Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1861 Page 4
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I1' 1; ^ R! I''"': jjj jj- THE EVENING STAR. 5*1 THE LEGEND OF IASTER EGO*. 'From Harper's N<yw Monthly Ma*a?ine.l Trinity bella with the?r hollow lance m ' And their vibrant hp* And their braaen tongusa, A Over the roof* of ihe any p??r Their Easter muaio with joyous rear, Till the eoarinc note? to the ?nn are ro?M As he swiuct alon? in hia path of fold. Deareet pspv" ?a*s hit boy to me. A* he meirilT climba oa his mother'a knew. t "Why are theee et*? that you aee me h?M Colored to finely ? ith blue end gold And whet ia the wonderful bird that leva 8ooh beautiful egga opon haater dajer* Tenderly ahine the April akiea, JLike laughter and teara ;a my ohild'e blue eyea, .' A.*^ e'rery faoe in the atreet ia gay. Why '!? yoanaaWa by a%;ing nay ? to I <wda *' 'of fh# he be*a, A ad te<; him ir^* ?t Kaater ecga: Yob have heard, m,' Crowned with keen thJ*f"! B^0 c,?*?j And how Joaeph the wea.:***-?^ ?od reward.l arad lor the eorp?? of hit n.artTfed Lor*, AM plowaly tomfvd it within And oleMd the g?te with a jnighty bloes. Now.e'.oae to the tomb a fair t.*ee f*w, With penrfu:oua leavea, and bloO<>"ia of blue ; And deep in the green tree'a ahadoV* breaat A beautiful tincieg Mrd rat on her n?^1' , ... Which wa? bordered with ifoaaee )ik? maiachite, aoj Ke-d forr egga 6T an rvcrry white. Jfow, when tae fcirtt f-o*S her drm re <t?p? Beheld the Lord ia hie LariJr dreee, And locked < n the heavenly face *4 4&ie<> A r H th i ,(? . j . i ?1 TJ-- *" ' ir-7b f ivrc?4 Willi UIV OIL?! im. *?** "?*rt n'rh broko with a sudden (tut, ^ na out of the depths of her sorrow shf san&. All night !ori(f tiii the mooc was tip Phe sat and sang in nor inoss wreathed cap, A song of sorrow as wi'd and shrill As the homeless wind as it loams the hi'I, ?? > fall of tears, so loud an . long. That the grief of the world seemed tamed to son*. L'at soon there came through the weeping night A c'ltteriag angel oloth*d in white ; And rotted the close trom the tcirb a war, W her* the Lord of the F.?rth and the Heavens lay; * And Christ arose in the oavern's gloom. And in living luster came from the tomb. Now, the bird that sat in tin heart of the tre? Beheld this celestial Mystery, And i s heart was filled with a sweet delight, A nd it ponred a song on the throbbing night; NotJs climbing not s. higher, higtx-r, . They shot to Heaven hke spears of fire. VV*h?n the gHttcing white-rob xi angel heard Th0 norriivinf ic.n' of tim rriAvmu hint And hea d t;.e loliosr; gcn->ntof mirth That halted ChMst ri3eil again o" eartht Me raid.' ?we*t birl b*fur?TK blest, ThTsoif, *hy og*s> an! thy moss-wrea.heJ nest : And "v?t, n y ehi'.ri, sniie that blessed nulit, >Vhen D?a?>i b-'Wf d daw.".'v* the l.ord of l.ui. , Tbe ctki of that ?weet bird ch?ng? their hu*, And bur? with red. and gold, and blu?*- ' Kaniindmc man si ad in their aimple way Vt the holy marve of Kaitoi day. J in" A young gentl?>i*<?ii graduated at Yaie College recently 3 white bead and v?b1*kers. wbc entered auburn locks and !.? beard The change tor>k p'ace In one night, ou ccourt of the anxiety Incident to a biennial examination fyr* A man, inseualble, with bis feet dandling over tbe railing of the suspension bridge at Niagara, wa? discovered on Thursday evening A bottle of morpbine w*? fcDnd in bis pocket Re had evidently intended to tumble into the abyss He lingered a few bours and died. (JT Wife {anxi?n?!y1?" What did tbat young ladv observe who miM<i n? tn?! nim u... basil (with a male of calm de^lgnt)?''Why. my love, the observed rather a good-looking man walking with quite an clderl7 female?that * all A hem ? jJTThe Springfield (ill ) Journal says that Mr George Howard and lady of that place ar? In ; possession of a prize In nature of a mrai 4h oaby Its Age is six mouths and it weighs slvtyone pounds 1^7" A young man, Daniel Rebbins. proposed honorable marriage to a girl near Little Rock. Ark , on the 15th inst , and h?r father hearing of It. shot lit in dead in the street Charming couni " *Y 177" A journal of \-w York speaks of a foreign dauseuse who arrived penniless In that city, and at the eud of two years returned U> her own country with an income of four thousand dollars per annum. , ITT" An ingenious English inventor proposes to remedy the want of bust in ladies of " ? olwn thinness" by a jacket, to be inflated by the wearer to tbe proper shape, and, as Willis would say, plumpitude." in* A military company in Norfolk,Va., having got jubilant at an evening supper, thoughtlesaly fired a field-piete in tbe street, knocking omX over a thousand panes of glass. They are now raising money to foot tbe bill. Military E*camfxk!?to!i East***Shoes ? The Eastern Star learns that tbe military companies of Eastern Shore contemplate holding a general encampment the coming some central pftint, say Easton, Cambridge, or Centrevllle. (TTTbt Louisiana State Convention on Wed??2ay adjourned tine du, after passing an act abolishing free banking and Vntroducing a general I charter system. JJ"f Plambago is now made artificially, in England, by soaking cubes of cast-Iron in vinegar. which dissolved tbe iron and leaves tbe carbon j1r7" The New York State Senate has passed the bill legalizing tbe decisions of the Arbitration Cotsmlttee of the Nt^ York Chamber of Commerce. JET'Colllrs. a Mississippi wood-chopper, has within a few vears realized over WO,OUO by selling wood to steamboats. AH RIVALS AT THE HO TK A-S WILLARD*' HOTEL ? C Adams. Pa; W B Archer. J D Ellington, Hi; J XV Knanp. T Cows, W Trull. .NY; E H Lejjgett. Ill; T W Sweeney. Pa. 8 P Allen, J S Redjub, NY; A ? Wills and lady, Mtaa Willi, Mats, L Mourv. NY; R B Coleman. Md; C B Dorrance, D W Finney' Pa; E E Paulding. Minn; W M Zearlng, 111: J Duvall, Md; C B Olbson, R Gldgway, U C Kirk, Va; 9 N Pettis. Pa; \V M Harlow, Md; Mr* 1) Perkins, 111; Mrs Hombuck.Pa; E B Bigelow, Mist Bigelow, Mlu Cleaveland, Mass; J C Jackson, C E Lutstrim and lady, L B Cole, NY; J LeMy, Pa; H Babcock. NY. NATIONAL HOTEI-?John m.v- v.. ? * Doaoe, F I* S*vbolt. NV; I, W Coziens, V?; M L Lacev. Va, \V M Skinner, H C Sanborn and ly. Mlaa Sanborn. Miss Newell, W A Thompson, D Moore, NY: A Mills, Tei; J M Boweu, Md; A Swavne. Ill; T Crawfore, lnd, J Adatns, Pa; V D Plakbam. D Robinson, Me. BROWN'S HOTEL ?F B Odenhoimer, NJ; Mrs E Strong, Mite Strong. Mr Strong, <i Richards and ly. Pa; UR Field, Tenn; J F Martin, B W Mostly aud fata, T 11 Clagett, Va, F Mitch eU SC KIRK WOOD HOUSE -8 W Walker, W B Mann.O H Moore. Pa, C Kaighn. NJ; H Brach, Mo; S F Browns, T t Akers aud ly, Md. OCEA AraTEAMERS' 8AILING DA Y8 PEOK m Usjtsb STATBS. * '??* ? f?j. l.t-iv*. ftr. Batar.a? New York S)ath"?ton m - ' r ? _.?o?u>n Liverpool... Apl 5 A irio* .New York - LiTeryuol... -Aft lt? tr Yoi?. , N<tw Yor*.. Bremen Apl 13 ropa . Naw Yor*.. Liverpool.. Ap 17 l'<! New York ..Hivre..... ..Apl ?ii __ .New York.-Liverpool.:.. Apl 24 dos Albert. New York.. ,<Jwway Apl 27 Fro* Bn*op? fries ..... ?Laverpool ...Nejr York ..Mob 16 B - Soiita ptoiH.^N?w York.. Mch 13 I oj'd Kinidota -GIaaiow New York ..Mch I* New York.....?>?outB'pton...KewYork...Moh*> r ur>pa Liverpool Boetoa ...Moh .3 K'l.lon .doutuptoa . ..New York ,. ..Apl X Bumi*. South'pton...New York....Apl 4 Bremen Boath'pton... New York... .Apl 17 H'-un?oai*- Bontk'pton ...New York^ .Apl M . _____ . INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE HTATK ' or VIRGINIA. CAhli CAIMTAL ?300.000. laeerM Merah*...i.?? n-"Ji . ** ^ituiuf ( Ftrcitur^, Ae . acunst loaa or d%iua?* by fir*. HEATH k. KNOWLE9, Agents, Oflloo? Room 16 orer Sank of WuLincton. i?l? JOHN F. ELL IB. SVLM AGENT l-OR THK BALK A.N1) RENT CHICKERING a'sJONB' PIANOB, 306 FINI* Avmim, B'tictm 3:k and l*tk Struts, mm 2 North btd? . f E BON TON FOR APRIL, I j Atiaauo Monthly for April. Afpietoa'a N*? Amerlun Kucrelopiedia, t's Deha'?? on the Fodera. Constitution, 5 ?(iWN, Hr[u kituni for I'ritedBUtM Ooaf ul%tes, I vol nw. FRENCH ft BICH#THN, ma U tf7*? P? >t . b*t Uth and 12th !?. |^AMILY ilLANKfcf B ANi> COXPORTB. Wo bar* "till on bond a ??o4 assortment of th? aboTrsooda. *' " n ' .- .r , ... uaraeepinf Uoods ?rery do*Mtftioa, All ot wtieh v* u? mUidc at ooat t>r c*fa';i taylor 4 hutchi8qn. O.nly ten CKNT8 for one dozen j fir.? ptosaod Holder,such mar* a>u? It f' J for 25 MBti, at french * RICHBTEIN'S National Htokitort, 'j7? Pa. a? ma I4~lw Anew lot of i*^rin? hat* ji?*t r?owvad aid for ?)? at ?*rr low piioet. at No u Ji J,If * I TRAVELERS' DUtBOTOBY. '-SSST^rSSTK1" ! On and aAer SUN DAY, Nowmbw JHh, trams will run m follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First train at a. in. t**o<'nd Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 b. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE-. First train at 4.15 a. m., Lxpress. Seoond train at 8.35 a. m. Third at 3.10 p. m. Fourth at 4Jn p. m., Express. The first, seoond an<l third trains from Waikinjton oorfneot through* o Philadelphia and timw The Moond and third oonneot at Waahintftsa Junction with trains for th? West, South. aM Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junotion, for Am i * ? nviiuia uitv iuo ' vjb. iu. fcmiii. r or Um accommodation of the way travel between Washington ami Laurel, a passenger oti will be attached to the toaoage train whioh leave* at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 ?. m. train goes to Philadatfhia only. no 8>-a T. H. PAHBON8. Agent. EDUCATIONAL. T.?__ PBMALK EDUCATION. HOSE rsrwnts who wish their da?ght6rs to r?oeive a thorotffsfc aitid systematic education, where* heir phywcal training Will receive daily and special la. ?ntion. unfiftr tknmMt mwftKfm*\ a?af nf tjUrn..'* and Gymnaeijoe, are re?o?otfully invited to, ml th^ Union Fomaie Academy, corner FourNew York xr. MR. k. 2. RICHAADS, an >0 ?_ Priaoipal*. PBMALK 8C7,0?I* Mra. 8. J. WCORMICK, Pnr*o!PAL. The thirteenth an;>al ses.Mon ol tata fosutntu 0 will oommcnce on Tuc^iir, ftfptember JMrh.jn th e house recently ocoupieu rf Sylvebtcr Soon, Fst. . No. 180 King street. lud uunrse or siu?iy purK-^fl will oomprmaai'I the branches reiuisi'.e to a thi^neh English ??tacation, and Musio, Preach, Lw H and Drawing, if desired. In addition to day seliol&rs, Mrs. MoCormiok is prepared to receive a limited nuinVwaf oupil* m boarders, who. constiti?fr?? a part of her ewn family, will be under her wiwi*(Tirt?? can- aad supervision. She wiH endeavor,%* Utf ie possible, to sur i rotrad then witli the comfort* ?iiuiiu?^S influenoaa ofH"me. _ R4tr*nt*s.?Rev.Geo. H. Norton, Rbv, Dr. Ehaa ) Harrison, IteT. D. F. Sprigg, William H. Fowle? Emm Edgar S*?ow<1en, Ei?q? Edmund F. Witmer Es^., Henry Miwrtmry, fciq., Lewis MoKenxi* Esq., Robert H. Himton, Km , W. D. Wailaoh 1 Editor Evening Star. Bern am in Waters. KkoJub I Entwisle, Jr.. fisa. Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun f Messrs. B'.ackiock A Marshall, Mo?en. Cor Brothers. TUMS. ' Board, with Tuition in a/1 the Xnglish Brauohes. J Hr&VfvT the annual session? peyablesemi aunuaili, m a *vanoe. | (J us..-, aii Lansua^es at Professor^ pnoes. \ C7" N6 extra charges. au?*f i ? - . I GAS FITTING, &c. j AWM. T. D(T?K * CO. ] RF. Now MM to exec o*e a?iy orders VWI I wrnoh they rpaj be tarored in tha FLUMB1 *4, 6AS OK STEAK F1TTIN* 1 BUSINESS. % 117" Store on 9th street, a few doors oerth of hL I avenue, where mar be found a oomsjetc artortroeni ' of CH ANDELIKRS and other OAS, STEAM a?4 WATER F1XTURE8. jaff-lr j WG AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are Jai y reoeivine, *iAS . FIXTURES of entiralj Alew Patterns aivi Desicna | and Finish, superior in stylo to anything he.atoforfl t uoersu in una marxec. we invite ettizene general ly to o?ll an?l examine our atook o( Ore an J Water Fixture*, fesluie confident that we havfe the beat HwaUd stock in WaamocUM. A.11 Work in the above line intrusted to our ear* wiii be promptly at tan J "'i to. MYER8 & M06HAN. mar b-tf 3TB T> I'r^l. Im 8N YDER, , FLPMBER AND ?AS FITTER, Haa remcr?ed to the ?omer of Twelfth and F sts. He ia prepared to iatroduo* Water and Gu upon the moat fivoraHe term*, sad guarantiee entire satisfaction. He has on hand a lot cf (XKtKINQ and other STOVES, which he will e?!l less thaa he wishes to [et rid of them. do 1? Omt FFICK W IN8FKCT0T AND STALER ? OF 6A8 METER8. WAIHIKBTOIf, July N, WW. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That.atreeably to the provisions of the oidinaaoe of tbe Corporation approved May 12, M0>. the nnderaigaed ie now prepared,"whenever reenired in writiiu, aod 1 on pre payment of the fee of fifty ocnta, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and ascertain the aoonntoy of refistration of 1any cae meter in use in thia oity." Every meter, if foand inoorreot, will be oondamned, aod another, aeaied and marked aa true, will be eetini'* piaoe. li proved to be acourate In ita NMNIDWt of ra?. it will hAMaiMt AVLHTW ftuftVipN&UM. It W-tI in. rootor and Sealer of Aaa Meters. iQv NOTICE. / l REMOVAL. A~X BUI have removed mi I# V PAWN OFP1CE to 331 C street, between and ttth street*, ! diatel? in the rear of the National Hotei, where the bu?me?? wi'.l be oonunued m heretofore at the oldKtand. [no 1 j-6in 1 ISAAC HKRZHKR8. for stamping a PACKET OF PAPER sj r and ENVELOPES NO vo match, l ll tha CHARGE! metropolitan ^bookstore. phi lp ft. solomons, Arentt fot Laurent*'$ u'ebrattd Lintn Ptptrt, \ "Aletropc'itan Mills," ic.% fc. ! ?*< IT 332 P?. a?.. bat. 9tl and loth bU. To the "-roclamation " citizens of Washington, Georgetown, WhiTft, cholesa "" "" diarrhea, dysentery, c?jolic, DVSPEPSIA, to *o alarming ?xtJtkP,fl,TV'&0"fte" X v< whmnat, j _ It mast be of th? first consequence *u vvcrr i?mu J Ui inoV ot A REMEDY at ono? S*f* i *"/f W'.mions, DR. MONTAKDK, or Finns offers hl^|RACULO!.p |?AjN rili.ER ? tho moat i CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL KKMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In order to sjtufy THE PUBLIC th?t no irat??>!t?on is inton-'l?H in '!t? ?%1* of IWi GrwU Me?lioii>??, THE MONEY WILL BF. REFUNDED i* nil rn*?x when th? l?iU tr< civs enlirs mtufvstio I Aak. then ?t ?r? Drui Htore for l)R. MONTAKOE'S MIRACULOt'8 PAIN KILLER. tnke & direotod, and if not pwieotiy sati?A*4 Return toonrJtifnlt 1 I?. H. CLARK, K*q., 4H tttreat aud Pennsylvania Avert**, who will refund your money. Pnoe?'Jft and AO Cents per Bottle. For ?!? at all Drnc Stores everywhere. J AS. MoDONNKLL. General Acent, lyll-eotr RaiUmore. UHK OLl> RYE W HlbKY.-Un Land seyeta brand t ofj'ur* Old Whi?ky, Copper Distilled, made !> tiio most r?!iati'e distillers In Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted purs. AlSO. lfhBort?i1 Hr* " "" " ~ . - ? ~??i usiiuMijtunra.UiipnT fa Co.. Jul** Kobias, Ac. AUn, Peaoh and Apple ??"o Holland Bin, old Jamaica and SL Croix Bum, ano Win?a of every variety,all of tandard branda. A choice lot of Cicarr. and Tobacco YOUNG ft KEPHAIlT^Afeme, | t?l? It UMi P? av.. hetw."Hh ?n.1 l?Hn ?t?. TRAVKJ.INO TRUNKS. r. Have just received the iargeat aaaortmeut , and u<i? offer the moat extenaive varietvMRTCB o.'BOI.B LRATHKR, LADlICS' ORKSffidftSl i aud PACKING TRU^K*. HAT BOX ?-S.*X?U VAf I?f>. CARPRT BAGS," HATCH KL8, Jto., in thia oity, which we are aell<nc at verf low frioea. WALL. STEPHENS tc CO . iwi JS If tM P% ?T*nu*. Important notice to btfangkr8 visiting washington. a new of the national <;api t?l will be prf ?ent?i to all purotia??i? of books, stationery ko , front the veil known e?tal>unhin?nt of french & rich st el n, 37 s pa. a*., 14 35 near kirk wood houee | ai\a choice butter. ! ,uuu l'-'s. goshen butter ol tu vory buc*w?eat. j king * burchklr,. f* a? oorner Vermont a*. and Fifteenth ri. and m0t by inall frmon reoeipt of 25o<*nu. the trad* and dubs of twenty nupplittl at low **?? 7 krknch * rirnstwim Now op? for nupMtion. * or"' 9' 4 ^ 0. %A h r H ^ i f rtlir h I NervousHeadache Headanhp. By the dm of thM? Pills the periodic attaokaoi Nitrons or Sick Htmdackt mar b? prevented; ud If taken at the commencement ot an attaek immediate relief from pain and aiokneea vill be obtained. They aeldom fall in removing the Nausm and Hudatk* to which female* are ?o aubjeot. They aot gently upon the bowela,?removing 0mh'twiii. For LUtrary Jim, Students, Delicate Female*, and all peraona of i*4entary habits, they are valuable aa a Lazatirt, improving the a^r*tit4, giving tone and vtger to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result or long investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments, h&vinr L*an In na? man* *? ? VwV>. .M U?W Iiimi; joaiv,?i?ua? W IIICU UIIIC they have prevented and rolieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether orift natinr in thn?>rp/i?< y?t?m or from a deranged tale of the ttomurk. Ther are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safety without making any change of diet, and tkt ah strut of any ditatreeahl* tasto rtndtrt it tasy to ^mmutir tkem to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The gennine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on oaoh Box. Sftid by Drug gists and all other Dealer* in Madieraaa. Box will be aent by mail prepaid on reoeipt* tbo PRICE, Mi CENTS. All ordera should be addressed to HENRY C. yPALDlNO, 4b cedar street, ne .v yoii. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDHVG8 , CEPHALIC PILLS, i WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER I FROM HEADACHE THAT 1 A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. Ai these Testimonials were unsolicited by Mr. Spaldiso, they afford unquestionable proo f of the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Mahonvillk, Conn., Feb. 5,1861. Ma. Pfalsiwg?Sir: I have tried yonrOphaho Pills, an1 1 lik' tkem *o well that I want you to I j?end nio two dollar* worth more. Part of these are for the neighbors, to whom I g^ve a few out ol the first box I ft from you. ?end the Pills by mail, and oblige Your oirt ????? *uv7 nuivn uu i i j Havkrfokd, Pa., Fob. 6,1861. ' Mil, t*falptt???Sir: 1 wish tou to send in* one morn box ofyonr Ophnlio Pills, I kurt rerttitd ? mat d*nl ?f fttxefif from tktm. Yonrs respectfully, MARY ANN STOIK HOUSE, Srarrt Ckxkx, Huntishtow Co., r* ,1 January 18.1K1. \ H. C. SrALPiwa-Sir: You will picas? send in* two botes of yoor Cephalio Pills. Send them immediately. Respectfully yonrs, JNO. H SIMONS. p h ii ' ? " " . ~ une DOS v VOUT fUit, and find them txetller.:. Bills Viikor, Ohio, Jan. 15,1861. Hmj C SPAXDine. Eea.: Please find inclosed twenty-five o^nU, for whion send me another box i of four Cephalio Pills. Tkty <*" truly Im btti Pill i 1 hnvt 9v$r trttd. "ireot ? ,, 4 UTOVBR, P. M., Bo!le Vernon, Wyandot oo., O. Bxvkxly, Man., Dec. 11, l?n, II. C. pralpiko. litq_ I wish for aome oirculara or lar?e show hills, to brine your Cephalio Pills more particularly before mr customers. If yoa have anything of the kind, pleaae a?nd to me. One of my ouitomer*. who la autject to severe i Hiok Headache, (uruallr lasting two data.) im.' mr*d of an attack in on* hour by your Pillt, whioh i I aent her Rerpectfully youra, W. B. WILKES. Rrtnoldsbuho, Kbanklin Co., Ohio,i January 9,1861. f Hextby C. Spai.diti?, No. 48 Cedar itreet. New ! York?l)ear Sir: Inclosed find twenty-five oenta. | (25,) lor which a?nd box of * Cephalio Pllla." I bend to address ol Kev. Wm. C. Filler, Reynoldabn-f, Franklin count*, Ohio V rmr pills rrork likt ? charm?curt Htadntk* ! r.lmnst inrtanter. Triil? ?< ? rm *' ..?.j win* u. f^lLLbKi Ymiuiti, Mich., Jan. 14, MR1. Mb. Hpaldi5??Sir: Nations ainoe I ?ent to you for ? Im>x of Cephn'io Pilla for the oure of tha Nervona ttevlnche nnd Coatf venea*. and rcoeivrd the Mm*, and tkty had so good an effect that I was induced to send for more. Please Bend by return mail. Direct to ; A. R WHKW.KR. Ypsilanti, Mioh. From the Examiner, Pi or folk, 7a. Cephalic Pilla aooompliah the ohjeot for whioh the? were made, via: Cure ot headache in al! it* forms. From the Eraminer, Norfolk, V?. The; have heen teated in more than a theusand caaea, with entire aucaeaa. / Vowi the Demorrnt, St. Clond, Minn. If you are. ?v bavr been troubled with the hefl ache, tend for a box,(Cephalio Pills.) ao that yoa may have them in case oi Frcm tht Adv*rti.\tr, Prwvientt, K. I. The Cephalio Pills are said t?? be a remerkao't effective remedy for the headanhe. and one of the verr beat for that very frequent complaint whicb has ever been duonvered. From tkt Western K. R. ilax'lt*. Ckirate, III. We bearMly endorse Mr.Spalding,and hts un nvaUed Cephalio Pills. Frcn tht Rnnnvh* Va'ley F'nr, KrnnrKn. Tn. We are an re that persona suffering with the head ache, who try them, will stick to them. Ft cm fk' SoHtk'rn Pntk Finder. Nt i# Grletn.i. I * Try them ' yon that arestHioteil. and we are sure that yonr testimony can l>e added to the alreadv numerous list that haw received benefits that no other modiolus oau produce. From 'k? St. Levi* D*wx*t*i. The immense demand for the rrttols (Cephalic I'llls) is rapidly moreakiiiK. Frtm tht OnzetU, Dnre*r<*l> fwi. Mr. Sfaldint would not connect his name wft* au article he did not know to possess real merit. From the Advertiser, Providence, R. T. Th* tMtiinor* in their favor it strung. from th* in?it reapeotab e quarter* Front the Daily News, Sttrport, R. /. Cephalio Pills are taking the piaoe of all kinds. From the Commercial Bull'tin, Boston, Mats, Said to be very effioaoiuus for the headache. From the Commercial, Cincinnati, Ohio. Sutfeung humanitr oan now be relieved.

[IT* A single bottle of SPALDING'S: PREPARED GLUK will save ten timea lU oo?t annually. SPALDINU'S PREPARED GLUE! QTALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE~FIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH \tt''a Ptitcu is Tim* Save* Nike ''-tlf A* acoideota will happen, even in well regulated ia very demrable to have eon* eliru ar.<l!o< nvenient way for repairing Furniture, Toy* Crockery, A o. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meets ail auoh emergenoiee, and no household ok 1 affoni to he without it. It ia always ready, and a to the atiokins point. -USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Brush accompanies eaoh Bottle. Pno 29 ?enU" AddfeM HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4S Cedar street, New York. CAUTION. Aaeertain noprinoipied persona are stlaniptlM (e sons to exandno before purenneinc, and see that I be fait name, ID1"8rALBINO'S PREPARED 0LUE.Q1 t^m^th^oataide wrapper; all othere ^aw^dhas - - I pi) ILIO N OTjCE. " PvatimTw ialnmtot.1 wtk*mtimt me. a. w?. \ PobJio nrtioe ia hereby Riven that bonda end j ooaponi annexed, of the description hereinafter aet forth, hare lately been feioaioaely abstracted from the cvetody of the Interior Department, the name being the property of the United States aad held in treat lor oertata Indian tribes. Notiee Me alao been given to the proper oftoera of the reepeotive States to atop the payment thereof; and all persona are warned acainet parohaaiac or receiving any of eaid bonda aad oovpooe, ae the olaim of the United Statea thereto wiH be proeeeated to the ntmoet extent Eaoh bond being for the earn of one thonaand dollars, vn: Six per eent. Mieeoari Coapon Bonds, leaned ia J one aad August, U9T. State of Miesioari.St. Loaia and Iron Moaataia R R. State Boada. Bond No. *137 V~ 10a* 1876 inr IBM 1997 1811 1W8 1810 *>08 1819 *H)7 1818 1??3 1809 1994 1817 1995 1816 1891 1815 1W0 1814 1891 1813 1W1 1811 2003 1810 J001 1811 1049 * 10/tt 200ft 3031 8005 3033 2004 30*4 3001 3035 ivm 3o:? 3000 3IIS3 300V 1824 1877 1828 1878 1839 187? 1830 1880 1831 1881 1833 1883 1868 1883 180y 1884 1870 1885 1871 1BUA 1 arm IOIJ 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 3045 3039 3048 30ig 2040 2017 3047 . 2oi# 2044 2015 3043 2014 2040 2013 3041 2013 3042 2010 3039 3011 2038 1825 99 bonda 1834 . Nat*.?Bonds No.f<co, and below of thu aerlea. iMued June. 1857, and bands No. 3001. and above B&.'as: aws-JKr* Bt&te of Missouri six Mroent. ooupon bonds, vis: Hsnnib&l ad 8U Joseph R&ilroad State Bonds? Bond No. 1353 1 Bond Mo. 1820 1851 J617 1851 1628 1850 16? 184? 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 18*1 1845 1860 1844 1861 1831 1856 1835 1858 1833 1855 . 1834 1854 IOOO ISZ2 1837 1823 1838 1824 1839 IP,26 1649 1824 1640 1827 1835 1828 1612 1829 i*i? 1614 1831 1815 1641 1616 1842 1617 1443 1618 1644 1619 1445 1620 1644 1621 1447 1611 1448 1844 1437 1434 1438 1631 1840 1631 1842 1433 1843 1622 1454 1857 1814 "? ? 1817 1630 1818 1639 18)9 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1626 90 bondf ***** J****&' 18*?> iyable at Bank of Coznineroe, New York, in ovemUer, 1M6?iutorest payable in January and uly of eaoh year. * mate of Missouri six per oent. Con son North Missouri R.R. Statr bonds. Bond No^2952 Bond No. 1639 2940 1538 2939 1641 2941 1642 2942 1643 2946 1644 2945 1645 2944 J*4* 2941 1647 2947 1648 2949 1649 2949 1640 i?C.A 2347 2922 29.? ?23 1653 2924 1654 2936 1655 2951 1652 29M 1656 1657 2921 17C5 2468 1TC? 2512 17?7 2513 3452 2514 245J 2515 24?4 2516 2455 2911 2450 2910 3457 ' 2912 1458 ?U 2459 ?1? 2400 ?16 2401 Ml* 2402 2917 2403 ?18 2464 9Q1Q - life mw?9 AtOJ 2920 2466 2964 2467 2955 1651 69 bonds Not*.?The bond* numbered Kit and below, ieseed in Janaary, IRffT; No 8910, and above that, Wi'ued in AnKMt, 1897, payable at Pbani* Bank, ew V ork oity. Missouri six per oent Coneon Bonds, tis: North Missouri R. R. State bonds. Bond No. 2773 fiood No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2730 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 2711 2733 2712 2722 2710 tv* J7i5 ri? mi xirr 2776 TO* 27?5 2731 2768 2766 27*0 7729 5770 3718 3771 2715 1785 2714 2778 2764 2772 2728 2775 2726 2774 2722 2780 2712 2732 to bcadi I ?V3SSSSSiS?^l i i. J' ^ ??????????w? ",-~1 t * *- "* Boat Bk. ISM Bood * . ISM MM MSI SSU ?SM l?il ftMJ MU 6JS4 MM M55 . MM 61& 6340 M6J *W MM M38 6IM) 6M7 ?)4? MS5 8147 *?? Mtt M33 619* MM 61? ^ ?W1 WM?0 6300 4999 MW 4W7 ?JW 4890 MOT 4998 6310 ' ?gm, **& 4888 M07 4871 8308 ?3?7 6309 6* J ?1 beads MM twwt wiNt ui Juu>T ud Ja& of M0h rw. Oonda of North Carotin* Coopoo six por Nit. North Ciroiiu bis jot ooots. Bond No. 35 Bond No MS 33 Ml 33 300 33 3V7 336 T 334 .140 %1J *48 !M *47 104 MS 30 343 19 *42 18 *41 IT 340 15 *39 1$ *38 g *37 11 33* 10 334 10S MO 101 3? 100 MO 99 Ml 103 333 6 333 38 334 33 227 16 3* 31 317 98 318 97 310 96 2?6 95 339 94 138 63 137 60 236 303 72 bonds Note.?The?e bonds arc dat?<l Juurw, um, arable January. IMS, at Bank of Repnbhc, New V ork. I&Uroat parable in January and July. North Carolina 6 per oeuts. Coupon Bond*. Bond N?. 833 Bond No. 735 832 736 MI *u 830 759 8? 760 &?4 T61 834 792 836 TAS 8*7 764 8? 799 871 791 . 871 792 873 793 874 794 187* T9ft 879 796 877 797 873 T98 879 799 886 800 ni an 846 80S fiit 848 8*4 806 866 806 ?? 818 uiuiuli'tC' 81] ?')*rl8j ' C<K a] lenoan C,s ?}J 866 r?cl}14 867 ~ 816 ?8 816 S? 817 861 818 8?1 819 86* 8? 811 two 822 8*6 822 867 8M 8?8 8X6 W RW 870 827 883 828 wi m . SI Ml 881 843 J|1 844 >? 2! *34 104 boadf ?naswia North Carolina ill per cent. Conper boada. Bend No. 599 Bod* No. 493 25 494 m 4?? 604 4M 605 407 606 ?2, tSZ 499 608 510 $10 Ml JJJ 481 483 609 404 614 633 486 23 467 634 488 636 4go 58 496 638 638 w 64! 540 643 M| 641 M3 615 tit 644 |)| 646 [ &31 647 'US 648 ' S Ui U4 649 u* 6M) M6 en UT *18 ? 629 21 ? 18 i|5 2! *1T 455 514 457 in 458 lit 470 546 02 547 ?* 548 440 SJ2 442 M1 430 471 411 47* 43? 4.M 474 43T 47J 476 477 ** 478 4)6 470 423 480 ?? Ml 01 4 J 544 _ m 111 *** tSSESBjEESS?* ipiiP^|K MHo. 41 MI?. 151 II 1*1 W--? 141 " in { 141 " 1M 9mA ft M Ho l?a t M ltl ? 1M 1M 1?* ? Ut 1TB W 191 lM in i? it* iw m iir m i? u* ir? iff 1W 1J? uv 'w im *w 117 144 dfttoada 146 Two boa<ia for nr fc. da?*d Ajnl, IWH Bond No 9 Bond No. 1* bona* for ]/*>? M?h. dat*4 Ootob**. N(T vii Payable at Back of K erehlie, Oetelwr. Wrr.Tii: Bond No. 118J JJond No 1I9T 11M 119* 1185 MM 11M IIM 1187 I19A 1188 1197 1189 1199 15fco?d? 1191 Tmmmm biz nr eoot. Coapor Bond*, of ! A*1 Mb, of loanul Iflft payab-a IIN in N?w > ?l oity, of tbato. ,(>win? nalari, an4 dated Jaaaarr, 1MB: Bond No. 117 Bond No. 416 778 410 ' 294 47(1 297 477 409 491 411 m 414 72S And oftivllowiai timb*riiHi*d Jtnikrr.llH > Bond No 82S Bond Ko 127H 829 1348 830 And of tirfoilovini namb?r?iMft<>l JftnmrrJfta* Boa 1 Mo. 1744 B?ftd No J06S 2110 2891 2133 2892 2681 306* 2005 . S121 An 1 of the following diidNti im??I iftnnft.rr.nM. Bond No. 3149 No. 4207 3404 ' i2oa 34Ai 4*?9> 3400 42i<> *407 ' 421 P <iM iftV 1470 421 < Mfl 4214 I4TS 4411 1768 4.*>27 K94 4529 Jfr4I 4^50 4) 4556 VM 4566 ?44 4569 9945 4579 ?46 . 4571 85 4749 4199 4751 4299 4881 And of th# folUviBf iuib?ri inued Jfcnanry.tUT: Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 8195 5421 5326 542* <I 4559 5427 4366 54.^0 Ml UH Mis 5436 Pit 6437 4464 5438 4265 5439 4366 6446 4367 5441 4568 4442 ?1 * 4453 4376 5*64 4371 4445 4372 4452 1K1A to WIO MT4 6619 MTJ M2? M70 MSI M77 5M2 M78 iTM MTf ?7M MM im M81 67t? M85 6T0T 5708 M87 6709 6*88 6710 6389 5711 6?0 671J *391 6713 6391 5799 b39* W3? 6416 NMO MIT 6843 6418 | Omri er thi ^ictniiT or thi Iktuiok, IXwem'.T *. i860. a L2-<Jtf J. THOMI***<>N, S?or?tar?. [REENAN | ?nn\ { The ?boT? PURE W HISKY.Cofr** UmilLn rmoM M?ltm G**m, being luiffw ?nd injform ta???lit7.aAd hlih'T Vr Mif. '8 fr?l?TT?w PT WMIIMn to fctl OUiM WkkaklM. and larly reeommeeded by the best phyaictaaa ?jninnUM?onwi)B| >li the of % the diatiKatioo of thi? 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