Newspaper of Evening Star, 4 Nisan 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 4 Nisan 1861 Page 2
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a THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY Afrtl 4. 1?1. Spirit ( (ho tlarnlBf Press The Intel'.igtnetr tbti morning ia devoted to ?ow? The Rtpuiiluit* thinks that if an attack is made upon Fort Pickens and vigorously repulsed, the Union mfn of Virginia will carry the State by a large minority. Vimi.iia ?The Richmond Dispatch,conducted by a gentlemen who, making pretentions to a turn for political economy, ia bitten with the idea that there la hut a tingle Industrial interest worth a button?that of the profits and blessings of (lave labor?i? Industriously endeavoring to Inoculate the laboring freemen In the region round Richmond with the tame nonsensical theory If Ingennnus In hla current efforts, he Is proving beyond ques'.lon that his reading con cerning his favorite science?for It Is now a science?has been almost altogether confined to such works and authors as the eccentric Mr. Flubugh, of Port Royal; Dr. Vsn Eyrie, of the New York Day Book; Mr. Cobb, of the Georgia Convention; His Serene Highness, Sprstt, of the Mouth Carolina Convention; Viscount Yancey, of tho Alabama Convent on; Mr. Pn^io, late of the V. S. Congress from the same State; De Bow's *t al , of the Inevitable negro and nothing bit negro, school *If disingenuous, he Is simply ' saying to play upon what he believes to be the utter Ignorance of the white men tolling around him for brea?!, of the truth* of the world'a Indus trial experience, that are familiar to all who are posted In the history of the progress of society on both slde3 of the Atlantic. Ill* theory It, that onlet? Virginia tecedes, ?be will lose her slave labor; and that the loaa of brr slave labor will at once reduce her to the lndna trlal condition of St. Domingo. We need hardly remsrkthat St Domingo la lnduatrlally defunct, because it It inhabited and governed wholly by the negro race. It ha* not loat Its negro labor; but its negro labor cauaot be induced to work. Now, the Dirpmtch doea not pretend that If Vir ginia falls to secede, b -r uegro labor will strike a hoe less in coust-quenee thereof, but that it will therefore labor fartb?r South. So, Virginia is not to become a desert like St Domingo, industri ally tpeikiug, because the it to be the land of a laiy, thriftiest and shiftless population; but b? oause of her ioss of what the Dispatch's writer regards her only sourcc of profit and progress?her negro labor. in the face of the world's experience it ignores the fact that frctn the saoie nniountof land in such a climate at that of Virginia, the Intelligent white lahorrr. with an Am^rlrin rfti7?n*a future K..r,ir*? him, hla educational and intellectual superiority, Ac , Ac., will gather double the net result* that can be produced by the labor of the ordinary American negro slave. He also blindly ignores, In bis train oi reasoning, the well-known fact that tha concentration of large bodies of negro slaves la any county of any State of this I'ulon ha* inva riably crowded out almost all small landholders, and given It up almost entirely to the occupation of a comjwrativeiy f-w men of iar^e wealth, with a few whites with little or no property, depend ?nt on thern for all they require but the air they breathe and the water they drink. In such localities nine-tenths of the mechanics' work Is done, as the Di'patch well knows, by Mr. Spratt'a more-desirable-for-the-South's class of mechanics?slave mechanics. There, exists to perfactlou, Its southern Utopia?a stats of so ciety in which the white laborer Is the unclean thins; to be ritfidlv banished from It h? ih? centratlon against him < f every influence likely to make hisrondl'lon degraded, and bla struggle for bread an unsuccessful one. We refer to thia branch of the Ditpattk't reasoning, imply to bow to the Virginia freemzn possessing but the advantages which God, a common school educa tion and the acqulaltlon of a trade?that of the husbandman or of a merh^nlc?have given him, what those who would seduce him to favor dis union, aim to establish aa the state of society under the despotism of the Oligarchy; and to ask him seriously wLethtr kt desires to build up through the South any auch condition of thing*? If he does, he should by all cieana lose no time In shouting for disunion. By way of clinching the nail driven home aa it were, as explained, above, the DUpatck publishes _a comparative table of the relative amount of State Uxes paid by sundry large slaveholding counties of Virginia longest settled, and that paid by as many recently settled counties in western Virginia, containing whites in numbers about equal to those in the eastern counties above re # ferred to 'I be former are the homes of wealth; the latter, of comparative poverty. If the Ditpatek Will study the statistics of those particlur counties but a little deeper, It will find that In proportion to white population there are ten land-holder* in the poverty ttricken western counties, to one in the rich eastern ones; that there are five"schools In the former to one in the latter; thit there are tire tax payers In the former?as small as the taxes paid by each may be?to one lu the latter; that there are five of the clasa who In case of war mint be looked to to bear arms In their country's defense, to one in the latter; that the relative increase of the wealth of the former in the last twenty years has been five times that of the latter; that the relative Increase of the population of the former la the last twenty years has been ten times that of tb? latter; that the diffusion of property smon^ the whites In the former is ten times greater than Its diffusion !n the latter, Ac. Thus the Aiimlrt mli/hl -- *_- ? to discover prrgnant facta from tboae atatlatlca, going to carry conviction to the mind of aenalbla men tbat ao far aa the true lntereata of the lndu? Uloua, Intelligent, but comparatively poor cltlztn ia concerned, to aacrlflce all hla llbertiea, advan tagea, bltaalnga and preepecta under aucb a gov* MBmMt aa tbat of Virginia baa been up to tbia t me, In exchange for tba promts** held oat by tbe goT?*rnai?nt of tbe Oligarchy?wblcb la now anlverwlly known to be baaed on tbe purpoae of throwing dlaabllltlea In tbe way of tbe future of white labor, on tba abrogation of free perch, of i&e poor wbite man's right of suffrage, and od the establishment of unquestioned absolute author ity and po "kt of perpetual con veutlons not elected by the people to govern?may not, after all, prove to beneficent a change a* It would have ita read era imagine. We have of late been patiently awaiting to And the advocate* of disunltn In Virginia thua un masking their ultimate purpose*, so that her voters msy realize what they really are; and rejoice that they have bees compelled to do so by the pressure of the manly arguments of the Unionists in their ooavetktlon, ere their Cong ress onal election comes eW In e>af, they will find, beyond piradttnturg, that tae bone and sinew of the Old Dominion will make clean work of their cherished Spratt thecrr they propose to Inaugurate aa Virginia's fbture Industrial and social condition; or we are aatly mistaken indeed Tax ConsacTiccT CuxoaassioasL Election Is still somewhat in doubt Up to last evening, It was not positively known whether the Repub licans had loet one or two members, of the four to which Um SUU ! ent'.il^d Our own liupreaalon la that the Democrat* have gained two?that the delegation will atand aa follow* Viz j. Pint Dtatrlet? Dwight LooitU, (Republican,) of Vernon, reelected. Second District? Ja me* E English,(Democrat., of New Harm, beating John Woodruff (Repub lican) by some 8U0 majority. Third District?Alfred A. Burnham. (Repub lican.) of W lndbam. reelected Fourth District?George C Woodruff (Demo crat) beetlag Orrias*. Ferry, (Republican ) The Republicans have elected their candidate for Governor by about 1,600 majority T?? Rhods UlahdElbctios cornea off to-dty. The Republican* arc In a Mr way to luae o?f. p?ilbly both tb? member* of Coogreaa front tbat State. The Demoerata are aaogulne of aecuxlag both: we think with good ground* for tbat hope. 7 ravwHaar aaya U>? HfUt Is about to (ommtact at PenaacoLa FortP;ck*na la being aurroandad by aaod betteriae to* itroog fur any fore* that Geo Scott can bring to baar. a"d It will be is the band* ef tba Confederate army la Um than Ms w*9k>. IETA ladr In Charleston. 8 C r a hw nights a?o, bad threeehlMren at a birth Pranttee tnakea tte event an oecaalon to aay that Charleston c#n t'.aeea to be a part of delivery. Thi Vmt Last Mask's N??t!?The cltjr'i VaUI k.ll. tl ^ l4 ,1^ umum were in a oiaxe ox ficivemroi iui evening over a dozen different stories concerning the purpose for which the steam frigates Min nesota and Powhatan are now being fitted out for ea service. The sensation newspaper men were In ecatacies over the item, while the few dis union 1 its still hanging arounds the Federal me tropolis were quite as elated by the prospect of the Inauguration of civil war, which they thought they discovsred in the fact that thoee ships are at once to be placed In coramlaslon. A doxen dis patches were sent South, some of them saying that they were poaitlvely destined to support the rein forcement of Fort Plcteni; while others declared no less confidently that they were to form the principal features of aaquadraa to blockade the iudhid oi me iuiHimppi: ?"*eariy in 01 in?m added that a part of the Government'* programme In the premise* wu the Immediate recall of Com modore Pendergraat, because be li a aouthern man, from the command of the Gulf Squadron, recently aaauraed by btm, and the aubatltutlon of Commodore Strlngbain in bla stead. Doubtless, by thla time Rlcbmonl It all ablaze with the mare's neat, which la being uaed there to strengthen the dlfunion cause In tbe Virginia Convention * Aa cruel aa It may appear in ua to apoil the eifert of thia very laat wonder, It la our duty to do that thing; aa the Star s prestige arises from the fact that it invariably publish? s (aeneraliy earllcat) the truth concerning what goes on here. Thus, we have to aay that It la well known to those here who aee behind the curtain, that thli supplemental United States Gulf squadron (which ti to be commanded by Commodore Strlngham.) haa been determined to be put in commission to meet tbe great Increase of naval force In tbe Gulf wblch Enclandand Franceareabouttoaend there, and to protect t&e interests ot tne United state* ro far as they may be complicated by Spain'* now admitted d<i!gr.s upon St Domingo, which are probably at tbe bottom of the movemen *a ?f Eng. land and France In that quarter, referred to above; and, further, that Commodore I'endergrast Is not to be recalled, nor are the dutlea of hi* command In the Gulf to be in any manner interfered with by that of Commodore Strlngham. ** /' ' ?' I* v* V/ 11 uunuaj IIIUIUIIIK iaii, mr. A i> . Patterson, of Baltimore, a beirer of dispatches front tLe United States commercial agent In St. Domingo, reached Washington,and wss closeted with the Secretary of State for hours once or twice during that day. '1 be Information brought by that gentleman concerning American Interests In St. Domingo haa doubtless generated the haste to get Commodore Strlngham's squadron ready for aea. We may add, that the withdrawal of troops from thla point, which has commenced?ther? being no longer a necessity for keeping any con aiderable number here?Is being twisted by the Disunion letter-writers and telegraphers Into de signs on the part of the Government to Invade the South, of course. These gentlemen are hard to phase, indeed Up to a week ago they were groining plteonsly over the presence of these troops here?denouncing it r.s an act of military despotism, of menace to Virgin^ Ac.; and now that they are being aent elsewhere, they arc swearing roundly that they are to be atationed there, only to tie In a better position to assail the South than if kept at the Federal metropolis Thia Is a funny world we live in; and about the most Incomprehensibly-funny fellows in It, are those whose vocation It Is to get Up, In Washing ton, cock-and-bull stories for the benefit of the Disunion cause Important AproiXTMiXTs.?To-day the Pres ident settled the California otfl^e-seeking im broglio by appointing at San Francisco Samuel Parker postmr.ater; J . P. Rankin, Collector of the Port; and R.J. Stevens, (Senator Baker's son-in law,) Superintendent of the Mint. The San Francisco navy agent has not yet been determined on. Dr. Thos U. Fisher, of Fauquier, was to-day finally agreed on In Cabinet meeting aa United States Marshal for the Eastern District of Vir ginia No better selection could have ocen made, nor any more likely to have given general satisfac tion to the Union party of the State His commls luu La9 duubllcn Vrxu ordered to bt> m?i? *ut. PiratBtl. Lieut. Oilman arrived yesterday with dis patches from Fort Pickens to the Government. Hon. \V. Mlllward. of Pa . is at Kirk. wood?\ Robert Cbambera, the publlaher, la going to reaide In London. Thornton Hunt, (eon of Leigh Hunt,) re cently on a vla'.t to thia country, la about to pub llah a book of bla experiences while here Gov. Moore of Alabama. It la atated, will ahortly terder to Preatdent Davis, of the Confede rate states, 1,000 men. armed and equipped. Col. J. M. Sanborn, late Commlaaioner of of the State of .Michigan, has offered to take tbe contract to aupply Fort Sumter with men and pro vlalona for tbe aum of 1500,000. The London Review says that Dr. Brown aon la ?' the ableat lay writer amoiiKSt the Roman Catholic*, whether in the United Stjtea or the Britiab empire " The publication of the Pennsylvania, an old democratic journal published In Philadelphia, baa been auspeuded through tbe " exactions of a st*rn necessity." Mr. Hugh L Gallaher, of Va ,who wsa ln {nred by the accidental dlarharge of hla piatol, at tlchmond, la recovering Tbe wound la not con aldered dangerous, aa at first auppoeed. Capt J. Newton, Capt. H S Brereton and family, 8 A Williams. F. J Porter, Jno. Mul lins, J. H Oilman, L' S A., H. Kttlnif, t'.8 N ; Lieut Col. Simpaon and lady, Canada; Gov. O. P Morton. Ind ; Judge Whitely, N Y ; Mr. McClure, of the State Senate of Pennsylvania, ar? at WllUuda' Items Telegraphed from V\ nahlngton. Washihoto.i, April 3?Mlnlater Corwln has been tendered tbe aloop-nf-war Cumberland, now fitting out at Norfolk, to take hlin to Mex'ro. It la expected be will call on the 15th. Should that veiKi noi oe men ready, he may be conveyed thither In tue steamer Powhatan. Mir barles Wyke, the British Minister, will srrive In Mexico about the lit of May Tbe Mexican question receives special conside ration hv the Administration, and an Immediate treaty with that Government ia one of the objecta of tbe mission Although no official notification of tbe coming of French and Kngllsb fleeta hits been received by the Legations here, gentlemen in prominent positions ere satisfied that their movements are in close connection with tbe observation of Southern political eventa. Mlnlater Clay was on Monday disconnected from the Peruvian Mission, as the Government evidently dlfipproved of the course of the pre ceding Administration, wblcb suspended diplo matic relations between the two countries The Indications are that relations will, at no distant dav. be resumed The Spanish fleet wblcb waa to have been ordered to tbe Gulf of Mexico, will now, It is said, be delayed until further Instructions can be received from Msdrld. The continued presence of Msior MsCnlloagb, the Texas Rsnger, in Richmond, viewed in con junction with the call for a Secession Convention th?re on tbe 16th Inst , excites much Interest In Washington, especially In army circles. Tbe derision of the Hecrftary of the Treasury In rejecting all bids for tbe Government loan una?r >m nu canted ^renl disappointment among the bidders They allege that (be advertisement gave no aucb discretion. Had the entire eight million l>een awarded the avrrage would have been W ^ . The Ssrretary haa concluded to iaane Treasury notes for the remalntng fire millions Mr. Clay, of the Treasury Department, hasgons to Mobil* on government and financial bualneaa. A Baltimobr Stkamib Fie id Into?The Savannah Republican of Monday ssvs that ths steamer Georgia Creek, Captain Wllletta, from Baltimore, in going np the Savannah river. Satur day night, was fired Into and brought to by the battery at Fort Jackson The Georges Creek, It appears, having, when abreaat of the Fort, no lights observable, waa balled, and glvtng no an swrr, two blank cartridges were fired at her, still falling to answer, two balls were fired at her; one of which passed over her bows, snd the over her stern, which Immediately brought her small boat to the fort to emlaln "~,M?? Am Orrra of MOO.OOO to thx Socthekn Co.i riDKBACT ? Mr. 9. Hart, of El Paao, Texaa. one of tbe Commlaalonera from that State to New Mexico, haa offered (the Montgomery Mall an nounce) a loan of MOO,000 to tbe Confederate t*tatea without latere*, to be repaid at the conve nleace of the Government Mr. Hart propoeee to hare tbe amount doubled by bla friend*, If such a etep abaU be aeceeaary 9a ix of Naaaoaa ?On Thatadm teat, M. E. Da vail, Eaq , aa adralnlatrator of B H. Erera Aeld, aold aeveral negroee belonging to tbe eatate A negro woman and one child were pure baaed by J. VV Coffrea, Eaq., for t990, aafi woman and four children by Jamee fl Bait, Eaq., for 1,700,-Mar fceee' Advocau DEPARTMENT NKW1. RiMomi.-Wm J. Row. of NY..? third claaa clerk Id the State Department, baa been re moved. Mr. Wm. H. Thomas, of tbe District of Co lumbia, and Mr J F Relgbart, of Pennsylvania, second class assistant examiners (fl,800 per an buiu) In the Patent Office, have Iwen rem oved. John Tyler Powell, of D C.; George D. Bro naugb, of D. C ; H. C. Bradford, of Ky ; James Riley, of Pa ; and Jullna Oantt, of Vd , rierks In the Patent Office, have been removed. F. L. Brocket:, a first-class clerk In the Land Office, bas been removed. M B Houston, of Ark , a first-class clerk In tbe Penalon Bureau, ba? been removed. Lt?t or Officers Obdebxd to the Mjwse aoTA.?Com. Silas D Stringbam. flag officer; J. Q. Van Krunt, captain; A Ludlow Case, com mander; Rred Werden, J M.Wainwrlght, O. C. Badger, Wat?on Smith, A. VV. Johnson, J. If. Foater, and J 0. Mltrh<ll, lieutenants; C. L. Franklin, matter; Thomas A Jackaon, chief engi neer; G W. City and W.W. Duncan, lat assistant englneera; O S. Bright and C.H Levy. 2d as sistant engineers: W. Musnrave, R 1.. Talbot, J. T. Tucker, and O. W S?*nsner, 3d assistant engl l eers; J. 0. Bell,boatswain; R Barry, aallmaker; J O Thomas, carpenter. Appointments by tmb President ?The Presi dent bas imde the following appointments : Charles Gibson, of Mo , Solicitor of the Court of Claims. John D McPherson. of this city, Assistant Solicitor of the Court of Claims. Wm Cuddy, of Mo . Surveyor General for th# Statu of Illinois and Missouri | Samuel L Griffith, of Ark , Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Southern Super!ntendency. , Clinton C Hutchinson, of Kansas, Agent for | the Sac and Fox Agency. ArpoiSTKD ?B Crupper, of Va , ha* fcecn ap pointed a flrst-'-luss clerk In the hand OrJlce \V H. Champion, of Ohio, to a first-class clerk* [ ship in the Pension Office. \Vm. H. Hayes of Ohio, H. Alter of Ind., >nd L H Brady or Ohio, to second-class clerkships In the Indian Bureau Win. T. Atwoo<V of Wia , to a first-class clerk ship in the stme offi-.e. * Stewart, of Pa , has been appointed Assist ant Examiner in the Patent Office. Rkmqwkd?B G Guvall, of Texas, a clerk in the Census Bureau, ha* resigned B. HrlutfS. of Ohio, a clerk of the first-class In the Land Office, has resigned. Army Officer* Resigned ?Second Lieut. R C Hill.of.N.C . fifth Infantry; and Second l.ieut. Joseph P. Mlntur. of Vs., s-cond cavalry, U. S. A , have resigned. I he Surrender of the U. A. Treops In Texas? Letter fr?m an Army Officer. San Astomio, Texas. March 21, ISrtl. Edit or Star: In a late issue of the New York Times a foul and unjust misrepresentation has been made In regard to mventiduct in connection with the transfer of tbe public property to the State of Texas at this station. I am but a subordinate officer, and had nothing whatever to do in or with the transaction. If any one Is to tv* censured, let It fall upon tbe bead of thos- linplleattd The matter whs controlled by the officer commanding th'department,ard witn him must rest the responsibility. 1 claim that I was from the first opposed to the unwarrantable seizure of the property, and shared with the rest of mv brother ('Ulcers the mortification attending the transaction. | I ain reported l?y the Tlmea as having resinned my commission In tbe Army and taken service In I Texas Every particle of the report is an outra geous libel upon me. Iam now, and ever have been, attending to my legitimate dutlts, and will | continue to do so until otherwise ordered. The I report urew out of the fact that I was offered tbe appointment of Qnartcrinasttr General of this | State. I know my obligations and duties too I well to entertain any proportion Incompatible with them It was a bid which my sense of duty I rnmmo ?a *?*- * * ?..v.. ...v irjvc*, picirini^ msiana oy my trust rather tban accept anything that could be ottered rne. They have rakrd up old charge^rom the musty record*, and dragged me before the public on false Information, charges which you know have long sinre been honorably adjusted, and which the entire press of the country, from .Maine to Mex ico. fully endorsed Even the Times did roe justice, which it seldom ever has been known to do, especially where Virginian? are concerned I am not the only one who has suffered by the unjust reports of infamous letter-writers and scribblers I observe In an Issue of the National Intelligencer at Washington, of March '2d last, an article which reflects very unjustly and ungener ously up: n the conduct of Major i>. H Vinton and'Capt R. H R. Wh'.tely, of the Army, as connected with the late transfer of the public property at this station to the State of Texas, tinner the orders of Gen Twlgcs, commanding thU W lsr.11 *bv ^Ivi ivu? wlH V Intelligencer condescends to notice such villainous reports, we must admit we have lost our friends. The writer must been misinformed, or evi dently misapprehended the true position of these officers He will doubtlers admit it, on a fair presentation of the case. Neither Major Vinton r Capt Whltcly, or I believe any other officer, was a party to the understanding which led to the transfer, fhey were merely constituted a boird, bv order of the General, to carry out bis orders previously determined upon by that offl er. After the transfer had been determined upon, it became necessary to execn?e it in an orderly man ner, so as to protect the officers charged with the property, and prevent any imposition upon the Government, and to secure a safe and speedy removal of the troops from the country These office's were designated for tbe reason they were the highest in rank at this station, and co'.stltuted a board for these several objects alane. 1 have reason to know that the gentlemen re ferred to were from tb?llrst opposed, and violently opposed to tbe entire transaction They are both true and faithful officers, and have tbe reputation of being two as honorable snd trustworthy gen tlemen as can be found In the Army. Yours truly, A. \V. Reyboldi, U. 3. A. |?7" The London Times of tbe 20th March, In the course of a leading article reviewing the acts of tbe Southern Congress, savs : "Tbe navigation ui lur .ii imiii pfii Das hMn declared free to the citizen* of any of the states on 1U bordira, or upon tke borders of 1U navigable tributaries. 7'itj enactmtnt teas a n>ctsstty It is impossible to imagine tkat tke H'e.'tirn Statrs would ever P'rmit their (Kief ru'let to the. ocean to be (loxed by the tnurnequet of a foreign custom-bouse. K ven in Europe the Dinube, which passes through tbe territories of various and hoctlle racea. bus been made free The people living on the bend waters of the Mississippi, on the Ohio, the Mis. souri, and even the Arkansas, would he mpet in dignant if anv attempt were made to interfere with the traffic between the Gulf and the heart of the American continent." Biooklyx Navt-Ya*d?Ths Powhatas Pr* rAKiNe loa Scxvicb ?Orders have been some what unexpectedly received at ths Brooklyn navy yrrd directing th- Immediate outflt of the United States steam frlpate Powbatan the crew of which vessrl were detached on Monday. Accordingly, a number of cnulkera and other workmen were nut on board yesterday, and no time will be ioat In having the ship once more ready for commis sion. Her boilers will be overhauled. Orders to lit out the Perry were received, as we slated on Tuesday, but they come hv mistake, and have been countermanded.?y. Y Post, 3d. ID-At Parla, on the iWth ultimo, commercial business generally continued dull, owlnjj to the uneasiness created by political causes, the mone tary embarrassments, In Kurope and America, the Ill-founded apprehension entertained by many French manufacturers as the period ai>Drnache? for carrying into full effect tbe commercial treaty, and particularly tbe eicesslve clearness of monev Tbeae alt affect and Impede tbe revival of trade The wheat and flour market, however, w&i firm. Nkkd* thi Popular Kndobsbmkmt .? A writer in tbe Macon (Ga.) Journal, apoken of and en dorsed by the editor aa an eminent jurist, declares that before tbe new govern inent can be established it must receive the assent of tbe people?not until they have given their approval can It be binding on them. Th> W*ath**.?The following report of the weather for the morning is made from the Amer lcan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. Aran. 4, 1m61. New York, N. Y clear, pleaaant. Philadelphia, Pa clear, cool Washington. 0. C cloudy, wind E Richmond, va. cloudy, 47*. Petersburg, Va... cloudy, cooi. Raleigh, N. C clear, 58*. Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. Charleston^ S. C... cloudy, 52?. Augusui, ul .e'.o'idy. cool. Savannah, Ga ..cloudy, 00*. Macon, Ga.. cloudy. Grlffen. Ga raining, wind E Montgomery, Ala cloudy, warm. Mobile, Ala,... cloudy, 01?. New Orleans, La cloudy, 69?. riOM TBS WIIT Frederick, Md cloudy, damp. Hageratown, Md cloudy, damp. Harper's Ferry, Va. cloudy, cool. Cumberland, Md cloudy, cool. Plttaburg. Pa clear, 30?. Grafton, Va clear, pleuant. Wheeling, Va. clear, ?T?. Uarmer. O clear, pleaaaat. Cincinnati, O cloudy, mild Cleveland, O clear, wind ? 9t. Loula, Mo clear, 58?.wind E at u?e Smithsonian at 4 a ?./(cor rected for temperature,) 30.349; at boob, 30..165 tor at 6 a. a., 3f>**; at boob, 47? ? ?r .dmr1*?L2? kow? ?* ?> day, m*| wdnlmwm 3r. U A ft >li J. # ( hirlnua Affairs The members of the South Carolina State J Convention, together with a larjjs party of ladies and gentlemen, paid a visit on Saturday to the i several fortified positions In the harbor. The Charleston papers give detailed accounts of the excursion, which Is said to have astonished even those who had previously entertained the utmost confidence la the strength and the extent of tbesa defences. In a description appended to an engraved illus tration of the famous "Iron battery" on Coal mines' Point, (the nearest battery to FortSumter), mm" tuvivUI j ?ay?. The Colnmblad guns. with which this novel battery it eauippta, bear on the ?outh will of f*unr.ler, the line of flre being at an angle of about thtrty-llve degrees Thisis not. of course,consid ered favorable for breachlne, bat owing to the fact that the wall ia loop-boled for musketry throughout Ita entire length, which of cour*e weakens it a great deal, the < ff-ct cf shot upon It would, we think, even at the distance of 1.150 yards. effect a breach within a reasonable time On the return trip tbe two steamers containing the party directly under tbe grim walls of Fort Mimter. the rampnrSaof winch were crowded with officers and men. "Dixie's Land" was played by tbe bauds on the steamers, and several white flags were spread to the breeze, but whether the gallant Anderson or any of his small band re sponded tbe reporters "saith not " General Beauregard, in order to exhibit tbe skill of bis artillerists, indulged tbe visitors with a sight of artillery practice from two bitterles, a buoy in tbe ship channel, distant 1,600 yards, being ustd as a target. The Courier says of tbe result: Three rounds were given ; at each round the vis itors express<d tbeir admiration cf tbe excellent line shots that were mad* by tbe gunners Tbe shell from the mortars were thrown beautifully. On tbe last round tbe balls nearly all struck im mediately by and over the buoy Tbe Courier of Monday thinks It unnecessary to inform tli? members ?f the Convention that "Fort Sumter, th tt monument of imbecility, and vacillation, and tres<-herv t? n?>? *??? " If, *a\? the Courier, the order from Washington does not reach rs very toon, it will be proper to

five an order from tLe "General's room'' In the iia'.l, to: the evacuation or surrender. A Qcarrkl of Our Own?The military au thorlti?-sabout Charleston harbor have persistmtly refused facilities to the press of the city, alwava urging the importance of silence In reference to thf siateof the military preparations and defenses Although these are matters of great desire to our readers, ai<d comple'ely within our reach, yet we hive readily acquitsced in the policy, >acrillciiig Interest from a regard to the public weal lint we lud a right to expect, and did expect, that rare would be takrn to exclude the reporters of other papers, and particularly of northern papers. The iloa'ing b:<tt? rv was a great secret, and yet Its ac curate description was heralded over the country by a hundred different correspondents We had occasion to notice, a short time ago, the excellent engravings of sundry Morris Island batteries, taken bv their artist, and fowarded with descriptions to Krank Leslie's Paper, In which they appeared. To day we publish a full descrip tion of all the various batteries, with names, number of guns. Ac , Ac , written, as we under stand, by Dr Salter, the self-proclaimed corres pondent of that virulent Abolition sheet, the New York Times. Another description of the same is published In the New York Herald. So that our people apparently have to go to New York papers to It-arn facts about our own affairs. It this just: Is it right? Have not the press of Charleston good reasons to complain? We know our readers will think, as we do, it isa crying shameand Injustice. If this be the result of our compliance, we'll make an end on 't for the future.?CkarltstoH Mt rrury. riiK Mississippi Forces kn roctk to Pkssa cola ?The Mobile Advertiser of Saturday chron lrl< s the arrival at that city on the previous after noon of seven companies from North Mississippi, rn route to Pensacola. The companies being formed iuto line, under tho command of Captain Chalmers, marched to the l'lanb-rs Press yard, on Congress street, where the Southrons ('- ml W _ 7 V I B. Wake, and the Southern Avengers, Capt Geo. H. Lipscomb, were already quartered. These companies, both frotn Lowndes county, Alissis ippl, number respectively H) and 76 meu, tbus ii.akinj; a force of nearly TOO M issisai plans We understan d they will be urbanized into & regular regiment. rfy-MIXHAMCS' UNION RIFLES-By | i ? order of the companr there wiih* a busi ness me?tinK on THURSDAY KVENING, April 4th. A fuli attendance of a!i iiiemt>er*i* fqu?? ed. It* P. CORCORAN. See. nrs^THK LECTURE* KY OR- BAMSOM, '? .? President of Columbian College, aro eon tinned KVKRY SATUK DA V NIGH f, atqunrter to eight, at tho Rooms of the Youn< Men's Chris tian As??>ciati?' . I's avenue, opposite Brown'a Hotel. Every Sabbath school lyncher is particu larly invited. Yuum mer, do not for jet this inter cetinK and instructive meeting. ap 4 St ATTENTION. No. >.?The members of the Perseverance Fir* Company, No. 5, ar* 1?* i 1 rj til" irKui?i monlhlT am r >ti?< will be i,e!d on THURSDAY KVENING. April 4th, 1E61, at 7>? o'clock Fv?ry member w* 11 bia punctual in attendance, as biMi?*ai < f r,reat lm p -rt*nco will be brought before the comply, ap 3 it* GEO. t LETCHER. Sea. xr JT W AGONS, CARTS AND DRAYS. Rkc.ISTER'-. OfficK- Ma-en 9K- tflfil Notice is herein guen tlia' licenses iKeued to ovurricfWanoTii. Cart* and l)raT? wnl rxpire on tho first in April and Uiatsaid Lioen?ea rrist he rrnew?d in oomciitv>ce with law, at this office, within ten days alter ttm? time. WII.LI AM morgan. *ra 16 dtApril 4 Re*:tter. CHINA tea SET?, At 92 30 Pk* Fkt We have jnst opened a lot of China To* sets(S2 pieoes,) * hich we wi'l nail *t 92 SO vt set C. W. BOTEI.FR A S??N. ap 4 3'eo 31**. 'rr>n Ha.l. 1V1AGNOLIA HAMS ! IT I MAGNOLIA HAMS!! Wo are now r*??ivinic oar first supply of Magno lia Hms for tins season They cannot be sur pa??*d. KINO A Bl RCHEl.L. ap 4 cornTlSth st and Vermont *v F^OR SALE?A sty ash colt, nearly five years o d p< rfrotly sound and gentle, and can cy trot mnide of 3 miru'es and a half, h l?o.a jU^f* h*ndroine r.o t? p ISL'OHY.arrt fine N K.St*. The win e establishment will l?* sold to gether Address Post Office liox No. 381. ep 4 3t* i^OFFEE URNS. TE* URNS. CHAIINO V' Dlt*HES. K' 'xtles, Ac We have hsd manufactured for our <wn ?a'e? an ?xoell?iit a*?ortment of ii'nck Tin Coff-? Urrs, Tea Urns, Chafing Pishes, K ttles, Ao., whioh we will sell at greatly rpdi-oe1 prioo. C W. BoTELF.R * RON. ap 4 3teo 31S. T-rn Hall. PRI NO MANTILLAS*. cloaks ANnpinwia A larr? and apiordid a?a?rtirent now in atore and daily receiving |r?u tn? imprrtera and manu j-ctnrr.a, lilt tho revest styles and at the very lowest pncoa fur cam J. W. COTjI-KV ? CO., ap 4 St 3*21 7t'i at., bot D and Pa a v. Dinner sets, tfa sets, and toilet SET;* Kec?nt import*! iona from the Enc'l- h po'teriea orable ui to ? ffer the t>*at Whit* (irante Dinner J*eta. T#-& Set*. ard Trilet ftrta. at from 15 to 10 par ornt lets fh?n former prioea. An examination oI cucxii ia solicited. C. W. botelfr 4 f*on. ap 4 3teo 31ft. Iron Hum. \evv and SPLENDID drkpfl OOODS. Now in etore al! th" new> at atylea and fabrina, with si large aaaortment ?.f handaoine Oray Oonda, for ladiea' raits 3 w> vrrda Fancv Preaa 8(1 It a, which we are runtime off a* rednoej prioea to clote til iuk I'cnn nt pieoea tupeilor Cain Hlaok Hilka, from low pric* to ai:perior gradea. all very cheap, and whioh wo eak purchastra to examine. J. YV. COLLBY * CO., ap 4 2w 523 Seventh at., bot. D and Pa. av. ?' * r FRENCH LINEN CAM BR 10 HANDKER CHIEFt*. iu> dot. French Lir an Hankerch'fa at $1 SO per dos. 50 dog. CO. do. dn, #2 50 do. 5u dm. do. do. do. $S.(im do. (Theie cooda are extra cheap.) French Qhiit>ng Lingua, I'lxh Linen. Linen Towelinf, Table Lm?n, Curtain Maaiina, Mtraeillea Qml'a Oar (took ia full in all departments, and we in vite a'l in want of DRV GOODS at low prioea to give u? a call. WM. R RILEY * BRO, No. 3? Central Stores, Latweec 7th and ?th atreeta, ap 4 twif Opposite Center Market. Irw>R PHILADELPHIA.?The ateamar monr, Captain Palmer, ia now ready for fre ght for above port: will^^2^R? sail on Frida* morning at 10 o'elock.^^^^^^^^" Appiy to HYDE it DAVIDSON, Georfetown, D. C. ap 4-?t* FOR BOSTON.?'The anperior clipper aehooner Orvetta. Dixie, master, i? now receivir g oargo for the a*tove port, and will have^STBfr quick dispatch. Arply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, ap3-4t 99 and 101 Water at., Georgetown. FROM BOSTON.?The regular packet nohooner Eugene hu arfar.d_will be dia; >^5^ i:na> JCIUK iivr J i'' f ill (TiiuratUy.) Apply to iiahilkV & HKOTHER, ap 8 3t 99 and 101 Waterst, Georgetown. NOTICK.? REMOVAL.?Having rrmored to 533 S*?vf nth street, d;reoty opposit* my O 'i tor*. I earnesty solicit a oontinuacoe of mj old patronage. M. D RUpSKi.L, Bookseller and Stationer N. ? ?By rp'eial arrangement* I will sopplr the New Yoik Kxpress. tli* greatest newspaper In tfce world. iramidiiiU't "H" ">? ??! ?! >' lh4** ? train from New York', at NnrVWk prioei, whol? ale and retail M. D. RUSSELL. ??? 7th St.. under the A venae Horn, M 3 St tvo doors abore Pa. arena*. MRS A. BPKIR spriya t Vu^?kr'mil iner y! Fr?aa Prrurtlt From thr Warrington correspondence of the Pen aaoola ObMtvrr of the we have the subjoined extract*: The U yudott* created tome stir on yesterday by ber morementt; sh? steamed up snd went out to tbe Sabine and St Lavis ofl the bar. tbe latter bftlited hiIiood afterwards; tbe Wyandotte re turned, went up to the Nary Yard, left there soon afterward nod proceeded to Pensacols It ap pear* that provisions over at Fort Plckena are not ao very plentiful aa waa aald to be tbe raae An demon's fat* aeema to be pursuing Sleonmer Col. Clayton, of tbe Alabama Regiment former ly, now ol the Confederate Statra, generoualy do nated the man who had lost hla arm one hundred dollara a man wu idci at toe K'doubi lMt night, In attempting to pass the sentry without the roun teraign He died aoon afterward*. No blame la attached to the smtry, at he only performed bis duty The deceased was a member of the Red Eaele company The steamer Kate Dale, from Mobile, arrived here this morning with a larjje quantity of pro visions, Ave h.indred staid of arma and two hun dred thousand ball cartridges from Mount Vernon Arsenal. In charge of our gallant townsman, Ueut R. L Sweetman. The Mobile Advertiser of theSfrth gives the fol lowing : Captain Ben Kane Poeey. of the' Red Bag lea," arrived at half-past six this morning from War rington. Fla , having left there veaterdav evening at 3 o'clock. We gather from Elm the folio * lag itpmt That he left thers thirteen companies, number ing In the aggregate about one thouaaad men Eleven of theae companies are from Alabama, one from Atlanta. Georgia, and one from Mlitoa, Florida. He Informs us tbat ten companies of Alabama troops Lave gone into the aervlca of the Confederate states, his company being one of them. Captain Posey returns to-morrow, and will, In the meantime, receive new recruits foe hla com paiy. Captain P. his command of the "Redoubt," a verv pretty little fort, one thouaand yards in rear of ftarrancaa. It is now. he tells us. tkt strategic point of rvmsci'U, Slid upuu it ilcprnda, In large measure, the safety of all the rest of the mainland poets, as It drfends their Inland ap proach In case of land attack in the rear A letter appears in the Montgomery Mall of Saturday laat from a correspondent j<ist returned from I'ensacola. We make the loilowlng ex tract* : The most stirring Incident of the past few daya was the capture on the night of tbe 26th Instant, of the schooner Carry by Captain Stredman. of the Wllcoi True Blues. The schooner taking advantage of the shadows of night was trying, against orders, to convey coal and supplies clan destinely to the *hlp W vandotte. for the nse of the United States fleet. The officer In command getting wind of her mission, ordered Captain Steedman to proowd with a detail of men from hla company, and if possible intercept her. Tbe gallai.t young Captain, procuring an open boat, m>de cbaae and after some difficulty In finding her. succeeded in capturing her almost under the verv liowi of the Wyandotte, and proudly bore ber b?ck as the prtzs of the new Confed eracy. Another noted "Institution" connected with tbe military arrangements below, is a very diminu tive stearr cr uki! for patrollug the bay, to prevent supplies reaching the enemy. Some of tbe boys have dubbed ber the Wild Cat,and manned with a detachment of volunteers. It la Interesting to wat< h her, as bird-like she scuds o'er tbe dark blue waters, now stopping and dallying about the Wy-andotte, as if coaxing her for a fight; now ec centric breakin? away and running cloae to tha wails of Fort l'lckens, seeming to say, "Take a pop, If you want to;" and then, apparently em tmldenfa with her success, dzshlng out beyond l'lckens. and with a sort of dare-dt-vll effrontery making the circuit of tbe fleet, and may-be over hauling some suspected craft under guua, a single broadside of which would blow her to atoma. She is the terror of the few bad men on that part of thpcoait wholf> r.tinfAfivAr tr??rW?f r , - ?? / ? *? " to r.irry on an Illicit traffic with our enemies A* tbe germ of the navv of the new republic,44 long uiay she wave " Fokkig* I ntklmgeite ?The following addi tional Items by the America h?ve been received: In tbe House of Lord* the Duke of Newcastle explained tbe proceeding* of the Legislature of the Ionian Islands A proposition had been made for annexation to Greece, to unite both in one empire and expel the* Turks from Europe. The English Governor, believing tbn measure unconstitutional, prorogued tbe Assembly for six months. Lord Wodehouse stated his belief that Holsteln would reject tbe propositions of Denmark, but war was not likely to occur before August In tbe House rf Commons l.ord Russell prom ised to produce the correspondence with tbe American Government in the Anderson case. Tbe Bank of France has reduced Its discount rate to five per rent It is reported that ten thousand men will be Mbl to fiom*. to ?oitt/Arr* tho garrison there, but really for a counter demonstration to tbe Austrian treops on tbe Po. Tbe Forte bad consented to the extension of tbe French occupation of Syria. Alexander Dumas has challenged tbe editor of tbe !ta!la de Prnnla fnr *n laMXlon ?? 1 1 ( .... ? * i \*11 w? ua? i 11 recelvrd moury during Garibaldi's Dictatorship HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE WEEK LY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE ? IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUAL LED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUN DRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIM Ed ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Week, to be out on Fri day Morning?price Th ree Cents?ten/I be a remarkably interesting one. 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' Sapor FLOUR auifcotand hw Bomf THOMAS* b^an ? - Kxua. audf) , _ . M A JuliioD.Utlii Burnt Mills. tun ty, Md , has r?mo v*: to No 40 itrNt, between H and I. *h?r? he vitt at all tiBM to pl*a**d to u* h i old euitomert. Alwaye on hand a food a aortiaMt of Ftaar, aa abor*. Also, Cora Meal, ShiMtafTJNaa. Ac. a??t' Pw*4^|jJSjPIJ W1 Shortly expaetod pom Maiw^^ar wn-i? AUCTION* SALES. Br WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. A PPLBNDID HOWSiS. HAj?NF.?>*. AND A Whjos a t Acctioh ?O" ''ATI R1)aS' MORNIIMU. i?ai*?t ?t 1* ? will * trott of the ano'ion R<x>ro?, a aplfladM Horti, h*rrMi fcerf The Hora? tea bo fmait wh?Urfr, Md l hai??mt offera him for a*l* orif UM?e bit.u ?o fatth*t for ons. T?rm? ovk. ?P3 <\ W A l.l. k BAKNAKD, Akhi B? J. C AloO I'IKb * CO.. iaobo^T Sl'PKRIOR R(HKWiM>D CHlCKERIVq Pi4wo F< rti. itrii.i iit FrmiTtii HoniHuLD Frr?ia at I'iiuc ACctior-O* rC'ESDAV MoKMVfi. AariMKh, atl?orcWk at t** raanlar.ce of Charlea T. Jone?, Ea*.. N?. 337S H. h?tw?w 6th an<1 7tli ?fr**r?. we ahall ae I I he FirMtHr?knd t-?>ot?. ooirpnaiBf? Chi??enn* Pitoo.7 octave*. Koaewood 8too] Core:. Handa me Walnut Parlor Pnite, fiaiehed la Bn>, OoaaieliLC of 8 5*. fa?, t A r m B"d ? hid# Ciiira. M*rW? t?-? fwtw TaV*e, Wtitridf, lArc* Oval Mirror, litn Kimtl; oriMiiMt*'*. Oil PfclntinftB. K?nc? Churl Marh e t<fTwiNt Brui?? *a.' Thrw fit Ortfli, (til? otk, Oak and 'A a out t'Uarut er Set*. Mah<>?ar/? Murrau*. Cotta*-- ticd?tea<1a. Hoik Mit!re??i, K*att>er fil'otr*. Toilet Pete. I rot a*, ' lock, l.nokin* ?>aaaec. Pine Wardrobe. Bttf and Gilt PliadM, Hat Rack Venetian ? arp. t, *tair Rod*. Walnat Kxtena; n Uitiiuc Tat. e. Knirea and Kurke. Oak Cane-aeat Din in* Cha r#, Btor.e China and O a?? Ware, Water Cooler, Air-tiihtarH Krank in f?tove?, Tnf?th#r With A >Ai,Ar*. kM rtm#rt nf Kif/>k*? 1(HiiutN Term*: fS" a?-d under c*ah : orer that turn a credit of jn and ae day*, for aauaractonly ardoroed n-l??. bearing mtoreat. *p?-<lftd* J.C. 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I eell al the Furniture mmI Effect*. oo:nfn*in* in ran? Handoome anit ?t Fa^or Furniture, con aiat at of too S? f&a Arm thai re a-.d aix Par lor Cnaire, Marble top ? onter and Pofa Table*. Walnut and M*h irrni) Whrtuota. Facay Table*. Matu gary J'p'inic ? *? J*ofa*, Lour-eo*, Walnut I)ama*ii covered Parlor !?uit*, Cane and ** ood *r%t Ctiaira. CI>-ok?. Mahogany Mir -r f.ont Seoretvry and Bo-?koaee. Gilt and Mahogany framed Mir of, Oamvk and I .ace Window >bailee. ftae Char.r'Hiera. Bracket* ard Fixturea, Druaaota Three p,y at-d Ingrain Carpru, <U.cloth. Star Carpet*. Ku*a, Rod* end Free. Five ?4 fort Exteiiaion Umit r Table*. hide Ta ble* , Sixty Oak French Dining Chaira. Gilt SShadoa, Silver plat? d Caatora. Waiter a, Sat Star d? Spoona aid fc?rk*, Large quantity of French and Stone China Dinner Desert and oa W are. Table Cut erv, G'.a a Ware, Tib'e Linen. Mahogany, Walno?ard Painted Chaw^or Faml turo, ?>f various pattern*. Frather Bed*. Ho etera and Pi low#. ilair ai d Huak Matt'ejaee, Toil't Vet*. Blanket*, Comfort*, fprrada and Siieeta, Opon Coal, K*diator aud Airt gut St.?v- a Together with a large aaeortment vt excellent Houaohoid a-id Kitcuea Furniture i ot r teetaa ry to e. unr.erat*. ALeo, at 12 O'clock A oomplete aetof l>rntci Inatrnmente ant! Oftce Future*. Termr 925 a'd under oaah , over that *um a oredit ot 6A and W d?y?, jor eat ?faotority en"r-T*ed note*, bearing lu'.ereat N. CALLAN, Truatoe ap 2 d J.C McGl IK F A Co.. Aecta. Bt J.C. MoSl'IRK A CO, Aueti'TM-,, "XTENPiVF. hALK BV CATALOGUE OF i Fck?iitcb* *!?t) F.rr?rT? op Clat'? H'Jrl. Wahisstos, D. C ?On MONUAV .MiiR.MINU. Apr.l -bU . commencing at 10 o'o oca, and oontia uing fr*<m d&y todv*uot> the wh< le i* diatoaad of. we will cell a'l the Furniture ard Fffr<ju of Cl%?'a Hotel. Peon, areuue, Setween ad aad 4H ueeta. oomprumg about uue hundred parlor* and cH&mbcta, via: Vor/ aaperior and nearly rew Poaewocl Clicker ing aeven octave Y ano Forte.Cov^r arl M-iol. argeand haar.aome French plate Mantel Mirror*. Gm Chatdelier*, Br?nkeu and Fixture* tiu-ough out, Handaotna WaJnnt and Mahogany P?rlo' F?mi lure. fir.?ao4 in Brooatelle, P,u*h and Hair el th. Marble "on Center^Sr.fa and ?iJe TalJe*. Wa rnt W hatnot- Fancy Cnau* ar.d, Walnut Writing Deak* and Hookoaiee, H aid a' me Veivatand Kru**e.a Caipeta, Oilc'oth. Razaand Ingrain Carpet*. Gi'.t-f'-air.e Mantel Mirror*, Varer and Or.ramoota. Br... ?Mil? ami l.aoo Curta..j?, Cornier a no Fea ture*. R >arwood and Walnut Bedateada Urtaaiag Rnreeua, Waehotanda and Wardrebaa. Foather Bod*. Bo ater, and Pillow*, To.let Sou. Corled Hair and liu#k Mattrr-i>aea. E l Arge ,uai:tity of Bed and Tab e Linen. Hlanketa.^Comiorta at.d Cnunter^&naa In large Dilute '1 al>i?a, Oak Oinlra Chaira. Frei on ar.U Stone Chita Dincer, Dsaaert and Tra Mfw, Tab!* CutlTy, J*ilver-f!at*d Ware, Cutnra, Chafing Diaher, Waiter*, Ocflee and Tea Urna, Bar.Couuter and Fixturea, Liquor* ar<! Cuat, Iron Saf". r>e?k? and Offio* Turniture. Steam Boiler. U atinj Apra'atus, 4tc. Tojefer with a lira* quantity of tu uaeiio.d Ef f'o a not nee<^ara j to ecutberate. Tmhh : #Var.?t under oa?n1 over that amoart a eredit of 60 ar.d 90 daya, for aati?factorii.v eadoraru notea. luterrat ma90 ecftda J. C. McGUIRF A CO., Aacte. ICK?ICE?!CK! TON8 of (Otxl teo for ? e at a moderate 500 ?r;ce, wholesale auJ tetail. Apply to W1L.1.IAM rtl' K LfcY, on the vv at biuc to .-' Koad, b. tweanthe Poor Hnnw and the IV al Kamn. ap I SI* lySSOLL'TCON OF COPARTNERSHIP. The eopartnerahip heretofore eziatirc under the firin of C. W. Hotelir k Hon* i* thia day d?a . i;rru <11 HiHiit. musem. A Ii |>er on? Indebtod to the I at* firm are requested to rr.aks immediate set t emeut. The Housetnrnishing BuiiDrn on tb* first floor wilt h?r??fttr be oonduot?d by C. W. M"tesr end John W. Botcler. uuder the firm of C. W. Botelet A Hon The Aaetion and Kornitare J'n?irrs* on the ?ec ond and tnini floors will hereafter l>e oondaoted ' ? C. W Boieler,jr., and Join Q. Wiliaon, under the firm of ttoteior It \v il.son. C. W. BOTELKE. C. W. BuTEL.FR, jr.. J. W. BOTELEk. I?o!? Hai l. April 1.1WH. ap a-3t?o A A CAKD. REPORT Having gained f?me ourreioy here that the Una Insurance Compauy of Hartford. Ci , ha? declined to Uke an; further ruk? in the Dis trict of Columbia the undemgnod takes this method of oontradieting the ?tavm?nt.and of in viting t e att'ntrn of ?1 who ma? desire to avail themaeiv*a of the pr teetion of th.s i>ld ard uui ersaiir popular Con pany to the <*Ace, No. Seventh atrr*-t, oppo*-t4 the lutelligeueer oftee, whr - he is al*avf uu hand to reo*ive app toaUoos as n*;r*tof >re. Tli? tompan? ha? paid out. for losies in this city within the last two months, up ward o< fio,nui. maSHt T. >1 HANSON. Agent. rtVfctvrHHTREKT. ALWAYS AHKAD. I htvt tail r?MiTt< a me* atoek of SPRING CLOTHING. F U R N I bH 1 N ? ? O O u S , TRl' NK8, HAT* and CAHt*. to vhtek I invito tne atteutiob ol ai. in wax,t of auoh articioa. Mr noU.i la "A quick ixpeo > better than a alow ?ti. ling." fho??> :n want of Ciothing we invito to ooine and look at oar corda and prtcea ; *d4 if rr u want a nine tMurtfend a pretty Tie, No 4M S*v t la the place to sot Uie?n I have a wj lane ?tj >' k nf HP KING HATK wtueh I mm tffi ing at 25 per orr.L below Iheir aoitia! vaJne. For thoae who want to travrl. 1 have juat r?oei v*u a large lot of TRUNKS, ^ALlSK^.and CARPET B AGS. v?'Ti> g in pricee from #1 se to RA If yon want a good 1 rnnk. Clothing, Pemahing Gwea, Hata, or Capa, there in no piaoe where yoa ean buy turn aa low ae at the People's Clotiuni Store, No. 460 seventh at., oppoaite Poet Office, fH. MttITlT7?c4hi?r, mar U-Jm No 4 60 Seventh at? bet K and K. RllitilT BOOKS J net ra???.i ?> * ? rRBDUH * RICH;* fEIN, 2T? Fm.mvrm Ti*atiaeon trie Admimatration and Organisa Hon of the BriUah IM?H Btinnfbr. Fonb.aocue. 1 voL, ?to. hnfhali adiboa; prtM by Tuat/uation tor Fiald Artillery, 1 rol., IMao.. pnoe by mailfUo. Nummary of the A t of War, by Baron da Joan 1.1 ro\ , liico ; price br mail ffJ>. A Tr?aka* on Fie d Fouifcaauon, by D I. Ma ban. 1 voL.Mmo.; by nail #1 An r.ieraenlay Traai ta o? Ativanae* 6aar<j, Out Poata and Detactnooct Samoa of Troupa. bf U 4 M alias. I vol . 16mo , by mail 75 oenta. Manna> tor the Patriotio Vo unt^era on _ Servioa in Regular and lrr**nlar War by Hugh Forbe?, J vola , Uroo ; arioe l?y irailjti F.voiuUona of Field kaUariM of ArUllary by Major Robert Aadaraon, 1 vol., llnw; arioe by mt.ltlK Oar aiaal diaewotof 10 to per <??t.??oail bouudbooka FUhNCH A RICHSTKIN, aag <lnt.kBoa> ?T? Pa afi??? 1m NEW DRfct* GOODS. _ _ _AM_Dai;y reeelvm* new atrlaa of l.tniw imtw uiMJUF. in ?Tray Good*. fo?iiai. CbaT Iim, D*i*inet, Doua 1. K?mm, Drb*|m? ?!!? mr lood il|.? w lo* u l, 1A m4 1SH mhU per yard. ILNRYtGA.N. tit Pa. tutww 8th *ti4 7th aU.. if (InUI.) Now lr?Bcildiri T%&R5W?^LTR-/?.Jritt" CM"U D?nty'a i).ok?ni, Darin Caoaor. Ayyliwui Nrw Amtniu Cyclopedia, *oiaj?? 11 mv rai4fi A l i aur otk*r Nrw Books raooivad tfela day and for mm at oar n?a*l Jow iru"