Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1861 Page 1
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\ mmmmm*SSSSSSBB~**mMMB^S=S=SSB59SBBSSa5aSSasasS^9S9BeaS=aB9SBSSSB9BSass=BeS Jltar. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. MARCH 29. 1861. N?. 2.530. the daily evening star * ? P JBLftHBD RVKRT APTBRNOOI1, (SUNDAY*# EXCEPTKD,) 4T THE STAR BUILDINGS, C nnr f r*nntyl+*n\+ wmiu and lllA rt , IT W. D. WALLACH. wood in rMk*(N by mniars it |4 i ji%r. ?r fr oeata p?r month. To nuul nbaertbcr* lft? rrioo is #3J0 ? ;w, t? %4ra?c?, #2 for six vodUis; 91 for thre* months; ud for loss than *ir<?? months at thar&t* ?f ~ opiea, o;ti c 51; in two ciare. \U~ AirnTi?Mi5T? *Aonld be aent to the ottoe before 12 o'oiook m.; otherwiae they may not ifKV nntil the next day. 'Blyiaki" in Waihiagten. " Blynnks," who it an applicant for the Nashville pn*t office, in a letter written from Waabington to the Nashville Patriot, thus ahows np the economy of the Federal Government : rrv a. a. ... - - me w?/ uii vuTcrnment get* its work done i? curious As an illustration, you and jour family meet in convention of the whole, and adopt a resolution authorizing the construction of a hen-coop in jour back jard. You atoncc appoint me superintendent of the work, putting a thousand or two dollars in bank for me to cheek on. I get yoa to appoint my brotherin-law chief engineer. \ I appoint two of my brothers assistant superintendents, and my brother-in-law appoints two of his brothers assistant engineers?all at your expense. We buy us each a fast horse and buggy, and ride around town, drink cooktail^ and play billiards, nntil the bank deI) Kit give* out, when we make out a printed Ttport of seventy-three page*, furnishing you a complete topographical survey of your nack vartl. and a v??t imnnnt nf # ^ ? Dvuviotiv;ai luiunuation with regard to the number of hens jou are likely to have for the next forty years. We wind up tho report with the announcement that tbe site of the hen-coop has been selected, and a call for another appropriation to prosecute the work, which we assure you will be done with " rigor." You place another thousand or two in bank, and we employ 200 hands at three dollars a day to transport seventy-five rent? worth of lumber (which costs you under our management about ten times that many dollar;' to the place of operations, which require:! about three month?. In the meantime, we drive around and go vigorously with the liquor and the billiards "We then come up with anothct report and a demand for another appropriation. With this we get the walls of the structure up, and with rne or two more appropriations, and a great many more cocktails and billiards, we get the thing covered in; and at the end of twelv* ninths, which we very appropriately style rui fiscal year." we pat you in formal possesion of a ten-thousand-dollar hen-coop, that *n? negro carpenter would have been glad to Tm'ock up 3ome Saturday afternoon for a suit cf your old clothes He thus siodestly excuses himself for epistolary brevity ?I meant to write you a long letter to-night, but unhappily I find myself placed in a singularly unfavorable position for writing with my accustomed force and pertpicuity My room is Bituated in a wing of the building Just opposite is another wing, ^ ith a narrow court-yard between There mlint Ka ft ? ?5? ? - - ? - .._v>? vi a vncue, or some sort ot a show in town to-night, for at a window immediately opposite mine a couple of very pretty what I would suppose to be ehambermaide, bare been putting on their clothes for the la&t hour, a* if they were fixing up to go somewhere This is rery annoying to a man of family, and if it were not so far down stairs. I would go and complain to the landlord It would require an individual of tremendous power ot concentrating his thoughts to write an able letter under such circumstances. I would cluae the blinds and get further from the window, but I expect to j y for staying in this houte. and I am not to be driven from pillar to poat by such a spectacle as ia now before me. Brilliaxt Strategetic Move of a* Easter* Shore Military Compact ?The Eoston t tar of Tuesday relates the following extraordinary military exploit upon the authority of a traveler: A short time ago there was raisea a very handaome uniform military company in one of vne towns in Worcester county. Some time ?fter the company had become quite familiar with the drill, ao oyster pungy from New York anchored in the waters of Worcester, and commenced catchiug oysters contrary to the laws of Maryland. The fact coming to the notice of the Sheriff, he forthwith went to work to capture the pungy. To ' make assurance doubly sure, he bethought him that the new military company would be the best post* romitatn.% he could summon; accordingly the military was ordered out, in full uniform, properly officered and equipped, with "guns shotted ' ready for action Arriving at the fhort. opposite the pungy, it was decided to put the military in ambush until the -'overt act" was committed, in order that there might be no mistake about the proof, is the Court of Admiralty. The military did not hare to wait long behind their masked battery, made of cedar buahes, before the overt act was committed. The New York captain, not having the fear of the Worcester Sheriff before his eyes, and being anxious to load his pungy, very roon put ^(k*n KU rnlrna -----J * J ? uu suu cvumicuceu iu a raw up the contraband bivalve*. This was the signal for the military to advance to the charge, f ha sheriff having given the wink to the officer commanding the military, that gentleman gave the word?"forward?march"?and the roirptny whs soon on board of a batteaux. tukiog directly for the -'prize." In the meantime the captain of the pungy, discovering what waa out, ordered his decks to be cleared and prepared for action, resolved not to forrender without a struggle worthy of the days of the immortal Paul Jones When the military got within about 100 yards of the pme. tbe captain of the pungy, being without wivelsor colutubiads, drew out a piece of stave pipe, and placing it upon hi* *'cabooso" commenced to sight it at tbe military, which at once manifested symptoms of discomfort, .1 *? --* ** * ? ??- - * ? lusuiij uiuikiu^ sqco a terrimo p,ua 19 Be p inted directly towards thuu. The hesitation inaBife?ted by the military encuragcd the captain of the pungy to press mutter* to extremities, and calling to one of bi* hands for a chunk of fire, be commenced to blow it, and the sparks flew in all direction* Tbis morderoas proceeding of the savage captain brought the military to their feet, ready fcr the most desperate deeds of daring. The moment was critical, with every advantage on the ride of the captain of the pangy, who ?traight??ed up. and at arm's length prepared *o mpptj me maicn Simultaneously ae he thrast the chunk of fire into the end of the stove pipe the military jumped overboard, and u<~h a sloshing about and diving was never witnessed in the waters of Worcester. It is needless to add that, while the military were ander water, the captain of the pucgy hoisted nil and bid farewell to the waters of Maryland, and that since this marvelous adventure the military aforesaid, for behaving so gallantly, has been called the Stove-pipe Invineibles. \rr O Bjron Young, the patriotic Southerner, who vowed be would put a dagger into Abraham's bosom, if no one else was daring enough to commit Preside nt-lclde. has been arrested in New Orleans for attempting to swindle his b?ardln< house keeper with a worthless check on "his merchants,M who were so iiftpatrlotl* as to deny all knowledge of him ?r?? 11 if nw ? ?? ? w * * 1^7 ii n. vuiiupiou, pi iniirr. ? u.,wagerea with another gentleman that the Start and Stripe* would wave over the public building* in South Carolina on the 5th of March. As they failed to do to. tie will pay the bet?tbe drawing of a hose cart from Dover to Portsmouth, a distance of elrfeteeu miles, as s*on as the roads are la a passsusessdlttoD. EThe British brig Harness, which was deat Warrington Navy Yard days on account of a mutiny of tbe crew, left there on the I4:b; the affair having been settled satisfactorily to ail parties by Capt Holmes, who acted as tbe pscllcator. The destination of the vessel was Queensfcnra. C7" A Charleston correspondent informs policeman Kennedy, of Nsw York, that fuses are ow sent South in metalio burial cases I his is ss arrangement exquisitely suggestive. It will be recollected that policeman Kennedy once sets* d a lot of bsrlal eases, bat sot suspecting their cen trata, allowed them to b? retblpped wry Judge Chamber* baa published la pamphlet form an address to the people of Kaatcounty. Mi, yladiraiiag himself from the charge of havtaf^made a aeeeasioa speech at Chestertovro / "4 Th* Plus T*uth ?o* Mi*soubi ?In the Missouri State Convention, on the 14th Instant, Judge Orr, delegate from Greene county, apoke some plain truths as to the plot of the secessionists He said: " It would be the hight of folly for Missouri to secede. Where one negro now escapes to Illinois, a doien would escape, and instead of recovering half of them, we would recover none. ? # * I never expect to go out of the Union, and 1 will live In Missouri too. I tell you that I am going to stay where lam. Iam going to stay In the Union. I am neither going South or North. But I am told "You are going North." No, sir, I am not going to trot with Missouri over .? .u; vi >ucui urn, iaen, 1 am a coerclonIst' Let me llluatrate by an incident In my own history. 1 once bad two aoni who took a notion to run away from me, and pretty aoon one of them came back What did I do then? Inatead of shedding blood I abed tcara, and tbe next morning I put him on a horae, and gave him another borae alongalde, and a mm of money, and told him to go and bring back his brother They returned, and 1 never thought of punishment. That's exactly the way I wonld treat our southern brethren. ? * * It waa Id by the gentleman from Cole (Mr. Knott) that he would very mncb regret to atain hia hands with hla brother'a blood So would 1 But 1 don't want my brother to stain hia hands with my blood; and it may be necessary, possibly, to stain our banda with onr brother'a blood to'save our wives and daughters " I [?7~ The Memphis Appeal has settled tbe whole mattf? thus : " 1'nder the operation of tbe two taritff, presenting as wide a margin In favor of the South, the cut* Yankees of the North are preparing to introduce their imports through southern porta, and thus stop the revenue with which Mr Lincoln's "meal tubs" are to be filled Thus they are driven eith?r to rwnnni? ?v.- '??1 .VVVS|ula,? ?UC lliucprmi* encc of tbe Southern Confederacy, and establish I commercial treaties with them, or else they must [ blockade the southern coast. But a blockade is an art irtr, and generally Is preceded by a formal declaration of hostilities, and a due notification to foreign Powers But if this course be adopted, the Border States will revolt and break through the net which the Administration is weaving around them. The moment that the white sails of Lincoln"! fleet shall appear at the ! entrauce of the Charleston channel, or the angry prow of hi* frigates shall plow'thc peaceful waters of the Balize, will the blast of Davis's bugle be heard at Montgomery, and ld thirty dim tv>??? ? *fter Washington will be/?#<? the enemies of the South will no longer hold a carnival on southern fell, and in a city which bears the name of the most venerated of southern men." Tub Union Feelins in North Alabama?The Tuscumbia North Alab-nuian of the Wd ln?t. contains the proceedings of a public meeting held in Frankfort, Alabama, at which the following resolutions. among others of a similar character, were passed Rtiolvd, That we approve the course pursued by our delegates, Messrs Watklrsand Steele, in convention at Montgomery, in not signing the so-called Secession Ordinance. That secession Is inexpedient and unnecessarvi and We apf '* 1 - -? * rl v.. ? iu any inrm; ana *ne more so since a majority of the ?Iave {State* have refuted to go out. either by what is called "south trn co operation ' or "precipitate secession;" and that the refusal to submit the so-called Secession Ordinance to the decision of the people is an out aKr u^n'ii our rti(uu and liberty, and manifest* a spirit of assumption, unfalrne?* and dictatorship That our Congressional nominee, if elected. Is to represent us in the I u I ted State* Congr?-**, and not in the Congress of this so-called "Southern Confederacy " [T7~ A letter to the Lufaula (Ala ) F.xpress, from Barrancas, relates the following Incident which occurred there :?" A man named l>oyle, one of the workmen at the navy-yaid, slipped over to Fort 1'lckeaa a few nighta ago and come very near ?- *- * * koiuuk in oeiore ne was discovered. He 'had a bundle of rat-tall flies Id Lla pocket, and says if It had not been for a sergeant holding a lar.U-rn up to his face as he was going In the door, he would have had evorv irnn anlkfri Iti twenty minutes lie was sent back by slemnier, wllir wftr request that he be dealt with, as he did not wish to do anything that mightbring about a collision, which was so uiuch to be deprecated Colonel Clayton *ent a note in reply, by the hands of private Bullock, (who, by the by, has since bren promoted to a corDoralcv.l statins that h* wauM punish Doyle, but Just at this time be had too much need of bit service*i* casting cannon balls The conference took place just outside the fort.1' |JI7"The Milwaukie Sentinel relates that the p.iii'yr in one of the churches In that city, recently became aware that a young man of his congregation was forming bad habits Meeting the str-iy lamb one night in the streets with some dissolute companions, the reverend gentleman attempted to dl&suade him from going further, but the rowdie* in company objecttd, and one of them struck tbe parson. The fellow had reckoned without his host. In a moment the clergymen had thrown off his coat and sailed iu." Avery brief space of time sufficed for him to "wax blazes'' out of the crowd, and having accomplished the feat, he quietly resumed his coat, ai d with it his equanimity. He was not molested further, we pre tsr i *t- - uuic. ?> nemer ne rescued the object of bi? anxiety from the poaaeuiou of the p.rty, Is not tated. A Weighty Dkci?iox?The Supreme Court of California (Judges Field, Cope, and Balwln.) has affirmed the judgment of the court below, whereby It was established that the owner of lai.d tu California under a patent from the United State* own* all that trows upon or I* burled within that land?owns from the center of gravity to the top of the highest tree?tbe samt as In o)d<r States In that same court derided that the minerals imbedded in sjch lands belonged to the State by virtue of Spanish Mexlran law and the principle of Kmlnent That derision Is now completely reversed bya unanlmousdeclsioii rendered on ibe 15th ultimo, and the right of the owner of th?' ?oil to the mineral* contained therein d? <iaped absolute. The parties litigant were Moore against Soaw and Fremont against Flower,and the point may now be considered settled. m Seaso5ablk Opposition ?Col. Colt has an extensive greenhouse, In which January does bualness?n successful competition with tbe summer months In that greenhouse strawberries are flourishing J.t the preseut writing I he Times says that cur umbers are now plentifully produced, and bring, for the long variety, (from Kngllsb seed,) fifty to seventy-five c>nts each, ('caches are now as large as walnuts, and grapes as large as rifle bullets Figs are far advanced; pine-apples ripe; apricots, plums, beans, &c.. Ac., are a sight le behold; while roses and rare tiowers of every variety are in bloom Last March Mr Htebblns M(^i **- * * * " * " ?iu ?ouu wviiu vi cucuinoers; inn month be can ell #1,000 worth of that article. The grapes alone, In the hot and cold graperies, can produce Col. Colt a profit of S5,000 when fairly underway i C7"The muri es of the four great African rivers, the Nile, Niger, Zambesi, and the Congo, have been discovered on the line of the Equator, in adenaely wooded mountalnoua region, by Mr. Cbnyllion, who traversed the whole continent One peak of the lofty range waa 12,000 feet high In the course of hia travels, Mr. Cbaylllon passed through the Uoriila country and bad several encounters with these giant apes, a number of skeletons of which he brought back with htm His other Zoological specimens contain 00 new birds, and'id Mammalia, including a collosal antelope, with a red akin itrirww) with w* i'"? HIT'There are flftv-four pawnbroker's shop* In full blaat la New York. The largest amount of money kept on loan In auy one of them la $150,OTO. From ninety to ninety-five per cent of the pledget are redeemed Mmt of the shops charjjf twenty-five per cent on all loan*. The loan* of one concern amount to $360,(>0up?>raimum Some of the leading men of tti? city are agitating the question of establlshiuentofa Pawnbroker'* Bank, as a protection for the poor against the exorbitant charge?. GOVKBMOR HnriTON a Wealthy Governor We were both pleaaed and surprised, the other amy. u> near <uat itieuvvrrnor was so rich In a pecuniary point of view We l<-arn that his property Is worth not teat than ?150,U0<). He has rendered an assessment to the assessor and collector of Travis county for this yesr of property to the amount of fM UUO and upwards Whatever may be our political differences with his Excellency, we desire htm no harm, and feel glad at his prosperity?Texa* paptr JET" Applicants for patents in acceding States ra^nciKc vmtmi) in <utuiiii| lueir paper! from net being able to find any officer to administer the oath of citizenship required by Inventor*. Many in*enton In tboaa Btatra have had their paper* prepared and while Kiae have no compunc tiona in regard to taking the oath of elUzenabtp, th?r caanot find a juatice of the peace lo their vicinity to administer It. Otbars regard tbeniaelves aa cttlseas of another republic, and write that they caanot conscientiously take the prescribed oath. CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WA8HIN9TON CARRIAGE FACTORY, ?" D Strut, Bttwitn 91 k *nd lot* Struts. We have just finished a number of first el&M n s n n I ? ? ? - - ? VfAiniiAvria! auon m i.tril Watcms. Park PKtntcm*. Fnmxly Car-vmBntPi rums, and Bug gits, whioh we vill sell at??- ~ -? a ver? small profit. B^ing praotioal mechanios in different branches of the Easiness, we flatter ourselves that we ken* the styles and quality of work that will Rive satis faction, oomoiiung lightness, comfort and durabili ty. Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to the aLorteit notioe and most reasonable ohareea. WALTER, KARMANN k. BOPP. Coachmakors, anooeaaora to W m. T. Hook, . ly tl-dly T CARRIAGES. HE Sabeoribor having made additions lo hi taetory, making it now one of the largestA^MfcM, In the Dintriot, where hi> facilities forwHOwK manalaotu ring CARRIAGE & LIGHT*!* Ml" WAGONS of all kinds oat not be sorpassed, and from hi a long experience in the basinesa, he hopes to give geueral satisfaction. All kmda of Carnages and Jklgfct Wagsac keptei Ail REPA1&S aeatiy i sae,aid all orders prompt 17 aneui-Jd U, Ce?? ad ha ad Carriages taken la oaehanre for asw 0*ss. ANDREW J. JOYCE, s is ? mmm*r *f 14tb aad K ita. DENTISTRY. DRS.? OCR WOOD ft DARRKLL ARE PREpared to insert ThETHon VULCAN-^-*^ ITE UASK, & new and improved inode.mfcrJ When made on this plan they are com ^' rT p fortable to wear and much cheaper than any other. Also. T??th inserted on Gold Plate, and all Dental Operations of any kind that may he desired Office Room No. ft. in the Washington Building, corner Pa av. and Seventh st. ja 10 3m* M teeth. LOQMtS, M. D.. th? inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his office in this city.j Many person* can wear these teeth who**'' rr) cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my office oan be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are particular and wish ttie purest, cleanest, strongest, aod most perfect denture that art can produ?e, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fu:iy warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33* 1'a.avenue.between 9th and lf>th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel phia. OO H tf r|MIE SUBSCRIBERS HAVING RECEIVED I " their first supply of now etvlf?s of 81'RI\g ??ood>. th?v respectful!* invite a call from their patrons arifl the public c?ti erailv. The? keep also cmslanllt <>n hand a good ansj>! v of NAVA!i?nd MILITARY mJi^m FURNISH! \g goods, such a. Epaulets, { "words, GoU L&oes.eto. H. F loi'don ft co.. Citi/.?ii anfl Military Tailor*, ina 20 3,neo r?o. 30U, und?r Brown's Ilotel^ Fruit and ornamentai. tr-^es, SHRUBS, ROSES. Ac. j The undersigned solicits the attention of planters to hi* extensive s'ock of FRUIT and OR NAMKNTAI. TREES, Ao., which heoflersW? I at th* lowest rate*, viz : I'eaohes?many thousands of splendid Tress, in the | nnl?I** 1 U ~ ? A ... I |<vdcii> o iioaibii rfcuu V Ig??r, Apples, Fears, Cnerrifs, Neotannes. Ao., all the ohoioeat t><>rts. Graphs. Gooaebernes, Currant*. fl!ackl>errie?. Raspberries, S rawt?ernea. Rhubarb, Aaparakua Root*, to , Evergreen, 8lia?i?, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Dahlias, Phloxes. VVi'li ah articles in the nnrs<*rT line, of finest quality. JOHN SAUL, Seed Store, 39ft Seventh et., oorn?r H. ma IB 6teo* Nursery on7th at. road. XVash'n Ahar ft bro. RE A*ain in the field with an immensely lar*e took of READY MADE CLOTHING and GENTS'FURNISHING GOODS WenowofTer rent i ndnaJMn?nt? tn -1? 1 ' * ?F - -----jrw, ovssi? OT1IU IIUJ JUT t ft^n. Kememwr the piaoe?oornor E and Seventh its. mar 81m Home-made boots and shoes, For Lapiss', MlSBKa' and Chii.dhhs'h Wkar, "At" J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Space, m* fl-eo Fa. av . bet, nth and 9th sta. erjf. BIRDS-BIRDS FOR SALE. *?> SjO Juat received a *plrndid aaaortment '^-Birda lr?'i!i Huron#:?lierinan ('a.nariea,''^Engliah Black Kirda.Thruahea, Bull Finches, Gold Fiiichea, Lineta. Sky Lark*. Yellow Hani*rs Parroquet*, Java Sparrow-, Starlena, the Red Mocaw Parrot, and green and gray. I have Mocking Birds, RmI W in? Back bird*. Red Bir<:a. Doves, and Hob (In k*; a.a'. Trained Birda. Priae amenta to S>n, C,ag*-s of aii kind* lrom 10 oenta to $10, at JOHN O'M KARA'ri Bird store. No. 50t? I'a aveure, at the Capitol gate. fe 9 3m The old eaUb'iahed PAWN OF-/Ov JL JL^ICE, former.? on Penr. avmm.I 1 V %ii>otwt'cn 31 a"d 4>, fta.. haala'eljU %| been (wiovfd t<> 351 C ft., Imtwoon 4>i and ats., Itaok of tho National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! $ I O.OOO to i e loaned in small aurna on Uold and Silaor Watohea. Jewelry, and all other article* of va'.ue. Buaine?a etriotly and cnuftdentjaii) done. Don't foriret to call at No. 351 C at , between 4>? and 6th ata. r? M.ira 1 UfD'/nt-nn tu*i uiu * (iin\/(0nnui ELKOl'fcAN HOTKL. KKPT BY P. 1 KMKICH- at the corner cf Fonn. A ? i A avenue ami Eleventh street, ha* l^enTCTWk^ |*ear(v improved recently and now offer* U?hW I, greater inducements for tSe patrot;age of citizoun and strangers thfm any other public hoiim m the citf, inn prices being less than those of any other h.otei on feiiii. avenue, and his accommodations for p^rmaueut or transient bo&rdeia imex'-epttonable. The bar and restaurant arrangement* of the European Motoi have already become very popu !ar. bring all that can be desired by the most lastidioiik. Tne proprietor plodgos unremitted attention and continued iibera! expendituresto giv?sat Ulaotion to all, and thus rerews inn invitation *<' all to give the European Hotel a call. i!e< ti th i: INSURANCE COMI'ANV or THE STATU OF VIRGINIA. CABH CAPITA I. $300,000. Incur"* Mei k&ndiRO, UuiidinM. Household Farnituie, &o , against loas or damaiso by lire. 11KATH A KNOWLK3. Amenta, Offioe?Room l(i over Hank of \\ ashinfton. im lfi J? WATCH REPAIRING ANDP1I.VER WARE I MANUFACTORY. I have one of the l>est establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repairin*, every desoripuon of tine Watches, and Ml particular attention Rive to the same, by aaflK thorough oompetent workman .and a. work r. iarintied. Alto,every descrip ion of standard SI I.VKR WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my ouhtuineru will hnd far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealer* m geuoial and represented as their own mannfaoture. H. <>. HOOD, se 6 33* Pa. avenue, near ath it. Hone price only: AVING on hand a very heavy stock of DRFSS TRIMNNNGS, I will offer the same very cheap for Cuh, and One Prioe Only. R. C. STEVENS, 336 Pa. av , bo 22 tf hi>t*Mg 9tn and imh ?t?. French flowersof the very best quality, and an extensive variety. At STEVENS'S life' Fancy Store, no 22 t 33?>. h?tw. 9th and 10th sU;~ IMPORTANT NOTICE TO HTKANGERS VISITING WASHINGTON. A View of ths National Capitol Will bi Pkbskntkd To Pry purchaser ol Books, Sta'ionery, Ao. from th? woli known establishment of FKKNOH 4. RJCHSTK1N. Booksellers, Stationers, and Pa r I ft. 1 I Aft I I) AJL1 A r . M r% 07M auanna r, as > kifkwnofl Hounfl, Watiiingron. D. C. m?\r I AT MOORE'S WKtsT END DRUG STORK, 113 Pa avenue, the public can rt-lr up getting Pme Medioinea. Nuopliea are re Wf o?Mv?d weekly. All popular Medicmeat n aale. Tooth Hrnshea at all prioea; Coal Oil and, Wndow Glaacea, to. IfT Ord ra (or Cupping, Lejohin? and Teeth Extracting att*ndetl to promptly. rra IS 2w OVF1UEK8. PETTY OFFICERS, AN D K?*~ men who were on l>oard ol any U. M. rhipa at the capture of any alaver can have their claims for Bouuty and Heaa Money promptly attended m t-y applyibg to or arfdreaamg C. P. WAl.LACH, wa?hin?tor. v.. la lfi-tf ftDkiT c: a kimr n/\/\r^< ranui uuui/p, TO SUIT THK TIMEH, AT PRICK8 At STEVENS'S FAi4c Y^OR^f * ?*L1' 0" a- tf 338. Utw. Wh and 10th nts. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take Ml kiwis of Virrinia moo*; fo.-mj book dtMi ud for Boots, Sfeoes, and Trinks. All parsons indebted to mo will picas* oal and aettls up,or | tthall bsoornp?!ied to |jtv* their aoo^unts iau> the kaods of a ouileotor. U Is ft tlA/\1lB>u a _ _ a. .. I tea MISCELLANEOUS. JjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 717... ?aoo, ooo. QgUt rern r C strut and Lr*\s\ana mv., or it Bank * of Wanhtntton. INSURE HOUSES ANtToTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS DY F1RL.. Diuxoto**. , ? Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard. Jones, John D. Barclay, Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Roihwell,

Thot, Parker, * Richard Barry, B. B. French. No charge for Poli?ie? " JAMES ADAMS, President Aext G. Davis, Secretary. oo 10-eo6nj grrne ^topham-s enrr? WD PREMIUM TRUNK CfltlTD MANUFACTORY, ?*#S*v*NTH sinMi, Washington, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland institute 01 Italtimore, November 7, Also, Medal b? Metropolitan Mechanics'Institute, Washington, D. 0., 1837. I am constantly making, and always have on hand, of the best material, every description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladiei' Dress, Wood Box, an1 Packing Trunks, Peilisier, Carpet,and Canvas Traveling Bars, School Satchels, Ac., At Loto Prices. Meml>erB of Congress and travelers will ploase examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made in oihar cities. I Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to or^er. ..... Trunks covered and repaired at short notice. deUvered free of charge to ar.yfpart of the ait*. #J?nrw?Jnwn - * * , .#VW| & vrv nu| UUU 1 ? flfc. in 23 I too JAMKS H.TOPHAM. P HEADER, ER USE The following statement and then jud*e of it* facts (or yourself ARRA.M COLE, of Brooklyn, N. V., a w?il known citiz?n there, l ad suf!" red from Dyspepsia fur some >ears, witho-it permanent telief, until he tried AVER'S PII.I.S, wlunh taken according to the directions for this complaint, restored hun to K?n.ltH In f? ttJ w w -* ' r .. - ....... M ?w?T ^ iUioi *?i i lUlorVAi I ?I flC'fllO mon li s he haw had no return of his oompaint. <?F.o. \V. CROS(<, of Harmony, Texas, had an eruption.on his neck. shoulders. l ack anil leu, whioh covered about ona third of his l>odv. It kept the part? atfeotrd covered with a scab, and lieing oitf^ii a raw of eourt>e very trouMosoma and dutresnn*. It *o much impaired hi? health a* to unfit him tor business and kept him in nonstart Dflerint. All medical aid faileJ him nVil he took AVER'S CflMI'OI NU EXTRACT f-Allt^A I* AKI IX A, which coi<*4 him. His skin ?till shows oui* near* from ill'* ulceration, but it is othei v. i?e as c!?ar as an infant*. JOHN H. t*HOOK, Esq . an eminent lawyer o| Richmond, Va . took a cidd whioh nettled on his lungs. A severe pain set in on the led t ide, with a had couch, which wan soon followed by the utimi*takat 14 symptoms oi consumption. W hen reduced verv low ho coinnioiioed takiiie AVER'S CHKKRS PECTORAL, which soon stepped thecousli and o- mpleteljr oured hint. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYKR A C<?., Lowell. Mass inalfteolm THE^OHXY PREPARATION worthr or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JVDUES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in all part* of the world testify to tlve efficacy of PROP. 0. J WOOD'S IIAIR RESTORATIVE, and gentlemen of the Preaa are unanimoua in lta praise. A few testimonial! only oan he here given ee circular for more,and it will be impossible for you to doubt. n Wall stuit, New Yobk, d*c. 20, 1MB. Geml'm'n: Your note of the 15th instant haa been received, s&7inr that yon had heard that I had benefited l>y the useof Wood's Hair Kerf my certificate of lite fact 1 award it to you cheerfully, booause I think it due. My age is a'oout So tears ; the color of my hair unburn, and inclined to curl. Some five or six years sinoe it becan to turn gray, and the bos p ! on theorown of my head to lose its sensibility and Jandruff to form upon it. V.ach of thesedisarreoabilities increase*.; with time, and about 4 smoe a fourth was added t*? them. by hair faring off the top of inr hevt andtlirosteuinR to mak-? me I bald. In this unpleasant predicament 1 wn < induced to I try Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the I falling off of mr hair, for 1 had realij no expectation that gray hair could ever be restored to its original color except from ((tm. i was, however, f really surprised to find, after tlio use of two liot les only, that not only v. as the falling oil arr?Bte-j. hut the color was -estored to the pray hairs and sensibility to tho ncalp an<t dandruff o?aned to form on my head, very inueli to the gratification ?>f iny wife, at whose solicitation 1 was indue, d t? try it. F?r tnia, among the many obligations 1 owe to her sex, 1 strongly recommend all ncsltands who value tho admiration of their wives to profit by my exampie, and useit if growinr gray or geUin* ba d. Very respectfully, Bkn. A. Lavkndkr. To O. J. Wood A. Co..444 Broadway, >. ^ . My family are absent from the city, and I am no longer at No. 11 Carrol Piaoe. Si*M*Tor?, Ala., July 20,1359. To Prof. O J. Wood: I) ar Sir? Your "Hair Restorative" has done my hair so much good siuca I oommertood ths us# of it, that I wish to m*lce Icnown to the pub'ic of its rfl oct* onthe hair, wliicn are gr?at. A man or woman mar benearly deprived 1 of<! by a ronort to your'MIair Restorative" the hair will return more beautiful than ever; at least this i? n.v experience. Delieva it a'!! Yours truly, Wm. II. Kk*jii>y. P. 8.-V011 can publish the above if you like Uy publishing in our Southern paper* you will gut in>re patronage South. I see several of your certificates in the Mobile Meroury, a strong South*rn paper. W. H. Kkmcdt. WOOD'S HAIR RE8TORATIYK. Prof. O J. Wood: J>ir Sir: Having had the misfortune to lose the bent portion of my hair, frwm the effeots of the yeliow fever, in I\ew Orleans in IKM, I was induoed to make a trial of your preparation. found it to answer as the very tiling needed. My hair is now tiiiok and glossy, and no words oan express my obligations to you in giving to the afflioted ?uoli a treasure Finlet Jonnsos. The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sixes, viz : large, medium and small; the small hold half a pint, and retails for one dollar jer bottle: the mo dium holds at least 20 per cent, more in proportion than the smalt, retails for two dollar* per bottle; the laree ho'ds a $ u.\rt, 4<? per oent. more in proper tioi and retail* for JS. O. J. WOOD ft CO., Proprietor*, 4 44 Uroad way, New York, and 114 Marketstreet, St. Louii Mo. Sold in this o ty by C. STOTT, 375 Pa. avenue. aa 27 eoty.a!w Boots and shoes to suit tme TIMES. We are now manufacturing ali kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and oo et&utfy receiving suppiy of cartern made work of every de-nS?fl cnption, made expressly to order, and will J Ki be sold at a much lower price than has been* Vik heretofore charted in this oity for much inferior article#. Persons in want of Hoots and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will always find a cood aesor'.men m store arvi at tbe lowest prices. Give ns a call. 6RIKFIN A. liRO., ay>-r 314 Pennsylvania avenue. OLD KiCH, MKLLOW AND PURE BUKNSIDE'S MONONGAIiELA RYK WHISKEY, Oonacientioaaly diatilled by Mr. J&mca Bnraaide. of Allecany Count*, Penna., in the old fashioned honeai wat, fron. the ohoieeat and mot*, oarefnlly k?tleott>d Kye, aud in no cane ever offered for sale until adapted to wholoauino uae by ate. It ib at once the nn?t paiatable. a<i it i? emphatically one of the purest bevorayw in the reach of the pnhlia. To tbd Invalid, as well as to thoae in health, it oommonda itscif for ita unrivalled qualitiea aa a timnlarit of the safest, surest, and moat lienefioent description, and many of the most distinmiehed hyaicians are name it in their practico with the happi*"t reenlta. CLERY fc 8TOCKDALE, Proprietor!, 3S8 Walnut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVER, A cant for the Proprietors. 9S8 Pa. a*., ae M-tot opposite Willarda' Hotel. I\fTDfta'r>a nitMOAMTMLin I 1 ? 1 c vunruuDLR, L' . For 8&le at mautif&otifrerg ?rico?, by JOHN J. BOSIIK, GEORarrowrH, D. C? Sole A weney for the District of Cclumbia. V41"?? mbrapiuf every variety, a!van on uaao, *na delivered free to ail parts of the l>iet-iot. Orders oan also be left at theoffioe of Adams' hXDr*liS Cnnimnr. Wfmhirrtnt* H C* f* ? i??i. Sm ilk robks, mommn robes, lawn ROBES, BfcRAttE ROBES. We?re selling at half their original prica Al other rood* of every de?or ptiou we are still nel'.ing atoost Our itoikis large and well assorted in erer^ department. TAYL()R HUTCHISON ROUGHS. COL1?^HOAR8ENES?, Ac. COMPOUND SYR CP olo VM ARABIC. This pleasant and popular Congh Remedy h&a been ao lone known and extensively used, tbat bo?? persona hare h??ora?irai;iar with ita extraordinary effio&oy. It oan be had at all the pnneipal drug atone at IS and en oenti a bottle. ae >1 Wt&w K?ciSS& CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILORING. EW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS, CASSI MERS.AN1) VEST1N0S. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., I'enr.iylra nia Avenue, have just rooeivod & iar^e variety of . now Pail wmoh thejr invite me atteation of tboir friend* an J customers. au 3ft-tf GENTLEMEN'S U KK\DV-M*nP nnwuiun . . vu uV * *1 Oar preaent aaaortir.ent of GENTLEMEN'S RKADY-MADK CLOTHING rffera to citnena and stranrers wishint an immediate oat-fit superior inducements, embracing, at thia time, all etyles and auaiiUea of Dress and Business Garments and OverooaU i? all varieties. Flue Shirta and Under-olotbicK ol ail kinds. Kid and other Gtovea of beet qua'ity. Scarfa, Ties, Cravats, Sto<*ka, Hoaiery, Ac.. Ac. All of which we are ofierint: at our usual low prices. Itl7" ClothinK mode to order in the moat superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CI#., _uo 16-tf I'a. avenue. (^?T?THKPKOH.E8,CLOTHING!'TrtRF, * No. 4(">0 Seventh at., to act your CLOTH ING, FURNISHING GOOiiS, HAT* and CAPS. feS6w_ WMUnOUAN-r TAIL.OH INU. E Invite our vustomera.and citizena rener*!ly, to an inapeotion of our preaent new. at IrantifA ' - ' " ?uu P ft,*.".! M??rtin'T)t CLOTHS. CASSIMKUKS. l>OK*KINS, YKST1NGS, OVERCOATINGS,* An. ff which we will make to order in inperior-mmm fttyle at rery low prices. WALL., STEPHENS * CO., oo 25 tf 3il*J Pa. av.. hetw. 9th and 10th t?. ? i #Cttre Con?A, Cold, Hoarsen?**, In- 1 Jtutnza. any Irritation or Sort ' *v.' ?f the Throat, Relieve th? flirkxnt Couth %n Conttimp- 1 Hon, Bronrh'txf, A*hma, t f Catarrh, Clear and (in ' *trentth to the vctct of PUBLIC SPEAKERS akd SINGERS. ; Few are aware of the iir.portar.oe of checking a ( Couch <>r "Common Cold" in ita fir*t ?*ace: tr>at which in the beginic* would yield to a mi d reme ? <1y, if necleoted. atta<-k?the Luntv. "Ercrm .* Bronchial 7V<vA'?." contain-nn ?*emiiioertinsre?ii iiU, allay Pulmonary and Uionohial Irritation. c "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S | whieii the "2Vo?A'?" are a naeoifioi ' _ nnvmp ntfcde me ofl??n *ip#r*wiii?- ' TROCUES perer. M. P. WILLIS*. 1 RRdWN'H "I r^nommend their ate to Pvblic SruiEin." i TROCHES RKV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Great service insuMuintt llo*R?l : BROWN'S him." REV. DANIEL WISE. 1 tihwhvh "Almont iw>t*ijt rnliftf in the rita- t unr" t.rr?Mn* l*?vr of hred'hinic pwuliar unnwk'k toA*thm*.m N fc? Khv A c E06LE8TON. * TROCHES "Ccnta:n do Ormm or &n*?hint t I iryuriout." DR. A. A- HA v Eg, u BROWN'S. Chemttt, floMon. _i " A cimple and O'milurt 11 | TBOCHKB ; tion for CoraHa. C" BROWN'S R> BIGELOW, * I .... Basten. > TROCHE9 Beneficial in BRoacHm*." DR. J. F. W. LANK, BROWN'S | Boutin, ? TROCHES '? : BROWN'S REV.M-W.WARR^ j TROfHRt* Ofnetcul *h?n nontpelie<J to ' ifcjOt.niffermi from Cold." ' BROWN'S R^V. B. J. F. ANDERSON, Of. Lo*15. 5 TROCHES " E?r?CTffat in remnvinc Hoaree , neee an?1 lrritaU-n ofJie Throat, eo 1 BROWN'S <*>niroon with SriAiaas and S:n?II?* TROCHES Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON, _ La (irmnre. Go. BROWN'S Teacher of Mueio, Southern ?>, Ferrjvle College. TROCHES "6reat benefit when taken before ~ nn..,??M *??<; after they prevent J, BROWN'S H<?ar?ene??. From their paat effect, 1 think they will be of permanent adTROCHES Tantaee to me. REV. K. ROWLEY, A. M. 11 BROWN'S Fre?ident of Attveni Cotiece, Tear. TT." ""' ^ ft" V VJ. JON- * no i iy II*. J. 11. MCLEAN S J BTSKHGTHEKINQ CORDIAL \I> 1XLOOD PURIFIKK. 7HE GREATEST REMEDY tm tk* WORLD, tETER^ r.: k f | intiri ii t? iu ctn* ^ j Tn? tuiirt ?.Ctiv? <y jHU ? | rcratdtal pr^ctpU ^ ?. --JUMW o: t*CD infrcli?nt ia r Beforetaking. ?; diailllinf, praiaetar * <1tlic.:oaa, axhiiit rating aptrii, and U? matt mfallihla rtraaJ? far rano?*u?f tka diataaad ayaitm, ?' and r a waring tha aU?. aafari'ig, and dakiluatad la?alld t? " kaalth and airaofiV 'I MrLEAWS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL * Will afaetaally can Li?ar CacnpUini, DyapapaU, Jaan- V die*, Chranie ar Nar?oaa (lability,> afiba 'Intya, " an?l *11 diaaaaaa trlal:.| fram a diaardarad Li*ar ar R'?mn(ti, j ' Dripapaia, Baartkam, Inward Pilaa, Aci lit* ar Sicknaaa al 11 tha Etemaek, P?lln?aa af Bl'od ta iha Maad, Dill Pain aa i*.mining in tl<* M?ad, Ptlpnuan af tha Naart, Fallnaaa c ar Waight in iha Biamach, Soar Eracutiona, Cbaking ? r Bafacaung Paaling whan larin* lawn, Dr?naaa ar TallaW- b> naaa af iha Skin and Kyaa, l*ight Iwatu, Inward Taaara, Pain in tha Imsll af iha Back, Chan, ar lida. Baddan riaihaa af Baal, Dapraaaian af flpiriti, Frghtral Draama, 0 bangaar, Daaaardai ey ar any narraaa diaaxaa, Baraa a> i, latcha* an lea Ikir, ar.J Pa?ar and Afaa (ar CkiUa and OYER A MILLION BOTTLES ri kirt hs*n Mid daring tbt last an rrantha, and in loatanca haa ilfatlad in aolira Wkt, than. will i*far (ram Wi'lnMi or Dabilily whan MckEAH'a i TRCMMTRKNlHa CORDUl*will ear* raa 1 ? Ma lanfiaffa (an ??i>?ay an adaqaata Ida* at tha linmadl>U (ind almati m-rrea'aaa ehtnja Cardial ia lb a diaaxad, dabiliutad, and abatttrad narT*aa lyatam, wbtihar braaau <Wwn l> iicim, ??? fcj cstara, * r li?pt'r?il Vt aUbotat, tha ralaxad and anstranf argtal- . taiUa ia raalarad ta iU priHUii haaltb ar.d vigmt HARRIED PERSONS4 I alMri, aai?-.i?at ml inahtlitT fram whilixruni, will n nd *ck*Aim BTR.CHdTllKNlN? CORDIAL a tl.a- " rj'fi af th? lytum; uitU ?k< nitt hm is l?r?a kj Ii3|>iaiar ludcifaacaa aril. fad la U.l Cardial a aarwia *cd ?p??aj rttnt J?. , TO THE LADIES. a KcblAHl ITHtHSTIlBINQ CORDIAL It a It'll- i <fti aud tptadr c?r? fat Indplant Cwuamputn, Whiiaa, n Okiinctid tr Difciil HuiuutiraJ dcwiIkiiiki if Una* / ar InTalanlftr* l>i?th-.rit iharaaf, railtcf af tha Wamfc, g iddlnttt, PalnUBf, and dl dltatin inctdant ta Kamtlai. i THERE IS iVO MISTAKE ABOUT IT \ a>ir na l?nft r. Taka it ateardir.f ta tftractiar.a It ?rttl 1 tt'nalatt, ttrtnrtkta, and tu Tift rat t ud ctiu i?< kltam if htalth U maaut y?u chuk again. i?tt; kault tt vurultd w [to u'lthuim. jooii children If mi children in ileltif, pvar er ttmid, McLKiHI CO&DlAk will mak* ihtra htaltbr, fat, ai;d ribui. Utlay on a mtmlut; Uj il, and yta wtl. M ciuiiuiid. It t> utlititat ? i*k?. oa vrioy. vim af dra(fUU ar dtiltrt wha may try la pain a pan yea Mint bitter ar tarnptrilla traih, which titty c&a t?y thtap, k* eayinr it ia ;a?: at rood. Atetd each men. Ait ( r flScLkAN-a ?TRK5(JTKl:iU5G CORDIAL, ?nd ukt avthinf titt. It it the iily remedy that anil partly tht Bleed thereafter tod tt tht aai:t? liiDt ttrti.f thtn tat tytttm. Ont ttatpMofal taktn t?try marntnf fatting it a ctrum preventive far GhtUra, ('tulle .ad K ? r, Yellow ftttr, ar toy prevalent dittatt. It it pat ep> Fnee uif? 11 tir kMfll tf a H**r1ta far il T I MrtT IN I *i< pr*pri*t?r ef ihia a??, McLim'i Tolcsmc Oil ki&tmtnt. Principal D*|?t m U? cmii ?f Third uid 1 r.^;i ktu Mi i McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, i (TNI ?MT L1KIMENT IM T?E WORLD.) Til niy nti and cartain car* for Cancan, Pi'aa, Tv , ? - __ ..J BM..L.U I M 1 ??i wiiuiifi ww wiu?| rumiTiii, r* mrtlfit, W?oki.?M ?f ih? Mucin, Cbrartc mt lr.iimmtiarj Uxuittiin, lufiKH ?f ib? J?ir.u, Conir?.ei?<i Motel** w C&jk?hl OTToclhach*, Brmiaaa, Ipmni, Fr??h C?u, W??i.d?, Clcin, rmr km, Cak?4 Drain, S?r? N.n.l.. ?... <TV,.... ? ...rr.n, ? nil... WUIWW , Hh, na diffaransa ar tha d "?J j E?a ll inf McbBAV^CBLKBEAfko LINIMENT . iciniiiiiaidT. Thauaodt af bnu kinp ha?? baan M?d a lil* af 4u tuplivi* ir.d aiaar? by tia a?? af tbu ItiTalatbla riDidf. MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMMNT 1 Will ralia*a p*Vi ilant UaUoltoaaaalf, and U will alaa*, | parity and fetal tb? faaita; aaraa is aa inoradibU abort f?a. ' yon HORSFS AND OTHER ANIMALS. ! till HlP'fM gM ?Wn I.IKIMKUT .. *? ?I ?- 1 u* t*li*bl* naUr In ill ear* tt By*Tim, Riarhoat, Windfall*, Bj l|ru, C -i?tnr*l L-e.rr*. Kodaa ar Bwtlliori. It n*?*r ftiUd i* e?n Btf Hand, Pall*vf], Platal*, (f?d Eanainf Iwh, ar Iriiif, U prwarty tapMtd Pat pruaa, Braiaaa, Benicfctt, Crmaktd ImIi, CUaa, liMl* at C?iu QaUa, Caw, Bat tt, ar Waaada, KUu la bl libit Imw'iVi ***'' U " 4l**eia4 * "" * ttruia in ifwj Than aril* at lanftr wMh tfe* May wartfcltat Unlrtntt afartdt**aa. Utuin t *Bpt>iy 1 Da. MCLEAWB CELE ] SEATED LlMLMElfT k will car* jvm. J. H UcUJCAH.IaU Piwpn*t?r. Carotr TWd tad Pia* ?, BL Utait, Ma. CMABLEB iron, mPLaMtltuMt to Waahtaf; I THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STABI Till* (IMUMI KmIIt Maine a cr?ftt*r ranaty of tataraatta* ra?i (tea oar. he caad m any a*fcar-? Mutate* ? Krida* Boriiiai. Tiim-Oui wwrtaXr, *a <>?>. Biafiaooyy, per ancnm. . ' ? Fin oc?<aa ___ 4 n Tea eopiM __ ___ - ? Twenty Ira ooyiaa ? Ulimriabiy aontaina the "Wuhii|loi Nave" Iter baa mad* Tk* Dmtlt I?ww Star etroataM ao gMM?ra!ly throuchoat tha oonaLrj. IE7"Sin*.e oopiea (ta wrappera' oaa ba praaaN at tha oobr.tar, Immediate y after tba laaae ef tt* yaper. Pnoa?THRKE CKNTft \t pnini?'Ti.i Bum jommstox, ALTIMORK LUCK HOSPITAL, Hmt <iitror'r*4 I ki most Ctrrmim, sp*ur Eftttunl Rtmtdf m tha World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF 1MPRUDHNCB. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PR EVENT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CUKE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wcakatuof th* Back. Stricter#*, Af<cti?i<( tki Mnrp .'nil Bludiltr, n.vulum ir? DiKhir|n, (it?. ml Prl-ilitj, Nm?oi?iifM, Dyapfl**, Linrnor. CmIkm U Men, Low Spirit*, Palpiuuo* of tk? Heart, Ttmt4uy, Tffn 1 i fi, Oia ii| if-igH .( U'.MurH. Dii?i*i ntia, I' lo.t, ,\ ?J U( Skill. AfTKUti* at theLuar*. Ihxiac? or B->wrl*?:heae Terril.le Disorder* ariainf from (all lat; H lUu at Youth?the** Dread!al and ltestrweue* Prac tic** which rruilei M>rni(t im|?ai><l*,aa4 deatroy boU Body ant YOU AO MEN La pec lil.y who !i*?e broimt the vicume o( Solitary Vkt, (hot lire Jfel and destructive habit which auanall? sweep* to an HBtMnely |rr"* thousand* ot Yourf M?i. of the a?oa : tialicil uliui* tifl Wiil*u*L imcUcai. mi^at oikarwiaa hire entranced liaiei.inr Senataa with the thunder* ?f ela. i|i<au?.r i.. .iiijuinfctj int il> ihf i; re, may Ull Oil* lull co.ifidenc*. MARK I AOS. rilN*l,? Yourf Mia contemplauuf Marriare, Ixiaf aware at physical wsakue**, organic debility, deformities, Ac., apeedily cured He ? ho j'lacca hnreclt'untKr the care of Dr J may relirtn*>ly cmihde m hi* houor a* a geutleosan and coatdcatby rely upou hi> skill a? a physician. OFFICE A't 7 SOCTH FREDERICK ST left hand aide f?ii\[ from Baltimore atreet, few dooe* frotr. the corner. Pat. not to observe name and r.umi>*r Letter* must b* paid and coutaiu a stamp. DR JOHNSTON, Member of >e Roysl Colleea of ???... 1 -?A? * w r , jr.auue Itoai ou? ot the mow cmuitnt Lollt^ti in tfet railed 1.1 -he rieater | irt ul * mom nit b-a *'t?n ipfBf iu ?ie ol London, i'tne, I'iiili lalptua aud t lata litre, aa tffcitj i<m aI tb> aim i'duiiIi <>( caret that ?era r*er kn??u. ... nt troubled with rinfii.t la the haa4 and !?rt wbau JH'C, ttc, rouautat, Mm( alarmed at ?<?n ao?ti4*, haahvulneat ..k frequent M?.ip?r,r. atttndtd lometimta with d<iinf(i?D[ of a.i.t ?tit curt4 mmt liaieiv. TAKE PART1CVLAR NOTICE Yome Men and ntlitr* who ht?t intand lhanatl'H by i :crt*ia practice luduiftd m ahit a I out?a Kabit frtjat mtkf (triifd from tvil cci.pmoni, or n iclteol, tt>? cftcta of ?h cn are ft ?*en vhen aaieep, and if iwcvrl, tndcit nuriMft 4ud denroyi bet* iaud4 tod K>dr, ihroM apply iH>iMdiaiflf. Ttirae are itmr '** the ud .??J mtlincMf eflecta Dttdictd <? earl? habiu of vocik. %u : cl iha B?ck ud .not*, ratna in ilia fle?d, Pnr>i?eaa of ftiflit, L^m of Ma?caUr 'over. PilpiMtiAi) ai me Hear. Duptpt^, Narvow Irrna nine, D?rAiijjuf.fti of iht l>tfeativ? FiMactaooa, Gtnrr%A >ebi itjr, Fjrmpteiii of Coitaiunpttoat, kc MlMii.L* -Tlie l?artal iftcla on tha ?iad are moch to > dreaded - L'-sa A Me mor e, Cwfunw of ld???. f>fprw?*? f Spinia, fcv,| AvcrtKNi *?f Rociat?, Self D?a ru*t,l.*T?of Muude.Tiniidi'^, (tc ,?rt aof tH? ?!! iroduced Kimoi * Pfbilitt ?thcumndt can bow udf wtiar ? he causr ot their dcc Umof htalth, I^aiu* their tifor, be com. ii|f aeik, pale, utnotn aud finacufj, ha*inj a am foiar ppitrmct -bout the eyet, iough ot ??inptoiH erf cooM?f Oil. DISEASES OF 1MPHUDESCE When the e? *? uided ?nd imprudent *niar? of pJta*?r? flwda e h .? in t .bed t? e at* la ol tlita pau.tul dioeao*. ft toe ofieu appeM that n> ili timrd ifui" ol h?n?e dread of diacovter efere tuna from-?pplytug to ?Hoar % of frooi education rip'CMhliir.Cau almie befriend lum lie Mia ioto tho Uida M i#u?*f ?at iiii' d??i?uu.? ? w-* -- f cnru z. f-lch hi* pecniiiiry iuhM4bce. k*ep hire tnflmr iftuti after month. or aa long > ihe ainallaa' fee caei b( 8*1, int in itn|iiir lux him with ruined health t' *1*^ er hi r < ling disappointment, cr by the n*? of mmi <M<lr W'*-Mercury ? h .eten -he C'uatituuonal ?yn>PU?o?e of th?? rriMe dik>m,ioc(i ? Atftcluxu -4ll>e Heart. "H-rout. Hn4. km , ri?fi(M { ?nh frightful rapidity, fill death po?t mod lulni nmitlai avReringe bt eeudiug bits to th*{ ? entered count ir Irriu tligtf bourne no traveler return* JR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS ASP 1MPOTENCY By thia ;r<?t and impoiunl reined* >ok>tHi((be orriM re apeedily cm ed -i.d full ?igor reetored Thoua .ode ? the iu?t Hereout and detili* >ted, ?bo liad loat til Uope, h??? pen iHiawtwtely relieved All to Marriage, PhyMCal ur Miulal Dieqaalicatioua, Loaa of Procre?u?e Powet. Ner*"ua lrritabiltw, remMinf and Wr.kueaa or EshaoetiMi uf the nuti (earm ind apeediiy enred. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS Tut y.Anv TH'it'liUM cured rt thia u.etituoon erHh't le liMKttkKu j ear a, and the a nmrnea laiperuattmr. >1 operation! by Dr Julu.atun, ?itueeeed by tne pert era . f the e??ri?A *i .1 rryinv the.r nf ria.; uoti^a c4 ticli Have appeireu agun ana agalu t .a lore nelMCiM"Mi Nl rV.: Z \ V*\'' '/ ' V rr ? n ^ ~ |wn< to me amicico vuar 1*-1 luv fit Iff ?&{$? flKMHT" ATP-L 7 THE REMEDY REJOICE i*'HEALTH. Frend. do ?ou euPerr Are yon the Tiottm of uy ftno'o nHi^eroas ii.mfcu whioh anae from .mnrlty of the blood? W hat are Uiey, do yon uk f Lath or a*t, what are tl?y not i The Mood Is the ->urce of lfle and hoa.ih. and it ia the ftrat aimwt f our bnice to refund to any r>aue? wUioh afleota ?e ayatein, a? the fc:re iiialnWy attoata. The e?? rera:!t::t N^ara cia. t^e irriL?-iir? 1>?.i? aU> Scrofula, tli* agonizing R heomatifinr^or"Uf I)*t>thty, Ojujefna, Lirsr Compiaint with its )r?f.r and dfjeotirn, acd the numherloee iil> that ?< h is heir to. derive their hideous origin from tn* lood. Jjeal Mnd.y the* and gently with the blood. s? the vitalising reeocrcon of nature for Ita uL uJ eefler up to commend to your corf.Jenoe a 1.4 *e t-.M tru y valuable merfioamect known m MRS. M. cors INDIAN TKUKTABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible seeotfia o?:lar sentiment has spoken in deoided terms ad ti.o evidences of this great efioaey are n? nn^d by avowa.s of ei.rative effects aud ?? fcspp1.?<t results from ita nee are aftor all other mediee and the best medieai skill have failed. L<?t us say, in conclusion, that oertifciaUs ires are not eoug 'it from the illiterate and suaeroial, tint they are volunteered from the most ro setable sources and justify the highetft tonne in hirh it la m*%mm t 1?!* ? ?i ?U- ? ? ? ? ?? r *' '"V ?V VV?M IMDUH TttlUBI ?W peeifia to p- f> 10 aprrova . We may add aia? that ie ca rati re propertieaof the m?diome are equalled 11; j br iu r?>6toittive electa. the ayatein reonTer if from diifMc with renewed oonetitationai For aale by a'l respectable PrufKiata In th(a Ity, and by the proprietor, MKC. M. COX, None tannine wiieae her unit la blown on the nttle and her a#a! on the cork inr Price (1 per bottle, aiz bottle* for *. WkoUfnU Aunt. R. H. T. C188KL, Druf?iM eorcetowr., D C.. Wholesale A tent for tha TWa lot, and wt.l aupply the trade at my pnoea. am l?-tr l"?HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. T* D * f?C ?.* 1> a ? ? a ? ? - - " too a?rroiwiea ny koti, .etters Patent o( Kng and, and secured by the cals of the Kcole de t'harmacie de Per is, and the mperial Cc!le?reo| Media, no. Vienna No. 1 is inraluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, nd a!> physical disabilities. No. 2 completely eradicates all trace* of thosa iceaseg that nave l>een hitherto treated by toe aau pciuf and permcti us use of acwuva and cubebs. No. 3 has entirely supplanted the injurious use of leroury, theretiT insuring to th? sntferer speedy e ief, dispersing al! impurities, and rooting ou he Tcidin of disease. TK1K>F. MaK. noa 1,2 *nd j.are prepared id he lurm of a iozonjce, devoid of taste and smel;, .ml can he carnal in the waistooat pocket. Moid n tin case*, aid divi.l >d into ?ep urate dose*, a* ad r>iuist*ied hr Va.'peap, Laliem&nd, Konx, Rio rd. to. Price #3 rach, or foar cum for #8. which aves #3; and in 9*7 oases, wherebv there i*a *avnc of 9<*. To l>e hart. wholesale and retail, of Dr. lARROW.of 194 Bleeoker street, New^ork. mmediate:v or. r?oeivinc a remittanoe. Dr. Barrow rill forward the i rie*ein*r to any part of th* world, lecurely packed, and addressee aeoording to the iaitrnction* of the writer. The Book, of a'l other*, that should b* read by nen with damiced and broken down oonstitutioa* a "Iiurr.anFr&ilt*, or Plivsiologioai <tes*?roh**." t is liriAunlu'lt i..ii*tr*t?-d. ajid trMti* <r iimteit of J! th? ttjir.p orn* tk?t invariably d?v?loi them Vfi. sooner or later. r~?uitir.; iron tb? fnultl** md vit'Htiu^ habit* of earit ??uth, inoapaotthtitif he victim from ahvtng the fruition of the matnnonia: ctalo, and. if not checked in time, doceaerktiDK ali t c function* of manhood, and 6rjnfi?f lim. fctep by step ton It uterine and nntime.r dealt Sold by Dr. HAW ROW, 1?? Bieeoker tUMt. foir loora b<-lov M*c?ou*ai. New York. Pnoe JS sent*. Sent free every where. Sold a.c?> by Si. C. Ford, Jr., Drug Store, Waehntton. D. C. deJ?-?iT__ DR. J. BOVEEDOW) JMfERIAL WINK BITTMRS, Art now belnr teed from Maine to the 6 real Sa t L<ake, anl tke imrtrnl verdiot of all who nee ihem either aa a or u a *??era?e. is thai hey are cnaarpacea in tha wor d l>r. 0o4e UM ihem r?oor*?fa!!y la hia pra^to* tor % year* b?#nr* reparci<ae?4 of him the sole rickt to maaaJhotaro ind preaect th<?<* tor wale to thejwfclie. For-tho >*??. Pli?. l?r?M? DinMM, FVH^I* C*? laioU, and alt cum i aMirins a tonic, tiirf rone do*H a -sort IttraTvIMa reread r. Aa?4? ??? their medio int.: ? r->?tte# tsar are a *?re. ome m4 <> fSt.'*, Beverage. eroiaeiM \i_?" ? na?ant aikiierVint ef?ti of wrurrir or ^!?* ritiirttt tt.e r inlv-loaa reaitltm. IM all fnaade of nnmanitr &nd H.vivioHm of a in anbatitcmj tfceee TalaaMe Vec^We for the nw?m and rfwafff pth which the poaa^_leD jS? Tf CMAELKP WU)DiriELp * CO__ ss^rrs iS^rj^rsajzsKii never uiiito ow*. aad wmrr*n?a to gl?* mi ~ ii iii mn/ Af*. wmEiiHii .IT c