Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1861 Page 1
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4 * % ^H I a _ A A A A | MM H I yA i yA / / y^L/ ^J1" A V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. APRIL 8. 1861 IN". 2.538 THE DAILY EVENING STAR is PJBLHSHBD EVERT AFTERNOON, SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) \T THE STAR BUILDINGS, Ctrn4r of FmnsjIrani* mtmvs and 11*4 *., T W. D. Papers aerved In packacea by oarrlera at ? a year, or XT oer.ta per month. To mail ?ar.aorlbor* the ?nc? ia 9^jo ? year, m* mdt>mn t; S3 for atx w>ntha; $1 for three months; and for Ims thar three moatha M Use rate of 12oenta a *Mi. SiEfio one*. os* CVirr; in wra^pera, i xo ciitn. (J^AJvikTUMiSTi aoonld be Bent to the ofcoe bo'or? !2o'c ock m.; oiiarwiaotiiey may nctappeaT antii the next day. [ For the Stab. EXCURSION FROM WASHINGTON. No 11. Monday morning following a very rainy Fsbbath. found us on board the train crowing tke Connecticut river at Hartford, on our way to "Maschkster. situated but ten milrcj from Hartford, on the ?a?tern edge of the Connecticut valley. Tho t.wrship is quite large, and almost wholly ?lc?iitute of romantic scenery, being a cultivated plain The manufacture of silk, cotton and woolen fabrics has built up several fimall "villages, but the onlv one of note is Manshpe tcr Orccu, and even this place has lost its Sreatne?s. In former time*. travelers from lartford to Providence and Boston, breakfasted at Woodbridge's Tavern, the most noted of *cy in that region. Washington and La Fayette, as well as many of the Revolutionary fathers, have been its guests. But the opening of railroads diverted travel, and the Grx-en became almost desolated. However, the people were not to be discouraged, and as wealth could not flow into their villages by the stage load, swine other means was soon sought to attnin it Bat what cculd be done ? Had not ?*nnecticut ingenuity appropriated everything? No ?te wished to compete with old established firms; hece something new must be thought of Finding nothing promising a fairer profit, they concluded to run opposition to all the old ladies and children in >ew England, by establishing a knitting factory. Capital came from almost every house, and large factories were *oon built, giving quite a new appearance to the Green. An agent was despatched to England to purchase six machines, which were on hand before tbe room was ready to receive them. Woodbridge's Tavern was used for a boarding-house. The fabric produced by these machines wps * knit tube about IS inches in diameter, and ?i any lengtb, called stockinet, from which bey manufactured various gartnent3. These Ln^iuh machines are upright, about four feet high, and must be so placed that the operator Bay walk freely around each machine They ^ere all placed in one room, from which visi'ors were excluded, but beint* nergonallv ?i? quainted with the Snperinten<Tent, I w?* permitted to enter and examine them. It would be impossible to give a minute description, but the most noticeaole thing was that every atitch had two needles, and instead of knitting with one thread, the English machines had four, which were always 90 degrees from each other, en the tube. When tho machine was in action there was a very peculiar ver micular motion at the four knitting points, a? they passed around after each other quite rapidly. To my surprise, however. I was informed that these machines were very inferior. In the first place they could not stand within six feet of each other, as there must be room enough for two c peratora between them; and. cwuuuij, 11 was aimcuu u> tell wnen * stitch was dropped on the opposite side. I noticed that whouevcr this did occur the machine wa.stopped. Tender yarn could not be used, nor could a very covr<e fabric be made. A? soon a? fhe?e machines commenced operating, a machinist wo* detailed to obviate these objections. which he did in three months. Not only were the difficulties overcome, but other valuable improvements were effected, producing quite a different machine. No patent V 1 ? - jibs iwea appnea ior, tne proprietors believ- | ing it far better to keep the machine from public view. I was however permitted to see it, only with the understanding that 1 should nv>t divulge anything whereby a similar one i could be made, However, I can say this much. that, the machines stand cloae together, and th? operator is in a sitting posture. There are also six knitting points. One new machine will produce nbout twice the amount cf work the old one can, and will knit as fast as 2,500 women. From this fabric garments were made by tne women and children within a circle of twelve miles from the place. Manchester has thus become the center of a great industrial movement, and distributed its weekly paynunu? to thousands. Agencies for the sale of foods have been established in Boston, New ork. Philadelphia, and Baltimore; Hud Manchester "stockinet" carries the namo of that humble village all over the land. Thij. for a ^uioi iuioi summer retreat, excelled by Tew places. Try it next senson; taste their peaches, I ears, cherries. and luscious fruits of many iads, and probably you will be inclined to do it a second time. A I)AT IX OfcXTRAL CoXXBCTICrT. Were you ever in Hock Island, Illinois, anl do you not recollect that keen, black-eyed, gentlemanly grain merchant, who bought up every load of oats that came to market, and monopolized the trade in spite of his competitors? Did you never see the same person in ., Chicago, Boston, or New York, threading his way between all elapse* nf -> ^ __ _ ? - wruvj -*UH aviO] ?uu driving a trade where a trade could be made ' Will tne ladies of Washington. D. C, forget the New York cloak and mantilla store at the oerner of Ninth street?I mean will they forget its proprietor ? Will the eotc if at Lafayette Institute forget how breathlensiy they listened to the song "Beautiful Star," with its accompaniment, or the sc?ne of those inimitable oomies, and the phrase "Hain't I always u#ed you well ?" You do remember this West- j ery. Eastern. Northern, Southern. Ci.smopol-1 liac gentleman, who has traveled the world over, do yon ? Then you know the companion with whom in "a buggy carriage,I spent the day And this, of iiself, is sufficient to have passed a pleasant day. We first visited the 'Notch in the Mountain," situated in the *1 ? ? -? ** * " nuruivri/ pan 01 ooiton, and made famous, not only for its scenery, but for its mica slate quarries. These quarries have furnished beautiful looting flag stones for pavements in alf most all of our Atlantic cities. The walks approaching the Capitol in Washington are paved with stones from this place But the quarries ara now wholly closed The mica slate, as it is ealled, is a mica srkust. ^d wears so rapidly that there is now no demand for it. On paasing the mountain at the Notch th? scene ry changed from the plain of tha Con- j necticut River valley, to rolling hill* and narrow Tallies. From this place, over the entire eastern part of Connecticut, all of Rhode Island, and that part of Massachusetts be tween Rhode Island and the Atlantic, the surface is like huge concealed waves. The araais of these wares or hills are from four to igbt miles spurt, and invariably richly wooded, contrasting finely with the cultivated Tallies between. In the early settlement of this country a turnpike company was formed to build roads from Hartford to Boston, and from Hartford to Providence. These roads were built as nesrlT as possible in direct lines over the hills and through the Tallies, and the mails, as wall as travel and freight, were j ' ? ? lorttcu vfTvr io? rouil'3 ior ? iew ycrira, but H was toon ascertained that by a little variation Marl j a level road could be built, and it was soon accomplished, and parts of the old turnplks aere closed I well remember the difference in labor aa well as in scenery, as I walked baok and forth from Hartford to Boston over b)th the old sad new roads. From the crest of every bill en the old rjad you had a Ire law of the range before yon, as wall as the *ailey, with its nestling Tillages and farmtwm, for miles either way. On the new lottSy you tryval through the low grounds, tlamne miliin and in reality do notoeet a Haw worthy the name. It is like a railroad ronte. th'at will tanaei the hill and plange you io Ciatriu darkness, while directly overhead, bat a few hnndred feet, is a scene that tourists will travel miles, and alaaoet exhaust their eaerries to enjoy bat for moment. As we left these qaarriea, and slowly climbed the hill under the early shade of the thick i rest feltage, fragrant in it* rapid growth, fad j *etfealees In tie mortiag ron-Hght: as the Flora, in its infinite variety of form and oolor attracted the eye; and the ear was filled with the harmony of a numerous and joyous Fauna, we felt that nature had not been partial in her gift*, but that everywhere there is beauty a id harmony in the constant working of ail h?r laws. The sen, the desert, the mountain, the vale, the frigid and torrid clime, are all the handiwork of perfection, and must, if any thing can, awake tho beautiful in the soul of nnn. On reaching the brew of tho hill the valley ot tDe Mcungamug Kiver, in the town of Coventry, laj before us, where within a few miles of each other were the homes of limrltn Page, Lorenxo Dow. and Nathan Hale. The home of Harlan Page is situated but a few rods from the west bank of the river, and about one inile east of the village of North Coventry. The house, a small one story frame, has not changed its appearance for the past twenty years. It is painted red, and faces the road towards the south. T' t * ? ? - - - - jtven ine piams mat doomed beside the front door when Harlan was a youth, still blossom each returning season The yard and buildings were always very neat and pleusant looking, and although the estate has forever passed from the Page family, its appearance is unchanged. In this neighborhood was the beginning of that great personal interest in the happiness of others, that afterwards found and appropriated much larger field in the city of New York; and although Harlan died in the prime of manhood, he endeared himself to all bis acquaintances, an i made hie name a household word among all Presbyterians This visit to the home ?>f his childhood, after an absence of many years', was a great pleasure to us. A few miles southeast from this place, is the birthplace of Lou en 7.0 Dow. He lived to benefit his racc, but from his eccentricities, was a much more notable charthan P m <?? TIIj * ? ?? ??? 4- 1 4 ...... . lii- sajiugn arc io-aay ircasuicd by millions. At an early ago he was peculiarly affected with dreams and mental perturbations, during which he seemed to be under the control of a strange religious power, lie allowed himself to be guided by these influences, believing they came from God; and against the wishes of his relatives and friends, he left bis native town, and traveled for more than forty years, preaching where he thought he might be useful. H* wrs licensed by the M. E. Church, but was in reality independent of creed He made some most remarkable prophecies. which huiTA jinra Koon f?ir,ll?4 U ?- 1 ? v ?>uw vvtii luiuiicu . XIC UUCO 8UIC1 that "the United State? would cease to be a government in the year 18B1,'' and certainly recent event? are of suoh a nature, to say the least, as to remind us of Dow s propLecy. Hie remains lie in a cemetcry at the north eud of Twentieth street, Washington, D C , and aie visited by great numbers of people every year Midway netwecn these noted [laccs wa.^ the birthplace of WW ->ATHA.V 11 ALB, a martyr to American liberty The old twostory frame building is still standing, and is known a-< the H ile House It stands at some distance from any other building, and has in front a boautiful mnplo orchard, planted by the Hale family Tni* mansion, which h?s long been occupied by strangers, faces the north, and is oold. bleak place, but no American home nurtured a truer heart. Hale did not devote weary years of service t* bis country, but lived lone enouzh to im mortalize hid name. He was prepared for the ministry at Yale College, but wrote to bis lather that "a sense of duty urged him to sacrifice everything for bis country," and be joined tho army. How strange these words sound t<?-day. We have now a new vocabulary ?"Secession." "Anti-ooeroion." "ciiate Sovereignty,'" 'Accursed tnion," *c. Would we had pome of the Fjiirit of our forefathers. Hale's words, "sacrifice everything for his country," are like apple* of gold. What moro could a patriot say' What more do? It was left for this same great man to answer the question. When condemned as a spy, and about to be executed under the most cruel and barbarous circumstances, denied a itiDie. and having even the letters to his mother burned, with his last breath he said, " I only regret I have but one life to loso for iny country.'* About ten years sinco a fine granite monument was erected to his memory by the contributions of his grateful countrymen. It is a simple abaft, about 30 feet high. The day was drawing to a close, and though we could have spent weeks with the people of this section, we were oompelled to leave the quiet town ?f Coventry, and turn eur horse towards Manche?t?r wh?r? w? ? - ?- j .. Mw?w ?? w VU V"i 1^ Hi the evening. V. Lackixtz. The Nambs or the Streets ov Paris.? The Paris correspondent of the New Orleans Delta his the following : Tho names of the streets ef Paris?or a goodly nuiuber of theru?seem likely to perish with many other old landmarks of the capital, in the course of its great transformation The history of these names would fill a moderate sized history, and would, in numerous instances. be both amusinu in<) iiutruntio* r? -11 g . . m MW % a <av ?l * Vi A ' nil Paris there are nearly fifteen hundred different streets. Of these, 189 owe their designation to churches, chapel*, abbeys, convent*, monasteries, ancient cemeteries and colleges, and 138 more were named in consequence of their proximity to the same institutions or localities; 17i bear the names of landed proprietors, who opened them through their estates; 97 are named after popultrsigns and inscriptions of taverns and shups; 84 in honor of noble mansions; 76 after their own principal inhabitant*; 78 are called after provinces and cities; 50 are named in honor of illustrious soldiers; 60 bear the names of trade corporations; 45 thoae of notable administrators: 'AR ?f famous magistrates; 22 those of celebrated barristers; ?1 bear the names of kings and Steens; 42 those of princes and princesses; 17 om of cardinals and bishops; 39 those of abbots and priests; 48 these of great battles or victories; 10 those of eminent admirals; 29 those of eminent ministers and councillors of State, Ac. Literature, art and science fare most scantily in the honors of street nomenclature. 23 are oallcd after authors; 19 aft'er architects; 12 savants; 7 musicians; ft physicians; 5 engineers, 4 astronomers; 3 naturalists; and 3 IklintAfi Tfc? rmrnt t\t Ik* - 1 _ r V4 vuu 1MUUM HUfUO UJf Parisian streets are either unmeaning, ridiculous or vulgar As examples, which will be well understood in New Orleans, I may cite the first half doten which o?cur to my memory: rues Cox-Jjeron, Vide Ouusset, Boulets, MauvaU Gargons. Taille Pain, Brise Miche?or Heron Cock, Empty Gtuuet, Pellets, Bad Bey?, Cat Bread, Ac. ? \UTThe spring ftluht of our artists to?ur?i? will not be so numerous this year as in past season. Secession keeps them, as well as a good many other people, at home But Mr. Kennett starts next month for the purpose of spending three months in Switzerland. The tendency towards the glaciers Is shown in the last picture he painted; a higblv finished view of Alpine scenery, which was exhibited at the Athena*um dub on Wednesday night last. Mr. George Ward Nichols 1#ivm for I .nnrtnn 1 n the P'*" a# D?ui?? --?? -? ? j ? '-v vi?f v* umuiuuir, uu Wednesday, taking with him toe "Crown of New England.'.' and 1U companion, tbe "Bay of New York," both of which are tobeexhiblted in England t Rsaoxmox or Sricit Payment im thi ComFiDsaatx siaiii -Mr, Memmlager, Secretary of the Treaaory of the Confederate States, haa addreaard a circular to each of the banka oflbe Confederacy, recommending the adoption erf a reaolutlon to redeem In apecle each of tbelr reanective note* aa may be paid in npon the authorized loan of tbe Confederacy. Thla meaaure, Mr. Uemmlnger*, la neceaaary to prevent the lnftqualttlea'and tonfaalon which muit tlae arlae from the paying of aobacrlption In currauelea of varying valuta Ue aiao urgt-a the preaent aa the moat deal fable time for a general raaumptton of apecle payment. | A Sorrowful City.?A correspondent o the Boston Transcript, writing from Phila delphia, notices the many striking indication everywhere reminding the sojourner in Phila delphia of the uncertainty of life. The nu mrrou* gravevards within the thickly-huil city, the undertakers' signs?a coffin project ing half way across the Eidowalk, the "mourn ing goods'' conspicuously displayed in sho| windows?all would imply, if the statistics o the health of our city did not prove otherwise that we drive a thriving business in burial and that the luxury of grief was one of oui chief enjoyment?. But another peculiarity i nati:ed. which specially belongs to this city The writer says "But what is particularly noticeable is blncl ribbons attached to the front window shutters where th?y nre placed immediately upon th( occasion of death, and remain a? long as it ii thought best to keep the sad event prominently in min'l?usually. I think, about two years Crape is also attached to the bell ksob. an<: remains till burial. Thus one csn scarcely walk a square without being aware of house hold sorrows, either in their fullest intensity indicated by the emblem at the bell knob. 01 sof'.ened more or less by time, by the signal ni the front shutters When the shutters are pu back, it is presumed the load of sorrow is somewhat abated, as they :ire kept in a positior oiai> Kiif rinO ?l n nlno? I {*,*.* ? ??j..s, WMV viv/avu, IUI a. iviy CUUMUtTtllilt number of months. From this. I think. uiupI have grown the general habit of excluding from the dwellings the generous and genia! daylight." Almost every person who visits onr city foi the first time notices these many memorials ol | sorrow so ostensibly thrust in their f.tces, a* il our citizens took a special delight in mourn ing, and wished the world to know how deeph afflictive was their deprivation?P/itln. Led I Zer SrFFFRixo is Mississippi ?The Board of Po lire met In Rankin county on Saturday last t( adopt srme measures to relieve the wants of th? poor and destitute, i'oinething must be done and that speedily, or hundreds of our citizen! ill i-i 1?? win p?iTisn wun utilizer W e want to see tli(is< who have been denouncing that good and purehearted old gentleman, ii>njamin Hawkti s. and boosting that thev were willing to i;ive half they harl to th* poor, come forw rd and subscribe liberally. Will they do it ? We will venture the prediction that one hundred dollars will not subscribed by all that class of men in the county We bave heard of a large number of men who have given up their crcjp and gone off to bunt w-?rk and get food for their faru llf If thev had the corn to fed their families and sti? k tbey could make a crop and pay for it in the f-iil Tht*e men do not want it given to them. Thev only want it on a credit until next fall. Our o!d friend. Hirum Jones, informs lis that there is a a. a i ? * - - - ... - - nrrai ueai 01 aesmutlou in bts neighborhood, and that unless relief is afforded in the n*xt ten dayi armed bodies of men will take corn by fort.f fiom those who have it. Msj Hawkins hat returned from Illinois with 17.0U) bu?hels of corn and 10.000 bushe's of potato**, which will be a urea' relief lor the present, but it will last only a few da\s One hundred thousand bushels more ! needed, and there is no money bere to buy it with. I<et those who are able ^ive liberally of their mean# to purchase corn for the destitute, and let an agent be appointed to go and purchase it, and then let those who are able to make good notes give their no'es to said a??ect, Htid let the at'tnt Droceed to (llinola or soni? oth?r fsvond l3nd,"and buy the corn on credit.?Brnrfion (Mas.) Ht/ ubhran. Robbery or a < Trai*.?A letter to the St. Louis Republican, from Tucson, Ari zona, dated Aiarch 15th, says: " It Is sa:d that a Government supply train for Fort Buchanan, loaded with worth of urooertv. has be*1!! diivpn otnr tfa* !m#? in Si.i.nn by those having it in charge The train is nowhere on the road, and had not been seen aft*r pi?sinti Hnrro Canon, some twenty miles this s!ce of Fort McLane Application will l>e made to ti e Sonera antijjrtti>-s f .r the arrest of the thievis at d return of tb<9 property " 46Q StVENTH_STKt;HT. ^^0 ALWAYS AHEAD. 1 have inst received a moo stuck of SPRING CLOTHING. KUIlXISHlNb (iOOliS, TRUNKS. HATS sad CA^S to wln^h 1 invite the &tteatio>< ot ali in v. a. tcf such ar'ic.e'. My motto l* "A aniok s'xpence u better than a ?:<>w "lulling." 1'hoee in vr^nt i f Clathui* we invita to conn ami look at our iro< ?)s and pftoeu ; ? nd it vu want a moe Shirt a'id a pre tjr Tie, No 400 8?v er th (tie* 11? the place to set them- Ihaxe svev large atock of SPRING HATS, whioh 1 am sell in* jvt iS per crrt. t>r!ow their aotual vain*. K'?r th'>se wh i wsr.t to travel. I havn juft rxocivr?1 a lirp- ..tof THINKS, VALlSKS,an<1 CARP KT HAGS, va* ylr;; in pi ices from SI 5" to %8. If yuu w\nt a zood i runk, Clothing, Furnishing Guoi,?, Hats, or Caps, thvro ia no p rvo* wh?*re you can buy thuin as ow an at the Pe'.ple'a Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh it., opposite Post * iff.oe. J II. SMITH, Clothier, mar 14-lm No 4 60 Seventh tt.. I>et. E and F. Wood and Coal. A No. 1 article o( WOUD on hand, preparod to nit the wants of each customer. Wood sold oord length also, or in any way or any quantities dem i raH an ?u? [IT* Coal kept in Coal JIoustM, ioroenet! before de Itvering. ra- 2,24^ ll>?. to the ton. |\j~ Personal attention to ever? order. T. J. k. W. AI. G ALT. Offioe 2Pa. av., h^t^reen tlth and 12th ate. Wood Mil! and Wharf foot of Seventeenth street, below War Department. ina23-tf ?TOPH AM'S WTi?J PREMIUM TRUNK D MAS V FACTORY, 499 SKVK^TH Street, WASUIXSTON, D. C. Silver Medal awarded Maryland Institute of Baltimore. November 7, ItfbO Alto, Medal b? Me ropolitan Mechanics'IcstilBte. Washington, D. C., 1837. t - l- : 1 ?? m am ounnufcriuj numriRi ?n*i mwayc nave on ^&D(1| of the best material, every description of Fine Sole l.eathur. Iron Frame. Lftdiot* Dress, Wood Box, and f&okine Trunk*, Pel Usior, Carpet,and CanvaB Traveling Hags. School Satchels, Ac., At Low Prtr?*. Membera of Congress aud travelers will pi**se examine rnj stook before purchasing elsewhere l minis arr? mftuo IU u^ior citl*3. Superior Leather aud l>r?ss Trunks to orrtsr. , ... Trunks aovered ar.d repaired at short notice. Good* deUvered free or oharce to aujfpart of tLe sity. Georcwtown, and Alexandria. Ja 23-1 yeo JAMF.3 S.TOHH A M piREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777.. .1200,00#. Q0U* torn r C strut and Lmhimmm ?., ovtr Bank (J Wasktnuton. INHITRK HnilSPa AVT1 (lTUfD UDnDPBTu vr ? A ?V/1 lift A I AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Disbctoss. Geo. Sknsmaker, ^a.nuel Kedfem, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohanl John D. Haroiay, Jaouti Gi'Ieon, Andrew Kothwell, Thos. Parker, RioharU Barry, B. B. French. No oharge for Polioies. J AM KB ADAMS. President Abxl G. Davis,Secretary, oo l?-eo6n rpHE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT r. r P, JL EMR1CH. at the oorner of Penn.AA avenue ana Eleventh street, has preatly improved rocectlr and now offer*jJ?3HUL (reater inducements for the patronage ol oifunii and stranger* than any other publio house in the oit*, kis prices being less than those of any other hotel on Peas, avenue, and bis acoomohjdabcns lor permanent or transient boarders asex-eptionable. The bar and restaurant arranremenu of the European Uotel kave already beoonie very popn lar. bemg.fll that oan bo desired by the ?ips? fas uaioti*. i ne proprietor pledgee unremitted attention aod oontisuwd liberal expenditures to give aatMfMtion to all, and thus renews hi* invitation ?? all to rive the Kuropean Hotel a call. de 4-ti lMP??T^TiNOT^TOc?rTP.ANUt:K? A vtew of the National Capitol will be areaent'd to all purchasei of Book*, Stationary Ao , from the wait known eetaUiishment of PRENCH k R1CHSTE1N. #TS Pa & ., aft near Kirk wood H?q?e A VERY NICE PRINCE k CO. MKLODEOT f CARRIAGE FACTORIES. 9 washington carriage factory, * ? x) 5xr??<, Btsxrttn 9lK and lnrfc s.rii'j, We have just finished a nnmbcr of first cimi carriages, such a? Ligki Pr.n.r-yrutju, t Warms, Park FKr*t<rns. Frrrily Cat rtntt.', and fcuttt*-*, wiuch we will selia' **" *">? "a ver? small profit. Beir;r practical ineahanios in difforett branches 1 of t.'ie Business, we Salter ourselves ti-at we enow f the style* and *uahty of work that wi!l sive satis ^ faotion, combining lightness, comfort and dura.ill > kepairinc promptly ani carefnlly attended to r Uie c:ior??hi n< t.c-t> ami most rea*c :.&Ne c: ar: ?, , w alter, kar.mann \ m?fi\ Coachmakare, successors to ww. t. Hook* a* tl-dlT j TH CARKIA6K>. 1 X BE 8sl/?orit>er havinc ipai? bddiUan* t? , Siw^ry, n.** <uj it to* t?c? of thh '=--f f* waGONS of all fcir.d* ?*?nnot l>e sr^fV.Kt!!, ii.< r from bis lor.( eifwmkcain Ja* Itsias**, h^ ^ofvj t? tiro s?uera! s?.tr?:t*;;ioa. . Aii titc?of C#n;sii-?--4 1 kaul. ' A.l Kt.PAlJlSz.aa:> pr+u?t . !y ?-i t?. 3m*:i4-Xa*4 Otrr^(?f >?ksn lE?s?hv;cefar?r*

?*?. AMDRKW i. JOYCE, r * i> ft rsnr t -W K ?r?? l DKNTISTBT. 1 rfcRS. I OCKWOOl) * DARKEL.L. ARE PRE? 1/ pared io insert Ti!.ETl!<>n VLXCAN t ITb HAM-'., n new at >1 improved '"?dp p When made on this p:an tney > ? com rr* fortal>le to we&r and muc*i oheaper tnan any other. I AI?o.'J'e'th maetted on 4iHu Plate, and aii beats] i iteration* of any kind Uiat innr lie detired uf. fice Room No *?. in the Washington Building.corp ner i'a av. and Seventh ?t. .ia 3in* p |\| TEETH. i*i . MIW1I3, M. D.. the icv?ntor and patentee of tli? MIN ERA L PLATE TEETH, at r tri.'is personally at his mtu"' m th:? ci'? Many peraons car. wrar these teeth whuNJi11' ear.not wear othern, and no person can wear others who cannot wear these. I'ernoua catling :<? office can be aooommodatod with an? ety !e arid price of Teeth they may denre; > hut to those wnoare particular and wi*.h the psi-ext, cleanest, utronjrent, and mo*t perfect denture t;.at art can prudnee, the MTN KRAL PLATE wil! be i more hi fly warranted. s Rooms in this city ?No. 3.1*' rn.(ivim? > 9t.i and loth ?tn. Also, *07 Arch street, . piua. a* 15-tf ADnlhi^tln^ i *nown an^ e ' **Fie* <. li& dfn VVorni V.iie Bugi, Ac. r ?? S"*' It eoi'.ains ?r> r<"*<"?. qnuivL'DIV'u oil r u *- ? " ? I Uii-1 010 eai'7 Vioa.%'1 l" and Mice. M Schwann hai r*c?iv?*l certificate f-.nn the Pr^aidart of birard Cal.ege. Dirfotori of limine of RefuKO, Pannsylva:iia tloniw, ard , (.th"r Prominent Iu?titution? l?< Philadelphia : I . 1 S. Jail, vv anuinrton, 1>. C.; artd Charity Hospital. New Orleans, La _ Tha original certificates can r>? ??en at the Wiitiieufcioaud ftrtail Depot 124 NortnJ**coud utre^t, Pu.lauelphia, and f r ?a.o in this city by I). IJ. CL.AKK, corner Pa. avenue arid l!* sts., an<! I t a. i?ti! (in'Mi'oc?ri?. BKWARK OP SPURIOt'S IMITATIONS. UjT Remember to aak ior Schwenn'a Aniuhiiaiiiif Powder. 117^ Nona genuine unlossmcnerfM.SciiwEEis. ma 'V-?i.r,e r|1hb 81'RSCRIBKRS having kfckivkd I their h:t:t aupp'y of now ?1>!ob of SPRING GOOD.", they reapoctfily lnTite^a* a call from their patron* an<l the puhlio veil era'Iy. Tiif* keep al?o eoaitnutly oo btml vfltf riip^iT ?r ft WAT. ai. 1 MILITARY mJtm FtRNlSHfNG GOODS, auoli ai Epaulets, J-'worda, Gold Laces, etc. H. F loi'oon A CO.. Citiz^ti and Mili'ary Taiiora. ma 20-3iuoo No. 362, under Brown's Hotel. HOMB^MADK COOTS AN 1> SHOES, For Lash*', Mi*b*s' ami Children'* Wear. Ai hxctfdmfly Low Price*. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market t-pace, maS-eo Pa. av , Set. ft'h and "jRi a?a. Tncoln as hITis. ste*r. Engravek Portrait. The he?t Portrait vet published <>f HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, t frith tchisl'rs,) At F"KNOH A RIOHSTKIN'tf, nol_'27 * Pbtsn*. Avrnve, w asmiicion, D. U. T*ade B?iepii?<) at iow cno>n. war 7 reader, ERT8E Theforoyrt * ?uit' merit and then juijre of it* foot* for yourself ABRAM COL.E, of ttrooklyn, N. Y., a *?ll known citizen tlirre. had strtrer?-d from ])y?p>p',a fjr Boms yeaie, witho'tt permanent lejief, until ha tn?d AYEll's* rll>L9|?Mch taken tNordiw to tlie-iirri'tioi B for this cnnip'ain:, r*8tfir??<l him U? h*a th in afew week*. Alter an interval of ?tine m'tu h s he has had do return < f hit gomp aint. liEO. \V. CR08J<, of Harmony, Texas, had an eruption on !;is n ek. snonlders, La< k anJ l-f. wniofc ooveredaiiont ono tl.ud ofhis l??dy. It the parts a:fecte?l covered wit.i a aeali, and l>-;m oiiou a raw ?ore,wai 01 course ver% trou: -< .^HL au'i ):*t eMiai. it *o much unpaired his,"i-SR t<> iinbt iuni tcr buHinet? nii't I.mi in ?utf''ru,g. Ali medica1 aid Kile i hnn until he A Y E K S CitMPOlNn EXTRACT -MIS*. PARI LI.A, which cured him. H is skin still kIioHj fnion scars fioin the ulceration, but it n other wuo as olear as an inAnu. JOHN H. SHOOK, Esq . an eminent lawyer b1 Richmond, Va . toolc a eld which settled ou his lungs. A saverp pain set in on the left hide, with a ba?i cough, wliio't w*? goon followed the u;.mi?lakat le s\ ni: to ins of oonniimiitinn Wh?n r?il...,~l yrry low be commemed t&k'nK AVER'S CHER PECTORAL, which ooou stopped ti.ecoi. gli anil completely cured him. Prepartd Ly DR. J. C. ATER &. CM., Lowell, Main th* 13 eolm "the only preparation" WORTHY OF UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE 4 PATRONAGE FOH STATESMEN, JVDOES, Cl.KKU YRIES. LADIES, ?*J GENTLEMEN in ail parts of iheworld tf-ettfa to th? pff.oacy of PROF 0. J WOOD'S IIAIR RESTORATIVE, aud (Ohtleman of tha Pr^sa are nnanaanu* in ita praisa. A few t.mtnnoniatB ou5r can lie here riven me iM-cu^ar tor ii>i>re, au<i it will he imforaible fcr juu to doubt. 47 Wall Strkkt, Nkw Your. l>*c. 20. lasfli Gcntlem'n: Vour i>ote of the 15th instant I.a* lie?n received. ?aTii:? that tnu had htard that t had boeii benehted by the use of Wood's Han Keuti.ukfi ve, &u I requesting lay oertiUcata of thr fact if 1 had uo objection to rive it. I award it tv yon ch<?e/iuMy. because ! think it due. My ago t? about So years; the color or my hair Ruburu, mi it inclined to carl. &??nie tiva or ix years nuiw it bdiau to turn gray,ami th?t hoa!p oa tneorown of my hum: to lo?o its sensibility and dandruff to form upon it. F.aon of thv*e disa^reeaM.ities increased with time. and about 4 tqouO.s nice a fourth was added t-> them. by hair laihru o9 1 ha top <>i iof ii?ad and threatening to make me Mi In this unpins >&:it predicament i was induced to try Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the talimt otf ol mjr hair, for 1 had really no expectatliliitnutirM Uriiw ?v?r ! * p??inrjil ?n original color except lroin dyoa. I waa, however, rr?>aUj aurpneetl to find, after the ol* of two bot Ilea only, that net only wa* the lalling off *r rotate I, but the o<">lor wrs e?tore<l to Hi* ?ray hairr ard aeueibility to the eoalp. an<t dftudriiK' to form on my head, very much to the gratification ?>f tr? > Wife, at whose aolicilation 1 wiu induced to For this. (im?nt the mary obligations I oweLto her aex, 1 atron^ly reoommen?l a'i n??baLil? wt.o vMne tho admiration of their wiv??tn frofit hy u:t exampie, ana uaeitif growing gnw ?r u 1. Very respectfully. 8bs. A. Lxvt:sr>SR. So O. J. Wood tc Co., 444 Hroadvray. N. \ . ly family are Urgent froin tbo oiiy, aiiJ 1 am no loEger at No. 11 Carrol Place. *!A*?Toy, Aia? July *1.Igfei. To Prot. O J, wuok Dmr Sir?Wtur " R?etorative" has doi.e iny hair*. i:iuoU ?.)fS tilo? 1 coin mono wl the ue*of il, that I vi?i; iniflfcko known to the pubiio of iU ell ecu <>athe Mr. whi.>o are itretL A man or womau near ber.oarlv dlpuv d i of hjur. and by a reeurt to your "Ilakr Koeti??a ve" the ha:r will return more beantifm thmiitit; at 1 leaat thia ia my expenenoe. Believe it a u Y5Ur"trulTVii ? W*. H!?5#HDY. P.,8-?V ou can pabliah the above if you like, iiy nllH ?2 I.- __ ill i l>wt??utiiK su ?>ui ouH%lirril pupori J?'U Will SBl more patron^*** South. 1 eee several of your oer' tificates in the Mobile Mercury, a stroni Southern pa?er. W. H. Kimpt. 1 WOOD'S HAIR REHTORATITE. Prop. O J. Wops: Dtar Sirt HaTiui bad the ' in ^fortune to lose the best yortiun of my nair,fr<-m 1 tne eflents of the yel.ow fever, in ."Sew Qreaxs in ItM, 1 was ia4uoed tu make a trial or roar jrepara-1 tiou, and found it to answer as,the refy tni-i needed. Mr aair is now thick aad g!osay.>j>d ro words out express my obligations to you fa fiwuc i to Che at&oted such a treasure Fmrt Jobjm*. The Restorative is put up la bottle* of three si ?e*, vis : large, medium and small; the small hold half a fint, and retails for one dollar per brittle; It' n.edfu-n holds at toast 30 per east, more in propori<4*a i than too small, retails for i*a dollars per hott.oj the iarce ho'ds a juart, <0 per can:, more in prc?<>r toon, acd retail* for ai. 1 ?>. J. Wt>OD & CO., Profrielors, 114 |tru*.| *V. New York, aadlft Market street, St. s.osii?i hy *toTr'573 P4* H0* ] CLOTHING, &c. WMEKcrtAyr TAILORISO. EW FALL STYLES ?r CLOTHS, CASSI MERS. AVI) VKsilNGS. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., S? I'esniT'.ra nia Avenne, have just r?*e?ir<?<i a 'arri? va'irtr pf n?w Fa!' Goods,to wnif!! th#? icvitaMie a't?*tii?r of th?ir firitldl>W aMhNMVB. ?? /^.ENTLli>LK\'S V* RE\DV MADE CLOTHING. Our present Mnortr-.Mt of GKN'TLKMKN'I READV MADE CLOTHING - fen to oitinta ?nJ strai:-or? wi?hiug an namedia'.o outfit ?upe rior lriOacefD^r's, embraci.^, *t this ti>ne,a 8tr >s an.! qu*!iti?? of D"?> and i-iii'in**** Gar nietit* and Overcoat* in ait .-ari'UM. Fine Sr.<rt? Hp.d IlnHor ?11 1? * ? " - * wvk'viiiiis u* aa au.uh? i\<ij in?n ouier Gitrea of qu% ity. Sc^r!?f Ti*e? i"rsvat?f 8tock&, Hoeiary, A o.? ?Vc. AU of wnicli we ?r? offering at ' ur uinai low prions. Ljr Clothing rn*d? to orJsr in the m.>?t tu^eiicr minnar. ?? AL.IT, si fci'Kl. ? tTi., no ty-tf -it ~ Ps.?. eruw. / MITOTHFPK:> ?ri.KS'Oi OTHf.NG5TOR F, No. 4?.1? r' et., to it* ?o;;r Cl.t'TiilN?i. FURNISHING GUOLS. llAls r.^J CAP^. fe? 6w_ WMKKOIIANT TAlLOKINti. E lc?lt? nn? vll,< c smiu ui w*ruB JOBOTH" ly. to an in.?j>?c?ioii of our prenei t now, K ^ trsctivo. a.i'i ive?orttri?nt CLOTHS. CASS1 \?KHK9, DOhsKlNf. VIKINGS. pv? ROOATINUS. Ac. 1* which wo will Tn&ktj to order in ?up*nor tTle at vary low pnrw>?. \VAL?I?t 8TKPHF.N3 * 0W? oo 25-tf 38sl Pa. av.. l?*tw. 9th and Uth ?t?. #( ?r? t our*. Cold, Hoarftiuu. Jn/n'lt'i. any Irritation or S<rr?n?.< of (Ac T'troal, KtUn e tk* flurklM' Cvutk ?* rt?<w. /JrwtrAtftn, 4" Catnrrk, < 'Lmr ai*<i ?t?? ftrength ta the rote* of rilBLI C^SPKU K R 9 F<<w are *w?r? of th? importance of checfcmt a Cough or 'Common Cold ' in it* first Btaro;tr,at which in the !)?Rium* would yield to a mild r*ni?dr. if npgiecteO. soon attacks the Lui.jb. "Hroirn's IironcK'dl TVocAe*." contain r.j demu.oent ingrmli enta, allay Pulmonary and Uionehia: Irritation. "Titat trouWe in mi Throat, (for ur<'nmr wfticn the "T*roeke?" are & epecifo| hnviiic mad* me ?>fl*n a m>r? whiaTROCHES perer." N. P. WILMS. urown's "I recommend their iihto Public spkaheks." TROCHES REV. E. II. CHAPIN. 'Gr?*at ifn-iosia snNluirt Hoik<I CROWN'S he*RfiV.UAMELUIsK. Tli.irHl.-a "Alntoa* instant re ief ;n the dia treaMBc labor vt br*a;hiu< jH-cutiaf unnw'41^ to Asthma." BBOWii ? KEV. A. C. EG6LI58TON. , TROCHES " Ccutain do Opium or aiiytiiir.f injurious." DR. A. A HA v ES, BROWN'S Chemist, Benem. "Aeiinpleand p easant G^in-nra- l TROCHES tion for Corsiu, sc." DR. (i. F. B1GELOW, BROWNt! " Bor.o%. \ TRnrnvs ** Beneficial in BRCSrHms." TROCHES DR. J. F. W. LANK. iirown'I' Eo'to%i | * 1 have proved them excellent lot TROCHES? Wror?ii?* Cormt. ' REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S lt*uo*. " Uenetoikl when eonp^.ieU to TROCHES ifinVtffnriniifrti Cql>.' BROWN*" REV. ?. J.F.ANIirjjSON^ I TPOCHES " Effectpal is removinr HuArcaI1PF3 it?l Irritation of the Throat, ?o j CROWN'S wi?(i *r*AFfE* e.vJ SinsTROCIILS "Vrof. M.STACY JOHNttON, . , LmGttsr-tt ,'rt. , BROWN'S Toiaher of Mawo.FsnUidrB t Fcir*!e Colin*. TROCiiKK "GreiU Uchi wbnn t&keii I'af-irc -nrt *.r?r preccWnc. M thr? prrT?: t 1 DROi',\'F il^arMiiees. From tneir pM. fffce;, ' ! th,kk tli#* w'" , p JwiMaent *cTROCHE8 rit!rjr?toin?, AFV. E. ROW LEV. A. M. t BROWN'S; rrosuleu* of Atoecs CoiJ&ge, Teun. c TROCHES, H7*Soldby &!! * TWFN I TV FIVE CENT!* A BOX.?a I Da. J. H MoLSAN'S STKESGTHEfflJIG COKDIAL AND BLOOD PIRiriElt. THE UHEATFST REMEDY i? <i? WORLD, ar.d the most /*\ PSLICICCB A'll fc.*** * DELIGHTFUL j Ef I ?[< /hrE^iAemb j Ell t? III! CUT ? Ml- ^^3 ? ( ar.ulc in4 Vifiut'.t ck W.. Xj #?_r?*pn- Yf j| | B<rk, mi DisilillM ^Hjn ?d'*t> Wit* id c?ie- awl Tli iiitira as-t?a fit* ? J ofc\.cb ' an: : ' " Jwnfc I" li tak|?s, AftSirr, pradacta' & da t-.iost, r i:... -t::af apirtt, *cd U* nitl - ?- * '" " "- tki <ihum o tilt Jbt al-k, i?f?rii|, ?l4 dtailiuiad icruld U 6 'i?*hS*?<3 lUlnflk. KcLEAPTS S TH F. NO THE XING CORDIAL * iriU cftcwally cara L?ar Camplauit, Dyacapai?, jaaD diet, Cbraiuc ?r !1?rT??a Dabiltty, l>iaa?aaa ftha Kidney*, ?l and all dnant? ariainf frara a 4iaardarad Li??r ar Sumach, 9 D??; ?p? ?. Bairibart, Inward Pun, At, .. j ar Aickaaaa ?f 11 tin itamach, FalU?a> af Blrod * tut Hta4, Dsll Tain ar tw.i~.anDg id ih.a Batd, ef thaHaari, ra'.i.tti C ar Wtifht 'a lh? Btwxeih, 8o*r Eractatiana, Chakior > tafacaunf FatUnf whan lay f down,Dryi.aat ar YailaW- k naa> af toa Sain aud ?? > Hij-r.t Swttia, Inward Favara, Pain in tht Braall af ita B?ck. Ct.aat, ar fid#, KadJar a? Bf-t, Dapraaaian if S;inu, Friftiifal Draaiaa. fcai.(?rf, DttBa.dai.eT *r *' J naraeat diaa&at, : ? Mlaccbaa an la* Skill, and Ftnr aad Af at (a/ ubika ajiii 1 riuio OTER A MILLION BOTTLES r kaat kttu uid darinj iht l?at ail nnlhi, and la na laata".ca ht-.a ufaiitd in (< r:ug ai.tirt aatiafacttao ftba tht:. Vlll nfir frarn Waakoatt or I'ibilitf vujg Mi alall'l l HTKj ^efs k ?:s? co&nui. wui cut/ti i i Ha Iv.far jt tt . Cat. * t T au adaqitU id a. af tht immtil- t at* a:i(" alciaat iMrai*!t?? cha tf, prMiott i W f>|pj tu 1 Cardial ta (ha iiaauaO, dakiliialtd, *od ahsnartr. aarraai tatttia, wkti^tr krakan Jawu kj tic?i, waak at i.awra. at lopa.itC ; titkciia, Ui? ralaiad kiiu ai auii( arj;ailAlUa 1* rularttl1? iu i hfaith .u.d *i(tr MAhiUKJi PERSONS, * ? atkara, aantctaat af inakilitf fraui wha'.tttr eaaaa, will _ lad McLlAl'l ST&KHCTIENINS CU&UIAk a it.- " raafk r(fio??Mf?f U>? lyiwo; miillfki nuliin iu l?t?a uiri(1?? kj impraaar iuia;f*ac?? will tfad la u.t UardlaJ a ?arUlu autl aptaJr ramadj. TO THE LABI KB. MtWKAMW rmKMeVaitMlMU COillUAk U ? aa*?r tfn eb4 tp??i? ear* far lucipimt Cmitfcraptim, W Litka, ar DtCcmli Man?iro?.uao,l ucaouuarict of Craia I Ii>t*.i:;'.a.rT Dlachuca lh*r?af, FalUnj ef tr.? Woiak, iddtm m, Falntibf, ana til diataaa* incident ta fiiril?. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT ftr ra lai jar Take tt aeeardinf ta diractisna It wi 1! tlmaUta, crtnjtha.i, ard iL?ijor?t? a* (I ctaaa iba blaara ?t baalUi la maviit y?aj taut afaia. Km/ haul* la tunutl la ? Ira aauahctMn. rOH CHILDREN IIjhi ahUdrau uiutkiKjiiL; ar aBitied, MikKAltl COKOlAb via raaka their baalta*, fat, and racial U?Uy sal a iKasttii) iu it, and j?a ill ka utiriuted. It 1* 4elltteu telata. OA VTION. m ???? ?' drafftata ar dailara wha iwmy try M nln yea aama biuer ar ?*pariH* uuh, whirh taey eaa bay cheap, b* eatiiif it le )ait a* raod. A raid each tuaa. Aak Jar Mi Uunl ST&JCXUTH?j<IN'J CORUUb, aad uka i.ethirj alaa. It ia iba tamely tliat will funfy the lead thcr??fhlr ?nd al iht aama ttifca etranfthen the yatem. Una UtafMafil taken anry iMni>| Ut jr.g ia a certain preventive far iJbalara, Cbllle and Fe?er, Taliaw Ferer, ar I. _ J...... I, 1. I _ I I __ K ' _ ?ii> r.? .. .. r?? ,? ??. |? v. ? * i : Jj |n par tattla, ar < tatilai for fl J. B Hi LtAt, 1 >ia propntt'r rf Cardial; tit*, KtLitn'i Taietr.ic Oil Krineipa: D#?ti ? (M caruaf af Tku4 *i.d Flu* lUMU, K. kwi, M?. McLcan'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (7XE Biurr blHlM?NT IN TIK WOKLO ) Tfct Ml; aafa and ctrtain cart for UMtrt, Putt, Tv tn, tl!Uift and Brti.chila at Causa, Ptral??.?. Nt?*a!|ia, WaaJNaat ml tht lttaaclaa, Ct.ranic ar Irftiraatorv KHaaruatiam, tiffnaaaaf tfca Jttiu,Cat<<r*rta<l biatrial ar Irffuatasa, Kataakt at Tactitatha, Brnuti., Prath OkH. Waanda, Clear*, Patar Beaat, Ctkad Br???, Sort MiBflu, lama, Icaida, Sara Thra?.i%r t_j irfi lailim ar *cin, ea diftrtnct ha* ?t?trt ar latif tbt diataaa ?ia* ktrt lultd, McLKAMt CM.1 IRATKH UX1MENT .. ' teMouniMft. rhKW^i *f hrnum Ming* H?l km ?r??( 1 ttl* at A\* ttpUad* aad nu**ry by lh? / ihl* rin?4j- 1 M'LEAfPS tOLCAKJC OIL LINIMMST ! Will r*li??* Mia ilaMinitaaiiMaMl}, ud it ?KI t*?a, j pmrHf ?cd Iw?1ih>wi*ii hi i?mtwn? for Roksr* other aittmal's. j McbCAMI CCLIHMTtT LIfClMlCWT II rfc. ?*rl. ?.' 1 u4 rcliaM* na*4> to* to* Mr* to ftpevto. oa, Wto4?Utb Ipltow. Ui i tyl !* ? , IMm m ivtotii-n It M'N nUil w ear* rlf RiU, nllinl, t'lMii, uM Buitlaf Bmh, *r l*?u.r U praMriy tpfBtd. Fw IpttiDi, Irtiwt, ftcri'.eb**, Cr>tlk B?*U. Cnala* 8?4<! ar C*ila* Oalla, Cm*, Imii, ar Wxtoa, It U u u.ft.libl* rcirtdy. Apply it ** ?U*ei*4 and * Mr* I* Mrtato la *r*ry taatoaa*. I T?u att* a* Ua>u wtto to* aur wnH**? Utorcw ( tltni\?jD. 'Jbtill * ?apf'.? ?f Da. McLCAITft CALX i **ATtD LTina'KJfr h vtfl ear* mm. ( OtoJiTMuinu dinn vroTT, mp*-*?.,*at* *?*? to ?*Mfi toa ft. T. CIMKk, *a*f*?*?m. M M-Dft W?, THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAB. Tll( UMUUt KUB1.7 U4 N?*l Juua -MI mtlLf % of ~:?r*?U&c .WiiiM Uki. o%i. i s v&lI .l ur ?u??r? ia ??: Kficmj Tn* ?Ou4. m ii*Mii * oor?, per * . , <1 ? 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A*fra:o? ?C Boeie**, #e!f-Lha iruti, l. v? i ,:u<lef Ti jdifjr, etc., arc me cl the ?%iia \ r <1uced ' PrwtLITY ?TSotie'nde can now tiii* * ha* a Jie CdUM r( Their deciunof health, loaing th*ir vtf or, becoea if *eJi. p '.e, nervous *i<d c ma oat u, h*?n | a ppearaitCc about ike eyee, coafbef ?> uyto? of coueump auu. ?/SfM?ES OF IMPRUDENCE When th* r ajLiide'i *:.d i piulen: < ry of pl? ^ecre f tide le has ivrt-t^ea tr.e ere Ja of lt< a pau.fui d<aeaae.?* iau vfte* i?ppe? j? til at au ill timed acuae o! iLaimot dread of diuco?'efy ietera - fr m pi* f :o ' "??e ? ">, (row <Hic?'io? an1 tapect*bi!.ty, c?u a'ljm* befriend him. He tails ?ntu the iu <<i* rf ?gt i ni auc1 Or?i??.iuf prete?.dere, m ho, incapable >f cunnr, filch lua p cuut&r; eoletaoce. beep hi* tn4i&{ i after n.- rii.ot a I uf -a the amailea fee e*a bu <4 ^ined, aud ia C ap ?ir ie.j ? him ertth rained health to e^C4* ? er Lie w :n?|r duappum .ei>\ 01 by th? ue? of that dea<T r . -uor ? 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Ner una Wcoihty, I,irer Complaint with lta ^rpor >^<1 dojeoUcn, ud ttie Duiaberieae uia U^t letj ij u*ir to, derive thoir ^?iK?nc u-iric from u I'?V ' ' ? l-nnl cenL.? ?rlAi tH? klAf* ; ? tht> * iU>. t:r.g r*-..Br??e of Latuxe for its aid. ,nd ufer us t. rommerw. to tout oo&idMM im ice th?t Sri 'y Ta'nahle motlion'r*nt kaova m MHS M cors INDIAN This STABLE DECOCTION. With retard W> l>.ia almost infallible epeoifte oei::ti sent > ieat to? spokec in deeided terms i:a the o?.uarcee of tint treat rBou? are hi y t? ! s *; t avowi r ul curative efl>oU and i \pj.t u reen.u :rop> it* ca>. are a/to. all other eip-xlies a^.d the t>?r* r;ef. ica! skill bare failed. 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TRIE?EMAK,1,3 and ??Protected br Royal rftt^ri PatMt nt Kntland, aod secured by the ev ? of the t.ooie oe rrar macte de Paris, tad the 11. serial Colloee of MeJictue, Viei na So. I ts intt' uRble for exhaustion and natorrhaa, ud nJ physical disabilities. Nu.S din; > riuh. \(pa A.]1 trt^aa nf * ^,a>s iceasra thai hare been hi'nert' treated by tie iiu coat line p?*rmoi< ua fse ot ocm.iv* ud oubebs. No. 3 has enurelf ?upp &iit?c the injurious dm of ftercury.theiehT Manner to the sufferer speedy lief, dispersing *11 impurities, and rooting ou tie venoin of c!jt?*?e. Tit I Ks?E MAR, N<->?. l,2and S. are prepared in he form of a logetfe, davoid of taste tn4 ?ne , nd can be carried in Ui< waistcoat pooket. N d n ti* ca?er. a< a divided u:toseparate doses, as nd iMLiatered by Ve.pcaa, Jja.>emand. Ross, R.c..rd, to. Pune ?S rash, or four ossss for 99. wtueh aves 9%; and in tflpat?s,?kersbi there la a s*t 114 of %9. To be bad. wholesale and retail, of Dr. iARROW.of 1#4 B'eooker ftreet. New York, nimcuiatei; <-n ?ooe.vw.ff a rereittanoe. I?r. Barrow S?." 4,. r * >.: 1 r .. - -- ? - J ? ??? 4V? > W?I M a ? ivn inni w ?|i| % VI uiv W Ul L # owtkIt paokad, and addraaaec fcaotTdrng toU>a latru?ti--na of t*?? wrirar. Ths B<-< *, of all o'bora, that ahouid ba raad by nan w.ib damped acd hrokai. down ?<>r?ti(auoita "11 uma'i I ra:,'.i,ur Hi.}kici??ica. jlaaearonaeT* t ia t?&utifuily I'Tcatraud. ai.d t'?ata ""nW) of ul trie urn picmt tliat u.varial?.? CfWioilkfm?< *?, a?><>nar or lator, rasuitiac Iron tl>? M! iim nd vitiatinc habit* of aarlt ?outh, iiJO*pac.ta.i.r.f ha victim from f baring tha fruition of uia matri noma atAt*, and. if not a baokad MUma.OM?arkting all **?> fnnotioDa of manhood. and Win* ilia, ?tep by at?*p t<?a lin*?r;and unt.m?.? a*au k>ld by l>r. HAhRoW,l?< B oaafcarjjiiat. fcar loora !>#low Ma<?>oi'cal. Maw York. Pnoa ? ?anta Hent Iraa ertny w hera. ?o.<l auK> t j t*. C. Ford, JrM Dm* Utora, Waahnrton. P. C. m da W-*m Dr. j. bovee doits IMPERIAL WIXM BITTMRM, Are now itod from Maiaa to tka Sraat Salt I>ake, ui rtf w?rr*?rpat wertfiot of all who aaa (ham Wtbar u a w^liwi or u t kaaaiaaa. ?a that H? IU(> - Ul UW t-'i. V-^ ib?n li fcia j?r*cue? for S jt+rti+Tor* r* m rch?#e4 ?/mi U? mU nth! I* MinlMUi* tadprpMol Uan ?m mi* to U* t*^5r forth* xg SliKigfS* ,. jspx ^ * nuxk lm vfc UDil'lKLi) & C(i? ?My# AimVUKBHOB.IT(