Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. |.T The follow1i(, hti the MuyiTtlU Ex rr> ? . la a valentine aen< by a alrhlDK to b1a ad?red <'!Marr Ann." on the 14th He la cer tainly aound on the I'nlon question ? Wh*r??? dear girl, I plaial* aee, A h?chelor I doomed to le. Unlf ** you mile neon my lit. And give n??yoB' band and heart to boot; And whe'?aa. with thee in iut poaaaiaion. I would ne?er dream aarht of '*?ecesaion And wboreaa.'twill agree with our"ounatltntiona,M I nbmit the fol.owing reao'.ntiona: RuclvtJ, Tr.n 01 MNtO* woinr'1 nerw w?r ?- ' ion: We loin together without eeereion. RttoivJ, That we tire together in iwwt commu nion. And oar only err be for the Union ! Kttcivd, That fortiJUmti?ns rnter eot our thoughts; We'll only have ytano fortes. R*tolv*d, Tint we'll ne'er be false, nor tell foolish lies; If we do, we'll try and ttrmrrtmia. nlvfd, Tn&t we'll have u> arms, not a single one. Unlets we get. someday,a a tun. Bkau Hiccku.-Beau Hickman's unparal leled assurance and Jeremy-Liddlerism are thus depleted by a writer in the Worcester Spy: The legend run* that Beau was onee a gen tlemaa, a rentable boau ? much upon the Brummel order, doubtless, but atill a man of spirit and honor. If so, alas! poor Yonck! To-day he is anything but the "glass of fash ion and the mould of form.'' No longer Hy perion, he is a Satyr of the seediest sort, body and sell. A metropolitan Jeremy Diddler, he \ icks up a precarious soosmence oy levying a kind of black mail upon visitors of all de grees, open whom he falls, usually after this fashion: Two strangers stand together convers ing in the hall of VV illarda'. Bean, who keep* a sort of mental inventory of his victims, eyes them closely, becomes satisfied they have not yet contributed towards his support, ard at ?>"? iirinK?n tn thn phurifd Kowin7 nolitelv. * -?v " o ? ry i ? with a smirk upon hii pinched face, bo accost! Mr. Green: "Ah! du'r sir. howd yedo? Glad to see you, realty, [believe I have not yet hnd the honor. Voor name i??a?is?ah! (waits for Mr. Green to announce it.) u " Green, my name is. sir." 4< Ah' yes, of coarse: Green; of?a?of?ah? f? where did you say?" " Of Massachusetts, sir." " Ah! yes. exactly, of Massachusetts; yes; large family of you in that State. Yes?of coarse' my name is Hickman, Beau Hickman! Heard of me, of course?known all over the world?reside in Washington?man of large influence here: be very happy to be ?f service, jtud?ah?I ah?by the way, you'll ezouse me, it's a way I have, the custom here, always, among gentlemen, among genrlemev'. to ah? to?in short, to contribute?that is, I usually collect a small tax?not much?mere trifle? dollar or two?or evon half dollar?of course don't exact it, but everybody pays it, you know; that is, every c'utlemau, cheerfully, and?ah. Oh, ah! yes! (as tho coin is pasted into his hand) obliged. Thank you; happy to have you call on me. Good eveniDg'"' And so on to the next number of ' the large family." a pity, which disgust cannot stifle, a. a i.j iu... fciioi >uo u'iunuuu. nuu iuu?, ike a combination ghoet of better days?? cross between Wm Dorritt, Esq., the Marshal sea prisoner, and Alfred Jingle?this unhappy monumental shade of a pa.-t generation flits through j*'wretched life. Adticb to Letter-Writers.?We think it advisable to make suggestions to letter-writers, which, if complied with, will save the Post Office employees much time and trouble, and at the *ame time will tend to insure the more speedy and safe transmission of letters. Never seal your letter until you are sure that the contents thereof are all right, as instances have often come under our observation where the writers, through carelessness, have omitted to make certain enclosures, which it was their intention to have done. Place the stamp on the upper right-hand corner of the letter. Write on the address simply the name, post offioe, county, and 3tate The names of country seats, as " Rose Hill," 44 Forrest Lawn," etc., should be avoided in the address, as there are aometime post offices of the same name, and the letters are liable to be missent. In depositing yo?r letters in the "drop" at the office, be careful you do not empty the entire contents of your pockets in the same repository and ?),? An/4 ?: : it" uwa uu<4 yuuivuu ilitUUD OCTiaiU UllB'jOiiU. JOUB hrtiolM, the sudden disappearance of which 70a are at a load to aocount for. From the mis cellaneous character of the contents of the "drop baskets" it would seem that some peo ?>le consider the post office a sort of savings' astitution; bsnk bills, checks, drafts, etc., be ing often found here, without the slightest evi dence?at least as far as the bank notes are ooncerned?as to who are the proper owners Pocket-books. pen-knifes, night-keys, ferry tickeu, pea nuts, and in fact merchandise?In a small way?of almost every description finds its way through the " drops"?the property of " no one in particular, and everybody in gen eral." While on this subject we would cay that postage stamps are frequently found l^ose in the baskets, while many letters are discov ered with nothing to show that they have ever been properly paid?we would inform parties interested, that this manner of crocedore is itiuiminun ot luoir letters, na an <>t i?ucb bio held for postage.?llolbrooV* P. O. Gazetfi. arrivals at the hotels. WJLLARDS' HOTEL.?S Young, NY; XT M WIIwd, M*m; T B Gates. Capt J S Button. W A Brfferner, K D Smith, NY; J J Davy, NJ; A J Merrill. R Smith. Mass; A F Dow, NY: M Alva rex,Bt Don;;oj B II Town. La; C Oilpln, M D Lawaon, Pa; A Lawyer, Maaa; F Obiulrad. uY; ? S Hitcbcocb, H B Ferris, Md; J G Welsh. Middera; 9 P?-l?dfa, Md; A Wylle, DC; H M Mieombcr, Maw; D Cuahlog. Md; W Gwattemy, \%i A D Weld. Mm; H D Cothrad, Ga; G Gib aoo,Md: R B Forbes, Maaa; A J Drexel, W II Carryl, C S Rldgewav, Pa; W P Roblnaon, G A Townsend and family, A Ranaom, VV M Dela an, J Smith, F Prime, Master F Prime, F Clark, NY: D Forbes, Me; J Lewla and lady, I SMC; A C Hanner Miss Heron, l'a; A H Whittlesey and X-dy,?; W H Hughe*, J B Deborrow, Md; A r rruer, r?. NATIONAL HOTEL?Tboa Davidson, P?; 8 J Gordon, Matt; 0 H Colltna, J Fuller, C Moore, NY; OG Hoey, Matt; R Z Stevena, Iowa; 8 R Good-peed. Mra Dodge, A Thompson. C O Simp son, Judge Glenn. NY; AG Aldeo. Minn; T J Townaend. Wli; T J Ray, 8A; Juo D Bowling, J idge t.'ra.n, Md. BROWN'-* HOTEL?8 M Dent, D Phelps, \V Ho!mra. G Cooper, II F Jones, Va; G Snilib, J Brown, T <?reen, Md; W Harper, DC; J Gard ner, C?pt G W Hoover, Capt H Matthews, J Mar C C Moore and ly. N Y T T D Argentine and fern. E M < ropp. E G Cropp, NC; T B Ooipaugh.^J F Chunk, Fa; T J Rae, BA; R Ktlpatrick, La. If I B U/ t a\ UAlton * ~~ ** wv 11w i rTj ? is nsnson, IJCj J H Matber, Ct; S W Denuia, J Rimmirk. R Gould lngfand ly, L E Savage. NY; R W Humphrrva, Tea*; J W Macbetb, 3 B l>tahrr. B M Morrow, Pa; L E Savage, Md. OCEAN S TEAM EES' SAILING DA YS Yuqm tbu Usitb* Statm Mumifi. Ltavt. For. JMii. Eav&ria New York.. .South'pton Ap! S C?o me* _li.j?ton Liverpool A pi 3 Afric* York...Liverpool....Apl 10 N-'V Yi>rk..~.)ii<* York... Brnmea Apl 13 Earop* New York... I.ivtrpooi... Api 11 B*.tio .Nflw York. ..Havre .Apl Perat* ? .New York.?Liverpool Apl 84 Pnooe A.beit Ne? Y<>r<...Uaiwaj Apl 27 ? BOM Lceopb JJoma?i*......... Pouta'pton.. .New York...Mob 1* Uui'd Kiafdoar.Ol&acuw New York ?i*iou it New York Soath'oion N?wV?.t r ? . baropt Uwrjoo! .. .Boston Moh 23 Fa toii __ SouUi'ptow..New York . ..Apl 3 D?v* *. Soatn'ptoa.. .New York.... Apl 4 Itfmtn 8outh'i?t?a... New York... .Ap 11 Hani mom* Pouth'pton ..New York...Api 18 THE * INSURANCE COMPANY ot THE STATE o? VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 9300.00A. Mer^h&ndiee. Building*. Household FiRUtnr*, te.,MUiut Iom or dAm&ce by fir*. HEATH * KNOWLES, Agents, . .mm,*? ??wu. to orer Mat of WMhinfton. s'1'" isasmsiUf IsO?LAWN W ?r* MlliD(ftt half their origin! rrioo 41 o?b*r cootlt of rrery ducr.fiion W? are still Mtling at coat (Jar ?to k U ivt< *ad w#il Maortsd in or* ^Cepfcrtmw.t. TAYL<iR A HVTCBI8QN >?V ITHH. No. 4?W St. frt?w A Ngy_>?T or 8HEIN6 HATS JU8T &r??SSt "*%&* TRAVBLBR8' DIRECTORY. BALT,^A\A^#?uWOAD CHANGE OF HOURS. Ob ted after SUN DAY, November 25th, inn, the train* will ran m follows: LEATE WASHINGTON: First train at Aje a. m. t*eoond Tnii n at 7,40 a. m. Tnird train at&lO p. m., Exprece. '"""mri'iJtTIMOKE: Firat train at 4.15 a. m., Expreae, llAA/\n/1 i n t t *W tL. m Third at 3.W p. m. Fourth at 4 an p. is., Kz|r?M. Tha first, eeoood and third train* from Wath ?gton oom.ooc tiirought o Philadelphia and New ork. The seoond and third oonneot at Washington iunction with trains for the West, South, and lorthwect; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the r<n a. m. traiu. Kor the accommodation of the war travel be tween Washington and baurei, a passenger oar will be attaohed to the tonnace train whioh leaves at 11 a m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadel phia only. no M-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE education. hose Parent* who wiah their daughter* to re oeiro a thorough and ayitematio education, where their physioa! training will receive daily and eeeoiai attention, under thei^oatapprovod ayatemof Calia thtmes and Gyranaatica, are reaprotnillr invited to riait the Union Female Aeuulemy. corner Four teenth at. and New York ar. mr. k. mrs. z. RICHARDS, an 30-tf Principals. Female boarding and day school ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mra. 9. j. MoCORMICK. Pkiwct?al. The thirteenth ananai aeaeion of tma Institution will vammram uu Tunwtaj, ?cywmljot 101:1, m iiio hons? recently oooupied by Sylvester Soott, ese., No. 180 King atreet. The conrte or study purauod will comprise ail the branohes requisite to a thorough English Kdu oatiou, and Music, French, Latin and Drawing, i] Msirad. In addition to dav scholar*. Mm. McCormiok it prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders, who, constituting a part of her own fam ily . will be under her immediate car* and suporvi aion. She wtil endeavor, aa far aa possible, to sur round them with tue comfort*and kindly influence! of Home. References.?Rer. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Eliaa Harrison, Kev. D. F.Spngg, William H. Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowdt-n, Esq., Edmund F. Witmor Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis MoKenzie Ea? , Robert H. Huntoo, Es?., W. D. Wallaoh Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.Jas Entwiale, Jr.. Esa.,Coi. John W.Minor, Loudoun geaara. B'ackloCK A. Marshall, Messrs. Cor rothera. Tun. Board, with Tuition in aJl the Englieh Branches, #2no for the annual aeaaion? payable semi annuaJlj, in ad vance. Music and Languages at Professors' prioea. 11 k kl. -1- ? m *1 ii t iiuoAbipuuar(CB. GAS FITTING, &c. AWM. T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to execute any order* with wnieh thej ma; be favored id the PLUMBiNd, OAS OR STEAM FITTIN* BUSINES8. CZV Store on 9th treat, a few doom north of Pa, avenue, where mar be found a oompjete assortment of CH aNDELI EKS and other GAB, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. ia?7 ly WGAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, BAB FIXTURES ot entirely New Pattern* ani Designs and PiuiKh. (superior in stylo to anything heretofore trier e<! in t.'iia market. We invite citizens general ly to call an-i examine cur stock of Gas a^-I W ater Fixtures, feeling confident that wo have the bert elected stock m Washington. All Work in theahove Tine intrusted to our ear* wtli be promptly attended to. MVER8 * MoGHAN. marfi-tf 37ft D street. iB.K 1 UtRi PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Hu removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F sts. If 9 i? prepared to introduce Water and Gas a poo the most favorable terms, and guarantiee entire satisfaction. He has on l.iiid a lot of COOKING ar.d other STOVES, winch he will toil lees than ooet. as he wishes to get rid of them. no IT OFFICE OF inspector and sealer OF GAS METERS. WasHiroTON. J air II, I860. NOTICE IS ffEREBY HIT EN, That, agree ably to tho provisions of the oidinanoc of the Cor poration approved Mar 12, K'l.the undersigned ia now prepared, "whenever retired in writing, and on pre- payment of the foe of fifty oenta, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration ofany gas mater in use in thia city." Every meter, if found inqorrect,will be oondemned, and another, Maiei ana tnarxed a* truc.wni M setini'* place. If proved to be aoourate in iti measurement of gas, it will be sealed accordingly, and again put in positioa for use. Offioe No. 910 Seventh street,(near Odd Fel .ovi' Hail.) < >pen from 8 a. m.. to 6 p.m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jylS-tf Inspector ana Sealer of Gas Metera. French flowers of the very best quality, and an exten?iy?i **netf,^_ JiCb.A Fanoy rttore, ImC no S3 t *315. I^Iw. 9th Mid 10th ?t?. XK NOTICK. /Q\ l**\ removal. j^x ? o I hare removed mr u 9 1 bare removed pit PAWN OFFICE to 351 C ctreet, between 4>4 and 6th ctreetn, inttne diateiy in th? rear of the National Hotel, wheM t:,e l>u4:neab will l>e continued as heretofore at the old [no)56m] ISA AC H fcKZHKRG. FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES ?0 MATCH. ^harge) llthl METROPOIJTAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP ft SOLOMONS, Agent* for Lanrtnet't ultbrattd Linen Partri, "Mttropa'itan Millt," te., #c. mX IT 333 Pa. & ., bet 9th and Mb sta. PUKE OLD RYE WHI8KY.-On hand serera brand* of Pars Old Rye Whliky. Copper Die tilled. made by the moat reliable distillers in Pecn ylvama, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pare. itandard brandi. A eiioiee lot of Cigars and To oaooo. YOUNG ft KEPHAKTMAeenta. a? 14-1 t *89 Pa a*.. betw.9lh ar.d 10th ate. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO HTRANGERS I VISITING WASHINGTON. A View of the National Capitol Will be Prisxstxd To every purchaser ol Books, Sta'ionerr, fte, from tlie well known establishment of FRKNCH ft KICHST^'IN. Hookael era. Stationers, and Pe riodical Dealer*, No. 2T? Pa. avnue. Lear the Hirkwood House. Washington, D. C. roar 1 FAMILY ULANRETS AND COMFORTS. We have still on hand a rood assortment of the above goods. Also, Housekeeping Goods of every description, all of whioh we axe selling at oost for oash. le 21 TAYLOR k. HUTCHISON. . - mi laineti Mioriraem tod n<>w offer the myt ext*niive variety j^ni pF ?!&?*?& VAI-ISE9, CARI'et bags, satchels, Ac., in th? city. wh,oh w. wll.n? ?t r.rt low kricos. W ALLi bTfci nfcNo c vU % on 2S tf yia P% tTWiifc John F. ellis. SOLKAGENT KOR the bale and rent chickering ARSONS* pianos, 306 Pinna. A vuttrt. Betirten 9i h and l?tA Streett, ma 3 North Side. Important notice to stranuehs VISITING washington. A ?i?w of the National Capitol will be prMentrd to ail pnrohaeen of Book*. Stationery 4.0., from the well known establishment of prench A R1CHSTE1N, 97? Pa.av., Is 25 near Kirk wood Houae Q nrflH choice butter. OjUUU lcs. goshen BUTTKR ofthavery bt*t?iali4. AI?o, PENNSYLVANIA R!iri(wnp.<r . ?rw vn ? * M OA R CALVERT'S HONEY. . KING A Bt'RCHEI.L. ft 36 Vermont av. and Fifteenth ?t. E UON TON FOR APRIL, Atlantic Monthly for April, Appl?ton'a New Amenoan Encyclopedia, Elliott's Deba'?J on the Federal C >nititatn>n, S votivr*. Refutations for States Consulates. 1 vol nme. FRKNCH A RICHBTKIN. ma U art* Pa- ar . het- nth and 12th sts. | INCOLN A8 HE IS. L< 8ti>v Enoutid Po?t*ait. The beat Portrait vet published of How- iff imf&b&mtsr"'' No. 278 Pes* a.. Avi.ici. Washinjton, D. . T'ade ra?li4d st lo? ??> t?OETRA|T OP PRES i?h*d. jaat oat kid mt Ky mail IrMM rM?y(afVo?ata. The trad* ud eluba of twaatr ujtlled at low ,r^T?bT FRENCH A R1CWBTEIN. I A ROB INVOICES OP NEW WUtAC ?M. fof ,-f-uoa. I* as 906 Pa. ar.. batKk aodWw irt?. Z&CH RE A.< Yfl WV CURE NervousHeadache Headache. By the dm of thee* Pill a the periodio attack i of Nervous or Sick HtadacKt may be prevented; tad If taken at the oomraenoement ol an attaok imme diate reliei from hud and aioknesa will be obtained. They aeldom fail in removing the Nausea and Headache to whioh females are ao aubject They aot gently upon thebowela,?removing Cot tivmtts For Literary Men, Students, Dehoate Females, and all peraona of sedentary habits, they are val uable as a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving tone and vigor to the digestive organs, and re toring the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments, having been in use many yeara, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of paiu owl uaormt mini nvsuaone, wiiotiio orijj nating in thenerrcmj ayatemorfrom a deranged stato of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all timea with perfeot eafety witliout making any ohange of diet, and the ab tine* of any disagreeable taete renders it easy to administer them to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on oach Box. Sold by Druggiats and all other Dealers in Medi oinea. A Box will be sent by mail prepaid on reoeipto the PRICK, 34 CENTS. All orders should be addresaod to . HENRY C. SPALDING, Cedar Stbukt, New Vobk. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF RPiinivn^ CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE 18 WITHIN THKIR REACH. As these Testimonials tot re unsolicited by Mr. Spalding, they afford unquestion able proof of the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. M a son v ills. Conn.t Feb. 5,1861. Mr. Spalt>ii?o?Sir: I have tried roar Cephalic Pill*, an-! / like thtm so well I want yon to end me two dohara worth more. Fart of these are for tho neighbors, to whom I gave a few out of the first box I got from yofi. Bond the Pills t>r mail, and oblige Ycnrob't servant, JAMES KENNEDY. uAvr.RfURi}) rr oil. o* iroii Ma. Spalpihg?Sir: I wish Tor to send rre one more box of your Cephalic Pills, I have received ? tr tat dtal ef benefit from them. Yours respectlnlty. MARY ANN BTOIKHOUBE. SfKTTCX CBKKK, HtTNTINSTOI* Co., P? ,1 January 18.1861. ( H. C. SrAi.DiHe?Sir: Yon will please tend me two boxes of roar Cephalio Pills. Seud them Im mediately. Respectfully roars, JNO. R. SIMONS. P S ?I hare uttd one box of your Pilu, and And them ezoeller.t. Belli Vernon, Ohio, Jan. 16, 1361. Hbnrt C Spalding. Esq.: Please find inoloasd twenty five oeats, for which send me another box of ?"?ir fills. They are truly the best Pills 1 have evtr trud. Direct A. STOVER, P.M., Bella Vernon, Wyandot oo? 0. Bsvxxlt, Mast., Dee. 11, lasn. H. C. Esq- 1 wish for some oiroalars or larje show bills, to brins your Cephalio Pills more particularly before mr ou?toiners. If you Lave anrthin* of tho kind, please s?nd to ma. One of my customers, who is subject to sever* Siok Headache, (usually lasting twodars.) mat curtd af an attack in cut. hour by your Pilli, whioh I sent her. Reepeot'ully yours, VV. B. WILKES. Rxtroldssubs, Franklin Co., Ohio,( January 9.1881. \ Hknet C. SrALsrNo, No. 48 Cedar itreet. New York?D^ar Sir: Inclosed find twenty-five oer>ts. (IS,) for whioh send box of ' Cephalio Pills." rend fo ad<!re?i of It ov. Wm. C. Filler, Reynolda bu-f. Franklin cnimtv, Ohio Your pilli work like a charm?cure Headache almmt tnsianter. Truly yours, WM. C. FILLER. Ypsila!<ti, Mioh., Jan. 14,1861. M*. Pfaldtso?c*ir: Notions sinoe I gent to jrou for a box Cephaio Fi!!s for the eure of the Ner oui Hradache and Cottivtnfu, and reo*ived the mm*, and th>y had so good an effect that I imi m duced to send for more. Please Mna by return mail. Direct to A. R. WHEELER, Ypsiianti, Mioh. From the Examiner, Norfolk, Ya. Ophalio Pilla aooomplith the obj^ot for whioh they were made, via: Cure of headaohe in all ita forma. From tkt Examiner, Norfolk, 7a. Th#f have IX?n tMltMl In mnr* (Km - ttiA?a?ul o&iei," with entire snceesa. Prom the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. If yon are, or have been troubled with the head ; ache, aend for a box, (Cephalio fills,) ao that yon may have them in oaae ol an.attack. From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The Cephalio Pills are said to be a remarkably effective remedy for the headache, and one of the very beat for that very frequent complaint which has ever been discovered. From the Western R. R. Gazette, Chicago, III. We heartily endorae Mr, Spaldint.and his un rivalled Cephalio Pills. From the Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, 7a. We are anre that peraona>rint with the head ache, who try them, will atick to them. From the Southern Path Finder, New Orleans, La, Try them ! yon that areafilioted and we are anre that yonr teatimony can be added to the already numerous Mat that has reoeived benefit* that no otner medicine oan prodnoe. From the St. Louis Democrat. The immotiM demand for the artlole (Uephslie I Pills) la rapidly inoreaaing. From tka / ? . Mr. Spalding would not oonneot hia name with an artiole he did not kntyw to poaaeea real merit From the Advertiser, Providence, R. J. The teetimorv in their favor la strong, from the moat reapeotab'e quartora. From the Daily News, Newport, R. I. Cephalio Pills are taking the plaoe of all kiaOa. From the Commercial Bulletin, Boston, Mass. Baid to be very effioaoioua for the headaohe. Prom the Commercial, Cincinnati, Ohio. HufTnrinv hnm?i*i?? ? ? ?? 1? ?' " ? uou uuw u? ronerea. - - .53 fTT A single bottle of SPALDINB'SJ PREPARED GLUE will aave ten him lU oost annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE.' SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH U^"A STiTca m TmSavia Niwe."-/T1 As accidents wilt happen, even in well regulated families, it u very desirable to t are eome cheap atuCoonvenient way for repairing Furniture, Toys Crockery, &o. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB meet* all auoh emergenoiea, and no household ea afford to be withont it. It la always ready, and a |o the stioking point - USEFUL IN EVEEY HOUSE." N. B??A Bruafc looompwiei Mth Bottle. Pria 2S Mnti. Addr?M _ HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 46 Cedar (treat, Now York. CAUTION. IM nui MM, I crBf ALDING'B fMFAEED 8LUE.CD I wo? ww?i ?U otter.| C OlflWTIIlB* P i9'QM ww PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. pUBLIC N O T I C E. Pablie notion ia hereby givaa that bonds aad <ooapona unand, of the daeoripUon hereinafter aot forth, k*ra hktely been felonlonaly a bet meted /row the onetody of the Interior Department, the being tha property of tha United Statee and haid in traat for oertain Indian tribea. Notioe aaa aleo baan (iron to tha proper oftoera of tba reepee u v? Btatee to atop the p*|Mt thereof; and all persons are warned against purohasinf or reootT in* any of mid bonds and ooapons, as the olauu of ths United States thereto will be proeeeuted to the utmost extent Eaoh bond being for the ram of oae thousand dollars, ni s Six per oent Missouri Coupon Bonds, ieeaed in June aad August, 1857. State of Missiouri, St. Louie and Iron Mountain R I, Btate Bonds. Bond No. 2037 Bond No. 1823 1878 1996 1997 1998 2008 2007 1993 ' 1994 1ST 1822 1821 1820 1819 1818 1809 1817 1995 1818 1891 1815 1990 1814 18V2 1813 1991 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 2008 2031 2005 2033 2004 2034 3001 2035 1W9 2038 2000 2032 2009 1828 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880

1831 1881 1832 1882 1888 1883 1889 1884 1870 1885 1871 1888 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 2029 2048 2018 2048 2017 2047 2018 2044 2015 2043 3014 2040 2013 2041 2012 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 ?? 1825 99 1824 Not*.?Bund* No. #000, and below of this eerlea, isaueJ June, 18W. and bonda No. WW, and above that, dated Aoguit. laST, parable at the Phaaix Bank, Nev York city, in 1MT. State of Missouri ux fgroent. aoapon bonds, ni: Hannibal and St, Joseph Railroad State Bonda? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1826 1862 1(527 1851 1828 1860 1829 1849 1869 1848 1885 1847 1863 1848 1882 184? 1880 1844 1881 IMt UM 1834 1833 1834 1839 SIS 1839 1649 1640 1636 1613 1613 1614 1616 1616 1617 llllft 1868 1866 1864 1811 1816 1816 1817 1830 1831 1641 1641 1643 IMi 1019 1046 1020 1040 1021 1047 1011 1048 1804 1037 1034 1038 1031 1840 1032 1842 1033 1843 1022 1050 1867 1810 1030 1817 1030 1818 1039 1819 1841 1820 1023 1821 1024 ??? 10V 90 90 boadf Not???Thj?* bonda are dated January, 1MT, ffTabto at Bank of Coramaroe, Now York, in November, 1886?Interest payable in January and July of eaoh year. State of Mlaeoan six Mr oent. Conson North MU roori R. R. State bonds. Bond No^2962 Bond No. 1039 2940 1038 2939 1041 2941 1042 3942 1043 2946 1644 2V45 1646 2944 1646 2943 1647 2947 1648 2943 1649 2949 1640 2960 1660 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 1664 2936 1666 2961 1662 2963 1666 1667 2921 1706 2468 1706 2612 1707 2613 2462 2614 24*3 2616 2464 2616 2466 2911 2466 >916 2467 2912 2468 2814 1460 1916 SMI 2463 2917 2463 2918 2464 2919 2466 2920 2466 2954 2467 2956 1661 80 boftda Not*.?The bonds nambored SSlfiud boiov, i? rawt in J?nu*rj7lOTrNo 2910, ?nd *bore tMht, i*?u?d la Aomst, 18S7, payftbla M PImmux But, N?w York oity. Miwoori a|gt^*r Con^oB^kmd*. nm North Bond No. 37? Bond No. 2763 2784 2787 2786 2736 2781 2717 2782 2734 2779 2721 2783 2719 rn 2733 2712 2722 2716 2720 2726 2716 rn 2727 2776 2724 2766 2731 2766 2766 1770 rm itm 1778 tm 177* xrrt 7 729 1718 1715 1714 rm rm 6144 6143 6141 6141 614# 6139 6138 1137 fSi 6134 6133 6131 6131 6100 6199 6196 6197 6M 6164 6166 6163 6161 6161 6160 6149 1147 1148 6196 6199 6099 4999 4997 4890 4998 NH 6136 4888 MOT 4876 **08 ' 616T 6309 6163 61 6306 Bond* of North North Carolina nx ft Bond No. 36 Bod* No. 303 33 301 33 300 33 197 9 136 T 134 348 1M 347 104 346 30 343 19 341 18 341 IT 340 15 .139 13 338 8 337 11 336 10 K5 103 328 101 320 100 330 99 331 103 332 6 333 28 334 23 227 1C 32? 21 317 98 318 97 314 96 296 96 239 94 238 62 237 * 60 236 ? 303 72 bond* Not*.?'Thase bond* arc dated Juwt, 1166. payable January. 1?. at Bank of Ktfrablfo, Naw York. latareet payable in January and J sly. North Carolina 6 per owU. Coapoa Bonds, Bond No. 833 Bond No. 736 833 736 831 759 830 769 829 760 834 761 836 763 836 761 837 764 833 790 8T1 791 871 793 873 793 874 794 ,876 796 876 796 8TT 797 878 798 87? 799 880 . 800 an U 846 803 MI NM 848 804 840 806 860 809 Ml 8M 80S SOT 861 811 804 81J 804 812 868 814 867 810 808 810 800 ^ 817 801 818 882 819 880 820 884 821 M( CM 800 823 807 824 863 836 869 820 870 817 883 831 883 838 884 840 886 843 711 844 733 846 733 734 1M North Carolina six Mr MDt. Coapor Bond Ho. 699 Bond No. 493 000 494 AOS 4M 604 406 MS 497 606 621 607 496 608 616 616 611 611 481 611 482 611 482 606 484 614 486 62] 486 623 487 614 488 62* 480 400 626 627 638 628 620 641 640 642 641 6? 642 642 616 644 646 647 6SS 648 Ml Ml 616 617 618 619 457 A U ur 618 Uf 616 616 617 614 422 - 47* 80S 439 440 443 439 411 as 436 4S7 4S7 439 MS 347 343 363 333 471 473 473 474 473 473 477 1? 1M ? its 1U 144 IU ITS 111 in * 114 19.X 1* 194 Sin 1M 179 19T 18# 198 1J9 199 ISO 309 11T 144 # 140 Two bonds for ll.Nlllck. dntod April. M9r. Bond No 9 Bond Ho. 19 jftr ts&JiiLi rtxsi. sat Bond No. 11M Bond No 1191 1MU llttJ 1185 1184 1186 UN 1167 1188 1188 U9T 1180 119# 1*1 lltl tr^TigsrittiLVat city, of thoio. .owiu* Bunb*ra, ud *>HI Jul *ry. 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