Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1861 Page 2
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I THE EVEWlNfi STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY April 3, 1&61. Spirit ( I lie 9l*rni*| Prrss The iMiMtg'Mter sbows by th<- language of ?erwl on papers to the ifccdfd StBtfs tbst a spirit I of sreat disu'isfaction exist* among the people with the action of the Convention in refusing to ubiuitthe new Constitution to the popular vote. I ue n'puntc^n argue* iun> rori ricarni caa be held by the I*Llted Stat** Without extra coet, whereas tee collection by the Southern Confederacy of a tfreat force io compel it* surrender, will be attended with enormous expense. Th? Virginia CoKa*e8su>sal Elbctios, which comrs off on the fourth Monday of next month?May?wili result in an Union victory which will end the disunion battle in all the border slaveholdlng State*, pa*t peradventure, unless in the meanwhile the Administration here may perpetrate some gross and grievous blunder In its course toward* them (the border State*) and the State* now suffering under the despotism of the Oligarchy. A* we see no reason whatever to believe that any such Jaux pat will be perpetrated, we feel confident that the Virginia electlftn in 11 a 11 uflll nr\t Anlw a?l!afu ?tl tka - via M IS 1W t > t TV ttl HV< VUtJ !*?* J Oil iUV world that the border States will resolutely adhere to their present allegiance, but will also Instantly strip the Oligarchy of their hopes of seducing those states to submit themselves to their despotism, and at the same time prove the signal for the organization of powerful parties In the seceded States In fivor of their return under the Government of the United States As matters now stand la Virginia, the disunionists are certain of electing but a single member of the next Congress. Out of the whole twelve the Unionists are certain of seven, and their chances of success In the other four are two to one. We know what we write in making this declaration. This calculation cannot possibly prove fallacious, unless the Government here may spoil its dmouenuHt by accommodating its coercion tupporters with the abandonment of its peace policy; which we are very sure will not be done. Under existing circumstances, therefore, the oountry may expect to see Virgtnia represented In the next Congress by an almost unbroken delegation, who, in swearing to support the Constitution of the United states, will observe the oath in good faith, standing by and maintaining, through good and evil report, the Integrity aud supremacy of the Government. Thkatk* ?The throne at the theater last nlgbt, and the capital spirits which the audieuce exhibited, reminded one more forcibly of the good old flush time* than anything we have seen of late The building was crammed up stairs and down, and Improvised seats were laid In the passages? the accommodations all told, however, not affording a tithe of the room requisite for the lnpourlug crowd. The attraction this week Is twofold?the really superior manner in which the spectacle piece, th? " Naiad f^ueen," has been put upon the stage, and the presence in it of Jetfertoo, wbose * Schnapps'' is so uniquely good that the attempt of anybody else to ever assume the part would seem preposte-'ous. The scenic features of the piece by Getz are really admirable, and the other auxiliaries srein to have been gotten up with an tffectlvcness we do not remember to have seen approached In any similar representation here. The Amazonian traiy, too, was quite a mere mi aiuir rrniu the elderly, scrawny females paraded usually, but cods'.s'ed of such an array of rosy, round-limbed, enticing divinitii s that the fact of the enthral me nt of Sir Rupert and Scbapps was not so inexplicable a matter as under the heretofore circumstances. Their marching. under the lead of Captain Mann and Lieut. Shaw, was wonderfully good, and brought down th? bouse in the most hooroarish style imaginable. The Naiad Queen is up for repetition, and from the eclat with which it went oil' last night must draw hugely for an indefinite period. The Richmond Whig?How hot to do it.? The disunion leaders in Richmond, Va., In order to slltnce the only Union paper in that city, have baught up the balance of power in the stock of the Richmond Whig, a jalut stock concern, and have voted the editor, Mr. Ridgeway, a staunch Unionist, out of his position. To day it Is to come out for disunion. The Unionists of the Legislature and Convention have, however, promptly reised g'JO.UK) to start a new Union journal there, with Mr. Ridgeway at its head; and ere the end of the week will doubtless have raised 510 0??> more for it, (the sum required to give it a fair tart,) and will also have secured it a subscription list paying SCU,U>* per annum. Subscriptions were made to it in Alexandria alone, yesterday, to the extent of for the next year The Whig has been sustained alcneby the Union party of the State, and ths change of Its color* will Instantly strip it of its lite flourishing business, when it will have to share the meagre patronage of dlsunionism now starving the Enquirer and Examiner It is clear to our mind that I from the flrst week of its publication three-fourths of the business of the Wkig will be transferred to the new Richmond Union journal, which will speak the sentiments of tho? ! * ? - - - " M?*V pu?lVU* tied the Whig up to this time. Thb Ststsm or th* Olisarchv ?Among the moans taken by the Oligarchy to perpetuate their power in the South, it a resort to tbe svstem of ri.??-ing all letters written north by enlisted men In their army, lest their ?tatements to their friends may reveal the true state of things around them. This Is in strict keeping with the system of the notorious brigand AYslker, in .Nicaragua, it will * be reir.erabertd, who permitted no written accounts of his treatment of his own army to go forth, unless previously examined by himself or some one of his otilcers designated for tue purpose. W e saw this morning a letter to a respectable pertrn in this city, from a man (not long since enlisted north) now serving In one of the South Carolina temporary fortifications, bearing every evidence of having been vistd, and closing with hurriedly written postscript, begging his fr'.e.-ids not to write to tim, as their views uiight get hiin into trouble. No more complete proof thst be serves a naked despotism, and lives under a reign of terror could be adduced than this same letter; which we refrain from publishing only because not disposed to subject the unfortunate writer to the vengeance of those in whose power he is. Th* District or Columbia Apfoistxkxts ? a s ? - - ii ta understood that the President has of late b-en called on by some queer committees, to advise him wita reference to the sentiments of its citizens relative to appointments to District of Columbia offices; among them bein^ not a few of tbe moat noted office holders under and supporters of the present inunici^l administration. While we hold it to be due to our position at the head of the Stir, to take no part whatever In the current contest for those positions, we may not Inappropriately thus respectfully suggest to tbe President that it it is du? ta the true interests and sentiments of this community, that he shall rarefully scrutinize the position and antecedents of all who approach him on the subject, as well as their personal alma in connection with their individual Interference in tLe cases in which they st-ek to Influence his decisions. Th? Lixksto.1 Vallkt !>tai. whilom credited with being the borne organ of (iov. Letcher, has recently been b:>u?ht over by the disunionlsts, and is hereafter to advocate their views. Of course tbia change also works an entire change of Its relations to Gov L. It will not, however, reduce the majority of the Hon John L Harris (In who* district It Is published) In the Congressional election, to the extent ?f a single vote; as tbe Union cans-. Instead of losing there, has been gaining strength dally, for months past The disunions.s, by the by, design buying over every purrhsarshlr paper In tbe Htate that has been against them. So we shall soon hear of more alleged Virginia newspaper changes in favor of reducing tbe State under tk* -? * ?? ? ? ui ?UV Oligarchy, bMides thoee of the Richmond Wkig and Lexington Yallty Scar, wrought by purlin From our go-?head neighbor*. French 4 Rkhrteio, we have London Poach for Much 16th. I la* Lkttixo of thi Loan?The aggregate amount of the bids offered yesterday for the eight millions United states Government loan under tbe Secretary of the Treasury's advertisement of the 22d ult , opened yesterday, was within a thousand dollars or so of 831.000.000?a result unprecedented in the history of United States Government loana. Tbe number of individual bidders was also unprecedented. Secretary Cbaae has decided to accept no offer of leas than 891 for the 8100. The amount bid for at 85M and above.tbat rate, was 83.099,000, all of which bas been awarded All tbe rest of tbe bids were rejected. It i? understood that tbe Secretary will substitute United States Treasury notes for tbe difference between sum a?/l Ow (MM I I ITil ?I .*il uu? auui nuu iuc ?c,wnijvvv ICV^UHCU. Tbe following la a Hat of the aeveral aucceaeful bidders and tbe aeverml amounts awarded to tbem respectively: ? Bid* for ?*ch f 100 S 9 White S1,(MI0 at 100 Otia Daniel 10,000 at 95 Do 10,000 at 94 25 Do 20,000 at 94 Robert S. Wright 4,000 at 94 50 Geo. A.Stone 1.000 at MJ6 G S Pepper 20.01 >0 at 94 25 C. D Matbewa 5.000 at 94 07 Marie & Kanz 30.000 at 94 0# A T Lowe 12,000 at 94 05 J W. Walcottfc Co... 100,000 at 94 05 Wm Brail* 1,000 at 94 J Vincent Brown 15,000 at 94 W C Dougherty 2.000 at 94 Philip R . Kearney 8,000 at 94 Wm I. il.Wt 1A um .? ni - - . M mm ? V ir* John A. Dix 85,000 at 94 Chas H Dele van 20.000 at 94 J J. Van Vleck 10,(00 at 14 H F. Trail, ( Bank of Commerce, NY.) 2 500,000 at 94 Bank of America, (N. Y )..250.000 at 9* A. W. Nicholson 10,000 at 94 S. C Thompson 10.000 at 94 Am. Colonization Society... 5,000 at 94 F. P. James & Co 20,000 at 94 S3.O99.000 We may not Inappropriately add that all the correspondence, calculations, Ac., connected with this letting, was actually finally concluded and disposed of yesterday?or rather before daybreak this morning?as great a labor as tbat was. It was a feat never before accomplished here. Not only the Secretary ajid Assistant Secretary, but all the uuoraiuaies 01 me Department engaged In the work, deserve great praise for their energy and industry thus displayed. Some of the stock in this new loan has already been issued (to-day.) Thk Virginia Special Mail Aokscie*' Hcbbaboo?The current disunion sensation minor of to-day. here, is that a disunion organization exists in Alexandria, to tar and feather any one who takes a mail route agency on either railroad out of that town. There is no truth in the story whatever. Alexandria Is four to one, to-day, against disunion, and would make abort work with any mob In her midst essaying to " regulate'' the transportation of the malls of the I'nited States there, after any such fashion. We may also add that the people on the line of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, on realizing that they had been deceived by the mad-dog cry raised by way of securing the secessionist incumbents in the innil route agencies on that road the retention of their places, have withdrawn alt opposition to the persons annnint^H in ?1 lL - * r |? ? . H\?I avcaU) iUdll WUUIH II1C 51216 Lioids no more (personally) deserving Virginians The truth is, the prejudice sought to be inaugurated against them was wholly upon f*lse representations concerning the Departments' new appointees. When the people learned the truth concerning them, all of them po<sessed of common sense and discretion at once washed their hands of the whole business, as might have been expected of such a population as that of the Piedmont region of the Oid Dominion. Thk viteinia CoSvkstio.x.?It la expected that the Virginia Convention will conclude their labors by Saturday, tbe 'Jtttii instant,-j-thc last of next week. Our information from Richmond satiffiea us that on that dav the disunionlsta will be beaten byaclear majority of eighteen votes on any secession proposition upon which they may finally concentrate themselves. Their policy of getting bogus Instructions upon Union delegates cannot lessen that majority against them. Their acheme of staving oft a final vote to await the arrival of such Instructions, has enabled them to compel the Union majority to postpone a final vote to the time indicated above; but It will not give them the victory theV antlci Dated thrnnirh it Frkk Tram:.?The South Carolina Secessionist* Inaugurated their revolution under the banner of Fret Trade?a favorite theory with them tver since the days of Calhoun. Well, what have they got? First. They have got the tariff of the United States, just as it was before they seceded. Strondly. They have got a tax on the cotton they export, which the United States never taxed. Thirdly. They h*ve now to pay a tax on articles Introduced from the United States, outside of their Confederacy, with which, under the I aion, they had perfectly free trade Instead of having secured free trade with all ths world, they have lost what free trade they had ! The New Yo?k City Appointments.?The army of applicants for Government appointments in New York city, and their backers now here, are in great commotion to-day?resting ts they do under the Impression that the President is now finally disposing of their respective applications The Virginia Convention Corretponiltnee of The Star. Richmond, April 2?p. m Tb? parties in the Convention continue, as to relative strength, about the lame, no gain having been made bv the Secessionist* u-in.i? ?v> _ ? * ivhiu IUC |MBl few days that I have beard of. The only difficulty in prophesying with certainty as to the future lies in the fact that a change in popular sentiment haa taken place in some counties, and our representative* gent-rally "bow to the will of their constituent!," however much it may conflict with their individual opinions The majority report is not strong enough for some of the reconstructionisti; while there is a small party for whom It is too strong, Inasmuch as It recognizes the legal right of secession. It will, perhaps, between the two, be subjected to some amendment before being put upoa its passage. The Richmond Wkig, it is said, will change its status, and there is a strong probability that the report is true, although the editorials tbls morning do not foreshadow it. Col Hondurant, the leading proprietor, Is a strong secessionist, and a contact of opinion in this respect has led to the withdrawal of the political editor. Mr ? , ? * " *? ii 1* rumored that some capitalists, who adhere to the Union policy, contemplate the establishment of another paper here, with Ridgway ai editor; but I only gi ve thia aa u rumor The Union men had a very large and enthualaatic demonstration last night, which looked aa If they had no idea of giving up the ship Lieut Got. Montague closed a strong secession speech tb a morning, and Mr. Macfarland, of Richmond, la now speaking on the other aide It la probable that ez-tiov. W iae will follow, and, If all predlctioua are not falaifled, he will use up the remaining time allotted to debate in committee of the whole. Mote ?It la but proper to fay that the writer of this letter la a diaunlonlat.?Ed Stak. Bidkkh foe thk New FidesalLoah ?Larg' Xumt/tr of Propoiah.?Yesterday afternoon at 4 ft'rlnrk * - ...? uiumeni lor depositing with Mr Cisco, Assistant U. S. Treasurer at this port, proposals fur tbe new eight-million loan to be awarded at Washington at ncftrn to-dav- The evening mull for Wnshington, we understand, took outa lar^e number of proposal*, not prinrl pally comitinatlon hid* made up la Wall street, but Including many offers from meu unaccustomed to tbe doings of tbe money changers of that noted locality. In fact, women were among the contestant*. a* well as a number of outsiders, who usually place their money In savings banks. The entire d-<y was an extremely busy one at tbe SubTreasurer's office, and the interest taken by many persons who do not usually compete for the varfous issues of Government stock bespeaks'active competition at the opening of the bids at Washington to day Opinions as to the rate at which this loan will ^wa aisraaJ*^ ? ? J* "" * wvn^.Nuru U.ITP a-.nered greatly, but the prevailing idea ! somewhere at 9U\aM, Wblcn la fully up to the present market price of the previous loan of eight millions issued by Secretary Dli. Considerable anxiety is felt in regard to the fate of the large proposals made up by the heavy banking firms The telegraph wires have been monopolized this morning by the heavy bidders, who have their correspondents stationed at Washington, so that *uy changes In the terms of their proposals a ay be made just previous to blading them Into tbe Treasury Department a few minutes before IS ?' look. As we go to press news from Washington is eagerly awaited, and our late editions will contain the decision of tbe Secretary of the Tr?a*> nry ? York Put / ytturday. 9 DKPARTMEMT PSEWS. Appointments ?Alex'r S Patterson has bern appointed to be tbe Naval Storekeeper at Key West, Fla , and Lo^an H>ir?t to the s.ime position at tbe Norfolk (Va.) Navy Yard. Wm. G. Webb has been appointed to b? the Clerk of the Norfolk Navy Yard, Geo Murray to be the Master Cooper there, and Chas. W Godwin to be the Master Laborer. The Pout Offtce Department.?Dr Sidney, late of Miss , has been promoted from a temporary clerkshiDln the Post Office Denartment tn a 3d class permanent clerkship there, (?1,C?0 per annum ) Mr H. L Becker, of Ky., bus been appointed to a SI,200 per annum clerkship In the same Department. Naval. ? The United States steam frigate Minnesota bas been ordered to be fitted for sea immediately, at the Boston Navy Yard. The United States steam fritrate Powbatan. now at the New York (Brooklyn) Navy Yard, has also been ordered to b? titled out for sea service immediately. Thk Patent Office.?Mr. Jas. M. Blancbard. of Indiana, baa be?n appointed to be an Assistant Examiner in the Patent Office, Sl.eHJU per annum: and Mr. Clifford Arick. of O., has been appointed to a Junior Assistant Kxa miner's position in the same office. Aw Army Office* Resigned.? Second Llent. S. M. Cooper, (son of ex-Adjutant Gen. Cooper,) of 2d artillery, 1*. S . A , has tendered his resi^nation. _ Appointed and Removed ?Mr Wm O Stoddard, of 111 , has been appointed Secretary to the President to sign land patents. (# 1.5ml per annum.) tries Mr. J . A. B. Leonard, of Md , removed. Tub Pension Bureau ?Mr. Geo W. Kellogg, of Mich . Las been appointed to a $1,200 per annum clerkship in the Pension Bureau. ? .< mmm? vai/?l U|f UTU li VIII VI nBlUU^lOO. Washington, April 2.?A proposition has been made by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, and is under the consideration of the I'ost Otiice i epartment, to change the schedule so as to secure the arrival of the malls at Washington and the South earlier th?n now, and a thorough connection at New York with the Sound steamers for l?o*ton and New England generally Similar advantages are to inure to the West The change Is to take eflVct on the 15*.h Inst , provided the Southern lines arrange accordingly. ? tien Lane, just previous to leaving New York for the Pacific, wrote to a friend here " 1 am out of politics, but I shall continue to stand by the ri?ht. I will ur^e the Democracy of Oregon to adopt the Constitution of the Conftderate States as their platform " The Commissioners from the Southern Confederacy disbelieve the rumors In the press relative to the reinforcement of. Fort Pickens, and have s;j advised their Government at Montgomery Commander Penderyirast. named In one of these reports as ordered to l*nd liken at Fort Pickens, is at Norfolk instead of Hensacola. It is believed that the heavy bidding for the loan to-day was mainly in consequence i'f assurances from high quarters of a pacific policy on the part of the Administration. A "Sovereign" Convention Rfbukko by a Secission Journal ?Even the New Orleans Delta, a bold and det-rmined advocate of secession, has been constraint by its sens? of justicc to disapprove the attempted usurpation ol unres'rlctea sovereign powers by the State Convention. The records of this body, the l)?-iti ats-rt.s, " are blurred by acts of spcclal legislation and changes of the State Constitution, Lavinj; no just or legitimate conncction with the great political revolution, to fleet and ratify which the Convention h^d been csstinbbd;" though it fervently expresses the hope that even these rrrors, deeply regretted by so large a number of th>- i?>dy, and especially by those who were most prominent in the movement which led to its convocation, will be forgotten, or at least lightly regarded, in consideration of the many truly Kr?*at, patriotic and wise acts which will be found amonir the tnu. action* of the Convention of Louisiana. Troops from North Alabama.? We learn from the HnnUville Advocate, of the 27th inst , that a large company of line material from Stevenson, left the former place for Mobile on the Monday night's train. It consists of 143 rank and file, under Capt. J . B Ragsdale, and LieuU. F. J. Graham. G. 12. Cowan and H. E. Capierton. IC7* Two Irishmen were stabbed in political ineleev at St. Louts, on Saturday night, and have since died. Ik ATTENTION, METROPOLITAN RI II 3 vi vai ? - - . - j. ??uu an ni^etijf tMuektsd t > n:eet atreir.peranoe Ha!l THIS < v\ edr.csdav) KVENING, a: 7>t o'olcck, in fu;l uniform. Bjord-r: ? W. II. NALLEY, Cut. H fl. Kurr, O. 8. if* I'KANKMN KIKE COM PA NY.?You are U? hereby aotifi?d to ?**?inb e at your Knnne H' us*. in citizens' dreps, TO MOR H ' l\V (Thurs day.i at I o'clock p. in . to at'end the fu'ierai of yo-ir late member, Jo*. A bbo-tt. By or 'er: It G h.O. R. CROSSFlELU, Sec Vy-ATTENTION. No. 3.?'The memVrs of 1.7 the ''ereov^'anee Fire (Tompsny. No. 5. a-" her-by notified that 'h ? regular inont-ily ii.ectinz Willie held ..ri Till R9DAY *VENl\G, April 4!h, Iffil. at I'j o'cliok |.v?rv mrinber will lie punctual in atundanc-v fti buMifs- of (treat importance wi'l be brought before the company. ap3 ?* GEO. FLETCH ER. Sec. Yy" ATTENTION, COMPANY B, W. I.. I. You art* hereby ordered t as*? mbl? at your a-tnory. in winter uniform. T<> M"R RO VV ( \v ?>r'n"*'!a?) EVENING, Apri' 31, fur parade, at"1o'clock. P. M. Dll BANT, Capt. C P. P. WROF,. O. S. r.pMt_ Ify*MASONIC NOT I CI'..?The oiom aa4 members of New Jerusalem Lodge, No >. arc requested to ineetrt Masonic r'al!, corner of I) and Ninth s>,ie-t*.on THL RSuAY next, at or.c o'rbck,to atteidtho funera> of Brother Jo^sru A bbott. PiHictual attendance is earnestly desired. Master Mason* in good standing are cordially invit?d By order. ap 2-21* \V^ VV. WEAVER. Sec. ,| THE COM MBIA BUILDING ASSOl_f* oiation will inot at Gorman Hall, Flevonth ? ., on WEDNESDAY EVENING. April Sd, at 7!^ o'clock. ! very ir.ember is re?i-iP8ted to a't.nd, as important butiuess will bo brougi.t before the Association. Br order of the President. ap 1 3t* Jjp*WAGONS, CARTS AND DRAY*. Register's Ornrt, Maree?, 1661 Notioe is hereby given that I* issued to owner* of Wagons, Caits and Drays, will expire ou the first Mo: <lay ia April aud that said Liceioos nast be renew?din ooinaliv ce with law, at tins olTioe, witmn tea day* after that time. WILLIAM MORGAN. ma26dtApril4 Register. FfOR PHILADELPHIA.?The steainor S?e> mour. Captain Palmer, is now ready for freight for above port; witl BL? v? f* ail on Fridav morning at lOo'clock.*1 Apply to HYDE & DA V1DSON, Georgetown, D. C. ap 4-2t* FOR BOSTON.?'The superior clip??r schooner Orvotta. Dixie, master, is cow re> eivi'g >,?> eareo for the above port, and will hav quick d.apatch. AppW to H ARTI.KY 4 BROTHER, ap3-4t 99 and 1Q1 Water st.. Georgetown. FROM BOSTON.?The regular packet schooner Eugene has arriveit, ai.d wiil be di* cha-gmg Iter freight TO-MORROW (Tiiursday.) Apply to HARTLEY A BROTHKR, ap 8 3t f 99 and 101 Water at, Georgetown. TAYLOR & HUTCHISON, No. 42 c?ntkh Markst Spac*, Wou'd call the attention of purohaaera to our took ofSKASONAULE DRY tiOODS.comprising some of the nevteitand mo>t Henirab'? ungorti ti n? ol t> ? i rMon. Our stock of DomeaM 'f, Liren and Whita Goods will be found very con plete, and will be offered at prices that oannot fail to ti e satisfaction We asu an examination ap 3 C^O'?D A RT1CLES.?MOORE'S INSECT ar.d I VERMIN DESTROYER will rid you of Roaohe*. Bed Bugs. Anta. A o Moore's Rat and Mouse Kxterminator never fail*. Moore'a Benzine will remove paint, varn ?h or grease of any kind, from the in^at delicate fabric, ai!k or woolen, without injury to color or otherwise; will clan Kid G'ovea beautifully, wi'h ittle labor. For sale at MOORE'S Great Medioino Depot. 113 Pa. av.. West End. ap 3 '.fw_ IXJOTICE.-R KM OVA L.-Hav 111* T* mnv*H trt I c i i all seventh street, direotly opposite in; o'<l store, I e*rnest:y nolicit a contirnarae of my old patronage. M, 1) RU^SKLL, Bookseller and Stationer N. H ?By ?p?eial raiu'inrn'" I will suppl* the N?*w Yo k Kxpress. the greatest newspaper in tfce world. imm*Hliat<?'T after thr arrival of the6a m. train from N<>w York, at New York prioes. wholetale and retail M. D. RU?SEM . 5*3 7th ?.. under the Aveuuo Home, ap 3 3t two door* above l*r. avenue.^ A ST A K TL1N (TI) 1 SO f .OS |7 K K ! ** n^CLAHATitm OF WAR' GREAT OUTPOURING OK TUB PEOPLE! Beginning of thk Tontkst bv WINDSOR A BROTHER, 359 Seventh ?t., ?rel'inr BOOTS, AH OK*. HATS ri Hi CAPS. Ac , a' a grea* Biorifice on for w HI m?r rates. Good Men's Workin*"" * V^^Shoes at 75 cent* ; M iMes' Sewed M<>roo co Boot* #7^, we'l worth .fl ?5; ?nd a ?e oral assortment of Gents'. Ladies'. Mioses', an l Children's Shoe*. very cheap. We will sell as low a* any one. and take off 6 per oent. discount for cash in current lands. ap S-eolm AR EC K * VED SUPERIOR Lot of TOMATO BRANDY. At L. A. DEIJ.WIG'S. PURE CiDER VINEGAR, WHITE WINE do. PICKLES in Vinegar. At DELL WIG'S. Good Super. Extra, and Family FLOUR, at ery lowest pr oe?. At L. A. DELLWIG'S. tlrowu. Yellow,aad White SUGARS at redueed c??. At L. A. DELLWIG'S. /I a ns*? * - - Iuvuu cuuar b oeau Mr pound. ??* At | . 4 ? Additional lr?m (' llf*rala. i1** Francisco, March '20?The ateaimr Golden Age arrived on tbe 1f?tb from Panama, having In tow the ftearocr Uncle i*am from Ae?pulco. Two of the Uncle 8 im ? p*aa<-nirera died on the Pa*?g*, one of whom waa a Califoratan and the other an infant. The United Statea (team alooD-of-war Wvom ing arrived yesterday from Honolul* All well. The money market to-day is supplied at t <^a2 per cent A moderate treasure shipment it all that ia anticipated for to-morrow'* steamer. The bill of claims for expenses Incurred and services rendered in the Carson Valley Indian war has passed tbe Assembly The Pony Express with eastern advices to the 9th instant, arrived at Carson Vallev to-day. The announcement of the members of Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet gave general satisfaction to the conservative men, and tbe hope Is expressed with considerable confidence, that the conservatlve%ttitude assumed by the new Administration will be the means of preserYlng the Union without war The Callfornans rejoice over the passage of the Overlasd Mail bill. All the California telegraph lints have consolidated as one company, and tbe new organization will undertake tbe extension of a good substantial line to Salt Lake in the most expeditious manner possible. They will strive to complete their lines before the Eastern companies companies extend theirs vrcitwurit tn H>n i *n join tbe California portion Mr. Wade, the General Agent of the Kaatern companies, who is now here, starts for New

York by to-morrow's steamer, having completed all the negotiations satisfactorily. A dispatch from Visalla states that some two hundred men have passed through that place during the last three days, oa their way to Con and Mona mining districts. I.atkb.?A dispatch dated the *2d of March states that the steamship Golden Age had sailed for Panama with 230 passengers, and SI 10.000 in treasure. Joseph A. McDougal was declared elected U S. Senator In the Legislative joint convention on the evening of the 2Mb. having received M of the 111 votes c ist. He was afterw.trds awarded a certiticate of election l?y the Governor Subsequently the Clerk made an affidavit that 1 ID votes wrre cast, or leaving Mr. McDougal one vote short of an election. An investigation has been proposed, and a joint committee appointed to make it Mr. McDougal'a claims to the election depends on the cert'llchte. but if the comu.ittee report against him, it will leav.* ground for a future contest at Washington, in case the Legislature shall hereafter elect another party to the same ofilce. 1'oRFiss Intelligence ?Advices from Europe to the 20th of February contain the following : Gortsoh.ikoft'announcts from Warsaw that reforms will shortly be granted by which every Polish town will hav# olcrlttra m ?? ? lr> < r>.?? 1 * ? t'UUIl* cil*. The election* will commence Immediately. The Cz?r:s manifesto proclaiming the emancipation of the serfs was published on the 17th The Turin Chamber has unanimously voted for a divimlon on the question urging Napoleon to speedily withdraw troops from Rome. The Grand Vizier bad tendered his resignation to the Siiltr.n The project for consolidating the Turkish public debt hiis been renewed. Civitella d?-l Fronto had capitulated on the terms ottered by the Piedmonttse General The French Government contemplated raising ?12,COO,000 on 5 per cent bouds for five year* Pari*, March 20.?The Convention extending the Syrian occupation by France has been signed by all the Powers. Paris, March 10 ?In the Consistory held yesterday. the Pope declared that he would have granted the concessions advised by ?*> the C~:ho11c sovereigns, but he could not receive counsel in unjust demands from a usurpating government N api.ks. March 1ft ?To-day the garrison sainted the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy. This city and the provinces are tranquil. This morning si grand and imposing fete was held in honor of G;t1 nnldi All passed oil" quietly Viknxa, Feb 20 ?The whole of Hers"govina (a province of Knropean Turkey) is in revolution. It 1* supported by 'he Montenegrins, aud the lighting is jjener ?veral Turkish villages oil the frontier have reduced to ashes. Charleston Items ?Tne Charleston Mercury of Monday has the following : The llai; of the Confederate State3 will he flung to the breeze from the floating battery, at teu o'clock this morning The proportions of the Hag are twenty by twelve feet, and It will raised at a beieht of sixty feet. An oration suitable to the occasion will be delivered. Refreshments have been generously provided. Hon. Louis T. Wigfall and lady, we l?arn, arrived at Florence last night, en route for Charleston. They may be expected to reach the city by the early train George W. Olncv.jr , one of the proprietors and editors of the New York Day Book, is on a visit to this, his native city. Mail Aoksis is Virginia ?We learn that Mr. Bruce, oue of Lincoln's mall agents on the Orange and Alexandria Rallpoid, was watted upnn oa Monday by a deputation of citizens of Culpcper Court-House, and informed that be would not be allowed to pass through that village again as mall agent Mr. B. replied that Le would do so, no matter what were the consequences; and thus, if both parties preserve a bold front, we may expect to have a lively time in old Culpeper In n few days.?Lynthljurz lH- On the '-"(til ult , a large meeting of the citizens of Kinstn and Missouri wm held in B-irnesville, Kansas, lit which resolutions were adopted expressive of devotion to the Fnion and a determination to maintain its Uws. and declaring that no State Government is superior to the Constitution of the Fulled Stabs. Gcbernatokial Mansion ?The Harr'.sburg papers are urging upon the Legislature tue propriety of purchasing u suitable lot, and erecting upon it, in imitation of the Southern cus'om, a mansion for th" Uovernor, which would be worthy in its magnificence, Ac , of the great State of Pennsylvania PARLOR skat f? 8 .'>,000 FANS, from Si* Ontf to Twenty Dol ars, LADIES' TRAVELING BAGS and baskets, LADIES* TAGES, ???>RTEMONNAlES, FANCY GOODS AND TOYS. Opening tais <l%< at MCLAUGHLIN'S, 30* P? av., ap3-lw Between 9lli a- d '**th sts. rnn ice-ice-ice! >UU tons of good lc?for ?a e at a moderate price, vhole-alf and retail. Applr to Wl LL!AM KUN LEY. on the W iwhitizto* Ko*d.h tw?>ntii? Pour Hou>? and tlii' Cara! Itiiyin. ap 2 31* itil&isPRl.xo fr summer miliyery^k On 1 HrR:?DAY, April 4 ?\ To vh:nh she iiivitrs the attention of the l.adies of Washington and its vie iilty. ap 2 3t WASHINGTON THEATER. ?FECIAL MOTICK ? I he Gorgeous Speotacle ol the NAIAD OIIEEN will S? performed Atext S i tt rday a*ter.\o jx At Tubes O Cloce, For the Especial Accommodation of __ la dies and ch iloreN. ap 2-4t I DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP.? Th^coratnership heretofore nxutiiis b*two?n T \V. Fowxkk and Wm. H. Joh?t?os, urder Hie firm <>f I' W. Fowler A Co , is this day dissolved "by mutual cons nt. Ail pernors indebted to the la'efirm will picase enmo forward ?nd settle The business will be conducted as usual ?>y T. W. Fowler, at the old Htand, Washington Market, corner .Mass. av. a: d Filth ct. T. W. FOWLER. WM. II JOHNSOV. Wsshincton, March 2'i, 1 61. ap 2 3t UTOP ! SI OF !! STOP!!! ? this way, if you rLEASE ' THOMAS BFAN. Arent for the sale of th?* ju?t > ce'ebrated Family. Kxtra ai.d Super FLOl'R manufactured bj Bond a. jaosson, ai |H9 nurni rvillls, Montgomery oountj , Md , has removed ?o No 40.1 Seventh street, bntwsen H and I, whore he will at ail limes be pleased to ite* his old curtomers. Always < n hand a good a sortment of Floor, ai alKtv*. Also, Com Moal, ShicstaiT, Bran, Acc. ap 2 6t* POTATOES. ORANGES, Ao. 5*1 bushels prime White Mercer Potatoes, lrifl boxt h Sweet Orange*, ltfn barrels Patapsco Family Flour, Sii) do. Super, Extra, and Family Flour, of superior quality. Received ihls day on consignment and for rale low. in lots to ?uit, by ap 1 3-* P. L MORRISON & CO. 'l'HK CROSSED PATH, By Wilkie Collins, J author of Hie Woman in White. Dariey's Diokens; Darlej's Cooper. Aupleton's New American Cyclopedia, volume II LOW ready. And many other New Hooks received this day an 1 for sale at our usual low prices. FRKNCH k. RICHSTEIN, ma8? (Rep ) National Hoofci'tore, 27? Pa.av. ENGLISH SHIRTING CALICOES 1 have received three ease* o| English Shirting Calicoes of new i-tyies, of iny own importation and warranted fast co ors, at 12H cents p?r yard. HENRY EGAN. 323 Pa.arena?. ma 29 6t,if New Iron Hmlding. PRIM K EASTERN POTATOES. 1,300 BIJSHE' S CRIME WHITE MOUNTAIN POTATOES Shortly expected from Maine. For sale bv FOWLE k. CO.. ma y lw Alexandria, vs. 1NEW DRESS GOODS. AM Daily r#oeiving new styles of LADIES' DRESS GOODS, in (iray Goods, Poplins, Challies. Delaines, Ducals, tfereges, Debeges?tome very good as low as 8^11 and 12s centg per ,,"u t BBWKY KUAN, or. ?.3?3 Wh and ?th ?U? ma29-6t if < Intel.) New Iron Building. f|UR BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS^f thi 1SF*?aggg FURNITURE! FCRXI Wi dMlrf to rail the attention of all who a Fl RNITURE, to Inspect our largr and well rH our S ock nnhrirti rrerr concelrablc article nec to cellar We have?. H?nd*om# PARLOR SUITS'. nphola'ered In I gilt frame mirrnrs rr atkf ts an. MARRLF. TOP COTTAGE SETS, tn Oak. I mar rle TOP centre tables, exti washstands, wardrobes. >Ii>ero, HAT R A<*KS, hall ? hairs. SEORETAl H AIR. HUSK and COTTON MAT I RESSE! SALES at AUCTION, of Real or Peraom the city. Liberal adrancra made on Good* consigned U ap .i xawiw (Intel) AMUSEMENTS WASHINGTON THKATKK' I 1 ,8. w. Gi.axs Ao?inj Manager J. T. Ratmoks THIS EVENING. Iinmrniie Sucoea* of MR. JO*. JEFFERSON M SCHNAPPS, III lite Grand Scenic Sprctacle entit'ed THE NAIAD Qt'EFN. New and splendid i?f nery, liy Mr. ChailIi 8. Gktz. G*and Amazonian Maroh by TWENTY FEMALE WAKRIORS. An Afternoon Performance Of the NAIAD QUKEN Will l>e given on ^aturd&v next fortheexp^oial accommodation of lainuie* and rfaildrrn. yy ILLAKDS' HALL! BY GENERAlT REQUEST, Grand Concert of the Mor&rt Society. WEDSESDA Y EVESjyO, April 3. 1KI, On whush occusos they Mil he aa;i*ted by MAD. MAE DEL. Tne Eminent Pianiat, and Kir, If A w !U^I , The Favorite Basso. Proqhammr?Part I. Sept tt Overture?<>ui;liuin* ieil.... Ronim Flute S<Io?Fan'ama Trulon Aria?M.vkic Piute Mosait Piam So o? Fon asie Stranie.a Thalberr Septctt?Potpourri Ernan. .- _ Verdi p**7 ii. Scpt'tt Overture?Gnua Ladra ? ? . Rossini Solo Violonoel o?S >nvenir ila tpa Servois Septett? Potpourri Hugenota ... Mejerfoeer Ba'la!?The Wanderer Schubert Srptett? J- ina e?Doa Giov?nr.i Mozart Conductor Mr. W. Mu?oKir Tickets 5<i cenfe ; reserved cati 25 cent* extra. To he had at M^'zerott's .Mu-io Store. D'>ors open at 7 ; to oummenot at 8 o'c'ock. The Piana F<-r?<? used on this occasion is from manufactory of Me#?rs Stcinway A. Son"#", kuidlj loaned by Mr. M? tzerott. ma 91 C\(U\ (inn -BLUE BOOK-Infnrmation a* to all the Offices in th-* f niitry, ai.d salary?25 cents. Contain* the saiw> matter as ths Great H:ne IJ>>ok costing 83 5o. Omitting ihe names which s^e not necessary. Catalogue of Cwnmiuw al Patent o flic a List o{ Pat* out.-. Old Hook* t>ought and ??4d Catalogue forni-h?Hl ALFRED HUNTER, ?<? k-e'ler. leiJ-2in* Wiliards' Hotel Square. . PERSONAL. IIQUORSFROM THE SOUTHERN CONJ FEDERACV. usion Hor*K. 44*? THiaTKr^TH ?t Mr. P'titor 'I he seizure of Wines and Liqu<-ra noticed m yesterday's r-tnr was rot mad* Iit the (j"vornmon', l>at l>jr Government officials, and sen s bl? pi?op'? scnerally, wh" pftid theca-h for a'I they se; zed upon. I have a few more cat>k* left of the i ani3 sort, which can tie s?ix?-d at any moment1 by those who have the cash and want pure Liquorr. 1 have also a few choice Sleeping Apartment* to rent by the day. week, or month. Yours, truly. It* B. DONNELLY. WANTS. WANTED-By a respectab> yoang woman, a " SITUATION as parlor mvd. nurse. and to sew. or to travel with a lad*. Good reference can bo given. Address Box **. Star Office. It* 8r AA ?WANTED, this sum for lour ?ears, on suburban property worth Interest sb agreed uton. Addrcss,,Arundel,"tiir^urh tha Pott Oltice ap 3 tf AGENTS WANTED.?Tventy-fcve agents il war.ted, to ens;a;s in a'ight, neat, and pro&ra ble burinrss. wiio can command from #2to#i<\ Appiv at the Frank in House, corner Eighth and D sts.. between 4 at d t> p. in. It* VyANTKI)-\ GIKL about ten years of age. to ? ? run e*r*rd < a?i*1 to assist a: out & .i? u?e: none n'od apply un'ess they can bring good recommendations Apriy a: No. 463 1'woiKh ?t., between G and H. ap 3 8t? IVANTKD-By a respectable yoiirg wman, vho can comn ?f\l recommended, a SITUATION as chambermaid or washer ar.d ironer Appi> at No 3?? earner I'a av nue aid Twe-.ty-fou*th ?t;e-?t. uoar tne ? ircie. it* V YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A TITI A-' '1'ION hi cook, wish and ir? n, or do c bam iter- i work and taice tare m chi:d<-< n Good r^fererce ran be given if required. Address Box 4. Star Office. ap 2 21' \%,'ANTED?An experienced WOMAN, in a *" 'ainily of twi> p.rsci.s. in a una!I and convi r.'.er.t h use. p!< *>:a:.fiy situated.ati'ortiisg an agreeable h"!H9. ? ontpetisaMnn satisfactory. An American protestaiit preferred. * ob t n.modiatelr. and i >r un3 week, at il street, between 17th asd loth ap i 2t* \V ANTED IMMEDIATELY?Fr?wiT *T to SUV*? worth of SECOND-HAND Fl KNI Till F. ot all kind*, for which I will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as u?n*l, at the shortest cotioe. R. BUCHLY, Denier in Furniture, Stove*. Ac.. oe ? 40* 7th >L. bet, G ar.d H oast side. WANTED-SECOND HAND Fl RNITl'RE. Persons declining housekeeping, or having a enrj> us of Furouure on hand.can obtain theoaab and fn:r pnoee by applying at 369 Seventh at. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. lostTndfound. LO^T?Or. the ld ma'an'. rn Pa a?enue,betwe n totn and Itth sts., a gold Ttie finder wt I phase leave it at HARPER A MITCHELL'S Dry Goods Store, on Pa avenue, between ith and loth su., and rfoeive the thaika o.f the owner. U* LOST?On Ti:eaday evening. April Sd, between th? War Department and Georgetown, a go d hunting-cas* Johiu'n WATCH. No. ?, I5M with gold chain attached. The find?r will re 0am ceived a su tab'e rew?rd, and no queetiona a-k~U. Iit leavinc it at thi? oflioe. ap 3 St* DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Cocwty or Washington On Uis 31 day of ry April, 1861, l.eioreme, the stii>s?riber,a Juk- *1T* t oe oi the Peace for the county aforesaid, personal.y appeared Georce Ma?b?w, and trade oath, aooordinc to law. t! at on the 2d day of April. 1861, a st ay MARE came to his place on the Eastern Branch with ill foilowir.i; marks, to-wit:?A small bay mare, wl ite facj, with a white apot on he lef' side u^der the sadd.e; no shoe* on the hind feet, witii saddle and bridie. Theowner will pleaae come forward, prove propert), pay charges, and take it awa*. Witness my hand and seal this 3d day of April. 1861. J A"*. CI LL; It* Jnstiee of the Peace. LOST-A black AGATE BREASTPIN, either it: going or returning from Ht. Aloysius "hursh on Good Friday. A suitable reward is ofle.edto anyone who ?ha!l return it to No. 47il K, eorner of Sixth street. ap l-3t* BOARDING. I^L' D HT A M I? W m a w? Ail rj.l I I* * * A IV U1 m U ID ft private lAITI* I ily may be had la the West End Address Boarding," tftar Offioe. ap3-3teo* OOARDlNG.?Ore or two faii.iiies and several I) single gentlemen oan he accommodated vith a perior Rooms and excellent Board in a well formatted house, agreeably located, at reasonable price*. Fine Bedroom, back of Parlor < with use uf >aine,I tinted for family without children, or a single gentleman. References Riven and required. Address A. B., at this oAce. ap3 3t* D| R7CHAS R. BOTKI.KR. S UHURON UEXT1ST, Having loci Mod hiraaelf permanent > in Wartime ton, offers his professi onal servioes to oiti ^-jwc^ zens and sojourners, in ail the variourAsflBv branches of his profusion. upon the mosr** o'11 recent:/ improved system of Denistry. Dr. B., having studied with <>ue of tie most emin<*nt and exp-iienoed Dentists of Washington, aiut a!x > with the Deatxl Collego of Batimore. from whom lie has reoeived his aiploma. fee s toi fident that his operations wiil pi >veeminently atisfie nr? to those who w ill te?t his profession*! a lit ity. Otfice No. 3SG l'a avenue, between 3th and 19th Kts., over etevens's Ijuss More ; open from 9 am. to 4 p. m ap l-oo*m A A CAKD. REl'ORT Having gained some currency her* that t'ne Ktna I i.suraroe Company of Hartford. CL, has ceoluied to take any furtier ruks in the Diatrict of Columbia the undersigned takes tins mrt'iod of ooutradiotiug the t.tat> ment, and of in vit'iig t ie attention of si w.ic may desire to avail thrii;se.v? s of the protection ol this old *.>ul <?i sally popular Company t<? the OAoe, No. a?0 Seventh street. oepo^iti the InTel .genoar f >fcoe, wher he i< alwav? on hv d to raotive app'icatioaa as nerrtof r#. Thi? Company hat paid out. lor Iom*? in tin* City vitiim tit* la?t two month*, upward ol f10,000. ???? . ma3M,t T. M. HANSON. AfnL WON TUESDAY, A P*1I} 9. K f hall receive from the New York Aaat oaa ""fiTKr^ooSS^rBSs?.' * ?mmtm???? TIRE! FURXITIRK! I rr In want of HAKPfOM K lad WKLI. MADf rtrd Slock brfore pu :cha?' "R. at *f ?r. on* M ?a*ary to furnlab a bouar c?>mpl*tr. from tbe at? Brnca telle. Hlk Plnab, Laat ng and Haircloth I (*LAII9. in I tat inn Oak. Marl' ?nd Palnlrd. from ?-^ n. jnsion tabi.ks*. bikeai s, MU>S, ETAOF.RF.S. RIKS. V\ BITING T A Bl.l > !i. BOWTKR9 and I'll.l.nW* A A< II Property, r art fully attended to In any prt rf >r Auction. ROTELER & H ILLKOI. AUCTION SALES. Br WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. 4 !*P|,ENDfl> HOUSE AND BU?OV AT J\ Armo*-On SATl KDAY MOKMN?.ft* i taiUr.t,*) Itn'tlosk.V* Will sell, lu frott < f th?? I Auction Room*, a splendid Horse and Bniip,li? j larjrrncto C. *V?.?4ward. Esq. The Hop* has no feult whatever, and theosrr#? offers him for sale oeiy k*cau?* ht hat ao fuitber use for on?. Terms ca?h. ?p3 * W*l.l, A BARNARD. Anett^ Br J. C. MoGl'IRE A CO., Aootioneora. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CHtCKERINC Ptawo Forth, firm r^T Frajurrn* ? HorosfoLr Errtcrs at Pt?t,ic ArcTioi?-t?n TUESDAY MoRN I \G, Apn. <*h, at I" cVlork, at tf-? real Jenne of Charles T. Join, Esq.. No. 537Si H. between 6th an1 ?th streets, we slitll as I a'l h s Furniture and Effects, coirpnsinK ? Chickermc l'iano.7 octavos, Kosewood Stooiaml Cover. Hands >me Wa'imt Parlor Fuite, fim?ft?d tn B'o. eateHe, eocsutitic of 2 Sofas, 2 Arm a>d 4Si?? | uiitiri, i Msrt.ii* tol Cmtrr Ttb M. Wl tt -at, k Larce Ow.l Mirror, han )-oine!y r.rnamente*. 1 . Oil Painting*. Uanoy Chain M?*h f tip I ah'e*. Hrus-e ? ann Three p> t arre*?, Olio ctb. Oak ud VVi!cut Chamber g?t?, Mahoran* HurrBtt*. Cottege Hedatradf, Honk M*ttreiif?, Kfathfi i iJlow*. 1 Toilet J*rt?, I ouure. *Moe|r. I*n kir>? (? min, / Pine v\ *rdrotif?. ButTand Gilt Miadea, Ha? Rack Venetian ? arpet. Srair Rods, NValnnt Extension 1,'n.irt Tab;e, Kuiv*? ar-1 Porta. Oak C*nf n?*t Pinm Ciiairr, Stone Chica an.1 (i t>a War*. Water Cooler, I Air-Uihtasd Franklin Stove*. Together with a peueral a-sortir.ent of Kitchen Keeu:?-t<*a Term*: $3> a d und-r c*?h: ow that itn \ cred.t cf 3D and ft* day*, lor fai:?t%ctorily eLdorerd n ten IwtTiot iiite:e?t. api-nftd? J. C. McOUlRE h. CO.. Auett. Br CLEAR V A OR KEN. Auctioneers. A06 Xintk nr"t. TRUSTEE'S BALK OF VALUAHL.E IM peovbo Kim. Estat*.? Hy virtu? of a deed .>f trust. .'at.Ml the !Kth day of March, 1FV\ and du ? recorded amoi g the land recorda of the county '>f Washington, l>. C.. I shall proceed to sell, on ?h? premise, on THUR8DA Y. the iHh of April, at * o'clock p. m., all those pie.^eo or parcel* of crourni situated in th? city of V\ a'tnnct ?n. !> C, ai,d ! known and designated a* l.ot# numbered tlurt? I f.iur (34 I a d thl.-!*-fi?e.' < .V> ) inSolia-e uumbeied i fivo hundred and tnree <5?iS ) together wi'i ti e Improvement* ti ereon, consisting of a,arc* and commodious thr?e ?tory l-nck house. with a fii.e ' basen.ont. njltat le for a store Said propsrty i* located on the south aide of N at s.uth. 'wtwee- 4't and Ptn a?e. Terms of sale. Avoto t.ep?it in cash; and tiie I alaucs in 6, IJ ar.d IB n.ontha from the <lai of m e. thedef-rred pa?nentsu> ue ?-ecured by a <l?ed <>1 truat on the preliefer. If the terms ol aaie be not ecaip! I'd with with:* five da?a from the day if sa e. th? Truttee re aerves ih" r.ght to resell th'Md property, a* tk* ruk and cost <>t the first purchacrr JOHN P. i:NN!S,Tru?tee. ap.1 StawAds CLKAKV A tiKKK > Auct* Hy J. C. McSUIKK A CO., Anoti?'i??ers FURNITURE ANO HOUSEHOLD Errery _ at PcBLJC ArciK'Jr. ? On THURSDAY MOK NlMi, Apr'l 4'.h. M i" '-' lt)? r?-' dfnaerf A. H <>r.n*, fc*q.. **9 U ?tree?, ?>etwe?T 7tli at.ri 8tn ?tt> west. we sli%<] ecll all hit Ferni ture and t.ff xts. ooinpri?n g? iia .dfoii)" VN a'nut spring-scat Sofas, Arm %ut' Side Chairs, varMe top S?Ta and Cent r Tables. Wain';t \\ hatnot gnot Cha'rs. Laoe Cornice and Curtairs, Wiudow Snides. Bruss. i?and Thre?-fl? Carpets. Hi clot?, ? Mahogany Card and other Tablet, iMantel Ornament*, A lai?a*ter and Agato Vase*. Braugrs and Bi'quet V\ are, l oft and Lion >n Parian, Cli (Painting*. fine French Line Fnsravicga, Lair* Mezsotint ard otiicr Engraving*. (lookcase ami !?? , Portfolio sod Rscr. Bedsteads, Bureaus, \\ a*hetands. Hair and Husk Mattresses. Hoi-t^rs and Pil'iow*. Looking Glasses, ToiietSets, Lounge, China, G &*s and Crockery \\ are, Ummc Tables, Cane seat Chai Cooking and other Stoves, Kitchen Ulennla. k e. Terms caah. in current f unds ap 1 d J C. WcGI'IRi;* CO. Aut* By GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers CALF BY OFDKR OF THE ORPHANS* '"over or Hoc?ihold a*d Kitchk:? Fra\i tcpk Hi K?B, Ca*hyall. IizaH'I Cast, Cow*. IL-ti. ? aep?.iritF?' I ol?,J >n.*oE?,4r.. *t ArrTios.?On TH 11RSHAY, tl e ?th <l*j of Aptt' n<!Xt, we thai' ifl. by ord*' of the Orpha js' "ou-t. all tne Per?oca! t fircta of J<ei:jamir B^an. rte ; c ased, at his ate residence at fie ocm*r of L st south and Thud st. eatt. at 1ft c'o.ock a. ri, eon 1 sisss'iog of, in part? | Mdel> a-d, i?U>e?. Bureaus, Wasiietandf, Cae and Woo-1 hii Featner Heds. Brdst-ads and Beidmr, Carpi's. Oie'oth ar.1 Stove, tine tenant *?an a'> ut 50 yars of age. Or? afrvant Won an \!>"ut years ol a;e with a boy "*ii'.d, Ilo?s?, Cart, Ca-ryall, Hearse, two Cowa and ot.e Hog, | Lot Carp-nters'and otl er Tools, Wird w Pram's and S*?h Term*: All sum* of .*2)and nr.d?roa?h, ow 9> a credi?ofcOda?n, for i>oies eatmiactunly endonM. inter"*! fumday ??l 'lie. Uf order of the Kx^otrix. jn?^)d GREEN * WIU.IAM*. AboU. By J. C. MeVl'IRK A C't Asetionwri. TRl *TEE'S SAI E OF AN KXTRNSIVK a*?t?xtmkst of Hor*fhf?li> Ftt*!?itrklt a|id Effects??'n WKUNKmm V MORNING. April r>>th,at lOoTc?> the bnilding on Thirteonihet., >< twc?n Penn avenue and norih E st , ?>? virtue ofad*eri of iiust, dated Deoeml?er '?* 186and reoorrlad in 1 l>*r J A S . No. 3?,foli<.? l. 2 *. 4.5,6 and 7, we shall seil aii th? Furniture arid Kff-ot?, comprising in f art? Uardtume suit ol Walnut Fa'!or Furniture, eon. w ?i*t nc of t*o Svfa?, Ana Chain atd six Parlor Cuairs, Marble t?p tVnterand FofaTaWes, k \\ alnut exd Mahogany Whatoot*. Fancy Table*. Mauogai v Sp-ing seat Sofa?, Lour*e?, Walnut Damask-cover**! Parlor Milts, Cane and w ood sea' Chairs. Cl?ck?. | Mahogan* Mir or f ont Secret .ry aad Bookcase ! Giltan<t Mahogany framed Mir on, Daina l> and Lace Gu'tams. Wiuflow Shades. | Gas"ehers, Brackets and F'Xtores, liruv?? i Three p y ar.d Ircrain Carpets, Oi<oU>th. S?a r Carpet*. Rue*. Rods and Free, Five >4 feet Extern on Dining Tablet, bide Ta blea, Sixty Oak Frerch Dining Cheire.Giit Shade*, Silver-plat- d Castor*. Waiters. Salt Stands. Sftnnna AnH * <?rn Larce quanuty of French and Stone China Dinner Demert and ea \> are, Tahle Cat ery, G<a Win,TlW* Lm??, Sl*h >gany. \V*lnu" ard Painted Chamber Furniture, of various psttern*. F<ather Bed*. Hi? st-rsar.d Pi low*. Hair ar.d Husk V att e?*>*. Toil t !Mi, Blank?u, Comforts, Spread* aid Sheet*, Open Coal, Ifdiator aud Airt cut Stove*, Toe'-ther wi?h a large as*-rtment of exoe lent Hcuseh >id ana Ki.chsn Fnrnitare loc neceaaa i) to ei.?merat?. /. i.?o. at 12 O'clock. A complete aetcf Lkr.ui Instruments and Office Fixture*. Terms: #25 ard nnder ca*h ; over that ?m a oredit ?il b" and 90 day*, lor satiifsotorily endorsed uote*, bearir g interest. N. CaLI. AN. Tmstee ap 2 d J. C. McGUllCKft Co.. A*cU. Hr j. c. M-GU1RK ft CO.. AaoUoneera. SAI.K OF NF.W FURNITRE TO COVFR Ch?Rosf or Fisigbt AMD Rroaaei?On ?ATIR1>A V MORNING. April? )?o'clock. in front ol the Au'Uoo Room*, we sbail aeU. for aecnnrit of whom it may ooncera. to e~vee ekarin for f ei(ht and ?tora.?e? Two Ftowered Cottage Chamber Eeta, Twentv one l>oubie < ottage Bedstead*, Eisbt Dre?sing Kureaui, Kour Whatnot*, Twenty six Fnrnitar* Mat*. V Ten doze;, at.sorted Case seat t." hairs. Ter ..* cast, in cu rent fnnda. ma?Teod J.C.MoGUlRK A CO., Ancu 450 SKVKNTHjiTRELT JgQ f always ahead. -1 l??t reoeired a moe *u>ck of SPRING CI.OTHING. FURNISHING GOOUS, TRUNKS, HATS and CAPS to wluek I inntetn* 1 attention of ali in war.tof ?urh ai- ? a . _ m j a at* '1 *? m ta "A quick sixpence is better ihan a alow ahi) ling." 'l lioae in want ?-f Clothing we invite to come and look at our goods at J prices ; a nd M r?a i want ? tuoe Slurt a-ul a praitjr Tie, No 490 t*? v ei.lh atrert I- the place to jet them. I h*?? a xerv large aU?ck of BPKING HAT*, wh.oh I am eel - I nig at 25 per cent. Mow theii actual value For/ I tin ae wh want to travel. I Lave just r?oeiT*d a large lot of TKl'NKs*. VALl8BS.Md C A*IPK I BAGS, va yirg in prioea from & 1 an to |t If yru walit a gooo 1 rank, Clothing, Furn?hing Oix??. Hru, or Capa, th?re ta no p.aoe where joa can buy t'lem as ,ow a* at the Peos!e'a Clothing JlU?r*. No. 4*>0 e^renth at. opposite Fost Offtoe I IT SMITH. Oioimemar Ula? No 460 frevatS aU. bet. K axl V. fVTKW MILITARY BOOKS Ja* receive.! \ T i> FRENCH A K'CHSrUN, UTS P*.?rrm>i- L Treat aeon (ha Administration sad Orgaoiss tion *>f the British Edward Bamngton Fonb'.angae. 1 toL, ?vo. J^aghsh adiuon; prioe hy j mail 04 I ?*:-U *-A-?* * IV< r iwi rt.rui.erj, 1 vol., i ffica | by mai' %Un. Nummary of tfta A t of War, * fUroa 4. Jon. I bi, 1 vol , Uxo ; ario* fjt mail ftl M. I A Trwbie on Kir d Fo tifccat.un, by D. H. Mabaa. 1 vol.. l6mo; hy rrai! 11 W An (flaaaaatan Tvaaoaa on A4vai>o*4 6a?rd, M Oat Poate *4*t Detactt.nral Swvioa of Troopa- by | 1) H Ma has. I ro , Mmo . by naii 75 oonta. b Manaai for tha Patriotic Yo aaloora on Activa m Sarviea in K'filar and IrvMriH War by Hufk I Fort**, t vole., I two : nnoa Wy Mii #1 Evolatioaa of Fie^ battariaa of Artillery by Major Robort Aadaraca, 1 vol., Uao ; vrtoa by