Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1861 Page 1
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? A (Bbmim Ste. ? ' * * ? V2i. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. MARCH 28. 1861. N5. 2.529 I THL DAILY EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED BVBtiT APTERNOON, (8UNDAY8 EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, 0/ rma-iflvanim mvnu4 and lltA ft., II W. P. W4LLACH. PiMri tarred in lukim b? Mrrfm *? >i * r?r, or Si orati for month. To mail aabaorfban woe ia fsjr? a year, w? 92 for all Rcptha; 91 for three montha; and for leea than i"'M montha at the rate of 13oenta a week. 8in|le a^^iea, ohb cent; in wrappera, two cents. :r^ACVMTT*MKIT?BftOUld be BMit tO th? OftCC fc?*ore U o'oiook m.; other viae they mar not appear mtil the next day. MY ALCORDEOH SXRENADKR A ROMANCE spoiled. " My dear child," said a maiden lady of an unoertain age. "you need not blush so; I dare cay the young gentleman who has just passed the window has no idea of your existenoe." ' But he passes every day, aunt." 4 Well, what of that ?" said the old lady. liut ne 100K3 in at tbe window/' said the young lady. " Ab, indeed!" said her aunt. " And he wears a sprig of myrtle in his coat, and you know that means true ' " " Really, you amuse me, child ! Anything ^ moreV* " No aunt," was the reply. " Then, my dear child, you are a bit of a goose, and ought to know better," said her aunt "I am afraid you are too fond of reading idle tales when you might be better employed. Well, well, I aup|ju?s we csuuvl put an old head on young shoulders, and yours are very young yet." And she might have added pretty ones, covered as they were with locks of the softest and richest brown hair in the world. Pretty girls are so common that I need not describe nrettv _ r Rose Arnold, as she and her aunt were sitting before the fire in that magic hoar when the glare of day has passed and twilight is only just coming; when tenderness touches the hardest heart; when life seems more ideal, less dark, and cold, and dull " 6ball 1 tell you what happened to myself, Jlose Yes. do, Hunt." 4 Well, I will. You will see that there was ?>nce a time when your old aunt was as silly as rov are now." ];<>ee laid her beautiful face on her aunt s lap. and her aunt began : , M\to Silhstone kept a select establishment at Brighton for a limited number of young Isdie-*. from whom the most unexceptionable leterences were required She frequently advertised in the lime.-, and had always a vacancy for one or two But you know a3 well as I that there never yet was a school for a limited number that had not a vacancy for a senteel and well-conducted pupil I was that, *nd m-jre Why, then, was i sent to Mias I 1'kstone's salubrious abode 7 Well, the truth 1 , Dr Bolus, our family physician, hinted that f little change of air and an occasional bath in he ?e? would not be amies ' The system requires bracing, ma'am," said he to mamma. H"e are getting, added the dear , fat old man he contemplated my growing figure.' a little r^le and thin, our roses are notquite so red ad tk?*v mivhl K# " flirt ?. I ? - * 1?1 -* - D ... _c i km, i am resu L'-id Ejnn i Corsair and hi. lines in Childe Harold bidding the deep and dark blue ocean roll on, and had by heart Barry Cornwall's ^ngs. and I loved, as girls of seventeen do love, passionately, " The sea' the sea' the open aca ' The ever freah, the ever free and made no objection to the arrangement which for a while transplanted me from the paternal roof It w*j not reluctantly, then, that I journeyed to the scene of my future residence I wis not bad-looking and I knew that I bad a love of a bonnet which would set all the girls wild I had not lived at Clapham for nothing, you may be sure Arrived at tehmil I <li/i ? r>~ j ?? iuy ivri. VU OUU" days we went to church Now the church service ?s rather long, aud, however pious and E roper one may be disposed to be, one cannot e always looking at the minuter or at ono's rray?r-hook. Ir? nn* of mr nor-aainnal neeDS at the congregation I found the eyes of a young man intently fixed on me. It was evident to me and all the rest of the girls that hi- ardent ?*ze was directed to do other than myBelf he next Sunday the same phenomenon was witnessed; the next, it was the same I was pleased, yet annoyed Miss Silkstone gave me many a private lecture in her own apartments Mademoiselle, as we were taught to call our French governed, was delighted; the girls all laughed; and, to make assurance doubly 3urc, I had been informed that one of the maids had been a*ked by a gentleman the name of the new girl, whom he declared to be a " regular stunner '' Now it was clear to me and all the rest of us that this inquiry could have come from no other than from the gentleman whose optics had been so regularly, and as it seemed, so irresistibly exercised on myself. Presently another symptom of his admiration was manifested. Every evening at a certain hour, under the wall of our garden, were heard the dulcet sounds of an accord eon, all said it was my , church admirer thus renewing on week-days the heaage he had offered me at churoh on Sundays. I thought what every one said must be true, and listened with peculiar pleasure to " Annie Laurie," and 44 My Beautiful Star," and " Jeannete and Jeannot," and "I Dreamt that I Dwelt in Marble Halls," and other popular airs; all of which I heard, it is true, played before, but never, so it appeared to me. with each pathos and power, m under the present circumstances What a delicate way of being courted Of course I was not in love; but, girl-like, I was glad to think some on* was in lore with me. Just at this time I had to leave school for a few days, at the same time, by a strange coincidence. the serenading ceased, and my admirer was absent from his pew inf church. Surely, then, I was right in thinking I was the object of all these delicate attentions. The more 1 thought about it the more certain I felt. Suspicion was banished: doubt now gave place to certainty. The mystery was cleared up? the serenade was for me, and the serenader na> he whjin I had seen in church. I must -?y. when I had come to this conclusion, that I became impatient of this serenading, and wished either to change it into something of a mere satisfactory character, or for it to cease altogether. Mademoiselle and myself, without aaying a word to the other girls, resolved to bring matters to a crisis. Oaa dark nirht. ?k?ntK> mmi a*? _ ? 0 , ? -w -www! ovivuauiu^ going on, and Mia* Silkstone happened to be particularly engaged with the friends of a new pupil who bad come to tea, we hastily put on an old shawl and bonnet apiece, slipped out of the house forthwith, cjuite unperceived, rusbed down to the end ot the garden, and omehow or ether found our way to the top of the wall The night. as I have said, was dark; we could lee no one. and the unknown was vigor* oualv going through his accustomed musical Crformance I fancied I could see the graceI outline of my admirer, as be swept his finSirs over kit beloved instrument, and told to e cold dark night, and the sad and silent stars, all the love and hope and purpose of his heart I listened with an interest that thrilled my whole frame There he was, languishing for me; dreaming that I was smiling on his love. There could be no doubt that I was the Annie Laurie for whom he would lay him down and die. I was his Beautiful Star, up in the ' I ? . ? ? * * beaveo so tngn. do le^ certain What was I to do? Did not such touching love deserve some grateful recognition ! Was he to realize the fearful fate of which he sang? Was I, so joung. to be a cruel murderer, and through life to b*ve my heart bowed down with a sense of the fewrful burden of such a crime? Yet, would it Dot b? imprudent to address a gentleman to whom I had never been introduced? I was is a frightful state of agitation; I could feel my checks getting red, and my heart jumped right up to the top of my throat What loould I do' " Why, tpeak to him, of course," said Mademoiselle. who wa* getting cold, "er he will be laid up with influenza for a month " " Oh. dear," said I, "J wish he would not oome playing here" " Oh, nonsense'" said she "Speak to him, it will be capital fun." " No, no; anything but that," exclaimed I, Id an agony of fear. ' Well, if von won't iMtk." uiil ik? 1 ?i>H him a token." " A token' Ah, that vu acapital idea' There oouhl be do barm in tbat. He was juet r v beneath me. I gathered a few leaves, and let them fall from wnere I stood. " Hush"' said Mademoiselle. The aocordeon went on as usual. The leaves evidently had produced no effect. "Try again, said she. I did so. We listened?no acknowledgment. The accordeon went on vigorously. " Let us go," said I. not a little frightened. " No, no; try again," said she. ? I did so. The music stopped, the serenader changed his position: but in a mnmtnt wiim. menced hid amorous strain. I grew quite frightened. " Oh, do let us go;" I whispered. " No, no," said Mademoiselle; "try just once more." Again fell the leaves; again we listened; again the accordeon ceased There was a cough, then a pause, then another cough, as if th* rona<i*r iapntiont to be We strained our eyes, and just saw the dim outline of a figure. " Come ' none of that 'ere was his exclamation. I could scarcely believe my ears. My refined lover indulging in such vulgar and common-place language! I scarce knew whether to laugh or cry. However, I did neither; but flflirl AS OB mw ?** * * m uij cauiicu lOOIIUg.x wouia allow me, " What did you say " Why, none o' that 'ere, to be sure! Pitching lots o' dirt on to * poor fellow. What do you mean"' There was some terrible mistake My friend came to my rescue Summoning up her dignity, and peering over the wall, she said, very severely, " Younz man. who are you"' 41 Me, marm? Why, Joe, the butcher's boy, to be sure7" Oh, indeed"' said Mademoiselle. "And what do you here'" "You see," he replied, "I hain't got no place at home to practice in. s? I comec every night here, 'caut^e the wall keeps the wind off, and now it's time for me to be off." And away he went off whistling, leaving me disenchanted of my love. I may only add that I endured an additional pang when, a short time afterwards. I found that the eye6 that al ways glared at me at church squinted. Since ih*T> f K ? 1-? , ? A v uvi vovu l|UlLU DU UWlJf ID lumping at conclusions " And now. dear Roae. we had better get to work; ring for Ellen to bring lights, and now draw the curtains.' Rose got up to do so As she approached the window, the individual with the myrtle passed Rose thought nothing of it, and it is well she did not, a? later in life she knew him well as a married man and a friend of her bus band and her own. The Preach Encampment at Beirut. Beirut claim? especial attention from its connection with the massacras of Syria. Entering the bay we anchored among a fleet of war vessels, mostly Turks, with two or three French A single British corvette lay anchored a long way off. in a safer hav Th? ^ vm<ui reoccio i?l the English fleet had been ordered to the Adn- ! atic, in view of the uncertainties of European politics Thus, the French are left nearly 1 alone in the defence or protection of Syria. I presume Napoleon does not regret his advantage. and doubtles* will make the most of it. He occupies Syria, and you may depend upon , it he will never leave. You have been often informed that he has an army of a few thousand quartered in the vicinity of Beirut, and c among the mountains of Lebanon. I had the pleasure of visiting the French encampment, fl > v v/i lIa uilKo fiuui lUu vltj j tUUtaliilu^ j/v,? 1 haps four or five thousand Freuch and Algeri- ( ana. I made the trip over a French road, in a i French omnibus. The road is the beginning i of the road to Damascus, and means some- { thing more than an effort to increase the locomotive privileges of the residents of Beirut und Damascus. Very recently, I am told by a gentleman long a resident in Palestine, Napoleon reoeived a valuable present of a fortress in the Lebanon mountains, from the wife of a deceased Pasha. Whatever may be the future of French occupancy, the past and present is to be accredited to the humane desire of the Emperor to suppress the horrible butcheries of the Druses. His own prompt action lnnA flovoH tKa ? 3 * * ... ?. v?v mimauuiirai ul a J [11. una niS forces must remain to insure their safety. But to return to the visit to the cncampment. The ruads lay amid mulberry groves and hedges of cactus. Cafes for Turks and Frenchmen here spring up along the way, and seem well patronized, notwithstanding they present little of the attractiveness of the cafes of the Boulevards of Paris. The road was filled with French soldiers, Turkish soldiers, Algerines, Bodouins, horsemen, and footmen, donkeys and donkeymen, camels and camelmen. and women with various costumes. Our Fr?n/?H nmniU" -i'1- "" ? . VWVM UU4K1WMO) niiU IbO ICflUi of mules and horses, and its black Nubian driver, added to the strange mingling of the European and the Oriental, the ancient and the modern, the stereotyped and the progressive. We stopped in front of a large French cafe close by the encampment. Here a large band were enlivening the gay scene with martial musio, and people of all nations wire sipping their coflee and smoking their "Sultana" or "Latakea." The main portion of the French are encamped in "the Pines," a fine growth of pine trees springing out of naked sands. Little if any arrangement is observable in placing of the tent*. The Frenchman, true to his tastes, seeks to ornament even his camn. though. lik? thin it be in a sand desert. Grass and flowers and running vices were growing around the tents, and spaces were laid out in curves and angles, and planted in various flowers and verdure. Under French taste, even the desert blossoms as the rose. The camp-fires were smouldering and the soldiers were sitting at their evening meal. Their table was the ground and their seats the ground, and yet tney contrived by digging a trench around their table not to sit cross-legged like the Turk. Most of the tents are small, and afford only an indifferent shelter from the winter rains. Various trades necessary to the camp were carried on, such as tailoring.! harness-making, shoe-making, blacksmithing, Ac. The Alcerine forces are encamped in the ep?n field, beneath the pieroing rays ef a Syrian sun. Their horses are in like manner tied out, exposed to all changes of the weather. They were preparing their sunncra at thnir canty camp-fires, and it wm amusing to see two or three of these wild Algerinee squatting over their pot or pan, smoking and chatting their Arabic, while every eye was fixed on the meat and potatoes which they were extemporising into foed Their dress is similar to that of the Bedouin, but their eyes are keener and their appearance I thought more sprightly. A Hungarian General remarked to me that I had seen the highest perfection of military encampment; this is a real army encampment, not the show} demonstration oi annual parades, and I am satisfied that many a young military aspirant would be thoroughly cured by a couple of months' confinement here.?Letters from Rev. Dr. Baylies. 1* ' stated tbat Mr. Goodrich, the newlyappointed collector of Boston, has a 44 bard lot.'* There Is a bushel of letters awaiting bis examination at tbe cu?tom-house. two pecks At tbe council chamber, a larsa pile at tbe bnited States Hotel, and " any quantity'' at bis house in Berkshire. There are, probably, 6,000 applicants for tbe hundred offices In his gift Iff* It Is stated that the trunks of the passengers by tbe steamer R. R Cuyler. on her last passage from Vmk In S?miiiiiIi w.. .t - - ? ? ??? - -viw^cucu %jy kut; custom house officers of the latter port and submitted to a rigid examination. Nothing but the trlctly personal effects of the passengers were permitted to pass the custom-house ID"The Mew York Legislature ham passed a bill adding Washington's Birthday to the list of lrgal holidays, and providing that when theae fall on Sunday the next Monday mav b? nh<*rV0f) I I llMtMd I ITT There are Mid to be 30,000 veterans of the I I wax or 1612 in New York btato alone. I 4^ * '* ? "it CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, * D StrM, Bttwun 9th and 10(4 Struts, We have iuat finished a number of firat-olaas CARRIAGES, auoh as LUh: Mi Watont, Part Phtatons. Family Cnr-wMGBlP: nans, and Bvgtnts, whioh we will aell at ' a ver? small profit. Beinc practioal mechanios in different branches of the business, we flatter ourselves tli&t we know the etylee and quahty of work that will give aatia faction, oombimnf Iiihtnees, oomfort and dnrabtll Jle^airin^ promptly and carefully attended to mis noricBi no 11 or ana moat reasonable chariea. WALTER, KARMANN * BOPP. Coaohmakcrs, successors to Wm. T. Hook. H yr-dir Tcarriabks. HE Sabaeriber haTinc made additiensto kl factory, marine it now one of the largest in the District, where hia facilities manalaotunnt CARRIAGE & LISHTjBS^BS WAGONS or all kinds cannot be enrpasssd, ac4 (TVlii till luu| oa/ci l^uuo iu uko to lire jsnoral satisfaction. All kind* of Carriages aad ilskt Wacens keytei kand. IKSnsatlydeae.aadall erders yr?B>t Rssead-kaail Carn*i?? taken in eaehanre fsraew I^M. u ANDREW J. JOYCE, - t! wrur ar uta bm K itt DENTISTRY. DRS. I OCK WOOD * DARRELL ARE PREpared to in?ert TEETH on vi i p i~i h , jw ? ite BASE, a new ai.d improved mode.SJBa? When mado on this plan they are oom ^1' ra fortahle to wear a?d muoh cheaper than any other. Alio. Ta*th inserted on Gold rfate, and a41 Dental Operations of any kind that mat l*? desired. Office Room No. "?. in the Washington Buildm*,corner Pa av. and Seventh st. ja if 3m* M teeth. LOOM IS, M. D . the inventor and patenta? ofth? MINERAL PLATE TEETH, nl _ tends personally at his office in this city.QpflSsa? Many persons can wear these t*eth whn^41^ vaiiufi wr?r mner*. mm n<> person oan wt?ar others who cannot wear these. PereonB calling at mr oflloeoan I* accommodated with any ntfle aud price of Teeth they may desire; bat to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest. strongest, and most perfect denture that art can produce, the miner AL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 333 ra.arenue,betwaeij f?th and loth sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Fhiladei phia. oc 15-tf A BAR A BRO. RE Again in the held with an immensely lar*e stook of READY MADE CLOTHING and GENTS'FURNISHING GOODS. We now offer great inducements to persons who buy for cash. Remember the place?corner E and Seventh ets. inarH i m Home made boots and shoes, . For Li M*fi' M t?r?r> t ? "?*? ,1? < ivicass ftil l> vollliuukn s *t it a ?. | 4/ Erieedtngly Low Ph'cm. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Space, ma a go Fa. av , bet. 8th and 9th-Ms. jrjt- CIRD6'-BIRDS FOR SALE. ijG Just received a splendid assortment <>l ijO Oirds Irriin Europe ?German Canaries, English Black Biris.Thruahea, B'lll Finohes, Gold Finches, Linete, Sky Larks. Yellow Ham?rs Parroquete, Java Sparrow*, Starlens, the Red IVIooaw Parrot, and green and grar. I have Mocking Bird*, Red Wine Biaok bird*, Red Hurts, Dovee. and Bobolinks; aT?n, Trained Birds. Frioe2?c*tts to #y. Cat?'# of all kinds Iroin 10 oents to $ 10. at JOHN O'MEARA'S Bird Store. No. 366 Fa avenue. at the Capitol gate. fe 9 3m /Ox The old established PAWN OF- /fK X AFIGL. former.* on pnr.n ^ I# tfbetween .>1 a?d *'/k *t*.. h/vsl*.t?!)? 0 b*en removed tn 3.">1 C sf., botween 4>i and 6th Bts., Iraok of the National Hotel. notice; notice:: notice::: 10,000 to t>0 loaned in small lumi on Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry, and all other articles of value. Biiainets strictly and confidentially done. Don't forget to oall at No. 331 C ?t,, between <>? ' 1$ l. UM(/.BhKJ?. THKEUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. Jl EMRICH. at the corner of Penn. A . . A ivenue and Eleventh street, has beenYffTHky (rea'ly improved recently and now off-. | greater inducements for tho patronace or citizens Bud strangers than any other public house in the city, his prices being lees than those of any other hotel on Pena. avenue, and his accommodation* for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already beoome very popu !*r. being all that oan be desired by the moat fas tidious. Tne prorn^tor pltKlfes unremitted attention and continued libera! expenditures to give satisfaction to all, and thus renews his invitation all to give the Kuropean Hotei a oall. d? 4-ti THE insurance company OP the - state OF VIRGINIA. cash capital s300,000. Insure* Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, Ac., against loss or damage by fira. heath a knowles, Agents, Offioo?Room 16 over Hank of Washington. U Ilk J" " . WATCH REPAIRING AJN'P SILVER WARE manufactory. I have one of the best establishment*, and furnished with aoomplete net of tools for repair- Jfcv inc every dosoription <>[ fine Watches, and particular attention five to the urns, by aM( thorough oompetent workman.and a work r.iarantied. Al?o,ev?ry descrip ion of standard SILVER WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, whioli my customer* will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in general and represented as their own manufacture. H. f). HOOD, we 6 33? Pa. avenue, near 9th St. JUST RECEIVED AT FRENCH tc RICH STEIN. '279 P?nn.avenue, Washington,-'The Pickwick Papers," bein* the first of the elegant r "? ' ~* uvuv itvuiu ouiw'ii "i viio won# "I i>Jl&riOti Uiclcens; illustrated by T. O. O. I)arley and John Gilbert. Riverside pr'ss. Call and examine them. Also, a new ?upply of Barley's Illustrated Cow per, the finest edition published. fe 1 J OHN F. ELLI sT~ SOLE AGENT FOR THE SALE AND RENT OF CHICKER1NG X SONS' PIANOS, 306 PKilNA. AVESIII, Eetieicn 9tk ami I'M Streets, ma 2 North Side. a" ONE PRICE ONLY! AVING on band a very heavy stock of DRESS IM>tlNGS, I will offer the uamevery cheap for ih.aud One Pnoe Only. R. C. STE V ENS, 336 Pa. av., no 22-tf between <?th and 10th ?t?. J^RENCH FLOWERS OF THE VERY IlEST a. quality, ana an extensive variety. nA . At STEVENS'S ttflKg Fanoy Store, no 22 t 336. betw. 9th and I nth itUt. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STRANGERS VISITING WASHINGTON. A View of the National Capitol WILL BK PRKSKNTKD To every purohaser ol Book*, Sta'ioiiery, Ac, from the well known establishment of KKKNCH A RlCHBT*IN, Booksellers, Stationers, and Pe riodioal Dea'ers, No. 278 Pa. avenue, i<ear the Kirk wood House, Washington. D. C. mar 1 AT MOORE'S WEST END DRUG STORE. 113 Pa avenue, the publio can rely upon^^f jetting Pu:e Medicines. Huppliei are re-^V oeivsd weekly. All popular Medioineionsaie.^B Tooth Brnshesatall prices; Coal Oil and Lamps. Window Glasses, Ao. |p- Ord rs for Cappinc, Leechine and Teeth Bxtraoting attended to promptly. ma 18 2w Officers, petty officers, and sea" vJ men who were on board ol any U. S. ?hip?> at the capture pt any slaver oan have their olaims for Bounty and Head Money promptly attended to by apply in* to or addressing C. P. WALLACH, Washiniton. D C. i* lS-tf Best fancy goods, AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, And Qni PxicsONLT, A^SJEVENS'S FAJ^CY STORE, BU ?-w n.%n. rv?iw. nth *n<1 10th ata. L~INCOLN ASHE 18. ?TI*t Ksgraved Postrait. The beat Portrait yet published of HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, (vfick vkukttt,) At FRENCH ft. RIcrfSTElN'e, No. ?T8 Pknna. Avbmck, Washington, L). C. Trade supplied at lew prioes. mar? TAKE NOTJCE! " WILL Take all kinds of Virginia money for my book debts and for Boots, S&oes, and Trunk*. All P?ra?n? indebted to me will please oall and settle up, or ( shall be o?inp.< ..*1 to five their accounts Into tha hands of a oollector, ? 3. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no *1 Pa. ay..between 9th and Iftth ats. /MTD nnNNVTs UTTV -?J " * -' -* mm**, mu f riJAIS Ol UN I DO n-tl . 3S6, betv. 9th wd loth ?U, 1 J . . ' ' ' - T. . 4 ' ! If iLinnr t * I ja IOV; JCiljIj A JN EU U S. JjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANV" WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777... t*00,000. Qtk? com r C strut and Louisiana av., ortr Bank of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY I a n a ?? ? LU9o BY FIRE. oi. Dx**o*o*m Sf2r?^y ??ma,.ker? ^amnel Redfern, K222.C,ropl*T? William Wilton, ?ne*' John D- Hareiay, Th^? pir2?n' Andrew Rothwwfi, Thos.Parker, Riflhard Barry, B. B. French. No chaige for Policies. Aikl G niW. JAMK8 ADAMS, President lUvts. Secretary. oo 10-eo6nj ft topiiam'k ~

Ulill PREMIUM TRUNK @$8 MAyUFACTORY, 499 Sivk^th Street, Washington, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Imtitute of Baltimore, November 7, I860. AIbo. Medal by Metropolitan Meohanios'Institute Washington, D. C., 1857. I I am sonatantlT maVinjt, and always hare on hand. r f the beet material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, ( Iron Frame. Lad;et' Drees, Wood Box, and rack ne Trunks, Pellisier, Carpet,and Canvas Traveling Bars, 4. i d Soh?o1 Satchels,&c., At Loie Prices. ' Members of Congress and travelers till please exainne my sto?k before purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made in other oities. Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made t?> uinnr. Trimks oovered aid repaired at short notice. Go<-d< de^vered free of charge toanytpart of the aity, r?eoreetown, and Alexandria. jaa lveo JAM KS S.TOl'HAM. ? P HEADER, ERUS*EThefol*>win* statement and then judge of itsfaota f6r yourself ABRA.M COLE. of Brooklyn, N. V.. a well known citizen ther*. hrd suffered from Dyspepsia for ' me rears, witlo-it permanent relief, until he tried AVER'S FILL-S,which taken according to the drectiors for th s complaint, restored him to healti in a few week.. After an interval of acme mon'i h? has had n > return of hia comp aint. GEO. VV. CROt^.of Harmony, Texas, had an eruption on his n?*c?, shoulders, back and lee, whioti covered aJiout one third of his body. It kept the pirts affected covered with a scab, and beinc often a raw tore.wn of course very ircnhletomo and distressing. It ?o much irnDairerf bi? H?*ith ? to uuht him lor bus-nebs and k<*pt him in ?v>nstaDt n suffering. All mecical aid failel him r.aul he to k ' KR% COMPOUND EXTRACT *AKSA , PARILLA, whichcured him. Hisskinstill shows * eom* soars fromlhe ulceration, but it is otnerwise n as clear at an inFtits. J JOHN H. SHOOK, Esq , an eminent lawrei of > Richmond, Va.tooka o<>ld which sett'ed on hia 1 lunge. A severe pain set in on the left side, with a n bait cough, which was soon followed by the unmmtakaMe symptoms tf consumption. \\ hen r?-duoed i very low he oomme iced taking AVER'S CHER KY PEC TORAL. which soon stopped thecoiigli ] and O'-mpletely cur*d him. Prepared by liR. J. C. ATER A CO., Lowell, . Mass. ina!3eolm THE OJTLY PREPARATION ' \>SRTH V OP 1 UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE 1 FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, ? CLERGYMEN. LA DIES, nri GENTLEMEN in ail parts ?f the world testify to th? efficacy of ' PROV O .1 WOOTVUIIAfR BPCTODjTnrn _ w w .? AVi^UJLVIVAll I Ljy ? and gentlemen of the l'ress are unanimous in ita praise. A few testimonials only oan Its her* given 1 see oi'oular Ior mare, and it will be impossible for you to doubt. ? ?w?u Stiikct, New Yoek, Dec. 20.1858. _ OYour note of the 15th instant has 1 had beea benefited Tiy Ihe useof ^oo^e"Hair Ke- D sto native, an " re^uostmc my certificate of the fact ~ if 1 had ooobjeotion to give it. 1 I award it to you oheerfully, because 1 think it due. My are is about 5" years ; the color of my _ hair auburn, and inoimed to curl. Some five or six years since it began to turn gray, and the scalp on the crown of my head to lose its sonsibi ity and Jandruff to form upon it. Each of these disagreeabilitiei inoreased with time, and about 4 months since a fourth wa? added t<> them, by hair falling T off the top of raj hea<l and threatening to ir.ake me 1 bald. In this unpleasant pre.1irameat I wm induoed to trr Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the falling off of my hair, for 1 had real:y no exsecta won mat gray nair oould ever l>e restored'to its original oolor except from dyes. I -wan, however, greatly surprised to find, after the use of two hot Res only, that not only wan Use failing ot! arrested, but the color was estoied to the gray hairr ana j sensibil.ty to the scalp, and dandruff o^ased to form m on my head, very much to the gratification of my 1 wifo, at whose solicitation 1 was induced to try :t B For tlus, among tho many obligations 1 owe to 1 her sex, I strongly reoommend all nusbanda who vaiue the admiration of their wives to profit by my example, and useitif growing gray or getting ba d. Very respootfully, Bkn. A. Lavkxdkr. To O.J. Wood A Co..444 Broadway, N. S". My fanily are absent from the city, and 1 am no . longer at No. 11 Carrol Place. Siamston, Ala., July 20,1&59. ? To Prof. O J. Wool: Dear Sir? Your "Hair -I Restorative" has done my hair so much good smoe ? I comrrenoed the useof it, tnatlwish to make known to the public of ita efl ects onthe hair, whicn are great. A man or woman mar benearly deprived of hair, and by a resort to your ^Ilair Restorative'' J the hair will return more beautiful than ever; at least this is my experience. Believe it ail! Yours truly, Wm. H. Kkskdt. J P. 8.?You can publish the above if you like. By ? publish rg in our Southern papers you will get ? more patronage South. I see several of your oer- ^ tifioatei in the Mobile Mercury, a strong Southern " paper. W. H. Kbmkdt. " WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIYK. ? Pioi.O J. Wood: Dear Sir: Having had the ? misforune to lose the best portion of my hair, from * the etTeats of the yehow fever, m New Orleans in f 1861,1 was induoed to make a trial of your prepara tion. aid found it to answer as the very thing J needed. My hair is now thiok and glossy^ and no * words ran express my obligation* to you in giving to the afflicted such a treasure Fini.ey Johnson. *' ?? >t The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sixes. J viz : large, medium and small; the sm&ll hold half * a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medfum holds at least 20 per cent, more in proportion c than the small, retails for two dollars per bottle; ,, the iarge holds a tuart,40 per cent, more in pro,nor ^ tion, and retails for #3. _ . m /\ i iirAA rv " ? w% - _ - * * * * u, j. w?uu a rropneiors, 444 Iirrad way, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louia Mo. ! Sold in this c ty by C. STOTT, 375 Pa.avenue. * an 27 eolyAlw *J Boots and shoes to suit tim c TIMES. We are r.ov manufacturing all kinds of boots and bhoks. and oorstantTv receiving a?Ai supply of eastern made work of every ae-MKI sortvtioF, made expressly to order, and will fll he sold at a much lower price than has been* Mb * heretofore charged in this city for muoh inferior articles. I Persons in want of Boots ard Shoes of eastern or city made work, will always find a rood assor'.men k in store and at the lowest pries. Give us a call. i ettlFFlN tc BRO., apt-r 814 Pennsylvania avenue. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE < U BURNSIDE'S MONONGAHELA RtE WHISKEY, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. James Burnside. of Allegany County, P?nna.. in the old-mshioued J honest war, from tneohoicest and most oareftilly J selected Rye, and in no oase ever offered for sale J until adapted to wholesome use bv ace. It um : ono? the moat paiatable.aa it ia emphatically one 1 ?? V*,!Uire*' ?n the reaoh of the public. . i?"?,Mh? we!1 to tkoee in health, it ! f2r iu unriTfclled qualities aa a J timolant of the as feat, aureet, and moat beuefioent i description, and many of the most distinicuishe<l Sapfieat'refrPu?elnf '* ,ho"' rraotioe with the CLtfiV P^Mor., _ Wm. C; conoVH#-."" Agent for the Proprietors, UUft Pa. a*., *? >4 ?n> oppoafte Wtliarda' Hotel. , Duponts gunpowder, ; For sale at manufaotorera prioe?, by J JOHN J. BOG UK, Gkobqetow*, D. C? 1 Sol* Agenty far tkt Distrut of Columbia j A larce aupp.r, embracing ever? variety, alvara on hand, ?nd delivered free to a!l parta of the Die- I t iot. Ordera canalao beleftattheoflioeof Adama* i Expreaa Com?ar.T. Washington. D. C. fe 3 lawlv S~ ILK ROBES, MOUSMN ROBES, LAWN ' ROBES, BKRAGE KOKES. , We are telling at halt their uri*mal pno* A< . other tooda of evsrr <le?or.ption we are atitl aei'ing at coat Our clock ia large and wall aaaortM iu e^ei y department. fe 21 TAYLOR k. HUTCHISON ? ROUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ac. I V/ TVLKR'S I COMPOUND SYR CP OPOUM ARABIC. i Xtttt p.eaiaut and popular Cough Remedy hu " been ?o lone known and extensively us'd. that n?o?t parsons have become familiar with its extra or i J>ary Itoanbehad at all the aiinoTJJtoree at 25 and 50 oeuU a bottle. " ? ^2m?eo4m* 1 + CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILORING. I EW FALL STYLE? of CLOTHS, CASSI- I MRRS, AND VESTINUS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., S?? PenntylTa- h n>a Avenue, have joat reoeived a larce ranetT of new Pail Goods, to wntoK they juvile tie attention . of thair fnenda and customer*. au SO-tf f GENTLEMEN'S Vf READY KADF. CLOTHINGo ? - - vur present assortment of GKNTLEMKfc'S A RHADV MADE CLOTtllNG offers to citizens and strangers wishing an immediate oat fit superior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities of Dress and Business Garmenu and Overooats in all rarities. Fins Shirts and Under-olnthtng oi all kinds. Kid and other V' Gloves of best quality. Scarfs, Ties. Cravats, SUvk>, Hosiery, Ac., Ac. All of vhich we are H, offering at our usual low prioes. |[7" Clothing made to order in the most superior ... manner. WALL, STEPHENS ft; CO., no 16-tf Stfti Pa. avenue. gu, rfiOTOTHBPEOPLBe'nLOTHINOPTOllR, c. No. 460 Seventh St., to ret tour CLOTH- th., INC, FURNISHING GOO!>S, HATS and lo CAPS. fe 2 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. i E Invite our customers, and oitisens general- full ly, to an inspection of our present new, at^*? traotive, and elegant assortment of^^B a CLOTHS. CA9SIMKRK8, DOKSKIN8. Ha r.., VKSTINGS, OVER^OAVrSitw ? _l ? * ? ? ? aai W?' d#f wuiunwe will make to order in superiorH tyle at rery low price*. WALL, STF.PHKNS tt CO.* ?ij oo25-tf 32S Pa. <iv.. betw. 9th and loth ats. (_ left Cure C<mtk, Cold, Hoarstntst, In- jh* Jtumzn. any Irritatum or Sort- ,"ul ?v? of tk? Throat, Rtliev ik? JwflpBnQ flnektn* Crrutk t? Consump- M?i KrTnTiHllf:!! *? ?, *>*?*?, Mitll^yilMka 4" (*t*rrk,Clemr and *tr? WIHPw Ktrenttk to the vote* o/ thc ^CfiliREr PUBLIC 8PKAKERS J" ard singers. JIr*; Few are aware of thn importance of oheokinc a ?nd< 'ouch or "Common Cold'' in its first stare; that aw *htc)i in the hennin* wnwM ' ?, r* ??.wiu wnmiin r*m*- di?t it, u neglected, ?oonattack?the Luni?, "Brown's 3r ontkiai Trorktf,'" ontaimui; demuToentinRredi V ?*U, allay Pulmonary and tiionchial Irritation. c?rt iiDntouin "That troohla in my Throat, (for ''Jri tJROW^i s which the "Ttoekt*" area upccitio) ' r?,lrH,,o n?e often a mere whit- [?!l, rROCHES perer." N. P. WILLIS. b*j JROWN'S theU Umv " ?n*tic [y TROCHES REV. B.H. CHAPIN. ^ I "Great ?ervioein?aWains Hoa*??- Dth JROWN'S REV. DANIEL WIbE. M ronruvq " Almost instant relief in the dis- y* ? rKUtMb. tressiEK labor of hreathini p*enliar ?Jo? JROWN'S t0 A8Tku?v."a. c. egglkston. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anythinc ? ( injurious." DR. A A HA* ES, in* jROWN'Si Cktmiit, B?*ton. ?pi? i " A simple and pleasant oumbina- uou TROCHES ; tion for CoreHs, &a." [ROCHES I'rw.'L'ANF.. ? hiitd * 1 pror*d then excellent for ?* t? r?OCBK9 WW'rjfE^J'M.wi^FEN, SZ irhwpi I* STT; r-' Bf>n*fioia' when compelled to ? m <vnn i*a ? muv/mic Hoar tiifiTlMfrnw Cou." 'JJ' IROWN'f ABV. S. J.P. ANDE^SONj^ norms " KmcTiiL in rwoTiDi Hotrw ,1C ' newewd frritatmnnftho Throat. eo ?* IROWN'S oomrrion with SPKAKia* and bin*'ROCHES "'Plot M.BTACY wawao^ ?? irown-S T~ohTF^?I;Egi^.tW" *S 'ROCHES " 6reat benefit when taken before Vr** and after preaohing. aa they prevent kind IROWN'S H<>&rsenea*. From their paat effeot, I think they will be of permansnt ad- T 'KOCIILt* tm'Tkv,,k.'*OWLKV,A. M. ,h'*' n'?tt rvs rrnaineni or Athena College, Tenn. _______ repoj ROCHES! g db. j. h. McLean s j? STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. '21E GREATEST REMEDY x* tlu WORLD. tEVER TA K K y\i^gL U atriciW t acl- VffV an'.ite and Vipu- TOUI kla Canipoand, ; r?- J''' ' earad by tha duttllt- Cmg >i?i af rt?u, ^KfW bloo Black Root krup^ M ? KM 1 nil*, Wild CL rry ULT But, and Dandaliao i.tari in la Ita CMS- yy Ttia anura 1C*J*I tT??- ^ J' '7 raraadial try.ciDla f- r-XjOtv ? ? ofaaeh ing radiant ~~nJ Icforetflklu&- 5 latlHing, pradacitr aaUeioaa, aihilaratiug apint, aad tka J~'8 aat iofalilbla rama'-r rtr,aT?tiuf ha diaaaaad ayatam, 2Bre id raataring tha alck, lalariig, and dabUilavad lav&Ud ta "?|a altfc and atranglk. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL rtll afactaaily aara Litar Camplaint, Dyacapaia, Jaan- tzT, laa, Cbrani??* Martaaa Oability, Diaataaa af tha Kidnara, * ' id all diaaaaaa analog (ram a diaardarad Lirar ar lumen, J, yipaaaia, Baartkarn, Inward Pilaa, Acidity ar Bicknaaa af in*.j ta, rallnaaa af Blaod la tha Baad, Dall Pain at ^1f_ wiiarUDf tu tha Baad, Palpratian af tha Baart, rallnaaa " l r Waigkt In tba latnacb. Boar Eracmuatia, ChaktDg at N< aacauiif aoounf wo?u u???,uijn?i4 or Y ?..*W- t>OtL Ml af Ihi (tin ud Ij?, Hifki Inward fittn, j tin in th* Snail *f lb* Back, Ch**t, or Bid*. Saddan U* lath** af B*al, D*pr***i*o of Ppirtu, rrifhtfal Draais*, G<K> anf?*?, DmimIik; > any nirrna dtaoaat, lorn > tfi.! Jatchoi an iha Bkln, and Fi'ar and Af?a (mCUUi u4 mm ?.) ? OYER A MILLION BOTTLES rr*\ I'l k*?n Mid darinf th* laat (it inaoiho, aod la a* la- 1 An** ha* it failed in (!*">( *n*.ir* *ru*facu?n. Who. tb*n, XI 111 *aff*r fran W*un*u *r DabiUty whtn MckCAB'B 1 ... TK.KMBTBKM1BS COBDIAL will cart rn 1 hVW' M* Leafm&f * can ?*n?*y an adtqaat* id?a af U* >mm*di- |"l*V l? and aim a* I mlraealaai ehar.f* prad*c*d k* taking thl* \J rdlal lb iho dU?i**d, d*kilitat*d, and *bau*r*d naitall 'T p*l*m, ~wb*tk*r kr*k*n dawn *t ?xc**?, weak kp lattn, 5 r Impaired ky stake***, Ui* rcloiod and >ni:>U( ilfulUiaa U r*tur*d U iu htalth and ?if*t MARRIED PERSOXSt r atk*r*. lanciaii af inafcluy fram what***r *aax. will ad MckBAMt ?TB.E*ST?E1*:!?? COBOUh 'i U*- '"T/, ilfk >l():iirtt?il tba fjitira: and all wha ma* hnra la th , trad Uamsalraa ky Impraaar lodalgaacaa will tad la UU T! Cardial a tirutn and apaady ramady. . ' 1 TO THE LADIES. a!nd McklAHl BTRKN6TREN!HQ CORDIAL la a a*Mi- in t If o and ipaady car* fa? Inclpianl Caoaarapuac, Wh'uaa, llaUMMd ar DiRealt ManatraatMaJ ncaatiaanca af Crina to. > lnvalantary Dtaebarra tharaaf, Palling af tlia Waruk, Uyi Hddiaaaa, Painting, and all diaaaaaa iacidant ta Pamalaa. in? THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT BA t(n na iangar. Taka it aetardwg la diraetiaoa. It will Imc t-'aalata, atranglhan, and tnrtgaraia yaa and caaaa ika Will laam af haalth la mranl yaat cbaak again Evary katila la ?Ol laftanud la fiva aauafactiao. ?tru FOR CHILDREN If rail chlMran ara aiekly, pai.y af aCiatad, McLEANf m'f ;tiRDI Ak will reaka than kaalihv, fat, and rakaat. Da lay I" . iat a maraant; tsy H, and yaa will ka aaairinaad. It la daItlaaa M taka. ? CAUTION. avara af dragglata ar daalara wka mat try M palm tpM aa aama klttar ar aaraapanlla traah, which thay can bar "" haap, kr aayingit lajaat aa pod. Avoid aach man. A at mo1 ar McLEAlFi VrRENGTHEmMG CORDIAL, and taka ??l? >atiling alaa. It ia tba aoly ramady that will parity tht bim llaad tnaraaghly and at lha aama una alrangthan tha aya'.am. &>!< Ota taaapaanfal taktu arary maroing faating ia a eartam doo waranura far Cfcalara., Chilla and Parar, V allow Pavar, ar oep' n* nnvtUnt Mitaata It ia nm* ? i> I- ? W-1 _ _ A a, ivP.r ^ tela prapriatar af ihia Cardial; tlao, Mcktu.'a Tateanic Oil -~2WinlmanL Principal Da pat M Ue earner af Third tad r\ Fin* atraala, St'. Mlii, M?. 1 W McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, ut (Til IBT U1HIMMT IB TIK WO?L!> ) }[ ^ Thi Mil; aafa aad certain ear* far Cancan, Pilaa, T?- ?wl, an, avtllHfa and Braocbile ar Cot ire, Fanlnie, Nat- mrm alfiV Weakueeeaf th* Maaclea, Chranic ar Iciatamatarr -- * ttMimaiuic, BUfnaaa af Ilia Jetnu, Contracted Maaolaa ar ZTt ^ifamenta. laMha at Toothache, Bnueee, praina, Praah rJT ;?a, Waande, Dlcan, P.aar Baraa, Chad Yraaei, Sara [7 Ntpnlee. ?*it a. tcalda. Bora Throat, ar au* ir.l?,nn,. _ P'*1 Mb', na dif artue* haw ???ara a? Iwjr the diataat ?a? LP? iaTi aiUtad, McLEAMI CIS.MRATED LINIMENT w l ttnain ramadr . Tli?? nil* ' u h?ir.f? ha?? kaan aa?*d a lift af dta irapttad* ud miaary ky tb? a?? af itn tn?alatMa r???4y. ^ ^ MeLEATTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rtli??? pain ilmMt matuiuaaaaaly, ">i it wtU ataaa, for parify ul bitl tb? faalaat mu id ma incradiMa (boat um. wit FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. E? McLEANI CELEBRATED LIN1MKNT it tha nit nh lb< rtltahlt rtmady for tha car* of Iptru, tUarbont, Nud(allt, flinu, Onnataral, Nadat ar vtlliufa. t nirit hiiu ta ear* Big Head, PaiitTtl, FWt, (JU tanning Iww, ar laiut, if praparly appUad Fat tyrant, Brautt, ItnlttM, Cracked Stilt, Chalet, Saddle m Caller Sails, Cat?, km, a* Wiaah, It ta an ia fallible araady. Apply It aa directed aad a aara la eenata la e?ery MUltl fH Tbeo m?? aa lacrar viik Ua aaat wartkiaaa Ltaiaanu On iCarad ta yaa. Obtain a aapflr aI Dm. MCLEAN* CELE- ?mi iutid liniment u wi ear* ? m J. H. M CLEAN, Ma PrayHatav. ~ Caraer Third aad Plat ete^ It. Laaia, Ma. CMAfcLM rrorr, fTI Pa. a*., eat* agest ta WaaMaf; aaM-MWlj X TliE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. VkK nMli?IFWllju4 Nm ,,, taistnt t irnlm wi*ty ?f HUrMtiM raatiac mb b? oia4 is Mr thn--lm ? K n4*y BorBiai. Tnil-Olli, MNTMllt ?N IIWat'* eo?T. ?f mnmm.?. . <1 ** Fir# oopina ____ __ ? Ti Tan f?> I?fLtj fcve oopiaa. 9 no llunnaMT oodUiu the "WMhinftoi N?r?" kW bM Md? IV IHiit F+mtnt Star ttrnltM o in*n!l; throsf ho*t the ?oantry. H78(Bsi0oofiM(1a w*jr*>r? Ml b? proetrtd t Un oocnter, Immediate y after U?e mit mt U* 19*>T. Pne??THREE CENTS. MEDICINES. }DH. JOHNSTON, ALT!MORE LOl'K HOSPITAL, fat ditto- 'rtd tkt tnotl Crrtmtn, Sptrdf mrnlf Ffftctual Rtmtdy tkt World, 'OR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET XO FALSE DELICACY ME TEST APPLY IMMEDIATELY. CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE, ' IN FROM ONE TO TWO If AYS. Vrtkuru 4 -lif B?c*. frrir.trn, Aflacuon* a* ib? *?d ? ?nd Bladder, urahinurt DiichtrfM, lapMKi.Oti>1 D?htlity, W?hTi>'?oM?, Uu??t, C?twmi? Idcu, |.'? itptriu, Ptlpuim or tk? He.rt. TiaWbii, tmH'fjrt, Ihronea* of 8<(bl or liiddiurM, Pihih of lit ad, 1 hroat, Nm or Rk?>. AIkuuui o( th? Lm(i, Bto?i* I rr Bowel*?itwu Ttrnbli Diwidtri tritutf Uom MiJ Hut-in of Youth?the** Dreadful and D*atroc<i'? Prar> ?t ? hicK aad deatrsy both it and Mm4 VOUNO MEN y?chll; who base Mfmin in* tkum il ivliur; Tk?s t dreadful ud Itnrtctirt htUt which lunwllt ituri an urtimely gre te ihtiutinila u( Yourg Men of the Mt kited ulmti >n<l bnlliut luiflitct. ?b" might otherwise re entranced liatenang Manatee with ihe thunder* <>4 aio ?i?C? or waked 10 ec *t*1 y the 1 >inr lyre, naf cell wit* 1couidence. MARRIAGE. Itklllt) PtKto*!,^ YvCng Mia contemplating Marre, being ??in M phyeical wcaknee*. organic debility, ormiuea, Ac , speedily eared. I* who placet himself under the care of Dr. J mmj religi ly confide in hie honor e> a gentleman end conidenuy r upon hu ekill**a ptiysiciaa. >FFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. hand tide going from Baltimore street, few doora from corner, t ail not to observe name and Dumber Lcttrr* it be paid and contain * *Un^ DR. JOHNSTON, ruber at the R.oy*l Colleg* of Surgeon a, London, gradoIroai one ol the most eminent College* m the 1'ikc4 ee, and the greater part of whose life ha* i-een epeat io hoapitala ol London, Pana, Philadelphia aad elsewhere, effected *ome of the aioat astonish ag caree that were r known; many uoallel mu't ringing i? the head and I when asleep; great nrnouaness. t>?mr alarmed at lea sounds, bashfulness wi#i freqaent blashirg, aitsaded etiinee with dcreugenieut of mind, wer* cared i**eue ely. . TAKE PAKTIfl'l ? u ? i'l/ill ?. aing Men and other* who have lojured iKeawltti l>t i in practice indulged in whan alone? a habit (reoMiilr lied from e?ii companions. of at achool, the ifttu of :n are nightly felt even when aelaep, andif mm cured, lera marriage in.po.aiMe, and deauoye both mud au? r, should apply immediately. '** are tome nithe asd ana melancholy etecie produced ' r'/ habits of Weakneaa rtf the Bach an* '* V"1"* *" Head, Otoineaa of Sight, Losa of Muaca ar y. OJlSllJ"1"' "f ,M* Heart, Dyapspsy, Netroaa 1 rrwa f i.iij, ?;mptora< ?"l ,l'e Digestifs t iucuou, Oeuara! ?The tearful e*t**i. *C readed?Lo*? ot Memory, Contne-oi, ?* TWUJ ?r? mnc t: to pints, EmI forebodings, Aftraoti of Kocisty. heprmr :, Lo?eof Solitude, Tuuidity, etc., ar* some <f the e?ils uced t?V"l I DEBILITY- Thousands cau now 'tilji what to of their declining health, lr?mg their vigar, bat wcik, (ule.ixri-HM aud emaciated, having a *i*gu!*? larance about the ey*e, tough or ayiuptouno of c inswap DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE hen the misguided aud mprudea* ?ot*ry of pleasure fir 1e a* imbibed the seed* of thi* pauilul toe ?^en ens that an ill-timed eeo*e of shame or dread of <?eo'Hv re him from apply nig to thoae who, from education aud ctability, can s'lone betneud hun Ht f*lli luto 'h* a r.f ignorant an<* designing pretenders, who, lacspsM* arinr, filch hi* pecuniary substance, keep him t? , h after month, or *s long aa the MitlUtt fee can he ?ti d. and m leave him with ruined hselth If rjrt l>ior<Uiif di?app"iutrrei.t, or by the use of that deadly ?i?Mercury ? hasten the cuusuiuuomI ermptome M rt?ie bis diaeaee.'such aa A flection* o< the Heart, Throst. Mae* , Ar , pr-tgrfOiiug with frightful rapidity, till death pute a ?t lo ht* dreadful euflermgs by (ending hi* to that la j leered country from whose bourne no ire ?* 1st returue .JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY this great and important remedy weakneesof ths organ a peedily cured and full ?igor restored Thousands rf ths nervous and debilitated, whs bad lost all liops.ha's immediately relieved. impediments to Marriage, Hiysicai or Menu I Ihsqnsliod*, Loaa of Procre?u*e Power, Nervous Irritability. ibling and Weakness or Eihawuoa of the Most fsarful speedily cured. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. IE Y THOVIUDi cured at this inaiitnuaa within ?st seventeen years, and the numerous important ktitp <psroeirtr e f - ~t - anse^ I>? . J UMOU * V IUIMM4 I't U1C ifri 01 in* pn('<M and au; other ptreotis, noutti t4 h hare appeared ifiio md ajaiu belor* lUe pot-he. fct)> standing ti gentleman of character and rnmn , M a uSciem (uruitei u> llii afflicted mar IS I? AT PLY THE^hEKEDY REJOICE fx HEALTH, iend. do you eaSer:* Are yoa tne victim of uj loee cumeroas ailments vfcioh arise from l*ty of the blood.' W tiat are titer, do yop ut t Iter Mir. vntt are tcey not! The blood la the oe of I lie and health, and it la the fret l^ool ir beir.j to re>sp?cd to any oanse whioh affect* th? false lnnJlibly attests. The erer ailiag Neuralgia, the irntatin*Krysipeias*the le Scrofula, theafounai Rteuraatiem, N?ri Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint withita or and dejeotum, and the nambeness ills Uai i is neir to, derive their hideoas oncln from the d. Deal nnaiy the* anajentiy vitD the blood, the vitalising resources of mature for Its aid. coffer us to oonunend to your confidence and that traly n uable medicament known as INDIAN T^OETABLK DECOCTION. ith retard^ to^ this almost infallible spooifte w MU ioivui djm apogen ib deemed tdrma the rodenoee of thia irwt eAo&cy are enaMl by oonatant iron.1 of curative areata m4 lappieet reeslta from ite nee are after ?... other idiea and the beet medioal akiu hare failed. >t ua ttr, in ooncloaion, that omifcoatea are not eoucht from the illiterate and aaeeri, but they are volunteered from the moet ratable aouroee and jnatify the hi(herft tenna in Jh it la poaaible to oomroend ao valuable a iflo to paDlic aparovai. We may add aleo that so rati ve propertfea of the medidioe are equalled by lta reatorative effecta, the ayatem reooverxom diaeaae with renewed oouaUtationai vigor. >r aale by all rea pec table Drugcieta in this ,and by the proprietor, MR8. M. COX, >ne genuine wiieea her name is blown on the le and her aeal on the oork JT Prioe #1 per bottle, aix bottles for &. koUmt A tut. K. H. T. CI8SEL, Drugrlst rgetown, D C., Wholesale Agent for the DU, and will suppfy the trade at my pnoes. ? HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. RIE9EMAR, 1,2 and" 9-Proteeted by Royal ?ra Patent of England, and secured by the ia of the Eooie de FWmacie de PCTia, and the erial College of Medisine. V tenna d. 1 ia invaluable for exhaaation and natorrbea. all phyaioal diaabilitics. o. 2 completely eradioatee all tracea of thos* aaea that have been hitherto treated by the sa?leand pemiei< ua see of oopaiva and eubeha 3.3 tiaa entirely supplanted the injurious um ?f oury,thereby IDiinnt tn the offerer tpeedy >f, dieperainc all lrcpuntiee, iod rooting on venom of dieeaee. RIESF.MAR, No?.1,Sand 3. are prepared in form of a lozenge, deroid of taste * :>< at*. can tie carried to the waistooat pocket, hold in case*, and divided into separate doeee, aa aA ietered dt Velpeaa, La2)eaand, Roux, Rioord, Price ?3 each, or foar caeee for #B, which ?* #3; and in B31 caeee, whereby there is a ear- I of #9. To be had.wholeeale aad retail, of Dr. RROW.of 194 b eeeker lUert. New York. aediatel; on reoemnc a remittance. Dr. Barrow forward the Trieeanar toanv part of the wot ic , irely packed, and addreeeao aaoordinc to tke in otions of the writer. he Book, of all othera, that should be read by i with daanefad aad broken down constitutions Human Frailty, or Physiologic* Researc'iea.* i beautifully illustrated, and treats < ? an tely of f ha aama am* ?Wa? a ? Wi. A . . 1 - e?, igonar or later. reealUcc from the ftailttee Tiotim from akiancc the' nai ?tate, and. if not cheokod wi Um.HrairiK all the functions of manhood. and brume i, rt?p by etee to a linfennc and untuna'iT death. 1 by l)r. HARROW, 194 Bleeaker aUMt, fear ra b*low Maodoutal, New Tort Pnoe ? Si 2X\Zt STCPfc Drmc ?.?. WMHon. D. C. de?-?w ?. J. BOVEE DODU fe IMFMMIAL WINE BITTERS, re aov Mac aeed from Maine to Um Oreat Bart ;e, apl tke aniTwiirrerdtM of all wto aee m ettkor a? a mitivmi or aa a >wiry?. u that V"S2BS7S, iot IjMittmt 1&, PiiM. Nirrtu vimmn, Fmm>e Com mu, ?ai aal km rtiiinai tb?r Mf ^ c ccebtseeeHatiTesblerwMy. AsM trpm IT B^LO^l BrOMTtiM lh?y f ? W%T*. W^->> m4 <5*BiW*i pnxlsoiitf ?it ?kU?r?bB| 4Mi of umiwlr or WlM bout their Imianoia raralu. IM?0 ? ? 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