Newspaper of Evening Star, 27 Mart 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 27 Mart 1861 Page 1
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V ft / t (&b cuing Slur. .. ? ? ~ V^. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 27. 1861. N?. 2.5-2S : , THE DAILY EVENING STAR n r UbL13HBD B VSRT APTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDUPS, Cr w of Ptnntylumta ?v?n?? and 11 fA xt., W. D. WALLACE!. Pap?ra e?r?ed in puUiN by oarriara at ? a year, or 17 oenti por month. To mai: atmoribara li? pnce is 93JU a year, w a. I vane t, ?2 for lis montha, 91 for three rnonfh?; and for leaa than three moatha at the rat* of 13 oeuta a wwk. Single cptea, onBci.1T; in wrappera, two cintb. ILT" A DvnmTiiixiix? aoould beaent to tha ofice More 12 o'oiook m.; otherwiae tbey may not appear antil the next day. HI MORS OF THE CRISIS. Vnhia|Ui S?mnuon Ohialchn." [From the Chicago Tribune.1 I Further from Fort Sumter?The Kangaroo 1 Mission?Hostile Fleet in the Potomac? Attempt to Poison Mrs Lincoln's Horses 1 ? The Above Rumors Corrected?Great ' Speech of Mr. Douglas?Or any Other 1 Man?Special hy the Bee Line Telegraph. Washington, Yesterday. i It hu now positively transpired that the < order for the evacuation of Fort Sumter, if J (written at all, was written on a blue foolscap ' sheet. A dead-head pass home was sent to every , one in the Fort if anything, but this is all i contradicted hv * m? from ih> w?? < Office this p. m , who positively says he knows ' nothing about it. and what be knows was ?om- ' mitted to him under seal of the strictest confi- | dence. Tbis may be relied upon as official, and is made known to no one but your correspondent, several representatives of lesser sheets having expended large sums to purchase the same in- I formation without success It may be set down that the present status will be maintained, and Fort Sumter be disposed of as the Administration may decide. If g any of yeur readers are anxious to learn posi- t tively about Fort Sumter tbis may be taken as t reliable, but will not do to bet upon t The Mission to Kangaroo is given to Cently ' Biggins, positively. This is said to be final; * rumor says he is confirmed. It may not be so, however, probably is not, though I incline to r the belief that it is. lie will get that or the Mongolia Consulate, or failing in both, will ? [wait for something to turn up. e In Executive session this morning, the pro- ? ceedings were entirely secret. One of the pages, bribed by your correspondent with a ' pintcf pea nuts, says he knows more than he t dares to tell, or would tell, for any sum short of a dollar It is understood to refer to the fc Bengal Mail Route. The paee says the debate v was on simple abstraction* but as this must be p true of debate upon the entire range of the v affairs of the late Administration, that leaves it in doubt again. Floyd is here, wore a yellow vest on Penn- c0 ?ylvania Avenuo, this morning, and was over- e I heard to say, "Certainly, by all means," *n- t I derstood, of course, t<> refer to his estimate of #> bis chances of acquittal. \ A fleet of four war steamers came up the e Potomac this morning. It was rumored that J] they were to be stationed in the Canal for the protection of the government green-houses on Third street. This is official tl It has transpired that the reported fleet is t only the Mt Vernon boat and three oyster ves- d sels. They are not to be stationed in the canal This may be regarded as certain. * Attempts were made to poison one of Mrs Lincoln's long-tailed black horses this morning Arsenic was discovered in the stalls. it The assayer at the Smithsonian Institute, after rigid analysis of the powder, has ascertained p by asking a druggist that the powder is Flour >1 of Sulphur His opinion waa unanimously " confirmed by the Senate. J' Jetties Beeswax. Belazi Bnrkitt. Ri. hard Turpin. John Smith, Walter Pip, Ernest Fottfeiser, Hans Scbuenhoffterheisel, Deidrich ?. .enderburg. Job* Jones, Peter Binks. and 47J S) other* are applicants for consulships and clerk ai ships. Their application*, petitions ?ud lot- h: ters of recommendation are temporarily stored ^ In the Washington Monument. It has definitely transpired that the status ' of pretty much everything will be maintained at the public expense; the desire of many office-seekers to have the rule extended to in- jvi elude themselves for manifest reasons cannot tc be complied with. a< Your correspondent is in possession of informat ion from several points South which he is 81 not at liberty to make use of It is entirely " definite on the point of Fort Pickens, which it l( is now understood was not named after the u present (Jot. Pickens, but after Old Pickens, a full confession of which has been found \ among family papers. This is highly inter t< esting. ? The Senate has confirmed habits of do:n? as 11 O y little as possible. Among their frequent con- r] firmations now-a-dnys for other people it is ^ entirely fair that they should not neglect them- j, r selves. This is official, and was weakly al- n lowed to transpire through the medium if the 9 Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms. ?' la the event of an early Spring there will be ? f plenty of greens in the inarkot here; very many indeed are here already, but scarcely fit for the table, though all of th?m express confidence in their fitness for a desk, with a gar- n tiUK nf aalarv ITK? * ? ? ?J V* ?. ? ? ? J . | M. U? IClVg 1 UpdaiUf HULK J compositor will please not make this celery | v This may be looked upon as reliable as any * other man. 0 Mr. Douglas has made the speech of the sea- e son. He commenced by desiring the galleries G cleared, and especially the reporter's gallery. ^ Your correspondent crept under his seat and \ took notes on his shirt front. 8 Mr. Douglas commenced by saying that he had nodouot Mr. Lincoln meant peace in his a Inaugural. lie had known Mr. Lincoln of c old, and be was a trump. They had slept to- ? tether in former times, aad Old Abe had a bad r habit of drawing up his knees, from doing 0 which on equal terms bis (Douglas') stature forbade. He | Lincoln] had thus always had a o terrible trick of scrouginr a fellow out of his share of the bed. He had done it since in the late canvass. * The Inaugural meant peace. He was proud L to say it. He didn't care who heard it, or any ^ man. He would take occasion to say that the i, K. W.l * " * wuiu u?<4 iw ?iij cuuatruea scnousij d the little pleasantries be had at times in- n dulged in with regard to his Republican d friend* It wai to be understood asPickwiok- A ian, and onlj intended to influence the "byes" . up North He was sorry that any one at the South had t, got th? idea from him that the North was bad after ?U. It wasn't. He never intended when he charged the lamented John Brown with be- v ing one uf the lights of the Republican party, a that any oae should believe it. lie only wanted * his little ioka. * i He oocitessed that he viewed with alarm the |i wretched mistake the South had made in the t construction of Democratic arguments and edi- t i torial* against the Reoublicans For himself ? f b? wished bv-gonei? to be by-gones. He took c it all back Wigfall moved a point of order, and rose to ask Mr Douglas to define his position, which > the latter proceeded to do for the next three hours. The speech will de rood. Mr Douglas is evidently the man of the Times, or was before McCormick bought it. The Secretary of the Navy has advertised for assistants There have been no applicatl:_ j- i j?* tivua. J.UU IB iruuicai. 1 Four lieutenants and a drummer ia the Marine Corps bare seat in their resignations. It is rumored the drummer was about to be bre- 1 retted, lie was immediately capiased for a s mail balance due his laundress. He has asked J her to resign, but she will maintain her ?latu?. r Private?If this comes through straight, . well and good. I flatter myself there are ( some points the other papers have not. If you find to-morrow they come out without anything I haven't got, which is unlikely, sead me a dispatch and my next report shall be a ripper i haven't corns hare to see you beat in news. but will necure you every possible rumor and story that is afloat here, sure pop. I Nor*.?We are not entirely surely sure that the Anal paragraph was .intended for publication, but inasmuch as a donbt exists, we give ourselves and onr correspondent the benefit of it. It shows his and our spirit and onterprite. at all events Our extra California edition will ' contaia the dupatcb in fall.?Kds.J < i nZT" Taa Charleston (8. C.) Newt of last Friday afternoon aay? tbat the gua* were placed an i board tba floatluf batter v. and, as trial, warkfd i ?dm:r?blv ? Collkctiom o* Customs ii* thi Cokfepkratid 8tatks?C. G. Memminger, Secretary >f the Treasury of the Confederated States, has Mued circular instruction! in relation to the colectlon of Customs Revenue atationa on the railroad lines entering the new Confederacy, where all goods are to be subject to examination, ind tbetrunkaand personal baggage of passengers will be subject to the following supervision : pamk*6ke bagoaoi. The baggage of all passengers passing over the railroad routes before named, on arrival at the lforesaid revenue station or depots, shall be subject to the inspection and examinations of either the revenue guard at such stations, or revenue otfi ;rr m iucd revenue depots, and any baggage that may be inteaded to be landed at place* between '.be revenue stations and fl:it revenue depots, may t>e examined by the revenue guard, and If containing no articles subject to duty, shall be landed t utotniciu<? pio?? named, by having *ue following permit, signed by said revenue guard, >nsted permanently on the trunk, valise, carpet ?g, or other envelope of such baggage, and the >ermlt shall be In the following form: ? liaggage Permit? Revenue Station, at 18? 'asaenger baggage examined and may be delivered. A B , Revenue Guard. baggagk containing dutiable mkrciia.ndisf Should, however, dutiable articles be found in ueh baggage, the trunk or other package conainlng the same must be placed In the car with he merchandise, and under the revenue lock, as efore required, and the fact noticed in the manlest And such bagjjage shall be delivered, with be other'merchandise, to the chief revenue ofIcer at the revenue depot, under the foregoing egulations. disposition or baggags at RBVSNtTK dxpots. Passenger baggage destined for places beyond ?r more ulterior than th#? r??v?rm? xamined by the chief revenue officer at said revnue depot, and if they are found not to contain ny merchandise subject to duty, may paas to heir destination. by having a permit in the same or in aa that provided for revenue stations, aigntd >V the chief revenue officer, pasted thereon. Should, however, such baggage contain dutiaile merchandise, the trunks or other package in vhich said baggage ia contained, ahall be de ositedat said revenue depotas hereinbefore proided for regular merchandise. ??roiLi!?r? for a Fight.?At the raising of a seession flag at Chester, Chesterfield, county, Va , n Saturday, and after that ceremony had been fl'ectively and enthusiastically consummated in be pr?seuce of a large crowd, a resolution was fl'ered declaring as tbe sense of tbe meeting that Virginia should at once secede and join the Southrn Confederacy. Upon the reading of the resolution, Capt Jas. H. Cox, a delegate to the State Convention, said: "I rise to oppose the adoption of the resolution ist read, and furthermore, that if anv man says tiat our representative in the Convention, Jam^s I. Cox. Esq , is a submissionist, I say he is a ?d liar " A speech thus ominously begun, says tbe Exininer, from which we quote, bad the etl'ect of rl?ln? -II > t-Jl ui> mr lauici irom me portico into the ou?e, and by dint of great exertion on the part of ome of the gentlemen present, Capt. Co* was lduced to close hit remarks at this point Speeches were then made by several gentlemen resent, at the conclusion of one of wblch, by (r. Barfoot, Capt Cox offered as a substitute for ie pending resolution another expressing condeuce in the representative from CnesterlleJd in Convention The gentleman was proceeding > argue the adoption of his substitue, when an Irreverent jester" in the throng exclaimed hello " Toe gallant Captain promptly rrjonded "the man that said hello is a d?d rascal," lid evinced stronflv bellicose a / ? " uivuj Hfl 1) ?y h??n mot in lik?*plrit, would probably ive ltd to an exciting "scrimmage >t Cooler >unii'l?, however, prooilid, and tbe lnilalr<l apta!n was finally induced to withdraw his solution. * Amb.ndmknt to the Constitution.?Governor [organ, of New York, on Thursday transmitted i tbe Legislature of tbat State tbe joint resolution i opted by Congress at its late session, proposing ?the several Htite legislatures an article amend lory to the Constitution providing tbat no amendtent si..til be made thereafter which shall give to ongresn power to abolish or Interfere with the istltutlon of alavery In any State within which 1 may exist In transmitting the joint resolution. Governor [organ makes an earuestap[>eal to the Legislature > adopt it. The proposed amendment, he say*, ammends itself to the judgment while it con>rms to the sentiment of the people of New York, rho have always adhered to the doctrine of Ik* Ight of the states respectively to control their omestle institutions in such manner as they may idge most conducive to their prosperity and anpln?-ss He further thinks that the liorder tates would accept such amendment to the Contitutlon as tbe resolution proposes, as an earnest f the honest de?ire of the Northern States to preprve for them for all time their constitutional Cotton Ppim>kr* Convention?Tbl? body let at Atlanta, Georgia, on tbe lttth inat. Four tatea and eight manufacturing establishments re re represented, and the body was compoaed of number of men who are prominently known all ver tbe South aa experienced manufacturers and conomiata, and aome as statesmen. The Convention elected Hon. Wm Gregg, of frantevllle. 8. C.. aa Prealrf^nt- n?ni.i !>?.? ?' _ . . m" ??? J WI ila , and Isaac Scott, of Ga , were chosen as rice Presidents, and W. J. Russell, of Ga , a* ecretary. Three Committees were appointed?one to form Constitution for the Association, one to tend a argo of Southern manufactured goods to Geriany, and one to go to Montgomery to solicit roni Congress permission to import cotton ma blurry Into the Confederate States two yeari free f duty The Association then adjourned to meet again n the second day of May next. Litchfield. Mich , has been shocked B. I Carter lost bU wife, and four weeks after marled Susan Wright, only seventeen years old 'he irate "fellows,'' who had probably hankered fter the pretty Susan, last Saturday night rotated together, gave the pair a ralithumpian srenade. bombarded their house with mud. and tade other extravagant demonstrations. Mmilav night, a meeting was held, at which Rev. lr Crane presided, and It was resolved that the union was precipitate," that Carter had married usan "without due preparation of her mind," nd that therefore he is "odious to the commuul? 99 Seven yeara ago, > prohibitory liquor law raa paaaed In the State of Michigan. \\ 1th here nd there an exception. It haa proved a dead letrr all over the State. It could not be enforced, ven when excepting ale, wine, and cider from ta operation. But the present Legialature, aa if d make it atlll more objectionable to the majorly of the people, and, therefore, atlll more difficult d be enforced, haa prohibited the aale of ale in raa quantities than five gallons, and wine and lder in lesathan one gallon. ?'Ou* Flag i?Still Thui The Richmond >Vhlg of yesterday says: Some person or persons ignallzrd their repugnance to tne American flag >y ascending in the dark**** of Friday ntght to he roof of the Whig building, and cutting down be Stan and Stripes which have waved over It or several months past It didn't stay cut down, lowever, for as the trespass was discovered, the tanner was again raised. Look out In future for nau-traps, Ac. |pTA young gentleman of Rochester, while katlng on the canal, on Monday, broke through mil went Into the water up to his ears. His struggles attracted the attention of a young lady, and be gallantly skated up to the unfortunate youtb, rgardlessof danger, and rescued him from his wrilous situation. If the fellow has sny gratitude, le will propose to his fair rescuer and marry her -if ne can. Loom Lmislatios.?'The Illinois legislature iittmptrd to pan m statute imposing a penalty for 'aat driving over the bridges of that State, but by nadvertently IciTlif out tbe word "fast." or leglectlng to specify the legal rate of speed, has positively prohibited driving over tbe bridges it all. Q7* The London Omnibus Company calculate that the "knockdowns" of their drivers are at <*st 1150,000 per annum. The amount abstracted in New York la quite moderate in comparison. bridle has been Invented In Prance,with which a runaway horse's nostrils are auddenly glfeed, an effectual method, it Is said, to ston tk< animal ' ? Nm'u m Ohio ?There are *1.849 colored personals Ohio In four of the counties not a MBM could be found. and two counties conUl ned only two eectj. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, " D Strut, Bitwttn 9tk and iutk Strutl. Wa hlLVA inat finiaKAH n?1 trt Kar #iV?* CARRIAGES, ?uch u Litht ^anry IVaton.i, Park Pktaton*. Family Car-UBDKr riams, and Burnetts, whion we will aell at M van small profit. I Heine practio&l mechanics in different branohes of the business, we flatter ourselves that we know the styles and quality of work that will give satis j faotioc, oombiwng lightness, oemfort ana durabnt tj. Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to tfce shortest notioe and most reasonable charges, WALTER, KARMANN ft BOPP, Coachmakers, soooossors to W m. T. Hook. a> TT-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber hating made addioens U kl S??v>rr. makif In the Disiriot, where his facilities forUHK nanofaotunngCARRlASE ft LI6HTR"S*2 WAGONS of aH kinds cannot be surpassed, and from his long experience in tiia basinets, he hopes f to five general satisfaction. ( All kinds of Carnages and Light Wagons kept oa ARTUl. All R E PAIR8 BMti; d?i?,u< all r#?r? prompt ly attendte, , 8*Mi4-kM4 0*rrlac*s taken in frxekanceferMV ' ?in. ANDREW JTToYCE, 4 1i-M Mrsir of 14th an) K lU ' dentistry] 1 t DRS. I OCR WOOD * DAKREI.L ARE PREpared ti) insert TfcETIlon VfLCAN-^*^^ ITE BASE, a new anil improved mode Mbv When made on thin plan they aie com " fortable to wear and muoh cheaper than any other. Also. Te-th inserted on Gold Plate, and ah Dental Operations of any kind that mar l>e desired Office Koom No H. in the Washington Buildin*,corner Fa av. and Seventh ?t. ? " *? -* _ ... j"? 'V Utll ^ M TEETH. 1 LOOM1S, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at o tends persona!It at his office in this city.mJTra' Many persons can wear these teeth who^*'11" oannot wear others, and no person can wear others ? who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my offioe can be accommodated ~ with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; I but to those wno are particular and wish the purest. J cleanert, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can produes>, the MINERAL FLATE will be more fully warranted. Jf Rooms i? this city?No. 33S Pa.avenue, between '' 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel phia. oo 15 tf I1 h A BAR * RRO. RE Again in the'field with an immensely large e stock of READY M A OK CLOTHING and ? GENTS'FURNISHING GOODS Wenowoffer tt great inducements to persons who buy for cash. o Renrrembor the place?corner E and Seventh sts. marw i m t< Home-made boots and shoes*, a For 5 Ladib*'. Mfs* and Chii.drkn'3 Wear, 6) At E rf tding'y Low Prices. ?, At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 1ft Market Space, r ma s-eo Pa. av., bet. 8th and "ttli ata^ j? &jf. BIRDS!?BIRDS FOR SALE. Juat reocived a splendid a*aortment ol^iv v, Birda lror Europe :?iJcrman Canaries,'^*- i? English Black Bir<ia, Thruahea, Hull Finchoa, (Sold Finchea, Lioeta, Skr Latk<?. Yellow Hani'ra Parroqueta, Java Sparrow, Strvrlena, the Red Mocaw _<yj Parrot, and green and gray. I have Mocking _ H1rd?, Red Wing Blank Hirda, Red Birda. Dovea, and Bob<>linka;a'ao. Trained Birda. I'rioe 2r>oenta t<> .4ry?. Cages <?f al! kmd* Irotn 10 csiita to ?10, at JOHN O'MKAK A'S Bird Store, No. 5t>6 Ha av- IT enne, at the Capitol gate. fe9 3m U /Q\ The old ettah'iahed FAWN OF*- /Ov a Av'CK, formerly on Penr. avenue.Jl JL r U W >etween 3d and ?Hi eta., haa latel)(f U b*en removed to 3A1 C at., between 4>* and 6th _ ata., liaok. of tiie National Hotel. P NOT1CKI NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! pi $ 1 O.OOO to t>e loaned in an.all aunia on Uoid uH E u;t value. i?u?ino?* atriAiV' 3one. Don't forget to oail at No. 3.51 C at., between 4>6 and fith ata. Kf fe/7-3m 1. HKRZBEKG. ft THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KKPT BY P. "J KM RICH. at the corner of Penn. A . ? A " avenue and Eleventh atreet, ha* IrftenypaAy . greatly improved reoentiy and now offertiJ^PLL 2' greater inducements for the patronage ofciuzens ni and strangers tnar. any other puhho house in the " city, his prices L??tng leas than those of any other 9' hotel on Penn. avenue, and hia accommodations (or permanent or transient hoarders unexoeption- al able. The bar and reetaurant arrangements of the *' European Hotel have already beooine very pijpu P1 lar. being ail that can be desired by the most fas tidious. I'ne proprietor pledges unremitted attention and continued liberal expenditures to give sat- *r lafaAtion to all, and thus renews his invitatiori ' ail to give the Kuropean Hotel a call. de4ti 11 01 THE gi INSURANCE COMPANY ? hi or ti THE ?>i STATE .W or h< VIRGINIA. J! CASH CAPITAL 3300,000. Insures Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, io., against loss or damage by fire. HEATH A KNOWLE8. Agents, Offioe? Room 16 over Bank of Washington. R J?? I WATCH REPAIR ING ANDSILVER WARE ai MANUFACTORY. ol I have one of the l>est establishments, and fur- ^ nialied with a oomplete set of tools for repair Jgv le in* every description of fine Watches, and Particular attention give to the same, by borough competent workman.anil a work g:iaran- P* tied. Alto, evary desorip iou of standard SI I.VKR m WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under tr my own supervision, which my customers will find P1 far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in general aud represented a? their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, m se 6 33* Pa. avenue, near 9th St. th JUST RECEIVED AT FRENCH A RICH- If, STEIN. i!7H Penn.avenue, Washington. -'The mi n ? - - " nukwio* ruaprB, nrinc me nrst oi iho elegant w hom-ehould edition of the works of Charles Dick- to ens; illustrated by T. O. C. Darley and John Gilbert. Riverside prrss. Call and examine them. Also, a new supply of Darley's Illustrated Cow vj per, the finest edition published. fe 1 a JO H NF7 ELLIS. ~~ SOLE AGENT K1 FUR THE SALE AND RENT *' of 11 CHICKERING a SONS' PIANOS, 306 Henna. Avkncs, 7i Betwun 9:k awl Streets, ma 2 North Side , Hone price only* ~ AVING on hand a very heavy stock of DRESS K TRIM M4NGS, 1 will offer the same very oheap for 1 Cash, and One Pnoe Onljr. R. C. 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PETTY OFFICERS, AND 8m- ? \J men who were on board ol any U. 8. ships at the oaptnre of any slaver o&n have their claims for Bounty tuid Head Money promptly attended to by applyihg to or addressing C. P. WAL.LACH, Washington. I). C. OE8T FANCY GOODS, I D AT PRICES 1 TO SUIT THE TIMES, And On PbicbOnlt? At STEYENS'S FANCY STORE. no 29 tf 33K. tKtw. <Uh M.>i>1 loth ?ts. 0 LINUUL.I* AS HK IS. t fw w. . d8tBBL EfO*A?KO POBTlAIT. The beat Portrait vet publiahed of c HON. &*f !*"'> ' No. 8T? Paws*. Avkicb, . Tfade lupplied at'iow'^oe^' C' mar 7 J I WILL Take^k.mUof ?i?Sri? money for mr 4 up, or | thaJI be oompelled to kit* their account* into the hJUida of % collector. k ft P UAnVDB 1 " rnm sggjggsaggBajfe ' AUK BONNBT8, HATS, ml FLATS of the > BO S-tf SB. 386, beCv, ?tk tod loft ata. f MISCELLANEOUS. piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 717... t-100,000. 'jfrct torn r C Street and Louisiana sr., orrr Bank of Wasktngton. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS DY FIRE. DllMffOlS. flu oi X^,.Tm r' Samuel Red fern,

Hi^iL,iiCiropl?r* William Wilton, John D. Barclay. Th? pirK?' Andrew Rothwefl, 1 HOB. Parker, Riehard Barry, ' No charge for Po?io?eV D?ha?l g. Davis, Secretary."A'nA ? TOP HAM'S PREMIUM TRUNK ^SlTB ,n?o MANUFACTORY, iOQ iicfrv-rti ... 11 r r__ ... BHUIt w A'HIJSOTOJI, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Institute of Baltimore, November 7, i860 Uso, Medal by Metropolitan Mechanics'Institute, Washington, D. C., 1857. am constantly makim. and always have on hand, of the best material, every description of "iae Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladiei' Dress, Wood Box, and Faokuie Trunks, Pellisier, Carpet.and Canvas Traveling Bags, U~k~~ 1 4J-. -L -1 - uv/uuui caicne;B, dtC.? At Low Prices. Members of Congress and travelers will please xamine my stock before purchasing elsewhere ["rucks that are made in other cities. Superior Leather and Dress Trucks made to rrter. Trunks oovered and repaired at short notice. Goods deUvered free of charce to any (part of the ity. Georgetown, and Alexandria. jaSQ-lyeo JAMK3 STOPHAM. [> READER, L ERL'SK The following statement and then judge of its facts for yourself ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a well nown citiz?n there, had suffered from Dyspepsia >r some years, witho-it permanent relief, until lie ied AYER'8 PILLS, which taken according to le directions for this complaint, restored him to ealth in a few weeks. Afreran interval of some ioni ii s he has had no return of his oomp aint. GL<). \V. GROSJ?, of Harmony, Texas, had an ruption on his nrok. shoulders, back and leg, 'hioh covered about one third of his body. It kept , le parts affected covered with a scab, and being Iten a raw ?ore, of course very troublerorne rid distressing. It so muoh impaired his health as unfit him lor business and kr pt hun in constant Serine. All mdiBsl sid hiM ki? ?? ? ? - Y I:K'3 CoMpOUN l? EX I R A CT A HZ A AR1L1.A, which oured him. His skin still iln we soars from the ulceration, hut it is otherwue < i clear as an infinto. JOHN H. SHOOK, Esq . an eminent lawyer ol ichmond, Va . took a cold which nettled on his IDR8. A severe pain set in on liie ielt Mile, with a < t>l oougli, which w*s soon followed h) the uninit karle sMiiptoms oI coi.huiud'iou \\ h?n reduced i ?ry low he commenced taking AYER'8 CHKK- ' Y l'KC'l'ORAL, which soon flopped thecough id completely cured him. Prepared by DR. J. C.ATUR4 CO., Lowell, , ass inalSeolm THE OKLY PREPARATION WORTHY OF 1 NIVERSAL CONFIDENCE 4 PATRONAQE ' FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, I LEROYMEN. LA DIES, and GENTLEMEN . in all parts of ine world testify to the efiioacy of UOF.O.J WOOD'S HAIR EESTOKATIVE, ] id gentlemen of the Press are unanimous in its aiae. A few "nl> o?n lie here eivn 1 ?orcular fur more,and it will be impossible for 47 Wall St*bkt, New York, Deo. 20,1858. . GentUmtn: Your note of the 15th instant has J >en reoeived, saying that you had heard that 1 . id been benefited by the use of Wood's Flair Re- 1 orative, ani requesting my certificate of the fact I had no objection to *ive it. J I award it to jrou cheerfully, because I think it lie. My age is about 50 years ; the color of my Mr auburn, and inclined to curl. Some five or x Tears since it began to turn gray, and the acalp 9 the crown of iny head to lose its sensibility and indrulf Do form upon it. Kach of these disarree lilities increased with tune, and about 4 months nee a fourth was added to them, by hair _ 1 the top of my head and threatening to male > me 1 kid. In this unpleasant predicament I was induced t<> t Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the .iling ?>tf of my hair, for 1 had realiy no exp-'ctaontTiatgray nairoould ever be restored to its rigina color except fromdvos. I was, however, r IT til surcrisod to find iftnr !> of ??? K-? _ - ???V v>ov VI VWU L?H as only, that not only was ttie foiling off arrested, it the o?lor was >estore<l to the gray hairs and msihi lty to the soalp. and ilandruif cfm?tl to form i 11 my head, very much to the gratification of my I ife, at whose solicitation I was induoed to try it. I For this, among the many obligations 1 owe to J ?r sex, 1 strongly rcoommend all nushai.ds who iiue the admiration of their wives to profit hr my lampls, and use it if growing gray orgettint '-a d. Very respectfully, Bkn. A. Lavknpkk. To O.J. Wood A. Co..444 Broadway, N. Y. My family are absent from the oity, and 1 ain no nger at No. 11 Carrol Place. ' Siamsto*, Ala., July 2n, 1359. \ To Prof. O J. V?'ood: D<-ar Sir? Your "Hair I estorstive" has done my hair so much good silica I oumranuonu me uisoi 1% mat 1 wish to make iovn to the public of it* etl ects onthe hair, whica " e great. A man or woman ma* benearly deprived 0 'hair.and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" J le hair will return more beautifu tlian ever ; at ast th.s it ir.y experience. Believe it all! Voure truly, W*. H. Kknkdt. 1 P. S.?You can publieh the above if you like By 4 in our Southern papers yon will get J ore patronage South. I see several of tout o?r- ~ 6cates in the Mobile Meroury, a strong Southern 2 iper. VV. H.Kknbdt, J WOOD'S HAIR RKSTORATIYK. Prof.O J. Wood: Dfir Sir: Having bad the isforUne to lose the best portion of my hair, from r e effects of the yellow fever, in New Orleans in f 51,1 was induced to make a trial of your ?re?ara an. and tound it to answer as the very thing ! >eded. My hair ii now thiok and glossy, and no * ords can express my obligations to you in giving the aflioted such a treasure Fiklkt Jonnson. k i The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sizes. J z : large, medium and small; the stnall hold hall 1 pint, and retails for on# dollar per bottle; the meum holds at least V* per cent, more in proportion J an the small, retails for two dollars per bottle; , ie large holds a quart, 40 per oent.more in propor . on, and retails for #S. . <>. J. WOOD & CO., Proprietors, 444 Broad ay, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis Sold in this o ty by C. STOTT.3T5 Pa. avenue. J au 27 eolr.alw JOOT8 AflD TO SUIT TME ' We are noir manufacturing all kind* of BOOTS nd SHOES, and corstJintly receiving jppiy of eastern made work of evert de lHa irn>tion, made expreaaly to order, and will J Hi ?eold at a muoh lower prioe titan haa been* Nk sretofore charged in tlua oity for maoh inferior -tioiea. Persona in want of Boots and Shoea of eastern or ty made work, will always find a good aasortmen i atore and at the lowest prices. 6ire ns a call. GRIFFIN A BRO., ap?-r 314 Pennsylvania avenue. \LD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE J B URNSIDE'B MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr J amen Bumaide, f Allegany Couutj, Henna., in the old-fashioned onest war, from the ohoioeat and moat oarefnlly sleeted Rye, and in no oaae ever offered for sale util adapted to wholesome nee by age It laat foe the most palatable, aa it is emphatically one the purest beverages in the reaoh of the publin. o the lnvalid.aa well aa to those in ommenda itself for ita unrivalled qualities aa a timulant of the safeat, surest, and most benefioent pscription, and many of the most diatingiiiahed hyaicianaare naing it in their practica with the fcttiest results. CLERY k 8TOCKDALE. Proprietors, 33* Walnnt street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVER, Agent for the Proprietor*, 334 Pv nn ? gm opposite Willardi' Hotel. , ^IJPONT'S GUNPOWDER, j J For sale at manufacturers pnoe*, by JOHN J. 11061?E. GioReKrown, D. C? Solt Attnty fmr the Dtunct of Columbia. A large cnpp.y, embracing every variety, always i d hand, end delivered free to all parts of the Die- I int. Orders can also be left at the office of Adams' i Ixsress Companv. Washington. D. C. fes-lawlv JILK KOBK9. MOl'SI.IN ROBES, LAWN 5 ROUES. HERAGE ROBhS. We ere sell tag at "half their original prios Al ther goods of every deror puon we are still sailing t cost Onr stank Is large and wall assorted in vary department. ft 21 TAYLOR * BUTCHtPON < ~*OUUH8. COLD^HO A KBE N ESS, *r. I COMPOUND 8YR0P OrOUM ARABIC. I ^ark,jsi.'23,t??s&f's-' & ; ?,.! ,? *,.! U.. tuuu Jllkiu aitr*- I rdinary e?<vw>y. It o?<? b? bad ?t all tk? priseia! drn? atorM M 25 fcud 50 oonU abottla. { I? CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILORiyO. I KW FA LI. STYEES or CLOTHS, CASSl- I MF.RS.ANU VKSTINGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3?? PennMlv*- t nia Avenue, have ju*t reoei ved a large varietv of new Fail wnich they invite the attention of their friend and ouatomara. an ?-tf 1 GENTLEMEN'S tj RE KDV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S . READV-MADE CLOTHING offers to eititens A and strangers wishing an immediate out fit superior induoements, embracing, at this, all styles and aualitirs of Dress and Business Garments and Overooatt in all varieties. Fine Shirts " and Under-olothing ot all kinds. Kid and otlier , Gloves of best qa&'lty. Scarfs, l ies. Cravats, 1 Stoeks, Hosiery, &o., Ao. All of whioh we are H| offering at our usual low ? > . Trr riotkiM to ?rilw ? th? most ssysnor ... manner. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. no 16-tf syj Pa. avenue. f ""O TO THE PEOPLES'CLOTHING STORE, y. VT No. 460 Seventh st.f to iet your CLOTH- ,t,. ING. FURNISHING GOOl>S, HATS* and CAPS. fe2 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. ou E Invite our customers, and oitismia icenerft)- tui ly, to an iuspection <?f ouc prerprt new, at^*^ tractive. and e'egant assortment 1 CLOTHS. CASBlMt.KES, DOESKINS, W\ n. VfcSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. ff d, which we will make to order in superior" ^ I etyle at very low pnoee. "?i WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. r?i oo 25 tf 324 Pa. av., hetw, 9th and loth ata. I ? Iff Curf Connk. Cold, Hoartenttt, Jn- "" iHu//Tk /uema. any Irrttanon or Sort- ,uv AmQImA *v> of t4( Tt'Mi, Ktlitrt tkt Pnrfcmt Ccvrk in Conmmp- Mi liFlnMruul ?o*, Afkma, ? MUllk^iBU 4* Catarrh, Clear and ttvi >" ftrtngtk to l\f roic cf <h? 5fcg7JK<ar PUBLIC SPEAKERS V" AMD singers. ;;; Few are aware of the importance of checking a .uu Cough or "Common Cold'* in it# fi^at etace; that ?n which in the begininc would yield to a mild reme- dn dy, if neglected, goon attacks the Lunaa. "Bro:m'i Bronchial Trorktfcontaining demulcent ingredi > eaU, allay Pulmonary and Hionchial Irritation. cei "That trouble in my Throat, (for 1,1 BROWN'S whioh the "J\ocke?" area apecifie) * having made me often a mere whie- '*"! TROCHES jerer." N.P.WILLIS. b"\ urownn "1 recommend their use to Pcblic > y BKOWlV Speaekre." L.r TROCHES! REV.E. H. CHAPIN. *?_ , ..'r-ai BrrVKJf :l) BUOOUlllf UOAPS* i>, BROWN'S *e*s." REV. DANIEL WISE. % TDrmuv'K "Almost instant relief in the dia 'e tnutniss tresmn* labor of breathing peculiar RRfiwv^ to Asthma." BROWN ? REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. P'J TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anythinf the injurious." DR. A. A HA* ES, w( BROWN'S Ckemirt, Beaton.. .Pr "A simple and peasant oomtma Uu" TROCHES tion for CouaH*. 4o." DR. 6. F. BIGELOW, v BROWN'S; Bostim. ?< < vDarnra "* Benefioiai in Bronchitis." ,'jj, TROCHES DR. J. F. W. LANE, RROWN'H Bottom hji. ** I have proved them excellent for ?t < TROCHES WHorri?? Coc?ir." " <* 1K r REV. H. W. WARREN, D D 11 irr ^i?o i on.\j nnc lie Hon. TRrirniru " BeneGcial when oompelled to po" rnUtHbs speak, suffering from Cold." !f/r RKOWN'H REV. 8. J. P. ANDERSON, UROWN 8 St L(ml, rROCHE8 " Kftbctwal in removing Hoarse n , nes? an<l Irritation of the Throat, so DI BROWN'S 0(,n??non with Srs*ijK? and Sim?| l&S- P f ROCHES Prof. M. STACY* JOHNSON, ?? _ . , L* lrrm*t'. Go. BROWN'S Teaoher of Mosio. Southern b"' Female College. * IKOCHES "Orral tienrnt when taken triors Vr? and alter preaching, as th*r prevent Llr, 11 think thsy will be of permanent adI ROCHES. vantage to me. T: KEV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. th* JROWN'S: President of Athens College, Tena. rROCHES fry'Sold by all Druggists at TWENI TV FIVE (Tf?\TS * HIIV /~TI "4t de 1 It ^ Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S Jc STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A*D BLOOD PLRIFIER. rHE GREATEST REMEDY ?? Uu WORLD, ^ Delicious and |cr Tip DELIGHTFUL j)E7EH TA yKl kit Canipcand.'w*- Jf,rl ShM cartd by ih*<duuiU- fife Q net *f r*ou, . ?r:?, M >1 bj<M ^9^ I)?ck, B.b*d Ra?t, BE J *Evl nSf, lincl R??t, Bart-ipt- in wfllk rilU, Wild Cbarry Q|r ffWlr Ihrt, ui OiDdtkM BH /9jjv ii'tn ml* (u cm- ^ la T'1* "U'* y4 IK! ^ jc r>wtfliai principi* ?** oftach lr.frcditnt if11 kforc taking.^ jlfter taking. &, iatillinf, pr.dienf & dalicioaa, aihiiaratinf apiru, u< tk. aaat Infallibla r.m. ly far rarotaui.f iha diaaaaad .T.t.B, 2Uri fid ri.i?nti| iha alck, f.rinf, and dabniiatad invalid la I BOII tilth aud r.ranfth. ?pr McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL whl rill afaetaallj emr. Li?ar Cam plaint, Draptpan, jam- JJ? It., CbrMic ar Oability, Dittatta aftha Eidoara, ue d *11 duiuii triiiDf fwm i diaordt rtd Lfir ?r Stumieb, on ' lyapapaia, Baankarn, Inward Pilaa, Aridity ?r Bicknaaa ( 1Lf It tamach, rmlluaaa af Blc jd la iha Haad, Dall Pain ar v.iLminf in Iha Mead, Palpitatian af tba liui, Fallnaat OUT > Waifht In lb* B-.amaeh, Soar Eracuuwia, Uhakin* at N tafaeaur.f raaiinf whan layina dawn, Drynaaa or YallaW- botl aaa af tha Bkm and Kyaa, Nij',t Itiau, la ward PiMri, IT aln In tha Small af tha Back, Chaat, ar lida. Baddtn tt 'laabaa af Baal, af Spiriu, Prifhifal Draama, oK ai.jaar, Daaaacdaaey ? *"' r#rT#" d'aaaaa, Baraa ar frio llatebai an tha kin, and Fa*ar aad Apa (ar CUUa and JJ, OVER A MILLION BOTTLES aaa kaan aald daring tha laat an rnactha, and la aa la- I una baa it failad in (ivlng anura aauafacuan. W ha. than. t rill aafar fram W .tin tat ar Pahilit* wban -VI < L?f? , * TBENSTBENIB8 COBDIAL will cara Taa 1 i'et Ma ]?nf?af can aanray an adaqaata idaa af tha lramadl- |* la and almaat rmracalaaa ebanfa pradacad ky taking thia '"21 Jardlal la Ua diaaaaad, dakilitatad, aad ahattarad rarraaa yatam, vkatbar krakau daarn ky axcaaa, vaak ky natara, r lapa'rad ky alakoaaa, tha ralaiad u4 iDKnu arraalatiaa U raatarad u iu prime tualth and dlM MARRIED PERSONSi ,e? t atkara, aanaaiaaa af inatolttr fratn whatarar Caaaa. vul ind McHAMI BTaKHaTlKNIM* CORDUk a tha- VL aagk rifautraiar af tha ayaiam; and all aba mar ba?a id II, J a??d ikanaaalraa ky Icpraaar tndalfaucaa will tad la Uto VCardial a ? a ruin and apaady ramady. , 1 TO THE LADIES. MrkBAHl aTRKHaraKHlMQ CORDUk to a a*Tar- i? t ilrc aad apaady eara fat Ineipiact Caoaampuan, Wh'itaa, mi: )katnetad ar DiScmlt Maoatraatian.l oconunanea af Crioa io it Inralanurr Dtochvf* tbaraaf, railing af tba Wank, nv ttddinaaa, ralotinf, and all dtoaaaaa lacidaot la Paatalat. m? THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT BA raaar m lanfar. Ttli it acc >rdinf ta OiracUaaa. It will Im i lima lata, atfanftbaa, u< iavifaraia raa ud caaaa Ua Wll ilaam at baalth ta raaaot yaai chaak if+ln. Ertry katUa u MO furuud ta fiva utiafaciian. Btri FOB CHILDREN 1 If/aar thlldran ua aiekly, pan* ar illttaD, MckliHt m* JOKDIAk will roaka than kaaltay, fat, and rakaai Dalay ' tat a raaaanlj Uy U, tad yaa vUl ka taarinaad. It la da- ?> UlamatUa. all Ci VTlOlt. vara af drmffUu ar datlara a ha raa a try ta palm a pan *PC rtl Mint bttltr mr uruDtnllt tmh. whtrh >h?* v.. to? ihaap, k;mu>( It lijixufwd. tmd nch bid. ait mo ar McLtAN-l VrRtNOTHENING cordial, tad uki latbtnf alaa. It ia tha anly m..ady that will parity t!.a "in llaad tharaafhlr and at tha una una atrar.fthaa tha ayataaa. So 1 Ona laupaaatll takan a?ary man.inj faatiQf la a cartaia d<x )ra>intua (ar Ohalara, Chilla and Tavar, Tallow Parar, ar ME in? praralaot diaaaaa. ltiapataa u larjra k">.tlaa Prica 8 itily ?1 hattla, ar ( baulai far # j h mi lean, in* lala propria, at af thia Cardial; alaa. McLaan'a Taicaaie Oil ? kialreacL Principal Dapat a* tha taruar af Third and [ 1 Plna iiraata, k. uau, Ma. JLJ VaTjmu'i Tnlrtnin Oil T.iniman* 1 * (TIE BEST U1NIMENT IN THE WORLP.) "" jC Til nit aafa u4 eartaio t?n for Cutm, PilM, Tm. |?g art. Bwalliufa and Bronchila or Coiira, Puilrna, Masraifia, Watknaaa af tka Maaclaa, Chronic ar In4in.salary Lhaamaiia.-n, iufijaaa af tka Jalnta, Coalractad Maaelaa at ... kinmavta. Earaaka orToeihaeha, Braiaaa, Bpnlaa, Vrook mm Jala, WaanJa, Ulcara, Fa?ai Boraa. Cakad Brtan, Sara JJJ Nipploa, Kama, ScaUa, Sara Throat, or aay iiUiutuo a* J" pun, no difaranaa haw aarara ar laa> iha diaaaaa may laro asiatad, McLEANY CELEBRATED LINIMENT it i cartun ramadj. ' Thaaaasda af kanaa kai.iga ha*a haan aa*ad a lift of dta *' kropiiada and n nary ky tka aaa af ttiia ia*alukU raaady. VII MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT u Will raliava pole aliaoot Inatantanaaaaly, and it will el aaa, for parlfy aad kaal tka foalaat aoroa ta aa Iccrodikla akaat uma. wji FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMAL8. fc McLEANI CELEBRATED LINIMENT la ika only aafa ** ud raliakla raaady lor tka e#o af Sparta, tu>Wa, Windfall a, Bpliau, Ucuatar*.! Lanpa, Nodaa at iwaliiafa. It aa?ar tail ad It caro Big Hand, Poiia*ii, Fiotila, fid t* C?U*r Wwuidt"'uu^''i>u'bl! >? !<?. Apylj it u 4iNcu< u? t mm i* ImuIh m **m? 3aME||2$ff||WBI I J. H. M cLICA W, Sal* PifffttHt, C Uwiw TkiH u4 n*i am *. Lous, ClAKLCa WOTT, m S w. Ml* |(|>I is *u?uf ?> T. CJWW.,Mat-MWir" * * THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Tkli (iMllwlFtoilyiM Wrr* Jmm ? a irMttr variety of latarwftac imMm Aaa mi t? omatf la aar atiiar?u MblUba4 <a Fniay morning. TlUl-Cui, *m UtMKt Biiifie ocfT, p?r uin?ra #1 ? fire co?im ____ 4 t> .on nnp.M ?0 Tvaotr ? oopaa ?- J* ** It invariably ooLtaina tfa* "Wuliir^tot Nav*'* hat kM mad* Tk* D+u* f*M?i Star eireaiata o generally throughoutth* ooaatry. ? oopiM (is vrappar* oan b* ?r**arM A tti* oountar, tmmediat* r aftar Ua iun af tka apar. Pn*-THRKK CK.NT8 MEDICINES. 7 DK JOHMSTOM, JALTIMURE LUCK HOSriTAL, Iat difcrtrtd t ht most (Vn?m, Sptrdy and em If Efftetual Rrmtdf i* I*? World, FOR ALL PlStA?KS_OF IMPRUDKNCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE, IN MUM ONE TO TWO DAYS. of the Back, Stricmrea, AfictMMof the Rid> md Bladder. iiivoluntary Uuchtrfti, Impotent ?, tier at Oehil i?. N?r.?oauitH, CWwn Utit, Low 8|uriU, Palpitation / the Heart, Tia.idr?, fnil'.ii,ft, Dimutu of *i(kl or Utddiueaa, PiMtM iA t? tal, TlnMt, N? or 8kii.. Af ectiuua at the Lanfa ?< *? a ? u..>,i?-a._. uMnm arnin| mia Ml ryH-^itaof Ymili- fcftf Di?td:al ini It?uucim Fr?' :*t akirti riudn Marriifr im^wiUt, >o< dratrc? >d? and Mind YOl'SG MES ipec!\hy who ha?? become the ?ic<i?na of Solitary Vi<;a, it dre tdful and deatMftire habit w|)ich annua.I? au untimely pra< * thouaanda of Vuu f Ma. at the anua*. altad talent* and brilliant intellect. alio u.ijtn otliarawa %( antrance i Itatemuf Krnatea with the U.undera of eloence ur waked tw ccatacy the lniii(lyrt,ni>f Call with >1 confidence. MARRIAGE. MlKlllln PltlOM.or V.uif Mra contemplatm j Maire, ben g aaaie ot phraital waakaaaa. ?>? ??? j-1-1.. I riniiie*. 4c , epeediijr cored Ne who jplacea l.irnif ii uud'r the care of Pr J mijr r^lif* ?Iy conMe in hi* bo?mr at a fe?*Ue<?au ai.d coafidetiitf % Upon btl ?k?U At a ph3rd CIA*. OFFICE >0 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST l hai.d ?i?le ?."< * from Bnl'in ott itiiet, a few doort fimn 1 etrner i*ot to obeer?c name ?ad uiuul^r Letter* t be |>?t?l and coutaiu * etan.p UH JOHNSTON, [mberof the R eal Coliejr# trf 8urg -oin, London, rradc tioui one ot lb* must ( (III Coll((ri in tb? I :.ite4 tfk, and the rroter l>ari ol ? i.ose hie h*a been spent >? hoipitiUot Londui Paris, Fhiliiltlptiia ud else* here, 1 effected some of thr innttuioiinhiiif cures that ?srs (r kuowu, nxtif troubled with ttugui* in the head ard 1 ?ben asleep; (reat ner^easness. beiiif alarmed at Uien soauds, b^ahlulneaa with trepan.t I IBahn.g. atiaaded tetuuta villi dcr?ugeiueiii of u.u.d, acre cuied uaauetely. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE rotiif Meu and "there who have m)ared tben>?e|vee by a I*in practice indulged in vhen aloi.e?a habit Ireuoeittly rued from c?il cca.jpjniocje, or at chool, U?e effect* ef icn are nightly tell even vlieu aaleep, and ?f but cared, dere minu'r impossible, aud destroy? boili u.u.d aul )et ahould apply in<ut? diatrly "iiese are some of the sad 'od tutUeckoljr effects produce J earlr hal iu of enuth. vtt : Weahneae of the ftack anJ nt-e, Paiiii in the Heed, Dunneaa of bifhi, Lose of Moacviar ler. I' ipiMinu <h tne Heart, l>yepep?y. Nereoye Irene iyf Deran^eio^nt "I the Pigesti*e Functtoue, Oeuersl til ite. Iijr?ipt'?aia of CoctrtMtamia*- 4r !l> ill It -1>? fearful tlccia oti the mind ere mach i? dreaded?Lm< of Mr i. tj, Coyli?i>? ol Met*. llepiaaaioo Spirit*. K>|I Kor* boJi' . A?cr?to? . t (kciii?, IhU [) it. Lo>? of Sii-ude, Timidity, etc , ate eonie of the t?i|? duced iCIITOl'l IH Bit.ITT Thouaanda can iin* Iii4(i *lui ? C u?? ol their declining health, lueinr tt.e.r aif. r, becoai?e>k,p le.ner'uiie and erauuttd. btnag a 'ear.u.ce about toe eyef, cough or eyinf leiue ol (uwUMpHIS EASES OF IMPHLDEME Pfcen t'if n ?f ui:ed and imprualeut * o; <ry ci pleasure ft' da kai iml tbed trie aeeda <4 Una puntal dieeaae. it looaften pent that au ill-timed aeuar ol all a me or dread of diaceeer ? era him Irani apply u.g to thnae ?ho, trim educiuon and peccability, Ciii alone betrieud htn He 'aha into the d> of ifi,?r.aut an<* deaifmnf preteudere, who. incapable Mirmtr, filch lata pecuniary au'afuce. keep him tilling uh after mouth, or aa long aa the enaalleet fee aa be obed, and tn deepur leaae Inm vith ruined health te> airh r Lie e*'lmr diaappomunent; or by the uae aI tlaat deadly kjii?Mercury?liaaten the couetuuuonel eetnfiome *4 ible diaeaae, each aa Affectipna of the Heart. 1 liroat. Head, II. *c rruPrr*fcU,f m lli1 tri^hiful rapi'iltj, till d?atii pots Uwl I > hi* /r*.Mkl .a,*-...- K- ?.-a* k- - ? ?. ...... ?, v/ ?.uutny; IMIII w mil IP* Covered countr* from vbotc tx>uru? uo traveler return# I.JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY y this ~reat and Hnporuiit remedy vetku^a of tht orrmn peedily cured and full vigor reaioved *11 uatnta m d>e t uerroM and debilitated, wba had luat all l*ope,ha*? n immediately relieved. 11 impedimenta to Marriage, Physical ue Men**1 !>? ?! I not.*. Lum ??f ProsrcMtivr Po? t.. fi<r?oti I rr > tain I it e, inMiuf and WeikutNor Kthiufttion cf the m<?t fa*mil I ?i-fedii? cjrri hNDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS HE Manv THoI'iaUD^ cored et th?? i lutiun l*at aeventeeii veara, aud the iiamftoua imporiaut Muirioperation* performed tjr Dr. Jobnaton, mit.iaaaed i-y Oi? >rcer? of the p.prfc ?i,d nuiy Mbtf mrmK.nodcn of cb lure appeared again And ifiin t>efor? li>* put lie, be hi* itUifllHf aa a gentleman of character aud reapoiitijr. i? 4 aufficirut p^ruiti to the aMicicd mat IS-I* >Y FOR THE SICK AND SL'FFEEINa. LET ALL WH(JAHE AFFLICTED ATtLY THE KEMEDT EE J OJCE j!? HEALTH. riend. flo jc-B tuner.' A.r? yoot..e victim of any uuic tun.rroa? M HWill Oil iTlM from 11X2ity of the blooa.' What are they, do yoi Uk t ther uk, what are they cot' The blood is the roe of tile and health, and it is the 6ret element ur beinf to respond topnj oaaee whioh affects system, as the palse IndClibly tttNU The ever rn.icf Neuritla, the imtatinc Krysipe.a?, tbe tie S-crofnls, the ajonmnj Rheumatism, Ner Debility. Dyspepsia, Liver Compaint withita Pr and c ejection, ana the nimbeneaa ule that is heir to, derive their t Kleous oncin from the k1. Deal kiutly thee and cectiy with the blood. > the vitahain* re sou roes of natare for its aid. suffer us to oonn.,?:id to yonr cocfider.oe and that traiy va!nab;e medioaarnt known as INDIAN ^DECOCTION. nth rejard to this almost infallible sseoifte mar sectiuient h^s spoken in ^decided terms %mv cfiuuLow vi inn creai emoacy are ??. kM by oonatant kfovt i of okratire effect* an4 ??i?t r*ii.u from ita im are after a., other ediet and the beat medio*, afcili hare fai.ed. *t na say, m eocolaaion, that certifioatea m at-e not sought from the ('.literate and sneer it, but they are rolanteered from the motlr^ stable aooroes and juatify the highe* terms is oh it is possible to commend ao valnab.e a sine to pablic approval. We may add also tnai curative properties of the medicice are eeoa ? r by ltt reatorative eflecu. the system reooverIrom disease with rer.ewed oonstit?toon*l ntor, or sale by a., resectable Dnicaieu in thia , and by the proprietor, MRSTIft. C(jX. one rename vim* her name la blowa on lk? Lie and her seal on the oork T Pnoe 91 per bottle, aix bottles for II. \oui?.U Attnt. R H. T. CI88tL, DnuM rgetowD, D C? Wholeaale A tent for themet, and will rapply the trad* at my prioea. i lt-tr HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. Rl E9K.MAR, 1.3 eTI S-Protected by Royal ters Patent of England, and eeoured. by the .la of the Koole de Ptiarmaoie de Paris, and the >erial Coiiere of Mediaine. Vienna o. 1 it m valuable for exhaustion and natorrhea, all physioal disabilities. o. 2 completely eradicates all traoes of those tases that have been hitherto treated by the aas ua and pernicious ase of oosaira and o a be be. o. 3 has entirely susslanted the iminoia dm of rourj, thereby Insuring to the sufferer speedy ef, diap?rair,c all imparities, and rooting oe venom of dieeaaa. i R1K4KMAR, Moil.lud S. Ere prepared in form of a losenge. devoid of tut* and ntll, I can be oarried id tiie waistooat pocket. Bold ic owm. and divided into separate dose*, aa ad ustered by Velpeat, La.ieuiaad, Roux, Rioord, , Price #3 each, or four oaeea Ibr #9, which ea S3; and in ?*7 oaeea, whereby tnere is a eav of #9. To be had, wholesale land retail, of Dr. RROW.of 194 B.eecker street. New York. mediately ?nreoemng a remtttanoe, Dr. Barrow 1 forward t: a Tnesemar to any part of the world, rely parked, and iddreeeeo to the inactions of the writer. 'he Book, of *11 others, that ehoald be read by a with damaged and broken down oonstitations 'Hainan Frailty, or Physiological Researches." s beautiful.y illustrated, and treats of tne syoip om? that mnnabiv develop then res, sooner or later, resulting from the frailties I vitiating habits of early youth, incapacitating viotim from sharing the fraition of the matn nial state, and. if not^heoksd m time, degeoer i(?i; in iinoaoM 01 Muoot, MM Dnn(W| if itei by imp. to ?Uncerina aad ubin*!; death, a by Dr HARROwTl?* B fecker a*reet, 7onr >ra below Meodou*a, New York. Price ? ta. Bent free every where. old ateo by 8. C. Ford, Jr., Dri| Store, Wubton. U.C, de?-4n J. BOVEE IHJDTS 1 IMPERIAL WINM B ITT*KB, j* now belnc seed frona Maine to the ttreat flait ke, ant the nlveriiTverdlet of ail who nee m either aa a aaiito er aa a laaey. ta that y are aninane* ta Ike werUL Dr. Doda need rwyeieyal^ta k^prytt+eTpr? yeara before I iriynt tia?aa jCr aaleto&e Fertoe e ef laeipieat Ceauahea, Indi?eeUon, r>7? ?a, Pilea. Werreae Piaaaan. Female Cob ir ledieinaiiiceeeiSen ther are a pare, whole ?

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