Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1861 Page 1
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f ? (jftaing V?i. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. MARCH 80. 1801 IN?. 2.581. a THE DilLV EVENING STAR tl rWLJOHED EVERY AFTERNOON, ?M'NI)AV8 EXCEPTED,) AT THC ITAK BIILDIM4, Cr r>f Mnm and ItlA it , ?* I? ??? Mvrml in p*ok*c*? *T o?rrlOT? tl ? ? * * *. "* 17 per month. To m?ll whoorlbom | IKo ? ? ? Ir"w fun triv, m dwowes, $i for ell ft for th.r?* Months; tad for low Um "r** montha at thereto of tfnonta a week. 8in?lo "nanny; in wrayyera, two rsirr*. irTADyuri.iai-?TM?.n!d bosenttothoofloo M*>r? It "'o oak m.; cttoorvino tbey cn*y not *??? ( nul ttenoatdny. [From Vanity Fair.) f am the monster in female form compelled a djinn of an nrtUt to ait on tbo Jtirae for 1?6?J, and bold a oano with an old stocking on the top of it, in my left baud, while I Keep a itoadj with mv right?Dot hand, for he i>a* given me none?but with a forked radUh whore a hand should he. My right arm, in order to keep the shield steady, baa been mado about the site of my leg, but my left fore-arm jrmi will not* if excessively alight, and adapted (\ to tia eaaior task My head ia Tory small, tbo rtiat deeming it aoncceaaarj to give an overplus of brains to one whose whole duty it was in take her ease by looking at E in the word Ioiiim. .My nek, Iik? a scarod terrapin, is Irawn in, but can b? elongated at pleasure Mt ar* entirely <>ut of proportion to my hotly, but m I ?nlr bare to ait still Mm; are of Jittle account. Mjr right shoulder it very high in tbe air, kut it ia elevated in order to sustain * tnurh as poaaible the weight of my arm, whi<*h ia like a Frankfort sausage. Aft for my 'loihen, i am reduoed to toy last ahifta to protect myself from the gaze of the many black guard* through whose hands I nass. Oh, that the artiat had siren mo something to cover mv .light arm' The Goddess of Liberty half clad, wh?n muslin is only ten cents a year. Fie, for nhsme' The anatomy of figure, my dress, my ignoble duties of holding an old stocking on a cane, an<4 a ?hi?ld with a very sharp noint and very dull letters?would be endurable had I the light of that grand old galaxy of thirteen stars to gate at?but it is gone, or as Kmerson says f?r short, " 'Tift gone'" and in the pi are of the galaxy, I aiu surrounded with a legend like a camp meeting crowded here and scattered 4here. I have never seen my name, for it is engraved "n my bark, but a man through wh<?a? hands I paMed the other day ?aid that th*? letter*comt -'me it w?r* like > ?bow-beef; too much fat b?rr?\ t.?> little loin there That the wreath Kiirrouifling the letters wan nindoof Lilliputian >rri. an<l Drobdignagian wheat and tobacco, ?n?l thit it wan the fir*t time he had ever ?een <k l<-avea two feet loug Ho considered the introduction of th? home lwhr* alongside the whr ?t an admirable idea, typical a* it wan of the blood ?U"-krr? at Washington of late year" I reuieinbnr, my dear Vanity, that in IH.SH, 1*h*n y>u wrre only in the ?pirit, and not in lie I-kJt. how bitterly you laughed at the T,nk?y-Hu**aH Mampwd on the cent coin of that date, and that thank* to your word*, tbe bntxard flew off before the Indian head of IH.'.y ? a he*-!. by the way, well executed, charee'eriatin and appropriate. In conclusion. I pray and entreat all good American*, loyal and true, to unite together anil tloniMfiH -11 ? ? - ?-. . > ?* ???a a v*?iniin 11 n"? i> ufjrr I th?? laughing atock of the world That l?b?*r?y, holy hn'i pure, shall not be caricatured a* it in now on every coin, aave the meanest and smallest -the cent! And that a* futuro generation* will judge our cultivation, our intelligence, our claim to oiviluation, by our coined money, we tnay not win for ouraclvea from them the title of rnde and uncultivated, Hy the execrablo designs now defacing our ooinage rto mote it he. LiNBRTr OH TIIK DlMR Dr UATK I*nnE!*T ?Son?? year* ago liooth 1wa? flaying the elder !lrntu?, at the " .Mud Theater," in Baltimore, and the wife of Andrew Ja<-k*on Allan, the American eoatumer, wu the l.ucretia of the nlsht. ISrutu- h?a (o peak a long oration over the dead body of the martyred matron, but aa the woather waa bitterly void. Mr* Allen inducod the manager to place a supernumerary l?oy on the bier Aa it wax not neceaaary that any portion of the hodv rh?ul<l b? Men. excepting the profile of the fuee, the deception wax not discovered by Booth The tragedian had proceeded ? few linen in bis speech, when a slight shiver wm observed t? agitate the dend body. Booth Mcrihwi thi< to the cold draught of air to which the self-iinniol?tod Lueretia wa.i exposed, and went on?the boy writhed; Month muttered between his teeth?"Lie still, uiadamo, recollect you're dead." Another violent contortion of the corn-e. The orator became excited, and exclaimed loud enough to he beard in tho pit?" Damnation, tnadame. if you don't stop that Infernal wriggling I'll leave tho stage ' " He proceeded, however, until he enme to the llpee? llehold that frozen corpse; See wbere the lost l,u* rrtla ?! *|'s tn death. | Hare f Kji Mar lKn/?W mm !* w-J ?>HVWM IUI UUdUOU IIH'I been (5*1 vanned, and the body aprang from the ' tre**el in ita windinr-ah?et. and ruahing to the footlight*, exclaimed?"Jllaat me if I am goine to lav ?d that are b?ooh to he drowuded. It W ftnp*??ible to conceive the ludicroui figure the bo* preaented lie wa* enveloped In w? ral white nheeta, the end* of which trailed behind him and bia face waa perfectly black. The audience wan convuiacd with laughter, which never ceased till the curtain fell. It waa afterward* discovered that Ban I>rake. a comedian of facetiou* memory, had obtainea fr<<m the paint room a pot of liquid lampblack, and planted hiuiaelf in the * flie*" immediately over th? representative of the defunct Roman matron At Interval* he poured email quantitiea of th* aable fluid directly in the iace of the unhappy j?qtb. bnt at length the whole cnn??nl* of the veiMcl descending in a ehower, i? wa? too uiurh for flesh and blood to bear, anJ produced the ludieroua catastrophe. w% ? ? rcoMHAHPHriT or }ACTA?Til? eorrcspon den* of the London Time* write* thusot the ternbie Immhar'lnienl cfOuti: N > pari ?f I be whole imm of town fortress and hill has rntirely escaped the ravages of the artillerr which thundered at it from the land side Vf here the cannon ball di?l not hit point blank, there the bombshell fell with dim effect The besieger* reckon they fired, during the wbole siege, about trt.000 r.hots; IS (NNI in one 4ay alone. the 22d of January It is hardly an esaggeration to say that you may almost eoma U> the conclusion that not one of thein has been hurled in vain The siege of (Jaeta Is, I believe, the first instance in which rifled cannon kss been appliod on a large acale to the battering of walls and bastions. The Ptedmontese, as I told you, bad reared 80 of these new war enginea on their batteries, \ and no man who has not keen it can believe the I karoo tfcey have cansed I hare seen such havoe oaused to an Italian iaejnrd or garden by aome furious hailstorm woere a lew atumpa of tree* are all that re- I main of what waa half an hour before a rank | uau of luxuriant vegetation, but could not, I repeat. believe that a fortress or part of it could ba "crumbled up a* an old piaea of papar" aa 1 aaw (laata yeetarday. There ia aouiething be wildering, appalling in the sight of ao extensive a wreck, the buildings, atorehouaaa, barracks, sheds, chapels, fountains, small suburb*. convents and churches which are scattered her* and there between and behind these lower bastions have been in many instance* not ?uly crushed aad pounded to mare shapeless fragment*, to atama, but they have been actually awept away Stone or brick or iron or mud, the aofeat or the hardaat material, equally gar* way, the projectile seemed to bring destruction with it in the very wind that enoomoasaed it. . mm ? ? - - - * 1UWMI WM noi Battering merely, but blaat> ( N?rOrr ?Wear* In/brined a n Individual wbo baa been living la Anderson vi 1 li??- for Ibe j aat fifteen veaf*. Nrat, aa a #bo? maker, tbeu aa a dentist, and wbo stood fair In the roiumuulty, baring been discovered to beau abolttlonlat, aafi one by bia own coofeealoa, waa taken cb?r/<-of ?n Monday by tfee eltlxena, and ablpped on yratrrd*f morning to a more congenial cllmab- Hta wfm and ftmlly accompanied him. ?Somik Cmr?. MIM. PT Polly Marshall, the pretty Ntw York actram, wbe ear tied the adaalratiaa of H R. 11 wWi h? W* W?? >W b?? * merely ?Si5HS^ futwt tU !? ? M|f. r <> * Old Handred " Can you find a tomb in the land where sealed lips are. that have not runs that tune' If they were grey old men, they had heard or nun* "<>ld Hundred " Sinner and aaiut have joined with the endleas congregation where it hw, and without the pealing organ, Rounded on the sacred air The dear little children, looking %ith wondering eye* on thiw strange world, have li?ped it. The sweet young girl, whose tombstone told of sixteen summers, xhe whine pure and innocent faco haunted you with its mild beauty, lovod "Old Hundred, ' and an aha Rung it, closed her eyes and seemed communing with the angels who were so soon to claim her He whose manhood was devoted to the serrloe of bin Uod. and who with faltering steps ascend rd tb? pulpit atMira, with white hind* placed over his laboring breast, loved "Old Hundred " And though (osMliaMi his iipa only moved, away down in hia heart, no aoou to oease its throb*, the holy melody was sounding. The dear white-headed father, with his tremulous voice, how he loved "Old Hundred !" I>o you see him now, sitting in the venerable armchair, his hand* crossed met the top of his oane, his silvery looks floating off from his hollow teinplos, and a tear, perchanoe, stealing down hi* furrowed cheeks, as the noble ntrain* ring out ' l>o you hoar that thin, ({uivering, faltering *ound now bursting for'h, now lis* r ?. " in-1 iur aimosi in rain f II you do not, w? do, >n'l from such lips. hallewed by four-scorn tears' service in the Master'* cause, " Old [undred" sounds indeed a ancred melody. Yon may fill your churches with choirs, with Sabbath prima donnas whose daring notes emulate the steeple, and cost almost as much, but give ua the spirit-stirring tonea of "Old Hundred." sung by young and old together Martyrs have h>ill<>wc<l it it has gone up from the dying be'lsof the saint* The old churches, where generation after generation hare worshipped. an l where many of the doar dead have been carried ami laid before the altar where they gare themselves to God. seems to breathe 111.I H ? I IM ? - * VI V>u Iiinmin ll"UIl vmilUIIID (0 lOWOT lop the very air i* haunted with the spirit. Think for a moment of the aaMembled oompany who have, at different time* and id different plarrs, joined in the familiar tune' Thr"?g upon throng the stern. the timid, tho gentle, the hrave, tho beautiful their rapt faoea all beaming with the inspiration of their heavenly Hound*. "Old Hundred'" King of th? sacred band of ancient aira! Nover shall our ear* grow weary of winging thoe' And when we get to Heaven, who known but what the lint triumphant ft ruin that welcome!! ua may be?"Uo Th'?u, O Ood, exalted high'" Mramtamis Amaiilt t?rr roe id Strict imi ? About half pad one o'rlork on Saturday morning, John Marr, residing at No 111 Plymouth street, lirooklvn, committed amurderoua aaa.mlt upon kiln wife with an aie, fracturing her skull, ao that It la feared cannot survive Marr had liwn lib* irom ia?i pfniifnii?ry thrre or four days (>f?vlously, wbrr* be had served thirty dnyaon the cbar?e of drtinkAiinr?s. It appears that took to drinking " Boon m he got out, and w?? aeizrd with delirium. Mr. and Mra Htout who realdc In an adjoining n|mrtiiient, rante In to aer the matter wna, whi>n the Infuriated hualiaiid rimhed at them an?l fractured Mra Htout'a akull, and alao arrtoualy Injured Mr Mtout Mnrr then ran out of th?> houar Baying that hi* would drown himself. wblrh threat he probably put Into execution, ra he h.ia not sine* b?en Been or beard of The Injured parties were eoiivey?d to the City Hoapllal Although their wound! are of a very Severe character they Were cona'dered Ma In an Improving condition IIowri.l Cobb Co*frt.str? His Wob* ?The Confederal* Congreaa at Montgomery adjourned ii _ i ? ? I" ? * <>n ?iif! mm miuni, ana tiowrll cool) ii|(nallirii lil? d??rrnt from tbr I'mldrll^V of tbr body by n Ion* aprrcb, In wbWi br told tbr aaarmblrd Irj^la lnt<>r? Ihnt br bad cnmplrU'd bla jjfol xrork and frit bappy Hp a?Id hr bad bad aomr fiprrlenrr It! Ir^ialatlvr ttodl'-a, but nrvrr inw n CniiK'raa v> rrdrrly and abb* ai thai ovrr wkirb br bad prrald*d Thr rNPonir of hla own nt.itr (< irorj(la) to thr action of tbr Convrntlon bad w.-irmrd bla brart, and br propbralrd tbat nil tbr Confrdrrntr Mtatra would follow b'-f rxnmplr In confirming tbr acta of tbr Convreaa It la a fair lnfrrrne? from tlila rrmark tbat Cobb dlaipprovra pavla'a iilan of a military dtc.tntur"blp, and bHIrvre In br power of tbr proi>|>> Tin Mlaaladppl and Mabipui prrai bavr alrrady apokt-n very plainly on tbia aiinj?r.t, and Cobb la rvtdrntly putting out an am bor to windward, to aavr blmarlf In tbr vi nt of a auddrn ^uat of popular dlaplraanrr \IJ- Tbr Sav.iuiub proplr ar* Itotbrred for apeclr. Tbr Ncwa tbua < omplalna: " < ?ur mrrr.bnnlt complain of tbr hnrdablp of having to pay .1 p?.r emt premium for gold with wiilrli to pay dutits on their lni|><>rU lly a tabular statement published In tbe N>w York papers, It appears tb?t upwards of SI'.?.UI0,(M> In apec.le baa liren received In this rounlry from K.nt'land within the laat three months Now, It la fair to ft down at least two third* of this amount of apecte to the. ac-couut of Ihe cotton exported from the South to Kngland If thla apecle la In return for our cotton, will any on? inform ua why a large portion of It doea nut find Its way South' Why la It that our hnnka, who control the cotton, have not an abundance of specie wltb wblcb to enable our merchants to pay their duties' Will aome of our merchants who are familiar wltb commercial and banking operations Inform ua why, wltb the Imtncnae Influx of aprrln from Kurope, It comimifla a premium of ."> per cent In Savannah." I.ooftinn to Rs< ojutrvction ?The Augusta Chronicle and Sentinel, noticing the commendation wbl? b the Montgomery Constitution baa received from tbe Northern preaa, remarks A National Convention might adopt some of the heat feature* <<f tbe Montgomery Constitution,wltb benefit to the preuent fulled r*tit-<a. and tbe two people thua 11 vlnir under one Constitution would tlud fewer ranee* for hoatllc c>>lllaiou ,md more for a return to tbrlr former nmlcable relations | l'h?- provision wblcb iwipluHly forbids protection to domestic Industry would t>r an obstacle to Its adoption by Pennsylvania and other states, but we may expect tbat clause to remains nullity, helntc already violated In tbe New tariff by tbe discriminating duty on sugar Inf.ivorof l.oulslana A great party In this country bas always opposed protective tariffs, yet we bavs never found that professed principles, or even Constitutional provisions were inucb regarded when a political obj-'t was to be attained A Mitsopolitan Pours Foars rot Ht 1,ouis ?Tbe House of Representative of Missouri adopted on Tuesday last tbe Senate hill creating a ttoird of Police Commlsasotiers, and authorizing the appointment of a Metropolitan police for Ht I.outs The msssure only wants tbe signature of Governor Jackson tooeromea law Tbeeilstlng polIce force of f*t Louts are charged wltb being little elae thin mere party Instruments, and tbe passage of the new bill seems to bsve been received with general satisfaction. It Is similar In ia proTinoaa " me Metropolitan Police Uwt of Mary Land and N<*w York Tioiit Timi* ipr Miaataairei?Tbo money preaaura appenra to l>e Pretty tljjlit In the northern conntlmof Mlaalaalppl The following la from the Aberdeen Couaervatlve: We attended tbe Sherltt * a-iN-a on Monday laat, and were perfectly aatonUlied to aee auch a aai rlflce of property One gentleman actually purc baaed one hundred and aUty odd acre* of land for forty dollar*, another bought a half tntercat In a brick law olttee for fifty dollar*; a one hundred nnd twenty-Arc dollar 1> it'Ky waa *old for thirty dollar*, and other property aold equally low H.T The great roc k -fight. for a atake of II.IUII. between lw*nty-onr covia from Loulavllle, Ky , and the aume uuniber from Detroit, wai fought laat week In LMrolt. The building wai crowded during the entire day, and great escllrinent prevailed The entertainment waa one which 1* not often wltneaaed, and the dealre to ae? It waa yerr i/reat. although the xeat wu matarlallu I? by the unqualified defeat wbich tba Detroit ilde experienced. IC^Tbe latr Mrs Gore bad time for journalism mid l*er prolific avocations. 8 be waa engagrd to write for I be Court Journal at i handsome stipend, and one of the stipulations she made was a box at the opera free, to get together brr gosalpptng parties, for which the newspapers paid tbroe hundred guineas a year. (?7"The mate of tbe ship HenJ Turker was recently tried la ttoeton. for beadtnp up a refractory s?Air>r 1" a cask ana giving hlm bis rations tbfo ifib the bunje hole The defeas e Is that the iota was d ingerons to be at large f| f* 11 KrWrtlat? la hafn?- * ?- varv faaktlnnaKU ai I lk? f?rt? *otr*M I CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WAfHiNQTON CARR1A6K FACTORY. T" D Strut. fiiiiMM 9tk and lOlA Sitttli. W? have ia?t hnl?hf*l m numtijr of ftrat oIm* CARRIAGES, jjucto M Lttki Wairmr, Par* PK*atqn>. FHmtl* (V WDIK <mM which w? will a tatv mall profit. /leini praotioal meohantoa In different branohee the tiuaineoa, we flatter ouraolye* that we know 8?atylee and of work that will give aatia ntion, oombimuc lightneaa, ooinfort aad durabill kepairlnc promptly and oarefally attended to U,. -K'-Xxrar K5 BSSs1* to]T Coachmakera, auoonaaore to Wm. T. Hook. Tuah riahko. UK BvbMribor havibc made addlticna f kl factory. making it aow one of the larceatfvflhml In the Putrid, where hia fvnhtiea mauutaotarinx("ARItlAGK ft. liuhtJEH wASONflnr all ilrda nan not be aurpaared, and 6omnia ioni r,?pen?f\o? in the bianu?aa. ka kopaa ? rive (auoral aatiafao'tion. All klnda of Car i lagea and hlfkt W acena kept e? kand. Ail KKrAIRPneatlj4e*#,?*dallerdarapreapt lp attached te, fUean* kail ??rrlat*t ukao Ip raakanie far ut eaea. amhrkw j. xoyok, 4 1l-tt aaraer ?t Utb aad K eta. DKNTI8TRT. h?H. I OCKWOOD * UAHRKU, ARK I'R K1/ i>ared to iimert TkKTIIon VUl,CAN-^?^ ITK HAWK, a now and unproved in<"l? ftyftea* When ma le on thia plan they ate oom xu-tJ-D fortable to wear ami muoh oheap?r than any other, Alao. T.i?th inaoitnl on Uolfl I'lat", and all Dental Operation! of any kind that mar be de?tred Office Room No 3. in the Waahington Ituilitina.oorner Pa av. and at. Ja in Shi* Mtkkth. LO(>MIW, H- I'- th* inventor and patentee of the MINKRAI. Pl.ATK TBKTfl, at-^ wCj tenda aeraonall* at hn niBn? ... ?i.i. ? ?- * ^ . t ? ?mv? ?( ? ? V? ? * f Many poiaonaoan weai thoao taeth who,yilJJ oannoi *mr othor*. and no p*raOn nan w?ar oth*ra Who oannot woar lh*a*. f'?raona nulliii* At in? oflVocoAo M aooommodatad th an? atyleand prin* yl Twth lh?? ma* daairn; hut to tht>*? who arn particular ami wi?h thn purf>?t, ol?an??*t. ulroncrnt, aid inont p?rf?ot danturo that art oan produu<?. thn MINKRAL PLATE will h? mori?full? warranted. Kooina in Una uit??No. 3.1** |'?. 1th and loth ata., HOT Aroh atrwot, Philad*l PI. V oo Ift tf Only One Dollar. 470 I'A. AV. ... At K.VANS'B.... 476 PA.AV. TAKE YOUR THIOICE FOR ?1. 'I'AK K YOUR ('IIOICK FOR 91. J KW I'.I.R T ?J KWKLR Y J KWEI.K V-JE\VE!,K Y ONLY ONK hol.l.Ali I OI{ ANY ARTICLE OH JEWELRY IN OVH STORE. CAH WUNCLE ONYX RTUim BETH, and BUTTONS. GARNET JETHTUDH ftmi BUTTONS. COItA1. CAKB. HTUDS* I SETS. ami BUTTONS. ji;t ri/N ?old miM SETS, and BUTTONS, l.AVA MOSAIC MTUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, PLAIN BOM) UOI.I) STONK *TUD* BETS. anil BUTTONS. All. roil ONE HOLLA K EACH' MPUEN 1)11) POCK KT k NIVK* For Ou* Dollar ? Worth Thr*o. LADIES' CHAINS: ttUARI) For Unit |>?llftr CllTRUINS K..r Om l?..l.*r M ? 1 u ?... .??. .?.? . rcr 1'no JJ<?iiftr KKN'rS'OUAINfl 1 Twelve Myloa... For On* l><il!ai caoh ( Pl.ATKl) WARK, | C?natptyiK of HUTTKR KNIVK*, SPOON*,- TAHI.K, TF.A, HKHSKKT. . ourn,-aiLT linkd, FORKS?PITCH KRH?CK RAM I.A 1)1.K*. OAK K MA*KKTS?SUGAR SIFTKKS, NOT CRACKBftt and PICKS, TKA KNIVKS anil FORKS, Ao.. Ao., Ao. J 470 470.... 470... .476 4TA....470 J hook sTjh onus. ; CLOSING OUT A I.AR1 K LOT OF HOOKS. ( At (irrut tint itrlmii in 1'nrri, , On #<< <?nnt <>r ti:* ? ohtisuiu IIahi> Timk-. ' i N?w ia the Tun* ?<> Krelmiiah four I.iluair. J Or i??i a Sfw On?, <H * A P . ' K' mrrnl rr | ^ 4. I ' II * VI '< IU * ? *' ? i u ri? Aiir* f7t) ' p* Av. h VANH'j* I'a.Av. mar in liwtwo??r 3<l and 4S ?twt?. ? R I D II L i: j IIASTHK I.AKliKMT, NK\VKHT AND MOHT ? FAHIIIONAIILB STOCK OF J" lO W B Zj II T KVfcK OFFF.HKI) IN THIttOR ANV OTHlCIt J CITV. AT TUB LOW 1'KHMrt OF ONS DOLL A li I'oR TOUH CHOICE 1 OF ANV ARTICLK IN THB STORK. SPL KNIHD ASSORTMENT. KWftnt CA R UHNCLK Hwt.for.JI ? F.ip*?nt LAVA t?euf<?r(|l * Kn?*&nt (* A RNB r .... f*?U for I Bjccant JBT .. Hrta for 41 1 r.ietunt ciikaIi an<i HOLD *e'i for $1 * KlxiantMKDAl.MDN H?t?(or|l ' fel<*ant HIJIN MOSAIC Keta for ft I Elegant PLAIN OOI.D Seta far f I < I adi?a'GUARD CHAINS for f I 1 I ediea'CHA IELAINK CIIAINH .for *1 |.a<liea' NK'*K CIIAINH ... for fll Ucnta' V F.HT CHAINS. On difW?ut tvlea.) .for Ala'1, * 1 ?r*p A?ro>titiont of J KW ELKY( which we oku a?*ll ?t Vtnwfita vf nrtttle. Jiiat Krocivotl. SMALL LOTS OF MEAl'TIFUL F.TRimCAN III.ACK I.AVA Feu KNAMKLKI) CM OH* ETRIJHCAN CAKM'NGLK Seia PEARL AND GOI.J) KTRU8CAN ONYX.. Set* N. It - IVrionn wiihing k?ij ?>f tln? tliovn ljuoila ahoutO call At onoe ai tlirjr aoou will bo gone. We have />n hand. nn<l *r? receiving fvery nay Laritn iuvoioen of , THE FINEST PI.ATF.D WARE, j eonaiating of Breakfast and Tea Set*; Caul and Caxt Baxleh; Cream and Syrup Pitchers; Table, Dessert. Tea, Sugar and C'ream Spoons; Butter, Fruit, Tea, Pie, and Fish Knives : Furl* ? r r ? Ring*; Ca*t*r.% ; Salt Stamf.i ; i Plain, Chased and (Hit Lined Goblet* and Cups. ALL rom BALI AT LOMthmT WHOLBMALI rucu. GOODS WARRANTKOAS REPREBKNTED. HKMKMBKH: RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, mar 7 3Qg Pa.\v SOU TMIK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT, UY P. KM KI OH. at the comer of I'eiin. A ? ? A avenue and Eleventh etr??et, hm l^onWTq^Y freatly Improved recently ami now H"M ^ greater tnilixseinenta for the patrona<e of oitixi*ua and atrangere than any other public tiir 01 ti, hie prioea bein; Iraa lliau those ol any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and hie a<>Goiniu<><latioua for permanent or tranaient Itoardera unexueptionIlile. The bar and rnataur&nt arrant omenta of the European Hotel have already heoouin very popu [tLT . h- inr IlII that n? n l?a Ho-1 r^.1 !. ?..? - -mm j*. VWM WW VU it/ kit*' I'lV'Bl Ift? tidioua. Tim pn.pueU.r unremitted fitteutiou Kim! OontiBUrnl liticml exeenditurf 1to giv??ati-fnaiion to all,and thu? renew* hi* invitation ail t?> ?ive Ui* hiiniti*:'! Hotel a call. de 4 ti W^HATCH KKI'AIKIN<> ANONII.VKK VVARK MANUFACTORY. I bav* ?>oe of the l>e?t e?;tal>lir.h>rieuUi. and f?rnuhed with a complete art of tout* lor iej>air JK me every <le?or iplion of line W atches, and JAJ articular attention (ive to the Mine, l>y thorough competent workman .and a. work r.'iarantied. Al?o,every de?onp ion of atandard Hll.VKK W AHK, plain an<1 ornamental, MUMMrMunder niv own auperviaion, which my auatomeia will find far euperior in quality anil finiah to northern ware old Ui (iealert in jenrraJ ami roprraeuUvl an their own manufaotar*. H. 0 e 6 S3* Pa. aveiuie. rearHtti ?t. ti IINI/ LBiriL llWI ?. ? ? wi?ri > mvn vniii Having on bud? vary atook of drf.s# trim MI num. i will of?r lli? aftma vary oh*\p fur U3u,;ij,ajrivi t not? tf i'?lwwii <*tfc *ni 1<uh ?ti?. I?RKr7cHFl,0W*iR9 0K '? HK Vt RV 111"}? r 's^-sa^ yu mo m i SI*, bttv.tu ma ' * MISCELLANEOUS. J^AVY St'rPLlKft? NaVV |)*r*KTMBKT. ) liurrnu of I'rnvuiomi mmd March 15, Ittl. \ Fir a rati pftor<MALA,iMtadaa4aiidorM4 "I'rpp<>?a* lor Navt ^vpf i?a," will tx> r*of>ived at tliia Hurfwn until 9 o'clock a m. on WVdnMaai. MM 17th day of April n-at. for furnnnint and deliver in*(on reoatvius ton da*?' notio*. except for Hi* ouit, for whioh (ive date' notion hail l?e *iven for everj twrnt? Oioueend pound* required) at the LnitM Siatee Navr Yanaat CHarleaiown, Maa MoljvactU; |irooklyn. New York ; and (ioaport, Virginia. ? ? * * . ... , --v... H?H>iiin imiir ni in* loliowinq ar tiolM H in*r be required or ordered from th?* oontraolora by the Cliwl of this Bureau, or by the r?apectiva oommanilinK cftioera of th* Mid Nav* Yard*, during th* fiaoal (Mr ending June 30, IM/, vis i Mlpovlt, Fl<?ur. Rio*, l)ri?<l Applet, Pioklsa, hn I?r. T*a. (Voltes, lJran*. Mola*a*a, Vinegar, ami WlilatWT, 'Mi* lliaomt a).ail b* mad* wholly from it"?? anpnrliue flniir, of the manufacture or the tmi IW) or I3ti|, but alia I hi all oaaea be manufactured from flour mad* of the crop immMiatelv preceding th* Hateaof til* rr<|Uiaitiona |nr the aamr; an<l aiiall b* fitl y r<|ual in quality, and conform in aix* and ahniie, tu the aainpiea w loch arc rtepoai l.-<| m lh? aaiil Navr Vard?; aha I In properly baked, tln>r ugblr kitn dried, well paoked, an-1 delivered fre*

of diarif to the (Imt?d ftatea, in (ood, *< nn l, wn I ilrlw, bright Hour barn la, with the head* well arnurcd, or In air and water tight w i#kejr >>r apirit barrei*, at the option of the llureau. No bine ii it will be rrquired llOMMft in til ht ba'iela. The I'lour uliall lie equal to the beat Kmhmomi ami Haltuuoto bianda. ai.d of the mainifactiiie of wh?at irown in the y ear KW or I*,I; but ahall in all "a*ea be manufactured Irom pure, anun<l, |re?h trouml wlieat of the arm Imm?<li*i?l? ?r???^l?? the dates of the requisition for th" same; ahall Im p rf,>otly sweet, and In all reapeota of the heat quality; and ahall l>e delivered in rood ahippmg outer, Iron of ail charge t'? the United Statca, in the l.Mst >inw, ?o l aeMuiied, aound, I>r ia 1.1 I arrela, or half Itarrels, Ha the case may he-lhe staves and headlines to lio ol red <>ak of thn hestiiuaUty; atrons Mil wrll hooped, with 111.1 r> k hoop, arouud each head . and equal in quality to aample harrri at the aai t Si*vy Varda, two half harrela tn l?e considered a* a barrel, and not more than one suth of thn required quantity to ha in hall barrel*. 'I'he K ice ahall he of the very heat quality, and of the crop imin**dlately preceding the datea o| the re qmaitUK.afor the same. Tiie Dried Appiea ahall lx* of the heat quality and i hall he prepared l?y nwit <try ink only, and o, the on>p of the autumn immediately preo-ding the <lat <a of the req ui*itiona f>>r the same. and alia I ha ("llvrred in narkarea niinliimna n..f ?i.? r ? vv?<wf i?n^ im'i TI timu three In nil rod pouurta Tim I'icklf* ahall lm put up in iron Immiih! oaata, tin> iron hnupa to l>A I inch widn and t I# inch thick, and nach oauK ahal contain on* gallon of onion*, on" ta ion of pnppnra, and olf lit caliona of milium cucninl>i>ra. fifty to th" ca ton. and th? vngatablra in nach atiall woith fifty a*v?vi connda, and thoy hi t !>?> pant for; ai.d oaoh raak ahall thru ho fitlml with wlittn win* vinnMr of at Imvat U itniroeaof atrdiiKth, and r?|ual to Prruob viri^ar; il>* <-a?k?. vagotaMra, and vinrrar a'tall conform and Im r^nal in all roapoota to tho tainplca (lopoaited at ilia alf>vo named Navy Yaida, and tlm contractor* ah vl war t ant ai.d g uara:jty t hatttioy Will k?cj> soo?J ami koiind for at Iraat two rnara, l ii? lion iloopa on 'lie barrel* oontainin* Whiaky, Molaaana., and i'n kiew to lie wfll pain'ed with red lca<i. Tl ? Hucar alnll b* according to tlin ?atnplca at tlioialdfravj Yard*, aid l>? dry and fit for paok ! (, and > qnai III uuail'v to t w l*>at I.n.wn Th-? Tea ahall f>* <>( cood quality )?um hpoti, i-qii?l to Mm -amp < * at ikhI \?vy \ Kola, and l>* jolivarx'l II haifai <1 quarter cheat* only. j Tim t'oflee ahall l>? equal to the beat Cuba, ?c nonluii to un.inpl*. Thn Tirana rhall l?w?( tlm v?i > brat q ualitr whit* Ixwiiu. ainl ahall he of t h" crop iiiimedi*'*! r prnend- | in( thn Uati'a ol tlm rrquiaiil"* lor tlm xaui'1, M p<>niidn to b? laken a? on* buabel. Th? Mo|aa??a al-all tin lull* rqual to tlm ver? beat ii a I it) of New Oilcatia Molanaea, and ahail ha J l?liv?f?d hi now. well nr.ironed rr'l ak bairnlc, with whit* pmr h<'a<U not l*aa than I'a I noli thick; ' th < atavea not lean than moil thick; tlm banela lo h*thre? quarter* h >op*U, ami, in addition, to ] ihvk four iron hoop^onnon *auh hilc?, i' inch in andOi an l on* I tilth inoli thick,ami on* on *arh >hinn?. H, inch in width and I Willi inch thick, and ? ja * I ' J .?? .|||? lil? Mitt v* ? r ?a. 4 and ' "** ' IIH ppll.fc COIDIItlllll I ho Vinegar aliall li* ?>f tha hrit quality, rit nal In tli? BtAn unl of the Unitod Sl*tn? I'htrniiknn rii-ia, ami ahali contain im .ither than aoet'o A^lil; I iiiit ahall he deliver?.! in I arrcla aitinlar in ail re ipi-ota to thoae r??i 111r?mJ lor Molaiiaea, with the 1 UMptl'in thAt irhilr nnk atAVfia Ami lioivla al all I??i instituted for rrri < Ak atave* Ati<l w lilt* pine h?\Vl?, iml aiiAli he thormulily ooopenil ituii placed in tlin est shipping order. The VS ln?ki'T thai! on ina'le wholly from grain, ( inn<t aii'l mrrphanlthlo, and he fitI fir?t proof a.wording to th?* United StiUea out torn honae ilgnd ml. A id ahnl lie double rectified. 11 thail Imlr ivrred in got ill, new, a?., bright, tlirro qu Alters 1 looped, wall eraanned white of.k harm a. with white oak heads. Hie hands to he uivie o| three {looo hcftili'.K Aiiii wrll pAiiit'Hi; thii atavn* nut to he lean than " ? ui' hthiok. aii'l the h?ad"nole?a .han \ ir.nhl lock; and rami hnrrel ahall Imoonprrcd n audition. wiili mm three -penny iron hoop <-n >anli hi go Ini"h in wullh, ami I IKili incn Ihick. WMl one liltf rt prtifl j lionp iiji lir h o'iIIIi", t '? ln?'h n width mi'f I - l**L]a I noli Itimk, m pif <(iii<iniii. nwvMil* h? put ib good ikiMiai trttr<bM < f all t" tha I'tu'ml ^ *t"? | All tliO I I/Cjoln* it drtin f>?, nnlir?ci I IwvrrrU, hull lianr.?, ami l> \c?, *h\ll In ' mi jM.t t iii?P''' tuin an lh*oh *1 of ih? litir au >1 I'rnv mini* ami m\y riir'ut, th? in >p??cltrif it t<i l>? appointed vy th?s Nav* l>c>ar:m?iit. All ln?proti<?im to Im at th? plac? I ftf'itvMry. Itlanuit may, how?v?r, l>? nnpeotod Vt tlio pi I I h, l.ut w K in al: < **. a >? aut>t<*At l?? * fi' al unp'tot mi a* Hi" p a< e of ita iv*rj l>?l?>r?? tl'? Ml ? at? ol^MH'1 Tli? prioPK >( nil tli" forgoing nitix ?a to lie thn ' mm* tliroii?):oal thn jut, and l>iil<ttiia mat < H<*r j or <>nr or nioraartio na. and hin oC?r will I.* an- J <npU<d lor that rant for which hi-i i i"P'->*".i way 4 owmt. r All th* o%fk?, barrel*, ami half l?arr?la, hoiai. >r pa< kAicea, ftlia.ll be marked wi tit tnMr content* I mil lli? oontmoliH' riAiiM. All the li*rr?t* mi ) i?vif bArri It ul flinir, broa'. And pioRloa nhall l'*vo, n additiou to the Above.the y?*r whrn mtriufjinnrn?i or put tip mm kerf upon them. Tli? miiip'oii ro(err< <1 to in till* A<I vertm?iii->n? Ai* li'ino aeleot"d <t?r the ruaiiina finoAl y?Ar, nnd kat-t to rtffrnr* to mcA at Hav? hrtn pri fioi/Wy t rkit> trit. The tnAntity of the*e Arti?lee whi?jh will I* re linred oa'inot l?e preoiaeiy ?tAt?d. They will trotublv be Abou'-To be offrrrit for. Hunuit.?fl,Hi4ii?m ih? .. per I'M11 be. Hour. I ,ten lililn ,p??r bbl. Rice - . |(mi ,por inn |b?. Uri-d App'ee ... IMionulbs per lb. 1'irkl'a 1 '4).nonIbe. per lb. HunAr ZIS.uki lb* per Imi |b?. Ten .. be. por Hi. i?A,l??lb?. p#?r lb Henna ... eer bnali. MolAaae.i anO??*Ala por kaI. Vi'?"?ar..^? per ml. Whi'ky Mi,?*? kaIw per ? Al Tlie qiim.t'tiea of All? or A I niA) l>0 inoro*?r>d . ?r limim>tied a? the wtvice niAy h?r?Aller r?<inir*. riie oontiRota will th?ri<f?re lio iiiAdo, not for ?pn , a no qnaiiiiiiea, mm lor ninth (| uvtit r? a* ttir *??r | "ioe mn; icffrr* to be delivered at tlioa* Navy i \ >inlr, trapeotl vlr J Contractor* not re?i<iinn at the p'ao-*? where de i livotte* are rr<|uired mint e*tal>liah a<enoiea at uuh place*, tliht no delay mar aria* in lurmahiPK what may l.e required; anil wli?n a contractor luila , promptly to comply with a rtqmotion, the Chief ( uf the Huri'iu ol rroviaiona and t'lothiiiK aha I be , authorized to direct purol anna to be ina.1* to ?up < p v tii* uvfioiency, under the penalty to i.e<<xpie** ed in the ooutract; the record of a n qu aiMon, or a . duplicate ropy llo rnof. at the Mnrrau of I'roviarona and Ciothinc. or ateither of rtie Navy Yard* , af >r??aaid, ahall he evidence that auoh requisition , ha* been miu'e and received. Heparate off>r* muni be intde for ?aoh aitiole at e*oh of the aforesaid Navy Van1*; and in tato more than one article la ooctaired in the i U-r, the I'lilrtf III I hn Kiirnnii will >? trm ikariekt ?? ? 1 ? w vnw ?|,I T w ?H? ( 1 Pt *1 V U? ? /? ' y * | one or more n( tlio articl'? cor tamed in fuoi 1 and t? rcjant Ilia ri-maiadei; and l>idd*ra whom proposal* am aoorpu-d land nun* other?) will l>a foitliwitli rotitied, and aa early aa practicable a contract wih ha tranmnittrd to them for exaouti n, wliioh contrast mod t>? returned to th* IJ'irrau *'iiluii li ? ?< daya,exniunve ol tlia tnnu required for , Mi 1 ir<ular tiRiimiiiiiaiou ?>| tli? tn.iii. Two- r more npprnved turetiaa in a aum equal . to tlio e*tliin.ted amount ol tue rocpor'i va oof.lraeta J wrl li? required, and twenty per centum in ad li- ( tn?n Will In witi.lit-ld from the amount of all pa) | in" iia on account thereof im oeltiueia' aeouuty, in addition, to aeture it* performance, and not in any event to be paid a mil it l? in nil reeprota con in it <1 villi; eight) pai ceatuin ol the am..u.t of all deliver i*u made will be paid I'T the Navy A*"iit within thirtv d*?? after Milt, du'f aiitli*iiti<>kt?d, a i*'l liave heun i>rei?eoted to iiiin. HKi k forma ?,) pr>po?ala in*? t?i? ohlaiufd on ap titration totlieSavy A*eiit?at t'ortanirmh. New lamp?lilre; lioiton, Now York, Philadelphia, llaltiinore, Nortolk.ani at this Bureau. A reo ?rd. or dupl>ii*lJ I the latter informing H l.idiler of tlii auocrtanoe of lua nro oaa . will ha i.i '.l a imtififlAOoy thereof, wtOuii Ilia mMtlif ot til" ?tt o| Mill. R|>-1 hit bid will I.iv1<< mill ucfU 'l m coiiii.rnntr with thi* uiidomlanUuir. Kvery cffVr rtiimt! ? awnnnjunird ia? dunot^l in iln aot ofI'oerr * nitklrir appropriation* for f I* Nava* tei-viee for HV> '?7.appro*-d l?th <?| Aujut, |H<ii) t>? a written ku4< ni't-1*, *4tuH b* on ?>r more re* p"imlilrt perron J, t > tiifl lf*ot that h? or tuny ii?<t?rtake titat tUe tiidd r or ui<*d?r* ?i' .it I II ?r tb?*ir bid t?? Rooaptrit, enter into an' obligation within bvr day*, with good aod iwfliuieat ?uieti? *. t ) lit imti tUe mnpli'M prrp??e<l. Tn? Bureau will u?t If* bliiatad to Mn?id?r any proposal uulent a romp&med by the intrant w? rfeiei'eJ bv law; th? eompetenny ol the ftiiinwife to l>* ooitiko-S ! ? the N*vt at<?iit. |u?trt?r Atiuruey.or Collector of Ui? < uitom*. TV attention of lidj rt ?'? caltnl r? fh* t itrt-1 (f'fry'lw tf TTtflr* rf?irr-trf. on, in the ?? VZXI'u'iiZffi&IX&Si tEWtSS;W"? " ,ml Hi'lft&P w CLOTHING, Ac. -l\l MKIUJiAffT TAILOHjm*. HKW F*LL tfrVLKS or CLOTH**. CAMU MFRB, ANU VKM"YN<?H. WALL. HTEPWKNH k CO., 3mi P?ni,afl?a n:a Avenu*. liav* r>?t rro?>iv?tl a 'arc* vatitU of new Fall <> wuioii they isrit* U.? attention of thair fnemia amr". ??iaLom#ra. au an If IJKNTLKMKPTV ** RKADY-MAUK. CLOTHING. <>or pr*a*nt aaaortinftnt of (JKNTLKMK.N'l KKADV MADK CLOTHING i.ffera to oiti>?na and atraoc*ra wiahjn* an oat fit iup* rior luduoffmftnta, *m><raoi:ig, at tbia timo. all .!.!>. ...I 1 ---- - ,..... ? !> ( pi nrNi and Ufcr RMMt* Ovrootfi is ftll WlMiM. Kino tMurte' and Under oloUttiui <>l all kind*. Kid mid other iilovna of l?e?t quality. ttoaiU. Jl'iee, Cravtu, ?u."k?, Hosiery. it a.. fc*. All uf wkieh we ere I offerfag at "#r >?nal low price*. |rr Clvtlunc iiutde tn order in the nv>?? ?u??rier manner. ?.VALL. STKI'H.KNI* A CO.. no W>lf Pa. a*e*?e. i lOTOTHK f"KOPLKB'CLOTHINQJ*TOJ* K, " No. 4?tO >*? renth et.. In |?t tout CLOTH* IN?J, PUKNltHlINU OOOiiH, HAI>* and CAP*. feJ?w_ WMKKOIIANT TA1LORIN9. K Invite ?11>r ruotouiors,and olU**a* cenerally. loan in*f?etr.oa of oar present new, trantiv*. mid ae*?irt?u*r* of^HH CLOTHS*. CA^IMKKKS, pOKStMNS. I\5 |}3rHNCRi ovKinfiTHiM* * a * #? > " ' ' wmoii we will ?n*k? to order in auperior^ " ltjl*tlT*rTl0*jri?M. < WALL* HTKPHKNH ft CO? oo 2ft tf 38 2 P*. av.. hntw. *?th tml loth eta. Cir? ('ourIk. ColA, I/mhhmm, /afiny Irritation or 5?ra A-SMifAniA "V ' Tkront. Hrhrrr tut AkjHMyfi A ,'ktn* Cv*tk tn ( onii mr (innUrilLlI l<im, flroiukttii, Arktnl, LlijliUllMM 4" ' f7.i? *?./ n ^iiuTRSr PUBLIC H P K A K r. K 9 lil AM? HINOKRt*. I'ew are ?w?r? of the importune" of oheofelnc a Cough or '"Common Cold" in ita firat itac*t that wluoh In the I'Aginiog would field to a tnil4 tame- ? dT, MfmlM, MM ItMlltlW l.uuia. "/.'>< irn't Bronrktnl 7><* *??." containing demnloecit ingredi enta, allay Pulinunarj ard Kionolual Irritation. "That trnnb'e in mjr Throat, (for BROWN'H I whioh the T\otk*?" are a apenibel ' ! having made me often a mere whlaTROC11KS perer. N. P. WILLI!*. ' BROWN'S recommend their uae to Pobi.ic TROCHKH RKV. K. H.CIIAPIN. "Cireat a?rvioe?n autxfmng IIoak?b HROWN'fl RP.V. DANIKL WIBK. - ,, ? ?u ' M AI in oat matai.t relief in the die rii'H/Hr.^ J treeeing Ialnir of breathing peculiar " IIII (IIV N'li AfTHM A. BROWN I* RKV. A. C. KOOLK8TON. 1 tuopiiLau P.. .? - ? " .......... .?.iwn u<? wpium ?>r anrtMng ii ~ injurious." UK. A A IIA* I *. BROWN'S CAimtH, fio>ion. " A ft'i 1 P wv~?nt o<>ml i nft 1 TRCX'UKS* uon i ,r t'ursii". ftn." DR. 6. K. BIO BLOW, BROWN'S Bottom. ? TKOCHKi* '""SMTHi'l.K. J, IIII (l W N'" ?.>!?, i lm " 1 hiivo ?ro*?d tti?m nMrilMt for "* rROCMBS W?'0"^V.?ir.W. WARRKN. ? UKUWNM* t n^1?" I |{*nMiolftl whftn oonii|ll?<l to mocbbs Howrrs ?5. ruiiruvu " Krrg< tcal in r?ra<>virt H<>*ra? . 1 KIM / M Kn MMa(,J7rrltltUol|ur(h. Pkr^l. M ' UKOVV N'K O'liiimon with Bntxti Mi l Pino ri?nl, u "'prwf. M.BTAOY JOHNWtN. ' r.(OlML? /.? tit*nrr, <im. ? HUIIWN'M Teftjh''' of Muaio. Southern Coll*g?. i#t rROCIli:* batiHit wliw tak?n tK>f?r? T %n<l a.fW ptc?*o?iin?. ft* tli?y ret-nnl HWOWN'S ll<>ftrir>nn??. From liifir o?rrI. a MUM* t>n?| will i '? 'JI P^i li(%Iir lit rilOCHKHJ Hntii^ to m?. Ih MKV. K. ROWI.KY. A. M. I. JROWN'^i I'rrudent of A tiion# (Jollffg*, T?nn. ? lift FIVKCKNTSA BOX.^Jl I, I It _ ? I n J II MoLKAN 8 J 8TRENGTHEHING CORDIAL ADD ItLOOD PI RIFIKIl rJIF. ?HE ATE ST KENEDY i* iki WOULD, J, &n<l the moat oj IMeUCIOU* AMD P? 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VillaM A.rfc ai d .( lilt, rMM III tlia Mfa4, lltmnaaa of Htfhi, Um ml M?ac?Ur 'oarar IM|hUIH?i ?l i??a lla*rt, llTa|<#p?t, Nn*n?a Irnu itlny, P?iRn|*mfiii of tKr |ltf?iii?? huiicd'Mii, 4?auavaJ ( lel?i'Hjr, 4 Mmim ??*, If. Mimii i.v - TH? Icirlnl enacts um tkr tmod ara tn i? l.??aa M?r?'ory, C.<wt waimi ?< Maa?, |l#j>??aat<Hi I ft|iiiia, t>il >'?n?liilMifa, A a train q| tjr , H#|f mat I <4 A??li(u4#, Timidity, aic , aia aatut ol tka t?ila i "'1 ' 1 NllVol'l lltmi If V c?n n?a Mff ? ? ! ?a e-Mi?r of tltair An lining hfalih, Itami fliair vif?*r. bac.*?. i| m |?ala# and amariat?J. ka?Hif a u?fn'?r | Pfaraitia *ja?, ? uafli m ayn*|*'Nna CHaHimf/i/.vf:.ivf.v ok iMHtvni \rm WVtril ??.f KMf I' i<|r <1 ~lid i iii |' r it>t ?.rf . r V *4 |>l?And* t h tintil?*<l *?.r I'f.U <>l iliia |?? Mil lit ItMttf, ll {mm 0i I ill >? ! ? . | thun? ??r M !? ?< I' I<I<IVI<JT n ?h<.M vImi, Irmn fdliealMm t??f f?n -I.*.* t*tii?ii4 hint H? Nil iat?* (K? 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U.? at- H i.?um?tlain, Norma |H>Mlitv. I?fof?p?ta.Xlror Cony ?mt with Ito raor an-' drtnctiou. %nd tha ramh^riooa all* lUt tab ta h?ir to.donvo thou liMaoaa oncln fro? tho r?od, IW kindly thaa an<T f tn-.Uy wltii I ha bood. r* tlif* vilVia. r.s roeourroa of rAtara for Ita Old, id aofQr u* to roinmaiid to your cnaldraM ta| 10 luot trilj inodloaioai.t known M o.viax >ansl?Sl.a UmWVTJUl*. With ra?ard lo ttua Hiwxi lufkJilMa apaotAa >?mar aculimcnt haa irok?n in d mi dad Mr ma id th? avKlar.oaa of tliia |i?l mur v? aaa iruxlby o-nataiit avowa a of at rat: v* rfnn ?'?*. ti?>?ir>at r??u la from iU aae ftre aftar a. otiar mod ma ud tha haat madiaal an ill hara fail ad. aa ui,ii oonolaaion, tLat oartllaatw raa ar? not arnight from u?a il ltarata m aiiar ?*l, bat thay are valvLt?*rr<1 from tha moat ra aotabl* aoarcoa and jnatify t*a bifhaat taryna ta hioh it la aoaaibia to ooniaaal ao valnaMa a ?oibo to pobllc approval. wi mar add alao that a o?ratit?> ar..^rtfM nf tha mrtiriaa araaqaaTlad ily by iu raau>rativa aflaota. tha aratata raaovar t from diaaaaa with ranavad oouatftatioaiaTrtf ar. For aa!a b* all raa paotabla Dragiiata in ttia ty.and by tha proprietor, MR?7 M. COX. Nona | an una aniaaa bar nana ia blovi oa Ifca >ttl* and bar aaalon tha aork IBSs j;r 'W* smt Su . aorgatnvn, D C.. WholaaaJa A|ast for tkilhllot. and will aappfy tha trada at ay pnaaa. aa l? tr pHK ALL SUFFICIENT THRKK. I'M I HXKM A K . 1, 2 and 9-I'roteoted b? Uotal rtter* Patent ?l Kniiand, and Nrutd by tho >*la <>( the Koolo 4* Pharmaoie do Paha, IM UM upenal College of Mediame. Vlorna No I ia mvaluablo lor exhaust ion and natorrhoa. id all phyaical diral<ilitiea. N<?. 2 Oompletely eradi'-at" all trMM of IhOM aeatr* thai have been I, ithorto treated by the mm k.di and pernios u uae of wnivi and onhoba. No a haa entirely ?upp.anted the injuriona nit of ero?uj. thereby lnaurim to tho laffmr f"iiT i i*t. impTHng all lmpuritiea, tad rooting on venom of dipaaaa, TKIKSE *1 a R. Not. 1. 2 and S. are prepared in ia form of a lotanga. devoid of taet* aad aaeil. id oan be oarjied in the waiatooat pocket, h?.id i tin oaaea, a?d divided into separate doeoe, aa (matured tf Ve>?au, Ullniaad, toax. Rioord, o Price each, or fo?r oamm for fl, whioh vve? ?i, and in 1/7 oa?e?, whereby there ia a aa? IK of f?. To be had, wholesale and retail, of D*. ARROW,of 194 Hieeoker street, Nov York, nmediate:r ?n reoriviag a remittanoe, Dr. Barrow ill forward I tie Trieeemar to any part ortW worid. xjurelj parked, and addronaoc aaoordiag to the mrnotlona of the writer. The Hon*, of all othira. that ahonld bo road by on with dan.a?e<i and broken down aonoututione "Hnraan Frailty, or Pbyaiolofioal Reaaamhoa." , ia beautifully il.uatrated, and treats oinwy of II the armp otna that invariably doroioa them >lvea. tuoner or later, reaalliuf from the TraiJUeo nd vitiating habita of earl* 7??tfc. i??apaelteilM .? i:i? iruiuon ?H Ui? mttri [>?>r? li?l< w Mftatfovfil. N?w York. Prie* 1ft mjU. r*?>ut IrM ?v*rr vbm, Hol.l ?liu by 8. C. Ford, Jr.. I>r?( Mora, Wwk>(tuu, I). C. ii )*. I. BOVKB IKJDU 1MFSMAL W1NM BJTTXM.8, an mem b?bf im4 from M*t|? to tb? ?ra*t Ml ?* . ul U? a&ivwMlverdiot ofill vM >M asssSffip ? ariSs aWj^ari3iiSS?f raws it?as^py25yja^ uTan^afitftldf ItM^l'llI r"1 I^Sll'lVytSr ?r Um mimtfl ppitmt im mWimim LAammi nth whifth im ooutrr U liohi, uT3?Sr * MtB^ly Md la iMiaklag Aaw?w< DrukMM nilill>n M OO Vnar I IIPHIBII *. ? ?Ijagjtex