Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1861 Page 3
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1 J LOCAL NEWS. (p~* Tiioufsb Tu> Star la printed on the faateat ?{- ' ni preaa la uie aouth of lialtlnaore, 1U edition It so large u to require it to be put to preaa at an early bo'ir; Advertisement*, therefore, ahould be errt In brfore 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may c<t ;?f r ?*r until ihe next day. Nonr*.?District of Columbia Advertisements to be inserted In the Baltimore Sr5 are received and forwarded from Thk Star Office. Corf?Ratio?! Affairs ?The following matters were considered In the Board of Common Council on Monday night: watering thi avksce. It was whispered in the board that the Mayor declines toslgn the act providing for the cleansing and watering of Pennsylvania avenue from First to Fifteenth streets The appropriation is made from the ward funds of any money to their credit not otherwise appropriated The condition of I the ward funds will not permit the work to be done, us some of them have nothing to appropriate. It was expected that a bill authorizing the Maror to anticipate the revenue for the Dumose wr>uld be laid before the board, but It was not submitted up to the time the board adjourned. BCT11E* or COMMlTTEKS The Aldermen's bill for the pay of certain expenses Incurred In the distribution of Potomac water, was received. The bill called for an appropriation of S3G4, to be divided between three parties s:tid to have done the work The chairman, in reply to a remark of Mr F.dmondston, tkat he would like to know the details of the accounts. what they were for, Jtc , said he did not i ! consider the rornmittee a court of InqiMry. The Water Registrar had asked the amount and certified that the bills were correct, and the Registrar's c??rtilicate was sent to the board by the Mayor. The Registrar certainly knew- if the bills were correct; and when thev were before the Mayor for pnvmrut be would not pay if they u*fe not The (duty of th? committee to Inauire into the particulars of the accounts for which the appropriation I'.vas nade, vrti warmly discussed Mr. Edmond ton declared that he wanted a stop put to this mode of legislation. Before he would f?vor the appropriation of money, he would know what it was for. He didn't Intend "to go it blind " Mr. l,.tmmond argued that it was the duty of the committee toexan?Jne the accounts, and not depend upon others to examine for them. Mr. Powell ?'2<;?-d that if the committee were not to examine the details of subjects for their consideration, they were cf no use; any member could draw up a bill " ipon a mere suggestion, and the boards could rass it, and leave tb' examination of its rectitude to the Mayor; but the protection of the executive nffiec's, as well as the safety of the city funds, required that the details of every bill be inveetiga >d In the committee LOBBYING CONDEMNED A bill for the remission of a fine against C Kloti, for selling liquor on Sunday, was defeated <;fter a long discussion. The argument* of the direct evidence, tbe confession of judgment, Ac , were met bv averments as to the respectability of the house, and of the persons who patronize it! he "list of petitioners" in favor of the remission. This was rebutted by the averment that a boast bad been made by influential persons that they would "lobbv a remission bv the CnunrJl ?> U> _ Given declared that tbere wai no ?urer wav to Sect him negatively upon a bill where the data am obscure, than to see a general rush of lobby members button-holing members nightly to secure jts passage, and he did not believe the members cf the board so degraded as to be influenced to act contrary to reason and justice jn remitting fines for cleai violations of iaw. simply because *oir.e wealthy lobby member told him to do !t Theater ?The great spectacle draina, "The Sea of Ice." continues to be the attraction at the Theatre, drawing crowds nightly !n the opening scene the spectator can very easily imagine himself "upon the brinv deep." The'main deck "f the ship "Urania"' is before him. with all its details of ropea, sails, masts, companion-way. bulwarks, quarter-deck, man at the wheel, Ac , Ac. Then comes ti^e mutiny; the setting adrift of Capt Lascour* With his wife and child; the retributive shot timid Barabas, /Jefferson,) and his big leap jnto the sea To this succeeds the great tab>^u 0f tbe play?the Sea of Ice?where Ca^,? I> Laacours, with his wife and child, and '^erabas. are see.i afloat upon an ice drift in the polar regions, the terrible desolation^of^ tLe '^i?ne being rather hightened than reneven oy ihe transitory flashes of" the Aurora Borealts> vhich lights up the sky in brilliant coior^ This exciting portion of the play culmln*-ie? in the dreaded catastrophe, when a terrific storm bursts upon the devoted heads of the group, and the huge ice-bergs, after vibrating for a moment like tall towers shaken by an earthquake, topple down, the heaving and groaning Ice-field is suddenly broken up, and its late occupants are een engulphtd in the icy wreck Next the spectator is transported to the delicious atmosphere and tropical surroundings of a beautiful Mexican scene, and as the thrilling story proceeds, the locality changes to Paris, where the play nas a satisfactory denouement, and the spectator goes home to dream of the gorgeous scents and exciting drama of " Tke Sta of let The Fish ?The recent cold snap In* had the effect of driving the flsh off into deep water, and those engaged in the business on the Potomac have had ratter slow times of it. But great expectations are entertained anions the river men of the season just now opening. They consider the prospect tha* far for a profitable fishing season, highly favorable, and hope to make np for last year's lnsse*. The first shad that have ben seen in the upper river this spring were taken at Hunter s landing yesterday, when a haul was m*d>- which brought to shore two very fine ones. Mr. Gibson, who fishes three landings, viz : Stony Point, High Point, and Sycamore Landing, yesterday sent cff his last crew of men. He employs la bis operations about two hundred hamls, all of whom are now on the ground ready for the fish to ? o?ie np and be caught A haul was made at Thomas' (iut, yesterday, which secured two thousand herring and one hundred and sixty shad. Finoall, at the mouth of Aqnia creek, also made [ * ban 1 of sixty shad on yesterday The gillers are already doing what is considered a paving business. l"bey sent up to Alexandria yesterday morning. four hundred shad. Business at our wood and coal wharves Is quite dull, and the fuel dealers are congratulating themselves tbat the winUr is over, as their depots are completely drained of supplies. In a few weeks the spring coal trade will open, and hundreds of laboring men will hail with pleasure the beginning of another bn*y season. The Washj*gto?i Mo.hmixt?An appeal to th? people in behalf of the Washington Monument, Is made by Secretary Brent, of the Association, in which It is stated that >he troubles of the times, as well as the changes usual to a new administration, have caused great falling off in the Post Office contributions, and the Secretary therefore deems it proper to bring the claims of th?- Monument before the people. He says tbat believing that veneration for the memory of Washington sleeps only, he trusts that be people will not wholly ignore the cause and object Let each one but spare a mite, the loss of which he will not feel, and the sum total of so many millions received through the thousand offices will go far towards enabling the Society t? th* inin^ndt'H worlr *nrt tn rnmnUt* tbe imposing structure. He, therefore, respectfully request* outgoing postmasters to commend the system to tbelr successors, and the incoming to imitate the laudable example of their predecessors who have made collections, and in cases where the latter have not responded and put up box a, to have them erectad, and to forward such contributions, however small, to the Superintendent ?A wedding is an entertainment that always "draws" whether the times are fiuah or ty^htj and when the bappy candidates for mstnroony have a wide circle or frienda, and the affair comes off in church, the pressure is occasionally tremendous, u was the case last night at Ryland Chapel, where fortunate Mr. George C. Henaing was married to one of the sweetest Miles of Uk Seventh Ward, (a ward famous for its pretty girls moreover,) Miss Maggie Bird The bridesmaid was Miss Anna V. Fowler, the groomsman Mr Wm. West, and the officiating clergyman Rev Mr Coombs The short marriage ceremony of the Methodist Church was soon over, and then, of course, there was some kissing ana kaad-sbaking. George has already made hla mark as an enterprising young business man, and now that he has done the correct thing, and donned the matrimonial harness, he is sure to prosper Tboii Awrci 4,W*e?po?# "?The Richmond Lxaminer goes off like the Alexandria Sentinel, at half cock, about those murderous boarding pikes, as follows: "A HaiCHKT ?Any one who desires to see one of the warlike implements, some three hundred of wbirh were recently found near Alexandria, will and it in the Adjutant General's Office. It is a sort of tomahawk, with a handle about the site of a policeman's baton, and a head like a slater a hammer. It looks just the thing to break down a door or crush a skull " TmAvsLias to thb Solthxbx CosfXDK?act Yesterday, two f>ersous who were about to start on a southern tour, and intended to send their trunks by Adams It Co's Express, went to the cfllceof Justice Dona snd made oath that the truuks contained nothing but clothing and other necessary article* This la one of tbcannoyances to which traveler* ?onth will be subjected Dy the Jeff l>avls passport tariff ay stem Fdkxbal or a Mitiii ?Private Burns, of the V. S M C.. who died the evening previous at tne marine barracks, was burled yesterday after mood, with military hoaora. He was one of the marines who waa called out at the Northern Llbrrtle* market-house election riot in 1857, and was wounded In the flgkt which teek place U?OT on t * ' * ~ * * a* * 11 li r csllltatton or Washt**to!*'s btkthmt at 1 Ten*'* Island? Rev. Mr Carotktr* ? From the ? Royal Standard, Turk'* Island. Wrut Indira, we have particular* of the celebration of Washington' birthday at that place. Ataanrlse the American flag waa hoisted at the U 8. Consulate and at the private residence* of the U. 8 Coiwul, and other American citizens now there The flag staffs at Government Houae, Waterloo, the public buildings, at several private dwellings and the masts of the shipping In port were decorated with the Brltiah ensign. At noon, all the American cltl- I zens residing there assembled at the Consulate and passed the time In a manner b?fitting th* ?l?v *n<t {he occasion. Washington's farewell addre*swas read by John C. Crisson, Esq , Deputy U. 8. i Consul; after which, among otb?rs, the following patriotic sentiments were responded to : The day we celebrate; The President of the United States; Her Majesty, the Queen of Great Britain; His | Honor, the President of these Islands; The United States Consul and Consular Officers; Our Country | ?our Constitution?our Union. Interesting and appropriate Union speeches were made by the U. 9 Consul, (Rev Mr Carothers, of this city,) Mr Crisson, and others, and after partaking of a collation the meeting dispersed The President of the Island, his private secretary. and members of his pri vate sfcift', paid an official visit to Consul Carothers, at his private residence, and in the evening a large party of ladies and gentlemen were entertained by the Consul. During the evening the President pro punu "inf aay we ctieDrave," accompanying the lime with appropriate remarks, which were responded to in an eloquent manner by Mr. Carotbers The following Is a copy of the note of thanks addressed to the President by the U. 9 Consul, on the occasion of the complimentary display of \ national flags: i Co.NHULATK OF THI U.S. OF AMERICA, ) I At Turk s Islands. Feb ?t. 1S61. } 1 Sir?I have the honor to thank you for having, j by your special order, Her Majesty's flag hoisted ( at the President's House and the Public Build- j lngs. on yesterday, In commemoration of the birthday of Washington. 1 My Government and my countrymen will be bappv to hear of this mark of respect and will highly appreciate and reciprocate the liberal j spirit of Ills Honor, the President, in this act. Long may our respective flags continue to wave our respective nationalities; and Britain and America?one in race?one in language?one in great missions of good to mankind?ever cherish ' heroic deeds, heroic men and heroic names. i am sir, very respecuuuy, your oD'i servant, Aspkew G. Carothers, U. S. Consul. To Hi* Honor, \Vm R. Insus, Esq , President cf the Turks and Calcos Islands. On the IMh of February, a circular was addressed to the U. 8. Consular Agents at Turks Island by tbe Consul, Mr. Carotbers, expressing regret at tbe danger In which the Union was placed, and directing the agents to hoist on the 22d the National flag at their respective agency's, and to request the American snipping in their ports to display at the same time tLelr National colon. % Attempt op the Convicts in the Peniten naki to itkvolt ?un Saturday afternoon last. just at bell-ring (3 o'clock,)the Deputy Warden of the Penitentiary discovered the existence of a plot on the part of the prisoners to escape froin their 1 confinement, In the following manner ?One of tbe prisoners was to bring a bund'e to the ^ate of the main entrance as If to give It to the Warden, < and It was thought that while the guard would be engaged in receiving the bundle the prisoners could simultaneously make a rush at tbe gate, overpower the guard, and escape through the front entrance before aid could be rendered The j Deputy Warden gave Instant warning to the guard, who. Instead of standing in the gateway as usual, when tbe prisoners puss up to their rooms, double locked It. and had guards called, & to be ready In casr the anticipated demonstration should be made. The prisoners manifested no little dlscomfitment on finding their plot dlscov- ' ered and frustrated, and of course had to feive It up for that time: but on Investigating tbe matter further, the Warden discovered that the prisoners \ had provided for a possible discovery, aud were to make the attempt the next morning (Sunday) on being marched from the prison yard to the J chapel. ' In the Impossibility of ascertaining thefull extent of tbe plot, and In order to make sure of his j ground, the warden addressed a note to Major Ramsay, commandant at tbe Arsenal, stating tbe J ftcta, and requesting him to have a force of the ITnit#-d Statin tropins rpa t\ xr ir? r ? ? bould be required The Major replied, tendering such assistance as tbe wnrden might desire at a moment * warning. The force was detailed and placed In the guard-bouse near, (Ju?t inside tbe Arsenal grounds,) ready for action, but tbe prisoners apparently reconsidered their project, and remained quiet I Ck5TKAl0c*rd-housk?Before Juitice Thorny*on ?Patrick Diggins was arretted and brought *. to the Guard-house last night on a charge of | breaking open a trunk In the boarding-house of ? Mrs Eliza and Catharine Davis, and stealing therefrom the sum of J?2(*5. in gold. The trunk 1 In which the money was kept was missed, and 1 unavailing searc h niftde for it, when the boy bis- ' Kins, who has been for several years employed In the capacity of a servant in the house, was sus- , I Iffi.w.. Unr. ts.?. ' i/t m n ? v ui'? I uvwj ?? no or.ik jwi , uiiu eut. Thomas of the police. They proceeded to the boy'i lodgings In Baptist alley, where h? was arrested in bed. On Lis person was found the sum of .?U0, In gold, wrapped In two nieces of silk and a piece of pajier fie denied having robbed the tr;uik. and tried to account for the possession of the money by saying that he had saved It from presents made him by the boarders during the last two years His atories, however j were very confused and suspicions He was held f<?r a further examination. This morning the ] trunk, from which the money was tiken, was found in a lumber closet in the cellar of the house of Mrs Davis, rltled of the money, but several , valuable articles of jewelry were left untouchtd ? I St Joseph's .Male Orphan Asylum.?Wcrk J Wis resumed on this Institution last Monday by < the rontract >r, !>ir. I*. Gallant, and the sub-con- i tractor, Mr. Jno. McCollam. Some twenty hands J have been employed, and the work of friction is .... /..II.. T 1 -J t L I . V. . <1 .1 uii ?uu rBMiiiiv. i ur un?ijjn ui tui? nuiiuing contemplates a structure fronting 111) feet on I street, and 10 feet deep, but only one section will be erected at present, which will be forty i feet square and four stories in hisht. The brick- 1 layers have already reached the third story, anrt 1 the building will be covered in by the first of ' May and finished ready for occupation by thri | first of September next The ground on which the asylum is being built is situated on 1 street north, near St Aloysius Church, and was pre- ' sen ted to the Society of Jesuits by Mr. Ambrose Lynch, an old citizen of this city Tbe building committee and trustees are Rev. Father Walter, Richard H Clark. Gregory Ennis, John C. Fitz- ( patrick, and Ferrins t ' I ?-? hat uoks it nika^ir?me ioiiowing paragraph Is from tbe Charleston correspondence of the Klchmond Dispatch of the 20th inst.: ' All the high olfieialsof the military have been railed suddenly to Montgomery?what for, no one knows, but it is thought by well-informed men that it it to arrange tbe army, and have the officers assigned, and to consult as to future operatiom. 1 hear that in a few weeks at most 100,000 men, many of them veterans, will be ready for ertraor- ' rfmiry service, and plenty left to take care of the mercenary northern soldier* who may be sent off I ' down South' to get clear of them at home If the people of Washington city only did but know what a few of us here know, they would hardly ' return back to take tbetr clothes ' Well may Gen. Scott keep his hirelings there; he had better , bring more there." Thk Paving Contracts for 1861.?The bids for tbe work of paving the streets of the city under tbe orders of the Mayor and Citv Councils, to be done during the current year, have all been received, and are now In course of examination preparatory to the awards being made. There are fourteen contractors offering for tbe work, each bid setting forth the price per square yard of all brick and stone paving, and per foot for curbing?. Tbe citv is divided into three districts. For the work of the first, comprising the First and Second Wards, there are nine bias For the second district, the Third and Fourth Wards, thirteen bids For the third district, the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Wards, thirteen bids. Cdmplktkd ?The work of enclosing the Western Circle, in which is placed the bronze equestrian statue of Washington, which has been in progress for a considerable time, being delayed bv anavoldable circumstances, has been completed, and the temporary woodtn enclosure removed. It is a handsome improvement to that neighborhood The "Circle" Is a miserable out of the way unfit place for the statue of Washington, but since it is there everybody will be glad to know that It has proper surroundings. Drill ?The Potomac Light Infantry, Captain McKenuey, of Georgetown, will drill, we understand, in front of th~ President's house to-morrow evening at 9 o'clock From the reputation of the ?/trna -?n/4 IKAIP hs v vi J ?* ??vn I/MV, IV UW y III Mir ??a y UIIV.* OAT - J else and the ordinary drill ,'movenients, there is some curiosity to see them. In tbi asroKT of Saturday's session of the Or- , phan'a Court, we were made to lay that W. G. Fettlt gave bond aa administrator upon the estate of the late Richard Pettlt of Georgetown, D. C. I It should have been Richard Pettlt, admlalrtrator upon the tstate of W. G Pettlt, deceased PolicB M ATTMs ? BtfttJustict Clark ?Gro. Hartshorn, hackman, waa arrested for piscine hia back la x position other than that assigned Dim ov tbe efflcer at the depot, and also with leaving bis rei ns. He was fined f 1 M 3k* in anothkx Colcmh th? notice of a meeting In bebaIf of tbe Indlane, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Seventh street, to-night. Larooqua, the de llghttul Indian aongatreaa, win oe present, ma an Interesting time may be anticipated.try Thu ha* bkim a aort of April day, with daabing ahowera and thunder anq lightning, the flfft of the aeaaon . L 7 : ? ' -i Dtsiimt ?*oii Fo*t WAiHiMTOB.-Yeiterdajr thrr* soldier* deserted from Fort Washington and came up to Alexandria, where they were arrested and taken back to the Fort. Whitkhuist, as usual, takes the lead In all new improvements see n;s aioum i;arda. with fane v back ground, that he la now making by the hundred. 2t* Thk closing tsakc of life are often rendered wretched br ai;mecta which ire tnflinr in th?maelvet, ami eaaily cured if taken in ti.i e. Aflectiona in th? liver, atumach and other o jcana concerned in digestion are the nmt frequ nt They naturally make the sufferer nervous, irritab'e and 'nip.aim rig, and relatives and mends are forced to bear the brunt of th*nr ill-humor. The use of Hoat?tt?r's oelebrated Stornaoh Bitters will prove an efficient remedy fortfra evil. It will not only strengthen the whole physical organixation, but entirely core the most obstinate case of indices tion, diarrhcra, dysentery and liver complaiut. The first physicians in the country are loud in their praise of thia preparation. Another recommendation of the Bitters is that it is so p&iatable to the taste that it may be used even aa a leverage. Sold by all druggiata. ma 35 eoSt tka -u- * 1: ? -4 vuwnK.? a uu ouuuou uiinugus ui uui uiiiiiavc sro ouroesof Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Afections. Kxperience having proved that umple remedies often act speedily and oertainly when taken in the early states of the disease, recourse should at once be had to " Brown's Bronchial Troehrs," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or lr- < ritation of the Throat be ever ao slight, as by thia | precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Sttuttrs will find th^m effectual for olearing and atrengtheninc the oioe. See advertisement. del-ly Homeopathic Kxmkdim All of Dr. Humphreys A. Co.'s specifio Ho- . meopathio Remedies put up expressly for family Dse, in boxes, at 25 and 5n cents each. Also. in oases, containing 2? vials, from $4 to 95 sach, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. D. Gilman, 350 I'a. avenue, wholesale and i retail agent: W. A. Fitzgeralti, 353 north F street; ; ?lso by F. B. Winter, oorner of Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street-Also, Pond's Extract of Witch Unei.(c\T lntflrnul Unii external intlnmniktinni n< ill kind*. Sold as above. m?9 ly > PEJC!fIR!?. ; Persons desiring pennies will always find them ror exchanje at the Star Offioe cwunter. tf ( To tiik Afflictkd !? Be sure to read the adver- J lisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and \ Blood Puiifier. in another oolumn. tf a THE PANIC. ] 1 r NEW GOODS! j SPRING GOODS! SUMMER GOODS ! , i DRY GOODS' VV. W. BlIRDETTE. at No. 351 Seventh st., j jetween I and K, has just returned from the North J with a ve-y large and superior stock of DRV j 300DS, which will he sold at panic pritts, vix. J ?0 pieces French and Knglish P"piins. and other t texture of Gfey Goods, in price from 8 c cents per ?ard up to ?1. 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Those in want < f Clothing we invite to come and look at our gocds and prices ; snd if you want a nioe Shirt and a pretty Tie. No. 160 Sev nth street l* the place to get them. I have a very large stock of SPRING HATS, which! am selling at S per oent. below their actual value. For those who want to travel, I have just received a largA lot of TRUNKS, VALISES,and CARPET u A no. ? ai L. ir unuu, iB'ituis ?" yI iiuiu ai iu qo, 11 yutl want a good Trunk, Clothing, Furnishing Gooda, H&U, or Caps, there ia no plaoe where you can buy them aa low &a at the People'a Clothing Store. No. 460 Seventh at., oppnaite Poat Oflvse. /H. SMITH, Clothier, ma* li-lm No 460 Seventh at., bet. K and V. TL. A. BKALL * CO. AKE Ple&ture in informing their ouatomera, i and atrang*ra, that they have removed to No. 361 Seventh atreet, between I and K, just above R. R ?allV. We have ju?t received a new aupply of LOTHING. FURNISHING GoOOS, RUNKS HATS and CA PS, which we tfler to aeJt a*, very low pnoea. Call and aee ua before buying elaewhere. a? we know that we can aell you good* at leaa titan any other atore in the oity. L A. BEALL Sc CO., Clothiera, mar '4-lm No. 361 Seventh at., bet. 1 and K. orth of boots, shoes ahd trunks, Of all Styles and Qualities, at a any at sacrifice on co?t. Store for ft nt and Futurei for Sale, All tha Stock in s. pthoover's store. mtlrcd Hall.embraoiugevery variety?.j&m i ki?/[of Ladies', Gents', Children's udh j 11 '-'Servants' shoes Also, trav-f Ml elin6 trunks are now being old,/or* casket groat sacrifices on usual retail sellingfprices, inde?l much below original cost. The attention of i the publio is solicited, as great inducements will

be made to purchasers. The above comprises a large stock of the finest uality French aud American Gaiters.Shoes,Boots, to.. 4to., lor ladies and gentlemen. The Store is for rent and the Fixtures for sale, AppI* ol t' e premises, Iron Hall. n. b.?The above stock, either in whole or in part, will be sold at private sale. To any one desirous of entering the Boot, Shoe and Trunk Busitlii * tfr\r r\ m m /\ b ka ? ? U. ? uoia wkwi vyp/ikuuiij uuku Ilia J acain be pre?enu*u. Person* indebted will eonfer a favor by promptly oailing and *ettline thmr acconnu. ja 7 tf \r WOOD AND COAL. OU Will aurely get yonr money'a worth by o&; Wat the PIONEER MILLS, southwest tor net if Stventk itrtit and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, Agent) They ee|l cheaper and five better measure th*n any others in the oi^y?cut, enlit, and delirJlIT-lM I t' ' I t' -5 rts--J ' ,ri.? i T 4 ?W?? >? AimSFlfWVTS A8HINGTON THKATKR! Leasee .P. W. 6li!?n AoMng Mtoiftr.^ J. T. Raymond THIS EVENING. The celebrated American Comedian. MR. JO?. JEFFERSON, Will appear in the grand speotacular drama of the SEA OF ICK, Received last evening with shouts of applause. In rehearsa' THE NAIAD QLEKN. HHfl nnn -BLUE IIOOK-Inform?U. at:on as to all the Offices in the sountrj, and salary?25 o*nts. Cortains tn? rnnt matter as the Oreat B.ue Book onstiin ?J5fl. Omitting the names whioh are not necessary. Catalogue of Cariosities at Patent Office. List of Patents. Old Rooks Iwjuiht and sold Catalogue furnished. ALFRED HUNTER. Hooks-"ler. fe22-2in* Wiliards' Motel Square. personal! T.? aiadaKi reid, HE Most wonderful Phrenologist in the world. tiaR jutt ar'ived from the North. She is to give trie satisfaction to all that please to call on ner, at her residence, on K street, between ad and Ith sts. Ladies 25 cents. Uentiemen 5.1 cents. Office hours from 9 a m. to in p. m. ina25-lw* WANTS. WANTKD-Ht a Holier and industrious man. a SITUATION as driver and to talc charge of torses. G' od referenceoan be given. Address Box Star Office. It* WANTKD?A f!H \MBER and PARLOR, te tveen New York avenue and F and 7th and 3th streets Terms must be reasonable. Addrsss Box I lJStar Offlce, stating terrr s It* A WET NIIRSiTw ANTED. Apply tn Or W. j P. JOHNSON, at his Offioe, No 4*6 Seventh itreet,between the hours of 8 and 9 o'ciook a m. >r 13 and 1 o'oloalr p in. ina S7 3t* WANTED?A NL'RSE, to att?r.d upon an intent of nina months. None need app y wi hlut the very best of recommendations. Address I. L. >1.. Star Office. ma 27 eoitt* WANTKD.?A respectab'e young Isdy desires a SITUATION as teacher of small children in l private family; does not objeotto travel: good eference can be givn if required; terms moderate. Mdress Miss A. B.. Post Office. Washington. DC. nra23-4?* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Froin 95 to Sinnm worth of SECOND-HAND FlTRNl riTRF. of all kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to pay he highest prices, and, as usual. at the shortest noice. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, fto., oo 9 403 7th st.. bet. G and H east side. WANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons declining housekeeping, or having nurpiusof Furniture on hand, can obtain thecaah iix) fair prioes by applying at 369 Seventh st. ?o 17 BONTZ tc, GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. [OST?On Monday night last, Between the corj ner of H and 17th stroets, Washington,and the Hights of Georgetown, a buckskin PORTEMONNAIE. containing a bank note for Sl?. a 55 gold >ieoe, three gold dollars, and about $2 in silver, finder will oonfer a great favor by leaving the ilove at the store of Mr. ED CAM MACK. Bridge itreet, Georgetown. A, liberal reward wi 1 be [i?er. ma27-2t* |"kOG LO??T.?In the neighborhood of b'eorge19 town Bridge, on Monday evening,> March 25th. a Spotted Cuaoh Slnt, ahout^Xj^^Z me year oid. Any one returning the S'ut o the L'nion Refectory, oorner of Third street and avenue, wi'l be amtab y rewarded. rca2P 3t* C-1 H E WARD ?Kan away, on the 13th innt.-Mit,! ;? 1 NEGRO BOY,i:amei William Albert Juk >ina:iwn?d. He i? 11 years of ace, da-k com %Sf >:exion, fine Bolt hair, ^ww-leggod, acd ocka while walk ng. I will give the above eward li returned to me, on Pierce ?treet,?S*? letween K and L an>1 3d and 4th eta. All pertoni ire forewarned from harboring or hiring said boj inder penalty of t*>e law. ma 26 3t* ELIZA ANN STEWART,(col'd.) BOARDING. VIR9. SMITH'S HOARDING HOUSE. oiTc iTl. street, between 34 and 4>?, Noi. 393 ai.d 391, aa several good Rooms unoccupied,on accoinmutating terms. ma 26 5t* Sl-Sl?Sl-Sl?S1-S1-S1-S1-S1-S1. SI?SI?S1-S1-S1-SI-S1-S1-S1?SI. 176 Fa. Av, EVANS. 4T6 Pa.AV YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE OF JEWELRY IN OUR STORE FOR ONE DOLLAR. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. CiiO(SUi 0?tel%OV*l9A-U is.4. % 1 Elegant LAVA. . ? Sets for 81 Sleg&nt GARNET Sets for 91 Elegant JET Seta for 91 Elegant CORAL and GOLD Sets for 91 Elegant MEDALLION Set* for 91 Elegant RIM MOSAIC... Sets for 91 Elegant PLAIN GOLD Sets for SI Ladies' GUARD CHAINS for 91 Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAINS for 91 Ladies' NECK CHAINS __.for 91 Gent's VEST CHAINS,<lodifferent patterns) for 91 i * unl" i /it ol' iTi'n vv i d r L<aiVUlJ UVl V71 1 ii/I 1 liX/ II consisting of FABLE, TEA an-i DESERT SPOONS, FORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF ' KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES. CUPS. \o.. A o. Uso; A Lar<e Assortment of JEW ELR Y, which we oan sell at w? couts per article. TtOOyeg-TtOQTr^ 1 closing out our stock at a great SACRIFICE. Il.nn BOOKS Selling for 50 oentg jl.25 BOOKS Selling for 60 to 75 cents BOOKS Selling for $1 to ?1.25 NOW IS YOUR TIME TO GKT BOOKS and JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE. PA I.I. EAR I.V AT 176 Pa. Av. EVANS'S. 476 Pa Av mar 21-lw.r RIDDLE rlAS THK LARGEST, NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF EVER OFFERED IN THIS OR ANY OTHER CITY, AT THE LOW TERMS OF JNE DOLLAR FOR YOUK CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Set* for Si Elegant LAVA ~i Set* for SI Elegant GARNET Sets for $1 Elegant J ET - Set# for 91 Elegant OORAL and HOLD ? ^e?? for Si Elegant MEDALLION Seta 'or Si Elegant KUIN MOSAIC Sett for ?l E.egant PLAIN GOI-D. - SeU for It I.adie?'GUARD CHAINS for ?l l.adiea' CHA I ELAINE CHAINS .for ?1 Ladies' NECK CHAINS for 31 Genu' VEST CHAINS,(lodifferent atylea.) for 91 Also, a Large Aaeortratnt of JEWELRY, whioh we oan sell at 50 oenta per article. JuHt Received, SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL ETRUSCAN BLACK LAVA Seu ENAMELED CROSS 8eu ETRUSCAN CARBUNCLE Sett PEARL AND GOLD SeU ETRUSCAN ONYX. SeU N. B ?Peraon* wi?hing any of the above Gooda ihouid call at once a? they noon will be gone. We have on hand, and are receiving every aay Invoices of THE FINEST PLATED WARE, constating of Breakfast and Tea Sets; Card and Caxe Baskets; Cream and Syrup Pitchers; Table, Dessert, Tea, Sugar and Cream Spoons; Butter, Fruit, Tea, Pie, and Fish Knives; Forks; Napkin Rijigs ; Casters ; Salt Stands ; Plain. Chased and Gilt Lined Goblets and Cups. ALL roft kale at lowkct wholesale pricks. GOODS WARRANTED AS REPRESENTED. REMEMBER: RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, mar7 SO'J P?. Av 30'i J GARDEN AND FLOWER SEEDS*. OHN SAUL. 396 Seventh at., corner H, Washington, D- O., has the pleasure of offering an extensive stock of GARDEN. FLOWER, and FIELD SEEDS, comprising all the staple attiolss of do estio growtu. with every novelty of value from England and the Continent, vis: Fine Early York, Oxheart. Winoingstadt, and Flat Dutch Cal>ba?e; Extra Rar'.y Peas; Kxtra Early Duets; la ge Purple Egg-pan'; large Smooth Tomatoes; Carrots, Parsnips, Lettuce, Onions. Caul fiow*rs. ?o. flower !*e?da <>r every description, auitaoie for toy ijtiittitle. Being a practical seed growor, all are guarantied as to aeon racy?warranted Paces as low at reuaoie needs can be sold at. ma 16-fiteo . _>* \. j .. .. :t i ; i vv.f, f:i ?i ? . _ GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWI. A R klfl rrinx lilns 11m ularr of lh? W ? of the two Boards. Rf solved by the Beard of Alder mm and Board of Common Counrtl of the Corporation of (ieorgrioiem. That the salary ot the Messenger of the Board* of Aldermen and Common Council shall be one hundred do!laxt per annum until otherwise ordered; 1 and to much of a resolution fixing and providing for the salaries of tb?- t Hirers of the Corporation for the vear 1WI. approved January 2, 1^1, as snys "that the salary of the Mesaenger of both Hoards and of tb? Mayor, with tbe use of the Town Hons**, shall be. per annum, ?200," or an? other resolution or ordinance Inconaistent with this, be, and Is hereby, repealed. Rfsolrrd, fttrtKtr, That tbe Messenger of the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council shall act a* messenger of tbe associations who may meet in the Counc'l Chamber Approved March 9, 1*61. A Kkholttion in favor of Messrs Bogue A Donnelly. Ktsoil 'd by tkf Foard of Ald'rnien and Board of Common Counril of Ik* Corporation of lieorgttoien. That the sum of twelve dollars and fifty cents be, and the same Is hereby, appropriated to be paid to the order of Messrs Bogue & Donnelly. b? ing the amount of their hill for coal furnished to UUiUnt ? ? - ? ?? * i- iic vvuiiway arm wtirnuuuif, per order of the Mayor. {Approved March 16,1S61. A Rksolittio* In favor of Andrew Carrol and James McGarity. Htsolred by Ike Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Coumrtl of the Corporation if Uecrgtlorcn. That the Clerk pay to the order of Andrew Crrrol twelve dollara and fifty cento, and to Jamea Mctiarlty fourteen dollara and alxtv-two rento. In full of their clalma of the '23d and 27th February, as per statement of N. Callan. Clerk of the l^evy Court. [Approved Marrh 16, 1861. A Rk?olutio* In favor of certain persona therein named. ! Hftolvtd ly tkf Board of Aldermen and Board of I Common Council nf ?/ i..???.i ? That tbf sum of aeventeen dollars and twenty-flr* cento be. and the aame la hereby, appropriated to be paid by the Clerk to the order of the following named persons : To John Connor six dollsrt and fifty cento, to A H. Burdett live dollars, to Bogne & Donnelly seventy five cento, to John T. Ban^s Ave dollar*, for room rent and other expanses for the election held on the 25th of February last. Approved March 23, 1861. A Rksolftio* in favor of \V. C. Temoleton Retolreti by the Board of Aldermen and Board of I Common Council of tke Corporation of Geo'getoirn, > That permission 1* hereby given to W. C. Templeton to erect a stable on Prospect street, at tbe western termination of said street, to be removed at the pleasure of the Corporation Approved March 23. 1-*>1. i GEO RG ETO WNA DV ERT'MTS ry5=? GEORGETOWN TAXES. lS?l.-Ei*ht I ? percent discount is allowed on the above tax if paid prior to 1st of April next. Settlement for taxeB ot I9W remainirg unpaid at that date will be enforoed acoo ding to law. ma 13 2w CHAS. D. WELCH. Collector. F ferry. or The acoomnodation of Virginians and the citir.ens of Georgetown and Washington, the undersigned has r? established ihe old ferry from Anakstan Island to Keynold'a Wherl. near Rny'a 1 Mill. A safe and convenient new boat?the loel??rg?wiii make trips every hour at reasonable rat<<e. ina 27-2W WALTER 6QDEV. jy| A 1 N K POTATOES. 1 .Mio barbels of Jackson Whites and ?nn hiishe!a of \V!nTi' \|i'rcer?, just received per ?oh oufr Carrie M K eh, and fur sale from v*aael in lets to tail I purcti* "rs. PETKR ULRRY . iM 2*- 3t _ '.I Water street. Georgetown. ^PPLES AND POTATOES. IvSr*' bushels prime Mercer &nd Jackson White Pota'oosand ??> barrel* No 1 Apples novr landing front fcchooner Rockingham, and for ea.e low in lots to suit purchasers, by J. G. WATERS, in* 2'- lw 109 Water at, Georgetown. 1). C. C"Georgetown market stands for ' SALE ?Will bo sold to the ladies', bidder, at public auction, on SATURDAY, tiie :>cth instant, at 10 o'clock a. m.,all the Stands in the Ma>krt House, oscept the Butchers* Stands, for o^e year. The Stands at t^e northern ertranoe of the Market i House will be sold at the same tune. Terms oa?h. Proposals will be received in writing until the ; 30th instant for re-shingling ar<i ercTosing the Market House, for each ?f which work the bids must be separate. H. AD'ilSON, Mayor. Mayor's office, Georgetown, March ?i, 18bl. ma 2w1t3' tn _ A moots and shoes. LARGE And varieti assortment of BOOTS and SHOES of excellent quality just re ceived at 144 Bridge street, near the on-| nibus stand, and for ssle25:o 30 per oent.w ! cheaper than the usual prices. ma a im A. at.\v HbK'i>.K. U?uu Dui.5- rni nc. oiuc>n AILY Expected per schooner Mary Ann McGee from Boston. This Cider is A .No. 1, and is for tale tn lots to suit purchaser*. ARNY A SHINN'S fe 22 Uni*n Bottling Depot, Georgetown. PJUST AKKIVK1), KR Propeller a. Seymour, from Philadelphia, 75 barrels and l1" half barren of Ma*sey, Cobi r s A Co's i'tu ale phia DRAFT A LE. For t-a'e h? _Je22 ARNV A SHIVN. JUST RhCEIVFD10 hhd?. prune Porto Rico SUGARS , 15" bl>ls. Oi'l K)?\VHl!?KV, 25<1 bbts. HKRRING and ALEWIVE8. So Mils. Crushed and Refined J'L'CARs, ?? bags Rio and Java COFFEE, i lo libit*. < low priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGLE. se 10 ( FOR SALEAND RENT. ? A HARK CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT iV The STORE at.d CONTENTS Ktely occu pied by H. C. PtMrs?a tobacco nut. is for rent, and 1 tfie Stock ar.d Fixture* are for sa'e, Thu MM 1 has been for fifteen yearn used an a tobacconist's. i The rert will be moderate to a rood tenar.t. In a quire of JOHN PURDY, No. 030 Pa. avenue, between lit and 2J ate. ma 27 .St OR R ENT-fT RNISHED HOUSE. oontun | ing 14 rnomi. in tli* Firat Ward. To a rood , tenant at a low rent. Apply toSAMl EL STOTT, t No. 379 Nineteenth street, between U and H ate. . ma 26 3t* | POR RENT?At No. 414 Ninth at., corner ol ] I H-several large and pleasant ROOMS, furnished witn gas. ma 25 3t* FOR RKNT?Desirable DWELLING, situated J corner Tenth and E streets. For terma apply t to WM. OR.ME. between loth and 11th sts. rot session given on the let day of April. ma25 3f WM. ORME. FOR RENT?A three story and-basement brick \ HOUSE, containing 8 rooms, situated on Tenth , at, between N and 0 sts. Rert ?13 per month. Apply to D. HAL'I TMAN, No. il'i Eleventh st,, near Pa. avenue. ma 35-4t* ' IT'OR RENT?On May 1st, the large and oaromodiou* HOUSE on Louisiana avenue, opposite the City Hall Square, now occupied by Mr. Webb as a dwelling and law office, and adjoining the house of \lr. Richard Wallach ] ma 23-tf FRANCK TAYI OR. Handsomely furnished rooms? Four nasdsomely Furnished Kooms, supplied with eas and water, and convenient to the patent and Post Ofliee Departments, lor rent. App'y at 490H Massachusetts avenue, north side, between 4th and Sth ?ts. ma23 Fitrnishf.d rooms for rent, afxo! 500 Tenth street, Wt*??n C at. and theCat:a . Terms moderate, and every accommodation rendered ma 2>-lw I^OR RENT?A HOUSE with ten rooms, ?iX elusive of kitohen. servant's room and closets; supplied with gas and Potomac water; oomfortab y furnished and in a delightful locality. Kor terms, Ac., apply at the premises, 350 K st , between 12th and )3tn ats. ma^l-lw* FOR RENT-ARLINGTON MILL, on Four Mile Run. at the intersection of Columbia Turnpike and the Alexandria, Loudonn and Hampshire Kailroid, three miles from Washington and six milea from Alexandria. Possession given 1st . <tf Annl. Annlv tn K. K. I.KK. VVAihiniton Pitt PostOffice. _ ma 21-1 w*' y?OR RKNT?The three story brick DWELL- < * ING-HOUSE, with basement, on E street, j between 2d and 3d ?ts. Ha* ail the modern .mprove- ! merits. water, gas, bath room. * AppNtoWM. ( EUAN, next door, or to HEN RY EGAN, 343 Pa. avenue, south aide, between 6th and 7th sis. , ma 16-tf THB COTTAGE FOR RENT O.N CAPITOL . Hill, situated on Seoond, between H and C j stree s. It ooutains 10 rooms and briok kitchen, supplied with gas and water. It hu large grounds surrounding it. To a good tenant terms r amenable. Apply at 29T F st. ma H lit* I FOR RENT-The three-story Frame DWELLING-HOUSE corner of Tenth a?d H street* and tut two squares from the Patent Office, it ' contains 8 rooms, a rood cellar, and kitch n, with teas throughout. Wul not be rented (or a boarding house. Kqoireof A. B. MoFARLAN corner of 1 Pa. avetue and 12th at. mar 13 tweo* 1 FOR RENT-The north HOUSE of the row of ' new four story houses on Fourth st. between D and E sta., No. 3*S, fronting the City Hall ' square Possession given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attomay U-LaTw. No. ??i Louisiana avenue. ma 11 eoti STORE FOR RENT.?A large Store-room oa Pa.avenue, adjoining our aucuon room*, for rent. Apply to WALL A UAR.NARD. Auotion and Commission Merchants, oorner Ninth street and south side Pa. avenue. mar 11 fVOR RENT. SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR * OTHER I'KOPKRTY-A KAKV of ab..ut 28" acres land, situa'ed about iX mi es eoaiheaet from the Station. Belleville, Pr<uoe (ieorge's county, Marylaod. There is about M aeree in wood? balance cleared land and under cultivation ; t>a? a small dwelling house; barn SO by ?* feet, aad other out butldiaga, and apple and eeach orchard " J.K.KENDALL, mar I tf No. $ Foar aad a-halfit. POR RENT OR SALur?The two Ave story r briok fiWKLLlNB-BOUSKS tituaXad nn*.nd '***3561Z&tnygsj THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. tram Mrilc*-Ria?r*4 lavaaioa ( Lower (' lltmia. Nxw OtLitMi, March 96 ?The ateamar Teanaaai , from Vara Crux oa the Slat, baa arrlwl, The l atted SUtea aioop-of-wir Macedonian waa at Sacrlfleloa I The principal road to the Capitol awarmed with band* of rebel* Captain Oldham, of tbe Brlttab ateamer Valoroua. vraa aeverely wounded while returning from Mexico Tbe Conatltutlonal Government waa making alow progreaa (Governor Sea mora waa dead R umora had reached tbe Capitol that a party of filiboater* had Invaded Lower California It waa alao reported that a movement waa progreaalng for tbe aeparatlon of a number of tba border SUtea and their erection Into the Sierra Mad re Republic M Salirnv, tbe French Mlnlater bad preaented bta credential* and been for many received. Tbe steamer Arizona, from the Brazos, la announced to be coming up. with StttiO.OUO la ?poci* Tbe Governor of Ar zona, Hon.M. Owens, la reply to tbe Teiaa Commiaalonera appointed te viait New Mexico and Aritona in reference te tbe formation of a new confederacy, Invites tbem to be present at tbe Convention to be bold in Me?( sills. on tne 15th of March, te consider public affairs. Counterfeit twenty dollar notes of tbe Bank of New Orleana are in circulation Tbe Vlrglaia CeaveaUea. Richmond. March ? Mr Preston made a speech to-day In tbe Convention in flavor of tbe majority report, and of making a clear and distinct demand upon tbe North, with tbe alternative of separation He believed that tbe present was full of hope in both sections for a fsfr and Anal settlement M? (VlM?nnk th? (rmitnd th?? lh? fftinrnnUtM offMfd were Insufficient. Mr. Nelaon followed In a speech against secession for existing caucua Mr Hall, of Wetzel, offered the Constitution of me ^onieaeraie u a substitute for tbe committees report Mr. Wise called for tbe reading of it Mr. Clemens intimated the purpose wn for delay. Mr WLae dented tbe imputation The substitute wai read and debated to a lata hear Kichxojtd, March 37?Last night. Mr Hall's lubstitute, being tbe Constitution of tbe Confederate States. wa? rejected by a vote of 7? noes?n? ayes Burglary?Safe Blows Opes Cold Sprtjio, n. V., March 'M.?Burglars are again In our village, and another aafe baa been blown o|*?>n The store of O M Vaxter, lumber merchant, of this village, was broken open last nlgbt. and his Iron safe (one of Herring's best) was blown eptn by means of powder, and about seventy dollars taken Tbe burglars drilled four boles of sbout an eight of an inch In diameter near the lock, in which they must have Inserted the powder The inner portion of the door ar.d lock were blown some distance from tbe safe showing a powerful charge Tbe money drawer was found this morning Tn the river, near West Point Tbe books and checks were left undts turbed It was supposed that the front door was opened by false keys. In ten Meeting at Frederick. W- SI J kf?U -VO A ?? l? r uutcit. iiu , .'la. it u <?.?a "t? icr^c ana enthusiastic Union meeting was held here t--d?y Every district wsj largely represented Strong Union resolutions were adopted, and It was recommended to Lold n State Convention ou tbe M of v May, and form a Lnlon party for the State Each county and Baltimore city were requested to send delegate*. Hon Andrew Johnson, Senator of Tennessee, and Hon J C Rives, of Virginia, were met by a large delegation at the cart and, beaded by tLie American Band, escorted tn the meeting Seuator Johnson made a powerful L'nion speech which went home to the heart of every one present ffereaade te Hea 11 W HsUui. Ccxbkrlasu, >ld., March X ?Hon H W Hodman, Sergeaut-at-Arms of the late House of Representatives, was serenaded to-night by a large number of his friends He responded la a strong L'niou speech, expressing his gratification at the unanimity with which they had rallied against secession, and hoped that it was but an earnest of the support they meant to accord tbe President in his eflort to preserve the Union, maintain tbe Constitution, and enforce the laws ? - ' ? s_ -i wKm> ha <4 a. MP was vwiirrouny ?ppwuuc?i ? ?? ^ clared his determination to uphold tbe inn of tbe Administration so long as it should stand by tbe Constitution and tbe L'nicn Ssath Cartlias C sn*entisn Chaslkstos, March 20?Tb* State Convention met this day Col Sbingler offered a resolution luat an supplies, provisions, snd mall facilities now allowed to Major Anderson and tbe garrison at Fort Sumter should be immediately cut off It Wdi ordered for consideration to-morrow. There will be some disrussiou upon tbe perm a nent Constitution of the Confederate States, but tt will be ratified by a iarye majority The general impression is that Mr Shlngler'a resolution will be voted down Tbe Steamer Bienville Released* New York, March 'X?Arrangements have been made under which the steamer Bienville hss been released by the Custom House sutborltiss. The schooner from Florida, without proper clear* inces, paid a line of 0100. The Wertern Hotel, la Courtland street, was damaged by lire this morning John C Duryen. who was just appointed General Appraiser at this port, died last evening Accidental Death. Pobtsmocth, Va , March 26 ?Christopher Y. Dlgk*- * well known merchant of this city, fell hrough the hatchway of his store this morning tnd was instantly killed. Alexandria Markets Alkxakd*ia. March 27?Flour?Family S 75a 17.SO. extra *.V75a*d; super SS.lstsS 19 Wheat, white *1 -MaSI 4o; red SI lo?Sl 25. Corn?white Wa65c ; yellow 5*s?0o..j mixed 58a#0c. Rye S5a(?. Oats2fra30c. Corn Meal (WaTTJc per bushel. *eeds?1 imothy S3af3 50 ; Clover S< 25aS6 ft?; Flaxseed SI 40sS1.45. Prov.sions?Butter, roll. ItaMc ; Bacon llal3c.; Pork f7 00sS7 40. Lard I3al4c Kgtfs 14al?c. Whisky 24a3uc Fish? <had S20a822 per hundred, berriag Slt-aS24 per housand?few in market. BalUnssrs markets. BiiTiMon, March '27 ?Floor steady; Howard *c ai P(t? Miila ss hi VVhMt firm: CJ w%, vs * j m 1 ???. .v? w ed #1 25a 1 .'JO; white fl 44*1 ?5. Corn steady; nlifd 53&54c Provisions steady. Coffee firm at il3i^c. Whisky steady at 17c. H?? York Harkttt. New Yukk, March 27?Flour firm and quiet. IV heat stead v and unrbanged Corn unchanged Provision! quiet. Whisky dull at 16jfc. Flaaadal. N*W Yoai, March*? -Stocka lower. Chicago ind Rock Ialand &* %; IUlnola Certial a bares SI u, lo bonds 102; Micl Southern 38*; New Vork Central Ts^'; Reading 5; Hndaon River RR 46, Ho 6'i6?)j. Treasury 12 slu3K; Registered 6*8 of 1881,96^; Coupons do. 93 fc. Tbi WiATiis -Tbr following report of the weather for tbe morning la made from tbe Amer can Consolidated Te'egraph Lino to tbe rtoalthlonlan Institution. Tbe time of Observation Is ibout 7 o'clock mabch *7, 1881. Vew York, N. Y rainy Philadelphia, Pa. rainy. Washington, D. C rain wind SW Richmond, Va. cloudy, warn Petersburg, Va. cloudy, plessant. Norfolk, va cloudy, 68? Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 67* Wilmington. N.C cloudy, mild Charleston, ?. C cloudy,90?, wind NW \ugusta, 6a clear, pleasant. Macon. Ga. clear. Columbua, Ga clear. pleasant. \tlanta, Ua 49?, wind N Sri Sen. Ga elear, cool Montgomery, Ala. clear, pleasant. Jackson, Ala. clear Mobile. Ala..... cloudy. 83*. New Orleans, La clear, 70?, wind fc Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a ? (corrected for temperature,) f?,75?; at noon, 29,MB rT"v- at ? m . so*: at noon. 45-. Maximum iorlif 94 fcoeia, ending i. m teiay, 67'; minima? Amimiti or ArnonuTiuni madi ?t tip sjw Co*FiM?ici -Tht Montgomery Adr?r User of tbegOUi girt* tbe eubjctned statement, which embrace*. tt Mate*, the aggregate appro prlatlon for eacb department of tfce Govern meat of the Confederate tStatea . Legislative |U.T4? Executive 33.060 Department of State 44 Ju# Treasury Department 70.80? War Department afl.OU Navy Department 17 JOO Post Offlce Deparunent 44.000 Jud clarv ?3 00U Mint and Independent Treasury *?,0l> Foreign InW-rcvurae ? * ?? Llght-HoMsa.* of C?rftoeHag Revenue 545.UU0 Executive Manatan.................... 4<J? Miscellaneous *0,000 Total wii? ITT TUe French arm? has been for?? i to HUton men, hrl^iqMl to afcwnt -iihSShh