Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1861 Page 1
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ves. XVII. WASHINGTON. U. C.. THURSDAY. APRIL 4. 1861. N?. 2.53j. THE DAILY EVENING STAR n P JbUSHBD BVBRT AFTBRNOOft, SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) *T THE flTA.fl BUILDINGS, Ctmtr qf Ft?r*ylvtri* mmmu4 ?nd 11<A * -, BY W. D. TTALLilH. Pa??ri wrred ia fMktiM by oarrlfln M ?4 ? y*ar, ot >7 oenu per icoatfc. To mail iob?eilb*r? tue ynoe I* #;<jn a year, w? #2 for six months; J1 for ?hr*e month*; and for 1*M than Vsree month* at th# rat* of IS osnta a irrek. Bin<> *v>ne?, ow* c?ht; in ?ra>>er?. two ciini. tL/-Adv-bxttp?*?:*ts anonld h*#*nttoth* ofioe b?for? 12 o'cioo* m.; otfaerviae la ay oaj notappoar ntii the next day. A? Important licidrat la the Sfceulta Pr?|rimaif. I From the Philadelphia Preaa ] A well-known merchant of thia eitj. who was in New Orleans on the day Louisiana parsed the Secession Ordinance, and who wit nested the illumination in honor of that trea sonable act, had related to us, with a request that we would suppress names, the following racy incident, which alike illustrates the tra ditionary "when a woman wont, she wont," characteristic of the sex. and the fact that the L'nion people of the Sonth have, at this time, no voice in the newspaper reports of the dis union section. It so happened that on the day of the illumination the captain of a Mississippi Steamboat and his lldv wero Ulnnoinif >1 tKo / * ? * ""M ?a ? ? ~ St. Charles, and occupied a front room, on the third floor?the first floor of chamber*?exactly in the center of the hotel. The captain was a I'nion man, and?as the sequel will show?so was bfs wife. All the city was agitated during the afternoon in prospect of the grand gala night. The St. Churlen was to be illuminated, of course. Accordingly some time during the afternoon a servant knocked at the door of the captain's room, carrying all the necessary trappings for lighting up the chamber win dows. Mrs. opened the door, when the following dialogue ensued: Lady?What have you got there ? Servant?Candles, misses, to liirht Tour win . ? a ?r dows for de 'lamination. L.?Well, you can return them to where you brought them from, as I shall not allow them in this room S.?(Not to be foiled so easily, resumed.)? Oh' but massa told me to put up de lights, and so I's got to put 'em up. L?Can t help that; this is my room, and I shan't allow the windows to be illuminated for what I am opposed to; so that ends it. This closed the first act. The servant re ported to the proprietors, who immediately proceeded to the lady's room with a view to convincing her of the importance of permitting the servant to make ready for the grand even ing ligbt^up Said they, "This room is the most central in the entire front, and not to illuminate it will be to mar seriously the effect of the whole," to which the lady replied : 4i I am sorry, gentlemen, to cause you any inrtAnrAr?ia?/i? T k.ll- aL!. ? iL. vuivuw, ?ui x uviioti: mis rutin xor loo time being is ours by right, and I must posi tively decline, in any way, to add eclat to a great outrage, us I conceive the whole dis union movement to be. My husband (who was cut at the time) is a Union mas, and I atn a Ur.iun woman, and this room cannot be illu minated.'' A fear more words were exchanged, which ended by the lady politely requesting the proprietors to leave her room Determined not to be outdone in a matter of such grave importance, the captain wa3 next found and appealed to lie heard their case; said that hie wife had reported bitn correctly on the Union question, nevertheless, he would go with them to the room and see if the matter oould be amicably arranged. Scene third en sued The oaptain's d' position to yield was not to be seconded by his better half. They next proposed to vacate the best chamber in her favor, in some part of the house, if that would be satisfactory, but the lady's " No!" was still as peremptory as ever Her point -was gained, and the St. Charles was doomed to have a front dark chamber. Pleased with this triumph, Mrs. devised At # * 106 iouowmg maneuver to make the most of bar victoiy :?Summoning a servant, she sent kjm out to procure for her an Auieiioau flag, which, at dusk, she suspended from her win dow. This made the fourth act in the play, and. as the fifth is al wsys indispensable, it had its place here. When evening came, the streets, animated by a merry throng, were il luminated, but. alas ! the St Charles was dis figured by its sombre chamber, when suddenly a t-uccession of lamps, suspended on both sides of the flag, revealing the stars and stripe;, were lit op. and the ensign of the Union waved froiu the centrc of a hotel illuminated in honor of its overthrow ! The effect was to give the impression that the whole houso was tnus pay ing homage to the American flag, and what is mot significant, is the fact that the latter was greeted by the passing crowd with vociferous applause. So much for the firmness of a true Union woman. The U*ios Sbstixest 15 Arizona?It wr.? announced some days since that Texan i^nK were busily *>n?aged in stirring up rebellion among the people of Arizona. Judging, however, from recent indications, secession will find no favor in that Territory. The Tusconcorrespondent of the St. Louis Republican gives this emphatic testimony: " The great majority of our citizens are Southern In feeliag, are earnest and determined advocates of Southern rights; but they appreciate the great blessings of the Union under which our country has prospered for over seventy years, and art un irtumg to abandon it so long as there is hope for a satisfactory adjustment of the question They admire the determined attitude of their Southern brethren, but look hopefully to the effort* of those distinguished patriots of the Border States who are striving manfully for compromise. When all hope of adjustment is abandoned, then, and not till then, will our citizens decide whether to go With California and rrii. ? 1 ? ? , ?- ? ?u iUKi^ai po? ? Ui tbe proposed Pacific Republic, or to unite with the people of Dona Anna county In application to the Southern Confederacy for tbat protection to loutf dented by the Union to which we atiil cling with affwction " Fiitiiciu at U.nio!? Sr*ino? ?We learn from the Union Hprtngs Journal of tbe '/7th. that Mr. Thoa H Paulk of that place was killed by hi* brother W. A Paulk, oa the Thursday previous Tbe family, consisting of the mother, two brotheri. wife of W m A Paulk and JosLun faulk, were at breakfast RUI114! from the table, Joshua Paulk aud decerned had retired to another room, and were seaw-a, conversing, warn \\ liilam A Faulk entered, armed with a double-barreled sbot gun ?denounced deceased for bavin? threatened bis life, and swore be "would kill him first,'' leveled bis gun and fired, first one barrel and then the otber, both shots taking effect In the face The deceased. without utWrlng a word or attempting to ria?, fell lifeless to the floor. The assaulting party, with his wife, immediately fled, and have ttot tino* bwn heard from Of the causes which led to this unfortunate affair, says the Journal, all Is conjecture. No 111 feeling of a serious character is known to have exlMed between these brothers, wbo have long lived together and been in daily Intercourse. No less than three out of six brothers of this family have come to an untimely end. C7" A Southern paper tells of a young lady who wus caught In a disagreeable predicament while on her knees at church The blr girl wore fashion hi# hlok h ? h ? wvv*, vii uuvu iunr>, these heels of course stuck out at right angles, and In this position, the highest hoop of ht-r new fan cied skirt caught over them, ana thus rendered It i>npossible for her to raise berseif or straighten her limbs The more she struggled, the tighter she w? bound ; so she was constrained to call for help. This was immediately, tf notsclentltlcally. rendered br a yoang man In the same seat: and when tbe next prayer was made, she merely In clined her bead on tbe back of the front pew? thinking, no doubt, that she was not In praying to* turn*. fJ^The Americans of Victoria. Amtralia, asked permission to erect a liberty-pole, to which tbey would put the star-spenglrd banner. Tbe request was immediately decllued. "Well,"said the crowd, "lei's raise a pole and stick the flag of ail nations' upon it," and so they did what tbev said their would do. and a iu(Ii>m' waw^rl front the liberty-pole UTThe French government hat Instructed the cJitom house at Havre not to take notice of any irregularities in the form of the certificates of origin ef goods brought fro* the Southern States, if there la no doubt of their origin, and if in vee aeia carrying the flag ef the United State* / ai rnwourjj, vu? mercaann ina ourneta men generally trt standing irmly against receiv ing depreciated currency, except at brokers' ratea, Virginia and Mlasoari bliia being received at feur per cent dlsconnt The farmer* wiU not receive It stall t7'T^ ucuw ottKd for Ibe decrease of 4,000 votes ia tbe late contest for gceernor In New Haaspsfclre, U tfcat tfcej were absent at Washing ton for sActs Rrt 1.9. Kallech Again When the preacher whose name stands above had departed for Kansas, many well-informed persons considered that those great sources of ecclesiastical and political scandal were con joined, and prayed fervently that the commu nity might not be further agitated by either. But while Kansas has had her wounds staunch ed by an admission to the Union, Kallocb, returning to tho scenes of former conflicts, ha* suffered the infliction of one which, though Not *o dfrpua well, nor so wide as a church door, Yet 'twill eerve. The Boston Herald details transactions of a oA?n.IalAM? *aaU ? 1 ? a ?a ? 0vauu?iuuo uniui o, nuitu iu'ir piaut, IlUi HI It place like the Lechmere House, but hi the very sacred edifioe itself, the Tremunt Temple. Mr. Hayes, referred to in the following extract, is ft leading member of the church, and was n#? of the warmost defenders of Kalloch in his trial : " In the latter part of February, 1860, at the close of an evening meeting in the vestry, and about the usual hour for closing the Temple for the night, Mr. Kalloch was engaging Mr.Hayes in conversation in one of thepassage-ways near the entrance, when Nelly Thomas, a member of the church and of the choir, brushed be tween them, and passed into the building. Mr. and Mrs. Newell, members of the church, were also lingering near the entrance, and the latter V-ii.. t n ? j ' ' SitoirM *ioujr ?iiu - uuuu evemng, my uear. Ir. Kalloch continued in a nervous manner to engage Mr. Hayed in conversation, and asked him to walk down the street, ps he had some thing to say about the choir, that he wanted Frost to comc back, <tc., Ac. The bunoombe style of his conversation, ita apparent mean inglcssness, and the sudden appearance of Nelly Thomas at that time and place, aroused the suspicion of Mr. Hayes, who bid Mr. Kal loch eood night near the King's Chapel, to which point they had been accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Newell. Mr. Hayes then deter mined to watch the movements of his reverend friend, and accordingly stationed himself on the corner of Beacon street, by the Tremont House. He presently saw Mr Kalloch return vuivij^v iiviu tuu uaittHCOP I mo IDO gas light, and after taking a look about him. sud denly disappear into the Temple. Mr. Hayes followed quickly. " In the meantime, Griffin, the Porter of the Temple, who had been requested by Mr. Kal loch to have a fire and water in his private room, while passing up one of the rear stair cases, heard the rustling of a woman's drapery in a passage way leading to the rooms of the Young Men s Christian Association, and caught a glimpse of ihe rapidly retreating form of a woman. Being, like Mr. Hayes, suspicious of the Rev. Kalloch, he passed up the winding stairs leading to that gentleman's private room, and secreted himself in a closet near that apartment. From this look-out he saw a young woman mount tne ?tair? and enter Kalloch's room. Ho (Griffin) then descended to a lower floor of the Temple, where he found Mr. Hayes on the lookout for Kalloch Enjoining seeresy upon Griffin, Hayes kept Lis post at the head of the side stairs leading to the rear of the or gan Next encountering Kalloch. Griffin was asked by the devout gentleman if Mr. Hayes was in the building. Mr. Griffin, a shrewd and well-meaning man. replied that Mr.Hayes put out his light and left the Temple seme time before, as usual. Kalloch then asked to be let into his room through the large audience room, and by the way of the organ. From the ut*rn galltry of thia rooa is ? private etmir case communicating with Kalloch's private room, and by this staircase he had ?PTnr?ii? - ? q--"" ? V | ascended at night, apparently to avoid the ob servation of the Young Men's Christian Asso ciation, who sometimes lingered about the building to an inconveniently-late hour. If Griffin had suffered Kalloch to go to his room by the route requested, he would have revealed the hiding-place of Mr. Hayes, and perhaps, as he feared, precipitated a conflict between thoso gentlemen. He. together with Hayes, regarded Kalloch to be a dangerous mun, and knew that he went armed with a revolver and sword cane, both of which he had frequently exhibited to them, (iriffiu accordingly took Kalloch by another route, and at last the Rev minister and the fugitive woman were closeted together. Of this fact both Hayes and Griffin were thoroughly convinced. What took place farther then and there, deponent saith not; but K.-illoch did not leave the room till about midnight. The woman remained all night. Being confronted with this charge, bv th? o 1 & in-lignant Hayes. Air. Kalloch defended him self by saying "the girl (Nelly Thomas) was turned from her boarding house, and I allowed her to sleep in my room as a matter of charity. Besides there wjis a third person in the room, (Mrs. Newell,) who knows that no criminality took place/' I The result of this discovery wag Kalloch's sudden determination to seek a new field of la bor in Kansas His return, and acceptance of a call from a church in New York, is the rea son given for this publication. 0"0ne of the most wonderful men in Gotham Is the proprietor of the Melodeon, theUalties, and a couple of apothecary stores, and rapidly be coming a millionaire He was a b?ggar a few years ago, and lost all a beggar could lose In seve ral (peculations. He owned the model artist es tablishments In Chatham Square and Urund street, started the Uaities. and now makes all his money by pretty waiting girls A few nights since he succeeded in coaxing the two handsomest women in America from a free concert saloon, and hun dreds follow them to the Melodeon l.ea is an r. . uo;-, until {><>> ior oneaa/er tisement. and giv?* better salaries to waiter* than actor# He is clearing '*5800 a night." Advkst or Whit* Pants iji Nkw Orleans ? The Picayune of Thursday devotes a paragraph to a pair of unexceptionable white unmentionable*? the tint of the season?which paraded tbe Grand Boulevard la rue de Canal on the day previous. The "Pic," exhilarated doubtleu by tbe delight ful weather it boast* of enjoying there, boldly expresses an opinion tbat white pants are tbe sea sonable accompaniments of strawberries, green peas, and artichoke*, the popular market luxuries In the Crescent City, as we are maliciously re minded. Post Office Ditaitmimt or tri Cosfidkr }*tates.?Thefollowi ng comprises the name* and grades of the officers <if the Foat Office De partment up to this date: John H Reagan, Texas, Postmaster Genaral; Henry St Geo. Offutt, Mo., Chief of Contract Bureau; Benj. N. Clements, Tenn., Chief of Appointment Bureau; W. D Miller, Texas, Chief Clerk of Department; Joseph F. Lewis, Texss, Clerk; John C. Bach, La , Clerk; J L. C Danner, Ala , Clerk: J. Newton Lewis, Miss , Clerk; Eugene B Phllpot, Alv, Messen ger.?Montgomery Advertiser. Plats Rkndkrkd Up ?The Plalnvllle (Ohio) Advertiser reports that a slaveholder from Nash ville, Tennessee, who bad been stopping in that Elace for some time, made known the object of is visit one day last week, by Instituting pro ceedings for the rendition of a negro woman whom tie claimed as fugitive slave The neces | sary papers were made out and the parties left on tbe car* without meeting with any resistance or or even awakening any display of excitement. Pbotxction or Stxanokks im New Yoke ? A hill is now before lb* New York Legislature for tbe better protection of strangers and citizens In tbe city of New York, and to Incorporate tbe New York Paaa?nger and Baggage Train Company. It Is evident tbat a law abould be passed which ball proflVr tbe unwary stranger and defenceless citizen a sure protection from the Impositions of Dai k arivtr?, ana or tea from ruffianly violence. ID" Florida bai just told half a million of acre* of land to Mint New Orleans speculators at two cents an acre. Considering the millions of dol lars ?he has coat the United States while she was In the Unloa, ten million mills will not enable bor to keep a very largo army upon a war footing. HIT The young ladles of Albany, Ga , gave what they called a "Homespun Pic Nlc," at Blue Spring, near that city, a few days since. They were all clad in homespua urriu Buffalo, N Y.J at a masquerade last wnk, a buui dressed in female apparel, entered the lad tao' dressing rooms, and circulated among tbeir occupants without reserve. Army and Kary The recruiting report* for the past week show a slight milloff in the number of entitled men. Each rendezvous in New York city receives on an averse, about sixty men per month?Roches ter, Buffalo and and a few other prominent de pots getting about forty men each. An army ofll ?n * aftnto/1 ?* ? 4 Via T\r/\r\A*H An <? n>( I in icirun j u >aat ?u? nun ui laiiui dates physically disqualified for admission to the rank* of the army In seventeen per cent greater with us than with the English, and twenty-one percent greater than with the French. For every ten registered recruits six were not naturally unfit to pass, but render themselves 10. In lt<57 the proportion of Imperfect men who wanted to Join the service was as one to ten; it Is now as one to seven. The following officers of the army have obtained leave of absence for periods ranging from one month to a year: l.leut. Conrad. Major Galtln, l,leut RlcFeel?y, Lieut T?>rbert, Lieut. M.irma luke, and Capt. Rwell. Capt. Maynadier Is re lieved from duty as Ordnance Colonel's Assistant, and to oommund tbo at Ffankford Pa : Capt Kingsbury, now on foundry duty, will rerlare him. Cant Gor^ar taking M* nlarf Ttx* I'nlted States'force* on the coa?t of Brazil have been heard from The Congr^s frigate fly ing the wide flag of Commodore Stnds, arrived at Montevideo on the 17th December from 11 lo Janeiro, and having staid there some week*, left the river Plate for the north. The steam gnnboat Seminole,which wiled from Norfolk laatsummer, was "ngaged in showing the flag and looking after the interest of American shipping :it port* which the flag ship could not enter The &>ld Pulaski will rot in Brazil, and probably be trot rid of as as the British frigate Crescent was. The Pulaski was formerly the Cromwell coal barge Metacomet, and went cut to join the Paraguay expedition. She was near being lost on the way, and lias never left her anchorage since. The corvette Plymouth, which made the last aummer cruise with the Annapolis cadets, Is now almost ready for sea. She will be reported in a few days, when a ship's company froin the liner Pennsylvania will probably be ordered for her Commander Foote entered on his dutlea at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Monday. He has been replaced by Lieutenant Almy during a tempo rary absence and Indisposition Orders have been received for the outtit of the brig Perry, now lying in the stream of Brooklyn. The Perry will take very little time to flt out. She is *238 tuns burden, carries six guns, and was built In New York In 1*13 The atoreahip Release had her ensign hoisted and waa ordered Into commission on Monday afternoon, a crew having been detailed for her on board from the receiving ship. She has taken In an exceedingly large car^oot stores, provisions, fuel, and other necessaries lor the home fleet, and will leave on Wednesday In compliance with orders from Washington, the steam frigate Powhatan was nut formally out of commission on Monday, aua turned over to the authorities of the Brooklyn Navy Yard ?A' Y. Post. Important Cases Pending in the United Statu* DistrictCocrt?Several importintcasts to merchant* engaged In trade with Buenos Ayres are now pending in the Lnited States <Jourt, and will probably be brought to trial during the present term. The suits grew out of the seizure by Collector r'cbell of several cargoes of Buenos Ayres wool, which it is alleged was imported miller false invoices Bv the tariff, wool worth over twenty cents per pound is liable to a duty of twenty percent. Buenos Ayres wool costs twenty two cents per pound on board, providing the price of the current paper dollar is estimated at three hundred and thirty-five to the doubloon, which is the usual rate. Carroesof wool are im ported here, however, under Consular certificates that the paper dollar was worth twenty-five to the silver dollar, thus enabling the vool to enter duty free in the United States The Collector being led to believe that th<??e Consular certifi cates are Incorrect, has seized several cargoes, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a lest case will probably be made over the cargo of the brig Mary Wllkins. worth $100, WO, consigned to R W. Ropes A. Co , a most respectable house in tbia city. lho liueuoa Ayrea importers have retained able counsel, and the Government have done the same. The trial will be of interest to the mtrcantile community, and as the case In volves a lar^t* amount of property, the case will be ably contested.?.V. i'. Courier. H7"At Charleston, a few days ago, there was a slight tiurrv of snuw. Tbe Recession!its thought it the invasion of a tremendous swarm of white bees f*?ni the North Every man fancied himself s!un^ from head to foot Ana most terrible was the s-ampering ?Louisville Joumil. pROI'OSALS POIl POSTAGE STAMP*. Post Orrin Dejartmem,# .March i.7 isfil. ( Proposals Will he reccivel until 12 o'clock m of a> ta April next, lor lurr intun; Postage Stamps of tiie genera! style &l<1 description o! those now lu Use, oil suitable paper of th? :i?st quality, for a, term of si* y?-ar*. commencing fir*t of Juty ut-xt. iii da.b will state the price par thousand h tamps, deliverable i.i packages o' t-'n thousand each at tlio Post Office Department in Washington Also, the price per th u?and, in similar pack age, deliverable to the A sent of tne Department at the place of manufacture. Aiao, tne price p* r thousand, delivered in larger package*, as required, either at the Department 01 p ace of mar.uiaoture. Also, tne price p.r tiousand, separa ed in suoji quantities as may ue daily ordered lor the use of KO't Offices, never l6ss than two hundied stamps, anl securely packed in tin cases, suitable bind ers'-board boxes, with muslin or other equally strong covers, or lined envelopes, according to the quantity and distanoe to be conveyed, as may be required by the Department, stating tne differ ence, if any,between the cost of delivery to an agent at the place of manufacture and at \Y ashing ton, D. C. All such packages, bef >ro mailing, to bn re exanr.iced am< 'he stamps recounted by an Agent of this Department. Bidders will give the additional ooat for directing raokages for the mai s and preparmi blank receipts, under the direction of an agent of the Department, either at the Departmeut or man ufrctory. Prop-sals muEt he made for the stamps in sheets, perfectly gummed, ami perforated in such manner tJiat each separate stamp can be readily detached ana uied. The denominations of stamps now in use are one cant, three ce> ts, fivo can's, ten cents, twelve cents, t*ent?-four cents, thirty cents, and ninety oerits. Tne heads <1 W aeiungton uaa Frank! n are to be preserved as the leading designs; the fjr mer on all tti9 eta.rr.p4, etc pt those of one rant ai;d tinrty oents, on which are to b > the head of Frank,in. On Mi of the stamp* the den?nunati n must ho given distinctly. in figures as well an *t. tors, ana the whole worli inust be executed 111 the best style of line engraving on s'.oel. The whole number of postage stamps (urci*hAd to the Departineut during Uie > ar ending the 1'th June. I860, wan 2i6 i7".?6o. From past experience it is supposed that the number ol packages mailed will average above two hundred daily, varying in size Irom two kheot*. or 9l?l ?t*?>ps, up to VxI cheats, 01 5o,u-^' elaiitpa; but by far the larger proportion of pvika;es contain not more than JO sheets or 2 0 o ?tamps. Kaali bid is to be aooonipanied with a specimen of the sty.e of engraving and the quality of paper to furniehed, whioii will be nubniitted to a board of d is interested experts or a'tutsb'' tixaini nation; and the aocepted biodrr, before the hua. cousuin m atu n of a contract, will be required designs and furnish provf impressions cfiha en grav ingsof the several denominations of stamps. Speoimsas of board and t n boxes and linrd en velopes must also be submitted with eaeh bid. It is necessary to protect the boxes by inuslia or other oovers in the most etfcotuai manner against wet ard abrasion. The oontraot will require all dies and plates to l>e prepared and kept in repair, and that new dies and pistes shall be made, either for the present denominations of stamps or others, without oharge, ai. the pleasure of the Department; and all tuoh dies and plates are to In the property of the United States lor the service ol the t'ost Office Depaitmeut. No bids will be oonsidered exoept from partus who have been actually engaged in the business of oopperplate and rteel engravmc ana printing, and are thus engaged at the time of bidding, and who Ard OAfiUDVini ?11 iLa.}l A firP-nrAAf nrAn laaa videri wilfi ?T th* neo?ss*rf facilities to execute the work promptly, and five the requuii* protec tion to the stamps, dies, and plates hi their pos sesion. Parties not known to the Deoartmott will fur nish ?roof as to these points with their bids. In awarding the oonVaot the Postmaster Gener al reserve* the right of deciding whioh bid, in its piactical results, maybe most to the inter*stof the l'e>artmjnt, having reforeooe to the *tyle of the work, seount', nvme of paokinc, A o. f'rop >sals should be carefully sealed.and marked "Froiosal* f<.r Postage .-tamps," and tddressed to tue "Third Assistant Pnitmn\t*r .r.w " ~M BLAIR, ma2a-law4w PoitnHter tiestnl. THK KIJROl'KAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. KMK1CU. at the eorner of Penn. A . . A avenue and Eleventh atreet, has beenYfp^Y preatly improve receutly and now offersJUyJSLL jrent*r iuduoementa for the patronage ol oitixena and strangers than any other publio home in the oit?, his price# beinf leia tlian tnoae of any other hotel on Penn. avenw, and his aooommodationa for permanent or transput boaraera unexneption able. The bar and restaurant arranreniecta of the European Hotel have already broome very ?osu la? . b-iuj ali that eaa bo desued by the wat fas tidioua. Tne proprietor p e lgea unremitted attaa bonand oontiaued liberal expenditure*to give sat isfaction to all. and thua renewa hia invitation <? all to five the JSaropean Hotel a call. 4e4-U CARRIAGE FACTORIES WASHIN9TON CARRIA6E FACTORY. " ' D Strut, 9(4 and Str*4tt. We hare junt finished a rumbfr of CritcMi CARRIAGES, auch as Litkt Fa net Watoni', Park PKrator.n, WntnUf Car rintt J. and But tits, whioh ve Will Ml: a' a verT mall profit. Being praotioa. meohanlca In different branchea of the buainoea, we (latter onrselvea that we know the styles ami qoantj of work that will rive satia faction, combining lightness, oomfort ana duraUli ty. Repairing promptly and oarefully attended to the shortest notice and moat reasonable ehargea. WALTER, KARMA.NN * IJOfV, Coaohmakera, successors to Wm, T. Hook. ap tl-dly ; _ TCAKRIASE*. HE Bat>acnbsr nating mare addition* U kl fMtonr. iiiiritif it nn? <?r.* th* <" m ihe'flist. iot." Vhero hie faoiUti^*fJrft?KJ5f nijkn'jfactunur OAll R1AGE fc LlfleTJ?9B*= WASONSoi ill kinds eaur.ot bs f:nr.'.lSiVl, *l< froiw-sM lout ?x??ri0';o0 !B Ik* 3aaiue*?. k* k* ?m

V3 sit<* I v:*nli uiisxaotsun. All kiuiijof G&r;Lac* ?<[ Wigana kdttaa kxnJ. i! RLt'Ai&SnMXj riara lr attest1?. Sw?? fc*i< OirrUt?a Utec is oxthance ?*rarw r.n, ANDREW J. JOY OK, * >* r ?n-iT ?f 141a ?i>4 K liM. DENTISTRY. DKS. I OCKWOODfr DARRKLL ARE FRK parod to insert TEKTH on Vl'LCAN-^ jk^ ITk HASK, a new ar.d improved iiKHte.JatateJ Wh?n made on this plan tney are oom fortahle to wear and rr uc'i cheaper tlian any other. Alto, Te'th u eetted oa Gold Plate, and ail Dental Operations of any kind tiiat may l>? de?ired Of fice Kooin No. H. in the Washington Building.e<>r n?r Pa. &v. &nd *<Avantli et ' in o?? M TEETH LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at teu<li personally at hia office in thin niti TrafT: 77 Many persona oan wear these teeth cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my oflloe oan be accommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; bat to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can produoe, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this oit*?No. 33? Pa. avenu*Lb<>tw<'ea 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philade! phia. oo 15-tf Only One Dollar. 476 Pa. Av At EVANS'S 476 Pa.Av. TAKE YOUR CHOICE FOR ft. TAKK VOI R CHOICE FOR 81. JEWELRY-JKWELRV JEWELRY-JEWELRY ONLYOXE DOLLAR FOR AX Y ARTICLE OP JEWELRY IN OUR STORE. CARBUNCLE ONYX STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS. GARNET JET STUDS SETS. and BUTTONS, CORAL ^ CARB. STUDS SETS. *nH RIITTOMU JET PL'N GOi,D STUDS PETS, and BUTTONS, LAVA MOSAIC STUDS SETS, and BUTTONS, PLAIN GOLD GOLD RTONE STUDS SETS. aud BUTTONS. ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR EACH ' SPLF.NDID POCKET KNIVES For One Dollar. . Worth Tiirea. LADIES' CHAINS: GUARD For Or* Dollar CHATKLAINE For One Do!,*r NECK For One Dollar OUNTO' OIlAiHC Tvsive Style? For One Dollar oaoh PLATED WARE, Consisting of BUTTER KNIVES, SFOONS,-TABLE, TEA, DESSERT. Cl'PS-GILT LINED, FORKS-PITCHERS-CREAM LADLE*, CAKE BASKETS-SUGAR SIFTERS. Nl'T CRACKERS and PICKS, TEA KNIVES and FORKS, Jto.. to., Ao. 476 476 476....476 476 476 iinnii s_nonu s. CLOSING OUT A LARtiK LOT OF HOOKS, At Great Reduction in Pries, Oji account or III* CO>Tl.\UKD HARD TlXRK. Now is ths Tim* to Replenish y^iir Library, Or Get & Nfw Obc, cheap, R< rn'mbtr Rtmtmbtr 47b KVANS'8 47h Pa. Av. EVANS'S I'a. At, uxfiT 23 b?*we?r: 3'i and 4>4 streets. RIDDLE HAS THK LARGEST, NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF J ?2 W E L R Y EVER OFFERED IN THIS OR AN V OTHER CITY. AT THK LOW TERM? OF ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE S*ets for SI Elegant LAVA ?Seta for SI Elegant GARNET - for % 1 Biegant J ET Seta for f 1 Elegant CORAL and HOLD?? >e'sforfl Elegant MEDALLION Set. for f 1 Elegant RUIN MOSAIC Sets for Jl Elegant PLAIN GOLD Set* for 81 Ladies'GUARD CHAINS ... .forSl Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAIW .for ill radios' N EOK CH AI NS .... "lor i}l Gents' VEST CHAINS.dodiSereut stjIph.). .. _ for <J1 AI?o, a Large A*e<>rtm?nt o( JEWELRY, which we oau sell at 50 oents ptr at title. Jiut Received, SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL ETRUSCAN BLACK LAVA Sets ENAMELED CROSS Seta ETRUSCAN ONVX ,.Ses N. li.?Persona wishing any of the above Gooda hould call at once ao they soon will L j Rone. We have on hand, and are receiving every <iay Largo Invoioeaof THE FINEST i'LATF.D WAKE, consisting of Brtalfa*t and Tra Sets; Card avd Can:e ETRUSCAN CAKttUNCLE Sets lnoie, uemert, iVn, S^ugar mul L' ream Spoons; Butter, Fruit, Tea, Pie, and Fish Knives; Foris; Na pi in Rinex; Casters; Salt Stands; Plain, Chased avd Gift Lined Oohlets avd Cup*. ALL FOB *ALE At LO\V**T WHOLKRAI.K PHIPB8. GOODS WARRANTEDA3 REPRESENTED. HEMKMBSK RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, mar 7 30* Fa. Av 30H WATCH REPAIRING AN PSILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the foegt establishment*. ar.d fur nithed with aoomplete set of toola for repair inr every d'ttoription of Lne Watches, and particular attention Rive to the sam?, by thorough competent work man ,ard a. work Kiaran tied. Also, evury deserip ion of standard SI I .VER WARE, plai n and ornamental, manufactured under Mi; CU)>VI VIBIl'U, Vf IllbH UIJ WUBk'/IIIC J Will IlliU far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers iu general ami represented as their own manufacture. H. o. hood, se 6 33* t'a. avenue. ne*r9th st. Boots and shoes to suit tmk times. We are now manufacturing all kinds of boots and 5jhoks, and co:stanUt reoeiTine a*r&--. supply of eastern mado vork of every ae-BSgja sorption. made expressly to order, and will? BJ be sold at a muoh lower price than has l>?en" !% heretofore oh&rfed in thu oity for mach inferior trtiolea. > biwua m hui ?' 0uuh miu ciiun ui cmitq or oky made work, will a! way a find a tood aseortmea in store and at the lowest prioee. Giv?nsaoail. tjriffin * urom am-r 314 pennsylvania avenue. W traveling TRL'nkj*. F. hats jut received the larcwt asaortmeat acd now offer the most extensive varietjann iu ?u'e leather. LADIES' dresskttjhft Vid packing trucks, hat boxta,^*"*3 Al.lfes, carpet bags, ?atchel9, fcc., in thia city, whioh we aie sall'rif at twf low jnoes. WALL. 9tepijens * CO , "?s* tf 35a p? ?wrr?. The only oooi? pohtkai r op pres i dent lincoln avar p*bii?hed. jutl cut a"j??t bjr mat] free on reaeipt of m oenta. The trade and o.obs of twaaty saptlted at law rioee by m?8 french * rich8te1n. CLOTHING, &c. N MERCHANT TAILORIPU. EW FALL STYl.KS or CLOTHS. CASS1 MERS.AND VESTING 9. WALL. STEPHENS & CO., 3vlS Pennsylva nia Avenue, have just reoeived a taree varietv of nf* Fa ; wnioh tnejr invite Uie atteation of their frienilt and customers. au *?-tf CGENTLEMEN'S KEVDV-MADE CLOTHING. Oor present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S KI'.ADV-MADE CLOTHING < tiers to eitisena and strancers wishing an immediate out (it rupe nor inducements, embracing, at this time, a!l sty iea and qualities of Dreaa arvi Business (Jar meats and Overcoata In a:l varieties. Fine Shirts and Under-clothing of all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best q ua ltv. SJoarfs, Ties, Cravats. Stocks, Hosiery. Ao., Ao. Ail of wuioh we are oncrm* at rur usual low prices. 117- Clothme madetu order in the ?mst superior maimer. WALli. STEi'HKNS 4 Co., no 16-tf 422 I'a^ avenue. 4 lUTOTIIGl'UOrLne'Oi OTIIINOfTf'Rh, ** No. 4?n Scverth ot., to eet your CLOTH ING, FURNISHING GOOl.S, HATS and CAPS. fe 2 few ruria. WMKRCHANT TAILORING. K Invite our cue'omers, ard oititer.a cetera - ly, to an inspection of our present new, at tractive, an<l olerant aw?rtm?nt of CLOTHS. CASSi.Mt.KKS, !>OKnKIN?, V It STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac.. which we will innke to order in superior sty !e at very low srices. WAUL, STEPHENS A. CO? oc 25 tf H%H Pa. a*.. Netw. <?th and 1< th sts. Cure Couth, Cold. Hoarsen*'*. In fiurnzi. any Irritation or Sor* ne-ss of tk' Throat, Heh?re :ht Hatkrnt Couth tn Consump tion, Bronchitis, Arhma, 4" Catarrh, Clear and tire strength to the voice of UBL1C SPEAKERS and SINGERS. fiRONCH'AL ??- .loowuif (inn# importance ol or.nckiDK a Couch or "Common Sold ' in ita first etace; that which in the be^mine would yield to a miln reme dy, if neglected, aonnattaokalno l.unt*. "Brotm'$ Bronchial Troches," contain; rg demulcent ingredi enta, allay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES CROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S j TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S "That troubJe in my Throat, (for which the "Troche*" area apeciho) ha vine made me often amerewh.a perer." N. P. WILLIS. " 1 recommend their use u> Pvblic SrKA&iks." REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great aervioe in auMuirtg HoaK'1 SEsg." REV. DANILL WIt?E. ^Mmoat mRtaot re'ief in the dia treasing <a!?or of breathing peculiar to Asthma." REV. A. C. EG6LESTON. " Coatain no Opium or anything injurious.'' DR. A. A HA k ES, Chtmut, Eotion, "Arimpleand plea?aiit o.iiniir.v tior. for CoraHs, if." DR. <i. F. BI6ELOW, Boitom, " Beneficial tn Bpowchttif." DR. J. F. W. LANE, Batcm, " i have proved them exce.lent for Wnoppi??* CoreH."' REV, H. W. WARP EN. Baton. ' Beneficial wiiea oompelle't to opesJi, suffering from Cold.' ?.EV. S.J. 1'. ANDERSON. at. Loom. TP GCH ES' E*?*ctB4LL la remonns Hoarie j nesi and] rntation oft he Throat, so BROWN'S; ?*3ir!?on wl,lt ar.d *** Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON. La Orangf, Ira. Teacher of Musio, S* uthern Female College. "Grwt benefit vhen taken before and after vretchiut. >vs the? prevent UROWN'Si Hoarseness. From then- pasi effect, Ij^inir th?T *iii tf of permanent ad !* TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES antare to me, REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. President of Athens College, Tenn. fr7?Bo!d by a!' ]>rucgists at TWEN ty FIVE CENTS A BOX.^Q] i RWHEB BROWN'S TROCHES de |-|y i?r. j. ii. McLean s STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AID BLOOD PIRIFIKK. THE GREATEST REMEDY m tk$ WORLD, and the most I>nucious irs DKLIGHTFIL CORDIAL EVER TAKEN: It it ttrictW ? ?ci i,"ic tod Vejttt H? Cwimik'J, pr? cirtd tr i)i? ditull* I. . vi . orL'a, rJ karka. Y allow Dock. Blood Rons, k Mi fcooi, 8ar?:>)>a nil*, Wild Charry Hark, ml Da.-dtiion li tin into iu coia Tr? antiro *ettro romodirl rri'.C'flt ? - of oath in^m'ioiit io . ? Before taiinft;:yT;f^T^\7o1After tflkifig dioUlliug, * da.iciono, aibilsraiing aptrk, ui iko moat InfalliMo ramO'ly far ranarating tko ?.hih? inion, and roatorirg iho ?lc?. aafaring, and dakiUiaud tmlM ta koalth and itrangth. Mt LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will oCaataaily eaio Lmi Complaint, Dyopopoia, Jaan dHo, Chronic or Morroaa liability, Dioauoo of :ho Eiduayo, ojid ail diooaaoo arlaing from o dioardorod Li?ar or lumicti, Dyapapaia, Boartkarr., Inward Pi:aa, Acidity or Sickoaoo of tho Stomach, Fallr.oaa of Blrcd to tho Hoed, Dall rain ci evirnmlof in tho Hold, Pulpuntioo of Uio Ha art, Fallnooo or Waight ia tho Biauach, Sour Eracuuano, Choking 01 Safoe&uog Fooling whon layingdawa, Dryuooa or YolloW. aooo of tho Skin and Eyoa, Wig ht Iwoiu, Inward Fo?ara, Pain in tho Small a( tfco Bock, Choot, or Bido, Saddan Flathoa af Boat, Doproooiaa of Spinta, Fnghtfal Droarco, bangaar, Dooaoi-donty or any norroao diooaao, larn or Blatchoo an tao Skin, and Fttor and Agaa (or CfciUi aad Far or.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES ka?? kaaii oold daring tM laot ail 'oantba, and tn aa to mato ha* it failed in fTriug ontiro oautfac'.taa. Wbo, ikon, will oafor from Woakuoao or liability whan JVHLKAB'S liTBENeTBKJtrMe COBniAL will caro yaa 1 Ha laigasga car, aanooy on adaqtata idoa af tho imiaodi ato auu aln-.oot rairaca'.ana ckauga prodacad by taking tbia Cardial ia lha dtaaaaad, dokiliwuad, and obattorod corToa* oyotorn, whoihai krokau dewn ky oicaaa, woak ky aaitro, or imyaliad ky tlttt.Mi, U ? relaxed and ancrang argaal taliea U rtitartd to lti #riatino boalth and vigor MARK JED PERSONS, a* at*an. aaaac'.oaa of ir.&kility from whato?or caoaa, will tud XcklAMI ST.jLKOTBENiKa CORDIAL a tf o roaga rogonorator of tho ayotom: a: d al! w*m may ba?o ia |uad tkomoolrao ky indalgoncoo wui (a Cordial a aanaiu and rpaojy ramady. TO THE LADIES. KcUARf SYX.EHST*EJtlNe CORDIAL to a oavor* alga and apaady caro far lociplaut Canoanjf tiou, T?"t.*;oo, Ooatractod or DiBralt Monatraattan.l nrouunoitco of Drmo or li.rolontary Ducherga thoroof, Falling af tho War.ik,, Fainting, ana all diaaaooa incidout ta Foinalao. THERE IS NO MIXTA EE ABOUT IT afar no Ion gor. Tak? it according ta diractiano. It will a'Jn.o.ato, ouongthau, and langeraia yaa anl caaoo tko klaarn al haaliA ta laaatit yoar cbook again. Erory hMi!* u warranLod to girt oatiifactiaai. FOR CHILDREN If roar tkildrau aro aickly. pan? or xfllciod, M( LEAN'S COBDIAk will maka thom koaltby.fat, and rakaat. Do'.ay not a rnomont; UT It, and yaa will ko aaartatad. It la do llaioaa taula. m a tr?rm %r ?a v i. i is 1*0 liwtn af dragfiau ar daalara wha >; try M palta a pa n Mini bittar ar a-.raapariila traah, which lhay ten bay cbtip. br aijiinf It ia jut u rood. A?c.d ?aet> men. Aah far rt. LEAlTi VrRK^OTHl:i?!J?Q COEDUL, and uki aathiar ! #. It ka tha aoiy ramady that will parifj tha I aad taaraayfalr and attha tuu liai atrat f itiar, tna ayatam Una uaapaaontl takan arary laaraii.f fcaunf u a cartalit prartntiva far Cbalara, Cbilla and Parar, Tallow Fa?ar, ar an* praralant dlaaaaa. It la pat ap to lar^a bofilaa. Pr?ca anly fl par battla, ar battlaa (ar ft*. J. H. McLEAN, ala freprtaiar af liua Cardial; alaa, McU-l'i Talcauic Oil kt&iuaat. Principal Dapat at. U? carnal af Thud Uid Piua auaaU, ft'. Lacii, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BUMT LINIMENT IK TIE WORLP ) Tha anly aafa and car win car* far Caocara, Pilaa, Ta an, walltufa and Branclula ar Cwtra, fatwitaia, Naa rtlfia, Waahnata af tha Maaclaa, Cbraaic ar lnfau.inaiary EHaamaiiim, iufuaaa af tha Jsinta, Cantractad Maaclaa at Lifamanta, Earaaha aaTaaihaeha, Brntaaa, tr-ama, Praab Cau, Waanda, Clean, Pa?ar Soraa, Cakad Braaau, Bora Hipplaa, Buaa, Boalda, Sara Tkraa'., ar aay latalaaaauaa ar :Un, oa difaraoea haw aarara ar lanr tlta diaaaaa may in anatad, MiLEAHI CELEBRATED LLNIMEST ia a eartain ramady. Thaaaanda af biau batafa hava baan M*ad a lift af dta crapuada aad notary by tha aaa alihia Uxralaabla ramady. MtLBAITS TOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raAa?a pain almaat lnauaiajtaaaaiy, aad u will claaa, panfy ud haal tha faalaat aoraa ta aa tacradiUa akart uma. FOR HORSFS AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEANI CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tfca only aafa aad raliabla ramady far Um can af Irtnc, BjajfWa, WiadnUa, Bpliau. Oatiaii! Lain pa. Wadaa ar AwaUioiw. h naTttfillad ia ear* Bif Haad" Pallaail, Piataia. C/S m Criki Bilh, Cat*. Iwh, m VnUt, Uuu i*UliU? wi?^; Affkf it u 4ir?u*d Ml mi U tnuk la IUCT Vh?o trift* M l?Cf?r wtth tk? MAT WthlMS LoctDtou * D* BtUAM tifa-* 4- H Mcl Ctnu TW4 u4 Hm i ?c^f*caK4isut - nw THE WEKJtLY DOLLAR STAJL Tkla tiM.iuil Vkailt u>4 Mama \?m*m caiaiax a irMtc variety of .ttereeua* r?<! > Utat oac be o?c<2 m a~ j ether?i* ea Itisay aiorr.iax. It inr*r;?MT ? the " Waetinftoc Nm ' that hu made 7\* IMii* Cmiki Star ciroiiaW eo tensraily Lh:oigkuut the ooanlry. oopie* ( id vr*pp*r?> oaa l* yiooered at theocnnter, lmmodiat^ y after i:.? ih>? of u.e Ping ?ooty, ( ' acmm h*f oopiN _ T?"h OOr-M - Twenty five oufiea 01 ? 4 n ? 00 x or r**er. Pnc*?THKKE CENTS MEDICINES. Butt johsston, ALTIMURI LUU HOSPITAL, Hat dittoi rrtd tkt mott Spt'dp wU omlf Ejfttluil Rtmtdj in tkt World, FOR ALL. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE UELICACY PK EVENT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO I/A IS. W?ikur>inf the IKck, fttrictor**, ASecttoniof tli* Kid mrt "> ! RliJ'in, m?olunt?r? lhiclHr(ri, ImpMtci.Uu. ?r?l Ptliiiiiy. K?mWfM. brtpryr, (?law? if It-n, l.JW Sfinu, Palpa(?lioo jf th? Heart, TmMuy, Trfiril i'iifi, DiinnrM uf nr (iiddiu*!>> ? ?f lit* HnJ. l I mat. So.? i<r Skit.. A(t?li<xia ul th? Lui.ffa, thorn ach <'r L ? -tiiMt Tcrnl'lt Oi?ur4#ri aiimu.g U*?m Mi* ItrrHalitaof V^m'h-fbrH l)i?dlul ud l>?unictir< frat nc*? whifb iM.Jer Martiag* h;ijand dra'.rv/ InhII I' j 1r Mil.-! lot'AG MEN K?p#- mli. II*?. bti'ur.t liCtim irf fc. J . t? rm V,, r? .t dr*<4' 4i. 1 dfitrucU'e h?bit which annually twerp* [o ?n Uftimflf thousands of Ycm f Wen of ths nm( r&aited men # m.d bitiiunt intellect, %li<> imftii otber%??e h%*e entranced littei. iijr Senates with the thunders of elj. fj?#nc? or wake4 ( etMfy the Imnjr lyre, n.ay call % nki lull confcdance. MARRIAGE. MaRKUD Pl**0?i?,.?r Vovnf Mn contemplating Mar nape, bettif aware ot |.h%?tcai ???|,eM. organic U? *Uity, Ll*-jcrrr;m?k, 4.c , ?j ee duy cured He who places himselt' under the care of Dr J. may rsltft rmrly ?r. his honor as a gentleman and coafideatiy rely tpoa hi* kkill as a physician. OFFICE So 7 SOUTH FHEDERICK ST left hand ude ^rMn Baltimore street, a tew doors from the corner. Pail not to observe name and uuinler. Letters mii*l t-s paid and contain ? ctmp. DR JOHNSTON, Mender of the Royal Collen of 8urjr*ons, London, rradu ua from one ol the n??ei raiment Collegea iu the Totted S:ate?, and the premier fart of ahiiae hie hat teen aprnt in he hoapit.?i? ol losdw, Fan*, PhiU lelptua and e.aeahere, l'xm effected aoine of the moat astonishing cores that mere ever known; niuij trwhled sitli rin^in# m the head ai d Mrs aim* aaieep; great neraouanes*, Vidi s la reed at icdden aoonds. bsahlulnesa ?uh frequent Nasking, attended Mini wuh derangement of n.t .1. ?ert cared imm iiately. TAKE PARTICULAR SOT1CE Y<Mib| Men and ?*hers who hs*e injured themselves hf a :erun | r - in n.dulffi m when alone?a habit anily (trntJ Iroui (til cciupauioua, or at school, th* (MCli of i turn are nightly felt e>en when ? eep, and if wicuti, endera wnwfi impntiiMi. ai.J deauoT* both Mil ai.d >od*. ihouiil apply inuiediately Tlieae are atone of tii? aad and melancholy ffffCti prniu'd <7 tarijr hat iu M \ oath. ?u : W>iknm ?( ih Back and .unto, Pan i III iht Head, Dimueaa >t Sif ht, Lata of Mw alar 'n?ft P.lfmiiffli nf toe Heart. Dyapepay, Nereoaa Irnta iililr. Derangement ot the Difritue Kuuctiotia, Oenarai }e: ..itjr, Symptoma o; Cone umrt im. *c MEMT4LLV ?1 he fearful enecta on the mind are much to e dr'adrd-L < ?f Memory. Coofoaioo of Idaaa. Itapraaaina I fcpmte. E*il K'irehodii.jra, A.eraioti of ttociety. KeTT-Dta ru?i,Lo?*ot Solitude, Timidity, etc , are aome of tha e?t!a Toductd NCR vol a DtblLITY?Thouaa-ida can now 'n Aft ?hat m he C4U>e of their declining he*l*H, l-iainf their ?ifor, bacon ng ? rik, pale, (itrtoua aud einatiattd, ki>u ( a awfu'ar l l'earauce about the eyae, coufb or ayBiptoma of ObauiBf MM. DISEASES OF IMPHUDESCE When the on* u.ded ai.J irr prudent eoury of pit aaare fr.da le hj* ur tiNed tna aec !? J tlua (aiufyi too appena that an ill-timed etuae of ahuna or dread of diaco- ar? eteta bin frjm applyu.j to tnoae ho, from education and eir>#rt ihilit* r ???fe.*../i K.? n- '?1 and* of i?-uor*L- a^f* deaif .aug pretender*. vbo. locapab.e f curing, tAch Lie fc^ui.iiry tu^uitcc. keep bin trifling oontb after mouth. ?r \a loop it the ima!lti* fee caa bt ob iinfd.niid in <letr-ir iet*e i;im with ruined haaitto te *** ver 11? rt'Mi.f disappointment, or bjr the use of that dead;? KHe?*>-?Mercury?h .eten *he cotientmiooal eymptom* of this erubte Aflectio*:e ot the Heart. Throot, Head. >kiru 4c , pr?grce?i g % tth frightful rapidite, t?1 ^ death puta a eruwl to hie dreedfoi* bv *ei.dn.g him to that nm~ recovered c^uuiry liom mhoee houioe no'r?*eler r?UKM \)H JOHNSON S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND iMPOTENCY By thie jjreet end impanui! remedy ?tek. tu of the orfme r- tpeedUy cured and full *'ft rMttrtd ThcnMnd* ot the jutt uereoue ?a <1 4t' ilueied, ? uo bed la*: *11 uepe,he>e ten immediately relieved All Mrpedimeute to M?rri? ff Phy?ieel or Mental D.e^ual lt?uor,?, L 'I Pro'.rea:. > e t'ower. N"?ou**. 'renibluiF aud M'e.kneet or Eibauatiou of the soot fMmil tod tpeeaily cured. ENDORSEMENT OF THE FRESS THE KiKT ThOI -aUDI C&IC j at tbl* li?elltV'<oc V.thlQ he lin seventeen veer*. et,d the unmeroue important Sorgi 1 of?rei.out rerrormcd by Dr. Jonuetoo, V!Lu?eM< by tie eportere of the paper* ai.d isu; other pcroooe, ikiicm of rhicfc Uaee J e. red ?p. n and Ifitu '. e'ore the public, he iatt dii tit idinf > ? jim trniu d character and mpou. uuj, it a auScitni {UijUit to tkt alfiicted. mar la-tr ^m^'sstsfsws*^ APF>L Y THE RFMMDY REJOICE^? HEALTH. Pruned. do yeu euiirrr Are yoa tne victim of UT >X tr r? l cicproaa arm^utc which anee from i? iutj.t of liw b>oodf Wtat are U:?y, do you ut I iathpr-rv, what ere they not? The blood lataa* mica cl lile i^d health, and it la the firat HiMt ?f cur being fciLfeepoiM to fair uuie wb;oh effect* hr? u th<5 ru!?? injaubiy M'pi'i The erer ireTni ' . iNo.r*'!t::? tTitatlnc Eryaipe;**, the iiKs tiarofuia. Uie U icnmauem, Ser ous Debility, Liver Complaint with tta oreor ?u<l (irteotiDLi, au<1 the numU-neee tiiM ie^Ii * l nr lo.ueiiv* ineir UiU^-is . a*it. from the ilt>oi. !?^n,i kliitilx then an.? gently witL the<3. jee tn eltelisiag wrw of natare for tta aid. ,a?j a^er i>a U> commend to yomr oonfideuoeand isetaattraiy Ye .-able jnedioaipert known aa INDIAN TEOkTABI hXDECOOTIOy. With regard to tiua alaoat infallible iMOita Kwniar aantiOKt haa epeken in deciced tern;a mil the e. icoraee of thia rraet efteaey are ana Mu?(l by ousiataut tro?M of eurative effeota and h? applet run .if from ila uae are after a.. other e:nftii?5 und llm b<nt ?kih Km (Wtai Let uc in conc ision, that oertifteaitea luroc sic nut scut at Iron; the illiterate and itNt icia, , but t.'.ey aro ro'ucteer*d from the moafra ipent&He eourcea and justify toe hicheet letup IB rmoL it is possib.e to com rue ml to vaiaabie a acoiTc to pontic approval. We nay add aleo that us curative properties of the medieine aree*aallM >n.y 1?J its restorative efleots. the system reoover Ei from (fieeaee with ootsmutionaj visor. For eaie by all reapeotabla DrujiisU in this ntj.and by the proprietor, MEtf. M. COX. Nor.) genuine uxneM her name is blown oa the wttle and her seal on the oork IT7- Prioe 1 per bottle, six bottlea for ft. W%oltr*l* Aitnt. R. !*. T. C1S8LL. Drat fist >eorte!<wn. 0 C., Wholesale Acent for theDti net, and will sopp y the trade at mj pnoss. aa ll-tr J^HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIE9EMAR.1.S anT S-Protoeted by Royal setters Patent of EDRiaDd, and scoured by the ^ais of ti.p Kcule de ft.armacie oe Paris, and the Imperial Co !??e of Meriiaine. Vierna No I is invnJuabie lor exhaustion and natorrhea, knda! phjsioa! uisabiiitiee. No. 2 completely eradicates a!! tracoe of those Inroads tnft-t have been hitherto tr??ted by the aan - icoub &ud pi us use oi\a and eabebe. No. 3 h&o c::?ire;y pusD'actorf the injurious dm of Tierourr. tlicreNf maarmr to tne cufferer apeedy r*? i*f. disputing au impurities, and rootin* on .he venom cf diseaso. TKll SK>U|{, Nci. 1,3 and 3. are prepared u> the iorm of a i<>ser(e, devoid of tut? a>?d smel'. Hid can be earned m tho wai?tc<>at pocket. ts.,,d iu tie cases. ard divided int?? separate do tea. aa ad HDiitered I t Ve.p?<au. LAtiemand, Ronx, Rtoord, fee. Pur# $3 raeh, or four eaaea for #9, which tave* ft j: and in ? ?7oa*ee,whereb* there a aav inc of 9'4. To be nad. wholesale and retail, of Dr. BARROW,of 194 Bleocker >treet. New York. Immpd'ate v on recr ivstg a remittauoe. l?r. Barrow will forward the 'f riesemar to any part of the wor.d, securely packed, ai. I addressee aeoordici to the in itruetii tia of the vritor. The B.?ok,?f all others, that ehoiid be read by met. with daitie-fed and ' roken down oonebtacions is "Human Frailt?, or Phrsio:o(iea! Iteeearehee." It la b^atifully I IfeatrstMi. and treats ?"n?tely of ail tue cymp one tiiat invariably ueveioa tMo e vf>F. tioouer or later, reauitir g iron the fVaitttee sad vit>atnj hahiu or earlt voath, lMaaaoMattac the viotiiti (Tom sharing the fruition of the P"atn mom&l ktato, and. if ootokookad in UmJnmw Mint t*io fu>iOt: >ca of manfcood. ood krtMMf him, area by rtoa. to a hnaerin* ud nobmoly d?U. Sold by l* MARROW, 104 Bl?*rkt>r tro*t.lo?r doora balow Moodoac*.. Nov York. Pnoo * o?nM. Kent lra? arery where. Sold t>y s. c. Ford, Jr., Dnj Wow. Waok Locton, D. C. da?-?m Dr. j. bovee dod* IMPERIAL WJMM BFTTMRS, An low Mci uodfrop Miuitotki Qrmt Ml a Lot?, u< Ul vardiot of til wke aaa sb Mthor m wMiimI or m ft towrosa. ia thai eytrtccnrraaHUlu wor d. Dr. Ix>da cae*! Umb> aaooeoajiijy o kia rvtieo for II yeora brfora gratajggrcss&Aas ate i 11*?*& *f**U ?# Bf*r4y or ?'im !? n ", ^.I'i?" RmUl Let *11 bMa r.f f*,1* **fatitein? 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