Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1861 Page 2
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1 HE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ATCRDAY.. AfMl 6, INI, ' 1^??i n . ' - ? 1 Spirit ( the ^lornin* Pr?M The Intelitgtncrr quota* from the *p?tch of ?? **T ?? '' O l??a /* (bat AH* nrAnnaltiAR riuu n ui v . ?i ,v r* vrv"' of tbe Peace Conference held in this city, secures all and evea nor* to lh? Houtn than that Introduced by Mr Crittenden. The R'puHiri* tbinks tbe Hon.VVm.C. Rivea, after having " doue nothing bat agitate the lavrry question for the last six months," is not the man to charge others with " keeping alive and fomenting agitation " What or the Dat *?At no time since the 3 rat development of the plans of the conspirators to destroy the Union, baa there been mare excltejnent In the public mind upon the subject engaging the attention of all, than now. A main feature in their schemes has been the policy of bringing about an armed collision between the forces ^ *1.. ^ - - - - at if _n I a.-a j a! vi uio uuvrruiuoui ui tus taueu Di&vei ana mc puuxaas of tUe Oligarchy la Arms. From flrit to last, that policy baa b?en admitted to be the only one tbroogh the execution of whlcb hopes bave been entertained of Involving tbe border 9tatee In the treason of tboee Stataa whoee local gove rnmenta bare been uaurped by tbe Oligarchy Nearly every newspaper In tbe latter'a lotereat baa been urging tbe Importance to tbelr cause, of tb? Inauguration of civil war by asaslling Fort Gamier or Fort Pickens We might fill tbe Star With quotations from apeechea In their conven t'.ons, and publications In journals like the Charleston M-rcvry and Richmond Etquirtr, urging an attack on Sumter or Pickens, a* the only v*m\\j\c means or so nnn^ the Soutnern Heart." u to induce Uie i>order states to make common cause with the Oligarchy. The remarkable prudence displayed by the Government at this point up to this time. In the matter of avoiding a collision with arms, has baffl tu all the schemes of the usurpers, and rendered It so plain to all that their usurpation must soon come to an end through the dead weight of its own monstrosity, as ttiat the Oligarchy have already grown desperate. Their military movements around and towards Port Plckeni?all of which are In palpable falsification of the fiilh pledged in their quasi treatv? truce?mad? with the United States (to l^ave the military *Utus In Pensscola bay precisely tj It was when the truce was made) prove that, If they can, they will surely very soon Inaugurate the civil war they have been trying to make, as explained above. Day by day,and hour by hour, they have been violating the truce mentioned above by erecting new batteries, designed to render It difficult, if not lirpossible, for the Government to communicate frevly with Fort Pickens; until It bM b-'come evident that their mifwuc i? to aasatl it. uuless the Government here consent to abandon It to them. We freely confess that we should regard its abandon-cent by the Government as the wisest conceivable policy. Except fur local purposes? for the defence of Pensacola and Its Navy Yard, ttM possession if Fort I'.ckens is of uo earthly importance to the l'ui!*-d Suits; and to continue to bold it wuea not deslirmuir at th? ttn? to maintain Intact lu wonted authority over the town of Pensacola, can mean nothing else than that points of so-called honor are entering into the Government's policy iu that quarter. We dealre not to be misunderstood in tb'.s conncciioa. The Government has an absolute legal right to hold-Fort Pickens against the world, and were it not tbat the relinquishment of that right will sorely result in the very upeedy downfall of th? Oligarchy by action of those whom they have r?bbed of their liberties, we should counsel Its maintenance at alt hazards. In the last sixty days t&e usurpation has been losing ground throughout tn? Peutti with fearful rapidity In tbat time It haa become apparent to all that its authority is but ? -i?- ? ? * " ? wnpiuMu, ivuiiara on (if flfllbfrst? purpose of robbing tUe pet-pie of tLelr every distinctive American liberty. Even Its chief apcloglst, the N?w York Htraid, has at length come to admit that fact, as in Its Issue of yesterday, as follows: .\i+iAh-j&arttcern mis ccnintr', Lave a right to be beard in all matters affecting the public weal, Afcl SCBJKCTKU TO * HUPOTIUM MORE ODIOl's tha.i that or Austria ut Russia i> their DABKE4T D?n, and are induced to submit by the mat -itenauce of an armed force raised and placed In tbe flcld wncn no enemy has threatened u> violate the iutegrlty ot the soil." We know well that tut life of the Oligarchy's power under such circumstances will be measured by days, and not by yea;*, ualess they sue. cssd la diverting the attention cf the bona h it citizens of the SUtes tuey have so grievously wronged, from due reflection on the means through a resort to which they hive so far succeeded. They can only thus divert their atte^ Hon by turning the South Into one vast camp. Tbat i?et Is their purpo*> all must now realize Will continuing to hold Fort IMckens strengthen the Mitborlty of the United StaUs in or over the seceded States In any conceivable way? Will Its evacuation?a mere local point as it is?weaken the eees* of the United Stairs as involved in th? imbroglio. In soy conceivable polut or way ? I Will H not sffurd to the Oligarchy the very opportunity of inaugurating war, on which all their hopes of finally establishing their authority throughout the South. htn"??? wsn < - -?? _ j a ? -w 4** nut its uuau* don meat I mare ll>e destruction of th* Oligarch)'* existing power on the one band, and ita retention under ex sting circumstances increase their k*net of confirming their authority a hundred told, oa tfce other* In elew of these facta only, do we oounael the evtfemtion of Pickens?aa being worth a thouajnd fold mora to the righteous cause of the Government, than the policy of continuing to hold it This la nut the drat occasion In the hiitory of s*mi-bel.igereu' diplomacy, In which great battles of statesmanship hare been woe by a policy of masterly inactivity?aa we know well, thia will be swiftly wou, IX It be persevered In but a few months looker?and ss the Oligarchy well know, or they would not Labor ao Intensely as of late to induce the Government at thia ooint to abandon it. T*m Rsasos Wmt?The leading dtsunlonlats Id Rtcbmood bive secretly called a man eonventtoo Of their sympathisers, front every county of Vlrelnla. to mr?-t In th?t i>u. ? ? - '*" ? ^ ?. ?? v??j vii iur iom imisni. Tlil* BOTfmfnl bavlsg j,ot wind, the reason alleged for It ia their desire to organize for the approaching Congressional election. The true purpose Is, doubtless, that the men to be thua aMembled In Richmond majr play an Important part 1.1 their persistent game of overawing and browbeating the Unionists of the Convention, essayed up to tbla time signally in vain. Every ebroutc enemy of his country whom Virginia contains, not yet In Richmond, will obey the call; and an effort to inaugurate a reign of terror there, such as waa never before dreamed of In that region, will be made. The scheme will fall of procuring the passage of a aensAtlon ordinance, aa designed Msxoa Baa McCeLLoeaii?We are Informed that Major Ben McCullough, of Teias, was seen to emerge yesterday morning about daybreak from the residence of a gentleman In the First Ward at this city, noted for his complexity with the counsels of the chief conspirators of the Oligarchy ft this point. On quitting the hoiue h? iboubM Uorae ?undlng conveniently near the doer, and rode off?donbtleea acroee tbe Look Bridge, Into Virginia, from whence, we take It for granted, he came to psy thia secret midnight vlalt to tbe federal Metropolis We have every reaaca to place Impllett confidence In thia ?tatemeat. From tbe publiabera, Radd k Carleton. r?ew yotb, through Philp k Solomons, we have ?? The N itiuul Controversy; or, The Voice ef the Father* upon tbe (tat* ef tbe Country," by Joe. C. Sdlas." Aa w* go to pre?, we beer it stated that the Presldaat ha* been cUeaU4 for some boon to-day with Ltrit Talbot, arrived from Fort 9ainter with dupetehee from M?J Anderson "P^PaLl*" Articipatsd at Caa?L*aroM ? Tbe inar!?-atoa correspondent of tbe Klcbinoud Dispatch telegraphed that Journal yesterday that u xttr-a locked fqcnMy" In the Palmetto city, tr?d to look out to-day" (Friday ) The corrva. probably foreshadow* aa assault upon I .. >*i W 1 ' department NEWS. Eiicctiti Appointments.? The President Bade the following appointments to-day: ' Hu^h Wilson, Register of the Land Office at C larks vllle. Ark. Geo B Roberts, Postmaster at l,a Porte, Ind Jobn Andrews, Postmaster ftt Michigan City, ^ Ind. v - \Vm Wilson, Postmaster at Lr ^aBspori, lad. ' E R Farnhsm, Postmaster st South Bend, Ind. Mrs Margaret Silllnian, Postmaster at PottsTllle, Pa. Thos. T. Davl*. Postmaster at Mlnetsvllle, Pa. M P. Fowler, Postmastar at Tamsqua, Pa. ju n Berry, Register or i^anc v:nce at Huntavilla, Ark Appointments ?e Delafleld Smith baa been appointed U. S. DUUlct Attorney for the Southern District ef New York, vice Judge Rooaevelt, realgned. John F Babcock haa been appointed Collector at New Haven; Edwin Cowlea, Poatmaater at Cleveland. Ohio; Samuel Andrews Poatmaater at Camden. N J ; I.apander R. Webb, Surveyor it Peoril. Ill ! JftVin Vftnnot *t Kan. dusky, Ohio; David Morgan, Poamaster at Minneapolis, Minn.; ^am'l Wood, Collector at Paso del rtorte, New Mexico. Maine Appointments ?Jason Weeks, Poatmastrr at Bangor; Dwlght U. Barnard, Postniaater at Calais; Win. B. Smith, Collector at Machits; Truman Harmen, Collector at Belfast. Abut Officer Resigned.? Second Lieut. Stephen D. Ramsenr, (of iN. C.,)8lh Artillery U. S. A., haa resigned Moke California Appointments ?D. W. Mudge. Appraiser General; OtU F. Willie, Coin r 01 me mini. Ftritnal. Hen. Morris Davis and Hon. Jnme* Campbell, of Fa , are at the Washington House Colonel Fred. W. Lander is preparing for a journey arrr>*? thr? plains M? Mf-rU Vo Icnvr In about two wM'k* and will be accompauied by Mrs Lander, formerly Miss Davenport John Hlarkwell, England, President of the Grand Trunk Railroad; Lieut. Minor A. Baldwin and Commsndfr Lsrdner. US* N ; Hon 8. Bake', N. Y ; John G. Palfrey, Maw , are at Wlllirda'. John Drew la performing at the Lyceum Theater. London, and 1* pronounced by pood Judges?Including Sam Lover?tlie heat Irish comedian since 1 yrone Power. Tbis la a mantle which manv have essayed to wear, in general with more audacity than success. Mr. Russell, of the I<ondon Times, dined yesterday with the 9outhern Commissioners and a f-w friends It la the Intention of these gen tiemen to mak? the visit of Mr. R to th?* Confederate States as satisfactory as possible The evening was spent by Mr R. at the residence of Mr. Philp. where there were gathered a little company of choice spirits for the occasion. Lord Adolohns Van* Tmnul i?Kn !? ( week made bis appearance at a London Police Court, bas since been sent to a lunatic asylum, where he ouifbt, according to all accounts, to have been long since His presence in tbe House of Commons was always a source of apprehension, as It was feared his derangement would show itself under txcltement Lady Vane Tempest Is the daughter of the Uuke of Newcastle, and married his lordship against her father's wish The consequence h-?s been a complete estrangement ? English Paper. Akmt asd Navy Movkmksts at Nrw York ? At ten o'cloc k last ntgut, ?ays the New York Times, our Arn:y and Navv reporter returned fr ni a visit to all t'je forts at this station Th?-re is not me situ bint doubt tbat. to morrow or Sunday. a lar^e force of army soldiers will leave for iom? unknown destination. The garrison of Fort Hamilton was paid off yesterday, the la?t move preparatory t;i inarching. Otllcer* were arriving from Washington, individually, all day yesterday, nnd. carpet-bags in hand. re?>< rting tlinnselves for duty The vlllipe of Fort Hamilton wtis like a stormed citadel Troops who bad just got their money, having been Indulging freely In stimuldnta. thronged the sidewalks in kuots of from tlve to ten, boisterously discussing the affairs of the nation. Fort Lafayette, near Hamilton, New York harbor, has been garrisoned. A troop of tappers and Miners arrived from the Federal Capital on 1 Wednesday night late, and were quartered at that fort, there being no room In the oppostte one. Detachments of picket men were engaged all yesterday preparing hay, oetj. ambulance, and stores for embarkation, and getting places ready for the 1 accommodation of two com pan e? of artillery ex- ' pected last night Complines C and E of the Third Infantry have been under marching orders since Tuesday This evening the soldiers ordered from Governor's Island will, It Is reported, go up * to Hamilton, and there go on board a steamer, 1 m ..I 1- 1 *1 - ?? ? - - j(i:ui'au:,' \ne t>niMa ?UHCJlMV>.WK?Je fowTbc whole number of troop* now in the neigh- j borhood amounts to 2,658 men. The buatin ?nd excitement continued yesterday at the Navy Yard and Army depots .Men were < kept working all Wednesday night and last night i ci board the ?t?*am frigate Powhatan. Yesterday a lsr^?; force of laborer* on beard wrre reinforc?d by the crew, latelv dftacUed, who ?.a*:sted In getting in the necessities for a specialcruise, and pusuea lorwara tiie general preparation liven while they were at dinner onboard tbe North Carolina, bands were put on to replace them. i Yesterday a yrand battalion drill of all the Kiarin?s now aUaeled to the Brooklyn garrison was held In tbe p:rade ground? Captain Doughty and Hergeant McUonaid putting the troupe through all the evolutions laid down In the tactics i Nearly 150 were under arms, consisting of tbe J regular guard of tbe barracks, that of the Powhatan, and others Tbe utmost trouble is taken with the military education of the marines, who may now be said to be au fait In their profession, i They looker! splendidly, and exhibited considerable experience. | The Firing into tux Gkhuls Crkkk ?Capt I l?i?C Willets, of the steamer Georges Creek, publishes in the Mavannah Republican the correct version of tbe firing into his steamer ou tbe night of tbe Juib ult: I came to anchor about one-fourth of a mile below Port Jackson, with my lights showing brilliantly, but the steamer swinging round vrltn the flood-tide hid th^ni from view; upou which, without being hailed, two blank cartridges and one shot was fired, when I sent a boat ashore to explain the cause to the otUcera. y"5=?COHJMBIA T V ?'<)(? R APHICAL HOClhTY ?A et?t?d meetms of the Columbia ') po?f*phioal H- eirty w 11 he held THIS (hatur(*a?) KV KN|N(? at R o'clock, in tho Counoil Chamber,City Hall. If H. 9. BOWKN, Reo.Bec. rr?ltfcV. M At*ON NOHLK Will preach in the Six'h Presbyte'ian Cnurch. near iViary !a"lavenu?, on SABtiATH AFI'KRNoON. at V, 1 T - ? - ? - < 1- " ? ' * i,., -r?wuciwi, r-urjaci: Jeruialem at ha t&w it in i85>. If -yfP" ASSEMBLY'S CHURCH, COBNBE FIFTH L 3f anu I fc>Ts?The Rev. T. a. McFalls, the paator, (having aoo'pted the call.) will preaoh on TO MURRUW, at 11 o'clock in the inormnc and at 7H o'olock in th? evening. The public are invite^ It* Yy?I ATHKK BKKjUN will preaoh To- , lj? MORROW AFThR NOON,at half pait thre-* o'o <>ck, in the Old Trinit* < huroh. Subjeot: Rerponnbiht? to protect the Ii><Ua??. A nollrotion will le taken in fuitUorauo* of hia inia'ion. All ?re invited. It* p V\f uo ni'i" r>?* *?*? ? . . a m>?> . tun* 1 iiCilV W ILL F1HSACH II *< id Iha L nHa-ian Church, corner of Sixth aud D ?trerts, TO-MORROW, feervicea commcnc" lit 11 o'clock a. m. It* 7^5="'. O. O. F.-ORAND LODGE ?The reiuL_3 lar quarter y eomironioation of the K. W. Gran! l.o<1xe of the l*iatrlct of Columbia will be ti-U at tulil Fellowa* Hall, Seventh at.on MONDAY KVENING.thelth ioitaat. at W o'clock, apfi 2t J NO. T. BANGS, O. Sec. V"*"NOTICE.?The Workingmen of thia el'y i 3 a~o request d to attend a iiteetinc in front of the City i ail on TUESDA V, the ?th tnet, at ?H v olnolr. By order, O. F. CATTRELL, B. HUMPHRY, _apfi_2t* J BIRCH. m?lRfrF, LKCTURE.?Prof. B. H BasTon 1*1 will lecture ic th? Navy Yard Baptist Churoh on TUESDAY, April ?Hh. on Chfinietry App i'il to Meohano Art* and the common Durao*ea rtf I ilU - - ? * ??? i n? iwiiirt win be lllBktratoi by fnter- I Mtiox rxp<" imeit*. 1 vIim and rentleinen are invited. lecture to eominecoe at 7>* o'olock p. m. a At* y~S=? MKDICA L A*80ClATl?^.-An ad- ! \ 'J joura'd mtetinK of'he Medinal Aaaooiation cf the L>i?triot f Columbia will be field at the 1 \Va?hirgtori lafirrnar? <.n TUKSDAY, April #ih, I atUoVh ck m. A lull attendance will be import- , ant, act! it urgently requested. ap 5 n* 7. W. 11. LOVE JOY, flee. rVs8*OBOSTCRA FT AND W1TCHCRAFT 1L1 Tiibophill'ii Fmkb will eodetvor to explain vh'.ti* n mi I in the Scriptures by lo'oery a J w.'C\'ia't on s*lJNi)AY KV*NlNG,at the ? t Id Trinity CUurch; also, a dissertation upon ihoiu a> d roblin*. 8*rvictii to oommeare at a quarter t afore I. feaU free. ap6-2f |YaP>RllllRitK OP i ppti'Bco ? " __ - w .. v ? -*- ? * i/' n riO A 1 P 1 IJJJ I'AUi/S LL'rHKR^N CnllKCH. CoBNia H AMD H LIVIMTH SlS., For tkl Bt?> hi 0/ tkt Pmr**nagt Dtbt.~First Looture AU>N HA V, April 8tl??Rev. l>r Moik,ofBa timore. Subject: wit, Hemor. and Sham. Heoond Leotur*. WEDNESDAY. April 1#? Rtv. J.G. Bvtlkk. Sni>j*o*: Aaron Burr. Third l.ectur*. FRIDAY. April Dr. Moaais, of Baltimore. Bwitieriacd. i.'otures be^in at 8 o'ol ick. Course tioket- 5' oenU, single admission 96 cents. 7 ickets ma> t* bad at Mr. Noerr's, corner of E an t lith au , Mr. Fossil's, corner of 9 end lith, or at the door. ay k StAaogt rfWTHK LECTURES BY DR. SAMSOM, !J j President of Columbian College, are eon tfaied EVERY SaTL'kDaY NHiM r,at?uarter to e:?M, at tt?a Rooms of tlie Youni Man's Christian As?ociatio-?. Pa. aveiue, opposite Brown's Hotel. h?ery Sabbath school teacher is particu. larly invited. Yoang mea, do not forg?t this inter- ( eabug aod ia?Uu#Uve aMottog. ap? at - I . ..T S ?| < Tni Attack on thi Stkansk Schoo*?r at ] CHAnLKsToN.?The Charleston Courier of the 4th I I nitaut say a : _ljr 4 Yesterday 'ifWraoon about three o'clock, while tbe wind was blowing heavy from the northeast, a schooner crossed the bar and was beating up tbe channel abreast of the beach of Morris' lal'i^, when she haying attracted tbe attention ef some of the sentinels, on* of tb# batteries tired several blank cartridges at her for the purpose of bringing her to, which the captain of the vessel paid bo attention to, but kept ou his course, when a shottad gun w.ia discharged, tbe ball from which ft la supposed (truck her In th? bulwarks, wbea she pat about and praccedeil down near the bar and anchored. , During tbe firing it Is said that the schooner displayed the "United Htates ensign," but as her character and not her nationality was tn question. sne snouia immediately bave come to and held Intercourse with the crmniander on the Island, Instead of acting la a manner that produced the Impression that she Intended to force a parage. Soon after the firing took place, a boat from Fort Sumter visited Morris' laland. aent by Major Arderaon to make enquiry Into the cause of the vessel baring been shot at. and also to request permission for his boat?to proceed to the schooner; and It Is reported that the boat did go to the susJ>lclous vessel, but of this we have no certain lnnrmatlon. About six o'clock last evening the steamer General Clinch, with Lieut T B. Hujfer, was ftpnt frnm tho rltir tn IaaIt tKa mr> > ? m . <uv V??J W *vv? "! ? ?UO VUMWUtl BUU Investigate her character, but after proceeding some distance down the channel tbey were unable to discover anything of her, and suppose that be had gone to sea As the wind was blowing very strong from the northeast, she will, no donbt, take a southerly course. Hiohlt Important Rumors?England and France will SuHatn the Ad>/imistratiun?R-bel lion to be Suppressed?Return of Secret Agents It Is rumored in tbe street to-day that secret agents were dispatched to Ku^laud aud F>ancebythr Adminlitrallnn- it power, to ascertain the vlfwi of those government* on American affairs, and, particularly, wnetoer iriev would atand by the United States in the event of an armed attempt to put down rebellion, and refus" to recognise a Southern Confederacy It la said that these agents bave returned, and bring the moat favorable reports; that b >ih Kngland and France will set th?lr facta against a stave confederacy, and In no manner recof uize or assist it it is further said that the delay of the Administration t? declare its policy has been in part occasioned by a desire to learn the result of these missions; and now that the i.ositlos of those European Powers It understood to be ill that could be wished, the President and his Cabinet are determined to take immediate and vigorous measures for the enforcement of the laws at all hazards.? iV. Y Post, Labor ix JSaltimorr.?On Friday afternoon a meeting of the worklngiifn of Baltimore was held, to take under rou?id?ratlon the present state of tinanclal afftlrs, ard to arrange some plan by which the mm now suffering from want of tmplovment may be relieved. Speeches were mad*-, ana a committee appolsted to prepare an address to the city councils, praying that work might lie given thnn on the public grounds Everything was quiet and orderly, and It Is hoped soiue plan may be devised for their relief. A NOTICE. LL Parson* having pavtraad roods in in? posses urn a. n hereby mi ifi?<i that they can boob*..??,< I - 1 ? ?T - " ? o>!iiuij ir? oiA iiu? mi lito tii/ rramono o. i Klevfl'-tli St., n?r Co. uer of F, ItUn'l Kf 6 at* E. WARD._ T?HK CELEBRATED DURHAM HUM, I "1IF..N," will etuD"! ihi? * as- n. n?rve <'ovs. on C.ina! strrt-t, hot-'eoii fffrl an<1 24'.h (.tracts w-'tt, v??t of M Wa Wilson's I,amp back Factory or HI-!-' (ilaai IIuuh. <11*j E- HITTER. N MUMDAV,_APRiLRfH. w MOflh Jil.ACK SILK CLOAKS, LADIES* BLACK S1L.K SACCU fcS. BLACK SILK COAT.*, And BLACK SILK MA N'TII.LAS, At MAXWELL'S, Fa. av. N B.?Cloak R"<>m? secnd utory. np6eu.')t VKW MILLINERY, NEW MILLINERS 11 The undersigned respectfully infoims -_ the ladies ol Hfmhirgton ard vicinity that her e>itahii?hnr>ent ha* recently been en- f larged and rehtted. and she will ?pon an entiro!j nfw stock of.Mi.linery, Fancy Good*.*?^"^ Dry Goons, Ao , on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, April ti, 8. and 3. Pleaxe giro her a oal . MRS WULFSHE1MER, ap 6 2t* No. 603 (iarrnon st.^Navy Yard. NOTICK.?REMOVAL.?Having removed to 623 Sevontii itreet, directly opposite my old tore, I earnestly solicit a contirua- oe nf my old patronage. M. L) RUSSELL, Bookseller and Stationer N. B ?By special arrangements I will supply the New York Kxpress. the greatest newspaper in tee world, immediate y alter the arrival of tr.e 6 a. m. train from Mew York, at Now York prices, wholesale and retail M. D. 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We will J impress upon rhoje of our cit<z tis who have recently taken up thf*ir residence with us, that we have but "on? pnos." marked in piain bgurta ou nn/h o mn!a ? >< ''" - ? * c f - w. I. ?< ?wir| auu i uri tk UliUUUUlUI UYO pCTOJIU. ctl for ail b&i?a for oasn. We (ikk an examination of price*, to thatcu*tomoi oA? ta'.utr thcm?elves iu regard to iu<j uav log by purchasing far cash. W. M. SHU8TER 4; CO., No. 3?, oppomte Center Market, ap 6 lOt bMwren7th and ft'li ?tf. O tit A T CRASH ^ XI IN We have ju?t rrceiwed our second supply of NEW llRV UOODS from the great crauh iathe Northern citiM, t!iemo?tof winch has been purchased at aUiut lialf their real value, and will be sold at the same sacrifice, READ OUR TRICES. M WE PRACTICE NO DECEPTION." Figure 1 Poplins and Grey Goods, C, 8, iu, U, 16, 16, 25. 31, St, 40, flic Pllin R ??lr d.lU < *? ~ ? - ? ? >wlu kjinti oi( /3 o/t 'xj t worta 9^ ? 12S Caiioi?e?,( warrant fast color*). 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The aniendaaert wu rejected by a lar^e majority 8om*- other on Important a.uendmenu were aUo defeated. Mr. Beuldla moved to smend, bv loaerting "earoeetlv deaire'' io llwf of the words "Indulge the hnpes;" which waa agreed to. .Mr. Wlae moved to atrifce out the whole, and 1 naprt n inhfltltut* /?An??irinUiii?? ?- *1? ' vvuivtiiwaatiu^ I C?lawlliuc HI IUC wrongs of the Couth, indulging a deal" f?r an adjustment, and that Virginia should not cflVr or adopt any terms of ajustraent which ought not to be acceptable to the Speeded States, and restore tbem to the Union. The committee, by a vote of 67 ayes to S3 nc?. refused this substitute. Mr. Wise then moved to amend bv adding the last clause of the forgoing substitute, which was rejected.

(M to 74. The" resolution was then adopted as follows: Kfsolved. That deeply deploring the present distracted condition of the country, lamenting the wronga that have Imp?'.led some of tl.? States to disaoive their connection with the Federl Govenunent, but sensible of the blesalngs of the Union, and Impressed with its importance to tbe peace, prosperity, and progreas of the people, we earnestly desire an adjustment to be reached, by which the Union can be re-established In Ita Integrity, and peace, prosperity, and fraternal feelings, he restored throughout the land The seventh resolution then came np, and amended on motion of Governor Wlae, by striking out all from the word Government! to the last sentence Yeas 63, naya 07 The following Is the resolution, the part within brackets being that stricken out: 7. To move the existing causes of complaint mum may he accomplished by the Federal and State Governments, [the laws for the rendlt'.on of fugitive! from labor and of fugitives from Justice may be made more effectual, the expenditures of the Government may be reduced within more moderate limits and the abusrs that have entered into the administrative departments reformed. The State authorities ir.av repeal their unfriendly and unconstitutional legislation, and substitute In its stead snrta as becmes the comity and is due to the rights of the States of the Union ] But to restore the Union snd preserve confidence the Federal Constitution should be amended 111 those par'lciilar* wherein experience has exhibited defects and discovered approaches dangerous to the Institution* of some of the ftaU-s Mr. i.eake moved to amend by adding a dec la ration that the North must abstain from interference with slavery In the State* and common territory, and abandon all hostile organizations This w:ts rejected?ayes 40, navs 93 The seventh resolution, as amended, was adopted. The eight was passed by for the present, and the ninth was taken up Mr. Conrad moved to strike out In the first line the words "exercise of the rights," and Insert "withdrawal from the Federal Government." Ajfreed to. Other amendments were offered, and are still pending The following Is the reflation, the words In brackets having been striken out, and those qouted Inserted tt. The [exercise of this right] "withdrawal from the hederal Government"'by the States of South ^orollnn, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama. Lousiana ?nd Texas, without the assent of the other States, has given rise to niw conditions, and presented questions toucLlng those conditions intimately atltctiug the rights and safety of tl-.-? other States. Among these are the free navigation 01 ite .Mississippi river, the maintenance of the forts Intt ndtd to protect the couimerre of the Gulf of Mexico, and the power to restrain >imi?f(llo^ along the Interior borders uf the Stcedtd Statu; but the Federal authorities, uuder the Constitution as It Is, disclaim power to recognize the withdrawal of any State from the Union a-.d ronsequentiy to deal with those questions, holding thitlt Is reserved only to the Suites as parties to tl;e Government compact to take Ifcwful action touching them. The eight resolution, passed over, isr.ll follows: 8. The people of Virginia recognize the American principle that government Is founded In the consent of the governed, and thev concede the rljjht uf the people of the several States of the 1 T o i nn *r\r in?? ...UUJ * coivu, ?vi ju?? ua'iana, iu wimursw iruin lljrir M ociatlon under the Federal Government with the people "f the other States, and to erect new government* for their better security, and they will never consent that the Federal power, whkh Is In p >rt tbeir power, shall 1??- exercised for the purj<ose of subjugating the p?eople of such States to the Federal authority. Removal. LIFE AST) FJHF INSURANCE. i'ho Agenov ot ine Pe..: Mutual Life Insurance Cotnpanr of Phi.adelfhia.the Commonwealth t i.-e lu'u'am-o ?'oin?any of t> ? *tat* of Penn?> Ivania, awl the Norih American Firo Insurance Companj of liartf >:d, Cot.u?cticutti8 reinoveilla asij; hrst flour, wiier* a I information oi l.ifeand Fire Ibsuratoe nay be received fjee of chirjo. hsu.-anotj at the city rates. Losses ns I (1 n omntl* *"ap<T?V""'" JOHN RICGt.FS. As*nt. CIs. Farre's Champagne. J.E.9LONIN0ER * CO., A'o 7, Xortk Cknrltf strut, Baltimnrt, Having been appyintel Agents furtheea!? tho sbovo of ('HA >IPAGNK WINK, offer it ior b&Io, tatiying up;?u its merits to establish hero tho reputat on it fc&s already acquired in our ?outt>e:n cities. liemdes <>' taming a first-class Medal at th? French Kxhibition ?.f 1H55, I\lr. Far'" ha* boen appointed Furvejor to tlm Courla of 8piin and t'fiifrtm. ap'fi ?<;3r?i REMOVAL. I HE Office of the fc-upTint^ndent of Pub'io Pru.tint l.*8 b*n removed from the Cspi'.ol to the Government Printing Off ce, where ail businci# will here&lter be transacted JOHN D. PEFREES, ap .S 3t guporint^ndeo'. Public ^riotine. Cni| ORAXlrhS OUU BOXES SWEET ORANGES Juet reoeiTed?m prime order120 Bunches BANANAS, 130 Drum* TIGS, v._ : 41WW 1U OV^IOt end for sale Wholesale, ?t & sina'l vlvrvao j on auction prioee, at PEARSON'S FRUIT DEPOT. 491 Eighth Stbekt, near Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington. ap 5 tst GREAT FANS. JAPANESE RUSH. FANS. BAZAAR. FANS. Invoice or rjpj VC?P L' A nj a t; 411 /in u k' l4 x /i41ij J cat received, the first ever imported, Celling at less than cost. Also, CHINESE MAGIC FANS, SANDAL WOOD FANS. fco., Ae , Ac. The greatest variety of Japanese Goods ever offered. JAPANESE SiVORDS. ire. 206 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ap 5 6t Above WII lard'a. JU?T R KCEIVKI). a i?t more of the celebrate.1 TKM ':KNT TIF.**; also.averr ;arge lot of SHRI >G CI.OTHING. FURNISHING GOOD!*, TRUNKS. 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T U'Ji a aurp'cs of Furniture on hand, can obtain trie oast and fair prices by aprlyine at 369 {Seventh st. no 17 BOXT/. ft. CiKIFFtTH. lostandfqund. rOST?On th? morning of the 4th i?s?.. a ima'l J oik! ItHI'.A'I'I'lN cnta nirn ha r; the initial* ot the owii?''a i.anie on the under aid*. The finder Wll he suitably rewarded by leaving it at 154 I'oLn. avn je, between 17th aLd 18ih ?ta. ?p6 ?* LOST?On Thursday ev?nine, the 4'h instant, between the corner of F and Tooth s'reets and | the store of Hooe. Brother ft Co., a ncary r?>ld link BR ACKl ET, ahoat an inch wide. i h? finder wi I be amiably rewanle.l h? tearing the mri? with iMeaara. HOOK. BKO. ft CO. ap 6 3t On Mon.l**, the 1st ir>?t*nt. a Va It ^ d >1 while sp tted buffalo COW, lor M&Tti iiierly flw.fil by J. M. t<a?her. Her *'6**^ marks ari? not recollected ; tai! long tnufcas Mi?hy, and fier body and hip* spottealik" a c??ach dor's. A liberal reward will be paid for any infor* uiatio.-i c--LcerLiDK her. Apply to J. M. 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" Thiok sold iewed Mor. Boots 1 M 1 2> " d'?. t'pdrt>M?d do.... 100 1.M * do. Cone. Mor. do.... i? 175 ' do Calukin do... 1<W 1J0 " Light and Blaek liMtari. 50c. I.a5 '* En*. La*tir< do. do T-o. 1 ("J Women's Hoeled B< oti 75c. 1 2j Mi?bes* doub!?-?oled Sewed Foots 75o. IjW Ladies' t^k-aoiod Eng. Last. heel Gait. * 00 1.25 ' " ? M bat. **.. 1.25 1 JO In addition to the ah.iv*. wf have Men's, Boys', Misses' an.l Children's BOOTS and SHOES in every variety, so d at asU?ni?niui?.y low pnees. C F. CCMMIS* A. CO., Boot ami **hoe Store. H4 7 Seventh st., ap 2-eotl 2 doors beiow Morlhorn Market. "IT NEVER FAILS!" 1 ? s ? ? - ? ? * u WILL J-AY THK PEOPLE!" I take great pleasure in announcing to the oili*ena and *tran<rr? of Wuhinfton that I have juat returned from the Nortn with a err fine and large lor of SPRING and 8UMMEK CLO THING. FURNISH1XG GOt'DS. TRUNKS, HATS aol CAPS, which I have bought naoatljr for caeh, and I am prepared to eell them off at verr low prioea. N. 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Dunkirk Sinok?rr Tonaeon: ss'.ba fernff, a**<>rt*<1: JHrfw Stamp*: 3* ****** rVa eat To >'** ; a bniwCh?vti| Tuhwou; a"u Pip* R**.W, VIioim Piwi; 1 Iniliintnd Hn% 10 lbi.ifBckb?t| M"hn , lo 8i off Jars; 1 Window ?i?b; I >ci? and \v?>i(liU; 1 Tobaooo Ca?e; 1 Tnha?*n KrifV; S Spti. <>:.?.2 Mi w i aif'j ia*te Lmta *r ,3C?ant #r?. J em*t* 1 l<?t R *'*?* ; JM ?'ip*?..? ^n?fl Horn <3 (War hmokar*; a P ri?n<>raai-**. r Panov Ptp*?; ? .V(ir CaMii 3VC *<rpt* Bo**?; lot MittC)|; 1 Pmtar* Fram*. lot Hootch Snaf. kalf (roM of Match**, a Tin SnelT Can*. Per ma oath m <<aak*U* raonrj. ? u?? acd t*tora for rent: mantra af JOHN PUR DY. E REYNOLD*. ?ailif. ap 6-dt? Hatal.j Br J. C. MoGL'IRK ? CO., AirUoMtrt, SUPERIOR ROSEWO"D CHIC|TF.R7N? Piano Korte, ixcsllkrt FrBHirrvt ijtxt ?oc*eholh Errarrs at Prauc aitctw** - <?a UKSDAV Mt.-K .MVG. April wh. at lo e'nicok, at tt>e resdaroe of Otor m T. Ph., So. A37X H. between 6th ar'< 7th strwts. we shall 1 a ! tin Parnitnre anil ^ eotrprtstnf? Chiekaring Piano,7 octaves, Romstoo4 Stool and Cwr, Hand*.>me Walnut Parlor Puite, fioUhad ib Br*?catelle, oon?i?tinc of2 Sofas, z Arm and 4 Side Chairs. Marble t<>a <~"#rtar Tab er, Wlitrof, Large Ova! Mirror, han?1tor?iel? ornamaato*. Oil Paintirrs, Kaiicv Chairs Mi'b# t"?T?**., J?-u? an" Threw p y t'a pets, Oi.eiotfc. Oik \rd W tifiit ? r kni #r *??f? Mah?*au> haroua, Cottac* tledsteada, Huak MtUrwiM, ?->a?h*r ri!lcw?. Toilet I orniri*. ' look. l.o< ktnc (iiaaaea, I'm* W *rt)rol>??. riufT an<1 Gilt Nkadee. Hat Rack. V*u?uan earpot, Sfair Rod*. Wa'not Kzlri>i:'<R Dims* Tal'.e, Knir*a and Korlri, Oak a#at I)in:r.K Chatra, Stoce m.o (? ?.?? War*, IVn'jt Cooler, Air-tieht ?; d Frankiic ?to*-ea. Together with a r*:if?"ai a??ortai?>t of Kltelm Krauml'i Term*: $$' a-d tio?W oa?h : over that tuit a credit i.tsn and 6" dhjr, for mutffcctorily <*tduraed n-t*a. t.-ariu? tote-eat. ap ? dArta _ J. C MoCl l R K * CU.. 4?cta. By J. C. MeGriRE A CO A oorionoera. TRUSTEE'* SAI E OF AN EXTENSIVE A I in B TW*aT <.r U.vrianAi n I- r ? ? t r * * ?* Erricta'?" \vkusl"i)my "mukVino" April loth, at M?? k, at the baildiuc on Thirteenth et? b*-tir??n Penn avcr.oe and nor'h E ?t , virt?<> nf a<iM<do( tre*t, lter*?>b(r li*. !*&>, and recorded in 1 b*r J A J* . No i<?,f.?liot 1 2 S, 4, 5,6 and 7, *? *hal' ueil a!, the Furniture aod Fffeet*, oooirrmnr in part? Haud?ome *nit o< W?la?t Farior Furniture, eon siat n* of t?o Sofaa, Arm Chair* aid sic Farlor Cnairr, Marble top Confer and Pofa Tableu, Walnut and Mah> can? Whatnot*. Fare? Tabie*. Ma:? ?aaiy Spring ?e*t Sofa*, Lounge*. WR'uut Damaak covered Parlor r*uit*, Care and ?a ood neat ' hair*. Clock*. Mahogany Mir??r froiit yeoriK\ry and Dookoats. (iiitau! Manosar.y-fYained Mir ora. Uama>k and Lace Cu ta n*. Window Miade*. Ga? CI an??' her*, Bracket* and Fixtorr*. B'U?*o * Three p y ai.o Ingrain Carpet*. IMiOiath. hia r C?ri>eU, Ku?, Rode *nd I.?a*. Five ?4 feet Fxt*r.*u?r. Diraig TaLka, fide Table*, Hutv Oak Freroh Din.n* Chair*. Gut Shade*. Silver-piaud Caatoi*. V\ait*r*, Sat Stand:. Spoon* a d tor**, Larce ?uan'ttjr of French and Store China Dinner De**ert and 'l n \N are. T*l>le Cut er>, Gia-s V- *re. Tube, M#h 'ganj. Wa.uu' ar-1 Pan: led Chamber Furniture, ?<f ranom falt?ni. Feather lied*. Ho iters and Pi Inwr. lUir and Husk Mattrasaea. To*l t *eta. Blanket*, Comfort*. Spreads ard h. ?ets, pen Coal, Kidiator and Airt ant Together with a large assortment of exoellent Household and Kitchen Furniture loi necesaa tj to enumerate. A l?o. at 12 O'clock A complete set of Ifcutal Instruments and Offoe Fistutea. Terms: #25 a-d nnder cash: over that ram a credit o[M and v< dare, Jor sat.sficloriiT encersed notes, bearing interest N. CAM. AN, Trustee ap 2 d J.C Mc&llHKftCf . AtcU. K* J. C. MoGUIR ti A CO.. Auctioneera. TRUSTEE'S t?AI.F. ??P HAtKNRV CARriagr asp Pair or Grei Cakriaoe Hursis. On U'h?DlY MORNING, April at ten o'clock, in froit of thf? A uction K ooms of J a* C, McGure ft Co , by T'.rture of a deed of trust, dated Aug us: 3>nh. 'SMI. and ?lu y reoor<ted in i.ib?r J. A J* . No. 196, fo ios JtS, et ?f q .1 sha . sell caa cood H?CKney ?"oacli pair oj <Jre? HnriM T'mn: On* third ?<a*h; the residue in monthly jw.?, ? ?#i. < o tu< ?* ? , wi via i uifieet, (secured t.? tiie '* ' faction "f liae Tru?te?. HUGH Mf-RP \y, Troit<*. m*r 3J ?' %<< J. C. McGL 1R K CO.. Anott. Hr GRKEN A. Wl|.LlAMSJ\uotione?r?. HorsKHU' D AND KITCHEN Ft*RNI TL'KK Wpi AMD LlQCO* i'THF, VhUlAAB MASIFAITOBY IS IIM 1.1'KRATIoS l*D?U INK ^cirs rRocKc. AT ATCTION ? OB TM til*OA\. ti>? lit i lKntsi.t vtito'l irll a! lAoViotk a Nn. 301.' S??'r,tli it ?il, thr.-? door* north of M ?treet n.-rii an nxerlioi.t Meortu.eut <>f Liqaor*. Win -#. VicetKr. FVrnitcrc. A.O., r.nn<?u? hot ol 7 Stm<t 1't-ki. i,ov 01 v? man* ib D"l?'es. F-f? lot and?ti>er Era?<diea in bottle*. Fine lot Bittera, Corciala and Ho, and Gin in do. Fine lot Percu a.on Caps, Lamp W ick and Steel Pans* Far.oy J-oaps. Tea Caddies, Letter Press and lroa tale, S "?U ftrilsa and Weights, t fine art hr?sa Ssa!e? Weights, Funuels, Mea. urea and Hooopa, With many otier artic e? in theishop keeping AL?O, The F?mittire in the h >u??. eomprisicg a general aa'ortm* nt of H. u.ehold Goods. N. B ? Any person (iatirir* to purr;iaee the Vlaeear Manufactory at private ?a<e ean reoeire all information relative choreto by oo the undersigned prer oua to r.a- of sale. T?'b i cash in current faniis. apVd GREEN A WILLIAMS. AucU. By J. C. Mcttl'IRK A CO , Auctioneers. EXTENSIVE HAl.K BY CATALOGUE OF FCKMTCKZ ANb KfMCWar Cut's HOTEL, W MHisnm. !>. U - On MONDAY MORNING, Apr:! >Siu,commercing at l<> o'o oo*, and continuinc from day todayunt'1 the whole < <?i?. o1.w-<wiij id! al the Furuitu'? ard t-f?eu t !\?'? Hotel Peon avenue, tot ween 3d and a' e<>t*. comp j'ing about one fcui.dred par lore and ohan.b?rs, ?is: Vasj nip^r.or a id neitrlv new Rosewood Chickerif.g sever octave l*<an<> Fwte. C over and Muni, I aTe and handaome p>ei.oh pla'eM*x.t?l .Mirror*. Ga? Chaudeiiers, Brackets and Fixture* thrcujh 0 Hai diome Wa'nut end Mah.^art* Par.o^ Farm ture. finished in Brooa'elle, Plush and Hair01 th. Marbi* top Cei.ter, ^ofa and J^ide Tablea. Wa ciit ? hatuot. K? or Cttaua and Tablaa, Walnut Writing DfaVaand itookoaaae, H?ridaoir>e V^ivet and Rruseelc Carpeta, Ololoth, Rues ana i;ijrain Carpet*. ( llt-fra.ue Mant?i Mirrors. Va?e? and Orrawieeta, Bricate.le and l.ace Curtains, Ctruice aad Fixtures. Roatwood and Walrut Bedsteads l>r amr.f Bureaus. Washita:: "? and Wardrrbaa, Feather Bed/, Bolster* ?r.d Pillows, 'I'o.let bet*. Cur>d Hair and Hurk Matfeeses, l*ar(* ?j tan tit* of rietl and Table [.in*n, LilaiAc s, Comlorta and Countarpauea ia iar(* quant ties. Dining Tabl?a, Oak Dicing Chair*. Freroa ard Stona Chioa Dinner. Desaert and Tas T?b>*Cut'?ry, 3i!T<?rHat*d War?, Caatora. Chafing Diahioa, W altera, CcffM and T? IrUt Bar. Ct nut?r Mid Fixtorea, Liquor* and Cuari, Iron S*af?. D?fck* and Ofioe Furmtara. iHmii Boiler. Hating A ?pa'atu?, A,o. Toeat^r viU a larc* tua titj of HoiMkoM Mtfrc'a not n*ceai%-y to eavmarata. t>rir. : jvar.d ur u?r ?>asti; wtot that aotoaata orodit of 6n aM W daye, for iati?factorily MMiorM* note*, haannf mt*r*?t maiiO ?oi.di J t VcGI'lRK 4 CO., Aoau. OFFICE OF THE ADAMS EXPRESS CO., V " VN AaHiHOTON, 1>. C., Mat oh SO, MQ. ffli uii wbmwmmmmt SPECIAL NOTICE Goodi for tK? Confederated Slat** inu?t p%y 4a tie* from thm data. lnv?iOM i worn t>? by tit* MW(cor roaat low raitr a I good* and aaokaraa. mattfreo #Ts. Mc LAUGH UN. Agaat. WN?- W GOOUS. E Arc i u* addii g tonar iiock a larga aad dmirab l?>t of NEW GOO 1)9. coroanamg *r*rr thin* that i* new and dea'rable, which ? ?rop<>?? to *ell at a small |>r'oa. A l poriooa in waat orDry Wood* willaiwajr? hud our alu?k conflate mall i.a b-a*>che* and at the loweat priaca. \\ e wuaid im pr*ra upon tb> ro of oar ott:?en* wf1? have receutlr taken na the;r re?,d?ao<-a w tn a* that wa bar* ??at at... ? I- * iir* pncH. mvked iQ ^ im icirei 01 tck arti. %>^foroa?ti a t,l#OOULt of of all WeMkutuminKtiM #1 ?rw?t, 10 thai en?toiuera c?A i ^iMA.vei m r?car<l to Ik* mt in? by purchasing ( r cull. " ? 'HUSTER * Co., : ^ESKssarjftKt \|AG!NOLIA HAMS! " ' "" ^A^.5a&SrJ?1 <?ra?c 1*U ?t am! Varao* ?V I.MIft MAI P t _ . . - . n..*j?n wj.i?n?;oLT mrly 1??! pAatt' res-*? ???* han^tom* no top Bl'G6T.eed tw NEW. The vt>? 0 eeUMuhmeat tnHna nM to getter. AdarmPoMOAMBai N? HI. ap? at* T'HK CROf?>fc.D PATH, By WUki* CaUiaa. 1 author of ?h? Woman in Whit*. Dariey'a Dickene; ]>arley'e Cooper. Appleton'? New American Cyeiopmdia, vol erne II uov ready. Anl many other Nev Book* reoatved Uua 4*r "rri'ffifeSiSSKw