Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1861 Page 3
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l.OCAL NEWS. j-y 1 hough 1 hi Is printed on tbe bitnt itrorn ; rem in nee truth of Baltimore, Its edition la ?<- laff as to require It to be put to prrss at an ?rly br'irf ArtverMtementa, therefore, thould be not -a bef *e 1-' o'clock in.; etberwlse tbey may art i fpear ont'.l the next day. Noticb.?District of Columbia Advertisements i? Of lumen !n tbe Haltimoxb beware received V and forwarded from Thi S*iak Olllce. Txcstkk* or tbi Prauc Schools ?The regular monthly meeting of the Treaties was held vrsterdav afternoon, at the usual place and hour. Present Messrs Wbyte, Wlllett, Lawren*on. Fort, M H. Miller, A W. Miller. Abert. Ironside. MrKnew. Holrread, Walsh. Treasurer Harbaugh, and Secretary Rieketts. Monthly reports were received from ths various teachers; which were ordered to be placed on fl'e. Tbe application of M'ss Anna Evans for a situation at teacher was received and referred to tbe committee on examinations A communication was received from J. H. Daniel, tescher of music in the public schools, requesting permission to give certain concerts, permission was granted &g requested. Mr A V\\ Miller, from the committee on rules, to wbicb was referred tbe subject of making certain changes in tbe regulations, staled that the eon mittee was not ready to report at the present meeting, and asked for further time. Tbe committee, he thought, would be prepared to make tbeir report at the next meeting. Mr Abert. froir the committer on examination*, reported tbe camt of Miss L. B. Allen, Miss Mart* Y. Davit and Mits Maggie E.Flenneras quai;fl??d for teachers place*. The report wu accepted. Mr. A be rt addressed the board in relation to the public school fund He considered this fond as one sacredly set apart for educational purposes, and not t? be otherwise applied. If custom hai sanctioned a perversion of this principle, it was a custom which, In bis opinion, ought speed!! v to t>? broken up He was led to these remarks by tbe numerous applications which had recently come t>efore btm from creditors upon tbe school fund in his school district He did not know how the subject was to be reached, but alluded to the matter in order tfcjt these more PTrwflfnrcH in ? , ..'...WW th* affairs of tt e school might suggest some remedy for the evil; thit son? plan might be suggested which would secure such legislation as would keep the school fund from being used for nil sorts of purposes of the Corporation Mr A. in an endeavor to meet the object above alluded to, offered tbe following resolution : H'solctd, That a committee consisting of one member of this board from each acbool district be appointed by the President of the Board to consider and report a plan to prevent the school fund from beln^ mingled with the general fund of the corporation, and to secure its use solely for tbe purposes for which it is intended. Mr. Holmead agreed with tbe gentleman with regard to tbe object of the resolution, but desired to kiow whether it was competent for this board to take such action. Mr A. tho'igbt it was The committee might fix upon such plan as would, with concurrent legislation by the City Council, cffect tbe object in view. Mr M H Miller proposed tbe following as an addition thereto: And that said committee be directed to inquire * > ? * iuiv unu reuon ai me next meeting the facta connrvtfd with 'Le collection, defxislte, and draft of tbe school fund of tbiscity, indicating particularly the amount of special * bool tax pud to the city collector thus far in toe current fiscal year; the amount drawn during tbe irniie period by the Treasurer of this Hoard, and tue amount that should now stand on demwlte to the credit cf the school fund. Mr W illctt thought both resolutions out of time and out of place, the lust was an indirect impeachment of tue Mayor. Such a resolution might emanate from tbe City Council, but wasdecidrdly out of place in tbis board He was opposed to casting anv rt-flt?tion on tbe Mayor. VI- ? ftr tfiti ? 1 * * * * " ii. ?? .Miner coma not look upon this matter ia any such light as that in which it was viewed by the last speaker. He thought the resolution of the gentleman from the First Ward appropriate. and would vote for it. Mr. M. H Miller denied any design to impute wrong to the Mayor. Mr. Abert could not see by what logic either resolution could be distorted into an attack on tbe Mayor. If hi* character stood upon so ticklish a foundation a* that, the sooner it was knocked from under him the better. Mr. Willett thought this resolution meant something, and went ou to say what he thought it did mean. There was an indirect charge agaln6t somebody. It would have the effect of drawing the attention of the public to the Mayor, because the a bid not been paid their salaries Mr. Abert defended his resolution, a d thought it important tout the Boards should have this information, in order that they mi^ht know how to set uniltrstandingly with refereuce to the sch-?ols Mr M H. Miller thought the Board In duty bnund to know the facts, in view of the relations of the schools to the Trustees. Mr. Ironside said that a resolution similar to that of Mr M H Miller was :.t I*.- ?? - quest of the Mtyor some time during tbe early sessions of the prevent board He (Ironside) thought it the duty of the board to know what amount of fuiius tbere is to tbe credit of the schools. Tbe Mayor bad evidt-utiy foreseen this very state e.f affairs at the time be requested that res-ilntion to be passed He did not believe either of the gentlemen, in ottering the resolutions, had intended any disr"spe<t to to tbe Mayor. Mr VYiUett still insisted tbat the resolution, or rather the addition, wes Impolitic. He would vote for tbe first clause. On motion the resolution wza adopted, and the rbeir appointed as tbe committee thereby authorized. Me'srt Abert,M.H Miller, A. VV . Millet. and Holmead Mr. lro*wlde offered a resolution calling for a committee to make arrangements for tbe next examination; famed. The chair appointed Messrs. Ironside, Fort, M. M Miller, and Whyte. At.b.tasdbia Affair* ? We glean the followInn items from the Alexandria Gazette: Mr Uruce, in charge of the United States mall, went through to Lynchburg on Monday, and re. turned to this city yesterday. He was not molested at any point on the entire route. During the month of March there were at this port, exclusive of small oyster and wood craft, Ac , seventy-six arrivals, as follows: Steamers, 17, brigs, 1; schooners. 58. This ts a small decrease upon March of last year, when the arrivals were as follows: Steamers, 10; ships, 1; brigs, 4; schooners 79?total 00 This decrease has been owning to the fact that during a considerable portion of the month navigation upon the canal was snspei ded, and the demand for coal vessels lets tbaii last year. A very deep religious feeling in several of the congregations of the churches tu this place is said to exist. Protrarted services have recently been beld in the Methed'st Church South, the Baptist Church, and, we believe, others We noticed a few days sine? that up to that time the Clerk of the County Court baa vranted but one marriage license, expressing '.he hopettnt the number would be very speedily increased. I - ku ?? " ? - a ?mm |nv<? Tain UOpC. IDO AlirrD, 1501 . la_rs far in this respect behind all the previous month* of tbe past eigLt years The number of licenses issued during March has been as fallows 1353, 7; 1?54 7; 1&55. 6; 1M6, 6; 1857, 7; 185*, 3; 1?5?, 10; 1860,7; IsOl, one lxroETA!tt Abbest iji Niw Vobk ?Vesterday Justice Donn received a dispatch from Detective Officer A R Allen, informing blm that be had succeeded la arresting Cyrus t True,who be bad taken before J udge Belts, but the decision of the Court b?d not been given when the dispatch was sent C F True stands charged here with com* fJIci'y in the swindling of L. Johnson A Co , for wUlca R W. Clspp was arrested, and subsequently H M. True. Upon the preliminary trial (of which a report was given In the ?*tar a week JfcithM* IWA J *? n * * ?j,-/. .uvvb ?*" "iiv vvuiuiutru iur v>oun, find 21 warrant was issued for the arrest of C. F True, who was In New York, and who appeared by the testimony to be intimately connected with the blank certificates of deposit and drafu, and this one especially, upon which the money wai obtained from Johnson & Co , after being filled up. Jt ia probable that C. F True will be given In 1 uiu-dy of Detect!v* Allen, to be brought to Washington for trial immediately. PavsiDEHT Likcolv at the Navy yaid ?Yesterday the officers of the Navy Yard were pleasantly surprised by a visit from President Lincoln, who with his f?iuily dropped in upon them entirely ooexprctedly. The party were saluted with II gans. ana esroriea turouga tbe various departments by Com. Buchanan. Nearly two hours were (pent in examining the machinery and work; aad, on leaving, the party expressed themselves as being highly pleated with the neatness and good order of everything about the Yard. Call AtcmrriD ?The Rev T. B. Mr Falls has signified bis acceptance of the call extended to bim by the congregation of the Assembly's Church The Presbytery have their spring meeting next week, when, it is expected, arrangements will be made for the Installation of the new pastor, which will take place In a short time thereafter Celtic Fsteefeis*.?We learn that an Irish woman called at the Aqueduct orllce a day or two lac* at 9 o'clock iu the morning, to get permission to erect a shanty at the Distributing Reservoir, which ?u granted By three o'clock la tbe afternoon of tbe same day the building was half done, with s probability of its being ready for Its occupants next morning T*e dkets soom, shawls, linen and cotton fabrics of Swann k Co., No. 373 Seventh street, are now all the go, and everybody seems determined to hjv? something from his stock. Thoaa who want good article* cheap should call on ,55w??n without deUr Ckimtnal Covkt?Judgt MtTrick prtstdimg ? Jas Shields, (colored) tried for stealing ? dn; and collar from Jonas H L'ppermao, was acquitted Mr. Carlisle addressed an argument to the Court on a demurrer to the indictment sgsinst Peter 9. Duvall, charged with perjury and false swearing Mr Ould will reply thereto to-day. , ' John D. Dailey was tried and conrictcd of an assault and battery on Charles Finnegan. To-day.?Mr Major, counsel for Chat. De VllUers. now in jsil on a charge of obtaining certain goods under false pretences, to which charge be has plead guilty, sppeared In court and submitted a plea In mitigation of punishment, the ground being a statement from tbe prisoner, and also from < his f.lther. In writlntr tn (li? ? *?? !?.? , -xv V uw? ? IJB tlltum* I stances, over which he had no control, produced ] temporary insanity, under which condition of | inlod be committed thecrlme; alto,on the ground that be refuted la*t night to leave the jail In company with certain prisoner* who made their escape In consequence of the door of their cell being ac- 1 cldentally left unlocked The Court ordered the < prisoner to be brought Into court, and subsequent- < lv sentenced him to eighteen months in the penttentiary. Mr Ould proceeded to reply to the argument made by Mr Carlisle, yesterday, in demurrer to I the indictment against Peter 8. Duvall, charged with perjury and false swearing. 1 A Chiil axaxg cs Takix Not*? ? Mr Rut- 1 ell, the correspondent of the London Timea, I* yet in thla city, and la the recipient of marked g attentions from all quarters On Monday he visited the Navy Yard, and was treated by Captain Dahlgreen to an exhibition of the howitzer drill of this country Mr. R. expressed himself as greatly surprised by the rapidity of the firing, which was at the rate of four discharges In twenty s-oonds, distributing perhaps one thousand mus- > ket balls (through the shrapnel cases) per minute. <>.uuii) ,ui niiuc 11 visiiea iMouni vernon, and on returning dined with Senator Douglas He dines with President Lincoln before he leave* for f tbe South, which will be on Friday of tbls week. J; He will be accompanied on Lis tour South l>v the j, promising young artist Theo. R. Davis, of this g city. A* there has been some guess-work caricu- 1 turing of the personal' of Mr. Russell in the J papers, we may sav that he is 38 years of age, Is of t medium size, full but not fat. dresses with quiet ^ good taste, devoid of jewelrv, Is unassuming and j coureeusin manner, and isaltogether a tine sped- J men of the Great Rrittainous genus hoino. i Hog Catchiso?Yesterday, the police officers j* were engaged in enforcing the law prohibiting ho^s from >iolng at large in this cltv They sue- g ceed?d in filling four wagons, to f>e sent to the a city pens at the Asylum, for sale or redemption. ^ It ;s the most disagreeable part of a policeman's uusincss, ana sometimes cutset disturbances of ^ the peace, the owners of the animals resisting the officers. The appearance of the officers with their wagons and dogs never fails to kick up a row. In a moment thev are surrounded by a crowd eager V to see the sporf, and men and women, owners of the o (Finding animals, are seen driving in their , hoi's in hot haste, to save their bacon. Yesterday, a man saw his bog among tbe seizures, and he undertook to repossess it by force, but was him- 1' self arrested ana taken before Justice Clark, who ordered him to pay a tine and costs for theoffence. _ Escape frc-m the Jail.?Last night, about 10 o'clock, three persons, confined in jail for petit ? larceny, by means of a ladder made of the bedding on which the prisoners slept, got over the back wall of the jail, and mad* their escape. Their e names are John Williams, convicted of stealing 11 some bags, Robert McCluskey, convicted orsteajing a box of cigars; and both of whom were to remain in jail several months longer; and Benj. F Buktr, charged with stealing clothes, but i against whom no proof was offered to the grand " jury, and who is, under the usages of the t.ourt entitled to his discharge when the present court n adjourns J Robbkry ?Yesterday, Mathias D. Rowe wns ? arre&ud at the Railroad depot by guardsman f Coombs, who is detailed for day service at the * National Hotel, for stealing from Antonio Kepler h!s pocket-book containing $12. He was taken * before Justice Donn, when It appeared t!iat ? KfliUf w9i ' n * ,.vr.v. wvtut; ouiijc wur& lur i\,owe, WDO 3 wa* standing in the shop waiting for the work to be completed Kepler's wife was sick and S sent for him; and he took his po ket book and r put it lu his drawer, and left Row* In the shop t while went to see his wife. When he re- h turned. Rowe whs gou<?, and his pocket-book u also. Rowe was sent to jail for court. n C05csrt Last Night ?A concert was held at Odd Fellows Hall last night under the direction ? of Father Beeson, who has been lecturing for ? several dajs upon the wants of the Indians A j tolerably t;ood audience was in attendance, and ^ about 8 o'clock the exercises commenced, con- ? sisting of singing bv two s:nall colored children 1 and by tie Indian woman, Larooqua, and the recitation of Longfellow's " Death of Minnehaha'' by th?t latter Red Feather also played snatches from several airs nnon ? vinlln ami ?? > r-*" ??? - utes of nine the audience wa? dismissed. 1 To-night the Mozart Soc-eit give a union * Concert at Will&rds' Hail, which promises to be t the best thing of tbe season. A glance at the < programme, and tbe nacmi of the popular ?lng- li era ore enough to make one's "mouth water," P and from thi Bale of ticket*, if we are not de- J| reived with tbe capacities of tbe Uall, tbo?e who arrive la?e will not meet with mucli Metis in h securing strata. t Found in a Gcttkk ?On Monday, ? gentleman i reported to tb" poiice that ai Infant, believed to h ive been still-born, was found In a gutter on Twelfth street, near tbe brick yards. Its bead was slightly crushed, but this might have been done by throwing it down carelessly. It w^s be- ^ lieved to be a white Infant. The police were rc- J1 quired to have It buried. 0 Land Warj ? >ts and Monet.?This week, so far. the laqilfT toe land warrants his i>een rtull. 1 '! r?e prices have an npward tendency?160 and lv!0 acre warrants buy for 64 cents, and sell fv.r To ? by the dealers; fcO acrts, <5j65; 4o acres, !?lai 03 The exchange bus been lively, with no change of rates since lust week. Father O'Toolk ?Thousands of our District ^ of Columbia readers will beglad to iearn that tue Rev. Timothy O'Toole, late the much loved pas- i tor of St. Patrick's Church, in this city, is again j among us on a brief visit, lie Is tbe guest of Mr. Gregory Ennis, on F street, between Twelfth and j Thirteenth streets. Johnson 4 Sutton. 5'2l Seventh street, are sell- ' 111(4 uu spring L'uuai 01 me nnest quality at an astonishing low figure and giving away everything ~ in the housekeepers line at almost half price. J No. 521 Seventh street la the place to get a bargain a t At an election held on the 1st instant, at the Colombia engine-Louse, for seven directors of n tbe library, the following gentlemen were elected <i to serve during the ensuing year : Jaa A Brown, ^ J.unes A Tait,Thos Marche, And. P. McKenna, Jamea McDerinott, P. J Ennis, John S. Bootes. Evans, 476 Pa. av , has juat opened a new lot of elegant seta of jewelry and plated ware, which la goiiitr eft' with a rush We understand that he will remain here but a short time longer; therefore buy what you want while you can buy cheap 8 ia ourad7ics.. |< CbntralGcakduouskCases ?Solomon Davis, * colored, waa found out of hia dwelling after the houra prescribed by law, and waa fined f:l,15. *' Himiltnn Hritp/U? /?r*l t\rnA -a ..... WkWIVWj ?* S V -JkVU IV/I UDOO U1V and battery on Sarah King, was dismissed. Polick Mattkbs?Bf/ort Justice Clark?Lake Fitzmorris, accused of interfering with the hog ? catchers Fined S-J 17. Thk following is & sample of the numerous I letters oons'antly receiving for Hostetter's ftoni- 1 aoh Bitters: Oana.\dagi:a, July 15,1859. Messrs ffostetter 4" Smith, Pittsburg, Pa Oeuta : as w? are strangers, 1 nerew th enclose ? ircu twenty eight dollars for four ilozon llosieiter's ? Stomach IJitWs, w..i h p ease forward vi* .Mioi.i- v ;an Southern Railroad. Toiedo, Ohio and Clayton 11 stati n. 1 have purchased several dozen bottles u at Toledo thi? summer, but the sa!e is on the increase to much that I wish to open a direot trade e with you. 1 waa minced to try ronr Bitters bjr my ; physician, lor the Liver ? ompiaint, and received | such material aid that I have recommended i. to J umcn n j nave soia aoout two flrzen per week for some time. 11 ave a!! kind* of mmjicine in my j store, but there is none that I can sooheerfully set truthfully ?ecommend as your Bitters, for i know n they have helped m* beyond my expectation. Yours, respectfully, Pino \Vi*i.on. Sold by all druggists. ap l-ec3t Cocan> 'The sudden changes of our climate are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and ijijisaiie Afuitom. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act cp^edilj and certainly when tak^n in the tariy states of the disease, recourse hould at once he had tn ' Rriw#r?'? Krnnrkinl Trothtt." or Loa<?nR<?e. let the Cold, Couch, or Irritation of tha Throit he ever eo ihght, as by this precaution ft more srriou* attack may tw etfco?uiJlT w%r*W otT. Fublxr Spruktrt autl Stmgtrt wiil find > them etfoctuai for disarm* tad etreatthenmc the 1 voice. See advertisoiueut. de 1-lr MAKKIEO. Jn Frederick, Md., on Tuesday. April 2d, by Rev. Fftther t?ounn, Ilk N .N IS O'DON NUUHUK, f ? Washington. D. C., to L Ul8\. daughter of Norma . B Hardinc. fetq . of the former ul&ce. * Z DIKD, On Tuftday. April J-', the 6l?t rear of her age, M'S CATHARINES KMX 19, widow of the lat* Phil p Ennis. .... Her reUtivM and friend* are reepeetfuily invited t 10 attend the funeral. from her late residenoNo. , 4jS, Ouff Green's How, CapitnJ Hill, on Thnrsday {, the 4:h instant, at 3 o'clock. * ! In Georgetown, on the afterno >n of the 2d inet., . FLORA IsaBKLLA, only daughter of Kdward j and I*art?lla J. Myers, axed3 Tears. 1 Tl?e funeral will take plaoe this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, lroin No. 33 Second st., Georgetown. t la Washington, on the 1st of Asrii, after a long illness 01 consumption. WILLIAM C? Nt" JON. in U?* ?:h yew of hia a**. 373 8BVBNTI ASTONISHING AND RAPI] BUY YOTJB GOODS AT G. T. SWA Oar l?tt? Is-Staort Profits Q AS WE BUY AND SELL EXCLUSIVELY :hmp u they can be purchased at retail in New Y In qdcqq nnnna ? -?? **??*-?*???? ? ?u ATMuutir wv/t/c wc uaiup; DUCK 9IIKI, 1 l?, French and American Lawns, Pail De Vhevi lelia Cloths, Debege, and Grey Goods, ail at New 100 STELLA SHAWLS, the cheapest ever < Oar stock of LINEN awd COTTON FA BR I' Linens, Napkins, Doyles, Linen Launs. Blenched rrash, Linen Drills and Ducks, Cottouades, Deni "heck, Bleached and Brown Sheetings and Shirt] 900 UMBRELLAS asd PARASOLS, in ev, BONNETS, SHAKERS, JOCKEY HATS a vices CARPETING, OIL CL( In addition to our immense stock of Dry Gw NG. RUGS. MATS, FLOOR and FL'RNITl'Rl n this part of the city?all of which we are sellln; A call from all those who wish to supply their oliclted. fp~Remember the number, 373, one door at mar 30 , * 373 J2] SEVENTH STREET. 52]' WET GOODS, AUCTION GOODS. A cT Wo are dailr receiving ourfull stock of SPRING }OODS from New York anil Pml&delphia, bought i?r net cash, to which wo invite the attention of lUfers- Wo take occasion to in&ka the following utnmary : cwa Attantio Prints at6\? cent*, worth 8, lichmond's and othor brar.ds at 10, worth 12, tonnet Rihho h at 12>t. worth 25, ilarsoilles Quits, 10 4. at 1 .51), Lllendale do 125. &e? .men H&ndke-chief*, ladies'a:id men's, 12,' cheap, t oiivin's Kid Glove* ag low an 50 cms, 'lain Delaines at I2V? and 10, worth ^5. WtT GOODS. A P. CoaV best -pool# at 3> cents per dozen, 2>? cent Calicos at 8 oorits, Ac. Together with a varied and extensive stock of ?*Ti,,?r?unn as rtieaciirii and mowniioods. Hoy*' nd Men'* Caseimers, Hoop Skirts, Laceanu Crace 'hawl*. I'a asols, Sua Umbrella*. Bonnets, Emroidt-ne*. Dross Hoods of al! kinds, Ac. Aiso, Caipets, Mattine*, Rugs, Mats, Csrpet Varp and Chains, Battine. Ac. JOHNSON A SUTTON, ma 30-1 w* No. 521 7th st., bet. D and Av. JUGAR, MOLASSES. Ac. * 3) hhds. PORTO ?ICO SUGAR. 75 barrel* R K F1N K D do. 50 do. NEW ORLEANS and CUBA MOLA8SE8 y? barrels Nor 1,3, and 4 MACKEREL, 90 dozen1 BROOM;*. Just received and for sale by ma?-3t?'.if AIL'ItRAV A SEMMF.S. ULT CASH. IT L' *r i. ?? *' - * * " * - cj muuiu rPBprcuui.y 0111 me anennon 01 ustomers who buy for cash to our .New System of giving off & discount of five per cent. f>r the ash." Having but "one prioe," customers will see at a !ance the great caving in our new system. We nvite at to examme for themselves. W. M. SHl'STEH A CO.. No. 3S, opposite Center .Market, ma 28-lCt Jietw?eu 7th and 8?li tts. H H E A P L/ DOMESTIC GOODS. 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Just received and for sale by \VM BR VAN, No. 4 4, opposite Centor Market, ma S3 fit Ketwof n 7th a id 8th st?, i\T NRW GOODj!. ? * E Are io?r addir r to our rtock a large aid irab'o l*?t of M K W G(M I I)S, eomrntiuii oycry hing that is new and des'rable, which vre propose o Be!! at a small prce. a!! perrons in want of Dry roods will find our btojk complete in ai! r.s -anehe* and at the lowrst prices. We wou'd im re^B upon tlioee <>1 our c)t.zen? w'io hava rtcPtitlr akeu up tii"ir reffl^no. * with us thai we have t>ut <i.e priceiii&ik *<! in p ans Satires on evh artilo a-il olfor a dihcoiu.t o| five per cent ofl- all a>8 for cash VV<* a*k ail ^Tamivation n( price*, so that c:ii"0m?T8 ci.i t&liklt t iein?t Ives in re^a.d to tlio savng by purcli&8in>: f<?rta?f>. W. M. MIUSTKR ft CO.. No. 31*, opposite Center Market, ma28 lot Ketween7th avl 8th g'g. \NKOROR8. GKNTLE.MAN Al>out lorcniove to the South nshes t > exqhatixe vaiua! le irr;prov?i Heal 1> ate in OeorRatowii for seveial Ne?r< <>8, for hip vru u*e. Addreiu, iinme<Jiitc!y, Box OOO.Gpowown, D. 'madtf [)IA viis THAT WILL AN-WI.R FOK L NEW BKIUNNKKS.-One at ?.' n?t one at ?wt; or for relit at 75 cents >1 per u.unth." JOHN F. KLLlrv III *15 Chink ~ri A Sons* Pituo LWot md25 Pa *v Ka* U?K m? A lAtl. ?. - _ w<> v . ?.< ( UV?f ^Kll Ul.U IVbil B'-St \rr ICE WASH IN OTO N AQUEDUCT. J Washington. March 22, 1961. Proposals wilt be received up to the 15th proii no for the fu/nishint a:.d delivery nt or near the ite ot trie Dsetrict Reservoir, of 4,000 oubio yaros } < ken Stone, mifre or less. The atone cot to exoeed in eixe oubea of three nchee. To be hard and durable. Proposals 'hould be scaled and endorsed "Pro>osa s for Broken Stone." ftl. MEIGS, Capt. of Knu r*, ma 25 tAp'5 Ghf. Eng'r of Waeh'n Aqueduct. ,JUN UMBRELLAS > AND PARASOLS. Just received from the inanufac urer* a larpe took of .SUN UMBRELLAS *na I'AKA ^ IOLS. whioh we will ne>l at very low prioi-f. KB 100 dozen JO'TVlN's* KID HI-dVKs. ?u r amber*. Wo hava & lars;e stock of i/RY rOODS of ail kinds, and will sell thorn at the very [>west priots. WA1. R. RILEY & BRO . No. 26 Central Stores, Between 7th ana 8th streets. ma 28 2w Opposite Center A'ark-t. Wood and Coal. A No. I article of WOOD on hand, propared to uit the wants of each curtomer. Wood sold oord ?n^th aiso, or in any way or any-quantities de ired. ID" Coal kept in Coal Houses, screened before do vering. iLT 2,24'> l!>s. to the ton. JLT Personal attention to evert order. t. j. a w. m. fialt. Offioe 2*2 Pa. av., between llth ami 12th sts. Vood Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth street, below War Department. ma?5 tf 17RENCH STEAM SOOUKKKS, ualti ? MORE. W. P. SHEDD, 502 ElxvknIHST., The Only Agemt. Ladies' Dregxen of every description can l>e leaned, leaving the lustre of silk equal to new. ihawU, Covers, Cuitains, and Oarpe's. Also, rentlemen'ft Clothing can he cleaned without learns anj substauco by whioh they will soon become n fit to wear. N. l).-No dre?a taken apart; thereby saving the xpense of making over. (Intel.) ma?2-lm Every visitor to Washington Shocld Purchase F111L.P S WASHINGTON DESCRIBED. is the only Complete Guide bod: to the national Capital ever publish-.I. rhe Volume oontams a Comprehensive Historj of the City from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, wittf every Imp rtant , Event connected with it as the Scat of Government. A so, Elaborate Descriptions of the Various Pulilio Buildings iReliaole Information i.- retpec to all the Departments of the Government; Mode of Transacting Business with the Public Offices ; the Kti^uette of offioial Intercourse; Description of the Piaoes of Interest iu tiiA V ini in tv Am - -Vn I LL17BTRATRT) WITH A MAP AND NTMEROCS E.N 6RAVI lies. Elegantly Bound in Crimson Ciotk. PRICE ONE DOLLAR. Free by mul on receipt of the published prtoe. PHILP & SOLOMONS' Metropolitan Bookstore, o&r 7 eolm 332 Pa. av., Mi 9th and loth sts. ^MPORTANT TO HOUSEkEEPERS. E. R. DURKEEJfc CO.*S Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELYAND PERFECTLY PURE. >ut ground from lrmh Spioes, selected and oleaned >y us expressly for the purpose without reference o ooet. They are beaatirelly packed in tiaioii* liuel with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping, ind are fall weight, while the ordinary gr-ouiid

isioee are almost invariably short. We warrant m a sin tie tnai will a.'mndantly prove. g. . DURKEK * CO. to U-IUHIW.* ?5i railNi? Yoi?, i STRZ2B1/ 373 0 [> WAY TO MA KB MONEY! NN & CO.'S CHEAP CASH STORE, oltk Sales* and Pay as Toa Co. f FOR CA?1I, purchaser* will find our Good* aa fork. * ?i ? ? * ? * " tsoni"nni ps. Aipacis. 1'iatn an wool Delaine Cbalr?*. Silk Calabrians, Brocade Barege Anglais. I.a York prices. >ffered In this city. CS is f?ill and complete, and consists of Pure Irkh and Brown Table Damask. Llnpn Towels, Linen ins. Penitentiary Plaids, PlaiR Osnaburgs. Apron ng? are Vlf Ptv a# *? !? tmj ' ? ' *"? VI vutui , viyic dliu pitbTi HD RIBBONS, of the Utest atylea, and at very low )THS AND MATTING. i?, we hare by far the largeat stock of CARPETS OIL CLOTHS and MATTINGS, ever offered j at New York retail prlcea iiclvea with new and cheap gooda. la rnapectfully *>ve R - B Hall'#. G. T. 8WASH & CO., SEVENTH STREET, between I sod K FOR SALE AND RENT. HOUSE TO LET, on Pa.avenue, No. 213, opposite Willards' Hotel. Inquire of OH AS. W. WAl.LACH, Attorney.or at No. 310 E street and 41Q Pa. avenue aya-l<r' 17?OR KENT-A handsomely furnished HOHSE in th? First VVa?d. Apply to WILLIAM l). BALDWIN, corner Sevenili and E street*. &P 3 G:eo* a iinnn /\nr?/\ ?i ~ - - 1 uunu \>ri i?n I IJII ) MtH A"M KStKGKT1H MAN TO MARK MOS F.Y.?In con s^quenc* of having otliir business in view, I offer for sale or rent iny Le%?e of four j ears on th? Pic Nic Grounds known as COLUMBIA SPRINGS, hi- further particulars apply to THOS. FAHEY, 5?? Maryland avenue, near 4>* street, or at the Spring. ap 3_2!* IJ^OR RENT?A new two gtory brick HOUSK, containing 5 rooms and siiinm?r kitchen, with *as in all the rooms, on K street, lietween 13th and l!Mh sts., First Ward. Also, just received b* Express a choice lot ol'fresh Goshen ani Roll iiutter, at?0 and 25 ccnta per poiin<*GEORGE A. LANE, ap3-!Jt* No. 95 Northern and Center Markets. I/OR RENT-HOUSE and STORK on Seventh I ?t? opposite the Avenue Hou^o. Inquire of JOHN E1LFY. Confectioner, 51* Seventh *t., opposite Intelligencer OtTic? ap 2 3t* _ If OK RENT-A small two story FRAME I HOUSE on O street, near Seventh. Apply to BALDWIN li RO.'S, First and D ttreet*. i:ear Depot. ap 2 3t* _ F-'OK RENT-A^mairFARM or MARKET GAR DEN,* 14 acex of laud, situ atrdonthe Puiey Branch Road, a few hundred rards north of Columbia Col'ese. The improvements consist of a t.ew brick dwelling containing 4 room* aod a kitchen, and a stable. For terms. Aft- ADfllv At 'J15 Pb ? won 11 a nnnA?i*A IV.IUrJ-' ?? ? , ? , , - j ? ? v a ?-i i? ? v ?i UV| i *>\J ?? I I .r?! U?5 ap2tf I^OR RKNT-A three-story HRlCK HOUSE ? on H st., Washington city, between 19 ti and ^ith, at present occupied by Assistant Attorney Genera1. Mr. McAlmont. Posi-essi'in Riven 8:h of April AIfo, a first ola?? STAND for business of any kind, comer Oar and Huh streets, opposite Forres'H*ll,Georgetown, D. t; I'iishms oi; j.ven immediately. Apply to BLADEN FORREST, lie 'sd"Wi., &p2 2V P^OR RENT?On the 1st day of May. > \e'v desirable three story BKICK D?VELI.lN'jHOUSE, w;th baseiiu-n'. and a three-etory l ack build n?, sit-jved ou Nineteenth strset. between 1 a d K sts. Has al. the modern improvements, water, gas. bath-room, waeh-room, Ac; also, a stable and carriage-hous". It is now occupied by i'ap'ain Goldflorouch, lT S. N. Appl* to II. 11. CLEMENTS A Brf".. No. IfiO Pa av. ap 2 3' , DESIRABLE STORE ?>N I'EVN. A V EN IE F(IR KEiVJ AN D FIX TIM ES FOR SALE, Store No. 30*?5 I'enn. avnu?, between 'J:h and 10th st?.,i? offered for rent, and the * titures. oorsistirg of a's Burglar and Fireproof Safe, Jour Plate ?lass Counter Cade*, two large French plate Mirrors, Oilcloth, Counters, Gaa Fixture*, Ac., for sale Apply to JAS C. MoGUIRE A HI , Auction and Commission Merchants. ap 2-<"t i/OR RENT-A comfortable two-ator* pr a m % ' HOIrSK on V.n?tee!i? h "treet. between land , K streets north. Inquireof J. C. FEARSON, No. 334 Nineteenth rtreet. *pl-3?" finvo" I K^N I KOOMtjj (FrBNISHED.I 1 with Board, in a genteel privata family, 44ti Ninth street, sec ird door afiove O. Ri-forences ed. Table Boarders accommodated. ap l-3t* FPOR BENT-TtattarnHOUHI on Cameron street, opposite the Market House, in Alexandria, Va., used for many years as a hotel boarding > htuss. and tirsi o.ass re-taurant. Kent low A it ci, a K A It M ol "0 acre?, n ar . I>. ' C . for rent or 1ft on times, well adapted to a market narden and dairy. R B. I.I/.'YO, ap I-It* ? rner *everth ar.d E, WttkiutML IjtOft KENT?A BRICK ll'M-E. ?Himic 12 rooms, with Potomac water and pas. on I street, between 13th aiid l-sth opposite h ra?-k i-i 1 Square. Inquire r_t WARDER A STKWAR I 'S \\ oo<l ar.d "oal iffi^e, oono r of H *nd Tw-ilfiii its. Alt", Brtok llouso corner Twolflii and 1. ma J8-U i^M >r REN r-On .May 'st, the largo and oorpnrml diou* H< lUr-E oi? Louisiana avuu", opposite the City Hall t-'quare, now occupied !>y -Mr. \Vet>l> m a dwel mg en<l law office, acd adjoining t;:? ; house of Mr. KiUiard Wallach ina?3-tf KKANCK TAYt.OR. Handsomely furnished jmiomsFuur ha .dsiiinely Furnished Konma, supplied with gas water, a:nl convenient t llio iatr" ?. ar.d Post t'flice Departments, lur rent. Appyat 40?X Massachusetts avenue, nort i fei-ie, Letww.u 4tii and 5th tu. ?3 I^OR R ENT-The three Rtory buck DWEI.LINti-tiOCSE, with basement- uu E street, ] t>?tween 2i and 3d rts. Has ail tlie modern improve- ( men'*, wa'er, gas, bath room, Apply t-> \VM. EUAN, next door, or to HENRY EGAN. 3iM Pa. avenue, south side, l eiv/tca 6th and 7tn ots. 1 n:a 16-tf j LT'OR RENT?'rile north HOUSE of the row of I v new four story houses on Fourth st, between D and E sis.. No. 3***. fronting the City Hall i square. Possesion given immediately. Apply to i WILLIAM H. PH1LLIP, Attorney at-Law, No. 40 Louisiana avenue. maile.>tl , STORE FOR RENT.?A large Store-room on | Pa. avenue, adj'iioi'ig our auction rooms, for i rent. Apply to WALL A liARNARl), Auction i and Commission Merchants, corncr Ninth street I acd south siue Pa. avenue. mar 11 1JM)R RKNT, SALK, OR KXCHANttK FOR 1 OTHKR PROPF.RTV?A FARM nfahout 2R<) acres laud, situated ai>oi:t nr)i!?? southeast from tlie Station, HelUvtlle. Prince ?ieorge'a couutj, Maryland. There is about 80 acr?* in wood? 1 balance clfued laud and unltr cultivation ; t as a I Kir. a: I d we I line-house; ham V) by 4?J feet, ai.d ether out- buildiaga, a:id ap pie and peaeh orchard. J. K KKNDALL, marS-tf No. A Four and a-lia!t ?t. I POR RKNT OR S?A?,K-Tbe two five story I brick l>\VKLUNG-HOUSKS ntuated onand i adjoining tlio cori ?r ol h'ourth n-d 1> ?ti?*ets, east of the City Hall. Apply to JOifhPH Fl)GITT, No. "JO Louixi.v.aav. ivar vif Ij^OR RKNT?A three eU<rj brick HOUSE,"outainuir 8 rooms, in good order, -*itii gas hxiurda coiuplctu, on H street, between 4tti and 5th. Also, a two-atwy brick COTTAUK, with large yard attached, corner of I" street north and 14th ?t. ea*t. To punctual ar.d tenants the terms will be moderate. Apply at 44b Twelfth utrcot, betwoen o aaJ H. BO 13-tf < POR RKNT?The line HRICK HOUSE No. i 1 100 Weal ft., Georgetown, at present occu 11 picxi uy me xuosorioer. it lias 12 ro;ms, wit'i cm (vihI water throughout, a. fine yard, staMe Jto , and I is in a good neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A.MA6RUDKR. ooiBtf ; riRKAT MEDICAL ROUSE IN THE CITY i ok Washington. DR. SHI'.MAN,at hi* Southern Medical H^tiee, corner of Sixth st and I'a. avenus, under the Clar enrton Hotel, is the only "r.e ;n the known world Who can permanently cure all diseases of a private nature iu from 3 to 6 days. A permanent euro or no charge. ma Irt-lm* rp L. A. HKALL ?. CO. A AKK Pleasure in informing their en stouten, I and etrang rs, that they have removed to No. 3??1 i Seventh street, between I and K.ju?t above R. K I Hall'*. Wehaveju*t received a new supp y of CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, " TRUNKS HATS and OAFS, which we effer to : aeli at vei v low prtees. Call and see us b<f'ire buying elsewhers. as we know that we can sa.l yon goods at less than any other store in the city. L A. BF.ALL & CO., Clothiers, mar 14-lm No. 361 Seventh st.. het. 1 and K. ! OFFICERS, PETTY OFFICERS, AND Sea men who wore on board ol any U. S. *hips at i the captsre of any ? aver can Lave their claims for i Bounty and Head Moner prompt'y attenuod to by applyibg to or addressing C. P. VVALLACK, i Washington. 1) C. ia liVtf klCHENCK'8 TREATISE ON CONSl'MP 1 ^ TION?To ba had free of charge at the Drug Store of S. B. VV Al'J'K, corner Seventh *t atd J Louisiana av. Dr. J. H. Scheuck,of Philadelphia, i has published a pamprlet giving a full description , of the diseased state of the Lungs, Liver and Stomach. Every invalid should calf and get one. i ma28-lm Best fancy goous, AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, Akp Own PfctCB Om,Ti At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE. nog-tf h<*tw. 9th and 10th ?tn. XK The old eatab laliad PAWN Oh- /*ll\ i lPICE, formerly on Penr. averni" JL X V ?between 3d and 4>$ ?ta., baa '%? ?!?? U tfeen reiuured to 331 C at., between <H auii 6th ?u., back of the National Hotel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 10,000 to M loaned la small auraa on Uold and SiT*er Watohea, Jewelnr, and all other artielea of alaa. Baaineaa atriot\y and confidentially dona. I ijuffiiA1"804 *? W*11 ** i,0> ">"'i u ** ' wnrwn Ui I ^ J. HERZBEEG. GEORGETOWN. Correspondence of The Star. tisoftciTovrH, April 3. IW1. Capt J. Owens Kerry, of the Scott Rifle*, baa resigned bis command of tbat company, and uirna ? -- *??J ? ? ? - ? m nuuu wiHirai rni(a({finfnB wairll prevent bit giving bis time and attention to mil i'arv matters Hi* resignation takescUert on the .">tb ir?t >nr* military companies. the Voting O-.isrda, Capt. in J Rtdier.and the Firat Strevt Rifles. Capt Liutiry. paraded on Monday laat in fall dress un fvrin, making a creditable appearance. A handsome bci; wu presented to the flrat niired company by aome ladv friends tbrr i^b the hands of Mr I, Clement*, who delivered an appropriate address on the ocfaaion. which waa rr?ponded-to briefly but eloquently by Captain Roaier. Work waa resumed at aqueduct bridge No (I (acroaa Rock Creek) yesterdav morning, and twenty-flve to thirty men are now employed there in cutting stone, raising derricks, Ac. Georgetown advertisements for tbe Star will be promptly attended to by Dr. G H Barnard If left at hla store, at Crandall'a, or at 144 Bridge at. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS !Y?J?6EORGKTOW>r TAXES. >. ppr cent disoount is allowed on the above tax if paid prior to 1st of April next. Settienient for taxes of I960 remaini: g unpaid a: that data will be enforced aoco dine to law. ma 19 *w CHAS. 1). WELT Hl.CoU?Uf. ( a REWARD.? Lost, Slat M*roh, on Road at., ? a HAIR BRACELET, set in go d, with go.d locket euc osmg hair. The above reward will be p&id if left Willi .Mr. WALTER H. GOOEY. corner oi Dumbarton and Green streets, Georgetown, D U. It f? I S H ' FISH!! 1 FISH!!! 3>v> barrels No. 3 Medium Mackerel, 100 do. No. 2 Macki-re! of supenorqualitj. Now larding from schooner Eugene. Also, Labrador Herring, Boston Herring, Split Her rmg.aad Uippod Herring, in ato-e aud for eaie t?jr IHRTI.KY A BRO., up 3-.1t at?l 101 Water at., Georgetown. J POTATOES?POTATOES! UST Received, per sloop Velma, ??o bnshela Jersey White Mercer and 3*> bualiela Peach Blow POTATOES, suitable for seed. For eaie from tu? vessel in lota to suit pureuasors JOHN C. JOHNSON, ftp 2-M* No. 97 Water street Tcopatnership. HE Undersigned have associated themselves as copartners in the manufacture of Agricultural aud Building Lime ; at<o. Wholesale and Retail Deal Are in ~ I I - r * t : 11 ? *** on i.uui vi iuiu ir(i urain r fmi. we shall endeavor. ! > prompt personal attention to our husineus, to merit the r*tron*ge of a generous public. Wli.LlA.M KIKKLAND. Wll.l.UM DOV\ LING. Georgetown, April 1st, 186L ap l-8i* AGR (CULT UK A LISTS A R E~ RESI'ECTfuMv solicited to examine ?wr large iu>ck <f STONE, SH kL'<, and GAS LI M K. which we will dispose of upon the in> st accommodating terms. Orders rn*y (> left at Ont?r Market, on S?ven*h ?t, Washington ; fso ITO bnd?e *t., Georg?town : or at the Lime Kilns, in Georgetown. ap I 3f KIKKLANU A imWI.ING. wM'KING GO 1)8 CHEAP FOR CASH ? SMUOT tc BUKROl'GHS, No. 110 Bridge St., G*or?eti>wn. D. C.. have received ptr late arrivals front Baltimore and New \ ork a genera as sort meat of DRV GOODS, adapted to the early spring trade, which th'jr are offering at pr>oe? to suit the timo* for cash, and solicit a rail from all who are making their spring purchase*. SMOOl &. Bl KROUGHS. maa eo2w _ (lnt?l.] C _ _ FERRY. 1" OR Th" aocrrmodation of Yirzmiane and the citizen* of <jeor?etown and Washington, the uiid-rsisned lias re-established the oftl fern- from Anslufiian Island to Kejuold's \\ htrl, neir Rnj'a Mill. A safe and convtient new boat?the Iceberg?will make tnps every fcuur at reasonable rate*. iiiii ?T >ir WAITER WOPKV. A BOOTS AND SFIOES. . L\RGE And varied assortment of COOTS and SHOES of excellent quant* mitre H> ce;\?dat144 Pi i^g* btree t, o^&r tlieoir,-BU| nibus etand, and for s^ie25 -o 30 per cent.r Bl I cheaper than the usual prices. * ma23 lm a. NE\VBERG En DiiOO BID.& PRIME CIDER AILY Expeoted per schooner Mary Ann MeGee 1 from Boston. This Cider u A No. 1. and is tor tale in lots to suit purchasers. ARNY k SHIN'N'S fe 2i Union Bottling Depot, GeorneV'wn. P~~ JUST ARRIVED. I KK Propeller S. Seymour, from Philadelphia. 15 barrels and 1"0 half barrels of Massey. Collins It Co.'s Philadelphia DRAFT ALE. For sale b? feSfi ARNY A SH1NN. J U8T RECEIV ED? 10 hbds. priTe Porto R'oo SUGARS 150i.bls.0id Rye WHIMtY, 1 3Sfi bbis. HERRING and A L E WIV ES. 60 bb.'s. Crushed and Refined >'.GAKrt hags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.dovr-priced) MOLASSL8. For Bale by JOHN J. BOGUE. se 10 , T^Kas. LKtUORS.to75 half-chests KRKSH TEA. barrels GI BOON'S OLD WHISKY. 10 do. OLD MOUNTAIN do. 5 do. very t d FAMILY NECTAR do. o do OLD ?YE *ao. 25 <*? HAVANA C'UAKS, Ino.ftctil R.MAN d?. In store and for **!?? by i ma# i:^\if NfJKKAl &SLM.MES. {TAKE NOTICE! \VI LL Take a i kinds of Virginia money for my book debtc ar 1 for Hoots, Shoos, and Trunke. All person* indebted to me wrl pilars ea'l aii'I settle up,orlUia< l>e compelled to give tiieir amounts into the hands of a collector. < S. P. HOOVER, lro* Hall, i io 21 l'%. sv 9'h an.1 !? ?*?s t*f fio.noo \y OKTH OF BOOTS, SHOE'S ajtd TKUNKB, Of nil Stylr.< and Qrmlitut, . AT A GRKAT KAl'Slfllt ON COST. Stvre for Kt*t and Fixtures for Salt. AH the Slock in S. P. HOOVER S ST??HE, 1 rxTTi; Ir"i? l'3 -.e r? !a([f vo vai icty r, dii 1 1-fc.ii s'. c-.. i-Vt'B aadSial ?U9U^rvrti n SHOES A -?,TKAV f fil ELiNG TRI'NKS are rov being Ki>itt,/cr Mb gr^at t vritccs en inns, re!*".i! seiic -'price*, indeed much lielo* original cost, Th? attention of I tli?? public is lolieittd,as great lnduoeiaciits will i be roa-le to purchasers. The above emprises a large rtook of the fine?t ii;aii?y Frrnch a> d'i Gaiters,^lines,Bouts, to., Ao., tor ladios am! gcniiOme.i Tn* Store is for remand thf Fixtures for sale. ' Apply oa t' e pieimsei. Iron Ha I. < N. IJ.?The a:-ove kt.>clc. either in whole or in 1 part, will be snld V private sale. To nn?orode- ] "Tons of entering the Boot, Shoe an1 Trunk Business tins affords a totter opportunity than may ipim be presented. I'.irc/\nc i n.laKl aH drill .r f?? a fa ?/? L?. ? ?? ? ? *- ' I iimv-'i- "u n il' v uiivi i? h'ui If J f lUllipUJ j&lliEe and ?ett!iue tii?r so.conn'Ji. ja7 if I BAR A ?RO. R E Amin in tli<* b**ld with an innuenaely large 1 itock of KKA1?\ M a UK CLOTHING ai d liENTS'FURNISHING GOODS W-now offer I ^rf-at iiidiioein *nt?to person* wtiu t>uy for caah. Keiuein'ter the p:ace?corner E and heveuCi ata. mar 8 1 m I OFFICE OF Til E ADAMS EXPRESSCoT I VV AisHlltGTON, D. U.i March 3>, i8bl. | SPECIAL NOTICE ' Goods for the Confederated State-nuW piy dj lien f iirn this date. lavuicos oworn t > liy the condguor maat accom- < pant a I good* mj pat-kas-ea. ( in-. :S :?c. p. S. M. ',AIT,HI.I\. Agent. . L^KENCH PAPERM ANGI US, Ac. r coknkk nlsth and d stkk*t?. 1 We have roe: ed to-day oar nrrinr importation [>' FR ENCH PAPKKHANGINOS, HOKDKRS, , DECORATION'}*, Ac., the esylea of wliith are rich and attractive, ai-d the price* unuMiaHy low. We have a very fine a**ortiueat of t- 1 R E BOARU PRINTS. MEDALLIONS, Ac. AIbo, < % larK<? and nelect (took of English aud xniencan Pa PER 11ANU1 N'iS, WINDOW SHADES, COKDS, TASSELS, GILT CORN lOEau&CC'R i TAIN HANDS, all of whi*. hare of the best 11 wi?- . facture, and winch we offer at p-ice? ?o ui.t ihn J tiaex. We have competent xr rr.imn ever ready ; ur ino prompt fxeciuion <" wore euiruaiej in us. f kan klin k. eoiukock, ma 19-3Uw3w (Int.) 303 c;?r. i>tli ami D *ts. Ywood and coal. OU Will euro!) get your muiiey's worth by oaliinr at the PIONEER MILLS, >wlto??l tor iter nf Srrentk ttrtet and Oinal, (GEO. PA6K, Acent.) They sell cfce*ptT.anu cive l>ott?*r nipnsurc than any other* in tlie c.ty?out, split, ar.'l dehv?re<l free of charge. If yon don't t*hev? it. five the Pioneer Mills a trial, and Ue s&tirhed. ja 17-lr.r ar.jf BIRDS!-BIRDS FOR SALE. Yjff J out received a splendid assortment of&gJ '^-Bird* from Europe:?Herman En^Iish Black Bir-'a, Thru?hes, Ball Kinehea, ttn)d Finches, Licets, Sky Larks. Yellow h'am*re Parroqurts, Java Sparrow, starlens, the Ked W< #?w Parrot, and jrceo and Rrar. I have Mockirg Birds, Red \\ ine Biack bird*, Red 15 Ht, Doves, Mid Bob 'in ks; &' . Tr?iiifd Birds. Prioe2So?nts U> $h0. t'flfs of ai' kind* iron 10 o?n's to 910, at JOHN OTHEARA'S B;rd SUre, No. 4b(> P* avenae, at the Capitol rate. fe 9 sm fMUHS' HAIR HTOKE, ll No 524*2 Pa. *v . bkt WTH AWD 131H PER.rVMEH.Yte BRMDs CUR1.8 WIGS, ' HALFWms, frRi/ETTfcfc. &?. A tall atoek < ilwaya <?n ban.I, or maJe ' > order at the ?kort*et I a itioe. Hair Work repaired or exoiian*?d. IV. B.? Ladiea' Hair Dyrd in the moat na'ural ma? 6m G'RKAT M'.MitKM OF PIANO F0PTK8 I for aale or rest a all oriaM. Aim tM M?i? il-oos ol different inakm'for rent or sala. New Music raoeivad from ail parts of the count** vnkly. JOHN F. ELLIS, m* 30 306 Pa. a*., bet. 9th and lath wa, Avery nice prince a co. mf.lodkon, whioh haa bsen used a short ^ for sal* very low at metzb&ott> Musio Store. Also, several hoeond-hanilTl mil Pianos- aa8B At nihikk's west en u ullug 81 or k, 113 Pa avenue, tae pabho oan rely ipon^^ tettin* Puie m*dioi9M. Hupp lias ar? re-^V oetved weekly. All popalarMadiciaMvBMia.Sk Tooth at all prioM; Coal Oil aad Lau-r*. Window Glasses, 4o. THE LATEST MEWS. TEL KOBAPHIO. Highly laftrUBl trmm Ttiw-Throat ?4 IitmIii of tkat ?!??' ky? Mfikaa Far* Uthiit-PrrptritltM to Receive Hla la a Proper Maurr. Niw OiLun. April 3 ?Otlwltti dKnofUx SIM bring important adrice* from tto* RioQraado U a -m -? ? ' * vw row, oi uw new rexan Mttlcwd t Fort Brown, bad rfcilrrd reliable Information from Mat* morn that lien A in pod la, with 3,000 Meiicaaa. wu only aiity miles off. marching on Rrownavtlle. Am pud: a had diapaUhed an eaprra to MaUmoraa with placarda and haadbllle, setting forth that Texas rightly belong* to Meite?. ar.d that she, having no longer the support of tbe Federal Government, could easily be regained, aud that now is the proper time to do it. Rein mforcements were rspidly joining him on his route Col Ford. In order to give Am pud Is a fitting reception had ordered the immediate removal of the guns and ordnance stores at Brazos Island to the rencc of the anticipated dlAcnltlm [Till dispatch strikes us as being unreliable?.Ed Stmt ] Four Diyi Later tram Earape Halifax, April J.-Tbe Canard lUimhtp Amerlra from Liverpool on tbe *3d via Queen* town on tbe 24th, has arrived here commercial Liverpool WirMp Cotton Stmttment ?Met of the week 133 <**? bale*, including ?M*I0 to speculator* and the same nmount so exporter* The market rioted firm, and tfs\ higher than oa tbe previous week Lirrapoot.. Saturday ? Eatlmated aalea to day Ij.CUi bale*, including 6.0W? for speculation and export. Tbe market cioaed firm, and prices tend> In'4 upwnrd. under the Influence of the Adriatic's new*, which arrived out on the 23d. Breadstuff's were quiet and firm. Provisions quiet and steady The H uik mtea had l>een reduced to ? per cent Consols #l\a???\ . Tbe French Corps Leglslatif had rejected tbe amendment to tbe I'.mperor'a addrea* for tbe withdrawal of the troop* from Rome, and adopted tbe whole addreaa bv *13 to 13. Interesting fraaa tbarleslsa. Charleston, April 1 ?The Spaniah Consul for North and South Carolina, and Florida, baa no official information concerning tbe movement of Spain on St Domingo. Senator W igfall wa* expected to make a speech to-night at the Mills House, but no arrangement about bringing him out had been concluded at lft o'clock. The assurances about tbe adoption of tbe Con* federate States Constitution bv South Carolina are fully ronflrmed. Fort Sumter is all the calculation smong tbe milltarv men Reports from Teias and Louislsna confirm former statements relative to urminp ?>? ?>? ? Wticn of tbe frontier* and assisting PenMcola The troop* from Louisiana have already been Sent Mr Wigfall had an Interview today with Gee Beauregard. From New Mexico l.iuiirNDtM i, Mo., April 1 ?The Senta Fe mall, with dates to the IStb of March, arrived here to-dav, Wing ?ne day ahead of time. There is no news cf special importance No Indiana were met with ou the route The gram on the rood is short as far a* Fort \Vl*e, from that point It i* in good condition. Tbe contractor* on this route are making preparations to run an express from Fort \\ iae to Caunon City, to connect with this mall. From Hie Jnneire. New Oat xsss, April 1 ?The bark A Pender grast arr ved at this port to-day from Rio on tbe lf<tb of February Tne papers report that tbe jrellow ftvrr was raging thtre Tbe political news from TLe Un-tf-d, and Confederate State* had unu ui?*d everything, and great anxiety waa manifested regarding tbe secession trouble*. MvDirlpnl Elections. Anxatolu, Md . April 1.?At tb? election bera to-day tbe I'nion candidal* for mayor received 1=0 of the 231 votes cut. All tbe officer* elerted ire Union ineu Toledo. Obto, April t.?The election here yealerdav result, d in tLe election of tbe Democratic candidate for mayor, and seven out of ten councilman. Reported Seizure of Fort Mercy. Flew Mexl . Sr. Loria, April 2 ?The Republican publlsbee i letter dated Loa Ve?as, New Mexico, March 1-Jth, detailing tLe seizure of Fort Mercy by a nartv of Americans and Merlraaa, with Governor kencber ?t their b?**d, but late arrivals here, aa well as the Santa Fe mall of the 15tb, deny any knowledge of such movements. Virginia < saveitita. RirHxexs. April* ?Mr Montague made a ae :eaaton speech lo-day, and Mr. Macfarland followed in favor of n reconstruction of tbe I'nion. I Le rroceedluirs w?re unlmnortant L&tast from lharlftUa. Charleston, April 2 ?The Convention, in ae cret aeae:on. are diacuasing the Permanent ConttituUon of the Confederate J*tatea It w^l! doubtless be rat.21 f d to-morrow by a large majority. I'-atitoacre Market*. BaCTLMotK, April 3?Flour active and 12)jr. blul <"?r?all brands ?5 3? Wheat firm; red ?1 J4 4?1.3T^; white ?150*1 571?. Corn ateady; y*Iow tkMHc; mixed 5t>a5*c; white (Ctafioc Proriaiuni stradv and unchanged. Coffee firm at li\il3J|C for Rio. Whiak) steady at IT^ai^c. riiw York m-rketa. New York, April 3 ? Flour quiet and uo handed. Wheat steady. Corn firm. Prorlalona stead v. W h'.sky quiet at 18c. Financial. Nkw Vokk, April 3 ? Stock? dull and lower. Chicago and Rock Island 5*; Illinois Cental mares KJ\; do. bond* ; Mich Southern > ? . Sew York Central 7tReading 43\. Hudson River R R 15<?; Va os 76; Mo ?'s?5V Thk wiithk-The following report of the weather for the i..ornlng la ir.ide from the Anit can Consolidated Telegraph Line to the SmithIonian Institution. The time of coaenration '.a sbcut" o'slock. Arm 3,1861. Burlington. Vt snowing, 31?, wind S New Wrk, N.Y cloudy, cool. Washington, D. C clear, wind NE Richmond. Va. clear. 5W?. Petersburg. Va clear. pleasant Ralel^h, . ( . * ? ,**.cloudy. 5**' Wilmington. N.C cloudy, wet Charleston, S. C..... cloudy. 5'J-\ wind F lueustn, Ga eloudy. tool *avanr.*b, Ga cloudy, 7VJ, wind NE kit -t - -? - ? Halt'ii. louar ^olumuus, Gl ...clear, plvaaant. iriflt-o. Ga .cloudy. Vloni^omery, Ala. clear. Vfob'.le, Ala clear, warm. New Orleaba,La clear, Tla. Uuometer at the Smithaonlan at 7 a m., (corrected for temperature,) 30,241; at noon, 3u,2l? Tb*rmonu-ter at 7 a ?n . 37 ; at noon, 4S6 Maximum during boon, ending 8 a rt vc lay, 50,? *; minimum 32*. South Carolina Paying Ur.?We are glad to t>e informed that the State of South Carolina has said for the Bret enure of property made by tb?: *tate after the act of secession, th* amount beiu* for a cargo of rement shipped by Delafleld and Waiter, of this city, npon the order of Col Foster, :?f the C 8 Knglneer corps. and Intended for repairs at For' Moultrie The vessel arrived at Charleston the very day Major Anderson took poMeasion of Fort Sumter and was Immediately wised and held by order of <>?v Pickens. In n rery handtotne, If not In s very prompt manner, kfter much correspondence, Oov Pickens baa not <&snni?-<l tbe further responsibility of relieving uotb the L' S. Government and tbe shippers in tbe :ity, by forwarding a draft in New ^ork fund* **hi<*h hit been duly honored and paid. Tbe New York funds coat South Carolina an extra premium of tbree par cent , which mud be put lows aa one of the extra expense* of tbe net of ae Ml on Would there were no worae consequences ban dollara and centa growing out of the untoward ict of a separation of our once united people and government ? N. Y Expr?$t. C7" The Petersburg Intelligencer of yesterdsy lays :?" The newly-appointed mall agent. Knel ler. on the Norfolk road, again disappointed a boat of deadly enemies to old Abe veaw-rday. Another large < rowd was there to give him a reception, but being potted, be dtdnt come Tbe party, not being weary in well doing, we suppose tbe will continue tbrtr vl?t? until be dot* comt wa lender such n reception m n man at way of doing bustoea* deserve* " rrr Two Germans were killed br lightning d ring tbe storm at St. Louis on Sunday ijoor ?1RTV HO( - J.-aTt*!!* M4tB*aHriL !J?S Jf.'ZZ.< ?(14 V/BHUIW JMT the cro?? over lim p from tk* center 1 intention it to the skirt down IB front wber tne lady tica down. __ E^gSS o*U *?<> -..- H KglY^XN. mftSMUf ? *? > N?V LrcrW <