Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1861 Page 1
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VSi. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. APRIL 2. 1861. the daily evening star M PJBLISHBD RVBRT APTE&NOON (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDIR0S, Cmi*r of Pinnn ivani* ??rmu< mn4 lllA ft. t w. D. WALLACH. f'P*'" eerved in ptokac* by wrlm kt |4 k '*** ?r " oeat? par month. To mul rabesilben ttie *no? ia P?jo a rear, wa mdvtmct; 9i for tlx nonths; 31 for three aonths; and for lees than taree ar ^ths at the rate of 12 oents a week. Single , os? cmt; in wrapper** two csiits. ' '^DvnTiinm* soouid be sent to the oBoe * -etore 1* c'e.ock m.; otherwise they may not appear lottl tb* next day. Naviaatio* of thi Mississippi ?Tbe Treaa ry Department of the Southern Confederacy haa laeued cliruUr Inatructlona to the Colleetora of tbe Confederate States ai to the performance of their d itlee In reference to vesaels navigating tbe Mississippi river. Aa the regulations to be ob fftrd are of Interest to a large portion of the country, we make tbe following extract from one of the circulars: "All boats coming from sny port outside the I'.mltsof the Confederate States, and lying upon tbe M!?isslppl river, must come to at the port of Norfolk, otherwise known as Nelm's l.anrtlncr. In the State <* Mississippi, and the*e report tbe name dt There vessel and captain, where thef are from, and their point of destination, and exhibit to the cndoni officer full duplicates of their entire cwtno. It also made tbe duty of said custom nfficer at t'oe port of Norfolk to board each vessel o rrflTr> ag the Confederate States from any place bore the limito of the Confederacy, and to d? *.!wr to each vessel so boarded a certificate. as tol) Mw.: " Pomr or , dat of , 18?. ' Permission Is hereby given to land the goods described by entries in this schedule, at the places designated therein " A B , Revenue Officer. " Any (roods not intended for delivery within tbe Confederate Statrs ihall be allowed to pass free, the master being required to exhibit tbe manifest and a schedule in duplicate of all goods Intended to be landed, their value, name of con si znee, and point of destination." It could not be expected that these regulations, nr any others that would obstruct tbe free nsviga li.n u:?i ? i 1 -i ?? U ?? * xvu ui ?uc iniwiwtppi 11?ci, cuuiu uc rniorca without exciting opposition from the western Stiles Already, we perceive, the following reso lution! on the subject have been cfTered la the .Legislature of Keutucky: ' Whereas, This General Asaeirbly l> Informed that certain persons acting as a Congress of the JS^eding States have assumed power to obstruct regulate the free navigation of the Mississippi river by the citizens of thla I'nion, to whom it belongs; therefore be it ' Resolved by tke General Ait'mbly of the Com ' lonwaltk 0/Kenturky. Thit Kentucky having a* much right to the Mississippi river, to its free, unobstructed navigation, as Louisiana or any <>thtr State, and that right being of vital impor tance to her people, feels it her duty to herself and her sitter States, at the earliest day, to make this ber moat solemn protest against any assumption of such power to control the navigation of that rlvpr as utter without right or proper authority, and as what she cannot and will not submit to ' Ketolred further, That the States In the val ley ot the Mississippi be earnestly requested to 1 nite with Keutuckv in this protest against the violation of a mutual right Co vitally important to H-.eoi all, and which th?-ir permanent interest* f"rb(d soo.iid ever rest In the discretion of any ?W-? ...Wi-U .1 11 - ????r iuai uuun ?u.iu tiit V ii?r ' Resolved, That the Governor be requested to transmit copies of these resolutions to tue Execu tives of tne states aforesaid " SorTH Caroms a Cokvistio*? Dinatiifat iium with tAe Montgomery Constitution? C'nsure of Dtlfg<*i4?, ft , jc ?Last Wednesday, an aul n.atrd discussion sprung up in the South Carolina Convention wpon a motion by Mr. Rbett to de bate the Montgomery Constitution in secret s-f sion. Several thought that in so grave a matter the peoule should nave a voiee, and at ributed muci ef the difficulties which bad arisen in the VkM State* Government to the error of their lMeaters in consenting to a compromise with tbe ??>rfbern States by which two-fifths of the slaves I *n the Soath were excluded in tbe numerical basis of representation. After a spirited debate, 1 it was finally decided to sit in secret session by ' a vote of 130 to 29. Mr Rbett offered an ordi nance ordering that, shonld any State be admit ted into the new Confederacy which bv its con- ' stitnMon did not tolerate and protect slavery wltbin 1U limits, tbe Governor uf the State of Smith Carolina should inounon at once tbe peo ple of tbe Mute to ass-mble in convention to act < upon tbe matter Tbia wu, on motion of Mr i Rhett, laid on tbe table aad ordered to be printed. 1 ^nd to be disposed of according to tbe action upon tbe new Constitution. .Mr .Mnr^uett ex pressed himself as being dissat isfied with tbe Constitution, and offered a resolu tion declaring that in tbe opinion of tbe Conven tion tbe Constitution should be amended upon i tbe following points: 1st In leaving open tbe door for the admission of non sl.iveholding ftatcs I ' nto this Confederacy. 2d. In adopting tbe basis of oaly thre? fifths of tbe staves entitled toFedersl ' representation. 3d. In grnntln^to tbe Government I tflf lh? - ,. .. I . I _ JI _. ?v VWI14< uci?vj mi UIIIIIU1KU pimrp 1 IliUIICT! taxation 4th. lu making the prohibition to im- 1 port Africans a constitutional prohibition,and not 1 imply giving to the Federal Government the powrr to prohibit it as a matter of expediency, 1 nnd in not potting tke Coolie trade on the nine footing 5ta. In putting the pest office monopoly i lo the hands of the Confederate Government. Other resolutions were also introduced,express ing the same spirit and requesting the Constltu tlon to be amended so that i:o person shall be an elector unlest a citizen of the State from wblch be la elected; that the whole number of slaves shall enter into the basis of representation; that Congress should not control the time, place, and maaaer of electing representatives; and that the clause with regard to the naturalization of for eigner abould be restricted with the provision that every foreigner abould take an oath of allegiance to the Slate in which he lives, as well as tLe Con federate Htates; each State should have the ap pointment of Government officers employed with In the and that nA Htslo Koll W1 I l.i peaceably seceding from the Confederacy. A Qcistcs to ar Ezcitkmirt ?The order for the rrmoval of a number of Government gun* from Belloaa Arsenal,Va., bat been revoked, Mid tbe great excitement created by their intei.ded transfer to Fortress Monroe thus allayed. Tbe only danger of tbe Government in advising tbe removal of the guna, waa tbat the proprietors of the ara*nal (two Virginians) might receive their nr4?r foe tbe manufacture of them. The follow ing letter from Gen Scott, in conn?wtlon with this uoject, waa read in the Virginia Senate Friday. It was addressed to a member of tbe House of Representatives of that State: W'ashinotox, March 97,1861. Peak Sib: On inqairy here, at the Ordnance L>rpirtment, 1 learn tbat the yuosat the Hellona Arsenal, about which you write, are, by contract, to be delivered at Rockrtta. o:i botrd (1 believe) of some vesarl?to avoid the double expense of landing ai.d reshaping?before btimg paid for. If seized before this period, the loss would fall wholly on the fodndry. The guns are only sent to Fortress Monroe ass safe place of deposit, being as little wanted there for the dtfttue of that work as for the defense of Richmond This subject was yesterday before the Secretary of W ar, on an i nquirv from some q uarter unknown to io?, and 1 bare not time to leant tbe character of hla reply. Tbe only inouiry In tbe caae resulta from tbe founder'a want or tbe contract money. I write aa a mere outaider in respect to auch matter*, for my position, bapplly, exempts me from the handling of money, from all contracts and disbursement* With great respect, your obedient serrant, W infield Scott. Union Demonstration in Richmond?Thi Fla9 or tub PoCTHXKN CoXHDIIlCT TOKN i?to R.sauna?An immenae Union meeting waa held In Richmond Prlday night, and appears to have been marked with deep earneatness and energy of purpose. At an early stage of tbe pro caedTnga the flag of tbe Union waa dlapiayed from the speakers' platform, and evoked an ex ruflan rd natural enthusiasm nil It* thrtlltncr In eWtci ' Able and forcible speeches were made on tbe occu on bjr James B Dor man,of Rockbridge.and Col. John B Baldwin, of Augusta, member* of tbe Stale Convention, and by Marmaduke John son, Esq Dirlag ^r Baldwin's speech a party of young men entered tbe churcb bearing a flag of tbe Sontborn Confederacy. The appearance of tbe new banner excited a storm of indignation. Its bearers were forced out of the building smld great confusion and excitement, and the obnox ious banting being aetzed, was speedily torn Into llbboos A team loaded wltb six thousand pounds of powder attempted to cross tbe railway nesr inknia U* li?la mi ml aliM>h miitwlv Th? driver discovered the regular afternoon train rapidly approaching, but be bad gone too far with bU team to tbiak of bock lax off, and to suc c?ed In clearing tbe track In tlioe to prevents horrible catastrophe seemed equally doubtful; tat putttlng whip to bis horses ho managed to cross the rails barely In time to allow tbs fre laagad eaglne free track with aot aa I neb to fTT OfMn are rery scarce In RicbMond, Va., a ad commtud tome times fifty cenla per qnart The aearclty la Mid I* be owing to the Iket that tie oymtm catches bare been suborned by North era dealer*, who pay far all caught at the Ashing Rounds, thus saving the orator catchers the mbto of wkst elaswhers Akmy A!?t> Navt Iktellisbnce.?A Military General Court Martial a Mem hied at Fort Colura bua, New York harbor, in the early part of laat week, to continue in aewion until all the delin qnenta charged with court martial offenses. on the island and at the station, (hall have been tried. A letter haa been received in Philadelphia from an officer on board the United States frigate Ni agara, dated Aden, January 16th,atatlng that they expert to arrive at Boston in tbe Niagara between the 15th of April and 1st of May. Matters at the Brooklyn Nary Yard were not ao dull, for aome montha, aa they are now. A num ber of men were discharged laat week, there not be:ng work for them. T'he force now on the rolls is leaa than a thousand, and the monthly dis bursements do not average more than #40,000, Independent of the officers' pay. In the machine a^opa, the machinery of the Roanokeand Wabash Is receiving an overhauling, and Chief Engineer King contemplates the addition to them of val uable improvements. The ordnance officers have bo new armament* und?r way, and arr merely nil tt 1 nor (linap I*ta?1 u tn Iron f mm nn KaspH vaMala in an ?Iflclent slat*. The cannon have not, aa vet, been put on the new nun-ground, which will be one of the chief ornamenta of the Navy Yard. The Marine Garrison, under the control ofCapt. Brevoort, conaiata of nearly a hundred men, who are drilled three or four times a week, under the atipervtsion of Major Doughty The receiving ahlp North Carolina hna nearly three hundred and fifty hanria on board, the marine guard betn? alao exer-laed periodically on ahlpboard, and in the parade ground by Sergeant Llbbv, who baa made them perfect soldiera. No drafta are at present ordered for aea-golng ahina. Annexed la a liat of the veaaela at the Navy \ ard, with aome account of tbelr condition: The steam frigate Roanoke Is still In dock, lowly preparing lor aervlce ordera She could tut uc rcauy in im loan inrtv diooidi The steam frigate Wabash la alongside the pier, awaiting the completion of ber machinery. She could be fitted out in si* weeks. The steam frigate Powhatan, lately returned from the Gulf, it in commission at the wharf, and waiting ordera. She could be kept In active service more than three montha in her present at&te. The corvette Savannah, late flag-ship of the homeaquadron, la lying in the stream, dismantled. She should be thorou ghly overhauled, which would take two montha, before being fit for duty. The frigate Potomac 1> In the stream, exactly aa ahe baa been for veara The frigate Urandywine, ditto, ditto?rotting fast The North Carolina Is In commission, immo vably fast in the mud. Music.?Feiieen David has just comp eted a new opera in two acti, which Is to be produced at the Opera Comique Portions of Cherubinl's famous "Requiem" were performed at the funeral of Scribe. "La Reine de Siba," is the title ot a new opera of Gounod's, recently accepted at Paris Spontinl's "Nourmahal,'* Is te be revived at the Berlin opera. Mr Benedict, who was therondnrtnr nf Jcnnv Li lid's concerts in th!? country, wrote a cantata railed "Undine," whick is to be shortly per formed at Liverpool. Vellutl, an old opera singer,aged eighty years, died the other day. Vellutti was famous once, but was forgotten long ago. The -^Oth work of Henry Hera, bas just been published; It Is a brilliant sonatl di Bravura. Vieux temps Is vtry succesful in England at the pnpolar concerts The music of Mozart's unfinished work (>L'Oca net Cairo," ts about to be performed for the Writ time at Magdeburg The music of Mendelsohn's opera, written when he was a boy, was recently performed as concert music, at Frankfort. Poets or Entey i* tri Comdiiati States. The following places have been Utx-iarea addi tional ports of entry by Hon. C O. Meinmlnger, ictlng under authority conferred by the Southern Congress: Norfolk, at Nelms' Landing, Mississippi river. Hernando, on the Misasaippl Central Katlroad. Holly Springs, on the Miss Central Railroad. East port, on the Tennessee river Corinth, at the crossing of the Mobile and Ohio, snd of the Memphis and Charleston railroads Athens, on the railroad from Decatur to Pu laski. Stephenson, at the junction of the Memphisand Charleston, and of the .Nashvilleand Chzttanooga railroads Atlanta, at the junction of the Georgia Railroad, [hp Wrtti-rn xnH Allanti/* anrf v^rlmn nlli.r r?*l roads. Chester, at the junction of the Charlotte and Columbia and of txie Kind's Mountain Railroad. Florence, at the junction of the Wilmington and .Manchester, and of the .Northeastern, and of the Cheraw and Darlington Railroads. ThkNkw Rarts tor Cotton.?The Buffalo Republic savs: ' For the last three days there have been sent East, from Buffalo in Boston,on an average twenty car loads of cotton per day, or eighteen thousand bales In that time, and still It comes Thirty bales, or about seven tons and a half weight, was readily put in each in car This !sthecompress?d cotton, as formerly only about twenty or twenty three bales were all that could be stored in a car. The price for carrvin? this cotton from Memnhla to lioaton la about 94 50 per bale of live hundred pound* Thl* la cheaper than it can be ahlpped down the Miaaiaalppi to New Orleana, and thence by veaael, and the difference of time la about thirty daya In favor of the northern route. It comta to Cincinnati by river, and then by rail all fi * a* ? * * me way 10 notion, a ainau portion l? orouyDi nil the way by rail, but the rate* on this are a little higher. For the four month* up to the first of February, the New York Central carried from the Bride# end liuffrlo 7,550 bale*, and In February about 3,000. J hla month, from present appeur ?n<*ea. they will do the largest business they ever Position or Govsaso* Houston.?The follow ing Is the closing portion of Oov. Houston' ad dress to the people of Texas: 1 am ready to lay down office rather than yield to usurpation aud degradation I have declared my determination to stand by Texas In whatever position she assumes Her people have declared in favor of a separation from the I'nion I have followed her banners before when an exile from the land of my fathers. 1 went back Into the Union with the people of Texas I go out with them, and although I can see but gloom before me, I shall follow the 'Lone Star' with the same devotion as of yore. "1 love Texas too well to bring civil strife and bloodshed upon her. To avert this calamnity, I shall make no endeavor to maintain my authority aa Chief Executive of this State, except by the peaceful exercise of my functions. When 1 can no longer do this. I shall calmly withdraw from the scene, leaving the Government In the hands of thoae who have usurped 1U authority; but still claiming that 1 am its Chief Executive." Extzaditios Cask ?A tall Southerner, who baa been boarding at the Ht Lawrence Hall for the past few dirt, waa arretted and lodged In jail on Tuesday morning, at the Inatanee of a creditor who came on from New York for him, after track ing mm mrougn a grexi pari 01 me southern Sutrs The amount which he 1* alleged to have swindled his creditors out of Is overSl40,U00, and was so swindled while be was residing and doing a large business In Brownsville, Texas, under the name of E Karpelaa He is said to defy his creditors and offers to commute with them fifteen cents on tb? dollar. On the other band. It is stated, tbst the plaintiff* have acted on the most able legal advice, and feel confident that the case is one which comes under the provisions of the Extradition treaty. Under present political cir cumstances It remains to be seen bow tbe treaty will stand with respect to Texas, a seceded State Montreal Gazttti, '27tk. I?7" As a specimen of the progress of New York toward the Parisian style of doing things, we no tice tbe bet, tbst tbe police of tbat city a few ntgbta since broke up a "Drag" ball there Tbe peculiarity of this kind of entertainment Is, that It la attended by a number of depraved men who have dreas.-d themselves In ladles'clothes Those who were present on the occasion mentioned were attired Is gorgeous style. They wore the most costly silks and satins, snd bad their voluminous carls and other feminine adornments. Some of thorn were covered with jewelry. One rosn bsd nn it ImiIMl), ft worth of dlunonda and seven male* were arretted ud held to ball. I|T A novel application of the stereoscope baa been made in distinguishing copies from fat *iwiU?s. When two pages printed from the aame type are combined in the stereoscope, the printing appear* to lie In tbe same plan* In the most qarefni attempt by tbe printer to set up a page or few lines alike, the words and letters will, in tbe stereoscope, be acen to lie In different planes. By this means, wben genuine and counterfeit | bank notes are oomblned In the rtersoeoope, the ; |t s? dcVrntH DENTISTRY. r|R?- OCKWOOD * I>ARREI,L ARE PRE 1/pared to insert TkKTnon VULCAN-^*^^ ITE BASE, a new and improved mode.MBbl When iriftde on this plan thejr are oom fortable to wear and mnoh oheaper than any other. Alio. T**th inseited on Gold I'late, and all Dental Operations of any kind that may be decired. of fice Room No. 5. in the Washington Buildinc.oor ner Pa av. and Seventh st. ja 10 3m* M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, il_ , tends personally at his office in this city .WtJfcs? Many persons oan wear these teeth who^*-1-1-^13 oannot wear others, and no person oan wear others Who oannot wear these. Persons calling at my office oan be aooommodated with any style and pnoe of Teeth th?y may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and mopt perfect denture that art can prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Ronnifi in fthia oitv N a. llflA **- * 9th and 10th iti. Xiao, 907 Aroh street, l,S\S^ein phia. oo 15-tf Only One Dollar. 476 Pa. Av At EVANS'S. 476 Pa.Av. TAKE YOUR CHOICH FOR 91. TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR *1. JEW ELRY-J HWKLR Y JEWELRY-JEWELRY ONLY ONK DOLLAR FOR ASY ARTICLE OP JEWELRY IN OCR STORE. CARBUNCLE ONYX STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS. GARNET JET STUDS sets and buttons, CARB. studs and buttons, PL'N soli) studs and buttons, mosaic studs and buttons. gold stone STUL>? and buttons, coral sets jet sets lava sets plain gold sets, ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR EACH! splendid pocket KNIVES Per One Dollar. . . Worth Three. gents' CH ains Twelve Styles?. For One Dollar each plateiTware, Coneiatins of butter knives, spoons,-ta8le, tea, dessert, CUPS,?gilt lined, FORKS-pitcuers-CREAM ladles, cake ba^kkts-SUGAR sifters, nut crackers and picks, tea knives and forks, &o.. Af>., ao. 476....476. ...476....476. ...476....476 ladies' chains: GUARD chatelaine neck For One Dollar For One dol,*r .. .For One Dollar io lol nnnus nnnva CLOSING OUT A LARCE LOT OF BOOKS, At Great Redurtivn in Prices, Ox accoc.nt or the continued Hahd Times. Now ss the Tim? to Replenish yonr Library, Or Get a New One, c H 8 a p Remember R*mtmb?r Alh EVANS'S 47b Pa-Av. EVANS'S Fa. Av. mar 23 between 3U and 4>? itreetn. RIDDLE HAS THE LARGEST, NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF ?r ju w 3s JL-a n v EVER OFFERED IN THIS OR ANY OTHER CITV, AT THE LOW TERMS OF ONE DOLLAR I'T)R YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Sets for SJ Eiegant LAVA - . 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A avenue and Eleventh street, has been greatly improved recently and now offor?JuijV^L greater inducement* for the patronage ofcTTTzwiia and atrangera than any other publio house in the cit*, his prioea being leaa man those 01 any other fjiotel on Penn. aveuue, and hia accommodations or permanent or transient boarders cnexeeption able. The bar anil restaurant arrariKementa of the Enrnpeau Hotel have already become very popu lar. bt ins all that can be desired by the moat fas tidious. Toe proprietor pledgee unremitted atten tion and oontiKned liberal expenditures to give sat isfaction to all, and tnus renews hu invitation *r all to five the European Hotel a call. de4-tt ^ATCHREPAIRING AN D8ILVER WARE I have one of the best establishments, and fur DUiiicu wiiii auuiiiptoio bei ui hiuii iur rrpr.T ine every description of fine Watches, and A] artioular Attention give to the same, by hKmE thorough compoteut w<>rkm*ii,and a. work Kiaran tied. 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To tbe invalid, as well as to those in eommends itself for iU unrivalled qualities as a stimulant of the safest, surest, and most bor.eieer.t deeonption, and many ox the most (fisttmraisherf Bsioians are usinr U in their praotic* with the siest rpsi!'ts. C'-EKV WM. C. CONOVER, CARRIAGE FACTORIES, WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ?" 1) StrtH, Btturan 9tk and 10tk Struii. We hare just finished a namber of first-clasi CARRIAGES, such as Light fancy. Wagcms, Park Pkeattms. ramxly Car nag**, and But gits, whiob we will eel! a a very small profit. Brtr r practical mechanics in different tranche* of the businocs, we Hatter ourselves that we know Se styles aad quanty of work that will give satis otion, ooinbir.inj lightness, comfort and duraUli ty. Re?a:rin; promptly and carefully attended to the shortest notice and most reasonable charrea, f ? ? m ik* * ^ a ? W a k ? ? - ? ^ ~ ~ -?**? i*r a v ? iTALiir,IV, RAHiBAnn A HOFP, Coaehm&kors, ucomsora to Wm. T. Kook. fcp n-<ny Toakriasks. HE Bvbvmber hurini K.r.00 addition* is hi (fcntory, irtkinf it noxr one- ofthe lwt^tA acyvff, in District, wh?r? bis faeihtina fortt?C*A? m?r<r *actnr"vH.4 tuJ**** * nauT*r-^?K I VVA.VOivi or ?ul kicd? o&ooot t>e ?Drpr.?iw\ ?c< from his Ions exjfcrwwoe in th# tUiaeM. bo aoptr. to iiT" s?r,er*i a&tnfrciioa. All tiaosof C?JTii;?siE? JUskt >Y*foa? koyiox klnr1 All RL'PAl&SnoatiyJoso.avdlllarttTa preayt ir attend** to. SM?a4-fc&s4 Carriages tak?n in *xtk>nr* fork > ?. AH DREW J. JOYC&,

<1 im 4*rii*r *f lttk and K i ' FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 77... 9300,000. Qfltt com r C strut and Louisiana at*., ovtr Bank Of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANl7oTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Director*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Croploy, William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D- Barclay, Jawb Gideon, Andrew Kothwell, Tho^, Parker, Richard Barry, B. B. French. No ohargo for Policieii. JAMES ADAMS. President. Abil G. Davis, Secretary. oc lC-eo6ra TOPHAM'S PREMIUM TRUNK MAXUFACTORY, 49"? SEVESTH fTBKKT, WASHlJCOlOW, D. C. Stiver Medal awarded hy Maryland Institute of Baltimoe, November 7,1H60 Also, Medai l;? Me ropolitan Mechanics'Institute, Washington, D. C\, 1OT. I am oonetantlf making. and a! way* have on hand. of the best material, eveiy deeonpt*r>n ol Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladi?f Dre??, Wood Box, and Packing Trunks, Peilisier, Carpet.and Canvas Traveling Bass, School Satchels, Ac., At Low Pries. Members of Counress and travelers will pl?ase exarrine my stock before jasrohasiug elsewhere Trunks that are made in other cities Superior Leather and Dress Trunks made to opier. Trui k? oovored and repaired at short notice. Goods delivered free of oharee to ar.yJpart of the ity, Georgetown, aud Alexandria. ja 23-lyeo J AMES S.TOPHAM. P READER, ERl'SE The fol nwie f statement and then judge of it? fvsts for yourself A BR AM COLK, of Brooklyn, N. Y., a well known citiz n there, had suffered from Dyspepsia for some voars, witho-it permanent relief, until he iriea a * r?K.'? rii.i.B, wincii taken according to the direction for this oompiaint. restored luni to health in a few week* After an interval of acme n^n^f IflKrgM^W&'foa an eruption on hia n?ck. shoulders. tack and leg, whioh covered about one third of hia body. It kop? the parts afieoted covered with a scab, and being olteu a raw ?ore, of course very tronblesoma and distressing. It so much impaired his health as to nufit him lor business and kept him in constat uttering. All tried ea' aid f*i>?-i him until he to>k AVER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT XARSA I'A RI l.l.A, which cured him. His skin still iliovi soin* soar* from tlio ulceration, but it isotherwu? an oiear as an lufint*. JOHN II. SHOOK, Esq . an eminent lawyer ol Richmond, Va , took a c.ld which settled on hia lungs. A severe pain set ii. on the l?{l tide, with a b?vi oough, whio i was soon followed by the nr.mia takarlo symptoms o| consumption. W !i*nreduced v?ry low he commenced taking AVER'S C1IKK KV I'EC I'l >RAIi, which soou stopped the cough and completely cu^ed him. Prepared by UK. J. C. A ITER 4, CO., Lowell, Mass. malSeolui PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD RENOVATES Is precisely what its name indicates, for, while nleanar.t to the taste, it is revivifying, exhilarating, invigorating ami stren.thening to the vita: powers, and at the ?aine time revivifies, reinstates, and ro r\AVk tbA Rl/inH in I it? nri?int 1 nnrifa mv*A tk>i? aaw ww mm - ' w i a wo *' .IIIUI y U IbT IIIIU V II II D at onoe restores and renders the system invulnerable to marks nf disease, it in Hi < only preparation ever offered to the world, so ohemioally and skill fully o'iiii>ined a? to be trie roost powerful tonic, and at the same tune so perfectly adapted to, r.s to act in perfect accordance with the law* of nature, and henoe will soothe the weakest stomach, ana tone up the digestive organs, and thus allay ail ner vous aid other irritation. It is perlect'.T exhilara ting and at the same time it is composed entirely of vegetables, yet so combined as to produce the most thorough to mo effect, without producing any in jurious oonne^uenoes. bach a remedy has lotir been felt to be a desideratum in the medical w>> Id, for it needs no medical kk 11 to see that dutulitv f>llows all attack* of disease, and proceedi and in dead lays the ayetein open to the insidious attacks ot many of the most fatal, suoh, for example, as the following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, I oss of Appetite. Paintnoss, Nervous Irritability, Neuragia, Palpitation of the heart. Melancholy, Night sweats, (jaiigor, Giddiness, Retention ol. as well as Painful obstructed, too profuse, or too so*nt Menstruation, and Falling of the Womb. These all depend upon general debility. This pure, healthy tonic Cordial and B'ood Renovator is as sure tooure as the sun is to nst and set. There is no mietak* about it . Hut this is not all If the system is weakeaod wo are open to bilious at tacks, the liver becomes torpid, or worse diseased, the kidneys refuae to purfonn their functions, ana wh are troubled with scalding aud inoontmerce of urine, or involuntary dmotarge ofthe same, pant in the baok, side and between the khoulde's. ex coetlingly liable to slight colds, coughs, and if un obAcked. soon emacir.tion follows, and the patient goes oown to a premature crave. Rut space wi 1 not allow us to enumerate the manv ills to which we are liable in a \reakened condition ot Uie system. But we will say in this Cordial and Blood Kenova ?>r yoit nave a perioci si e pi eMani ana eneotuai remedy for loss of Appetite, biliousness. F&tu lenoe, w*ak and sick stomach. Langour. Liver Complaint, Chills and Fever or anr ftjiouaattack Coitiveness. Acidity of the Stomach, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression of Spirits. Sores, Pimple# on the Face, or any dis ease arising from impure blood, such aa Sorofuia, fcirysipolaK, Bronchitis, Courh. difficulty of Itreath ing, and all that olass of diseases oal cd female weakness, and enumerated above. We will al?o s<vy the traveler exposed to epidemics, ohang?. of climate and water, will find it a pleasant, safe nnd sure remedy, and no one should ever travel out. Re?d?r, try it, for we assure you yon will find in it a friend indeed, as well aa a friend in need. All persons of seder.tarr habits will find it a per feot preventive oi, as well as a oure for thore ail ments which they are particularly exposed Her.oo ministers, students, attorneys, litorarT gentlemen, and ladies who are not accustomed to much out door exerci??, will find it to their advantage to keep a bott'e constantly on hand; and above all mniners. or i.-iuto neconuDt luan, win to luruugu ? that most dangerous period not only vith all their aoous!omed strength, but safe and free from the Jj thousand ailments no prevalent among the fomale portion of the woi Id. In abort, la indeed a mother a ? cordial. Try it old and young; no lo< ger ran the risk of delay; it will relieve and prore ltnelfrmphat ioally a Kttto.attve Cordial and Blood Renovator. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 414 Hroad#ay, New York, and 114 Market Street. St. Louis, Mo? ac 1 so d by all good Druggists. Price On* Dollar per Bottle. PROP. WOOD'S . RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AlfD BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sol<Hn this city by C. 8TOTT, 374 Pa. aveaue. * B OOT8 AND SHOES TO SUIT T?? T1MKS. WV I o S inferior We are now rnnxofactann? all kinds of OOOT9 and SHOES, and oor'stanar rwcriDi a. stpp'r of eastern made work of every de-j sonption, made expressly to order, audi be sold at a much lower rioethan has h heretofore charjed in una eitj for mach artioies. Persons in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or aitj ioa?le work, will always find a rood a* aortic en in store and at the lowest ^rtoea.^ Ctre^as^oaU. a>*-r 314 i'ennsrlvania arena*. f|UPOMT'8 GUNPOWDER, " ^TioStl'J^SS^ro,. Sol4 At*icy Tm lis Distrut of Cilsntia _ r? -x left at thaoftoe of Adams' Convany, WaaiunctoB. D. CT fe S-lawly CLOTHING, &c. Nmerchaxt tailorisa, EW FALL STY 1.ES or CLOTHS, CASSI MERS, AND VESTING*. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO., 3*3 Pennsvlva nia Avenue. have just rwiv?j a larre variety of new Fall Goods, to wnioh they invite the attesti t of their friend* and cmlomtn. an ft'-tf GENTLEMEN'S *JT KE\DY-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING offers to citizens and strancers mkin an immediate nut f t fup.? rior inducements, embracing, at this tima, a!l sty les and sua!itie? of Dress an<l Bu?iue?? Gar ments and Ove-ooata in all vari*tiei. Fine Shuts and Under-olothmc of all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best quaity. Scarfs, 'l ies. Cravats, Stocks, Hosiery, Ac.. Ac. Ail of which we are oilerini; at ?ur usual low prices. Clothing made to order in the n?i*t superior "'i???S-r:r WALUSTKI'l^N ??***&? . POTO THK PEOPLES'CLOTHING STOR E, " I No. 460 Seventh ?t., to ret your CLOTH ING, FURNISHING GOOl.8, HATS and CAPS. fc 2 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invito oar en?to*ier?, and citizens *enerai It, to .id inspection of our present new, at tractive, and e'erart a??ortment of CLOTHS. CASSIMEKKS, DOESKINS, VbSTlNGS, OVERCOATINGS. Ac. which we will make to order in superior* style at very low prices. WALL, STEPHENS k. CO? oc 25-tf #83 Ha. av., hetw. 9th and HHh ?t?. Kenerw & Cure Cough, Cold, Hoar$en*st, Jn flutnz* any Irritation or Sort iig' of the Throat, Heiitve tht Hnrktn* Couth in Consump tion, Bronchitis, Athma, 4* Catarrh. Clear a?f ru-? strength to Uu voice of rUDLIC SPEAKERB and SINGERS. Few Are aware of the importance of oheckinc a 3ouch or "Common Cold'* id iU fir?t * lace; that which in the (>:?<::i,in?: vnald ticM to a nil <1 u?ni? b?i;:i;inn would 71 It, if neclect^d. soon attack the "Fmrn'i Bronthial TroThe*," contairi-nK deir.nTcer.t inr redi lata, ailay Puiinon&ry and Hit>nchial Irritation. "That trouhie in my Throat, (for 3RO\VN'S whicn the "Trorhe^' area ?p?cific> having made me often a mere wtm BATAr " TV P W I l .l K fROCHES perer/ N. P. WILLIE. iRniVNN "1 recommend thair oae to Pr?L:c *" , Spkakaks." runn.tfu! HPV E 11 ruii.iv I ItVVU LlO ; irown's rROCHES IROWN'S fROCHES IROWN'S j :roches irown's raocHE? IROWN'S; ROCHES IROWN'S j ROCHES IROWN'S ROCHES IROWN'S 'ROCHES IROWN'S ROCHES HOWN'S V**. ? "Great servicem ciitKluirx 1!oak?? nbss." REV. DANIEL WISE. " Almo?t inpOf.t relief in the dia tresstnic labor of breathing pcoulia' tv> Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLB8TOK. " Coo til in uo Opium or arifthioj injurious." DR. A. A HA^ES, Chemist, Boftuit, " A simple and p!ear?i.t oombi ca tion far Ooi*3H?, Ac." DR. G. F. BIGELOW, Bottom. ? Beneficial in Bronchitis." DR. J. F. W. LANE, Bottom, " I have proved them excellent for WaorriNt. Cocsh." REV. H. VV. WARREN. Bottom. " Ben-fioial when oompe'Ied to tf> pk. RnJTs'inj from Com." ftEV. S. J. 1'. ANDERSON, St. Lomit. " Er?ECTr*.t in rensovine Hoarae no?? and Irri^tion c>f the Throat, to ooirmon with SrsAKxas and Sins ""'Prof M.STACY JOHNSON. Lm Go. Teacher of Mtieio, Southern Female College. " Great benefit when taken befort Dre&iihinr. M the* prevent Hoar?"?nei??. From Ifinn part er^ct, i I think lh?y will te oi perniabPbt ad 'ROCHE81 rant*** to m?. | REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. ROWN'S President ol AtU*n? Colleje, Teuo. ROCHES' jT^^Idby &I1 Printst* at TWKN I TY -FIVE CENTS A BOX.??II da 1-1/ Da. J. H. McLEAN'S STEERGTHEXINQ CORDIAL AND BLOOD PIRIFIKK. HE GREATEST REMEDY i* tKt WORLD, and the most Dkitciovs axd i?ELIUHTFlL CORDIAL EVER TAKEN. !t it strictl* a ?ci c'.ilc u.d Vtc?ta 1.1a rnnmiinil r... Icarad fcy'tha diattlla t'?o af raota, . arba, ! 4 birti Y allow Hock, Blood Kat, E.lCk Root, rtlla, Wild Chtrry E rk, and Dandaiito antara inta ila eaia JMtlUb. Tin antira acti*a rtmadial pqccipla, . i of aack infradiatitia , . rfore to05^^^,~5*orifter taking tilliDf. pradacimr * dalicioaa, ?*t,i:?ratir. f (pint, ud U? wttufallibla ran* iy f?r ratn?ati-.f tfea d;aaa*ad d r??'ariuj tb* ilct, ?it?nn|, ?Ld dabi.iutad invalid w ?nd au*nftfc> HcLEAN'S STRENUTHENiyG CORDIAL ill *faet?*lly car* Li??r CampWint, Pt*p*p*h, Jaac ca, ("branie ?r Narvaaa liability, Dutuia at tba Kidaar*, id all diaaaaa* ?ri*inf 'ran adiaardarad Livar ar Stauacb, rapapaia, .irtbaru, Inward Pilaa, Aciditr ar Bickuax al a atnniacb, P?llna*a af Eltcdiaiht Hind, Dall Pais at rimming la tha Maa-l, PklpiuUaa af tba Start, Palloau Wairht In tha ia:ntcb, Hoar Eracutiana, Chakinr ar ifacaunf Paaliag wban davo, Dryua** or YallaW aa af lb* Bkio aiid Eyaa, Nirlit Bvaau, lawoxd Paaara, lio in tba Small af lb* Back, Chtat, ar fida. Saddao mhai af Baal. Dtvraaaiao af Spirit). Frirh'.?a[ !>r*?ma. iiifur, Daaaondancy ? my r.?r??aa diaaaaa, Inn at ten** an ua Bkla, u< F??? ud ip* (*r Ckiua and ITMJ OrfiS 4 MILLION BOTTLES tl k*?a Mid d?nnf lb* lut an i->actha, u.d la a* la in*! hu it failad in firtaf nor* afttiafactiau. Wkt. than, 111 alfar fran Wfiinin or inability wh*a Mcklill PCtKaT* LSI CORDIAL will ear* yaa 1 M* lu(?uf* c..u canT*y aa Idaa af tha imraadt ? and aimaai ir.iracalaaa char.fa pradacrd kj taking ikii ardiai to lHa dlaaaaa<l, dakililatad, and ahauarad^aaa tarn, vkathar krakan dawn by aicaaa, va:k ky mini, lafXL>rad kjr dtknaaa, Uia ralasad and anatiMC aifaai Uaa I* r a alar ad ta iu prlatin* kaalih and ti ta? MARRIED PERSONS, Iktn, tanacimu af tn-bality frarn whatarar caaaa, vtll id MlhEAMi iratnerribNiNe cordiaw * m? ?fi M|*f tb* lyaiara; and all vba mar ha?a la rad tkaiualrta ky Impraaar indeljaaeaa will bd ta Ula trdlal a *aruin aad apaady raready. TO THE LADIES. MckBAMt rrRKHOTBEKIIlO CORDIAL la a aaaar [d aad apaadyeara far lacipiant Carnaiapuan, Whuaa, ii*a'?i> wtmirianiw I wiwinipri m ? lnralantara Diachura tharaaf, Falliof af U>a Wamb, iddtnaaa, PalntiBf, u< all diuuii incidaot ta Fatraiaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT far m lar.jar. Tiki it UMrdnj u diractiaua. It will iroalata, atraafihao, ud ioTlgartia yaa and caaaa lb* hi af health va roaanl t??t chaak aftig. Evary baula la imiMi ta fl*a aatiafactiaa. FOR CHILDREN If ramt cblldran tra aickiv, par J ar aEittad, M CLE A IT'S DED1AL will maka thaa haaltbv, fat, ud rakaau l>alay it a manaou Uj it, ud yam ?U1 aa taanattd. It la da tot; Uj U, aad rat liaat ta taka. CA VTION, livtn af irmgftata ar daalara wba may try la pajia span ta a air. a Mttar ar aaraapanlla traab, which thay can bar laap, br aaving It la Jaat aa raod. A raid aach wan. Aak r McLtAN'i ?TB.EMGTHENlf?G CuEDlAL, aad laka ukiii# alia. It la tAa anlv ramad* that will tanf* tha laad tod it tba aama tima atranflbaa lit ayatan. On? uupwiM takan a?ary marninf faatiof la a carcun rm?u?t far CktUn, Chilli and Farar, Tallow Fmr, ar IT pravalaat diaaaaa. H ia pat up la Urn boulaa Fnea >7 ' par batUa, ar ( hav.laa far #S i. H Mi LEAN, ?ia propriatar a* lht? Cardial; alaa. McLaaii'i Tolcuic Oil kiniioant. Priacip?l Papal an ua earner aX Third aad Fina ?ua*u, k kaaia, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THJC BEST UX1MENT IK THE WORLD.) Tka anl* aafa and cartain eara (ar Cancan, Pllaa, Ta iara, valliiifa and Branciiila ar Cottra, Na> I'fia, Waaknaaa af Ua Maaclaa, Chronic ar lniarr malar? Jtaaraauara, Stiffnaaa af Um Jawu, Contracted Maaclaa ar ' "- nil. Euttka atTooduckl. Uraieaa. B; r*iui. Fraah j.i, vtVIuob, tioin, r ?J???i *'* *? ow? pplee, Barr.e, *calde, Bar* Throat, of uij i u 3m r station ar an. n* diCerenf baw htin or l*nf tfce ? itui maw ? exieted, Mi'LB&n CKl>J?BJLATKD L'NlBtCNT >? ate, Waacde,*, Fewer Borei, Caked Brt.iat, (tore PI ,1U 1*1 certain remedy. Thaaaaoda af buu fcaiofa hi? keer. eawed a lift a/ Hi rapui'la aod B1117 kj tta oaa af tfcU ii'ilukli ramedj MCLEAN'S TOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT fill retiewe pain iIdm maaiuma.;, aad u will claw, rify aad he*] Uja fomiaat aorai ia au iocradiU* afcurt time. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. HcUKANt CELEBRATED UMMBKT to the ar.1* aafa ad reliable teu*4v for the H>a af Bpawia. RwrWja, rwdgmUe, BpU&u, Delta taral Lampe, Nodae af BareUu.ra. I mil failed la care Bi| Head, Failaru. FImbU. dU LmbIb# InrM bp iwaar*. if WAMrlt nniiail l~_ praiBt, Imiu, leni(?H, tncM CWti. fcui? r OUuStUi.CiU, (oim, ?t Wmh, tabu ufaHibU WM*y. Afplyito 4w?cm4 u4 ? un to cmuu m ???ry ?aUM.MJTOTT, to WaakMg; t.OWIfcibmHiWi Mll-MWty THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. Vkis ununi nmur u< Nm Jnri taiais* ? imwr ?an*?r of ict?r??ti Uan otn t?# oat<1 is acr *U>*r?u Mt iikM ? Ftidly ii.orr.iri, MMrMhf.ta mdmmmtt. WlnylWQOfT, for mnnum W Fir? ocpip? - 4 T8 T?J oopiea t oo Twenty It# oopiM V V It invariably oor.t&ina the "Wuhiutoo Nrwa" that baa mad* TV D?ii> ?r???i Star ciroa.aM io tenerall? th roue boat U* MMtn. (1^Single eopiei < in vruprora i ou b? ?r<x>?r*4 it the oruBter. i imm?sl;kU> j after U>? imi* of the >?Hr. I'rio*?THRKK CUNTS MEDICINES. |> I?K JOH^fSTOn, Daltimukk LOCK HOSPITAL, {at dutovrtd tkt men Certa ?. Sptedp and only Erf id ill Rtmrdf lit tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASE* OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE UELICACY PREVENT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. I CURE WARRANTED. OR VO CHARGE, IN MOM OA A JO TWO VAYS. W?kiif?o( the rack. (OKiarn, Affectiwie of the fc?d e?e Olid Rudder, involuntary l??a. ntfti. Ii?| oteoc r, tj*?. r'-i Debility, Nfii?owiifM. byape|?e, l *i #n, r, Ooa'uai.Ma r IJoi, Ljer Spirit?, Palpitation 1/ th< He rt. Ti?MilJt renabttiife, I)imneee of 8>j -t or (iiddintw, 1>imu* of ilic ead, Tlirwt, Nom ?r Mhin, Alertioua o( tli< Liinn, :n or H?cli?thru Tarril/lt |iia.r4rre iiMin| from 0I1 Tf Hibmgf Yunh?thear Urtidlil and Peetruciite Prac ?k..-k >>-4? MartUfl uuiwUt. u4 <wuof both od; and Mind TOUKO MEN apecnl.r whohaee become (hr nriinN rf Solitary jI dreadful and deatrvciite habtt ?hicH annually eweepe an iitinnrlr thuueindenf Vvai ( Mra i( Ike sue t tailed lalcnia aud brlllnaut intellect, ?ho n.ifht ctherv a* ire euiranced lia'eiiiiif Mraatea mith Ike thunder* af el? leaice or wakrU to ecatacy the li'inr I) re, may ca.l (h ili confidence. MARRIAGE. MiRRIID PlRIO!i*,or Voun|f Mti fort*wpiatinf Mar* up*, bem|f a?k?rcuf nhjriical tiakdCM, urfauic debility, tlormitic*. 4c., speedily cured He ?H? placet ltitr??f|| under the car* of Dr J raa^ raltT.* ialy confide IU hit hotter a f euiitman and Coofidtauy I j upoii int tkill at a phytician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST ft hand aide from B .Itimnre atreet, a f??r door* from * corner. Kail u?t to oboerva name and tuil'lt. UlMi* gat lil paid and CMUu a atanip DR JOHNSTON, tml er of the K y?l I'oilera d Surf a?a, London, fradu ! I.oin ( !,? oi 1M moot Cullrffl in th< Tailed . tee, and the ffteaier pirt nl shoe* lift hm? t>e?n apeut in p hoaptuie ot London, Pane, I'liiad'ip^iia and alee* here, effected e?me nt the moat aatouiai, i.g carea that mere er kno?u; nuny troubled mitli m.fn.e u. the head and r? ?heu aaleep, grr4t nrriouai^H, Mint aiarmed at tdeu anonda. baahtutiieaa with frequent Moahn.f. attended netin.ea ?iib Jer-n^eirei.t ot n.n.d, wer, cured imiue itelr TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE fc'oimjr Men ?i?d >?ther? who H??e u.Jured iktntclvH by a riMii practice ia a hen a!oi?f ?a hat .t freaoaotif irned from evil c<,..<pauioi*a( or at acbooi, t*e efltctt of tico are nifhtlj felt eve.. when aaSeep, and if not cared, dera nitrri urpoeaible, aud deairoyt hott amnd aad 1*. ahoi.ld ?p* ?jr I immediately r*.eae are mm ol the aad -aid m-Ui.eholy effecu rrodvcod early lial itt of eou:h._*?* HmIiimi ot 'he B?ck and : l ?, IMiUl Hi !? H . il , IHlBlMI ' I h"i?hf , L *1 Oi >lc?ctl%r r'T. Pilpiuti ' tn? Hr r*, Pjapcpaj, NerveM Irrtia i?e, IVrtn^i fin of lb# Dt*? <>* Koi* (iam, Otbtrtl . Ry, If! p'cur.i c?l ComwMim, 4 c ItVTALLI he feart?l el hM ^ind art inach to dreaded? Lo?? of Memory, Coutuaiou ot Ideaa, DtrrfMio? E\?l K r*t.o<Iw.??. Ave rates ot ttociety, Gall Pie **. Lov? of 8oh*ude t Timidity, etc , are a<??re of the tvilt kdoeed t'ER % <?r? ?)EVI|LITT. ? Th< x aaiida can now iud|fe * hat * can?e of lh?ir derlioiaft health, !?** ; r 'heir iifnr, tecom - m r ik, p Je, ncrvooa kod Muciattd, hiviit| i nafiiar KAfaact about the cjir, cou^n or fmp'mc r?l OH*e?'?p DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. I'hen tbe un*f uidr d II, '1 imp rude n' ?... ry off IfUlrt *1.4* h iirfib-il tt * ?fi!i of tint }. iititul dii?M| II too uftou |'?u? that ati ul-iimed Mwr "f ihii"< or draad of dwcoifrr eri hi (run inf (o thu*e ? ?, Irom (ilbUUM and r*c "ility.ti. 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Nervooa lrnubilitv, mbhur and Wfnkutai or Eihauauoa of the moot ft&rral I t|.i?dii)r eared. MAUOKSKMKNT OF THE PRESS. HI .Va.^T TMOViaUDi cared at tbia luituiuoa wiOho l?at seventeen rears, and the ntnnerooe im porta ol 8ur*t operation* perforated by Dr. JutiMtau, aitu^iNd by Uit ari'n of the paper* uod many otber ptnoi.i, notice* of eH hare appeared an and a^ain before (be public, be a hie tawin g ? a <r?i tletcau ? ! character and i penal ly, la a aufficteut gutrantee to the atfhcted. mar 1ft ly ,Yii? Bfs&iii* AF*LY THKDll*M h DY il KJOICK i!?HEALTH. 'ri?n?J, Co v -i tuLvrf Are yoa u.e netim of any .nose :.ou.croj *.!rr?uia ?u?h arise rrun im i.y of t:.o t.joJ.' V?'hit are,do yon kit t ther aex, wliit ore tney set! The blood ia too roe ol i.:e tjui ^ealtii, un; it ia tee Bret aleiuett or he...t to reapo'id t j any cauee which afoot* aysteni, t-a the p^ire tn|a!fib!y aHpeta The eror ram; I Nftaralgia, the imuiiDi hryaipe aa,U>? iloScrofu.a, tnea(< c>KiB< Khenraabani, Ner : l>tbi!ity, itrrpepkta, L.i?er Ocnp.aiLt with ita aor ucjf' .ifi the Lcmbrr eai i,.a that it ia he:rto,oem*tLoir iuUeonsoricm from the .'1. IJjai k ia<if y then ar.d f entiy with the blood. reaourcee of nature for 1U aid. e jflor u< to oomroeni! to year ootfcdeiioe an* that truly T-inaV.e medicament known at t# 11 < a# r*/-i w? ? no. I VA O INDIAN TB& STABLE DECOCTION. k'ltta retard to tint almoat infallible aaeail* lei.iMLect I. a* ipoken to daoidad tarma I the eTideteea of thia t mt rfloter ire wd by i act tact avowva of ouraiira mC*cu and happiaat roavlta from lU lm are ?.'ur a. < u.rr iwdiea and the t>f>?t medioal akill hare failed, at ua say. in coiii nnun, that oertitoatee es are not aonght twin tt?e i. iterate and auaar !?ut tiiey are volunteered from tlw motfra otab e ?ocreea and jnatify the highest terma ia or. it ia po??ib:e to oummtud ao rateable a cibo to pifhiio approval. We may add aiao that curative yropertie*of the medieiae are a* Bailed f by it* rer'oratire ete< t?, tha yatam reoorer fromdiara^a with renewed constitutional *??<>* or nale by a! reepectabie i'rugrieta m thia ',aoU by the proprietor, MRS. M- COX, cco (ennice csieea bar namaia blown oc the tie and her aeai on Use oork ~7~ Frioe 91 per bottle, fix bottlaa for It. TkoUsait K. S. *. CIBSKL. >reetown, i> C., Wholeaale Agentfor the DU t. and will mpply the trade at my pnoaa. 118-tr HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. RIK9FMAR.1.3 and ?-Proteeted by Royal :tera Patent of Encland, and icoorsd by the bis of the Kcole de Pfcar maoie de Paria, aad the serial College of Mediame. Vierna 0 1 la ;nvaluat.le for exhaaation and natorrhea, all physical diaabilitiea. o. 2 completely erac' c&tea all trace# of thoaa t**rt Utai have been Hitherto treated by the aao - as and perntci< u* i se of ooMira aad oabeba. o. 3 haa ettirelj anpplanted the lajanoaa uae of rear*, thereby insnring to the aaiTerer speedy ?f. oi*p?rsirc all unparitiaa, and rooting oa venom of disease. K1E>E*IaR, Not. 1, Sand 3,are preparad ia form of a lozenge, devoid of taate ai,c aaaji. 1 oan be carried to the vaietcoat pocket. k>m |? oaaoa. and diTidad into aeparate doses, aa ao fiatrred by Veipee.u, L*iemaad, Rou. Rioord. Prioa 4s ra^h. or foar caees for ft. whioh ea ?3; and in >77 caaea, whereby there it a aav of %< . To be nad.wholaaale and retail, of Dr. RROW.of 194 Bleecker street. New York. . neaiate'T on raeanriPt a remittance. in. Hirrov I forward the i'rip?eniar to ur part of the worid, uiely piwrkad. and addrwo aaoordini to the u? notiona of the writer. 'he Book, or aM othara, that ahoald ba read by u with darnsted ana broken dowr o ' ?titut]onf 'Bumai Fra Tit,, or Phyeiolociea! ReeeArcMfc* t*auiifu.ij liiuetraud.aod t eau naataly af tM *Tmp OBI* that mvanab'T om>o? thai re?. sooner or later. resulting from the Trautiae I Tittalinc haUta or earlt / oath, r- tiilf victim lrom a ham.* the fraitioa of the Min n.a; atate, and. if cot cheoked in tuna, decaaar ita. Sent free every where. ?M a so tty a. C. Fu-g. Jr., Drag Mora, Waah ton. D. C. . deV-fm kR, J. BOVEB DODTS ' IMF IB. J AL WINE BITTERS, lt? row bet at from Mum to the Vr?l Ml e, mai the auiwml Torthet of all who aee m Miner u ? msduma or aa a i#eere#?, m tul Ttrs UJ|<>UM )1 Ikf Vane. 1> IVxJe tMd im seehi ku prtoi.or for U yr? before Firobliw of Via tfce ?ie nthi to atofKH'' ! far t*:e to It# itti lc. For the si' *nu. al r?f tirr# a ink, tW arf * - _V * ? * ' '" ? aahia remedy. A??de tr+i gSnosgr hssziuga sfE ratty aw! a!!?4ro?*!?a <*f t^infirUM Mil te. nbotititrc tbaM rawtblt b ' U? MMMrii pmmmt lh*"' th wkutk tfaa Mutrr u ioodac, wd Uarat>r # '?* W aid is oabusmk itiiMM imi L>rmrnkm>omm D*. J. BOVKE ROjr IMF?RIAL GJN ?, TTMRS, rDlMMoftktUMi^lt4tejpi T**im~r tana, aa4 eeyeeislly for r?M OMmdm, r?r fail to nr*. aa4 art ??iiufci to giaa aoa I^Siefc