Newspaper of Evening Star, April 6, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 6, 1861 Page 4
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'?* I 1 THE EVENING STAR. IK A VALLCY |?t COLCXBC* V%M*r. Ilin'ltTi III ?T?1I?T, By the teum* tun. . I\V here Ik* yeftri their ooureea itlly On? by one? . Where* river ?w?ep? forever. Id ifs eo'emn might. IliMni ? ?hiid fi>rcntt*ii n??r. Through ?be y??r*' long fl-gfct! Sieepebrlovod. yet all alone. Id a grave without a * tone? In the vaLey deep! In a valley. In a valley. N eet .M ewe^t a cot? Where the zephyr* troop and rallv O'er the giot: Whe-e the thiok and vernal roeee And th* tulip helle , Inaeoentfd whi'pere'osea Jt?ry eve tii&t well* wa prarer?a rather'e prayer. For his flock abiding tftere? la the valley stilt: in a valley, In a valley, P'eep the myriad dead, Where a host made fearful tally, A ther fled Where they overtook the flying, And the piercing wail Of the va= qmshea and the dying Kohoea atil! tbe tale ! Ah ! 'tis lone the aod k&a oresa^H Tho?e who tell in fight unV'eat, In the va'ley dark ! In a valley. In a valley. (Reads the orient lore.) W h?n the fiokle ages dally Nevermore! Save?l wil! e'&nd the child arisen, And the prayer unl?ok There the ur.cel-penpi'd priioc. For the father's flook Oh ! the myriad* at the gate, "Fought tha &?Ut." *hali judgment wait, liithovilcy'rMfl! Jndticnvitl?. Fin. (Chnrl<ston Ccmrter. CAtifol!?!a for ths i *ios?Tbe California l egislature by 3 n"*rlv two tbirda vote have planed a eer!*a of resolution* of which the following 1e a aynoreie: R'folfH hy tk? Atftmblf, tke Stnate ronr.MT ??C, Firat. The withdrawal of & State from ita meinbenhfp and obl'?atioua In the Federal I *_i a __ 1 ta _ * ?t _ _% ? i Dion, in ufo'iik e ?i ii)'." uenerai oovernment, can onlr b* nccomplised bv a surceseful resistance l? the wbol? power of the United States,?Second, l>ecent reapect to the opinions of the people of the civili*?d world, aiid tL? instinct of ?elf-pre*Tvat'.on, demands that toe United Stat** Government should use all tbe power necessary to enforce ohed :ence to its Uuk and to protect lta property I Th rd. The people of the State of California will sr,??ain a/id uphold the constitutionally' clected cfficers of the United S?*t"a Government in all <nstitnttonal etTorta to preserve the Integrity of the Union, and to enforce obedience to the a^ts of ?;?ngre*? and the decisions of the Courts After the laws hnve been enfored, and the power and au'horlty of the Constitution and Government of the United ;*tites recognized and acknowledged, every feeling of nationality and brotherhood demands that a'ich compromises as are consistent with jastlee shall be mid- for the purpose of re wiiug ujiii urnivay woirn aenia characterize the people of a common country Fossbd Ordsm* ?A young negro man. named William Lvies, belonging to Cof Chapman Billln^aly. of 1'atuxeutdistrict,was taken upon Saturday last for attempting to pass a forged order for goods ii|?n Messrs Ad'.er 4. Co , of our village, anil lodged in jail. The name of Win. E Hooper, Esq , was signed to the order, which w*? well written. ai.d gave evidence of considerable skill in ci; ro^rapbv. A forced order, with the nam of David S*. Briscoe, Esq , bad beea presented by ? negr-> mail to the tame firm two weeks before aad filled, but it was sabse *' * ? - *"* vj? ?.h>?t u?^ci wiucu. v;i *U 3ir. &T 3COC, to be a forgery This circumstance doubtkss Induced Mess.-s Atller i Co. to bj a little wary of orders presented by the colored population; and on close inspection of tbe order presented ou Saturday they tor* iuded tU<it this wu alw a forgery, which it tun.ed out to be. On Tuesday last, the owatr of William, who aad been apprized of the fscts in the ca?-\ di?po^ed of hiin to a gentleiuan of Richmond Ya f..r $! .' <) It is supposed that William. who is a f ry intelligent nenro. wrott he ordrr tla.?4?il which h? ; resented on Saturday, u> tt it no a- known that be can write very well The ue^ro who predated the first order bu not vet been ideutiUtd ? St. Mary's (314 ) Biaron, 3d ?'*.?? i.fCKMIARlsM 12V chaelottz, NoITH CaROlisa?The people of Charlotte, North Carolina, are much exclfd over the frequency of Incendiary flre? there within the put five or alx dav?. On Friday afternoon last the barn and (tables of Col My?rt were bnrn?-d and Mmc outhouaes of Mr Elms On Saturday night the barrof Mr. Cook wis fired, and on Sunday moiaine at dawn of da* the unoccupied tenement of an outhouse, known as the Mett>? dis? Parsonage property, occupied by >he Hev Mr. Kennedny, was fired, and all the outhouse* of the premises, together with the store r-x>m !n ths rear of the dwelling edjjining, the property of Mr J. M. Springs, were entirely Conlancd. A dispatch from the editor of the Charlotte Bulletin to the Columbia (South C >rolina) GuardIan, dated April 1st states that "business is suspended, and, th- citizens are under arms SeriOua trouble is apprehended " In a case before th? Paris civil tribunal, the fact was revealed that the person, who contracts With the dtv Of Carll for n#rfnrmfn.? ? _ , 1 ? ?? l? bound to have constantly on b&nd cot fewer than ?OUOcoJfin?. AKKIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARD8' HOTEL ?H Duncan, A ? Gorman and lady, Md; L N Oarnett, N Miller. Va; Hon S Baker, J B King, T D R.yeraon, NY; A Pleaaoi to i. Pa; A Fowier, Maw; R G Hazard Kl', 0 b GlQord, Mi??, Com Lardner, I'SN, A M Ualitde. Dr D Luther- Pa: K ( IbnM mv. n d Eaktn.Pa; C S Buauneli, J r* \V?d?w. rlL. Ct; C H Schartz. NJ; A W Cappln and lady, Mrs M Miller and dau^Lter, G M Tracy, ; J D Gibbon, IU; A J Baton. G M Conarroe. C Newllre, <k Rehm, P Irving. W H Kinrldge, J Caaey, Pa; W r 8?a{. Md: Al Hennerhat* P? vv vv I Md, W Gibaon, N YC VIT~.lT C; B MagerY; P Keralta, F. G Buckwlth, O; II WelU, Fla; I) * urle?, La, Lt Minor, I :*N; C S Dyer, T Oliver, Md, A J Baldwl.. 1SN, J K.ngmbury, NV; C B Pen roe. Pa; F L Brown, Md, J Keller, DC, G I. Morekead, ?; G Atkinaon, Cona, J \V Black we 11 and lady. Eog; B H.iriaale and lady, Pa; N Perrv. and lady, NY; 9 Hull. >!ai.; / Stuti, O; AS Mitchell. M",J O Palfrey, Maaa. Mr Ettliig,?; J M Mr!, id. NV, fi R Plumby, R Martin. I'a; J H Patrick. NV: n Finn- _ r fr? " ? * * ^ r j?i * j) ?u ijoiiuuh j I no BROWN'8 HOTEL.?R A FUh C Reynolds, G Bar it, M T Ru?b. J R Covington, S? Cwcbran, Md. C W Ty l?-r, DC; J* T Vetera, H Danlela, T Low, H A Didton. A W McDonald, SS Tinierlake and dau*ht?-r, F J Ortega, R Hawey, J B Nonre) Va, J B Harding, LFGalger, Fa; G C *ik?xp. MY; J W Talbot, Tex. NATIONAL HOTEL ?T H Stanton. W Nlrbola. Iowa, A Hincklt-v, Mrs Rogers, Fa, Mad !*ebjU W H *wft. NV, * W FIcklin, Juo A Waatainpton, B HtttjUVW, Va; R \V Rasiu,M<1. g-m A ? J % ? ? nouiou ?n? ly, .uiw S'mitbera, Mw, J Carle- I ton, \ H, A C Reve, <>, J \V North, N Y; M Lton. V?1 ! KIBKWOOD HOUSE.?W Watt, J Nichols, G H M rr*. W J Whilr, C Frlrdiuau. P->, r- M Ooop*r, J F A?je:?, V, A Bergtimiua, A Wild*?n, DC, vv M^orr.ber. Mm; W J ( r-*y, I< D Martii.a 'lU; Hen S Mit-lebaryer. \V Bloom, O. Washington hoi<e-j liarru, Mr, m j Mam. t * mkltia a ad O; A Burr, NY, J Bertram. Hon >1 DavU, Hon J Campbell. Pa. i >C RA iV a TEAM HRS' SAIL h\C DAYS J1 ROW TIB UNITSB STAV*3 S/mwi l.-n-t. bor. Iklb*. A./r?o? . Nf* V' rk Liverr-'OI- ApI 1^ N"? V<tk ,N?s Von fireman Apl 13 !,ur?pa.. New Y ork. . Liverpool.. Ap i7 Ha t c.. New Y" * H*vr? ..Api J" F^nii N.'?* York. .Liverpool. Ap ?4 i.nae Mbvt. . N?w York.. ?iasw?j_ Ap. /J ?niori E.rorv* ? ? ' ' ' , .w , ...r?o*v>n ..iMch 23 Pa.tuii .scuL/pUia.?New York .Apl 3 B*var ? itd plon . New V. rk ...Apl 4 ilrnnti S-tif'I'p'ou... .New Yortt .... Ap 17 SV>uth*pli u .New York . ..Apl 18 g ' kkat mkdical holsf. in the city \i of Washington. PR PIll'm AN,at hia S??thern "? - nomirri nxuit and Fa. avenue, under the Clar eu?.>'R llotei, ia l.10 only ene in tUe known world who can perrcaueiitiy cure all diseases of a p;ivAt>* nature in from & to t> da;a. A permanent oura or no oh*rce. ma I'M m * Watc""k6\Wa??WV:teb wa" I have one of the best establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tooli for repairing evry description of fine Watches, and particular attention rive to the sain*, N* ?4l| hortj?rh oom^etent workman .and a. work 6Jiar*n tied A!?o. every deaonp ion of standard SILVER WARE. pla:B and ornamental, manufactured under mi own supervision, which luy customers will find far superior in quality ai d finish to northern ware ?old by dealers in teuerai and represented ay their ?wb nanvfacture. h. o. hood, M 6 "*39 Pa. avenue. near 9th st. W trunks. E Hare jost received the largest assortment and now olTer the moet extensive variety va' ise>, CABPKt baus, satchels, *o., it. this oity, wtiioh we are selling at rerf low ru~. ? ?-r. n Aiibi PI c?rMB?\S 4 CO , hi %v<irn?. * "MWS MStZ LAW-N Ae;r? ?*ihmst knit ikeir origin*! pnoe At ?trier food* of every dMor.pUon we ar? till aeiUnc at <*! o?r ?tovk ia &a4 woil ftMort?J in Ut. ton TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. | T&AYKLBBfl' DIMOTOBT^ RALTI^C?*K AND QBTO RAILROAD. BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, Norember 2Sth, 1M0, the trams will run m ioOowi : _ LEAVE WASHINGTON: Pi rat tram at* JD a. m. gooond Train at 7,40 a. m. Third train at a.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 p. ra. LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4.15 a. m., Express. Seoond train at 8 .35 a. m. Third at 3.10 . m. Fourth a* 4.20 p. ra., Express. The first, seoond and third trains from Wash ington oonneot wrought o Philadelphia and New The second and third oonseet at Washington iunotioD with trains for th? West, South, and forth west; also, at Annapolis Junction, for Annasolis. For Norfolk take the t40 a. m. train. t or the accommodation of the way travel between Was hi nc ton and Laurel, a passenger oar will be attached to the tonnage train whioh learea at 11 a- m. ifn Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadalphia o&:r. ?o ?-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. EDUCATIONAL. THPSE eeive a thoroujrti and systematic e4mo?Uo*. where their phywoai tra-Tiinf will receive daily ami ?i??cial Iteriuon, under tr* roo?< approved ayatemof CalistHemofl and GymnsTdos, Are r?*pe-otrulIy invitod to visit the Union Fe;r?*le Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York av. MR. * XRS. Z. RICHARD#. _aa 30-tf Prinoi|^!i. I7EMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL I mi n w 4 mr n ?? r < r m Mr*. 8. J. MoCORMfCK, r*iifCiFAL. T)if tUirtMuth lunu&i samic^ of Lin Inititutinn will ociiniuenco ou Tuesday, Se,*emfcer 18th, in the hoioe recently oooapied by Sylvester Soott, r.sq., No. 1*0 King street. The oourse of study pursued w,*?J ? ompriseall the br&nohes requisite to a thorough C&dish Kd ligation, and Music, French, I^atin and lA awing, ii desired. In addition to ilar scholars. Mrs. MoCor mtcs is prepared to receive a limited number of p\ pus aa hoarders. who. oonstituling a part of her aw n famiiy, will be under Iter immediate care and s?a"*TVi ion. ifh.e will endeavor, as lar as posaiMe. to ?urroand them with the oomforU and kindlr influA'10** of Home. Rtftrene**.?Rev. O?o. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Elu? Harrifon, Rev. JL). F. Sprig*, William H. Fow!<\. E*^., Ed*ar Snowden, ?Sm.. Edmund F. Witmer l>*., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewie McKensio Eaa., Robert H. Huuton, Kho , W. D. Wallaoh Editor Eveuing ytar, Benjamin Watera, Esq.,Jaa Entwiale.Jr., Eaa.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun etuftrs. BlackU'dk A. Marshall, Meaara. Cor rothera. Tusce. H >ard. with Tuition in a.'! the Encliah Branohea. fir for the annual session?payable aemi annually, in a<lvanoe. M iixio and Langiiaces at Profeasora' pnoea. ID" No extra charces. au ?-tf ~ gasTitting, Ac. A. WM.I.DOVE4CO. RE N'/W prepared to cxeoute any orders wltfc wnoh the* mar be favored in the PLUM BIN 6, ?AS OK STEAM FITT1N# UU8IN K?5S. fET Store on Mh street, a'tew door a north of Pa, aTcnne, where roar he found a oomolete aalortneni of CHANDELIERS and other BAH. HTKA m m.,.d WATER FIXTURES. ' ~~iaTT~-ly~ W6 A 8 FIXTURES. E Have id store, and Are dai.r receiving, &A8 FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns aiul De Bjene and Finish. superior in atrle to anjthing l*?retofcre ottered in this market, VVe invite oitixeuB general It to call and examine otir stock ol Gae ana Water Fixtures, feelm< confident that we have the tost elected .stock in Washington. Ail Work in th<* above Tine lntrnsted to our car? Will be promptly attended to. MYERS & MoGHAN. mar 8-tf 3TB 1) streeC I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, Han removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F eta. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas npon the most favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction. He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVK8. whirh n? !!! Mil 1>??h..? ?- -? r . * i IJ ill * "v" wu??t n? Iiv Wighea to iPt rid of tham. no 17 0re,CE ?WEr^SB6??fD 8KALER tbly to the provisions of the ordinance of tneuorj?or?vion ap^rored May 1J, IP o tha undefined if now prep&rod, wfceaoyar r<w.ilrod in writmr. and on pre payment ol the re* of fifty oents, to inspeot. examine, teat, prove, and ascertain the aoonraoy or registration ofauy gas meter in use in this city." Every meter. If found incorrect, will be condemned, ?.-.d anotliar. UTtd tparlrad mm tran. will be sst ini?* place. If proved to be aocurate in its measurement of gas, it will be sealed aooordir.gly, and again put in position for use. Offloe No. ?10 Seventh street, (n*r Odd Fal.ows' Hall.) Open from 8 a. m., to 5 f. in. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jr 13-tf Inspeotor and Sealer of ttas Meters. French flowersof the very best suality, and an extensive variety. nA . At STEVENS'S Fancy Store, aHS no S3 t hetw. Sth and 1"th at*." /Ov NOTICK.~ /0\ w v i navo removea my M U Pawn office to 341 C street, between 4>? and 6th streets, immediately in the roar of the .Nation(il Hotel, whe? the business will beonnt.ruedes heretofore at the oH?U.u(l fnr. 15-fiml ISAAC HKRZBF.RG. THE inDUKANC?COMrANY Of THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL $300,000. ImarM Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, Ac, against lots or damage by fire. HEATH A KNOWLES. Agents, Offioe?Room 18 over Bank of Washington. i% 10 FOR STAMPING tf-yy A PACKET OF PAPER V f AND ENVELOPES I MO I II v | CHARGEI METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP ft SOLOMONS, Attnit for Laurent?! ttltbrattd Lintn For it I, "Mttropc'it** Mill*," fe., te. hV It 333 Pa. av., bet. 9tb and loth ata. OUTS AND TflOES TO SUIT THE TIMES. Wear# now m*nufv>t'jrii>c all kindacf HOOTS and ttHOEf*. v i eor?tar.y> reoeirjiis acpplf of eastern made work of ever* deBHX erip'ior, ina<1e #xj>rn*aly to order, ar.d willy be a^id at a ini.cti .. wer price than haa been" heretofore charged iu thia oity for moch inferior artioiea. Per?ona in want of BooU and Shoe* of eaatero nr eitr mm I n wnrk. ?i!l 1W- - - fi? > 1 * in itoreaad at tW iow*?%ri^<5 UT? ST* ?.?-r ? ?H1KFIN A UKO.,' ??*~r "*< Pennsylvania av?nne. OLD R1C11, MELLOW AND PURE DURN8ID E* 8 MQNONGAUELA RYE WHISKEY, -Cowientiooaly diatuisd by Mr. J?,ne? Bur said*, of Alloxacy Conutr, Penna., in the oM-ftahioneJ fro"\l"? ohoioMt ami moot oarefully aeiocted K ye, and m no ouo ever offered for ha a n?i I adapted to whoiwome use byatT It "it of thJ ?r?/i '* ' 'mphatioaliy on? ifj:h?P"fp*J beverage in the reaoh of the Dahlia. *< tiiv inv?na.M well aatothoaa in health, il oommonda itneli for lU unrirr.lled qualities aa a aiimu'*bt of the ?*fe?t. aureat, and mo|t beDenoect iliMtorietion, and many of Uifl inoat (Hatic*uianM fliyaioiana arn mice it in their praotioe .with th? napfikat ^Pialta^ DALE. PropriBtom. oa? wamut street. Philadelphia, WM. C. CONOYEtt, A tent for the Proprietors, UJi Pa. av.f ge 24 Bin oppoitte Wiiiarda' Hotel. PURE UL1) RYE WHISK Y.-On hand Beyer* brand* of Pare Old Rye Wtui ky, Copper Dietilled, made by tho inoit reliaNie dmtilien in Penn*ylyaRia,Mar/.acd and Virginia, warranted pure. Aliio, Imported itraudiea, ll? iii.cusy, Otard. Dupny A Co., Jmea K.^mc, Ac. Aiao, Prach ?,nd Apple :'randy, piue ll<\.and Bin. old Jainaioa an l St. Croi* Kum, ajiJ Wine* of every variety, all of ataodard brand*. A choice lot of CJiar* and Tobacco YOUNG A SEFHARTwAfenta, *> U I* Pa a*-. i?tw. <Hh ard inth ate. J~ O II N F. ELLIS _ SOLE AH EST FOR THE HALE AND RENT or CHICKKRING A SONS' PIANOS, 306 Pmii Bttieirn 9ik and loci* Str*etj, _ma 2 North S*tJ? _ 3nnn choice butter. ,U\Ml LUS. GOSHEN BUTTER of the r*n BLCKWHKAT' KINO k BURCHELL, f* X oornT Vermont >v. and FuWnth ?t. U ONB PRICE ONLY! flAVINO on hud a very heavr atoek of DRE$8 TRIMMINGS. I will otfm the same very ot<eap tur Cash, and OncPrioe Onlv. R.x. 8tev ens. 336 Pa. av. i nog tf hM?wii Mth and 10th ?U>. | Great number* of piano fuhtfb for aal* or rent at all paces. Alio, Ui Melt d?on? ot different ma*?? for rent t>r ?a!o. New M?... from .11 "Jg'gH!,*f?Ef.7.Srk' ma 90 306 Pa. av? b?t, 9th aod loth aU. i N -* sm Nauaiai ip Mci vuuoiicauauic Headache. By tlx un of thme Pills the periodic attaoks ot liervous or Sick Htadackt may be prevented; and tf taken at the oommenoement of an attack immediate relief from pain and aioknesa will be obtained. They aeldom fall in removing the Namit* and HtadacJu to whioh femalea are ao rabjeot. They aot gently upon the bo well,?removing Cettivetutt. For Littrary Mm, Stndmtt, Delicate Female*, and all persona of sedentary habits, they are valuable aa a Laxative, improving the appetite, giving totm and rigor to the digestive organs, and re -1? ' ?uv UdkHlBi V10BL1O1?/ ?UU BVICUIU1 UI U)6 whole it item. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the remit of Ion* investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments, having been in use many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from Headache, whether ongl nating in th9H<rr<mj system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their aomDosttinn. and may be taken at all times with perfeot safety without making any change of diet, and tk? mb IMC* cj my diiOfrttabl* taste render t it taty to administer tktm to children. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Heorr C. 8pa)dinc on eaoh Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medicines. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid on reaeipto the PRICE, 3ft CENTS. All orders should be addressed to i HENRY C. SPA I.DINS. 4* Cinia N?m V??? THE FOLLOWING ENDORSEMENTS OF SPALDING'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL WHO SUFFER FROM HEADACHE THAT A SPEEDY AND SURE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR REACH. As these Testimonials were unsolicited Mr. Spalding, then afford unoiie.xtian able proof o f the efficacy of this truly scientific discovery. Masonvillz, Conn., Feb. 5,1861. Ma. 8pALDi!?f??Sir : I have tried roar Cephalio Pills, an4 / like tkem so wellth&t 1 want jou to end me two dollars worth more. Part of these are for the neichbora, to whom 1 gave a few out of the first box I got from yon. Send the Pills by mail, and oblige Yonrob't servant, J AMfcS KENNEDY. Havkktord, Pa., Feb. a.18R1. | Ml. SPALPixq?Sir: I wish you to tend me one J mori bfti nf tmp r ' - J -rua<?W A IIM| i mww T icviffa d rMl ?/ hnthtfrom them. Yours respectfully, MARY ANN STOIKHOUBE. Srtocn Crzkk, Hcntinitom Co., Pa .{ January 18.1861. S H. C. SraLDiifa?Sir: You will pleaee send me two boxes of your Cephaho l'ills. Send them immediately. Respectfully yours, JNO. B. SIMONS. P 8 ?I kavt ?std on* box qf your Pilit, and fimd them ixctilmt. Bulk Vmxnow, O^io, Jan. 15,1861. Himj C Spaldiho, Eta.: Please find inolosed twer.ty-b*# c?iu, for waioh send me mother box of yonr cepii&ua rills, iar< trw? >* ?ui Fill I I have ever tried. Direot A. STOVER,P.M.. Belle Vernon. Wi?nHnt ?n.. ?v Bbvskly, Mass., Deo. 11, I860, H. C. BrALDine. Ee*.: 1 wink for soma circulars or large show hills to brine your Cephalio Pills more particularly before mr oustomers. If yon I hurve anrthina of the kind, please send to me. One of my oustomer*. who is suhjaot to severe 1 Piok Headaohe. (usually tasting two days.) woj rired of an attack in on4 hour by your Pillt, whioh sent herReepootfully yours, W. B. WILKE8. Rbtwoldsbtt*?, Fbanxlin Co., Ohio,) January 9,1861. 1 C.^HfaijDiso, No.? Cedar itjeet. New i "K?i/cai fir: lDOIOBCO 1100 IWODty-fiVO OOOtli Si,) lor whioh Bend box of ' C?phalio Pill*." nd t^> addr^aa of Rev. Wm. C. Filler, Reynoldabu-r, Franklin oountT, Ohio Your fiilt vbotU likt a charm? .*'? Ht*dackt alm^tt tHStnntrr. Truly yours, WM. C. FILLER. YrsiLAKT!, Mioh., Jan. 14,1861. Ml. Ppaldtwo?Sin Notions liuoe I eant to to* for a box nf Ceji;a 10 Pilla for the our? ol th? Nervous H-?adaohe and Coati veneaa, and reoeived the same, and tkey had jo good an effect that J vat induced to tend for more. Please aeiia by return mail. Direct to . R. WHEELKR. Ypananb, Mioh. Prom tK? Examiner, Norfolk, Va. Ophalio Pilla aooomplish the objeot *>r whioh ; tllAT ?Ar? mairi* ?n? . u 1 1 11 '* na. van Ul UWIBOnS ID til III forms. From tkt Examiner, Norfolk, Va. They have been tested in more than a thousand cased, with entire suoeess. From the Democrat, St. Clottd, Minn. If you are, or have been troubled with the head aohe. send for a box,(Cepi?alio Pills,) so that you inay have them in case el au.attaok. From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I, The Cephalio Piils are said to be a remarkably effective remedy fur the heartache, and one of the very best for thnt very frsfuent complaint which has ever been disoovered. From the Western R. R. Gntetti, Chicago, III, We heartily endorse Mr.Spalding,and his unrivalled Cephalic Pills. I F"Om tk'. Ktimnirkn Vnllru Km* v ? ?rvr IIIBIimilW) r OS, W e are sure that persons ?u (Tenor with the head a*1 he, who try them, will stiok to them. Ft cm the Southern Path Findrr, New Orleans, La, Try thorn you that are afflicted and we are sure that your testimony can he added to the already numerous list that has reoeived benefit* that no otner inedieine oati produoe. From the St. Lohis Demoerai. The immense demand for the artlole (Cephalio Pills) u rapidly inoreasing. From the Gazette, Davenport, low*. Mr. Spalding would not nonneot hia nam* with an artiole he did not Icnnie to poavesa real merit. From the Advtrtiwr, Frovtdtnte, R. I. The tsatiiuory in their favor is strong, from the moat reapeotab'e quarters From the Daily Net** u ' - w -1 ? ? ?* 4i Oephalio Pilla are taking the piaoe of all kinda. From the Commercial BulUtin, Bottom, Man.

Baid to be verj effioaoioua for the headaohe. From tk? Commercial, Cincinnati, Ohio. Buffering humanity oan now be relieved. in* A Bingle bottle of SPALDI.WSl PREPARED GLUE will ?ave ten timea ita oost annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE TIIE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH !C^"A Stitch in TimkSavx* Niwk."-/TI A* aooidenU will happen, even in wall regulated families, it i? v?ry desirable to have lami oheap ami^oonvenient way for repairing Furniture, Toy Crockory, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB ir*?t? all ?uch emergenoiea, and no houaahold oa afford to be without it. It is always read*, and a. -a- -u; * ? *" KJ in? BUOB1DK poiufc " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Brnah aocompanies Moh Bottle. Pria 35 o?nta. Add ret* HENRY C. SPALDING. No. 48 Cedar atreet, New York. CAUTION. As certain unprmoipled persona are attempting to palm off on the unanspeottng public, imitauona of my PREPARKD GLUE, I would cantion all Persons to examine before pnrohfteing, and aee that the full name, CySf ALDING'S PREPARED GLUE is on the outside wrapper; all others are swindling ooaoterfeite, n 19-dAwV 0 ? 0 PUBLIC ADVEETISEMENT ? pOILIO R OTJOB. Pablio notioa la karafcy givon (kit booda aod oompoM UMitd, of Um d?oription karoinaAar Ml forth, hara lately btn feloniovsJr abstraoted from tha oaatody of U? Interior DaparteMnt, Um mi* being Um property of U* United States Mi hold in tract for oortaia Indian tribaa. 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Bond No. 3037 Bond No. 1233 1876 1837 1996 1833 1997 1831 1998 1B30 3008 1819 inn7 loio " tqio 1993 1809 A 1994 1817 1996 1816 1891 1815 1990 1814 ' 1893 1813 1W1 1813 1003 1810 2002 1811 1992 1808 200? 2031 2005 5033 2004 3034 2001 2035 1999 20.* 2000 2032 2009 1828 1877 1828 1878 1829 1879 1830 1880 1831 1881 183] 1882 1868 1883 18(59 1884 1870 1885 1871 1880 1872 1887 1873 1888 1874 1889 1875 1890 2030 9A4& OtiOft *VW irVJV 2048 2018 2045 2017 2047 201# 2044 2015 2043 2014 2040 2013 2041 201} 2042 2010 2039 2011 2038 1825 99 bondf ? 1824 \ Not*.?Bonds No. 1000, and below of this series. issued June, 1897, and bonds No. ?wi,ana shore " "" f 1 State of Missouri sue Mr oeat ooupon bonds, ni: Hannibal and Si, Joseph Railroad state Ho mi*? Bond No. 1853 Bond No. 1026 1851 1627 1851 1628 1850 1629 1849 1859 1848 1865 1847 1863 1846 1801 1845 1*60 1844 1861 1832 I860 1851 1K&R 1853 1866 1834 1864 1830 182) 1837 1813 1838 1814 1839 1836 1849 1816 1640 1817 1636 1818 191J 1839 1613 1830 1614 1831 1616 1641 1616 1041 1A1V AVAI lOW 1618 1644 1619 1646 1610 1646 1611 1647 1611 1648 1864 1637 16)4 16)8 16)1 1840 16)1 1841 16)) 184) 1611 1660 1867 1816 16)6 1817 16)0 1818 1(131) IfilO 1841 1820 1623 1821 1624 . 1626 M bond* PtoTia. These bonds tn dated January, 18*7, arable at Bank of Commerce, New York, la November. 1?86?interest payable in January aod July of oaoh year. H a State of Mlseouri six ter oent. Coneon North Mt#* ronri K,K. State bond a. Bond No^29&2 Bond No. 1638 2940 1638 WM Kit 1U11 2941 1642 3942 1643 3940 1644 2945 1645 2944 1646 2943 1647 ZV4 f IMS 2948 1649 2949 1640 2960 1660 2937 2932 2988 2923 1663 2924 1664 2936 1665 2961 1662 2963 1656 1657 2921 1706 2468 1706 2512 1707 2513 2462 2614 2462 2516 2464 2616 2466 2911 2456 2916 2467 2912 2458 2913 2459 2914 2460 8916 2461 2916 2462 2917 2463 2918 2464 2919 2466 2920 2466 2954 2467 2966 1661 80 bonda Note.?The bonds numbered Kit and below, leaned in January, 1897; No 2910, and above that, ?a?ed In Aucaat, 1197, payable at Phonix Bank, ew Yorh olfy. Miaeonri aix per oent. Coupon Bonda, Tin North Mtseoirl R. R. state bonit. Bond No. 2773 Bond No. 27M 2784 2787 278# 2730 2781 2717 2782 1734 2779 3721 2783 2719 2711 2733 2712 2722 2710 2720 2715 2716 2777 2727 1778 rm tnu ?*?i 4101 37? 27M J 3788 2729 I* JTTO 3718 Y 3771 3716 N 3786 3714 3778 : 3704 J 3773 1738 ft 3776 1728 E 3774 1733 ** 3780 171J 3733 ?? 60 bondi aPKBSEfiStSlgs ?tai ? . 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Bond N*. 833 Bond No. 735 881 736 831 758 830 759 919 760 834 T61 836 741 830 743 837 784 8?8 790 8T1 791 871 791 8TJ 793 874 794 21! m 8T8 796 8TT 797 878 796 879 799 889 809 m mi 846 801 84T 801 848 804 849 804 8M 896 m m 841 89T 841 811 844 811 844 81S 8M 814 847 818 848 818 BIT MX 818 86] 819 861 8)0 864 821 866 822 866 82S WIT gJ4 we est ?? 8? 870 8JT 881 8H 881 rn 840 mi Til B44 JS !? IX lMtaala North Gnrolinn tlx for cent. Connor bonds. Bond No. 699 Bond Ho. 493 600 494 AA1 wv? 4V0 4M 60S 497 ?06 631 OT 498 608 610 610 ftii 611 481 813 483 818 48S 608 484 614 486 633 488 638 487 634 488 635 480 638 490 637 688 638 480 641 840 643 841 648 643 618 648 644 680 848 Mi N7 i|] 648 tn w *14 849 iu W? M? 6M 617 661 618 618 &J9 617 616 618 616 619 617 466 614 ?7 422 468 646 jro m, 602 647 689 648 640 660 ! 12 M? U! 4TI 431 472 tS ?!! i Tv, *1% 437 475 X 476 12 477 425 479 12 4n 1 IS S i % ? 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Bond No 828 Bond No 1278 829 ISM 830 ' And of f)?follotriB( JfttiDarr.lM* Boa 1 No. 1744 Boad No XS5 Slip 2891 1133 2892 1681 30M 2603 Sill ai of th* folloviac Bimhori iMaed Juar;, 1M*. ??nd No. 3149 Bond No. 4207 * 4ZU8 MM, 4209 34fA 4210 3467 4211 3469 4212 3479 4213 3471 4214 3472 4431 3758 4557 3894 4529 9941 4560 3V42 4556 3V43 4600 9944 4569 9045 4570 39441 4571 3985 4749 4199 4731 4200 4881 Aftd of tke following DBBBb*r? iMBOd Jtr.ury, 189?! Bond No. 5056 Bond No. 5419 6195 5421 5326 5426 5359 5427 5360 5430 5361 5434 5362 543A 5363 5437 5364 5438 5365 5439 5366 5440 5367 5441 hXM kii* 6169 MM 6570 U44 6371 6446 6171 MAS U7I 6518 6174 6519 6376 ftbtt M76 *631 6377 6613 *378 ?T9t 63T9 6794 658# 6796 6381 6706 6S&6 17 AT MM sroe U8T 6709 WM *710 6389 6711 6W0 6711 O 6391 571J WW 6799 Ml S839 6416 6840 6417 6643 6418 D?o?Bb?r M, IMA. ?13-d tf J. 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