Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1861 Page 4
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:; J % ???M???????? | j. THE EVENING STAB. LONG AGO AND NOVI'-A-DAY*. ii> < nut ciui. i, Out master had a roioe. aa we know, Lon? A to ! _ CAer*<? Ag? ' . And he ?un? to al! the jirls, the young knave. Lose rll Ago! f??mi-!jOT? Aio! 4 f)ar master, ataoe he eanaot rate* a itave. Now-aNow a days' Wuti ua ell to be as mat* ?' n?h alwaya. No* a ft' Days' aorai-No* t M;i, Now a-Days, Now a-Days. zc03d cle*g. * Our master at at the bottie wasn't alow. Lone Ago! And the element to trouble he would aoorn, Long L-k Ago! Our nwater. aince he daren't take a horn, Now-aDeyt, Wantaua a! to take the pledge, ao he aaya, Nowa Day*! . third cllll. Our maater waa a very pretty beau. Long Ago ! Ar. 1 he aported audi a jolly head of hair,t,ong Ago! Our iM.ster, ainoe his po.i haa grown bare, Now aAVou.d ifke to have ua bald; teat's hia orave, Now. a-Daya! foceth clerk. Our master had a waiat, I've heard ao. Long Ago ! And he hain't a protuberance at all. Long Asp: Our maater, become round as a ball. Now a Day a, Would like to atop onr growing, ao he pray a.Now* a Day a 1 T*b YtlTiiTOg Scawdal?The London Time* of the tJth instant gives the conclusion of thla remarkable case. to which we have heretofore referred After an hour'a absence the jarv returned to the c>oe: the multitude that thronged the court were hushed Into breathleaa attention: The Chief Juatice, addressing the jury, said? ell, gentlemen, have you agreed to your verdict? The Foreman?We have, my Lord. The Chief Justice?Waa there a Scotch marriage between those parties? The Foreman?Yes. i'ae i;bier justice?Waa there an Irish marriage* The Foreman?There waa. The Chief Juatice?That la. In other worda, he waa a Roman Catholic at the time of the marriage* The Foreman?We believe he waa, my LordT When Mra. Yelverton'a counsel, Mr. Whiteaide, entered the room where ahe was waiting, hla countenance and significant gestures, as well as the cheers which rang through the court, told her that the verdict wa* in her favor; ahe sprang fjrward without saying a word, clasped him In her arms, pressed him convulsively to her breast, and aelzlng h!a two hands kissed them. Overcome by tfce violence of her emotions, after auch a long and terrible tension of the nervous system, ahe sank down exhausted and found relief in a floor of tears. The excitement in the court when the verdict was announced was quite unprecedented. The whole audience ros?? and cheered tumultously, the lsdi^s waving their handkerchief the gentlemen their hats and the barristers their wigs It was a d-lirlum of joy. The contagion spread through the multitude outside, and the shouts of triumph pasaed along the whole line to the GreaUam Hotel In Sackville street The crowd insisted on taking the horses from Mrs Yelverton'a carriage and drawing it to the hotel, where she was compelled to appear on the balcony to gratify her admirers. She aaid : l< nnKU ?-! -? _7 ?.>-avitr? incnai. you cnve Dy vour verdict this day made me an Irishwoman. Vou will forever live in my heart. as I do in yours this day." Her being an Englishwoman had no effect in damping the ardor of the most bigoted Allieslan or uitramontanlst?her having been a sitter of charity and a convert to the Church of Rome did not check the sympathy of the most intolerant Orangeman. The speech of Mr. Sergeant Armstrong, who In his zeal for his client, did all he could t > make her seem vile in the eyes of her own sex, did not diminish the interest in her of the ladles of Dublin, whose carriages were drawn up along the quay in a long line. ||T The little principality of Monaco, recently purchased by Louis Napoleon for SHU),000, has a seaport, with a line climate and four thousand Inhabitants It is possessed of excellent tracts of timber, which are to be used in the construction of French shies of war ?.... m - M viuup way one day be a second Elba. \Z~J~ In consequence of the ill construction and had ventilation of the school-house* in and about London, 7,000 children, between the ages of five and fifteen years, annually lose their lives from these causes alone. So says Dr. Ilillier, Secretary of the Metropolitan Medical Association. AllRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. W1LLARD9' HOTEL ?S N Peters, Pa; J A Campbell, R C Kirk. A Gerland, O; H R Johnson, Miss; \V D Washington. DC; H D Cooke, O; J R Atkinson, .Mo; H E Wallac?, J E Latter. A R fmlth, E D Guixam, Pa; J D Thunber, \V G Wise. Mass; H I, King. C Jack, C Frobe, USN; H W Macnlel. C M Neal, Pa; J Dunham, R R Potter, Mara; Hon Mr Pennington. NJ; G Sherer, Hon VV Wall, M VV VVaU, NY; Hon E Thaver. F W Orlnd. J Gudwell, Mass; A VV Griswold. J W McCulloch, NY; Hon J Morebead. A G McCandiers, F A Macastney, Pa; G W Hambrigbt, Md: A G Wrlirl.t O- W n a?i.w c ~ * _ ^j V| ** ?/ uiiiiiU) r JT> V/ liil wru j Ml* M Cb.iUril. Miss K Chatard. \V G Tittanv, Wd; W H Griffith, NY; C Maiaiu, Va; J Matthena, and lady. Can; H Sheldon and family. Mrs Eaton and son, Miss BicLoff, E H Edward*. O Edwards, NY; T Morallet. Va; H Evana. Md; R L Martin, Fa; C Heaker. Mass; T 8 Allison, E M Gard. NJ; J J L*wis. J it Puleston, Pa; \V F Murdock.Md; Mr and Mia Draper,?: Miss Lane, NY: W T \Valtar, VV E Code. J H C?a'e, Md; R M Callend>r, A Mathc.vs and lady, NY. NATIONAL HOTEL.?R H Porter, Mo; R H Bingham, III: W Hatch. A B Wedderows, Mv; A Norcroaa. Pa; O Jacob. La; H Greeley, 8 t GlevelandL, J Mlllward, \V B Frayser, A Haijj. L \V Serrlll, J B lckershaui, N Y; G H Frost. l^a; J M MrCUntock and ly, Md; C W Beach, \V W Irwin, B B Pickett, J \V Cowell, A Murphy, B M li*_ ?* * ? ' * ,? nuwn, ra; j s t.UDtrt, .NV; C Mnaie, Va; G Mattln*ly and ly, DC; G A Miller, G A Frlck, C Cook. C Clark, Pa; W B Dobbin, E P Lockwood, O B Rogers, H Bowie, W D Bowie. Md; W Clark, V?; K D Mitchell, Mrs Leeley, 1) Ripley, NJ; T Early, Ma*. BROWN'S HOTEL? HC Heys, Wis; W F Brockenbroughandly, Mi?s J VV Newton. D Cox, T N Vi; VV YVsde, C VV Carr, Pa; C VV Rand. Cal; B G Stonestreet, B F Jenkins and fain, H Barrett, T Jomes, C Pracht, VV B Blandford, C Kidder, Md; C J Kane, A L Kane. H H Wales, NY. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.?W VV Sberard, NY: W R Detonney N G Peatfield. A Hyburn, T S Yorke, Pa; ML Yoang, Mo: R Gouiding, L A Burbridge, 8 J Houston, H 6 Mayen, J F Wagner, Md. ?' " . - ? a - ? ? - ? UUHAJM S TEAMERS' SAILING DAYS FBOM TH? UniTBB btAT41. St4atm*rt. Lean. For. Davi. John Beil....?_..New York ...Gla?iow?.!*lch 26 Arabia .....Boston ..Liverpool...Moii 27 A Mow York_.Havre MuV Vijo ? _.Ne? York.-Liverpool...Moii*> Havana New York-, routirptoo . Apt S U>im? _i'o?ton. Liverpool A pi 3 Africa ?__New York-.Liverpool....Apl 10 New York. ... .New York... Bremen Ap. IS Eoxopa New York... Liverpool... .Ap 17 Bkt.o ? ..\ew York.. .Havre Apt 20 Her?ia New York...Liverpool....Api 34 Pnnoe A!bert?. New York. ..Ci&iway Ap: H Jfao* Kcbopb Africa Liverpool..-New York-.Moh 16 BoroaMa. 5onth,pton...New York...Mch 1R Xm'd Ktakiom. .Glasgow New York _M?li 18 New York South'pton.-.New York. ..Mch3") Earopa.._ Liverpool... Boston Moh 33 tu uin _? ,?>outii pton.-New York....Apl 3 Bavaria South'pton...New York ?.Apl 4 Bremen J*outh'pton..ff<ew York.. Ap 17 H*mmonia? South'pton ..New York...,Ap! 18 PL'Hi: OLD RYE WHISKY.-On hand saver* Uaa?l? ufPure OU Kyo Wliliky, Oo^er entitled. Divio by the mutt r?liai><? distillers in recn ylveuijh Maryi&ad ?nd Virginia, warranted pur#, mo, Imported Hrandiea, H'r.uouj, Gtard, Dupay fr Co.. J?!?sa Rotnn?, Aa. Also, reach aoc Apple braaoy. fire Holland Win, old Jamaica aiid St. Grcis Hani, aa*~VTiaea uf e<err variety, all cf standard Lruvia. A choice iot of Cicara aid Tobacoo YOUNG * KKFHART.Aceati, aa ??-*? ii**? Pa ev.. hetw. ati iwd livtli eta. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Have jast received tlie largeat aaeortment and bow offer Uie mutt extensive variety erertB _ nrt I VAI-f&ES, CAftfr T B^US, ?Ai' HKLS.ic., in Uua uity. which w? *r# M very iu? frioo*. WALL, iTliPHKNH A CO , ?x?m tf t'? %??nnx. rfcO.VT BE DECElVfeD, BUT COME TO \J the n?ht al&oo to ?et j?s;r CLOTHING, HATS *c4 OAFS, At SMITH S, No. 4?0 Sov ath *t ' ~ i^SRw 1 AROK INVOICES OF NEW MUhIC A_< jn?t reeeiT?<1 from Rbimi A Tolman, Boat?>r.. P*bri A Bro , Ciaomn&ti, Hall A Son. Nov York. NOW f<* IHfMtlOD. JOBN P. ELLIS, to 3? *06 Pa. btt ?t*? and IOth m. EVKRYBODY IN WANT OP CLOTHINS, KUEMSUINO GOODS, HATS and CAPS, touid oom to SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at. f? ! *? yAMlLY BLANKETS AND COagFOETsr" W?kav?^*"n? J -a.".--, ^ot w^rsrassft,-^ ?-?-lAV'^* * BVTCBnoN | old U*t 2S oecti >i rn 8vi ?'I??'' M uiu(i|y N*tioB?; aU^F-^H A KICH8TKLV& i ?M H-IW ( ^ fJ^n^r ' ,? ? II ? ? ? v TKAVKT.mja' DIBBOTOBY. On Mid after SUNDAY, November JSth, 1800, the trains will mn u follows: LEATE WASHINGTON: First train at ftJOa. m. ground Tnua at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p. m. L?ATS BALTIMORE: First tram at 4.15 a. m., Express. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third ats.lop. m. Foarth at 4jn p. rn., Express. The first, seoond and third trains from Washington oonneot tnrought o Philadelphia and New York. The seoond and third oonneot at Washington Junction with trains for th* West, Svnth, and Northwest; also, at Annapoin Jnnotion, for An napnlia. For Norfolk take the * 40 a. m. tralu. fror the p.ccoiaiaoiiatiou of the war travel between Washington and Laural, a pawenier car wili be attaohoa to the tonnage train whioh loavea at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train com to Fhiladelphia only. no ?-<] T. H. PARSONS, Agent. EDUCATION Ail T FEMALE E-DUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their d&uchterg to reoeive a thorough and systematic education. where their phjMoal training will receive dailr and special w bcuuuu, uivior mo lyusv approvou system ui themca ami GrronuUoi, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoadftmy, corner Fourteenth st. and New York av. mr. & mrs. z. richards. aa 30-tf Principals. Female boarding and day school ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual leseion of tnis Institution wiii commence on Tuesday. September 18th, ?u the ht>dse recently oooupied by Sylvester Scott, Est., No. ISO King street. The course of study pursued will comprise aii the branches requisite to a thorough English Education, and Musio, Kieach, Latin aud Drawing, li desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a part of her own family. will be undar her immediate care and supervision. She will endeavor, as lar as possible, to surround them with the comforts and kindly influences of Home. titftrenct*.?itev. ueo. 11. ;\orron, Kev. Dr. Kliaa Harrison, Rev. D. F.Spngg, William H. Fowle, I Esq., Edgar Suowden,Eta., Edmund F. Witmer | Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis McKenxi? Esq., Robert H. Hur.ton, E??., W. D. Wallaoh Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas Entwisle, Jr., Esa,Col. John W.Minor, Loadcun Messrs. Blackiook tc Marshall, Messrs. Cor Brothers. Tzaxft. Board, with Tuition in aJl the English Branches, 930?for the anjiual session?payable semi-annually, in advance. Mnmc and Languages at Professors' prices. | ICT* No extra oharges. au 28-tf OAS FITTING, &c. A -WM. T. DOVE * CO. RE Now arevarod to exeoute any orders with wnioh they may be favored in the i'LUMBlNy, OH STEAM FITTING BOSltfESS. rjr Store on Hh atre*?, a few doors north of Pa. avenue, * nero may he found ft oomnlete aafortmenl of CRANDEL1ER3 and other ?AS,STEAM an* WATER FIXTURES. jaitT-ly W GAS FIXTURES. E H?v? in store, and are dai. y reoejvinc, OAS FIXTURES of ei^ely New Patterns awl Design? and Finish. superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invito citizens general ly to call and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, fce!;n* confident Uiat we have the beat aeleoteJ stock in Washington. All Work >n tlie above line intrusted to oar cftr* will be promptly attended f-o. AIYERS A McGHAN. mar 6-tf ? 3TB 1) strefji. i I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND UAS FITTER, Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth ar.d h st*. He ia prepared to introduce \Vat.?r and Gas uron the most favorable terms, and guarantee enure aatisiaction. Heh%* on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whioh ke will sell less thfin cost, as he wiahea to get rid of tliem. no 17 iOFFICE OF JNSPBCTOR AND HKAI.KK vr UF 6A9 MLTKR3. Washington. Jnly 18,18?n. NOTICE IS HEREBY VJVEN, That.atreeab.y to the proviaioas of the ordinance of tho Corporation approved Mar 12. 18fln.t}e undersigned is now prepare V'whenever r aulretf m wntmc, and on pre payment of the foe of fifty cen?:, to inspect, eismlr.u, tost, jrove, and ascertain the s?f uracy of registration ofiny gas meter in use in t.Ms ouy." Every meter, if found inoorreot, will be condemned, and another, and marked an true, w> 1 be set m in plaoo. If proved to be acourate in it* ari-meLt of gaa, it will be aeaied accordi; jly, and again pat in position for use. _ _ Ofloe No. 810 Seventh street,(near Odd F#l.owi' Hatl.) Open from 8 a. ra., to S ?. m. CHAKLKS W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy 18-tf Inapeotor ar.d Staler cf ?aa Metera. /Ov NOTICK. /0V jy'X REMOVAL. A X 9 0 1 have removal my V S PAWN OFF1CK to 351 Q street, between 4X and 6th atreeta, immediately in the rear of the National Hotel, where Die buainea# will be oontioued as heretofore at the old *taad. [uo 15-0ml ISAAC HKRZBEKG. for stamping A packet of paper S AND ENVELOPE8 NO *0 match. at the ICHARGEJ metropolitan ' bookstore. philp & solomons. Agent* for La*rtnt*'t ctltbrattd Lintn Parti, "Metrnpo'itam Mills," te., ft. ?e "U ly 332 Pa. av., b?t. Gth and 10th aU. W 9 if .ooo ORTH OF BOOTS, 9HOE3 and TRUNKS, Of all Style* anA Qualities, AT A GKEAT SACRIFICE Oil COST. Store for Rent and Fixturei for Salt. All the Stock m 8. pTHOOVER'S STORE, antra Iron Hall,embracing every variety rR"f Ladies', Gents', Children's and WgB J *?*??ServantB'SHOES Aleo, TRAV-fMi ELING TRUNKS are now being aold,/or" Vfck cask*t great sacnfioeson usual retail sellingtorices. indeed much belov( original ooat. The attention of | the puolio is solicited, as great inducements will be made to pnrohaaers. Tbe above oompruea a large stook of the finest Iuaiity French and American Gaiters.Shoes,Boots, ;o., 4?? for ladies and gentlemenTae Store la for rent and the Fixtures for sale. Apply on t^e premises, Iron Hal!. V H TKa AKava ?> ! *- ? 1 ? * ... ?r. viuioi in wnoio or in part, will b? sold at private tale. To any one deal ro a of entering the Boot, Shoe and Trunk tiuaineaa tins afford ? a better opportunity than may acain \* presented. Peraona indebted will confer a favor by promptly oalunc and aettlinr their accounts. ja 7-tf T PROCLAMATION O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON. GEORGETOWN, ike. WKrrms, At the present aeaeon o the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC. DYSENTERY. Dyspepsia. nuniMTv t. ? iji/twi AS* o?ui| aoti prevail to an alarminj extent: Andwkarias, FIRST CONBB4UKNCB to "WriEBV " o?o* of Pull. offers his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as the mo?t REMEDY MV TBK AUOV^HSSl^tAINTC In order to Batiafr THE PUBLIC that no imyoaition is intended in tbaaale of this l?rea? M?lio>ne. THE MONEY WILL BE IlEhUNDED m nil ceuu when the naodiotae laiie to five entn e aatiafaotio aei, wen Urn* "Ho- e for 1>R MONTA ROE'S MIRACULOU8 PAIN KILLER, take ar directed, and if not perfectly aatisfied Return to oar Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4H Stree' and Pennaylrania Avenue, who will reftond your money. . Price? aft and ftO Cent* per Mottle. For e&le at ail Droi Storea everywhere. JAS. MoDONNELL, Soneral Arent, Jyll-eotr Baltimore. IMPORTANT NG* U'A^HINOTONtNUJ5*a I A view of the National Capitol will l>? areaented to all parohaa-ra of Book*, Stationery &o., from .he wail known eatabllahmentof FRENCH A R1CHBTEIN.37S Pa.av., |e 25 near Rirhrwood Home 5,000 L H ^o'H NlTuK R of th? very | beat atitv. f?M aon*r Vermont > . md Fifteenth ?t. ., ISiSSp The trade ud olub? of iweaty (applied At low >fma? FRENCH * R1CHBTE1N. _ > ' 0m i T - ^ VWIIL NervousHeadache *i35. f j Headache.* Br the dm of these Pill* the periodic attacks t >f Nervous or Sick HtadatK* mar be prevented; M d if taken at the ocmmenoement o( an attaok imm< ?diate relief from pain and siokness will be obtaina 1. They seldom fail in removing the Nautta ai.d HmAaeh* to which are bo Mbiect. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removiHg CSa ?ItMSIII. For Liternry Mem, Students, Delioate FemaJws. and all persons of sedentary habits, they are valuable as a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and vigor to the digestive organs, mad re storing the natural elastioiiy and strength of sMe whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of loi? investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments* having been in use many years, during whioh tin* they have prevented and relieved a vast amount oI pain and suffering from fleadaohe, whether ongi nating in th? nervous system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfoot safety without making any change of diet, an4 the a senee of any disagreeable taste renders it easyt t0 administer them to children, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT^! i ne genuine nave uve aicoaiurea 01 denrr C. Spalding on Mich Box. Sold by Dmunti and all other Dealere in Medici nee. A Mox will be sent b* mail pr*taid oa receipt o the PRfCE, 29 CttNTS. All order* should be aadreaeed to HENRY C. j^PAI.DING, 49 Ckdar Strikt, New York. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S ' CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. As these Te.itimmtiaJ* tnrr/* */ ? ml* *? is J . > v?. v r*. ?r ? rc >(OV(Cl I ?/y Mr. Spalding, they afford uuquestionable, proof of tltr fjfirary of this ti uly scientific discovery. M aronvillk, Conn., Feb. 5,1961. Mr. sralmno?Sir : I have tried roar Cephalio Pills, and 1 like them fo well that I want you to send me two dollars worth more. Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom I gave a few out of the first box 1 fot from yofl. Send the Pills by mail,and oblige Your ob't servant, JAMES KENiNEDV. Havkrfor", Pa., Feb. 6,1861. Mr. SrAt-mjto?Sir: I wish you to send ire one more box of your Cephalio Pills, I have rtcewtd a great deaf t.f benefit from them. Yours respectfully, MARY ANN STOIKIIOUSE. i Sprcce Crkee, Hcntihoton Co., Pa ,1 January 18.1861. \ t< P ?o.i n.?-_ a,.. V 11. . mmm ?nui?ii'i i t/11 Will piOftM B6QQ (?10 two boxes of your Cophalio Pills. Send them iramed lately. Respectfully yours, J NO. B. SIMONS. P. S.?1 *ac? used ant box of your Pills, and find tktm excellent, Bzllk Vkbsoji, Ohio, Jan. 15, irai. llavBv C. Spalding, Ksq.: Please find inclosed twenty-five cents, for whiori sand m* another box of jour Ophalio Pill*. Thty are truly tkt best I Pills I Aaf* ?ter tried. I Direct A. btovkr, p. M./ Hello Vernon, Wyandot oo? O. Bbverly, Mars., Deo. II, 136?. H. C. Spai.dtko. ICsq- 1 wish for ??rao cironlars or large show hills to brine your Cephalic Pills more particularly before mr customers. If you h*ve anythinr of the kind, p ease *?pd to me. Oneof my customer", who is sulvjeot to severe Siok Headache, (iitru&ll* lasting twodars.) teas r:red of an attack tn on* Acmr by your Pull, whioh sent herReepeofully yours, W. B. WILKES* REYHOLMBuna, Fra.nkltt* Co., Ohio,/ January 9,1861. \ J Hk^by C. SrAi DiM. No. 48 Cedar street, New York?Dear Sir: Inclosed find tweetv-fivo cents. (5?,) lor which ?end box of "?'?w>halto Pille." i bond to addroo o( R?v. VVm. C. Filter, Reynoidabu-e, Franklin county, Ohio Your fills work like a charm?etare Htadackt almost tmtanter. Truly yotira, WM. C. FILLER. VP8!La?ti, MtahM Jan. 14,1*61. M*. flPALPi!*?? Sir: Notions ?ico9 I aent to too for a box of CcpiiAUo Pilla for the oure o 1 thft Nnrvoua He.vdaohe and Coativeneoe, and mwived the aam??, and they had so good an effect that I teat mdvcd to send for more. Please a?n<l by return mail. Dir**?tto A. R. WHKE^ER, Ypaiianto, Mioh. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. uwpnano ruis acooinpiish tii? objeot for whioh they w?rt> made, viz: Cure of hoadache in ail iu forma. From th* Eraminer, Norfolk, Va. They have been tested in moro than a thousand cases, with entire suceeas. From tkt Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. If you are, or have b?en troubled with the headache. send for a box,(Cephalic Piilsjaothat you may have them in oase ol ao.attaok. From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The Cephalic Pills are said to b? a remarkably iui iuc nrauaono, ana one or lf|0 very beat for that very frequent complaint which hu ever been discovered. From th? Western R. R. Qazett*, Chicago, 111. We heartily eniorae Mr.Spaldini,and h.a unrivalled Cephalio fills. From the Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va. We are sure that perrons Buffering with the head aoke, who try them, will stick to them. From tk* Southern Path Finder, Nero Orleans, La. Try thorn ! yon that are (ifBictnd. and we are aure that yonr testimony cau be add*! to the already numAr.ina liat th.t * k?-? - - .... *icats ICUQIVCU UOltOIlM lllftt 110 otner medicine can produce. Prom the St. Louis Democrat. The immense demand for the artlole (Cephalio Pilla) is rapidly increasing. From the <inz'tte, Davenport, lotto. Mr- Spalding would not oonoeot hla name with an article ha did not know to yoaseas real merit. From tk? Advertiser, Providence, R. /. The taatimorv in their ffcvor la strong, from the most reapeotab'e quarters. From the Daily News, Newport, R. /. D.!l? - -- *->-: il - - " " wr?iu ? ai.a biu Mkiiic mo p:&oe oi ail kinds. From Commercial Bulletin, Boston, Mats, Said to be rery etfioeoioua for the headaohe. From the Commercial, Cincinnati, Ohio, 8ufferinx humanity can now be relieved. ICT A single bottle of SPALDINM'BJ PREPARED GLUE will save ten time* its cost annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH

trr"'A Stitch m Tun Siv? ^ ? ? ? \l As aocidepta will happen, even in well regulated families, it ) very desirable to have some oheap and^xvnvenient way for repairing Furniture.Toys Crockery, fco. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meet* all sneh emergencies, and no household oa afford to be without it. It is always ready, and to the sticking point " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.'4 N. B.?A Brmh aoooir.pajffci each Bottle. Fno 2S cents. Address HENRY C. SPALDING. No. 48 Cedar street, New York. CAUTION. Ae certain unprincipled persona are attempting to palm on the ~ fur pffkp\fck boras: iv.i;,d sktstk: Sr. ims"" "*"" " o,hks?s?? V I* 11 III < I \ PUBLIC ADVEBTISEMKNT. IpUBLlC W O T I C E. UIPA.KTMKBT o? TO ISTIl'O*. i ifcitwii?a, D?c. as. un. I Pnbiio notioe is hereby given that bonds and ooupons annexed, of the deeonption hereinafter eet forth, have lately bees felonloaaly abstracted from the oastody of the Interior Department, the sama being the property of the United States and held in trast for oertaia Indian tribea. Notioe aaa also been given to the proper ofioere of the respective States to stop the payment thereof; and ail pereons are warned against parohasing or reoeiring any of said bonds and ooapoas, as the olaim of the United States thereto will be proeeouted to the utmost extent. Eaoh bond being for the cam of one thousand dollars, nx: Six per oent, Missouri Coupon Sonde, issued in June and August, 1?57. State of Missiouri,8t. Loaie and Iron Mountain R R. State Bonds. Bond No. 3037 Bond No. 1823 1878 1827 1W8 1822 lOA* xwi, !821 1998 1820 2008 181# 2007 1818 1993 1809 1994 1817 1?95 1810 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 200? 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2035 1V99 203*1 2000 2032 1 2009 1826 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 1868 1883 1869 1884 1870 1885 1871 1886 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2046 2017 2047 201A 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bonda 1824 Noti.?Bonds No. 3<w, and below of this series, issued J one. 1857, and bonds No. 3)01, and above that, dated August, 1857, ryable at the Phanix Bank, New York city, in 1887. State of Missouri ?J* Mroent ooupon bonds, vis: Hannibal and St? Joseph Railroad State Bond*? Bond No. 1853 Bond Mo. 1824 1852 1627 1851 1628 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 1861 1845 1860 1KA4 13AI AUV 1 183J 1854 1835 1858 1833 1855 1834 1854 1838 182] 1837 1823 1338 1824 183fl 1825 1849 1828 1840 1827 1835 1828 1812 1820 1&1S 1830 1814 Ih31 1815 1641 1818 1042 1817 1043 1818 1844 1819 1845 1820 1848 1621 1647 1611 1643 1864 1637 1634 1638 1631 1840 1632 1842 1633 1843 1622 1660 1857 1816 1636 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1626 90 bonda Nor ?The?* bonda are dated January, I8ST, Wkrable at Bank of Commeroe, New York, in ovember, lam-intoreat payable in Jaaoary aad July of each year. 8t4t? of Miaaoori alz Mr oent. Coo Don North Mi?ronri R. R. stata bona*. Bond No^2952 Bond No. 1639 3940 1638 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 2946 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1640 2960 1650 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 1664 2936 1665 2961 1652 2958 1656 1657 2921 1766 2468 1706 1511 1707 1513 2451 1514 2452 1516 1464 1516 2456 1911 1456 191f 1457 ?U 1458 ?12 2459 ?14 2440 ?1? 2481 291S 24*3 2917 2463 3918 2484 2919 2485 . 2920 2488 2$54 2487 9955 1851 Rfl KnnHa Note.?The bond# purobered S616uid Mow, leased in Jannaif, 1957; No S?M, and above that, ii*uAd in Auguat, 1857, payable at Pkenix Bank, New York city. Mieeonri lix per oent. Coupon Bonds, nz: North Mieeonri R. R. State bond*. Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 27M 2784 3787 3786 3730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2711 2783 2719 2711 2733 2712 nn 2710 2720 2725 2716 2777 2727 2778 2724 2785 2731 >7?8 2788 2789 2729 ^ 2770 2718 2771 . *715 I 2785 2714 2778 2784 ? 2772 2738 ? 2775 2728 I 2774 272S * v 2780 2712 2732 2787 M bonds ?%2?E?i?Bl?* aOMVi at? wwt. Mh l*iiro?4 MM 0o??o?Bonds. Bond Ho. ISM Bond Ho. MM Mtt S361 6145 &S&8 6344 fctM 6143 *3*4 6141 *3** 6341 5253 5340 5392 53S8 6J50 6337 634* 5335 6347 5334 5348 5333 *19* 5331 5195 *131 *000 6100 4999 5199 4997 *198 4890 6197 4998 6810 4*M 6236 4886 MOT 4876 6308 625T 6309 6362 61 bosdj M06 Not*.?Thaae bonds nro duod Ma/oh, U#T; p?r nbls Mnrob, 1887, at Phoenix B?nk, Nsw \ ork interest payable in Jm*ary and inly of sash jmr. Bonds of North Carokaa?Conpos six por oont. North Carolina ?x por ooats. Bond No. 36 Bond No. 303 33 301 33 300 33 297 ? 236 T 234 349 203 348 166 347 104 34? . JO 343 19 *42 18 341 17 340 15 339 13 338 8 337 11 336 * 10 335 10J 328 101 329 100 330 99 331 103 332 ft 333 28 334 22 227 16 326 21 317 98 318 97 316 96 2V6 95 239 94 238 62 237 60 236 303 . 72 bonds Not*.?These bond* are dated January, is*, payable January, 1886, at Bank of Republic, Nev V ork. Interest payable in January and July. North Carolina 6 per oenta. Coupon Bonds. Bond Ns. 833 Bond No. 735 832 736 831 758 830 759 829 760 834 761 835 762 838 783 837 784 838 790 871 791 871 792 873 793 874 794 [875 795 878 796 87T 797 873 798 879 799 880 800 ? Ml 846 8U2 fUT luii "?? OV9 848 804 84? 80S 860 * 804 851 868 861 8tT 86? 811 ' us a 86? 814 3*7 816 858 816 860 817 861 818 861 819 863 810 864 811 < 865 821 866 813 86T 814 868 816 86? 816 876 817 883 828 881 839 884 840 885 841 Til oi* a E 734 104 bondi | Metf* I North Carolina gix per o?nt. Ooapor bonda. Bond No. 599 Bond Ho. 493 600 494 603 40& ?04 496 605 497 ' 606 Ml 607 498 608 610 610 611 611 481 613 483 613 481 609 484 ? 14 486 !H ?? *ai 624 488 626 4*9 626 466 * 627 638 628 639 1 641 640 642 641-2 641 643 615 643 I 644 636 | 646 631 1 647 632 * 648 633 S 645 634 t 649 636 * 666 636 | 661 637 662 618 616 629 617 616 1 ?18 616 J 619 I1T 66* 114 6*7 422 r 6M 646 I *70 fc4ft J !2 447 r; 6? 648 i 640 660 J is mi r 610 6T1 611 472 S 471 s iS 674 5 JW 476 627 in 12 477 ? 625 478 12 47? q 1J? 686 d 2J 611 I 601 611 666 - _ ( ? U.*-. !j i forth Carotin* tix yor tnL CoiNi Bndi-Goa- ? pons poyftbloia April J Forty In koall of IbM eeehAeeod kj M- I kentr orta not to moorpomtotlioWMtora North * Bond No. 51 BMdNo.151 ft IS us P 51 1M 1 J* J^J c M Ml I I . # ^r~n ted Ho ?T Bow Ho IIS M Iftl M 1M 1M Itt 1M ITS ? m in m in , in im 1* 194 117 IPS | 128 m 179 197 18? 198 129 - 199 130 200 137 144 AA Ka.j. 146 Two bonds for #l,w ear h. <iat*d April. 10). Bond No. 9 Bond Mo. 10 Fiftoan bonoa for #ljB?r aaoh. dated OctoN*. IKS7 .tii Payable at Baak of tfuiio, Ootobar. ltrr,Ti?: Bond No 1183 Bond No. 1191 1184 1193 1185 1194 1180 1195 1187 1190 1188 1197 lifts 1190 lJboud. 1191 city, of thofo. .owing mm!<ni,uii doud Jui fcry. 1?? Bokd No. 217 Bond No. 415 278 419 294 479 297 477 409 491 41S 498 414 723 ndoftt* loUoviBf camb?riiMtt?1 Bond No 828 Bond No. 1278 o An csw 1AM 830 And of tHfoLlovinf Btmhri imd* i Janafcry.lUft Bon 1 No. 1744 Bond No. **55 211,0 2^91 2133 2892 2581 3006 2605 3121 Anl of the following number* i?sn*d Jtnuary. 1U6. Bond Np. 3149 Bond No. 4207 3464 420ft 3465 4209 34A6 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 S470 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4527 % 3894 4i29 3941 4550 3942 4558 3943 4566 3944 4589 3945 4570 3946 4571 3985 4749 4199 4751 4200 4881 And of the followi nc numbers iMned Jtnuary, 1?5? Bond No. 5058 Bond No. 5419 6195 5421 5326 5426 6359 5427 6360 5430 6361 6434 6362 6436 6363 6437 ?-V>4 M?HS 6306 6430 6366 6440 WOT 6441 6308 644] | 6300 6463 MTO 6444 6371 6446 6371 6453 6373 6618 6374 6519 6976 6&S0 6i70 6621 6177 6S? 6178 6703 6379 6704 6180 6T06 6181 6700 6384 6T0T 6380 6708 6387 6700 6368 6710 6389 6711 M90 6711 6391 6711 M93 6799 S&93 Hug 6410 6840 6417 6843 6418 3rvici ot tbi Sbcbbtabt or thb Ihtbbiob, December 36. I860. ^THOMPSON. Secretary. fREEMAN ? SIMPSON ^^XTR^^jTEXTR^^ TheaborePURE WHISKY,Cofm Dutili*? 10jt Maxtio OxAir, boat superior ana BLiform a auautj. and Uisnl* unproved >f age, is preferred !> oSnsSienTto a! 6ther Whiskies, ard pertico arlr reeommende<1 bj the V*?st phT?ici*ns v ' ^Msaipts as pmetwsini all th? r? ?>w?" " rviM Tomit Inviffrlv ami AwiJwf Aims. The Sopor Iki 11 Water of Phi lade'pt>?a. used 'o he duration of thi* Wfciaky, ia prove*! by asa y da to be uiiomt and par eat water in the I mted State* ; and to Una may, in a c*at decree, be atBrThated the exoellecoe of thiaWti?kr. For mi* by FRHKMAN^k SI 'rout atreet. Philadelphia. ANOTHER FRfc>H SUPPLY OF GOOD fV BOOKS. Jaat reoeired by frknch a richstkin, 2TS PEJIN. ^Tmrii WAtHixoToit. Life io-the Old Worid, bj Kredt.ka Bremer, 2 ola , Itmo-.eloth; anee 92 S# One oi Then, by Charlie Lever, paper in oen'a. Meeaaca from the Sea, by CharieaDickeoa. pap*r; I oenta The Amerloap Qneation, l*^o , cloth ; pnoe An I WW, uj mail ire* on raoeipt ol prioe. H?tj dii outttoir itortforoMli. Ml GMVH HUNPftKD TRAVELING TBUNKB C arrived thi* dar, embracinc tl Im and mw of Sol* Laatfaer. 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