Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1861 Page 2
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i U \ > . " Nl?ll THE EVENING STAR. r v;1 WASHINGTON CITY: ATIUDAT >l?rch 10, 1?M. Spirit of th* Horning Crru , ' The l?t?lltgtnt?r defines its motive* for it* paat eour*e with regard to se^ewlon, and denounces tbe attack* upon It* patriotism a* unjust, both from abolition'.sta at tbe North and fire-eater* lu tbe South. Ip Tbe Rtpubhtam argue* that tbe cotton of the Bonthern Confederacy will never eitricate it from pecuniary embarrowinent, and that a country burdoaed bv a large population of Idler* dependant lone cpon tbe rude and inefficient la>>or of negro cannot be expected to be very rich Book BUttrea. *?om t>,? nnhl'ther* Hnrner A Rro* . NVw ? ? r-- ? ' York, through Messrs. Taylor A Maury, we have ths following fscant issues of that publishing house: " Tho Ordaal of Fraa Labor In the Britiah West Indlea," by Wm O Sewell. This is a revised #nd enlarged f d't'.on of a aeries of letters which attracted considerable attention aa they appeared la tha New York Trm*t. Mr. Sewell predicts undoubted success for the experiment of emancipation la thoao islands, though It Is difficult to Imagine from what source he gathers his hopeful anticipations, as his volume confirms *U thbt bas heretofore been written concerulng the idleness and prcfllgacy of the natives and of the depressed condition of :he colonies once so prosperous. The ohlef value of the work will be fourd in the ftesh Information given respecting the West Indian populations, their habits,custom*, commerce, government. Ac , Ac. " Trumps," a novel by W m (i Cnrtis, which originally appeared in mrpcr ? w*'??jr, mu?trsted by Hoppin. This is perhaps tbe beststory Of American aociety taat has yet appeared, having considerable narrative Interest. and abounding in Mtlrlc&l hits upon the fashions and customs of our d*y and country. \ Also, three volumes of the Harper's Greek and Latin texts, containing the works of Thucydides In the original Greek, aad tbe works of Virgil in Latin, t hese are pocket editions with flexible overs, oonvenlent nnd satisfactory In all rcspet tj. Thi M:s?iox to Pobtcoal.?Tlie appointment of .Mr. JanSes E Harrey, of the Philadelphia North isMricsa, for the post of U. 8. Minister Resident to Portugal, recently made, is as good a s*l?ct1on as President Lincoln co'ild bare made He Las proved his energy and ability thoroughiy ln the course of his more than twenty years' connection with the lending journal named above, of which he has fcr that length of time been a principal editor and Washington correspondent. Mr H. Is self-made man, a printer by trade, having worked at tbo case for years, in early life, in this city. ?????? " Appointments* and Rimo?als.?Robert W Goggin, of this city, has been appointed assistant machinist, model room, Patent Cilice, in place t?f \Vm. M. McCauley, removed rosier oas cren appoimen :n ?ae Agricultural Division of tbs Patent Office in place of Jot. Kllllan, removed C. C. Martin, of thiacity. has been appointed watchman at the Patent Office In place of John H Ballmaa, removed T*t Bosto* Postmasters mr, f?r which there has been a sharp contest, hat been rattled In favor of Hon John G Pslfrey, of Cambridge. As Senator Sumner, to whom the selection bad been delegated by the Postmaster General, had endorsed the application of Mr Palfrey, his appointment haa been considered as good as made for some day* paat. Among the moat prominent of the diaappolnted applicants wasMr. Pang born, of the Boston Be. It ! Lswi* and not Alfred Cruger whose appolntment aa Comptroller of the 9. C Treasury at vi cm uw )i"ar wu anQounceo in yest?rday's Star. He was busy all laat sutnmer In tfcU city u a political writer In the interest* of the SMMtlon i sf# j n?l K V? I ? f J f>Am v,? Oligarchy furtber strengthened through his being & oousln of Senator Wlgfall. Tkk Cabinet l)ir?*Ka given by the President ou Thurrday last, Is spoken of on all sides as a mcsf agreeable affair. Twenty-eight persons were present, including the members of the President's family, Cabinet officers and families. Gen. Scott, Comnndore Stewart, 4.C., Ac. Mil Liscolj has a reception to-d-iy from 2 tr> 4pm We learn that these receptions will be continued on each Saturday at the same hours until the commencement of the Marine Band performances In the public grounds cr We are in receipt of Part No. 6 of the Household Jovmil, published by Harthill L Co , New York,?an excellent number of this popular periodical. How it can be published at thirteen ?<oti a number la a mystery to us. M?. Lincoln, 1h sccordance with the rule he has adopted for Saturdays, was not receiving visitors to-day. Mr Buchanan, It will be remembered, thus reserved for himself one day of each week. G*!*. W* Hickkt was elected Assistant Secretary of the Seoate, and not Secretary, as errone ooaly stated in the newspapers. Aebury Dicker* retains the latter negation G. W Lank, recently confirmed as Judge for th? Northern and Southern District of Alabama, will, it Is said, endeavor to hold bis court at Athens, In the Union part of the State. Opt ow tic Field ?According '* street rumor IliJ B B French has sent a letter to the Pre*: dant withdrawing his application for the Msr halshlp of tee DfsTrict of ColumMa. T** T*'.Ai of Captain Armstrong for the surrender of Pensacola Navy Yard is (till ^io^res-lag Tbe Govemrren? has sent to Florida for wltaeases wi beak that Judge Allen A Burton, rt Ky , who was nominated and confirmed as AesoeUU Justioe of Dacotah. declines that position. Rss>?*ix>?Th? resignation of Lieut Charles W Phifer (appointed from Mississippi) has teen received at the War Department. _ ?- :?r-rr:?? CICIITAIT U XM IKO.% UHI I'll ILC City Otl a ?hpM visit to Pennsylvania. He return* next week. |tT The Pensacola correspondent of tbe N* w Or loses Delta ssys tbe appearances r.f things In tbe vtlliwrs of Wsrrington and Woolsey ar? gloomy; fully one-half of tbe stores sre closed, tne store-keepers having left for Mew, Mobile, Feusacola, sad other plates, with their gord< end chattels; 'be residence* are one-balf ftf th?tn #K* l?1 * '* ' . -<_v u^aiiK ummg leil lO avoid 11 Lincoln'* l*??ilb?.rdnleIlt,' of the picce. Tnd??d it Is a remarkable fact that in t one of the old creolo population but bat not |Mcktd bis fur allure and pro^eedid tome miles li.lo the woodt, to avoid the ww. Sormi> Baptist Cosvistio*?The biennial Convection of the Baptia's of tbe Southern States will meet at fcavatiiiuh on the lUth uf May next. It has charge of tbe Board < f Missions, forelirn and domestic, and also of the Bihlw Board From all tbe slaveholdlng States It will bring togetber some of the leading men of the dt nomination lt? srsslons usually embrace about four da\s. Indudlug a Sabbath. Dr. Richard Fuller, of Baltimore, is the President. # "Bold Socthxxh Bcmmus "?A company of vourg am paraded In Portsmouth the other daf bearing the national Hag, and smsll pennons Inscribed B. S. B. Tbe unfamiliar Initials having provoked some Inquiry. a correspondent gratified public curiosity bv stating though the Day Book that their true signification is tb? "BoldSouthern Bummers " that when next thev parade It will be Ua4*rlK.H?o^?-a?.1-? -- - ..t vi .uc cvnwrro tonlrtmty Fiv* Boxdbbd Thocuxi Dollar* of thk Co>ftui*atit) Loam Takb.i ?The ftavannab Republican announces with gratlleatlon ibat tb? banks of that city h*?r taken $5Mj.U4 of tbe loan * authorised by tbe Montgomery Congress. (ry A dispatch from >'ew Orleans stabs that tbe Brooklyn bad left Pensacola,sod, It was supj < sed. bad gone to Key W est to at tain provlsloi s. Also, tbat troops of tbe Confederal State* continued to arrive at Pesaacola in largo force liy- Oa tteSlit Inst Gov Boustan and ttou. A T Hamilton delivered spercbes st Austin, Texas, strongly deuoun/>in? ??..? ? - * * *outb#rn rA?/7 1 7 ?^vuHrpnuon, Oo U??25Jdth- p''rtd,'I1ae2ra"<l ?* Coji*Ulutlon. ?te ?dop?H U* C<*fcder. V Li/1 % j DEPARTMENT IfKWt. I * Uxara C II Jackson and H. P Leech, both of lowv have been appointed to first claw (11,300) clerkships in the Interior Department G. H Chatterton, of VI , aid Bradv. of j Penn , have received appointments to first cliH clerkship* In the Census Bureau. J R. Kelley. a H,400 clerk in the Indian Bureau, baa also been removed. John I> Blower, of Ohio, a scond claas clerk In the same btireat;, baa b^en removed K Minor,of Va , a flrstrl??s clerk in the Census 1 Office, has also been removed. A . S. Cox, of Ohio, a ? MOO clerk In the Pension Bureau, has been removed. Mail Littisc,*.?The ttu.e for closin: the reception of bids for carrying the mills In the New England States and the State of New York, is thrre o'clock this afternoon The opening of bids will commence on .Monday morning. The announcements will be made on the itth of April Quite a large number of contractor* have already S*nt in their r>rnnn?a!s. PrrMBtl. The author of "Adam Bede" bat written** new ?t?rv called "91Ua Maruer. tbe Weaver of Raveloe.'' which la announced by Blackwood A Sona, of Edinburgh. Mr. Cbaae appeara In bis office before nine o'clock, remains during buainess houra, If not called awav to tbe Cabinet, and at dark again repairs to his depirtment wbere he baa labored many a night until the small boura of the morning -Thackeray baa become rich, keep* bla carriage, and glvi a large entertalnmenta. Ollpbant la Consul-General in Japan. Crowe ia in the aame capacity at Lelpalc. and Tom Taylor ha* a fat a?>crefcirvsblp at home Literature Is getting to be a ladder of tome height. Cassias M. Clay, Minister to Russia, will sail, with his family, for Liverpool by the Persia ontbetI4th of April Th" Young Men's Repub liran imon r?r rvpw vom. tend, r thr oom plimenti of a public dinner in that city on the eve of hia departure. Harriet Martineau?though at present laboring under a disease of th? heart which may at any time result fa'allv. still writes lnduatrioualy for "Once a Week"?is preparinga copiousautobiography, and contributes leaders to the London Daily News. Member* of Congrwa in the seceding States write t'. Washington to have forwarded them their quota of Congressional books, exactly aa though they still cona'.drrtd themselves members of the U t*. Congress In some instances their letters are franked aa those of'-M C 'a" but ail dated from "the Confederate Statci of North America." The books will be sent. Among the arrivals in New Orleans on the 21st , by the steamship Catawba, from Havana, was Baron Rothrbild, of th distinguished family of that name in Paris Baron R.hns been spendlug some weeks in Havana, where be was the ooject of mar.v attentions on the part of the Captain General and other distinguished gentle m^u fif that rltir Eugene Gulnot, associate editor of tbe Pm, and one of tbe first and most elegant chroniclers of the Parisian press, died on the 9th ult., after a very short Illness He was also known nndtr the n;m <it plum* of Haul Vermond and Pierre Uurand During th" '25 vean that he was connected with the pre^s, F.'igene Gntnot n?*ver failed Jo s?*nd his Wf-flkiy femlliton on the appointed day Therefore, when, on Saturday, the 9th of February, the chief editor ?f the P?j> did not receive from him tbe expected copy, be said to his friends, "Gulnot has not sent bis chronicle for to-morrow?he must he dead." He was not dead, but dying. V/0-V*TlTTTI0?IAI. I K1nX COS VFJiTIOS OF phuadxlphia?The delegates to the Convention of tbe Constitutional I'nion party of Philadelphia, which s?sembl-.d In that city on Wednesday evening, adopted resolutions denouncing tbe Republican numbers of the Legislature as demagogues aiid cowards, for postponing the spring election and thereby depriving the citiiens of th?lr righto; asserting that the present State Executive \you'.d rather be a chief among political tricksters than an honest officer, and declaring themselves In favor of '-maintaining" the Union. Tabiff Rickitts at Vickfbceo.?The Vlcksburi/ \Vh!i7 of th? tKo# hundred to two thousand dollar* wffe collected tbere the pre*l<m? day, under the tariff' law? of the new Confederacy. Of r.onne thin wa? all upon product! of the United 9tat/??. which the aecedlng state# prevlou?ly received free of duty. Y~3=*REV. W. M. D. RYAN WILL PRKACH at.McKenaree Cb?p?-!. M?n avenue, between !? h and H'th street*, TO-MOR ROW (Hun dayi&tlla m. ?n<l7K P in It* nrK?THK DISCIPLES WILL II AVE PER^ee.,V,?T,an,d']?RrM:: V.VVil.ftWiW (Snnday i at 11 o'clock m. I'reachinc t>y Eldor J. W. K?MPtofOhia S.-atg fr?e. It* Ys^FATIIER BEESON WILL PK EACH I V in t ? L i li&nan Church, corner of i> anu Pix'h mr o-s, TO .MORROW AKTERNOO^, at 1% o'clock. Tox?- Romans, 2d chapter and I4tb verie. 1 ARoo^fA will ?>ne an cpproprrate ri'c? ii ' li? oeauio*. *'** - _ ? | Y^AS'SKM BLY'** rHfRCH.Coim Fifth 1,3 **9 I St-.?The Rev. T. 11. M' Kalli will p esih ?>u TO MORIMIW at 11 o c'octc m the ' inoTli g. The Lorn'* Supper will be administered the ev?nicf at o'clock. The public are invited. It* 1 MATTHEW'S CHURCH -A ol,eel v tk>n will he taken in this church To iUOR- | ROW <Easf ,r day) in behalf of St. Charles' Col i l*Ke, the preparatory seminary of the ducese of HaM^o'e. S??rvio? at 11 o'e'nek a.m. Th? ce ebrat?d Mas* of in K flat, will bo psrformed with full orchestral accompaniment*. It* ATTENTION. JACKSON GUARDS- \ 1 ? I'hd >een ar m nt: Iv meetine of the compan? ? ill be he <1 at thr f drill room. nnTlmd St.. near Penn. avenue, on MONDAY EVENING, April j I?t, a*7K o'clf c'<. Punctual attendance in requss'e'. Pe?? us desirouiof jo uin^ #*i<l company are i respectfully vite<i to ct e?l. By order of the Captain. ma 98-2t* ; (V"^*MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.?The "mi- i i I j aiiMiai weeting ofthe Medioal A'sooiation or D r. wi'. !?e held at the Wanlncr'on Infirmary, ' onTl f Sl?AY. Apn I'd, at 12 o c < * m. ( re a 2J-3. _ WlH I.OVEiOY.M D. Se?t _ Y "3~~ L N i V KRSA L1SM.?f'txc start'I; s rut rat'; I.L-? all hk'Wise pfith tain i/it. irhoht wnrhi hnJ lo" *>? n'rn mill ?1Thbophih.8 1 iskk will 1 preacn lu exp anati n of thero (*upp?n'd lo l*M ' difficult texthor; SUNDAV EVENING, at the old 1 T'liaty Chu>ch. a', a quarter before 8 o'e ock. He wi.l siiow that tliey have not the leinol^t teferenoe to a future state of ?xisteuce an^ do not, in an* way, conflict with the doc'nne of universal hoi ties? and happiness. Seats free. ma 2J 2t* fpS^THK MEMliERSOP 1THE COLUMBIA 1 1 IJl Fnjrme Company, No. 1. are hereby noticed 1 that an election lor sovehci rector* ofthe'lolumhia Lihrar*. wiil ! ? he don VjoNDAY. April lsr, 1 61. at the Eneire House. The fbll wi< e pceont ha"d i been -.pp snt?r! Oomm:?HuD?i t> *>f Kleotio : JnUTi S. b' oiff. Anua-'v P McKen>?a and Parkv Ike poi;.i?iilbe kept pen fiora S to 3 o'o'ouk o m _n.a_? 3t W. t1. HICKS. Librarian. ,Yy? WAGONS, C ARTS AND DRAYS. Kei;itb*'9 Orrjc*, Maree S6,1361. >'>t!3e is herobf (?iven that I izcraea isaued to f ownora < ( W&eons. Cart* and D,*ya will expire i on th? firatMo. 'Jay in April and that aaia Lioeri>ea < riuat l>a renew. <J in oompha-ce with iaw, at thia < ffi -e, within ten ia?a after that tirn^. WU,LIAM MORGAN, v.ia !6 dtApnl 4 Re?iater. G<RKAT NUltra* OF PIANO rOVTP? ] I f'?r ea'? or rrn? a al.p icra. Also, ten Mdo J d *on? of different mVi for r'nt or aale. New Mas-.c r*?eiv*d fro?n ail parti of the oonnt'T week- 1 ly. JOHN P. KLL1H, i m* 30 306 Pa. av., het 9th ami loth a a. ^T THE ORIGINAL MANTILLA 8TORE? OPENING DAY, ' MONDAY, Aptlilaf. ? Black i*ilk COAT*. SALuni^. " Aud MANTILLAS. , Lis lit ('loin COATSmd SACCJUE3, t Bar*** CLOAKS, 9ACQUES. And MArCTll-LAa. j AH t> e re* *n<l ilft*iral)!?*,y e? of Mantllta* lor J ?P'ir* and aunimer, f 001 82 to op?n for in- ( upection and oa Monday. Ap il l*t at 1 MAXWELL'S. 3'J* Pa av. N. B?Maiti la Depaitmrnt in second ?tory rooms n>\ ?V3tto A A CARD t REPORT Having gained v>m? ouTeney h*r? k tha' the Ktr>a In?iirar,o? Company of Hartford, Ct., ? ha* deotined to t&lM any fiirtrer ri?k* ?n the Dia- ' triot of Co!umb>* the undomienert ? ? vaawo ' ma m-tiicd or coBt-'iijofmj the ?lat?-ment,aud of tu o vitiiif t e att'ntion of ?Ii who may deaire to avail a tbema?iv- a of the protection of thia old ard univvrfcs'l* pcpular Coir pany to the <i|fiae, No. .' >() teventh atrMt, oppo?it-? the Intelligencer *">tficef 1 wlifr ha i? al?a\?on liar>d to reo?ivo app icatione J aa nerftof ?re. Thia Company ha* paid out, for In*.f in ihia city within lb* laat two months, up- . ward o' 1 ma.KWJ T. M. HANSON. Agent. ry-} | SEVENTH STREET. "wKT oorjp?, AUCTION BOODS, &o. We are dally r^oeiring our full atoek of SPRIN !J GOODS from Ne? Yorli tod Puiiadelphia,bought j for net to which we invtta the attention >.f lu<*ra- We take occasion to make the following an many: i otM At antic Print* ?t?\ ??nt*. worth !, Richmond'* ?nd oth-r brands >t in, worth 12. Bonne' Itibho at 1SH. worth ?, M*r*elle* Qui U, 10 4, at I?. AUeodaw do 125- ko* I > in?n Hacdke chief#, lvliee'aud men ?,12}?,ohe*p, tour-.n'* K i 1 G lov?? aa low a* 5" e, nt?, lain Delaine* at I2>i aod 1?. wo'th *S. WfcT GOODS. J k P. CoaV he*t npoolsat 3? cent* p?r doien, 12 S M?t Cali?<>a at I oeuU, Ac. 'lVcether with a varied and Mtara.vt a took or a*., i ? r " urn M t>i*Mb(d?na HrownGooOi. KQ.1 Moi's Cumnn*ri, Hoof Skirtt,L?c??rd Cnie# i P? a?o)?, Sun Umbrella*, Bonnet*, Em- t t.r d?n*a. !)' ? OtMxii of al! kloda, *o ?t A ?>, C? p?U, MMt'no, Ron, Mat#. Carpet U u Ch""- "'/A'ift&N I, SUTTON. " m* D-1 w No. 991 7th *.,??. D u?4 At. > . ** Tbi Stiaxib Biuivillv Rklbaiid ?In Mm rate of the ateamer Bienville, of Livingston, rrnrhrron 1 Co >1 New Orleana line, whl h was *mst?-d on her late arrival here by the Collector for not having a Federal clearance, It baa been arranged that th? matter aball be referred totbe Secretary of the Treasury. and that abe will be permitted to leave on Saturday, with the malls, provided the owners sign the requisite bonds for tbe payment of tbe penalty The U. bad among ber r argo some $1,600 worth of rorelpn goods, which had been duly entered at New Orleans, and reahlpped here to sell. Theaejjooda are held by the Cnstom House authorities Several other vessels have arrived herefrom Southern porta, without the approp late clearance, and have been fiued by the Collector, tbe Captains paying the penalty under protest in each rase. The schooner 9. C. Cvans. from Feruandina, Florida, is of this number. Another schooner, from tbe same place, arrived the same day, but showing the regular clearance It Is probable this ve?sel entered, and anticipating the new order of things, cleared the same day before any change was made at the Custom House All these cases will esrly receive ? - -** ? as ? ? AS? o ... ai m ii:? anenuon 01 me gfrrewr at uib iiwsur/.? Neto York Times. Rbpial or T8i 9lav*rt Chapt**. ?Tbe Philadelphia Methodist Conference on Friday adopted the report of the Committee on the state of the Church In favor of repealing the new chapter on slavery Inserted in the Discipline at the last Conference, leaving future Conferences to make tbetr own regulations on the subject, concurring In the resolution of the East Baltimore Conference, and requesting the General Conference, at the next session, to repeal the chapter on slavery, and Instead thereof empower each Annual Conference within whose b-~>ur.ds the institution of slavery exists to make their own regulations In regard to It. Also, adopting an sddrt-sa to the Methodists of Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia, assuring them of tb* prcfoundest sympathies in their present disquietude and agitated condition uu the question of a division of the Conference. A resolution ? ?? also adopted declaring It to l>e inexpedient to divide the Philadelphia Conference by State lines at this time During the discussion on these resolutions there was a scene of excitement, and the church w?a crowded. LA TEST ARRIVAL OF X E W GOODS. We have re??ived a large etook of DRV OOODIS, and to accommodate the Ladies, we are determined ; not to ho undersold. Read a list ol our items : 12Si cent Grey Goods for S\e. 25 ' F iEUreJ Goods and Challies ltfJi 3i)4 " Plain and Figured firoy Goods *5 in " Calisos (warranted fast) ? do do. H >!<.S " Tard widf Dioached Cotton in 23 " Kentucky Juan* 1*% l.Ja " Ladies' White Hose 12H " (all linen) Handkerchiefs 8 3lit " White and o'ored Shakers 25 fl 25 Black ?iik 9i 1 Emb. i aoe Veils 37U 75 " Wool Tweed* (new styles) 5-i S15? Hooped fkirfs 91 $1 all wool Kanoy Cassimers 75 $7 Mella( rochet f-Ua* Ih 93 5" ;??. } 5? Laoe Point* SI 75 .i'i V> < new sty le k Par*so? 91 *'>. 82 Ladies' Sun L'n?breliat> ?! *o V " trwli Linen 3n Sfl " White Cambric and Jaoonet 25 SI Lad >es'best Kid Gloves 37 We have a complete assortment of every thin* in the Dry Goods line, at the lowest prices. MATTHISW3 h. GORCi35b7th st., ina U'-3t lietw. I ami K sts.. ea.?t aide. ^ NEW SUNDAY FAPEK. The undersigned will commenoethe publication of n, new weekly paper on Sunday, th? 31at of March, in the city of Waalungton, D. C.. to bo oail*l the "SUNDAY MORNING CHRONICLE." The Chronicle will be entirely independent of part* poluica. although ationrly devoted to <he union of thet.o Sfateu. Our object will be to furnish to the reading public such a iew*psper aa, w hile fil'inn up the vaouum croatel by the absence of a medium of nr.wa on the first day of the wrek, will contain nothing- inconaiatent with the Sabbath, and nothirg calculated to wout.d th* aenaibilittea oi thoae who estertmn a iuet prejudice againat the reckless a-'d mdeoeat character of aome <>i tliefcunday papera of he grant citiea. Washington, wi(h a reading population of more thai sxty thonsacd, and at man# aes"im of the ytar crowned with ttrangera from -different pnrta of the country, ta probably one of the iroat interesting fields for the oommuueemeut of auch an entorpriae as onra. it is at th-a moment the market for the aale ot larj.,e numlerii of periodicala and seriaia printed elsewhere, and we entertain an undoubting h< pe thit if thepageaof the Chronicle are well filled with inatructive agrweaMe and elevated readlnc,aa wall as with the lateat fenoral and local intellicenoe, so important %t ail times, and >o much sought after now; ita editorial oolumna preaided oy?r with dig? -* j ? ---? ?A-- * -.?< - 4 -* ? - ? ? J )*< J iuuiiaoiwu f i wry queatioii?domeatic, social, political, scientific atd uterarv?it will be welcomed with a hearty reoeption and achieve a permanent aooaesa. To tnia end we ha.o male arrangements with the bf-st ionrn&liitJ Irt nnnlrihofAto am* iinlnma>a - , . .? vw.k?>au?*v vu? UUIUIHI 0* I. 11*11! .Inications have already been received Irom tnum ber ? f distinguished writer*. North and South, whmit names will be duly announced in the first num(>er of the Ch t'nicle. We have also eng&geA the bent ta.f nt for the collection of cews up to 12 o'clock on Saturdftv Mght. moulding the aotn u ol tn? various Department*, the current event* of the city and District, telegraphic despatcht* from all parts of the Union. &c. 'I he Chronicle wi 1 f'e served to subscribers at one dollar and fifty con's per annum, pavable in advanoe. JAMES B SHERIDAN * CO. Off.c?orth* "Sunday looming Chroniole" Washington Buildings, northtait cprnor Fonn. avei.ue and yeve- th atreet. It P II E A P V/ DOMESTIC GOODS. I have now on hand our usual arce assortment of Domestic tioods, lor general Ian ilv up?, consisting of? Heavy yard wids Bleached Shirt'g Co'tons at l^c. Extra fine" - " " " :s>? Kuper " " 11 ll?av? 7k ** *4 " " " 6?a Fin- *< " ' 6lI Vard-aiwl hlf." " Ph-et'g " K>w 1*1 " " ' " ?8 P ii ?t > g .. .. .. "33 } yards " " 35 A* i 1- .11 4l I ? ? , ?iui an mo n??i m&cci or Sheet ng and ?hirtiDK Cottons and Irish Linens, tin. /> LSO? For S""vants* Wear? Heavy Osnahurg P aH Cottons, Osuaburjr Calico. Domei-tia 1* aids, Ginj;tiams. Checks, Blu* Dril'iom? a 1 selling at our usual low prices. a saving of five per o nt. on former priooe. HfcNRV E'iAN, 323 (south si<1?> Fa. avenue, ma2fl-<U if New Iron Building. ENUL13H SHIRTING CALICOES i have received three cases ot English Shirtin* Calicoes of new tiy*es, of iny owu importation ai.d warranted fa*too ore, at U)i cents pir yard. HENRY EG AN. 323 Pa. avenue, massif New Iron Building. Primp. KASTERN POTATOES. 1,200 BLSCE' rt PHI.\1E WHITE MOUNTAIN POTATOES Shortly expected from Maine. For sale by FOWLE 4 CO., man lw t/ vf wedding presents. 1x1- W. l)ALT 4. BP OTHER Have just >pen??d their new styles of FANOY SILVER WARE and other u?w *oo<is. cotten up especial) \>r WEDDING PRE9KNTS. m w. ga'.t ft bro., Jewelers. 3A4 Pa. avutue. ma 29 St Pour doors wpgt of Brown's Hot 1. {NEW DRESS GOODS. AM Dai;) receiving tow styles of EAD'ES* l)KESS GOODS, in ?iray Goods, Kopiins, Cl.altee. Deltincs, Duoals, L>< itie/i. Drbenei?some rery ?>od style* as low as 8, 10 and 12,Si cents per rard. HENRY KG AN, 323 Pa. av , between 6th and 7th its., may-Pt.if (Intel.) New Iron Bi ildmg. oop skirts! HOOP SKIRTS! Just r'oeivM another cupplv of Ladi*s\ Misses' md Children's Hoop Skirts uf tae newest styleruf he oros* overhoop from the center ilnwu. The nttcti-ia is t?? ke^p the skirt down in fiont when ue lady sits down. A Lso? <ew supply of Parasolx and Sun I'mb-eiias, l.iren i yiimbrio Ha dkeiuhiefs, Jonvin's Kid Gloves, Cotton and Silk Hosiery and Glov**, Ac, at tho 1 owest cash prices HBNHY EGAN, H2)((Outh aid?l ????? , ? ? ? ? ?? n>TVHMVf ma29-?!,ir (Intei.) New Iren Build ng. < ^CHENCK'8 TREATISE ON CON9UMP 3 i'JON?To !? had free of oharce at the Drue tor* (.f 8. U. WAI I'K. oorner Sevenih ?t. a'.a .ouimsna av. Dr. J. H. Soheuak.of Philadelphia, a* published a pauipi let tivirg a full derariptior. 1 1 the diaeaatd atate of the i^unga, Lim and ittomoh. )',very invalid ahould call and jet or e. ina at-1 in P VERY V1HITOR TO WASHINGTON , Ci fHOCLD I'l'ltttiKK PHfT P'B unutir?Tn?/>" ~ _ ...uaoiha!lUii iif?SCKlBED> "\ti is Ike only Complete Quid* book totkt Nation- ' at Capital ever publitktd. ?he Volume conta m a Oompreliintivo HUtory of the City (roin its Earliest Settlement to the ' Preient Time, with every Imp rtant I Event cnnneited with it ae ths i Seat of Hovernment. t A'eo, t !labor*te D<*eoriptinr.a of the Varioa? Pnblio ( BniUlingt; Reliable Information iv rejp^ot to 1 ail the Department* of the Uovernment; Mode of Tranaaotins Bu'ineee with tne Puklio Office# ; the h ti%uette ot Of- J &oial lnt?rco?ir?e; Deeoriptinn of c the Piaoee or Int?r>ec in ? the Vioinitr, 4o , 4o. t LLUSTRATKD WITH A MAP AS D i\ UM1E0CS Kjl GRAWNO*. 1 AHtamty Hound in Ortmton C otk. < I'HICbUNR I'OliUAR. Fres by mail on reo?i?i of the pnh'i?h d pri?e. c PHILP * SOLOMONS' 1 Metropolitan Bookstore, i tar 7 er.lm 33* Pa- ay.. W. ?th and icth e*e. I t BAR 4t RRO. i IRK Asatn in the field with as lmruar.telv large * o?k oTRKADYMAUF. Cl.OTHlMG an4 1 fcNTfe' FURNISHING GOODS We uo?r offer ? f*t iiMtcueoiMiU to yeraoaa who buy lor ca?h. Remember the place?corner ? ao4 Seventh ate. I marl lm I i j * 9 I ? ( poktakt rtoM Palis ?Under this beading the New York Timet of yesterdsv haa the following from their correspondent at Paria : The French and English Governments *re

filling out a powrful Jim of *mr tltntnerf for thi Cnitrd Stat*s The suggestion came from England, and France will furnish on her pirt three of her tirst-clai* new frigate* ; the English contingent will perhapa be larger Tfce precise object of this fleet It will be Impossible to ascertain, as It will probably sail with sealed orders. We may surmise, however, that It is Intended aa an andlence for the struggle which is soon to take place between brothers and friends In fhe United states?aa a sort of escort of honor for the funeral of the Great K^publlc Th? idea Is said to have been provoked in the English Cabinet by the Indignities ottered to a British subject or subjects in the Southern State*. We do not suppose, of course, that the fleet goes out with any hostile Int-nt; i<s ostenoible ermnd will be tb* protection of English and French subjects. Out It is the custom to send fleets "of observation," when any grest war is going ou In a foreign country, and wblle observing, to pick up any little advantages that may oflVr for themselves; or wben the sympathy of the fleet Is all on one side, to send boats now and tbcn accidentally between the contending forces, as England haa twice done In the lat? StriHan war 0 ? - ? ? ?w ? ? ? 1 to u to protect a tuffering friend at the right moment. Spain, alao. although not working In concert with France and England, ii preparing to aend to the water* of the Gulf of Mexico a formidable } force, in men, ahlpa, and material. AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! Lai? M W. Glksn . Actios Manager..?. J. T. Ratxoss THIS EVENING, MR. JOS. JEFFERSON Will appear for the laat time daring the pretest enment in hia orig cal character of A?a Tkmcdiid. In OUR AMERICAN COUSIN; And intheCoinie Burlesque of If * r# t?T*n a iuA/<r rrAi Intrcdcoing Operatic Imitation*, Comio Danoea, and Daring Acta of Horaemau*hi?. On Monday THE NAIAD QUEEN. yy I L L A K D8' HALL! BY GENERAL* RKQUF.ST, Grand Concert of the Mozart Society. WEDNESDAY EVEX1NG, On whioh oor-aaioa they wi 1 ba aatistal by MAI). M AF.UKL, The Eminent Piani't, and Mr. DAWSON, The Favorite Baoao. Pbogramms? Part 1. Sept^tt Overttmv-(Jul liume Tad....... Po*aini Flute Solo? KSn!a*ia.? ... Trulou Aria?Magio Flute Mozart Pian S?'0?Fon Mia Stranieia Ttialberi? S?pt?tt?Potpourri Ernani ? Verdi Pakt II. Septftt Overture? Gazza LaJra . ??.Ros?>ni Solo Violoncel o?Suuveuir de Spa Servoia Septrtt? Potpcnrri Huge riot* ... Mejerbeer Hallad?The Wanderer... Sohu*ert SKpptett?Mua e?Doa Giovanni M- z krt Conductor Mr. W. MreomF Tiokets 50 cents ; reserved ?<>at? 2S cent* extra. To be l,a?l <tt MetsarottV Munc More. I>< org open at 7 ; to comm.:nee at 8 oVo-k. The Piano F<>rt? used on this occasion is from manufacto'-t of Mo??rs Stemway A bon'f, kindly l >an'd hy Mr. Metzerott. ina J) ^rek'concekt CHAS. werner's. 353 Pa. A vino*' Cotnm*noip? On SATURDA Y NUiHT, Marrk &tk. ma & nt* Eminent Talent Engaged. nnn nnn -blue boon-inform|JiVl)"uU^I"Vr? ation a.? to all the Offices in the ?<<untry, and saiary?2.S cents. Co.iaiiiK tn? nam? matter a? the Great IJlue Book costing fl33n. Omi:tinr the nsrnes which are not necessary. Oatalueue or Cariosities at Patent Office list of Patents. Old Books bought and sold Cata ocue furnished ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, fe22-2m* Wil lards' Hotel Square. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. P SOIREE DANSANTE. ROF. L. G. .MAR INI Has the Honor to request theeoiTipanr of his pre*mitat:d form*r patron I at bis la?f SOI K K E of 'his ?t>a?on, on jn FASTER MONDAY, April 1st /TB The Profenor take* tin* oociasion to in form his patrons and f.-iords that he is maxing preparations for his giand May Ball. ma 29 St* CiRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL ? tlY COMPANIES .'A" AMD "B.*' Washington Light Infantry Battalion. v // The Joint Committees of Companies A and B, Washington Light In>tfu?4'antry Balte'ion.have the pleasure to JIM ^ .rfb-annoiinnx to their Iri^nils? mill tar; UUfll f^5"**3i??d civic?that they will give th ir T WEN TY SIXTH ANNUAt BAI.L at their Nitw Akmory on FASTER MONDAY,(Apnl lit.) I -S? t'5 *li? Will Kft tftfiiwn *-?r? TICKETS ONE DOLL At?."' Committee. J. F. Gedney, W H. B*nrds!ey, John KiM>?y, B. A. Davis, John Ward, R. F. Harv. t. First Lieut. WM. LORD, ra%?8 Th,S&M tRepu!>&Sta'es.) Tress. BOARDING. BOARD AND ROOM.?Board, with Furni^h^d C^nnher on the'fcPoond floor, may be had s.t No. 4 A** Tw..fh, lietweon G ar.d H streets. ma S3 dt* \1RS. SMITH'S HOARDING HOUSE, on C if I street, between 31 as; .No* 39.1 aid 391, h\sfflveral gooi Uoouis unocouried, oa are mra;rdating tern.s. m* IK 5t* PERSONAL. MP. HEISI.KR DESIRES TO S*^Y THAT the statements mad'* !>y Mr. Cannon ar the Repuh loan Association a?t Tliarsday n cht.t&s reported in the ft*-.> with ro^arj to >fr. L h'n&n. jals\ Hnonly to'd a few friends iriin he i: id heard "nothar part j, and van not re?9on*ih c ior the assert;ou*. Mr. ' hlwan haa expreseel h?? kntuiaotiun to Mr. Hosier with the above explanation It* rr MADAM REID,_ I. HE M"?t wonderful Phrenologist in the world, h&sju t wived from tne North. She is able to five tru* *ati<aacUou to ail that p^ate to oall on tier, at fcer ro<i^eiue, on K street, between 31 and 4th t>U. L% i?*? cents, (Senilemen 51 o.-nt*. tjf fioe hours fronj 9 a in*2Vlw* WANTS. WJ ANTED?Ut ft TOunxirl.U?nra nf *?? SITUATION & a nur?6 or to do hoove or ohambor void. She oan have good raferenoe*. i'leiaatiddreftfl a uote to Box No. 1, Star Offioo. ma y> Kt WANT KD TO RF.NT-A amaU FURNISHED HOUSK. or a SUIT <>F ROOMS oonveninntly faruifhrd for honeekee pins. Add'ega "Housekeeper." Star Oflico. It* WANTED-Tw.rsuiUhl7MKN.l^ohtVn subaubtcribera fo & new iUu'trate-1 ed ti<<n of Brown'* family Hible Apply to JAMKS CARTER, 489 Seventh atreet. between 8 and lOo'oin-fc ft. in. " " n a 30 ateo ~ WAN'I'KM-ln a small family, two *ood SKR VANTS : one to cook, wa*h and iron well, and make herself generally useful; the yonrger one i?? chambermaid, a'd nurse to a child 4 years od. Must be food tempered and hung good recommendations. Apply at *<93 E ttreet, beiweon 1 tli ana 1ft h, south side. ma?)-3t* m %\7 ANTED?A GARDENER ; one accustomed TT to r*? tio'c preferred. Also, a Tenant for a CottAKe 8 miles in Virgini*, with7 rooms, large Burden, ai;d fuel Retted for the summer if wanted. Apply to DOUGLAS' Green house, Pa. avenue antf O ?t. ma .I0 eo3.* WAN I KD?A steady WOMAN, to enok and assist ta washing and, at No. 499 fevet tesnth *?., between H and I. ma'.8 3t WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From to fllMWH worth of SEQOND-HAND FURNI TL'RE of all kinds, for wbioh 1 will guaranty to pay thehighost prises, and, as usual, at the sbortMt noUce. R. BUCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, 4o., oc 9 40** tth Mt.. l?ot. G and H east side. W ANTE li-s BOON D HAND FURNITURE. Peraoca dooming housekeeping, or having i surp'oa of Furniture on hand, can obtain theoaab ind fair erioea by tippiyinc at 369 Seventh at. no 17 HONTZ ft GRIFFITH. LOSTANDFOUND. LOST?The ev?mog of the 78th between 7>* and 8 o'clock eit ier in 'he omi iliua bewen 21 at f tree' and tlieTheiter. o'*t* ' vj? in Tatat-r, a pair of heavy GOLD SPECTACLES. Th-tinder will be iiberaliy rewarded by caving them a*, this office. It f OST?On Satu day afternoon, the S31 inaUnt, Li between Ihe Cliuroti of the tpiphanv and the torner of F anil Thirteenth ate, a p ain narrow old HRACELET. The ind?r wiM a auitkble reward by leavinc it at thia offioe ma 2?-3:* RtWARD-Loat oi the 28.h inetant, oa J ' Pa aeenu , betw^n Kirkwood Iloiiae Iv ,?.i iiu uniM jwwo ry ft ?0(0 fitjntififun? WaTIH. vitK (hurt chain ?ttirin?d aH rb* finder will receive the &bove reward on lear tit t> at UAI.T8' Jewelry Store, near Browr'a iutel, or at thi? ciface. ir-.a2?-3t' 1 RKWAKD-L05T.-Fleaped fiom tha i ptJ owner, on TeeMiar worniru laat a^__> I t black NEWFOUNDLAND t OG.^L?^r 1 lad on at tlie time ? leather oo lar Tli ?* ** ,bove reward wi I be *aid lor an id Do*. if delivered ' X UeWm Store of HAMILTON * i.EAcH, 'a. iTtBM, between <H and 6th ate, ma ?o9t 373 sBvaNTX ASTONISHING AND RAPID BUY YOIFB GOODS AT 0. T. SWA J Oar 3Utt? Is-Sb#rt Prtflti, <)il AS WE BtTY AND SEl.L EXCLUSIVELY -cheap m they can l>e purchaaed at retsll In New Yc In DRESS GOODS we name:?Black Slika. B< ''** Ml) im?lran mtmnm Pail On Ckavri! I nella Cloth*. Drbeyr, and Grry Good*, all at New 1 100 STELLA SHAWLS, the cheapest e?er of Our stock rf LINEN axd COTTON FABRIC! Linens, Nnpktna. Doyles, Linen Launs. Bleached i Crash, Linen Drill* and Ducks. Cottonades, Drain Check, Bleacfced and Brown Sneetings and Shlrtln 900 UMBRELLAS ass PARASOLS, Inevn BONNETS, SHAKERS, JOCKEY HATS as prices CARPETING, OIL CLO In addition to our Immense stock of Dry Gnodi 1NG. RUGS. MATS, FLOOR ihd FURNITURE In this part of the city?all of which we are selling A call from all those who wish to supply thenn solicited \?J~ R em ember the number, 373. one door ab< mar oU 373 1 PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN. TklAtrsT Department. Maroh 23 )Kl. Sealed Pbop "alh will b? reomred at thi? Da partment nntil lJo'oJook n- on of reeeday. th? 3d dof April nut for KIGHT MM.I.ION DOLL*K8 OF TH ?i STOCK OF THE UNITED toTATKS, to l>e i:*aed under the not of Concree* of the8:h of Febuary laat. Thia a*oek will l>eer interest at the rate of aiz par cent per annual. p*?ab > arm! annnaly on thr firat daya of January acd July in ea^h year and will be reiwburraMe ui twenty year* the brat day of January laat. The propoaals should be endoraed on the envelopes. Piopoaa;* for Loan of JA61," are be ad , drea?ed to tho-'r-eeretart f the Tieaaur*, WaahlUKton, D C." They will be op*red and decided at the me ebfive atated. N<> off" roan lie accepted for an/fraction of one thousand dollarr; nor w. I any offar be considered nv'oaa one per cntnmof ita amount is depoaited With a depositary of the I'filted StAtA? tii a the 0'd?f'<if the Secretary of 'he Trwtury. The ce-tificnte of such d?posit must ucomrinr caoh proposal. All offers ror stock under th*s notice mu?t be una hditmaal. and ountmn no r' ferenoa to any other offV>r. The offers must state the sum offered for raoh i>UQdred dollars of th? stooi. Bidders for th e stock, whose offer? shall he aoe<?p'cd, mui>t d? posit the amount offered and *o oepted with tt e Treasurer of the I'm tod States, or with the Assistant Treasurer at Bostou.New York. Philadelphia and St. Louis, or with the Depositary at Cincinnati. ? n or before the day of April text, r hould anr ?uee?ssful bidder desce to deposit at any other point, his request to that effect will be <?u!y considered. Upon the reoeipt at this Department of oer'ificates of deposit* with the Depositaries aooia-men tio ed. oertifioato* of insonbed stock will I e issued to the suocetsfui birders or their assigns in sum* of one tbou?a d. Ave thourand ar.d ten thouaand do!lars, at their option Inscribed stock so issued wil oarry interest from the date of the deposits of the raon?r as al<ove stated. and will be tran^farra b'e on the books of the Trta?urj, acieaabiy to the icnuiauutifui uie uep&rimPQT. Sa?-ulo any surcetifvl udder d?nr* oertifieatea : ofato k with coupons of tin r*nn annual Interest thereon attached to f~*ch o-rti6o?te, ihey will b? I ifKiud in mmi tfoue thmaard dollar* eaob. with attvsheU o.iu?>on<i f r interest 'rum th > 'at <<ay > { Jui? nut; and such coupon stuck, instead of being transferable on the book* of the Tre*su'?,may lm aseignea and t ansierred b? the mere delivery of noli 0Tt:fi3at?*, The mtcreit on snoh eoapon took, from th* date of the pepont* of the money tnerefor until tlie first d?r of Ju y. will be paid cn thatlday lotv accepted b<dder or hi* MU rue*, by the depocita'y with whom tae pricopsl was deposited. The pre.iminary deponte of one per centum required from all Udders under taia uotic* will be inoluded in the final fepog tr ot principal b* moceenful biddem, and wi;i be dir*ot*d to be immediately returned to unsnccessfnl bid era. H. P. C H * S K mar 2S-dt3Aptf Secretary of th? Treassry. A VERYNICK PRINCE 4CO.MELODEON. wLioh haa baen uaed a ahort ti (or aaie very low at MKTZKROTT>|bR| Muaio Store. Alio, ae*eral tjeoend-band'T* ? *? Pian< a ma a rMBBS' HAIR STORE. VI No 94*2 Pa. av . bet 12th akd lSm ? a. PKRFDMEKY. 4*c IIRA'D* CURL9 WIGS, HALF WlOtf, tRiZE'l'TES. Ac. A fall stock always on hand, or mad* to order at the >horte*t n itice. Hair Work repaired or cxohangad. N. B ? Ladies' liair Dytd in the most na'ural manner ma 38 6m rmw: mnastn pitu q. oj; u r?_n._ _ _? U> *? ?'*?? VVII1H*. 1 OTtnoroi ?n? ywni?<* in white. Dariey'a Diokena; Darlej'a Cooper. Appleton't New American CyclojaHja, rolume 11 now ready. And many ?ther New Book a received thia day anl for aale at our nxua! low prioea FRENCH A R1CII5TEIN, 1 ma 28 (Rep) National Bookttore, 279 Fa. av. WCA^H. K Would rmiprctfuily call the attention of 1 PUFtom?r? who I u? for ca*h to our New J*yat?m "of giving off a diao junt of five per o-r.t. f?r the c?r!i." Ilairg tut "( ne pricex' euatoinera will aee at a r an-e the great faviig in our taw ayatem. We invite a ! to examine for ih?m?e!v??e W M PHUSTER A CO.. J No. 34, oppoaite Center .Market, ma 28 lot B>tw en 7th and 8th tta. J SL' S A R C U K E U H A M S, ? MACKEREL, Ac. < 5 tiercea Extra SUGAR CL'RrD HAM?*, KxtraLEAK I.* RD, in l??rrel* and fi'kina, I SHoTI.DERS aid JIREaSI -PIECE"*. I SMOKED REEF and RKKF WMfciika Etire.Vn 1 MACItKRKL# n kiUaud barrels. Ju*l received and for tal' HWM HRVAN. No. 44, opposite Center Market. 1 ma 28 6t i?etvref n 7ih ard 8th its WMRW GOOD?. ! K Are t ?w ad?:ii g to our rtock a large ard d??*irah e '."t of NEW GOOD*, oomprising er-ry . thin? that : n?w and des rabla, whioh ?e propose , to sell at a srn*.!i piice. A 1 pnrrous in war.t of Dry '?oodi> \t.11 a: w* j-kTi: 4 on*- sto'k complete in %!1 us t>-a?che? aud at tr<e iovrrst f riO"S. We womid im- \ pre^g upon those of cur cit ?"n* W o fcava recentl* taken uotheir r??!il no.K w th im that we have bnt y " ie price." marked in p atn figures on eaih article a-d oifer a ditcou.t of live per cent, off all ^ sV?s for cash W> a?k an on o( prices, so that out- * tomeri c%n fatieiy tr enneive,; in regard to the eav- . ins by purofcasing for cash. ( W M. ^HITSTER A CO, v No. 3*. ovtosite Center M?.rk??. ma 2f jot " liet we?n 7th atid ith A NEGROES. J GENTLEMAN About'o remove to the Sou?h I wi?ho? t-> ex-nanje valuable Improved Kt.ij Eatate in G?orc*t?>wn for aeverai**., for l.i? ' ow , u <?. AdJrea*,immediately,BojL900t<5?-orfe- } town. D. o. ma37 dtf | ]MPORTANT TO LADIES' t Lfeliea' Com. 11 eel Tlaok aoled G& teraat fl V. Po. But. , i<o. do. do. I JO. | Do. Lioe >li. do. do l.l(, C All other Goods ic pu>p"r u?. J A P HOOVER. No. 331 Pa avenue. aocth aide, ma27 tt Between 6th and 7th eta. PIA"?<?S THAT WILL ANSWER FOR f NEW BEGINNERS ?One at ft? - ? end one at *?, or for rent at 75 oeuta tudllMB 1 perr^onthJ JOHN F. FLLIS ?"1" ? Chi^k-ring A Sona' Piano D??ot. t ma 25 306 Pa. av., bet. 9th ard loth at*. 1 OFFICE WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. e W**Hii?aTO!?. Maroh 8.1*1. t Proposal* will be received up to the 15th proxi ? mo for me furnishing and deliver? at or near the i mUso! the Duti lot Reaervoir, of 4.0UO cubio yard* B oken Stone, more or lees. ? The atone not to exceed in aisa onbea of three itchee To he hjtrci and datable. > Propoeala ?h?uM be aealrd and endoraed "Pro- ? poia a for Broken Bt^ne." ? M. O. MEIGS, C*pt.oI Erj'ra. C ma25 t^p'5 Chf. Eng'r of Waah'n Aqnedaot v SUN UMBRELLAS J AND PARASOLS. V in at reoetved from the mannfae nrer* a large r ?took of>UN UMBRELLAS ana PARA-^ _ 9<?L.S. whi?h w? will 1 ?, ? ? ? a.. wvi? * t?II IUW VTIOVI. MP V 100 <fca?n joi'vin's kid ?love?, aii^ I uunUri. Wo h%va a larie atook of DRY * < oood9 ot all kind*, and wnl aall th?m at u>? vary E loweat pnoea. wm. R. riley * bro . A N*. 36 Central t*tnrea, A Between 7th aod Sth icteu, tna M *w Opposite C?tar Mar kef. Woo* and Coal. A No. 1 article of wood on hand, prepar*d to i asit the wants of each oastoraer. Wood aoId oord * length alao, or ia any way or any qu&ntitiee da V aired. F irr r?i rt?i ** ... u , ?.W MI w nnifi, MrNDM rxlore de live ring. J1 JET 2440 lb#, to the ton. ? I1T Personal attention to every order. T.J.t W. M.OAI.T. * Offioe 342 Pa. *v , b*tw??en 11th ud 12th ets. p Wood Mill and Wharf f>ot of Savaataeath atreat, below War Departn ent. inaSS tf p French steam scourers, balti- t*. morl. a W P. SUED!), 309 KlkvsjuiiSt., Th* Cnlt Age*t. Ci Ladira* Preeee.i or every deeoriptioa can be "?i eltantdjeavirg the l??'re of ellk e?ual to naw. Si Si.awl*, Cover*, t'uitatn*. aad Carpe a. Alao, A Bea lenen'a Ciothlns cap be el-ancd withoet ie??inf any *?b*tano? by whioh they will aoaa baaoaea Ubfittowrar. N. H.?No dree* taken apart; thereby mviac tbe ax pea** af mating over. ilataO aaM-la - mrs. m. s. bishop a! ISK ? 01 I'"2Ck* v:l {J m ' ?BB?? ?*?1 ? Tn * T 373 * WAY TO MAKE MONEY! I UT ft CO * CHEAP CASH STORE irk lain, art Pay ? FOR CASH, purehaatrt will t?d ?? G??4? m >rk ? ? -? rw.i >mh*ilne?, Alpacia, PlaH *'LWM* ,. T' I a. 911k CaUbriaa*. Brarada 4-V?f? U fork pricaa. j rered la tblaelty B la full a Ml coaplH*. !< ??>a*i af Para |rta|, lod Hrowa Tiblr D'inaak. I toea Towrla, Llaei? > , Pen I Canary PlaJda, Plata Oaaabargt. A pr?t> ' P T rar Ht of color, atyi* and prtoa. d RIBBONS, of the lataat atylaa, and il wrj lo? THS AND MATTING I, we ba? by f?r the largeat atock af CARPET nu nntHS iwn maTT1.\G<?. arar offered at New York retail priree vim wltfa new and cheap goods, U reapertfuiiv >re K B Hall'* G. T. BWAN1V A CO., ICVENTH STREET, brtmi-m liril ( AUCTION SALES. Br BONTZ * GRIFFITH. A?ciioM*t I7URNITUKK AND HOUl*KHOLD K?r|cr? r at Peine Jccrto* ?On MONDA\ MORNING, April l?t, at l? o'eloe*. the rreidr*"e ?* the R*v. Dr. Grandin, on ThJrt.-erth ?t i^twe^n L ud M ata tion?. we thai: a<*IJ all hie Fcrnitare and Hou efaold i-.iT eta, *ora?rieiac? Mahogany fpr.ri aeat Sofa and Cnaire, Do do Kocke a, Ma'b e-tnp Tab>a. Mahorany f idelx?rd. Ma ojatr D.-timm Hnrtaan, Jenny MwA Bed? ateada, M^tx-ra-? and Walnut Waabetaada. Painted DroartDc and other Bure*er, CottM* B"l??fad?. ? a ? r . I FcUkfr B-d<.Hu?k and Huek Ml Otton W#? Three fir ?id Irgrain Carp*t?. Straw Mat irg Oilcloth. Gilt Shade*. I,ounge?, Ac. Crockery a?d tiliw Ware, ("<?okin* and other *to*?e, 'foiether vitn a general taeorUr.ent of Kttebeti Result, t?f. J'erni????h. ma3>-d HOMT7 t GRIFFITB. A?<*? Br J. C. MoULIRE A CO.. Auctioneer#. TRUSTEE'S SALE ?'F HACKNPV CAP I iit?i asp Pat* o? Gut Ctiiutt I?n Tt'KftDAV MOKMNti, AfrtJ *li. at ter o'o'ook, in front of the Auction Ron** of Ja*. C. MeGaire A Co . by virtnre of a ueed ?.f trV^ A unit %VtK a n<) A *< m r A/^, >r/^A<4 1 * I tl At I A ..up us* ?? -W"M ?u y vwi? r*i IB ? ? w. ? S.. No 196, foitoi 3tt. et . I thall *e!1 ol.* Hackney Coach and pairof<irey H*r*e* Term*: One third >aih. the reaidva in montiTT intfa menu at 12. 3 4.S and S racBtkf, ?itk lobf* eat, neearrd to the ratiafaelton of the Traatar HUGH MURPAV.TriH*. mar y 00*011 J. C. McGl'IBE ? C<> . A acta By J. C. Motil'IKK A CO , Auctioneer*. EXTENSIVE HALE BV CATALOGUE OF Fcrritvu txo Errirctaor Ctit'i Hom W AtHisr; roir. U. u-Ol MONDAY MORNING A pr: 1 i.stn. eommer ciDt at 1? o'e oo?, and oontm nine fr?m day tod%yunti' the whole ta diatoaed of. W9 will tel' a I the Furniture aid ff-ou of ? 1 1%*'* Hotel Pe.m. avenue, between 3d and 4h tiaeta. compiMre a^ont one hundred parlora ana eharibera. % ix' Verj *uper:or and nearly new Roaewood Chioker ire i?veii octave H'aao Forte cover and M'?l, I arte and handeome F-et oh p'ateMantel Mirror*. Gay Ci.a .deli^r?, llraokeir an<l Fixtarea throufh oa?, Handcume Walnut and Mahogany Parlo* i arm tnre. fir?i?iei in Brooattlle, Pluah and Hair- | cl'th. Marble-'op Center, Sofa and Side Table*. W%innt Whatnot. Farcy Cha>i? and Tablea, Walnut Writing Deck* and Hookcatea, H*r.(i*?me Velvet and Rrua*e|* Carpeta, Oilcloth. Rnt* ard terrain Oarpeu. Gilt-fraire Mantel Mirror*, Va*et and Orr.ameete, { Dr <?ata! Iaan<4 I ^ - - wi v v??vii? situ i.quc v ui Vyurcirp B '?Q f Xtam, Rosewood and Wairut Bedstead* l>r iiiw Bureau*. Waehstands and Wardret??s. Feather B??d?. Bolster* and Pillows, Toilet 9eU. Curi^d Heir slid Hark Matt^eeses. I^arge qnantity of Bed and Tah.e Linen, Blanker*, Contorts ai.d Counterpanes In iarf* qu*i t ties, Dimr.g Tabids, Oak Dinin* Chaire. Frereh and Stone Cbiua D-nner, Dessert aad Tea Ware, Table Cutl'ry, gilrer-flated Ware. Castors. Chafing Dishes, Waiter*, CcfT-e and Tea Lrna, vuu | iA>U!CB| l.iqaor* antf Clcara. Iron ^af*. De^k* aru Oflic Fnmit??a. S'oaiu Boiler. M atiug Apsa atu?, Jto. Tog?t >er with a l*rga quantity of Mcaaalto d El frc'a not n*<*ea*a y to e.-.un.erate. Term* : #V arrt under ca*h: ovwr that ftomatt i eredit of fin ami 9' daya, fo- ra'i'factorilT eodoratd notre. bearm* ir.:??r*?t irafQ rtoi J. C. McQllRE A CO.. Aneta. ij J. C. MoUUIKE & CO. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF SMALL, FRAME I)wilii>s floras and Lot-On SATUR DAY A' TKKNOU.N, Mfoh ?th. at 5o'?loek. on 'lie preuiiae* h? virtu* r f ? desti of tr?at.d*tr<{ Dot. ber l th, iaj?. and daijr rerordel in LiMr J. A. !?.. No. 187 't? i ?? lb et to| . o e oi th?> .and r?c L?rda f.r WM.,ir jt<iE oounU, f):atr ot<>fr?'nbit. I ahail ae 1 Lot No. 1, in Re.fern's aniKliriaion of Square .No. 338, fronting 2u feet on norta O street, at rorner ci; Ter t a.. weat runnn< baet SO feet to an a !?sT, together t*e it proT?mf nt?, >on*i? wfatwi atori frame Dwelling Hone*. s.?i tailing 4 rooma Terma: 9225 of the puratese money in oaah; Uie raaidu* in m n'lii* tr.-ta:?D?nta of ?tb. with in t^re t. A 1 oonvejatcmg t t >e ooat of the pnr?h\!?rr. H. \V. K t'.KD, TrneW. fa W CU-J- * ^ " * v.. yo<?l.lWh fc CW, Aum*. Br GRKEN * WII.UAM8 Aactionaera rjousicaoLD. KITCHEN ri rnt rt rk tl >tat t \ ?t at A cctioh ?On MONDAY, ' ?t day ?1 April next, *t 10 o'cliKk i.n, we ah* I >ell ft th" r*aidenO' of * lad? deoiinnc "Ofteekeepi t, ??n Thirteenth it-, between ? and H r? nort*. No 423.) ft general lot of Houeehold Fviittr*, n?: Jftmaek-oiYered 8of?i, Mahojft-j Chairaftnd Ottn?a. A'a ?*t Cabinet Ete^ere ftnd Gilt frame Lookiac Glaatea, .V& cat Crimeon coYered Gothic Arm Chftira, larje anJ 'mail. IVftlnut Md?, D>tiiug and other Table*, ud Cane eat Chair*. Hfthorft"? Carter Tfth.oa a&d Sprint -eeat Rook era. 'ftinted Wardrnbee, Rnrraus ftnd w nviatftode, Jotuwe tfftfla and Wftlnnt Writing Deek. t irS fop. ^ftr.dar&p? Oil Fuatinca (ml frames) ftnd En grmv t)fl. Irons* Statnet** o! Charl'a of England, Maater Bucts of Hiram Fowereand Martin Tae per, 'eather B*da, Po'^tora. P:!lowa and Blanket*, J a not llif .Ai? ? - IVI. S'ep ?-ud other (tilelottu. tidiator, a i* light. Cooking and ?*h-r ^(uvm, land ome Worked K:r?? ecrfeo ~?n?? <x> lection o| Hietori's&i a?4 other W.?rke. fuek Mattroakee, Lotngee and Rmh i<at Ckairi, Ih'na. Ol%#? and Crockery Ware. L lotcf Kitolirn Kf*r.i?.tec. L'<1 ir*nf o?:;er aiUoiei t-to aumtroti to Mtiri. Term* ca*h. C5RF.EN A. WILLIAM**, AucU. P. S?The Houee la lor rent; iodine on the r?mt?M _ . _ . Bt URKKN * WILLIAMS. Aaetioaeer*. ^ALF. OF IIANDSOMF AND NEARLY ? niw pemmtfm at Acctiosi ?Oa tl'es )AY. the 4J day <>( April M> o'elook a. Hire 811*1 ae at th^ r<f?.id?noc <<( a iutiMiu <>e lining hoeeeke^pio*. on Thirteenth at. no'tn, b*veen arid M nt?. vert, a fine utartamtolflouee 'irct<hiw Heidi, vii: _ "wo fine Black VVa.nut Tete a Tete Sofai acd Roek*ra, Va iiit Spring M?t Chaira. WhataoU ftod Ones'a n?t*M*rh e alab Center Table and Hat-rack. Va. ut K>e. ch Bedn-atir, Greening Buraasa. Vi?h sink / !! * letup* Bedctcadr. Barnui, TaMna u4 Wwk ?Undi, Valmt Tail 1 a/rxt?uat<>B Tftli'*, W fMt, aatfcor Beds, Pillow* mod Boiatnra. BmHibi, kt. ' ri fine Hru??el? Carpet. '.ngltah, Felt, 1 at rain, B.aaMa, Mur aad otixw (VNU, >ak. Can* eeat, Dining aa^ other Chaira. '.cfluh Ha 1 Oilcloth rtiair Kid* and Mat*, hin?. 4?la?? ard Crockery W ara, Ixoel'.ent Co^kug Start afid Fixtarea, Marly n*w, .good lotof Kitakna Fvraitara, mary other artiola* wa dacni it nnaninaaarr to aciurcerate. Term* ca*h ?a ? d GRFFN k WHLIAMg, A apt*. Bv GREEN k WILLIAMS. AmUummi VLCTION OP eFI.KNMD FLRNITUKE.Tne ?nbaerit>*ra will cffer at put?*a aa'a on k'KDNKPDAN . the 3d da* rf A?ri, next at 10 ' lock am . the er.tire Hu*eho'd and Kitoieo uru.ture of Mr. John CaiTerL. ia fci? ? ?* J*?*?*1 1 /L'*1, 'Flr? Ward,) between .irk *u of tin* city, nte r ecupied ? ? it i*1 ?K ^e ' AmiitamU A??) it&at ?er, Th? fori iter*. in roeewood and vtlut m ?td? nSolll'f ?Phfc#>h,?- <?> e?'?et? m4 mirror, nporej font Pr?nee. mmi ?v>an?uin Mrt of? m ! ocir, in M'iei IHM2, V t> vei tM Mtu DM' MB? r*p*ne*,(wiUi L*m Co taiM.>ttatU4o Lmm. %r?r Mirror, p *' 61 b tt iidim, rcreUry. ftnd * U?k?r? ia Romwm4, imiMtrr Ctrpj and li(i imported Ml Mi* to o dtr. t buntar Fdm in Rocrword Md Wunt, jp?rtor Pwtlw. b-uft, ^. ntaad H?r X?ttrM*N in bo*t?a*U?? tCfotior iMoitaMt of Ckt OliM. Cum (*4 ft Cirekery W? #, and o:hw arUola* tM ??w on ?o moon- m. Teraa oi? ia nrmt faoda. tfKfcKM k. W1L LI AM ft. A?? | BJ-TU# tttmtto* mt tho MtamM gendwee of Oooffo**! I^ WMBaglM. Mi tM lb: 0 lb ((iirk, is rwynA ly to Ik* nittrmuiMMMinMiTtliai p?ri<T ?| tli* nniiUrtiiM o?? mIm it to it to Hi*. if uwar 'a'g'A1*"' f?r