Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1861 Page 1
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# % Qtoitig ^tar. . . * . . ? V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. APRIL I. 1861. N". THE DAILY EVENING STAR M F JPUSHED B VBR T AFTERNOON. 'SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) At THE STAR Bl'ILDINflS, 0/ FKineyivvru* wfnw and lll4 it., t W. D. W4LLACH. Pmwi termed in ruU|M by oarrtera it < I rmr, or ST oenta ret moath. To mail aabeoribara tm jnoa ta #sjo a year, m m4vmmt$; ?3 for all montha; 91 for three montba; and for law than three montha at the rate of 12 oanta a week. Single acnea, o*i cb*t; in wrappera, two ckits. AuvnmutaNTs soonld beaent to tha ofice before li o'oiook m.; otherwise they may not M*ear antil the next day. I The MrB(rthleV?T?r ' the "Pelly Ann"' A Story ( the IVmpealaeis ttui. This is Artemus Ward's last story, which those who can are welcome to admire In overhaulin' one of my old trunks the tother day. I found the follerin' jemel of a vy:??e on the starnch canavl bote Polly Ann. winch happened to the subscriber when I was a young man (in the Brite Lexington of yooth. when thar aint no sich word as fale) on the Waba?h Canawl: Moody, 2 p. m.?Got under wa. Hosses not remarkable frisky at fust. Had to bild fires under 'em before ther'd start St?rti*i ? i?~? ITery snddent, eausin the bote for to larch vilentiy, and knockin me orf from my pin#. (Saler fraao) Several passenjera on bored. Parst th-eu deliteful country. Honist farmers was to wck sowin corn and other prcjuce in the fields. Surblime scenery. Large redheded gal reclinin on the banks of the Canawl, bathin L^tfeet Turned in at 15 minits parst eleVing. Tooaday?Riz at 5 an went up on the poop deck. Took a groan person's doae of licker with a member uf the Injiany legislateswhich -he urbanely insisted on allowin me to pay for. Dote tearii) threu the briny waters at the rate of 2 Nota a hour, when the boy on the leadin hoM ahoutid? 44 Sale hoe !" 41 Whar away ?" hollered the capting, clearin hi? glass (a emty black bottle, with the bottum nockt oat) and bringing it ta^i^, ??gle " Bout fore roda to the starbudi^^Hreamed the boy . "Jesse," screeched the capting. 44 What * Weasel's that air ' The Kickin Warier, of Terry llawt, and be darned to you !" '* I. I, sir!" hollered our oapting. 44 Reef your aft bow, splice your main iibboom. and hail roar chambermaid ! What's up in Terry Hawt ?" " You know Bill Spikes ?'' sed the capttng ?f the Warier. " Wall. I reckin. He kin eat more fride pork nor anj man of his heft on the Wabash. He's a ornament to his sex ' Wall,." continued the captingof theKickin Warier, " Wilyire got a little owly the tother day, and got to pr&ncin around town on that old white mare of hisin, and bein in a playful mood, he rid up in front of the court's wbar old Judge Perkins was a" holdin Court, and let drive his rifle at him. The bullit didn't hit the Judge at all; it only jez whizzed parst bis left ear. lodgin in the wall behind him; hut what d'ye spose the old de-pot did' Why, he actoaly fined Bill ten dollars for contempt of Court What do you think of that'"' axed the capting of the Warier, as he parst a long black bottle over to our capting " The county is indeed in danger!' sed our capting, raisin the bottle to his lips The ves 'el< parted. No other incidents that day Retired to my chafed coach at 5 uiinuts parst 10 (Wensdy ) Riz arly. Wind blowinN. W. E Hevy sea on and ship rollin wildly in coneekent4 of Mni)nr.(?firn hm-in l>i? *?* "* ? ? r-?-r? - ? */iu lanioucu iu the forrerd ho?s' tale. " Heave two," roared he casting to the man at the rudder, as the Polly giva friteful toss I was sick. and sorry I d cum. " Heave two," repeated the opting I went below. 4 Heave two," I hearn him holler agin, and stickin my hed out of the cai bin winder, J The h >wec becuw dottile eventooally, and I felt better. The ?un bust oat in all his gnlen der, di?regardle?* of expense, and lively Natur pat in her best licks \\'e parst the beautiful village of Limy, which lookt sweet indeed, with its neet white cottages, institoots of laro in and other evijances of civilizashun. incloodia a party of ball heeded cutlered men who was playin 5 card monty on the stoop of the Red Eagle tarvern. All. al! was food for my a poetic *ule- I went below to breakfast, but tittles had log! thar charm* " Take sum of this." fed the capting, ehorin a bottle tords my plate. "It'swbisky A few quarts allers sets me right when my stammick gits out of order It's a excellent tonic'" I declined the seductive flooid. (Tharsdy.) Didn't rest well last nite on account of a ucrore made bv wKr, -? ?r <5' """ topt the bote to go aahore an 1 smash id the winders of a grocery He was bro't back ooa shatter by bis orue. with hi3 hed dun up in a red hankercher, his eyes bein swelled up or(to), ?nd his nose very much outofjint The passenger all ris up in their births, pushin the red eurtins aside Jt lookin out to aee what the Batter wag. 41 Why do you alloy your pashuntf to run awa with you ia this onseemly stile, my misguided frend" sed a solium look in man in a red flannel aite cap. ''Why do you sink yourself to the beasu of the field"' " Wall, the fack i*," sed the capting. risin Mail on the shutt?r, "I've bin a little prejoo a ? * uibou sjiu inn groserj ior sum time, but I made it lively for the boys, Deacoh' Bet yer life.*' He larfed a short, wild larf, and celled for bis jug Sippin a few pints, he smiled gently upon the pas engers, eed "Bless you' less you'" and fell into a sweet sleep. Eventually we reached our jerney's end This waa in the days of Old Lonz Sign, be4 the iron hoss was foled. This was oe4 steembotes was goin roun bustin their bilers A sendin peo pie higher nor a kite. Them was happy days, when people was intelligent and wax figgers and livin wild beests wasn't scoffed at. " O dase of tne boyhood, I 'm dream!n on ye now!" Carol!*a Volunteers as sees by a Northesoek?"Charleston under Arms" is the title of a spicy and very readable article in the Atlantic Monthly for April, in which many of the social and political peculiarities of the Charlestonians are sketched with unnreiinii???i - 1 ? new, though with an evident partiality for the more humorous phases of the subject. An incident of the writer's return to Charleston from Fort Moultrie is thus pleasantly related: At 2 o'clock we were steaming over the y?*liow water of the harbor. TherolnntMn, lik* everybody else in Charleston, discua?ed Secession and Fort Sumter, considering the former as an accomplished fact, and the latter as a fact of the kind called stubborn. They talked uniform, too, and equipments, and markmansbip, and drinks, and cigars, and other military matters. Now and then an awkwardly-folded blanket was taken from the shoulders which it disgraced, refolded, packed carefully in its covering of india rubber, and strapped once more in4 its place, two or three generally assi tiag in the operation. Presently a firing at mark* from the upper deck commenced. The favorite target was a conical floating buoy, showing red on the *unlit surface of the harbor, some 400 yards away. With a crack and a hoarse whts the Minie balls flew towards it, splashing the wrter where they first strnck, and taking two or tL-ee tremendous skips before they sunk. A miiuiaman from New \ork ?it? who was one of iny fellow-passengers, told me that be ' never saw much good shooting.'' It seemed to me that every sixth ball either hit the buoj full, or touched water but a few yards this aide of it, while not more than ono in a dozen went wild " It if good for a thousand yards," said a volunteer, Mapping his bright new piece proudly. A favorite subject of argument appeared to he whether Fort Sumter ought to be attacked immediately or not. A lieutenant standing near me talked loud and earnestly regarding this matter with a civilian friend, breaking out at last in a loud tone: Why. good Heaven, Jim! do you want that place to go peaceably into the hAds of Lincoln'" ' No, Fred, I do not But I tell you, Fred, when that fort i? attacked it will be the bloodiest day?the bloodiest day?the bloodiest?!'* And here, unable to express himself in words, Jim flung bis arms wildly about, ground bis tobaeeo with exeitement. spat on all aide!, and walked away, ahakiag his head, I thought, in real grief of spirit. t^a Ai Itinerant Ghost.?The prevailing sensation at Cleveland is a phantom of variable form and size which occasionally perambulate* the streets of that city, after "the witching hoar of night," to the intense terror of some score or more of timid persons who have enjoyed a glimpse of his ghostship, and the indignation of a still greater number who irreverently regard the nocturnal visitant as a miscreant worthy only of summary punishment. The latest doinps of thfl annflritinn in ?K.ib lated by the Cleveland Herald of Saturday : So much indignation has been excited by his reported doing* that on Tuesday night about one hundred and fifty persons were on watch for him. Many of the watchers were armed with pistols, and from at least some of them the ghost would have met a warm reception. No one prepared for an encounter has yet been so fortunate as to obtain a sight of the whitesheeted indvidual. On Tuesday evening a young man. clerk in a Superior-st. store, was walking up Erie?treet, when he suddenly beheld the ghost a few feet to his right. The figure, he says, was 10 feet in hight, and moved smoothly and noiselessly along. The young man remembers nothing more until he found himself lying on the f;round, the ghost nowhere to be seen. Jle had ainted. In the same neighborhood two boys encountered the pretended apparition a few nights since. Picking up a heavy stone, one of the boys followed the figure, which was retreating towards an alley Just as the ghost turned into the alley, the boy threw his stone, and with such correct aim that it struck the figure full in the back. A groan, unearthly enough, but too vigorous for any but seund lungs of flesh and blood, was the response. Perhaps the ghost was admonished by this adventure that bis nocturnal perambulations might be attended occasionally by disagreeftblo circumstance* Certain it is that when a man encountered it the next sight, and proceeded to administer the castigation it so richly deserves, the ghost produced a most substantial cudgel, with which he dealt bis chastiser a blow that sent him reeling to the groundThere aro various accounts of the appearance of the figure Some assert that when first seen it is no larger than an ordinary man, but immediately expands or enlarges to double that size There ij no "joke" in frightening people as this miscreAnt has done, and the person who catches and punishes the fellow will deserve the thanks of the community. Whispering John ?In what is known astho ' upper end" of Pike county, Pa., there is a man who has the ironical 3oubriquetof ' Whispering John Rickets " This title he has gained from the fact that he alwav? talks <?*? ? ? ; > ?j ? ? uv y V ? VU IU conversation) as if he were a major general on parade, or to use a more common expression " like he was raised in a mill " This gentleman, who, by-the bye. is "one of em." mounted his horte one cold morning before daylight, for the purpose of riding down to Milford in time to take the morning stage coach for Philadelphia. He rode up to the hotel iust a; the Doarders and travelers had done their breakfast. lie dismounted, and walking into the barroom spoke to the landlord in his usual thundering tone: 44 Good morning, Mr. L , how do you do this morning7" 44 Very well, Mr Pickets, how do you do'" 44 Oh. I am well,, but I'm -so co)d I can t hardlv talk." Just then a nervous traveler who was present. ran up to the landlord, and catching him by the coat, said ' Mr L have my horse brought as soon A flACdiVvl A ' ' uc pvosiviC " What is the matter, toy dear sir, has anything happened T" " Nothing upon earth, only I want to get away from here f e/ore that man thaws." 4 A Model "?A friend of ours ia in the habit of visiting a very charming young lady about three times a week?perhaps oftener. It is not positively known that there is an engagement, but the gentleman is so completely domesticated that the enters the house without knocking, and if the ladylove is not in the parlor, does not scruple to go up stairs in search of her. The other day he went through half a dozen rooms without seeing anybody, and at last come to the fair one's own chamber, but found the door locked " Are you in there, Mary'" inquired he " Bless mjr heart. Charles, is it you? <lo away, you scamp, you can't get in"' cried the lady in great trepidation. " I must, Mary," cried the young gentleman, giving the door a shove which threatened to hreak away its fastenings. " For Heaven's sake, Charles!" screamed the lady, now in the last st8ze of terror ??<?> away this instant, X'?I'm?'7 " You're what'" " 1'm a mode! shrieked the lady, and the gentleman left, laughing boisterously. A Hospitable Six??k*.?The Mobile Register relates the following At a late revival meeting in East Mississippi, one of the brethren became anxious to pllettie altar with mourners, and for that purjpoae left his seat and went among the congregation, personally exhorting his acquaintance* to 3 nit the error of their ways Approaching an Inlvldual who drawlingly talked through his nose, he began with?' Don't you want to to up?'' ' Nay." "Why, what would you do tf the Lord was to tome for >?"??" Well," the sinner drawled out. "I'd kill a chicken, cook some biscultand do the best 1 cou'd. Don't reckon he'd ^et mad at that." He didn't go up. l?7" The Toledo Time* says: Judge , of this cily, has a Itttl? four year old boy. who one day when company was present, wished a seat at the table, but was sent away with t>e rep-irk that his whiskeit were not Ions enough for h'.in to s't tber?. The liUle chap took aseat by a stand, w^en the senran. gave him his dinner While eating It, the hou** c?' came purring around him, when b-said, "Oh, ' * vour whltkers ar? big enough to rut >nq- other WHISKi An A fBKFUMK IS WlSCO.ISII -Th" Mllwaukle Sentinel says: A jug of the celebrated Montreal malt whisky has bt-en sent to this office to be tested; and as no one connected with the establishment imbibes wb sky, jve use it for j>erfum* on our handkercl lef .V't n wi /ant to attract a crowd, all we bare to do is to go out and abake our linen at the corner. fl~7~ An Iron freight car li now In use on the Central Railroad It Is trade of platea of boiler iron bolted on an Iron frame, and being painted like any other car, does not materially differ In appearance. A casual observer would not probably notice that there was any difference In the construction of the car from those in ordinary use The only word used Is the flooring. One of the last acta passeJ by the Alabama Convention, which adjourned jiiw die on Wednesday, was that of altering the free banking act, substituting the stocks of th? Confederate State-* of America for stock of the United States, at the same time allowing an Issue of two for one, aud prohibiting foreign cltlzensand corporation* holding stocks in the free banks of that State C^The Kngllsh linancial year ia three n;onUia behind the reatof the world, i.ot cominencln" till the 5th of April, Old Style, In accordance with an ancient cuatoni of reckoning the nuw ytar to commence on the 25th of March. The Chrittir.aa dividend are, for thia reaaon, not considered piyabl? for II daya after. Ruaala atlll adherea to the Old Style throughout. r" A married woman diaappeared from Hurlbutvllle, Oneida county, N. Y . almoxt * \c*t ago, and waa auppoaed to have been murdered, until a few daya aluce (he waa found hi a hn; In a lonely wood, by aou>e men who were hunting. She had lived a hermit, eave when wUit?H ?.v ? narainour who baa a wife living In Rome; and be U almoat insane from lonellueaa. \?j- The people of Woodbury, Ct , are railing fundi to erect a monument to tbe memory of the flrat settled minister In that town, Her. '/achary Walker It U related of tbe venerable |w*tor, when tn tbe prime of bla daya, that ooe Sabbath be prenrhfd thr<*> Krmooi ind (hot two Indian*. lb-"I>?dn't I tell you not to Uke the 11 rat and a* ond door'* milk in the same baaln'" aald a mltlreaa to ber aerrant Maid : Please, ma'am, It all right, 1 put a piece of paper between 'em DENTISTRY. rWRB. I OCK WOOD A DARRELL ARE PREI/pared to insert TfcETHon VULC AN-^ ITE BAi*E, a new and improved When made on this plan they a'e com 1' rTi fortable to wear and muoh oheaper than an; other. Alio, Te?th insetted on Gold Plate, and all Dental Operations of any kind that may he desired. Office Room No 5, in the Washington Building, oorner Pk *v. And S?v?nlh st '? '? ? _ _ ... ?? jo ?u mil M TEETH. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and"patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, atyX) tends persocviy at his office in this oity.AtjEBa? Many persona oan wear theee teeth who^"u-L-L-D cannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. Persons oallinx at mr office oan be aooommodated with any style and price of Tewih they may desire; but to those who are partioular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfeot dentnre that art oan prod nee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this okty?No. 33% Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel pnia. oo 15-tf Only one Dollar. 476 Pa. Av At EVANS'S 476 Pa.At. TAKE YOUR CHOICR FOR 91. TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR 91. JEWELRT-JEWELRY JEWEl.RV?JEWKI DV ONLY ONt DOLLAR FOR ASY ARTICLE ?F JEWELRY /iV OUR STORE. CARBUNCLE ONYX STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS. GARNET JET STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, CORAL CARB. STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS. JET PL'N GOLD STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, LAVA MOSAIC STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, PLAIN GOLD GOLD STONE STUDS SETS. and BUTTONS, ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR EACH! SPLENDID POCKKT KNIVES For Ono Dollar Worth Three. LADIES' CHAINS: GUARD ?For Ore Dollar CHATELAINE For One D? NECK ? ^^..For One *)ollar GENTS' CHAINS Twelve Styles For One Dollar eaoh PLATED WARK, Confuting of BUTTER KNIVES, SPOONS,-TABLE, TEA, DESSERT, CUPS,-GILT LINED. FORKS-PITCHERS-CREAM LADLE?, CAKE BASKETS-SUGAR SIFTERS, NTT CRACKERS and PICKS, TEA KNIVES aud FORKS, Ao.. Ac., Ao. 176....476....476....i76....47?....4 7b BOOKS-HOOKS. , f! n(il MH /UTT A i ? n ? f '? " ? * vuv/ciim Ul' I A Ijrt no Ti IjU I Uf BUUKI?t At Great Reduction in Price*, ON ACCOUNT OF Till CONTINVBD Hard Timrs.. No'.v is the Tim* to Kepleninh your Librar*. Oi Get a New On?, CHEAT. Rem*mbe r Hrwm><tr 416 EVANS'S 4 7 > Pi Av, EVANS'S Fa. Av. mar ^ hetweeu 3<1 and i't ?treetn. RIDDLE HAS THK. LARGEST. NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF J E w E Ii n Y i* vi;n orruntiD i?i vnm ?> n .v??v ?_?** * *n CITY. AT THE LOW TfcRMS OF ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SP LEX DID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE SetsforSi Elegant LAVA . Seta for $1 Elegant GARNET Seta for JJI E'eeant JET Sets for #1 Elegant CORAL and KOLD. . ... "-e?s for Si Elegant MEDALLION. ..Sets for a I Elegant K1J1N MOSAIC Seta for |l fciesaut PLAIN GOI D Sets for 51 J adies' GUARD CHAINS for 31 Ladies'CHATELAINE CHAINS..f?r il Ladies' NE^K CHAINS . for 51 Gents' VEST CHAINS.doOiflerent styles,) for .31 Als^, a I.arse Assortment of JEWELRY, which yre oan sell at V oents rer artfJe. Just Received, SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL ETRUSCAN BLACK LAVA Set. ENAMELED CROSS Set. ETRUSCAN CARBUNCLE Seta PEARL AND GOLD Set* ETRUSCAN ONYX I.Son N. B - Person* wishing any of the above Goods should call at once as they soon ?ill be gone. We have on hand, and .ire receiving every aay Large invoices of THE FINEST PLaTED WARE, consisting of Breakfast and Tea Sets; Caid and Cake Baskets; Cream, and Syrup Pitchers; Table, Dessert, Tea, Sugar and Cream Spoons; Butter, Fruit, Tea, Pie, and Pish Knives: Foils: in Kings; Casters; Salt Stands; Plain, Chased and Gilt Lined Gnb/ets and Cups. ALL roft HALE AT LOWkST WHOLESALE TRICKS. GOODS WARRANTEDAS REPRESENTED. REMEMBER: RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, mar 7 30'J Pa. Av 302 THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVING RECEIVED their first aupp'.y of new ntylea of ** SPRING GOODs. they reapeotfuliy invite a call from their patron* aud the public gen- |l\ epa!Jy. They keep al*o constantly h%nd Iff a KOjd supplvof N A V AI. a nd MILITARY Jm" I FURNISflfNG GOODS, auoh as En&uleU. 9>wor<ia, uoiu traces, etc. H. F LOUDON ft CO.. | Citizen and Military Tailors, | ni&20 3meo No. 3?>vi, under Brown's Hotel. ROME-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES, For Ladiis'. Missko' and Childrkn's Wm, At Jixcudingly Low Prices. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. lb Market Space, ma 8-eo Pa. av . hat, nth and *Uh sts. T*HE EUROPEAN HOTKb. KBl'T BY P. 1 EMKICH. at the oorner of ?cnn.M-m A avenue and Eleventh street, has ( ?eiiY[7S^y greatly improved recently and now offers ABiVU i (-eater inducements for tbe patron%?e of citix*ns , and strangers th a any other public house in the citi, his pnoes heme less than those of &nr other hotel on Fenn. avenue, and his accommodations for permanent 01 transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the 6uropean Hotel have already become very popu .r.being all that oan be desired by the most fas tidious. The proprietor piedces unremitted attention and continued liberal expenditures to give satisfaction to all, and thus renews hm invitation ?> all to give the European Hotel a oall. de 4 -ti WATCHREPAIRINU ANUSILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the best establishmentr, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repair- JJjl in* everjr description of fine Watches, and articular attention give to the same, by a^H^K thorough competent workman.and a. work c.iarantied. Also, every dosorip ion of standard SI LVER WARE, plain ami ornamental, manufactured under my own supervision, which my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern w are old by dealers in general and represented ax their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, se 6 33* Fa. avenue, nearfttli st. 7\ld rich, mellow and pure ij burnside's monongahela rye whiskey, Conscientiously distilled by Mr. James Burncile, of Allegany Conntr, Fenna., in the old Fashion#*! honest waj, from the choicest and most carefuli* selected Rye, and in no oaae eve? oild*! for sale anti adapted to wholesome use by age It is at ?poethe most palatable, as it is emphatioally one ofthe purest bererates in the reach of the public. To the invalid, as well as to those in commends lUe 1 for its nnrtnllnH .n.lii... .. . atimnlai)t of the safest, rarest, and mo*t he;iefioent description, and many of the moit diBt<r.Knicti?d physicians are nunc it in their praotioe with the happiest results. CbSKY wm. C. C0NOVKR, Agent for the Proprietors, 8 it A Pa. afn ee W-tm opposUe VTi I lards' Hotel. Honk price only! AVING on hand a very heavy stock of DRKttd SRI MM1NGS, I will ofer the same wry oheap [or Mh.and One rne# Only. no 231# * c- wjHHaMMkCxi 1 CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. W Y D Atrial, 9 Ik and 10 tk Strettt. We hare just finished a number of firat c!a*a CARRIAGES, auoh aa I.ith* Fan'* W*ro*>, Park Pkeatons. Family Car VgKKpf ri*?*ii <* </ Ifufries, which we will seUat-t * M i a ret* email profit. Beini practioal meohanios in different branches of the boa? cees, we flatter ourselves that we know I Jhestylee and quality of work thai will - iaouon, oorabimm lie htneea, oomfort an*d dnrabill Repairing promptly and care full? attended to Um ekortest notice and most reasonable char res, WALTER, KARMANN A BOFP. Coaohmwers, auooeaaora to Wm. T. Hook. M "-dly THE Sabaorii^Aia^n^^maile additiona U hi laotertt maktnf it now one of the largest in tiie piatriot, where hta facilities forUnjIl^ oaanni&otarincCARRIAdE A LI8HTHS?= WAGONS of all kind* cannot he atirpaaaai!, and trom kia lone experienoe in the laBineae, a* aepea U cv** gtnsral naliaiaution. An r< at* of CarriacM and Litkt Waitu kept kanv Ail ?. PAIRSnaatly dona,aidall ardara pranpl ly a tenao< to, S??iid ku4 Carriages taken inM?k?nte larMV aiaa. AM DREW J. JOYCE, d It- tf Mr?r *f 14th and K ate. piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital SU00,000. Qfict corn r C strtet and Lmttfiana av? ofer Bank Of Washington. IMUITD L' UAfTona * mmw. r-r^ a >U Ml HKK I'ROPERTY AGAIN8T LOPS DY FIRE. Director*. Geo. Shoemakpr, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Croploy, William WiUon,

Richard Jones, John D. Barolay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Parker, Riohard Barry, B. B. French. No charge for Policies. JAMKS ADAMS. President. Abu. G. Davis,Seoretary, oo 10 Mm FP3 TOPBAM'S qufl premium t li u n k ?* ID manufactory. 499 Sevexth Street. Washington, D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Institute of Baltimore, November 7, iRfin Also, Meda! l>y Metropolitan Mechamcs'Inatitute, , Washington, D. C., law. 1 tun coustantlf making, and always have on hand, <>f the I.eFt material, every defccription of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladi*f' T)ress, Wood Box. and , Packing Trunks. Pellieier, Carpet,and , Canvas Travebiip Bags. 1 cruUtJOl ??!U01iAifc, ftO., i At Lain Pricti. MBmher8 ?f Congress and Uave|?rs will please . pjamine tot etock before purchasing elsewhere J Trunks that are made in other oitiep . Superior Leather and Dress Truuks m.vle to oMer. .... I Trunks covered and reoaired at *h?rt no?ir?. ^ Goods de^j vered free of oharce to anjrtpart of the . eity, Georpetowu, and Alexandria. ja^-lyeo JAM KS S.TOt'HAM. ( PliKAUFIi, ERl'SE Thefol'owin* slat. inent and then jndjo of ita facts fftr >ouree:f . ABRAM COLE, of Ur<?>klyn. N. V.. a well J known ciliz?n there, had suflered fr?>m Pv?ppp?ia . for goino tea , witho ?t peni;anont relief, until he tried AYf]R'r> PILLS', which taken aeoordin* to i the directiors for t tiis complaint, restored him to hea;th in a few weeks Afiet an interval of aunie -i moii h a he has had no return of bis com paint. (iKO. W. CROSS*, of Harmony. Tnxa?. hyl an > eruption on hu n<ok. nhinil(i?r? ? ? ? .was OIU-J ICL. -.U.nh "* - * * - * - ??v.p < . the narUarteoUd oovered with a nab. and tmtac oile'o & raw ?ore.wa* of courte very trouble nine . and dic.t.e??iug. It ?o imiah Impaired hi# health a? to unfit him tor bn*tnee? nn<l Iter t him in nonatact n Buffering, AH rnedjcal aid f*ilet him until lie took AVER'S CuM^OUNW EXTRACT flKSAI'ARI L.L'A. which emed liini. His (km still slow# son.* sqaie fromlho ulceration, but it is otherwi.e aa clear as an infint*. JOHN H- SHOOK, Esq . an eminent !aw?er ol Richmond, Va.tooka oold which settled on h>? lunga. A severe paiu set in on the >ft ude, with a l>vl ' ii, wlno'i w?? goon followed l>* the ui,ini? 1 tak&i>ie sjmpt"*mi o| consumption. \Vh*nr*duoed verv lov he coriuuenood taku:g AVER'S CHER rv pfeflTiia*i- - - 'i ? - - _ . av?ui? ? iiivii own l II13 CUll i i I I am! oompletely oured him. Prepared t>v UK. J. C. AY EH A CO.. .I.owelt. I Mv?s. ma 13 6"! m PROF. tVOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL, ( A5D ' BLOOD BENOVATETt 1 In precisely what Us name indicate*, for. while pleasant to the taste, it is revivifying, exhilarating, invigorating and 8tieu.the.<ing to the vita, powers, an*- at the *aine tune revivifies, reinstates, and renews tho Blood in a I its original purity, aitd thus ( atonoe rtitore* nn4 render.? Ik' ryftrrn ini uin'rabli t to attacks nf disease. It is tli? only _ prepaiation ; v- n vuoiiTu t<> wio wuiiu. ??? OiiaiPltiflilf filial flKlll* | fully 0' in tuned asttibetne rr.ost powerful tonio, J and at the Mm? time so perfectly adapted to. an to aot in perfect aocordanoe with the laws of nature, and hence will tooth* the weakest *tom?ch, and tone up the digestive organs, and thus allay at. nervals aod other irritation. it is perfect;* eshilara tini and at the same time it is ooinposed entirely of vecetables, yet so oomt>in?*d us to prodnoe the meet thorough touio effect, without producing any injurious oonsequenoos. hnch a remedy has lore >>o*ii felt to he a desideratum in the medical world, for it needs no medical sk 11 to see that debility f >llows all attacks of disease, and proceed* and in desd lays the system open to the insidious attacks ol many of the most fatal, suoh, for example, as the following: Consumption, indigestion, l)yepep?ia, I ess of Appetite, Faintness, Nervous Irritability, Reura:gia, Palpitation of the heart, Melanohoiy, ,ght sweats, [<&ngor, Giddiness, Retention ol, as w?Tl as Painful obstructed, too profuse, or too so?nt Menstruation, ai.d Falling of the Womb. Tkese all depend upon genera! debilitr. This pure, healthy tonio Cordial aud B'ood Renovator is as IUr? t/i flttrfl ?JI Ihft inn in tn riaa Tk?? .. ...K?u ? **' auu n? W. A ii^io io ^ no miftak* ahout it . Out this is not all If the g system is weakened we are open to bilious attack*, the liver becomes torpid, or worfie diseased. * the kidney* refuss to perform their function*, and c we are troubled with ecaldinn and lnoni.tiuetce of urine, or involuntary discharge of the en-no, pam in the back, sido and l?twe*n the ahouidera. ex t cetdii'.cly liable to slight oolds, coughs, and if un o.ieoked, soou emaciation foliowb,and the patient a goes uown to a pre.nature crave, tint space will ? not allow ua to enumerate the maar i!ia towhicli we r are liable in a weakened condition ot Uie syotem. i, But we will say in this ?.*ordial ar.d Blood Ketiova- (. tor yo<t have a perfect safe pi easant and effectual remedy for lues of Appetite, biliousness. Flatulence, weak aid sick Stomach. Lancour. 1-iver Complaint, Chills and Fever.or any Bitiouv attack J uuiuinunii nviuu; Ul llld 'W&Cfl. WITTOIIinflfl, Nouralcia. Palpitation of tho llaart, Depression ? ofifpi'iu.tkirea. I'lmpiee on the Vane, or ant oiaeaae arieing.froni impure blood, such as Scrofula, Kryeipelaa. Uronohitia, Couch,difficulty of Rreath 1 inc. and All that ol&aa ol diseasea caJ ed female MkMH,and enumerated above. We will alro 1 say the traveler exposed to epidemics, chance of 1 olimatn and water, will Cud it a plrasaLt. safe md sure remedy, and uo one should evor travel with out. Rendxr, try it, for wn assure you you will ( find in it a friend well aa alriend in need. All pertona ofsedettary habita will find it a per- I leot preventive ol, as well as a cure for tho*e ailmenta which they are particularly exposed tieuco miniatera, students, attorneya, literarf ceniloinen, j and ladies who are not aocuat<imed to much out- < door exeroiK*, will find it to their advautaice to ' keep a Im'.tlx nnn?t?.iitl* on lia.n<l- ?iul " mnChera. or those beccmine such, will *o through 1 that most dangerous period not only with all their aocosiomed strength, hat safe and free from the thousand ailment* ao prevalent among the female portion of the world. In short, la indeed a mother a J cordial. Try it old and jounr; no lo ~or run the ri?k of delay; it will relieve and prove it?el< <Mnphatically a Rtttoratirt Cordial and Blood Renovator. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Hroa<l?a?, New York, and 114 Market Street. St. Louis, Mo., and sold by all good Dru<giats. I'rioe One Dollar per Bottle, PROF. WOOD'S , RESTORATIVE CORDIAL IKV ! BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold in this city by C. STOTT, 375 Pa. avenue. J an jQ-ooly. mw j Boots and bhoks to suit tbk 1 TIMES. { We are nov manufacturing all kind* of BOOTS and SHOES*, and constantly receiving a^fia supply of eastern made work of every de K|1 srvption, made expressly to order, and willr kj 1 t<e sold at a much lower price than has been Mb heretofore ctiarged in this city for maoh inferior irucm, , Parsons in rat of Boots and Shoes of eat torn or ettr made work, will always find a rood assortroen j r'or""d ' ! Mt-r 314 Hepn?yTv>t.i? areune. ( Ddpont'8 gunpowder, j For m1? at mannfaetifrera Fiio??,by JOHN J. BOG UK, (JioioKTOWKjl). C? < Safe Artncv for tk? District / Cdwmbtm. A lirie auaa.T, embracing every rariMr, alvava 05 hand , and delivered free to Ml t?rta of the D?e Kay WMhin D?CC'fclU*?*'? | CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILORING. EW FALL STYLES or CLOtHS. CASS1- J MERS, AND VESTING^. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3*JI PennsjlT*- t Din Avenue, have just received a large varietv of new Fail Goods,to wnioh they invite the attention of thMr frienda and customers. an S'-tf i i ENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READY MADE CLOTHING offers to oitisens ' and atrar.Eers wiahir.r an immediate oat fit aupe nor ladooements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities of Dress and Business Garments and Overcoats In all ranetie* w*i?- i - _- . uw viiii vr * ana unuw-olothm< of all kind*. Kid and other Gloves of best qua ity. Scarfs, 'I ie?, Cravat*, " Stocks, Honery, Ac., Ac. All of which we are ' offering at our usual low price*. 1[T" Ciotfciu* mad" to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A Ct?.. no 16 tf a if '2 Pa. avenue. g POTOTHE PEOPLES'CLOTHING ST??F E, t "1 No, 4<iO seventh sU. to set ?our CWJTU- i USG. FUKNItiUINti- BOOliB, HA" * " ? {, C^r.. - f** Gw f W MERCHANT TAlLOtHNG. E Invite our cuKtotnera, and citizens ceneral- {, ly, to an inspection of our present new, at _ aa tractive, and elecant assortment of^^B CLOTHS. CA9NMKRIHI iwiifolnuS VK.ST1NGB, <?V KR COATjNGst" A c' W d which wo will inako to order in superior" " otyle at very low prices. ? WALL, 8TFPHKN8 ft CO., r, oo 25 tf 32*i I'a. av., botw. 9th and l?th to. If #C*rf Couth, Cold, Hoarsen***, / - >! /Iwnza. any Irritation or Sort- " *&<i of tht Throat, Relieve I4| Heckt?f Couth m* Lon*vmp- m li<m, Bronchitis, Athma, ?: 4" Catarrh, Clear and ri>? Si ftrentth to tJU voter of ih PUBLIC PPKAKERB ?' ard SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of oherkinc a ? Cough or "Common Cold'' in it* first since; that ?0 which in the beaming wonld yield to a miln reme- <ji dr. if neglected, soon attacks Che Lanes. "Brtncm't Bronchial Troches." containing demuloent ingredi enta, allay Pniinonary and Bionohi&l Irritation. ? inar trouble in my Throat, (for l? BROWN 8 which the *'7Vodke?" area specific) * _l imvini made me often a mere whi?- ? TROCHES peror. N.P.WILLIS. l\ RROW\'S "I recommend their u?e to Public t% TROCHE? REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great service in subduing I!oar?i [; BROWN'S HBse." REV. DANIEL WISE. 1,1 trochk-c "Almost instant reiiefin the dia K? tres*ine labor of breathing poculiar itn uivns to Asthma." 'VI>I * KLV. A. C. EGGLESTON. I* TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything tfc; injurioci." I>R. A. A. HA> ES, l* BROWN'S! Bottom. ,j; .... " A ?imple and pleasant c iml'ina ? Til (ICHI < - ? ? | non lor c.or'iH". * BROWN'S u- 1 BJGKLO^V^ j moohe? ;; BROWN'? Rourm. ? " I haveproved them exo?U?ntfor n rROOHES W porriss CorsH." ,OB i REV. 11. W. WARREN. BROWN'?! Bottom. o? "Beiwfie:*! when compelled to ? K'-'t/tthil* i spcafc, e 11 ffen n t from Colp." HunWM-w REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON, "k BROWNS St. Lonif. ?( rPOCHK? " Ef?kct*aL in.removing H<?ar?? neee and Irritation of the Throat. ?o V '?J?OWN'S wmino* wah Sritiu? &r.d Sins **?." j rROCHEP Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON. ?r. ^ w , _ i-a {rrajit!, <,n. mo (hiuv rs-<i inwiin '? jnnr?, r."MllierD r'< a?"w?* FetnVe College. / rROUHEPI " Great benefit when talfn before andafler preaching, as ther prevent klfi JROWNf] HfiriftPMf, From their p&st effect, i I will b#? nf r?A'*nnri<?rt ?iiLKUUULc rirUfe torn*. ! ikv. e. rowlky, a. m. <h? ?RQ WN'B riee'*leut ol Atbena Colle?e. Tenn. " ? '*( rROCHFf* in-Soldbral'DrtiirieUatTWKN- *' ! Ir.' FIVE CENTS A B??X.??J] "',f P*.7f H"mcLEAN 8 7 J STKEHGTHENINO CORDIAL A!fD BLOOD PCRIFIEH ?HE HHFATSST KEMFDY m tK* WOULD, ud the moet i I>KLirior? ATtTI t? PKLIGHTFIL 4. K? J&X J COKDiAL EigWfe IjjEVER TAKEyr&BljCf&L tin It i* trictkr ?ti- \fit jfy BU L i>M *?Hi? ?n<l v?g?u TO fcfj'v ? Cwnpaand, [r*- VflKjr tCl nal t??l t; (hi iliilMU R A flf ttm ?f . ?>> , K- '*1 bk v I t.-n V?i.<? v'j b Li VWgv Ilc.k, BLmhI Rrn. tL \gk-Tp!' Hiick Rf>?l, W -Jgi i?{ f 'Sttr B<rt, indPiD^il w w|l l / (ff <?Ur? ir.10 iU c*n- ^ tfj' !w otir* ?e:i?? fis A ' Jj 'B JP rtnit'lifl pr^nl^.lpl?^-iF>il^W|^ -g * ' " y Ta J of c.eb infrttl ?i. ! , Won UktaijrjK'.'SKi'iWtr laklB5. SI ? t f - ? ? ? ?"f * "? 1 3Mt infallible rifnl^F rinoTitinf (ki on nd rastaru.g tha tick, safanng, aud dsVihtatad ln*a<td ta ftp aal'.h and lUMfU. tp MeLEAITS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL wt fill sfsttaally rara Ui?ar t'aniflaint, nmapu<, jiuO.ranic ?r Nar*ras Dsbiiity, Dms'ii af tr.s Kitaiya, t5? nd al! disaaaaa arising fram a disordsrs'' Liaar or Siariach, on );iripiu, lnr.kif , Inwrd Hilts, Andi'r ar flickr af inj ii Stamacb, Fallnaaa af Bl<-*d ta tha Hand, Ucll Pain ar w.inming In (ha Baad, Palpitnian af ih? Hair', Fallnaaa oil I Waifbt in tilt Bi mach, 8otr tncuim.i, Ohakma ar afacaung Fasling whan 'aying da?n,I)?ynsss or YsllaW. uJ, an af (ha Skin and Eyas, High; Iwhu, Inward Tatars, J air. in tha Small af tha Back, Cfcaat, ar Si '.a, Saddso i 'lashss af Baal, Uapraaaian af Spirits, Fngb-.fal Praams, .angasr, Daaaandancy ar any i.srvaci diss, ss, Saras at J** ilatc*- ss ac li>s Skin, and Fs?sr and Agaa (ar Chilis ixd ^vi) , J OVER A MILLION BOTTLES rm a?i bsan said daring tha laat an mar.tha, and ia aa In- [ Lanes has it failad in firing antira aa'isfactiau. Wha, than. < rill sagar frara Waatosss er Dabil.ty whan MiniACI , J TREMSTBEHIHS GOEDIAL will cara yaa 1 ^ Us ia gaags can tar*ay an ada>;aais idaa af tSs itaaadl- , la and almast piiraea'aas Changs prslacsi! by uking this "" lardial la tba dusissd, dsbilitatai*, and sb\u?rsJ na> rsxs ystsns, wkstbar kraksn 4s?n by sicsss, wsat by naiara, r ircyairail by aiaknsss, U.s ralsisJ aoa ans'.ntng argaatatiaa Is raslaiad ta its prisons hsalih and Ti^ar all viKKrcn PtrnxnriTK I then, tan?tia?i ?f loaklilr frarr. wt?:iitt caaaa, will _i nd McLCARI rfUCBOTllKKllie COEDIAk a ifca rafk ii|i:,i!i:h ?f tha traurn: and all wba n a? ha?a tu ?u', trail UaaiaalTaa i/ iicpraat r irdal fancat will tid U Ula \! :?.-Jiai a auui'i atd apaady Mroadj. . ' TO THR LADIES. MckBAMI rraCH0THKIIlNG CORDIAL la a aarar- iu Ifn tad apaady cara far lncipiact Canaarnptian, Wl.iiaa, mi >aurae:ad ar PtStalt Manatrvation.l nearuiDanca af r Invalactar* Diiehirp tbtraaf, af (hi Wamb, M h4?Hu??*i rfttniiHg, win j*!! riia?* ^n?U?bl t? THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Bi ifir ra lanfar. Taka It aecardii;f ta diractiar.a. It will 1 ir t'maiaia, iraofthan, aud iuMforata jaa and caaaa tha VI ilMrr. af baaltb ta maaat yaai chaak afaia. Krarp bault ta rtrrauiad la gtaa aauafaciiac. ?tl FOR CHILDREN Ifaaar cblldran ara aicklp, pany ar aCictad, MrLKANt m< ;Uft.UlAk will isaka ihain haaHha, fat, and rabaat. Dal&j I* lat a naiaaot; Uj It, atid yaa will ka caorimad. It la da:ttaa? ta taka. Mi CAUTION, ** a wara af driffbti or daaiara wba ma* try ta palm aaaa I >aa aaira binar ar aaraap&rilla traab, wbleb thap can !> :? h?> n. b* ia rin# if u lu*t u #?od_ A ? <t*. aur K .? <? -t ?( ar rtcLfc^rt'aVran-fcGTKfcmNa' ci'klnAi.,' >?< uti iti iMhinf ?li?. It U ilia only raroady that vtil ranfy tha hi liaodthoroafMrauil attha lima atranfiban t). arattm. !*<" CIdi taaapoonrel Ukan a?arr morning Ijimuj u a cartiin do ra?anti?a for Cbalara, Chiil* aoA Farar, Y allow Fitii, or OA in* Miulindiiftii. It i? p?l ?p la larra bottlaa. Ptict I infy |1 pit Wtlll, tr I Uu!n hr |L J M Mrl.EAN, ini l*l* prejnator ?f ihu Cordial; *l??, McLitn'i Volcai.ic Oi. ? UiiIdhdL Principal Dapot mi |t< coroar of Tuird i>i4 f Flua aUatla, >:' botia, Ma. !L McLean'? Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIX BUT UNIMKHT 111 TMK WORLD.) Tha only aafa and cartam cura far Caoeara, Pilaa, Tm- j; an, BwalUnfa and Bronchila ar Contra, P?r?:??ta, Saaralf.a, Waaknaaa af tha Maaclaa, Chronic at liJ nm?t?rj u Khaamauani,Btifuaaa af ha Ja nta, ''-on'rictad Srlai ,aa at ' laifamanu, Earwha ar TooOiacfca, Erataaa, Brruiua, Fiaah IT Jala, W??nla, Uleara, Kara; Bona, Cakad Braaai, Bora tfirplaa, Borna, Bealda, l?i Threat, ar - ny 1, ,f nation aa J" Kiu. na difaranca haw aa?ara ar ionr lha l ion naaa TP lava aiiatad, Ml!?RAM'S CKLKB&ATKO LlMMfcWT ta ? l ean&m ramady. ? af liintd fcairp baaa kaar a Ufa af dia wapltad^Kod irUary fcj U?? " aftfcit in?f ia?Ma ramadj * MtLEAfrs JOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ralit?a pain almaat irnutuatnl;, and it arill claao, fo party and haal tha faalaat aaraa ia aa in .radikia ahort tisa w FOR HOHSFS AND OTHER ANIMALS. fc McLEAN*CELEBRATED LINIMENT la tfea aalj aid ^ uid raliabla rtaai; far tka ear* af Sparta, Biapaaa, Wiairalli, ij liau. Bnoataral Laaapa, Hodat ar wallinra. It aa*ar ??ilad ta cara Cif Haad, PaUaail, FiMala, OVA a... -- " - , - vwiiaT, w flllint tHilii Par pram, Inxit, Bcratehaa, Craekad Raala, Cbalaa, Badi. ? tf OUu Gaila, Cmi, Ion*. hWiuIi. u u an tnfaU.Ma iwitif. Apply It u tfirauatf m4 Mr* la c? ?! u> a?ary Tban utla na I*! f?f wivb ik* mi? ?arUU(M Uwinimi O rfara* ta ;? . a aapfla af D*. McLKAMI CtLK. tM ?RAT*1) LWIMKBT. It will car* t? J. H McLIMtl.Ml htfriiw. Onu Thtr4 u4 Put ata., ft. LnM, Ha. ciiRiu mvrr. m pa.??., mm im t? Wu??r: * (*,?. T.QNa, Iwfiim. * " t THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. VkM uMiMl PMliy u< Nm Iwmi ? ?juhi c mi*' T?n*ty of loUrwbM miln Uu cab be rcai ta uv tbw-u PY;4?l do! oittj. Tum-Oiii. < < ? oopt, m* *cEum C1 ? Kl?? copies __ ___ - - ,. ,. 4 *5 T?B oopt?? . - ? Tweet? ft" 1?r'~i V ? II la variably ooqUiiui the " Washington >! ? ttat' hu made 7V D*ti* frnim Star oi-eaiaM o taoarai.j Uiroactioit the oouairy. IC^S?n?.aoo*iwua TtfKn1 Ml h# ?t?eare4 at th? counter, imanwliata y after ih? inm of tkl WF*. rnoo-THRKKCENT* MEDICINES. BUK join^roi, ALTIMORE I. (I ( K HOBPi* ? Urns dtfrTfd tki most (rrimtn. S/ntdf mm4 ml* kjffrrtuni H'midy in l4c World, FOR ALL DISKAPKSOF IMPRUDENCE. LET XO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. i CUKE WAKRASTED, OR SO CHARGE, IX MOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weaknea* of iht Buck, Stricar**, Affectiona U the Kid fti and Bi.idder, involuntary Dii'liirpi. iral Debility, Nemrauoneaa, Pyapepay, Lunw, CwfMn I Ideas, L*>w Spirit*, MpilUKm o< lb* Heart, Tiih^h;, 'ffI .' r>. Pin.t ea* ot Htjht or Oiddin***, [IiiiiiiW iki laid. I-' i',N'?t 11 Sli , A lire ?jf th? Li .ft. B ... eh or B .wel*?the*e Terril.Ie Diaordera truinf Itm Soliiry Habila of Yomh?tk?? Omdful md DrrtraciiM Prtcc-? whick render Marriage impowkk.ul deetroy tMNk lody and Mind. YOUXQ MEN '.([wciiliy *Im Urr btcnt lb? >it'anal Solitary Vit?, ?-1 <ri?MI urf irttrarurt ktbii ?ki?k waMll; ? ?o untimely frae* ihoenna* of Yo? | af the aaoa t Iiltrd talent* and brilliant intellect. who night otherwise a?e wtrutlil lwrui.( (rnitri with !he thunder* of sis. uenc* or w ?ked to ecetacy tk< lina( l;ri, ntf cafl t ilk >11 CMitdCBCa. MARRIAGE. MaIRHD Ftmoxi,i? Vosiif Mr> contemplating Marupr, brinf aaan ul pfcyaical attkntn, organic debility, rlurioiuca, Ac . apeedily cured. He who jitacea I..merit' ntider the care of Dr J may religiDrlr conti'lr in hit honor at a gentleman and coaftdeattf el; upon lua (kill aa a phraician. OFFICE Xo 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. ft hand aide f'.i' f from Baltimore atreet, a few door* from le corner V?il ?* . ? .....vvvKKfutiDc ibai un^r Lttttri uat t>l paid at id contain a lamp UK JOH\STON, ml -r Pl Oie R >rsl Colters of Hnrfrant, London, md(r Ironi <m>? ol the most imtntni Ciilltfw iu tfcs T mtsd lates. nd tk? freiiff (*n o( ?l>osshfs hat l??g apem in e hospiuls of London. Pans, Pkilidilpknud ilutiitK, ) t(td<< raw of the mmi astonishing cares thst nrsrs cr known; man; troubled with ringing in the hsnd and irs artien r"?t n?r>oimtH, heme tltrafd at iddtii sound*. bukfulatw with frequent Mashing, attended ?ith otriupnciic of o.ind, wets cured iineae iair TAKE PARTICULAR HOTICE Youit^ Men and >?t}?rre who hav* injured thaiMrlvea hj m rtain practice indulftd in when a loot?a Ivabtt fraqoantly arned from c*ii cciuptoioui, or ai achool, tha tftcu m litcn arc iiiirtitlf telie*ru when ulecp, t?4 if Mewed, ndera mariiafe iirpoaaiMe, and deatroya both mind and dr, ahould appijr UMn??iuttly. Tncae ?re aome of the aad and melancholy efTeeta ?rod?ced r earlr liabiia of vouth. via : Waakoeaa of the Bark aad nit-a, Paina in the Head, Dimnfaa ofB.ght, L?h ni MoKiitei >*er, Pilpiutimi of tne Heart, Prspepejr. S?i<M Irras* lujr, Oenui*<ine?t of tht Ui(tKi'? Klmtuoni, General cti.itjr, fcvn.j!totu? of Consumption, 4c MKXTti.Lt ?The tearful effects ?o the mind nre much lo dre?.Ud?Loss ol Memory. Contusion ot Idess, DeHMHm. Spirits, E?il^ Forebodings. Aversion ol Soeiet*. 8e!f ! '. i*o*c oi Nolitude, Timidity, etc , are aovne of the evila induced. N kh \ oi's PlPii.iTY ?Thousands can now Judge mhat i? e ea?MC of their declining health, l>?inr their vigor, be com r we*h, pule, oervoua and eiiuilatsd, having a aingular pearaaice -boo; the ejt?, cough or ay mptoms of (ouMnp DISEASES OF 1MPKUDESCK When >ir nisguided a**d imprudent votary of pleaaur* fiuda h.ia imbibed me a*"la of fh.a painful disease, tt too often ppent ?h*t au ill-timed aeuae of ahtme or dread of discovery tera h??*i from applying ;o those ab^, from education and ipectvbtlity, c?ii alonr befriend him He falls ioi? tho tele 1 ign?r*nt aw4 designing pretenders, oho, incapahfo curing, filch ma pecuniary, keep him triiirg ?nh after month, or aa long aa the smallest fea c?a bs obned, and ui despair leave turn oruh ruined hsstih to sirh rr tilt Falling disappointment; or by the oae of that dead a ??. ? .Mercury? hasten the rnttoutuuooa] arwptnsN of thia rible disease,euch as A(f*cuonaof the Haart. Throat, Head, it, 4r , progressing with frightful rapidity, till death puts s nod to hit dretdfui sufferings by sending him to 'hat oncovered country from m Loss bourns no traveler retoms H JOHXSONS KFMEDY FOR ORG AS I( WFAKSESS ASD IMPOTKNCY "t thia *rei' -uid important rrmcli woakn*oaof ibr organ* s'apec diljr cured nod foil vigor r?o??r?d Thm?oan4*<tf iba t oerrnui and daMn-teil. who had loot all bopt.fct'O n lo atadlatcl* rcltovcd III IIB' ,'? u Marriaga, Phvaieal or M?m? Dia^wal t ,! T -1 I writ i?rl ?VU? irmiOHITTj (nihluir ?il H tikntitM tlkiMUm o( (hi liim fulfill 4 epredily tur?d. ENDORSEMENT OF TWF PRESS nt - i - HOCtiKr* cored at thie atitnuaa aithin ItflNt^. jm. iiH >h? n?mtr?iM iiofwua'. Rurroper. \ rayed by Dr Jehaaioo. ?ituaaae4 ht flit loner* u? paner* ?||4 nu; other Mrmii, aoticee ?f Kti h.-?e ppeared ifiin *n4 again before the piilHe, here III* ituKlnif a* a gentleman of character *n4 reami*,itj , it i etiS:ieut gnuuitea to the eflicted. mar Is-1* OY AFftY THEREMMDT RE joint i5T HEALTH. ?:!<?n?l.<jr. Ton ter? Are jo% the netim of any three numerous uIitkilU vkuofa fcriae from lmrttj of the blood? WUfttare they. do yom m? f tfher?**. writ* *re they not? The blood u tie nrce of life *ni health, aiH it ia the first el em eel our bring to roapon<t tour cause whiob M?cti ? eyatem,&a U:e Infallibly htUeU The erer muliuc Necr&liift, the irritancg Err*ipe>M*the b: e Kcrofui*. the acon:sin< Rheumatism, Seine Debility. f'yayep:'*, Liver Complaint with its r?or ?:id dejeciifD. tod the Luiaoerleme ills thai sn is heir to, dorixe their hideous origin fro? the ?od. f>eiU smdHy then *a<l leEtly with the biood. e the ?it*li?njc recourse* of afttsre for lU Aid. J snflcr u? to ?omrD?od to roar oonfidenoe ui t that tiuly t'ofhhle medicament knows u %M 1J f * ? puis. ?. wi a INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. Vith retard to this almost infallible sp^oifle Saiar scnuir.ent bse *poken In decided tarns tiio ev;i>noe? of this great efAoaor are sns w?l hy constant arova.i of Okrative effects ami > ii&pp.est result* from its um are after all other nedies ai.d the beet medical akili have failed. joi us ear, in e<Toiusion, that oertif.oates rc? are not sought from the illiterate and sneer lal, bwtthoy are volunteered from the moat ra xuat>ie eouroes and justify the 1 n Inn I li ipis 111 uoii it is possible to oommend so valuable scihe to public ap?r<<v?l. We ?ay addaleo thai ; curative properties of the medicine are e* sat led ly by its restorative effects, the system reoover! fromdieease with renewed constitutional visor, or sale by alt respeetabla Dru*risU in this y, aud by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, Hone ce&uine uniees her name is blows on the ttle End her seal on the onrk nr Prioe #1 per bottle, six bottles for (h. KoU-ait Issai. R. K. T. C188KL, Draflirt orcetnwn. D C., Wholesale Aceat for the Diact, and will supply the trade at my pnoaa. alltr 'UK ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. I'K I E*EMAR, 1,8 an* S-Proteeted by Royal tiers Patent of England, and secured by the &.;* of thf Koole de Pharmacia de Paris, and the perlal College ol' Medmne, ViennaCo. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, il r]i nhwdinal Hisakiij im >io. 2 completely eradicates all traces of tkosa iea?es that have been hitherto treated by the aan >us and perr.ici. us use of ovwi va and oubebe. 4o. 3 hss entirely supp.anted the injurious um of ?Tcury.thereby insuring to the sufferer speedy ief, dispersing all iwpuriuea, and routine uu > venom of disease. rRll->K'?l*K. Noal.Sand 3 are prepared in ? form o?r a lozenge, devoid of tasM andsraet' d can be earned in the vaiatooat pocket, bold tie cases, ard divided into separate dosee, as ad nistered br Ve.peau, LallenMuxi, Roux, F toord, j. Price $3 cach. or four cases for #9. which ves .93; and in 937 3a??s, whereby tnere is a eav To be had, wL:>ieeaie and reiaii.of Dr. iRROW.of 194 Eleeeker street, N*w York, i mediately on receiving a remittanoe, I>r. Barrow II forward tne rneeenrnr to any part of the wor!d, surely packed, and audrosMG according to th? in-noti'>na of th? writer. 1'he Book, of a t others, that sboald be read by ?u wim uoi.Titiu auu l fuftei. uuwn ooniHiauooi "Human Frailty, or ft!?i>o!o(ica Ke??archea' la beentifnlly il!u*tr*trd. and treats of Uie syn.p < m? that n.vanab ? develop Uw'vea. aooner or later, recultinc from the nailtiea d vitiAtinc habiMor eari? youth, m<?W?lUtiai b victim from shanr* the fruition of tke ?tn>nial atatp, and. if not ei.ocked 10 timf, iimmhinc ail t:>e functions of manhood, end brtnrMic m. ?tep by tep. toe unferinc end M l."" * <W.r ltd by l?r MAtiROW, 194 Bleeoker stinet, foer or? b*low Macdoncil, New York. Prise IS nte. Sent free every where. *oid by 8. C. Ford, Jr? Dra? Store. Waeh Cb c. I). C. de?4m |R. J. 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