Newspaper of Evening Star, April 5, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 5, 1861 Page 1
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0 ^^^?????222255525555552S555225552522555*25555525255225555!52255255 (Ebmrag Star. V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. .. FRIDAY. APRIL 5. 1861. N?. 2.536. _ I THE DAILY EVBNINtt STAR B t? P JBLdSHSD BVBRT APTBRFfOON, 'SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,? %T THF. *T\fl BUILD1R&B, Cmr *tr of Pwisyltmt* mrtn*j4 and 111* ft , I IT W. D. WALLACH. Pater* werved in ^mImn by oarrirr* at < a r?r. or 97 oenU per month. To mail gaboorlbora t"e pno? u %x>r> * year, m 92 for ais rrr-nUw; St for threo months, and for lee* than tireo month* at the rate of 12 cents a week. 9iaf I* chm. onb c?nt; ;a wrappers, two ciiiT*. fC^ Arvi?Ti=ix**Ti *noald be *ent to the oBoe | fcetcre u o'eiook m.; otherwise they may not MP?r anti! the next day. THE OLD MAR'S COLT. A New Year's Adrentare. for tb* Spirit th? Time* bj th? " Toong "Un "1 The scow was falling right cheerily on the Jast day of the year 186-, and already there lay upon the ground sufficient to afford moat excellent eloigning. The youngsters were enjoying the fun in the roads, the country sledges "were rattling by, filled with rosy-cheeked girls, and merry lads; the more elegant turnouts from the city?fourteen miles distant? occasionally flitted past the tayern-door, where I was tarrying, temporarily, and the season was peculiarly gay, as the holidays were passing away. Iln the bar-room of the country hotel where I sojourned I had right heartily enjoyed the various samples of human ebaraeter I met, *nd I had for a week, day and evening, had the opportunity to listen to the "yarns ' of the villager*, or the numerous visitors who congregated in the old tavern, which had fur many a long year been the resort of hundreds of farmers, cow-boys, horse-jockies, and traders of one kind or another, en route to and from the city, or homeward. I hnd given out among the settlers that I wished to purchase a good horse?if one chanced to turn up during my stay at the tsTern?and all hands were on the look-out f?r me; for it was understood that I would pay for ?ich an animal as I fancied a liberal price. Whether any of njy newly made acquaintances aided the seller or not, I never know; hut there came along on this very afternoon alluded to, the last day of Deoember, 185-, a -voting man from Vermont (so he said, and I ?ue&> be did!) who drove up to the tavern ?i jor a greyish-looking beast that attracted my attention at once, for be was a good stepper, jsci he came in in gallant style. ' Who-a!" shouted the driver; and he jumped from the heavy old sleigh upon the i >or-step, and tlung the reins carelessly over 'he dasher, as the stable boy came to look after the new arrival 4 That's Jem Saltum," said one of the barroom hangers-on. He's from Brattleboro', and "he's got a good 'un. He never comes down with anythin' but good 'uus, eyther." Perhaps this remark was intended for my benefit, and perhaps not. I heard it, but .-eemed not to observe it. An h iur afterwards Jem Saltum ensconsed bimself before the great bar-room fire, ordered * mug of flip, and commenced leisurely to uu-ke a short six and sip his " neetar,'' as he ? called it. I bad been oat to the gfnble and examined his colt?a beautiful bright bay, -with heavy tail and mane, well put together in limb, aud very stylish in action?and I concluded to buy him. As yet I had said nothing to Jem Saltuin, however, and he had > observed a marked silence after entering the house. I waited for him to open up to me, or to some one around, but he smoked and drank bis flip, and looked into the great blazing fire, and finally seemed to be dropping into a doze. It was a cold night, that 21st day of December, 18>?. The snow had ceased falling, and *he prospect of glorious good sleighing for New Year's Day was never mere promising. I waited for Jem Saltum to begin, but he said not a word about his horse, and so, at last, I went at him. ' A good looking nag you drove down today,'I remarked, by way of commencement. He did not reply, but opened his eyes lazily, than continued to seem to be sleeping I" A young 'un ?" I queried. ' Speak to me. air7 he asked, looking up. I was saying you have a ni?e-looking e*lt' , ' Oh, yaw That's the ole man's, that ie." ' For sale*" I ' No?not edsackly. That ie, I reck'n the ole man wouldn't agree to sell him for no rea soaable price." , ' Who a the ' old man' you speak ofT" " Wko > W'y, he's my ancle; the man I ( lire witfc. What are his qualities ?" " Whoae ? The old man's , " No; the colt's." Oh, I thought you me?nt my uncle Wal, ] the hosa U what we call, up n our country, a good un. He sits up well, all round, is five year old, oomin six, square trotter, way down in the forties, sound as a new dollar, good site, never shies or bolts, 'fraid o' nothin' but a whip, and on the road he takes it all bis own . way I don't think the ole man'U sell, though, anyhow," continued Jem; and he turned a i t w: J :~ u friiuuu iuu ur^iu iu ccvuo uiuiaci& uuwu iu uii chair for another cap. I made up my mind to purchase the colt?or at least to try bim?to I added, " Is he fas'. ?" " I told you. just now, that ho was comin' sLz, and could foot it down in the fortius. That'll do, I reck n, for a fire year-old, stranger " "Yaa, yes. II*re you any objection to let me see bim more " Hone in the world, sir. To-morrow " " Ye? The slipping will be fine, and I would like to boy a good horse," I added, " if I can light on one that suits me, every way, and that don't come too high." Jem Saltum knew all this before. But I did not know whether he wished to sell, and I thought he didn't. "Yes Wal, then, to-morrow we'll take a urn with the colt, and you shall see him go. But u near s lean cal late, from waat the ole man said, vt ben I left borne, be don't keer to sell hicj, any way." Ind with this consolatory remark, Jem tsaltuui foil sound asleep (or certainly appeared to) before the big bar-room fire. I .\.t an early hour next morning I met Jem a^ain, and gave him the customary salutation of the season ' Happy New Year, sir." said I, pleasantly. ' Wal, yaa, ao it is! New Year's Day?an' a vary nice 'on it ia, to be sure." llow'a the pony this morning?" opening the subject again. "Oh, nicely?never better. Yaas, I see. You're the eent as spoke about him last night. Yes, ana we'll zive him a trial whan you are quit*ready," I added. "Yaas, we'll try him?but I don't b'lieve the ole man cares to sell him," insisted Jem. However, wa got aboard of a light cutter, I ana ?i we started Tor a j*unt. to teat tne speed and mettle of the horse 1 had been so favorably -truck with, at first sight, and away we went, followed by half a doien good 'un.?, ringed out at the tavern stables, to see and help enjoy the promised sport. The baadsome bay colt proved a " flyer " Hoar fast ha oould trot I could not say, bat he di?tanced all competitors for a mile?two, five, six. seven mile*?and returned to the hotel, in gallant styla, at his top gait, without showing tne slightest signs of distress, too. He was a splendid roadster, and just what I wanted. 14 What do yon ask for him said I, at last. ? Wal, as I sed ai'ore. I don't b'lieve the old man keers to part with him?leastways he could get tew hunderd an' a hat for him ' ' That's a big price for a 5-year old," I said. ' Wal, he aint no fool of a colt, mind. The aie man won't take leee." " I'll fiva you two hundred dollars," I said. This was a round sum for a horse in those days. 44 v?.1 j ? i J n I- MO Uiu uiau WUUIUIJ l UO MUVDOU, insisted Sal turn, aad he tnrned hi* horse't head J to the stable. hj I entered the tavern. I cose laded very shortly to take the colt?at Jmd'i price, however?and about an hour afterward said: 41 Well. Saltum. I think I'll trude with yoa. It's too much for a five-rear >ld, hot I'll aiva you the two hundred and a half " ' al/'aaid Jem, alowly, "railly, I don't think the ole man'd like to tell him for that, anyhow, and I gueu 111 take him to the city, > where I oaa get hi* vaUoo." "But you only aaked two hundred and fifty for the eolt " " Wal, yer didn't take me up now, did yar?" ' Not at the moment?no." " Wal, sharp's the word, yer knaw, In ahora txade Bat I'm quit* lartin the ola man p i wouldn't b? satisfied with less'n three hundred dollars for that colt." "Three hundred'" I exclaimed. "Well, I won't give it?that's all." ' No more I wouldn't. Mister, if I was you. Cos jou oan't allers tell about a five-year-old, if he is smart and purty. He might break down; and I oan sell him in the oity, easy." I wanted the horse, but I let him go. And I did not see Jem Saltum till afternoon, whon he turned the nag out for exorcise again, and whisked up and down before the door, to the admiration of everybody who saw him. "Saltum," I said, "come! I didn't mean to do it, but I like your horse Give me a bill of him. I'll take him at three hundred, though it's a great price for him." "Well, Mister, said the scamp, coolly, "sence this morning I've made up my mind 'at he ken go faster than we thought he could, Ji r t ? t_ a J- t ? - - anu i ken ute inree nunarea ana a M at for him, of a man up the road hero. I'va thairfare concluded that the old man won't be satisfied 'nleas I do the best I can; though, railly, I don't b'leeve the old man would allow me to sell him any way." " Confound the 'old man' and his colt, too'" I said, not a little vexed at the sharp practice of my green appearing friend from Vermont! "You get no four hundred dollars out of mr, for that horse, at present." " No, I apoie not, Mister. But there needn't be no hard feelin's atween us a Hr?.lfnl good colt, an' the ole man wouldn't be satistied unless be brought him a good price, I'm ure." And with these words Saltum returned his dashing pony to the stable once more. I whs bound to buy this horse, and, I think, now, that Jem Saltum kn?w it. But four hundred dollars wag an awful figure, I thought. Still, fearing that tho fellow would dodge me again, I mustered courage, and before I retired at night, I said, good-naturedly, as Jem sat sucking his flip: ' Well, Sultuin. we've had a good cfeal of talk." " Yaas, we hev." 41 And I like your horse." ' I know you do." " And I'll give you the four hundred dollars for him?though I nerer believed I should bo such a fool ad to pay like this for a single horse." The Vermont sharper shook his flig-mug, and drained it to the bottom slowly, and replied: " Arter all we've said. Mister, there ain't no man I d rayther'd hev that hoss than t/ftr But I'm bound to do what's right, an' at the same time I must not forget tho old man 'at raised the oolt. Ef I can't git five hundred for the pony, I don't believe the olo man'd be satisfied, an' I've concluded to take him back to Varmont accordingly." 44Five hundred dollarsI yelled; why you'r3 craiy. Or perhaps you think I'm a fool," I added, rising. "Good night, sir. I trust you will get five hundred dollars for your five-year-old. That 8 a hundred a year, exactly Good night." And I went to bed in high dudgeon. He's plaguey quick at figures, anyhow," remarked Jem, drily, as I retired. And very shortly afterwards he went to bed himself. When I came do* n next morning, the oolt stood in the sleigh at the front door, and Jem was just ready, apparently, to leave. The golden opportunity to become the owner of a really fine animal was about to pass from me, and I coveted the beast, inwardly, and in earnest. '* Whiok way, Jem?" I luqulred. " To town. Afore night I'm goin' to hev my price for this colt, or my name ain't Saltum " ' How much do ask for him to-day?" I said, tartly. 44 Wal, Mister. I've thought it all over, and J -i ? ------ no gv'JU uutBcnaiu i piULiijr just MOW, i V6 ffliie up my mind 'at the ole man never'd be satis, t ed et I dida'i bring 5600 or4heoolt; an' I've swncluded 'at I shall do one or t'other, sure's prcechin", anyhow." "Six hundredsaid I. '-Why don't you say a thousand at once, Jem1" ' Wall, he's wuth a thousand?but you shall have him for ject six hundred, ef you want him wow'" Jem took up tho ribbons The oolt arched his beautiful neck, and was about to turn away. I was beaten. " l'ut him in the stable, Jem." said I. " I'll take him?thought it's an awful price." And thus I became the owner of my first ''fast horse." The landlord laughed. The ostlers laughed. Jem laughed?so they said; and I was half inclined to laugh myself at the shrewdness of the Vermonter's management Still, I had got a fine colt. I was sure of this?and so, two weeks after my little New Year's Day adventure, I fuund myself on the Bloomingdale road in a natty New York cutter, skimming sharply over the newly made snow-path, and beating with ease most of tbe dashers that frequented that then splendid thoroughfare of the fast 'una. My eolt quickly attracted the attention of! the Rrnwd nf Knr?a man than. ???! """IS their Dumber, who was wealthy, and who knew what a good nag wu, very shortly waited upon me, and bantered me for my purchase. " He's a gooi un," I said, "and cost me high." " What will you sell him for?" he asked. <k Twenty-five hundred dollars," I answered, without winking. The man of fortune drew a long breath, looked the horse over at his leisure, and then drew his check fer the amount?somewhat to my surprise, I confess Two years afterwards my si* hundred dollar oolt had become famous for his superior spaed and bottom, and the present owner, to my certain knowledge, has more than once since refused a bona Jide offer of five thousand dollars for this splendid trotter. He has made his mile in 2 26, repeatedly, and is now among the fastest horses in America. My only regret is that, when I parted with him, I did not possess the talents of my Vermont friend in disposing of him. I am now certain that I sold my colt too rheap The Mr. Ruhkbll, who now represents the London Times here, is the same gentleman who was sent by that journal to Ireland to report O'Connell speeches, during the Repeal agitation. One of the first meetings the newsCaper man attended was in Kerry. Having eard of O'Connell's polite qualities he thought h? would ask that gentleman's permission to take a verbatim account of the oration. The Liberator not only consented, but, in his oiliest manner, informed the assembled audience that 44 until that gentleman was provided with all writin* cunvaniences, he wouldn't spake a word." aaauming an extra brogue, which was altogether unnecessary Russell was delighted The preparations began, and were completed; Russell was ready "Are you quite ready?" asked Dan. " Quite ready " 41 Now; are you sure you're entirely ready'" 44 I am certain, sir. Yes." The crowd becoming excited and impatient, T^atl ' l? V A in ' r.A r. m w T i^"i? ?"? ? - *iwn, pun UJJ VuuavtQIlUO A TT U11 L begin the speech until the London gentleman isentirely ready." After waiting another moment or bo, O'Connell advanced; eyes glistened; ear* were all attention; and the reportorial penoil arose. Dan gave one more benignant smile on the correspondent, winked at the audience, and eommtnctd his .ipmerh in the Trith language, to the irrepressible horror of the editor of the Army and Navy Gaxette. and to tha infinite delight of all Kerry. E7" Tte United States Mint statement for tbe month of March ahows that tbe amount of deposits was $7,148 .">65 86. The gold coinage amounted to fS 049 h*7 5b. tbe silver coinage, 907,500; cop; per coinage, f9 000 ITTseveral rows oocared iu tbe lower section of Philadelphia on Eaater Sunday, In tbe course of which a policeman waa very aererely and brutally beaten Prom Mostoomert -The Montgomery correspondent of the Charleston Mercury write*, under date of March 29, as follows: | The list of navy appointment* la not yet rotnFilete, but I hope to send you a copy In a few days, twill be seen by the navyblll passed by Congress this session, that very few t akers are allowed at present. These have all been taken from the number of officers who resigned from the United States Navy, and who bad claims superior to any other that could be urged. Very many civilians, from each of the State*, have *ent In applications for commissions in the navy, but It will be seen at once that there are now no vacancies to fill. The million appropriation will bring a few vessels Into service as soon as they can be obtained, but there have already been commissions Issued to fill 11 the offices. The department is getting Into wurKiug uriivr as rapidly as possiuie, out operations are delayed 011 account of the absence of several officers now on duty at Charleston or Pensaoola A few lieutenants arc recruiting for tbe marine service The Treasury Department is now In fine working urcUr, nil the appointments baring boon made, furniture and books obtained, and rooms put in order. They are now ready to transact any business that comes under the head of Treasury matters. The subscription books for the new Government loan have all been sent out, and nearly all of the advertisements. As 1 told yon in my last, the bonds will be issued sometime next month for a large amount of subscribed stack, which has been taken at par. The greatest dilficulty tbe Department has to contend with is want nf ronrn ? ??r? rnnmn ?? l- - -L ? ?? mv i *'? ?utui;iciik aif.ns trail or cmtalnsd for the use of clerks, and those now occupied are far too small The government building, by no means a large one, contains all the departments, and each is considerably cramped for room. A dispatch from Warrington navy-yard, received this morning, says th*t Col. Hrayg Is still busy In preparations for an attack. Fifteen hundred troops from Mississippi are now on their way to Penssrola The two regiments will be In Mobile in a few days, and from there will march across the country, from lllakely to Pensacola The Georgia troops will rendezvous at Macon, and proceed In a body from that point to join the reglcsent from Florida One thousand men are about to start from Louisiana also. All these, with the 1,700 men now before Fort Pickens, will make quite a respectable force, and will prevent any reinforcements at present, were It attempted A few temporary appointments have been made In the medical statt' of the army, but their names will not be published until tbe officers are classified. Viroijsta News.?An unusual number of ships have lately cleared at Norfolk, Va., with cotton, corn, and product* for Ktirope. On Saturday last, the hark Brothers, with a cargo of corn, clearrd for Belfast Ireland, and oil the same day tb? ship Julia Lawrence was chartered to load corn for Liverpool. T H. Campbell, President of the South Side Railroad Company, publishes a card, denying that arrangements ^ad feetn made with that Company for transporting arrus from the Belloua Foundry, and says his road will not transport any arms for the Administration as things now are During the last three months, only ?33.4(J? worth of real estate have been sold at Richmond, Va., against ?151,685 in the same time last year The Fredericksburg Volunteer Battalion contemplate holding an emcamprnent on the Fredericksburg Fair Grounds, about the 1st of May. Fayette McMullen and E. 8. Martin are candt dates for Congress in tbe Abingdon Congressional dlatrlct. Hon. R A Pryor is a candidate for re-election to Congress from tbe Petersburg district. Bear skins have advanced from 81 to S3, In consequence of tbe ureat demand among tbe military companies of the State Tbe great quantity of flour inspected In Lynchburg during the last quarter, is 4.43? bbls R v n n i. g HAS THE LARGEST. NEWEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE STOCK OF J" X] W E Ii R T EVER OFFER KD IN THIS OR ANY OTHER CITY. AT THE LOW TERMS OF ONE DOLLAR FOR YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ARTICLE IN THE STORE. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Pet* for SI Eiesant LAVA __ yet* for SI Elegaut O MtNE T __.!*etB for ?l E'egar.i JET Set* for Si Elegant COKAI. and ?OLD? *-e?iiforSl Elegant MEDALLION Set* lor si E e, aut H OIN MOSAIC Set* for |l E csnrt PLAIN GOLD S*Ufor H\ I allies' GUARD CH AINS for SI I aditVCHA rELAlNE CHAIN*..tor SI Ladien' NE'^K CHAINS (or 31* VEST CHAINS.(Indifferent style*,) for $1 Als^, a Large Areortmect of J EWELR V, whtoh we oan sell at 50 o?nts rer arttele. Juat Received. SMALL LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL ETRUSCAN BLACK LAVA. ?et? ENAMELED CROSS Set* ETRUSCAN CARBUNCLE Set* PEARL AND GOLD Seta ETRUSCAN ONYX _Seu N. B.?PeriOu* wishing any of the above Good* houid call at once as thay eoon will Le gone. We have on h&nd.rvud are receiving everr aar L&rga lnvoioei of THE FINEST PLATED WARE. consisting of Breakfast and Tea Sets; Card and Caxe baskets; Cream and Syrup Pitchers; Table, Dessert, Tea, Sugar and Cream Spoons; Butter, Ft nit, Tea, Pie, and Fish Knives; Forks; Napkin Jimgs; Casters; Salt Stands; Plain, Chased and Gilt Lined Goblets and Cup*. ALL FOR SALE AT LOWfIT WUCLKSALK trices. GOODH WARRANTKDAS REPRESENTED. HEMRMBFR: RIDDLE'S ONE DOLLAR STORE, man SO* Pa. Av 304 I? th? only known and M KabyMWBHI best article to %V, Mr exterminate * JRo?che?. Bed Ho*?, Ant?, Moth*. Fi'^H, mr.i i^-i ??, FllM.Garden Wurmi """^*"22222522,/////JMaT7Z?Z&&'' vine hd(|,ao. *- i ? 1 It contains no poi.'on. SCH WKRIN'S Fl LLS are *ur? rieatfi to Rata and Mioe. M rtohv*nn has received oertifioat** from the Preaident of ttirard Col:exe. Dir'olora of House of Refuge, Kennaylvama Hoapital, and other Prominent Inatitutiona of PhiiadciDMa ; U. Jail, y\ aahinston, L). 0.; and Charity Honpital, New Orleana, La The orifttna1 certificate* can t>e aren at the Whoieaale and Retail Depot 1*24 North Seoond atreot, Philadelphia, and for aale in thia city by D. U. CLARK, corner Pa. avenue and ?S ata., and hy al' Drucgiata apd Orooera. HKWARK OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. in* RrnnamMr (n trk fnr Hnhwarin'a a. >.. Ian rig Powder. irr Nona k?niiin? unlets timed M.Schwkrix. ma. l.Minneo rf*HK SLBSCRIBKRS HAVING RECEIVED * their br?t aupply of new atjrlea of SPRING U001>>. they reapectfully invite* a call fr#m their patrons aud the public ten (V\ rally. ^They keep al?o constantly on hand JW a good supplv of NAVAL and MILITARY -J"" FlIRNISHfNU GOODS, such a? Epaulets, Sword*) Gold L&oen-eto. H. F. LOUDON ft CO.. Citii*n and Military Tailors, ma 20 Smeo No. 3U2, under Brnwn'i Hotel. HOME-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES, For Ladies'. Miiiii' and Childrin'a Weak, At Exceedingly Love Prices. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Space. ma 8-eo Pa. av . bet. 8U> and 9th sis. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KKPT BY P. EMRICH. at the corner of Ponn.A . A avenue and Eleventh ?treet, haa t^n treat't improved recently and now oCVrsXC^UaJL I res. tr inducements for the patronage of oui?.?r.s and Grangers than any other publio hous?*i;i the oitT, his prioes being less than those of anr itlier hotel on Penn. avenue, and hia accommodations for permanent or transient hoarders une j"e;>tiontble. The bar and restaurant arrangemsnla of th? aropaan Hotel have already beoome verv p<?j>n lar.b*mg all that oan ha desired by the ki<?sc Im tidious. Tlie proprietor pledges nnremiUed attention and aonti>ueri liberal expenditures to give sat isfaauon to all, and thns ronewc his invitation ajl to rive the European Hotel a call. da <t ti JMPO.TANT^OTICF. TO^TRANGF.'.S A ?i??w "f tho Na'.i"i*l rapito! will bs cr-seiited to ail purchasers of Books, Stationer; 4c , from CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D StrM, Bttwttn 9tk nnd 10* k Struts. We have juat fuuahed a cumber of fir?t el&M CARRIAGES, atioh u Light Wajtmf, Park PAtattmt. Car iatKffi: nagts, and Burnt*, whioa we will a all at" ~ **? % tott small profit. Beiri praotioal m*ohanioa in different branohes of the buaineea, we flatter onraelvea that we know theatjloa and taaHty of work that will fire satia notion, oombining lightneaa, oooUort and tiurabui tj # Re?aitinr promptly aad carefully attended to the ehorte?t ncMo? and moet reasonable ehfU'ea. WALTER, EAR MANN h BO/K Coachmakers, aucseaaora to Wm.T, Hook. TCARRLA8K*. HK Sibeorlber bavinc made addition! te kl foetorj^ making it now one of tie iir:a;tAmi. in mo uiBTioi, wner? rwl!tie? f WnTi^ST nanulsrtunncCAKFI AbE fr LIOHT*5?*E WA&ONSof all k .nds car.QOt t?e uniyMtM, i!.< Crow hi a lore Mvri- uo? in t'lsice**. ae :o??a U riYn r^t ElaotTor. A i km<U o / Cirria;M cli kitiit YY 8*3 j<i t<*? m kV-id. Ail Rr.PA)R?n?it y4?s*.?d all !*? ? ?r??yt ly att?rd?4 t??, S*nM<i-kA>4 Otrr'uM ttten inMsktBrt f*riw *?s. AMOREW J. JOYCE, < W M Mntr ?f W-.h K >U

ft __ _ DENTISTRY. DKS. I OCKWOODA DARKKt.L AREPREnar?1to in?ert TfcETHon VL'LCAN-^ ITb UASK, a new and improved modo.^^yyj When made ??ri this plan they are com ^ ' 'p fortable to wear and inueh cheaper than an* other. Also, T??th inserted on Cold Plate, and an iJental Operations of ?ny kind that may be desired Office Koom No S, in the Washington Bui!dinc,oorner Pa av. and Seventh at. ja if) 3m* Mtketh. LOOM 18. M. D., the inventor and patent*# ofthaMINERAL PLATK TEETH, at-L~M=* tends personally at his offico in this oity.NaKSaf Many persons can wear these .eeth whoVl' rT' oar.not wear others, and no per.<ou can wear other* who cannot wear these. Persons cailinK at my offioe can 1>? aoooinmod&ted with any style and price of Teeth the* m*t but to those wno are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, a::d most perfect denture that art can produen, the MINKIl AL. 1'LATE will be more folly warranted. Rooms in this cut?No. 33? I'a. avenue, between 9th and 10th Pts. Also, 90T Arch street, Philadel ptna. oo 15-tf PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIY E CORDIAL AW> BLOOD BENOVATER Is precisely what its name indicate*, for, while pleaaantto thetast", it is reviviiyirg, exhilarating, invigorating and atreiuthening to the vita< powers, , aiiO at the ?am<* time revivifies. reinstates, and re new a tne Blood in a I its original purity, and !hjia at onoe restores and renders the system invulnerable to attack* of disease. It is th?> only preparation , ever oflered to the world, so chemically aud bIttIIfolly combined as to be tne n oat powerful tonic, , and at the a&me time ao perfectly adapted to. as to J act in perfect accordance with the l^ws of nature, . and hence will soothe the wakcit stomach, and tone np the digestive organs, and thus aNay ail ner- , vooaand other irritation, it i? perfect y exhilara ' ting and at tne nam* time it ia composed ertirely of , vegetables, yet so coinbineo as to produce the moct thorough tomo effect, without producing any in- , jurious consequences. fenoh a remedy has lore 1 t?een felt to t?e a desidoratura in the medical w<-r Irf, , for it needs no medioal sic II to see tha' dehility f Hows all attacks of disease, and proceed: &nd m , deed lays the system open to the insidious at'aclca J ol Tianr oftlie most fatal,3uch, for example, a? the . following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, ' I oss of Appetite, I- nntn?ss, Nervous Irritability, Neura gia, Palpitatiou of the heart, Melancholy, 1 Night sweats, La;.gor, Giddinoaa, Retention of. as , well &s Painful obstructed, too profuae, or too SC*nt MfnutrnnHnn n.r.H P?ilin? r\t ?l>? W?mK These all depend upon general debilit*. This pore, ^ health? Urnin ro""1*1 urr i.fuj/b &i the nun is to tip? and art. Tn*re is no mutak* about it . Butthia is not all If the , gfateiR ib weakened we are open to bilious at- 1 tacks, the liver beootiioe torpid, or worse diseased. . the kidneys refuse to perform th*ir fuuoticr.a, and ' w? are troubled with scalding and inoontiueroe of urine, or involuntary dlsoharge oftte game, p&iu . in the ba<?k, cirte and between tiie ?hould?'s ex oeedingly Hab'e to slight eo'.ds, oooghfl, and if un oaeckeSd. ?oon emaciation follows,and the patient i;oea down to a premature grave. But aoaoe will not allow us to enumerate t!ie man* ilia to wmoli we are liable iu a weak-mod condition o! t;ie system. , Out we wil' tr.y in this Cordial and B:o.m1 K*nova- 1 tor yon have a period &afo pi ca?ant andeiic3t .nl remedy for lose of Ap;>?tite. !ii!inusn?ss. F.atu leuoe, weak a>xl nick Stomaoii.^our. l.iver Complaint, Chills and Fever.or aiu Bi!ioa?attack Co?tiv?ne?g, Acidity ofthe St rniach, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Hoait, Doprecsiori of Spirit*, Sores, Pimples on the Face, or an* dincase anting from impure blood, such as Scrofula, j'.rystpelati, lironohiua, Cotiih, difficult* of Itre&thing, and all that class ol disease*, cal ed female < weakness. ant enumerated above. AVe will a>o J ea> the traveler exposed t'? epideinioa, chance of climate ami water, will find it a pleasant. ?afe*nd ' su'e remedy, ?nd noons should ever travel with out. nexiir, try i(,lor vr? assure you 'ta will find in It & friend ir.d?od,a? well ,is a frienrfin need. All persons of sedei.te*r) habits will tiuJ it & perfect preventive <>f, as well as a core for thoce ailments which they are particularly exposed. flenoa ministers, students, att'Tuej*, .itorarf gentleman, and ladies who are r.ot acctistmied to much out- j door exeroua, will find it to th^ir a?;o to j keep a bottio eonsta.'itly on hand; and above all ] mothers or tbojo becoming such, will eo through that most d mgerous period not onljr with ail their 4 accustomed strength, but safe and free from the thousand ailments so prevalent among the feruaie ? portion of the woild. In short, is indeed a mother s I cordial. Try it old and ycupg; no lo> ger rur. the risk of de'ay, it will relievoand prove it?oif nnpnat- i loally a Riftoraltvt Cordial and Blood Kinox r.trrr. < O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 iiroad?ay, New York, and 114 Market Atreet. St. L.ouis, Mo., and I sold by all good Drug (lata. Price One Dollar per i Bottle. I PROP WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AND BLOOD RENOVATOR. ! Bold in this city by C. STOTT,375 Pa. avenue. ' au 20-eoly, aiw 1 PJIEADER, ! EKU!?K The foH-wiiig siatT-ment and thenjudge of its facta for yourself > ABRAM COL.K, of Brooklyn, N. V., a well known citizen there. had suffered from I>yspepsia ( for inmr* vMri. without nA.-mJLnAnt nn#.i Ka , tried AYfCK'S HI.LS,which taken according to ( the directions for tliia comprint, restored him to , health in a few week*. After aT interval of at ine i mnn b ? h" has had no return of hit ooiup aint. GR(I. W. CROSS, of Harmony, Texas, had an . eruption on hia nmk. shoultiera, Lac K ai. l lee, . whioh ooverni about one third ol hia lv>dy. the parts atreot^d covered with a e?aL?, end being i olten a raw eore. nf oonrrt ver* troublerom." | at.ri dint*esaiiiK. It to inuoh unpaired hi* health a* to unfit him b>r businesa and kept him in nonatait suffering. An medical aid failed him i>mil he took A Y K R S COM POl' N 1> KX TRACT *AKSA- ! P AKILLA, whioli ourel him. Hid akin dtill ahowa aoin* acara from the ulceration, but it la otherri. e a? clear a? an infant". JOHN H. SHOOK. Eaq . an eminent lawyer o| Richmond, Va.tooka cold which settled on hia 1 Itinca. A aevero pain aet In ou the left ?ide, with a ba<l cou?.li, whie i wag soon followed by the enmiatakat le symptoms of consumption. W h??n reduced verr low he commenced taking AVER'S CHER R\ PECTORAL, whioh soon stopped the cough ar.d completely cured him. Prepared by OR. J. C. ATER & CO., I,owelt, Mass. malSeolm WATCH REPAIRING ANDSILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. 1 have one of the beat establishments, and furnished with a complete aet of Utola for repair- JJv mg every deitenption of fine Watohes, and particular attention give to tfie thorough competent workman .and a. w>rk ruaiai.tied. Alao, every de?onp ton of standard SI 1 ,V KR WARE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under rnv own supervision. which rnv auatomera will finit far superior in quality and finish to northern ware sold by deaier* in general and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, e 6 338 Pa. avenue, near 9th st. BOOTS AND SHOES TO SUiT THE l> TIMES. We are now manufacturing all kinds of DOOTS and SHOES, and oo: *ta?tiv receiving supply of eastern mane work of ev?rrd?-IB| aortption, made expresaiy to order, and wiilV W 1 oe sold at a maoh iotror price than has been' Nk heretofore charted u, this citj io, Ltuati inferior artio'.ee. Persons in want of Boots and Shoe* of eartern or oitr made work, will always find a rood aseortmen in stc;eand at the lowest prioee. Give us a ca.L 6RIPK1N Jt tf RO? ap h-r 314 Pennsylvania avenne. W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Have just rooetved th? largest assortment Mid now offer the most extorsive vsrietfjBXTTB o; Snl.E LEATHER. LAP!KS' DRESsRiVA a id PACKING TRUtf Kb. J1AT BOX KB,*-*"" V A ' IBE8, CARPHT BAGS, SATCHELS. A.O., in this eity, which ye ?fejMUjinf at ver) low frier*. >V4LL, r*rfcrttr.r*w a. uu , * 'f *Xt-i Pn ?vi?Bn?. f INCOLN A9 HE I#. ?*i v EHO?AV*D Poitiait. ? Tii* P?rt/a?? ?*t puMi?K?<i of H0" t1 CLOTHING, Ac. |\ MEKCF1A NT TAILORING, WALL. STEPHKN8 & CO., 3S9 ftis Avaiiue, h?v? junt r?o<?ive<l A lAr<e varietT of new Fall Goods, u* wmoh tb*T nvite th? a't?itK>n Of U*irJri?nil>kiHl rmionum H ?-tf /^KNTLEMKN'8 VI RE VD1T-MADE CLOTHING. Onr Brmonl ?f er?!Ti rurv.o r . ? -v h . w?b\-.whvii\ vj u t. i i w RKaD\ MADK CLOTHING I'fTert to eitiaeaa and strantflra wiatiing AO immediate oat fit anp?rior inducements, embraoinj, at tan time, ail atylee ard aualitiea of Dreaa and Garments and Overcoat* tn a<l vari?ttea. Fine Shirts and Under-olotiiin* oi ail kicda. Kid aud other G'ovm of bc?t sua ity. Soarfa, Ties. Cravats, 8toek?, Hosiery, Ac.. Ao. Ail of which ?? are offence at >ur usua. low pricea. irr Clothing made to order in ?h* moat snperior manner. WALL, STEPHENS? A CO.. no 16-tf a 2 ' ! Pa. avetm e. /1IITO TIIUPUOIXOU1 OLOTHIMO PIONt, " No, 460 Seventh st., to ret your CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOi?8, HATS aid CAPS^ le 2 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our customers, and oitisena reneraIly, to an inspection of our present new, at _ mm tractive, and elegant a*K.rtm?-ct "f^M CLOTHS. CA9SIMKRKS, DOESKINS, Vf.STINGS, OVERCOATINGS. Ao. tf which we will make to order iii superior " atyle at very low pnoes. WALL, STEPHENS A COoo 25 tf 324 Pa. av.. t-e?w. <Hn and loth ate. #(Vc Couth, Cold, Hoarten***. JnJlu*mi any Irritation or Son??.?* of tkt Throat, R'Here tht ffarktn* Couth tn Con ?* mptxon. Bronrhttit, A*kma, t Catarrh, Clear and tin strength to tk* voict of PUBLIC SPEAK E R 8 and SINGERS. Few are aware of the unportanco of oheetinr a Cough or "Common Cold in it* first stage; that whion in the begining would yield to a mild remedy, if neglected, eoon attacks the I.unci. * Brotm'i Bronchxil Troth**," containing flemuToentmgredi enta, allay Pulmonary and Bionchi&l Irritation. | "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN S which the "Trooktf" are a having made me often ?w?rewhi?TROCHES peror." N.P.WILLIS. BROWNE "I rocommcnd thwr n?e to PrBLJC " Speakers.M TROCHES! REV. E. H. CHAPI\. "Gr??at aernoein aut-dniiiC Hoah?iBROWN'S r??se." REV. DANIEL WISE. TPnrui-ii1 "Almost mstaot relief in the die treeeing labor of breathing peculiar PU | |\v \T1tt I to A 3 )IX A.. 1 LRUW IS S REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES " Opium or anything injurious." DR. A. A HA*ES. CROWN'S Ckfrtst, Boston. ' "A simple and t'.ea?aut corr.!>inaXROCHES tion for CorsH*. Sro." ? DR. G. F. BIGELOW, UROWN'S ~ Hoi ton. TROCHES JTW.'LANK. BROWN'S, Boston. " I have prnred thsm exoeUaut fcr TROCHES? WHorr** Cop??h." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN"? Bottom. Tsornvn " BeiW^i*' when complied to 8f<sf.k, mifferuii from Cold." nnnnrM.a REV. 8. J. 1*. ANDERSON, BROWN'S si. Louit. mnriiFH " Er?*CT?*L in reraoTin* HutiNne*? and Irritation of the Throat, to BROWN'S oomnton wftli Sriims and Sis?IKOCHEO *">"* M.OTACVWmiNSOr^ BROWN'S TROCHES " Sroet benefit when taken before and after preaching. aa the* prevent BROWN'S Hoarennnaa. prom their pa?t effect, .aoonw b? ?f ?srm^ *?* REV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S Proeideat of Ath?n? College, Tenn. rROCHES ITT^Sold by all Drnggiata at TWKNl TY FIVE CENTS A BOX.^01 de My Da. J. H McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING COEDIAL ATiD FLOOD Fl'RIFIFR. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tkt WORLD, tI EVER TAKExOgfifct* ofoach inff?<:?ni Before taiiflft taking. Iiitlllinf, pradaciar * daliciooa, aibtUraUr* ptriu.ind Ua naat lnfallibla rtraa !? far raiioaciiiif k? diaauad irataa, tod rarorinf tha lick, alanif, and daailiutad laralld to imlth and i.rtnf lb. McLEA^S STRENUTHEXlfM CORDIAL Till afattaallf c?ra LiT?r Complaint, Dy?r?p?l*, jaat?liea, Chronic or Ka??o?? Dabllitf, Diiimh artba Lidna?(, md all dmaaaaanainf fromadtaordarad hT?r?rlwaact, Jjtftta, Maartbaiu, lovird Piiaa, Acidity ar Bickooaa at k? Atocnach, Fallnoaa af Blcc 1 to tba N< d, Pali Pain ?r Ivinxning in tha laad, Palpitation af tba Ha art, Fallnaaa ? Waiffet In tha tcmach, Moat Era -uot , obakinf a* lifacaUtif rtaling arban larin* Drjr or T?ToW. of 0>a Skio aod Cjaa, Ni(Lt *a?ta, ti.vard fiMra, ain la U>? Small of tba Bick, Cfcaai, ar >ida, laddaa af Itu, Daprattian of Spinu, Frifh'fal Draaina, ir.raar, Daipar Otrty or any narvatt di?a*?a, Aorat n llatchaa on tba Akta, and Pa?ar and Ana (ar CbUla and OYER A MILLION DOTTLES i*?? katc >*lri dar.i.f lb* laat tit roaaihf, aud ta q* ttilinti hu Ufailad >r. (ivii'g ?i.tir? w.iafaeuan. * ha, tk?r, >!ll ???'ar fraii Wi'Vah or Oabiliry whao MeUCAR'B ITR.KN?Vlr:KI((? COR.DIAU *nli car* y?a ? Ma lanfaaf a C-n tar>ray an aiiaqaiu idaa af ;ba .ratsadiit* aud aliavat ii ir*c*t**? thauja pradacad b? taking Uim iarcif l In lha duaaaad, dakiliuuacl, ud ahauarad Lir>iu lyataui, kalkir krakaa d*?n ky aicwaak ky tMara, i> lapalyad ty a'aknata, th* ralatad and abairxag *rf*allatUa it iMtarad ta ;ta piiatiaa haaltk and 'ifW MARRIED PERSONS^ >1 atban, cauaeiaat af locality from vbararar will inJ mclkah'S JTiMnriwus cua iiAk * u>?ra*(? r?|Hmvw W ia? tyataia; aod a'.l wh* nay h\?a to arad tktaaaira* ky U.prapar iudalfaucaa will aid la ilia 3?rdU.l a aartain and apaady rmady. TO THE LADIE8. MciaBAMI l7R.CR6Tar.RHfa CORDIAfcia a la'ailira at J apaady cara far Ineipiant C?M?rrpurq, Whuaa, Ukatractad ar Dil'ilt Maaa-raaitao,! oeaatioanca of Brim ir In?a!an'.ary Diacbarf* thjraaf. Fall IB ( af in a W*mk,, Falouuf, aua all diaaaaaa inudaui ta I'antlat. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT *fa> n* larjar. Taka it acoardiof t* dirtcuaoa. It will umalata, atrauflban, and IsTifaraia yaa ai.d eaaaa is klaam af haalth ta inaaot yaar ehaik ajafa. X?ary kati'.a la vurauud la f ' aatiafaetian. FOR CHILDREN If vmi fthOdtan Hri tieklv. nvnv m tflittad. MrLCi W*% CORDIAL vtll maka than kaaitia, fat, u< rokaal. Daky M a manic 11 Irj It, a?4 yoa will ha aoc?ia?ad- It la 4aUaiau la uka. A VTION. lanta af drtfflata ar daalara aba nay uj la palm ap?a yaa aoica kSuar ar aaroapanlla traah, which lhay ean V?? ahatp, hy aavinr it iajaat aa food. Awl anh aai. Aak far McLr-Art* YrKntdTHtNlSQ CORDIAL, aad lata nothing aiaa. It ia ilia only rao:ady will purify tha Blaad tooraafhiy and r.l iht aama lima atranfthac Oaa i/i'.in (Jr.a tatapoaofal takan a?ary mormr.f faauaf ta a taRiu ftnaati'a far Cbalara, Ckilla and Taaar, Y t Hoar Pt?ir, or any traralait llaataa. ItUpuat la Urft Mtilaa. fnci only 91 par katlla, ar ( boulaa for #3 J. M 11' LEAN. Sola propnttor of ihia Cordial; alao, McLaao'a Voicaaic Oil Ltntrcant. Principal Dapai aa ua cornar af Third aud Flo a airaata, ft' boata, Ma. McLcan't Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIE BEST WUI!MEifT IK THE WORL(V) Tka onlr aefa aod cartaia eara for Caneara, Pilaa, TaBora, Bwalliufa and BraachUa ar Coiua, Para, rata, Naaraifia, Waakraaa of tka Muaclaa, Chrocic or Ir.Jar. oiaiury EhaajaaUam, li.?naaa af ina Jawia, Cociraetad Mcaclaa ar iranta, tinata or Tooth*?ha, Bra'taa, tpr .tna, Praah Cata, Woanda, Dleara, Faaar Boraa, Cakad B aaot, Bora Nipplaa, Baraa, Bcaida, Sora Throat. of may iaCa-waauoa at pain. aa diffarooca how aaaara or too# U>* ' ?uo may l?i aitatad, McLEA.H1 CELEBRATED LI'.aTMENT .a a earuin rafaadT. Tktau^i af Mam kilsp ktri kna mti< lift aI dla *rap ua4a uJ tun; ky iha aaa afihia iaaalaaMa -araady. McLEAN>S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rallara l?ein almaat inatanUnaraaly, and it will elaaa, yanfy ud Kitl tha faolaat ncm la an UcradlbU atari tin* FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. Mc LEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT U th^My wft ud illMU ratnady ft ma eara af IfWto, KmrbMi, Windfall*, ftptiau. Bnnatcrai La re pa, Modaa ar Svalltnfa. ll umr failad la iui Hud, FaUaati, t'tataU, OM Canning Saraa, ar Bvaany, it pra parly tMkid. far praitii, Bmiaai, kriuMi, Cratkad Baala, Obalaa, taddia a* Collar Galla, Cat a, kin, ar Waar.da, H U an mfallibla ramady. Apply ft aa dirattad and a aara to aanam la a*ary hiuntl. Than ink* aa laarar wtdi tta May wartblaaa Lintsanu farad ts yaa. Okuiii a larrl; ^ Dl. McVCAIt CU.EMATEO LWIMENT. It vill car a yoa J. n M CLEAN, Ma PltfrliKf. Cantrnird aad Ptaa ata., ft. Laaia, Ma. ^ Oy ELM MTOTT^m Fa. a*., M, a^aat to Wa^UfJ ' THE WEEKLY DOLLAR ST JUL Tti nMUnt r&ailr u4 Nwi Mral ubibi fMHf- *vini of nimmui rmjiac o?c h? e??d id ur l*i?r?? nMiMi m Fii4*j mo num. Tbbh?-Om4, wmh?H>.?> *<?ni c>fj. por Mjcira ? #1 ? ... 4 75 Ttl MpiM Iff T^'ntj bveoopM* 9' ? Ittawiabty oontetas th* "Wubiiftn Nm" that hu nude l"fc? Dmtlt irwwt Stmt eiroijfttt . to (roer*i; j throat boat U? eoaatrr. (Z^Staci?oopiM(lii OM h? prnear*4 > un vkiuist, lnuBNiua.; unriM imm *f ttM pt|W. Pne??TEEEK ('LNTB i MEDICINES. BDH JOHN!. TO*, ALTIMURI LOCK HOSPITAL, Hmi dttt?r+T*d the most Cortmtm, SptrHf mmd MJy kjftcinn; Rtmtdf i? Ik* World, FOR ALL D18KASESOF 1MPEUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEST APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR SO CHARGE. IN PROM ONE TO TWO DATS. Wta .Mt of th? B?ck. Strictures, Afftcooucaf Ck? Ii4 o?y? ?nJ Bladder, mralanurr Dmlurfn, ln>|>?t*acr, llw> lr>i Dtbilx;, NtiKouuirH, Drtptptt, Luim, C?# ??? of idc.t, Lj? ilpirii*. Palpiiuinu at Iht Hun, Ti??<tit?, Trtnib'iun, Pimnm of >i(M? fitddium, Pihiu if u w?- ? * '* ? i s w? i W ? TVllUlil ! lOr la Mill t sen or B'lXM?thm Terrible Disorder* irutitg (ro? Soil tar* Kabila of Youth?those Pr>i<(nl and |)nir??i>i PracIKM which reader Marriage njxMiMt, aal destroy w*h Bo4t and Miud YOCXQ MKIf Eapeci'liy whnhss* become the victims ?f Solitary Vic?, llut dreadful and destracux habit which ausaaliy sweep* to all untimely fr??e <' of Ye?rf Men of the Mat eaalted talenla and brilliant Intellect, who might othsrwma hair* entranced liateuin( (S?M<nee with the thunder* of ?lo. ?ti?nce or ??lted tu tc>i?cy the lt?ing lyre. iwajr call with ull confidence. * MARRIAGE. Mi*l)IID Young Mea Conteinplaunf Mairiafe, bem| aware of physical weahnea*, urfuic debility. determines, Ac., speedily cured He who places tumult under the care of Dr. J way rolifiot sly ennfid* in hi* honor ae a (eatleena and confidently rely upon Ins skill as a physician. OFFICE A'?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand eide t-tr.g from Baltimore street, a few iosrifras the Corner. I ail not to rbssree name and number Leuara o ust be paid and contain a ataiap DK JOHSSTON, Member of the Royal Colleg* of Sorfeooe, Loudon, rradiate Iron one ol the moat eminent Colleges Hi ths Lotted States, and the cisstef part of whose III* has hesn spsni la Hie h' Spu .! o( London. Par.a. Philadelohia and alaa?>sn bu tfr(i?4 nine M (In MtiMumnkiiif car** ikai ?*rt ?>tr kuowa; waay uootlfd arith riufiuf ia Uke ku< uxl car* wlica aaleep. ftnl ixrinwifH, oeiar alarmed at uddtB iiiaiid*.Niihfu.a?*i with frequent lluMaf, attend** omctiuica ?iS dennf eweul ad lund, taara cured umu*duttlj TAKE PARTICULAR SOTICK Young Met >ul >li>?ra who have u. lured tnemoelv** hy a certain pmctic* n.duiprj iu ahta alone?a liabit Iracaaudj learned fintn evil rrn.paniaue, or at atkaal, tfca *I*CM <4 whica are iurlil/ltltt?ii when a*'eep, aad if tat c*r*d, render* marriage luipmaitili, aud dtaroj* Ml aaiad and body, atootild apply immediately. Tucae arc some of lb* aa J aad incltnclwiy effect* vmdactd Ijr carlr habit* of iraiti. fit: WctkulM of the Back aid l int*, P?'i.a in the head, Dunne** of ki(l>(, 1 aa of Moat alar Power. Palpiutiuu ?f tii? Hon. Dyapcpay, Ktrvoaa Irritability, Ocrauirciiicat of the Kuuctioaa, General Dcl'inty, Symptom* of Consumption, 4c Mt>ui.l I.?The teartul CB ec ' ?ii til a n.ud ara mack to b' dreaded?I -? f Me t?ry, <"nn'ii?ii?u of Ida**, Depression et ia, Kvil I'^'Mi : *ii"w> of Society, Sel' in* true'. Love of Solitude, Timidity, etc , are *otu* ul the ??il* produced N'CftVom OrsiLITr -Thwud* cm in* lodge ?h*t I* the C <!?r '?it dec 1" Tg heal' , |n*ma th*ir ? iJP-f bacocu ii f ? eak, p~!e. nervou* ,,d amtriil'd, having a amgotar a|.( t-i*n<-e about the eyei, cough er symptom nd (?*uaip lion. DISEASES OF IMPKVDE\CE When the a.Moulded *ud imprudent votary of pieaiare kada he h..? lo ibcd ; e setds ol painful toe ofieu happei a that an i] I med acnae of shtme or dread of discovery deters hiia ?'? apply ing to tSoae ? no, from education aad respect.(nhy, c->u cent b"ricud bun He la ia iuu> the kinds of iguonot au(* deaigr lug pretenders, who, incepafcla of curi:.g, fl.L: ma pecuuiary eubatauce, keep Ma triting month i. ''i.tb, or a* long a* tbe smallest fe* caa h* ofctaiued, *i 1 in deip,ir leave turn with rutaed health to aifh ?tr mmmtwrnf uiaappwwit?iiei.t; or be im mm* ?T MM antly poim-Mtrcur;?k juu iki c?m<inMUl ?f thie terrible Uiaeeee ?n h ?* Afleeuauaaf the Heart. Threat. Hud, Skia, Ac . prnr ? > ? w irh frifhtfal rapidity, tiH deeth ptnod to i.ia dr * ill. by aeudmf hi? I' itiw ? diacoeered com* ry Iron. ?boaa bcurua no traveler return* DK JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC) VTKAKSF.SS AND 1M POTENCY Be thie ~reat anl important rawdi veakreaaat the wmt arc epeedny cure! aud foil get rcaiorad Tknata4i m the ruoe- and dahjl utad, who hjd laat all Uapa. ba?a beta laiwedi .Ml; relieved AU irnpcd) aeuta ta M _rri?fe, Phj eical at Maatal Di?<joa iftcatiatia, Lc?* cf Pf??raati?* Kw?r, Ner???a lrntaMita*, Trrrakliur ai,<" Weakneaa or Cikaaatua ol <he mm haiw kicil ac<Mil; cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRES8 m? Br.awr i Hocmm reran at ttita u.attttftiaa Wbtn I the latr ae > eneeu j??r?, and ihe i.emaroae impartaM orgtai operaucxM pertormpd b? Pr Johi.atau. wiuiaaMd by |>* repontri ?f -he pipen -i?d many other pereooe, dmkm a# arhitb have appeared agaiu and afaiu belora the nklK, be(idee hia etani|r j aa a geut!em%? uf character aad raap^aa bihty, te a ao IcieiK guar?ntee tha afflicted rrar l4-l e jov fobyr.swKml^iga. RKiD! APP-LY THE REMEDY R K JO ICE i!? HEAL TH. riteb't, U? fuik ( uv:( Are jou Uie eiotvn ofu? PL *?'. ""rr's vtuch *n?e from ins ?ViM?nti?lioo4.' NV^atar* tr.ey, do yoa ut' K%t .-*r a?Jt, wi.a* are torj net f Tbm blood la t? r-iirce c 1 hie ai.<i health, &lU a ia Ut* ftrat epni of oar br nr to roswnd to ar-< oauae which affeota the urnten,, u the pe>p Infiai.ibiy att?ieta Tb* erer p *Tni:<>i( Nevr*!^*., the IrntaUat t-ryeipeisa-tbe :lc rofot?. thr R hrtuin*tiarr,. Ser ran* iseoility, Liver Oomptemt with it* or?or mi tiefectu c, and Un x.ambenea? ilia that # fieir tc,ii?ri?e tlie<r tidtvoi <,rijin frvm t>>e Moo?. bra: then vg<1 rently ettn the mckx t'e* tfce ri^iiiuc reeuuri*e of nature for Iteaia. end cu.Yai jt i. commend to jour mim aa<* that tra, j valuable medioarreat knows aa MRS. M. COX'i I It DIXy ThtiSTABLE DECOCTION. W itii record to Utie aliuoet iul& Uble aeeoifta popcisr ao>:::tuct.i ha* ?poken is decided term* and '.to of thte tro?t efioaoy are * tairx*; fay <m uUQt?<o?ke of iterative rC^ta aii<! tt*? happirrt rer.cit* fr~:u ita lm are after al. oUc remedioa and th? boat ni'-Jical alrtlt have railed. L.o: us ?ar, .c ooutiiuion, that certlioatee onp's *>e rot eonrlit frcir the illiterate and auaer Self.1, hot the* pre rc entered from the moet raap?x iAl..e buurcea wiu juaufv the hif heet tenna ia tlu'j it ia p"8? Die to conrnieod eo ralaahie a epf* itio t-> pm>';o approval. Wf may add alao that tue 5crct;?e propcruecot themedicine are**nailed o&l) by :ta reatoraiive otitcU, U.e hjateni reooTeriei from disease ?uh renewo. ooneutationa Tiaor. For bale by all of potable Drutaiau in uua elty, and by lite proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None ca^uiue atsea* her name ia b.ovi oa the . --4 w ? 4L. 1 ip/n c oii-j uti ecm. uu uir uurk |T7" Prioc 91 per bottle, aix M>tt!ee for |i. W^e..,*.# Artm. R. ft. f. C1S8EL, DrifllM Georgetown, l> C., Wholesale Agent for the plainer, and will eupry the trade at my pnoM. au lt tr 'jpME ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TKIE?EMAR. 1.8 and 3? Protected by Royal Letters Patent of Eos land, aud accural by the ?v*als of the Ecoie de Ptia. maeie de Paria, and the Imperial College of Medicine. Via. na No 1 i*iav* uai>le for excavation and natorrhaa, and a! physical disabilities. No. 2 o> mpietciy erad oates all t'ao^a of thoM diuawt lii&i have been hitherto treated l>y the aaa eronr at d po ici ua i ?eof cosaivaand oabeba. No. 3 fcaa ontireiy toppianttd the mjcrioua u?e of irercury, t:>*iebv irsnnB? to the sufferer apeeU* relief. msprreiae ail imparl ties, and rooting on ti. - v eiioin of uiwyvRi, TRIFORM Moal, Sard 3 are prepared ia tii" fur in of a luxeiige, devoid of t&ata ai>d imn , aiid can be oar'iod ia U.0 packet. Kiid in ti? c%?e?, adivi<t? iatoaep?*ate doses, aa ad miniatured !>r Veipeau, La> en.and. Rou, Ricord. Ao. Price ?S ra<au, or lour oasns for 09, which savea 93; ar?1 !u $27 eaeee,xrhereb* there ia a atrini: or ^9. To i f?d, vh(>lesa>i and retail, of i>r. BARROW,of 1U4 Bioocker street. New Vora. 'nufi'-liata j nbreoemnga remittanoe. Dr. Barrow will forward th* 'I r ruimr to a.rt aart nftli* word. *eour?N pa k*d, ?i.c a.!dres?oc ?eoordia<toUi?ia traoti ns of the writer. The Book, of *! o*he'?. that ehoald be read by men clar ?r?d and broken down ooneOtaUere t? "Human Frailt*, or J'aytioiot toe. Reee^.c'.aa.** It u heauufullj ilieetratmi. and trcaU ""aatalp of ail tn? eynip om< that invanab r deralce om?elv*?. rooner or later, reaaltin? from the TVatJ^ea and Titi&usc habiu of earij roath, u.oaeaoitaubg tncTirom iron me irmuoo 01 uta m?inmoni?! *t*te. fti<<t. if no* of fo??d ?t tim?, dee*ft*rating ail t'e fanoUoni of Manhood. and brlMMM him. ?t*p by tt-f U>a Uncertn* ud unbnx.r death. Hold by lH. NARROW, 194 Bloecker atreet, foot doors iifluw Now Yorfc. Prioo 2* cents. r*ei:t froo every where. So'd alrt t>y 6. C. Ford, Jr., Drag Wow, Wukiltpn. D. C. de 3Mw D*.. J. BOVEBrDUD*?" IMPEhlAL WJIfM BITTMA8, Are now beln* a*4l from Mud* to tho Si*wt Bkit L*Jce, a.c 1 tie vurerul rertiict of til who ace them either aa a or aa ft ^iruLiitut they ft re cn?r?up* in tha world. Dr. IV.uee4 taem eaoo-<?sfalii tn h>a rr%*t oe for H yaara beforo w- aarohasM ef fcim the sola r, rht to ai&nQi^etBra ftr;d thra ler a&la V> the table. Fo'Uw aire of lnaiptaat OoomuRsbon, !adl*?wt?ca, I>y?Kfta'ft, fiioa, Momma ijimum, Fei^ftla Cera fiftlcta, ard ai! u?f? raaairmf ft to; o, they ftre Tonri doabt a naet irTalaaWe rawoHy. A aide trfm UOiripe'.c -.ft ?ro?artiM they are a par*. wboo?o3j9 ui! deUcBt'ci Urrorftga. B'odaciut aLtfca jieaaart e*bl!er?*irf flWi or Biandy or Wlea without their isjarioaa r^aaita. 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