Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1861 Page 4
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gg=? =7 THE EVENING STAB.! Clipping* lr?m Vullf Pair. 9*f? eon the Nini Ainum.?*' Ctlam* bia4, toe Gun of tbe Ocean." Bba?? vr*fC?STt*L?It is Mid that every milItar v com paijy *t CLarleaton baa a powerful display of bra?? musical instrument*?tbe peaceful mutlclana, In fact nearly rivalling tba warlike } soldiery in numbera Tbia may eiplaln the language of the Cbarlea- j ton Mercury, which Invariably speaks of the fkiu'hem army as a Gallant Band ! Ta**i*fic ? Why will Immigration from Ireland be lew the present then in former year*? Because the new tariff impose* a duty of fifty per cent on Unwashed Paddy. Sotrrassx Stock Operation ?Speculation mast prosper The Southern Confederacy, having ao money to lay out, has Invested Fort Plckena. TKIVLSB BY oc* COXCIITID CowT*r?trTom ?To me the most appropriate name for twins seems to be Teucer. President Lincoln's ezolamition when he appoints a lady postalistrees, undoubtedly will be? letter boi. I! r A correspondent writing from Chicago to the Milwaukee Democrat says- The Burch divorce case Is atlll before the courts on a motion for a new trial. Whatever the effect of the f rst trial may have been upon the public, It has either fsiled to convince Mr Burch of the injustice of his demand, or hM faLled to overcome his obstinacy It is not truo, a* bu been reported, that tbe trial coat him 100 000. or that It has used up a large portion of his fortune I bare tbe most reliable information ue Is worth more to day than bs was at tbe time the salt was commenced. The cost of tbe suit was Urge, though somewhat less than $15,(KjO; wbtle la on- apeculation alone Mr. Burch is said t? Lave realix d a much larger sum of wooey. Tbe report that the parties are negotiating to live together again la also unfounded I am reliably Informed tbat they are negotiating for a permanent and peaceable separat on, with prosjiects of success. Neither party are willing to endure another trial If it can be avoided. Let us hope thit tbe details of another trial may never be ?pread before tbe public. ITT" Great excitement was caused at Colmsr (Bat-Rbls) by tbe arrest of a woman on tbe charge of murdering her husband, whose body w.s found in tbe River 111 some we?ks ajo, In a stite of advanced decomposition, so thit no mark* of violence were perceptible, and h s de Ui wjs supposed to have been accidental. Suspicion was thrown on the accused by a singular circumstance. Her little girl happened to be at a neighbor's a d=vy or two since, when a sportsman eutereJ. and laid a dead crow en a tabi?. On seeing tbe bird's bead banp over the edge rf the table, the child exclaimed: '-It's head tings down jast lik- fathers, when mother struck btm with a hammer." This remark was communicated to tbe police, who immediately arrested the woman, ana commenced an lcquiry. ID- A few days ago a member of a Catholic family in New York sent borne for dinner a dish of stowed terrapin, as a harmless luxury, which might mitigate tbe rigor of Lent without working vioumon or me discipline of the church. The name of the composition not being mentioned to the party, it was at first accepted as ash; b it soon eme suspicion of the nature of the amphibious animal having arisen cmonj the faintly. aomealarm prevailed, and the thin/ was discussed. Finally it was resolved to consult Prof Agassiz, of Cambridge, as to whether tb* eating of terrapin on f*st day was a violation of th? church law against fl^h meat In Lent C7" A young man named William Hammell, residing near I'ottsville, Pa , and who for four yar? rnst baa been so lame from rheumatism as to render locomotion without the aid of cruicfces impossible, rose on Thursday last, and to the great surprlae of all who saw him, walk? d away from his nouse without crntchts. It was subsequently ascertained that he had suddenly bei ome a maniac tbrongh the severity of his sufferings; the same cause which had restored him the use of Lis limbs depriving him of his reason. rnr The newspapers are poking fan at th? n* w tariff, srme term it the More-ill. and ithera the Im-Morrill tariff IP- The drafts of the Ottoman Government for XtUO.tK/> on M Mires, which matured oa the 12th, were duly provided for. XT A large salmon was caught In the Hudson River near Albany, N. Y., a day or two ago, aud asilve* watch found in Its stomach. H7*The population of Ohio is 2.343.739. The population of California Is about one-third of a million. ICTTbe Pennsylvania House of Delegates on Frtday voted down the appropriation of #5 000 to the State Colonization Society. CI^An oval iron gun-boat, on the angular tar get principle, is to be experimented upon at Paris, 1> pretence of the Emperor. !H^A volume of Longfellow's early poems has recently beer, translated lu the Persian tongue. AllMVALS AT THE HOTELS. W11XARDS' HOTEL?A H Schultz, J D CusUiuau. J Oliver, IV H Carpenter. K D Culver, >Y; E !*Mles. Pa; A Garrison and lady. H Morr son. C G Liverman, Miss Livermore, H DCnok, W Mathews. J A Gwvnne, L (ilover. NY; \V P Hacker. A R McCiure, Pa; A M Brewer. NVj A L ? ? . USX; E B My err, Pa; C Sbafl^r, R ? Gould, NY; Mr Swift, T Welter, A M Walker aAd lady. Pi; J I) Maxwell, J Van Sicbaich, N V; H Lents. Fa; R T Cass, Hon A Ely, NY; S Sawver, Mass; A B Patterson, Md; G Erxie, A B Erenlh, Va; Hon A G Curtin, G A Henderson Pa; K A McAU ?ter, Md; W P Harrison, J V t^tokex, G Peacock, Dr E Rivinus, 11 Conrail, J L> Dub!. P J Field. W B Thom.-s, Pa; J T Burden, NY; F Foster, RI; D M Boyd, Pa; Miss R 1 winy.Mis* R VV Kwtng. Tenn; Lt A Haird and family, l)r Sutherland, USA; W B Fletcher and lady, RI; R W Sb-'-lB <1t, NY; Mr and Mrs Colton, Mats; J B Karnes. Va; G A Hackman. NJ; W Reyno'dsani lady, Miss Keynolds. Mrs Wheelwright. Mass: R PettU Pa: T Swmii, Mdj J Christopher. Pa; A C Hall, W E Coale, Md NATIONAL HOTEL ?J A Chamberlain,NII: T >! ?t?r, J?Sominea, A Temple, E Ooode and 1 DC; b F iMmpaoo, D 9 Br-jati, II C R^-ed, A E " ?< b J R Waiea, O G Mellow*, J T.liny, J T D xJge, W M Connelly, W Wtr.teman, N V; W Bak?r. J Naglee, J W .-tokea. A A langrry, Th Warrington, Pa; D Croftm, W H Ke^iy, Mia* H Gaodsoa. Va; G Adam?. Ky; B G Harria. Dr Hen Watktna, A A Reese. W H Pitcher, Dr G Merryman, Md; C Aaaley. Mo; E Hall and ly, T?"?; A Biaiadell, O Trefitheo, J W Ackerman, NY; W J Stairs and boy, Dr Parker, NS; G VV Severn. Nil. BROWN'S HOTEL.?R Moore, P McLaughlin. J P Joh mn, W Alexander, H Alexander. G G ' pr >n H 8 Davia, Va; C H Marriott, Tenn; A D Merrlwe her and torn, Ir.d, J H Barry and ly, >ila* E rclalr, M;*a J SU-veea, O; H Kerrla. Rl; C S W'.nd-r, T Brown, .NJiaa Llttig, J B Foley, W F Broi d. Vd; J 8 Cannon. NH; H Hutciiina n, NY: G Harding, Pa; W Dudley, J Dudley, Mra J C Braan and daughter, NY. KIRK W(ton unimu *? > * ~ - ? . _ -. - - v a>N/vdu.^H r mwcJj UDJ J VV Robbt ns. J Powell, Pa; G 11 Barchua, C Kinderdin, O; W 0 Webb, Ya. OCEANSTEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fa OH Til UliTIB St ATM. I ear*. For. Days. Afriw* ^...New York...Liverpool... .A;>110 N-w V?w> .New York... Bremen ....Apl 13 knropft New York...Liverpool....Apl 17 ?......Now York...Htn* .Apl20 Perm* __.N?sir York.-Liverpool Apl 24* Albert New Yorlc.. Gwway__ Apl 27 From Ecropb F>rop?.._ Liverpool Boston Mch 23 Pa.ton ?. t*ouui plos.?N?w York ...Ap1. 3 B?* i . ..Souin'pton...New York ?.Apl 4 fi.ei??u ?South'pton... New York... Ap 17 Hammonia. SoutVpton ...Now York-..Apl U THK INSURANCE COMPANY or THE 8TATE ow VIRGINIA. CASU CAPITAL 300,00*. iBanres Msrohandtse. Buildings, Household' Pmroitara, A?.. Munit loss or by &r?. HEATH A RNOWLE8, Ageou, Ofloo? Room 10 om Bnak of Wuhisitoa. QLD RICH, MR,.LOW ?ND JURE MONONQAHXLA BYE WHISKKY, ConscientioBsly distilled by Mr. Junes Barande, ?4 lief any CoBBty. Penns., m (ho oid-fasbioue! test ?tr, from tlieokioivwt Bad most carefully elected K re, and is no (?w eT?r offered for sale BBtit adapted to wholesome use by age It is at I ^ once the aw>st it is Mapoatioaiiy ose of the ;?rMt btmUM is the ~ TO tha lovaud.aa weU MtothoM"in sot eoamotxla luolf for ita variTalUd qaahti** m a tu^n iLt of ike aafeat. avraot, and moat haaafiaant iMonKKX' and mKDf of tha moat tyc.oiaaa ara aauif it ia thai* praattj* with tha A f*nt tor tha Prr>jr1???ra, Ml fa. a*? ? tppotiU Wiilafta' Ho to I. tjT ONB PRICK ONLY! _ JtT AVIN8 on hac'i % vary hearr atook of DREffi TRIMMING*,! will oifar tha aamavary ?heap for CaaA. awl Oaa Ft -o* <>nlr, ? R. C. STEVENS, 336 Pa. a* . M y* tf ?*n ftrwf Wit ?r? l sil* .?? W 1 Kr \??&r ftk U ?* ^ "" M*"** ,a TAYLOR * KVTCMIBON. | TBAVELEB8' DIRECTORY. B^'MO^ND^l^RA^ROA0. SIB mm un"ii uiHUii CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, LMO.tte trains will run as folloerl: LEAVE WASHINGTON : First lr?in at a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth trein at 6 p. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE-. First train at 4.15 a. m., Express. been 3 J train at B .36 a. m. Third at3.10 p.m. Foarth at 4.30 p. m., Express. The first, saoond and third trains fr<*m Wash ^igton oohheot tUronjtf o Philadelphia and Now The Moond and third oonneot at Waa hint ton Junction with trains for the Weat, South, and Northwest; aleo, at Ancapoiia Junction,for An napolia. For Norfolk take the 140 a. m. train. h or the accommodation of the war travel between waai.inston and Laaiel, a paeeenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whiohleavea at 11 a m. if a Saturday the S.10 p. in. train f oea to Philadelphia only. no 88-u T. H. PARSONS, A tent EDUCATIONAL. T female education. HOSE Parent* who wiah their daughters to reoeire a thorough and avatematio education, where their phya?ca! training will receive daily and apeciai attention, uader the ifost approved avalem) of Caliathemo? and Gymnastics, are roapeolniiij invited to viait the Union Feipaie Acadomy, corner Fourteenth at.and N?i? York a_v._ _ Mil. & MRS. Z. RICHARD*. ftn sntf Prinoipals. Female boarding and day school ALEXANDRIA. VA. Mr*. 9. J. MoCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual session of tms Institution will cortimonoe on Tuosday. September 18th. in the house recently oooupied by Sylvester Soott, Esq., No. ISO King street. The course of stu'iy pursued will comprise all the requisite to a thorough English Kdu cati?n. ami Music, r"ienoh, Latin and Drawing, li desired. In Addition to day ssholars. Mrs. MoCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a part of her own family, will bo under her immediate oar?> aud supervision. She will endeavor, a* iar as p. ssiMe, to sur round them witi? tlic ooir.forUand kindly influences .of Home. lltferente*.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dn Klias Harrison, Rev. D. KSprigg, William H. Fowle, Esq.. Edgar Snowdoa, Esq.. Edmund F. Witmer Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis MoKenaie Esq., Robert h. Hunton, , W. d. Wallaoh Editor Evening Star, Boajainin Waters, i:sq.,Jas Entwiale. Jr., Esq.,Gol. John W.Minor, Loudoun Messrs. Black look 8c, Marshall, Messrs. Cor Brothers. Tkrms. Board, with Tuition in ail the English Branches, Si1'for the annual aesaion?payable semi-annually, in advanoe. Music and Languages at Professors' prices. IDT No extra oharges. au 28-tf * GAS FITTING, &c. _ AWM. T. DOVE A CO. RE Nov prepared to execute any orders with wtion they may be favored in the PLUMBING, ?AS OR STEAM F1TTIN# BUSINESS. IH7~ Store on 9th street, a frnr doora north of Piavenue, where may be founrt a ooinnjete assortment of CH A N UK LI F.RS anil other ?AS, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. iaiff-ly We A S FIXTURES. E Have in stor?\ and are da;.y receiving, SAS FIXTURnSoIet'ireij New Patterns and Designs am! Finii-'u superior in mie to anything heretofore cifered in tms market. Wo invite citizens general iy to call and examine our stock of Gaa aid WsteT Fixtures, feeling oonfidont that we have the beet elected stocic in Waslnueton. All Work in theabovo line intrusted to our oar* will be promptly atiauded to, tLX \rcna a* - ?-? ?? ? iui riiio cl jnooiiarii awt-tf 3TB 1> street. 1 SNYDER ' PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER. hm removed to the oomtr of Twelfth and F ats. Hen prepared to introdnce Water and um upon the mo?t fkvorabio terras, and juarantie# entire atisf&otioa. He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other 8tovha, which h# will tell less than ooat, as he wisues to tet rid of thorn. no 17 OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. wa*hih*iqh. July w? ww. NOTICE IS HEREBY UIVEN, Teat,acreeablj to tho provif.'.ons of the oidinatce of the Corporation ?pprov?d May 12, tUo nudersifned is now propared, "whenever reT.jirod in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of Ulty oenta, to inspeot. examine, test, prove, and ascertain tho accuracy or retistration oi *ay can m?*ter ia use in this oity." Kvery meter. If found incorrect, will bo condemned, anu another, sAaio l and marked r.i true, wili i>e sct!ni'< jlaoe. If proved to be nocurate tn its measurement of Rat, it Trill l-o e:&,:-a aocordmgiy, an J a?ain pat in rontios for use. UffiC? nj. 610 feavonth stroot,(ne*r Odd Fol.ows' Ha;! ) Opon from 3 v r.i., to S p. m. cila ri.kt* w. cunningham, Jy 13-tf Inrpeator and Sea>?r oi tfas Meters. French fi.owersof th:: very bkst <maiity, auu an extensive v*n?ty. nA . At stf.vknh'3 hire Fanoy Store, VNB no 5? t hetw. fith and loth ?t?. ~ NOTICK. a?\ X A REMOVAL. JsT/* & WM I h&T6 removed ny 63 %3 PAWN OFFICE fn 351 C etreet, between and 6th atraeta, Kmr.ailtaWy in t ie rear of the National Hotel, wheae Me buamflaa will O'.nt r.ued as hsrHofore &t tho HDU.-I |n .13 6.i.| lS'.AC HKKZMKRG. FOR STAMPING |f^y* A PACKET CF PAPER 7 AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH, at tho CHARGE METROPOLITAN V UOOKSTORB, PHILP A SOI.OMONB, Aitn.ii tor Lawtnr.t't e*i*brateil Liatn Paptri, "Mttropc'itan Mills," tc., 4?. e U ly 332 Pa. av? bet. 9ti and 10t?? at*. PL'KE OL1) RYE WHISKY.?On hand Mver? bran^i* ol Pare Old Kye Wbl?kr, Copper DiaXjii*.!, made by 'he most reliable Ciatalera in Peinaytvana, Maryland and Virfinia, warranted pare, Aiao. imported Hra.nuiea, Kor.noaay, Otard, Dupny fc Co., Julra Rnbsna, Ac. Aiso, peaoh aua A ?? 1 e drandy, pnro Ho!!ai>d Gin. old Jamaica and St. Prni* W -f ^ ^ v<4? WIU| ? im > * u.^?? *?? otoi* v&nuiji Ail OI star.'iarj {.rand*. A ohaicft ;ot of Ci^ara and tosacco. YOUNG ft. KEPHAK r..Ac?nU, f> I(-1t ' J*4'-* a*.. i^tw. >tii a?d Iftth eta. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO STRANGERS i VISITING WASHINGTON. A View of the National Capitol Will bb presented To every pnrohaaer o! Hooka, Stationery, Ao., from trie weL kr.ovn eataMiahm^nt of FRENCH 4 RfOH^Tf'IN, Bookael.era, SUtionera, and Perioral DeVere, No. 2T$ Pa. avrnae, near the K irk wood U?dm, Wa?hln*?on. i>. C. mar 1 pAUlLY BLANKETS ANl> COMFORTS. We li&vr at;It on I:\ni! a to<-d aaaortmeiit of the above jooda. Also, Houv-keopinc Goods of every eaonptioa, all ot wman vro are celnuf at ooat for suit. fe21 TAYf.OR A HUTCHISON. Wp ?._.TRavexing trunks. . . n naTo jum reoeivcu me i%r*e?t aa*ortment aud now offer U>e moat oxtmaive varietyarVHS 01 SOLK LEATHER, ^ADJES' DRESS&Kffl aid PACKING TRUCKS, HAT BOX^S.*?1*" VAU8E9. CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS. fto., in thia o:ty, whioh we are aeliint at r*rf low price*. WALL, STEPHENS ft. CO . n?? tf Pm. ?TWimi. JOHN P. ELLIS. SOLE AGENT FOR THE SALE AND RENT CHICKER1NG a'SONS' PIANOS. 306 PixtfA. Avkhc?, B*t\cten 9tk and l"lJk Struts, ma 8 North fide Important notice to strangers visiting washington. A view of the Na'ioa?l vJapitol will bapreeented to all pnrohaava of Booka, Stationery ha,, from the we!' known eatahlUhment of FRENCH ft. RlCHSTEIN.3TSPa.aT., It 23 near Kirk wood lloaae 8a/ta choice butter. ,UUU LUS. GOSHEN BUTTER of the very b?*t quality. Alio, PFNNSVLVANIA BUCKWHEAT. CALVERT'S HONEY. ITIVn L ntiB^nn. - ?11? f U a> OUIiVyllJtljlji fe 98 corner Vermont ar. and Fifteenth at. K HON TON FOR APRIL, Atlantic iWontbiy for April, Appleton'a New Amerioan Bncyolcpvdia, Jl;I'OU'? Doba'ej on the Federal C^natitntion, $ voiawa, R*g alationa for United State* Conaqlatea.l volume. FRENCH A RlCHSTKlN. ma a Pa- av . bet. 11th and Hth ate. Lincoln as he is. stkbl rmiatn Pobtsait. The N??t Portrait ret publiahedof HON. ABHAHAM LINCOLN, Isfel mhuktr?%) At FRENCH A RIOtfSTElN'S, No. UTS Pxnni. Avijiui, WaehlBgton, U. C. T'ade enpphed at low prioea mar 7 HTHE OffLV GOOi> PORTRAIT OF PRES1 1DKNT LINCOLN ever p.blUhod. luat oat ?'_<< aent hi mail (re* on reoMpt of 35 o?pta. The trade and ?labe of twenty eupphtd at low prieea by FRENCH ? RICHBTE1N. Targe invoices of new music i ju t received from H * *r?T * - tvt ^ 4. Bro.,CiDCir n?ti, Rail & ftsu .T< i w *Y 01? N"">? for laapeeuoB. H * ? NervousHeadache <WRE . ^ ^ Jonas ~ Headache. By the nee of theee Pilla the periodic ittsoka of Nirvous or Sick HtmdatK* may be prevented; and If taken at the oommenoement ol an attack immediate relief from pain and aiokneu will be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the /fetus* and HtadatK* to whioh females are to eubjeot. They act gently upon the boweia,?removing Ctfttwiii. For Literary Mm, Students, Delicate Female*, and all neraona of udntin i*Mitt. ?h?> *r? mi. uable u a Laxativt, improving the amtiit, giving tone and vigor to the digestive organs, and rs storing the nataral elastioitj and strongth of the whole 97item. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments, having been in use many years, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and solerinr from Headache, whether ongi Dating in th" fttrrras system or from a deranged state of the Hornac\. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safety without making any ohangj of diet, and tht ab ttnte of any dirwtrttable lasts rtndtrt it vary to adminift$r tkrm to thildren. BKWARK OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Drnggiets and all other Dealers in Mediolnes. A Vox will be sent by mail prepaid on raoaipto PRICE, 99 CENTS. All orders shoxUl be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDIN9, 4S Cxdax Stexxt, Nxw Vox*. THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'g CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER cd nut A' mviu HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE 18 WITHIN THEIR REACH. As these Testimonials irare unsolicited by Mr. Spaldino, they afford unquestionable proo f of the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Mmiriui, C'?nn.? Feb. 5,1861. Mm. Spalmwq?Sir : I have tried four Cephalio Fills, and I like them no well that I want you to end me two dollar* worth more. Fart of these are for the neighbors, to whom I gave a few out of the first box I f ot from yoC. 8<*n<i the Pills br mail, and oblise Your ob't esrvant, JAMES KENNEDY. H a,vkeford, Pa., Feb. 6,1861. Ma. Spaldiho?Sir: I wieh you to send ire on* morn box orroiir Ophaiio Piils, I kar* a treat deal ef benefit from them. Yours reapect.uiir, MARY ANN BTOIXHOL'SK, 6prbc* Crsek, Hn:*TP?sTor? Co., Pa,1 January 18,1861. S B.C. Sf aldi*<h?Sir: You will please send me two boxes of your Cephalio Fills. Send them immediately. Respectfully yours, JNO. B. SIMONS. P S ?I han ustd one boz cj tour Piiu, and And j them excellent. jliblls Vnnoif, O^io, Jan. 15.1861. I HniT C Kpalpi:*?, E*?.: Please find tnoloaed treaty Ave cent#, for allien ae-nd roe another box of jour Ophalio Pilla. Tkty rue truly tkt tut I Pills I Kavt ton tried. Direot A. STOVER, P. M.. Belle Vernon, Wyattfot oo? O., Mm., Dec. 11, i960. H. C. Km - I villi for aoine oiroujara or targe elsriw *<ills. to bnnr your Cepltalio Pilla more particularly belore mi outtomera. If yon iirrvo aiivtbiac of the kind, pieaae a?nd to me. Oneof my auatomer?. who isau' ject to severe I Piok Hea<Jactie. (unually laating twndaii.) was 1 cured of an attack in on* hour by your Pills, whioh I sent her Recpeot'ally youra, W. B. WILKES. Rxyhoi.dsburg, Fxanxlin Co., Ohio,* January 9.1861. s Hktoy C. **ta.LDiwo, No. 48 Cedar itreet. New York? lieivr Sir: Iueloaedfind twecty-fivo oerta, (?o.) tor which aend bo* of ' Cephauo Pilla." i??iid n> ad'1r???9 of Knv. Wm. C. Filler, ReynoldaLu-g, Franklin county, Ohio ; 'i our Pills reek like a charm?curt Headache I alvirst ln<:an'?r. Truly juura, WM. C. FILLER. Ymilahti, Mioh., Jan. 14,1861. Mx. Spalding?rMr: Notion* ainoo I aer:t to tou for a box rf Cepnatio Hi!is for ihe cure of tho Ner! voua H 'vlaohe ar.i Coativeneaa, and received the I rime, and thty had so good an effect that 1 vai m?duced to send for more. I' Please a?n<l by return mail. Direct to A. R. WHEELER. Vpailanti, Mioh. IFrom the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. aili- ???? -- ?*? * w- i iuo uuuuiFuin ini oii/POI i*>r wmon tUo? were made, via: Cur* oI heaaaohe in ail iU forms. From the F.xnminer, Norfolk, Va. Thoy have been tested In moro than a thousand cases, with entire Buosesa. Prom the Democrat, St. Cloud, Alinn. If you are, or have been troubled with the headache, ae>nd for a box, (Cephaiio I'l'la,) so that yon may nave them in caae ol im.attack. From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The Cephaiio P>lla are aaid to be a remarkably eff*>otive remedy for the headaohp. and one of the very be?t for that very fre?ueut complaint whicn has ever been discoveredj From tke Western R. R. Gazette. Chicago, III. We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding, and bis unrtvalied Cephaiio Pills. i From the Kanawha Valley Star, Katsawha, Va. , We are aure that persona suffering with the head ache, who try them, will stick to tnein. From the Southern Path Finder. New Orleans, La. Try them ! yon that are a(iliot?d and we are sure that your testimony can be aaded to the already numerous liat that has reoeived benefit* that no otuer mediome oan produce. From the St. Louis Democrat. The immense demand for the artlole (Ceph?lio Pula) is rapidly inoreasing. From tke C\jm. r?? - 4/WVtWfWfll iWUl Mr. Bp&iding would not oonneot hia name with an artiole he did not know to poaaeae real merit From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I. The Uatimorr in their ffcvor la atrong, from the moat reapeotab'e quarter* From the Dailt News, Neieport, R. I. Cephalio Pilla are taking the plaoe of all kinda. From the Commercial Bulletin, Boston, Mast. Said to be very effioaoiona for the headaohe. Prom the Commercial, Cincinnati, Ohio. Buffering humanity oan now be reliered. irr- A aingle bottle of SPALDINttfli PREPARED GLUE will aava ten timea ita ooat annually. SPALDING S PREPARED GLUE!

SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THETIECES! ECONOMY! */iui Ail n IET"A Stitcii hi Timi Bivii As accidents will happen, even in veil regulated families, it is very desirable to have some ohrap andtonreeient way for repairing Furniture, Toys Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB meets all nob emergeuoiee, and no household oa afford to be without it. It is always ready, and a to tii? sticking point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.N. B.?A Brush aocompaniee eaoh Bottle. Prie 25 omU. AddreM HENRY G. SPALDING, No. 48 Cedar street. New York. n k TiTinn sRsSsr*"iSKssSSst ""iin ?Lu*^a JiStSiUSf4* " ?"|JV3issrM t PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT. i pUBLIC N OTIC E. DirupiniT or m Iirraaioa.t Wm*ki**ttm, Dtt. >. 1W. { Pabllo notioe is koretfy tir*n that baeda u4 oouponi a&naxed, of the tfMeriptioa k?r?i natter Mt forth, have latelr bwi felonioaalr abetraetei from the oaatody of ths Interior Department, the earns being the property of the United State* tad held in traat for oertaia Indian tribes. Notion ana also been given to the proper oftoera of the reeeee tire Statee to atop the payment thereof; and all pereona are 'warned against parohaaing or reoerring any of aaid bonds and oonpona, as the el aim of the United States thereto will be preeeented to the almost extent Each bond being for the run of one thonaaad dollara, via : Six per oent, Misaoari Coapon Bonda, iaansd in Jane and Aagaet, 1M7. Stat* of Missionri, St. Loaia and Iron Monntaia R ft. Btato Bonds. Bond No. 2037 Boo4 No. 1813 1876 1837 1996 1823 1997 1831 1998 1830 3008 1819 2rin7 ma ???? AVIU 1993 1809 i 1994 1817 1996 1816 1891 1815 1990 1814 1892 1813 19VI 1812 2003 1810 2002 1811 1V92 1808 2006 3031 2005 2033 2004 2034 2001 2036 1V99 2036 2000 1032 200V 1826 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 1832 1882 18A8 1883 186V 1884 1870 1886 1871 1*86 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 2045 202V 2048 2018 2040 3017 2047 3010 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 2A12 2042 20r0 2039 2011 2038 - 1826 99 bonds 1824 Not*.?Bonds No.SOOO, and below of thistortet, issued June. 1857, and bonds No. 2001, and above that, dated August. 1857, parabla at the Phoenix Bank, New York city, in 1887. State of Missouri auc ??r oent. oonpon bonds, viz: Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Stat* Bonds? Bond No. 1853 Bend No. 1628 1852 1627 1851 1028 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 184T 1863 1846 1862 1845 1860 1844 1861 18SS 1856 1535 1858 18S) 1855 1814 1854 1896 1822 1837 1823 1838 *826 1839 1*36 1649 1826 1640 1827 1635 1828 1612 1839 1013 1829 1614 1831 1616 1041 1616 1642 1617 1643 1618 1*44 1619 1?45 1IAA Jil I'HO 1621 1647 1611 1848 1864 1837 1834 1638 1831 1840 1632 1642 1633 1843 1622 1660 1857 1816 1636 1817 1630 1818 1639 1819 . 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 1626 90 bondi ffoti.?TIimj bond* are dated January, 1MT. arable at Bank of Commeroe, New York, in November, I?06? interest payable in January and July of each year. m State of Missouri sU m pert. Coupon North Mlapouri ft. K. elate bonds. Bond No./2952 Bond No. 1639 2940 1638 2939 1641 2941 1842 2*12 1643 2916 1644 2945 1845 2944 1846 2943 1647 2947 1648 2948 1649 2949 1840 2950 1650 2937 2922 2938 2923 1653 2924 1654 2936 1666 2861 1652 2953 1656 1667 2921 17G5 2468 1706 2512 W07 2613 2462 2514 2463 ' 1515 %LkA 3619 3465 3911 3466 3910 3467 3913 3468 3911 3469 3914 3460 ?16 3461 ?1? 3463 3917 3463 3918 3464 3919 3466 3930 3466 3d&4 3467 3966 1651 80 bonds NoT*.--Th* bond* noioborod K1 fluid below, i?RIVyorVo?"*yH"'' ?S its&sftxksx&r*NOTtt Bond No. 3773 Bond No. 3763 3784 3787 3786 r30 3781 J717 3782 3734 3779 3731 3783 3719 3711 3733 3713 3733 3710 3730 3725 3716 3777 2737 1776 3734 3765 3731 376S 3766 3769 3739 ' 3770 3718 3771 3715 1 3785 3714 3778 3764 , 3771 3738 { 3775 3718 < 3774 3723 1 3786 1718 1783 1767 M W4. aPKSSEfiSHn3?l ^ 9 _ ??n ti >wiyi bMi* in?i mm CoipoB Eoftdk Bowl So. IMS Bond Ho. UN ?SM MSI Mtt ISM tttt . 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Bond No 843 Bond No. 735 832 730 831 758 830 759 829 700 834 701 836 712 830 703 837 704 838 790 871 791 871 792 873 793 874 794 ,875 795 870 790 877 797 873 798 . 879 799 881 m 840 Si 847 803 848 804 849 805 860 80S SSI SOT. 863 897 85S 8]J 854 81J 855 8)3 850 814 857 815 858 810 800 817 801 818 80S 819 80S 820 804 821 < 805 821 800 823 807 814 808 825 809 810 870 827 883 8B 881 839 884 840 885 843 731 844 T31 845 733 734 104 bonds JZHBtlHSSZiMb VEvrtSSl.'ii: tble la January e*i Jb1>. North Carolina six ft oont. Oonpor bonds. Bond Ho. h\rt Bond Ho. 49S 600 494 03 49$ 04 496 606 497 606 621 07 496 608 616 10 611 U 481 U 48] IS 48S 609 4M U 486 ? 486 IS 467 J4 488 26 489 626 480 627 &38 28 639 41 640 642 Ml MS 642 16 64S 44 t|| * 1631 47 MS 48 US 646 484 * 649 ||S 60 US W1 MJtJ ? 118 * ? 639 IT MS 18 916 19 617 466 814 467 423 468 6*6 2; *4# : Ml 647 439 848 440 &60 IS 430 471 431 4T1 J2 * 473 j 13 474 SI 474 12 478 15 47T 436 47g 12 4T? 1 433 48^ ?! 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