Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1861 Page 2
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?' THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY April 1, ???l. Spirit *f Ikf Mtriiai Pre*. The Intelligent*r ar^uea that "If the new order of thing* be clearly accepted by the people of the 'Confederate SMatea.' aa we belirve would be proved bv a vote upon the ^neatlon of adoptl?g #w" ' r,?r.?ii?ntion. a <rr< at aten wiriild be taken la vindicating the claim of the sew Q ^vernment to acknowledgment at the hancU of their late confederates In the Union.'* Tb4 Ktfu luan n\a of the fillfhiMterlng propenil^M Southern Confederacy, th.^t, deprived of the' oflh-r pflwer of the *M U nion, jnd "reduced to '*V?*TiaM of a petty Con/eJeracy, ttef will find ,,,l<**!W?t)nW>fd wlti.. out ceremony by English. F,*<SW*>-wd admirals " | How !Iot to no it ?It is amusing, if iff | tractive, to note the ever shifting arguments Wlfh which the Disunion press of Richmond ply the Virginia Convention, to screw that body up to the work of passing an ordinance of seceasio? There appears to be nothing terrible that Is not * happen lo the slavery in'erest of the State unlea' the Convention consents promptly to bring the Canada line down to the southern border of Pennsylvania, to Increase taxation In Virginia ten fold, to deprive hercltlrensof the liberty of free speech, f a free press, und the right to sit In judgment at the ballet bo* trftO% the acta of tbelr mlers, Ac., Ac. Tli ii. they e*v4tent!y recognise mm mmt interest worth a momt"r>t * "or?1deratior? in the State, except that of negro property?nmit whatever Her minerals, her white J?)*>rlng' population, her manufacturing capacity. Ac:,-Ac., seem to be anworthy of a second thought on tfceir part While our own belief is that her negro property Interest is really of lets Importance to her Aittire than any one of the other great Interests we name above, we really perceive in her possible secession far more danger to tkat, as explained In the Sta? not long since, than to any other of her leading Industrial interests. M- ?? ? uio tnliinrd. Dast the nossl ^rm "?? vvv o? ?-| 7 i a biiity of the refutation of oar reasoning that the aecevion of Virginia would be the iustant signal for the deportation South, of nearly all her negroes who might not manageto escape Into Pennsylvania ere their owners could com plete the! r arrangements either to carry them to the Southwest, or to sell them for what they might bring in a market glutted far beyond the legitimate demand in consequence of the Insecurity of such property wrought by the change. All th" Union presa of the State, as well u of North Carolina, seethe consequence of Virginia'ssecession 1 n this connection precisely as we do, and, we are glad to be able to say, are doing their best to open the eyea of the owners of negro property in the State to the fact that Virginia's secession will compel them, in self-de< fense, either to abandon their lands, or to sell off AV~* -* ? TU. * xneir nr^rcx0* ioai may pm ruu aw?y. j uc iwcc of the argument of the State's Union press upon this point baa almost completely silenced the reply of the batteries of tbe Virginia Disunion press The latter, to escape from their dilemma, are trying to frighten their readers with tbe silly plea that if Virginia does net secede, tbe seceded States will prohibit their people from buying negroes as heretofore from Virginia The following brief extract, from the Richmond Eramimtr of Thursday, explains bow they urge that argument: Thi Nigbo Tbawk ?Much anxiety is manifested among tb? capitalists who?re engaged in tbe negro trade from this cttv, as to the result of the deliberations of the Contention now sitting at Mechanics' Hall This trade has, for a number of year*, been tbe means of br.'r?ging to Richmond a larte amouut of cash, upc* which tbe city and State reap a rich harvest in *he way of tax. But It i* now seriously apprehended1 that this enormous capital is to be withdrawn from our midst The cotton States, with whom this trade has bean chiefly carried on, have forbidden tbe importation of negroes from any foreign State ft Territory; and if tbe cringing Submiiaionista o/ the Convention succeed in their designs of keeping old Virginia in her present position, isolated from and unfriendly to them, (the cotton States.) It will be the death blow to this great and leading trade. We luvite the attention of Messrs JohnSOn a"U M H ft..?2 U ? Or- iprf tr_-p them to examine it well before they vote to detach this State from her customers. ?How weak such arguments are. Is evident In a few fkcts, the truth of which every roan who knows anything, will appreciate at a single glance. 1st. Tbe seceded States have hoi forbidden the Importation of negroes from the border slaveholding 9tat?s, ua ibe Examiner alleges. 2d. The seceded States, to prosper in any degree, must continue to import negroes; as they cannot raise them. Up to this time the natural increase of their negroes (when compared with that of North Carolina. Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and Kentucky, from which States they have drawn all their supplies,) has been almost next to nothing. This truth is owing to the difference in the.two systems of labor?farming and planting. If they are deprived of markets in which to renew their stock of laborers, the supplies of cotton, rice and sugar they raise must decrease rapidly. 3d They cannot possfbly obtain negro*# else iuau nviu kUC Ul'iuri i ? The civilized world will take due care that they obtain none from beyond the sea; and the border alaveholding States will do at leaat thHr ahaxe to farther the determination of Kngland, France, and this Government, that they ahall not reoptn the African alave trade They must therefore make up their mind gradnally to abandon the production of their ataplea, If undertaking to carry out their silly mIismIim (for they have paaaed no auch law) that they will reaort to cuttl ng off their market for the aale of the surplus alavea of the border States to force the latter into dlaanion. 4th. To eaaay any aach policy will eurely be to make dtserts of their cultivated lands?to ruin their own people. 5th. Trying that experlmentwill reault, beyond all question, In the speedy downfall of the Oligarchy's usurped power. The truth Is, so long ? the seceded States con. tinue to require more negroes, they must, inevitably, get them from the border States. Our only fear in this connection is that the financial and Industrial embarrassments which disunion ia so rapidly multiplying upon them, will, not long bene*, so impoverish tbeiu a* that they will not have the meant of buying la the Richmond market. The Examiner knows aa well as we do, that those embarrassments, and thoae embarrassments only, kave already so lessened the capacity of the seeded Stat** to buy, aa to decrease ilie market value of all Virginias negro property at least 25 per centum. Notaaingle negro baa been Imported Into the aeceded SSUtrt from aeroaa the sea aince the tell in prices began; the foil la the result wholly and only of the change In the financial condition and prospect of the buyera in the far Bouth, growing out of their own secession troubles. \jy We are indebted to the publishers, the Harpers, through Taylor & Maury, for the fifth volume of Mara ill* c ' /./ f *?* J - ?-?J ? ""S""11! JU? iMued them, it was prepared from bis revised manuscript by bis lister, Lady Trevelyan, and is published precisely as It was left by the great historian at his death. It brings the history down to the last months of the reign of W illiam the Third, and includes, besides the revised manuscript, a few pages containing the first rough sketch of the account of William's death Also, from Taylor k Maury, we have the March number of Blackwood's Magazine. N?w PArias.?The Military Journal is the name of a handsome semi-monthly paper, devoted to "military, literature and aelence," just started la thlaelty by Captain P. B. Bebarffer. late of the National Elites, and F. XV. MrFarland, of the Washington press The Stmday Ckronult, a seat aud well filled journal, published by James B Hbertdan & Co , mads its first appearance yesterday morning ET It has been erroneously stated la the pipers that J. Feadall Cain hasbeea removed fmm w . clerkship In the Adjutant General's Office?a position, by the way, capitally filled by htm. aa all appreciate who have needed prompt and efficient reference to the record* la the War Dqpirtmeat ? U7- Among the arms and munitions of war received from s*paln recently, for (be defence of Havana, are eight of the newly Invented and formidahle riled cannon ... v ' J ? ????? I i ??? Judicial appoimtmi hts made by and witb tbe dvtcc and coaaent of tbe Senate since March 4, r l*?l : \ Archibald Wllliat is, of III., District Judge of ( district court of United States for district of Kan- <j sas 1 Robert F Paine, District Attorney lor normern district of Ohio. Joseph Russell Jones, Marshal for northern district of Illinois. J. L. McDowell, Marshal for the District ?f Kansas. * Alexander C. Sands, Marshal of Southern Bis- j, trlct of Ohio. < Wm. H. F. Gitrley, District Attorney for Iowa. M M. Ho tie, .Marshal for Iowa. David G. Roses Marshal for Indiana. George A. Nor.rse, District Attorney |t>r Minnesota. Cornellss F. Ilnck, Marshal for MInnesata. l?Vn U ann* 17 8 i Hosnav /as In?llnnn t 4 VUU 11 U. <1 ??V1 tic f tvi IJIUIUIII*. CI B. P. HrUl, of N.Y., Chief Justic* of Colorado. ? Charles Lee Armour, Associate Juatlce for Colo- ^ /ado. j S.Newton Petti*, Associate J ustloe for Colorado. s . Charles Dickey, Marshal for Michigan. ( Win. L. Stougbton, Dlst. Attorney for MichigangCopelsml Townsend, Marshal for Colorado, rhllemon Dllsi, Chief Justice for Dacotah. Allen A. Burton, Associate Justice for Dacotah. ' 1 L. P.W'illlston, Associate Justice for Dscotah. i Henry M.Valle, Dlst. Attorney for Dacotah. I "Win. F. Schaffor, Marshal for Dacotah. I (,'eorge Turner, Chief Justice of Nevada. Tcrrl- 1 tory. j Gor? ton N Mott, Associate Justice of Nevada | Territoi 'f- i Horatio- Jones, Associate Justice of Nevada Territory. Beoj- H Banker, District Attorney for Nevada Bayles, Marshal for Nevada Territory W. |\ Kellogg,* Chief Justice for Nebra'ka Territory Sarooel Milllgan, Associate Justice for Nebraska Ten itory. | John L. Hopkins, District Attorney East District ef Tennessee. iUackstoiie afc'cDannel, Marshal Kast District of Tsimesajp. Herman Cox, Attorney for Middle District of TenurtSee Ed win R Glaaccck, Marshal for Middle District of Tennessee John M. Carmark, Attorney for Western District of Trsne*ee Thos. J. Gardner, Marshal for Western District of Teiines??e A. Judson Crane, of Hlcbmond, Attorney for Eastern District of Virginia. Tbeo D Ed ward*, of Ky , Attor>tey for Colo- ' rado Territory G. W. Lane, 15. 8. Diatrict Judge [or Alabama B. Deacon, for Marshal of New Jersey. A. T. Keasby, for District Attorney for New Jer*>Y Edwin C. Lamed, District Attorney for northern district of Illinois. Edward J. Chase, U.S. Marshal for northern district of New York. Wm. A Dart, District Attorney fc* northern district of New York. The Clerical Changes in the War Departmixi.-Od Saturday last a number of the clerks In the War Department received notice that after the end of the month their services u ould be dispensed with. This will, of course, call down upon the Administration the anathemas of all its opponents. Already, in anticipation of this now customary change, tbe beads of bureaus in that Department (except Gen. Scott) have presented their protest against any removals. Alost of thcsfe officers belonging to the Army, and holding life offices, very naturally disregard the doctrine of rotation in office, and desire to continue tbose holding under them. That there is a great diflerence between the relations of mllit>rv m?n mn<l the Government and that of civilians In offlce cannot be doubted ; and we are free to add, that tbe corruptions which have marked the conduct of seme of the latter on many occasions, have found no lodgaient among the former. To tbr nubile tb^ necessity of such change at the present time In more or less cases Is beyond cavil. When Mr. Calhoun entered tbe same Department 3 necessity for a similar change Induced htm to do what Gen. Cameron In the performance of what he believes to be his duty has now determined to do, and his firmness in doine what he believe* to be bit duty will meet tbe approbation of tbe people. While be believe* it to be an Augean stable requiring thorough renovation, a* be Is responsible for tbe administration of tbe Department's affairs, be has done but right in seeking tbe aid of those in whose fidelity the interests (now doubly important) entrusted to his csre may in his Judgement be safely placed. Tbe allegations of the protestants that politics had nothing to do with these offices, Is met by the significant fact, on reference to the Blue Book, that out of some eighty officers in this Detriment, , but ten or fifteen are from the non-siavebolding i States That It would be unwise now to continue such a sV?te of Inequality, few would doubt. | That It would be exceedingly Impolitic In a political point of view, Is beyond dispute; and while we have never been a believer in the pro- i priety of the spoils doctrine, we doubt whether any leading man of any party In these times Is to be ex Dec ted to refrain from atr?n<sth?nin(r liia . ? n?- ? own political friends by tbe use of the patronage In bis hand*, ju?t as we presume Hecretiry Cameron seeks to do in also seeking to cleanse what be believes to be an Augean stable lu this case. Aproi*tmx*ts akd Rsmovals.?The follo?. lng changes have been made In tbe War Department: Chas. A. Bound, Pa., appointed to a second class, (vacancy,) ordnance. Jos \V. Bell, 111., second-class do.,vacancy, ord. P. 8. Sanderson, Pa., third-class,vice A. Greenlei f, Paymaster General's office. W M Watson,Va., lst-claas,vic? H. F Douglas. Hastings Gehr, Pa , first-class,vacancy,Top. En. William A Ogle, Pa., first class, rice John F. Callan, Adj. General's Office. Tbe following clerks iu tbe Cersus Bureau have b*en removed in order to reduce the clerical force: I U 11 ~ / v- ?* O*-- ? - - * . mj oiviicii, vi \/rcgunj Ci. ooeppard, 01 va.j i Dr T. J. Vlllard, of D. C.; James Owner, D. C.; J H Rhtnehard, of III ; I. Aker, of Pa ; A. L. Newton, D C j Westbrook Hooker, D. C ; John i Mlssimer, Pa ; Howard Young, I) C. j N C. Burrh and N. Pope, of Mo., have been i appointed to first-claaa clerkship* in the Census Bureau . In tbe Navy Urporiiuem lueiouowiug changes have been made: II. 0. Allen, of Wlaconatn, baa been appointed a 2d class clerk, In place of J. T. Wlnslow. J. Kelly, appointed watchman, In place of Jeaae Mann, removed. Tbeo. T. McOlue, watchman, vice II. L Cbaptn, removed . A.J. Sanderson, of Pa., aecond claaa clerk In- j terlor Department, baa been removed It la underatood that quite a number nt w. ! _ ( morals will be made in tbe Interior Department t to-day A ECLI baa been adopted, within a day or two, 1 at tbe Treaaury Department, shutting off acceu j to tbe offices from all bat those who have Depart- i ment business to transact. ? PtrMMl. j ' Brig Gen E V. Sumner, Lieut Col G H. Croeman. I' h. A ; aud Dr. H VV.M. Washing too, U. 8. N., are at Willards'. WHliard A. Richardson, editor and proprietor of the Galveston News, Texas, a violent secession print, is a native of Taunton, Mass. The Amrrirsn Minister to France, Mr Fanlkn?r ?v.? fc? ?? * * "" ^ N?? icai^ucu, ubi mien on psna^f f f r tbe InltrdStatea for tbe flrat week in April. Hlahmlly remain a while longer in Parti. ( The If on Le;r uel i*taaw, late Chief J uatice. of Maaaacbuaetta, died In Boaton on Saturday laat He fell dead tn bla room whllatconveralng, being at tbe time in tbe act of dreeetnK He waa dla- ] tlngulabed aa an able and upright Judge, and tnly recently retired from tbe Bencb. t Fbom Pvbkto catello ?Tbe bark White J: in?, arrived at Philadelphia. reporta: "Political dliaenalona continued to dlatiaet the Re pub- i, ne, nad all braacbeeof mercantile and agrlcultur- a a' affalra were partially anapended. Tbe Revo- fi [ lutliin'ata had tbe Dart at v?U??i? ? '?1?J 1 _ __ i .1, rrW wim;biQ9(I| H 1 wfitrh wu ralaed from the rtfecta of a battle that '' w i f Might an the 9th of March. In which the o jvrrnment troop* defeated tfeo rebel*; tho 1m h | i/i the laMar wj? *ory groat." u P|5?acola Affai*s ?The Mont^omery eor- j espondent of the Charleston Courier, who it in a , osltlon for obtaining early and reliable informs- s ion respecting the movements of the Confederate rovernment. hat been informed bv a gentleman^ i llreet from Peosacoli on Saturday laat that Oen l *nKK ' very Industrious, and Is how engaged In i reeling batteries to bear upon the weak points of j 'Irkena Upon these batteries the guna from Fort i IcKae are to be it is well known \ bat fortress Is In a poor condition to witbstaad a t ieavy Are. Three ten-inch Columbia*!* have xrn already put in position, and ten more of the ] ame calibre will be mounted nejiweek. l.ieut. jiemmer is also engaged In putting hi* barbette tuna in order, and ?eema to be preparing for a iesperate defen*e. Since the ord?*r l**ued to the '.Itizena of Warrington, preventing them from lending *uppl1eslotbe fleet or to the fort, lncreaaed rtgilance la being used to prevent any communication with tbe ahore. This look* a little more warlike, and quite in contrait with the free and ?sy two months ago The Wyandott? la ne onger allowed to go up to the Navy Yard, or even o run under tbe gun* of Barrancas, but I* generilly kept outside tbe harbor. She venerilly lies a her old anchorage. ju*t beyond the point of tanta Rose Itiand, and close under the gun* of he fort Gen Bragg thinks he now has increased facilities for an attack, and wishes to mike one as 0011 as tbe troops ordered there shall arrive. Companies of the Provisional army go through this lty every dsy or two, and It is supposed that In a 'ew weeks 5.0?>0 men will be concentrated at (*ensacola St. Clair Morgan, so desperately wounded a few lays ago In a duel with Thomas Storrs. of Ala , s a native of Nashville. Tenn , and a graduate at IVest Point, though till recently a practicing awyer In the former city He fired lu the air, >ut nts antagonist, taking deliberate aim with hi* tharpe's rifle, wounded blm in the groin. The editor of the Vlr-lr*IiiiriT IVhlo ' -- P, " ?R "? " Sew Orleans that President Davis is preparing to lave 10,(JU) troops readv to march to 1'ensacola at i moment's notice, for tbe Investment of Fort Pickens The2,00U called for from Louisiana are jow ready. A correspondent of the Philadelphia Ledger, writing on board the I"lilted States steamer Wyindotte, off Pensacola, make* a remarkable state nent. He savs: ?'S? far, everything remains quiet here The Florida and Alabama troops are uusy preparing to attack Fort Pickens It will tte a sorrowful day for the attacking pifty, tbe day Pickens Is comp?lled to lire. Lieut Jlemiuer, in command of Fort Pickens, has arrested eight ilaves during tbe [hist week. The slaves were making their way to the fort, toass'st Lieut Siemner. Tbcy report that they were told there was zolng to be war, and they must fight They preTerr^d fighting under the f?tars and Stripes. They report one hundred and fifty more coming to join Pickens. Capt. Herrynian of our ship, took toem an board, and delivered the fugitives to tbe Marshal at Pcnsacola, to be sent to their masters." , Tbxa* Njws ?The steamship Daniel Webster, i from the Rio Grande via Key West and the Tor- < tugas forts, with United States troops, arrived in < New York 011 Saturday. She left Hrazos on the 19th, Fort Jefferson on the 24'h, and Fort Taylor an the 25th of March She landed twocompanies of troop* at Fort Jefferson. and also two companies at Fort Taylor. The cteamer Gen Rusk also | landed two companies at each of these forUon the , 24th. Fort Taylor Is now on a complete war footing, amply garrison* d and fnrnished with lupplies of all sorts for one year When the ' Daniel Webster left Drato* there were one company of arnllerv and two of cavalry at Fort ( Brown, and two companies of infantry were daily expected to arrive Since the secession of Texas from the Union the military posts In the upper part of the State have been abandoned l>y the United States troops All along the frontier the savages bad renewed th*ir depredations, killing the settlers, running eff stock and committing great havoc. In addition to the attack* of the Indians, the Texans were, menaced on the Rio Grande by the Mexican robber chief Cortlaas He is reported to have a large force in readinefcs for a foray upon the Texans as soon as the United States troops are withdrawn. From all the indications it is likely that before many weeks th? Southern Republic will find ample employment for a portion of its army in repelling the Camanches and Mexican bai.diU from the frontier. Union Fkelino in hkntrckv ?March 2-1 was an interesting dayat Frankfort,Ky. Gov. Wicklitfe made a most eloquent and earnest anpral f -r the I'nion, arguing tbat Kentucky wouia inevitably be the loser should she go with the C. 8 A In" the course of his speech be said tbat, to his great grief, his only son was for the Southern Confederacy, but be was satisfied tbat he would outilve it, although the speaker hardly expected to do so himself. In the evening, Gov Morehead urged the necessity of taking thepreliminary steps for the a'seinbllng of a Border State Convention Hou. Archibald Dixon, in a letter dated at Henderson, March 13. savs: " Our motto should be. ' Don't give up the ship;' and fighting for our country, for constitutional 11 u */ * - r-*r 4 ? ** Million lu the Lnion, In the American Flag, In the capital of our common country, In the Army and INavy, In the public fortification! and public lands, and la the glorious memories that cluster around the brow of our great and miglity nation, we must (rl nmnk 'J * Col Roger \V. Hanson b?swritten toh'sfrends In Harrison county, declaring himself for the Union unconditionally. He says he 1* not o:ie of those who is for it "If thla la done or that la done,'' but he la Id favor of preserving it " without any ifa, and forever." 1X7" The Postmaster at Chicago haa been anrainarllv removed by the President on account of the discovery of a deficiency in hi* payments. The office haa been placed in charge of a 'special Ken* l&~ The Boston Commercial Bulletin reports eleven failures nt New Vork. all at Baltln.ore, seven at Boaton, and twenty three la other cities, during last week. Y*?THK COLUMBIA BUILDING ASSO1 3 elation will mwt at German Halt, Fler? ?'.,onWEDMh>DAY KVKNINO, Ap-il ad, at l\i o'clock. Fvery memher in requmted to a't nd, a* important huttnefls will ho brought before the Association. Br order of the Pre?tdent. ap 1 3'.w rrV*(tR i>KH No. ^.? Htadqunrirm Seeoni lifg 'Jof intent Milit<*. D.C.?The fiHd and oompv ny offi"ors of tno Second Regimentary hereby ordered to meet on TUESDAY KVKNINO April 2d, at 8>f o'clock, at the Hall of the Wa?hirgton Light Infart'jr, Pa avenue, mar Tenth ttreet The officers also of uniformed coinparirs attached to the S?c?.nd Retimertare ordered to appear a* this meeting for ?lie transaction of businea*. ard t>) act as a Court of Inquiry. Officers failing to he present as ordered will be snhjeot to tin*, and th? law wiM b? strictly enforced. By order of J At*. Y. DAVIS, Lieut. Com. Second RegimertM P. FISHKR, A<j't. apl-2t ATTENTION, J\CKSON til'A R USJsJ? Tha regu ar mmthly meeting ofthe company will be held at thrir drill room, on Third St.. near Penn. avenue, on MONDAY KVKNINO. April ltt, at 7H o'clcck. Punctual attendanoo is requestol. Pers >us desirous of joining said compan* are respectfully invited to at end. By oider at^th? Captain. ma ?-2t* fY"y? MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.?The semi- 1 .J annual meeting of the Medical Association i i ~T> will beheld at the Washington Infirmary, on TUh SI>AY, April 2d, at 12 o'c ock in. ma 24-3'.* J. W. H LOVEJOV.M. D. Sec. WAGONS, CARTS AND DRAYS. Register's Officb, Maree86. 1861. M.4. 1 * ' * niwinoreuy given mat > icenset MMl to owncra of Wagon#, CwU anil Drays, will expire [>n the firnt in April. and that haul Lioe?>e? riant be rfnflwd in with law, at this < uflice, within ten dayi after tune. i WILLIAM MORGAN, ma 2G dtApril 4 Reeuter. WON TUESDAY, APRIL ?. E Plia'l receive from th? v?? v#?A. *..-4 I .... .... t?i>w i VIM jiuub una and Importers & m niplete aaaortment of . STRAW GOODS, RIBBONS, EMBROIDERIES. LACE GOODS, Ac, Ac. ; Remember, the place in ' *p 1 a: MAXWELL'S. 3gS Pa av. , FOR SALE-A COUPE and pair of BLACK MOUSES. The Coupe la nearly new. r\ rhe Horses are Black Hawk and Morgan, ull brothers, very stylish aid perfectly na'ched. Also, a two seated Op?n Carnage. Brew- ' i?er'a make, used one season. App!v to ABKLL'S 1 *tnl)les, C ?treet, near the War Department; or to IS, Presidents tfquare, next Rins A Co.'a Office. apt 2t' POTATOES, I ORANGES, Ac W bnshels prime White Mcroer Potatoss, 50 box'B Sweet Oranitos, 6" barrels Pttapcoo Family Floor. 1*0 do. Surer. Extra, and Family Flour, of superior quality. Received >hls day on consignment ami f >r sale ow. in lota to kuit, by ap 1 3 ? 1>. L. MORHlSON A CO. W CITIZEN* AND STRANGERS ILL Fir.d it to their int?r**t before purcha* nc t'? ca'l at the Kitpnsiv* Cshiret K*a6!fhm?ot of EDWIN URKEN. No' Vf* , i$0 Penn?yl?*ma avenue. where a large "? i took of FURMTl'RE a'.d OH AI ll^rrJWfcs ma MATTRESSES will alwaya be'**55*" * bund. , Mahogany of a'l thiokneaaea lor aale. * t'ackiuft and R'peinng ant Varuiahnig promptly ittecrted to. PlimtturA or l-w*" ~ _ _ ... v?n?i gwuo m&ru VII BlUnipQ . m ap l-2a?2m DK. CHA8. R. BOTKLEE. J SORUEON UESTIST, 1 Having looited himself permanent y in Waalunx- 1 on, offer* Lis profeaai na eei vice* to oiti-^MK^ \ ;eua and sojourner*, in all the varioatMnv > iiar.ohes of hit prof-???ion upon !)> moi"tii'P eoentlj improved system of Pen'istry. Or. If., having studied with one of the moat em- nent and experienced DeutiaU of Washington, < nd ala > with the Dental College of Ha umore, > rom whom be haa received his diploma, feele oon dent that his operations will prove eminently. ?at- I if-o orj to those who will teat his professional bi ity. i Office No. 3S6 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th 1< ts.. over elevens a Laoe Store ; open from ? a at. ) 4 p. m. ay l-eo#m , ?| ? Kfmi Telegraphed (ram Waahlagtoa. WiiniMTo*, March 3D ?There wa? quite a irrne at the White Hon* this morning It appear* that the Prraldent invited Senator Baker. of Oregon, whom he formerly knrw in Illinois, to breakfast with him The invitation was accepted, ind afier breakfast the President Invited the Senator to walk with him to his reception room, where be said a delegation of Callfornlana were to present tbemsflvem, and bave a bearing In regard to the appointments in that State Senator Baker accordingly accompanied the President, and a large nninbtr of Californian*. representing the two factions, were toon In the uresence of his Kxrellency Mr. J a met W t*im>nton. one of tbe editors of the Bulletin, repreaentng the antl Kaker faction, presented to tbe President a protest against tbe right of Senator Baker >f Oregon, to be beard in regard to tbe appointments in Palifnrrv4? Mr Slmnnfoii ?*? ? -?J -? ? . ?w-i ""vii *? ? ?ucu irou mi iddrew. Mid to be couched In severe and disrespectful language, to the President It ?u iceedingly severe upon several citizens of California, who were known frienda of Col Baker, ind are In favor of Mr Blrdaeve for Collector. After Mr Stmonton had concluded the reading jf bt* .address, the President took bis manuacrlpt ind, crushing It In lils band, threw it Into tbe Sre. and tben turning to tbe Californlans, said? "I will destroy this in the presence of the parties who bore It Tbe protest is more respectful. and

that 1 will file for conaideration Col Baker I have known for twenty-flve years. He Is my Mend This attack upon him is unjust, and not borne out by tbe facts " He tben intimated to tbe protestanta that they could go. In accordance with the agreement made In tbe morning, Senator Baker and Messrs L. Stanford, lohn Satterlee, C. Wattrous and Judge Mott. hed i second protracted interview with the President this afternoon. A compromise was effected after considerable discussion, according to which Senator Baker and Messrs Stanford and Satterlee, will constitute a committee, upon whose recommendations the California appointments will be made. W akhixoto*. March 31 ?It is understood that :h? further consideration of diplomatic and contular appointments Is to be deferred, to give time for the consideration of otber matters by tbe Presiient. It Is s<ild that no uneasiness Is felt by the Confederate States Commissioners, either in regard lo the evacuation of Fort Surr.ter or the reinforcement of Fort Pickens, and that tbey are satisfied )n both points While there Is a great rush for office In the Interior as well as other Departments, it Is a notlcc lble fart that by tbe 1st of July the fore? will bf 'educed In the Pension and Censuf Bureaus to the extent of eighty or on? hundred clerks, as the legal necessity for their further employment will :easc to exist. iO" The banks of Chicago have resolved to throw out tbe notes of a number of the banks of Illinois, the Htate stocks upon which their circulation is based having depreciated so much as to render the Issues only worth from S to TO cents in tbe dollar. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN. Tkkavpkt Department, March 22 1*51. Skatbd Pk>f,->?als will l?e reoeived at this De partui^nt until 12 o'ciook noon of Tuesday, the 3d day of April next, for KIGHT MILLION DOL H RS OF THIS STOCK OF THE UNITED ^TATt-'S, to ho issued under the act of Congress of the8:h of February last. till* btfww Will .f - ?- "f ? ? . mw? va? ?av v IIV ? VI Oljt |" I cent per aanuin, pajablaeemi annually on thefimt ilays of January and J uly in each year, and will I* reimbursable in twenty jears the first dav of January latt. I he proposals should be endorsed on tbe envelopes, ''Proposals tor Loan of 1161," and be ad dressed to the-'fecretary < f the Treasur*. Washington. 1? C." They will be opened and decided at the t>me alwve stated. No off.'r can l>e accepted for any fractioa of one thousand dollars; nor wi'I any offer be considered unless ons per centum of its amount is deposited witu a depositary of the United States, subject to tlieo'derof the i?eoretary of the Treasury. The certificate of such deposit must aooomranv raoh proposal. AH offers for stock under this notice rr.sif t t>e unconditional. and oontain no reference to any other otfV<r. The offers must state the sum offered for >-ach hundred dollars of the stoc?. Bidders forth s stock, whose offer* shall be aoOf Died, inuat fir pomt thfl unnnnt nrfrtr.xrt ?nH eepted with the troMnrer of the I'nited States, or with the Assiatant Treat urer At Bostoa.New York. Philadelphia and St. Louis. or with the Depositary at Cincinnati, on or before the f.fteer.tu day oi Aprii next. !-hon!d any ?uoee*sful bidder denize to deposit at any other point, Ins request t- that effect will be dn!y considered. I'pon the reoeiptat tlua Department of oer ificate* of depouto with the Depositaries a;>o*e men tio> ed. certificates of inscribed atock will t e issued to the a'iooe?*fui bidders or their assign* in aama of one thou, a-d, five thousand and ten thonaand dollar.*, r.t their option. inaoribed stock eoi??aed will carry naere. t from tha date of the dep >sita o( the inon-y a* at>ov atated. and wiii be t. an-ferra b'e on the books of the I rr a*ury, agreeably to tha regulations of the Oepartment. Slioul" any successful idder deaire certificate* of sto-k with coupons of th j aeini annual Interest thereon attached to each certificate, they will b* lHsuad lu auma of < ne thousand dollars each, with V*** ' - -fc * 1 x? ( July noxt; and a neb couron stock, inatcad of being transferable on the bucks of tlia Treaaurv,may b' assigned and transferred by the mere del tvery o| such cfrtificates. The intereat on inch oonpon aiock, from th^ date of the ceooaite i.f the m<>ne? tlierefor until the first d?y o( Ju'y, w ill be paid on thatlday to th<* acsep'ed bidder or bis Mt? rr.ej by the depofcit&'y wiih whom the principal vu deposited. The preliminary deposit* of ona per ci.tum required from a!l bidders under this notioe will b inolixled 1-1 the fiual oepos.te ol principal b* ?uooertiul bidders, at il wi.l be ilireoted to be immediately returned to unsuccessful l id em. t*. P. CHASK. mar 23-dt3Apif Secretary ofthe Treasury. /'RKAT NUMBER* OF PIANO FuRTf-S vl f?r aal? or rrn* a-all p'icea. Alao,t?n Meli d?or.s ol different irak-sfor rrnt or ?ale. New Mu?ic received from all part* o* the connt-y weekly. . JOHN F. HI. Lit*. _jn* W 306 Pa. av., bet . 9th and loth b ?. A A CAR I). RKPORT Havine gained ?ome currency h?r? that the Ktna Insuranro Company of Hartford, Ct., has dec!'nod to take any furtf er ritks in the Di?c /l-i- -? * irici. m ^o.umoi* mo undersigned take* trill method of contradioMair the *tatein?nt, and of in vitin* t'.o attf r.tion of ?Ii who may den ire to avail the uncivil of i lie protection of thic old ard nniwrRall* popular Company to the ( ffioe, Nn. '?20 tevrnth atroet. opposite the lutelhgencer Office, wlier- lie i? al*ava on hard to receive app ioations as heretofore. Thi* Company ha* paid out, for losies in this city within the last two month*, upward of s 10,000. ma 9>-' t T. M. HANSON. Agent. 1 SEVENTH STREET. /^C>| WKT GOODS. AUCTION GOODS. AoT We are daily receiving our full atoelr of SPRING GOODS from New York and PmladelpHia, hough* lor net ca?h to which we invite the attention ol buters We take occasion to make the following auiumnry : 1 caae Atlantic Printa at6^ renta, worth 8, Richmond's and other brauda at 10, worth 12, Bonnet Riltbo a at 12S. worth 25, Marseille* Quilts, 10 4, at 1 5", A'lenda'o do 1 "5. Ac., I men HamUo-nhi?f*,l&diea'aiid men'a, 12'*,cheap, Jonvin'a Kid Glove? as low as SO cuts, Plain Delaines at 12^ and 16. wcth *5. WtT GOODS. JAP. CoaV b'st * pool a at 31 cent* prr dozen, I2h cent Calicos at 8 cent*, Ac. Together with a varied ai?d extecaive atock ol Str-lea, aueh as Bleached and Brown Gooda, Koya' iinn mo i H i,t?Min*rc. Hno|i)*lirti,Ij*o<iiiidCraf< SI awla, I'a as.>la, Hun irmt-re'la*. ttuniteta, Embroidrrica. D?esa liouda of al kinds, * e A so, Ca'pet*. Mr.ttinga, Rugs, Mate, Carpet Warp and Ch?ius, ltotti"*. fee, JOHNSON A SUTTON, ma 3"-l w* No .521 7th st., h?t. D and A v. 7 < ii F, a p K > DOMESTIC GOODS. I have now on hand our uanal arge aaanrtmwit of Donatio Gocxia, (or K'nerat lamly oae, consisting of? \ tiravy yard wids D>ache'l Shut's Co'tona at lOo. Extra fine " " 1?? Kupf r ' " " " " " It HeavT Jg " " " 6\ Fm? h M M " ' " 6'j Vard-and hlf." " Shwt'g " Hi " **? 98 !i .. M >< ? tl ;k " " " " 33 I vA.ri1? 11 11 11 ?Jo 'roret^w wi?h all the best makes of Sheet'ng and Shirting Cottons and Irish Linens, Ao. Al?0Kcr Savants' Wear?Heavy Osnabsrc Plaid Cottons, Omiahurg Calico, Domestic P'aids, Gingiaai?. Check?, Bin' Dril'inca?a! 1 selling at our iisuat iow prices, a saving of five per omt. on forner prices. HENRY E6AN," 343 (south side) Pa. avenue, ma 29-6' if New Iron Building. English SHIRTING C * LICOE3 i have received three coses of English Shirting Talico?s t f new rtyles, of mv own importation and rarr&nted fa*t oo ors, at 12}, oents per yard. HENRY EGAN.323 P*. avenue, ma 29_8t^if^ New Iron Building. PR I M K EASTERN POTATOES. l.tlOO BUSHEl S PRIME WHITE MOUNTAIN POTATOES ShnrMa ** " ' " w'*viwi vapvw^u iion nuniir. rors&ifl DT FOWLE & CO., ina ?> Iw Alexandria. Vv M WEDDING PRESENTS. . W. GALT &. BROTHER Have just /peiied lhAir new styles of FANCY felLVKK IV A R E and other new cctieu up otpeoi&lly >x WEDDING PRESENTS. , M. W. (iAi.T * BRO.. JeweHra. 364 I'a. ?venue, ma ? 3t Four doon west of Browu't Hotel. | NEW DRESS GOODS. 1 am n?r.? ? ' ? - V? / . truiTlliK row otjiue "I liAl/l frO' 3RE6S GOODS, in Gray Goods, Pop ins. Chftl les, D<liun'), Duoali, b(>re?e?. Dtboges?some rery food styles as low as 8, in and ItH oenta per ard. HENRYKOAN. 323 Ta. a*., between 6th and 7th st*.. ma 29 6t if (Intel.) New Iron Bcildinf. SUGAR, MOI.A88KH. &?. ^ 31 hbds PORTO BICO SUGAR, 75 barrels REPINED do. .. SO do. NEW ORLEANS and CUBA MOy> aa4 4 MACKEREL. DOdoien BROOMr*. m**?ZT'''dBJSMMES. % { TREASURER'S MON S*ov-n* tkt mrnmt nt kit rrntu in tkt 7V**J?ry. ??l ami ui tkt Mutt 4tui brtmt k**, ntmi r?f>iind (? drn/tt knrr bmn ifttwi. but ?rrr? tin (4 ?ijo, ?A<> amotutt qf fmtmr* trmmfm w mnd from 4*pt in vkit plftw. Treasury of ths United Washington, D. C . Auiitftnt Trft*^nri*p_ Bnxtiin. MMftichusfttl. . ?. . ... Assistant Treasurer. New York. New ^ ??rk Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.... Assistant Treasurer, Charleston. South Carolina .... Assistant Treasurer, N"w Orleans, Louisiana Assistant Treasurer, St, Louis. Misaouri ..... ~.. Assistant Treasurer, SAn Franciaco, California.. .#< Depositary at ButTalo, New York.. ...... Depositary at Baltimore, Mary land. Depositary at Richmond, Virginia.................. Depositary at Norfolk, V irginia.......... Depositary at Wilmin|tonrNorth Carolina ......... Depositary at S*nwn?li.Osorfi?.... Depositary at Mobile, A.*l>*ina Depositary at Nashville,Tennessee ............. Depositary at Cincinnati. Ohio.... Depositary at Tittsliuri. Pennsylvania ?>*,.... Depositary at Louisville. Kentncky Depositary at Galveston, Texas .r........ .Depositarv at Norfolk tSawverl Depositary at Cincinnati ( McLean > - Depositary at Little Rock. Arkansas.... Depositary at Chicago, Illinois^. -. I>rp. sitary at Detroit, Michigan ....... u Depositary at Otnaha City, Nebraska depository at Katls of ft. *'roix, Wisconsin ........ Depositarv at Olympia ity, Washington Territory Depositary at 'I allahassee, Florida.... Depositary at Omaha City. (Gilinor?). Assay office of the Unite*! States. New York Mint of the United States. Philadelphia. Pa Branch mint of the United States. Charlotte, N. C Iir??n/?K mint t\C (ha I nitail ^ktatAs T)akl/ina?a I la .111' II lllllli "I I S' v !!??"? ? ~V?? V" my IS** lli< ' 11 \ia ,. . ? Branch mint of the United States. New Orleans, I .A Branoh mint of the United State*. San Francisoo, Cal t Deduct overdraft* - - - ........ Add difference in transfers Net amount subjeet to draft Transfers ordered to Treasury of the United Stat Transfers ordered to assistant Tre*sgr?r. 8an Fr Transfers ordered to Depositary at Norfolk. Va... Transfers ordered to Depositary at Pittsburg, Pa Transfers ordered from Assistant Treasurer, Nei April I-It AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! I .esse*. S W. Gn? Ao'int M?nacer J. T. Raymond THIS EVENING. MR. JOS. JEFFERSON Will appear as SCHNAPPS, Iu the G'and Scenic Spectacle entitled THE NAIAD QUEEN. Pioduoed with entire!? r.ew and beautiful scenery, by Mr. Charles S. 6ktz. Grand Amaz)ntan March by TWENTY FEMALE WAHRIORS. Characteristic Music. No other pifc* will be performed. ^yiLL A ITDS ' HAL L ! BV GENERAL^ REQUEST. Grand Concert of the Mozart Society. WEDNESDAY EVENING, Ar**l 3.1861. On whioh occwioa they vul be mmiW by MAD. MAEDEL, The Eminent 1'ianist, and Mr. DAWSON. The Favorite Basso. I. Septett Overture?t.uiiliume Teil Rossim Flute Solo?Fantaeia _ Trulou Aria? Mintic F.ute , Pisni So o-Fon asie Straniera Thalberz Septett? Pctpour?i Ernani _ Ver?li i Part 11. Septett Overture?Gazza l.adra .... Rossini Solo Vioionoel o? Souvenir de Spa Servoi* Seytett?Potpourri Hugenots .. ... Meyerbeer Hallad?The Wanderer Sohulort | Septett?r lua e? Doa Giovanni M< ? vrt Conductor Mr. W. Mr>?mr T Tiokets 50 cents ; reserved seats 2S oents extra. To t>e hud at Metzerott's .Mu>io More. i D-ors open at 7; to commence at > o'o'ook. The Piano Forte used on this oooasion is from i manufactory of Mes*rs Stemway k. Son's, kindly loantd by Mr Mftz^rott. ma i ?85.000.000. ~Si ! & in iue j ,'ahu BAlai u**UM. i/t?:?uinir mo ; same matter aa the Great Blue B<>ok ousting S3 5". r Omitting the n*me* winch are not r.aoeasary. Cata ucue of Caricaitie* at Patent Office List ol Pat. enU. Old Books taught and ?t>id Catalogue farnished ALFRED HUNTER, Bookeeller, , fe ?-2m* Wiliard*'Hotel S^qare. HALLS, PARTIES, Ac. P SOIREE DANSANTE. ROF. L. G. M AR INI Ha* the honor to re^nect the company of hi* prevent abd form?r patron* at i.ia la?t SOIK EE of turn season, on tni EASTER MONDAY, April 1st The Professor take* this occasion to in-USfc I form his patron* and friend* that he i* making prepara'ioi * for his trar.d Mn\ Ball. ma29 3t' C^RAND MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL I BY COMPANIES "A" AND "B," Wt>liiB{t(a Light Infantry Battalion. V // The Joint Committee* of Compa- g% nies A and B, Washington Light In, lantrv Battalion, have the pleasure to#JB T.^innounra t<t their friend*?military Wk I -*M ar,doi?in?Uiat they will give th'lr T WEPT TV SIXTH ANNUAL BALL at their N?w i ARKoav. on EASTER MONDAY.! Apul 1*D R<tH ' all* will he thrown open. TICKETS ONE DOLLAri. COXM'TT**. J. F. Gednev, W. H. Beard*ley, John Kthhey, B A. Davi*. John Ward, R. F. Harvey. First Lient. WM. LORD, ma<> Th.S&M ?RepnbftStates.) Trea*. BOARDING. Board AND ROOM.-Bo*rd, with Furnished Chaml>er < !! the seeonrl flonr m?, k.J - No. Twelf it. betweea G and H streets, ma 5S it* WANTS. WANTED? In a fancy store, an rxperienoed ? ? SALESWOMAN ;none other should apply for the situatr n, at SaSj'a avenu*. It WANTED?By ?reapeotabIe young woman, a * ITU ATI ON as eha.nbermaia or nurM. . G<?od ref;rence can be given. Address Bo* 2,Star _ flioe^ It* WANTKP?An experienced NURSE. A middle azed American woman preferred; one who can devote her time and attention to the car* ol a child now 4 ntontha o'tl. To a oompetent and f-.ithfn! nu ae reasonable cinpnciaation will be giver and a good home provided. Satia.'actor? references required. Apply lrmediatei*, in per?on, at No afifl Eighth at., between M and N. If WANTED?By a young g iri, 14 yeara of ace. a SITUATION aa a earae or to do houae or chamber word. She oat have rood referenoea. P!eaaeaddreaa a note '* Box No. 1, Star Offioe. ma 3n ( w." ?i' i'wo auitabie MEN, to obta;n " . . for anew illustrated xlitu.a of I)ro?>. - . .....iy Bible. Aeply to JAMES CAlTER, 499 Seventh atreit, between! and in o'clock a. m. waao ateo VIAANTEI>? In aamall family, two lood SER ? VANTS: one to cook, wa?k an<I iron well, and make heraelf generally oaefu'; the younger ote ?i ohambermaid, acd nurae to a child 4 yeara old. Muat be good tempered and brine food reoommendationa. Apjiiy at 394 E street, between Hh ana loth, aouth side. ma 30-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From fl to vLft10jW.worth ol second-hand FUENI TURE of all kinds, for whiok I will guaranty to pay the highest prioes, and, as n?nal. at the shortest notioe. R. BCCHLY, Dealer in Pnrnitare, Stoves, Ae., oo 9 4 08 7th St.. bet. O and H east s?4a. WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons deolimng housekeeping, or having a surplus of Furniture on hand. can oktaiu the cash and fair prioee by applying at >69 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. | OST-A black AGATE BREASTPIN,eitker I i in going or returning from St. Aloyrtu* harek on Good Friday. A suitable r?w?.rrf i* <-c. ?i ing it at GALTtV Jewelry titer*. >Mr Brovn'i Hotel. or at this offio ma29->t* NOTICK.-i.Mt or mislaid, Certificate of Cor porstion of Wuliiu(i"U six per oent. rtoek No. 1.(40, for on* hundred dollar*, dated April S. 1848. issued to the sub.oriber. Application will be made for tta renewal trereof. mal? w>w RICH AID WALLACH. UE BONN KT8, HAT?Ta?d~FLATiTof the of ^IxthTtr w. u to No- 478 *? g? f .??7-?n JNSIflM afternoon. the Mi iDwtaul. Kold HRAPki rT Tirrc J lw %, narrow 2Lhi* Sw^ui l i *_!i finder will receive a suit able f ward by leaving il at thu offioe ma ?-3 Sy*,^?TCH, thSn rtV^i*' Tli? finder will reoeive the & *>*? m.>r^ *1? THLY STATEMENT, 'k iwitwt 7V?*??mi mm4 4+*urm*tr4 AnNuwar... >5(4 I#i , I*' mmmmmi tmr rtir? 4 ?n?ul IMl rfin?MiM .?? <? f r? rfrafi. 5?mr<?t mt ordrrni fry tka Seertmn, at tit JVntirv ' -?- ? p ' BtJKK, ] Amount oa de bat not yet Amotmt ?ubp.*it*. p?i<!.Uio?|rh j*rtt. dr*ft p?y?W?. i im.VK #78.M7r? ?<* ?< It *3.612 ?J ? ?!! Vtm-m S7 ?9T?M7 M.t? 38 aw 96 |K ??H ]? 757 06 1.4**2 . . 14^ 226 -? 75 3 I 42 *> ay '? 421 47 10?7 5.*n * BK.4.<y 7* MP '4A ?? I ?*.iM 47 714 5" *??1 ???? ? ?::z. S4*k4 i?i4i ?4ian I ...... I5 9l? ? 2* 7 IS 4 t RJNM 7? 7.?l?i| 1S:?49 6 94S* R.17* 7 '...SI m 4J74 II 4*M ? . .... M 226 95 4 3-17* ltW|? (?IM vn *6 ?, **157 t,*4 06 *? ?! i.*7*o? n* ? ins> 5 y?i 75 4 556 iO *M *S 1.413 ?? _- 1,413 on *??7?t 97 ?> 9*?. H 38,?B ? 54 JM 19 4?IS7 l? 5 402 65 1151S* 4J?(S 1.741 ? 1 ?*4 77 .76 4h 2,935 * (46 ^4 1* * 9,4*7*1 ... -t f 4*7 21 SIC 79 * C 79 679 ?S ' 679 trt> ....... 9 210-0' 9JTI0 *0 202 513 m | *V 5 3 on I04.&S4 16 j IA4.C&4 lh S2.noo on L 32 .ore no *T?io3L 2759* r? .W ?7 46 30J.WU CO e JT ? tMMnL. ?( ?? 197 146 M eVOT.J? 99 $2.*5 It 96 1 01.1 9.SP Ml .. .. **>:,!?<; i MSM*t r? .>. 11 i ?? ) 1 "ft ... ... *.**.691 r< Be. Waohincton. D. .._............ on anciaco, C'al .. ......... ?'?>.? ?<? . ...... ... ........ ae k. 15.000 ?t > . 7?JW? ?? r York, New Vork.......MM. *7..*? ?o AUCTION SALES. Metil'IRK * CO.. Anotionwi CMRARK AND HOUSKROLn Hrrvrr* *T^W?iir Arcrtow.? Ot THirI?DAY MORNING,April ?th.etl? o'clock, el there#' denoeof A. Ko%n<*. K^., 'W D Hreef, between 7th and Ptn Me weet, we aheli eell all hit Farm tare and Kf'c'i. oompriaieK? IlK'.dcnnie Walnut fp'int Mat 9ofu, Arm aod Side Chair;, Garble tn? Sof* ?nd Cent?r Tablet. Walnut Whatnot Kane* Cha'ra, l<aoe Cormeeand Cu-taira, Window Snedee, BraMrUaed Three-pl? Carpeta. Oilolott>. Mahogany Card and other Tab/e?. Mantel Ornairent*. A latter and A rate Vaae*. Brange* and Btraaet Ware, I'na and Lioa ta Parian, Ot IPaiLtinga. fine French Line Fnrrevicge, I .arc* Mezzotint and other Kngraving*. Rooknaa" ar<l *h I re? Portfolio aad Ke"?, Redat*v1?, Bureau*, Waahataoda, Hair and Hnak Mettreaaea. Bo! t*ra and Pillowa, f . I - ? kl.a. IKI'lll B VIHM?, iwiin oew, U?IIIU??, China, ft 'art and Crockery M are, Dimni Tab'ea. Caue-teat Chairs, Co^kir.i and other Stove*, Kitchen lT?eot' 'a, ftc. Terms caah. in current fuoda. ap Id ' J-C. JWcGl'IRK A CO . A act* By GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaetinn?wre. ^ALE OF HANDSOME AND NEARLY n Niw Faaairrax at Acctiow?Oa Tl W DAY. the 3d day < ! Aprii rext, at W o'oiook a. m., we ahat' sell, at th? residence of a jenUeinyi declining h?uaek*?pinr. on Thirteenth at. no'tli, be tween I. and M at?. weit, a hr>ea*aortment of Hooae Furmat.ioft Aooda. m : Two fine Black Walnut Tete a Tete Sofaa aad Rock?ra, Walnut Spring aeat Chaira, WhatnoU and Ottoman*. Wa nut Marble alah Canter Table aad Hat-rack. Walnut French Bedat*ada. Drea?ing B?rnaua. Wath aink and ardroba. (all to waten.) CottA** Bedatead*. Bureaus, Tahlea and WalkI atanda. Walnut Pal! I*af Kxtenaion Tab'e, M> feet. Feather Beda, Fillowa and Bolatera. Bedding. 4a. Very fine Brua" .? Car pot. Lufliah. Felt, Ingram, H-naaeia, Stair and othor Car seta. Oak Can* aeat, Pini nc and other Chaira. Ecahab Ua 1 Oilcloth. Stair Roda and Nat', Chin?. Glaaa and Crockery W are, Exoelfent Co< kirg ?tov? and Fixtnrea, aear'y *w A coed lot cf Kiiohen Farm tare, And mai t otli?r article* we deem it cnaeoeeaary to enumerate. Terms cash i*a 28 d GRF.EN A WILLIAMS. Aupia. B? GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. AUCTION OF SPl.ENl?lD FURNITURE.? ..r.'i?. will offer at pub ic se e on V\ KDNLSDaY . tha 3d day of Apu next at t ooiock a. m . tie entire Houaehold and Kitoiae F nrnitnreof Mr. John Calvert, in hia irmer reei I oence, mo. **>1 1 atreft. tFirat Ward.) hetween | 17lli ard 18-h ata of Una eity. '??* j "ooapied t>r CktUH John \\Mhera. Aaaiatant Amount (iMernl II. S. A. Th* fortitor*, id roa:?wood and v?!iit waa n ad* to order in Philadelphia. the carpet* and minora inr.portal from Frar.oe, an<< ?onai*Uia part of? Parlor Seta, in Ru at wood, Velvet and Satin Dam' a*k, Drapeitea, (with Lace Cntaina,* Satin da LaiM, Large Frencti Mirror, p a?e6l b? 83 inehee, Secret%ry, boohcaae and ? tec ere in Roaewood. Axnitnater Carpeta and Kara, imparted and made to 0 der. Chamber Set* io Rosewood and NVainat, Superior Feather B?da. Sp. iuk and Hw Mattreeeea in be*t aaaiity, A aapenor aaeoitiuent of Cat Ulaaa, China aad Ciockary Ware, and other artiolea too nuaaat | on* 10 men'ion. Terma mil in current funda. . GKKKN A W ILLIAMS. A note. JETThe attention ?f the lad teaaad gentlemen of i Alexandria. Georgetown and Waahiacton and the pabl o in general, la reapectfa If invited lo the above aale. We deem anj o< mir.ent re ativa to tbe anp?iior qn*lit? and at? I* of the furniture eaper fluoaa; atiflioe it to *a*-mm it -- ' sot to surpass ur furniture offered for 15*"la Washiafton. lata36 4] 6. k W, By OR KEN * WILLIAMS, AaeUoaaara. SALE BY ORDKR OF THE ORPHANS* Cortr of Hociiholb akb Ki rents Peaai ttbb, hcb*b, clkll ill. tluui. CilT.CoWH, u o. Cabpsktbbs' Tools,z niaaou,bc. at Acctios.-Ob THIJR9PA V, the tUdti of Apiil D"x'. we sha> r'll.ty ord?r of the f-oart, til tl? P'rmntl t ffrets ol Hnjmui Bwi. montrd. at hit late rc? deoec at toe corner of L at. ooth and Thud ?t. east. at 1? o'olook a. m , eonnm;?tiD* of, ia part? Sidetv art), 1 al e". Bureau, Waahstaada, Cm* and Woo J < hn*s. Feather Heda. Bed fade and Baddinr. Carpets. Oiio'otli a*?d Store, * One Servant Man aboat S" rrarg of ace. Oca Hervant Woiran iboittl yoars of ?; with a boy child, Horn*, Cart, Ca'rral!. Hoarse, two Cows and one Bog, Lot Carpenters' and other Tools, Window Frames asd Sash. Terms: Alt sum* of fan and anderoash; over f!" a credi t of rn dar t, for hotes aa'islaotori! j endorsed. bearing latere?t from da? of rale. Bv order of the Exa?Btnx. md GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaeta. Br J- C. .M' Gl'lRE *. CO.. Aaetioneera. CALF. OF NEW Fl'RMITR E TO COVER kJ Chiigii or Fsbight aro Stobaob ? Oa 5ATI RDA V MORMNu, Aprii 6th. at le o'oioet. in front of the Aution Room*, we shall sail, for aoooaiit of whom it may oocrero. to aover oteraee r r _ i * - * ior i fifni tna ?iorif#? Two F ,ow?rM Cottage Chamber 0?U. Twenty on# Doable t 'ottage Bedfteadf, Eight D'oeeinc Humm, 'out Whatnnu. ? Tweet? ux r uriutare Mate, Ten dose*. *?sorted Cane-seat Chair*. Tern e owh IB eu-reet fa ode. mt 27 eod _J-C. MeGUIREA CO.. AwU. OFFICE OF THE ADAMS EXPRK88CO., VN UHIIKTOI, D C., Mtltk SB, IK1. Goodi for the Confederated State \ m??t pay 4a tiee from tkia date. Invoieea sworn to br the ooaaignor mast Meow ran? a laoodeand packavee. m%2&2>eo p. a. Mclaughlin, a??' French paper hangings, ao. Coasta Ni5th a*d D Sranr*. Wi hin AUM'l of F * K N Cif>APERHA N G! NfG8 ' B*0 DECORATIONS. Ac., the ?i;In cf wh en ?r? rioh ud attractive, and the ptieea anaatiaJi* iov. We have a very fin* assortment of F I E E BOARD PRINTS, MEDALLIONS. Ac. Ai?o. a arjre and aeloet stock of English aid * morioar PAPVKHAN6ING8. WINDOW SHADED. COR Df*.TASSEL*. GILT CORNICE aM CUR TAIN BANDS, all of wbi<>hare of Um boat mmfa"ture. and whioh we offer at p'leosto suit the time*. We kave eomyeteet worteFB ever readr f >r the prompt exorution of vork entreated to aa. FRANKLIN A ROTHROCK. ma It-Stivlw ilnt) 405 oor 9th aud D a?e. ^TKaM kTgINK FOR BALE.?Tbe aa*?7 ^ signed has lor aale a Reooad-htMd Sfaai Kafine <>f asr'i 1 orae p ?wer, Jr: p?rfeot order, with ao apriclil l>oiUr. Ala<>, n. Mauhiaa, with all the apperteeiaaea, for bo'ini or drUliBg art* uaa wrlla. The above ma? be parobaaed lor oooaidfrahlt ieee than th?T ?o?t,by imaaediate applioatioa to WM. STICKNEY, WBabia?toa. D.c. waf-aotf _ PARTICULAR NOTICE. AM f%llia* ay e*teoai*e stoak ef BOOTS a ad HOES of a 1 deeoriptions at verylnw e/toaa. Poatb aide Pa. av.,^**1**tk ani Tth eta. naart eoSt ijppoaite Browa'a jtla t'CHENCK'S TRRATISE ON CONBCMP O 1'J ON ?To free o7 charge at tba (bat o ? *