Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY April 11, IW. Spirit of the Morning Crru The Imulliginttr argues that the Administration haa no Intention of making war upon the South, and that !f It had such, It has not the power to arry It on The Repmbluam says that the people of the Inlted states will never content, at tbe dictation and for the Interest of slaveholders, to extend slavery, either by acta of Congress or amendments to the Constitution, and that the precipitate coorse of Virginia aeceaaioniata fa placing them In a position from which it will be dangerous to proceed and mortifying to withdraw. Pofcla* S*?n*i!tT ia Vibgihia?A recent brief trip Into the Interior of Virginia h.ia thor oughly satisfied us that there exists no foundation whatever for the impression sought to be made by the Richmond disunion newspapers, that a considerable change In favor of their very bad ? J I . tu.4 .in.. 4k. wiu?c uoi uccurrru iu vuav cwic viiico ?uc i?ir election of mrmbers to their current State Con vention. According to their statements the Old Dominion Is all ablaze for Immediate secession. Our observation was, principally, In the very county In which the change in favor of disunion Is represented to have been greatest; wherein we could not hear of a single citizen who being for the Union at the date of the convention election, is now for placing Virginia under the usurpation of the Oligarchy?not one. On the contrary, we found the people very generally utterly amazed, Incensed and diagutUd *t tke # that usurpation -? developed by the means taken to confirm It In power?tbe entire abrogation of pop ular rights In the seceded States, and the whole sale misrepresentation of purposes and policy of tbe Government of tbe United States toward* the South, made plain In Its conduct since the fourth of Aiarch. We found no man there with whoin we conversed upon the subject who now falls to realize that the question which Virginia Is to de cide. Is whether she will give up the assurance of tbe continuance of all the rights, privileges, liberties and blessings which her people have en joyed through tbe Government of the United States up to this time, for tbe questionable con dition of citizenship under the despotism of Rbett, Spratt, Cobb, Toombs & Co. Not a man of them entertained the idea so Industriously ought of late to b? injected into the Virginia pop ular mind, that the policy of the present Admin istration it an aggresMve one upon the South The result it, that the cause of the Union is far stronger at this moment there than previous to the 4th of March, when the course of the present Government towards the South was uncertain, and was being; most effectively misrepresented Thi ErricT or thi Administration's Pbacb Polict ?It is beyond dtribt true, that throughout the border slaveholding States, the forbearance of the Government towardsthe usurpation oftheOli garchy i? having its legit!mat.effect in the way of rapidly reviving in th-J popular heart the enthusi Bsm In behalf of the Government of the United States, which existed everywliere under its ju risdiction. until the late explosion of the conspira cy by which it has been temporarily di?jL<inted. We are constantly seeing gentlemen from differ ent quarters of all those States, and with the ex ception of the few of them who are advocates of ciTit war ii neceasary lo make dliunlon a fixed fict for all time to tocne, who dors not freely de clare that the people everywhere around them are already saiisfled that their rights and Interests have nothing whatever to fear from the policy of the present Administration. Nine-tenths of the sympathy with the cau>e of the Oligarchy in the border State* grew out of the apprehension, not long since general within their limits, that Lin cola's administration would be an abolition one, basing its reconstruction policy upon toe use of force in the South, and the fact that it now evi dently proposes to trust the patriotism and good sense of those who have suffered moat at the Oli garchy's hands?the people of the kcwIw! atmt*n ?to right tb?U own wrongs In doe time, has already secured for it more of the respect and eoa fldence of the people (in the border States) than any other national administration ever achlevtd i>? ^viitu at vppuaruwi in bo soorx xime. The reaction la popular sentiment in those State* Is going on more rapidly than we can explain, and is crushing ont the spirit of disunion In all directions Th? truth is, the knowledge that this reaction is becoming universal is at the bottom of the increasing desperation of the disunion leaders and prea* of the non-seceded slaveholdlng States, so manifest in the virulence and intensity of their jihi uow. ?eaiamiies were never more Incoherent, violent and senseless In their denun ciations, than are these same orators and newspa per* Recosstbcctiow.? Who has forgotten the sptevh made by the Missisilppl political mis sionary in Baltimore ? He said the object of the secessionists was not to give up the Union, but to first go oat of it and then procure its reconstruct tlon by some acceptable amendments to the Con stitution In th;s manner many Union men were WhffdlMl into hfrnmlno i f neighbor of the Baltimore Sun was simple enough to be caught by this chafl" and dashed furiously Into the current of secession. The notion was about aa wise as It would be to think of improrlng a beautiful pitcher by first mashing it and then sticking the pieces together with Spalding's glue' Bat what do we see now* H* ?(>,<, ? f?*e? States out of the L'nion by thia and other deceptive arta, they now aay the Union never can be reconatrncted on any terma? Having filled to Induce the border Statea to follow them under the deloaive pretext of reconatruction, tbey now change their tactica, and tell tbem tbey have no alternative hut to chooae whether they will ad here to the North or join the cotton Statea! Such are the (MitjinuiM of aeceaalon! Ita beauties are faat developing tbemselvec, and we think the border Statea will wait awhile before they make common cause with it. ffT* We are requested to announce tbat hereaf ter tbe President will receive no visits on business ucept between tbe hours of 10 o'clock a m and 1 o'clock p. m Sickitaky Camxkox has returned Irom Penn. ylTanla. and waa at bla post to-day In tbe active transaction of official busineaa. fry John F. Elite, music dealer, sends us the 'Snow Wh'ti Rcse," by Alice Hawthorne, and Dilie's Land." Aim roB Gi> Hor?TD!( ?We find the follow ing In the letter of the \Vasbirgton correspondent nf the Richmond Etquirtr, ocder date of March 31: Got. Houston'* agent passed through here to day on his way to New \ ork to purchase armi He say a Hous'on Is raising an army of two to Ave thousand In Texas, Arkansas, Mlsso irt and Ten neve*. and will oppose the jurisdiction of the Confederals Slates, out ultimately Intends to in vade Mexico. It Is believed here that he ! In aerret correspondence with the Cabinet on the subject, and la acting In concert with their plans President Davis may bare work to do before long. ^ ? an|HKn irom .Mont^om^ry report* an active moumrnl of troop* In the Confrd-rated SUtfi. Two thousand troop* are expected to ( tctfttrtlr at Montgoiuery this week, and e?r tioaa wrre making to complete tbe railroad communication with Penaacola. There la noth ing later than Saturday from Charleston On that day tbe members of the Convention vlaited tbe fortlflcationa In tbe barbor, when there waa a general bring of tbe big guna. There were no irw developmenta in relation to the evacuation of Sumter Ipr Mississippi and Texas, through their State runven'loof, have rat!flrd tbe permanent Coi.stl. tution of the Confederate States. By Ita provl tona tbe Conatttutlou waa to go Into tfiret wben five Sutra ratified It. Alabama, Georgia. Missis sippi. Louisiana and Texaa have rati led It South Carolina and Florida have yet to act upon It. ? ? orpueraa arem painfully plenty thlaaeaaon. Ooe ao plraaed tbe people of J-tt t ton county, N Y., that tt??y aubacrlbed ?*U? to make blm tbelr clergyman. Thla the tramp took, got awful drunk, awore round oatba In tbt atresia. rode about town with an immoral woman, borrowed >?d Anally decamped ITT'The t?n caara of arms which werr aetiod In Nrw York and aubeeaaeaUy releeeed. reached SoraMoh on Tboraday faat w ? . Th* Eight-Million Loah?The proposals for the Government loin of df(bt millions were opened at noon to-day, at the Treasury Depart ment The biddings were closer than for the other late loana, ranging from 85 to 95. Up to 2 o'clock bids for more than five millions of dollars bad been received a* high as 03 and upwards. The bids up to the time we left were as follows: Fdward G Peters & Co ?*5.000 at 92. Buffalo Saving* Bank?940,000 at91.50. R J Wright, Philadelphia? ?4,000 at 93. Geo. W. Patterson. Jr., Conway. N. Y.?91,000 at 90 19. 1.000 at 90 29. l.PTOat 90 39, 1.000at00 59. 1.000 at 90 79, 1.000 at 90.H9, 1.000 at 91.19, 1,000 at 91 29, 1,000 at 91 59, 1 000 at 91 79. V. 8. Kenyon, N. Y.??1,000 at 90 16; 2,000 at 90 27; 1,000at 90 52; 2,000 at 90.76; 2,000 at 91 26; 1.000 at 91 5V; 1 000 at 9I .7H C A. Burney, Otjdensburg, N. Y.?fff.OCO at 91 SI. N L. Griswell, N.Y ?f5.000at92 Stone & Dornu. Boston??2o,000 at 91 55; 10,000 at 92 15; W.000 at 92 65; 10,000 at 93 85 Wm Beals k Co , Boston?*4 000 at 92; 2.000 at 92 12*; 2,000 at 92 23; 1,000 at 92 37*; 1,000 at 92 50; 1,000 at 92 62^; 1.000 at 92 75; 1,000 at 92 *7 K; 1,000 at 93: 1 .two at 93 12 X. 8. A Holhrook, Freeport, Me.?95,000 at 91 05. D. W. I .add. Epping, N H ? 91 .000 at 92 H F Tapley, Boaton ?95,000 at 93.35; 5,000 at 93 65. Brewater. Sweet Sc Co., Boaton ? 910,0?iO at 90 25; 35.000 at 93; 25,000 at 92 56; 30,000 at 92 16 Win. Bealt, jr., Boaton?SI 000 at 93 25; 1,000 at 93 3?*; 1?W*> at 93.50; 1,000 at 83.75; 1,000 at 94.00. J as. F. Thorndyke, Boaton-910,000 at 92 50; 10,000 at 91 50 Blake Brother* Sc Co , Boaton ?9100.000 at 92 1-5; 100,000 at 90 25 Samuel S. Day, Springfield, Maaa.?9^,000 at 93 50; 5,000 at 93 45; 5.0U) at 93 40. J K Brochett, Boaton ?V3,000 at 91; 5,000 at 90 A T. Lowe, Safety Fund Bank, BoaHn.? 91-J.liOO at 94 05; 12,000 at 9:130; 12,000 at 92.55; 12.000at 5>2 U5: 12.000 at 91 A T. I.owe, Boaton?95,000 at 92; 5,000 at 92 50; 5,000 at 93; 5.00t>at 93 50. Otia Daniel, Boaton ?910.000 at 95; 10,000 at 94 25; 20.000 at 94; 30,000 at 93.10; 30,000 at 92 52; 20.000 at C2 10; 10,000 at 91. A. n. nuiu^r, or.) DUIVOn?^o,uuu 211 W <?>. Aaron Morrow, Jr , Saleafoury, Man -*2,000 at 93 O. Currier, Boston?#6,000 at VI 10, 0,000 at 91 60, 6.000 at 92 10, 6,000 at 92.50. Peter Murry, New York? f 10,000 at 9:1 80. John C Rivet, Washington, D. C.?325,000 at 90. T Scott it Son, Baltimore?810,000 at 91; 5,000 at 91 50 Ell Lewis, York, Pa ?85.000 at 91; 3,000 at 13; 2,000 at 93 Martin Lewis, Baltimore?83,000 at 92.50; 4,000 at 92 12#; 3,000 at 91 87#. McKiiu A Co., Baltimore ? *30,000at 92; 30,000 at 93 SO; 40.000 at 93.25; 60,000 at 92 50; 50,000 at 92 60; 40.00 ' at 93. Jaa Tuttle, Boston?820,( 00 at 91.25. J V. Brown. S.ilem, Maw ?815,000 at 94. W. C Daugherty, N. Y.?83,000 at 93, 2.000 at 10 25. 2 000 at 93 50, 3,0M) at 93 75, 3,000 at 94 Eugene Thompson, N. Y.?810,000 at 90, 5,000 I OH OC C ftftfi ?* rwa * a/- ? *? ? ? u> w>?Vf U)WU (&k 2f<Cj VI vO . Jeremiah Bangborn. NewYork.?#2,000it OT.10; 3,000 at 92 00. W ra J Knmet New York.?*25,000 at 91 .80; 25.000 at 92 05; 25,000 at 02 35; 35,000 at 92 55. Win B Mott, Nesv York ?#100.000 at 01 Maala McGregor, New York?#1,000 at 92. Tho?. J . Tascli, Philadelphia?#10,000 at 03 25. J F Farlib, N. Y.?$15,000 at 01 15; 10,000 at 9185; 15.U00 at 92. Robt L Stuart, N. Y?820,000 at 93.03; 10 000 atft> 90. G. W. Rioraon, N Y??*>,000 at 93.11. M-rie Kaniz,. New York?9100.000 at 01 78; 100.000 at 92 01; 100.000 at 92 20; 100.000 at 92 56; 100,000 at 92 81; 100.000 at 92 91; 6,000 at 93; 1110,000 at 9-3 06; 100,00(1 at 03.11; 70.000 at 93 31; 60,000 at 03 56; 40,000 at 93 el; 3u,000 at 04 06 Carpenter A Vermillion, N . Y ? ?5,000 at 91 50, 5.0 0 at 92, 25 000 at 92 50, 5,000 at 93, 50,000 at 03 1-10 5.000 at 93 25. 5.000 at 93 50 Jatnea Lynch, N. Y.?#25,000 at 92, 15,000 at 9-2 62, 10,000 at 92 51. W. Anthas A Leroy, New York?#30,000 at 93 51; 5,010 at 93.25; 5,U00 at 93 E. Morriaon, New York.?#10,000 at 92 15; 10.000 at 92 35; 10,000 at 92 40; 10.000 at 92.64; 10,000 at 92 b4; 10,000 at 92 93; 10,000 at 92 ?16; 10 000 at 90.03; 10,000 at 93 15; 10,000 at 9:1.25; 1U,000 at 93 37; 10,000 at 93.41. R Van Busklrk, N Y ?#10:0l*i at 91 55. Bank of N America, N. Y-?#50,000 at 9:126; 50 000 at 93 31; 25.000 at 93 30; 25,000 at 93 41; 50,000 at 93 16; 50,000 at 93 51. Cbas. Alerdice, N Y ?810,000 at 93 33; 2.000 at 91 Clement Remmington, N. Y ?#100.000at 91 50. Bltsa, Williams A Co., N Y -#50,(MX) at 93 50; 25.0<J0 at 93 25; 25,( 00 at 98; 25,000 at 92.75; 25,000 at 92 50. Uw. C. Rrw?U, N. V ? o,ooo ??ot o?, -? 65 Harrl* A Co , Phlladelpbla?#10,000 at 93 G 9. Robblm A Son, ftew York?#70,000 at 89 25; 70.000 at 00 25; 70,000 at 92 50 PhUip R. K?arney, truitee, New York?#8,(XX) at M Spencer A Green, New York.?910.000 at 92 30; 10 <K*i at 92 7J Win. L. Abott, Philadelphia.?810,000 at 92 76; 10.000 at 93 10; 10,000 at M. W .A J. O'Bryan, N . Y?910,0(>0 at 92; 25,000 at 90 40; 6.1X4) at 90.51; 25.0(10 at 90 5fl; 25.0)141 at 90 76; .13.000 at 91 03; 30,00ti at 91.16; 25.000 at 91 50; (>5.000 at 91; 10.000 at 91 25 Harris B. Dick, New York?#5,000 At 93; 5,000 at 91.75. B. C. Wandell. New York?92,000 at 91 GO; 2.000 at 91 90; 2,000 at 92 10; 2,000 at 92.60; 2,000 at 92 90 Simon Robitither, N. Y #4,000 at 90 25, C R Marrin A Son, N. Y.?95,000 at 92 50, 5,000 at 92 56, 5.IMX) at 92 60. 5,000 at 92 06. John A. Di*. N. Y.?925.(WO at 91 M B Bramt.ail, Jersey City.-920,000 at 93.50. Henry M. Barnes, Philadelphia?910,000 at ni >< R. R. Robinson A Co., Wilmington, Del.? f 3:1,000 at ttl 01 G. B Mnthew*. New York.?910.000 at 91 55; 10(100 at <>2 15; 10,000 at 92.57; 5,000 at 03.15; 5,0 O at 93 55; 5 000 at 93 79; 5 000 bt 94 07. Ocean Bank. N. Y?*25,000 at 92 25, 25,000 at 92 45; 25.000 at 92 65; 25,000 at 92 ?5; 50,000 at 93; 50.000 at 03 25 C H J> Haven, N. Y ? 810.000 at 93; 20,000 at 93 75; 20,000 at 94. George A Stone, Troy, N. Y.?*3,000 at 93 17; 2.000 at 93 31; 2.000 at 93 56; 2,000 at 9a 77; 1,000 at W 26 R M Falrbaun, N . Y .-*5,000 at 92 61. J T Van Vleek. N Y ? ?t on to ? > ?* at 93 80; 10,000 at 93.90; 10,000 at M. Bank of Milwaukie, by the above?$25,000 at S3 '?>; *25,000 at SO 40. SxcisaioM Aoitatio* in VIEGISIa.?Prepara tions Making to lntimidite the Convention ? The following la a copy of a circular which baa been aecretlv forwarded from Rtchmond. and la being extenaively circulated la Kaatern Virginia. The purpoae la underatocd to be to Intimidate tbe Convention and obtain from It an ordinance of aec?*alon, and failing in tbat, perbapt to inaugu rate civil war: ciBcvLam. " Ycur presence ia particularly reoueated at Richmond on tbe 16tb day of April, Idol, to con ault wltb the trlenda of Southern rlitbta aa to th? course WDicti Virginia should pursue in tbe present emergency. Pleaae bring with you or end a full delegation cf true and rtliabl* men from your own county, and, If convenient, aid the aame object in tbe aurroundlng counties On arriving at Richmond, report yourself and com panlona immediately to . at " Samusl Woom, of Barbour. ? Johji K. Chascblus, of Ureensville. " Cmt! ti K Cm ?it? . nf p*u>at>?>|. " John A. Hakmam, of Augusta. " Bixit A. \V isb, of Princeaa Anne. " JoB!v T Axiiinoii, of Botetourt. " William F. Gobdo*, r>t Albemarle " T. Jimasoii Randolph, of Albemarle. ' James W ^HKrrir, of Smyth." The Ifl'ners of tht? ? ?? ?- ? ...vum? win uc recognized asan>ong t he moit active of tbe accession agitators. Mr. Wooda la a member of the Convention from Harbour county, In the northwest. Mr Cbambllsa, Mr WIm, and Mr Hbeffer, are also members of tbe Convention. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Collier are members cf tbe House of Delegates, and Mr. Oordon Is Clrrk to that body. Tki Wutiu.?Tbe following report of tbe weatber for tbe morning la' made from tbe Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the rimltb soolan Institution. Tbe time of observation Is about 7 o'clock A PHIL 2, 1861. New York, N. Y cloudy. Baltimore. Md clear, pleaaant. Wellington. L>. C cloudy, wind N W Richmond, Vs. ?4?. PeU-rtbore, Va. clear. pleaaant Norfolk, Va clear, <W Wilmington, N.C clear, warm. Charleston, 8. C..... cloudy. Augusta, Ga. .....cloudy, cool. Macon, Ga...... clew. Columbns, Ga..... clear, pleaaant. I Grtffen.Ga clew. Montgomery, Ala. clear. Mobile, Ala cloudy. New Orleans, La clear. .. uao MIWIIII at 7 a in.. (cor rected for temperature,) 30,096; at boob, 30,119 Thermometer at 7 a. n , 43*; at boob, 49? Maximum daring 24 horns, ending a. no. to day, 48'; minim? :?*. Tboom fob Pbbbacola.?Governor Brown, of Georgia, baa laaued marching orders to nine ad ditional com pan las of that State. Pensacola is tb*ir deatlnatloa. uj i at iiorrolM Day Book an that about fifty new recrulta from Baltimore for tbe Southern Confederacy pa?ed through that place on Friday. \rr The Union men of Porta month, Va., hare nominated Mr. John O. Lawrence aa their candi date lot tha mayoralty. ... . DEPARTMENT NEWS. Removals and Appointments.?R. E. Whit- i lock, of D C-i C. J. Pennington, of Md : R ' Cocbran. of N. C ; J. F. Reeve, of Va ; J. W. I Smith, of Va.. and D McCarty, of NY, clerks In the Census Bureau, bave beei?removed. la the same Bureau the following have been appointed:?G. H. Cbatterton. of MoT; J H. Ben ton, of Mo; Joel Button, of Vt; J. C. McCall, of N. V., and RoyalHalcomb, of Va D. Crawford, of Pa.. SI,800; James B. Lindsay, of Pa . 81,400; Capt. F. B Schaeffer. of Cal , 81.200; F. Schmidt, of Pa . 81.400: Ben 8ro!tb, of Ark .8M0O; Lewis 8. Havdeii, of Md.. 81.400; all clerka in the Indian Bureau, bave been re moved A. B Little, of N. H., examiner. Patent Ofllce, (S3,5U0 salary.) has been removed. N H Smith, of New York, 3d clan clerk, In terior Department, ha* been removed. Malcolm Walllnijsford. of D C.. a first clan clerk In the Secretary of Interior's office, has been removed. James K. Nourse, of D. C., a second class clerk, and Wm L. Bailey, of Va . a third clans clerk, in the Quartermaster General's office, have been removed. Hayes, of Ohio, has been appointed a sec ond class clerk in the Indian Bureau. Mr Gibson, of St. Louis, has been appointed Assistant Attorney General. George Little bas been appointed Marshal for the district of North Carolina Peter L Foy has been appointed postmaster at St. Louis; Allen P Richardson at J<-rtVr?on City; and Charles L. Muller at Hannibal, Mo ; Geo B. Filson at Steubenville, Ohio; John L Blttinger at St. Joseph, Mo ; William L. Pynchon at Inde pendence, Mo Aftx\ Officer R**io*kd.?The resignation of Capt. Chas 8. Winder (appointed from Mary land) has been received at the War Department. ? ? Rksigkatio*.?Win. A. Cave, of Va . a third clan clerk in tbe Census Bureau, Laa resigned R. B. Forbes, of Maw , it at Wlliarda'. Miss Prwrott, tbe popular magazine writer, 1? about to be married to Mr Richard Spofford, a Newburyport lawyer well known in this city. The Raleigh j\. C.) Register savs that Gov F.llit la rapidly Improving, and. so far from declining with consumption, that be will soon be able to resume his executive duties. Hon. William Clnflln, President of the Massachusetts Senate, is named as the probable successor of Hon Charles Francis Adams, in tbe United States House of Representatives Tbe London Dally News says that the English Government, struck by some inconsisten cies and inaccuracies in tbe dates and circum stances put forward by the Chinese authorities, h:;d offered the Chine?e Government X'20.000 for the production of Capt Brabazon alive Advices state that Mr Weller. Minister to Mexico, on tbe 1st of April would leave for Wash ington. It is also said that an attache of the American legation was murdered, and that tbe ro-d from Mexico to Vera Cruz was infested by robbers. Robert Ronner, Esq , the Ledgerttian, hts begun to shine on the road again. Lantern and Madame Woodruff are still among the fleetest on the track, but there1! a white-hooked pony, driven by a Wall street scribbler, that can go in side the pair. As a general thing, Ronner goes at a three-and-a-half rate?<t, as he calls it, a "jog." The Africa brings us intelligence of the death, on the lfi'h of March, of the Duchess of Kent, the mother of the Queen of England For a long time the lat* Duchess had bfen afflictcd with cancer, which was the immediate ceu*e of her death Since tbe acr^Mion of h?-r daughter to tbe proudest throne of Europe she has remained a resident either at Windsor Castl* with the Queen, or at Frogmore, a mansion of her own, a mile or two distant f?om the castle, whither the Queen went almost daily to visit her. A Sickles Affair in King (?e?rge County, Va Kiss Ueorgk Co., Va . March 'M. Ifetil. r.nior star: we Have Had a real "Sickles'" case In this county, minus the return of the f:ilr (frail) one to her lord's bn?om. Capt. left his home on Thursday for hi* vessel, then waiting him. with the expectation of being absent until Monday or Tuesday; but these adverse March winds, so b?d as to blow nobody good, prompted his return home on Friday niuht at a late hour, when lo ' safety ensconsed in the arms of his be loved lay one of his neighbors of the masculine gender Not wishing to alarm the Intruder over much, th?* Captain retired, returned to the front door and knocked, whence his wife came, and his rival marched out of the back door minus his shirt, shoes and necktie. When confronted, the wife coolly informed her husband that the neigh bor had occupied his bed for the last three years, and also that she had granted similar favors to a 1 ol.oror i is kt? Wiik A?nt Of lijjht, the Captain went to a neighbor, whose ser vice* he envaged to see the man K ?, (the ?av Lothario in the case.) and to arrange, if possible, for his taking the faithless wife to his own use and behoof forever thereafter. After much hesi tation R agrees, for the sum of *7, 0, good and lawful money of this Commonwealth, to tak? her, worse for worse, and to leave the county; and he is settling up hts sftalrs to that end now, and in a few at most they will leave, probably for vour cjiy, wnere such things are tolerate* 1 even in Congressmen. Capt. Is a prominent meml>er of the Church i,n King George county, bavlnggiven tba ground on which one of th*> churches is built, and materially assisted in its erection. His wife is connected with some of the best families in th? county, and has hitherto enjoyed a good reputa tion, being a good housewife and very hospitable. IsciNDiAKitx is Cheitehtowx.?Our com munity has been startled during last few days by developementa growing out of the arrest, on Mon day night, of two negroes in this plae. belong ing to C?1 S \V . 5pencer and M Iss llendrix, of Ci'ieen Anne's, charged with setting tire to the Masonic Hail on the-Jtlth Soon after their nrr<st they made a full confession, implicating a well known citizen of the place, K.award Mansfield, as the instigator. Shortly after their arrest be came known Mansfield was mm 'vf mvrfittti, having left for parts unknown, thus apparently corroborating the negroes' statements ?onrerning his complicity The testimony of the n?rofi ! corroborated by a wblte person or |*rtoun. who overheatd sufficient, it 1> thought, to convict the party?when he (ball be taken ! The intention of the party, it it thought, wm to burn out the law office of George Vickers, Eiq . who held some claim* against him,which he had been compelled, though reluctantly, to press for collection.?Kent (M<i ) Conservator, 30th. PoPCI.AR Von OS J?ECK?*lO!t 15 LoUUIAHA.? The New Orleans Delta of the*27th furnishes from the official recordi, In possession of the secretary of the Convention, what It claims to be an accu rate tabular statement of the popular vote upon theconventlon question According to the Delta's figures, the vote throughout the State for the 'lni medlate secession" candidates was '20,419, and for the -'co-operation" nominees 17.076, a major ity in favor of the former of only 3.37*2. though all sufficient and emphatic enough, according t> the Delta, "to face sutimissinnUm in?? ....... >m?v uuvjuiVBV/CUCrj if not to sbame it Into silence." JIT" An absent minded professor, in going out of the gateway of hi* college, ran against a cow In the confusion of the moment, he raised his hat and exclaimed, 4'1 b?*g your pardon, mad:<m." Soon after, be stumbled against a lady in the street. In sudden recollection of his former mis hap, he called out, * Is that you again, you brute?" lH^Tlie Newman (Ala ) Blade comments on the course of the Justices of the Peace in its dis trict, who held their last meeting with closed and <raua??tcd iboll butiilCM ill "BCCrtt ICS* Ion " It suggests that the court is aplug the Congress at Mor tgomery. ATTENTION, PUTNAM K1FLF.S !? You are_b?rel>jf ordered to m??t ?? Bimury ju niUKKOW.i Wednesday,) April 5(1, at 1 o'clock f. m , in fn'. 1 upi'orm, for parado. Br order of the Company : It* W. T HAM. See. ryS"ATTENTION,COMPANY B, W. L I P. ' ^ < You fire horflhy ordered t<? a??*ml>l* at your a-inory. 10 winter uniform. TO MORIIO W ( V* <* n??da?) EVENING, Aiirii 3.1. for parade, at7'? o'clock. P. M. DL'BaST, Capt. C P. P. WROE. O 8. ap 2-2t Yw^~MAS?ONIC NOTICK.?The officer* and iUI membera of New JeruH\lem Lodge, No 9, n.rn rrqueatetl to meet at Masonic Hall, corner of B ar.d Ninth atreeta, on THURSJAV iifxt, at ore o'clock, to attend tb? fanera of Brother Josxr H Abbott. Punctual attendanceiaearne.tly deMial. Master Maaona in good standing are cordially in vited Hy order. ap3-at* \V. V. \V WEAVER. Sec. (V^^THE COLUMBIA HIJII.DING AS80 !L 9 nation will pi*f t at German Ha!', Fleventh ..on WKDNEs?DAY EVENING. Apil Sd, at 7'i o'clock. Fverw - ? ? * is iDnnfmeu ui a'tend, a* important bur mess will be brought before the Association. Bt order of the Pnndtnt. ?p 1 3t* rv^^dllDEK No. S.?Ifeadvtiartert Second Hen imtmt Militia, D. C.?'f he field anu eompv nv offi *er? of the Second Kegiment are hereby or dered to meet on TUESDAY EVENING April Sd. at 8)< o'olock, atthe Hall of the Washington Light InTant'y, Pa avenue, near T?ntn street. T ha ~r ? tothabSL'ad^R?;imert?rr,,,?rd2,r?5,,iM "taahad ?r^iaft-'ataisaav, 03- WAQON8, CARTS AND PRAYg! m?, . R ?! *?*'? 0?fic?, MaraaSB, 1M1 iNOtloa II hfti Ahw wt van iu> Ml Wl owners nf WfcSon.. CmrU imi rv... !,"*?* to ss. .lavy.x.^KtetiSi1' ' * " "" ? ? ?A?ril. WILU"??0|OtNit # 1 i mill?d Army and Nary 5f*w*. The following from tbe Webater and Gen Ruke were left at Fort* Taylor and Jefl>mn ' Companies I., M, F, and K, about 210 men. leav ing about 140 men on board, who were rent to J Fort Hamilton on Paturdav evening, ther* twlnu co quarters to (pare at Fort Columbus. The com manding otB^rr cf the troop# telegraphed his ar rival to <?en. Scott, a few hours after reaching the city, having meantime reported himself to M^j r Holmct. through whom the instructions from the War Department as to the disposition of the aldiers will come. The otBcers are reported to have said that the withdrawal of the Texan regi ments was contemplated long l>efore the surren der of Uen Twiggs, and that the departure of men has not been caused by that officers conduct. The rumor relative to U?n Houston being about to resist the Slate authorities stems to be news to the returned i;arri*<?n, some of whom aay that no order from the War Department had been re ceived by the cfficers still commanding f>rcea, and that, consequently. Gen Houston's authority | could not be recogniztd, or his orders obeyed by them Official instructions .re necessary to justify all military movements HI ?A - i up meiimiDip uenerai Knsk. another I'nited States rLartererl transport, arrived at Key Westoa the vMtb of March at sunArwn, having reenforced the garrison at Fort Jefferson. The United States steam gnn-boat Cruaader anchored near the Tor tngua on t^e 25th, after a pleasant passage from New York She was about to proceed on her station off the coast, for the purpose of looking after alavera and acting aa tender to the larger shipa of the home fleet if required. The following, from the New York Tribune, wea written, perhaps, with a view to the Connec ticut and Rhode laland electiona We are enabled to atate, authoritatively, that the following force of U. 9. troops, sailors and marines, on board the men of war under the com

mand of Commodore Pendergast, are detailed to land at Fort Pickeus at a ilgnal from Lieut Slem mer: Men. Brooklyn, corvctle 310 Sabine, tailing frigate 250 St. Louis, sailing corve'te 160 From smaller craft (artillerists) about *0 Total -00 It Is to furnish the extra provisions and necessa ries which this force and the present garrisons of the Florida forts will require, that the I' S store ship Release, now at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, has been ordered to Pensacola. The Supply, which vessel lias not be'.n seized, as reported, la also tilled with stores, coal and wood; ?-o that the fleet will have necessaries for six months when tiie 15elrase delivers her cargo It Is thought she will be able to get away this evening or to-mor row morning f.otn the Navy Yard Excitxmixt is Pktbrsbcbg ?A large crowd, numbering several hm.tired i?nnm /? ?*? t ? "> VUXVV *CU Ol the depot of the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad In the latter citv, on Saturday afternoon, to notify tlie n?*wly appointed Mall Agent, George S Kuel ler, of Norfolk, of the dissatisfaction which his appointment under the Lincoln Administration had cau?ed among the cit z?>n? of that place, and also to inform Mm of their intention not to allow him to hold his commission for the ofli ce. The Kxprrs* says there was Immense excitement among the crowd when the approach cf the train was announced, which Increased until it* arrival, and considerable disappointment was displayed when it was announced that th?- - not forthcoming, but it soon resolved itself into good humor, and the large gathering <5 isperscd \Ve heard of no disposition on the pirt of :<ny one to otter violence to the individual, iinl'M he was to continue in discharge of the duties of the post?in which cas* he is to receive a decent and effective coating of tar and feathers, and a plunge bath in the muddy waters of the Appomattox That Accidental Sh?t.?There is a good deal of smirking and winking among some when mention i* msdeof the shot thatstruck Fort Sum ter the other day. and which was ortrlocktti in cleaning out the big Armstrong. It is said that the forc e of the ball shattered ten feet oquare of the plastering on the side of the fort, and made a most beautiful beginning at a big hole When it was told Major Anderson that the whole affair was purely accidental, it is said that th?* gallant soldier just smiled and said he hoped there would b?* no more such mistake* Mistakes, however, will sometimes happen to big guns, and tell ex actly their poicr ar:d ran/ft before it Is over with.?Atlanta Cvnftdtrary JJ77"Charles Aldrich was arr?*st?d at I'tica. on Saturday, charged with having robbed the mall of a letter adreesed to his wife. He resides at Belvidere, Alleghany county, and when his wife was absence last November, a letter was put into the Belvidere cfflce for her, written by a gentl<? man and his wife residing 111 that vicinity Aid rich is charged with having taken the letter out and thus preventing his wife from receiving It, and, moreover that he showed it to his neighbor*, rtiaricn denies stealing ine letter, and s^ys that bis wife received it and then sent it b-*ck to him from Krie county. This statement bis wifeclaims is untrue, and insists upon pressing the charge of robbing the mail. As a traveller was picking his way throngh the Mississippi Swamp, between Natchez and Harrisonburg, it being very boggy, he discovered a very fine looking bat on the ground, and con cluded he would alightand pirk It up Hut what was bis amazement, on raising It, to discover that it was on top of a man's head, who was buried in tho ? i ?**l nil ! * *? ? 1 ? * *"* ... m.uu mi urn !j? ucaa i ne traveller im mediately attempted to help him out. butthe man stopped him. laying: "Never mind. atranger. I'll >re? out, i reckon, for I have a splendid mule under me"* 500 ICfc'-ICE-ICK! TONS of KO?>d loe for tt ? tt I moderate price, wholemle and retail. Applr to \V11.I.IA M ltU R I.KV, on the Washinzto* Koid, b- twe en the I'our Honiifl anil the Canal l:a?in. ap 2-3t* MRS A. SPK1R ill fpenher * SPR/.Vtf 4- SUMMFK MILIWERY On 'I HI'RfDAV, April 4th, To whieh ehe invite* the attention of the l.adiea of Washington and ita vicnity, ap 2 3t y WAS-HINGTON THKATER k^KECIAU NOTIOE.?The Gorgeous Spectacle ol the V'aIAD qilEF.N will ho performed iV E A T SATUi; DA V A FTERHOOy At Threr O Clock, For the Especial Accommodation of LADIES AND CHILDREN. ap 2 ?t Dissolution of copaktnkrship. The coeartnership heretofore existing b'twe^n T W. and Wm. H. Johnson, *rder the firm of T- W. Fowler A- Co , is this day dissolved r>y mutual conn-nt. All persons indefrod to the late hrm will pleaxe come forward and entt'i The business will be oondncted as usual T. W. Fow ler, at the old stand. Washington Market, corner Mass. av. ard Fifth st. T. W. FOW LF.K. WM. H. JOHNSON. Wsshington. Maroh 25.I'Ct. ap 2 St STOP ! SlOP !: stop!!! THIS WAY, IF YOU PLEASE! THOMAS DEAN. t..?t>?- ' - ? ii^uuv iv>? fcno mi?io vi mpiun y 06 onr&tod h&iTii y Fxtra and Super FLOUR manufactured ty llond & the Buret Milli. Montgow^ry coun ty, Md , ba? removed to No 40S Seventh sired, between il and I, where he will at ail times be pleassdto see hie old outtomers. Always?n haud axood a sortmeit of F!oar, as abowo. AUo, Corn Meal, Sbipstuff. Bran, 4o. ap 2 6t* l^iSSOLLTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. ........? uuaer tha firm of C. W. Hotkl?r k. Soxs t? this day dis 8)'veil by mutual uoi.seut. All person* indebted to the lat<i firm am requested to make immediate set t emont. The Ilouieiurnialiir.x Business on the firit floor vi 1 hereafter he couduotnl t?y C. \V. Hoteler *r d John W. Uoteler, under tho firm of O. W. IK trier 9r <iin Th* Auction %nd Fumitory Rueineia on the seo ond and tnird tie or* will hereafter l.e conducted t-y C. W. Uoteler, jr., and John Q. Wilieon, under the firm of Uoteler & Willson. C. W. BOTELKR. O. W. BoTELER.jr., J. W. BOTELEk. Ikon Hall. April 1,1M1. ap i-3teo TO THE READERS OF THE IKj STAR. S91 r We lukmit to the consideration^ ll * vW of the reader* of the Star the fol ' lowing lut ol prices of articles in our line of busi ness: r?n*l price. Ladies' Hipper* - 25o. 50 " Fnglun Lastinc Slippere_~ .. 50,;. 75 " Carpet Toilet do... ...... 50c.? 75 " Thick s">ld eewed Mor. Boots 1 .<*? 1 2i " ilo. I'r dressed do.... 1.00 1.S5 " do. Codk Mor. do 125 175 ' do Calfskin do ... ion 1J0 " Light and Hlack Uaitors y>e. 1.25 ' F.n*. Lasting i<o. do. ........ 7fe. 100 Woman's H?#led Bi ots ? 75a. 1 2> M'sses' doubi?-soled Sewed Boots. 75c. 1.00 Ladies' ttrk-soled Kng. Last. heel Gait. 1 i? 1.^5 " " ' ' bot.14 . 1.25 1JD In addition to ?he above, we have Men's, Boys', Misses' and Children's BOOTS and 4U0ES in every variety, to d at astonishingly low pr>cea. C F. CLAIM1N8 k. CO., Boot and Shoe Store. 347 Seventh st., ap 2-eotf 2 doors below Northcn Market. pOTATOtS, 0p^NCj.:s 4<J^ ~r, umnoii prims w line A1 freer t'ot&topn, 150 boxes fcwpot Oranges, 16" barrel. Pat*p*oo Family Fiour, 580 4nd FM1"y F'0nr*0f ,U,;a,t?brnOOD,,inm9nt Md f?r *>' 8 * D. L. MORRISON jfc CO. THE ORI?INAL_ftIANTILLA STORE. OP KNI SO fllV. MONDAY, April lit. Black SUk COATS. BAC.QUEB. . And MANTILLA9, * Light Cloth COATS "ad SACQUE8. B?n. <?b?AKS. . All the r?w and ile?ira)?ie?tyl?? ?f Mantillaa lor 8p-inc and ?unnn?r,/'? ! #z U? o^?? for in pwtoon and sale ?"^Monday^Afnj I;t. at_ N. in* J * I AMUSEMENTS. W ft ;< n i .n fi r u > r h is * i : Leasee _ .8 W. Glwh ko?ia? Ma.wMf*r.^_ J.T. RamostD THIS EVENING. Third week of MR. JO?. JEFFERSON Who wi!1 Appear tva SCHNAPPS. In the Grand Soeaio Spectacle entitled THK N AIAD QUEEN. Prodboed with upleniid poenery, by Mr. CnASLX? S. Gbtz. Gran4 Amasoman March by TWENTV FEMALE WARRIORS. Cli&ractnis ic Mueicand ^'rikinc Tab'~au*. w J I L L A R D S HALL! BY GENERAjT REQUEST. Grand Concert of the Hor&rt Society. WEDNKSDJ/Y EVEyjNG, April*. IM. On vhioh occasion they wi I be aa?ifted by MAI). MAE DEL. The Eminent Pianist. and Mr. DAWSON, The Favorite Basso. P?os?a*m*-Part I. Sopt?-tt Overture?linilliume T?d........ Rossini Flute Solo? Fantasia ?. Truloa Aria?Magic Fiute Moaait Pian t So o?Fon asie Stramera Tnalbarc S^ptett?Potpourri Ernani.???? Verdi PaTt II. Septett Overture?Ga*a% Ladra Rossini Solo Vio!oncel;o?Sanvenir de Spa Sorvois Septett?Potpourri hugenots Meyerboer Ba'.lad?The Wanderer Schatart Septott?hina ?Doj Giovanni ? Moaart n- a a - - ?- * vnuuocwr Mr. ? WFICIIF Ticket* 50 oentii ; reserved *eata 25 cent* extra. To be ha<l at Met*sr?tt'? Mu*io fctore. l)..ora op on a.t 7 ; to comm?noe at 8 o'o'ook. The Piano Fort? used on thin occaciou it from masnfitctorT of Me?*r? Stem way A t*on'?, kindly loaned by Mr M^tierott. ma 3' HAH HAH -BLUE BOOK -lnforin vnJjlriH^UUUi ation a* to all the Ofheea in the ?"rntry, ??<1 salary?25 cent*. Contain* tne Barrio matter an th? Great Blue Book eostir.K $3 5?. Omittinc the n*ni*? which are not ceoe?*ary. Cat aloeunof Onriomties at Patent Office Lut <?1 Pat ents. Old Book* Ih>u*!iI an<l aoid Catfclorue fur nished _ __ ALKRKD HUNTKg, Book?p,lM, jo *?-*m wi wards' Hotel Square. WANTS. WANTED-A SERVANT (colored? f.-r Lan dry aud other work, corner of 1 and Thir teenth its. It* UMNTKD.-Firrt rate DR ESSM A K KRS* ?an ** find employment at M. NVILLIAN'S, No. 32 Market Space ap 2 2t WANTED?A SERVANT (alare preferred ) to cook, wa?h and iron, and to ao the u*nal work of a uma'l family. <>o?Hi rroommendatfoaa required. App!?. tx>fore 4 in th* morning or after ? p m., at No 90 Wp?t ?t.. Georgetown. U* WANTED?fly a reppeotahle jounr w?man, a SITUATION as ci;aijiberinaid&nd todo aew un.urwi'BTvi wun & lady t#o?iu reeommeni*t lion* if rriNiod AffljM.No. 17 Thirteen-aod a halt ?t .forS^ay*. It* A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SMTI A aX 'I ION to cook, wash and irt n, or do chatnber wcrk a-id 'ak? care of ehiidr#>u Good r^fwc# ca-i be Riven if required. Address Bo* 4. Star Of fice. ap 2 *l* tyANTRD? An experienced WOMAN, m a "* <araiv of two p'-roone. in "all and conn mentli u<?, pleasantly iitua'e'l.nffordins ananree abla home ? ompeuna'ion satisfactory. An Ainfrj cv. protentaut preferred. *pp y i" metlia'eN, and f ?r one week, at J76 H street, between 17th *nd lath. up2 2t W AN'I KD? Hy a jounc girl.M year* of ace. a " SITUATION ?? & Huns or to do bouse or chamber word. She can ha^e Rood referenoee. ^leise address a n te to Bo* No. I, Star Office, na 3n st n ? > ? i ? i W J RUIlM'.e Mm, to obta n *itb*cribers ..? a new il'ustrated ed tion of Brown's Kaniiiy Bible Apply to JAMES CAR TER, 499 Seventh street, between 8 and loo'clock ANTED? A GARDENER ; on? accustomed to u?e tootg preferred. Tenant for a Cottape 8 irilas in Virpmis, with7 rooini, large f.rdeu, and fuel. K-nted forth* summer if wanted. App'y to DOL'GEAS' Green house, Pa. avenue WA NTEIW- In a *ma!l family, two food SER VANTS : one to cook, wii-h aud iron well, and make herse.f g<?poral > o?elu ; the younger one as chanibeiinaid, a- d nur*? to a child 4 years o!d. .Must be *ood tempered an<t bring food reooin m-ndations. Apply at 393 E street, between "tli ana Utth, sooth tide. ma J-St* YH/TSTKU IMMEDIATELY? From ?S to a. m. n.a SO 3teo ma 3i eo3t* ?? li'V"' wortii <>1 J"KUOMD-HA.N1) FI'RNI TURK of all kinds, for which I will guaranty to pay tec li.fctir?i ui &iid, a* usual,at lb* ahorteat no tice. R. MUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stovee, ke., oc 9 4Q- 7th ?t.. bet. G and H ea.?t aide. WaNTKD?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. ?? Perwooa dealming hou*ekeepinic, or havii-f a sarp'un of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and lair prio?a t y applying at 369 Seventh at. r.o 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED OR STOLEN?Oi theSPth alMroo, a young SETTER 8 mor.ths< o>l, yeiow. witli white spot on the fore-; head, white on three feet, and email tear on the jaw; imweii to tie name of I will give & !il?eral reward to ai.y one on laiurning him, or any information ao t*-at I can set him a*ain. J. E F. CAR LIN, No. 601 12th at.. It* Between C aiu D ata , lstanl. f OST-A black AGATE BR EA8TPIN. either I J in going or retnrnr g from St. Aloytiut? hor-' h on Good Friday. A aui.aMe reward ia fffe ed to any on? who shall return it to Nu. 478 E, corner cf gixth street. ap 1-3:* Of REWAHD? LOST.-Eecaped from the 9j OWn AT- on - - ' * - ? _ . v.. . tmj IIIUIUIIJK !? ??.? ft t*|- - ) j?t black NEWFOUNDLAND I i Had <>n at the time a ieather ooHar Th " above reward will l>e paid for Mid Doe, ifdelivered at ti e Wine More of HAN'LTONk i.KAt'H, 1*4. av?nue, U.twten 4,s and f th aU. ma a roSt BOARDING. B??ARD AND RUOM.-Board, with Furni?hed Chjiml>er on the aeoond floor, may be had at No. Twrlf h. between ti aud H atreeta. ma 28 5t* WON TUESDAY, APRIL 3. F fha'l reecive from the New York Auet one and Importers a ocrnp!e?e aaiortmcct of fiRAW ?rOJ>S, RIBBONS. EMBROIDERIES. LACE GOODS, to , He. Remember, the place i? ap 1 3- MAXWELL'S, 38S Pa av. FOR SALE-A COUPE and pair of BLACK HOKSbS. 'I heCoope is nearly new. r\ The Horses are Black Hawk and Morgan,juSfl full brothers, very stylish and perfectly "* ma'oiied. Alto, a two seated Open Carriage. Brew a'er'h make, used one s*a*on. Apply to ABKLl/S Stable*. C street, near t;,e War Dtpirtmei.t: or to rrcaiaeni s Square, next Rite* it Co.'sbffioe. n? i at* HOOP t>KlRT8! HOOP SKIRTS! JustreoeivM another suppl^of Ladies', Misses' and Children's Hoop SkirU of the newest styles of the cross overhoop from the center down. Tit* intention is to keep the skirt down in fiont when tiie lady sits down. Also? New supplv of Parasols and Sun Umbrella*. Linen Sambrio Hatdkerohiefs, Jouvin's Kid Glove*, otton and 811k Hosiery and Gloves, Ac , at tit* lowest cash prices HKNRVK?*m SO* (?outh side) Pa. avenue, m*29-fit.if (Intei.) New lion Bailii u|. r^REAT NUMBERS* OF PIANO FuRTKS U for aal* or rent ai all ptioea. Also, ten Melo deonii ot different ir.akta for rent or tale. New Mu?lo reoeived from all part* of the oonnfr week ly. JOHN F. ELLIS, in* 30 306 Pa. ar., bet. ?th and 10th ata. VERY NICE PRINCE* CO. MELODEON, which haa bsen need a ehort ti for ?ale very low at METZKRO M ubio Store. Alao, ae?eral tteoond Pianoa. ma B r^lBBS' HAIR STORE, U No 442 Pa.iv .iit 12th ahd 13tb e*a. PERFUMERY- *< BRA>Dt? CURLS WIGS. HALF WIGS, KRiZETTES, Ae. A full etock alwnya on hand, or made to order at the 'horteat n itice. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. !M. B.?Lad lea' Hair l>yfd in the moat na'aral manner- ma a 6in THE CROSSED PATH, Bt WiJkie Collint, author of the Woman in White. Darley'a Dickena; Darley'a Cooper. Appleton'a New American Cyclopedia, volume 11 now ready. As'i many other New Books received this day and for a&le at our umal low prioee. FRENCH V RICHSTE1N. ma 28 (Rep) National Bookatore, 378 Pa. a*. E" NCLISH SHIRTINR rt! - ? vaUlWriSS I hare reoeived three oaaee ol English Shirtmr Calicoes of new, of mi own importation ana warranted fast co ore. at 12K eenU per yard. HENRY EG an. 333 Pa. aveaie, ma ? 6t,if New Iron Bnildieg. PRIME eastern potatoes. 1,200 Bl SHEI * PRIME WHITE mountain POTATOES Start, from g, ma ? lw Alexaadna, f Knew dress goods. ? am Daily receivin* new ?t>ie? of LADIES' DRESS goods, in Gray Goode, Popline. CkaJ lee, Deimnet, Duoali, B?r*re?. Deneiee-toine rery (ood a* tow as 3,10 end 12>i centt Mr nriHI T tU AN 333 r?. * ., between 6th and :th ft ml 29 61 J <lnl?l.) New Iron r\UR BONNETS, OATS, and FLATS of tto If t?tt latest itylw, and in all OM >fUe M?t material. Call rt onoe Sou JUt.b**. AUCTION SALES. ii? j. u. McoiiKr. ? v-u ?twi?n??r). TBL8TKEA 8AI F. OF AN KXTKN?|VK a???it**xt o? Horamatr Fr>*itr?i anr. Krri' r? ? IHl WEONhl*D*V MdKMNfa April loth, at lOo'c'oek. at tt>? bvildiac on Thir teenth at., between Penn arecee ami noeth K at . be virtue of a deed of trnat, dlUd^UliwIin lBi. NT, and reeowled m I b?r J A. t* . No. >ra.folio* . 3. 3.4, 5,6 and 7, we aha!! aeil all U? Farnitnr* and aiat nc < t two 9 >[M, Arm Chaira atd aii Far lor Cnaire, Marble top ('?<*it?r and *ofa Tai?l?*. _ Mamatanu Mahogany Whatsot*. raacy Tabiee. Manccan* Spring *e*t ?ofa*, Loa"****. Walnut Daoiaak-covered Parlor SaiTa, Cane and ?*oca tea'Chaira. CI?ofc?, MaboKKDT Mirmr f.ont 9??rttwr *ad l0'?k?v? G:!tan.l MaJutfauy framed Mir or?, l>atna> k and Lace Ca'tatna, Window Phadea, Gat Cbanrfeliera. Bracket* ard Fixture*. Bruaae a Three f j aud Ufrajn Carpet*, Oilcloth. Ma r Carp?t*. F ure. R--da aad L?m Five .4 feet t'lteidun Dieu-f Tabiee. fid* Ta blea. Put? (tak Fr*reh Chaira. Gi!t Shade*, Silver'tl Caatora, Waltera, 8aft Standi, Spoona and ?-<>ra*, Lara* quantity of Frenoh aod Stote China Dmn*r Deaaert ard 1 * Ware, Table Cut ery, (ilui War*. Tab'a Lin*n, Mah'>rnny, Wainu* ard Painted Chamber Farm tar*, ofvarioaa pattern*. Feather Med*. Bo itiiraamj Pi'lowa. Hair aod Haak Matt eaaea, Toil?t Seta. Blanketc, Comfort*. Spread* ard Sheet*, m k aa.JI_? : ? ?? . ??pr>n nnuiaior ai.u Airi cmi aiovee, Together with a is-ge aaeortmeLt of exee'.lect H>uaeh" d ar.<l Krch?n Ftrtltaraioi kcmm IT li?na?r?t*. A uoi at IS O'clock A e<>mpi?le set of Denial IniUdnsati and Ofliro FUtUM. Term a: t2*> ?r,| under ea?h ; o??r that am a credit of & ar.d 90 day*, lor aati'factonly endorsed note*, t>ear;eit ii:tere?t N. CALLAN,Tniibif. Ml d J.C MrOl'IKK A Co.. A ecu Ft GRKKN A WILLIAMS. Anotioneera. ABITCTION OF CPI4 M ID FCRNITl RE. T"e iml-ecribers wll! rff-r at rub ic ra e on \VKI?tESDA\ , the sddiT i f Anil neat at If o'olotk a. rn . the entire Hiuaer.od and Kitten Furniture of Mr. John Oa.Tert, in h?? former mi dence, No. -Jfil 1 ?tic-t. iFirit Ward,) net wees 17th and Ift'h era of this city. .ately oooapied by Captain Ji?hn Wittier*. A*?i?tant A<*)uta:.t Gen eral U.S. A. The farriture. fa rosewood and walnut wm n ado to order in Phiiade phia. theoarpeta and mirror* imported ftoni I'ranoe, aud Mmmtiii pirt of? Pailor Sets, in K >sewood. Velvet aud SaUn Dam ask, Drapenep,( with Lace Cu'taina.l Satin de Laine. Large French Mirror, patefil b? W mohea, SeoreUry, B<?okra?e and e te?ere in Rosewood. Axmintter Carpets and Ruga, imported aad made to o der. Chamber Set* id R<wewood and Walnut. Supencr Feather K?oa, Spt in* and Hair Mattresses in best *aa!ity, A enpenor assortment of Cat Glass. China an* Crockery Wan, aud other article* too nume* oua to mer. ion. Terma cast in current funds. G K KL.N A VV ILL1AMS. Aucta. r. r The attention of the )ad>es and fentimnan of Ar?xindria. l?eorgetown and Washington and tha pub! c in genera. la reepectfu ly invited to the above sale. W leem any cmneot re at i ve to the superior qnalit? and sty .? of the furniture ?up*r finouf. aulftcr it to **lM?e it to eqaa. if rot to iuimm* any for?.itnre offered for sa> in Washington. {ma?d] G 4 W. By J.73. McGl'IKK 4 CO.. Aictiouwn FURNITURE AND HUl'?KHOLn F.rptrrr at Prai ir Arrtfow.?Ob THL'R8DA> MORNING. Apr I 4it. .at 10 o'oioek. at therm denoeof A. Kou*, *. *., '*69 D strnet, i etveer TtU ami 8tn ?t* west, me ?hail Mil all hi* Fnrru ture and KIT eta. coir.pnaiLg ? Ha~ds<>me SN a'nut Spun* ??at Sofas, A'in Ami Side Chairs, marble top S<f* and Cenfr Tablea. Walnut \% hatnot Kancy Cha>rs. l.aoe Corticea-id Cu tu: e, Window Sttades, ISruasc!*and Three-pit ?"arp?-t?. Oielotb. Mahogany Card and otlier, Maiitf. Ornament*. A!%r>afcter and A irate Vasea. Brange* and Hirque' Ware. I'na ard Lion in Parian. Oi IPmi.Unrt. fine French Line Fnrravitga. I .arte Mezzotint atd other Kiigravinc*. Buolflun ?nd ?h I ve<. Portfolio ana Raca, Bedsteads, Bureau*. v\a<hstan<ls, Husk Mat-maeea. Bolttera aod Pillow*. L?oku.g Glasrec, Toilet Set*. Lounge, China. G ara and Crockery W are, Diniiig Tabiea, Cane-aeat Chairs. Co >king and other Stovea. Kitchen L'teo?i a, to. Terms caah, in current funds. apl d J.C. WIcGUIRK * CO . A acta ByGRKKN A WILLIAMS, Auotionaara. CALK BY ORDKR OK THK n?PH?w K3 Coikt or Hoc*ih< ld ahd Kitcheji Fram TClt.iioiSI.CillULL, bum. OiH.CuWI. HoO, OakP 8TKB *' Tool#.2 NUtOM.?C? *T Armo*.?On TH?'R{M>AY, the 4th day "f April next, we ahal< wll. by ord*r of the Orphan*' fo?rt. all tfce Penonal > ffreta o( Benjamin Beaa. de orued. at tat* !ato reenlecoe at the oomer of L at. eouth aud Third at. ?aat. at I* o'clock a. n , ?on iiu*tu< of, in part? . , _ 8ideb<ar<l, Tabe*. Bureaaa, Waabatandi, Case and WrH < a. Feather Beda, Be<letrnd? and Bedding, Carpet*. Oi c oth and J?tove, One Servant M?n |ixi?t jo yeare of ace. One Hervaot Won an al> >ut 21 yeara of afe with a ho; cbiid, H< r?*, Cart, Ca-ry&ll, Hearae, tvo Cowa and one Hog, Lot Carpenter*' and other Toole, Wmdov I'ramea and ?*ah. Terma: Ail auina of 9 2" and ander oaeh; over 0? a credit of <-o da*?. for iiotea aVialactori j endowed, bearing intere*t fr< m day of cale. By order oft^e Fxe-^utrix. ma 29 d (iKKKN A WILLI am?. Aarta. Br J. C. MoGUIKE A co.. Auctioneer* Tri'stef/s sale ?>f hacknkv ca* biack *>r Pa:k crGirTCtiiitoi Hoaaie. On TL?DAV MOKMNU. April mU. at teq o'c'ock, io frort of th* A ucto-n Roama of Jae. C. McGuir* A Co . by nrture ofarfeed of traat, dated Aucuat 3"h. l8H?.ai>d du y recorded in l.iber J. A O %.< - w- ' ism. io ioi >4)1, ( ae?.. I al aii aa'.l one good Harkney Couh ami pair u! Hr?t Horiei Ttrma: One third ??ah; the rMinn? ib monthlv irataimenta at 1. 2. 3 4 5 aud 6 moiitha, with inter est, seeured to the >at sfaet .>e of the Truata*. hugh *1 R? AY, Truataa. mar y eokcu J. C. McGUI H K * CO.. Anota. Br J. C. McQUiRE * CO , Auctionaara. Extensive sale bv catalogie of FtTK!?!TrKK A5D Kf fitCTI Cl A \ H <>JBL. VV A?HiNtir<>N. D. O-On MOMJAV morning. Apr. I '5th, commencing at l<? <>'c oo?, and contio uiac from day to d%y nuti1 the wfcole ia dia?o?e<] of will tei< ai the Furniture at d Kff'OU ?f l lv'i Hi'tai Peon. avenue, between 3d ud 4H a e-t*, comp'i'iug about one hundred parlor* tad e hair, bars, vig: Vary aupcrior and nearW new Roaewood Chioker ing KT?a eot*ve Piano Forte tor?r ar.d Moo;, I arre and hanoaome p a'e Mantel Mirror*. Gu Ch?- deiiert, Bracket* and Fixtmrea through 0'1\ Hftudtome Walnut end Mahogany Parlor Form tare. finiahed in Broc&tella, P'.uah and Hair ol th, Marble-ios Carter. Sofa and Side Table*. Wa nut whatnot. Far.oy Cha ia and Tablea, Walr ut Writing Deeka and Mookoa?ea, H*r>*>ine ?n4 Mr..... . i'. ? O lo'.oth. Rut!. Mid Ingram Carpet*. Gill-franie Mantel Mirror*, Vmn and (?rrwwU, Br< oatelleaud l.ace Curtain*, Cornioe and riz t?IM, Rosewood and Wa'.rut Bedsteads )r aainr Hu-mui, Waahstands and Wardrrbaa. ! >\ther Bed'. Bo'steraand Pillows, Tou?tb?U. Curled Hair and Ha?k Ma?t-e?aea. l,*rf? quantity of Bed and Tab:* Linen, Blankets, Cont orts ar.d Counterpane in ltrga qu-ct tie*. Uiiucg Tabi<a. Oak Dining Chair*. Frei en aud ftoce China Dinner. Deaaert and Tea War* Tab,j> CutlTj, gilv? >l?i< Ware, Caatora. Chafing Dishes. Waiter*, Coff.*e and Tea Ursa, Bar. Counter and F.xturec, Liqu<>r* nod Cuara, Iron Safe. D<>?k? and Offie* Furniture. ttteain Boiler, M atin* A Ftaratas, fee Together with a large quaaif* or tioaaetiold &f fro-a not neoes.a-y to aniia.erata. Term* : under cash; over that UMtt a credit of en and 90 daya, for satitfactonly endoratd notes, ttearing interest ma ? aoAda J. C. MoGUlRE A CO., Aaet* 460 SEVKNTB STREET. alwayTahead. I have just reoeiveo a nioe stock u[ 8PRIV. SLOTHING. FURNISHING GOOD?. RL'NKS. HATS and which I inrite the attention of all in waetoi such articlaa. My mott > is "A quick sixpence is t>?tur than a alow ahi - ling." 1'hoae in vast if Clothing we lav Me to com? and look at oar goods and prioaa ; and if yes want a nioe ?hirt aid a rrety Tie, No. tM Se? atra: 11? the plane to gat them. I have % >er* large a?ook of SPRING HA^,wki?h I m aail mg at26 par oeat. beiow their aotaai For those who want to travel. I ht?t nit r***** Uaw* 1'iui iKbntB, VALl8*K*.snd CARPK1 BAGS, va?i iDf in prioee from (1 So to |l. Jf yt"> ?ut a go^d Trunk, Clothing, Fsrmehiac 6?Mt. HkU, or Cam. thsre is no plaoe wh?r# yon oar t?uy thorn m lov m at tit* People's Clothing Store. No. 460 ? Tenth at., opposite Put OAoe. J H. PMITH. C oUi?r. mar li-lwa No 460 Seventfe st.. bet. K aad V. NBKW MILITARY BOOKS J art received by FRENCH * RICHBfKIN, 'J7P /? . imo.. Treat<eeon the Adm.cistratioc and Organise tion of the British Am-, t>j Kdward Barrir.gUn Fonblangae. I vol., Iro. English edition; priee by mail $4 I ostr action (or Field Artillery, 1 vol., ISmo , pnee by mail flhk Ssmmary of tse A't of W?.r h? ?*- ? * by D. H. Ha ni, itoi , lJjno-, ?ri?( hi Treatise on Field Fo baa. 1 vol., Mao.; tj Mil fl An (Cleat en tary Treatiee on 6aar<1, Out PoeU end Dottrhnwl Sfrnt* of Troayt, by D H MftUan. I roi . )6mo . by Mil 76 oenta Mi?ir t?r the Pttnotie VoliolMri ?i Astir* t*ervioe is Keftiltr end irrecaiar Wu bj Ht|k PorUstfult., Um<> ; erioe by MUl 92 Kvulatiuoi of FwM UttUriN of Artiltary by Major Robert At-ilrri&a, 1 roU llao ; prto* by man 91 SV Oar s.aai dieoouotof l? to an mi onLwmI bo.nd hooka FRfcNCH Jl RICH^TEUI, MS (liUR*? ) ST#P? a*ei cim KS-5&S- Jfc .feuur. Km published a ?anpM*t KlTiaf a full IMMMM of the diu&?( <1 state of tLoT^nn, Liw lad Stom ach. Kverj invalid ateoaM oil; Md got ??Ja gKST FANCY VOOM. At Pfticace TO BU1T THK TIM1M, JJJpEYSW. ^ ^