " ?? 1 75, 50, ' ?? " 75, 50, " " " 76, ?5, ? " " 50, 50 centa to Si 25, 45 " 75 s of every description, v**t chkap both In price and atyle. i A ITERS, out of atyle, that 1 will aell at 50 centa, F. M. NAGRFDER, * . 379, Ccraer ( 1 and Seventh atraeta nWlDnrvn/\TTT\T A uiivawi<lUW? Al? V -M.lS rrs=*ATTENTI()N. POTOMAC LIGHT INiLFANTRV!?Be at Tour Armory THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, at 7\ o'clock, id full diess (without overcoats.) By order of the Captain. It* rr5?NOTICE.-L 1C E NS E S.-All persons LJ< whose licenses from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on the 31st instant are hereby notified promp'lT to take out the rame. under the law approred July 7.18?>; otherwise they sebiect themselves to a fine, ai.d the law is compulsory upon the proper officers of the Co-porauon to enforce raid fine against all de tequenu. ma26-eotApH? WM. LAIRD, Clerk. GEORGETOWN TAXES, l*6l.-Ei?ht Lk3 percent discount is allowed on the al>ove tax if paid prior to 1st of April next. Settlement for taxes of lfftjo remaining unpaid at that date will be enforced acco-ding to law. ma 19 2w CHAS. D. WELCH. Collector. A I N E POTATOES. 1,500 bushels of Jackson Whites and 6*W bushels of White Morcera, just received per schooner Carrie M. Rich, and for sale from v???el in lot. tn ? > ? purchasers. PETER BERKS', ma 2n-3t S3 Water street, Georgetown. ^PPLES AND POTATOES. 1,500 bushels prime Mercer and Jackson White Potatoes and S*i barrels No I Apples row .andu c (10m schooner Rockingham, and for sale low m lots to suit purohasar<?, by J. G. WATERS, maj!5 1 w 109 Wat?r st, Georgetown. U.C. CGEORGETOWN MARKET STANDS FOR ' SALE ?Will be sold to tne highest bidder, at pub ic auction, on SATURDAY*, the o?th instant, at 10 o'clock a. in., all the Stands :a the Market House, except the Butchers' stands, for ore year. The Stands at the northern entranoe of the Market House wiii te sold at the same tun*. Terms omii. Proposals will be received in writinc until the 9>th instant tor re-ahmcting ard eccTosing t?e Market House, for each of which work 'he bids must bo separate. H. ADDISON. Mayor. Mayor's Office, Georgetown, March 23,1361. ma 2Vdt3 th A BOOTS AND SHOES. LARGE And varieu assortment of BOOTS and SHOKS oi excellent quality just re ceived at 144 Bri^ice street, near the oir.-U I mbus itand, and for ssle25!o per cent.F |K1 cheaper than the usual prices. maZi-lm A. XEWBKRGKw. naoo BBI.fe. PRIME CIDER AIL^ Expe^u r-'r schooner Mary Ann MuGm from Boston This CoJnr 1a A No. 1, and :a for t&lo in lots to suit purchasers. ARNY A SHINN'S fe 22 Union Bottling Depot, George 'wn. PJl'ST ARRIVED, ER Prope!>r s>. S-?nr>ur. from Philadelphia. 7.S barrels and 1" lia.f !>arrr ? ..f Ms?fT. (" 1! 11 e A Co's Philadelphia DRAFT A LE. For sale bf fe-g AKiSV A SHINN. JUST KECEIVED10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS li? bbls. Uid Rve WHISKY, 2&> bl-is. HERRING and ALE WIVES, fiu bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, 30 ba*s Rio and Java COFFEE, in low prioed) .MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUK. ? 10 FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR KENT?FURNISHED HOUSE, enntaiiT ing 14 ro una, in th<* Firat Ward. To a eo <1 tenant, at a low rent. A pply to 8 A ML* E L S'i'OTT, No. 37 9 Nineteenth street, between G and H sts. ma 2fi St* I?OR RENT-At No. 414 Ninth lit., corner ol H. several lar^e &l,U pleasant ROOMS, furnished with gas. ma 25 St* FOR RKNT?Dfliirable DWELLING. situated corner'IVntu and E street*. For terms appiT to WM, ORME. between 10th and Uth sts. Possession giveu on the 1st day of April. i: a 25 ?t? WM. OR ME. FHOR RENT?A three story and-basemar.t t>nck HOUSE,containing a looms, situated on Tenth st, between N fiml O sts. Ke> t $ IJ ?t r mouth. A; p > to D. HAUPTMAN, No. .'?lv Elereiitn st., near Pa. avenue. ma 2S-?t* FOR RENT?On May 1st, the large and oominodiou< HOUSE on Louisiana avenue, opposite the City Hall Square, now occupied by Mr. \Vetb a3 a dwelim* and law office, and adjoining the house of Mr. Richard Wal ach ma;3 tf FRANCK TAYLOR. FOR RENT?A medium sired BRICK HOUSE, with brick stable attached, on Capitol Hill, oorner of First and C its. north, above the railroad unpoi. ai?o, a t- rsmc House on .Maryland avenue, between 6t!i and 7th its.. Irlaid. F?r pa>ticu!ars inquire of G. \V. URaS, 31t> Seventh st.,opp<site Intelligencer office. ina 23 e >3t* Handsomely furnished roomsFour handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with ran and water, and convenient to the 1'ater.t and Post Oftioe Departments. for rent. Appyat 490H Massaouuaetts avenue, north ?i;e, between 4th and 5th its. ina23 F| I'RMSIIKD ROOMS FOR RENT, at No. 500 Tenth street, between C st. and the Cava . Terms moderate, aud every accommodation rendered. ma 22-1 w l^UR RENT?A HOUSE with ten rooms, exI elusive of kitohon. servant's room and closets; supplied with gas and Potori&c water; coinfortab y lurniahed and in a delightful looality For terms, Ac., apply at the premises, 350 K st , between 12th and 13th gts. ma 21-1 w* For rent?arlington mill, on Four Mile Run, at the intersection of Columbia Turnpike and the Alexandria. Loudounund H*.n r shire Hailrosd, three miles from \Va*hington a-.-d bix mile? from Alexandria. Poss-esion given 1st >f April. Apply to K. E. LEE, Washington City Post Office. ma21-1 w* I^OR RENT?The three story hnck DWKLI.I. ING-HOIJSE, with basement, on E street, between 2d and 3d rts. Has all the modern improvement*. wa'er, gas, bath room, Ae Apply to \VM. EG AN, next door, or to HEN RY EG AN. 343 Pa. aveuue, south aide, between 6th and 7th sts. ma 16-tf THE COTTAGE FOR RENT ON CAPITOL Hill, situated on Seoond. between H aod C stree a. It contains 10 rooms and brick kitchen, Bupp'iisd with gas and water. It has large grounds surrounding it. To agool tenant terms reaxonable. Apply at '297 F st. ma U lit* STORE FOR RENT.?A large Store-room on Pa. avecue, adjoining our auetion rooms, fur rent. Apply to WALL t UARNARI), Auction and Commission Merchants, corner Ninth street and south aide Pa. avenue. mar 11 F?OR RENT, SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR _ OTHER. PKOPERTY-A FARM of about mu acres luia, enuaea aoout il>k mile* southeast from the Station. B?ltsville, Prince George'* county, Maryla>.d. There is about W> acre* in woodbalance cleared land and ucder cultivation ; ha* a mall dwelling-house; barn 90 by 40 feet, and other out-buildings, aud apple and teach orchard. J. E KENDALL, rrar 8-tf No. 3 Four and a-halTst. FOR rent OR SAL.B?'The two five lory brick DWELLING-HOUSES situated on and adjoining the corner ol Fourth d D street*, east of the City Hall. Apply to JOSKPH FUlifTT, No. 90 Louisiana av. mar 5 tf FHOR RENT?1 he desirable ar.d convenient RESIDENCE, now ooeupied by Senator Kennedy, ou Sixth street, just north of the Uni:a-ian Church, will be for reut after the adjournment of the United States Senate. Apply to THOMAS BLAG DEN, No. 499 Seveath street went. fdlj-2a? 3w tfORRENT?A throe story bnok HOUSE, containing 8 rooms, in good order, with gat bxflirei iVimiilnta. nn H trsnt. h?lwA*n Ml, ui s??. Alio, a two-itor/ brick COTTAGE, with large y\r j attached, ooraer of F street uvrtu an 14th at. east. To punctual ar ' reliable tenants the term* will ho moderate. -pijr at 446 Twelfth t-treet, between G aad H no U-tf FjH>R RENT-Tho Cue BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West at., Georgetown, at present ocou pied by the subscriber. It has 12 rouuio, with car aud water throughout, a fine >ard, stat Is to , and ia in acpcd neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. M AGRUJ^R^ oo2Stf YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely ret yonr money's worth by oa;iin(c at the PIONEER MILLS, tor n*r of Stvtnlk tirnt and CanmJ., (GEO. PAGE, Agent ) T.'iay sell oheaper ant five better measure than any others in the pity?out. split, and delivered free of chance. If you don't believe it. civ* . the Pioneer Mills a trial, aad he satisfied. jaHly.r 1 CjJREAT MEDICAL HOUSE IN THE city * of Washington. DR. SHUMAN.nt his Southern Medio*! House, oorner of Sixth st and Pa. imu, under the Clar odoB Hotel, ia the only ?* ui the know a world who oan permanently our* all dlienas of a pr i vale nature in from S to dapo. A permanent cure or no eJtora*. n* J THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. The Vlrgtata Cmwium. R irnnoip. March 315 ?In the CmtmUm today Mr Bruce, in Committee of the W bole, cmtinued hi* *prerh rommfrA-fd on Saturday Ha took the ground that the Morrill Mil would be ruinou* to Virginia, and favored presenting an ultimatum to the North, with the alternative that Virglnia will aerede If it be refected The question was pot on striking oat the report of the Com mitt** on Federal Relation* and inserting Mr Carl He's substitute, bat Mr. Wlc* desired to be heard, stating that be was now phvai cnlly unable to make a speech He Mid, however, that he occupied the middle grou- <1, and was endeavoring to reconcile the hostile sect lone. The debate continued until the races, no vote hsving been taken Ertntng Ststie>m ? The Committee of the Whole refused to strike oot the majority report and Inaert Mr Carllle't Peace Confer?oe substitute. by 116 to 4 Mr Carlile moved to adjourn sum du, pending which the Convention adjourned till to-morrow. The Evacaatlea of Fort ftaater ClABLisroa, March 26?Colonel Lainoa, who came here as bearer of dispatcbee from the 1 edersl Government to Major Anderson, visited Feet Sumter to-day. Nothing definite la known of the result of his visit He returns to-night. He say" he hopes to return to Washington Immediately. He bed an Interview with Geveraor Pickens and General Beauregard this morning, and left tn company with Col. Durvee. He waa w?ll received by the Governor. He la to have anomer interview this afternoon with <ieas mi Beauregard The prevalent opinion now is that Major Anderaon will evacuate on Wednesday. Of this, however, time will determine. Affair* at the *?nth. New (>ki.ba5*. March 22 ?The Commit loner* of the Confederate State* to Europe? Messrs Yancey, Mann and Rest? will leave here on the 31st instant, for Havana, and connect with the British steamer of the 7th for England The military statu quo at Penaarela continues None but official communication Is allowed between the shore and the fleet off the harbor. The arm?d propeller Cushmaa keeps up a strict police off the harhor A duel was fought on T'i<-sdav morning at Fort McRae, between a Charleetonian and a resigned mids! ipnian. wth SLarpe's rifles The Charles tonian was badly wounded in the groin. Arrival sf the New Mexicaa Mall. IsDErEXDEXci, March 26 ?The New Mexican mall has arrived Captain Hailowaysnd Lieutenants Bovce and Kelly are among the passengers l.ieut Kelly has resigned, and is rmtomi* for Louisiana Capt Halloway reports an abundance of stores for ?Le army in New Mexico, with the exception of flour, which Is very scarce. Bsld Attempt t* Rska Bank. New Yore. March 25?A bled attempt to rob the New York Exchange B*nk of this city was discovered this morning The burglars had excavated a distance of seventy feet To reach the bank, but daylight surprised tbem before they got the safe open. Tbey got only 91 .INK), which was in a tin box on the safe All engaedescaped. but one man Las since been arrested on suspicion Infringement of the IttitwkH Trad* Act. New Yore, March-25 ?The steamer Bienville, of the line between this city and New Orleans, is now under surv? illance of tbe Custom House authorities, not having a proper clearance under tbe coastw. :se trade act Tne vessel and cargo are liable to forfeiture Levis Mayoralty St Lor is, March tS.-Tlte Unconditional t niun ii.< a of tLis city, in Convention to-day, nominated John Haw for Mayor Resolution* vitre *dopted de^larn^ tbe present depressed Bnancial condition of tbe country tbe result of tbe disunion nioveirent Fxrlteinmt at KichmoRd. Richmond, March 0?.? Some excitement has bet-u occasioned here in consequence of an order having been received at Beiiona Foundry, from Washington, to send Ur- guns now on band to Fortress Monroe forthwith Arrival ef the ( allferala Mall Steaaaer* Nrw York . March 25.?Tbe steamer Champion with tbe mails of tbe 1st lnst., baa arrived Her advice* are anticipated The Revolutionists bav* fjained several successes in New Granada, lnclud ng the capture cl the Government flotilla. litnl. New York, March 25.?The United states frigate Maranac has arrived, ftvm Valparaiso on on the 17th February. Raw Tark Markets New vokk.Miin-h*io ?Flour5c higher Wheat advanced lc. Cora buoyant with a good business. Provisions quiet and unchanged Whisky dull. Th* Wiiteii?The following report of the wertLcr for th-: morning Is made from the American Consolidated Tel'grnph Line to the {Smithsonian Institution, *he time of observation is about 7 o'clock March 26. 1961. Burlington, Vt raining. New \ ork, N. Y haxy. warm. Philadelphia, Pa. raining, mild Washington. D. C cloudy, wind S Richmond, Va. clear, pleasant. Petersburg, Va. clear, pleasant. Norfolk, Va clear. 55? r hfltt* n/WTa T?nn -1?**> ? Viuuuy , tf?) Raleigh, N. C clear. Wilmington, N.C ...clear, pleasant Charleston. 8. C cloudy. Augusta. 6a. ......cloudy, pleasant. Savannah, Ga. cloudy. St3. Macon, Ga cloudy. Columbus. Ga clear, pleasant. Atlanta, Ga clear, 5J?. Gritt'en. Ga ........clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy, warm. Jackson, Ala .....cloudy. MobUe, Ala clear, &-*>. New Orleans, La clear, ft*3 Barometer at tbe Smithsonian at 7 a m, (corrected for temperature,) 30,(1*1; at noon, 30.904. Thermometer at 7 a m., 53'; st noon, ?l?. Maximum during 24 hours, ending 9 a. m. today, 5^minimum 43'. Affair* in Charleston ? From tbe Charleston papers of the 23d instant we glean tbe following : Mr Russell, the well known correspondent of the l<ondon dally expected in Charleaton. and from the ability of his previous sketches, onr people will doubtless look with some Interest for his letters about men and things in the Confederate States Tbe ship Susan G Owens, which got ashore on the baron Friday afternoon. March bth, with a cargo of railroad iron, was got afloat yesterday afternoon after discharging about 2000 bars of tbe iron, and was towed up to the city by the steamer Aid. By private dispatches from Tallahassee, we learn that Gov Perry is concentrating troops at i'eiisicola with the utm'<st activity. A dispatch from Washington, received here In high quarters from one of the Commissioners of the Confederate States, says : In spite of appearances. i believe I am not mistaken about Sumter It will be evacuated if there is faith in man " It u'.ia riirr^ntiv rnmnrwl vm!ppH>v *nd tr.n.t ally credited, that the authorities here had received a letter from Major Anderson relative to the charter of a vessel for the transportation of the garrison in Fort Sumter to New York Basket William* Challenged to MoataL Combat.?A difficulty between Barney Williams, the Irish comedian, and Mr Chandler, not an known to the theatrical circles of Baltimore, which occurred recently at the St Louis Theatre. was turned Into a comedy behind the scenes, by the wit of Barney. The two had some words about tfce costuming of a piece, and Chandler considering Limself insulted, sent the challenge heretofore mtntioned As Chandler was a dead ahot. Barney was determined to equalise the chances for a ' bloody end," so his terms of the duel "were anywhere or time, pistols loaded to th<* muzzle, breast to breast across a table, oae, two, three, pop, and both Are at once." This Chandler did not like, for although he insisted en the "code" be objected to the "mode," and the affair ended with the satisfaction apparently all * on Barney's side. Virginia CoNCKEcaxKK ? The Winchester (Va.) Republican makes the follow log spproprl ate reference to two members of the last Congress who distinguished themselves bv their lldelitv to the Constitution and the I' nlon: " Hon John T Harris is announced as a candl date for re-election to Congress from the Rockingham district He baa labored faithfully for the preservation of the Union, and should beauatalnod uy bis district. 44 In tbla district we suppose our late faithful and eloquent Representative. Hon A R Boteler, I Will have no opposition; and, as there appears to I ha m Aimm . !?< - .,n?n Dm Mftalul of the Union party to support L.on. we auppose there will be no necessity for convention." Attempt jo Bcm a Niwinru Omci.-a daring Incendiary attempt was nude earljr on Thursday morning last to destroy Utt Kent Sews and the Masonic Hall building. Obertectows h?w ! ofrunl^d Mow by G Vlck'rt. Km . W A Vlckew, J.N Call ton and WUHiid ft Hamilton, and tbe entire second story by tbe Kent Newt otftc*. It waanetoa Are la tbe fuel room of tbe News ofitee, the door of which wm unlocked, and waa first discovered about six o'clock ia the morning The fire was, forte Innately, axUngulshod without diacultf?