Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1861 Page 3
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IOTA I. NEWS |~7" TiiOUKh 1 HI S*TA.* la printed on the fastest (tram pre* In o*? south of BtU.norv, Ita edition la * lv/e na to require It to be put to press at an earlv ho-ir; Advertisements, therefore, ikould be se&i id b?Pnrt 1*2 o'clock rr.ettierwlse they mtj ??* appear until the next da?. fSoTici.?District of Columbia Advertisements ?? be inserted In tL. 3altimoks Beware received at and forwarded from Thb Sta* Offlce. Cbimixal CoraT ?Yeaterdav the Court, upon the conclusion of Mr Quid's argument for Gov ernment. In reply to Mr Carlisle's demurrer t<> tbe indictment against IVter 8. Duvall, charged w!th perjury, delivered a decision quashing the Indict ment John Rawllngs alias "Wit" Rawllrigs, was then placed on trial on a charge of assault and batterv on Joseph Bell; also, on a second Indict ment for an assault and battery on Julius Welble. Verdict guilty, and 810 tine in the Unit case, and guilty of assault only and a fine of 95 in the second one William Thoiras alias Wm Wallace was then tried for stealing * pnir of boot* worth f5 from A B Jones Verdict not guilty, in consequence of tbe prisoner being proved to M a slave. Trial of John Foby (Soldier) for Ik* Murdtr of Mtekatl Murphy?This morning John Foley was brought over from the jail to be tried for killing Corporal Michael Murpby of the U 9 Infantry rorp*. Major Hasklnt, now quartered on Capitol Kill Mr. T J Page aaalated tbe District At torney on behalf of the Government, and Messrs Norris and Thrift appeared for tbe defendant Tbe juror* were railed severally and qut-atloned as usual on their coir dtrt. as to their competency to sit aa jurors In a case of murder. The following jtiro s having passed the n?ual examination without objection weresworn : Wm. Harper. F. A. Tucker, James Kspy, Orlando H. Donn. H C Addison, J. T Clark, John T. Cas a?-ll, Mlcbael Green, Martin P. King Thos J. Wilson. Joeepb N. Downing, Thomas Gallagban. Mr. P?pe, for tbe Unltnl then tddrrMrd tbe opening to the Jury, flrst stating tbe history of the homicide, and afterwards defining the law of murder as laid down in tbe books, and as rec ogn!z?*d in criminal jurisprudence. Mr. Morris stated that the defence would re serve their opening until tbe close of theevidence for the prosecution. R' btrt I.anedcrk- iWArn ?that he knows Foley; nw him on tbe day of the mur der. Witness wr? on guard, and a little before 6 o'clock tbe corporal told him to take off hi* uni form and put on his fatigue drew When vrltneaa came down be wm placed In tbe hall to keep re<~ple from going In and out the room where Foley was confined Walked up and down about five minutes. when Murphy came In and opened tbe door about a foot, ana Witness aaw Foley with a gun In bis band, and he charged bayonet on Murphy Murphy closed the door, and Foley pulled It open a^aln. Murphy strove to get his musket, and Folev raised his gun to his shoulder and fired at Murphy. Murphy turned half round, eiHairned, "Oh, iny God, I'm shot," and fell to tbe floor. He lived about two minutes, but ?>ever spoke again Foley after shooting talked as though he cared nothing about wb't he had done Corporal Nolan ran down stairs as z* soon as tbe ^un was fired, but witness thinks no one but himself was in the ball when the shot w*s fired. When Murphy opened the door Foley called him byname Witness was in the room at ?l - *' ? * % iuc timer roiry waa Ilea, una BOOUl nan an hour before the shooting. Foley abused Murphy about Mel rig him. and said he might tie his feet as well as bis bands He told Foley to be qnlet, ?nd Felev told him be was digging bis own grave. He called Murphy many names, and abused htm. Murphy waa tn*re this time about two minutes. Witness was eating his supper In the room where Folev was at the time Before Murphy csme In Fo ley did not speak of him stall Murphy was a cor poral Witness thinks Cnrp'l Nolan put Foley In the room, but was outside when be was ilrst put in; was on guard outside. AfU-rshooting Murphy, Foley came out to the door, where Le stayed a moment till Major Hasklns came in. W hen the Major came In, be told him he wai ready to be taken When witness went In there first, he did not see the musket. Don't know how It cam* there for a certainty, but remembers a musket was brought Into that room about a week before. At tbls time witness didn't look for lt_ It might have been there and witness not have seen It. As Murphy opened the door Folev called to him, as If he wanted him togoto him Murphy waasbotln the right breast Th?- ball came out bai k of fcis left shoulder and penetrated the wall. Some cf the constables took It. The weapon was a rifle mus ket, such as are used by the company. Murphy was about five or six feet from Foley when he w?s shot Foley uad then pulled the door com pletely open, ana jumped back and fired, and the bali went though the sleeve of witness's blouse, a"d grazed the skin Witness lamped to get out of the way Foley was tied when the door was first closed It was Nolan that tied him. He was quiet ibaa. and c.>Mtii*u?d so aa long aa witness was In the room, save what be said to Murphy. Murphy was present, witnras thinks, when Nolan tied Foley, and Foley called him bad names, and said ha wjs digging bis own grave Witness don't know of any quarrels between them pre viously, but Foley would abuse Murphy when be was drunk Never heard him make any threat against Murphy in New Orleans. " "* .. ; ? l.?? ?v.. n.i v??/? X4UHIIIKU ? i/vu b auuw wuv ruicy wa? couH-kI on this occasion, except what witness Las beard. Foley had been out on leave a part of the day. Saw Ijim come In about 4 o'clock p m. Witness was on p*at at that time He wss under the Influence of liquor then; not v?ry much, apparently; he could walk straight. He didn't speak to witness when be passed the post He had n citizen with blm It was when witness was relieved at 5 o'clock that witness saw Foley again. He was then In confinement. Corporal Noiand and Corporal Murphy had charge of the guard there The door of Foley's room was shut, but not locked It could be opened from either side About S o'clock witness was placed at this door It was closed when witness was placed there, bntwitnessdldn'topen it tolo* k In Witness saw Foley after he came in from th? nt, before he (witness) went up stairs to change uniform While witness was up stairs the door was closed, snd wben witness came down be went on guard over him. While witness was eati ng hi s su pper in the room where Foley was,wit ness bad no talk with him W ltness believes Foley had been making a dusturbance, and that was tha reason be was taken to this room and tied After shooting Murphy he danced about the room, and didn't aeem to care for what be had done After shooting Murphy he laid the gun over by the side of the door Foley appeared to be glad that he had shot Murpby. VV itness never messed wltheitherof them, and never knew of enmity between them. Witness don't know how the gun came in the room, nor who loaded It There was a curtrldge wva in iuc rwm w;iu n, ana r oiey una mt cartridge box on when he opened the door. Private Taffy waa placed on guard over Foley after Murphy was ahot. ??ot it Accidxst.?Yeaterday afternoon Capt. D. Harney, of Northumberland county, Va.. was landing with wrat frienda. at the corner of Ninth street and Pennavlvanla avenue, when one of (beiu drew from hia pocket a ptatol, which be bad just received from the armorer who had repaired It. In handling It, by some meana or other tbs weapon was diacbnrged. the ball taking eifect In Harney'a body. He waa taken at once to the Infirmary and tb? bill extracted; by good fortune it had not n-arbed a vital part. Capt. H will probably be well in a abort time. Pubaequently Mr Riley went to the office of Justice Donn. and related what had occurred, aad gave St 000 ball for farther bearing. In cast ?ch hearing should be deemed necessary. Til 1*SCB0ID1XATI03 AT TKI U S. PCHITXS tiast?We leara from Warden 3engaUck that the position of an officer on guard at the peniten tiary ha* brti putty MHram during Ui? past tu*o weeka. Ths prisoners require tDcessant watch ing, and the warden and his force are kept on constant duty. The cauae of the revolt and in sabord! nation, be thinks, Is from the disappoint ment of the convicts In obtaining pardona from President Buchanan About two hundred and twenty applications for pardon for convicts were made to President Buchanan just before his claim expired, between forty and fifty from convicts in the penitentiary The Presldeut pardoned but few, comparatively, and those who were disap pointed have become very unruly. IrriTiM* Ahnnt Katf.miat 1 afternoon, u the carriage of Mr. W. W . Corcoran wu paaalng along Pennavlvanla iTenur, wUsn at the corner of Fourteenth street, a trace became unfastened by some mean*, and onr of the hones took fright, planned violently, and became de tached from the carriage In nlsefTortato restrain the frlabteaed animal, tha driver was drawn for ward from hli aeat on the box to the ground, bis brad striking the pavement with great for<-e. He was taken up apparently dead, and subseqm-at elimination proved him to be very severely wounded Mr. Corcoran, who waa In the earrf age, jumped out la time to escape damage. A kipobt obtained aome currency this morn ing about town to tbe effect that one hundred men left thla city by tbe southern mall beat at 7 a m to-day In join tbe army of the Confederate States at Charleston So far aa we can lews there la no foundation In fact for tbe rumor. The train last night missed tbe connection with tbe right trip south by tbe Potomac river line, sod tbe pas senger* were obliged to remain over here, wblen canard a proportionate 1n?-reaae of tbe number of paaaengera wbo went down tbli morning. Cm<i>i k Co , No 347 Seventh et., are aolltnc off boota and aboee Ilka fun, and fitting op in at ,le * lb* pedal eatremitlce of aimoat everybody wbo voature in tbe vicinity of tbe Northern Liberties, if J00 want * Bice boot, cheap, call on Cummlne Th? BXAVTirtJL apecUcla piece of the Naiad Utwea, sow drawing au<*hcrowdaat tbe Theater, will be performed on Saturday afternoon, far t^e "y ? ?a h inu ui .j Wacom V* tm Wcow? Cnr?m ? On 1 Monday, ttree of Jhc^munlcip&l pollc? got In * ruw in iae r ir?i rv ana who a aecona parly, ana from tbe account m we received it, the olftcer? brought the difficulty on tbemaelvea. They were la a drinking aaloon. when a young man named Coxzeni vrai accuaed by one of tbe ofllcera with atealtng a watcbman'a bat, which be denied, and was groaaly Inaulted In return for hia dental. He remarked that be wag not able to fight tbe officer bimaelf, bat in half an bnur be would produce a man who would whip the party. One of tbe offirtala turned to a Mr King, a quiet, good-na tared man, and aaked If he wm tbe one Mr K artwrred that be waa no fighting man. Tbe officer aaid, ' Ob' I beard you were a good man " and took Mr K. br tbe whlskera. and "butted'' him In tbe face. Mr King inatantly dealt him a blow that knocked him down Tbe largeat and talleat of tbe three then advanced to aaatat hla partner, and alao received a wipe from Mr K. that knocked htm an far that be didn't come back again Police rmn No 1 was brttpr gamp, and returned to the fl;;ht. and was toon In the grasp of Mr K . who gave him a settler this time. Policeman No. 3 attempted to aid bit partners, but King's flit met him at be advanced and tent him staggering to tbe rear In double quick time Two respectable and Influential citizens who witnessed tbe affair, urged Mr K to have the party arrested for assault and battery. When the triil cornea off we shall have the statements under oath Tin Coxcnt or thi Mozakt Society at WU lards' Concert Hall, last night, was attended by a fdlr audience, tbongb not sufficiently numerous to be remunerative, which Is to b%regretted The programme was judlclonsly selected! embracing som* of the finest gems of the best Germsn and Italian authors, and containing a pleasing variety of style and sentiment. We were unfortunate enough not to reach the Ball till the close of the j first part of the programme, and therefore can only , speak of the last half Prof Muagrif took the bouse by storm, by his performance upon the vlo llncello. Throughout the entire performance of the beautiful .Sowtvmr dt Spa of Nervals, he held < the whole audience, as It were, enchanted. A i r^nptlfinlt Uf?? T\o?c? sfon* 1?? - j ..v?. ^.loiaKiitif ucuisiiurru aim ?v, - corded Dawson mng the Wanderer of Schubert with hi< umal rtcrllnil Ifir. ciiU was vigorously applauded The Septet Potpourl, from Meyer beer'* Mugenots, by the Mozart Society, brought cut their musical abllltiem finely, and was as a whole, exceedingly well rendered, the Instru mentation throughout being carefully and har moniously sustained. It was a matter of unl vt rsal regret that the length of the pro gramme, (eked out by numerous encores,) arc! the fatigue consequent upon a performance necessarily laboriously sustained, prevented the Mozart So ciety from performing the very beat piece on it, v'.z: the finale from the first act of Don Giovanni. We trust thev will t?ive us that at their next con cert, which the public will hope for soon. Thkate*.?The spectacle play of the Naiad IJueen continues to be the card at the theater, and drew another Immense house Ust night. Jeft'er ?on was the very incarnation of fun, and the au dience (got so In the habit of laughing ' to kill" when he was about that the very aound of his voice behind the scenes, as he made his entrances, induced a ripple of premonitory te-he's through the house Capitally did Mia) Mary Shaw sec ond him, the part of " Idex" being well adapted to exhibit ber varied capabilities In song, senti ment and burlesque It Is but the merest justice to a meritorious performer to say that in a role of this description she has few ?quals upon the American stage Bartholomew's Amphibeo" was noticeably good, and Mr. Hoy's "Sir Ru H! m .... V--J1- ? -?I *? ( mouu, v*c umuiy iiccu Bay. wOB the right performer In the right place as' " Mrs. Bridget Mist Mann looked every Inch a queen, and her snbjects were as graceful and beautiful a* possible The beauty ?>f the tableaux waa so striking that the gre?;n curtain was raised again and again to afford the audience another look. In fact, the whole ( #rforimnre went off in a blare of glory. The sale of tickets to-d.iy indicates an other crowded houa* to-night. Dbpaitcrb ot Troops ?This morning Com pany A,2d artillery. Captain Barry, and Company K, Captain Allen, lately stationea on K it . left this city in the G-o'cloci train Yesterday, orders were left at the Receiver's office at the Capitol to have ready twenty carpenters, by 4 o'clock this morning, to accompany the troope, but their des tination was not made known to them. The car penters were told they might have some pretty rough work, and were advised to go well pre pared with too!?, Ac Some, not being satisfied with the proposed trip, on arriving at the depot backed out, but their place* were immediately filled by others, who were on the look-out for sue n cases IN one of the troops are aware of their destination; and although it wa? stated tUat tbey were bound for Fort Hamilton, N. Y , vet as car penters can be easily obtained there, the party thought something rise was in the wind The carpenters were not even informed as to the time for which their services would be required, but were told they might be returned In tbree weeks, arid perhaps not In six months. Tbey were tick eted through to New York city, and from thence will probably H" to their dotluttUn by water Alexandria Ai-fairs ?From this morning's Gazette we glean the following : The city property which has been advertised to be sold f >r taxes, wan expoeed for Bale at the Coun cil Chamber, yesterday morning. The whole number of lots advtrtlsed were as follows: First Ward. 40; Second Ward, 21; Third Ward, 50; Fourth Ward, 36. The sale was commenced ab xit neon, and continued for some time None of the lots were disposed of at a higher rate than the taxes due upon tbein Lieut Fitzbugh, of Virginia, son of Com modore Lee, U 8 N , before reported as having resigned bis position in the U 8. A , for one In the army of the Southern Confederacy, is at pres ent. we are lnformei, stationed with his regiment at West Point Maj Ben McCulloch, of the Texan Army, who has l>een In this city and Washington for several days past, left here yesterday morning for the ex treme South A bill to organize a Volunteer Battalion In the city of Alexandria, passed the Senate of Virginia on Tuetiay. Arktt*d ?Detective officer Allen, who went North to arrest Cyrus F. True, who Is charged with being concerned In the scheme by which nearly 85 00U were obtained from the banking house of L Johnson & Co., of this city, returned last night After much delav In New York Krlsoner was at length placed in tbe custody of leplitv Marshal Dowdlgan, of that city, to be bfougnt to Washington, where he arrived thta morning He waa again placed In custody of De tective Allen, by authority of Deputy Nlarxbal Phillip*, of this city, to be held until certain pre liminary measures asfced for by the prisoner shall hive been taken He of course will Lave the same opportunity for defense as th<*e before arrested, R W. Clapp and H. M. True, who were com mitted for court Clapp, It is said, will become a witness for the prosecution, and has been re leased on bail. An addreos this evening, at Trinity Church, under the following heads: What of the present condition of our Western Indian Tribes? Knor mities practiced upon them by the white*. What their capacities for civilization ? I* our present Indian system educational? Wherein defective? What th>> remedy' By a pioneer Lnrooqua will sing several times during the evening. It. Fuxxral or tiis I.atk Joseph Abbott, Est;. The bell of the Franklin Fire Company was tolled to-day about noon for the funeral or the late Joseph Abbott, an old and esteemed cilxen of the Second Ward, and a member of the Franklin Fire Com* pany for years past. Cakvsi's Sotvik will take place this evening at WUlard's Hall. Tickets of admission to be had at the door If the weather should prove un favorable the Soiree will be postponed until further notice. It* ' Cistk al Guabd-hocri.?The only case dock, eted tbls morning was G YV. Lewis, who, for being drunk aud disorderly, wm fined 15. Cone**.?The sudden oh&njcM of onr oil mate art sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Aftctions. Kxperienoe having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and oertaioly when takm is tho f ariy states or the disnaao, reooura* should at onoe be had to Brown's Bronehiat Trockei." or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir ritation of the Throat be ever >o slight, as by this preuauti' n a more serious attack rrajr (>e effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Sinners will fino them effectua! for o!earing and airengtheninc the vmoe. See advertisement. * de 1-ly Rzasu, have yon seep Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Rea/ it; it will interest you. ail 19-eoly Homeopathic Rimiptxs All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s speoifio Ho meopathic Remedies put up expreaaly for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 50 ocnts each. Also, in oases, containing an vials, from 94 to 9* each, with l>ook of fall directions. For sale by D. Oilman. :<ao Pa. avenue, wholesale and a w ?i ( -1 " " " v < ' 4 m mr also by K. II. VVinter, corner of M&rnaotiuirtts ave nue and Sixth street. A ><>, Punk'* Extract of TViffck Has*/, for internal and external inflammation* of all kind*. Sold as at>ove. inaSMy To th* ArrucTiDWe sure to read the adver tisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier. in another column. tf DIKD, la this oity.on the 3d instant, Miss MARY C. W HITE, ia the 15th year of h?r aje. Her relatives aua friends are respectfully invited t > attend her runera;, from Ihe residence of her iraudmother. Mrs Whin, Ninth St., between D E tt*? No. 4T4. lC o'olyok t^-morro f*rUW fcr? further *otio? musss# , C.. PATRICK fti&od, h?<1 15 y?*r?, MI AMUSEM ENTS. WASHINGTON T H K A T V R ! L?im s. w. ting Manager ? T. Raymond THI8 E"vENINO. Immense Soecee* of MR. JOS. JEFFERSON M SCHNAPPS, In the Grand Hosnic Sp*ct\ole TUL' V ? V A n 1I1U i1.ll.ll/ New and splenlid roc eery, by Mr. Chablxs 8. *?rtz. Grand Am.iz jnian March t>r TWENTY FEMALE WARRIOR}?. An Afternoon Performance Of the NAIAD QUEEN Will ba given on baturdav next fortheeapeoial ao ooinmidation of fmniliea anl children. hait nnn ?blue book -inform ation a* to all the Oflioea in the country, and salary? *6 oenta. Cor tain* the earn* matter aa the Great Blue H'.ok ooatinc 83 Omitting the mmo* which are not r.eoea?arr- Cat alogue of Curioaitiea at Patent Oflioe Liat of Pat ent*. Old Books bought ami sold Cata'ocue fur nished. ALFRED HUNTER, Bookseller, f? 22-2m* Wi I S? utra WANTS *rnn ?WANTED. thi? *um for four years, on aaburban property worth lu terem * agreed upon. Address "Arundel,"thr 'uch the Post Omoe. wp 3-tf WANTED?A GIRL about ten years of ace. to run err&rd* and to aaaiat about a houre; notio need apply unleaa they c*n brie* good recommend ationa Apply at No. 453 Twelfth at., hutwe?n G Mid H. ap 3 St* WANTED?Two suitable MKN, to obtain subscribers for a new illustrate*] ed ti>>n of Brown'* Family Bible Apply to JAMKS CAR TER, 499 Seventh atreet, between 8 and lOo'olo.-lt v. m. ntSi 3teo 117 ANTED? A GARDENER ; oue accustomed l ? to nso^tnfi]* preferrod^ Also,_a Tenant for a n iiiiinn in v iritinn, wnn7 ruoiis, i^r|* garden. and fuel K ented for the muminer if wanted. Apply to DOUGLAS' Grecu home. Pa. avenue u.t G ?t. _ _ma 3U-eo3t* _ WANTED IMiMEDIATELY-From IJ5 to Siojion worth of SECOND-HANI) FURNl TUREofal) kinds, for which 1 will ruarant* to pay thehigheat prioea, and. as the shorteat no tion R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac., oo 9 4Of* 7th ?t., Net. G and H east side. WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Pernors declining housekeeping, or havinr % surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and fair prioea by applying it 3t>9 Seventh st. no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND-Near the City Poat Office, a POCKET BOOK,containing a small amount of money, whioh tlie owner can have by calling at J ESSE If. WILSON'S Store, on Pa avenue, between h h ind 7th sta., proving property, and paying for this idvertisement ap 4 2t* District of Columbia, county of Washington On this 3J day of <T\ April, 1R61, before mo, the subsonber, a .1 us- *1-^* tic? of the Peace for tho county aforesaid, personsliy appeared Georne Ala*hew, ami made uath, aooording to law, that on the 2d day of A pril, 1861, a stray M A R E came to his place on the East 8rn Hranch with th'following marks, to-wit:?A imall bey mare, white face, with a white apot on the left side urder th? saddle; no shoes on the hind feet, with saddle and brid:e. Theowner will please some forward, prove property, pay charges, and take it awav. Witness my hand and ??al this 3d day of A pri>, IBfit. J AH. CULL, ap s-3t* Justice of the Peace. Losr-On Tuesday evening. April 3d, between th* War Department ar>ci Georgetown, a Jtv *o'd IninttnK-ease Johnson WATCH, No.?, #7*1 with cold chain attached. The finder will re AhK oeivea a sir table reward, ai.d no question* axk< d, by leavinc it at thu office. ap3 3t* PERSONAL. I NOTICE. WILL Not be responsible for any debt! con tracted by any person except my wife and ??lf ap 4-3t* J. B. HAW. BOARDING. BOVRD1NG.?One or two fau.ihes and several single tsentlemen can be aoeommooated with b penor Koouis and excellent Board in a well fur nishrU house, agreeably looa'ed, at reasonable prices. 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Dress Goods of al< kinds, Ao A so, Carpets, Mattings, Rugs, Mats, Carpst Warp and Chains, Batting, Ac, JOHNSON A SUTTON, ma 3<Mw* No. 521 7th at., bet. D and Av. Taylor & hutchison, No. 42 C*ntkk Markxt Spac*. Would call the attention of purchaser* to our took ofSKASONABLU Uft V tiOODS, compris ing some of the newsstand most desirable unportv tiuns of the season. Our stock of Domea'l^s, l.i'.en and White Goods will be found very complete, and will be offered at. prices that cannot fail to gi<e satisfaction We am an examination ap 3 WCAHH. E Would respectfully oall the attention of customers who buj f- r caxh lo our iNew System "of Riving off a discount of five per cent. f?r the oash." Having but "one price^" customers will see at a glance the groat saving in our i;?w system. We invite ail to examine for themselves. W. M SHUSTKR * CO.. No. 39, oppomte Center Market, maWylOt B-twn?nJ7th aod 8?h yts^ ^ H A ^DOMESTIC GOODS. have now on hand our usual a.Kfl assortment Domestic Goods, for general> use. oon Heavy "yard wide liieaohed tthirt'g Co'tona at l?'o. Extra fine" ** " " " 12l, Super " " " " " * 11 Heavy % " " " M " 6W Fine " " M 44 " 60 Yard-and hlf." " Sheet'g " 1^4 >w ? ; ? t?i7 ? *4 ? ?| 2$ "o 3 j ardi M M ' 36 To^etuer with all the bast makes of Sheet and Shirting Cottons and Irish Linens, Ao. ALSO? For Servants' Woar?Heavy Osnaburr Flaid Tot of tons, Osnahurg Calico, Dcmestio 1' aids, Ging hams, Checks, viae D.rillinrs?all sailing at mir E Are bow add11 g to oar atook a large at d desirable lot of NEW GOODS, comprising every thing that is new ami desirable, which we propone to aell at a small puce. AM persona in war.t >>f Dry Goods will always End onr atook complete in ail us brano'.M and at the lowest prioei. Wo would im press upon those of oar oitisens who have recently taken up their remdenors w th us that srn have but "one prioei," marked in plain figures ou each arti cle, ir-d offer a discount of five per ocnt. off all sales for cash. . usual low prioes, a saving oj mer prioes. I ma 29-6t if NKW GOODS. we &sk mi exMTitnaiion 01 prioea, ao that oua tomera oan aatiafy themaelvea in regard to the Bav ins by purohaaing for cash. V. M. SHUSTER A CO., No. 38, opposite Center Market, maJ6-10t Between 7th 8th ata. A NEGROES. GENTLEMAN About to remove to the South wiahea to exchange valuable improved Real Ka tate in Georgetown for several Nerroee, for hia own uae. Addreaa, immediately,Box 900,??*orge towa. D. ma?7 dtf OFFICE WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT, Wabhihotoh, March 23,1861. VnoposALa will be reoeived up to the 15th proxi mo lor lAe fu.niahins ana delivery at or near the aite oi the Dutriot Reaervoir, of 4,000 oubio yarda n Ak*? a?AHA Ar laae I IUVIV ' The atone not to exo?ed in jus* oubea of thrM iochee. To tie hard and durable. Propoaala ?hould be aealeU and endorsed "I'ro KM a for Broken Stone." l&IS&NBHtJSBr iu$ tAp 15 CM. JSnf'r of WMh'n Aflaeduot.

2 . 4 1 ?' * * * i s ^ ' \ P| ^ '?4< | i FOR SALE AND RENT. House for rent and furniture for 8alk.?Hon?? and Furniture n#arly BAV. i nil n I wm a* %3 .. *JC% a ? < , -...? tiv. M t wriwrru 14111 and 13th. after 3 o'clock. *>4 tf fJOK KEMT-A furninhed ihree *tory BKICK H* >LT}*E, wit!i baok bu'ldin* and all the mod ern Inipruvemei.ti ; or four hue Chambers ; on 18th ?tre-?. I etween F and G ats. Apply at Unvffi:*, ap < 3t? |?OR HALE OR RENT-A FRAME HOUSE. F cuctaininf ?ev?n room*, t ^eth'r with tli*> far bitvri'. Ditcat?d on New Jeremy avenue, between M ard N *U north Al?o, a f?*w thrre-atory bricK b >u*n, with baok Lu.iJ iifc, on the cam* aquar', I No. 190 Fourth at) Al?o,?oin? valuable H?T5?, all of which wilj ha ?old ve.y cheap. Inquire of J. i>. KYNARD, New Jersey avenue, between M >n<! N ? ?. ap 4 tf HOUSE TO LET, on Pa. are-ne, No. 2IS,op posite Willard*' Hotel. Inauireof CHaS. VV. W ALLACH. Attorney.or at No. 310 E street and 4Pa avenue up ^-1w* A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR an ENER GETIC MAN TO MAKE MONEY.?(noon ?i*quene* of having other business in view, I offer fur mI? or rent mr I.mic o( four ?mn un the Pio Nic Grounds known a* COLUMBIA SPR'NOS. F #' further particulars apply *n THUS. FAHES", 500 Maryland avenue, near tS street, or at the f print*. ap3 2t* [I'OR RENT?A new two story briok HOU8K, r containing H roomi and sninin*r kitchen, with im in all the ro<>me, on K street, between 18th and 19th sta., Fir?t Ward. Alto, juit received b* Ex press a ohoioe lot of fresh Goshen and Roll Butter, at S' and a cents per pound. GEORGE A. LANE, ap3 3t* No. 95 Northern and Center Markets. FUR RENT-HOUSE and STORE on Seventh ft., opposite the Avenue Hou?e. Inquire of JOHN RILEY, Confectioner, 318 Seventh st., opposite intelligencer Office ap 2 3t* COK RKNT-* >mAll twn..l?? f o A *? l.' _, . - ? - - ?w o?ui; i i\ n iu : r ROl MR on O street, near Seventh. Apply to I BALDWIN BRO.'S, First and D ttreets, rear 1 Depot. api 3t? ITOR R EN'T? The three ?tory fram? DWELL- : ING HOUSE comer of Tenth au.l H strest^, an 1 but two squares from 'he Patent Office. It J oon'mnsS room*, agoodcell?r and kitchen, with ' gat throughout. Will not b? ren'ed for a I osrdiug 1 nOttW*. Iri4|iur? A. U. MoPAU L.AM . <*itrn?r of ra. avenge and 12th it. ap 2 eo2w* F'OR KF.NT-A small FARM or MARKF.T ? <?Ak DEN, contau mg 14 aces of land, situ atrdoithe Piney Branch Road, a rew hundred yards Mirth of Columbia College. The improve ment* consist of a new brick dwnllinc containing 4 rooms and a kitchen, and a stable. For terms, Sto? apply at 21Fa.avenue, opposite Wizards'. ftp 2-tl tH)R KKNT-A three-story BRICK HOUSE 1 on H st.. Washington city, between 19 h and J 20th, at present occupied by Assistant Attorney General. Mr. MoAlinont. Possession given 8th of i April. Also, a first class STAN I) for business of j any kind, corner Gay and Hiih streets, opposite ^ Forrest Hsll,Georgetown, D.C Possession given . immediately. Apply to 11 LA DEN FORREST. 4 Georgetown. ap2-2w*_ 17 OR RENT?On the 1st day of May. a. very de " s rable three story BRICK DWELLING- | HOUSE, with basement and a three-story back j build ng, situa'ed on Nineteenth street, between 1 a< d K st*. Has al- the modern improvements, fi vatei, gas, bath-room, wash-room, Ac.; also, a stab!* and carriage-house. It is now occupied bv Captain (j olds borough, U S. N. Apply to li. H. 1 CLKHKNTS A DK'.. No. 160 Pa av. ap 2 a;' t DEMRABLE STORE ON PENN. AVENUE t FOR RENT AND FIXTURES FOR SALE, p Store No. 30*i Penn. avenue, between 9th and loth st*.. ii otfered for rent, and the futures, consisting of a . eweller's Burglar and Fireproof Safe, four ' Plate glass Counter Cases, two large 1- rench plate j Mirr?rs, Oiloloth, Counters, Gas Fixtures, Ao.. ; for s?lo Appy to JAS C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctiou and Commission Merchants. ap2-6t j F'Oll R ENT?That large HOUSE on Cameron I street, opposite the Market House, in Alexan dria, Va., used for many years as a hotel boarding ' House, ana nrst cl&s* restaurant. Rent P?w Alto, ft FAKM of 30 acres. car Genrrebivn, D. C . I or rent or lit on shares, veil adapted to a mar ket garden and da'ry. K B. LLOYD, ap l-4t* ?;< ruer seventh and K. VVftshinsJon._ For re.nt-a brick hoi ^k, contain* 1? room*, witli Potomao wftter and gaa. on I street, between 13lh and 14th. opposite Hranltiri Square Inquire ftt WARDER it sTKWaHi'8 \\ ood and Coal Office, oorner of H ftnd Twelfth fits. Also, lirick House oorner Twelfth and i. ma 28-tf cor RENT?On May 1st, the large and I. diou< IloUSE on Louinana avenue, opposite the City Hall Square, now occupied by Mr. Webb as a dwelling and law office, and adjoining the houso of Mr. Richard Wali&ch matfMf FRANCK TAYLOR. Handsomely furnished rooms. Four handsomely Fumislifd Rooms, supplied with efts ftnd water, and convenient to the pfttc t ftnd Post Office Departments, for rent. Ap? y at Massachusetts avenue, north side, between 4th and sth st.s. ma23 L'un k C..M ? in# three story brick UWELU " ING-HOtJSE, with basement- on E street, between 2d ami 3d eta. Has all the modern improve menu, wa'er, km, bath room. *?- Apply to \VM. EUAN, next door, or to HEN R V KG AN, 3*3 Pa. avenue, south side, between 6th and 7th sts. ma 16-tf UTORE FOR H.KN'T?a laree Store-room on ? i ?. avotue, anjoininj; our auctu.., <v>, rent. Apply to WALL t UAKNARD, Auction and Commission Merchants, corner Ninth streot and south side Pa- avenue. 11 FOR RENT, SALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR OTHER PROPERTY?A FARM of about 28"acres land,situa'ed about iX miles southeast from the Station. Helta* ille, Pnnoe George's coun ty, Maryland. There is about 8o acres in wood? balanoe cleared land and under cultivation ; ha* a small dwelling-hous**; l>arn 3: bj 4" feet, and other out-buildings, and apple and paicli orchard. J. E KENDALL, mar 8 tf No, ft Four and a-Mil! ?t. IJViR RENT OR SALE?The two five story brick l)\V ELLlNG-HOLbEsS situated on and adjoining the corner ol Fourth a'd 1) ?tie*ts, east of the City Hall. Apply to JOSrFPH FU G1TT, No. 90 Louisiana aw. mar 5-tf COR RKNT?A three story brick HOU5E.eon 1' tanun* a rooms, in r<- >d order, with pas fix ture* complete, on H street, fx>?vreen 4th ai.d 5th. Also, a two-story brick COTTAGK, with large yard attached, oornor of F street north an ' 14*h st. east. To puuotual arid reliable tenants the ten..a will b? moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street, between ii aj<1 H. no 13 tf tpOK RKNT?The tine liKlCK HOUtSK No. 100 West at., Georgetown, at present ooou pied by the subscriber. It has 12 room*, with gas and water throughout, a fine T*rd, stable Ac, arid ia in a rood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MA GKLDLR. oo 25 tf HOOP SKIRTS! HOOP SKIHTM ! Juat r?oeiv.d another supply of Ladies', Missea' and Children's Hoop Skirts of the newest styles of the cross overhi^:j? from the center down. The intention is to ke#p the skirt down in front when the lady aita down. A Lao? New supply of Parasols and Sun Umbrellas, I.iren Cainbrio Handkerchiefs, Jouvin'a Kid Gloves, Cotton and Silk Hosiery aud Glove*, Ac , at the lowest cash prices IIKNRY KGAN, 3*2.1 (aouth side) ('a. avenue, ma2?- t,if (Intei.) New Iron Huiid njr ^T THE ORIGINAL MANTILLA STORK. OPENOw DA Y, MONDAY. April 1st. Black Silk COATS. SACqUKS. And MANTILLAS, Llllit Cloth COATf* ?ml SACU U K8, Uareje CLOAKS. SACtjUKS, And MANTILLAS. Alltlier<*w and desirable sty :es oi Mantillas lor Q?, AO *r> AoA - - - ? ? + - ? cp> nig buu ouiiiinri ( i i "HI 1^4 w up?Il IUT 1 li ? pee lion and a&le ou .Monday, April lat. at M A X Vfc ?LL'S, 398 Pa. av. N. B.?Mantiila Department in second utory rcoat*. ni* 3it-:tteo XK The old ettah'ished PAWM OF- /0\ i'JLHUR, formerly <?n Peor. avenue. Q ?hetw??eu 34 a?>d 4S ttc., ha?lat?!>|# 0 I,.-on removed t<> 3.?1 C st., twtwwn 4^? and 6ttl tu., back of the National Betel. NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! 310,000 to t.e loaned in amall cum* on liold and SiT?er Wr.telies. Jewelry, and all other article# of value. But-inem strictlr and confidentially done. Don't forret to cal. &i No. 351 C ut., I>etweei^ 4>? J-efrafiJ"' I. HER/HERO. CUN UMBRELLAS AND PARASOLS. Just received from the matiufao u-ers a iarce took of:S*UN UM UR KLL.AS ana PARA- ^ SOLS, which will sell at v<-ry low price*. A3 IUO dozen JOHVIN'S KID tiLOVKS, air[ nun>b?r*. We have a large stock of liRV ? GOODS ol ail kinds, and will aell them at the very lowest prices. WM. R. RILEY A BRO . N?. 36 Central Stores, Between 1th and 8th streets. in? *-? ?w vppurue vtinior jfnirK^M I ENGLISH li SHIRTING CALICOES 1 have received three cases o| English Shirtine Calicos* of now H> e?, of mr own iinport&t-.on ana warranted fa?t oo ors, at 12)4 oents p?r yard. HENRY KUAN. 323 Pa. avenue, m% a 6t,if New Iron Building. Great medical house in the city of Washington. DR. SHUMAN,at Kin Southern Medina! House, comer <>1 Sixth st and Pa. avenue, under the Clar euuon Hotel, ia the oaly eno in the known world who can permanently cure all diseases of a private nature in from 3 to 6 days. A permanent cure or no ohwita ma ItMm* Tl. A. beall ?. CO. ake Pleasure in informing their customers, and strangers, that they have removed to No. 361 Seventh street, between 1 and K, just aoove R. H Hall's. We have iu*t received a new supply of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, TRUNKS HAT!* and f!A PS nioli wo ?*?.- m ell At verr low prioes. Oall and ?ee us bujr ID( elsewhere, u we know that w? oan Mil jrua foods at less than anr other store ia the oitr. L A. BR ALL A CO, Clothiers, mar li-lm No. 3?>1 Seventh st.. bet 1 and K. OFFICERS, PETTY OFFICERS, AND i*?a men who were on hoard ol any U. S. ships at the capture of ant slaver oan have their olaims for Bounty and Head Money promptly attended to by to or addressing C. P. WALLACK, Wisshintton. P C. I* RKST FANCY GOODS, D X? PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, ^TyEN"s \025fl?m? - . . -* j.v >< c-. A&-*1 0; 4t3^tal!*S'.v GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS nr^NOTICB.-L ICSNS S S.-Alt Html JO* ?boa? lioeaM* iron Um Cor^orau >n ot Georgetown ftx/>ire on the SUt lutont irt hereby notified prom^Ti to take out the ?anae. under the law apppired Julj 7. I860; otherwise they th?m??lve? to a fin#, aid tlif law i? oompulaorv upon the proper effiaer* of the Co poration to en mroe rva n e *<va?l ?.l a? 'd^uadu. ma 26 eotApto WM, LAIRD. Clerk. I S H ! ~ ~ FIB H : f " PISH!!! ?*) hrvrr?!i No. S Medium Mackerel, it* do. N<>. 2 Maofcoiel of periorfatlitj. Now 1&dcii:k iruin e!: >ouer tui??. .... A!m>, Labrador Homni, H><?U>u Herring. Split Her rnK.ami Uippe4 Herring. in ?to-e %uJ for e?!e by II ARTl.bV * BlO., ap 3-3*. 99 and 101 Water et., Ge>nr*tnwu. I _ rOTATOBa-POTATOtt! UBT Koowreu, p?r sloop Veiina, 7i? ba?he!? J ?r?y whits .M ercer and 300 luahels Peach Blow POTATOES, an'tattle for seed. For aale from Ui* vessel in Iota to auil purchasers JOHN C. JOHNSON, ap 2-5t* No. 97 Water etreet t? FERRY. I OR The accommodation of Virginians and the :itizens of tieor^etown and Washington, tha un lcr?un*?i tiaa re-established me old ferry from fcnaiostan laland to Heynold'a lYharf, near Ray'a Vlitl. A aa.'e and convenient new boat-the loe t?TK?will make tnpa every hoar at reasonable atea. ma 27-2w WALTER OOPKY. A BOOTS AND SHOES. r\ I.ARGK And varied aaaortment of BOOTS ind 8HOKH of exoallent quality mat re ;?ivedatl44 Brir'ae atreet, near the o*-] iihua aland, and tor aale25 to per oant.1 iheaper than Uie usual prioea. ma a-Int. A. NEWBEROKw. D-JOO BBI.K PRIME CIDER A1LY Expect?d peraoliooner Mary Ann Mntiae rom Boston. This Cider is A No. 1, and la for aale u lota to suit purchaser*. ARNY Jt SHINN'S le 22 Union Bottling Depot. Georgetown. P J18T ARK I VHP. ER Propeller St. Seynionr, from Philadelphia, 5 harre's and l?o half bar rale of Ma?sey, Oollu.a k Jo 'a Philadelphia DRAFT A I.E. For aa!e by Je a AM NY fc HH1NN. BOOTS m JUST KKCEIVEIV 10 hhds. prime Porto Rico SUGARS 1S?? bt>ls. Old RjreWIilMCY. S?i bbls. HERRING ami ALEWIVE8, fln bbiu. Crushed and Refined SL'G A Rs, ?' tAs? Km. and JavaCOFFEE. in hhds.dow priced) MOLASSES. For sale i.j JOHN J. BOGLE. ae 10 PLAIN FIELD ACADEMV. Ns*m Cari.iii j. Pa. Thirtieth session, itwenty week*,) o?minenora tlav fith. Number of lads limited to twenty five. i.tire expense 970. each half payable ta advance. Circulars at this oitc*. To fi I a tew vacancies call .t Kirk wood House April 18th and 19th, from 2 till p. m.,or address R K. BURNS, Plainfield, ma 26 eolm Cumberland county. Pa. PLANNER Y'S MARBLE WORKS, Coknkr Third and H St*. MONUMENTS' TOMB SLABS, HEAD S'KtNES. MANTELS. ant.' all kinds of Orna nentn.1 Wcrk in MarSie extcuted in an artistic nanner. with eieganco and uet patch. Mt. Olivei 1 em'trry.? Persons who have rein-red heir relatives, aud who Cesire to embe ish tbeir lew ((rounds oan do so at practical workmcman's irices. ia 38 solm* ?Th? undersigned be?s to inform tie public that lie naa on hand a large stock >f MONUMENTS, TOMBS, HEADS 1 ONES, to., at Jia ttmore and Philadelphia prices. A'so.a lew styJaof Diawincsoan i>e seen at the vard, and a tew s^yleof Marble Mantels. Table Tops, to., tept ?n hand. Brown Stone and Oramte work iron ptly attended to. VVM. BRAI1LKY, ma lg-eo3m Pa. av., b*t 18th and 19th sts. k\7 NEW *PK1NU GOoDS. M N. B. - j iif??v juov ujjcu^u ?>ui u<ai iu v uiuo ui cpriUK ioo?L, to which we invite the especial attention if our friend* and customers E. OWF.N k SON, Military. Ana.' MrfCiiitiu' .\f?rciaat rauo*J. ma 14 c<;3w 21*2 Pa. avenue | TAKE NOTICE! I \VI LL Take a:! kinds of Virginia money for m? >ook debts anil for Boots, Sho*s, and Trunk*. All >ersons indebted to me wi,! please ca'l and setti?s ip.or [ &ha!l l>e eump<*.>d to Rive their account* nto the hands of a collect jr. S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa. av..i*>fw*en <Hn aud 10th sta. IV $10,000 W ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES awd TRUNKS, Of all Stylei and Qualititt, AT a GREAT SACRIFICE ON COST. Store for Ktnt and fixturtt for Sale. All the Stock in 8. pTHOOVER'S STORE, M<vlroii Ha.'.embracing every variety 5rt~~riR f I.aJu-s'. Gents', Children's aadBHl "W^^Uservaiits fHOES Also. TKAV fKl SLING TRUNKS are now being sold,/or* a.'kjU ercat aorifioes on usual retail sellingianoM. nileed much below original cost. The attention of li? public is solicited, as g-eat inducement* will ie made to purchasers. Thealiove oomprises a large stock of the bneat inality French ai.d American Oaiters.Siioes.BooU, to., Ac., lor ladies and gentlemen Th? Store is for rent and the Fixtures for sale, appiy on tne premises, iron nau. N. B.?The above stock, either in whole or la >art. will be sold at priva:* sale. To any one de lirous of entering the Boot, Shoe and Truuk Busi iess tms affords a better opportunity than may kgain be presented. I'orsons indebted will confer a favor by promptly aliinr and settling timr accounts. ja7 tf A BAR A. HKO. fa. RE Again in the fi> Id witn an immensely iarge <t<>ck of READY MADE CLOTHING and ' I' vrrol I-; ? a; i.. tit ? <! *? ' ? r (juuus wenowooer ;r?at itiduoent-nU to persons who buy for oath. Remember the place?corner E and Seventh ?ts. mtr h 1 in V~ WOOD AND COAlT" Oil Wall r11r?-1r cet your money's worth by mllini; ai the HIONEER MILLS, Mwtkwe>l car tit of fttvttuk ftrrtt and Canal, (GKO. PAUK, Aeent ) Tiiey sr?il cheaper anil Hive better n:ea?ure .han auy others in the cit>? cut, split, and deli v. sre<1 free of cUnrg*. If you don't believe it. five ;he Pioneer Mills atrial, and fee gatitfie*). jit 17-ly.r FOR BALTIMORE AND THE POTOMAC RIVER I.A*DINGS nii- _ _a _ ?_ 't? .i .^* _ i no mnainT ji. rtiumi! as, ? ap-ain Jacob fCiRWAN, will leave Ri ey's Wharf, V\ a?hingt<>a, ?v"y l*ATl'Kl)A\ UOKN1NG. at 6 o'elock. ' 'onim*' St-eet Wharf, Haitimore. ev*ry WKD S KSDA V A FT KK NOON, at 4 o'clock, calling at icr utual landings on the river for passi ng?*r? and freight. Sin< e la>t season the steamer ha* I *en pot in ;!i<>roujih ordsr throughout every part of h#r. For freight or passage apply to THOMAS W, RILE\VAgent. Riley's Wharf, foot of llth at. IDS 15*-Tu?Tli2rn BIRDS!?BIRDS FOR SALE. Birds lrom Europe:?Germtn Canaries, Knglish Black Birds, Thrushes. Bull Pinches, Gold Pinches, Liriets, Sky Larks. Velio* Ham*rs Par -oqiiots, Java S?arrow?. Star I ens, the Red Mocav Parrot, and gr?en and gray. I have M<-okiRg Bird*, Red W ing Back birds, Red Brde. Doves, M.d Bob ?lit:ks;a'so. Trained Bird*. Price 2Seei.ts to ?V), Caen of all kind* from 10 oents to ?10, at I Oil N O'MEARA'S Bird Store, No. 566 Fa av snue, at the Capitol ^ate. fe9 3m PIBBS' HAIR STORE, U No '24-2 Pa. av . b*t 12th a-id 13th s*s. PKRFUMEHY 4"? BRAiDS CURLS \VIG-S HALF WIGS, FRlZETTKb, Ac. A lull stock ilwayi on hand, or made to order at the >horte?t itiUce. Hair Work repaired or exohanged. N. B.?Ladies' Hair Dyed in the most na'nral nancer. ma Si Cm \ VERY NICK PRINCE A. CO. M F.LODKON, i\. which has b??n used a ?!i rt time.? or sale very low at M KTZERO'f'l 'r|feSBM Vlusio Store. AUo, se?eral ?sooud-?un?J"''*" Planus ma 28 Wood and Coal. A No. 1 Article of WOOD on hand, prepared to >uit the want* of each customer. Wood sold eord en&th also, or in any way or any quantities de lired. IET Coal kept m Coal House*, screened before de ivering. ID" 2,24" lbs. to the ton. \rJ" Persona! attention to every order. T. J. A W. M. GALT. Office Pa. av., between 11th and 12th sts. Wood Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth street, below War Department. ma 23 tf iiCHENCK'S TREATISE ON CON8UMP O TIUN-To l>e had free of charge at the Drue *tore of S. B. WAl'l K. norner Seventh ?t io'I Louisiana av. Dr. J. H. Sohenck.of Philadelphia, ias published a pamphlet giving a full description >f the diseastd state of the Lunge, Liver and Stom kch. Every invalid should call ami get one. ma 28-1 in J ust recoiv pRENCH 8T4CAM jj^pURKRS. 1IALTI W. P. !*HEDi>, SOsTrliykatiiSt., The (M/y Atmt. Ladi*a' Drecce* ot every description can be >!f&n?d, lenvirc the lustre of ailk *au?l to new. Shawl*, Core , Cuitaina, and Carpe'a. Also, ientlemen'a Clothing oaa be el-an^l without lea* og any subatanoe by which they will eooa infit to wear. N. B.-Nu dreaa taker, apart; thereby earing the upenceof making over. (Intel.) naa22-lm JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. DL RKKK k. CO.TJ Guaranteed uot only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, >at ground from frfleh Spicea, eescted ana cleaned VT aaexpreealy for the purpnee without reference ? ooat. They are beaetifu ly packed in tinfoil, ;ned with paper.) to prevent lnJurr br keeping, md are fail weight, while the ordinary groand &pioee are almoat in variably abort. We warraat ihem, iopoint of etreogth and riohneae of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARlSONr u a tingle trial will abundantly prove, Manufhotured only br fa u-ir.(v* ift R*h | E HON TON POR APRIL., u Atlantic Monthly for A \pp>U>n'? New A Wiliott's DebtiM TOIMMI, K?fBitUou for C omb vol - mV 5tnlj for April, A m?rioauj?noy olo pc4 ia, i on the PedenU Conatitatioa, 5 fjtmwnis; THE LATEST NEWS. TKLKO RAPHIO. M?lrtp>l Elfftlw la It Ptal'i (Special Despatch to thr Star ] Bt Pacl'?. Minn , April 3 ?T> /> WiL Imck Our fiction la over. Tha whole elty la democratic Maaltipal EUctiaai R iciaon, Va . April 3 ?Jeeeph Mavo waa re flftfd mayor to-dav bv about 1.U00 majority ??es Mills, who was brought eat as a I'nloacandidate two da>s a*:o, Kmui Citt. April * ?B T Vanharn, lalon candidate, waa elected mayor of Kansas cltjr yea terday, by ? Urge majority Sixoriii, Ohio, April 4 ?At tbe municipal election. y?strrday, the democratic candidate for mayor was elected by 156 majority. Tbe demo, critic candI iatca for treasurer and solicitor and tbe republican clerk and marshal, were elected The board of councllmen stands two republican* to three democrats. JirmmCtn.Mo . April i ?At the election yesterday, Kwlng waa elected Mayor, oeer Miller, the I'nconditlonal Colon candidate, by two ma jority. Klmira, N. Y . April0 ?TheDemocratsto-day elected their candidates for Mayor and alt aiaor otfiees. with one exception. Poutlajtd, Me , April 4 -W'm H Thomas, Rrpablicao, was to-day elected Mayor ofthla city. 041II.1IIC10. !t V -Anrll#?Th? ?n'? ?* >ubllcsn ticket, with tit* exception of tbe Collec or, wss elected to-day. At the charter election at Canton. N Y , to-day, the entire Democratic ticket was elected. Fokt Hamilton, N V , April st ? In New I'trect, \Vm J Cropsev. Independent, w?s elected Supervisor to-dav In Flatbusb. Crooke, Inde pendent, and In Flstleuds, John Ryder, Republi can, were rbaaen. Frsns Ceatral America, fee. Niw Yoaa. April 3?The steamer Northera Light Las arrived from Asplnwall, which port she left on the 25th ult , bringing ffl<*?,UO0 la treasure The advices frosn Central America are ualm l<ortsnt President Guardlolo baa been appointed Captain-General of ilonduraa, with full power* to settle the dlfifultlea between tbe dell and fccle alnatiral authorities. There was a doubtful rumor In Nicaragua that a party of ttlllhuatera from New Orleana had ar rived on tbe Rio Grande. Costa Kica waa qnlet. Coffee had advanced Advices from New Granada Indicate that an en^a^emeiit would soon commence ItMween the constitutional forces and the revolution lata, oa tbe hanka of tbe Magdalena The former num bered ?.<M> and tbe latter 3.000 Advices from Peru state that Prealdent Moreno of K -nador, b** b*e.i Intriguing for the annexe tlon of hia country to France. I<ettera written by him advocating that measure have been printed In tbe Lima newspapers departs (rem New Orleaas New Ohm***, April 2?The election for District Judge yesterday resulted In favor of the South American opposition party by a large ma jority. Howell Cobb waa eerenaded last night by the Louisiana Guard at the St Charles Hotel, and a large concourse of people attei.ded The Supreme Council of tbe thirty-third degree of Vaaonry, uow holding Its annual session here, la distinguished In attendance. Including Howell Cobb, Albert Pike. G M HI liver, AG Markerv, J. B Campbell. A borrow Lodge la to be held In memory of A. l.umsden. late of tbe Picayune Th? new revenue regulations. establishing rev enue stations and depots on ratiroada entering the Southern Confederacy, and aut-jectiug baggage to examination, are expected to t <es*e annoyance Railroad Accideata Pitt*pvrg. April 3?The Philadelphia mail train was thrown from tbe track thirteen ir.ilea from tkla city, and one car thrown down an em bankment. Five passengers were injured. The maila caught Ore from ihe upsetting of a stove and aeveral pouches were damaged or desin v cd Tbe Washington letter mail escaped The New York and Philadelphia mall was sllebtly damaged Tbe way mall between Pittsburg and Harrlsburg \vai ?Imnil Chicago, April 3 ?A passenger train on ffce Dubuque and Westers Railroad ran off the track seven miles west of Dubuaoe this morning. Woo Loom It, brakesman wu Killed, and Bafner Gil ford, condu< tor, seriously Injured. Several pss sengers were Lurt, but none seriously. RtparU frsin IhtrlMlia. Ckaillstoh, Ajril <?Well founded report* are current that Major Acderson'* supplies will be cut off to-morrow New mortar tnUx.M were eractod to day un der Major Ripley 'a drertiou on Mouct Pleasant All tb? batteries lu tic Larbcr are ready lor aotl vs work. Troops from the Confederate States are direct ing their course to i'eoaacola in large number* Virginia ' nreatita*^ R icuMo.xD April 3.?Mr. Hcott, of Fsoquior, to day madt* a speech In Convention, In which be expressed hta bcprlesf rieaa that the North would give sufficient guarantees by constitutional amend ments He urged a Border tttatee Conference, to aecure a united withdrawal hereafter, with a view to a future reconstruction Mr Richardson, ot Hanover, made a apeesL In favor of Immediate secession, and the Convention then adjourned Funeral of the late (kief Jastice fthaw Boston. April 2 ?The funeral of late Juat:r* Shaw t-day was numerously attended, notwith standing the an<>w storm Governor Andrew, tbo ('resident and Faculty of Harvard College, the Mayor and other ofllctrsof the c ty government, the Judges of all Courta, the members of tbo Suffolk Bar. and meny personal friends, were prtseut at tbe obsequies. Latrit tram ( liarir??a Chail?8to5, April 4.?Lleuta Talbot and Suelder bare jus: reached tbe city from Fort Sumter with a flag of truer, and have gone to tha Kiecutlve Mansion to confer with tbe Governor Wf hare yet no knowledge of the purport of their visit [It concerned the proposed evacuation of the poet ? Ed. f?r?? ] Later from Trxai Galvbstox, April 2.?The Legislator* had re ceived a communication from Gov Houaton, pro testing against tbe Convention, appealing to the Legislature to sustain bim, and claiming atlU to be the Governor. The LeKi*t*ture, however .took not tbe aligbtest notice of It. Ilhede Itland fclectlsR HKoriDKKCB. April 4 ?The election vaster day resulted In the defeat of the Republicans Gov. Sprague waa re-elected by a large majority The Legislature Is largely Opposition, and Messrs Sheffield snd Bru? ue are elected to Congress ever the late Republican members. The (esititsUesRaUM Chaklk'tox, April 3.?The Sovereign Coo veutiou to-day, by a vote of 14'.) to &. ratified tbe Permanent Constitution of tbe Confederate states Several of tUose voting in the negative will change their vot<a to-morrow, when Ute minority will be reduced to 10 or 12. A Supposed Slaver Set Adrift. Niw Oblbars. April 'Tbe schooner Sat terthwclte. from Philadelphia, reports seeing olT Double bead Shot Key a bark, abandoned and aup rwvn^ (a Ka*e uan ant a/)rlf? aA* P^mUass afls r Death ef mm KalifM Jartst Ciicixsati, April 4.?Judge McLean, of tt? United States Supreme Court, died here tkla morning Uratk *f a Naval Offictr. Piimacola, April 3 ?Lieut. Berry-man. com. mandtng the Wyandotte, died herejreswdf r of brain fever. t^e was a resident of Washington Alexandria Market* Alxxardbia, April 3 ?Flour?Family 76a 7 S*>, extra *5 7*a*6, super S6 12a? .18. Wheat, white tl 3U?1 M, red ?1 ?Sa#i 34 Cora?whlta BOa?.'?c.; yellow SeaflOc.; mixed SHadtte. Rre G5a06. OataKaSOc. Cora MealMa7?c perbuabel Seeds?Timothy IEM3N; Clover fttiMtE!; Flaxseed 91 4ua?i 45. Provisions?Butter, roll. 10a**:.: Bacon lial3c ; Pork ?7uQs?7 M. Lard 13a 14c Eggs 14alftc Whisky *4a3l?c Flab Shod float 4 per hundred, herrtag tlUaSll^ per thousand. fftlttaliVf fjifktlt Baltihokb, April 4 ?Flour active at an ad vance of lie; Howard Btrert and Oblo |SJ7?3 90, Cltv Mills %S 37 Wheat 8c higher; while ?t A? I J? ran nn??t< ailMll uwrv MllM HBbAI 1 dSiTiJT' Coeee trm tis^an^c. Wblaky Arm at ISc l?ow V*r? NwkfH NnrVm, April 4 ?Plow Anil iW le Www Wheat downward ttadaief. Com doll aad aa ebaaged Provision* quiet. WhlAr quWt at tt*ale*e. riMBctal. *o?*, April , Chicago aid llZ-L ? >? ? sswrv.'sLj^jfj. "j1*^ c^t,.t N*? VWk (vitolftS HmOmi Mk 'HR R 4r^TlJZ*W, S?1 ?* ??i R?4 | COij/rdr;#lJ {*?