Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. [^TTteoith 1 m 9t*b Is printed on the /isteat (team proa In u* south of Baltimore, Its edition It wo largt u to raqoire It to be pat to prras at go early hour; Advertisements, therefore. sfaonld be rot In before 1st o'clock m.; otherwise tney may ot appear until the next day. None*.?District of Columbia Advertisements i? be Inserted In the Baltimori Sun are received ?t and forwarder from The Sta* Office. RtLieiors ?The churches were well attended yr*ttrd.iT St Al?<rttms ?Rev. Father Maguire preached from Mark 16, 1 to 15 Theapeaker compared the ormw of the church of the preceding day* with the jov and rejoicing of Faster. While they had other data of rejoiclag and gladness through the vear. yet none of those were ao dear to the Chriatlan's heart aa the dav upon which their Lord and Havtonr arose from the tomb. Upon other dava they celebrate facta, but upon that day they commemorate the foundation of religion Itaelf. I'pon the scenes enacted upon that day waa #... .4 .J tw^l . ,..WAU -A 1 II#. i?muuru mrir w uw?r ?anu niiu UUJ C U1 C'frnfll IIf. There might be differences of opinion with regard to philosophy and science, but with faith there enld be no difference of opinion The fact of Christ' birth, miracles. and rrnciflilon waa fatal llahed not only by the word of inspiration, but evrn by hia enemies, and the yery arta of hi* murderera to deceive the people only made his divinity and their crime more apparent. . M'lhodin Proitttnnt OirreA, Ninth ftrfft ? The pastor. Rev P. Light Wilson, appeared In the pulpit yesterday morning and conducted the service. He has recovered from a brief but severe attack of illness, superinduced by exposure In traveling to and from the Conference at Newark. The subject of the discourse w?s from the text of 1st Peter. 1 3,5 At night, Rev. Wm. B Alatcbett, of New York, a minister of the Baptist denomination, and editor of the Baptist Watchman, delivered an Interesting discourse from the text of Arts 'J4 itS. The preacher is ttr wn of the RrV Or Matcbett, formerly pastor of this church, but now residing In New York. Sr. PnuV* Luthtrnn Churrh ?At the evening service. Rev J. G Butler, pa*tor, preached from Pbllllplans3.8. The discourse was a brief de* llneation of the character and life of th*Ap<stle n a 1 % i * ? ? ram, ana preseniea n;m as a irioaei. an?r wnicn all who profrtKil to be striving for salvation should copy. At the close of the discourse the Communion was administered secordlng to the form of the churcb, to a large number of communicants. 5?. Miuk?vr'* ?High mass was celebrated at tbe usual hour, In the presence of a crowded congregation, to which Father MeNtOjr preached upon the resurrection. The choirr accompanied by a full orchestra, sane the tine' mass by Andre, in E flat At the close of the service the orchestra performed tbe grand march from Taunhansen, with much teste. 3SrKtmdrtt Chapel ? Rev. \V. M D Ryan commenced his service at tbls station yesterday morning, and preached from the test.2d Timothy, 1.10, an interesting discourse, appropriate to the day. l)r R van has been for two years the pastor of the Navy Yard station, (Ebenezer.) but was appointed to this chapel at tbe late Baltimore Conference Assembly'* Church ? Rev. T B Mc Falls, of the Baltimore Conference, preached In the morning? text. St John. 5 10 At night, the sacrament of be Lord's Supper was administered by Rev Dr. Smith, assisted by Mr. MtKalis. Wtfley Chaptl ?Yesterday morning the Re*. Mr Kellen. of Cal , couducted the service, discoursing upon tbe authenticity -of the Scriptures frcm the text of 'M Peter, 2 21. -If. E. Chunk Sevtk ?The service of the day was conducted by tbe pastor. Rev. J. A. Froctor, wt.o preached in'tb* morning from Romans, 4 '25. Aft nldkft M . l.r,,.. O 1 .1 11>'Hi tuaHK^n, u I .6. Fir%t Prtfbgi'Tiam. Church?Rev. Dr Sunderland preacfctd fr^m 1st Samuel, IT lT,lc. Another Row at tlik I'kmtrntiar' ?llGw H'.i>ltr gtis Skot?Another attempt was made l>y the convict* in the penitentiary to escape on Saturday ni^ht last, which wai fortunately suppnsifd by the guards. It seem* that about 1.! o'clock on Saturday night some twelve or flftecn of the prisoners who occupy the hospital win" of tht penitentiarr and of whom four notorious fellow* named "lius"' Heisier, John Kay, Henry Williams, and one Trice were the ringleaders, essayed to escape from their clf*e quarters by picking a hole through the wall of their cell. The plan bad probably been arranged s?n>' time, and the prisoners must have felt exlrtinely sanguine of success, as they did not scruple to announce during the week to the Warden that they intended to leave on Saturday nigh*. One of the gan?: took occabion to tell this to the Warden in a bragging toue, as If to defy ail precautionary efforis on his part. The Wardt n aid not, it seems, ?tta< h mnch importance to the threat, but two of thp CODrlllH*^ tn u'"trh If th?? would be made. They accordingly secreted themselves in the north r.rfson vard ?fti>r thr con vji u bad been locked up for tbe night. About 11 % o'clock they heard very distinct v the sound of acbisel at work in tLe wall overhead, and btfore long discovered that quite a large hole bad oeen lusde at the side of tbe window, large enough for a man to paw throngb readily. The bole was stopped up with a pillow for tbe sake of appearances until the crowd got ready to make *4#wr deso**it. Presently the pillow was withdrawn. axi * rope made of bed blankets wn* tbrust oat, and oue end rrnde fast to the window, la a moment Heisler bis appearance at the bole, and creeping through descended rapidly to the ground, and by the time he touched the ground Ray appeared at tbe bole and began to descend Tbe two guards instantly fired upon tbe men, one of tbe. discharges from a musket loaded with buckshot taking effect In He'sler's leg Ray was not bit, and took tfcu back track towards d'.s cell. This sudden checkmate put* stop to all further attempts at escape. Helper wss not dangerously wounded, and will soon b? well enough to make a further trial of his skill in climbing down a rope. lie is in for fifteen years for killing young Marcellus Stoops Ray is well known In this city as one of tbe notorious gang %t hurflrlnri whirh rnmmittpH mrh vi'Iia'miL depredations tome year* ago. \V iliiams wai a partner with Hqulrley Barrett in the murder cf the unfortunate Reeve Lewis, and Price is a western mail robber. Oefhaxs' Cofht ?On Saturday, the business before Judge Purcell was principally of tbs ordinary character?the filing of petition!, tne presentation and passage of btlls against the estate-* of various deceased persons, In process of settlement. A report from the administrator upon the estate of the late John Little, relative to the sale of a slave, was overruled upon the ground that it was vague and Indefinite It wm ordered to be amended to show the date of sale, the name of the slave, and also of the purchaser. The case of the Mclotyre estate was called and begun, Mr Uavidge, tor the hetrs, reading the . petition and statement setting forth that the late Alexander Mclntvre died posseted of certain property, among whirh are mentioned certain negroes and bank stock. The widow was appointed by the Court the admlntst-aUlx, and in i?? return or property madf to tbe Court this wm rt'.urned mid?r proteat In tbe administration account tbe administratrix failed to cfcarge hem if with It The petition nsk?-d th;tt the account may Hecorrecled hi toia respect, before beinx passed by tbe Court. Mr Bradley responded for tbe admin Istratrix, claiming for ber a sole right to tbe prop* ertv referred to; its settlement upon her and her children by a farmer husband, previous to ber marriage with deceaaed; and that tbe deceased never had, nor pretended to have, a title to tbe property. The Court ordered that tbe testimony should be taken and written for conalderatlon; which waa begun, and will be continued at tbe sittlnga of he Conrt until concluded. T>1 New Mail Agent ?Tbe following letter was osnufa on yesterday morning 10 Mr r. W. Brace, tbe newly appointed mall agent on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, by the postmaster at Madison Run post office Mtica 31,1961. Ml Burci?S"ir : Inasmuch as you have been put In the place of Mr Joshua P Taylor, *s Route Agent on tbe Lynchburg and Alexandria Railroad, by a Black Republican Administration, and as there is uo fault alleged against said Taylor, these are therefore to advise you to resign Immediately in bis favor, aa a majority of tbe people along tbe lln? of tbe road are determined tbat no cue so appol nted 1 n the place of et ther of tbe agen !s shall go In tb'ir places, unless said agent or agents shall oe guilty of some misdemeanor. Hoping tbat no extreme measures may be necessary, we sign CiTizBRkur Vt?bimA The Lynchburg Republican says : "Mr P. H. Bruce, one of Lincoln's Mail Agents, on tbe Al'xsodrta road, come up to this city on Saturday. Mr. B showed himself around tbe city. He in dlguantlr denied that be wra a black rrpuD:tcan, rlaimed to be a native of Virginia mid as true a friend to the South as could lie started anywhere."? AUx. Gmxttu. Cb*tbal Goabdhocsb Ca*ks.?B'/ort Justin Ctonn ?The dock't of yesterday and to-d ty elhlbtfc the following caaea: Wm Munroe, drunk, prsfiae, and trying to get up a light; lined ST. Alexander Adams. (colored,) drunk and disorderly; do ftj 15 Elizabeth Boweo, do ; went to the guardhouae to get a warrant for a man who lived with her. and who *he charged with assault and battery Her behavior there caused her roasi eminent to the cells aod a Sue of fi 15 Michael i>oaohoo. drunk; do ttU diaries Swigert, da. and disorderly: workhouaa W days. C liar Irs Muller, Sarah Longslrr, Laura Will'ams. Klfxa Calvert, Louisa Craig, Malvlaa Cranijjton. Cathart Be Marbury, and Ana P.aton, for an niilavfal uwmbli. were fined S6.15 sarh Louiaa Cral# betas and (ret. ud wt comply!?K with tbe registry U*r. an additional la? of S3U X) mi toapoeed upon be? Sandy Darla, Joa l.ewta, Cbaa l>audridge and Jno. Baker, (colored.) oat a/ler hours, do S3 15 each. Hoary Lm, do ; dl?mlnaed, baring a poaa. ' * * Police Matties ? B'fort Jmstu* Ihmn.? Guardsmen Flaherty and Rabbitt arrested Robert VV iUlatr* and Wit Rawling*. charged with stealing about ISO in money from a man named Norton on Saturday night. They were committed for a further hearing J P Hunter and John Lancaster, for being drunk and disorderly, were each fined t'2 3D John Caaey waa arretted bv uili^.aua '? - "? -*? - ' ' r ~ v.. r> ivi nar uiltnn, nilU II nm 91 fM. Charles 8borter.?nd John Sbepperd werf arrested by detectives Kmt and limber and poller man Gormley, for breaking into a shoe store on C street, near Sixth, and stealing tlx pairs of boots. They were committed to jail for further bearing. Br/ort Justice Thompson ?This morning, at balf-paat ten o'clock. Patrick Digglnsand Anna Shiplev, (colored.) charged with robbing a trunk belonging to Mim^s hllza and Catherine Davia of ft*2U5 in gold, were brought before Juatire TLompaon for a further hearing. It will be recollected tbat Diggins waa arreated on Tuesday nigbt laat by officers 13om and Thomas, and after a preliminary hearing waa committed for further hearing Subsequently circumstance# transpired which directed suspicion towards Ann Shipley, a colored servant In the bouse where the robbery Is alleged to hare been committed She waa also arrested and put in jail on the same chsrge. Miss Eliza Davis testilied tbat she left tbe trunk in her room about a quarter to alx o'clock on laat TnMflav P?trir? V Km - lodger Lad returned who bad b*en out of the city and wanted the key to hi* room, which waa in wltneM'room. Witness sent him for It,and don't know how long he waa in the room. That night when (he went to her room the trunk waa gone, and the next morning tbe officer* found it in the cellar, broken open, and S2<>0 extracted from it. Ann Shipley hat been upwards of three veara in witness' employ, and baa been generally trusted. Pstr'ck and Ann both knew that the money wai kept In tbe trunk Patrick haa been in witness' employ about a year. There area good many boarder* In tbe house There are only four servants The keys of tbe back part of tbe house fit tbe lock of witness' room, but ontbat night th?"re was only one key upstair* that would tit that lock. Witness' bad found that her room had been entered before, and bad removed the keys down etalra W llnr* lia* never inlued any money from that trunk before. Miss Catherine Davis testified that on the night in question Ann carne to tbe pantry, and finding r.ersen ana ner smer there, went off to distribute her towels, iintend of going Into the dining room as usual to wait on tlie tea table. Mrs. Simpson stated that she saw some one come down thestairway during tea, having something like a waiter In her hai.ds. Don't know who it was Mr. Todd stated that he saw Patrick that evenine standing at the foot of the steps Sent him to the post office, and he returned about 7 o'clock Saw him no more nntil he was arrested. Messrs. Boss, Thomas and Davis testified to the cirrumstancrs of tbe arrest, and to the conduct of the accascd when arrested, and neither of them were of tbe opinion that Digglns or Ann were lmplimted In the theft. Circumstances were detailed which showed that neither of the accused could have committed tbe roblx?ry at tbe time it w*s alleged to have been committed The Justice stated that there was nothing In the evidence which in his opinion could Inculpate the parties in any manner, and that he did not think their characters had suttered in tbe least by the examination He dismissed them under the #.*11 W.U 4U-* 11 - ? uh urjii-! wai tuty were guiiuew 01 me cnarge. Theater. ? To-night, Jefferson appear* a* Schnapps, In tbe great scenic spectacle. " The Naiad Queen.'' The grand tcenery of the R hine, tbe demon's cavern, bath of beauty, itc., Ac , are enough to draw b crowded bouse of theniaelves; but when connected with tbe irresistible laughter-creating performance of Jefferson and tbe company, the attraction becomes irreaiatible. Tbe value of good schnapps will l>e established tonight ">eyond coritraverslon, *nd their superiorly over drmous completely vindicated. A Pastor Elected.?Tbe Aasen^blv'* (Presbyterian) Church having been without a regular pistor for some months in consequence of the Rev A G Caro!h?*rs accepting the position of U S. Consul at Turk's Island, last night the congregation proceeded to an election to All the vacancy, which resulted in tbe choice of tbe Rev T. ft. McFVls, of the Baltimore RI. I*'.. Conference. Those who have participated in tbe festivities aid merry-makings of tbe Washington Light Infaniry, will riot fall to be present at the military and civic ball of Companies A and B, at their new armory to-night. Tbe committee have prepared a grand entertainment, and all who attend, whether citizen or stranger, will enjoy an " Easter" long to be remembered Identified?The body of the drowned man found in Blagden'a mill race, on Rock Creek, a* tntwl In U C. 1 U ? ?? v??"uaj S3 ot?r, U1I UCCII IUriHIHtU (is that of E. Offutt. of Dranesville, Fairfax county, Va . who left kit home a short time since in a slightly deranged state. His friend* have taken charge of deceased, and will take the body to bis uouie iu v irgjiua. Artillkrt Battajjoji Prill ?We hear that tbe l.lght Artillery iiattalion will drill every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, on the grounds to tlx* left of Mast Capitol street, about half a mile east of the Capitol, fr?m 10 o'clock a.|ii.tot'2m. 15 AXoTHth colcmm will be seen the programme of a grand concert ?>f the Mozart Society, to come ntr *t Willards' Hall next Wednesday nl?ht The well-known talent engaged and the selection of music promise a rich treat. Don't forget it. Thk \Va*hixgtoji Riflls, Captain IJaibach, wire out to-day on parade, making a thoroughly soldier-like appeirauce, and attracting very general attention by tbe excellence of their drill. Whitkhcrst, No 131 Pennsylvania avenue, to suit the times, h^'S reduced his prices for photographs almost fifty per cent. See hii album cards and likenesses of distinguished men. !!.? See Ptor Marim's notice of hi* last soiree of the season, at bis dancing rooms, Frar.klia 11 til, to-nl^ht. A good time is expected. Th* roLLowi^o m* sample of the numerous letters oons:?ntljr receiving for Hostetter's Stomach Bitters: Cakaxdaoua. July 15, 1*59. Jfe.itr* Hostetter f Smith, Piltfburf, Pa <>ents: as w* are strangers, 1 r.erowith eneloso Son twenty eightdol'&rs for four d' zen Hosfe'ter's toinach UitWs, wl,i -h p eine forward via Mic iean Southern Railroad. Toiedo, Ohio and niayt?>n S'a'i n 1 have purchased several dozen bottles at Toledo tin* finnmor, but the sa'em on the ine?-?a?e so much that I wmh to open a direct trade with you. 1 wm induced to try tout Bittern by my pli, sician, for the Liver ? onipfaint,eii1 received suoh mater al ail that 1 have recommended l to others an i have sold about two d-zen per week for some time. 1 have a'l kin is of medioine in my tore, hut there is none that I can so cheerfully and truthfully 'eeommend as your Bitters, for 1 know they have helsed m? beyond my expectation. # ? Yours, respectfully, fuiL'j VVmo*. Sold by all druggists. apl-e<3t CoVohs ?The sudden change* of our climate ara sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act apeedily and certainly when tak~n m the early states of the disease, reoouree should at once be had to '* Broxcn's Bronchial Trochtt," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this aeaeantinn m rmrtrA inno mm 1 > f I WVM ??' n ? IH?I? ti IUU o r?iif)VH iim^ HO DII^VI U1IIJ w.\rded off Public Spfiker* and Smrrr.i will ftnd their. effectual for oie.-vnas aud strengthening tho voioe. See advertisement. de 1-ly Homeopathic Kkmktwes All of Dr. Humphreys A Uo.'h speoifio Home. >patinj Remedio* put up expressly fur family use, in boxes, at 25 and aft cent* eacL-. Also, in mm?, containing 30 vials, from i< to &S oaoh, with book of full directions. For sale by '/. [?. (iiiman, 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail age.iU w. A. FitxgerartI, 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street. Als?>, Pond's Kjrtract of M'tftA nileiuftl Kill oitorns) inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma9-ly Reader. have you seen Prof. Wood's advertisement m our paper. Rea/ it; it will interest you. au 20-eoly Pramn. Persons desiring pennies will always find them for exchange at the Star Office counter. tf To the Afflicted!? He sum to read the advertisement of Mol^ean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf DIKV, On Sundav. March Sl?t. lfU?l. in the R2d vear of her a;e, Mrs. SAKAH A iJLVALL, formerly of Prinoe George's oounty. Mil., but tor the last eight y?ars a resident of tin* place. Her relatives ard friends aie respectfully invited to attend the funeral service, at the reanleuoe ot (i. Wafers, Esq-, on L street, between 9h and loth, to morrow, th? 21 instant, at 9 o'clock a. in , after which her remains will be taken to Prince fteorce's oounty for interment. < Marlboro papers oopy.) * B^VERY VISITOR TO WASHINGTON J SlIOlLD PcacHASB PHILP'S WASHINGTON DESCRIBED. Tim is the only Complete Guide-book to the National Capital ever publish ft. The Velum* contain* a Comprehensive History of the City from its Earliest Settlement U< the Presnot Time, witif every Imp rtant Event connected with it as the Scat of Kovernraent. A' so. Elaborate Descriptions of the Various Public Hnildmgs : Reliable Information is respect to til the Departments of the G->verniu*at; Mode of Transacting Business with the l'ubiio Oflioes ; th? Rtiquelteot Of total Inter course; Deaoriplloa ol Iks P aoef of )nt<r?M ia the VuiaitT, kc . Ac. IU.CST&ATKB WITH A Map ASD NUMUOITS Ell Oft A VI KAft. F?, w Metropolitan Bookstore, m*r 7 ?o1m 833 P? ? .. W 9th *od loth ?t?. A NEW LOT OF SPRING HATS JUST ' SM?2tEl&: "*** * twtT#w ""TittS* ? I8ATFRDA rwa in nmcifll .* t w-1 m. ui n rmoi SILK FRENCH FLOWERS, RIBBO mar 31)?2t LATEST ARRIVAL NEW GOODS. We have received a large stock of DRY GOODS, ard toacoomraodate the Ladies, tearedet'rm.ned not to be undersold. Read a list ot our items; I2S cent Grey Goods for 6??o. 25 " - F icured Goods and Challies 1. >, Sthi " Plain and Figured 6r*y Goods 25 1? 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KM AN About 'o remove to the South wishes to exchange valuable improved Real Estate in Georgetown for several Ne*r?'es, for hi* own u?e. AddrcHi, immediate, jr. Box 90O,0?-orgetown. I). >!. maZ7dtf PIANOS TH \T WILL ANSWER FOK NEW BEGINNERS.?One at 5.' and one at Ssf>; or for r^r.t at 75 cents aiitilS535^3 91 pern.onth* JOHN F. ELLIS. llTVn Chiokvinc & Sons' Piiao D*?ot . ma 25 306 I'a. av? bet. 9th and loth stg. Ui riUIS WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. Washington, March 22,1861. FnorosALs wilt ho received up to ihc 15th proji mo for the In nixhinc ami delivery at or near the Mto ot the District Rerervoir, of cubio yards B oken Stone, more or Ion*. The atoon not to exceed in sixo Cubes of throe inches. To he hard ai.d durable ProponaU >houiu i?e sealed and endorsed "i'ro ota s for Broken 8tone/' M. O. MEIGS, Cspt. of Frit'rs, ma25tAp'5 Chf. Enj'r of Waeh'n Aqueduct. UN UAfiiR ELLAS AND PARASOLS, Just received from the manufao arer? a la'KO stock of.SUN UMBRELLAS *na PARA-^^ SOLS, which we will sell at ver* low prioes. MP 1(10 uozen JO'IVIN'S KID GLOVES, all T numbers. We liwo a large stock of URV GOODS of ail kinds, and will sell them at the very lowest prices. WM. R. RILEY 4 BRO , No. V6 Central Stores, Between 7th and streets, ma 22 2w Opposite Center Mark?t. UP isn^l vv vva auu wait A No. 1 article ol WOOD on hind, prepared to suit the wants of eaoh cuttomer. Wood ?oM oord length also, or in any way or any quantities de sired. JET Coal kept ix Coal houses, soreened before do livering. fTT 2,241 lbs. to tho ton. Personal attention to every order. T. J. A W. M. GALT. Office 282 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th eta. Wo<m1 Mill and Wharf f >ot of Seventeenth street, below War Department. ir.a .3 tf F'RKNCH STKAM SCOURERS, BALTIMflRK. W. P. SBKI)l),5fla KlkvuiiihST i The Only A gut. Ladies' Dresnet of every description can be cleaned, leaving the lustre of silk equal to now. Shawls, Covers, Cuitaint, and Car pes. Also, Gentlemen's Clothinr can l>e cleannl without lea?ing any substance by which tliey will roon become unfit to wear. >. M.?Ndilrnii taken apan. llirnolij K*.ving expense ol making over. (Intel.) na22 1m SCHWfTRIK'S Annihilating M Powder I* the only known and CTajTlwfli B b*st artic e to exte imr.ate Hn?^li?? Had Hili*, ^?=?="?Ants, Moths, I-'. no'tiugs Ao""" /[ contains no poison, SCHWERIN'S PILLS are sure death to Rats and Mice. M Sehwerin hat received certificate* from the President of Girard Col'e*<>. Directors of House of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Institutions of Phi ad?lp;ua ; U. S. Jail, W ashington, D. C.; and Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La The original certificates can be seen at the Wholesale and Retail Depot 124 Nofth Second street, Philadelphia, and f?r sale in this city by D. H. CLAKK, corner Pa. avenue and O* sts., and by all DrucKiHts an'* Grocers. URWARK OP SPURIOUS IMITATIONS, |?7" Remember to a*k for Schwerin's Annihilating Powder[Ur None genuine unless signed M. Pchwkkin. ma l&-fimeo |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DURKEE fc CO.?S Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURL, but ground from fresh Spioee, selected and cleaned by u? expresely for the purpose without reference to oott. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prevent injury by keeping. &o<i are full weight, while the ordinary f^oucd flpioea are almost invariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength and riehnees of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, M * uncle trial will abundantly prove. Mauufootured only bv E. R. DURKEE A COM 1*1 Pearl et..N?wVn7k. A BAR * BHO. RE Again in the field with an immensely large took of READY MADE CLOTHING and GBNTa' FURNISHING GOO DP Wenowotfer

gr*at n.dttcem?nU tt> pereone who b^Jor ca?h. . ?,,Ej 1 4 4 i j r, March SO, and MONDAY, A| IERAL OPENING OF AND STB AW BONNETS. IN GREAT VAI N?. DRESS TRIMMING AND FANCV Got R. C. 8TCVEHS, 336, b FOR SALE AND REtfT. |?OR RENT?a comfortable two-?tory FBAMB HOUsK on Nineteent ti ?t/eet. between 1 an 1 R *tre*ti north. Inquire of J. C. FEARSON, No. 3 14 Nineteenth ?trret ay 1-3t* OR RKNT-AemaII FUBNIS H KD HOUSE, containing nix ruomi, with cu throughout; li a vary o?ntrai fita&tion. It wi:I be r?rted for $*? per month. It* riMVO FRONT ROOMS. (FURNISHED,) 1 with Board, in a iter teel privat- family, 4 4 Ninth atreet, seoon<1 door above O References enchanted. Table Boarders accommodated, ap l-3t* FMOR RENT?That large HOI'SK on Cameron street, Dppo'ite the Market House, in Alexandra.-Va.. used for many years aa a hotel, boarding house, and first class reM&uranf. Rent low. AWo, a FARM ol 30 tore*. nrar Georgetown, D. C . 'or rent or let on shares, wel' adapted to a market garden and dairy. K B. Ll.OYD, a pi corner feventh and E. Washington. F^IOR RENT-The desirable three-story BRICK DWELLING, No. 335, on Eighth, between II1 and L streets, containing 10 rooms, with gas Xturea. To a *ood tenant the rent will be mnarrate. Apply next door to K. CLEMENTS. ma?-3t* . IfOR RENT-A URICK HOUSE, containing 13 rooms, with Potoinao water and gaa. on I street, between 13th and 14th, opposite Krank in Square. Inquire at WAR DER 4 STEWART'S Wood and Coal Office, corner ot H and Twelfth sts. Also, brick House corner Twelfth and 1. ma 28-tf A RARE CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT.? The STORE and CONTENTS lately o?cuBird by H. C. Stear as a tobacconist,is for rent, and the Stock and Fixtures are for sa'e. Thu store lias been for fifteen years nsed as a tobacconist's. The rent will he moderate to a eood tenant. luamre of J OH !>i pukdv. (Mr. X.-?n f?? 1 - ? tween 1st and 2J ste. 7 jna?7 5t FOR RENT?On Mat 1st, the large and oommodioua UOUbK on Louisiana avenue. opponte the City Hall Square, now occupied by Mr. \Vehl> as a dwelling and law office, and adjoining the house of Mr. Richard Waiiach ina?3-tf FRANCK TAYLOR. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMSFonr liatdsomsly Furnished Rooms, supplied with car and water, and convenient t<> tiie Patei.t nrd Post Ofiije Departments, for rent. Apply At 4'H?X MAssacliusetts avenue, north side, between 4th and 5th sts. mi23 I?M?R RKNT-The three story brick DWKLL INO-HOU8E, with basement, on E street, lie! ween 2d and 3>l ?ta. Has all the modern improve m>*nts. water, gas, bath-room, Ac Apply io \VM. I.UAN, next dooi, or to HENRY EUAN. 3*43 Pa. Avenue, south side, between 6th And 7th sts. II1A 16-tf WTORE F??R RENT.?A large Store-room on Pa. avenue, adjoining our Auction rooms, for rent. Apply to WALLA UARNARI), Awotion and Commission Merchants, corner Ninth street and south aide Pa. avenue. mar II I^OR RENT?The north HOUSEof the row of r now four-story houxes on Fouith st , between I) and E sts., No. fronting the City Hall square Possession given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM IL PHILLIP. Attorney at Law, No. A t\ % _ . ? i" ut'uiiinus avcniio. mull roll Fh>r rent, paleTor exchange for other property?a farm ofab.ut 28" acres land, situated ahout 2?* miles southeast from the Station. BeltsC-ili.*, Prince (i<Hirge'? comity, Maryland. Ther-s is about 80 acre* in wood? balance cleared land and under cultivation : ha? a snail dwelling-houss ; barn ? by 4'> feet, ami cth?r out buildings, and a^ple and peach orchard. j. e kendall, mar ? tf _ No,* Four # lull ?t._ / OR RKNT OR SALE?The two five story " Jirick DWELblNG-HOUSKS situated on and arfioinine the corner o| Fourth a?d D rtrefts, east of the City Hall. Apply to JOSFPH FUG1TT, .No. 9? Louisiana a v. mar 5 tf tjM>R REN'T-A three atnry brick HOUSE.containing 8 ro<un?, in good order, with pa* fixtuies complete, on h street, between 4th and 5th. \1>io. a two-eiory brick COTTAGE, with large yardattached, oorner of F street north au-1 14th *t. east. To punctual an i reliable truants the tenns I will be moderate. Apply at 4t6 Twelfth street, between v II. no 13 tf tpOR~RK.NT-Tlio fine BRICK HOUSE No. 100 West st., Georgetown, at present occu pi9d by the subscriber. It has li room. With gas and water t'lroiu ho ir. a fino yard, staMe Ac., and is in flkood neighLoiiiood. Apply to JAS. A.M\CKUDEK. oc 26-tf CSPIIN8 SOON, o spring goods. Just received? 2 ("On yards beautiful Spring Calicos, at in and 12V?c. Rich Foii de t,'hevr?a. Poplins ami De'aines, Handsome lirey Lavalla and Mohair Cloths, "WK many oth'r Vow and Yeaso'tiaflfe goods, whiah ye in1 it? our friends and purchasers t<? examine, as we offer tne best roods at the lowest prices. J. W. COLLEY A CO.. ina IB 2w ^ .1^3 7th st.. bet. L> and Pa. av. P NOTICE. TiR^ONS Wishing Furniture and Heavy Arti cles Removed can, at ail times, by calling oa J. A. STEPHENSON, At Railroap D*:roT, Find Good Wagons and Careful Drivers, mar 11m ( 1 keatThedical house in the city vi of Washington. DR. 8HUA1AN, at his South*<n .Medical II >n?e, corner of Sixth st and Pa. avenu*, under tne Clar emton Hofol, is the only wne in the known world w!i.? can permanently cure all diseases of a private nature in from 3>o6 days. A permanent oure or no charge. ma l*-lm* 'p I,. A. he A li. A CO. 1 AKK Pleasure in informing their cust"m<"rs, and ?trftngT?, that they hwe removed to No. 361 Sevetth ot-e^t, between | and K, ju?t above R. H Hall's. We have iti>t received a /iew supply of , CLOTHING, FURNISHING GollllS, , TRUNKS HATS and CAPS, which we (ff?r to rrli at ver^low prices. Call and see us before buy iiiK emewncre, an wc Know inai we can sen jrou Roods at less than anv other store in the citr. L A. UEALL 4. CO , Clothiers, mar M-lm No. 361 Seventh St.. bet. 1 and K. OFFICERS, PETTY OFFICERS, AND Soamen who were on hoard ol any U. S. ship* at tho capture of any slaver can have their claims for Bounty and Head Money promptly attended to hy applyihg to or addressing C. P. WALLACH, 1 Washington, D. C. ja 16-tf Best fancy goods, AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, Amd Okie Phicx Ohlt, i At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK, I no g-tf 336. h?tw. 9th and 10th nts. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kinds of Virginia money for my i book debts and for Iloots, Shoes, and Trunks. All persons indebted to me will please ca:i and settle i up, or I shall be oompeiled to givfe their acoounts into the hands of a collector, i S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall. wo 21 Pa. av..J??twwen 9th and 10th sts. NEW MILITARY BOOKS Just received by FRENCH 4. KICHS f KIN, "J7& Pa. armve. 1 realise od the Administration snu Urgar.iza tionofthe British Edward Harrington Fonhlangue. 1 vol., 8vo. English edition; pnoe by mail 9* Instruction for Field Artillery, 1 vol., 12mo ; price by mail ?2.5o. Summary of the A t of War. by Baron de Joniini, 1 vol , l2iio ; price br mail 41.53. A Treatise on Fie d Fortification, by D. H. M?han, 1 vol., 16mo ; t>y mail 91 An ?Olem^niary i reance on Advanced Guard, Out Post* and Detachment Sorvioe of Tro -ps, by D H Mahau, I vol . lbmo., by mail 75oents. Manual for the I'auiotic Volunteers on Active Service in Regular and Irregular War by Hugn ForUei, 2 vols., 12ino ; prioe by mail $2 Evolutions of Field Batteries of Artillery by Major Robert Anderson, 1 vol., J8mo ; prioo by ma:l f I 25. ?iur u.ual discount of 10 to 5<> per cent, on all bound books. FRHNCH k RICHSTE1N, ma23 (Int.&Rep.) Pa. avenue. 910.M00 ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS', Of all Stylts and Qualities, AT A GREAT sacrifice oh cost. Stort for Rtnt and Fixturet for Sale. All the Stock in S. pThOOVER'S STORE, anriBlrou Hall,embracing every variety ?t*|mof Lathes'. Gents', Children's and j| ' "^Servants'SHOES Al?o,TRAV-f ll ELING TR UNKS are now b?ing sold,/or* casket ereat R&orificoson usual retail selliu^jprioea. indeed much boloy^ original cost. The attention of the Dublia is aolimlMl. il* r*aat inducements will be m%do to purchasers. The above oompnses a largo stock of tho finest Iuality Fronoh and American Uaiter*,Stioes,Boots, o.. 4o.,ior ladies and gentlemen Tho Store is for root and the Fixtures for sale, AppI* on the prenumii, Iron Hall. N. B.?The a^ovo stock, either in whole or in part, will bo sold at private sale. To any on* do? sirous of entering tho Boot, Shoe and Trunk Business this adords a batter opportunity than may again l>o presented. i'orsona imtohto.1 will annfor a favor lit Bromctl* oallint and settling thmr amounts. ja 7 tt Z'jf lilRDfi !?Bl K 1>S FOR HALE. w# Juat received a splendid assortment n'%2? T- Birds lron< F.urop?Germ\n CanariM,**Kngliih Black Bir"a,Tiirn?hea, Bull Fiuohea, (io d Fmchea, Lincu, Sk? l?arka. Yellow ttam-rs Tarroquets, Java Sfarrow*. Star!en?, the Red Mocaw ?arrot, and gr?eu au'l gray. t have Al<>okmg iras, Red Wing Blaok uird^Re-t B'mJb, Doves, and Bob -lirk*; aTs?.Tr*infd Bird*. PriaeSftomita to AoO, Car-* of ail kind* lroin 10 oniits to SlO, at JOHN O'MKARA'S Bird Store, No. 566 F% avenae, at the Capitol gate. fa 9 3m /ON Tneolil e?tal> lahed PAWN OF A A",CK. formor.y on Penr. avenue. AWJL W ifoetween 3d a*d ? ., has late!) ? U b en re-ioved to 3M C at., between 4H and Bih | itl.. hAAir nf fkft Vtttinn*! U rtt*' J. NOTICE! NOTJCK!! NOTlCfi!!! 10,000 to loaned in anall iubi on Wold an<l rer VN *?ahes Jewelry, and all other artiolee of Bunae->? etrictlr and confidentially done. ?nd flU ?te! H..UWWMB ?? I L HKEZ0BA6, I SPRING STYLES. RIF.TY. >DS. IN ENDLESS VARIETY. ?twcen ?fh and lOlta Streets. I GEORGETOWN. ! , ?" " CorT**pondenc4 of Tks Star. Gkobsktown, Marr h 30, 141. At the meeting of the Board of Common Council, last evening, a message from the M|yor enr.lo?;n>i an account of G Vaudrrwerken for om: nlbus hire (f >5) on occasion of the visit rf the ; corporate authorities to the Loudon and Hitnpahtre Railroad; one recommending that an ac; count be made out against the l.fry Court for one-hslf the expense of repairing payer mill bridge; and one in relation to the law passed by the last Corporation reducing the Mayor's salary, and trapaferrlng the duties of commissioner of streets from the Mayor to the Surveyor; were all referred, as were also accounts of J. \V Byraru for repair of the wharf at the foot of High street, and of Robert Boyd for gas-lamps A spicy debate which came off on the petitions of property holders asking exemption from the gaslight tax will be duly reported with other Interesting matters. The following resolutions and bills were reported : By Mr Libber, from the grievance committee, a resolution to pay Mr M. T. Berry SILD for damage sustained by order of the late Mayor; third reading objected to by Mr. Bangs By Mr. Marbtiry, from inarket-house committeeman ordinance supplemental to the late market-house bill; not acted on. The market-honae committee reported on Mr Bangs7 resolution of Inquiry that it was Inexpedient to build s new market-house at this time, and asked to be. and were, discharged from Its further consideration A report of M*-ssrs Shoemaker and Kin jr. In relation to the, building of houses In the Third snd as- *a_ *a?__ J- ? -? - r unriu ?> ara? lor me protection or tbe hose companies in tbeoe prectncta. was referred Mr. Marbury made a re|>ort from the street committee on the petition of Messrs Cook and O'Day, refus'ng to grant tbe praverof the petitioner*; but on motion of Mr. Bangs the petition was referred back to the committee. An ordinance In relation to huckster!, (from Mr. Marbury of tLe market house committee.) and a resolution for a flag foot way at intersection of Road and Washington streets, was referred Tbe Board of Aldermen passed ft resolution In favor of Basil M Burrowa. Gkorsktowm, April 1, 1H61. There were 270 arrivals of boats by csnal In the month just ended, and tbe amount of tolls received at the Georgetown office was $11,141 The amount received on the whole line will probably be about SI5,(NIU. l?,UU0 barrels of flour and a fair quantity of wheat and corn for the season were received here The canal is in excellent navigable order, and the prospect at present Is favorable for a heavy coal trade throughout the season. Mr. Carman, of the firm of Carman fc Dobbins, contractors for the masonry of the Aqueduct bridsje over Kock Creek is In town, looking as genial as ever He informs us that he Intends to nru?raiinna a? Kl? *sf??V - ? ' A delay h;i? occurred at Cabin John bridge in consequence of an accident to the hoisting apparatus About sixty men are employed at that point, and the contractor baa comii^enced to set the string courae above the arch The force at tbe Distributing Reservoir has been greatly increased since our last notice, and we are iufortmd that nearly three hundred m^n and about one hutidrcd and fifty horses and carts are employed there. We understand thst the second semi-annual meeting of the Sabbath School Teachers' I n i on A sain iation will >>e beld this evening in tbe Congress street (M P ) Church, and that an address will be delivered by l>r Gto W. Samson, President of Columbian College. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS 1IST or LETTERS REMAINING IN TIIK -J FOSt OFFICE, GEORGETOWN, 1). C., for.the month endme March 31, 1.161. Hjt" Persons applying for letters in the following list will pl?a?e ntj the? are advertised; otherwise the; may not receive them. LADIES' LIST. ArnntroiifiCatii'l Hu^bet, Mim M V Siuiion, Mini Allioutl, aIiu N Jewell, M.? J V fetaurt), Mi?? H T Butler, M il F Kno?Je. Mm >1 Saunderft, Ernly C I'ook. Marv 12 A L?u,,ar?l- Ilors I,?2 S....- M * Dodion, Mm J Mitchell, Mi-? F Shaw, Mm Mar* t Douglas, M^rj J M.tddoi,Miu M L Ntivtoa, Mary k' in. Marj kT Kir holson, Martha J St pie, Mrs IKchtel, Caih 8 O'Reiler, Miss E F Thorn, E isabeth Harmon, Lydia B Reck, Mrs Warinr, Mih Lime Heut, Mim Mollis Se wall, Miu L M West, Mrs Sarah Haiuaihj, Miu M Swecuey, Cath OENl L?MCNl LIST. A ileal J H-3 U????u*ri TatW Mrrf?r",V3C?I Ucll,ino Pevilt, E J Moodr, R I' br?<1y, W K Daniels, David Morruoni David Bilk, WmK Eltns, *m Moor,J?s Brow en, Titos Kwohar, J Marshall, Dr B?ker, Caj-t San.I E.taiiy, J Chit h'ickerson, Cspi o Bucklev, I' trek Win Norras, J?e Bill. Rachd L Fournel, Gabrirl A Nicho,??n., A Burk,Jn<<?2 Purgeraon, And? 2 Nicnols, M.j W A Rule;, J K Gcoi^c, Willie Osbort;ev J W , firewater, Ja? J Glover, W O'Sudivan, Jere B'nt.i, H W Gross,Thos?2 FoU,C>pt Wm Bfovniiif.GeeU' (fiutler, Mich! Pmlhf s. C*pt O TC Frown, Lapt I' H 2 Umn, jat F?S Phjif.s. Jno P D B irret, Ai^natus (jnivoll, Hiram PenrufielJ, Jat B Bryin, Edward Gore, Ham on Potter, Mut I! rry CairiWB Oibntl, AniM KeMul. Wn C C*f?er?Hi, Col W A 1 i ?, W W Killer, W Harris C <rua:f Sam 1 Hl. Idieston, Wm Rtpley, Wjh?2 (' ?k(JQ Hm(CI| Tloc Refers, 8aml Cmnin, Jno Hmdy. Rt.l t Roih, Jacob , Uammexoti, Jno Handle;. Jno KdUoo.F A C??llim, J * Halpin, /as Slade, Thadius < (Jtriamond, JnoT H irriso?., Jno T Stevens, Suinl Crump, P H<*ss, J T?2 Sweeney, Ino?2 UleiKtnt, l^ualaus II irrisnn. C th Hinrletery, J S l'n? I T U 1. ? . o_l. f W"?, a H urn, V'l'l OUIIM IN, 4 A Coi.lieoS Holgei, Uf B Nun. J no CrotMii, H I' J?rvu, R K Small, J H 1 C?itoti,(jeo W , pint ?Mtr ptoti, Mr L'alUhon, Deuia Kerwick, Alichl Thmaaa, ttieg Ultma*n4 Cookcen Kulma, Jca L Tl?m p*ou, Juo E PilltConnd Keidy, lUnl Torntr, Doriry 4 Day, Win T l.uttirop, 8 H Vw!(UaCba? W I Doa|lai. 8.Tin I F Loyd,Capt P Willi ma, T E l>u?iu, R P McNeal,ChatE Wflls, J I) Denlf, Peier A McCarthy, U M VwJfr, Jno H P"? lu.jf, L tugiiti McLoujrtihn, Juo 2 Wood*U, Capi A&J Dnro#?, Jno O Alacculbui, T M 2 Youn?, Her xj MISCELLANEOUS.?J. C.?t; Mechanic*' Lodre No 16, 1. O. O F ; A;*iitCr<>n? rir?8iri: Editor Herald; E B H , Amenta I*?r the tttri Mt. Vernon and M iiucello, Aleuts lor the New York and Virjiaia Steam Com p. KT Lktt*b? is all ca?i<? uvtr bb PxirAin. ApJ-lt HENRY WIRTTILLKY, P M Y3=?GEOR(iKTO\VN TAXKS, 1*61.?Eight Jof percent discount is allowed on the above tax if paid prior to 1st of April next. Settlement for taxes ot 186" remaimr t unpaid at that date will be enforced acoo ding to law. ma 19 2w CH AS. D. WEL^H, Collector. Tcopatnkrship. , HF. Underaigned have ae<>ciated themaelves as j oopartnera in the ruinnfactnre of Agricultural and Building Limn ; al?o. Who eaals and Retsii l>eal era in all kind* of Mill and Grain F?ed. We ?ha!l ' endeavor, by prompt peraonal attention to our buii- i neea, to merit the patronage of a generoua puhlio. < WILLIAM KIRKLAND. WiLLMM DOWLING. Georgetown. April lat. 1861. ap 1-3.* Agriculturalists ark respectfuMy aolicited to examine our large atock of STONK.8HKLt-.and GAS LIME, which we >i.1 dirposa of upon the moat accommodating tar ma. ' Ordera may be left at Center Market, on Seventh at., Washington; I*o 170 Bridge at., George- < town: or at tho Lime Kilna, in Georgetown. < ap 1 3t* KIRKLAND A UUWLIWG. <PK1NG GO DS CHKAP FOR CASH? r* SMUOT A BURROUGHS, No. 11?? Bridge at., Geor:etown, D. C.. have received prr late arrival k from Baltimore and Now York a genera' a*- 1 aomnentof DRV GOODS, adapted to the tarly imir, WHICH u'j iro unci m* |>non m auit the tiroes lor c&ah, and solicit a cail from all who are making their a,ring purchaaes. i?MOOT a Di'KKuvona, _maa eo2w [Intel ! 1 tp FERRY. OR The accommodation of Virginians and the citixena of Georgetown and Washington, the on- 1 d?rsigued has re established the ofa ferry from Aiialastan island to Meycold'a vVhsrl, ne?i Mill. A safe and convenient new boat?the Iceberg? will make trips evtry hour at ieacouable rat**#. ma gy-8w WALTER GODEV. AOUUi? AilU Btiur.9. LARGE And varied utortmm.t of BOOTS and of excellent quality ju?t re aO>| ceivedatl44 Bridge street, near the on>-I nibus ctand, and lor s?le2S:o &) per oent .f Ml cheaper than the usual pneea. * niaa-lm A. NEWBKBGEi . D 800 BB* b PRIME CIDER 1 A1LY Expected per schooner Mar/ Ann McGee i fr<>m Boston. This Cider is A No. 1, au<! is lor taiu in ioU to suit purchasers. _ __ ARNY A SHINN'S fe 22 Union Bottling Depot. Georgetown. Jl'ST ARRIVED. ' ER Propeller S. Seymour, from Philadelphia, 75 barrels and lw half barrels of Mataey, Cnlliua A Co't Philadelphia DRAFT A LE. For sale by leg AKIMV A SHIVN. JUST RECEIVED- . i I 10 hhti*. prime I*erto Rico SUGARS l? I bis, uid Rye WHISKY, 8? bMs. HER RING aad ALEWIVES. fiO libis. Crushed and ft ned GARS, y> bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhrts.dow priced) MOLASSES. For sale ly JOHN J. DOG UK. ? It AT MUUKL'd WEST END DRUG STORE. 1 IS Pa avenue, the public can rely up"r^^ c?-uin* Pais Medioinea. P applies are re-^V AAivoil WM* kl? All BnaiilarMa/iiAinaanaiAlAK Tooth Hri trie* at all price*; Coal Oil and Lamps. Wmdow I'lutM, * o CD" Ordt ra for Cnypiac, Loaehing and Tarth attoftdod to yroiiftr. ?a M-tw*' YWoOD and coal. OU Will aural y nt yo?r moaoy'a wortk Iry aaltipi at the t'lONKKR MILL8, smukwtst car *rr of Srtmtk Urett mn4 CatuU, (GEO. PA8E, Aient ) T* er aell cheaper and kit* bettor meaaare THE LATEST NEWS. TELKO BAP HIO. Fartfc*r (rta Bar*** N?w VML March 31 ?Tha Mnm i(rta, from Uvrrpool to the lAth, brings XW.QOn la pffif, and two day* later adelcea, bat nothing mm The L>?ch?w of Kent. mother at t^neea Victoria. died on the 16th of March The l.o?don Times ridiculea the Idea of the Confederate Statesaffect:ng loans altar Mtataaippl repudiation. The iarrerder of Meaalaa wm unconditional Five thousand priaooera and three hundred r>? an we-e taken The liritiah Government ia aaid to have received a diapatch from the Brttiah Consul at Warsaw which generally confirmed the pabliahed accounts m. ? "" nr uidwone dm pw)w< to introduce tb* Bu4geton tbe 11th of April The London Tlmn ask* wbm tb* CoaMmlt States are to ne?rotlate their propo*ad loan, seeing that one-fifth of their population nr* pledmd to repudiation It saysth<t President Davit Is the man who laughed at the dupes la Mlaiasippl bonds The reduction by the Bank of France of the rates of discount to 6 per cent bad produced a good rflect In the money markets at Paris and London. Rentes advanoed to 6rtf 30c The Corps Legislator continued to debate tb? address The independent members strongly advocated the liberal amendment already published. The first ten paragraphs of the addreas had been adopted. l'*ii?, Saturday?In the Corps l^egialatlffU baa been Intimated that it might become nercanary to fix a later day than the first of October for the execution of the treaty of commerce with Kngland, in which case the Chamber of Deputie* will be called upon to decide in tbe matter. Count Rechherg bad arrived in Paria. Liverpool, Mar. 16 ?Sales of sotton on Saturday 23.IMI bales. Hewitt's circular report* tb* ui rkei buoyant and fully *?d< higher Breadttutfs closed generally uu? banged. rro visions rtoae* qutet. Consols at <n>a92 for money, and 92a92fc for account. Kansas LegLlatare. Lbavkxwokth, Mnrch ??.?The lower home of the Kansas Legislature organized on tbe 2f-th >.? >? -i? ?? ' ? ? ..j cin wiiu <>i i |- iiftirair. Kepubllcan, Spwikrr Ht' la understood to favor Mmn Parrott and Lane for United States Senator* Governor Robinson's messa^els mainly devoted to local affairs He recommends suitable arknowleiljjment by the Le^l slature for the generous relief Riven the needy citizens of Kansas He recommends also that the credit of the State be used for the relief of her citizens If neceoaary He saya that seed has been furnished in abundance for planting purposes, and hope* that a general call for relief will aoon cease. Secession ftplrlt la Vlrglaia Norfolk . March .10.?A petition, numerously alcned, instructing the delegates to the Convention from thla city to vote for immediate aeceaelon, it in rirniUiirt" A large and enthusiastic m?ett ng was held at Washington point to day, when a resolution. in structing the drlrgiht from Norfolk county. In the State Convention. to vote for Immediate Mce*sion, was adopted The meeting also appointed delegates to th? Convention to be held on tbe l?k April In Sufiolk. to nominate a Secession candidate for Congress, should Virginia remain la the Union. Richmond, March 30 ? Mr Fionrnoy made a speech In favor of presenting an ultimatum He pppoM a Border-State Conference J as Barbour delivered a speech in favor of aeceaa'.on Mr Goggin urged a plan of withdrawing and raron4'riicting the I nlon, aa set forth in bis report. The Convention, by a vote of 64 te 3S, adopted a r>?olut|on to terminate the debate in Committee of the Whole on Thursday ne*t, when tbe com mlttce will proceed t^ vote on the propoaltlons, giving a brief time for explanations and amend merits; and that h^ after no member In committee shall speak inore than once on the same propoaltion. Y I r " k M I n l.pviaJal isr? Hi' H*<>sn. Marrb 31 ?Th? Honif wu In arc inn all nlgbt. considering tbe joint resolution relative to tbe movement of troop* and arms with In the Commonwealth. growing out of tbe proposed transfer of guns from tbe Bellona Foundry Varioua amendments were proposed and rej?eted, and an excited debate enaued Tbe Senate'* amrndxrat wu dually adopted In a modified form, authorizing tbe Governor to call out tbe I'ubllc Guard to arrest tbe contemplated removal, and directing him to employ tbe needful force to resist any at'empt to remove tbe time beyond tA reach and control of tbe State authorities. *"Tartagu and Key M Mt. New York, March 30?The steamer Daniel Webster an i ved here to-day from tbe Brazoa.and reports tbatsbc landed at Fort Jetftrsoa (Tortugaa) companies L and M, first artillery, aud at Kort Taylor (Key West) companies F and K, of tbe sauf regiment. The same steamer report* that tbe Indians are committing great havoc, among tbe people of IV.I'll .... 1 1 - > x wait, aiiu ruuning oo (Qfir felOTK. Major Siblfy tmd iwtn chastising savages. Cortina was understood to be w aiting tLt departure of the Federal troops to recommence operation on a larger scale tban LereU f?>re Lttert Ke parts tram < harlesUn Chailiitox, March 29 ?We bare no expectation that Fort Sumter will be evacuated on Saturday Tiie delay la worrying the people here greatly The State Convention has a majority for peace, but not without tbe evacuation of the fort. A messenger from Washington was expected bere to-day. but did not arrive Gov Pickens says he Is rendy for a fight. The reports of visits of foreign fleets create no iissMtUfactlon France and Spain are now the ascendant powers in the Southern Confederacy. From Denver (Ity. uksver. March 25 ?The dally yield of fold In the mitu* is rapidly increasing The mills are nearly all petting to work, many of them with the new gold saving process The population on the Bine Rim ?>pe baa doubled in the last month. That district will be the gr^al theater of gold mining operations The road over the snowy range between the South and Middle Forks is open for pack attlmala, but not for wagons lumigranta from th<-J*tatrsare beginning to arrive. The weather is very fine. Later frena Texas. galvkstok, March 2f? ?The State Convention have ratified the Constitution of the Confederate States There were ouly two dissenting votes The Convention adjourned nx du ?n the 26th, without referring the Constitution to the people Sove'nor Houston's efforts at making an opposition to aeceasion have proven an entire failure. All Is quiet in tbe JMate" Reaceatre ! Rlchmaad. Rithmosd. March 31?A rencontre occurred at the Bailard House yesterday. Hugh 8. Gallaher & contractor at Fort Calhoun, fired upon Col Joseph Segar, the ball paaaing through Sagar'a coat, but not harming him. To-day Gallaber accidentally ahot himself, and will probably die. flaw Yerk lllarkrta. New Yori. April 1 ?Flour 5 c better Wheat active and 1c higher Corn better but unchanged. Provisions steady. Whisky quiet at 17\e. Halttnara Markats. 8a fviMov April! ?Flour firm, Howard atirat Ohio and City Mills 95 25 W brmt firm; red (M o il.3.5, while fil 5U?1 ??. Corn steady; mixed Jla.'iTc; yellow fl?>a?Uc; white 63a65c. Provlalooa dull and uucha??r'*d. Coffee firm at l'2\al3^c. Whiaky steady at 17fcal8c. riaaacial. N?w Voar, April I ?Stock* lower and dull. Chicago and Rock Island 6T \, Illinois Cer-tial bar** 61 Micli. J*autbern 3f>\; New Vork Central Rr?dlne 44 j*, Cantons Co 1?\. Va 6 ?T5*; Mo ??5V Tb* Wisth**.?The following report of the weather for the tuornlng la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian institution The t'me of obaervattsa la about? o'clock. Aran. 1,18C1. Burlington, Vt cloar. tt?. N*w Vork, N. Y ...cloudy, cold Washington, D. C cloudy, wind E Richmond, Va. cloudy, 46*. Petersburg, Va cloudy, pleasant Chattanooga. Tenn cloudy Raleigh, ?. C.*?*.a?*.<?*cloudy, 46?. Wilmington^ C clear, pleasant. UDVmwO , O. \>?ooooo*a vtvwuy Auguata, 6a. cloudy. Savannah, 6a. cloudy, W. Macon, Ga. cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. clear Mobile. Alt clear, New Orleans. La. clear, 83? Barometer at the Bmlthaontaa at 7 a m.. (narrated for temperature,) 3u,343; at mm, S0.&1 Thermometer at 7 a. aa., * ; at mm. tlA. Maximum during 46 koart, Mttl| a. . today, 06, minimum ?* . Wituu ?The Baton Rouge Advocate of (be 25th ult , anya : All day TMterday a atrlag of draya waraMmlmc and repamlag our window. TMaa MW fr*m the Araeaal to the river were loaded with rormtd m? imMar abell and abot for aama point down STu"~.TS STh ZZ2*-*? ?