Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1861 Page 2
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- - - ?1? THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY M?rr fc M, IHI, |[~7* The new Dollar Weekly SUf. fuller than er of Metropolitan news ard gossip, and choice literary reeding, Is now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced In lta entertaining content* are the following articles : The Black Spot_a thiilling tale of China; Fashion* for March, front Le Follet; Piptberia. lta Origin ard Curt; ?btps in Armor; Raising Thunder with Wax Worx, ky ArteaiM Ward; Blunder of au American Tourist, A John Brown ?'? - ? t - cumiprarrecuon-pirn-n! ???-j > Great Haul of Ccuolcrf'tt ilonrf, Arrest of a Baitlaior* Volunteer 1b Norfolk,'Va.; Artemus Ward on U<* L'niou, Attempted Hank Robbery: Correspondence from Pensacola; Army and Navy Nfwi; Operations of tbe L*. 3. Patent Office; Proceedings of the various Conferences lately in session; Rrinovili, Appointments a:id Promotions in tbe varloua Departments; Proceedings of the Senate, Supreme Court, he ; Editorials upon tbe topics of tb?* day; l.atf-st Telegraphic Dispatches frcm all parts of tbe country; Important Workshop and Household Recipes, Agricultural and Horticultural Correspondence and Miscellany. Ac , Kc ; Together with several columns of Local News, choice Miscellaneous Items, Sketches, Poetry, Fun, Wit and General Information. This la Just the'paper above all other* for persona sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or 81.00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Spirit *f the .Horning Press. The Inttlligenetr says of the attempt by the Southern States to lead the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico Into seceding from the Union, "the whole theory of Territorial secession i> so much In conflict with the lc^ic of the Staterights school on this point, that we hope its disciples would look witn no com placency on iue assumption of such a prerogative by the inhabitants of mere "Inchoate States " The Rfpublicnn argues the impolicy of evacuating Fart Pickens Fort Pjc?*s?The New York Tribun' assert*, Incorrectly, that Fort Pickens has been ordered to b? reinforced. We have satisflol ourself that no auch orders have emanated from the Government here Provisions have probably been sent there ; J and the mistake, ten to one, grew out of that fjet Op* Citt asd CorxTBT ?For many months past, and at this time, hnndreds and hundreds of honest working men here, ? elsewhere, are uncble to procure a day'* wor* ; many are now in a.mosi a grttc ol starvation. Iu fact, they would beat that point, were it not for friends, and dealers In groceries and other necessaries of life who have thus far given them credit The owners of the houses many of these people occupy can get no rents from them. This state of things cannot last Many have families dependent upon their daily labor for subsistence, and, in times when employment was easily obtained, found great difficulty in making both ends meet All these men ask is employment; and that, it seems, they cannot get new. Many of them tell us (for they often appeal to us) that they are in the habit of leavixg their distressed homes morning after morning, after a very scanty meal, with a fixed determination that, if possible, before they return to their families, they will get some employment; but, alas, bitter disappointment meets thern. Thev have no means to leave this city, and if they had. no one can tell them where they may obtain work; because business and employments of all kindsare, tnrougn me disunion imbroglio, almost prostrat? In nearly If not all of the cities and tow:.* of our eoantry. If these troubles continue for any considerable length of time, no one can forsee what the consequences n>ay be. Public as well as private improvements are everywhere curtailed. and in mcst cases altogether suspended Very few, if any, who have a dollar, wll! risk investing it anywhere now, while so much uncertainty exists On the lit of July Washington's year's taxes are due. \Vho can say with the present signs of the times that any considerable amount of those taxes will be then paid; and if they should not be. the condition of our city will be quite embarrassing; with a debt of nearly a Uiiaivu, uio iu?im ux wuicu luuti u? provided lor; witn a scnoot system mat <uu?uui>y ?. _ *_ * - - - thousand aouars a year, ana a ponce system mux coat* at least forty thousand more; a pjor and workhouse to maintain. which require many thousands mor?; besides many other heavy items of expenditure, Which it is not necessary to partlcular'.ze Our object is to draw the attention of the constituted authorities, national and municipal, tothfs subject, and also that of the humane of our community to the unprecedented condition of many honest and industrious working men in ourni'dst. Tax Skxatk closed their called session yesterday afternoon, having confirmed ail the nominations sent to theiri by Trts.dent Lincoln. The Ill-timed declaratory resolution of r*euator Trumbull, looking apparently to the end of Increus'ng the bad blood between North andSou'li. dud. ? - ? 1 a* we anticipated, a natural deuth, and now remain* a* it should, bat the expression of the lew* of its author?not tboa? of a majority of the Senate of the United States. It was deaignt-d io pisdfs tbe Senate to the policy of civil war, evidently; and was therefore mischievous la its tendency The friends of the Vclou in the border siaveholding States have more than diiCcuities enough to contend with , without having them Increased by even the introduction of suoh prop osiuons into ut senate, wnicti furnish political capital to be used by the disunior.ists with telling effect. hullabaloo about Nothisg .?R umors are afloat bere Baying that a terrible riot la antic) pated lo Richmond, Va., on account of a recent order from the War Department for the removal of certain U S. arma from that city. The story waa got'en up, evidently, to lucreaae the disunion fever there. There is no truth whatever in it. A contractor to furnish cannon to the Government, whose pay ia due when he may delivtr them in that city, not long since applied for hit money, without complying with the delivery clause in his engagement He was auswered that he would be paid on delivering the fans In Richmond; but not until he had done so Out of tbcse facts this apprebend<-d-rlot story has ?TOi uiouuiiKiurra, xor me Deneflt of the disunion eausr. Tasix? Cask or Numbkd O.ii?Almost every appointment inide under the Oligarchy embraces farther proof that their government la little inure than a clo*e corporation for the benefit of the old rata driven out of the old cheese by the result of the late Presidential election. Thus, to-day, we hear of the appointment of ??_ au J <?- m ? ----- ? r nurra vrujjer, ei j? t;., to De the Comptroller of the Oligarchy's Treasury, at a salarv of S3 UM) p?r annum. Air Cruger, up to a few days since, was a $1 ,630 per annuel clerk In the Fourth Auditor's Office, In this citv. lie is the l>roti:er-in-law of Oen. J as. Ilamlltau, of s*. C, and of course by blood and connection eutltled to ail the privileges of the South Carolina Oligarchy; one of which is to be promoted from a #1.600 clerkship here, to a S3 0U0 post in Montgomery Distiict or Colcmbia Afpoistmunt* ?The public will perceive tbat we were correct in stating that it was not the President's purpose to make any District of Columbia appoiutmenU until after the clo*e of the called session of the Senate, during which nearly all his time that could be given to the consideration of such matters, was neces?rlly occupied in considering nominations to offices the law made It bis duty to All ere Ibe Senate separated Our friend of the Staff t was, therefore, Incorrect In stating yesterday that 1*7 k * ? cut row ufflce bad been off*rtd to Mr Richard Wallach and declined by that gentleman. Tbi Fibst Com pt boll s h ip or .tub Taea?ill.?We understand It to be the purpose of Secretary Chase to call beck to the First Ceenptnllereblp of the Treasury, tbe Hon KllsLn Wblttleeey, ef Oblo, than whom tbla ftovernment Bevrr bad an abler or more valuable officer. Wblle all bis friends here will sincerely regret tbt aever&ace of tbe coaaectlon of Gov Mediii?who fcse been an excellent offlcer?with the olBce, It It a subject of public coagratulatloa that bit place ta to be filled u> wall for the public lnteseat - a # A COIISRKWIO.IAI.. Shatb ?Ye*terday when our report closed the Senate had gone into executive aeMion ] * -?? -- k?.?. mm! th#?r? in the d>?ort were i *1 tH t* % uu uvui - - ??? , reopenrd; when. On motion by Mr Dixon, the Senate took up the resolution to provide the Senate with twenty , copies of (he Debate* of Congress; and after discussing it at length, on motion, It wa? postponed till the first Monday in December next ( Mr Hale moved that the recommendation made ( by the Sk-rgeant-at-A rms of the Senate, in hia report to the Committee on Contingent Kxpensea of the Senate, to dispenae with the services of three messengers. be concurred In. Mr Harlan aatd he had been informed by a P'Uje In one of the rooms of the Capitol thflt he i was acting aa a substitute for a person wtio was traveling in Kurope. Mr. D<-ttglns said charges like these were of a serious character, and were calculated to cast imputation* on the Senate. Such charge* should nut tw made without specifications, and the samel of the offending parties. He wai lure no Senator would consciously permit such abuses to continue an Lour after they were known to him IMr. Foster oflV'red a resolution to adjourn at a quarter to 4 o'clock, *ii?< Hi*. Mr. Douglas said It wns proper to hear first from the committee (Messrs Powell and Baker) to wait on the President of the United States Mr. Bright said he had not, during all hi* long connection with that body, beard of an Instance of an employee drawing his pay when not personally present. He would call on the Senator from Tennessee (Mr. Johnson) to state his experience in that respect. Mr. Johnson said that the resolution of Inquiry Into the alleged abuses was offered on the ISth of June last; Congress adjourned on the25th, so little time had been lost. Kvery Inquiry In that resolution had been replied to in the report With retpvet to the abuses alluded to by the Senator from New Hampshire, the committee was not co^nlz^nt of them. Mr. Harlan said that since be was up before he had ascertained the name of the officer who had been receiving a salary whilst traveling abroad and studying medicine In the State of Maryland. HI* name is Jamlesou, and be receive* SI/200 a year, employing a substitute at S4U a month, and putting tbe balance in hi* own pocket. !Ur Polk hoped a thorough investigation would be made into the matter. . ... Mr. urigdt thought the resolution abould l>e so modified as to give the Sergeat-nt-Arms power to dismiss an oQ'ending person. Mr. Rice said at the next session they would be able to commence reform mnch higher upttan on messengers and pages They would commence high up, and come down with a clean sweep. After some further discussion, on motion by Mr. Wilson tbe Senate again went into executive session; when, upon reopeuing the doors, tbe committee appointed to wait on the President having returned, inforrmd the Senate that the President had no further communication to make to them On motion by Mr. Hale the Senate then, at five mniuUa of four o'clock, adjourned tine die. M* McKlxath. editor of the New York Cm firry, tbe new Appralser-at-Large for the port of New York, ! a capital selection Indeed He laa gentleman of high character and fine tense, and great personal popularity withal. Hla journal? minently a conservative one?ranks, perhaps highest among all the New York weeklies. The Press will doubtless acknowledge this compliment to worth, in their profession. Thi Confirmations yesterday and the day biforr ?The following is a correct list of the principal nominations confirmed by the Senate on the day before and yesterday, previously pub lis Lieu in oiar. viz: Lucius C. Chittenden, of Vermont, Register of tbe Treasury. David K.Carter, of Ohio, Minister to Bolivia. Frederick llassaurek, of Oblo, Minister to Ecuador. Win H. Corwin Secretary of Legation to Mexico Gtorge \V. Horn, of Inwa, Consul at Marseilles James Leslie, Jr, of Pennsylvania, Consul at Lyons Wm. Carpenter, of N Y., Consul at FooChoo. R. W. Shufeldt. of .V. V , Cor.sul-lieneral at Havana Willie P. Mangum, Jr., of N C , Consul at Nin?rpo. John D Arnold, of 111., Consul at Odessa. Neville McLaughlin, cf Ind , Consul at L?!th. T. B. Lawrenc*. of Mass , Consul-General at Florence. Mark Howard, of Conn.. Consul at Meesina. Richard C Parsons, of Ohio. Consul at Rio Janeiro Wm H Fry, of N. Y., Secretary of Legation at Turin. Officers for Nevada Territory?Geo. Turner, of Ohio, Chief Justice; Horatio Jones, of Missouri, and Gordon N. Mott, of California, Associate Justice*; David Boyles, of M ssouri, Marshal; It. B. Bunker, of New Hamf?htre, District Attorney; Orion Clemens, of Missouri, Secretary; Johu W. North, of Minnesota, Surveyor-General. Officers for Dacotah Territory?Wm Jane, of Illinois, Governor; Philemon Bliss, of Ohio, Chief Justice; L O. Wlllston, of Pennsylvania, and Allen A Burton, of Kentucky, Associate JuitlrML Hpnrv V Vail Hlttfirt Ait, rr-, Wm N Sharper. Marshal; George D. Hill, Michigan, Surveyor-General , John Hutchinson, of Kansas, Secretary _ ouicera for tbraska?Alvln Saunders,_o/ Jn?ttce; Simuel Milllgan, of fennessee, Associate Jdatice Otticers for Colorado?Charles Lee Armour, of Maryland, Associate Justice; Copeland TowuI'. H Marahal, Thos. D. Edwards, of Kentucky, District Attorney. Co lec(-ir? of Customs?Hiram Barney, for New York; Julius White, for Chicago; Wm. Clapp, for the District of Vermont; Jobn Lawrence Uogps, for Peith Amboy; Edwin Palmer, for Mtiwauki": Joan Henlon. for Dubuque Robert Wood. Surveyor at Hampton, Ya. Jos. A. Dalton, Naval uiilcer for Salem. .Mass \\ in. H Valient, Surveyor at Oxford. Md Thos J. Gardner, Marshal lor the Western District of Tennessee John McCormick, Attorney for thg Western District of Tennessee. John L Hopkins, Attorney fcr the Eastern District of Tensesh?-e. Birt'.kstone McDanitl. Marshal for ths I.astern Dit-tri' t of Tennessee A.Jmlson Crane, Attorney for the Southern District of Virginia. \V m. A. I? rt. Marsh-il for the Northern D.strict <?f New York Anthony J Keasly, Attorney for New Jersey llei'ijub Deacon, Marshal for New Jersey Oeorge Howe, Attorney for Vermont. Cle P. Baldwin, Marshal for Vermont. Postmasters ?The following nominations for postmasters have been continued among others:? GeorueG Swift, at Geneva, N. V \ Charles C. Jennings, at Euton. Pa.; George Sandre. at Abingdon. Va.; George H. Bergiier, at Harrisburg, Pa; Alexander Mi Donald, ut Lynchburg, Va ; Waldo M Potter, at Saratoga, N. Y ; Rolf F Sanders, at Memphis, Tenu ; George Dawsou, at Albany. N V ; John M. Stockton, at Ma>sville, Ky , Alnion M Clapp, at Botlalo, Joseph M. U?.? i ?* -? ?'-i - n ckiiii, ?i? nni, ra ; win. r. fope, at little Rock, Ark , David F Linegar, at Cairo, 111.; Sharon Tli dale, at Belleville, ill. The Patent Ottlce.?Kxam!Ders-in-Cbief. Silas H Hodge*. of Vt ; George Harding, of Pa ; and Thomas C Theakrr, of Ohio W. D. Washburne, surveyor-Central of Minnesota Abuer Tibbetta, Register of the Land Olllrs at St Paul, Minn. Fielding Johnson, Indian Agent for the Delaware* In Kansas Clark W. Thompson, 01 Minn . has been appointed to the .Northern Indian Super;titendency. Robt M. Palmer, of Pa., Minister Resident to the Argentine Republic; Janus H Trunubnll, of N. J , Ceinul at Taltahuaoo; Andrew IJ Dickinson, of .\ Y., Minisbr Res>dent of Nicaragua: Kdward Jordeu, of Ohio, Solicitor of the Unitea States Treasury. Uenj F. lsherwood, of N. V , Engineer iuCblef of the Navv. Thomas A J*oir?iin ?<> K? ? Chief Engineer in the Navy A namoer of Army and other confirmations were made in addition to the above. Including Major Day to be Lieut Colonel In place of Aber< ouitie, promoted to Colonelcy. The Virginia < onreution ' Corrtfpondence of The Slur. Uichmoxd, March to?p. m. There ia a disposition on the part of the ' majority"' (?a the Lnion party ia the Convention are called) to draw the debate to a Hose at an early day. Carlile'a resolution for terminating debate In committee of the whole on Monday next waa ! brought forward laat night as a sort of " feeler," and waa defeat*-d by only four votea. Another of similar character will doubtless be introduced shortly, and ia very likely to paaa The ceceaalontata declare that their object In prolonging the debate la not "delay;" but those who profess to be poated aay it la for the purpoae of waiting for further expreaaiona of popular sentiment in the way of instructions, which have in aome Instance* already oersted againat the Union party. After the subject la taken out of Committeeof the W hole, debate can be controlled, and we may then be able to foretell with aome accuracy the tlnal result. Friends of Mr. Summers appear to doubt the truth of the repott thit he haa been ottered a seat on the Supreme Bench by the Lincoln Administration It may be true nevertheless. The sessions of the Convention are long, and the meab'iaacknowledge the neceaaity of getting through aa aoon aa |>o?tbie; why then will they continue to debate, when there ia no man among them who ha* not fully made up hia mind ? From Texas ?Intelligence baa been received i by the Government from Brownavllle, with date* to tbr UHh list. Capt Stoneman states thatseven , companies. Including French's battery, had em- i birkedon hraoH fh? ? m " * ? vwdu n cusier, lor TOrW- ] gu, Key \Vr?t. and other ports. The cavalry were txpocted to 1m*i on the 244 on board the ' Arlxonta. for New Orlear.a. The United 5Utea ] troops bad not given up the poata Captain SUuieinan had, tn accordance with an ; arrangement made by General TwIkbs. turned : nrrr u> ine rexuua thrfe hundred and fiTty horaea and Ua six-mule teams. A few houta alter tber* waa a complete aUraped* of the hnraes, which ? caused great rejoicing among our soldiers. Iotelllgenre from Tex*a with recent dates state | that the Indiana were making aad havoc with tho ( Uvea and property of the white settlers The !u- ' d ana baa been informed of the withdrawal of 1 the United States troops, and wers accordingly 1 arranging for a general iocunion. \ En r f a,1. a*t W' MM??????Mfc??? OEPARTnERT JIEWS. Navt Orric**i Navy Department Save information of the death of Capt. R B. Cunningham, U. 8. N , at Mare Island, Cal , not long aince Lieut Horace N. Harriam, U. 8. N . died tbu morning at bla residence In thlacitv. of cliptharts Rimovsd ?Messrs. r F Byrne and Wm h. Coleman, both of Michigan, the flrst-naned a H.4W per annum rlerk. anit the second a SI 'w per annum cl*?rk in the General Land < 'tHoP,have bten removed. The mw Coxxunoxtt of Patehts?The Hon D. P. Halloway. of Ind.. this morning en- j U-rcd on the disc barge of his official duties. Items Telegraphed from Washington. W*?bisotos, March ?}.?Mr. Archbold, late FDRlneer-in-Cbief of the W*vy, yesterday received a despatch from ex-Senator .Mallorv. oflerIrg him a stmil-r position under the Confederate States, which be declined Postmaster General Blair, in the case of the Philadelphia Post Office, has decided that a Postmaster must be appointed from the place where the office is located, and not from any other section. This relieves the Department, in many instances, of a pressure for Post Offices from persons who do not reside near the otUce which they seek, including that of W. Plnknev Kwing, of Cecil county, who was an applicant for the Baltimore Post Office. The tidings from the -'Confederated States of America'1 forbode trouble in the military chest, from an unwillingness or inability of the people to take up the fifteen million loan. The unstable ground on which the Confederacy has been built, acknowledging the right of States to secede at pleasure and destroy the Government, bas tight ened tbe purse-strings or capitalists, and tbr people who have tbe will to subscribe find their affairs so Involved in the prostration of all manner of business that they cannot attempt permanent Investments. It Is also well known that the great mass of the men of wealth in the Seceded States were opposed to Secession, and still look forward to a hope of reconstruction, hence It is not expected that they will be very liberal In their contributions The visit of Mr. Forsyth to New York is said to be in th# Uop. ranking wmo crianeement with the capitalists of that city. Personal. Hon. J. A. Bingham, of Ohio, Is at the Washington House. Hon. \V Mill ward. Pa; PC Kennedy, U.S M.C; T.J. Honolula, Honolula, are at Kirk woods'. Wm Rice, Ksq. formerly publisher of the Pennsvlvanlan. died in Philadelphia on Tuesday of typhoid fever. Senator Wlgfall and Hon. J. B Floyd were serenaded in Richmond. Va , on Wednesday night, and made Secession speeches. The Petersburg (Va ) Intelligencer has hauled down the I!. 8. Flag, which has so long stood at the head of its columns. Robert Foard, Esq , Is announced in ths St. Mary's Beacon as a candidate for the Maryland Court of Appeals in the second judicial district. Hon. 8 Baker, N. Y ; John P. Verree, Pa ; Hon. H. Tyler, N Y; Donn Piatt and lady, O ; Gen. Jas. Wilson, ex-Senator from New Hampshire, now ofCalifomia; Dr S J. Jones, U S.N; W. P. Smith, Md , are at Willards". We perceive from brief paragraph in a Wednesday's Globe that Mr. Wright Rives, of this city, though duly gazetted to a first lieutenancy in the army of the Oligarchy, Is now at West Point, and designs graduating and remaining in the army of the I'nlted States We are glad to hear it Dr. Jcsiah Willard Gibbs, Professor of Sacred Literature in tLe Theological Depirtment of Yale College, and a in*n of great celebrity In the world of Science, died at New Haven, on Monday, aged 71 years. He held a high rank among American sholars, not only ft?r learning and research in his special department, but for his thorough acquaintance with general philology He w*s the author of a valuable Hebrew Dictionary and of many other minor works of great merit f or nearly forty years he h??bt?n connected with the Theological Seminary of Vale College. Aa a student and as a teacher he wai eminent for caution, for earnest and thorough investigation, and for the safety of his conclusions. 07" The Florida State Convention hai confirmed the permanent Constitution without referring !t to the people. The Mississippi Convention li divided on thequestlon of reference to the people. ryTjf-ATTENTlON, COMPANY C, W. L. I. B IL -< YfU are hereby ordered to appear at the animry THIS (Frida? > EVfcNING, March ?)ih, at 8 o'oiock, in full uniform. It R. O. 9TF.VENS. Captain. rrg=?MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.?The aeaiiJ-.7 annual ineetin* of the .M wheal A?soci?tion of i) C. will he held at the Washington Infcrmary, on TUt SDAV . AntiUH ?t Hn'nn.Vm ma 2j-31* ' " y.'W. if LOVEJO Y,"m. D 8?o. rrS?THE ADJOURNED AlEKTjriQ,!.:# HH|rw? ria/.' iflfs LVKNING. at half past se*en o'cloci. Soveral Indian Chief* of the Choctaw and Cherokee Nations. with other distin^uiahed speakers, ar? expected to address the nt'-eune. Larocjca will a?ain sin* appropriate Melodies. Admission free. A collection will le taken opto defray expenses It* rv^? UNIVERSAL ISM.- Fkw ta r mt; t ratif-V: I | ~< all likewise f'Tish: sain the whole world j anil lose his of* thkophilca hske will | preach id explanation of these (Mippnsrd to |e? difficult texts on SUNDAY t'VKN1 >0, at the oid Trinity Chuioh, at a quarter before 8 o'olock. Ho will show that they have not the remotest reference to a future state of *-xis'enoe and do not, in at:r wav, confliot with the doo'rine of universal holineas a,id h*pnness. Seats tree. ma 2t* (Y^j=?THE MKMHKR* f)K THE COLUMBIA KiiRinoCompany, No. I ,are hereby notified tiir.t an i-lPctiiiii lur -:e\ en director* of tna t.'oiuini la l.iiT&rf. wilt t-e lie d on MON DAY, April lt.t, 1 HI, at the Engine Houso. Tiie A'llowirr persons have liceii app >inted Commissioners of El^cttor ? John S. Hootvs. Asdrhw P. .McKknna and Jam Karry The poiis will bo kept open from 3 to 9 o'clock p m. ira i?-3t* W. P. HICKS. Librarian. WAGONS, CARTS AND DRAY?. Rkgistm's Ofpic*, Maree Jfi, 1961. Notico i? lieroby given that I ieenses issued to owner* of Wagons, Cart* and Drays, will expire on tho first MoLtlay in April and that said Lioeote* n-Jst be renewed in compliance with law, at this office, within ten days afl?r that time. WILLIAM MORGAN. ma26dtApril4 Reeister. English SHIRTING CALICOES I have received three case* of English Shirting Palifo *s of new ?tylC3, of m? own importation ar:d warranted fa?t oo ors, at 12H cents p?r yard. HENRY EG AN. 343 Pp..avo,.ue, . ma29 fit New Iron Building. PRIM K EASTERN POTATOES. 1,200 RUSH El S PRIME WHITE MOUNTAIN POTATOES Shortly expected from Maine. For sale bv C/MfTi *? - r v/ u iiD a. vu , ma2^ 1 w Alex*udr a. V? M WEDDING PRESEN I'S. . W. GA1.T A Bit OTHER Have just opened their r-w styles of FANOY SILVER WARE ard other new roo't*. gotten up e?pec!?'ly f r WEDDING PRESENT?. M W. GAl.T A BKO., Jewelers. 354 Pa. avtnne. ma 29 3t F^nr door* west of Hrown's Hottl. SUGAR, MOLA8SKH. Ao Jthhrt* I'ORTO RICO SUGAR. 75 darrein R EFINED do. Sw do NEW ORLEANS and CUBA MOLASSE*. 50 barrel* Mm 1,3, an1 4 MACKEREL. 100 doz?n BROOMS. J list reoeived and for sale by maZ'3t?o MURRAY St SKMMES. 1 NEW DRESS GOODS. AM Dai'y receiving new styles ofLAD'ES' no t^hia <tv/? no . ? r*?? * -- ? #nur<o uuuv^, 111 nrttj vjpwif, ropiin*. !_ Ii& 1 ~ lies. Del*uie?, Duoals, Bereses. Dehejes?some very good styiee as low as 8.1("and ?2H ? "*? P*' yard. HfciNKY hijAN, 383 Pa. ? ., between 6th and 7th at#., ma 29 6t (Intel) New! ron Bcildi n?^_ TKA*. LIQUORS, Ao- .. 75 half-chesU FRFSH TLA, 2i. barrels GI BOON'S OLD WHISKY, in do. OLD MOUNTAIN do. 6 do very old F AM ILY NECTAR do, 4?> do OLD RYK do. 25 000 HAVANA CIGARS. 100 ,?H 0 (i V RMAN do JjT"^ ' 'V.'A^AV t 8KMMB9. jjOOPKKIRTS! aoor Just reoeivrd another supply of Ladies', Misses' and Children's Hoop Skirts of the newest styles of the cross overhoop from the center down. The lut- ntion is to keep the skirt down in front when the lady sits down. Also? Naw supplv of Parasols and Sua Umbrrllas, Linen Cambrio fia- dkeroh'efs, Jouvin's Kid Gloves, Cotton and Bilk Hosiery *nd jjlovn, Ao , at the lowest cash price* HENR\ EGaN, 32* (south side) Pa. avenne, rna?-flt llntei.) New Iron Build'nr C1 H E A P / DOMESTIC GOODS. /have now on hand our usual ar?e assortment Domestio Goods, for general lamily use, eonsuting of? Heavy yard wide Bleaohed Shirt'g Co'tons at l^e. Extra fine | 1SX ?up?r - " " M ** M 11 M * ... 7/ M H II ? II C L Fin? % " *' M " " ?J? Vard-and hlf." ? Sheet'* ? 12* ? <4 ?? ? J " '< 33 i ) anls " " " 35 ToK?Cb*r with All the baat to&kea of SImH'ih ?nd th:rtib( Cotton* and Iriah Ltneoa, ko. ALao? Kor SwtmU' Wear-Haa.jry Oan*bur? Plaid Cotassss-2 :s irliSr *"v'?!?HtVkv EakN,i"m,*uU^&sass,. S>: x>.wv7??- ? *' 4 The Inn tr*a ( illlfriK. kc. Ft amcisco. March 13 ?thf ?tramrr Golden Ga:e tailed for Panama to-dav. carrying 16'J poasen^es and nearly * million in tr?*fture uot uowney uas vetoea me due cDancing me murder trial of Horace Smith from San Francisco to 1'laeer < ourty, hut both Houses ?f the Legislature passed tb> hill over the veto?the lobbies shcatlng entUos.^attcallv over the result Daring the last fbnr dajrs the Legislature has mrt ear' aft* moon and gone throu? li the routine of balloting for a Senator, without appearing; to make any progress toward aa election Ten ballot* In all have been had. It requires > vot?-? to elect, and no candidate haa vet received at high aa 30. Without new combinations are formed, no Senator can be elected this winter Commandant H B Cunningham, of tlie Mare Island Navy Yard, died this morninc A R Mallorv, late State Comptroller, died on the 1st intt. The pony expre** Reaving St Louis on the 21th mi arrived at San francisco last evening. The agent at this enu of the line ia making arrangements

to mater'allv qnlcke* the speed hereafter, now that the route Is more free of snow The California Coal Mining Company, with a capital stork of ?5,0110,000. was incorporated yesterday, to develop the recently opened mines in Mount Diablo region, which promise to be inexhauatible and of excellent quality. It ia proposed to build a railroad to make the mines more accessible to the Bay of i?an Francisco. The bark Guayamas sailed to the Mexican port of that name on the Oth, taking a cargo of goods for Arizona, to be transported across S*onora by the new route opened by the authority of the Government of that State. Alex Purple, one of the Vigilance Committee exiles of 105o, returned to California on the last steamer, and baa been arrested and placed under 9*J00 bonds for dUturblng the peace. Orkoox and British Columbia. Oregon dates to tbeKh inat have been received. A disastrous conflagration occurred at Vancouver's on the 6th. Property to the value of S2I.0U0 ?-_J U -X a 1 ? * * * ? i ma uctii uwmyra, ana a oinn named jonn n van was to badly burned tbat hi* life Is despaired of. Large crowds of miners are pursuing their way to the Rock River mines. Sandwich Islands. Thp orhnoner VV. I.. Richardson brings Sandwich Island dates to the 1 Hh of FebruaryThe anniversary of King Kamehameha's birthday occurred on Saturday, the 9th of February, and was observed at Honolulu with great public rejoicing. The annual parade of the fire denartment, In uniform, with their engines, was hel<l on this occasion. On the Kith the U S sloop Wvomlng, six gons. tinder command of John k Mitchell, arrived at Honolulu, for Panama, via Uilo and Lahama, In search of the sloop-of-war Levant, supposed to be lost The Honolulu Advertiser of the 14th has the following on the subject:?There is every reason to believe that United States slooD-of-war I., vat.t bus met with some serious disaster toon after leaving Hilo. It was Captain Hunt's intention to have taken a northerly course from the Islands, till he judged he could fetch the port of Acapulco, where he proposed going first to forward his dispatches to W ashington If this plan was followed, the Levant probably ran north to about latitude 31 degrees, then tacked and beaded for the Mexican coast. The bark Consort was dismantled In a gale about October 15, according to one account, and October 20,according to another. In looking oack over our shipping memoranda, we find that the whaling barks Emerald, Robert Morrision, Florence, and liraganza. and ships Republic, Coral and Majestic Arch, report severe Sales in from 3u to 45 north latitude, from Octoer 3d to October luth (wind southwest), in which tbev all received more or lew damage. Had the Levant simply been dismantled, she could have reached these Islands under jury masts, or the boats could have got here. The conclusion forces itself on us that if she met with disaster, It has proved fatal to the ship and all on board " 1 A ?. Pm . tu- nt?t ?> nrtam? ai v nARLf iu.i 1 UC VQiriCVWQ Courier of the *J6tta instant says : Fort SvmtfT?Col. Lamon, of Illinois, formerly a law partner with Mr Lincoln, reached this city unexpectedly on Sunday last, and although bis name was re orded on the books of the Charleston Hot'l. he passed unobserved until Monday, when having sent bis card to Governor Pi :ker.s, he was received by his Excellency and bad a conference of some length. About 1pm. Col. Lamon. accompanied bv Col. Durvu. Aid to the Governor, left the city in the steamer Planter, Capt. Ferguson, ?nd proceeded to Fort Sumter The tide being low the steamer was unable to reach the Fort wharf, but was met at a short distance by a boat commanded by an officer, who we understood was Lieut. Hall. After presenting a written communication to the Lieutenant, Col. Lamon was Invited Into tht boat, nccoinpanied by Col Duryea, and they were taken to Fort Sumter, where they retrained about one hour. Oa the approach of the steamer to the Fort about half dozen of the garrison collected on the wbarf, and some half dozen officers were on the ramparts usiug their spy classes After staying in the Fort for some time, Col. I.amon, accompanied by M3jor Anderson, took a sitlon of the Fort ana its surroundings. \\ bile on the steamer tfcv Knvoy from Washington alluded several tiri'es to the importance of preiserving the peaie. and that he expected to leave Immediately for Washington city, and hoped to return here in a few days The last remark vrnnld t?,?? so far hs he was concerned, ht bore no order for the evacuation of tbe fortress, and would give color to the opinion held by many, that the question of leaving is iu debate between Major Anderson and tbe U nshington authorities, each wishing to shift the responsibility off their own shoulders. This matter as it stands is becoming rather annoying to the public here, and the people are expecting with anxiety a tlnal settleim nt, eituer peaceably or by the sword Col. Lam on left on Monday nlghton the 11 o'clock train of th* Northeastern Railroad. Kink, who was arrested not long since at I Oxford. . for the murder of J?r J. H Rowe, who stopped all night at Kink's tavern, has been released owing to the reappearance of the supposed victim Kink extcnrively advertised liis arrest, and besought Rowe to "turn up" and prove his innocence, and Rowe seeing the uotice, confessed. Another proof of the efficacy of adUApfiat a*?r HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEKLY STAR. TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FK1END OK RELATIVE ? IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL. NEWS IS UNSURPASSED! BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY ! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HI NURED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Wetk, to be out on Friday Morning?-price Three Cents?will le a remarkably interesting one. Every Person at a distance who would keep Posted with reference to what is reallu - J going on here tn these interest ing tunes should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. AVERYNICE PRINCE A CO.MELOOEON. whioh hae bsen u?ed a short time.? for &:? very low at MKTZEROTT>|bH| Muaio@tore. AJao, at>-*ral sacond-hand*TTVl? Pianim. - ma 3t MRS. M. S. BISHOP ^ missenigair. 55? Of 1016 Cb??tnut at.. Phi a<telpiua, will opao a very LauJaoms assortment of PaRIS MiLLlnery on Saturday, March 30tb, at Clacett k m??j inft 28 3'* SCHENCK'S TREATISE ON CONSUMP TION?To he hadfree of charge at the Drug Store of 8. K. WAITK, oorner Seventh at. and Louisiana av. Dr. J. H. Sohenck, of Philadelphia, ha* published a pamphlet firm* a full deeorietion of the diseased state of the Lungs, Liver and stomach. Every invalid should call and get one. ma ?8-1 m PMBBS* HAIR STORE, vJ No a 4*i Pa. av . but 12th a*i> ISih a'a. PFRFUMEKY. *e HKA D5 CURLS WlOS, HALF Wilis'. KRiZBTTES, &o. A full stock always on hand, or made to order at the ?horte?t n itioe Hair Work repaired or exchanged. N. B.?Ladies' Hair Dyed in the must natural manner ma g 6m THE CROSSED PATH, By WiJkia Collins, author of the Womai in WniU. Darley's Diokena; Darley'a Cooper. Appleton's New Amenoau Cyclopedia, volume 11 now ready. I ani> many ointtr new uookt received this day and for rale at our u?ual low prioee. FRENCH k. RICHSTEJN, ma 23 ( *?>> National Bookatore, 878 Pa. ay. WCA8H. K Would reapictfully oall i.'e attention of customers who buy for caali to oar New Hyetem "of giving off e duo junt of lire per cent, for the cash." Ha?iag but "one prieeoustomers will aee at a glance the great saving in our new ayatem. We invltealtcexamineforthemselvee. j W. M 8HUSTER 4 CO.. mm* I >" ' - PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN. T**asr?t Ditaktmbkt. March a. 188L SiALEi' i'*op >?4U win b- rooMT*d at thia D* DlrtMrut Utll II n'sloak n imof Tnf?d\f, tko Id Jtay of April ~aezt,7oVfcKiHT IQlXIQIi DOlLAR8 OF TDK STOCK OF THK UNItfiD r ATKy, to lw> issued under the act of Conirm of the 8th of FH>?u*rv !ut Thia atock will bear ict?ra?t at the rate of aix pet aei.t Mr annum, pavali'e aeni. annually on the firat day a of Jsi.unri %,}<1 luly ia each year, and will I* reimbursat.le u. year- ftom the brat day of J&naarr Iam. Tha aroposaiv shooid ha endnraed on tha envelopes, ''Pi?p"i?lf lor Loai< of 1?61," at,* be ad dreaaed to the-'secretary of the Tr'-asurs. XVaahmir'on.i) C." They will be opened and decided at the time a!>o\ e stated. No offer ?an be accepted for ay Iracttoa of one thousand dollar?; nor wrl any offer be ronaiJered unlets one per omnium of its am^nnt is deposited with a depovtary of the United PtMes. aulject to the oider of .the Pecretary of the Treasury. The certificate of ?urh deposit must aocompany rach proposal. A'l offsrs for dock under ihia notiee inurt t>e one >i<ditionai. and eontam no r*fereooe to any other offer. Tfceoffera must state the aura offered for each hundred dollars of tha etoet. /--.I . . . - L. I uini'uii n?r iii'B ma1!, w ??wBr uura " ruan w?voeptcd, roust dt posit the amoiat t tTered and ao C' jt?l with tre Treasurer of th? l-nit*! St?tr>, or with the Assistant Treasurer at Bostoa.New V oik, Philadelphia and St. Louis, or with th? Depositary at Cincinnati. on or befora the fifteenth day of April next, rhould any mccasful bidder desire to deposit a* any otier point, his request to that effect wiil bedu'y considered. Lpontlie receipt at this Departmentof certificates of rfeposite with the Dep >sitaries atxne men tio-ed, certificate* of inscribed stook will te iasn"d to the successful bidders or their assigns in sums of one thousand, ive thousand and ten thousand dollars, at their option. Inscribed stock s j issued Wlli fttrrw inf?rAtt frnm f hn nf thai ,UnA?it? nf the money as af?ove stated, and will b? tran?ferrabe on the book* of the Trramry, agreeably to the regulations of the Department. Should an t sncoeesfal i idder desire certificates of stork with coupons of th? semi annual interest fftcreon attached to each o?rtific?te, lt\*j will b* issued in sums cfone thousand dollars each. with attached HM? f ir interest iron the let day of July utL and soch coupon stoek, instead of being transferable on the books of the Treasury.may be assigned and t<ansferred by the mere delivery of such certificates, The interest on saoh ooupon stock, from tb? date of the oeposite of the money therefor until ti:s first d?* of Jiry, will b5 paid on that I day to the aoeeptad bidder or his nt?ri?e?. by the depositary with whom the principal was deposited. The preliminary depocite of one per centum required from all bidders under this notioe will be inoiiidcd in the final deposits of pnnoipal bv saocessfui bidders, and will he directed to be immediately returned to unsuccessful bidders. 3. P. CHASE, mar 2Tdt3Ap<f Secretary ofthe WU6AR CUKKU HAMS, 0 MACKEREL. *0. 5tierce* ExtraSUG\R CURkD HAM?,* Extra LEAF I.ARD.m barrels and firkins, SHOULDERS and BkEAST-PIECE?*, uMni/L1 f\ i? L'L? n 1 11 *<s<? f L a r?.?wi\ivi/ nnrr ?rm ncrr n'.^ui r,o, Ex'ra No. 1 MACKEREL, in kits and barrels. J ust received and for sale b? WM BRYAN, No. 44, opposite Center Market, ma 28 6t iietwem 7th and 8th itl NFW GOODS. E Are low sddir g to our Hock a large ai d detirati.e lot of NEW GOOD3, comprising every thing that la o*w and desirable, whioh we propose to sell at asmili A'l persons in war.t of Dry Goods Will always find our sU>->k complete in all us branches and at the lowest prices. we would impress upon those of our citizens who have recently taken up their residences w tii us that we have but "one price." marked io p am figure* on oath article ard offer a ?liaoouLt of five per eeat. off all sa' ?s for cash Wo ask an examination pn?es, so that customers oan catiklp themselves in regard to the saving by purobasing_for cash W. At. KHUSTER * CO.. \IA OA : s ? n ? .iv. ?|U) vpyuiuc VyVi iUi i*liv>f ma 28-10t Between 7th >rd 8th ?U. Only One Dollar. 4T6 Pa. Av At EVANS'S..... 4T6 Pi.Av. TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR ftl. TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR Si. JEWELRY?JLWELRY JEWELRY-JEWELRY ONLY OXK HOLLAR FOR ANY ARTICLE OP JEWELRY IN OUR STORE. CARBUNCLE ONYX STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, GARNET JET 8TUOS SETS, ud BUTTONS, CORAL CARB. ?TIDS SETS. md BUTTONS, JET PL'N SOLD STUDS SETS, uwl BUTTONS, LAVA MOSAIC STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS. PLAIN 60LD GOLD STONE ST CD* SETS. &od BUTTONS, ALL POR QyE DOLLAR EACH' SPLENDID POCKET KNIVES F or Ono Doil&r Worth Thr*?. LADIES' CHAINS: Cl'i D n D TN,!1-_ .. .. <>>. i' rui yuo CHATELAINE -...For One Do ,u NECK ? For On? Dollar GENTS' CHAINS Tvelvs ntviM For One Dollar each PLATED WARE, Consisting of BUTTER KNIVES, SPOONS,-TABLE, TEA, DESSERT. CUPS,-GILT LINED, FOR KH?PITCHERS-CREAM LADLE*. CAKE BASKETS?SUGAR SIFTERS, NUT CRACKERS and PICKS, TEA KNIVES* and FORKS, Ac., Ac , Ac. i7i, nr. in; JTr. - . . . . , W ?* ? * ?? " ? ?* V t *' m m % I U booksIbooks. . CLOSING OUT A LARHE LOT OF BOOKS. At Great Reduction in Prices, On account of ihz continued Hark Timks. Now is theTim?to Replenish your Library, Or Get * New One, c h e a r . Rim'mtrr Rrmrmbtr 47b EVANS'S 476 Pa-Av. KVANS'* Pa. At. mar between 3d &i:d <.'? street*. A NEGROES. GENTLEMAN Ab->ut ?o remove to the South imliea t'-. ?*AohAt.^e valuable improve.! Real Estate in Georeetown for several Neiroes, for his ow:, u?e. Address, imrnu'.ifvtely, BjX 900,ft'or^etown. D._ ma 77 dtf I PARTICULAR NOTICE. AM Se :cg my extensive stock >>f BOOTS and SHOES of a'TdtscripUona at very low prices. A. P. HOOVER. South side Pa. av., bet 6th and 7th rts . ma 27 eo3t Opposite Brown's Hotel. IMPORTANT TO LADIES' Ladies' Conj. Heel Thiok sol -d Gvtersat 91 S7, l>o. But. do. do. do. I .SO, Do. Lace do. do. do All other Goods in propor.ion. A. P. HOOVER, No. 331 Pa. avenn*. aonth side. ma Z7 it Between f-th and 7th ?*t? OFFICE OF THE A DAMS EXPRESS CO., W aching ton, 1). C-, March 2U, 1861. fisnm ? SPKCIAI. NOTICE r? i- - ?' " ? - uiNHia lor me i;onie?ifrai?<i n>n<t paj do tire from this date. invoices c worn to br (he consignor mutt acoompanr a 1 rochJs an J packa*"* iii\ 2b itfii P. s. Mcl.AL'liHl.'N, Atcnt. PIANOS TH AT WILL ANSWER FOR NKW BEGINNERS.?One at end one at S90; or for rant at 75 cent* ano|BBBI 1 per month* JOHN F. ELLIS- MlTTl ChiokAring A Sons' Piano D?(>?t. ma 25 306 Pa. >v.t bet- 9th and 10th sts. OFFICE WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Washing tom. March as, 1W1. Proposal# wilt be reooived up to the )&th proximo for the furnishinc and deliver? at or near the site of the District Reservoir, of 4,pno oubio yard* Broken Stone, more or lees. The stone not to exoeed in sice aihai ?f ikm inches. To be hard and durable. Fropoouli honld be sealed and endorsed "Promi&j for Broken Stone."* ^ M C. MEIGS, Capt. of E?('ra. ma 25 tAp'S Chf. Eng'r of Wiih'n Aqueduct. Wood and Coal. A No. 1 artiole of WOOD on hand, prepared to suit the want* of each outtomsr. Wood sold cord length also, or in any way or any quantities de ired. fTT Coal ktpt ?h Coal Houut, screened belbre 4* lire ring. ICT 2^4? lbs. to the ton. C7 Personal attention to every order. T. J. t W. M. GALT. Offioe 389 Pa. av., between 11th and l?th sta. Wood Mill and Wharf toot of Seventeenth street, below War Department. ma 23 tf Jj'RENCH 8TEAM( SCOURERS, BALTIW. P. 8HEDD, dot ELKVKKTH 3T , Tkt rim!., i.~> sas'A^iSsssffc toe a. 117 anoeianoe by which they will soon Umdm unfit to wear. N. B.?No 4reae taken apart; thereby eavief the expenae of makinc over. (Intel.) u22-lm ?<UN UMBRELLAS ? AND PARABOL& J eat reowtred from the luiuho 'ere a largo took of.?UN UMBRELLAS una PARA-^ AO LS, whioh we will eell at very low pi mm. DO <fo??n JO"VIN'S RID GLOVES, airT^ numl-era. We h*Te a larre atoo* uf DRY " GOODS of ill kinda, andwiU aell them at the rery loweet price*. WM. R. RILEY ft BRO , If?. >? ("antral gtnrea, Between 7th aad ith atreeta, maa>w uppoaite Ceua Market. P^SL^St AWJ* JO ao/friiti&v I ^^^CCTIO^ALE^^^ ! tir SAI.K OF fl.AVM. * " ILL B* mid at ! ?* Mtrttn Hn*"1, A>ur. " drta. rn-Hofrvv Kviini.U Jc>nok t*? like t yonr* NEGRO MEN to the tneh~et l. dder f.; e<ik Qt*? > CHILTON, AIM' Br CRKKN 4 WILUANP. iMti^ J*? ill. cerntr ?? ?*4 D f-'tti*. i^ine bay mark at al'ct'on ?ob 8at T i'm day morning. Ui* *ti, in.Unt. at n o'o'oek, we tba.i ee.l, ic front of t?ar *e <t?*n r- op < ?SrH?wllltC' Bate? be? Mera. fo.dfo: no fen t, th* owner haritc cn further u?c for h?r. It green k Wll I ia*?. aacta. Br GREEN A WILLIAMS*. Auct.orefre. Yl. t?rH"T(i a id PIANO FORTE. R?('SEH(iLD ANDKtt ri Fre?iir-itB, Cm**. awt> r*, ^rtkT W?n* at Arc-now.?On SATI RiiAV Mkr\. ING, the **ii iniant at o'c o?.we ci.a .. io front of oer A nation Room, a !err* a??> -'n ?ry of Househ??M Kern tore, to porer e* 'e*? inc the ettf. tis i Two Makorany can* PiWt ?nd t?to?le. Wacut Sofa*, Rookere, Ckatre, TaMee and Otto Walnut breeainn Durtaai. Bel?tra. tar taols. Cam- Mat Cfcair*. Rocker*. Loun*e? and ?- - - ??- -? n I .1... ..<4 Ue.. 111. rwn**r onii, nuuwi, tt'.nna ..? ? .<t?i i Cott<>c-top Hu'k Mattr**a?a. don hi* and ainfia, lJra*aaia, Ingrain *ud <>tta?r Carpota. Cook, Air-tight and othrr JMnraa, Ch.ra.tilaaa a-d ? rock*r? War*. A good lot of Kitchen K?tiintMtmi imm ol^i artiolea whtoh we d<??in nnL#v?tatt| to rii meratr. T*riwa rvk It GKKKN ft Wlt.HA*f?. *arti. By GKKKN A WILLIAM?, AaottooMn SALE BY OIDKR ??F THE ORPgAV Cor*r o? HomtRom **t> Kirrimi rr?i tm. Hodf.Caiitiil. hni<i. c*?t.cow?, Hm. ? a?ranTK*? .'|>oi.a,S .Mutais Ac., at Arrrion.?Ob THOKSl?A\ , the 4th day <>f April n?x', ?* aha i ? I . fo? ord ' of tha OrphawToiirt, all t?* Prraoral tffcota ol Hfnjaann B#an. ?ia o?aaad. at ii>a :?t? rcaidenoa at th# ooriM of L at. aoath and Third at. tut. at 10 o'c'ook a m , eon aiaiatmc of. in p*rt? t*i4*hrard, labia*. Uaratnt, Waahatanda, Cue _ and Woo 1? iiai'a, feather H-u?, K?dst?a<J*aau ueacn r. Carpets, Oi'o'oth and J*iore, Od? Warrant Mm a*>og( s?> Tears of are Oi? Herrant \V oirau :>out tl jear? of *fe with a boy obi d, Horn*, Cart, Carryall, Hearee, two C?w and on# Hoe. Lot Car pan tern' and other Tool*, W i ndow Frain^s and J**? h. Term* : All aumi of $2" and u nder ri?l, oft ?}<> a credit of' da??, for note* ntiifartori y ?4oMe', hearing interest from da? ol ?ale. By order of ti e Kxwut-ix. ma 23 d <?W KKM St W U.I.I A ME. A??U. PBy J. C. MflWL'lRK A CO AmUow^m fcRLMPToKV MALK OF TWO NEW'AND Srrmon 1-kathik tor Broaia* ?On AaT I URDaY MORNING, March ?th. at ) o'?l~ck. I in front of tb* Auction Koom, we ahall eeli, witb I i.nt raaArvr I Two handsome Leather-top Buggy Wagons of aa perior make and sty > . Terms euli, in current fund*. maatt McOllRK A CO . A?ou MARSHALS SALE.?In virtu* of two writ* of fieri ftciM, issued from the Cierk'a ofloe of the Circuit Coflit of the District of Colombia. for th??ount; uf WMhinftnii, and tome directed I Will e*pos? to pnt'lie rat* for oMk. la Iront qf th? court h<>aa* door of ?aid ooui:t?. "n HA I I R DA V, the ?"h day of March mst?nt, i*1. at 12o'ol<K-k n . the following described property, to wit, via : LoU No. I and ft. in Square No 10C7. and Lot Nq.?,m fceaare 10C7, id the city of Waahington. D. C.. tr cetfier with all aud the mprovrn?eot? thereon, s?iaed and levied upoc a? the p>-< *ert< <>f Andrew Rotbwen.and will beaoltf to aatisfy jnd oiala N?a. 1^ aud 135, to Jaouary term. 1*1. in fa vor ol !<tl lir.i.? liecnoka A Farber, ai.d S*mae 8. Steveoa. VV. SELDCN, U. H. Ma^hal for ma 7 dt? Dutriot of Columbia '-T J. C. MeGCIRE A CO. Aac*ioneera. TRISTEE'S SALE OF SMALL FRAMK Dwelling Horm kkv Lot -Ob hATl'r DAY AFTERNOON. Maioh Juth, M 6 o'eioek on'lie premmeo l>( v;, tee ? ( a uee-J <>f trust, date-! Oot'ber leth, 1?V?, and duly recordel ta J. A. ().. No. Ii7. lo na U et r?<.. a ?ortt?ludrsr I ords f>r VV aeht n^tan eouniy, l)iatr otof '"-ounibii. i .k.'l ..m i v .. .. lj .. i ' - ? DUB. i ?ui w*. i^u. if ill mouioiu m sm I^UI * IRIUH "i Square No. 9S#< fronting SO feet on north O at reat at tbe rnrner ot T*nth at. vwt. rntnini hack ft" feet to an alUy, together with tM imrrovnMBtr. ooDdBtinf of a fwi atori frame Dwe. ing Hovae. oont^imnK 4 room* Term #t?.S of the puratieae noaer m e*ah, the raauiue in monthly lnetvmMita of 925, with IB t?ra l Ail oonveyacciiu at toe o<>?t <>f the aar ohaaer. B. W. R KKD, Truatee fe 2S-2awda J. C. Mrgl'tRK k CO.. Aneta Uj GREEN A WILLIAMS. AiiMimwra. CALK OF HANDSOME AND NEARLV New rtisirtn at Acctioh?On Tl'D DA\, the 2d day <-f Apri text, at 16 o'cJock a. ?*?.. we ahali eel.. at th? reaideaoe of a gentleman 4* a mine hoaerke?pioc. ou Thirteenth at. no-tn, be twaen i aud Mat?. wett,a fiueacaortmentof Hetue Furnishing Go^ds, rig: i?u dwk nwui i ?u nw eo?e ara Roek*n. _ . Walnut Spring teatCliaire, WiiatnoU anlOttrmar a. Wa'nut Marbe alab Center Table and Hat-tack. Walnut French Bed?t?ads. Dreeeiac Bvreaue. Wa?h ?ink ai:J * ardrob*.(alI to irato?.) Cottate Bedrtead*. Burean*. T?bl?e atd Wah etandi. Walnut Fall l"?f FxtenafB Tab'e. in feet, Vulkar B*d*. I'l.lvw* to<l Boiktera. BeJdlTf. (!. Very fine Bruse?ia Carpe*, EngUah, Felt, Ingrain, Uruaaeia, Bta:r and other Car set*. Oak. Can* eeat. Dining and other Chair*. Kcduh Ha l Oileioth- JM*:r R .da a> d Mate, China. Giaaa and Cro^k^r* are. Exoeile&t Cotktag Stove aod Fisturra. aear'v n w, A focd lot of Kitchen FurBi'.ure, And many otn*r artiriee we deem it innrrtau't to CLumerate. T?rm? c&ah. ita 23 ?l (j R F F N W1! LI AM g, Auc'e. lit GKKKN h WILLIAMS Aactioceara HOUSEHOLD.KITCHKN FIRNITtRK iM. surrhy it Accrnm ?On miimuv ' 1st tfay " April next, at 10 o'clock . m , w* dw ei. a tti<" r irten'S* ??f * !*<!? ? ' dtivnt i "wark-ep i c, on i i<etwe??i?? H nor(No 123.) a g*> era .i-t of Houi>?IijU1 rurnitu ? se: Dainank covered S fa*. Mah^ca'y Chairaai.d <> utnikc*. Wa uut Cabinet E:?#-era arid ijiit frame Lookirc 6Ium*. Walnut Cr;mir>n covered Gothio Am Chair*. largo and rmxli. Wa'nut Mde. D.cioc ami o'.'ior TaMx, ui Cftrr *?<at Chair*. Mah<??*"? Oe>.terTa?>'.e?a- *pnn* cratBoekeri. I'MLtfl Wardrot>M, IJurrnu* r.ud ? a?/i?taod? Cotia<* Uedttcada and Walnat v\ riua? l>e?k. i.igh toy. Lan<V~ap* Oi' Pair.ticn <?.val frame*) and Ln grav, Hrni ! ?(.!? ? ? - * * * I ?I vuftl !*"? Ul C>D| IMU| Pla?t?*r buiU of Uirtun Po vera and Martin Tor Faaihor Beda. Bo' utera, Piiloara and B.MtHi, V? Mt li.f tain and other Carpcta, Ha'>. S*?paiid <>ii. er Oilciotha. Matting, Kadiator, A ir tight. Cooking and o*her Stovaa. Hand oo?e \V.irked Kir*-acreeu Fine co lection of Bo<>ke, Hiatorioa! and other Work a. Hnak Mattreaaca, L<unge? and Raah aeatChai'f. China, Gla?a and Cioekwj Ware. A lot of Kitchen Re^uiaitea, A?d manf otlier articiea too auroerou to Matim. Terma each. GREEN A WILLIAM*. Aacta P. 3?The Uuut ta for lei.t; irqoi e oa the premia*a __ roatt-'t Bf GREEN 4. WILLIAM*. A?a ? A^Ll'CTION OF ?PI.KN|itb FURNITu'lkrTne tuhecnlters will offer at pan ie sa.e " WKDNKSDAV , the 3dd?i of Apri next it fo o'clork kill 'he Ho?i?kvid tod Kitolen Fnrmtare of Mr. Johu Ctlfrt, in Kn toraw r?ei d?o(T, Mn. !2(>1 I ?t'?*t. .First \Vtrd,)hKw**n 17th &id It*it ?u of taisoity. lately oooapied by Captui i John Withers, Assistant Adjutant Uenaral 11. a. A. Tin furritare. in rosewood and walnut was Bade too.der in Philadelphia, the oa-pet* and Minim imported from France, and ooneists in part of? Parlor ?ets,in Roeewood, Velvet and Saun Dam* aek, E paries, (with Laoe Cm-tains, > Ham 4* Uue, ge French Mirror, plat*61 b? 83 inoaaa. Peoretary, Bookoaxe and * tec ere in RoeawooC. Axiai neter Carpeu and l((a, imported and aade to o der. Chamber ?ete in Rosewood aad Wauwt, 9up?ri'ir Feather Reds, nim ?H? ?!' nmr??n? IB **. A tupenor aaaortment of Cat Gaaa, Cum and Cu.okery Wire, itid othtr article# loo bobct on* to men ion. Term* cut in onrrent fund*. GREfcN A W1LL1AJO, A?et? ITTTh* attention of the ladiee and geailemet of Alexandria. Georgetown and Washington, and toe ub o in gaoerml, la reepaetfa'ly invitod ?e Ue abov* ill*. We deem any onnvwit re ative to tne aar?rior HiiKhtT and atria of the fumitare e?p*r fluoae; aafioe it to ?ay, we believe it to **a*i il pot tn lurpAM any faraitare offered far aa> in Washington. ItuXd] O. AW * J. C MrOKia* * ? -- ? . ? W.i AHOUUBVUIft< CALF. OP NEW FURN1TRE TO COVER ?3 Ciiian or FazioaT add !*toiasi ? Ob HATVIRDAv MO* NlNO, AprilCth, at la c'oicrt. la front of the Action Room, we a ball toil, for aoooaot of whom it may concern, to ?orm okVfM for f eisht and Twn Fiowered Cctta<e Chamber tou, I went j one Doubt* < 'ottage Bedsteads, EUftt Drossing liuretua, our Wbataou, Twenty six Farnitare MaU. Ton dos?ii aseoriod Cane teat Chair a Ter e oath m ou-rant funds. mafraod J. C. MoG L IRE A CO., Auoto. NM EW MILITARY HOOKS Jaet rMM??d by FRENCH A KICHSf KIN, liTfc J?a. < ? ?< Treat<eeon the Administration sad OrtaeJsa tion of the Bntilh Arm*, b? Ed ward rfw?UH. 1 TCL, (TO. tiihlt lifeOK priwbr ntfii ?4 lMtr?*tiou Km Pi?U Artiliwy, i * !., Itaoi pnm by #L*J. t?nmm?ry ofthe A't of War. by Bvw4t J?ai b">- ? " Q MlLV* I W^emM^SMewTB nuT**" Mwirlnr tk* PfctrioUo VninUri am Agar* ftrrlM la R*f nl&r u< llll|?tll W>r byMm*SS??5SS?-S5 5 ?*S8??MK9r