Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1861 Page 1
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0 I I " I Pfl wfl V J j^EM^Ljr & ^?l^? vQyQl^^. R_J p* ^r J^w Kjl MH B' K| BjB vi ^^i^n0P% V HH ^ \PH \??. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 3. 1861. N?. 2.534 Q| THE DAILY EVENING STAR ? IP 7BLISHBD B VBR T AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) 4T THE STArt Dl'ILDIIIGS, of Pmntylwnis mmtnus and UlA ti.t II W. D. W4LLACH. Papera aened in ptokicee br oarrlera M |U T?ar, or n ?anu t*r raocih. To m&il ajbaeribeta lh* prioe U & fttr, w* mdvint*; 92 for six tcntha; 91 for thro* roontba; and for Iom tb*8 trre? njontha &t ihs rate of 12 oenta ft week. Siftfl* - >?iee, o** cr?t; in wrappera, two canra. ILT aonId be aect to the ofioe Vilorp 13 o'oiook m.; otaerwiae taey m?y sot rtil the next day. THE MAHOGANY BOARD Br L. A. VILXIK. nn a o?rUiD day in the summer of 1848. vhile a atorra of unusual violence was raging In the neighborhood of Philadelphia, I was diking on the outskirta of that city with W illiam Marrine, a young friend of mine, whose singularities of character and conduct'sometimes amused me, and sometime* caused me to feei a good deal of uneasiness and apprehension on his account. Marrine was a constant stu lent of German literature, and, as mlijht be expected, a man much inclined to reverie and fantastic speculations. Ia his religions creed be w&4 far from orthodox; but, while he believed less than the church enjoined, he accepted. without scruple, many strange doctrines taught by those mythical writers of Germany who seem to delight in whatever the cnmihon canaa i yt> anting rataAto na I k ' u ovuwv tunuaiuu ivjwvm HO IIB^IUV' able and absurd. ^larvioe had applied himself to tb? study of Ihw. but his erratic habits of mind unfitted him tor the sober and practical duties of that profession. Fortunately for him. his patrimony was sufficient to maintain him without any active exertion on his part, lie rer-ided with his mother (a fine old Methodist lady) and his sister LI!en, of whom I shall say little )f?st it should he suspected that she was an object of my idolatry; in fact, the has but little connection with the incidents of this fiarra tive. All of Marvine's though la were tinctured with the sobre hues of his favorite readings, and his conduct was controlled bj th? same eril influences to such a degree that I began to hare serious fears that the morbid condition of his mind would end in a hopeless form of icsaaity. Like most melancholy persons, however, he had his seasons of joyous excitement, and while these lasted?which was generally for a very brigf period, he was a most delightful companion. On the day to which my narrative refers, he was unusually hilarious. The tempest appeared to have an exhiliarating effect on his spirits. He insisted oa continuing our walk, though tho thunder nearly stunned us with its reverberations, and the lightning was almost one continuous gleam. We were now beyond the limits of the city; only a few buildings?chiefly manufactories of one kind or another?cculd be seen; and it soon bccame manifest that we should need soma kind of shelter, for the rain already begin to fall quite rapidly. The first open door which presented itself was that of a saw-mill?a very gloomy edifice ?inside of which the puffing of the steam engine and the harsh noi?e of the machinery produced almost as much racket a* the elemental war without. We entered and took seats on a pile of huge logs which were soon to be submitted to tne action of the saw. At this time, Marvine was indulging himself in one of those fits of boisterous merriment which I always regarded with painful apprehension, as they were suggestive of a maniacal prwcliviiy " 11a ! ha! ha!?bravo!'' shouted be. "What a delicious life might be passed in a steam saw mill I love the rattle of those cog-wheels. The saws themselves seem to be dancing to the music. That broken winded steam engine, like an old asthmatic minstrel, does its best to assist the melody. By heavens ! I'd work here ail day and half the night for the mere fan of the thing. The bustle of the place excites, intoxicates me. more than the whirling, tumultuous delight* of a ball-room." Just then, one of the laborars brought out a board which had been separated from the log which was then on tha movable fpame-wnrir that hang* on the timbers in contact with the teeth of the ?a*. " I gay, old fellow," cried Mnrvine. "what ?ort of wood is that? Mahogany' Sure enough, if is mahogany. I might have known that. What kirni of cabinet work is that intended for, old dry bones' What is to be made of these, eh ?" "Coffins," said the man, in a tone of impressive solemnity, as if it were intended to rebuke the levity of his questions. '-These here boards, sir, is intended tor coffins." Avaunt.?thou bird of ill omen!" cried Marvine. "Whataoroak the detestabic fellow h:u!?a very raven, by Jupiter! I tell Warn what, niv firioomv friend, you ?ra nnt fit . r-% * J ?? - ? f jT this lively business. and if I soe your employer, I shall advise hiui to discharge you at very short notice. Confound your churchyard intouatirms. The very machinery aeeins to have caught it up,?and the steam apparatus, which discoursed su-h pleasant music a few minutes ago, now sighs like a brokenhearted widow.*' " That board." continued the laborer, without condescending to take any notice of Marvine's singularities, "that board, sir, will make a good strong box f >r somebody. The gram is crooked, too, and there's a queer-looking knot in one end of it." At this moment, Marvine grasped my arm forcibly, like a man in convulsions. His face had become deadly pale, and his whole frame was excessively agitated. With a quivering Anger, be pointed to the knot in the board, to which the laborer had called our attention. It resembled the form of the letter M. ' You see,M said Marvine, " it is marked with my initial. As soon as I saw that hoard, I felt that it had some connection with my destiny. Yes, I felt a chilling presentiment at the first sight of it. That board is to make my coffin !** As the rain bad now abated, I hurried him out of the building. There was such a change in his appearance and behavior that he scarcely seemed to be the same person who entered tho mill fifteen minutes before, iio now looked like an iui?g<> of despair, and remained obstinately silent as I conducted bim homeward, llis mother and sister,who were well acquainted with bis infirmities, had entreated me to keep a watch on bis conduct. This proved to be a vary troublesome duty, but friendship and humanity called for its performance, and I did not shrink from the task. Having committed Marvine to the care of his family, I left him for awhile, hoping that the soothing attentions of the ladies would dissipate the "thick-ooming fancies" which tormented him. But within ftn hour after I separated from bim, I received a note from bis sister,with the information that he was dangerously ill. I was in some measure prepared for this intelligence, but conceiving that it would be in my Dower to irive some einltnitian nf ?ho c?us66 of his illness, I hastened to his dwelling t>lace, and found him laboring under a violent brain fever. In his wild exclamations he made fre<juent mention *f "the mahogany board." and this circuinstanee was very perplexing to the ansiou.s friends who stood aruund his bed. I did not find an opportunity to make them acquainted with the event of the morning, but I conceived a project which I thought weuld be likely to remove t&e cause of Marviue's disorder. In abort. I resolved to get possession of the board, and either deatroy it or have it used tor some purpose which would effectually counteract Marvine'c fear that it would become his coffin. As quickly as possible, therefore, I returned to the saw mill, and sought an interview with the proprietor, lie was a gentlemanlike and humane man, and I deemed it advisable to en1 trust him with a full accoAit of Marvine'a strange illusion, and the affliction which it had brought on his relative*, hoping that this confidential statement would induce Mr. Elkhorn, the owner of the mill, to eo-operate with me in the plan I had farmed to rid Marvino of his .1 t_ ?li. .4.4: r uioucroiug puiuiMj. xii lOis eipcciaiiun l *m not disappointed. Mr. Elkhorn cordially approved my endeavors, and promised to give them all the assistance in his power. The fatal board was pointed out to him, and he ordered one of his people to lay it by in a secure place uatil it should be sent for I now returned to Marvine's dwelling and ascertained that, after a short slumber, he had wakened in a more tranquil state of mind, and BkU Vi/.M m .a.. n* a % * h ? t akaa1 tn.l WS0 "Ul? W UV114 n/W?IVB?? V ouu I ?*- | tioB*l eoavertatioD with hi* mother and sister. I I began to hop* that the strange faoov ef the I morning had baen forgo??: wit, when the1 A ladies withdrew, Marrine began to speak of the mahogany board with a degree of calmness and self-possession, though hi? thoughts on that subjeot had lost none of their extravagance. He mentioned the hypothesis of some German author, that any object which is connected with our destiny always oommandi our earnest attention at first sight. He deolared that the mahogany board had produoed a thrilling sensation through his whole corporeal system as sx>n as it was brought within his view?even before the workmen nad mentioned the purpose for which it was intended, and before he observed the knot whioh bore such a striking re semblance to the initial of his own name. ' I firmly believe," added he, ''that this board will be used to make my coffin, but now that the first shoek hfw passed away, I can contemplate that fast with composure and resignation." \\ hile he was thu3 speaking. I secretly congratulated myaelf on luy success in negotiating for the borrd. and believing that I would soon Kor.i t Vi t- r\A i*r o r n olvn !ntn a ttrai-tfinul damrtn. " ?? " "? " (' "vuvn. u^.uu..stration of his mistake, I refrained from all verbal argument on the subject. When I took leave of Marvine. I called on an ingenious cabinet-maker and engaged him to make a dressing case of a piece of mahogany, which I promised to send to him on the following morning. This dressing caao I intended to present to Marvine, presuming, that when ho saw the terrific board roducod to that harmless form, it would ceiiso to be the object of his melancholy forebodings. And now, accompanied by a sturdy lad whom I had engaged to carry the board, I repaired once more to to the saw mill, intending to take possesion of my purchase. Cut on examining theplace whero it hid been deposited.we found that it had beon removed, although Mr. Elkhorn. in my presence, had given strict orders to the contrary. He was indignant, and indeed quite angry at their act of disobedience, and applied himself immediately to discover who had committed :t. ilis son, who was also a junior partner in the business, proved to be the offender, lie had not Heard his father's directions concerning the board, and having received an order for a large amount of mahogany timber, on the preceding day, he had caused the whole building to be ransacked, and every board in the place was required to meet tKo liiimQlw) TKo Kj^ftrrl ?-KIaK fi ra J t?-? vuu V> X MV W'? I V* 'I UIV/U U^UI VQ 1U I Ui-> 3tory was the lust found on the premises, and <vhen measured, it was found to contain precisely the quantity which was wanted to make up the amount which tho order called for. Oa inquiry, I found that the wholesale purchaser who had possession of the board whs a coffin-maker in extensive business, who supplied half the undertakers in thecity. I hastened to their main workshop, resolving still to have the board, if possible. But at their establishment work was done with almost magis celerity. The whole amount of boards brought from thd mill on the preceding day had been "worked up," and a huge pile of coffins, of all sires, waa the result of t^eir manufacturing activity. Kesolviug not to be balked even by the Parca themselves, I examined the pile and found, at last, the very coffin whicn contained the ominous knot. The planing and polishing of the hoard had made the mark more distinct, and it now appeared a* perfect an M as ever waa formed by tho pencil. I bought tho coffin, against which I now harbored the most unreasonable ill-will, and resolved to burn it without delay. I directed it to be sent to my lodgings immediately, and went home to await its arrival. Two of the cabinet maker's people soon came with their load. I seized a hatchet with the most vindictive spirit, and was about to split the unlucky article to pieces R3 a preparation for committing it to trie flames, when, to my great astonishment and dismay, I discovered that it was the wronsj box. Burning with indignation, I flew back to the coffin-makers and begnn n serious expostulation. but he handsomely apologized by saying thfit Mr. Simon, tho andertftkar. hn<t nr?wi ously selected that particular coffin among a "lot" which he hail purchased a little while before I had bargained for it. This circumstance had been forgotten by the foreman of the factory when he sold tho article to mo. but as the cnc which had been sent to me was exactly of tue same size, appearanoe. and quality, no one supposed that any objection would be made to it. and indeed the foreman candidly admitted that he thought I would be unable to discover that it was not the ?ame. Still in pursuit of that unlucky coffin, I proceeded forthwith to Mr Simon's place of business. But before I reached that place, I encountered a messenger from Mm Marvine, who implored me to come immediately to her house. I could not evado their summons, and on my arrival. I found that Marviae bad relapsed and was now in a dying condition. He was insensible, and expired within ten minutes after I entered the house. On the fourth day after his disease, I attended the funeral. The body had been placed In ?*n aaAR n T - ? U - ? ** IU ICO VUUl 11 WCl'UC J. CUICI CU IUO UiiQlil Uf r Ul death. Even at that time, my repugnance for tho fatalistic doctrine? which my departed frinnd had entertained, made me hope that the coffin whioh I then saw in the dimly lighted room was not the one whioh had been composed of the curiously marked board; but nlas! that hope soon deserted me. On the side of the coffin which was nearest to the shaded window, the mark of ill omen appeared with fearful distinctness. I glanced at the countenance of the dead man, and fancied that I saw a srnilo of triumph on the pallid lips, which seemed to upnraia me u?r my oosnnate sxepticism. However, the reader must not suppose that my previously conceived opinions were changed or modified in the least by the incidents related in this narative; for it is very ?*asy to conjecture how ?uch things might happen, without any supernatural interposition. A distressing affaik occurred day before yesterday on the west sido of the river, which has plunged three of our most respectable families into the greatest distress and consternation, and which may yet be productive of the most embarrassing difficulties. We suppress the real names of the sufferers, at their earnest request. On the afternoon of the day named, Mrs. A received a visit from two of her neighbors. Mrs. li. and Mrs. C. Each of these ladies was the happy mother of a little daughter, about six months old. They brought their infanta with them, and at tea time, all three of the children having fallen asleep, placed them on the bed in Mrs. A.'a chamber, and went te supper. Now, in the family of Mrs. A. are two young gentlemen boarders, who have more desire for sport and mischief than good sense. Coming home to sapper these scapegraces chanced to pass the door of Mrs. A'? room, which was opened, and saw the three babies lying asleep. Actuated by the very spirit of mischief, they set to work and actually changed the clothing of the three innocents, placing the clothes of Mrs. A 's baby upon Mrs. B.'? baby, those of Mrs. B.'a baby upon Mrs, C.'s baby, and those of Mrs. C.'s baby upon Mrs. A.'s baby. This done they went to supper. and entertained the ladies with their wittv conversation until the hour for departure arrived. It iru then quite dark, and the ladies each picked up the babe ahe supposed to be her own, and left for home. The mistake was actually not discovered until next morning?and then there was a scene of terrible consternation. The mothers were almost frantic. The babies all had light hair and blue eyes, and looked so much alike that to distinguish them was almost impossible At length each mother took the ohild she thought was hers, and went home, but took with her also the terrible doubt that perhaps she had Eot the wrong babj The young men. on einz referred to, could not tell in what manner they had changed the elothei. They wera immediately requested to find another board* ing-house.?Chtrago Daily Democrat. 1X7" A runaway negro girl wm fouud dead near FarmvlUe, Va , a few daya since, nearly eaten np by bautrda DENTISTRY. DRS. 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Capital #200,000. Offic* com r C strt't and Louisiana av? over Bank of Wafkxngion. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dirkotoh*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel RedferE. Samuel Cropley, * William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D. Barclay, jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothweil, Thos. Parker, Riehard Barry, B. B. Frenoh. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Abil G. Davis, Secretary. ooio-eoem nTOPHAM'S grypp PREMIUM TRUNK <3l?U MANUFACTORY, 499 Seventh 2:irxet, Washington, D. C. fc'ilvor Medal awarded l>y Maryland Institute of Haltimore, Nnvcmhw 7,1360 Alao, Medal t?? Me-ropo itsnMcchauios'Institute, Washington, D. C., 1857. I am constantly making. and always have on hand, of the best material, eve. y description of Fine Sole Leather, Iron Frame. r mA U'JU i *????nr>f Wood Box, and Packine Trunks, I'eiliKicr, Carpet, ai:d Canvas Travel it 2 Bags, School tfaioheld, Ao., At Lore Prtce*. Members of Congress and travelers will ploase examine rr.y Btock before purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made in other citie*. Superior Leather and Dre^s Trucks made to or-'er. . , Trunks covered and reoaired at short notice. Good* deli vered lree of oharice to anjipart of the ei'jr. Georretown, and Alexandria. ja23-lreo JAMES S.TOPHAM. P READER, ERLSE ThefolTiwint: statement and then judge oi us ivste lor yourse.l r ABRA.M COL^E, of Brooklyu, N. Y., a well known citiz n there, had suffered from Dyspepeia t for soine yea. s, without permanent relief, until he tried AYEK'S HI.LS, which taken aco ir^icg to ? the directions for this com? suit, restored him to health in e few wrests. After an interval of some "] inor, h b he ha* I.atl no return of his coinp v.nt. . <iEO. \V. CROSS, of Harmouy, Tesas, had an ] ervption on his n-ck. shoulders, l.ack &n<; le*. whtoh cove, ed alout onn tnird of his b*tly. It kep^ 1 tiio parts allected covered with a sc,\b, and heme o!U.. * r\vr of ronrid ven truuLlHeorao ? Mid di?tre-:ei!ie. it *o much unpaired bis lieslt:: as t i unfit. Iiim tor bumr.esj mi-I k? pt l>nn in ri-i.sta> t *j suflernc. All uied rv r.:ti i'*i'?9 ' him ?ii;il he t>>< k AY Kit S CUMPoENii EXTRACT fAKSA PARILLA, which civcd hi'n. His ; ki:i sti 1 shows roine ecnr# from the ulceration, but it m it,;er w: e a* eienr as an rifti t <. JOHN (I. SHOOK, Esq . aa eminent lawyer ot Richmond, Vn.tiiokt 0"iJ which settle-) 011 his lungs A sev"r? pain set in ou the left ude, wi'h a bvi oou^h, Wm.oU w.'s soon followed l>v the u'unis- 7 takai ie HjiKptoois ol consumption. V, ii?a??<ii::cd vty low lior?<nnnni'oeo tak-i.if AVER'S CIIEK K't PE?" I URAL, * hich soou ft^pped the cough and completely oured hi'a. ill) I * VMO ? ? i ivj'Gtitu n j 1711. J, Vs. A I C. fi CC l/MM li^WPl!, Mass ir.&13eclm PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL J JU?D BLOOD HEIJOVATEH < la precisely what its name indicates, for, while pleataut to thotasto, it is revivifying, exhilarating, invigorating and strenithe-'ing to the vita power*, and at tlin *ame time rovi vifias, reinstates, a: d re new* the Bi?>od in a i its omitia! pu-ity, and thus . at oroe restore* ctnd rewJers the system invulntrablt . to titlarks (J disease.. It in th"> oniy preparation s ever offered to tha world, so oheniio&ily ami skill- fully combined autobetne ncit powr rfui tonic, and at the esn:9 tunc bo perfectly aiapttxi to. as to act ir. p.irfeot accordance with the laws of nature. and hanee will soothe Iht weakest stomach, and m tone up ?lio diRcetive orpans. and thus allay a:! n* r- 11 vouband othor irrititioi.. !t w perfectly exhi.ara kl tine and at (no same time it is ooinposed entirely of vegetables, yet so oombined as to produoe the most * thorough tonio effr-ct, without producing any; in- Ui iurioua oor.iequenoes. huoh a remedy has long *i t>een felt to bo a deBideratuu: in the uiediaai w >rid, D for it needs no medical etc il to see that debility is f >llow8 all attacks of disease, and proceed: a '1 in 9 deed lays the ayetein open to the insidious attacks *< o: -nauy of the most fc.ta , suoh, for example, as tlie ' following: Consumption, li.direstion, Dysp p* a, I 088 of Appetite, taintless. Nervous Irritability, J' Nenra:gia, Val Dilation of the heart, Melaiiohd.y, ? Nieht awc^ata. IJ&i.gor, Giddiness, Retention of, as ? well as 1'amlul obstructed, too profited, or too Z. Eo^nt Menstruation, and lailin? of the Womb. These all depend upon general deliiliti. Thi*pure, healthy tonio CorJiai and li ood Renovator is as sure to cure as tho eun is to r>o? and sft. There is ** no mi?tak< about it . Hut this is r.ot ail If the system 18 weakened we are open to b.lious attacks, the liver torpirt, or woree cisenced. al tae kidneys rofiiBj to perform their functions, and ^ we are troubled with aca'.dir:,; and of t, urine, or involuntary of the fc.inie, pnin t! in the back, nide and between the ?h>u.-ders ex ? ceodmely liable to sught colds, coughs, and if an checked. soon emaoiatiou follows,a-id tt*e pati?*t t fnm nown to n. nrrtni*tur? flue . wrl n?.t al!d* us t<i enumerate tin >tkvlv ills to which we ' are liable 1:1 n ure**ene<l condition >>t Urn mtam. lSut ?n wi.l tnj in this Cordial and L?!oo?: Kenuva !? tor you have s. ^rl^ot safe pi easaut Mid eueotsial remedy for loss of Appetite. hiuouEncsa. F'.atu lenoe, weak anf! rick Htomaoh. l.ancour. Mver Complaint, Chilisand Fever.or an? Itihou^attaok Co?t;ve".eas. Acidity of the St 'in*oh, Nervousness, u Nenra!*ia, Palpitation of the Heart, U9pr?m:on of Spirits. Sorts. Pimples on the Fane,or any dia- * eauci arising from impure bioo.l, such ra J-~?;rofula, Erysipelas. Umuohius, Couch,diitoulty of Breath- * in?. and all that olasa of diseases cai ed f-male weakness, and enumerated above. We will also k ay the traveler exposed to epidemics, ohange of ? climate and water, will find it a pleasant, safe and BiirA rattii^ v anH nn nna bKaiiH ?r? ?aI ? ?*'> - ? >v - j i ?> < u'/ vi?v huuu.vt V ? v?i li > v *-?! w 1 vii out. Re?dvr. try it, for we axsuro you job will C find in it & fnond indeed, a* wail as afri?MU( in need. n All person;, of sedentary kakits will find it a, par- u foot preventive ol, as well as a oure for tho*e ailments which they are particularly exposed HenoJ ministers, students, attorneys, literary gentlemen, y and ladies who are not aocusbmed to muoh oat door exercits, will find it to their advar.t\g?s to f< Icecp a bottle constantly on hand; and a.bove ail n mothers or taose becoming such, will go through I that moat danxsrous period not only with &!! their aocttsiorned strength, hut t>afu and free from th* 9 thou ar.d ailments so prevalent among tkt f?mslo ? portion of the wo! Id. Jr. short, is indeod a mother s oo'dial. Try it old and young; no lor ger run the mk of doiay; it will relieve and prove ltcelfcmphatically a Restoratit t Cordial and Blood Ktnovntor. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 4 44 broad ??,/, New ^ i i l * ? i .a. ?>* *. tj*. s ? " * - 1 i ui*, nun hi 4iinrikoi cu wi. ci. >Iu#. ?;m hy all good Di ui gista. Pnco Oao Dollar per Bottle. TROF. W00D'8 RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AKD J BLOOD RENOVATOR. c Sold in this city by C. STOTT, 3T5 Pa. arenue. 11 ail 2ft-aoly, aiw JJOOTS AND *0 SUIT T*E We are now inannfaotunnj ?K kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, ?Mt coratAnt:? reowTinr supply of eastern mace work of everi ae-KCfJ jnptior, made exp ss!y to order, and will* *Bj be oold at a runch lowerprioethan has been* Mk noretol'ore chariod in fh:a city for moot inferior artic'es. Persona in w*ct of Boots and Shoes of eastern or 9itT made work, will always find acood assoruneu ic store and at tae lowest prioes. Give as a sail. GRIFFIN it BRO.t ?? ?-r si 4 r? &T9r,o?. , r|uPQNT'8 61'N POWDER, b -J .For at mar.ufaetifreri jno**, by JOHN J. BO?UF., Gioh&ktows, D Cv Sol* Aftmni ff tk* Dutriet of Columbia. | ITi?|i * >?nj J V nfli i iffjui]*'?ff?*hMlilf ' ? CLOTHING, &c. N MERC-HAST TAILORING, E\V FALL STYLES Kr CLOfllS, CAS8I MEKS. AND VESTING 8. WALL, STEPHENS k CO., 3*i? Penn?Tl*? nift Avenue, have just reofirtd ft tree va-i?u o, ufw Fall Goods,to wnioh they invite tne of their friends acd customers. an ao-?; f^-ENTLEMEN'S VX KK\DV MADF, CLOTHING. Our jreaent assortment of GENTLEMEN'S RKaDi-MADK CLOTH NG cffera to eitixens anil strainers wish;!:* an in mediate at f.t tuye rior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles acd aualmes of I)rMi mvi n??- I i.ieats and Orerooati ic all Tan?ti??. Fine Shirti and Uadw-c:othin< ol a 1 ku<l?. Kid and other lilovei i'f belt quilt). Bcarfl, Tie*, Cr?v?U, ?to<-k?, Hosiery, &o., Ac. All of whioh we are uiTPr'ns at <ur usual low prior*. in- Clothing mad* to order in tho mast superior manner. WALL, STiPRENS A CO., no 16-tf 3U- Pa. avwi.!6. f20TO THE PEOPLKS'C^OTHING ST?'R F, >1 No. 460 Seventh ?t., to eet Tour CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOuS. HATS *rd CA PS*. fa 2 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite nor customer*,and citnent genera ly, to an iaspeotion of our present tew, at , m.m tractive, and Ojant aeexrUr nt of^M CLOTHS. CA^Sl.Mf .HKS, HOI -KINS, *5* VfcS*TlNGS, OVERCOATIN6S, Ac. gff which we will make to order in superior * var? !#?* = STEPHENS k. CO.. oo 25-tf 32'J Pa. av., h*t*. 9th at.d Kth ata. #Curt Com*, Cold, WwriflMH, /?any 'rrtlMiM or Scrixv* i4< Throat. Relieve tkt Hacking Couth in Conxumrtion, Brotuhitu, Athma, 4r Catarrh, Clear and girt strength to the roite of PUBLIC SPEAKERS in SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of checking a Com!i or "Common Cold ' in its first stage; mat winch in the be^jniPR would yield to a iniiu rerr.e1?, lfneRleotad.aoonattaoks'he Luna", "firorert'f Bronchial Trottier" containing demulcent ingredi snta, allay Puimorary and Bronchial Irritation. ! "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S which the "Troches" are a epeoifco) i havioe made me ottec a mere whisrROCHES perer. N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S " ' recommend their uee to Pcbjc TROCHES PKAIWK*b RKV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great crvicejnsubflomt Ho?si BROWN'S SE.?s." RHV. DANIEL WISE. rn(tpH.v "A'ruost instant relief iii the (lie tressin* af,or cf treathing peculiar ^rmwv^ to Asthma,'* 3KU? & Kt v A c eggleston. TROCHES " Cortv.n no Opium or anything inj?not<a." DR. A. A HAVES. 3ROWN'S Chemist. JTostcn. "Asimpleaud flee ant ooml>ita TROCHES tion lor Cor?Hs, 4.5." JROWN'sj -K. <5. F. mGEUmV^ rnocats. " 5>ff^"L'XNp, IROWV BostaUt " ! ** I have proved them excellent for TROCHES | Wuo*r!*? Cofgh." Ht,Y, 11. W. WattRU.'H, IROWN'S Boston. nonniiva "Beneficial when oomrelle<l to rhUtHfcS i a>e<ik, eufforiai lrom CotD." ,Bnww REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON, }\0 ? ^ St. Louis. rHfWHFS " Eftectwal In renioTins Hoarse npen and Irritation of the Throat, to IROWN'S c^T101! Sr*Ai*K3 and rROCrtEP E**Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON, La ttrmtute, Ga. I ROW vs Teacher of Masio. &<- u there !>md!e Co! I fee. 'ROCHKS "Great benefit T*hen fnken before fir.l after rren.-'hinr, as the* prrvoi.t IROWN'S j HoArser.fss. Frcrc their patt : I think they will be o: permanent ac1'ilOCRES i to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. IROWN"? j Prewieat of Atb^ni Cuii?(?, Tsua. rROCKES E7"S?'.d by a!! Oracle*-: * TW KNIT" FIVE CENTS A io l-1y D... J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PIRIF1KK. HE GREATEST REMEDY i t Ut WORLD, &nd tha most Kra Dsi.icior* *>*!? 1^1 ;3p DELIGHTFUL j *.-* jerf . cordial /? rjjnfy^ ^er rMm ^ B!*ck 3?ot| flaratpa^ ' ^tntf ?i ' r? n.ta iu coin _. ; w Tut ontiro tetiti S?*J 4 l i' rauiodial grii cirla .^^ra^afcKi' jg ' !efore taJuflft^;^:y:^T^VfAner t9kiaS- ! iatlllinr, Bradsctaf ? dalitioaa, aahilaratinf aplrit, a?S HI aal icftllibla ramadT for rai.oaatitijr tkt ?'iaa?.aal ay".?>a, < i(l rtitarir.f tha aiek, aaCaricg, at.d dakiUtatad laaalia to I lat'J) and atrailf tk. I M-i-AM^V'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL rill aftciaUly car* t ?? Complaint, Dyapcfaia, Jaani:?,Chronic ar Narraaa Dabiliiy, Piii hi ?f :fc? kili.iri, id all di*??M* intii. j from a di*ordar*4 Lirtr or Biorcacb, ' y?p*p*ia, Haartkara. toward Pilaa, Aciditv or Bieknati of ' a Sioraach, faltn*** af Eicod ta tb* Haaa, Pali Pain at inmiuj, Palji'?uoaof tiia H??i, Fallaaai < Waifht in tha ttonech, Scitr Eractuiana, Cbokinj or ifocr-uuf ratlin* whan lajii;^ Oown, !)ri iu or Yellow. j af lha tkin a..d Eya*, Hij'.t 8w?nu, Inward Parara, a'.n in tk? Small of ibo Back, Ctca*., or Cido, Saddoc laahaa af Stat, D?pr*a?ioo cf Spirit*. Frifhifa'. Praama, , anratr, Pnpn.-la-.e7 a? any narrc-a diaar.aa, Sort* ar , ia'.chti 00 Uia lki>i, and Fo?*r and Af?a (or CUUa acd ITtr.) nvvii j urr 7 ir\M r?n ? ?? f rc ursun a ii/n i?a baau i?;i dar.r.g tba laat ? n?r.m?, and to aa in!r.t? h?* itfuitlin autira ar.uahctian. Wh?.|k(% iil arfar frari Waakna*a or liability wban Mi LEAK'S rRERfiVREWlMe CORDIAL will c*r? ! > 1 ? Ha linger;* cm* ew'if ui adaqav.a idaa cf tha irtraadl cuJ; i!'iru'?!rts cba..ft prodacad br lokirif I'.ia ardial in tha d'.aaia;ii, dakilii-ud, uiii ahnliarad narTama nlax, vfcalbar braktn d??.i by tzcaaa, till fcy ntfn, la,j 1i?d >.? ?.* *TJ?1, U.a n'.and Lr 1 ar;-;:!.tlaa la nitaitii to ita liaaith acd Tig?r MA H HI ED r^RSOXS, 1 i a!kin, inciati t? Inability fraTt arha'a-ar etui, will id tiCLSAX'S ftTRtiflTBtKIKS CORDIAL a tfa>vgH at t^a ayatam: a-.d tl! wha :rja haa* in < :*{ taacaaalraa ky Ituptaur mdo'.ftucaa will ??.i la '.Ala ..dial a tartaia and apaady rair.tdy. . TO THE LADIES. McLCAHl STREHeTKEXING CORDIAL ia a tarar 1 fn and tpiaPT eara far lneipiant Canaamptlkn, WkV.ia, i atrartad ar Ui? rail Maartraatian.l aooouuanea of Brina , r IaTalmr.tary Uiachtraa tharaaf, Palling af tha Waiab, i Iddiraaa, Fainting, end all d.aaaaaa tncidan* ta Karnlaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT (far ca langar. Taka H actardinj ta diractiaca. it will jtaaiala, itrangthao, and inrifarata raa and caaaa tba la*IS af htallh ta meant yaar chaak again. Irarj katU* u I tltuM<! la gi?t ittiifteuaa. FOR CHILDREN If ya?r cbildran art alckly, pan a ar aBiftatf, MCLEAN'S OkDUL viil reaka tkara kaalthy, fat, and rabaat Dalay at a mamanti tij it, and yaa wui a? taaatncad. It U datlaaa utaka. CA UTION, iwara af dragfUta ar daalara wha may trr ta pain ar-an aa a lira bltlar ar aaraapartlla traah, vkich Ui aa can baa haap, fey aaung It ta laat aa gaod. Atc.J aach mac. Aak r MrLEAN'?VrR!'<NOTHENINa CORDIAL, ard uka thing alia. It ia tta aeiy ramady uiat will parifa iha l?od tAsraagbl* and at U a m i timt aua:;fthaa ila ayatam. Oca laiapaanral takau a?ary raarniny faaung ta a eartnin rtTintiT* far Chalara, Chilla and Farar, Tallow Faaar, ar ny prevalent diaaaaa. It ia pat an ta larg-a bculaa. Price idy fl par bauia, ar 6 bau'ea far $5. J. II McLF.AN, . a wopntiar af thia Cardial; a'eo, MeLeau'a Volcanic Oil Linimact. Pr-.twinal Dapat ac lb a caruar af Tkird ard rioa atraata, Bt. Lraia, Ma. McL&an's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BEIT LINIMEMT IN THE WORLO.) Tka aa!y aifa and cartain car* far Cancara, Pilaa, T? ara, vallltiga and Bronchil* ar Cai:ra, P^nWaia, Nan aifie, WMtMH ? tha iwu'.lii, Uhraate ar ir^nuw; Ikaxmaliani, ti*c.??? af tk* Joir.j, 0?ntr?ct*4 Mutlii ar lifimtnu, fc?m*h* ar Toetftneh*, l^nat, Fraah :* ?, Wanada, Clean, F?*tr Bcrat, Cakad Ir-w, Bora lipplaa, Ecnii, Bctlda, Ooia l .roit, or u.y ioti'.nuuoQ ar MB, na (Ufaraiica baw irirt ar lanr tha 'laiua ma* * ai.ttad, McLIkAMI CELZERATED L1XUMKKT a caruin rtruad*. Ybaata/ida af baman balBfi hara baac a?.??4 a Ufa af 4m t$puada and ?uti; k; the ui af ihla iavalaabla ramady. MeLKAPTS TOLCAX1C OIL LINIMMNT IT ill ralitM TMin a lmaat -i- A - ? ? - ? ... ....... g ..... ? -? ? ?!>BUi/1 uu H Will C1IU| urify u( h??i lha foaltai iwti la ?j. utcradibla abort um. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. HcUIANt CKCKEtATED LlNlMKNT m Ik* anly aafa 4 raliab'.a rataad* foi lha car* *f lp?tt, Ban#l>?b*% rin4f*Ui, BltUdU, Lirit. ltodaa *r l??.hor ?. I atrtr fatlad to eir? ?i{ Hnl, PUtaka, CM Lanniof hrn, ?r 8*?ny if pr?f?Hj axpllad. Ifmr Ipnioi, Bnuati, knlciiit, CrntM lull, Ctalu, It jdi* Ollar Ua.Ha, Cau, btit, m Wtmmta. kliu rnf* <iki> Apply it u diractad u4 a tin U canal* ?a ???ry latanci. Tban MA* m tanf?r wMfc th? ??? ?itfcl?? b'JMU find ? jn. Obtain a Mppiv ?f OB. KCLIiM CILIHULTXO UK1WKWT. b will ?? rw J. H. McLXAH, M? Fnjilw, Cmw TUi4 u< Plna Ma, Bu UX, Ma .T^oSSRSSS: - -"-WW THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. Tkti notUKl Fiiaily ac4 N?vt J?raaI ? tatu&f a fre*t*r ?v.?t of rltrwtin reedie* Uac oai. b? occd tD My ?tk?r?la mMMH lrrui?y TsomjEt. Tun*- Ot *. W> ! ?*?. ? KlWII. 9IBI:? or>pj, ft tccum 0) ? 4 79 l>n copi?? . __ . ?. ? T^mUj fir* oopm *> It isvartaMy aontatta the " WMhiactoB N*W" I that hu mad* IV Dmti* Immu Mar Mr?lata (WMniliy throvciiust a* osBtrr. lE^Sinc eooftMds vmppwa) eu b? pt-?w< at tbeonantar, Ibum4iM? r mttrnr U?* mm of Um Hf?r. Pno#-THKliKCENT* MEDICINES. BDK JOHNSTON, ALTIMOKK LOCK HOSPITAL* Ha* dtrrovred tht moit Canmim, Sptadf amd mmt* Rtmtdf w ik* IWorld, FOR ALL DISEASED OF 1MPRt'DENCB. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEST APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRASTED. OR NO CHARUM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W*akne**of tki Bxt. Stric'ar**. llki b4 iji Blul4ir, loolnurt Dwchtifn, ba^ r.l Debi >ty. Nmeouai.e**. L>t*p*p**, Ltrp?, Gtmlmmon of Idea*, Low Spiral, Patyttauaa ot' th*, Tiaidilf, Trembiu.f*, Dinuiea* of h g t or C Jd.i*aa, Dittut of tho Head, Throat, V<* or Skin, Affection* of the Luttf*. Btom act or Bowel*?tlie*e Terribl* i>i*crder* armtnf from BaiiI tarp Hibit* of Youth?the** Dread.'ol and DwrKtl't Pntrice* which render Marriage imDuwlIt, u4 4e*ue| Utk Bod* and Mi. d. YOCXG MEN Eapecialiy wk*k??t become the victim* of Solitary that dreadful and destruens* habit ?htch a..aua.i* ***ip* to an urtimely grav* thoua u.d* of Yeu ( Men of lb* Mat exalted taltota and brilliant tutelltct. who mifkl w>*i??* ha** entr-uiced liaieimif Senate* with th* thundte* of *l? ?atic? ur waked to iciwf) ikt tnuf l;r*. aa; call with ill cooSdenc*. MARRIAGE. MiHRIII) PlH>OSi,?r Voan|[ Me* contemplating Marriage, fceiiif aware ot php*ical w*akn**a, arfuitc dahilit*, detxrmiue*, Ac ,a[.eedii* cured. He who ivice* himoelf under the ear* of Dr 1. uay rtliri* c?*l; confide 10 hi* hoacr a* a jei.uemau and mmhU; rel> upuu hu *kul a* a phy*ici.\n. OFFICK Na. 7 SOUTH FKEDERICE ST. lelt baud aide pomj from Baltimore *tr**t, few door* from the corner. fail uot to *lter>t oani* and atttubar. Letter* rail ?| pud uiii couuu ft lamp DK JOHXSTQN, Member ef the Ri;>l of SerftMi, Lau4?i| rn^g ate from mioI the moat rwwtoi Coilrpfi in iki T nited SuKi, and the rr?>?r part of > hooa lilt kM boon tpent m the hoapualt of L*4?i, P?r i, Philadelphia and tlaewbore, hat effected some of th* mi aatooiah.uf (am that wore ever knowu; many trosbled with rn{iiif in the head and ear* wheu laleep; freat dferepBoneoft, >e:of ilineed at udden ftoands. baahfuinett with frequent Hoahiuf, attended aometunea with defiifeatiil of n.uid, wort eurod imnit dlateir TAKE PARTICULAR KOTICS Young Men and >*htr? oho ha?? i. *urod thtiMO|e?a by Certain practice indulged in o hen al-HiO?a habit frouooyily learned from evil rnMip I mono, or at tehool, tha effecta of Ken are i.ijjhtle tell e?en a lien aaltep, and if not cored, rendert MiarrKfc inipoftftible, and deatroyo both wind and Kru'i * ?h(.n <4 i w?? ? Tiit*t are Mmc of the Md melsnrholy tIfrcu produced I jr ??rlf h>! it* uf Touiti. ??? : WnkntN of the B<(k and l.iml?, riii.* in the Head, Ounueea of Xiflit, I oa? of Mnacu.?r Po??r Palpitation of in* Heart. I>repepft?. Ner?o?e Irniab.litjr, be> anyeioeet of the l>ifeen<e KumCuom, General Debility, 8?:i.plome of Conauii puoai, ftc SlEMaLLY.?The fearful edecia the mind re auk to be dreaded?L?ea of Memory, C?uluaiou of Idea*, Dereeaion of Bpiriu, Eiii k'oit l?odmri, Avereiou of Sotietp.dieff-lHa trutt. Lo>e of Solitude, Timidity, etc., arc imui of Um e?ile produced NtH'Ol'f PEHILITT ?TSeue'nde een nev )gdp ?ka( n the cauer of ilietr decliuiug health, ijtine their 'i?oe, be from injr enk, pele, neneti ad enicut't, haeuif a einju'ar >|<pe irai.ce about the eiu, CoU{h ? lymptom af eouMimptin. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the nitpuided and imprudent ?oc?ry pieaaore And* be tetnibed t ie eeeJe of tine paiuat dieeaee, it to* often happrne th t an i.l-tunrd eener of ehame ur dread of dieco*err Jetera hi n from appltri.iff to ihear ?tie. from education anil reeprctibtliiy, cm alone befriend hifu. He telle inu> th? lituii .1 ijii.imji am* iletifuii>( pretendera, who- ineapahla of cort**. file!i lua pecuniary atbauact. keep kin triAanf inci.*nfi?r iro?th?or ' l>?ng >a the ainaileet lee caa be oktamed, and 1a dnpiir iem turn wuh rained health to eir*? over diuppouitmem; or by the nae of that deadly petaou?Mercury?h eten 'he coneti'uiionel ayirrtowie of thi> terrible d>er*ae,'erch 4e AffVetiooe of the Haart. Throat, Haad. bkin, 4c . prufrtuu.f a nh trirtmul rapi.lity, till death pwta m periud to 1. >a dreadful eufltrinfe by atudoif him to that aadiacotered country from a hoac bourne ue traveler returae DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTXNCY By shie great and import tat remedy weakueeeaf the orvan* are apeedily cured and fuil rtpor reaiored Tbouaandaaf the isuet uervcue and debilitated, who had loot ail Lope, have been iaimediately relieved. Alt impedimenta to Matriafe, Pfeaical or Maatal Pi a a?1 ific?non?, L. ?a < t I'r</<- Po*?r. Nereoua UntabOwa, Tr? mMil.e ?nd We -aciair Eihiu'.. n of the iruat faar/ai tiud apetdiiy erred. 1 EM)OKSF.y\ENT OF THE PRESS The /.am TMot cur?A ?t itin n??niutio?j viffcto the U?t sr v enT^^i, v?ir?f nuJ lite namcrouc im port Mil Harrt cai o;. era not * pes ? .?< J Ly Pr. JohoitM, by Ui? re|'n;,?r? *-f |.ip#n 4iid ft^tnyothtr p?r*on?, uwkm ?f which have appc rc^ *Cr,i? ?'* fcetore the public, h# !:<!< hi* ihi.'Ii f a ^ci tlffiin t ch-?r*ct?r ?ud biiity, i? a efficient f. u rwtee to iiif afF.icied lu&r 15 W JOY FOR OJMSICK AND SLTFERIN?. LET ALL WHO ARK AiVLICTED READ! APISL7 THE hEMEDT AM* REJOICE lii HEALTH. Knwd.ig r?i &u!i- a Ate yuti tut Tiotim of u; o'? >:c :-i .. io?j? *1 i?nta vtucL uim irom 11ararit* ol t;-o lood.' YVfeata<-e U.ej, do yo? ami f er . ?Uctre .dct cot: T. ? biood it tM source < 1 iie <1 heats. au.i it.? tee fret eiement oi our b? to rfap< -.i to ar ? cacae whioh UKti t.>e aysU.;:. n? t! p n iLjaiut t tr/it* TMMW p. or*..;> t N*-rs.' a, tioa irritauuc ErfaiM-aa,tl?* ruU'.? ?rorrlsi'.? :Ue aj->r airu RheuroaUani, Nfr*oua iterulify, UriKF^s, l.iirer Uompiaiat with its torpor ud uejo<'t;ori,a>d Uje &Bjnb?r:aaa lUt that -r he:r tc,<ion?? their ktHM orifir frxna tha Mood. CocJ tuan and rentiy wita the btooc. Lb* in; referees of natare for ita aid. i;.u -fer <~r?. counreac to ronr oocndanoa and tM tLit trair T^-aabio r-edie*r:eot known aa Af/iS. Af. COJTS IKCJ4JT TXG STABLE 1) ECO OTTO If. W:th re?anl to thia almost infallible aaeoifta psu ar hi : luert ii&a c^oten ,u decided tor ma : Lno t-v. ct '.? of thia treat eftoacy are auta'nw! br c nrtast itov&j ol curative efftoota and h ? : \ppi' (H. rocolu from ita nae are attar all other ro r.t-dica an-: tta hit mcdical akill hate failed. u-t i.a c& ooooloa'on, that oartukoatea jai Jh arc no* from the illiterate aad auaerScia , r>ut tue/e.-? t itnteered froui the moat respc^tabia aourcca and jjmtify the hishoet terms ib ?!: of it la fafMbis to commend ao valuable* a specitie to pub 10 approval. We may add aiao that Liie proper ueao< the medicine aree?tia.Ied >niy l,y ita re?teratirt- etfeota. the pjatem reoorer&t f'oinui?3ta?? with renewed conatitntionai vicor, f <;r dale br ail respectable Drucciata in this ;ity. ard by the proprietor, MR**. M. COX, Mors rename* her came la biovn on the ?oti.e aiid her teal on the oorfc lT7".'r:ce Si per bottle, eix bottlee for #S. (T\o.Attnt. R. K. T. CISSKL. Arngfirt 5enrsMown, I) C.. Wholesale A tent for tfceDiaarict, r..ia will aappy the trade at my prioea. an la-tr yHK AI.L SUFFICIENT THREE. TKIEVE.VIA R, 1, 2 and S?Protected by Royal Letter* Patent of KnitXnC, and ecu red by the ?e?a's <>f tln? Kcole de P; armac<e de Pana, and tne Imperial College of Meditune. Viet na No t is tcva uable for exhana'.ion ai. J catorrhea, mda! pfcye oali'iaa1 oitiea. .No. 2 completely eraJ.elites a!! tracea of thoa* lieeas.g Uiit I iwe been hitherto treated by tne nanie<>ui> %*;>i pcrmci ua rre oj c<>pa.iva anJ eubebt. No. 3 uar. entirely ?n*f *?nted the lnjurioaa a*e of inerccrj, thereby irmurine to the n'tfcrer apeedy i*f. i p^reu.j all lmpnrii:oa, au<l rooting on lb? VWOB: nfdiaaaee. T R11 > J*! * K, Noi.1,2 and 3. are prepared in the f-.rm of a i?'*ent?s ''avoid of xaate and am* . M.d can be carrifHl ;n t;i* vaiaiooat packet. f< a lc tir ra*e?. a?d divided inU> aeparat* doses. a* ad ministered f>? Veipean, La ihjiihJ, Roux, Rioord, fcc Piica 93 ?-anh. or fonr c*??a for frp, which invra and m %fl caeca, whereot there laa aavin* of <}. To ixs had. wbolesate and retail, of Dr. BARROW, Qf 194 Bleecker ftreet. New York. Imii'edtatejr i a receiving a remittance. l>r^Barrow Will WOl u nic ir?ryw I *<.; ' * V* M1V W VI U| ecuiely packed, udttutc aecordmi to U?e iastrueti i s of the writer. The B<v*r,?>f ail others, that shoald be read by men with (Sanded and broken dowu oot stttationa is "Human Fmiltr, or Phfsioi<?ciaal Reee&robea. It is beautifully lilastrat^d. and treats nstely of all tii* symp omi that m^ariabi> deraioB them e'res. eoo&er or later, ret-a'tin* from the fra.ities and vitmtinjc harsiuof earli/oath. n,o*paoitat.i < the victim from sharing the framon of the natnmoDia tt&te, and.if noioheoited ig time, decenera'in* a : the fu notions of manhood, and brlngwc him. step by step. to a linrermc and untimely c?*'\ Su;d by I)r. MAkROW, 194 Bleecker street, loar doors b?!ow Maodoucal, New York. Pnoe 39 oects. Sect free every where. Soid ali-o by S. C. Ford, Jr? Drue 8tor?, Washinrtort, D. C. de V %m J^RTJ. BOVEK POD'S ^ JMFEKIXL WlJtS VITT&&B, Are cow twice Band from Mnw to the 0 real Salt L?ke, Ml the aEiveraa) rordiot of all in thorn eiihar u ? ?wm?m or u t twwMi. 1a that they are ?nx*rpa*?i in the world. Dr. Df*d? B?ed taem nce??t'iUT is kia praetioe <c- II yeara btfore we jwrvCww ?:Ua U* ac't nrbt to naauiketare *nd yrwLt ttctE far Mia V> the put "to. Forth# car* of h^;?ieot Cei***?tion, P?? pflttit, Pi'*, Kerreae I>iNuaa, Female Co-1 rvou ail hvt n?nn;i tome.tfe?)T ? rone do?ht % n(4i inTa'aaUe remedy. A*:d? fro a their risdicirk'. p^i>??rt;eB they are a f?re. wb??eome mm! deltcttfal Bar* m*. frodeeina a?l?? >l*aaaat aKktieak'Jcc efeoti ifBuiilj ? e2 * ithcst ti.eir lajarioaa i^aalta. i +i a?T fnaa-'a r f Miaaiity aad alt artvmatea of *-pi*?raa<w a?? ? ?? in aatatitr:-1 tfceee r*.*vU?> Vegetable BitU" KT the fcTC aWtr???i ^ Witfc wfci?h thf eoantry 'a faod^i. a?rithar??frT *!_ Rrntea !? aid <e batttxhiri Ineeat" and Drsi??MW* WTI>mFJKLI? * COfmnitora. Tf W^iaw street, New Yacfc. f?r of tfe? IidD?*PnMT sbfcre? xsiSKKsft SarasM11M W|Vibi??. O.XJ